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Solved: Oh! The irony! LOL (power problem)

Question: Solved: Oh! The irony! LOL (power problem)

It's not really a problem, but here goes anyway.

I've spent the past couple days here trying to help people with various problems. Turns out, most of those problems were power-related. PS quits, or symptoms of a bad PS, or ways to diagnose. You name it, it usually circled around power supplies.

About 8PM tonight (EST) my power supply quit on me.

After about a half hour solid of laughing at the irony of the situation, I found out the 3.3v supply lines were deceased, but the 5v and 12v were fine.

I have an old AT-style chassis that's loaded with drive bays, and no PS. And somewhere in my garage, I have a dusty old PCI backplane board from an older Dell machine. (I saved it because I had noticed that the expansion slots were wired straight-through without interruption, making it usable for expanding expansion. heh)

I'm gonna use that board, the old chassis, and this defunct power supply unit to build a massive expansion chassis and drive housing system.

Now that I think of it, there is a teensy little problem there. How do you turn on an ATX power supply in one chassis by throwing the power switch on the main computer? Any gizmo tinkerers out there have any ideas on this?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Oh! The irony! LOL (power problem)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Oh! The irony! LOL (power problem)

You can jump start an ATX powersupply by shorting a pair of the wires in the 20pin plug, there are guides on the web on how to do this, Google for "jump start atx powersupply".

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is out as of today. I prepaid for it, and even bought a 20in WS LCD to replace my POS 19in 25ms LCD for the game.

Late last night, my PC died. Thats right, dead. I walked into the room to find it stuck on a stop error. So I rebooted. Stop error again. So I booted to Safe Mode. Stop error. I booted to a WinPE CD. Stop error. I ran memtest from a CD. A few hours later, I had accumulated a good oh...5 million some odd errors.

So I shut off the PC, and removed a stick of Ram. Turn the machine on and what do I see?

BIOS Checksum Bad. Starting Recovery...

So I put in the Asus CD, and it automatically reflashes the BIOS. Reboot. Same problem.

So I try the other ram stick. Not even a video response. Same in all slots. I tried other ram. Once again, nothing but the fans fired up.

So here I sit today, pondering just how cool Oblivion is, knowing I can't play it for at least two weeks while my RMAs(for the mb and ram) are being processed.

I hate computers.

Answer:Here is Irony For Ya

Adrynalyne said:

I hate computers.Click to expand...

Yeah but you really love games!

Boy this really sucks! So I assume you are still in warantee period?

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Question: A Little Irony

Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Apple iPhone, which can be exploited by malicious people

Answer:A Little Irony

whoa that sucks i almost bought one and then i woke up and remembered i couldnt afford it...(dang)

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Question: Microsoft Irony

i was looking through Microsoft's clipart through Word when i was looking for a simple desktop computer picture, and look at what i found:

and this is the company who got pissed because its employees were using iPods....

Answer:Microsoft Irony

someone is going to get fired for that.

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OS: Vista home basic (have tried twice to download Service Pack 1 and both times it has gone through the whole rigmarole and then FAILED. Ugh.). Chrome browser.

I moved out of NYC to the boondocks. So, I am on dialup at home, and borrow WiFi at McDonald's & wherever else I can get it.

Was on WiFi last week and spending too much time "Resolving Host." Everything started with the long "resolving host" wait times.

Checked Chrome Extensions and found that three misspelled versions of something similar to "download keeper" had inserted extensions onto my Chrome (looking like "DoWnLoAd keeepEUR" or something like that, three different variations--since deleted). Also, an IP had been inserted in my hosts file, also immediately deleted.

Deleting those weird Extensions and cleaning up the Hosts file helped, but not entirely. So I read about disabling IPv6, and inserted FFFFFFFF into the appropriate place in the registry, which did not speed up my connection at all: still "resolving host" problems and unusually slow (now on dialup this week, and yes, dialup is slow, but, not like this).

So, yesterday connected to WiFi at the local library to go through the malware removal process recommended by majorgeeks (did it once before on this PC in 2010, and on a previous machine in 2006), and a few things were found yesterday--but I had to re-create my dial-up connection today after booting up the PC again--and ... Read more

Answer:Irony: was better B4 I removed malware (LOL?)

I saved the logs; I will go dig them up if they would help?Click to expand...

Yes please! Without those, I'm about as much use to you as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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Hi, in Settings, from here... Custom colour...I see... wait for it... you'll like this..promise..

Laptop, same display settings as 1703 and earlier...
Do you see that? I suppose it will vary with display and settings.

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Hi, in Settings, from here... Custom colour...I see... wait for it... you'll like this..promise..

Laptop, same display settings as 1703 and earlier...
Do you see that? I suppose it will vary with display and settings.

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I never run antivirus at home...I run antivirus at work.

My work computer is the one that got hit today and I have no idea how. I did not go to any websites other than Microsoft to get another Win7 key. Every thing was fine this morning until I stepped away for 20 minutes. I come back and my computer is FUBARED.

Go to, do a search. Every time I click on link that starts with "", I get redirected to something like, I forgot the full address.

If I try to run Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, the apps start and then crash immediately. Likewise, I can not go to either website, I get forwarded to some fake anti spyware software site.

Absolutely nothing in my running services, hosts file was untampered, nothing in startup...I couldn't find what the deal was at all.

Searches for people with my problem came up with nothing useful that would help me resolve the issue. So, I had to back up my files and reinstall Windows(installed Win7 this time).

What baffles me is how I got this and that there is little to no information on people experiencing the same issues. My computer was 100% up to date, antivirus was up to date, and I had not gone to any website different than normal, hell I wasn't even at my computer(which was locked when im afk).

BTW: I'm using the most up to date version of Firefox, I thought it was impervious

Answer:Hit with VERY BAD spyware today and irony involved

MrFace said:

Go to, do a search. Every time I click on link that starts with "", I get redirected to something like, I forgot the full address.Click to expand...

Had the same issue at work to. Apparnetly its a driver that redirects most search engines to the go subdomain. Go to your device manager, show hidden devices, and check under Non-Plug and Play Drivers for any driver that has a .sys on the end. Think it starts with Q or V. Disable, not uninstall, the driver. Once its disabled, restart, then uninstall it.

Once its gone, try installing Malwarebyte's Anti-Spyware in safe mode. Try running it in safe mode too. Most of the rogue files that it removes that come with this driver are in the System32 directory.

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They seem to have posted me an utterly dead PSU. The "Tagan i-xeye 420W" or similar name. I forget. Anyway, it's very dead. No fans. No LEDs. Just my favourite Simon & Garfunkel: The Sounds of Silence. Help?

Answer:The glory of Tagan (irony intended)

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Hello in There All,
What is about to be described is a grotesque irony; please bear with me.
The system is WinXP Pro SP3 build 2600-install disc is WinXP Pro SP1 version 2002.
Was simply setting up network connection thru network connections/wizard; prompted to reboot for changes to take effect, rebooted, and unholy Beelzebub, the system arbitrarily and independently created a boot password screen with my username and a password from another world, unbeknownst to and not initiated by me. Good Grief! Well, attempted 3rd party utilities (0PHCrack, OFFLINE NT Password/Registry)to no avail. At password screen, it will not recognize CTRL+ALT+DEL(2).There is no hidden administrator selection. Can access DOS thru install disc repair feature, but it does not support CMD (not in 'help' list). Cannot even enter Safe Mode because the password screen is there first. Was suggested I try Ubuntu, Mint, (not familiar with, and have not yet tried them). Grotesque insult to ironic injury, nobody will help me because TSL rules expressly forbid password breach assistance (and I do understand the malevolent potential), but this IS my distressed conundrum. The system did NOT ask, advise, nor inform me of what it did until it was done. Now Bill's boondoggle is my nightmare; locked out of my own machine, clueless. What in the universe is one to do? If there is a Mighty Tech somewhere with the solution, there is nothing I would not do to express my supreme gratitude. 9 1 1 to the Tech World. Ple... Read more

Answer:WinXP Locked Out Boot Password Grotesque Irony

Hi,does the password prompt look like this:If so it is a password for encryption of your registry hive.regardsmyrti

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After watching my laptop update for nearly 20 minutes, sitting at 100% I had to force the power off and reboot the system. Now it is re-running through the update process. The supposed auto updates are to make the OS safer, but I think forcefully shutting off the power to use your PC mid update is more likely to cause problems to your OS install than any supposed security hole. The long load times force many users to force the system off mid update due to the updater choosing its own schedule, which tends to be in the most inconvenient times. I merely wanted to use the SD card on my laptop, a 30 second task. Not wait 20+ minutes for an unexpected update that would hang at 100%.

I can imagine for the typical user who needs to use their PC in a hurry or turn off their PC in a hurry as they have to leave/conserve batter life forcefully powering off their OS will cause more instability in the long run.

