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sound blaster says it can't find hardware!

Question: sound blaster says it can't find hardware!

I had some shareware programs that I wasn't using so I deleted them. After when I tried to play any audio or video the audio wouldn't work. I can get an .mpeg to play but no sound. Anything else like an MP3 tells me there is a errror and there is a problem. I tried going into the device manager - properties>Hardware>Device Manager etc... and found the yellow exclamation point so I deleted it and Rebooted and let windows detect the device- it would NOT detect the disk that I put in even when I pointed to it. So I tried to run the disk manually and it says after it installs that it CANNOT FIND ANY SOUND BLASTER CARD HARDWARE - HELP!!!!
Thanks everybody!

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Preferred Solution: sound blaster says it can't find hardware!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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okay, i recently (around 4 months, been to busy to put it in) purchased a SB Live! 5.1 sound card. After installation and a reboot, the computer goes extremely slow... I have a 1.4 Celeron, 1024 MB RAM, oodles of harddrive space. Yeah, it's an old school rig... lol Anyway, the computer goes slow as **** when I open differenty application (ex. I.E. or Firefox, Winamp... etc...). THe most annoying thing is when I scroll with my mouse, the speakers squeal. I went to Creative's website to download an updated driver BUT after I download the installer, it says there is no Creative device installed on the computer, which I don't understand. Everything is installed correctly. Any advice??? Thanks in advance!

- Mike

Answer:Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 hardware issue!!!

Did you dis-able your 'integrated sound chip' in your BIOS?

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Hello and happy new year.

After an unknown period of time my sound is not working.I test the device manager and all settings at the control panel and the sound card is seems to work ok but i dont hear any sound.....the sound is coming back after a restart...

I test a deferent soundblaster cards at the same pci slot and i have the same problem with both cards...the 2 cards i got was working perfect before...

What it should be wrong with that?It sounds crazy....

o/s:windows xp sp3
cpu:amd athlon 1000
video card ati radeon 9500 512mb
hdd seagate 500gb sata 2
sound cand:sb autigy live pro pci

Answer:Hardware Problem with sound blaster card!!!

Can you try a different PCI slot?

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First off, my specs:

Cyrix 6x86 @ 233mhz
64 RAM
Windows 98
SiS 6326 8mb AGP card.
Creative labs Sound Blaster 16 ISA PnP

There are some programs that I have that I need to run in DOS mode, as well as a few games. When I run these programs in Windows they run fine, sound and everything. However, when I boot in pure DOS mode, no sound is detected. I suppose I need a specific DOS driver along with my Windows drivers. The problem is that I can't find such a driver! I looked at the Creative website, and while there are a listing of DOS drivers, all of them seem to be utilities and not actual drivers that I can apply to get the programs to have sound in DOS. I remember seeing one, but that was specifically for WIN 3.1/DOS, and thus it did not apply to my OS.

Where can I find a driver? Where is there a workaround? HELP!

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I understand that an oem sound blaster live.5.1 card may actually be made by a different company other then creative labs. I purchased this sound blaster live 5.1 (sb0990) from ebay. The seller claims that the drivers can be loaded down from creative labs (which is not true, I found out). Creative labs only have updated drivers that still require the drivers that come with the computer (being oem)and being an oem card Creative labs will offer no assistance. I went to several sites that carried drivers for the sb live card, but when I tried to use them I get a message during the driver install that says, "sound blaster card not detected). So how do I find out what drivers I need for this card and where do I get them from?

Answer:Need driver for OEM sb0990 sound blaster that isn't detected as a sound blaster card

Re: Need driver for OEM sb0990 sound blaster that isn't detected as a sound blaster c


Are their any codes as in ID codes or stickers on the card at all, specifically one that may help trace its origin is an FCC # or S/N # ?

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I recently bought a sound blaster 5.1 VX...................while the computer tries to install the drivers for it the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appears....................I checked for some posts n replies but no clues.................i downloaded the latest drivers compatible with windows 7 (which I use) the same problem comes again...................plz do reply.

System Config: Windows 7
2 gb Ram
Core 2 Duo

Answer:Sound Blaster 5.1 vx, Sound Card, Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX

It might be a conflict with your onboard sound (if you have some)?

I know this can happen because i have a Sound blaster 5.1 myself, and it likes to throw a BSOD now and again with my onboard Realtek audio.

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Which is better, the Audigy SE or the Live 24? Please help!

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy SE vs Sound Blaster Live 24?

I got the Sound Blaster Live! 24. It is really good, but the bass is a little loud.

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where on control pannel will i find hardware and sound button i want to change plan setting to shut down

Answer:where do i find hardware and sound on vista

Its under 'Control Panel' use 'Home' rather than the Classic view.

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I thought migration from Vista to 8.1 had gone too smoothly. Sound works after restoring defaults in Creative Diagnostics but on close down error message " VolPanlu.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x6fdcf2ae referenced memory at 0x02439aa4. The memory could not be read. OK." I re-installed Creative SB X-Fi Extreme Music software and updated to the 8.1 driver. How can I get the pc to remember to save the sound settings please?

Answer:Sound then no sound,vista to 8.1, VolPanlu (Sound Blaster) problem

The solution via Creative:
Delete all Creative software (I used Revo uninstaller)
Run a registry cleaner (I used CCleaner)
Install the Windows 8.1 driver.
Sound was still being lost on shutdown but the answer was to put the pc into sleep mode, wake up, then sound remains stable in Entertainment Mode. I have no idea why that prevents default to Game Mode which caused loss of sound.

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I recently purchased the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX and am having problems getting it to actually play any audio or record any sound.

I've browsed other threads with similar issues on this board and as such have disabled my motherboards onboard audio in my BIOS settings, have reinstalled the drivers from disc and from the Creative website, and even attempted to use Driverpack Online to download any missing drivers. However my problem still persists.

I can see that the Sound Blaster Audigy FX is present on the sound option on the control panel, but it never actually plays any sound. Additionally, whenever I try to play a test sound in the speakers advanced properties I am returned with the error "Failed to play test tone".

I've included a few screenshots that might help make things a bit more clear, and I'd be very appreciative of any help I can get with this issue.


Audio under Speccy

The playback menu, speaker properties, and the error I am returned with when I attempt to test the speakers

Recording menu

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card, no playback/recording

First thing, I assume you have correctly attached your speakers to the new SoundBlaster.

As you have a separate sound card, did you disable any on-board (on the motherboard) audio in the BIOS? If not, that is the first step. The on-board, is still enabled, can conflict with the SoundBlaster.

Also, temporarily disable the AMD HD audio in the Device Manager for testing (the AMD is for HDMI audio). Reboot after doing this.

Finally, although this has may not have any affect on playback, the default recording device should be the SoundBlaster "What You Hear". In the Recording sound panel, RIGHT click in an empty area and then check to show Disconnected and Disabled devices. If the SoundBlaster was installed correctly What You Hear should now show up and you can enable it and make it the default recording device.

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I'm looking to buy the Creative Lab Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX sound card, but I'm not sure how compatible it is with my current system, which is an HP Pavilion 7960. It says you need an available adjacent slot to the PCI card for the Audigy extension, which I don't know what it means.

