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Pros and Cons of Hard Drive Encryption?

Question: Pros and Cons of Hard Drive Encryption?

I am looking at a Lenovo laptop that has an option to get a hard drive with disk encryption. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it a security feature? I am wondering if this would prevent any hijacking or remote sending of information from your hard drive? Any drawbacks to it...compatibility headaches or anything like that?


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Preferred Solution: Pros and Cons of Hard Drive Encryption?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Pros and Cons of Hard Drive Encryption?

Its basically in case of theft--the hard drive contents will remain locked and unavailible to anyone without the proper validation. Your normal viral and spyware and firewall features secure the system when being properly used. No compatibility issues except if it malfunctions or you lose or forget the proper validation because if you do its secure and you are not getting in.

I'm sure its NOT the case here but there was an encrypted disk technology on display at CES this past Jan. that would not only prevent access but it would acually destroy the data if validation failed three times in a row.

So in short, encrypted disks are a good idea if you are maybe working for a company and you are carrying around the social security numbers for all the employees or something ultra critical like that, but otherwise it might be overkill because you can always use a free program like Trucrypt to absolutely secure your data any time you wish on any hard drive.

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i intend to upgrade my dell dim L (7.5 gb) with a 40 gb hard drive. it seems simply copying to the new drive would be more convenient. is there a benefit to leaving both drives in? please advise.

Answer:hard drive replacement -pros & cons

The obvious thing would be the extra storage . Also can use the old drive to backup important files/e-mails ( in case that the main drive "goes out"). Also can put the virtual swap file onto it ( thus having less fragmentation). Also can install an OS and "play around " with it , without the fear of loosing anything ( as in , on the main drive Windows and on the secondary drive Linux)
Oh yea , i forgot about con's. Since you add a new drive , space inside the computer can became limited ( as in cramped) thus traping more hot air making the computer run hotter .... and since heat is not good to the computer
Also might have a power supply issue ( since you add a new peripheral which will "suck " from the power supply). It's less likely since a hard drive usualy uses 10-15 W, but you never know.

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My brothers hard drive packed up after about 13 months and the computer store he bought the HP desktop only offers a 4 month quarantee. The literatuer from HP gives a 2 year guaruntee - but brother is too lazy to pursue it. He is also a computer ***.

I would like to know the pros and cons of external hard drives. We live in darkest africa and the stores here are not good at stocking the spares of items they sell.

Can anyone please advise? I am capable of instaliing an internal hard drive - but I cannot find one for his computer

Answer:Pros and cons of external or internal hard drive

I would say that internal HD are more reliable because you are eliminating the USB connection. If it is possible to install an internal drive I would definitely recommend that choice over an external.

Why are you having trouble finding an internal drive for that computer. What type is the original? IDE HD are getting harder to find these days but if it is an IDE drive any size IDE drive will work up to 500gb.

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I have read that you can get an adapter to connect a Compact Flast card to your IDE interface and use it as a hard drive (say your C: drive).

Now its mu understanding that CF is much faster than a regular hard drive, not to mention the size and noise advantages.

Cost aside, what are the pros and cons in using a CF as the promary hard drive?


Answer:Compact Flash as Main Hard Drive (Pros and Cons)

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I want to try a solid state, flash-based drive for my primary c: drive. I do not need more than 32GB of space, as it is mostly for business use. Before doing so, I wanted to post to this forum to see if my thinking on the pros and cons is correct, so here goes:


1. Low power consumption and heat generation.
2. Relatively fast read speeds, and no wear accrues to flash memory when read from. I can get some better look-ahead caching with SuperSpeed RAM cache utility and let the pages sit dirty in the cache.
3. Bottom line: Windows XP can load significantly faster than off of a Raptor drive, which I presently use for the c: drive.


1. Mediocre write speeds. I can obviate this to a large extent with SuperSpeed RAM cache utility, again, especially if I let the pages sit dirty in the cache.


1. Lousy I/O performance, and of course lowers life expectancy of flash medium even with the presence of wear levelling algorithims. I can get around this through the use of i-RAM solid-state DRAM drives which function as holders for the pagefiles, temp files, FF and IE caches, etc, so I don't keep those sorts of things on the flash-based c: drive.
2. Need to make sure that one is getting truly fast flash, preferrably SLC and not MLC.

Does it sound like my thinking is correct on the above points? Or am I missing something? Most people seem to say they get a fast boot, but other things lag for them, including writes, etc. This mak... Read more

Answer:Solid State Flash Drive Pros & Cons?

We have been testing laptop hard drive replacement flash drives from Samsung, Seagate, and Fujitsu for 11 weeks now.
The costs are astonishingly high, but that will change until they are less expensive than other laptop drives.
We see no big differences on I/O, but write speeds are noticeably slower.
Reliable, which flash drives are not.

One thing for sure, prepare for the future because it is coming. I'll bet nobody makes motor-driven "hard drives" five years from now.

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I have a half dozen Hyper-V virtual machines and will add a few more. I have been storing the vm files on my Storage Space (formatted ReFS). Load times are OK but I have decided to dedicate a Crucial MX300 525gb SSD for vm file storage instead. I have no qualms using them on ReFS but of course I will store other data on the SSD from time to time as well.

Question: If you have experience in using ReFS for data drives please share with me the pros and cons in your opinion.

Note: I already know that saving image backups or any disk and partition backups from third party backup solution providers is a very bad idea at present. I don't plan to do that. I also know about the bug in the Anniversary Update and the subsequent insider builds that requires turning ReFS formatting on and off and when to do it.

I look forward to sharing experiences.

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With the ever increasing size of hdd I install Operating service on a 20gb drive and use a larger drive for most everything else.I must say its an age since I played games used to be flight sims mostly. Is there some kind of trade off when using hdd s set up in this manner.The reason I do this is because of malware probs,it s relatively easy to format and reinstall on a small drive and you don t lose so much of your work.

Answer:pros and cons of os on pri smalldrive supporting large drive

The reason I do this is because of malware probs,it s relatively easy to format and reinstall on a small drive and you don t lose so much of your work.Click to expand...

That's a good reason. Another reason is selective defragmenting; in other words, you can select a drive/partition to defragment rather defragmenting the entire physical drive. However, since all new drives on the market are much larger than 20GB, you can achieve the same objective by partitioning a larger drive and putting your OS on an appropriately sized partition.

Even so, using a drive imaging program such as Acronis TrueImage (not free) or Macrium Reflect (free) would be a way to quickly restore your system in case of malware problems.

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I have a half dozen Hyper-V virtual machines and will add a few more. I have been storing the vm files on my Storage Space (formatted ReFS). Load times are OK but I have decided to dedicate a Crucial MX300 525gb SSD for vm file storage instead. I have no qualms using them on ReFS but of course I will store other data on the SSD from time to time as well.

Question: If you have experience in using ReFS for data drives please share with me the pros and cons in your opinion.

Note: I already know that saving image backups or any disk and partition backups from third party backup solution providers is a very bad idea at present. I don't plan to do that. I also know about the bug in the Anniversary Update and the subsequent insider builds that requires turning ReFS formatting on and off and when to do it.

I look forward to sharing experiences.

Answer:ReFS or NTFS for SSD data drive, pros and cons, please

I always say to people: unless you're using ZFS, Btrfs or ReFS on a file server, do not ever think your data is OK. I run a 2012 R2 Datacenter server (also testing Win Server 2016 Datacenter which I am looking forward to migrating my server to), where I use ReFS for virtualization primarily, but any workload of Hyper-V deployment outside of Storage Spaces is significantly optimized due to its aggregated cluster resiliency. That said, ReFS does not support deduplication so on grounds of you mentioning your average backup/restore being a definite no-no is spot on. That said, there are ways to backup/restore ReFS but you hardly need to begin going into that.