My options are to buy Win 10 Pro for my laptop and likely reinstall the OS, which I do not care to do. Or buy an SD card reader for my desktop. I think the SD card reader will be cheaper/more handy.

Considering most laptops don't come with Win 10 Pro, it makes going Apple a much more real possibility for me laptop wise in the future. It is not like I can customize or built my laptop anyways. I can only imagine the typical laptop user being even more frustrated than I am due to the extremely inconvenient updater with a low reliability rate.

My short rant is over.
 ... Read more

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Here?s a lovely bit of irony for you: Adblock Plus, which is by far the most popular add-on for Firefox and Chrome, is actually increasing the amount of memory used by your web browser, rather than decreasing it. Furthermore, ABP also increases the amount of time (and CPU cycles) required to render a website. Instead of making web surfing more responsive, ABP actually makes your surfing experience slower.

This might seem counterintuitive at first ? after all, ABP blocks all of those annoying animated Flash ads from loading, and so it should save you from unnecessary memory and CPU hits. Unfortunately, the actual situation is a lot more complex than that. Basically, ABP has grown too big for its own good, and just the very process of running ABP in your web browser consumes more memory and CPU cycles than it saves.
How Adblock Plus works

To begin with, according to Mozilla developer Nicholas Nethercote, there is a 60-70MB memory hit having Adblock Plus run in the background on Firefox. The main problem, though, is the process by which ABP actually blocks ads. Basically, ABP inserts a massive CSS stylesheet ? occupying around 4MB of RAM ? into every single webpage that you visit, stripping out the ads. This wouldn?t be a problem if we were still in the ?90s or early ?00s, but nowadays it is very common for a webpage to have lots of iframes, which are separate, individual webpages that are loaded and embedded within the page you?re currently looking at. The m... Read more

Answer:Iframe irony: Adblock Plus is probably the reason Firefox and Chrome are such memory hogs

Adgauard is a nice alternative,light on memory and resources....................

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I have acquired an intel D845GLAD computer. It has a Pentium 4 processor. It was working fine before I brought it home. When I hooked it up the power goes on but no boot. Also the keyboard, printer and mouse do not work. There is no beep. What could be the problem and how can I go about testing and fixing?

Answer:Solved: power problem

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I wonder if anyone can help me........

I'm running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and my problem is this.

When I try inserting a device ( for example a portable hard drive unit ) into any of my USB ports, my laptop finds the device ok and initiates it fine that is until I start to type, then my laptop decides to disconnect the device and tries to reconnect it again.

I've a suspicion its a power problem as all my peripherals with power seem to work ok, yet the ones without a seperate power supply and draw power from my laptop seem to give me this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks....

Answer:Solved: USB Power Problem

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My PC was bootin fine until I got a trojan back in 2009 I restore it and had brought it to a staples store where somehow the guy must have changed something in the boot menu because when I turn it on it comes up with two options of loading windows or the recovery console and it clocks down after 6 seconds or more.....I did a full system restore two weeks ago and it was running fine again until a few days ago it starts to do the same thing the two options and the clock down if I don't select one right away, but its usually on the option for loading windows...Can someone tell me fi this is a normal thing or it takes up boot time? It's takes time from booting, even though it appears to be easy in case of a problem.



Answer:Solved: Power on problem..not sure of

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I just got a replacement power supply, an Antec BP500U, and the 4 pin connector does not match my old power supply 4 pin connector. i.e., the Square and "house" shaped pins are not in the same places...Are there different types of these or is this a defect?

Answer:Solved: 4 Pin Power Problem

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I have had this strange problem. My computer works fine as long as i dont take the plug out of electricity. As soon as i do that and then plug it in again it doesnt start. I see a green light flashing on my motherboard and it starts slowly and then picks up the tempo and keeps flashing. I wonder if my motherboard has gone down on is it my PSU which is taking its last breath.
Please tell me if someone has had this kind of problem before.
My specs are below.

Intel 3.0 ghz 640j
Leadtek 6600gt extreme PCI-E
corsair 5400 (2 * 512)
bZerk vigor 500w
3R 202 case
Logitech z-680 5.1 speakers
Creative XFI external sound card

Answer:Solved: Power problem.

1) Either push the power button to kill the stored energy in the P/S after you unplug it or leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds. The P/S needs to discharge fully before you plug it back in.
2) The blinking LED indicates there is too much current being drawn on the 5V standby current. As of the 2005 standard for ATX, the 5V standby should be able to supply 2.5 amps; but, this will be to the PS/2 ports, the systemboard, AND some of the USB ports. Try unplugging USB devices to see if it solves the problem.

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When I try to start my wife's computer, the fan starts but it won't even begin to boot.
It was working fine when it was shut down.
I checked connections and all seemed to be tight.
I switched the power to the hard drive and it made no difference
I don't know if this means anything but a second or two after the fan starts, I hear a very soft click. Best way I can describe it is like a relay kicking in.

I've always received great help here and thank you in advance


Answer:Solved: Power up problem

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I have windows 7 on my HP Dv4-1199ee. When I leave my laptop on, I found that it has restarted. This only happen when the laptop is on electricity power. The problem doesn't happen when the AC plug is off and I am on battery.

Answer:Solved: power problem

I discharge the battery competly and charge it again and problem solved

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Gateway dx4820 would not power up, suspect a power surge. Replaced power supply and mother board but still will not power up, any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Power problem

what else do you have connected
disconnect everything thats not needed to post and get a screen bios

did you use the same CPU and use thermal grease
did you replace the memory or use the old memory ?

does the card have onboard graphics ?

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I recently purchased a new mobo that needs a 24pin power supply and the one I have only has a 20pin hookup. I saw this on ebay, but I was wondering if they are sold in stores, like bestbuy or something, since I am moving soon and would rather not order anything at the moment.

Answer:Solved: power supply problem

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I have searched the forum and come across similar posting but I am unsure as to the answer.

My PC will only power up if I first switch it off using the switch at the back, waiting a few seconds, then switching it on at the back and then use the front switch. The front switch works when turning the PC off but to turn it on again I have to go through the back/front switch process again.

Is it likely to be the PSU or, as I read somewhere, a BIOS problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Computer power up problem

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I just bought a brand new computer and am having random reboots, which seem to occur regardless of what I am doing. Event viewer shows Kernel Power problem, just like so many people have seen. This is so very frustrating, as I have put a lot of money into this system. I have tried other people's "solutions", and none have worked so far. Please help me troubleshoot this problem, and I will be grateful.

System specs:
Win7 64-bit
Asus Rampage III Extreme MB
HD 5970
8gb Corsair DDR3
1000W Power Supply
Large very good case for cooling with 6 fans
Have not overclocked or changed any settings.

Thank you in advance, to whoever responds

Answer:[SOLVED] Yet Another Kernel Power Problem

Your power supply definitely has the capacity, who is the manufacturer though?

This thread may help.

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Laptop: TOSHIBA L505D-S5983 3GB AMD II 288GB W7 2.00GHZ 32BIT.
Problem: 1)the battery will NOT charge in my computer, but will in a separate one.
2) AC adapter appears to work but will NOT charge battery when in laptop.
3) Laptop will not power up with adapter plugged in.

I'm leaning towards trying a new adapter, if the problem still persists what would be the next logical step?

Answer:Solved: Laptop Power Problem?

I would get another adapter and see if that solves the problem.If that doesnt work then its a power supply problem i would think.

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The problem i have been having is that my computer will not power on sometimes.The solution i have come up with to make it work is if i turn all the power off for about 5-10 minutes and then back on it will power up.Does anyone think it is a power supply problem.
Power Supply:1 Kilowatt Oem Atx Psu
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU X9650 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series, 512 Mb x2
Hard Drives: C: Total - 295712 MB, Free - 204556 MB; F: Total - 953866 MB, Free - 341991 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5E3 Deluxe, Rev 1.xx, MB-1234567890
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: Power supply problem

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Last Night the power went out for some unknown reason - probably because someone drove into a utility pole. But it didnt go quietly, it came on for a couple seconds, then out then on again before totally going out. The kids' computer was on at the time and I didnt have time to unplug it before all this happened. No it was not plugged into a UPS or surge strip. So 3 hours later when power was restored the black screen says "operating system not found". I have yet to check the BIOS - I will do that when I get home, but what are the chances that machine, specifically the hard drive, is toast?

Answer:Solved: Problem after power failure

Hi and welcome.

Access the bios setup and see if you can re-recognize the hard drive again.

The cmos battery on the motherboard may be dying (they only cost $3 or so) and the computer could have forgotten its settings.

The good news is that the computer is powering up You REALLY should have some surge/backup protection on it.

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I have a Mesh desktop,4 years old, and running XP. When I first try to start up, the power light on the monitor stays orange It sounds as if the hard drive is starting up (Or at least a fan is working), but nothing appears on the screen, then the machine closes down after about 15 seconds. The next time I try to start it by pushing the power button again, the orange light on the monitor turnes green after a few seconds, and the machine boots normally. This happens every time I switch it on. It is not intermittent. This has been happening for some time now (Probably a month), and I am scared that it may not start at all one day.