Also, I saw a picture of it online and I see that it comes with two cards and a black box. I figure that one card is supposed to be the actual sound card, and the other is this mysterious Audigy extension. But what is the black box?

Answer:Creative Lab Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX sound card

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I installed windows 7 a little while ago but i cant seem to get a driver that will recognize my sound card. the computer doesnt think its installed correctly but when i was using Xp it was just fine. ive tried another PCI slot but no such luck. all of the drivers i have tried tell me that they dont see that i have the product on my computer.

anyone having the same problem ?

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 24bit Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Windows Vista/Windows 7 Drivers version 2.18.0017

Creative ALchemy 1.41.02
Creative Audio Console 1.31.10
Creative Graphic Equalizer 2.00.65
Creative Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.03
Creative DDL License Activation 1.00.04
Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
Creative EAX Console 3.00.56
Creative SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.00
Creative Speaker Settings 2.00.60

Download Here

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Hi! I just installed a new mother board and cpu. Its an ECS 755-A2 mother board with a 3200+ AMD Sempron/64-bit CPU. It's not the best, but i was trying to save money.

Before, I had a soyo and a 2800+ AMD Athlon XP and i had the Sound Blaster Live 5.1. Now with this ECS mb, the sound card doesn't get detected anymore, even in device manager. I downloaded the new driver for the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 from their official website and when I came to install it... it said that there were no Sound Blaster cards detected on my computer even though it was securely pushed in IN a pci slot!!

Then I decided that I don't need sound blaster so i installed the driver for the integrated sound card on my mb (realtek AC-97) and everything LOOKS fine according to their program and the control panel (sound and audio options) but i dont receive any sound from anything at all. I was planning on buying a NEW sound card but then i decided to test this Sound Blaster Live 5.1 on my bro's computer. Ironically, it was detected on his 1.2 ghz AMD Athlon Thunderbird and now i'm puzzled as why it wasn't detected on mine.

What solutions have I tried?

I installed numerous drivers for both the sound blaster and the integrated sound card repeatedly and there wasn't any hope.

I re-installed the OS twice (I'm willing to do a third though)

I don't know what else I can try.. can anyone help and please don't say the mother board :[?

32... Read more

Answer:Both Sound Blaster Live 5.1 and Integrated Sound Card Does Not Work

Your Card

E-mail Teechnical Support for the Sound Blaster Card

The problem might just be the new board, it may not support the sound card, or maybe it really isn't plugged in all the way.

Happened to me with my Firewire card took me forever to put the dump thing in I keep pushin and pushin, but not to hard because you'll break the card and you don't want to do that.

so just keep pushin slowly it may look like it is in but it probably really isn't

I hope creative can help you with your problem.

Or ot may be the new processor/ board combination, why didn't you just get the Atholon 64 instead of the Septeron 64.

I don't think many cards are compatible with that

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Hello. I installed a new Creative Sound Blaster Zx sound card and installed the drivers from the CD and have found that the controls/features from the Z-Series control panel are not activating. The video within the control panel itself runs but there is no sound. Windows shows there is sound playing from it though but nothing can be heard. Do I need to turn something else on or adjust more audio settings somewhere?

As another note, before I was able to install the drivers from the cd itself, Windows had automatically installed something after recognizing the new hardware, then I ran the driver CD. I also had a previous external sound blaster audio card/driver that I was using before.

Thank you for the help. Have a great day!

Screenshot of Issue:

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster Zx Z-Series control Panel = no sound

What OS are you using.

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Hi! I just installed a new mother board and cpu. Its an ECS 755-A2 mother board with a 3200+ AMD Sempron/64-bit CPU. It's not the best, but i was trying to save money.

Before, I had a soyo and a 2800+ AMD Athlon XP and i had the Sound Blaster Live 5.1. Now with this ECS mb, the sound card doesn't get detected anymore, even in device manager. I downloaded the new driver for the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 from their official website and when I came to install it... it said that there were no Sound Blaster cards detected on my computer even though it was securely pushed in IN a pci slot!!

Then I decided that I don't need sound blaster so i installed the driver for the integrated sound card on my mb (realtek AC-97) and everything LOOKS fine according to their program and the control panel (sound and audio options) but i dont receive any sound from anything at all. I was planning on buying a NEW sound card but then i decided to test this Sound Blaster Live 5.1 on my bro's computer. Ironically, it was detected on his 1.2 ghz AMD Athlon Thunderbird and now i'm puzzled as why it wasn't detected on mine.

What solutions have I tried?

I installed numerous drivers for both the sound blaster and the integrated sound card repeatedly and there wasn't any hope.

I re-installed the OS twice (I'm willing to do a third though)

I don't know what else I can try.. can anyone help and please don't say the mother board :[?

3200+ AMD Sempron... Read more

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I am so close to having my new audio system established. On the headphone side, all I need to do is place my order. However, I've run into a bit of a snag considering the sound card.

I was originally recommended the Sound Blaster Z to pair with my headphones. Exact card here, the one with the external microphone since I'll need it. Unfortunately, this sound card specifies Windows 7 and 8 as supported operating systems. I asked if it would still work for Vista, but the other forum (headphone forum) seemed to think that it wouldn't, unfortunately. I'm not looking to upgrade my OS. As horrible and clunky as it is, I've made it work for me.

IF it would work with Vista, than just let me know and read no further. If not, I'd love if I could get some recommendations for a comparable card.

I'm looking for the best sound card possible, given my physical and operational specs. I have PCI-E slots 1x and 4x free, and my OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 32x. The card will support both gaming and music, though I'm more concerned with gaming than music at this point. I'm not looking to drop a bundle (the SB-Z was a little on the expensive side) but as high as 70 or 80 is acceptable. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I'm raring to place my orders, haha.

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Hello there,
As in the title: I have lost sound after latest Windows 10 update, which happened yesterday (23rd June 2017) - I am using Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, then reinstalling the device, then reinstalling the device and the drivers - nothing helped. When I am testing the device I can hear something really silent - but all of my audio settings are maxed. I do not know what to do next to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance for any tips and advices.

P.S. Also the system and the Sound Blaster Z-Series control panel does not see my microphone plugged, but it is plugged to the same place as before the update. I also checked the settings in the Sound Blaster Z-Series control panel, and everything is set as before the update.

P.S. no.2 : The system does see the Sound Card working, as for example when I play a youtube video that sound indicator next to the Sound Blaster Z device in sound settings is going green and moving.

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Hey guys. I just rebuilt my computer myself due to a processor and mobo failure. Before the computer fried, I had windows Vista 32bit installed and my card ran fine minus all the good Creative Labs programs (equalizer etc.). The card worked. I rebuilt my computer, brand new everything other then the sound card, same Windows Vista. I get everything up and running and I come to find out Windows is not recognizing my card. I checked the motherboard one time just to make sure it was plugged into the PCI slot all the way. Whoops! Wasn't plugged in all the way. Start it up, still no recognization. Well? I download the latest drivers from It starts extracting, then I get an error saying "Setup was unable to detect a device." Now I'm stumped. Any suggestions?

Answer:Sound Card problem: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS


If you rebuilt your PC did you have to get a new Motherboard and if so what one is it, make and model version please as many come with onboard sound these days and this needs in some cases to be disabled in the BIOS menu to allow the PC to see the PCI add-on one.