Keep in mind that ReFS is primarily for archival storage and with using ReFS for archival storage, you do not ever have to worry about the status of your data as being optimal and in-tact. Many people who run servers will gloat over what their server hardware and server monitoring software says, but none of that will tell you diddly-squat about the data itself. Data protection requires a proactive approach, and you start by choosing a file system that is designed for data resiliency.

Now on my NAS I run ZFS which does support deduplication, but it's a file system Windows will probably never "understand." My server is mainly for CA-certificate signing/issuing, custom OS deployment, updates, remote virtualization and hosting, but my NAS is what is used for actual encrypted and secure backups. That said, ZFS... Read more

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Question: CPU Pros and Cons

I'd be grateful if anyone could enlighten me on the pros and cons of :AMD Phenom X4 9550 2.2 Ghz with 4x512K L2 cache Socket AM2+ andAMD Athlon 64x2 4200+ 2.2GHz with 2x512K L2 cache Socket AM2Apart from the Phenom CPU being quad core as opposed to dual core of the Athlon, is there any great advantage of one over the other? I really have no understanding of the dual/quad core effectAbel

Answer:CPU Pros and Cons

dual core and quad core is like the expansion from what hyper threading tried to do. Dual core is literally 2 cores inside the CPU so it is essentially 2 CPU's in one, which means you can do 2 heavy CPU tasks at once. and it is very quick. Quad core is the newest version of the multi-core revolution, quad core is a little expensive but is 4 cores in one, so, it is again double the speed of the dual core, as it acts as 4 CPU's being able to dealw ith 4 heavy CPU tasks at once with ease, or quickly get through 1 task as a team. that is the difference between a normal standard core, a dual core, and a quad core. :-)

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I read so many good things about the Belkin Pre-N stuff, but it is all still not a standard and I've very skeptical.

What is the pro's and cons of going Pre-N over 802.11 a/b/g

Answer:Pre-N Pros and Cons

The Pre N is still G certified, so either way, you still have G to fall back on.

By going Pre N, you'l have better range and throughput and be able to punch throug walls more easy.

What price would you rather pay for a Pre N device?

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Would like to know the pros and cons between....

Dual boot- win 7 and Win 8
Virtual machine - Win 7 as host, Win 8 as guest


P.S. Please spare the feeble mind from too many technicals....

Answer:Pros and Cons between....

Depending upon your hardware, performance may be an issue, however, I'd say the main consideration is what you want to achieve. If you're main interest is in seeing how Windows 8 works, a VM should suffice. If, on the other hand, you want to see whether Windows 8 will work correctly with all of your existing hardware and drivers, you need to run the OS on your 'real' system, otherwise Windows 8 will only see the visualised environment.

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Question: pros and cons

what are the pros and cons of upgrading windows 95 to 98?

Answer:pros and cons

Just a quick thought on this one.Pros: it's three years newer.Cons: It still sucks.It depends, though, really. Windows 98, or Windows 98SE? 95a or 95b, or 95OSR2?

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Just wondered if there any cons to the sp2 before I download and install? As I have been away and have not yet read much about itTIA

Answer:XP sp2 Pros and cons

i downloaded sp2 last night alls well Hope it stays that way

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I like to play around with logos similar to the one that is attached here. I have been reading lately where some are saying that a PNG image is favorable to the older GIF format.

I use a dial-up connection so I am not only concerned with quality and having more editing options with the image but file size as well.

Now... the image here definitly looks better as a GIF than say, a JPEG. You can see that the JPEG just isn't as "vibrant".

Which format, PNG or GIF is better for my needs. Again, quality and editing options and file size are important.

Thanks in advance


Answer:GIF or PNG .... pros and cons?

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What are the pros and cons of AVG?

Answer:Pros and cons of AVG?

Pros....It worksIt's freeCon....The server that provides the updates for the free version is often overloaded and consequently your virus checker may sometimes not be updated correctlyAlternative....try Avast which is also free and updates without problems at least daily

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I have a spindle of Memorex CD-R's. They are marked 52X.
Is this the maximum speed at which I could burn hese CD-R's?
What if I plan to burn at 8x or 16x?
Is it better to have a blank CD-R rated far above the rating of my CD burner, which is 24x10x40x? Since mine writes at 24x, should I use CD-R's rated 24x and higher? and the higher the better? or is 24X just as good as these 52X?

Answer:what r pros and cons of 52x CD-R?

The higher the speed the media is rated for, the better chance of good copies.

Always use media rated at or above your burners capacities.

Only downside is that higher rated media tends to cost much more than low rated media.

For most purposes an 18 or 24 x rated media is perfectly OK on 40 or 48 speed burners.


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Well im happy what i bought (WD SATAII 250GB HD), my system didnt want to recognize it at first but i figured out that it was my SATA cable that was defective, OS installation took like 10-15Min, Format 1hr :/ (250GB No ****),
Runs fast and quiet but 1 odd problem.
You know the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the right hand side of the taskbar, well My HD is showing up on that, odd :/ dont know if this is normal but each time i put in my flash drive it doesnt pop up in the icon but everything else works fine and it recognized in My Computer

Any ideas?

Answer:Pros and cons of new HD

It is normal for SATA drives to show up there, but I would not recommend removing them.

Strange that your flash drive does not show up....

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Question: PROS/CONS

How many people have AdWare? What does it do and has anyone had problems with it? I always hate to download something that I have NO clue about. And do you ever run into any problems with it in the future? I know that sometimes you download something then later on down the line you start running into problems with it. And how much space does this take up in my computer. As most of you know already I'm trying to make space on my computer because I lag alot so I don't want to download something thats just going to be sitting on my computer taking up space. Thank you All for your help. Sitka


Are you refering to AddAware? This is a freeware program that sorts out the Spyware programs off your computer. Its quite small but very useful. A lot of people use Gozilla. I did until now. They are spyware abd if you don't have a firewall to block outbounds then you won't realise that all the stuff that you download is sent back to their website (Gozilla) to monitor. Not very private or secure.

I now am just using the old rightclick save target as now. Slower but safer. I also had problems with Kernell32.dll, which is attributed to spyware.

Try it and see. When you do the scan you can post the deatails and people will tell you what they are.



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I am looking to build my first gaming PC but I am getting a few different ideas as to what to use. I need some ideas or suggestions. Since PCI Express is new, that is what I have thought that I wanted to get until a few min. ago. I was talking to a PC builder on the phone and asking him what to buy and he said that PCI Express is not a good way to go. He said that no games have been made for it yet and they are already coming out with a PCI Express 2 in a couple of months.

What I am wondering is if I am going out on a weak and unstable limb in getting a PCI Express at the present time. Below is a list of what I really wanted to be included in the system but I don't know if it is a good idea now or not.

Motherboard with 4 DDR2 memory slots, PCI Express capability, Serial ATA connector capability, AMD 64FX processor. I also want to use Corsair DDR2 memory.

I really don't know if all this is a good idea or not. I am pulling my hair out trying to find the most bang for my buck and find the best innovations.




Answer:PCI Express (pros and cons)?

For starters, you cannot get an AMD Motherboard that will support DDR2, only DDR. They have no plans on making a board that supports it either -in the near future at least.

AMD boards also will not get PCI Express until maybe late February.

To be honest, to buy and build a computer right now, IMHO, is a bad investment. I say investment because PC's are in a transitional period. CPU's are shifting to 64 bit-which thats not new, AGP shifting to PCI Express-still in the middle of it, PCI Express is adapting to SLI capabilities-barely on the OEM market, DDR memory is going to DDR2. Current systems are about to outdate themselves at an alarming rate.

If I were you, and you have a current manageable rig, I would wait until at least 2nd Quarter next year to buy and build.

If you go PCI Express, make sure you go SLI capable.

Anyway-if that gives you anymore questions, let me know.