Mesh have advised me that they think it is either motherboard or PSU problems. If it is motherboard, I will probably buy a new computer, but is it a DIY job to replace the PSU?

If so, where do I buy a compatable replacement? My computer has a 250W hec PSU fitted,

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Power supply problem

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Hey everyone,

I have a quick question: Is it okay to remove the battery from a laptop in order to shut off its power while the laptops on? I am assuming no, but I simply cannot seem to turn this laptop off :/

I ran my software system on a new laptop. Please keep in mind that it seems to run fine on my PC. It started good on the laptop but then it was like it completely froze. Now I am just waiting until the battery dies out as I don't know what else to do...

Is it safe to do so or do you recommend something else?

I should also probably point out that it was booted from a CD software system. ie; I am currently not in XP, Linux, or the like.

Holding the power button for 5 to even 15 secs does not do anything either.

Thanks for any suggestions I wonder if anyone will reply before the battery goes out ^^

Answer:Solved: Laptop power problem

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I have PPT files made with Power Point 2000 on a CD. I need to move these files into Power Point 2003 and the system will not allow it. I attempted to change the attributes from read only but the system will not allow. How can I move these files so they can be updated?

Answer:Solved: Power Point Problem

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Here is the problem. Went to power up a pc in my office, power supply fans do not spin, no power on led's on front of the case. Ok, dead power supply, I find a spare one floating around in one of our maintenance areas (new) and install it into the old computer. I am thinking "ok coffee time"...wrong. Same problem as before the switch on the back is on, cable is ohms and voltage checked, it was set to 115v/60 cycle, using same input power (fuse not blown).
Tested the old one out of system and the fans dont turn on it with power applied. It seems like a simple problem, but I'm at wits end atm. Any ideas... if it was the motherboard loading it down then the one out of system would at least have the fans turning, cables checked, connections in said computer checked. It must be Monday morning...ugh.



P.S. no POST beeps it doesnt get that far

Answer:Solved: Power Supply Problem

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I have a power scheme problem on my computer running XP Home. I stupidly deleted the power schemes on the Power Options Properties window, thinking I could enter my own custom ones. However, XP did not permit this and now all the options are grayed out and I canít get back the original. I donít want to go through a reinstall of XP. Can anyone tell me how to reclaim these power options?

Answer:Solved: Power Option Problem

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I know more about computers than the average person, but certainly not a lot, and I just made a boneheaded move.

I recently bought this card I felt everything went fine and dandy. I opened up my case to eyeball if it would fit (it should) and made sure some other things sounded right. What I forgot to do before I clicked the "Submit Order" button was check my power supply. The specs page on newegg says 400-450W PSU. I felt some apprehension as I opened the case, I have a new(ish) HP computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a single Hard Drive, and 3 gigs of RAM. So how bad could the power supply be?

Mixed in with all the chinese symbols i saw this...
250 W MAX.

Uhhh, what do I do now?

Answer:Solved: Another Power Supply problem

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I hope someone here can help me; I'm someone who's used computers for some time now without making the leap to actually messing around with their "guts" - where that's concerned, I'm still very much a "noob".

I have a ~6 year old Dell Inspiron 530, quad core, running Windows Vista. After a previous issue about a year ago (the computer not powering on) a tech repair shop told me I needed to replace the power supply and the motherboard, which I agreed to let them do. I was out of work at the time and money was a definite issue, so they gave me a break on the price, in part by using "refurbished" parts. Everything's been working fine since I got the system back, until just the other day, when the system unexpectedly lost power while operating and wouldn't start back up.

I went as far as opening the case to observe what was actually happening; when I press the "power on" button now, the front indicator light and the fans (all of them, not just the one in the power supply unit) turn on, but just for a moment - and then everything just stops.

"Cash flow" is actually even more of a problem for me right now than it was a year ago, so I'm reluctant to take it to another tech shop (after relocating, the shop I previously took it to is now inconveniently far away). After watching a few YouTube videos, I'm bold (or goofy) enough to think I could handle replacing the power supply on my own (and mi... Read more

Answer:Solved: Power Supply Problem?

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My brother purchased all of the parts for his new gaming PC separately so that he could bring them to a friend to build it. He built it, and although all of the parts looked to be fitted in correctly and the wiring from the motherboard correctly aswell, but when he put in the power lead to start the PC up the power supply is not turning on even though the switch is on when the power button to the PC is pressed. My friend believes it may be an expected wiring problem that will take some time to spot but does anyone else have any ideas on what might be wrong?

PC Specs:
Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L iG31 Socket 775 Onboard VGA 6 channel audio mATX Motherboard

Power Supply:
Extra Value 550W ATX Silent Neon PSU - 12cm Fan/PPFC (no power cord)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Energy Efficient 95W edition Socket 775 (2.40GHz) G0 Stepping L2 8MB Cache OEM Processor

Graphics Card:
Inno3D 9800GTX+ 512MB OverClock Edition DDR3 Dual DVI HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card

Hard Drive:
Samsung HD502IJ SpinPoint F1 500GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 16MB Cache

OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800Mhz/PC2-6400 Memory GOLD DUAL CHANNEL Unbuffered CL5(5-5-5-18)

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium -SP1- Licence and media

Answer:Solved: Power supply problem

This is, as the title could suggest, a power supply problem. That power supply is CRAP. Massive crap. Why spend 200 $ on CPU, 100 $ on mobo, 70 $ on RAM, 150 $ on Vista, 170 $ on HDD, 200 $ on graphics card AND 30 $ on a power supply.

Get a better power supply. Examples: (pretty much less than minimum recommendation, still 3x better...)

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Hi All,

I have a Dell E6510 Lattitude laptop which right now I am using as a desktop replacement. I have my laptop hooked up to a Dell docking station and I have a mouse, keyboard, and 22" vga monitor running through the Dell docking station. Over the past few days my laptop has developed what seems to be an intermitent problem with either the power or the battery or both.

My laptop has the 12 cell Dell Li-On battery and I did some research on how to get the best life out of the battery and based on what I read here on TSG and other places I have been cycling the battery between 30% charge and 80% charge. I have the charger plugged into a power strip and when the laptop drops to 30% charge I turn on the power strip and when it gets to 80% charge I turn it off and all seemed good.

The past few days when I have had the charger turned on the battery light on my laptop which is normally Blue (and blinks when the battery gets to approx 90%) started flashing Yellow and the battery icon in the system tray said "Battery plugged in, not charging". After a few minutes like this charge light turned Blue again and all appeared normal.

Is the battery in my laptop starting to die or is possible the charger going out? When I bought the laptop the person who sold it to me gave me two Dell AC chargers. One was smaller and he told me it is good for traveling and charging the laptop by itself. The second Dell AC charger he gave me is physically larger and he told me if I ever... Read more

Answer:Solved: Laptop Power Problem

There is a lot of conflicting information about laptop batteries on the internet. From what I have read the main causes of laptop battery wear are heat and the number of charge/recharge cycles the battery goes through.

I think the best advise is to charge the battery to around 40% then remove it from the laptop and just use the charger to power it and only fit the battery when you need the portability. Of course you can charge it up to 100% beforehand.
I have seen advise to fully charge then discharge the battery occasionally to 'calibrate' it but to be honest I'm unsure if that's a good idea or not.

Using the higher powered charger with the laptop in the dock makes sense because the circuitry inside the dock needs power too.

I'm sure there will be many other posts about this soon !

EDIT Re the intermittent charging problem Dell often have a extra contact in the centre of the laptop connector that can become a loose fit and cause that. Is that connector a good tight fit ? If it plugs into the dock is that also a tight fit ?

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My computer hangs everyday at least once when i left it on playing music. The computer would totally freeze and there would be a jammed sound. As a result, I had to restart by holding on to the power button and turning it on again. When i take a look at the event viewer, i saw the following message:

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 8/16/2010 9:09:53 AM
Event ID: 41
Task Category: (63)
Level: Critical
Keywords: (2)
Computer: user-PC
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-08-16T01:09:53.594816000Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" />
&l... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Kernel Power 41(63) problem

Hi -

Make sure your audio and network drivers are updated.

Go directly to the device manufacturer's site for updates, e.g., Realtek, Intel, etc...

Regards. . .



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My friend has a 2tb My Book and has broken it somehow. He asked me to see if there is a way to fix it. Now I have looked online for awhile to see what I can do to fix it but have hit a dead end. I cannot find anything usable to fix the power problem. The problem is that the power box inside of the My Book is not working correctly. It is not the cord because that is the first thing I thought of when he came to me. After the internet search and looking around online I was wondering if anyone know anything about a site that can help me or that anyone themselves.
What he asked was that if I cannot fix the box then if I could install it into his computer. Now I do not know really anything about putting an external harddrive into a computer but I am willing to learn. Any help on this matter is very much welcomed.