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It makes it sound like the only way to get sound from all of your speakers is to enable cmss and click that top option. The only way I can get sound from all of my speakers is to enable the bottom option. What is the deal, and am I getting the best/worst sound in the way I am doing it?

Answer:Sound from all of my speakers (Sound Blaster Live, Audigy)

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I have a sound blaster live! 24 bit sound card and it would be very helpful if someone could tell me or send me a link of the pin sets so that i can hook up my front sound.
thank you

Answer:Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit font sound hook up

You have to use the motherboard sound connectors to connect the front sound

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This seems to be a problem that Creative has not been able to fix with new drivers. The work around is to limit the computer to below 4GB of memory. Has anyone come up with drivers that work so I can use all my memory?

Answer:Garbled sound NF4/Sound Blaster XFi Gamer with over 4GB memory

Sorry but your post leaves lots of questions. Can you tell us what the issue is with what piece of hardware or software? System specs?

See this - How To Ask For Help


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Hello --

After I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 Pro, there was no sound. Obviously, Creative Labs has yet to release compatible drivers for many of their sound cards. Nevertheless, I found out that I'd make it work by changing its modes back and forth via its Audio Control Center. I have to do this every time I reboot the system.

Do you think the problem is with the driver or Windows itself? If it's the driver, why world it work simply by re-setting / changing its option?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Sound Issue in Windows 10 with Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium

I too have the same issue only for me no one seems to be wanting to help me out with this one for some reason. I have a x-fi titanium pci express and I still would like to know why it has been taking so long for creative to get off their duff and get the windows 10 drivers and software out prior to its release this past wednesday because right now I have sound from only 1 speaker even though I have a 5.1 audio surround speaker setup for my pc.

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I'm trying to make my "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex" works on Windows 7 64 bits, I did install the most new version of the drivers provided by Creative Labs, it seems like it is installed without any problems....the Device Manager shows all drivers are installed correctly...when I run the audio test the graphic moves like if the soundcard actually works but the real thing is: THERE IS NO SOUND!!, I have done all the tests that Creative labs recommends in their page but I got nothing, please could somebody help me to make this sound card works??

Thank you!

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex does not sound in Win7x64

That is an old sound card and what Creative calls a "legacy" card. Do you have the SB set as the default audio playback device?

Do you have any integrated audio (on the motherboard) devices enabled? If you do, disable that in the BIOS as it can conflict.

Try reseating the sound card (with the PC off) and see if that makes any difference.

Have you tried plugging a headset into the GREEN speaker jack on the rear of the card, in case your speakers are the fault?

Also, please fill in the My System Specs as it helps us to try and help you.

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I have put the sound card into my computer and made sure that I've hooked up everything correctly, but I have ran into a problem with it. When I ran the download "Product Identification Module Update" from the Creative website, it's telling me that I don't have the right OS, and tells me to update to Windows 7 or later versions. Well, my problem is that I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, which I know is plenty new, and I don't understand why it's not letting me download the update/driver for the sound card. Please do help if you are able to

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound card issue

MrRatigan, Welcome to SF. Check to make sure that you have fully updated W7 and then double check and see if the Creative downloads will take then.

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Hey guys,
I just recently bought a Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit external sound card to connect my 5.1 speaker set into. I plug the Sound Blaster into my laptop which runs Windows Vista Business.
I have been able to get all the speakers working with the Windows drivers installed using the "Virtual Sound" option (Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers -> Enhancements.) Windows tests all speakers correctly also.
However, when I install the updated Creative drivers it will continue to use only 2 speakers even with DVD's etc... even though Windows understands I am using 5.1
I would just leave it without the Creative drivers, however I need them in order to record audio properly through its inputs.
Has anyone else encountered this, or know how to fix this? Damn Vista always causing problems
Any help would be appreciated.


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i have a dell computer and i just got it back because the second hard drive went on it so i had to load everything back on it. But everytime i reinstall my sound card that is sound blaster live 24 bit. It works right when i install it but once my computer gets shutdown or restarts. It stops working and no sound will come out. I tryed unstalling and reinstalling it and it does samething.Any help please?

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I just bought this sound card and installed drivers for Windows 10. (and a crapton of bloatware with UI of Win XP media player...)
Everything works well except one thing: when I change the sound (or mute) I don't see Windows 10 volume bar. I mean these:

The sound itself changes, but there is no indicator. Is there a way to fix that?

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro - default Win sound indicator?

In desktop computers changing the volume is only indicated at notification area (clock) by the number of "waves" there are next to the speaker icon. The volume bar is only visible when you change the volume from dedicated keys or key combinations (usually in a notebook). So when in a notebook you press the key combinations for audio level, you see the volume bar on screen, but in PC there is rarely such combination on the keyboard. Changing the volume from the speaker icon doesn't show the volume bars.

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I have recently reformated and in spite of getting the latest driver, the sound is very garbled. I have had this before but have forgotten how I cured it. The sound is fine from the soundcard source but is not so from the Control Panel 'Sound' source. I guess this is internal to my motherboard.Any clues?Windsor.

Answer:Sound Blaster 64 Gold garbled sound with W98SE.

The sound cannot be Sound Blaster originated.It is the sound s that are generated when windows is entered etc.The first time one is generated it is OK. But from then on it is distorted.Thanks crx600 for your advice - but no go!Anybody else got any ideas???

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I installed a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx to run digital communication with my ham radio gear. After installing the SB the original IDT ports don't work. The IDT does not show in the Deives Manager. I tried down loading the IDT drivers but got a message not compatable and download failed.  I have done this on other HP computers I have owned with no problem.Thank you any help you can give me. LarryC4 

Answer:On board sound gone after installing Sound Blaster Audigy Fx...

Hi: See if your BIOS has an onboard audio setting. If it does, it may have automatically gone to disabled when you installed the add on video card. Check the options you have for the onboard audio setting. If it is on Auto or Disabled, change it to Enabled, save the setting where you made the change, and again when you exit. The sound should work on both devices then. And if the audio card doesn't work with the onboard audio setting on enabled, then change it to Auto if the onboard setting had been on disabled.

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I just bought a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value and ive been having problems with Halo on the Pc. When i turn on Hardware Accelaration the sound is better than software but when its on i shoot a weapon and the sounds cuts on and off. Its annoying. So when the videos play i can hear talking sometimes and sometimes not. So whats could be wrong. Any Suggestions. Here are my System Specs: (just built)
MOBO: Forgot brand it think its MSI or ASUS but dont want to look for it.
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Mem:1024MB of DDR-RAM
Graphics: Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro 256MB
HD:2xWD Raptor 74GB in RAID0
Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value (when for this one because i ran out of money on other components.)
PS:430W Antec

Answer:Sound Problems with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value

The first thing I would do is install the latest driver. Maybe you did this already but you didn't mention it. If you did and it isn't working, maybe an older driver might work.

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My DELL4100 933/133 384mb 20gb WINS ME has no sound?? I tried to uninstal sound driver > Devise Mang and reboot. That did not work. What can I do to correct this Prob?? Please help me!! ODIE

Answer:No Sound - Sound Blaster Live Disabled??

