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Solved: Ativa Router stops large downloads

Question: Solved: Ativa Router stops large downloads

I have been having problems downloading either files or email attachments that were fairly large, say 4 mb or larger. I'm running XP, have 500 meg of memory, etc. Everything has been working fine except when I try to download any large file, the download would just quit about 1/2 way through. The computer wouldn't freeze, the download would just quit. On a hunch, I removed my Ativa router. Bam, problem solved. I just downloaded a 65 mb file with no problem. Other than buying a Linksys router does anyone have a suggested solution? Appreciate any help.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Ativa Router stops large downloads

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Ativa Router stops large downloads

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I recently purchased a ativa wireless g router. My Cable connection runs at 6 mbps when connected directly to the computer. When i go through the router my bandwith drops to about 400 kbps. I've tried turning off the firewall and that didn't help. My laptop, which is a old thinkpad (266 mhz) is connected and downloads at 2 mbps second though. I tried shutting of the wireless and no noticable increase in bandwith. My two pcs are running xp and 2000. I've tried contacting ativa over the past two weeks with three diffrent emails but no one has responded.

Thanks for any help in advance

Answer:Solved: Ativa Router

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I am having A problem with my ativa router where it only lets me download 1/4 to 1/2 of a file but when i plug in my modem only i can download the whole file Thanks any help will be apreciated

Answer:Solved: Ativa Router problem

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I have A Ativa awgr54 router that my son gave me, and I work from home and my work requires us to use a router and bridge out, my problem is I don't have the software to download this router, is there a website that I can get a free download of this router, cause i'm not having any luck finding it? please help

Answer:Solved: Ativa router awgr54

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I've moved your thread to the more suited Networking section.

You don't need any software to download to the router. The router has firmware that stores it's 'software' inside it and it can be accessed using a web browsing to do the configuration. If you are referring to the installation/configuration CD that assist users in configuring the router, you also don't need that. It can make the task a little easier but the same thing can be done through the router's web interface.

The first thing you should do if you've received a used router is to reset it back to the factory defaults using the reset button.

Here's the manual for the router that gives instructions on how to reset the router and how to access and configure it:

Are you sure you do not already have a router? What devices do you currently have for your internet connection?

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Hi, I have recently moved to a new house in which I just got internet connected through Time Warner Cable. They gave me a Arris Cable modem in which I get get internet connections just fine through the Ethernet cable. When I try to setup my Ativa Router, I can never get Internet connected through it. It well let me setup up the security, name the network and even configure the router, but when it gets to the part when it checks for internet connectivity, it always says its not detecting internet connectivity. I've tried resetting it many times. I know the router works because I had it setup at my old house connected through a different time warner cable modem. I set it up with my aunts laptop which is running vista. I tried setting it up at my new house with my toshiba laptop running Vista Home Premium. I've looked at previous threads on the site with similar problems. I've an the ipconfig/all command, and this is what I got...

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : CD-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Ativa
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Descri... Read more

Answer:Solved: Ativa Router setup problem

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I haven’t had an easy time trying to set my Ativa Wireless G Router up with my verizon DSL Westell 2200 modem.

I followed the Ativa setup wizard the other day and could only get to step 3-Checking the Routers connections. It would stop and say something about not being able to communicate with “the router” I think. I thought it might have been because I have more than one network card in this computer. Anyway it sort of worked regardless. I was able to connect with my laptop and later type in the address for the router and set some of the security stuff up. I was nervous about not knowing anything about the other settings so I looked on Verizon’s site for networking tutorials. I looked at the Linksys one and one of the steps was to get into the westell and change the PPPoe setting to Bridge. I tried that but screwed something up and lost my internet completely. I had to call up and reset my modem. Now the internet is back on but they wouldn’t give me any help with the wireless router. In the mean time the Ativa setup cd got thrown out and I don’t know what to do.

I guess long story short is, is there any way someone can walk me through setting this up without the setup wizard.
Thanks for any advise you can offer.

Answer:Solved: Lost-Ativa Wireless G Router Setup disk

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I made a post but it got closed becuase a Mod didnt read it through I guess youre just doing youre job so nothing agenst ya, but if you did read it you would realize fileplanet and filecloud are normal gaming websited that offer mods, maps, patch's, no illegal downloads no p2p programs, Nothing illegal about it at all.

So heres the original post.


My problem has been going on for a while, When I download .exe files (Game Mods, Beta's) and run them, My computer does nothing, ill let it sit a while becuase the curser occasionaly shows the sand timer, but nothing, After that if I try to run anything my computer just locks up, and if that happens only thing I can do is a reset.

Any Idea, I would love to enjoy some of my mods, the most recent one is its about 1.8 gigs big

ive tried downloading it from Fileplanet and Filecloud, both with the same resualts so I know the file isnt currupt, its somthing with my system."

and heres the link to the old post

Answer:[SOLVED] Large Downloads Causing freezing, Take 2

Hi SILENTxSNIPER01, welcome to TSF..

it's possible that your anti-virus program is scanning the file upon access and that may be causing the hanging? Does the same happen in Safe Mode?

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I have this router Ativa™ 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL Router With 4-Port Switch

It looks like this:
I own a playstation 3 and mainly bought this router to play wirelessly through my house, but when I go to play games I get extreme lag and am disconnected quite frequently. It is so bad I can't even play 2-3 minutes of a game before my connection is gone. I think it is because the connection is being timed out, is there any way to keep a constant connection to my ps3? I wanted to forward the ports on this router, but I can't seem to figure out how. If anyone could offer any help for a stronger, more reliable connection hat would be great.

Answer:Ativa Wireless Router Help Please

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Ok, so while me and my dad were at black friday sales, I saw a pretty cheap router, it was an Ativa one, and when we got home, we didn't open it. After a few weeks, we started to install if at it was really easy. But, then I realized that it wasn't that great of a router. Every time I hook up the router, my computer loses it's connection to the internet, and then regains it. I can't play any games or even use youtube. Also, it makes surfing the internet extremely hard. Please help.

Answer:Ativa Router problems

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I have an Ativa Wireless G Router connected to my upstairs computer with the mode(Vista). I have the Ativa Wireless G USB Adapter installed on my downstairs computer (XP). Everything was working fine a few months ago, but lately (All of December), I've been having problems with my network.
The Internet Explorer still loads webpages and works fine, but all of my downloads stop when they've downloaded about a third of the file. Videos I'm watching, music I'm listening to, via streaming, all stop loading half-way or less (or half-full for the optimistic bunch). Even my AIM drops, but I can still see my buddy list. To them, It just appears as though I keep signing off and on but to me, it still lookes like I'm connected. That's just on the XP.
The Vista one, only one person usually uses it to play Yahoo! Dominos, but they get disconnected and so forfeit their game.
Everything is up to date and connected properly. I've uninstalled and reinstalled stuff. I've restarted the router. I tried the msconfig thing with the packages and everything turned out how it should be. The signal is at it's strongest, as well as the connection speed. XBOX Live plays flawlessly with no interruptions.
Help me find out what's happening please.

Answer:Help with Ativa Wireless G Router

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I am seriously having problems with my ativa router I purchased from Office Depot a couple of days ago. I have spoken with Ativa's customer support so much that I have memorized the reference number!! The problem I am having is that I cannot maintain a connection with my router. If I am able to successfully connect to the internet through my router, it only lasts for so long and then the internet light disappears *no connection* and I have to start all over trying to reset both router and modem *Comcast Cable*. I have to restart the computer as well. Please help!!

Answer:Ativa Router Issues!!

take it back and get a real one. linksys, dlink, netgear.