P.S. We want the My Book to be fixed so that we can still get to the files on it. There are files I want and many more files he wants to recover.

Answer:Solved: 2tb My Book Power Problem.

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I hit the power on/off problem earlier and think I may have discovered a quick work around that doesn't involve removing the CMOS battery. Taking a cue from a similar solution to a Dell desktop problem years ago, the solution is relatively simple:  remove the battery, disconnect the power cable so there is no power at all to the system, then hold the power button down for 30 to 60 seconds. After that reconnect battery and/or power cable and start again like normal.  This worked for me a couple times now.  

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Hello! Every time I shutdown my computer and come back to it at a later time to restart it, it gives me problems. I hit the power button on my case and the lights and fans flicker and then turn right off again. At first I thought maybe something became loose or unseated(memory,cpu,etc) so I checked and reseated all that again. Still the same problem. So then I figured I had a faulty power supply or a bad connection somewhere so I used my power supply tester to check it. All the results came out fine for the tester. After this I plugged my 24-pin power connector back into my motherboard. I then tried to power it up and for some reason it worked. The problem is though, every time I shut it off and come back to it, the same problem still is there. In short, every time I want to start my computer up, I have to use the power supply tester then plug the connector back into my motherboard. It's almost as if using the power supply gives it a burst of energy or something like jumping a car. Anyone have any ideas on what to check?

Answer:Solved: Initial/power startup problem?

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Decided to build a new machine today.

Mobo: MSI 7600-P23(FX)
PSU: Thermaltake Smart 650W
Processor: AMD FX 6300

I have verified all power connections but when I press the power switch, all the fans begin spinning, but stop after only a second or two. Nothing else happens.

Any ideas on what to try or what is causing the problem?

Answer:Solved: New build, power supply problem?

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To read and determine what they were I removed the little plugs for the power switch, reset switch, HDD LED, etc on the motherboard as I don't have the motherboard manual. Unfortunately, due to the tight proximity to the HDD cable I think I replaced them in the wrong places as the computer will now not start.

As far as I can tell from Aida the motherboard is a ECS M825ULR with a VIA VT8233 chipset which I am unable to find a manual for on the internet.

What I would like to know is whether anyone could tell me the likely order that the plugs should be in and which way around they should go. The specific list of plugs are:

Power SW (2 pins)
Reset SW (2 pins)
HDD LED (2 pins)
Power LED (3 pins)

The pins are in a block of 4x5.

Many thanks for any assistance.

Answer:Solved: Computer won't start - Power SW problem?
try this. The M825 is the same as the K7 series.
Further info:

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So my problems have been going on for quite some time now (I'd say a couple of months).

Almost every day, when I want to use my PC, I have to unplug the power cable from the back, and plug it in and out of the PC a couple of times to get my PC to boot. It's VERY strange. If I don't do this, the PC won't boot.

After I unplug and plug the powercable into my PC a few times, then the PC automatically turns on. What can be causing this and how can I fix this? I've never had this problem before up until recently (this started a few months ago).

My other problem is very annoying as well;

My PC freezes almost every day. This can be while I'm watching YouTube videos, or have many tabs open, or at random. It freezes/locks up and I have to restart the PC from the power button.

This also started recently and I don't know what to do. I got a very strange BSOD last night and I wish I could upload a screenshot of it, or the dump file as on reboot, it said a dump file was created. I'm not sure how to go about posting it though.

If you need any more info, please ask. I would really like to get this fixed asap.

Thanks in advance.

I can't seem to edit my post but I just saw that my post was moved to this section from the BSOD/Crash/Hangs section. Why? It doesn't sound like a CPU/BIOS/Mobo problem.

I just ran a memtest scan and after 1 pass and 60% into a 2nd pass, the results were ok. There were no bad sectors.

Any suggestions?

Answer:[SOLVED] Computer freezes very often. Power problem as well. Please help!

PC Specs?
Pre- Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built- Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
The requirement to R&R the power cable to the PSU sounds like a failing/faulty PSU.
MemTest needs to be ran on one stick at a time letting it make several passes.

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This is very interesting to me. I've been using jv16 power tools for quite some time now,
and from time to time updating the thing, so the last time I updated it,
I realized that is has a time limit of 30 days trial,and it will set one back $30 bucks to buy it, of which I can't afford it now,
so after using it for 10 days or so, I decided to uninstall the software,
and reinstall my older version which has no time limit,
so after a reboot I wanted to open the application, but to my surprise I get a pop up that tells me that the version I'm using is old of something to that effect,
and the application remain locked with no way to initialize it,
so I uninstalled it as well , and cleaned the registry a bit with reg seeker,
and after that, I did a search in the registry for the "infernal" entry of jv 16 which won't allow me to install a legitimate old version of it,
and indeed there was one which I promptly deleted, thinking that I was done and the problem of installing the old version was solved,
no it did nothing, after reinstalling the old version I still get the same massage,
and could not open it.
There must be a clock\tic in the registry that trigger this pop up and make the older versions of jv16 power tools useless, my question here is: Where is this masked and infernal string\tic and how do I find it, help in this matter is appreciated Thx

Answer:(Solved) Problem with JV16 POWER TOOLS

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Hi everyone - I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop WinXP3. Recently my power cord started sparking and then stopped working. I replaced it with a $20 cord found on ebay (new). Everything worked fine for the last 2 months but two days ago the battery started discharging even while plugged in, then Firefox crashed and the laptop shut down. When I turned it on again, it went through a disk check, started FF again and it had wiped out all my settings. I fixed all of those then the discharging started again, same sequence again. The second time the disk checker ran, I got a black screen that said "power supply cord not supported, your computer will run on battery only and not recharge, press F1 to resume or F2 to enter setup".

I resumed because I have no idea what to do in setup The battery started charging just fine and I could even run the computer w/o the battery using the power cord. But every now and then the battery will just start discharging as above and if I shut everything down to just the login screen suddenly it will start charging again.

This is driving me nuts.

Is it because of the cheap power cord I bought? (can't afford a $60 Dell authorized cord) or are there drivers for cords?

Would a System Restore to before this started happening change anything? Why, if the power cord Nazis say "power cord not supported" does it charge up/run fine (most of the time) at ALL?

Anybody have any idea?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: power supply cord problem?

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Frequently, not always, my up-to-date copy of Google Chrome fails to load Google Search. Particularly if I use the search/address bar, but even if I enter Other google sites load. In fact, when this happens, I just use the search web box in Gmail. Other sites have no problem loading and the computer is running fine. Other browsers (ie, firefox) never have a problem loading google.

Any ideas why this is happening? I ran through the malware removal guide months ago, but I'm going to do it again. I searched the boards and google and didn't find anything about this specific and weird problem.


Answer:Oh the irony - Google Chrome won't load Google Search

The only time I have ever had a problem getting the Chrome browser to load (both via address bar and bookmark) is when I'm on the Fedora Linux box. I just chalk it up to another one of the bajillion things that doesn't work right in Lamux. You get what you pay for. Were you, too, running Linux when you had this problem?

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I have been using a my FireLite (Model USBFL840) for a few years on my Toshiba Satellite P25 S526. In the past few months when I connect the
firelite to my computer, I get a message that states Ąthe USB mass Storage Device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port.ď

At that moment, the only option is to unplug the device and reset the port.

I have 4 high speed USB ports and Iíve tried it on all of them with the same results.

I also use the same unit on another Toshiba Satellite which is a few years older, has the slower ports and have no difficulties.
When using this device for backups, I have no other ports connected or in use. The odd thing was that this used to work fine.

Answer:Solved: USB ports exceeds power limits problem

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I'll keep it simple...

here's the problem. The back of my Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZV5000 where the power cable plugs in slips out alot. Is there any way to make the power plug not slip out so easy??? Maybe attaching some scotch tape around it to make it not slide out so easy?? What is an idea?? Does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Solved: unusual Laptop power outlet problem

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I have recently upgraded my computer with a Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 video card, and a 500-watt power supply to match, along with 2GB DDR2 RAM, replacing my previous GeForce FX 5500 PCI.

Now, when I play games such as Battlefield 2, Civilization 4, and even demos for Crysis and Call of Duty 4, I encounter some very annoying, and somewhat concerning problems. The following links are examples of what happens during gameplay for a few of the mentioned games I have tried with issues:

I find that when I alt-tab out of the game and back into it, the image becomes distorted in a multiple number of different ways, or dissappears in some cases. The following links are examples of what happened during the Crysis demo;

Also, when I played the demos for Crysis and Call of Duty 4, it would run fine until suddenly, my computer would freeze, the sound stuck in a repeated loop, which may or may not be followed with my screen going black, and the monitor's powerlight flashing on and off. Nothing can be done at this point but a reboot. The following video is an example of this... Read more

Answer:Solved: Possible Video Card/ Power Supply Problem?