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I know this has most likely been posted before but i do not wish to be scrolling through pages... i know im lazy But i would like to know how is vistas Pros and Cons compared to Windows XP's... because i am getting vista on a new computer coming in a few weeks.

Answer:Vista, Pros And Cons Please

Vista works fine, it's a bit more power hungry than XP - especially if you enable all the eye candy (such as Aero). But it's every bit as responsive as XP if you have adequate hardware. I even have Ultimate installed on an old Toshiba M35 laptop with 1 gB of RAM and it runs fine. My wife has Home Basic at her office with 512 mB of RAM and it works fine also.

The 2 biggest issues that I see with Vista are:
1) Trying to use XP drivers on Vista systems. They'll work sometimes, but they'll do strange things on occasion. Stick with Vista drivers!
2) Trying to use XP applications on Vista systems. They may work, and sometimes they can even be coaxed to work - but it's so much easier to just install apps that are compatible with Vista.

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I ordered my P50 with what was supposed to be a 2.5" SSD of 256 GB, and it turns out they gave me an M.2. So now I can either as an auxiliary drive.  What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? Power consumption, durability, longevity, etc? Also, can I put an M.2 in bigger than the 256GB my P50 came with? My storage kit is coming, and I wanna install as soon as it arrives.

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we all like to play on the internet, and imo one of the most problematic factors for non-techies like myself in reformatting and reinstalling windows xp, is that the whole process is a PIA, even if you're got a slipstreamed xp sp2 disc and all the updates. just reinstalling AV, FW, AS, (as their customized settings) as well as all of your other programs (wmp, IE 7 (or 6), firefox etc) is a pain. I read a post on a computer board the other day that seemed (at least to me) to make a lot of sense. 1) make sure you have all your windows sp2 updates downloaded to file 2) save your docs and these windows sp2 updates to an external source (external hd, usb drive, disc, whatever) 2) reformat your hard-drive 3)reinstall windows xp, sp2, then reinstall your xp critical updates, 4) create all of your administrator and user log-ons and your desktop layout for each) 5) disable all of the xp processes to your tastes 6) insert a second slave HD (formatted and partitioned to your tastes) and use quality cloning software to clone everything over to your slave HD. 7) remove your primary HD and store it away 8) reinsert your slave HD (with the xp copy) as your primary HD and reinstall your programs. ​I guess this could even be carried one more step in that we all have certain programs (for me Ccleaner and hijack this) that could just be installed in the original (back-up) drive as well, and if your satisfied and comfortable with your software firewall and it's settings (and any ... Read more

Answer:pros/cons is this the best way to reinstall xp?

This is what I do.
I have a Secondary HDD which is NOT plugged up to MB.This HDD contains my Ghost Back Up Images.

I plug it up every couple of weeks and put another Updated Ghost Image on there.

I had a Situation where I had to Reinstall.
Popped in the Ghost Disc and Bingo.....I was up and running with EVERTHING in a jiffy.Sure the Image was a week old BUT I made no major changes so it was as if I had no Hicup at all.

Yes, I like Norton Ghost.........A time saver.......

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some say they hate it

what are the pros and cons?

Answer:windows 10 pros and cons

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Why 64-Bit Windows Rocks:
In a 32-bit operating system, memory addresses are 32 bits in length, limiting the total number of unique addresses available to around 4 billion—effectively capping the total amount of memory your system can use at one time to 4GB.
Why 64-bit Windows Doesn’t Rock So Much:
-You need at least 4GB of memory
-32-bit drivers don’t work anymore
-Some software breaks in 64-bit Windows
-Not all software benefits from 64-bit
Full read : TheWindowsClub.
Add reads: 32-bit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 64-bit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Answer:Pros and Cons: 64-bit vs 32-bit Windows 7

nice share

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As of right now i am running a 22'' samsung and a 19'' samsung together and seems to be ok. My friend spoke to me about purchasing a big 30'' or 32'' LCD/HDTV for his comp instead of multi-monitors. I was wondering; are those monitors that can be used as a TV and a monitor worth the combo convience. I mean PRICE TAG ASIDE, does it ruin and/or shortens life expectancy or damage pixels of the moniter/TV to use as both consistenly? It would be nice just to have one monitor for both TV and computer screen. And 32'' isnt that bad. An example (which is only one of many out there) is the ViewSonic® N3251w 32" Widescreen LCD HDTV/Monitor Combo. Ive been told that running certain hardwares like xbox's or PS3's can damage DLP's, LCD's or plasma's. Not saying i wold hook up a game console but does the same go into effect with a computer?

Answer:monitors: Pros and Cons

my man i just bought a bush 32" hd tv with vga...

there is nothing like it...flight simulator on it is.....fuggen wow!!!

i have run tv's off computers for long...nothing comes close...
as for deterioration of picture...these screens are coming down in price!
i paid 550 euro for mine...if that lasts 3 years thats fine!

im sure bigger ones will be even cheaper by then...we are in the "throwaway age"
you cant go wrong!

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So for a while now I've been wondering what the real differences in performance, MTBF (mean time before failure) and the general pros and cons are of Harddrives and Solidstate. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:SSD vs HDD (looking for pros and cons in your opinions of each)

There are tons and tons of reviews, comparisons and forum posts about this. I would suggest you start there.

some links to get you started:,5/Internal-Storage,19/

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Will soon get a new Win7 PC. Any thoughts on 32 bit vs 64bit?

Answer:Win7 32 bit or 64 bit, pros and cons

64 bit:

Pro: can handle more than 4gb of memory
Pro: can effecitively calculate bigger numbers in one go (although this doesn't mean it is faster)
Con: Some software doesn't work, older software has more problems
Con: More expensive

32 bit

Pro: Much more compatible with software
Pro: cheaper option
Con: Limit of 4gb ram

Its an easy one really it all depends on what you plan on doing with your computer.

If you intend to use it for the internet and game play 32bit

If you are doing something hardcore, such as 3D graphics design, a lot of video encoding, you need an extra few frames per second on games etc... then 64bit

64bit is quickly becoming a standard but its not there yet, most people should consider buying a new pc every 3-5 years, and upgrading their current PC every 1 1/2 - 3 years I would imagine in 3 years 64 bit will be a bit more appropriate but for 90% of peoples needs, 32 bit is the winner

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A lot of my pals have both a desktop PC and a laptop. What are the advantages of having both (apart from the obvious of being portable) and why would you need both?

Answer:Laptop Pros and Cons

I once did a comparison for someone at work.In short, if you need portability, get a laptop. If you don't, why get one? I find them uncomfortable to work at for long periods, as I'm sure any workplace assessment would agree with.They are harder to upgrade/maintain, more expensive, and less 'bang per buck' than desktops.The only real justification in my mind is if portability is likely to be a requirement, otherwise I'd go desktop.Just my 2p worth.

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We will be adding a new location of about 40 users to our existing WAN network. There will be 5 buildings and 2 printers/building. In order to hold down costs some of our IT team is recommending we not buy print servers, but simply use IP printing for these users. I really can't find much details about IP printing pros and cons. Some places seem to imply that there still needs to be some type of print server. Also, do we lose functionality (queueing, error messages, etc). Any where I can read up on this? I've found instructions for XP on how to add a printer, but not much else.

Answer:Pros and Cons of IP Printing?

One con is that say you have 10 people printing to the printer and one of the users documents gets a error well that user normally is the only one who can restart or cancel that document. You can set up a pc as a print server and if the same situation happends you can go to the print server and just clear the que.

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Hi all...

I am planning to implement MAC learning and locking mechanism on all my switches (at least those that support it), as the problem users arbitrarily plugging in their notebooks on the company's network is fast becoming a nightmare.

802.1x solution isn't an option right now for that would require some testing and configuration and the need is urgent.