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Hello, I searched the forums and found some posts about the Ativa Router, but i couldn't make heads or tales of what was being said hardly . I am trying to start learning about my pc so please keep that in mind. I need to figure out how to get more out of my router. When two PC's hardwired get on at the same time the bandwidth goes to horrable. So far as using the wireless part thats just moot. I cannot even figure out how to bring up the router's port settings menu. I need a step by step hand being held along the way description sorry. Please I need help if you need more details please just ask.

Answer:Ativa Wireless Router.

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I just bought an ativa wireless router, installed the software on my PC, and the computer says it is connected, but it won't connect. My xbox 360 can't get internet either. The computer is running win xp, and is plugged into the #1 slot on the router. The modem is connected to the router in the correct position, and the xbox is in position #2. When i first hooked it up, it connected for about a minute, and both the xbox and the computer were online. The modem is from Comcast, and shows both PC activity, internet. Any suggestions?

also, i don't know if the wireless is working either. The xbox has a wireless antenna, but still no internet. i don't know if this is important. thanks.

Answer:problem with ativa wireless router

I've never used your router, I checked the manufacturer and the only model that showed up was AWGR54. It sounds like your set up right (broadband cat5 connected to Wan port, comp and xbox ports 1 & 2 respectively)

The blue Led labeled "internet" should be solid (not flashing/or off) if the internet is properly connected, (according to the AWGR54 manual)

With the little information provided, I'd go out on a limb, and assume the router hasn't locked on to an IP from your ISP.

Cross your fingers and hit the reset button (accord. to Manual, "on side of unit") and your router should automatically renew its IP.

If not, you may have to try to renew it manually.

in any web browser window, type in the address field. When prompted for a password, leave it blank, and hit the "submit" button.

Now here's where I have to leave you on your own, again I've never used your router, and the manual is a little sketchy. Your looking for two buttons usually side by side "release" and "renew", hit both in the above order. Make sure DHCP is on, make sure every check box with the words Auto, and dynamic have a check mark, and check the DHCP client list to see if your computer, and Xbox (when on) shows up there.

Just explore the menu pane on the left side, I'm sure it'll turn up. Don't be to afraid to experiment cause if you make things worse, you can always hold that reset button for +10... Read more

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I recently bought a Ativa Wireless G Router. And while messing around with the settings so I could familiarize myself with it, I set it to be an access point. After doing that it wouldn't connect to anything. I've gotten it to give out a signal, and connect to the wired computer since then, but it appears my WEP network key has changed, and the configuration won't come up leaving me unable to find out what the new one is/ set a new one. I'm going to try reseting it once more before I go to bed soon. Can anyone help me.

Answer:Ativa Wireless G Router issues.

You need to reset it to factory defaults and reconfigure. Power on and hold the reset key for 30 seconds or until you see the lights go through the "reset dance". Then it'll be at factory defaults, configure just as if you took it out of the box new.

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I just recently purchased an ativa router for my two computers. After installing it and having the internet connect on both computers it worked great for an hour or so. I started to have problems running programs like games and voice communication software. The ping would go from 65 to 25,543. I ended up shutting down windows firewall and norton antivirus firewall, still had the problems. My in game latency hung around 800-1200 most of the time.
Has anyone else had these kinds of problems with this particular brand?

I ended up returning it and purchasing a Linksys router for 11 dollars more and it just is amazing. It also provides online support and a password protection for your network. Which Ativa did not.

Answer:Buyer Beware: Ativa Router

hehehe obviously lynksys is going to be much better then Ativa! Lynksys is owned by Cisco

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I have successfully installed my Ativa Router, carefully entering security passwords, etc. at installation. Once I installed the wireless adapter to my other desktop, I ran into some problems, for which I contacted the technical support. Well..... at one point in the "fix" we needed my password. I could not remember it or where I had written it (most unusual for me -- of course I found it after we hung up). Anyway, we had to disable the security and proceed with the "fix." Now I need to go back and re-secure the wireless connection. I cannot find the router files on the computer I installed it on to go back in and change my preferences. Can anyone tell me how to re-secure my wireless connection? Do I run the installation CD again? (Kind of afraid to do that since it is all installed.) Any help is appreciated! I could call tech support again, but, oh, my, so hard to understand the foreign accent!!! This site always gets me out of my jams!


Answer:Setting up security on Ativa Router after installation

You don't need the installation CD, you can do all of it from the web based setup.

Start, Run, CMD

This opens a command prompt.


The address of the Default Gateway is the address of the web based setup of the router. Enter this address into the address bar of Internet Explorer and you can access the router's setup from there. You'll need the name/password you configured when you setup the router to enter the setup. The encryption will be in the wireless configuration section. If both ends support it, I recommend using WPA, otherwise use the WEP with HEX keys, not the passcode.

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Lightening fried my Linksys, so I got an Ativa router because it was fairly cheap and had decent reviews where I bought it from.

Hooked it up to my cable modem, and the local network will show, but I can't get internet access on my desktop (wired) or my laptop (wired or wireless), When I hook the ethernet directly from my modem to my desktop or my laptop it works, but when I put the router on it, the internet will work for 1-2 minutes and then drops connection.

The desktop is running XP SP2, laptop is running Vista Home Premium.

Answer:New Ativa router won't stay connected to internet wired/wireless

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nevermind. solution found. just reinstalled router information through installation CD as last resort. please delete thread.

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Before I had XP my old PC (now u/s) had a program on it which allowed you to resume large/time consuming downloads each time you logged onI need to have something similar as I need to download a driver which will take over two hours - but my provider logs me off after two hours!!Can anyone recommend such a program?!Cheers

Answer:Resume downloads/large downloads

click here.G

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While cleaning out my desk I found a thing that looks like a thumb drive. It is marked Aptiva model7-7-35854-88723-0

What might it be?.

Answer:Solved: what is this Ativa thing

If it has a slot on the side, it's probably an SD card reader.

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Hi all,
The router slows down the connection to the computer it connected to (with the wire). I see web pages loading significantly slower, and youtube videos in particular refuse to completely load. I can turn off the computer that has the receiver and it's still slow, so its not because both computers are online simultaneously.
I had no problems installing.
The computer the router is attached to has Vista, the other XP.

Answer:"ativa Wireless G" router slowing down my connection?

Look for a firmware upgrade for the router. Then reset it to factory default settings are reconfigure it.

Did it ever work satisfactorily?

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Right so here's the deal. I'm not to experienced with networking and such and wondered if anybody here could help me. I own a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router (F5D7231-4) and run Win XP SP2.

Every ten minutes or so, I cannot connect to any website (Firefox times out), all downloads that may be running stop and my instant messenger stops responding. When I go to the status of my wireless connection, bytes are sent but none are recieved. After I sit and wait a minute or two things will start working again but the same problem happens over and over. I just don't understand why this is happening. My signal strength is fine so I shouldn't have this problem but I do. I also know that my Zone Alarm firewall isn't causing the problem because when I turn it off the problem still happens.

I've looked at the Router's Interface page and can't see anything wrong although as I've already said my knowledge of networking isn't exactly top notch. It's been happening ever since I got the router and is really starting to irritate me.

I would be so thankful if anybody could help me solve this problem or point me in the right direction.

Regards, redh0tchilip3ppr

Answer:Solved: Wireless Router Stops Responding Every few minutes !HELP!

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Question: Large Downloads?

I like to download a certain data set which is in the several gigabytes in size. I used to pull it from work, and nobody noticed--but I don't think I can get away with the transfer at my new job. At home, the transfer is too slow -- it would take several days, assuming nothing went wrong.

What alternatives do I have for getting such files?

Answer:Large Downloads?

Several GBs... hmmm. Either movies or ISOs, and since work might not approve, I lean towards the former.