I don't fully understand your post?

Anyway, make sure it's enabled correctly in the bios, find the driver details in Device Manger, and manually remove it if uninstall doesn't.

Then just reboot and the new hardware wizard should appear.

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Hi, I just reformatted and most is figured but my sound card. I have an SB Audugy (1) Sound Card. I had a lot of trouble finding a driver that would actually make it play any sound. I finally got one that worked, but it works badly. Whenever I play an MP3 or my alerts on MSN Messenger go off, it makes this really crackly screetchy sound. It must be something to do with the software. If there is any update software, do you think it could work, and where could I find it?Thanks.

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card

Scratchy sounds are usually the indication of bad speakers. How old is this computer?

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Hello all!

I just installed a Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM) from 2001, I know it's quite old, but it's the only one I have available to me.

After I installed it, it worked temporarily until I rebooted to finish the driver installation. After that, I've had no sound at all, and I need my sound for my games.

My computer specs are as follows:

Processor: Pentium IV AMD Athlon XP 2100+ ~2.1GHz
Video: NVIDIA GeForce5 FX 5200, 256MB Onboard RAM - Overclocked to 325 MB.
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM)
MoBo: VIA KM266
Memory: 1GB 210MHz DDR RAM - 1 Stick
Hard drives: (2), 50.4GB SATA (7200RPM); 111.4GB SATA (7200RPM)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Answer:No Sound: Creative Sound Blaster: Value 1024 (WDM)

Get into the device manager and "roll back" the sound driver to the time before you installed the non-working driver... or remove the sound driver and reboot your computer and see if the driver is automatically reinstalled and working

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Hi I installed Daniel K sound pack and its installed but get no sound?



Answer:Sound Blaster Live Value daniel k no sound?

Non Creative (SoundBlaster) drivers may or may not work. Best option, if there is no Creative Win 7 driver is to use a sound card that is compatible.

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I have just taken delivery of my new computer which has a Creative Audigy SB 7.1 sound card installed.
In my old PC the creative sound card had a 'Auditorium' EAX sound affect which I liked which is not listed in my new sound card.
Is it possible to download the 'Auditorium' EAX sound affect from somewhere and add it to the list in my new sound card.

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster EAX Sound Affects

Doesn't look like that card supports EAX see here

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Just need a quick installation guide. I took delivery of the above card today. The package contents where the Card, case badge and installation cd.I presume you just simply plug the card into an available PCI slot and install the drivers and Bob's your Uncle.The only reason I ask is that unless i'm mistaken the sound card I have now is a Audigy LS and i'm pretty sure there's a lead going from the sound card into the back of the dvd-rom drive and there's no such cables in with the X-Fi box.Thanks everyone.

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card

I had a look at package contents for the card at creative and is no mention of cd to card cable. You should have a quick start guide and a user guide in the box. On my old computer I had a soundblaster that worked ok with no cable even though it was supposed to have one. The data just goes through the ribbon cable. Maybe these fancy new cards don,t need a cable.

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im trying t o figure out if i should use my on-board sound card or the Audigy se

I run vista
the board is a geforce8200a with IDT High definitiont audio device
and i want to know if by adding the Audigy SE will it improve my system performance or down grade it

2 gb of ram
2.8 ghz processor dual core

any other info just ask

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy SE or on-board sound?

ok you will need to download this program because there are a few motherboards that use that

than after you have downloaded it right click on the file and hit extract or it might say unzip than open the extracted folder if it doesn't do that automatically than run cpuz. after its finished loading look at the top and click the tab that says mainboard than write down the information it says about your motherboard than post it here and that should make it easier to tell you which is better.

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Hi Everyone,

This issue has been going on for about a year now, both on 32 and 64 bit XP. My computer is around 3 years old, and no hardware has changed since then.

All my drivers are up-to-date, BIOS updates, software, patches, windows etc.

I have had lots of "theories" or "temp fixes" sent to me but in reality are not suitable.

When I play music (with any player) sometimes the sound crackles, to resolve the issue I have to pause then unpause the song and it stops for the duration of that song.

My Sound Card:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card - OEM (PCI-Express) to expand...

I have found lots of information, but non suitable.

Sound issues with crackling and popping
A number of owners of X-Fi cards have come to experience what is known as a constant popping and crackling noise during use of the cards. Creative has attributed the case to be NVIDIA nForce motherboards, however many other users who do not use these motherboards continue to experience the sound issues. Creative has not provided a fix as of yet for this to expand...

I have 680i SLI NIVDIA motherboard.. but none of the above fixes work.

There's tons of websites/webpages with people having the same problem. Read more

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi [Sound issues crackling]

It's a bit hard to suggest without going through everything to see what you might have tried already (although I did have a look at your second link and a very quick look at the third). So please excuse if you have already tried the following, or if they seem too obvious (more hardware than software suggestions, as you have perhaps been trying mostly software, by the look of it).

It kinda sounds like something's deteriorating, and when you give it a moment to rest, it resets itself.

You haven't mentioned anything about your speakers (or headphones). Are they OK? Have you tried others, or tried yours in another computer? Can you try a USB speaker (if you haven't got that already)? How are the connections/cables/jacks?

Do you have an onboard audio driver you can try (ie take out the sound card)? Can you borrow a sound card to try?

Maybe it's a poor connection, including solder joint, in there somewhere. Hard to track down - have to try swapping things.

Is your problem confined to one medium (CD/DVD, stored audio files, downloaded music), or does it happen with all types?

Does it happen when you're eating Rice Bubbles? -D) (It's late, OK?)

Any possibility of interference from nearby electronics or electrical appliances?

Is your power supply unit OK? (Don't know why these last two items would be fixed by pausing the song, but I'm running low on ideas - maybe I'll stop here and let someone else have a go...)

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Hi, I have just installed a new SB 5.1 VX card in my Pc after my old SB Live 5.1 failed. All indications are that the card was successfully installed, I have the latest drivers but to get a barely decent volume ( i.e enough to drown out the T.V) I have to have all the all the sliders up to 100%. At this level set on my old card, I would have no ear wax left!!! Have tried different headphones/speakers to no avail. Any ideas or have I bought a knackered card. BB

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My DELL 4100 PenIII 933/133 384mb 20 gb Win ME has no sound. I tried to uninstall the sound driver thru Devise Mang. That did not work. What should I do?? Can I remove the sound card & put it back. Would that work?? ODIE

Answer:No Sound - Sound Blaster Live Disabled??

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I have put this sound card in and when windows starts up it play this little sound after the windows clip, and i dont want it to play. how can i turn it off!.

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster Sound Card

You have to go to creative eax in the start menu and in the lower right hand corner there is a little blue box with eax on it ,click on the little thing that looks like a page in the box and you can dissable it there.

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Hello guys,

Last night I was helping to a friend and connected his computer with mine by KVM switch. We had done all, I got unplugged KVM switch,reconnected my monitor,KB an mouse.Everything was just fine.

After a while,without reason, (or there may be some reason which I can't figure out),I just got lost out of my sound. Uninstalled and reinstalled all X-Fi apps,no good.

Now I have installed a fresh OS,updated (it's all accurate under my system specs),and all drivers,including SB X-Fi Xtreme audio.No good.