One issue is, helpdesk informs me that they have to change machines within the building, within an average of 3-4 daily spread over different floors. That would make mac locking a bit of an headache for them as they will have to renable learning and locking on daily basis.

Any advise to overcome this nightmare!!??

Answer:Pros and Cons of MAC locking

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I have a nvidia geforce 2 MX/MX 400 vid card. What will over clocking it do for me? How do I know how much to over clock? Also what would be the cons to oc. my mobo? It is an asus 1.2 celeron. How would I oc. it?

Answer:Overclocking Pros & Cons?

Pros: It makes your GPU work faster!
Cons: It makes your GPU work less reliably.

The same goes for your CPU.

Do some research, visit the Overclocking forum, its up to you.

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Windows 8.1 starts up faster, switches between apps faster, and uses power more efficiently than previous versions of Windows, including Windows 7.


-Microsoft is still too focused on the Metro interface. Desktop is relitively unchanged.
-Still no start menu like in previous versions.

Answer:Windows 8.1 - Pros and Cons

Totally agree with what you wrote- but the Start Menu/Desktop issue (yes, I consider Metro a needless issue) can be resolved very nicely and cheaply with StartisBack. I love it.

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Hello Members,

Please, as I am trying to find out whether I should use some proxy, or not, I would like ask you which are the basic *pros and cons* about using proxies, and ask for some really good elementary pages on the subject.

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Proxy: pros and cons

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I just want to open this forum to discuss the pros and cons of different motherboards supporting AMD CPUs (since most of here are AMD users just like me now )


any other brands of mobos?

Answer:Motherboards Cons And Pros

for the manufacturers I know a descent amount about:

DFI: best overclocking, most features, very stable
more expensive than most

MSI: great overclocking, lots of features, very stable, relatively inexpensive
can't think of anything wrong with them....

Asus: best Intel boards, but "ok" AMD boards, except the A8N32-SLI (which is a good board)
a bit pricey for their better motherboards

ECS: cheap
not so reliable

Gigabyte: descent quality, highly stable
not good overclockers, general architecture is a little slow

EpoX: cheap
not so good quality

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I'm looking to upgrade from my LG G4 and I can't decide which one would be better for me ? So perhaps pro and cons will explain it better ?

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I think that MS should start the CPP NOW (Consumor Preview Program) I want to check out vista now. Who has it and if you have it reply to me telling the Pro's and Cons Please.

Answer:Pros and Cons of Vista

you need high specs to use it

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I've had problems with both Nero and EasyCd so I was thinking about Alcohol. I'd like to know what you readers think about it. The good and the bad and I suppose the ugly too. Thanks.

Answer:Alcohol 120% Pros and Cons?

Alkohol is the best for burning disk images and copying cd's. Nero is the best for video cd's. Ez-CD is easy to use when it runs correctly, it can mess up a PC badly when it doesn't. I'd say, use nero and alkohol together and leave EZCD alone.

Alkohol isn't really useful for anything other than copying cd's and burning images.

If you've had problems with Nero and EZCD might I suggest you give "Click and Burn" a try.

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I need to add an affiliate program along with a shopping cart, and know little about scripts. Been to but there's many to choose from, from free to expensive.

One concern is of a secure tracking that cannot be munipulated for stealing clicks or referalls. The other is I will need to be able to set it up fairly easily and is not a bandwidth burglar.

I need to be somewhat more educated on this also.
What is the major difference in cgi vs php. I have heard of ASP and was warned off of it. Something about windows server with lots of bugs and crashes?

Any help will be appreciated

Answer:CGI PHP scripts pros & cons

mag00 said:

I need to add an affiliate program along with a shopping cart, and know little about scripts. Been to but there's many to choose from, from free to expensive.

One concern is of a secure tracking that cannot be munipulated for stealing clicks or referalls. The other is I will need to be able to set it up fairly easily and is not a bandwidth burglar.

I need to be somewhat more educated on this also.
What is the major difference in cgi vs php. I have heard of ASP and was warned off of it. Something about windows server with lots of bugs and crashes?

Any help will be appreciatedClick to expand...

CGI, PHP, ASP pretty much all perform the same function. They are scripting languages that are interpreted at runtime. CGI is probably the oldest of them all and IMO is a dinosaur.

PHP and ASP are the newer of the 3 and ASP has been upgraded to ASP.NET.

Again , they both do the same things at the basic level but they use different syntax and there some distinct usage differences between the two. Whoever told you NOT to use ASP should be smacked..hard. I program in ASP as a primary language. Crashing an ASP site is just like crashing any other site made in a different language.. it's the DEVELOPERS fault for poor code.

I tried PHP for a while and frankly, I despised the syntax and thought it to be overly convoluted.

It is true that ASP runs ONLY on windows' IIS web server but I find the zealotry and paranoia ... Read more

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I don't know what the general felling about netbooks is so far. I hear more and more about them and I even considered picking one up.

But the point of the thread is basically to gather some opinions thus far about the current netbook scene and find out who will be running 7 on one if they plan to buy or already own one.

Personally I think netbooks are a good option for people that would waste money on a laptop when they will never need the power of a laptop. I also think the portability over a netbook is a huge advantage.

I do however wish I could find a netbook with an AMD processor and not an Intel Atom. I see that the Intel Atom is the only option at the moment.

The downsides to netbooks right now is that they simply lack options for consumers. You basically get stuck running hardware from a very very limited selection. That fact alone is forcing me to wait for alternatives to what is currently offered. I simply refuse to buy another Intel product for my own personal reasons.

I also think that there is a limit to how much should be spent on a netbook before the price difference between a netbook and laptop starts to become an issue of its own. Why spend 600 bucks on a netbook with only a fraction of the power a laptop of the same price could offer. Not to mention a laptop at 600 would have an optical drive and room for expansion where a netbook would only have moderate power because of an extra gig of ram and slightly better graphics chipset from a 300 dollar model.

... Read more

Answer:Netbooks pros cons and 7

Personally, having used a couple of Netbooks...they are not a replacement for a laptop. They are really just a nice Internet appliance. With that said, the primary keys to me is 1). instant (or as close as possible to it), boot times. 2). Long battery life. 3). very low cost. Unfortunately, I haven't really come across a netbook which can meet these satisfactorily to me to replace my laptop.

I'm primary looking for something that I can put in my living room (say on the back of the couch). I can pull it out, read a few forum posts, make a couple of responses and turn it back off and go back to watching TV or a movie.

Having Windows on a netbook to me.....more or less defeats the primary purpose. A super fast, extremely lightweight OS that can run on very little hardware and provide outstanding life. And unfortunately, the cost of licensing Windows really does drive up the cost of the netbook.

I'm typing this message up right now on my wife's HP laptop. It's a core 2 duo, 3GB of RAM, a 320GB HD, has a DVD burner, runs Vista Home Premium, a webcam, a full keyboard with number pad and was obtained for about $550. And while I don't need this much power when I surf the web...I don't want to pay $400 and get 1/8 of the machine either.

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My gf is looking into getting a tablet PC and asked for my opinion, but I don't really know enough about them. What are some pro's and cons and some suggestions on why a laptop is better would be nice.

She is entering graduate school so she wants something she can take to class. She doesn't use her computer for much other than writing and a little web surfing.

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I am thinking about downloading it.. and I want to know the pros and cons about it.

Thank you(:

Answer:Pros and cons about Avast?

1. It works.2. It is free.3. It auto updates.4 . see #1Cons:It has to update a Virus data base about every 15 days. The first one takes awhile.Awards

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I have 98 sec ed. Have the opertunity to upgrade to xp.. should I? what are pros and cons of doing so?

Answer:Update to XP, pros and cons

Stability and blue screens will be a thing of the past. Multi tasking will now be the order of the day. You'll be downloading playing mp3's and surfing at the same time and loving it. It dose take some time to tweak to your personal preferences but it is worth it.