How fast is your connection? You should be able to let ISOs download overnight and they should be ready in the morning.

Alternatives.... um, order the DVDs (of the ISOs or the movies).

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This just started happening recently, the past couple weeks or so. Not the biggest technical genius, but I know my way around the computer.

Basically what is happening is whenever I make a download on the larger end (400mb-800mb or so is all I have tried) it either "finishes" early so that it takes about 5 minutes to download and only the first part of it downloads or it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to download, like 6 hours. I haven't even bothered trying to finish the download when it does that.

I ran a virus scan with the basic Vista scan and then with AVG Free. Nothing came up.

It wasn't like this at all before. Any help? I'm running Windows Vista 64-bit I believe. Not sure if this is a problem with my computer or internet. Any questions you have about it I will try to answer. Thanks.

Oh and the majority of the hosts I am downloading these files from is and, but it seems like it happens on every site.

Answer:Large downloads won't finish.

My first thoughts that you trying to d/l movies. MBAM is not liking site at all.

Sounds like a file sharing/P2P site.


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yesterday I needed to update my realtek sound driver, so I went over to the official realtek download site, which by the way did not have a secure connection, and from there I downloaded a 200MB, unsigned exe file that purported to be the driver I needed.
In fact it was. But how could I have checked it out before running the file?

Answer:how to check large downloads?

If they don't provide a hash to confirm if you got a non corrupted file nothing you can do.

EDIT: Ignore the text below, i thought you meant you were not sure if the file got corrupted.
If the connection is fast maybe download twice. If the 2 files hash matches then you probably have the correct file.

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I recently puchased new Compaq with Windows 7. It runs IE8 and Norton Internet Security software. Large downloads hang at end and won't finish. For example, downloaded ITUNES (94.6 MB) and when it reached 94.5 MB; it just stopped and wouldn't finish. I tried several times and always hung at same point. Didn't make any difference whether I chose SAVE or RUN. I did different download ( about 62.6 MB) and it hung at 62.4 MB. I have plenty of free disk space. Any suggestions?

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Beginning this morning, I have been unable to download large files regardless of which browser I use - Chrome, IE, Firefox. For example, while testing this issue at thinkbroadband :: Download Test Files, I am able to download the 50 MB test file without any problems. However, every time I try to download the 100 MB test file, it stops at 65.3 MB. Every time I try to download the 200 MB test file, it stops at 38.2 MB. Any ideas?

Answer:Large Downloads Fail

Check with your ISP, there may be a cap on the size per download that you can download at one time.

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help!!i need to download a 39mb file and donot have broadband..does anyone know of a reliable programme which will pick where the download left off after freeserve cuts me out at 2 hrs..i am using 98sethanks in anticipationgeoff

Answer:large file downloads

Fresh Download, Getright, Download Accelerator - try click here for more. : }

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Hello friends!
I just recently built a computer for the very first time.
It was all done really easy and error free so i was quite happy.
I mainly wanted to use it for gaming, so i tried downloading some demos and discovered that they were all corrupt.
Im really stumped when it comes to this certain problem.
Small downloads work fine, but large ones just seem to not work.
Any ideas?

Answer:All large downloads are corrupting

Try this.

Optimizing the TCP/IP Stack -


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I've been trying to download a patch for Rainbow 6 Vegas but it keeps freezing at 68mb. I tried different browsers, different download locations, firewalls on/off, antivirus on/off. Always sticks at 68mb (out of 236mb). I tried a different file which again got stuck (64.7mb out 230mb), tired that one from a different location and it froze at the exact same spot.

I tried downloading a file that was under 99.9mb and that completed fine. It can't be a storage issue because I have over 500gb free space.

Anybody got any ideas because I'm baffled.

Answer:Large Downloads Freezing

It might be a buffering issue in some "inspection" driver that's installed on your machine. The way it allocates buffers results in an effective ceiling to the size of any downloaded file.

I'd suggest testing what happens in [safe mode + net]. If the same symptom is not observed, then a bit of MSCONFIG and/or Autoruns troubleshooting should help to fix it in normal mode too.

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ISP logs me off while doing large downloads. Actually the ISP will log me off anytime they do not show my having any activity. Simply that downloads are only an activity at the beginning of the download. Likewise I can be logged off when I am playing Chess on Yahoo. As the ISP does not see activity as my being on.

When I am sitting at my computer I compensate for this policy by my making a request every two or three minutes. Like to load a new web page, or do a new search.

With the intent that I start a Download when I go to bed at night and have the Download run until I get back to the computer, eight hours or so. I need to find a little program that can run in background that will make little requests every few minutes.

I am now using Free Download Manager.

I tried to configure Outlook Express to check my email every two minutes. This seems to work as long as someone sends me email every few minutes. (Who ever thought there was a use for SPAM?)

In fact I am perplexed why download managers do not come with an option to make little requests to keep the ISP from logging me off.

Does anyone know of a little program that will make a request every three minutes or so. (While Not loading down my machine or my connection)?

Thanks for trying to help.

Answer:ISP logs me off while doing large downloads.

Outlook Express connection schedules *should* keep your connection alive, they should not depend on any mail actually being received.

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I have a dell inspiron 6000 laptop that stopped connecting to internet yesterday (may 3). this laptop (a) connects wirelessly to a d-link dir 655 router. three other desktop computers (hardwired) and identical laptop (b) (wireless) are also connected to said wireless router and internet is working fine for those four computers.

i've tried the following:
- uninstalled network adapters and restart computer
- dell wireless 1370 WLAN mini-PCI card
- 1394 net adapter
- broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller

- changed speed & duplex to all options available for the dell wireless adapter

- disabled free antivirus panda software

- shut down/restarted modem and router while laptop (a) was turned off

- cmd:
ipconfig all>network.txt & network.txt:

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : NWCAVLAPTOP
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 4:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-14-22-DE-78-33

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 7:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI Card
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-14-A5-47-B1-07

Along with the wireless icons be... Read more

Answer:Solved: Dell Laptop Stops Connection to Group Wireless Router

.. "radio for wireless adapter" is crossed out and says it is not turned on.Click to expand...

Well, is it switched on? Does Fn + F2 toggle it off and on? Is there a utility that also turns it on and off?

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It's weird, my system, with ADSL and routered with another computer in my house, is crashing on large downloads (i.e 100megs+)

Tonight I tried to download a game from Gigex, at 75% and 300 some megs my computer froze. Tried it again and same results.

Any ideas? If they support resumed downloads that would help, I've now got a 300 meg file sitting here.

Answer:Computer locking up in large downloads

It could be a problem with timeouts. If you don't get the download done in time, it will cut you off. One thing you can try is to get a download manager that allows you to resume your downloads. Download Accelerator Plus, StarDownloader, or any other.

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If I try and send something via mail (OE) or download a large file, my interent server dies, and I have to reset it through its config. page, or reboot everything. Is this something I can change, is this common?

I checked with hargray's help center, and they had no idea. (thats my SP)

Anyone have any ideas?


Answer:Server resets itself after large downloads.

ok, let me start guessing... by server, is this Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Windows NT Sp3, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, HP UX, AIX Unix, SCO Unix, Amigo OS, a linksys router, etc?

What do you mean dies? It crashes? It catches on fire? It loses network connectivity?