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Quick question for ya, what or how is this possible? or is it "Normal" Never have seen this before, no problems with system, new antec case, new 945G-M3 mobo with pressler 930 cpu, new antec power supply 500watt.. System performs excellent, no crashes, nothing. The 12 volt bothers me. Have not been able to check another system with this program. Thanks for any help or comments. Pic:

Answer:Solved: Power supply problem? Strange readings

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Receiving .pps files in Windows Live Mail that won't open.
I have Powerpoint Viewer 2007 installed and following suffixes default pgms set to Microsfoft Office Power Point Viewer.
.pot, .potm,.ppm, .pps, .ppsm, .ppsx, .ppt, .pptm, .pptx

Ive seen fixes on here but they are not for Windows 7.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I remember having same problem in VISTA. I had to regedit.exe it changing SHOW to OPEN.
Does anyone know procedure to get to SHOW so I can change it to OPEN.

changed show to open with regedit and it fixed problem

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 Power Point Viewer Problem

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Hey there,

I have a Toshiba Satellite, A215-S5837. About 6 months ago my original adapter had died completely. So I had got a universal one. No problems up until recently. Now I had done some research before asking this question. I had looked up the prior thread located here.
As well as a few other places. The universal charger is not working now. I had my thoughts on the Jack as well however. its a pretty new computer, only about a 1.5 yrs old. Since its a Universal adapter I went and tried the adapter on my girlfriends laptop. Same problem, however when I plug my girlfriends charger into hers it works perfectly fine. No problems what so ever.
Now here is what worries me.

My Jack does get warm sometimes. but the Adapter gets very hot until my laptop is completely charged.
My computer recognizes that it is plugged in however the power light will flash between orange and blue while the battery will be orange regardless if its fully charged. If its fully charged it will be blue but when this happens it changes to orange and the screen dims.

These are the only problems that I have noticed thus far. Any suggestions or thoughts.? Maybe just buy a new charger? Time to replace the Jack and Charger?

Thanks in advance for all the help.


Answer:Solved: Power Cord Problem Toshiba Satellite

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I seem to have bad luck with power cords. I went through 3 on my Toshiba laptop. Now my "new" (2 year old) DELL is starting to flicker off and on between AC and battery. Is there a way to find out where the problem the cord or the inner workins of the socket? This problem is getting expenive as replacements cost run between $70 to $100+...
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Answer:Solved: Dell power cord adapter problem

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Like so many others on the web, I recently got the flashing amber lights of death on my pc. It would take longer and longer to power up until now, it won't power up at all. I did plenty of googling and found that these computers have a reputation for having bad capacitors. I opened my power supply up and sure enough, 2 or 3 of my capacitors are bulging and/or leaking.

I won't dare try to replace the capacitors but I am willing to give a new power supply installation a try. I don't want to walk into Best Buy or a repair shop blindly and I've seen some articles of power supplies that need to be modified in order to fit. I don't want that but I don't think I want to get a replacement from dell either.

Is there a website I can go to check compatibility? The power supply installed now is a Dell cx305N-00. I can post all the specs if necessary.

Also, am I biting off more than I can chew with replacing it myself or should I just suck it up and let a repair shop handle the power supply and installation?

FWIW, I haven't upgraded or installed anything new on the computer and other than some NickJr games, we're not into gaming so I know I don't need a power supply with heavy duty wattage.

Answer:Solved: Dell E510 Power Supply Problem

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There's an audio recording device I use, called Cenix Digital Voice Recorder. The installation CD has the setup, which installs Power Voice II onto the computer; there's also a folder called "Driver" which contains two files: CenixFMC.inf (3KB) and CenixFMC.sys (19KB).It usedto work fine but now I cannot get thepc link setup, i.e the device cannot sync with the pc.I have already tried usbdevice clean but no go.Please advice urgently.

Answer:[SOLVED] cenix power voice recorder sync problem

With the device in, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with yellow marks? or is there an Unknown device under USB? If so, right click and uninstall it. Then Right click any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. This should start a new Hardware Wizard. If it asks for a driver lead it to the Driver file, and the CenixFMC.inf file in it. That should reinstall it.

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Hi all.

I recently picked up a computer, here are the specs:

Pentium 4 1.7GHz CPU
Asus P4B-MX motherboard
20GB hard drive
10GB secondary hard drive
32MB AGP video card (don't remember the brand, but it is not an onboard card)
400W power supply
Windows XP Pro SP2

It all works properly as is. Now, I tried to replace the video card with a LeadTek WinFast A280LE 128MB card (I cannot tell whether it is nVidia or ATi). This is where the problem begins. It starts up properly about 10% of the time. The other 90%, at the POST for the BIOS, it does one long beep, then 3 short beeps before continuing on to Windows with nothing appearing on the screen. Interestingly enough, Windows still works.

Offhand, I have discounted the problem being drivers (at the very least it should go through the POST) and device conflicts (ditto). Can anybody help?

Answer:Solved: Video Card, Motherboard or Power Supply - Which is the problem?

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Hi guys. Ive got some major issues and have been having them for some time with my main box.

Specs are listed in my signature.

Basically whats happening is at random intervals the pc will reboot itself. Generally if i just leave it to idle its ok, But multi-tasking absolutely kills it.

The original suspect was overheating, However i dont think that is the problem anymore.

When i check my CPU temperature it sits pretty at about 47-48 (i bought a wick cooling gigabyte heatsink + fan etc)

Ive also gone and done a memcheck on both sticks of ram with memtest ( so i'm pretty sure its not that either.

At the moment i have one exhaust fan but i leave the case off almost constantly so i dont think thats going to do much help.

I've currently got a 400w PSU (it just came stock standard with my case) and thats what i think the problem is but i wanted to get some other opinions before i went out and spent more money on this forsaken thing. I hear the Geforce6 series are absolute power suckers so it would be logical that a new power supply would be needed.

Also it should be noted that unplugging all unnecessary devices (Cd/dvd-rw's, adapter cards etc) makes no difference to the pcs performance. She still reboots randomly, That is the reason why i am sceptical. I wouldve thought that if there was a lack of power that unplugging other devices would've made a difference? Unless of course my 400w PSU is in fact true power 250 odd which so many of them ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Computer randomly reboots - Potential power supply problem?

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Dell 19 inches Monitor come with the Dell Mini-tower/XP:

The screen does not appear due to 'power saving' upon pushing 'power' button at the right corner bottom, although the PC running fine. When I used the other monitor with the same Dell PC, the screen comes right away.

How to 'unstuck' power saving in order to get the screen?

Thanks for your help in advance

Answer:Solved: 19 Inches DELL Monitor got stuck due to 'Power Saving' upon pushing power but

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Hi everyone,

My pc just shut down this morning. I had a spare power pack- brand new and I fitted that.

Windows ran perfectly for 10 minutes then the same thing happened again!

I noticed on both occasions, that even after I had removed the extenal power lead, the green power 'on' light kept on flashing on/off.

I have never noticed that before when a power pack 'blew'.

Does anyone think I was unlucky with a 'duff' replacement power pack?

Is the flashing power light indicative of some oother fault?

Any and all help welcome. PLEASE!

Many thanks.


Answer:Solved: power pack blows (x2) but power light still flashes

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My Power Options Control Panel quit working pretty much, a few weeks ago. Seems it was always a little awry, but generally worked with reliability in that it turned off my monitor after a certain idleness period, and went automatically into Hibernate after a longer specified idleness. Now, it shuts the monitor off correctly, but won't go to Standby or Hibernate based on my specifications. But the PC can still go to Standby and Hibernate just fine when commanded to do so from Start Menu >>Turn Off Computer. I swear this problem began after I plugged in a different USB keyboard, a Saitek Eclipse II. So I reverted to my old USB keyboard, but the Power Options Control Panel never revived.

What I meant by "always a little awry" as opposed to now...

Now, if I define my desired specs and then use the Save As button and give the scheme a name, there is no error message; but when I leave and later reenter the control panel, that Saved scheme is not present in the drop-down menu. BTW, I deleted all but the main default entry, Home/Office Desk, while I was delving into this matter. That's nothing.

But it always had a bit of a quirk concerning the Save As. In the past, it would Save your scheme by name just fine. BUT, if you then changed the specs for a given scheme and try to Save it anew using the existing name, an error message window would pop up, entitled "Power Policy Manager - unable to set policy", with the bad news message, "Indicates ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Power Options Control no go; and what's Power Policy Mgr?

look at that advise

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Hi guys, I have a strange problem here. This is actually a continuation of the thread "struck by lightning", so if this belongs there, my apologies.