Run an online xp readiness test here to see if there will be any problems.

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Hello, I am in the process of purchasing a Thinkpad, but there is one obstacle to be overcome:should I pay 150 Euro extra for the Intel Core i3-2367M Processor or should I opt for theAMD E-300 E? Now I have to admit that I am illiterate when it comes to technical matters like these.What I am asking for is longevity and reliability from my computer. I use the computer to write, surf, and watch movies; will the AMD serve these purposes? A friend of mine warned me that overheating is a problem with AMD, to the point thatit could melt away! For your input in regard to this matter I would be immensely grateful. Regards,Novalis

Answer:AMD E-300 Processor: pros and cons

I agree with the comment about overheating. I see a very limited sample, but I see a lot of dead machines with AMD processord

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I bought a Core 2 duo Pentium that's 64 bit, but my OS is still 32 bit. I might get Vista Ultimate, which comes in two flavors, 32 bit and 64 bit, but considering the below, I'll probably stick with the 32 bit version for now.

RL (pro, for 64 bits) (con, and seems to make the better argument for now)

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Having encountered various problems with third party firewalls I thought I would try the XP firewall (service pack 2).
So far I'm pretty happy, especially with the system resources. But I was wondering if anybody could give me a full run down on the pros and cons of using it instead of something else. I know it only blocks incoming and not outgoing, but is this really such a problem if I don't have anything malicious on my system?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I havent done my research on Vista yet either... I have heard that it is suppose to be less of a resource hog than XP and others... I have also heard that it will degrade the performance of net speeds? < not sure on that one, but shrug...

I just want to know all the benifits that Vista is suppose to offer, and what the cons are if any of you know.

How about its performance with games, x64 processing, music editing, video editing, photo editing, and so on... Pretty much everything ...

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Vista, Pros, and Cons

Pro: Aero, DX10, new security support/features (Total upgrade from XP's lame attempt at "limited access" accounts and administration) among other things. DX10 will bring DX9 cards down in price.

Cons: Price for pro(ultimate) package is $400ish, continously delays, possible overpriced DX10 cards, minimum 512 memory? Recommended 2Gb? I don't remember.

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Hello there, I was reading a lot here about downgrade to W7. OK.. there are a lot of step by step guide to do that. Now, this is for the people who already did that: 1- The Y500 works better with W7 instead of w8?2- lose any functionality doing that?3- All drivers are recognized without any problem?4- Memory runs at original speed? (read about lower speeds memory runs after downgrade)5- according to your experiences,you recommend that or not?                  Thanks a lot for your help, I don't want to do that if I  get more problems than benefits                                      Regards, Mariano

Answer:W7 on Y500 - Pros and Cons - YES or NO?

Hi Marianoro
Welcome in lenovo forums
Kindly find me replies below with the same sequence :-
1- Y500 is qualified to work with both types of windows 
2- need more clarifications regarding the second question
3- all drivers already on the Lenovo support website
4- there will not be any differences on speed , it depends only your usage and how many application are installed
5- Win8 will be better as it's the preloaded and the compatible OS for this machine , but at the end it's up to you
Please let me know if there is anything else still needs to be clarified 

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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I have had a terrible experience with my order so far. It seems Lenovo is going in a quick downward spiral. I always felt the product was good am now wondering what people think of the x61 tablet they own because I can't seem to depend on Lenovo directly.  Does Lenovo make a product I can Still trust?Is the X61 being replaced  , if so why ? Is this a touch screen tablet if not what is it ?I purchased my tablet and wanted vista but was told that it would delay my order and that I should keep it with XP because the upgrade is free but the downgrade is not. Anyone here know if XP is better then Vista ?Most of all is Lenovo  a good company or are they falling apart like so many other companies in todays  terrible  market .Maybe Obama can make a call and tell them they need to shape up or else they have to deal with him...Please let me know  and Thank you .....Message Edited by Adasmode on 04-10-2009 09:07 PM

Answer:Please let me know your pros and cons are of the X61tablet.

Well i love my Thinkpads and Thinkcentre, because they have warranty that i can depend on, and sales in Australia is good. I have bought a X61t recently, it was a runout stock in a local computer store, and it was 50% off, so i bought it. I have not able to use all of the feature yet, as i am learning as i am going along. For the price, Lenovo is offering much more than what Dell is offering, parts upgrade and opening up the laptop is much easier on Thinkpads, than Dell and light year ahead of whatever HP is offering. Quality wise, i think other than Panasonic Toughbook there is nothing coming close, some people may say Dell, but i personally i never had a Dell that i liked really much. X61t is a touch screen, there is a normal touch screen version where you can only use the touch screen functions through the wacom pen that is included. While, the multitouch also have a passive pressure sensor in the screen, that allows you to use your fingers nail to do the work, like how you would use the PDA sometimes. X61t have already been replaced by X200t, which is a widescreen model and i think the X200t use the full size keyboard (not sure on that one). X61t is released somewhere in 2007, so product renewal is in order.  For tablet Vista's drive support is much better than XP tablet edition. Lenovo in my opinion is a good company, despite what some people may say and that, but if you dig deep enough, you can always dig up dirt on some company.

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I work for a special education co-op. We are considering replacing some of our staff laptops with Chromebooks. Students might also use them with supervision. I'm wondering what challenges others have seen with doing away with laptops, pros, cons, common issues and what software you use to manage the Chromebooks. Thanks for any feedback.

Answer:Chromebooks - Pros and Cons


I am a tech assistant at an R-1 school district. We took the move to chromebooks in 2014. Started with the teachers then moved to the students. We now have over 800 chromebook devices and all students and teachers are using them in their classrooms. The only issues we have had in the in this transition is the domain that you want to use an enterprise enrollment. Just make sure that domain you want is the one you want to stick with. Moving to another domain is not fun. And with education you get to have the whole Google for Education for free. To do assignments and everything you can either do them in google docs or you can also sign up for Microsoft for Education for free as well and use their cloud office 365 and have word and excel and powerpoint available on the chromebooks.

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I waited until the last day to get the $40 upgrade, now I'm beginning to research pros and cons of windows. Is it possible use windows 8 on desktop mode for everything.until you settle into the new start menu? I'm wondering about listening ro music, sharing photos, going into settings or control panel, putting docs side by and using photoshop, lightroom. Everyone seems to.complain about the new, but can it be completely bypassed until you feel comfortable with it.

Please share any pros and cons you have experienced as well.

Answer:windows 8 pros and cons

Walk into any computer store and ask for a demonstration.

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Stop Online Piracy Act

What is the SOPA bill?
What are the pros and cons of it?

Also, why are so many people against it?
I tried reading the actual bill, and it seemed to only reference dns and internet providers in fighting piracy specifically. It doesn't seem like the bill has any effect on anything that doesn't deal with piracy. What am i missing?

Is it because it grants the government power to inspect data at will? Or it something else?

Answer:SOPA - what is it. Pros? cons?

In a basic sense, you know how they use DMCA/Copyright complaints to take down videos on Youtube and other sites?

With this, they could get the DNS name of Youtube blocked until the offending content is removed. The WHOLE domain. This is FAR to much power for it to even exist.

Also GoDaddy domains are exempt from this possible take down. Why? GoDaddy helped write the bill. This right here proves the bill is flawed and being used as a tool.

I'm not even one to get involved in politics, but this bill is ridiculous to me - especially the GoDaddy stuff.

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Does it make it for quicker browsing, such as loading of pages?

Does it ever inappropriately impede access to content?

Answer:What are the pros and cons of AdBlock Plus?

It can hurt sites funding, as some sites rely on those add spots to help pay for bandwidth and other expenses.