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Hello Everyone,
I have a problem recently that's been driving me absolutely nuts.
Whenever I try to download a large file, be it through a video game patcher or utorrent, my computer's internet connection goes down completely shortly after the download starts. When I say down, I mean I get the yellow exclamation point in the bottom right. When I troubleshoot my connection, windows gives me the following error, "Problems found - Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)". It's very difficult to restore internet when this happens, usually requiring me to use System Restore to an earlier save point. When I do this, the problem still remains if I try and download again.
I should mention my ISP says everything is good on their end, and my modem looks as if everything's fine. Also, I'm able to normally browse the internet, listen to Pandora, and watch Hulu It's only when I try to download a large file that this happens.
Solutions I've Tried:
Scanned for Malware C: (Main) & D: (SSD, currently being used to backup important docs) = 0 results
Changed computers DNS settings to "Open" and Google DNS addresses
Disabled IPV6
Receive Side Scaling - Disabled
Changed Ethernet Controller Power Management Settings - Not Allow
Updated Ethernet Controller Driver (Uninstalled and Reinstalled as well)
Bypassed Router
Replaced Ethernet cable
Reformatted computer
Reset Modem (using that small button in the back)
Had ISP update... Read more

Answer:Large Downloads Make My Internet Go Down

To my previous experience it might be your modem.

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(Sorry if this is the wrong forum)I've been having this issue for awhile now where my internet will cut out when downloading large files. Small ones are fine, but for instance, I just loaded up Steam and a game had to do a large update, and my internet cut out. It will continue cutting out on and off until I pause or stop the download, which is what I had to do.I usually forget about this problem until I load up Steam, because I don't do many large downloads. I don't THINK it's just a Steam issue, because it's happened with a regular, large download before. However I can run uTorrent and be fine, so I'm not sure.A few weeks ago I contacted my ISP and she confirmed that my internet was disconnecting, but the 2 fixes she suggested (resetting the router, and unscrewing then screwing the cables back in) didn't fix the issue - apparently. It's a hard thing to test for because I can't just be downloading large files to test it. And not everything seems to trigger the issue? I'm not sure.Any idea what could be causing this? I hope it's a small fix. I'm using Windows 8.1 64bit, but this problem happened when I used Windows 8 too.I don't THINK this problem happened when I first got this computer over a year ago. I'm unsure if it's a computer thing or an internet thing.... I dunno.

Answer:Internet cuts out with large downloads

If they suggested and detected that your computer is really disconnecting, then the ISP technician should be called for a series of checking with your network cable, filters and router.

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Im so frustrated that im about to re-install VISTA where i had no problems
I tried every browser out there and all have the same result. If i download files most of the time they never complete. If i download a huge video it plays, but its incomplete. If i download a .exe its corrupted.

Im pretty fed up with this and im not spending anymore money to fix this:

So far i switched from my ONBOARD NIC to a PCI NIC just to remove the onboard nic from my list of maybe problems.

My system is:
asus p5q motherboard
Tried 2 NIC's
Current NIC= Trendnet TEG-PCItXR updated 7 drivers
500gb SATA
updated bios
router has been updated to latest firmware
no firewall
updated chipset drivers


Answer:Large Downloads Always ERROR (imcomplete)

Hi. If you're utilizing some kind of download manager or helper, try not using it.

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My problem has been going on for a while, When I download .exe files (Game Mods, Beta's) and run them, My computer does nothing, ill let it sit a while becuase the curser occasionaly shows the sand timer, but nothing, After that if I try to run anything my computer just locks up, and if that happens only thing I can do is a reset.

Any Idea, I would love to enjoy some of my mods, the most recent one is its about 1.8 gigs big

ive tried downloading it from Fileplanet and Filecloud, both with the same resualts so I know the file isnt currupt, its somthing with my system.

Answer:Large Downloads Causing freezing!!!

Hello SILENTxSNIPER01, Welcome to TSF!

Unfortunately, no one here at TSF can or will assist you with your request; this is due to the fact that you are asking for assistance with P2P programs, which is not permitted in The TSF Rules.

Here is a quote (in Part) of The Rules:...


We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description. We further understand that there may be legal uses for P2P, but as we are not able to assess a user's intent when he/ she asks for help, we do not support P2P software and we will not assist any user in this regard. This includes but is not limited to Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.

The full TSF Rules are available here for you to re-acquaint yourself with them. (Please click on the coloured link.)

This Thread is now CLOSED!


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i have att yahoo dsl, and it is attached to my dlink di-524 router. when downloading large files, they stop completely after about 2 minutes. (my computer is not wirelessly attached to my network.) I'm hoping this is a simple router or modem setting. any help would be appreciated. (i'm running xp) As soon as i try to go to any website, they take off again at about 160k

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Since purchasing the surface rt, I had a whole host of problems but this one I havent figured out how to go around

Apps in the appstore over a certain size, say 40 mb refuse to download.... It would start then go on pending if i were to exit the store or if the screen were to lock and sometimes just on its own. The worst thing though is that if i cancel the download... the space that the app wouldve taken up if it were installed is what is missing from my drive.
Where thereafter I would have to delete the SoftwareDistribution folder every time this occurs to retrieve the space.

Ive tried so many fixes and nothing works. Ive restored and reset this pc so many times. Sometimes Im even caught in an automatic repair bootloop, but i doubt thats connected.

Answer:Windows Store pending on large downloads:


Anyone out there?

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Everytime i try to download a file over around 100mb i get a network error on the download, or the file simply stops downloading. I have used another laptop running vista and the issue is not there, so i assume it must be my Windows 7 install.
Has anyone seen this issue before? I have linked to a Windows network monitor tracker from the time that a download failed incase this is of any help for anyone trying to help.
Many thanks for any suggestions!
edit: The computer in question is hard-wired for absence of doubt. Also torrents download fine, no issues regardless of size.

Answer:Large downloads fail - ok on other systems on network

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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I recently developed a problem with large file downloads. Whenever I try to download a file larger then, let's say 300mb, my web browser restarts itself, when the total reaches about 80 %. I suspect it's some sort of a memory problem, but not really sure what kind. During the download more and more RAM is being used. I suspect everything started when I got the latest version of Java.

Any form of help is very welcome

Answer:Browser crash during large file downloads

What browser are you using? (ex) IE, Firefox, Chrome etc? What Version? (ex) IE8, FF7 etc. I What site are you downloading files from? How much Free Hard Drive space do you have? Have you tried uninstalling Java, and reinstalling it. Have you tried a System Restore to a time before this happened?

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I recently developed a problem with large file downloads. Whenever I try to download a file larger then, let's say 300mb, my web browser restarts itself, when the total reaches about 80 %. I suspect it's some sort of a memory problem, but not really sure what kind. During the download more and more RAM is being used.
It doesn't matter what browser I use, the crash happens with Opera 11.51, IE8 and Avant. Files (movies) are being downloaded from various sites. Hard drive space is not a problem, I have more that enough.
Seems to me like there is a problem with writing temporary files on hard drive or a problem with TCP/IP.
Any form of help is very welcome

Answer:Browser crash during large file downloads

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I have a problem with downloading large files from the internet. I don't think its an ISP connection issue because a second computer on the same ADSL router works fine. Files that are around 4 to 5 MB download okay. Larger files start to download okay but then eventually hangs. No error message appears. You can tell from the Connection Status dialoge box that network traffic has stopped.The same thing happens when downloading from ftp sites using a separate ftp client (not MS IE).Small files okay, large files hangs.

Answer:Downloading large files stops after a while

You could try a download manager such as Fresh Download click here

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Comcast Internet. All connections are going through a WRT54G linksys router and, like the title says, downloads/streaming video tend to stall after a couple megs of data are downloaded.

All speedtests run fine on wired and wireless. However streaming video will stall after a few seconds-few minutes and only a page refresh/seek ahead in the video will get it to start up again. This happens with all machines on the network, wired or wireless.

Searching around online and here hasn't brought up much info, aside from some specific issues with u-verse customers. I've tried switching DNS servers and disabling all firewalls on the router to no effect.