1.Device Manager recognizes proprely under Sound, video and game controllers (SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio/This device is working properly.)
2.Click on Speakers icon,on the General tab,Jack Information :No Jack Information Available
3.Check or uncheck box next to Digital output settings makes no difference
4.Headphones tested on another computer,working
5.Equalizer shows moving green line when playing audio,as if it work
6.No system sounds
7.There are 2 events in Event Viwer,attached to this post.

I have fresh Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64,no antivirus,no antimalware,no any other program,only updates, Adobe Flash Player,and drivers.

Starting to think that i'm missing something simple.Totally confused here after checking so many things so many times.

Looking forward to your response.

Answer:No sound on Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme audio

1. Reseat the SoundBlaster sound card (with the PC powered off, unplug then plug back in). SoundBlasters have a history of seating problems.

2. Post a screenshot of the Device Manager, Sound section.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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This may help others having the same problem... After spending a whole evening trying to get sound from a successful installation of the sound card and driver, I decided to give it one more attempt. the next morning (with a fresh brain) . Here's what I did differently to get it to work...

Disabled Auto Installation of Drivers
Disabled Virus Protection and Firewall
Disabled Onboard Audio (BIOS)

Installed Sound Card
Installed Standalone Driver SB24_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0090
Opened Sound Control Panel > Speaker Properties > Custom and selected Digital Output Only (my speakers are digital) omit this if your speakers are analog

Hope this helps!

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hey, i have a SB LIVE! 5.1 and everytime i start a game, after a few minutes, the overall sound gets some weird sounds like pops and they only disappear when i reboot my computer! but they come back when i start a game, i dont know if it is wave distortion or not but its really getting me upset ... and i updated the drivers with LiveDrvUni_Pack(ENG).

the games that i've experiencied this sound glitches are GTA San Andreas and Splinter Cell 1, they are the ones i've been playing lately...

Answer:Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Sound Glitches

yeah my SB live card has problems a lot when i turn EAX on in games. I've noticed it mainly when I'm running two programs that use sound at once...teamspeak and CoD, teamspeak and BF2...things like that. The surround works just fine though if i'm doing one or the other.

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Done the research, and unless I've missed something, there's a caveat that hasn't been addressed in this issue.

I have an SB Live! value card, have installed the Daniel_K driver for it, following the suggestions about deleting the existing RealTek (which didn't seem to work, though I didn't put *any* time into why that didn't work), and scrubbing the system with the recommended driver scrubber - can't remember the name but it was recommended in an earlier post.

I *record* with the SB Live! value card because of the low-noise, and rock-bottom price that these are now available for. On-board sound has terrible noise floor issues. They all do. I occasionally play games with the analog joystick, and attach to the midi port to back up my Roland VG-8 guitar fx box. The card is fully utilized in my system, so I don't want to switch to the on-board garbage.

So, back to the problem. The Daniel_K drivers installed well, BUT, though I see the VU meter in the system tray responding on playback (i.e,, it jumps around indicating that Windows is trying to send the signal to the card), I get no sound out of the speakers. I've tried headphones with no joy. I've also tried the KX drivers (nice effort btw, but no midi, or joystick drivers with the KX stuff), with the same result. No sound from the card.

No IRQ conflicts, no DMA issues, etc. I've tried it in the only other slot on the mobo.

BTW, mobo is new, and uses the AMD SB710 southbridge. Does that Southbridge just n... Read more

Answer:Sound blaster Live! Value card - no sound

Most new motherboards only have a "bridged" PCI slot to the PCIe bus. Many PCI cards will not work or work properly with the bridged PCI slot. There are many posts about this on the recording forums.

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Hi - my 1st post, I read the rules but if I missed something be gentle, I'll learn.

3 year old dell e520, windows xp media edition-SP2,verizon dsl thru home network only,networked 4 into 1 multifunction machine and work laptop [uses the wireless part] printer & MFC use network cables

Have picked up something something in the last 3-4 days that acts like the old blaster worm, when I go online I'll get this message usually within 10 min. Note --Can use the machine all day if I'm off-line with no shutdown issues. And can kill the shutdown with start-run-shutdown -a : so I've been able to complete all my scans

Here's the message I get.
"{This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM...Time before shutdown : 00:00:60...Message windows must now restart because the DCOM Server Process Launcher service terminated unexpectedly.}"

Others on the net are talking about similar symptoms ,seems to be similar to the old blaster worm. Still scanning with everything I've got, trend micro internet security,malwarebytes anti-malware, superantisyware, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Sadly no luck yet.

A few more issues lately, may or may not be related,
#1 can't boot to safe mode, boots fine normally
#2 Network scanner software won't keep the IP address, so it won't scan, it's a 4 into 1 machine and the network printer part works, t... Read more

Answer:Acts like a blaster worm,can't find it though

Hello Zappafrank,

What you have here is a hijacked hard disk controller. It will require more than 1 round to clean the system. Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seem to abate.

Download ComboFix from one of these locations:

Link 1
Link 2

* IMPORTANT- Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop


Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications as they will interfere with our tools and the removal.


Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.

As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.

Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.

**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, y... Read more

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I reinstalled WindowsXP in my computer recently. I downloaded DriverMax and the result of uninstalled hardware is as under:HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer Conexant Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % FMV-FX52Z2(A)Manufacturer Fujitsu Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % Motorola SM56 Data Fax ModemManufacturer Motorola Inc Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % Motorola SM56 Voice ModemManufacturer Motorola Inc Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MRManufacturer PCtel Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer PCtel Hardware type Modems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % HSP56 MR (VIA)Manufacturer PCtel Hardware type M?dems Hardware class Modem Hardware ID VEN_1106&DEV_3068&SUBSYS_4C211543&REV_80 Vendor ID 1106 Match probability 100 % How to proceed further how i can know which is my Modem amongst all above so that i can... Read more

Answer:how to find a hardware make and model to find driver

Clik Here...

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I want to get the OEM but is there anything required to run it that comes with the Retail package? There are no differences in any of the specs/included equipment listed on newegg.

Answer:Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS PCI Sound Card "SB0350" (OEM or Retail?)

there isnt any specificatin difference of th actual hardware, just that retail comes in box and other opened with the drivers only.

get OEM, as i'm as well using just the card and drivers, though i have retail ZS

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My boyfriend just bought a new sound card because the first one he bought wasn't working.

He's trying to use it in Teamspeak but nothing is working (He has the headphones hooked up but his voice doesn't work. *I made sure he had it turned on*)

He bought the Sound Blaster X-Fi and installed it, he uninstalled the first one through the control panel. (maybe not the correct way but he wouldn't wait for me to look anything up.)

Everything seems to be up to date but he can't record any sound. (had him try recording with Windows Sound Recorder)

He would like to be able to talk on teamspeak...

- He still needs to test everything in DirectX Diagnostic Tool. (but he's looking at other things at the moment :/ )

Is there anything that he might have over looked?

(I'm posting for him because he doesn't have an account here, and well I figured I get more help here than anywhere else.)

If there is anything else I need to find out, I'm more than happy to get that information. Also thank you for the help.