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Should i downlad MS updates and can they slow down my laptop. Are they very important can they safe guard?Do you download them? Do they take a very long time? Are they safe to download them?Many questions i know but i never downloaded on new laptop, on my previous laptop i got so frustrated when a download would take forever or choose to download at the wrong time. Whats the best way to download them when your on the net or doing some important work on the computer. Have i posted this in the wrong forum?

Answer:MS downlaods the pros and cons

can they slow down my laptop - generally no.Are they very important can they safe guard? - yes.Do you download them? - Yes always.Do they take a very long time? - if you're on dial-up they can. On BB, they're usually pretty fas.Are they safe to download them? - yes. Safety is not an issue. The whole point of many of them is to increase the safety and security of your internet 'experience'Whats the best way to download them when your on the net or doing some important work on the computer. - It's up to you. If you have a fast laptop, you can let them download in the background whilst you're doing other things. If your laptop/connection is slow let them download whilst you go off and have a cup of tea.

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Am currently running vista ultimate x86 but am wondering if its worth up grading to 64bit while i have a 64 bit proc
system specs are

intel core 2 duo e4400
foxconn 945 7md mobo
2 gb ddr2 667 value ram
120 gb maxtor hd
10 gb wester digital hd
liteon dvd rw
d-link airplus wlan card

Answer:pros and cons of 64bit

Hi Gazeddy,

Check to make sure that all of your devices have 64 bit Vista drivers available for them. The 32 bit ones will not work at all, and the 64 bit XP ones may or may not work. If you have these, then you should be able to upgrade to the 64 bit Vista without any problems. Upgrading to the 64 bit Vista requires a clean install from the 64 bit installation DVD, so backup anything you do not want to loose.

- How to Do a Clean Install of Vista From a Upgrade Version


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So i have finished building my current PC and am very pleased with it:

CPU: Intel i-7 920
MoBo: MSI Eclipse Plus
GPU: MSI GTX275 Lightning
RAM: 6G 1333MHz
HDD: 7200rpm 1TB
OS: Win7 Ultimate 64

I was looking at the 'windows experience index' function on windows and everything was quite pleasing (out of 1.0 - 7.9).

CPU: 7.5
RAM: 7.4
GFX: 7.3
3DGFX: 7.3
HD: 5.9

The HDD is what seems to 'bottleneck' the rest of my PC at the moment. So i was looking for ways to speed up the tranfer rate without spending heeps on 15000rpm disks or SSDs.

One solution i was hoping to experiment with is RAID-0 hardware. To my understanding, if i get 4x 250GB HDs and connect them in RAID-0 format then will i have 4x the transfer rate, with the same delay as a 1TB drive, and will my computer see this as only 1 1TB drive?

Any advice, alternative solution or even a better explaination will be much help.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Pros and Cons of RAID-0

I would start here:

The big issue I see with RAID 0 is that if one drive fails, all is lost as the data is split evenly to all drives:

The reason for this is that the file system is distributed across all disks. When a drive fails the file system cannot cope with such a large loss of data and coherency since the data is "striped" across all drives (the data cannot be recovered without the missing disk). Data can be recovered using special tools, however, this data will be incomplete and most likely corrupt, and data recovery is typically very costly and not guaranteed.Click to expand...


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G'day all

I am thinking of changing from my DIALUP to Satellite (I can't get any other Broadband etc where I live) and was wondering about any problems that might occur.... ie, weather etc.... or are there any??

The package I would be chosing in Australia would be a 2way Sat 256k/64k and 5Gb data download.... This is the best I can find.. and will cost $109.50 per month.

ANY feedback would be appreciated as it's a lot of money to spend if Satellite is no good....


Answer:Satellite pros and cons

it does go out for a little while during bad weather but the biggest con of satelite to me is you cant play online games because the latency is bad. ive enjoyed my satelite internet though. of course i would have gotten dsl or cable if it was available but i had to sacrifice the games for downloads. i play my games at work now lol.

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Am considering going onto broadband and thinking of using Metronet? Any opinions as to advantages &/or disadvantages of this supplier.

Answer:Metronet ...pros and cons?

Metronet is a PAYG Broadband provider but they do have minimum charges depending on the BB speed you choose. There is also a maximum usage charge as well. But the setup charges are quite high to start off with. They also have a 1 month minimum contract as opposed to others who have a 12 month minimum. You could do a lot better using a standard BB supplier with a fixed monthly amount (most, if not all, give you a free modem, free connection).Some are capped and some are not. Have a look at this site: click hereI am on NTL cable telephone, TV, and Broadband, might be worth a look if you have cable near you.You don't have to have NTL TV or telephone, you can just take their BB service.

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Following on from an earlier thread, I thought I'd start this to see what people think about flash - the file sizes, usability issues and the bad parts too :).

Answer:Flash - pros and cons

I've said most of what I wanted to say in the other threads.I'll summarise my feelings as follows:Had Flash or any counterpart product not been available at all for another couple of years, when it was released it would have caused a vast storm, far more of a stir thatn it did a few years ago, since a far larger audience would be in a position to enjoy it and interact with it.In that regard I think it fair to say that it was streets ahead of itself as a product and, quite simply, the web was not and is not ready to cope adequately with it.I appreciate that someone who knows what they are doing with Flash can produce excellent output with far lower file sizes than many would expect, but no matter how clever the user, there are still real issues with feeding Flash site inclusions well and those who can (or will) go the extra mile are far outweighed by those who don't.At work I've been on broadband for ages and at home I've had it for some time as well, yet even now, I rarely sit and wait when confronted by a loading screen. I'm just not interested in waiting when the site content is what I want to see.I want to read about products and services.I want to read about the benefits to me if I buy those products and services.I want to see catalogues of goods and have payment taken securely as and when I choose to buy.I want a client base that is wholly satisfied in their web site or application and I don't want the added headaches of making Flash content accessible to the disabled.Si... Read more

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So… one of our friends mentions how amazing Skype is and now my wife has to have it and can't live without it.

We're running both the laptop (wireless N or Ethernet) and desktop with WinXP SP3. What are the Pros & Cons of installing\using Skype? Resource intensive? Security nightmare? Greatest thing since sliced bread?

Is there a good “how to” out there… where should I start?

Answer:Solved: Skype - Pros & Cons

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I am considering switching from dial-up to dial broadband.

Interested in any pros or cons.


Answer:Dial Broadband pros/cons

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So, I see a lot of pros about software virtualization. Doesn't affect the OS, installs instantly, can easily be reset to its original configuration.

But what about cons? Are there any cons (other than cost and packaging the software) of using software virtualization in a corporate environment?

Answer:Software Virtualization (SVS, App-V) Pros and Cons?

Virtualization is a great way to consolidate services that put a light load on their servers while maintaining effective isolation. It sucks if you have high CPU/IO/RAM requirements. It also means that a single hardware failure can easily take out multiple services.

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I've been using Teamviewer, well I was until I had to do a Factory Restore last week. Now, to be honest, I'm a little nervous to do the Remote Access thing again. I was helping my sister, almost everyday. I can do a lot of basic maintenance for her, and also just show her things that are simple for others.

Anyway, I'd like to get some opinions on the pros and cons of Remote Access? I know the main con for me is if I do anything to harm her computer. But I never do anything on there that I am not absolutely positive of what I am doing. I do mean I do the simplest things like adjust her settings in her email, run her anti-virus, just things like that. Sometimes she'll try downloading some program (she is older and "buys" into some of those "click me" ads) so I have to go in and uninstall a toolbar like Ask Me, something like those things is what I do for her.

Anyway, feedback appreciated. I guess I want to know how safe it is to do a remote session, I mean you are opening yourself up to another network/computer so you can get a virus, or give one, those are my concerns mainly.