*EDIT* Just tried setting the laptop i'm on now as a DMZ, but that didn't help either.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Medium-Large Downloads & Streaming video stalling

Do any issues arise with large file downloads/streaming between two machines within your network?

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Background: Windows 7 Home Premium service Pack 1, AMD Phenom X4, 8GB of Mushkin RAM, 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue, etc etc

I've been trying to download games like League of Legends, War Thunder, etc lately. Before I had no problem with this. Now every time I try, I start up the game's launcher and attempt to start downloading. It starts normally for about 45 seconds, then the speed dips down to under ~1mbps usually around ~200kbps. After a while of that, whatever network adapter I'm using stops working. (i.e. I get the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark on it.)
I've tried multiple different games (i.e. multiple different servers), two different internet modems, I've called me ISP who suggested a new modem, I've tried not using my router and hooking my PC up directly to the modem, I've tried two different (mostly known good) Network adapters (One was my onboard and the other was an Intel network adapter that was a full speed 100.mbps adapter.
I'm getting very frustrated with it.
I found out the other day that WarThunder offered an alternative download method. They offered a torrent link. I tried that last night. It seemed to work (about as well as a torrent with almost no seeds will work.) When I woke up this morning it was about 85% finished but my network adapter had stopped working again.
In the past when it stopped, a full power cycle of my modem and router seemed to fix it. Anymore I let windows troubleshooter fix it and... Read more

Answer:Large (Or sustained) downloads causing LAN adapter to malfunction

Sounds like the modem or something upstream from it. Do you have cable, DSL, satellite, etc.? What is the advertised download speed? What do you get with something like

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This has been going on for about a year now while I've been on helpdesk tickets with the router, modem, and even my ISP. The problem is that on any large or long downloads my network drops. This happens on wired or wireless, windows or mac and occurs about the same time in the download. Let's say I need to update windows, I hit the update button and right on 65% the download stops and my router shows that my network just got killed. However, If I run a speedtest it still shows good speed, and I can still watch movies or browse the internet just fine. The download just stops right there and won't pick back up. If I restart the PC then it does the same thing, stops at 65%. Next I tried doing another type of large download, a game, Borderlands 2 through steam. It stops right at 55% and the network drops, so I restart that computer(wired) and same thing. Then I pause the download, restart the modem and the router, and hit resume, still won't download, but the speedtest shows it's just fine and my other computers are surfing the net like a champ. Then it must be a problem with the router or modem right? Well I've tried it out on two different modems and two different routers, both brand new and not cheap by any means(Details below). So if the same thing happens when I switch out the hardware, then it must be the ISP, but again, the speedtest and everything else looks like they are fine and my ISP(Comcast) has two tickets on this and can't see any... Read more

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Hello. i have the same problem with anyone my downloads stops at 99%
I've just reinstalled my windows because I though it was a virus or something, but it wasn't. I'm currently using Windows Xp Service Pack3. Browser: Firefox (the only one I could download from Internet Explorer)
when i try to download softwares with .exe ...the problem occurs..
i dont think that the problem is IE8 because firefox browser is having the same problem
i am thinking that it is with my hard i do a chkdsk
i have read some post, they tried to use defragmenters and it works but not permanently the problem still persist
i try to turn off my didnt worked at all
i hope that you can help...i already read the post in here but i didnt see any clear way to solve my problem

Event Type: Information
Event Source: Winlogon
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1001
Date: 10/21/2013
Time: 1:37:38 AM
User: N/A
Computer: DELA-2C2BC7AF71
Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.

A disk check has been scheduled.
Windows will now check the disk.
Cleaning up minor inconsistencies on the drive.
Cleaning up 19 unused index entries from index $SII of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 19 unused index entries from index $SDH of file 0x9.
Cleaning up 19 unused security descriptors.
CHKDSK is verifying file data (stage 4 of 5)...
File data verification completed.
CHKDSK is verifying free space (stage 5 of 5)...
Free space verification is complete.

51199123 KB total di... Read more

Answer:My Downloads stops at 99%

i forgot to tell that..when i try to do a safe mode with networking
it will say that "sorry for the inconvenience...the windows cant do the request because of the changes in hardware or software" ...

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I downloaded SP3 from Windows Update but it never says its done. Once the progress bar finishes, it just sits there. Am I being inpatient? Usually, the download finishes, then it's validated, then the install starts. It stopped after the download finished with no other status messages.

Answer:SP3 downloads, then stops

Vista Ultimate dos'nt have a SP3.

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Hi, My file transfer into WD external hard drive using usb 3.0 gets cut off half way through if large transfer is done (> 1GB). The speed will slowly drop to 0 Mb/s and then the hard disk will be disconnected with an error. Transferring files into the drive of any size has no issue at all. The above is OK if connected to usb 2.0 ports in my win 7 desktop. Anyone has any idea? Thanks.

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Hi, I've been trying to download F.E.A.R. combat (a free download). The download size is 1.76 gig and anywhere from 10 megs to 300 megs the download just stops. I've tried from several different sites and it will not download for me. Any know why?

Answer:Trying to download large file and after awhile it just stops

try using a "download accelerator" that supports resume. It will make multiple connections and hopefully speed up they process & if it fails and resume is supported you don't have to start from zero again.

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I'm not real sure what is causing this but I've been trying to download a 600 meg file in Internet Explorer. It will work fine for a while and then all of a sudden my connection stops working for everything (download, torrent, icq, wow, etc). Then I restart the computer and modem and it's back. This is pretty annoying and I'm not sure what causes it. I'm on a cable modem and then into a hub that splits the connection between two computers (however one is currently off/inactive). Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Internet stops working when downloading a large file in IE

Get Firefix, kthx.

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I've noticed a strange issue with Vista 64 in that I can be downloading a file and then inexplicably it will stop and not resume. At first I thought it was just my connection, but it turned out that both IE and FF are acting the same way regardless of the website. If I did the same download on another machine using XP or 2K, it would download from start to finish. On this very same machine, in XP, downloads have no issue, but as soon as I'm in Vista, I will have a hard time doing a large file download...

anyone else notice this issue?

Answer:Downloads, Vista, IE7/FF sudden stops...

NIC drivers?

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Well, Im addicted to Azureus and fan subbed anime. So, Im always downloading and uploading a lot.

My problem is that after a while ( a few hours ) of solid downloading/uploading, the internet will completely cease to work on this computer. I have to reboot it. The other computer that is on the same router, still gets onto the net fine.

I have a Intel Pro 1000 CT integrated network card on my Abit IC7-G with the newest drivers. Is there something I can configure differently to prevent this from happening? I hate leaving downloads/uploads over night to find that 3 hours into them, they just quit working.

Answer:Downloads for a while, then internet stops working

same thing happens to me when downloading from newsgroups :-(

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Hello all, i just moved to a a new place, there are 5 people sharing this place (not sure what it's called in english).

Ever since i set my desktop up here i've been having an issue downloading .. anything. I can download torrents just fine, without issues. However - when there's a launcher or anything like it (Ex: Video game launchers/downloads) my downloads will stop randomly, by that i mean the download speed will completely drop after about 3-10 seconds, sometimes i get lucky and the download keeps going for a couple of minutes, making it completely random. This also happens in my internet browser(s). I am at the end of my wits when it comes to this.

I'm particularly good at networking thus i come here, i am good at following directions.

In detail, this is what happens: I press download, it starts downloading, after a couple of seconds the download will completely stop progressing and the timer keeps going up until it just tells me to wait for an eternity. This issue does NOT occur when i'm downloading torrents but does happen whenever i try downloading games or anything large from my browser. The downloads ALWAYS work in the beginning but after a while they'll just die (unless i'm torrenting).