Let me start from the beginning: Both my rigs were hit by lightning back in mid summer, and I had to completely rebuild both from the ground up. Rig #1 (my personal rig) has had no problems since rebuilding, but rig #2 (my sons/fiance's rig) wasn't booting up at all. I had given up on rig #2 for a month or so, then got back on it; a lot of part swaps and voltage checks later confirmed that the brand new PSU I had purchased (Corsair 850W modular) was in fact bad, even though my voltage checks showed no problems. So I purchased a 600W single rail PSU (48A on 12v rail), since it was all I could afford for the time being. HEre are the following specs for rig #2:

AMD Phenom II quad core, 3.3 GHz


G-Skill Ripjaws series 4x 2 GB sticks

ATi Radeon 5750 1 GB Graphics card

Corsair 600W single - rail gaming series PSU (48A on 12V rail)

Thermaltake V1 120mm cpu heatsink/fan

HD: WD 750GB

Cooling: Azza case running 2x 250mm and 4x 120mm fans

Here's the strange stuff that's going on now: I DL'd the most current drievers for all of my hardware (directly from the websites - I never use the included driver disks). When I powered it on, I got the same result from the 1st time I had issues rebuilding it (black screen, no post). I thought that maybe I had yet anoth... Read more

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I bought a refurbished T400 less than 3 months ago. Today the power status change beeps started going off every minute or so, the power indicator light went off (while plugged in) and the battery began discharging. At the same time, the screen started flickering. I powered down and tried draining the static by using the old trick: removing the battery and ac plug and pressing the start button 10 times and then holding on the 11th try. Didn't solve the problem. When I use battery only, the screen doesn't flicker. Plug in power and the screen starts flickering again, with the power LED mostly off but occasionally flickering on briefly.The battery is not listed as charging. Nothing to indicate that the power is plugged in, except for the occasional flash of the LED and the power status change beeps. When I power down again and stay plugged in both the power LED and the battery LED keep flashing. First both are flashing green, but in a few minutes the battery light turns flashing orange. If I remove the battery, both LEDs keep flashing. Try to power on that way and nothing happens - the LED's keep flashing, but it doesn't power on at all Battery is new (the first one shipped wouldn't hold a charge at all; this one lists as good condition). I don't have another Lenovo power supply to try, but the current one doesn't appear damaged or bent at all. I tried jiggling it while plugged in and there was no change. The last thing I did before the pr... Read more

Answer:T400 Power Problem: Flashing AC Power LED, No Battery Charge, Screen Flicker, No AC Boot

It sounds like either the ac adapter is sick (most likely) or the jack is bad.  If the power supply doesn't have "Lenovo" moulded into the plastic, it is probably a knock-off, and they use crummy wires between the transformer and the round plug.  This is a common probem for fake adapters

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I implemented Desktop Power Manager 4.00.0007 yesterday since the if I leave the computer for any length of time it will not power up.I have to disconnect from the mains supply & then reconnect, it then starts up.I have now uninstalled Desktop Power Manager 4.00.0007 & all now appears to be OK.Have others had this problem?Do Lenovo know about it? 

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Hello all - hope someone can help with my query

I have been using my 2 year old laptop normally and switched off last night by the usual method - start - shutdown. Have had no problems at all with this laptop since I got it.
No notifications that bettery was not charging etc.

This morning when I went to switch it on, it failed to start. I noticed there were no green lights on the front panel. Pressing the on switch, nothing happens. All indications are that no power is getting to the laptop

Removed the battery and replaced it
Checked power cord/lead/jacks/all connections - all pushed in etc - wiggled jack etc

Husband has exactly the same model, so we tried switching battery - his was fully charged, my laptop would not power up with his battery
Also tried using his power cable - nothing happened.

Don't wan to to spend a fortune on it - could it just be as simple as a fuse or something - any help appreciated!


Answer:Satellite L450D-11V Power up problem - no power at all - please adviset to


Can you start your notebook with AC power supply only (battery removed)?

By the way: check please

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I have an Equium L10 laptop, which works fine, however, the sock on the laptop (at the back) where the power cord goes in has come loose, so I can no longer connect my laptop to AC or even charge the batter.

It is a small, metallic square box, with a core for the power cord, and I think it has detached from the circuit board. I don't know how to dismantle the laptop to be able to fix it back into place, if that's even possible.

I have all my documents/family photos and work saved on there, and I desperatly need to have some access to them to back them up. Is there anyway around this problem?

Can I get a charger that will charger my existing equium battery from AC, without the need to connect it up to the computer. This way I can charge the battery up from the wall, and then stick the battery into the laptop to recover my documents.

Answer:Equium L10 - Power problem, loose power socket

> Can I get a charger that wills charger my existing Equium battery from AC, without the need to connect it up to the computer? This way I can charge the battery up from the wall, and then stick the battery into the laptop to recover my documents.
I don?t think that such charger exists! It?s not known to me and I didn?t find a compatible for a L10 battery.
You can charge the battery only if a notebook was connected to the AC adapter.

But the question is what you want to do? if you want to recover only the docs and other files from the internal HDD then the easiest way is to remove the HDD from the notebook and to connect it to another computer using an external USB IDE controller.
Such USB HDD cases can be purchased from many computer dealers?

But if you want to use the notebook in the long term then it?s advisable to fix the power socket. In such case you should ask an notebook technician for the help because the notebook disassemble procedure is very tricky!


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My Gateway MN: MS2274 is having problems charging or even turning on. I don't know much about laptops since this is my first one (bad mistake). Anyways, my charger has been getting loose so I have to adjust it to even get it to charge but when it does does charge my battery it holds charge good compared to what little I know about other computers/batteries. Now, it won't turn on at all and my charging light will blink 5 times. If anyone could help me with this problem or let me know if they have experienced the same I could use it quickly!! World of Warcraft is waiting for me!! lol Side note: My tech support is passed its warranty. I have tried taking the battery out and turning on but it does absolutely nothing, not even any blinking. Maybe battery/charger? I would love for some help with this issue!

Answer:Gateway MS2274 -- power outlet and power on problem

That blinking light will be an error code. If you do not have a manual with the error codes in then contact Gateway to find out what it means. I have been unable to find an on-line manual to look it up in.

Chances are that either the battery, the charging circuit on the motherboard or the charger have developed a fault.

If I have understood correctly that it does absolutely nothing with the battery removed, but with the charger connected, it is most likely the charger at fault. I would test it first to be sure before buying a new one.

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1. Gives warning message saying 'This Ac adapter may not provide enough power to your lenovo computers. Please reconnect to your AC adapter. 2. Followed by #1, the battery starts draining even when connected to the power supply.  The battery still charges, but at a slower pace than the power is used. 3. Power manager gives off wrong reading.  At 80% charge, power manager sometimes would give estimated hour from 3 hrs to 8 hrs, but it's usually consistant at 5 hrs or so.   * Tried both reinstalling/updating power manager. Also tried reinstalling ACPI-complaint control battery. I have googled similar threads but did not have any official answers. Return for replacement?   

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I bought my laptop in, I believe, late 2010. There is a small possibility it was late 2009, but I am inclined to think it was 2010. Anyway, my laptop recently went on the fritz. Two days ago, I left it on while I was out on errands. It kept running much, much hotter and louder than usual, but I thought nothing of it. Hours later, I discovered that it had shut off, which is unusual as I had left a few applications open that would keep it on. I tried to turn it on, nothing. I noticed that the ac power light (near the ac jack) was red; it should be white to show that the power cord was plugged in and charging the battery. I searched a solution online: turn off computer (check) unplug ac, take out battery, hold power button down for 30 seconds, plug battery and ac back in, turn on computer. It didn't work the first time, but I did it for 60 seconds and then it worked. Everything looked fine, and it was charging properly and the battery was working again. I thought it was just one of those things that happens occasionally, no big deal. Last night, it went out again. Ran out of power, shut down, ac power light is red, occasionally blinks white when it "recognizes that it is charging" again or whatever. Tried the procedure described above again, more than once, but no dice. I searched more solutions online. All the solutions I found involved the computer being on, such as doing a battery check. My computer WILL NOT turn on. I CAN'T do any solutions that require it to be on... Read more

Answer:HP Pavilion dv7-4180us power problem - no ac power, no batte...

My computer guy tells me this is a short caused by the motherboard. I am not sure why. He says the motherboard will have to be replaced.  My computer is almost three years old. It cost about $800 new. The motherboard will be about $150, "labor costs" almost another $100. So, in total, the fix would be 1/4th of the cost of laptop three years ago. The new question is whether that is worth it, and that's not even all that is wrong. The hinge is also displaced, a problem which apparently cannot be fixed. And I had to replace my hard drive about a year ago, because apparently it was "failing." In a two year old laptop. Thank you so much, employees of hp, for helping me with my problem. I hope my sarcasm is made clear enough. If and when I buy a new laptop, you can be sure it will not be an hp. I have had nothing but problems with every hp computer I've ever bought. I hate hp, and I say with all the power of my hatred, "Screw you."