Answer:Sound Card help, Sound Blaster X-Fi

what card was in there before? ive had driver problems with creative cards before and fixed it with a "clean sweep" as the creative techs call it. here's the link:,VARSET=ws:,case=1712
and go to the PCI Sound Blaster tab

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As part of an update of my system I have just installed a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card.The installation has gone alright and all the software is working and its own tests show no problems. However, I can't get any sound out of my speakers?At the moment I two rubbish speakers that only have one analog plug but the new sound card has three analog plugs (for surround sound). I have tried the plug in all three and get nothing. I am going to buy surround sound speakers but thought my old ones would work until I replaced them.What I really want to know is whether the card is iffy or do I need the correct speakers for the card to work properly (if so I'll get them tomorrow).Apologies for going on but any help would be appreciated.

Answer:No sound with a Sound Blaster Audigy 2

Not sure, but if you have the sound card set up for surround and are only using stereo speakers, would you get any sound ?Try checking the sound card controls to check it is set to stereo (2 speakers) stereo only, check the documentation or help files to see which cables are to be used for stereo sound only.

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here is the thing installed ubuntu on a pentium 3 with 168 mb of ram to give to my neibor! suprisingly it's faster then windows 2000 and at least it's up to date security wise.

Anyway it has an ISA soundblaster 16 HOW do i install the Module(driver) for it.
this is what i have come up with but can't get it to work

i first boot into it. login

then what?

It is a ISA Soundblaster. Not sure which haven't opend in a long time. i believe it is a sound blaster 16 not awe! pleas ehelp thanks.

Answer:ubuntu sound ISA Sound blaster

I'd checkout a few posts returned from googling: isa soundblaster ubuntu:

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Hello .
i have a sound blaster sound card on my machine .
sound blaster 5.1 value

i have had some problems not being able to hear sound from all 6 speakers . i found out the problem . but this can only be fixed by installing the software that came on the cd . creativ play center .
well i pop in the disc and it says that there isnt any sound blaster dected on my machine .. well the card is installed and this is hte same cd that came with the card .
so i went and uninstalled the card and tried it again .. nothing .
why wouldnt it detect the card when its installed .
and yes the sound sound works - i have sound ..
just not all the speakers are working . and this is a setting in the play center ( creativ ) that i need to check . i have done this may times before in the creativ play center .
any help is greatly appreciated .
cheers T - MGT ..

Answer:sound blaster sound card

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Last week I was trying to copy some audio cassetts from my stereo to my hard drive. That was when I found out I did not have the appropriate sound card to do so. I cantacted Dell and purchased a sound card which is supposed to work with my system, which is a Dell XPS420 Windows Vista Home Premium. The sound card arrived, I installed the sound card and the Drivers from the CD which came with it. My speakers sound like a Microphone without a wind damper, and no volume. I disabled the "Digital Output Device {SPDIF] High Definition Audio Device} driver so their would not be any conflicts. Sound very fuzzy and very far away, even with all the volume controls turned up. The sound card is from Creative labs and is a Soundblaster Audigy 24bit. Normally I am very good with this type of thing. By the way I have contacted their Tech Support twice, went to the site and tried all their troubleshooting tips there. I gey whispering sound from the speakers when I move the mouse couser accross the desktop.

Answer:Sound blaster sound card

That should be I GET a whispering sound from the speakers when I move the Mouse Cursor accross the desktop.

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I recently installed creative sound blaster extigy. It worked fine for 3 weeks but now no sound. I have checked all connections, etc. Please help!!

Answer:Sound blaster extigy no sound

Try another sound card and then we can go from there...

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First time posting here, hopes are high.
I have a computer, athlon 1800+ XP processor, 512MB Ram, 30GB HDD, DVD combo drive, CDRW Drive, Sound Blaster 2 Card, Raden 8500 video card. Systems running windows 2000 professional, recently purchased Logitech Z-640 Speakers in hopes that I could listen to my movies in surround, but alas the speakers have thwarted me. I have it all wired correctly, speakers to sub, sub to center channel, center channel to the 3 surround outputs on my card. I get sound through the Front left and front right and sub, and if i press the nifty matrix button I get some use out of the center channel. The rear 2 speakers have not worked to date. I have the most recent drivers available from Creative, july 29 04 i believe was the date released. The speakers work fine if i switch the rear and plug them into the front. I tried to download the DVD-audio play software from creative, but it wont install, as well as the surround sound mixer program from creative. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Neal Strong

Answer:Sound Blaster 2 Surround Sound Help

This may be obvious but have you gone into control panel/ sound and audio devices and made sure the 5.1 setting is enabled for your speakers? What happens when you try to install the various programs that won't install. Any error messages? Excuse my ignorance what is a "matrix button"?

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Question: Sound Blaster ?

I won't play any games on my desktop only on-line.
Which sound blaster do I order?

Sound Blaster Audigy™2 ZS (D) Card w/Dolby 5.1, and IEEE 1394 ]

more expensive Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ XtremeMusic (D), w/Dolby® Digital 5.1 or

Answer:Sound Blaster ?

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I installed a new SB PCI 16 and when I run the installation program it installs everything twice.
I went to the help screen and did what it said...go to Device Manager and delete one each...the next time I booted up it says it found new hardware and re installed the 3 items I deleted. It happens everytime I delete them.
How can I stop this from doing it. It doesnt give me the option to say no
Thank you

Answer:Sound Blaster PCI 16

Are these duplicate installs or other? Most souncards will install,
a legacy device
a game port
and the souncard.

Please give us a few more details.


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i just got vista yesterday and i installed the drivers etc now everything works expect the xfi console launcher etc i keep getting errors like this.

i need to use it so i can edit the sound /crystalizer etc any help?

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ok so i have a set of logitech x-530 5.1 surround sound speakers and a sound blaster live 24 bit sound card and only the 2 front speakers seem to work and the subwoofer.

iv got all the cables plugged into the rite place and at the back the cables are also going into the rite place as they are colour coded.

can some1 please help me mum has bough me this for christmas and is reli pissed of that it aint working, thnx =]

i have also set my options 2 5.1 on the control pannel but still no change, i previously had an onboard sound card but iv just left it in and installed the drivers for this sound card.

Answer:5.1 and sound blaster 24 bit

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

You may want to remove the 5.1 sound card and drivers, then
uninstall the drivers for onboard sound. It may be a good idea
to run a reg cleaner after uninstalling all sound drivers.
Disable the on board sound in the bios and Re-install the sound card,
boot into windows and install the sound card drivers.
Let us know how things workout.


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Does anybody have a driver for the Sound Blaster 16 PCI for Windows 3.1

Answer:Sound Blaster 16 PCI


Wow thats an oldie!!

Hopefully the 3.11 drivers are HERE just need to agree, and only live link I could get from Creative.

This is the text for the download

File Name : sbbasic.exe
This package contains Audio drivers, DOS Mixer, DOS Diagnostic program, Win 3.1 Mixer & AWE Control Panel (for AWE32/SB32 cards).
This package updates the following:

1.Solves a problem on 486 system with CT4520 with large amount of upgrade sample DRAM when '/S' command line parameter is used.
2.Fixes bug on the shift in the Master Volume slider (jump to the end) whenever focus is switched back to it. This only happens after the Master-In Volume slider is adjusted.
3.Fixes wave playback looping problem in full duplex mode.
4.Removes the POP sound that can be heard during bootup. This event happens when the MIXERSET /p /q is inserted in the AUTOEXEC.BAT.
5.Fixes a bug on AWE Control Panel.
6.Resolves a problem when "Default" button is pressed under Creative MIDI Instrument Mapper when MIDI is playing.
NOTE: For DOS/Windows 3.1 only. This package is intended for those without DOS/Win3.1 audio software.Click to expand...