I have no issues streaming streams or watching youtube or anything like that.

I live with 5 other people, as stated above. I'm not sure that has any impact on this issue.

I literally reinstalled my windows 10 minutes ago, which did not work. Which should eliminate the p... Read more

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I've just started experiencing a problem with downloads lately. This has been covered in other posts but no answer.

The problem started yesterday with my downloads. I try to download something from (One of their radio shows) and the download stopped at approximately 10meg of the 136meg file. Thought it was their site so I went to another site ( to download a large file there) and the same thing happened this time it stopped at 20meg of 150 meg file. Thought then that it was my browser. Tried IE, FIREFOX and Chrome at both sites with no avail. Tried a download manager (DownThemAll!) and the problem persists.

Thought then that maybe a virus got in. Cleaned the drive first with CCLeaner then did a scan with SUPERAnitspyware and Malwarebyts Anit-Malware. Still no resolve.

Tried rebooting the computer and still same problem persists. Small files work fine but large files just stop and do nothing.

I'm currently using Windows XP with all latest updates. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Downloads stops in middle of download

Jason, I sounds like I have the same problem as you, and I've done what you've done re cleaning the PC, etc., etc. Am at a loss. Surely, surely someone has a solution for us.

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The topic title is basically my problem. When trying to run ipconfig using the cmd it returns nothing. Also, when downloading large files my internet will stop working and then start working after a while.

OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Not sure what other information would be required. Let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help pinpoint this problem.

Answer:Ipconfig returns nothing in cmd. Possible virus? Also, internet stops working when downloading large files.

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes: List last 10 Event Viewer log List Users, Partitions and Memory size. Click Go and paste the content into your next post.You've run the Network Troubleshooter already? , I would run all of the fixes.Louis

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My computer is a laptop Toshiba computer. I was working as normal and I do remember I disconnected my USB for my mouse before trying to shut down the computer. I went to the start button to log off as I normally do, and the start window totally froze and would not let me log off as normal. I became suspicious that this may be a virus attack so I shut down immediately. So I tried to reboot, but I have been totally unsuccessful.
As I try to restart the computer, it gives me the option to "repair" and I have tried to do that, but the "windows loading files" bar that appears loads about halfway, then it comes to a total halt. I'm given an unexpected I/O error and the letters are "OXC00000e9"
The next window that appears says "Windows encountered a problem communicating with the device connected to your computer (Which currently I do not have anything connected) caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as external USB drive while device in use or by faulty hardware such as hard drive or CD ROM drive that is failing." At the top of this message the page reads "Windows Boot Manager"
I have tried to reboot using F7 but no help, I tried safe mode and safe mode with networking.
I don't have reboot disks.
Is there anyone that can please help me?
I would gladly pay if you can direct me on how to resolve this or what I can do to rescue my files.

Answer:When Starting Computer, Windows Vista downloads Halfway and Stops...

Is there anyone who can help?

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For no apparent reason when I am downloading torrentds windows says , in the notiifications, that it has pu Torrex Pro into suspended mode

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Ok let me start off saying I am REALLY disappointed in Linksys, whom apparently got bought out by BELKIN!?!?

Anyhow I DESPERATELY need a replacement for my old N600 Netgear.

She's just not cutting it anymore.

I purchased a Linksys AC1200+ and to be frank, its a worthless piece of ****!

I am SHOCKED!! Linksys used to be the MAIN brand of HIGHEND equipment.

Anyhow I have the router on top floor on West end of home and need coverage on whole top floor and directly downstairs under the router.

How can I accomplish this with a router?

I am looking at a ac1750 netgear...seemingly because my 7 YEAR old netgear n600 had the same reception as my brand new Linksys just bought.

I'd like to stay around 100$

I have NEVER used a TP-Link product before....are they any good?

I have ALWAYS used Netgear or Linksys. But left now with just Netgear. Unless y'all can give me some food options.

Is this even feasible for about 100$? I would think so if an N600 can almost get the job done

Please help

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I am looking at two wireless routers currently

Linksys E3000-RM

Does either of them support large HDD. I have an external 4-bay RAID 5 enclosure (4.5 TB usable space) I would like to connect through USB to the router and host the files on it.

I can't find any data from either router if they can support this so I thought I would ask.

If not, please recommend a router that would support it. Thank you.

Answer:Router with USB storage for large HDD

I've never heard anyone say anything good about the data storage features of any commodity router. Most of them seem to cap out around 10-15MB/sec xfer rate, and I have no clue the maximum volume size they support. I've also heard complaints about stability / consistency issues, and directory listing/indexing speeds. Overall, screw that.

If you want to do it fairly inexpensively and with a low heat / power requirement, I'd run something like OpenFiler on one of these, and share out your RAID through it.

If you really need the box to also be a router, you could investigate to see if some of the UNIX routers (theres a sticky thread) support samba sharing. I know ClarkConnect stuff does. Assume others do also.

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Does anyone know if there is a Wireless Broadband Router that also has at least 12 ethernet ports? The wireless capabilities need to be 54mbs G. Also, does anyone know where I can buy a female to female coupler?

Answer:Large Broadband Router

Routers tend to have a 4-port "Network Switch" incorporated, but there is no reason why you cannot plug additional switches into the existing ports to expand the number of available ethernet connections.Any *decent* computer shop should have RJ45 connectors. PC World only seem to have RJ11 ones for modem cables :-(Maplins have them - click here

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I don't know poo-doo about wireless routers. I'm looking to purchase something to support several desk/laptops throughout a somewhat sizable complex, though not so large that everything won't be within range of a single, decent router. We also hope to offer "free wireless" to our customers (w/ password, of course), so there's that to consider. No one will be chewing up massive amounts of bandwidth, but there will always be multiple people online at once. Assuming I know absolutely jack squat about wireless internet and routers, what would y'all suggest?


Answer:Router for Large-ish Business, Clueless

Some details about the building would be needed how big is it?, is this a single floor, largely open? or milktiple floors, office spaces, etc.

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Hey all,

Normally I just read articles but after about 15 minutes of perusing I couldn't find the information I was looking for, so excuse me if this gets covered all the time, I don't normally make it this far down the Forum .

I have a large home office that I work out of with one other person. The house is about 3500 square feet. I was tasked with upgrading to a new router but since it is going to be coming out of both our pockets (its a discretionary expense; I'd like to keep this cost effective and simple). My issue is that the office is on the 2nd floor at the front of the house and the kitchen where I commonly cook lunch is on the 1st floor at the other end of the house.

Encase its an issue in this house we have several computers only two of the computers have 802.11AC the rest of the computers are either 802.11n or cat5. As long as the single reaches the computers in the kitchen for email and web surfing.

The Computers:
2013 macbook air
2013 imac 27"
2 Toshiba laptops (windows 7 & XP)
3 windows vista and 7 desktops
2 iPads
3 iPhones

Any help would be much appreciated since this causes me so much aggrovation and I was tasked with fixing it. Thanks you guys are definitely super [H]ard !

Answer:networking help - large area router upgrade

There are many way to resolve this:

Since you have a Apple house, I'd recommend the Apple solution as the most compatible solution:
Buy (2) Airport Extreme Routers
Configure the first one normally.
Configure the second router to be a AP only as described here:

You will run an ethernet cable between the two units. Place them each somewhere, where you need wireless coverage.

You will have (2) spare ethernet ports on the first router and (3) spare ethernet ports on the second that you physically plug machines into.