Answer:Remote Access, Pros and cons

Hi Denise

I personally do not like remote access at all (that's me and well, as I work in gov we do not like remote access outside our networks I see the disadvantages as well as advantages)_, but if you know the person then remote access is ok, the issue is with unknowns, but I guess you will not be doing that. So you seem to be ok if accessing a known PC and one that is a known person.

Possible you can gain malware from a remote session but if your security is up to date then you will be fine, can also remotely scan the other PC anyways for malware.


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I try not to ask too many questions in here, as I do know some stuff, but it's frustrating to all hell when you know one professional who says one thing, and yet another who claims the opposite. Both certified, and both having an opinion. Both being of credible standard.....I will ask here since I am getting Yin Yang on this topic.

I play online games. Warcraft, Neverwinter Nights, and Guild Wars. Like many men, I look at porn, (some being cheesy local American junk, other stuff being more exotic European and slower to load junk.) I play offline games, use email, browse the net as a giant library of sorts, and just as well, I use my computer to compose music. I said everything I do since I figure if I omit something, I may not get a proper or concise opinion.

I use Peer Guardian if I ever use BitTorrent or Emule, I use the German AntiVir program...(which I highly recommend for a free-bie), and I have my basic Windows Xp firewall on. Lastly, but not least, I use Firefox newest version as a browser, and I have the add-ons Adblock Plus and NoScript installed using newest version as well as updated...(any site I go to, I usually inspect it before I give the ok for Java code to run its thingy)

Do I need a firewall?? Would this make any porn or other site browsing safer?? AM I paranoid?? As it is, I NEVER believe in using Outlook, (I just use Gmail or for email....) and I am cautious with attachments. Yet, simply, I am not using a firewall. I hear that ZoneA... Read more

Answer:FireWall Opinions - Pros & Cons

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i was wondering if you fellow geeks could tell me any real world pros/cons of running a terminal server with wyse terminals. i read up some; but im interested in the cons... any info will be greatly appreciated as well as earn you valuable gold earns and spoons in the afterlife.

Answer:Pros/Cons of Terminal Server

Cons - initial cost, setup time, incompatibility of some applications, not for graphic or intensive applications.

pros - once it's in place, support a large number of users is a snap. long term cost savings.

If i were going to do a terminal server environment, i would wait until longhorn, because they are putting in individual application publishing not just full desktops.

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The Pros and Cons of Password Masking.

-- Tom

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I would like to get myself a flat screen monitor, but i keep hearing bad reports about them. can anyone enlighten me as to price, pro and cons etc.

Answer:monitors: pros and cons of crt and flatscreen

click here I don't know where you keep hearing bad reports but all the flatscrens that I have seen are excellent. I assume that you mean TFT screens as opposed to CRT.G

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I was looking at a Graphics card with the Ati Radeon 9550 GPU processor and was wondering if that GPU/VPU is any good. Any comments on it and where would I be able to get one for a good price.

Answer:Pros and Cons to the Ati Radeon 9550

It's like any component .what are you going to do with it ? and how much money can you spend ? has an article in special issue v2.0 just out ,about sub $100.00 vid cards . take a look at their website.

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What are some pros and cons of using the hibernate feature for laptops.

Pro: Good for being on the go because it powers down laptop, saves battery life, and you can instantly resume where you left off.

This is good for me being frequently on the go with big projects, I rarely bring my power cable with me at all because its a nuisance and just uncool . I shut my laptop down maybe once a week and used hibernate probably several times a day.

Cons: Anyone?

Answer:Pros & Cons of Laptop Hibernation

I have never used sleep or hibernate on any laptop I've owned. To me, in the time it takes for everything to reconnect and work properly (if it does at all), I can just be booted back up anyway. It doesn't save battery life as compared to the laptop being shut off, and my boot up time is pretty quick anyway, so I'm not really saving any time.

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Win XP SP-2.

What are the Pros and Cons of the 2 file systems?

Do most (actual experiences) have good luck converting from FAT32 to NTFS without data loss???

Thank you!

Answer:Pros-Cons...Fat32 or NTFS....???

Go for NTFS for sure. FAT32 is doesn't support large files and is outdated overall.
I didn't have problems converting, but if you have important data, it's better to backup and format your hdd to NTFS.

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What are the pros and cons of running CnQ in Win 7 with a processor like mine?

Answer:Cool'n'quiet Pros and Cons

Quote: Originally Posted by dorian hawkmoon

What are the pros and cons of running CnQ in Win 7 with a processor like mine?


- Lower temps and power consumption when not under load.
- Extends the life of the CPU (in theory).


- Some people say that the constant throttling is actually bad for the CPU (grain of salt).

That's pretty much it IIRC.

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Am I correct in assuming the ISO download is better because I have a complete version standing by in case of a complete failure of the system? Also are there any recommendations to follow if I use the ISO version? My computer is apparently all OK for win 10 and I assume I would use the home version for private operations.

Answer:Pros & cons of normal or ISO version.

yes, it may be worth making a note of the windows 10 key - using
magicjellybean finder - free
or - also free

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Guys i ask this just out of curiosity what is the pros and cons of more than one monitors.Does they have any uses than gaming?thanks

Answer:PROS and CONS of Multi displays

Hello Fahad,

Having more than one display adds more work space to be able spread out more windows on to multitask more efficiently.

It really comes down to your needs, and whether having more work space is helpful to you or not.

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Guys I ask this just out of curiosity what is the pros and cons of more than one monitors.Does they have any uses than gaming?thanks

Answer:Pros and cons of multiple displays

Yes. I have a two monitor set up, (with an "extended desktop")
One I have in portrait, the other in landscape.
These are primarily for desktop publishing purposes.
Sometimes I want to view my work one way, sometimes the other.

I had always wondered how anyone would like it for gaming.
Seems to me the movement between screens, and breaks in field of vision could be issues.
But, I am not a gamer, so what would I know.

Cons? for me?
Holding my neck / head in one position for extended periods ,
other than a centered/neutral position,
can result in some neck pain.
Solution is to compensate by how I position myself,
and using the dual monitor stand's full ability to tilt, swivel etc.
Younger persons may not notice the issue as much.

I cannot imagine how I would use a set up with more than two monitors though.

This stand has been excellent for my purposes.
They also make a four monitor (2x2) version,
and I have seen stands where you can mount 3 monitors side by side.

By the way this set up is used alternately with..
a) Dell Vostro 3550 Laptop (has an i3 processor, and both HDMI and VGA out)
b) On board graphics with a Gigabye GA-Z77X-UD5H (has two HDMI, plus DVI, plus VGA)
So, no fancy graphics card setups here!

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I am quite new to computers and I was wondering is it better to go to a high street store- like Dixons, comets, pc world etc? Or look at local companies who build to order?Does anyone live in the Grimsby area who can recommend someone?

Answer:custom built pcs: what are the pros and cons?

The Cons as far as i am concerned are1. No warranty2. No one to turn to if it all goes wrongEverything else is a PRO,feeling of achievement in building your own system. getting exactly what you want without all the "free extras".the ability to upgrade without fear, cos when you have built your own you have done it all anyway. only installing the software you want. no extras like "Freeserve" etc.+ you also know Exactly whats in your system. no suprises when you format and cant find the drivers cos the shop didnt supply them.Good Luck building your own computer, Just dont rush it mate, nice and easy does it.

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Just came across a web site that claims its highly acclaimed and will clean up my registry for better performance. Wanted me to purchase "Registry Booster" and will clean up for free 15 of the 400 plus problems it found. But, I have to purchase the full program to take care of the rest. Is this site and software safe and secure? Comments welcome. Chuck

Answer:Registry Booster Pros/Cons

Nothing short of rubbish.
There is no need to use a registry cleaner, apart from some very unusual circumstances.

To do so often creates issues.