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Question: sound blaster

I want to upgrade my sound card on a dimension e520.
I found an Xtreme Music PCI (model  SB0460) but without D.
Can i buy that card or is a problem?

Answer:sound blaster

You should be thinking about a new computer instead of upgrading or replacing parts an obsolete model like the e520. Use it as is until you can replace it. Sound cards are old school now. Almost all the new models have integrated sound that is better for everyday home use.

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Question: Sound Blaster MP3+

I have installed a Sound Blaster MP3+ on my computer for the purpose of recording our old lp's. I am getting sound from my speakers, but, cannot record. Nothing is recognized as
playing on my computer. Computer is running Windows XP with a Pentium 4 processor (speed is 2.66 ghz). I have used this sound card on another computer in the past and even though it barely had enough requirements for this card, it did work. I do not remember how the hardware was setup. This time, though, I followed the instructions for the sound card.
The turntable is hooked into a receiver which goes to the line in. The speakers go to the line out. The card is recognized by my computer. I have also downloaded the upgraded driver for the sound card. Any ideas??????

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Question: Sound Blaster 16

I am running a p 166 mhz with a sb 16 (plz dont ask why)
anyways, the sb doesn't want to play through wave out
it will play audio cds and midi fine
does anyone know where i can find the jumper settings perhaps? thanx

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Question: Sound Blaster

My sound chip on my motherboard seem to have gone kaput, got a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE.
Apparently it don't work with Win7, yet its all right on my Vista partition.

Trying to find a driver that will make it compatible with 7.
Anyone had that problem.

Answer:Sound Blaster

hi wysiwyg49, and welcome to sevenforums,

vista drivers should work ok.

try right-clicking on the driver installer program >> properties >> compatibility >> tick the box and try one of the vista modes.

please let us know if it works (or not)!

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Relevance 49.61%

I have a sound blaster pci 128 on board sound and I was told I should buy a sound card, it is also a sound blaster pci 128 ..and I am confused of what the difference is. Thank you.

Answer:sound blaster pci 128

There is no point of replacing the onboard SB 128 with a ad on SB 128 pci card. They are basically identical. If you want to replace it, get a better one.

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I'm trying to get my SoundBlaster Live! to do SB16 Emulation in DOS so I can play an OLD game (Dragon's Lair). I'm currently using Win98SE until my replacement hard drive comes in. Here's my problem:

I followed instructions to make a SB16 emulation boot disk, using the instructions at this link:

Followed the instrutions exactly, and when I run the file that it specifies (, I get a message saying the SB16 emulation failed due to exceeding the memory limit. The recommended that I load the file before I load Smartdrv.exe, and this was also mentioned at the bottom of the instructions on the above link. My question is, how do I do this? I can't find any reference to smartdrv.exe even loading up in my autoexec.bat and config.sys. I know that himem.sys has SOMETHING to do with it, but I don't want to disable that, since the instructions told me to put that line in the config.sys. How do I get my sound to work in DOS to play this stupid game? If I had any hair, I'd pull it out!

Here are my Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files as they are on the boot disk:


set LglDrv=27 * 26 Z 25 Y 24 X 23 W 22 V 21 U 20 T 19 S 18 R 17 Q 16 P 15
set LglDrv=%LglDrv% O 14 N 13 M 12 L 11 K 10 J 9 I 8 H 7 G 6 F 5 E 4 D 3 C
call setramd.bat %LglDrv%
set temp=c:\
set tmp=c:\
copy %RAMD%:\ >... Read more

Answer:Sound Blaster in DOS

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Question: sound blaster

i have a sound blaster live value card but have misplaced original driver cd and would like to install these drivers could any please point me in the right directionthanks for any assistance

Answer:sound blaster

click here .

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Question: sound blaster

I have been trying now for weeks to try and figure out what is wrong with my computer. I am still trying to find out what is wrong with my sound card? and if i even have one.
I have been looking in my files and have come across the following:Audiopci has folders that tell me these things:dos4gw folder says dos/4gw fatal error (1004):syntax is dos4gw
mt32 folder says error ci audio windows driver is not loaded
folder three says sbcfg and contains the info
sbpci environment not found there are many other folders that tell me sound blaster is not found etc?
what is happening? and how can i fix this?
Does having 3d savage blaster have anything to do with this? im new to the techno world so im just guessing?
i cant run windows media player?
any help at all would be great. your advice has been very helpful

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Question: Sound Blaster

I just downloaded Creative Sound Blaster Audio PCI 128D, but I evidently don't have the drivers to support it. Where can I download them? I'm going in circles with Gateway updates and Windows updates.

Also, what's the best device for listening to internet radio? I have RealOne now.

Thanks! In advance.

Answer:Sound Blaster

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taking into account that my PC is quite old and the sound card I want (sound blaster X-FI platinum sound card) is over £100 is there a new PC I could buy that would have this card or an even better one already installed? Thanks Pittza

Answer:PC with sound blaster?

1.Would the sound card you want be compatible with your old system?2. You are stalling on the price of the card but not the price of a new PC with this card fitted???3. Are you replacing a card?4. What are you system specs?

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Question: sound blaster

does creative soundblaster work
well with vista

Answer:sound blaster

So! 14 hrs into it and no sound yet! X-Fi Xtreme music

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Recently, I bought a sound card called "Sound Blaster audigy2 value".

Does "Available PCI 2.1 or higher compliant slot for the audio card" means i need a PCI Express motherboard???

I'll appreciate that if anyone can help out......THANKS

Answer:About Sound Blaster

no, audigy2 is for normal WHITE PCI slot, obviously you wont be installing the Audigy 2 into 486-DX system? or are you?

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I'm having sound problems with my sound in some games, LIke CS:Source and Half life 2 where the sound seems choppy when there's a lot going on soundwise ie: voices and gunshot at the same time, but not music and talking and footsteps. Really only seems to happen with shooting and talking.

Could this be a problem with my sound card , maybe out dated drivers? Or could it be something of a stutter problem that my video card is causing?

Answer:Sound Blaster Live! 24. bit

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The right drivers at the last post:
Sound blaster live!

Answer:Sound blaster live!

Quote: Originally Posted by Pontii

Hi everyone.
Well i've seen alot of topics about this problem, but i havent get this soundcard to work.

My problem is: I had windows XP on my computer before, a few days ago i installed windows 7, my network, sound didnt work.
Well i fixed the network with no problem.
Now i still have problems with my sound, "cant get any sound". i've downloaded alot of drivers, but it seems that non are working... always displays that my sound blaster live isn't plugged in, when i'm trying to install the drivers.