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I have to reboot my computer once or twice to get it to download. At times the Aol wont even load. Please explain what to do in VERY elementary terms. I know a little but very little . I also get very confused easily. I hope someone has patience to deal with me. Thank you for your time .And when it does it still has been downloading very slowly. I have digital cable. I am sure not used to this at all. haha

Answer:[SOLVED] slow downloads and no downloads

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I'm setting up a large rambler house with a large footprint, and the only broadband connections are at opposing points of the house. Right now, I'm using two Linksys WRT54GS routers running Tomato in a WDS setup. A router, positioned in the middle point of the house, acts as a wireless access point so that the computer on the far end of the house can pickup the wireless signal. (One WRT54GS on its own doesn't have the power to go all the way across the house.)

I would like simplify things with a single, hi-power, hi-speed router at one end of the house. I know I can get better speeds with Draft N routers, but I need more signal strength as well. Are there any products currently available that can perform much better than my WRT54GS routers right now?

I need to go about 125 feet, through a number of walls. (This might not even be possible... but if it is, I'm interested!)

Answer:Best consumer-level wireless router for large rambler?

Get extended antennas. They help a lot.

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I currently have a Belkin N150 Wireless Router For speeds up to 150Mbps. When I try to download a HD video that is about 2GB it takes about 5-7 hours. Do you think getting a new router would help with download speeds?

Answer:Downloads with wireless router

No. Downloading from the internet relies mostly on the speed of your internet connection through your ISP and that speed is generally only a fraction of the router's capability. When copying files from one computer to another on your local network then the router's capabilities are often the gating factor.

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I got the Buffalo LinkStation(network storage) yesterday.I immediately connected it to my router,and set it up.All worked fine until I tried to move my movie collection(average file size 700 MB).It first said it will take 5 minutes,but after 1 minute it froze,saying it couldnt connect to the LinkStation.My Laptop(Vista Home Premium 32bit,Asus X72V) then disconnected from the router(also no internet).after reconnecting i tried a music file,which was transferred in a matter of seconds.
My other Laptop doesnt disconnect,although writing to Linkstation is awfully slow...

What can i do?
(In the moment i directly connect over ethernet-less than a hour for 50 GB-i have a modern laptop,300 mb wlan)

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I run a home network if you want to call it that. I have DSL connected to a Linksys W11S4PC11 router and notebook card combo. My PC is connected by wire and my toshiba laptop is wireless. Installed it in September 03. Right from the start I have had trouble with downloads hanging up. I will try to download something such as a Windows Update or whatever and it will begin to download as it should at around 50 - 60 KB (my dsl support person says that's a good speed). The download then gets hung up usually a couple of mb into the download and just gets stuck and won't restart. I have to close IE and use the program manager to close it to clear the download and try to start over. Usually with the same results. It does this both with my pc and my laptop. Very frustrating. Tried to troubleshoot it with my ISP. He had me run speed tests, which were fine. He recommended downloading a download manager, which I did. The download manager had the same problem and it would give me a "lost connection to server" error message. The tech also recommended downloading Adaware, which I did and have run it. Still did not fix it. Tried turning off Norton firewall & virus, still did it. Then I tried connecting directly to my DSL modem instead of using the router and BINGO the downloads come fast and furiously on both my pc & laptop. I posted a similar question on another computer forum and it was recommended that I download a firmware upgrade for my router. None available... Read more

Answer:Linksys router downloads hangup


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Question: Ativa Monitor

My Monitor only gets a signal if I turn it on before turning on the Computer. It's never happened before and I can't find any setting that applies to this issue in Bios or Monitor Menu. Any Idea's are appreciated. Thank YouJohn

Answer:Ativa Monitor

Do you hear any beep codes when the computer starts up? If not, your PC may not even be POSTing. The issue may not be with your monitor. If you have another monitor (or even most newer TVs would work), connect that to test the video output.

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Question: Ativa 16gb

I can not get this flashdrive to work on my computer...It worked at one point in time but now it is not working and i don't know how to get a driver for it...

Answer:Ativa 16gb

Try to reformat it using the HP flash drive utility here -> how to format 32gb flash drive - HP Support Forum

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Question: ativa wireless g

i have a wireless adapter on one pc computer(plugs into usb). it recognizes my wireless network,signal strength is good.but it will not connect to internet. thanks

Answer:ativa wireless g

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Question: Ativa Monitor

My Monitor only gets a signal if I turn it on before turning on the Computer. It's never happened before and I can't find any setting that applies to this issue in Bios or Monitor Menu. Any Idea's are appreciated. Thank YouJohn

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Since I networked two home computer with SMC barricade wireless broadband router, netmeeting won't work, even when I used "DMZ" and turn off my firewall. Everything else works, I used it before networking. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Bewildered,

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Hey guys,

For about 2 months now I have not been able to use newegg properly. There was a thread on the forums stating the same thing, and they claim they had the same problem since the Firefox update. Sicne I used Firefox, I just attributed the problems with newegg to the update.
So today I needed to place an EXTREMELY important order with newegg. I was able to surf the site fine, but once I went to log in to my account or add items to basket, it wouldn't load the page. It would alwyas hang on "". I used CCleaner to clear the cache NUMOROUS times. I even used IE . . . nothing worked.

So I said what the hell, and disconnected one PC form the router, and jacked it directly into the modem. Viola. Newegg worked FLAWLESSLY. It didn't skip a beat. I then hooked it back up to the router, and once again - no dice.

Soo, it seems that my router is blocking me from viewing newegg. I'm also going to say that it's blocking me from hosting a CS server, as I created one for me and my nephew, however EVEN with forwarded and triggered ports - it wouldn't come up as anything other than a LAN.

I have the BEFSX41 router, with the 1.45.7 firmware. If you guys have any ideas on what I can try to fix this issue, please let me know.

Also, I'm willing to buy another router as this one has been around for about 12-24 months now, and I know for consumer routers, that is pushing the limit. What's the best router out... Read more

Answer:Router stops me from using newegg?

The BEFSX41 has a tab in the setting to block applets, java, cookies, etc. Make sure everything there is unchecked.

Also, if you buy a new router, the best I've found is a dlink 4300/4100. It has gigabit switch built in.



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I have a Netgear WGR614, just a standard 4 port wireless router, and it has been working fine until recently. My mom tells me that the internet just suddenly stopped working, so I look at it and everything but the PC link light is flashing like it should. I check the router and the 2, 3, and 4 lights are just solid, so I power cycle a few times, only getting different combonations of numbers to light up. I tried resetting the settings and got nothing. Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong? Or is my router just dead for no apparent reason?


(I'll be gone for a few hours, but I'll be sure to answer to any questions or suggestions when I get home)

EDIT: changed the router to the correct model

Answer:So out of nowhere, my router stops working

Try flashing the firmware, also make sure that its vents are not blocked. If those don't work, and it's under warranty, send it back.

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I gives suddenly no internet after a time NAS or any PC running torrent. No precise capture, out of nowhere it stops giving access to internet. No brand router but only a picture of main screen. Maybe there is an update for it out there.

Answer:Router periodicly stops

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Having a problem with my wireless router, hope someone can help...

Quick System Specs:
High Speed Cable Modem to the internet (Suddenlink Cable)
Win XP Pro
Belkin Wireless G Router Model F5D7234-4 v3000
Connection type on Router Setup Page: Dynamic
Netgear WPN111 Wireless USB Network Adapter
Using NETGEAR "Smart Wizard Wireless Assistant" software to connect to the router.

I have a Belkin G Wireless Router that has been working perfectly for about a year now. This morning I noticed it kept dropping the connection to the internet. Internet connectivity is fine from a computer hardwired to the cable modem (which I'm using to post this thread).