Read this:

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Why Windows Vista Won't Suck [Note: this is the article's actual title!],1697,1931914,00.asp

Note: This article presents the Pros of Windows Vista!
* Major Kernel Overhaul
* Networking
* Media Center Improvements
* Major Audio Changes
* DirectX 10
* New Built-In Apps
* Aero Glass and the New UI
* Security, Security, and more Security
* Should you Upgrade?

There are also 60 posts in Discussion URL about the article.

Here are some of the leading Cons about Windows Vista:
* No support for DVD drives lacking firmware region coding
* New monitor needed to view Hi-Definition content
* Vista will encrypt hard drives by Default
* Vista may shorten the life of flash memory (by using it for caching via SuperFetch - only has 10,000 writes: bad idea)
* Vista won't work with many graphics cards and will remove games developers' ability to cater for older systems
* Drivers have to be signed for x64 versions of Vista

-- Tom

Answer:Pros & Cons of Windows Vista

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Hello all,
I am thinking of getting a all aluminum case by Lian Li for a system I am building. And I was wondering pros/cons of all aluminum system cases. Any info is apprecated.


Answer:pros and cons of aluminum cases?

Don't know about the pro's and con's but I just put together a new machine with a Lian Li PC85. Nicest case I have ever had.
Well built, light, nice features.
Aluminum will dent and scratch more easily than other metals, that's the only disadvantage I can think of.

I am really impressed with this case over what I have had before.

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Hey guys,

I know this is probably a question to consult google with, but I would like to a get a real world answer from the helpful TSG members.

So, I am looking at buying a new laptop and am not sure if I should go with Vista 32 bit or 64 bit.

I would like to go with 64 bit since it'll allow me to recognize all 4GB of RAM, but I have heard there are some drawbacks. What are they? What would you recommend?

Answer:Solved: Vista 64 bit vs. 32 bit ..... Pros/Cons?

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My company is currently looking into VNC for the help desk. More or less we are looking for the pros/cons of VNC. More the Cons. The company is running off a NT server. Please reply with any difficulties you have experienced with VNC. Thanks

Answer:{Advice Offered} - VNC pros and cons

VNC is provides no security. If you want to use it, you should use it with other free utilities. OpenSSH, TCP Wrappers, and Cygwin to make it secure. Check out _Securing Windows NT/2000 Servers for the Internet_ by Stefan Norberg. It has a couple chapters on exactly what you want to do.

Thanks for the memories


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Is this pc still limited to sub-TB individual hard drives please? I know you can run 3 drives in this desktop but the original specs list a combined max of 1.5TB storage?
Are all these 490s potentially 32GB memory pc's please?

Answer:Dell Precision 490 - pros & cons?

Hi KR236RK,
Thank you for writing to us.

We would recommend to populate Hard Drives as per the capacity specified in System Manual.
The system may support and work with an individual Hard Drive of up to 2TB. However, would recommend to upgrade the Hard Drives as per the Dell Recommended and tested specifications. 
Kindest Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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I have been using Netscape Messenger 4.7, but what are the pros and cons of Outlook Express, Eudora light, Netscape 6 Webmail, and maybe some others?
I have heard that Outlook is more susceptible to viruses, etc. (??) What do you Pro's use and what do you suggest for an intermediate type such as me? I don't want to start a war, just learn a little.

Answer:Email program pros and cons

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I'm thinking of running a domain (Active Directory) at my house, I know some of the Pros of running a domain, such as restricting access to files and what not.

But, what I do not know are some of the Cons...Could someone here tell me the Pros and Cons of running my house on a domain.

I've been seriously considering this for a while now, and need to know if I should do it or not.



Answer:Domain @ Home Pros and Cons


If your server goes down your stumped...
If you mess up the server your stumped...
Basicly the only cons i could think of would be if you had an issue with the DC. Apart from that, the pro's really out do the con's

unless im missing something

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I'm thinking about using water cooling for my next build and I was curious what the pros and cons are of using it? Is water cooling a big hassel?

Answer:Pros and Cons of water cooling?

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Just hearing some rumors around my company that they are looking into possibly moving our servers to a data center.

Anyone gone from hosting internally to moving to a data center? The Director of IT is not pleased at all and I don't think I like the idea of having the severs off site.

Experiences, good or bad are welcome.

A quick search for bandwidth costs are better for in house, we pay around $3k for 50Mbps and some places are charging $1200/month per 10Mbps.

Answer:Data center pros and cons?

well cost is a big factor, it depends if they are going for hosting only really. They may be thinking of moving the entire IT operation over to the data center and reducing the number of in house IT staff. This could save them money but its always a risky business not having your IT in house.

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Could someone explain the pros and cons of ticking the 'use a proxy server' box? I've read various comments one of which I think was that using a proxy could speed things up, but also that by using one you often get outdated pages. Anyone............?

Answer:proxy server - pros and cons

Please ...........!

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Looking to hear some pros and cons of these two programs.

I need a spam killer that works well with MS Outlook 2000 and can support my 5 email addresses. Don't care if its free or not. I'm glad to pay for a good program.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:ella VS. mailwasher ??? Pros and cons???

Please don't post the same thing. You only need the one post.

Use this thread here you made.

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So far I've always bought computers. I've owned a Compaq and a Gateway, and currently own a Dell and an HP.

I read an article in some PC magazine while in the library one day, and saw how easy the author of the article claimed building your own PC to be.

I'm asking this: what are the pros and cons of building your own PC?


Answer:Pros and Cons of building your own computer?

Pros: You know and have hopefully researched every component you buy, you know how to replace things if they fail, you potentially get higher quality parts, more customizable, the sense of accomplishment.

Cons: Can't build the low end systems as cheap as you can buy, you are your own tech support, no system wide warranty (although individual parts should be), you have to supply your own OS.

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Looking for comments ( pros and cons ) of System Mechanic 10.

I have been thinking of installing it, but not sure if I really need it or I will just add an extra baggage to the system.
My computer is running sluggish and I have been doing the regular maintenance , i.e. disk cleanup, disk defrag ( Auslogics ), virus scan, system file check, disk check etc etc.
Looking for expert advice.

Thank you.

Answer:System Mechanic pros and cons

In general they are not necessary and most do more harm than good. Follow simple maintence and you will be better off with Vista.
To maintain your computer

10 Tips on How to Properly Maintain Your Computer

Steps that I did not notice on the guide include:

Running a scan disc before doing a defrag

Using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.

Making System Restore points, at least once a week

Makaing a system Image once a month (varies by user)

Not relying on your A/V common sense, should prevail. You know of many sites can cause a problem.

Do not use any reg cleaning or optimizing software.

Download and use Ccleaner about once every two months. Untick any registry entries.

If you follow these instructions, you will be trouble free for a long time to come.

Be sure to back up your hard drive about once a month (varies by user) and to keeep system restore points up to date.

Optimize Windows 7 For Vista Too

If no other reason, its your computer and you want to know what and when things are being done.

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Slimbrowser (Light), Opera (Fast) and Firefox (Add ons) are my favorites.

I also like K-meleon (Simple) , Seamonkey (Smooth), and Slimboat (Fast).

I don't like Chrome (Ugly + no search engine) or Comodo Dragon (Obtrusive)

My Favorite Firefox Add Ons,
+BlueHell Firewall
+Low Quality Flash
+Memory Fox
+Qualys Browser Check
+Rain Alarm
+Text to Voice
+The Addon Bar
+Vacuum Places

Answer:Browser Talk: Pros Cons and Add ons!

Firefox's add ons are great! Noscript is pretty useful in my opinion

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Would like to know the pro's & con's with this firewall before i buy it,do not need free firewall advice thank you.

Answer:Pros and Cons of SpyShelter Firewall, before I buy?

Thanks champ but that does not contain a firewall check the pic i provided. They say if you buy that you have the possibility to upgrade to a firewall.

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