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I'm a newbie at this site- first post. Since I bought the computer, about a year ago, the restart option has been a problem. When I click restart computer, the computer seems to shut down normally, pause for a moment, as it should, and then when it would normally restart- it maintains a black screen and you can hear the motor running very hard. More notably, the motor makes a loud noise cyclically every three/four seconds. It will never stop. I have left it in the state (plugged in) for about 20 hours and it never restarts. Interestingly, if i click start, shutdown- the computer shuts down properly and then will power on properly as well. The problem only arises when the restart function is used. Also, the problem occurs when a program prompts me to restart as well. (when you update something and it says "to finish update your computer must restart"...)Toshiba Satellite M305D- S4830. Vista Operating systemAMD Turion X2 Ultra 64I'm not sure if any other info/specs would be helpful. Everything is "stock".Any help would be appreciated greatly. - JJ

Answer:Restarting problem. Power on = ok. Power off = ok. Restart = Freeze

Do you have the latest bios (v1.7 BIOS for M305-S4830)? If not, get it from the Toshiba website, flash it, and see if that fixes it.

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I'm getting a 6kVA UPS. My problem is that it only have a few plugs in it. Talking to the UPS vendor, they suggest me to buy PDU which is more than $400 each, depending on the unit. The one I was quoted is an AP7900.

I don't know much about PDU. Would it be the same if I just get a power bar? I guess my real questions is why pay $400 for a PDU when I can buy power bar for $20? Is there any differences?

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I think this is a fairly simple question. I got a small power supply for a replacement for a dvr (this is kind of rigged together project to replace some damaged parts) Anyway, I only need the power supply to power 1 hard drive, but I plugged in the power & it doesnt turn turn on, there is no toggle switch to turn it on. There is a 20 pin connector that would normally plug into a motherboard. Are there 2 pins in that connector that I can short so that the power will come on right away when plugged in? Ill attach an image of the connector.

Answer:Solved: power on pins on power connector

try Pins 13 and 14 I believe

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I have a Seagate 2TB external USB drive (Model: srd0sd1). Like an idiot I had it plugged into the wall without a surge protector. Yesterday we had some wicked thunderstorms which included 2 brief power losses. I unplugged the drive last night and hadn't tried to use the drive until today and it won't power on. Is it possible that the power source (AC adaptor) could be fried rather than the entire drive?!?

Answer:Solved: USB External HDD Won't Power On, Power Surge?

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Hello. I am working on a Dell desktop PC for a friend of mine. The model # is Optiplex GX620.

The computer will not power on. When I plug it in a couple of bulbs on the mother board will light up. However, when I hit the power on button it does not do anything.

Note...... the power button on the front has a yellow light shining through it. I assume that this is related to a power supply problem?

I did order a new power supply and I installed it. However, it did not fix this problem at all.

How can I tell what is actually wrong, and what can I do about this?

Thoughts? Suggestions?



Answer:My Dell PC won't power up........... is the power supply the problem?

the yellow light on the power button probably indicates that the unit is receiving power. I would expect it to go green when turned on.

It may be either a faulty power switch or dead motherboard. Try and locate where the power switch connects to the mother board, disconnect it the replicate the push button action by shorting the two pins that the power switch connected to with a paper clip. if it still doesnt boot then I would speculate its a dead motherboard.

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We have the same problem with our dv7-3173nr.  We tried a new hp adapter and cord snd it is still not working.  We get the same white light near the plug but nothing else works.  No lights, fans, nothing.

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Hai..I have one uint HP Palilion TouchSmart 20 cannot Power ON. The indicator Led light at the Power Socket was light ON but when i press the power botton, the PC cannot boot up (no respond).. Should i submit a report case?? Please Help.. Model: HP Palilion TS 20-F218d AiO PC AllSerial Number: 3CR3290C6XPart Number: H5Y90AA Note: The warranty expierd Oct 2016 

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Hello. I am working on a Dell desktop PC for a friend of mine. The model # is Optiplex GX620.

The computer will not power on. When I plug it in a couple of bulbs on the mother board will light up. However, when I hit the power on button it does not do anything.

Note...... the power button on the front has a yellow light shining through it. I assume that this is related to a power supply problem?

I did order a new power supply and I installed it. However, it did not fix this problem at all.

How can I tell what is actually wrong, and what can I do about this?

Thoughts? Suggestions?



Answer:My Dell PC won't power up........... is the power supply the problem?

Start taking stuff out until you get success. Unattach hard drives, optical drive, down to 1 stick of memory and then try in different slots.

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Hi everybody,

I tried to search on google about this, but it's not really help and it never happen to me before so I post here.

My PC was running normally for a long time, just couple weeks ago I sent my faulty video card (xfx nvidia 8800 ultra) to get warranty service and they sent me back another. The new one works fine, but a week later I tried to turn on my computer and there's no power at all. No lights on, no fan running, just no sign of power. So I check inside if there's any wire from the PSU is unplugged, but everything looks good, nothing seems wrong. I'm sure the power from the wall is good and the power switch on the back is on. So I tried to check the wired again, push the power cable to the mother harder and press the button, it worked. But that doesnt solve the problem, if I put something heavy near the PC or the desk is vibrating a little bit, the power turns off. I press the power button again it would not turn on until I open the case and press the power cable to the motherboard harder, it's on. I then close the side panel, it's off, no power.
This is really annoyed me, I dont know what else to do. What caused this problem? The power supply or the power button? Can somebody help me?

My system specs:
ECS G31T-M mobo, Intel E8400 Duo, 2x2GB RAM
2x2 SATA HD, nVidia 8800 ultra video card
ULTRA's 1000watt PSU

Answer:Power supply or power button problem?

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I know the title is rather ironic, but i was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. i will explain.I have fallen in love with skiing scince my school ski trip last year, and now want to begin racing, and save £800 for next years trip. well racing gear costs alone about £900, £700 of which is for skis, so, in total, by christmas, i need to earn £1700, which for a 15 year old seems oretty impossible. Currently i have 2 jobs, a paper round, which gives me £10 a week, and 1 day a week on a golf course, giving me another £20, so per week i currently have £30 income. Unfortunately, this will only earn me £750 by christmas, the time when i will require the full sum of £1700. right, well now the sympathy part is over, i can ask for advice. Being a self confessed computer geek, and a who dares wins kind, im trying my absolute hardest to find some way of earning this money. i thought it might me a good idea to try to find a part time job in the computer world. now what i ideally want to do is to go to an old persons house, spend an hour or so teaching them/fixing their pc, and earn like £15 an hour. now im not suggesting that i only want to deal with old people, im just trying to explain the kind of thing i would love to be able to do, and make money at the same time during the summer. I can quite easily advertise through word of mouth, putting leaflets in my papers, and giving buisness cards to local shops, but i was wondering if i would need insurance or anything else a... Read more

Answer:Pc assistance job assistance (sorry for the irony)

You need to go to Dragons Den they may lend you some

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I have a power point presentation in 2003. I want to convert it to power point 2010. What do I need to do?


Answer:Solved: 2003 power point to 2010 power point

Open the Powerpoint 2003 file with Powerpoint 2010 and save as a Powerpoint 2010 file.

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We are having trouble turning on and booting up my wife's computer. I have checked the Power on switch and the connection to the switch. And the connector from the switch to the motherboard. The fact that it eventually comes on seems to indicate that all the components work. Here is how the process goes.

1. Power On. Nothing.
2. Power On. Lights on front of PC light then go off.
3. Power On. Lights on, fan starts but no beep. No boot up.
4. Power On. Lights on, beep, boots up, system runs and is stable.

It is usually several of 1, then a couple of 2 then 3. More of all three then it eventually 'catches' and boots up.
Can anyone suggest what can be going wrong. I realize it could be more than one thing but it would be good to narrow it down so I could take the right course of action.
Thank you. John

Answer:Solved: Power on, nothing. Power on, something. Power on, everything.

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I have this laptop that when u plug in the power cable the computer freeze and if u have it plug in will not turn on. If u unplug it will turn on and when u plug it will freeze. The issue is u cant use it plug in so u only can use it without the power cable on, need to charge computer and recharge to be able to use it. Like if when u plug it in made a contact with something or takes to much load of energy that causes to freeze or dont go up. Thinking can be the power plug inside conection with the motherboard? any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A205-S5804 Power problem issue anyone had this problem?

What type of ac adapter do you have, voltages and have you tried another type of ac adapter ?

I don't know for sure, but... it sounds like something is wrong with the ac jack.
Those can be replaced easily if you know how to solder, the part will cost less 7 dollars USA wise but shipping to you might be another issue due to your location.