I disconnected power and pushed the reset button on the modem, which had no effect on the problem. Powered down then repowered the Router. No effect.

Next I pushed the reset button on the Router. I'm a complete novice when it comes to networking and didn't realize pushing the reset button would delete all the settings and security configurations. Belkin Technical Support has walked me through the initial set up a couple of times (out of warranty so they can't help anymore), so I knew enough to go to the router set up page on the internet (by typing in an IP address).

After logging in, I managed to rename the router to what it was before (SSID), set the channel to what I had it on before, and I think I've have basic security back up. I Set it up as it was before, WEP 64 Bit (recommended by Belkin Te... Read more

Answer:Router Stops Broadcasting

When the problem arises can your wireless adapter still see other networks and just your has disappeared? If that is the case it does sound like a malfunctioning router. You can try updating the router to the newest firmware in case it happens to be bad mojo in the router but otherwise probably time for a new router.

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I have windows vista and I just bought a wireless router and I can't get past the installation of the router the cd that came with it opens and I press install after which the setup screen opens where you choose your language. I press next and as it says it is checking the network adapter a window opens saying that by an unknown cause the program has stopped working and I can't install the router. What do I do?

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I've connected a Buffalo WZR-450HP2D router to my modem in bridge mode and it's hard-wired to my desktop PC. My speed with my ISP is 100 mb/s. My downloads are extremely slow, like downloading a 60 MB file in 30 minutes. Connected directly to the modem, it takes a second. Are there any settings I need to change to get this working? The weird thing is, shows I'm getting more than my speed level. I had another Buffalo DD-WRT router that gave me my full speed as soon as I plugged it in, so maybe this one is faulty? Please give me some ideas. Thank you.


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I have experienced this with over 4 different brands of cable/dsl routers, 3 different cable services (spanning 2 states), on different computers.

The router randomly shuts down in the middle of doing something, though you wouldnt be able to tell by looking at it. Lights still going strong, all connections still active... but... the router just stops working. It requires you to unplug the power to the router and plug it back in before it will work again.

Right now Im experiencing this with my Linksys BEFsr41 and my friend is having the exact same problem with his Netgear router (dont know the model). My friend also experienced the exact same problem before with his Dlink router. What gives? Any ideas? No settings that Ive changed have seemed to fix anything... is this just something that cant be avoided?

My friends network has 2 computers only. Mine consists of 4 computers and a broadband phone router. I have a bit more load on my network then he does so I figured mine could be attributed to this... although only ONE of the computers is ever on at all times doing anything. The other three are either idle or off.

EDIT- The services Ive experienced it on are Roudrunner, AOL TIme Warner, and InsightBB

Answer:Cable router stops working...

Well if the service and hardware have all been replaced/changed and you continue to see the problems I would have to ask what type of traffic are you putting across the network?

Gaming, p2p, Torrents?

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Yesterday i installed a fresh new installation of build 7100.

Now every time i start up my laptop (with 7 on it) it says its connected to the router (a belkin N1 wireless network modem, had no problems with it before) but can't recieve any traffic.
It also gives the same error on my fathers vista pc and my ps3 soon as i start up my laptop, but my sisters windows xp laptops are working fine.


Answer:Build 7100 stops router

i think its problem with u r router because win7 dose not have that fuctionality thats affect on other computer plz check u r rooter seetings , lan settings.

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Has anyone encountered this issue: When one of my Laptops is shutdown at night (or anytime for that matter) my US Robotics router stops working. No traffic goes through wired or wireless. No errors encountered and all lights on router and Cable modem are as normal.
I just keep getting page can not be displayed and any downloads stop. As if the Standby button was hit on the modem.
I have to powercycle the router to get things going again. I am thinking Virus or Firewall on the Laptop but I can't see how that would cause this. It has to be something on that Laptop.
Any ideas what I can look for?
Dell Laptop, Optonline Motorola 5120 modem and USR 5461 router.

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Hi I have a two PC network that connects to the Internet via a router.Two days ago PC#2 was using MSN messenger when it suddenly got disconnected.The router's ADSL connection light had gone outand neither rebooting the router, pc or unplugging the line from the phone wall socket would fix it.I checked the router WAN settingsand the PC's Network Settings and everything appears to be in order.Except the router and thus PC#2 fail to connect to the Internet.I have tried usiing an alterantive DNS too, to no avail.HOWEVERPC#1 will connect to the Internet through the same router - as long as PC#2 is turned off.Turning on PC#2 causes the ADSL link to go down at the router!To fix this - I need to turn off PC#2.Unplug the ADSL line for a few mins, then re-plug in.Then reboot the router.File sharing between the two PCs still works.Can anyone please help me to get PC#2 back online?Belkin ADSL Modem Router (model: F5D7633-4 )connected to each PC by LAN.PC#2 OS WIndows XP Pro updated to service pack 3(automatic updates seems to have downloaded and installed Windows Powershell 1.0 the day before - if that's a possible cause?)ISP = Tiscali

Answer:Second PC stops router ADSL connection

I have come across a weird situation before where a PC had developed a fault such that, when it was running, it interfered with the ADSL signal. It had nothing to do with how it was networked, but some component (and I can't tell you which) was oscillating at a frequency that effectively killed the ADSL signal. Unfortunately that doesn't help you to sort the problem.

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Question: Ativa-flash drive

My Ativa U3 flash disc 1G can't work on my new laptop with OS Vista. What can i do. Bought it fews years back really expensive compare to the actuel market. Help Please.


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Hey guys, I just bought a 2 GB Ativa Flash Drive from Office Depot (place of work) for 45 dollars, it is originally 120, but there is a sale this week, anyways, I was wondering if this is a good item, I cannot for the life of me find any reviews as to weather or not it is sturdy, will stand up to alot of usage ect. I love the U3 Capabilites, but I want to make sure it will last me a bit of time.

Thanks guys.

Answer:Ativa U3 Flash Drives

Most flash drives last for ages, so you shouldnt have anything to worry about. I have a flashdrive that was thrown out of a window (from my bedroom), dropped loads of times, has been stepped on, and loads of other things. It still works, even with no cover. It's just a peice of green plastic with metal bits on it, but it still works like new :P

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Question: ativa flash drive

my ativa flash drive 4GB is not reading in my USB port on my computer. What can I do to retreave/open my flash drive that has important information for my college classes. I do not want to loose the information! How can I repair the flash drive so it will be readable in the usb port?

Answer:ativa flash drive

does it show up in windows explorer and disk management? you can try doing a disk error check

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How much loss of speed should I expext from my wireless router with increasing distance?

Answer:low wireless speeds Ativa 54g

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My lovely wife bought two Ativa 2gb usb drives. When she plugged one into her Windows Vista computer, it couldn't find a driver. I've tried the usual routes and come up with nothing. Ativa tech support says the drive should be Vista compatible (!!).

Thanks for any tips. - Tony

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I am using a Linksys 2.4 GHz (802.11b) router at home for three computers. One computer using XP Pro is hard wired to router. I have no download problems with it. The other two (one using XP, the other Win98) have Linksys wireless adapters. Signal strength is okay to both. Internet communication to both is okay. However, file downloads to these PCs is a problem. They rarely complete. I have GetRight, so we can eventually get the files. But, why does download get lost only on the PCs with wireless adapters?

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I am using a Linksys 2.4 GHz (802.11b) router at home for three computers. One computer using XP Pro is hard wired to router. I have no download problems with it. The other two (one using XP, the other Win98) have Linksys wireless adapters. Signal strength is okay to both. Internet communication to both is okay. However, file downloads to these PCs is a problem. They rarely complete. I have GetRight, so we can eventually get the files. But, why does download get lost only on the PCs with wireless adapters?

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