A picture from my (device manager) |Attached it |

Hope somoene can help me solve my problems.
Thanks for all reply's
//Best regards Erik

When you have to install a non win 7 driver you have to install it in compatibility mode. To do that right click the installer>properties>compatibility mode>pick correct OS

Let us know if you neeed help


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I'm having a problem with Sound Blaster Live!   I'm running Windows XP Professional w/ SP2.   Whenever I start to play a song,you can see it in the now playing section, but there is an X that pops up where the Play symbol should be. I can hit play again and the play symbol pops up, then is replaced by the X. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sound Blaster Live!

ok all the riht codecs installed and its not set on mute or anything

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I just installed this because I needed a 5.1 speaker compatibilty for my surround sound. But after I installed it my speakers would not work. I've went through the Windows trouble shooter and reinstalled numerous times. THe only thing I haven't tried is messing with the BIOS settings, which I would rather not do if I do not have to.

Please help I can't live without sound and music

Answer:Sound Blaster Live! 24. bit

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Hey guys, i just recently bought a soundblaster called soundblaster X-Fi sb 1090. Now i've been doing game reviews using the steromix recorder. But i recently found out that, my voice didn't sync up very well. My voice were aobut a second late to everything. Please are there any way i can solve this problem? i've updated everything. please help.

Answer:Sound Blaster issue

have you got the latest drivers for your sound card?

Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster

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i have been on the "Fence" in switching from Win XP Pro to Linux for a long time, but i cant seem to give up the Micro'monopoly... just recently i downloaded one more Linux burned to yet another CD, Ubuntu 7.10, and i actually really like it. my only problem with it is that my X-Fi sound card does not work, but being that people are always making there own "drivers" and what not with Linux with-in the community, i was wondering if ANYONE out there can hook me up with a link or file to down load some Linux driver to make my Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme work on my Dell 400/9150 XPS linux machine... and my last question, if there is something out there to make my card work, short of buying a new cheap compatible one, what is the best most stable way to play World Of Warcraft on this system, because i hear WINE can be problematic... and i gotta have my War'Crack...

System now
Dell case and motherboard
ViiV Duo Core
2gig high performace Patriot ram
nV 7800 512Mb grafix
34.5gig WD HD 10000rpm (OS disk)
250gig WD HD 7200rpm (Storage)

Answer:Sound Blaster X-Fi with Linux

The ALSA project is working on X Fi compatibility, but I don't think it's there yet. Crossover Office would probably be your best bet on running WoW on Linux.

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I recently updated my hard drive. My audio speakers work fine before the change. When I use the device manager, it tells me its using multi media and not Sound Blaster Live like before. I dont know what to do, I searched... maybe they are just not compatible.
Please help! Oh by the way, I run Windows 7 Pro

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I have a ISA Sound Blaster 16 sound card. The card can successfully be setup for any programs in Windows, such as games, but when I run the same programs in pure MS-DOS mode(actually rebooting into DOS to run these programs), I run the same programs but with no sound. I looked and tried to setup my programs to use sound under DOS, but when I test my SB 16 in the setup.exe for the program, it fails!

Is SB 16 not naturally compatible with DOS? Or is there a driver I need specifically for DOS?

Answer:Sound Blaster 16 won't work under DOS

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hi, we need some help running it, win98se..

Answer:anyone got a Creative Sound Blaster MP3 ??

But up IT goes.Post some more info, what is exactly wrong?

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Well my Sound Blaster SB0460 X-FI Music Extreme wont work. Win 7 doesn't even see it. When I try to load the Vista drivers it said its not compatible with this operating system. Had the same STUPID problem with Vista until they released Vista specific drivers.


Answer:Creative Sound Blaster

Try running the installer with the compatibility for vista RTM.

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Just a quick little question... or two:

(A) Sound blaster Audigy 2 zs

(B) Sound blaster Audigy 2 zs platinum

(C) Sound blaster Audigy 2 zs platinum pro

1.) What is the difference between them?
I have gone to their web-site
to try to find out, and, unless I missed it, they don’t tell ya.

My primary concern is this: I want that card, I DON’T want that ugly-gobby-nobby thingy that comes with it. So here is my second question that will(should) answer my first:

2a.) Is (A) the same card that comes in (B) and (C)?
Cuz if so, then I am just gonna buy (A).
2b.) (B) comes with something that (A) does not. (Some software, the “ugly-gobby-nobby thingy”, etc.)
2c.) And then (C) come with something (B) does not.

Anyways, please help me.

Answer:Sound blaster Audigy 2 zs

nobody knows?

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I am unfortunate enough to have Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ as my sound card. I reformatted and Every time I reinstall my 98se OS I spend several days trying to get it to work. Not only that but Sound Blaster comes with "News Update" Spyware for the consumer to start enjoying Immediatly upon intallation. I use both Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D to wipe these wonderful additions off my computer BUT there is one file (NEWS) folder that cannot be removed with either of these remove programs. You have to go into safe mode and delete it manually there. I can't say enough about how wonderful that is of Creative to include this garbage for us without telling anyone. OK here is my question.....I have a file missing CTDproxy.dll and therefore I have no sound on my computer. I went to find files and it is in my machine but it's not working. I have deleted and reinstalled my sound card software 5 times and still that file is missing. I am not sure what to do at this point other than getting out my fine tuning and balancing hammer and fixing this my way. Any suggestions?
Celeron 466is
256MB ram
40gig HD

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster

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Answer:Sound Blaster problem

Quite recently, I've discovered that my Creative SB128PCI Sound Card likes dying when it's not been active for a while.The sound works fine during startup, but when left for a while (this length of time varies, and is possibly due to modem dialing up), any program that wants to generate a sound hangs.A restart solves the problem. I've never had this kind of problem before and it is really winding me up whenever it happens.I've also discovered that I can no longer change the settings for my sound card. Going into System Devices in Control Panel, I check the properties for my sound card. Clicking on the settings tab shows the message:"You do not have sufficient security priveliges to change device properties. Please contact your site administrator, or logout and log in again as an administrator and try again."I remember the settings tab was used for options such as adding additional MIDI WaveSets.I've always logged in as my usual name and have not messed about with logon settings.I've tried to reinstall my drivers, but that didn't work. What I did was to delete the old SB device from teh device list. I didn't restart as it told me to, as I didn't want it detecting my sound card and installing the older drivers as soon as Windows booted up. I ran the updated drivers and proceeded as usual.That security message still pops up now, and I think that is a clue to the problem.I'm using Windows ME.

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I have a creative sound blaster vx 5.1 card and creative T 6100 speakers.. For some reason the rear speakers dont work while playing 5.1 channel content.. It works only when eax is enabled in the creative control panel.. I dnt want to turn on eax. Pls help me find a solution

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster... help?

It might be slightly different for whichever OS you're using (XP or 7) but there should be an "Audio Control Panel" inside the main system control panel; In the Audio Control Panel change the "Speaker Configuration" to 5.1.

That should solve the problem.

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hi ive got a Creative Sound Blaster Live Digital 5.1 sound card, but for some reason the drivers and the audioHQ program seem to be corrupt. when i got to uninstall or install a new driver i get this:
even in safe mode it will not uninstall. any1 know what i can do to get rid of the driver?

Answer:Sound blaster problems

Try uninstalling the card in device manager, and reboot. Windows should reinstall it at bootup and then install new driver.

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