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When I set the power option on my pc to have the monitor turn off after so many minutes it does not work. What I mean is that the monitor goes black for one second then comes back on. This problem just started a few days ago. I posted a thread on another forum and someone suggested I run msconfig and inspect the startup tab to see if there was something in there that might be causing the problem. I saw three things in there that I had uninstalled ... nero, incd, and sagetv. I cleared the checkboxes for those three then clicked okay. That is when things started going really bad. I immediately got an error message saying that I may need administrator privelages to make the changes. I am the admin on this computer, I have been since I installed XP. When I clicked okay on that box I was prompted to restart the computer which I did. When it rebooted I then got a message that said major hardware changes had taken place since the last time XP was started and that I had to reactivate XP. No hardware changes were made at all so this totally baffles me. I still can't make changes in msconfig and I am being reminded about every 5 minutes that I need to reactivate XP. I know this was a long winded post but I wanted to be sure and get as much info in there as I could. If you have any suggestions or questions I would love to hear them.

Answer:Power options problem leads to administrator problem and worse

Your computer--brand name and model, please. Your version of XP--home or pro, sp1 or 2, OEM installed or retail?

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Recently i got problem with my computer

After I shut down my entire computer the next time when i try to reopen it

It doesn't come out, the Power light is on, monitor power light also on but the booting(the red light) which indicates the computer is running isn't working anymore i check the every possible cable like the Power Supply, HDD , Video Card, Monitor, every things works fine, but my computer doesn't even booting.

So I don't really Know what the problem is right now

can someone tell me which part should i fix it.

thank you

Answer:PC Problem dunno what problem it is not Video Card, Not Power Supply, Not HDD, Not MB

Open the PC, then switch it on. Check that all fans (in the powersupply, on the CPU, perhaps also on the graphics card and the motherboard) are running.
If not, tell us which one is not working.
Most likely your powersupply no longer works. Give us the manufacturer's name and model, please.

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I recently took my computer apart but I did a mistake. I disconnected the PSU while the computer was running. Then I removed the Power SW and all the things on the line like HD Led and Power Led as well as Reset SW.

Now, I connected the HD, Power Led, Reset SW, Power SW to the places where the belong according to the motherboard.

The computer isn't powering up now. I'm not sure if its the power supply. Will any one tell me what it could be??
Thanks a lot!!

Answer:Solved: Power SW, HD, Power Led


"I disconnected the PSU while the computer was running." !!!!

Are you saying:

1) You unplugged the PSU from the wall - OR
2) You unplugged the PSU from the motherboard.

If you unplugged the motherboard while it was "powered" it's probably "FRIED !!"

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Hi, I hope someone can point me in the right direction with a problem I have with my Lenovo laptop.I have a T420s (Win 7 ultimate) that has stopped working. When connected to AC the battery light on the lid started blinking and stayed on but the battery was not charging, first thought was the known problems with the power manager and windows but when I changed the settings in the power manager it still didn't charge. When disconecting the battery the laptop was dead, it would only run with the battery connected but the strange thing is that it indicated that AC was connected but the system will not run on AC only? I've tried a second adapter (also 65w 20v) but that made no difference.Meanwhile the battery has run totaly empty. Leaving it unplugged for a few hours and then connecting it to AC power it gets power for 2 seconds and then dies again. Looks like a hardware problem? Any suggestions? Thanks for any help! Alex


Go to Solution.

Answer:T420s no power on AC power but power management says AC power is connected?

Shot in the dark, but try the following.Unplug the battery, unplug the AC.Tap the power button ten times, then press and hold for 30 seconds.Reattach the AC and try booting it again.

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Just faced a rather strange issue, but not really an issue, just different system behaviour than expected. System:W520 Batteries:55++ connected27++ connected Power adapter:Unplugged No other accessories connected. Scenario:I was using the system till it power itself off due to low power (0% reached for both batteries). i.e. Ungraceful Windows shutdown. Then upon pressing the power on button, the LEDs flashes, no THINKPAD logo or BIOS message appears, system appears to then restart again, and the LEDs flash again...and loops until it was no longer able to even attempt to POST. Expected behaviour:Either display the message that says "Battery level is too low".OrDon't loop (this is the behaviour when only the 55++ battery is connected at 0%) Why does having the 27++ would make the system go through this looping cycle?

Answer:W520, 55++, 27++, unplugged from power adapter, 0% battery. Press Power button --> power up loops.

Hello Chatbox,
I can understand your issue very well, as there is no message comes on the screen which gives you information to plug the power adapter and prevent the laptop to get shut down.
You should install Power Manager software and then customize it as per your requirement.
The software can be download from the mentioned below web link.
Hope, after this laptop will not shut down automatically due to battery backup
Best Regards,

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Hardware problem:

Windows 7 machine, approximately 1 year old.

Sequence of events:

1. Computer would not start. Diagnostics run:
a. Used different power cable.
b. Shorted power pins with screwdriver to check for problem with power button on case. Did not start.
c. Checked power supply, it was fine.

2. Took computer to geek squad (I know, I know, they were the only place that was open). They did the following:
a. Checked power cable.
b. Checked power supply.
c. Swapped the RAM around... at which point it started. But there was a software issue? So they used some "repair
disk" I'm not sure what it did. But then computer worked.

3. Took computer home, now it boots to desktop, and I can use the keyboard, but only when I plug it into one specific usb slot. It doesn't work in any of the other USB slots. No other USB devices appear to work, including the mouse.

What to do?

Answer:Power problem leads to USB problem... complicated.

It was my mouse. MY FRICKIN MOUSE.

I finally got into windows by tabbing around with my keyboard. Plugged in the mouse and managed to tab around for the error, windows was showing that my mouse was causing a power surge on the USB hub.

Switched to different mouse.

Everything works.


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I would appreciate any advice...The first problem that appeared with my pc was my modem quit working. A few days later my mouse quit working. While I was in control panel trying to add another mouse, my LCD screen went blank. I turned the LCD off and on again--the LCD brand logo appeared, then nothing. But my pc was still on. Is this a motherboard or power supply problem? Thanks for the help!

Answer:Motherboard problem or a power supply problem??

There are two ways of going about testing the power supply.. You can swap in a supply of equal or greater wattage and if the problems go away, then you've found the culprit.  If problems persist, then the board is likely the problem.The other way is finding a voltmeter and testing the psu directly.  If the values measured fall within +/- 5% of the voltages specified then you know the psu is the culprit..See here for the break down of the voltage pinout of the psu..'t bother with the negative voltagesedit: make sure the computer is on, if you decide to test the voltages with a voltmeter

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I have a HP DV9700 laptop that has a lot of problems right now, let me state what happened to it and what troubleshooting I did.

1- 2 years ago the laptop started to power up with a blank screen, So i did some research and found out about the problem with the 8600M gs chips, Hence i went for a workshop and he changed the chip-set for me cause I didn't have the money to change the whole motherboard at the time.

2- It worked for a while then the same problem happened again, so I decided that I'll try to implement aluminum foil around the chip-set so that it doesn't heat up, I ended up messing with the motherboard and the laptop doesn't power on ever since.

3- The charger is working properly and the battery is in an excellent condition.

4- Right now I need some help deciding first why won't the laptop power-up preferably with some motherboard diagrams cause I am kinda a n00b when it comes to laptop hardware, After that I need to tackle the VGA problem with alternative solutions and after choosing a solution I need to make anything to make sure that the laptop won't heat up again damaging the MB or the Video Chip.


Answer:HP DV9700 power problem, motherboard/VGA problem

anybody ?!!

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I just last week built a new system. I have Win XP Pro installed. several days ago the system died. I thought maybe I didn't have the power plug in tight. I checked the plug and pressed the power button and it booted up fine. Now tonight while booting up the system died. now all that happens when I press the power button is the power LED flashes and the fan tries to turn...that's it. The system will not boot. I have checked the power supply connections on the motherboard all are tight.

I need some help. How do I know if this is a power supply problem or motherboard problem?

See below for build list.

I am really bummed and would appreciate some advice.

thank you,


AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0 GHz 4 x 512KB Processor
Model # HDZ940XCGIBOX Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0 GHz 4 x

Hard drives
Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA
3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive

Patriot 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)

Video Card
HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo 512MB 128-bit
GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card Read more

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The power button doesnt always work, sometimes i have to keep pushing the button repeatedly to get it to turn on. Any ideas?

Answer:C440 All in one computer: Cannot power up the system, power button wont power up

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Your problem could simply be a bad power button or there could be a more serious internal problem.  I would recommend that you contact Lenovo Support for service. 
1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686     24 hours a day - 7 days a week

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Question: Solved: No power



Mother using Asus N53SN without charger plugged in
Low battery, she gets the charger but the laptop shuts down before she plugs it in
Charger now plugged in but not recognized; charger indicator light does not light up
Plugged in a different Asus Charger from a similar laptop, this one does not work either
Laptop is completely dead, the power indicator light does not even light up when power switch pressed
Removed battery, checked both chargers for faulty fuses etc.. Nothing wrong

I've never seen anything like this before. Any help?


Answer:Solved: No power

with the battery out and the charger disconnected - hold the power switch down for at least 60 seconds

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