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XP SP2 won't boot, says it can't read hard disk

Question: XP SP2 won't boot, says it can't read hard disk

A while ago I was cleaning out the inside of my Compaq Presario desktop (it was very dusty) and I had it laying down on it's side. Well, last night I was trying to watch a Jackie Chan DVD and stood it up so I could use the DVD. A couple minutes later, after the DVD had just begun to play, everything froze. Firefox wouldn't open, iTunes wouldn't open, Windows Media Player wouldn't close, I couldn't even stop anything with task manager. So I turned rebooted my computer manually, and it wouldn't start. The Compaq screen at the beginning would show up, and then an error saying "Cannot read disk, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart."

The only thing I can think of that could have caused this would be standing my computer up to watch the DVD damaged the hard disk. If this is the case, can it be fixed?

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Preferred Solution: XP SP2 won't boot, says it can't read hard disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: XP SP2 won't boot, says it can't read hard disk

One thing I forgot to add. Compaq has a recovery feature. From the Compaq screen at startup you press F10 and it apparently recovers your system automatically. I don't know if this will work since my C drive can't be read anyway, but if it is what will fix my computer then it won't hurt to do it. I have all of my word docs on Google docs, my email on Gmail, and my music is on my iPod i could just copy over to my computer. Just a thought...

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I push on button - briefly see the In Touch with tomorrow TOSHIBA screen - then '+a disk read error has occurred Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart+".

I control alt delete takes me briefly back to TOSHIBA screen where I can choose either F2 or F12.

Do I need a boot disk and where can I get one from so as to boot it from the CD ROM?
Do I try and enter the Satellite M40 Product Recovery DVD-ROM - this worry's me as the hard disk will be reformatted and all data will be lost.

I am stuck please help!!

Answer:Satellite M40 does not boot from hard disk drive - read error


If you enter the Product Recovery disk, Windows will be reinstalled and all data on the HDD will be erasing.

I think your HDD is damaged. You can check this with the Drive Fitness Test. Here you can download it:
Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can test the HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

By the way: You can save the data on the HDD, when you put in an external HDD case. Then you can save the data on an other PC if the HDD is ok and do not have errors.


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Today when I started up my computer it would not start up.

It will always give the error. DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. I open the bios and it reads neither my SATA 500GB seagate hard drive or my IDE DVD Drive. I'm pretty sure my hard drive is not dead because the computer was custom built about 6 months ago and the harddrive is pretty new.

The only thing that was done before the computer stopped working was my friend tried to put in his external hard drive (no idea what kind) and it wouldn't install via plug n play so we gave up. Could his external really have messed my bios and/or hard drive up?

Main thing I did to try and fix this was remove the CMOS battery to reset the bios but that didnt help either.
Specs for my computer are.

Core Duo Processor 2.66GHz, 6AMB L2 Cache, 1333 MHz

4gb of ram

Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2 Motherboard.
PLZ help

Answer:Bios won't read Hard Drive. DISK BOOT FAILURE.

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I have a two year old HP Pavillion (now a year out of waranty) that crashed and now returns "disk read error press ctl+alt+del to restart" when attempting to boot. Using the diagnostic tools avialable under F2, I get the following failure: Hard Drive Short DST Check: FailedFailure ID: GLL3S1-76684P-MFPV7G-60RA03Product ID: E9Z18AV Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what this particular failure ID code means?  Thank you.

Answer:Disk Read Error on boot, Hard Drive Short DST Check fails

 The hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced.  A retail laptop SATA hard drive can be used-Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba,etc. Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Media to install Windows. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd. Your model is not one of the easiest to replace hdd on but the Maintenance & Service Guide will help you or your chosen repair shop.

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Well it has been a fun couple of days!

Trying to restore a mistake on my Windows 7 ultimate x64 hard drive that Ubuntu started to overwrite.

So far I have
1. Backed-up / Copied all my files so whatever is done to this HD is ok.
2. Restored the partitions
3. Tried FixMBR / FixBoot / Chkdsk / Rebuildbcd

In the recovery console it sees my OS just fine

But when I boot my Dell XPS desktop after post it says 'Disk Read Error' press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

I don't think it has anything to do with the bios - I've put the hard drive in another dell and it did the same thing (tried different Sata cables too).

I think there is a peice I'm missing somewhere with these partitions (see attached). I currently have my non-booting drive in another dell and you can see it as Disk 1 in the screen shot.

Any suggestions for getting this thing back to booting? I can access all the files from it fine when I have on this computer (as the 2nd hdd) which leads me to believe there is just a boot issue somewhere.

Can I repair install Windows 7 on this hd even though it is the 2nd hard drive on the computer?

I'm trying to avoiding a wipe and reinstalling all the programs so I'm hoping I can somehow fix this last peice.

Your help is greatly appreciated - thank you!

Answer:Disk Read Error - Boot Issue...Repair Install on 2nd Hard Drive?

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.

1) Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

2) Fix MBR.

3) Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop, spec. is i7-2640 processor, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive. The problem is that it often freezes and when restarted it suggests no hard drive, "No boot device found". If I go into the BIOS there is no hard drive, if I boot into the diagnostics screen (F12) and run thr tests on the hard drive it comes up as passed, if I then restart the laptop it will boot into windows 7 Ultimate.
Evertime it freezes it won't boot after a restart unless I run diagnostics then it will start OK.
My thoughts are that it is hard drive, although all tests I have carried out on it suggest its OK, one of the times it booted into windows I ran the Seagate seatools and it was fine.
Anyone any suggestions as to the cause?

Answer:Laptop hard drive issue -- no boot device found/disk read error

Sorry, message at start is "A disk read error occurred", not sure if that makes any difference to your thoughts.
I reformatted and reloaded the software to see if that made any difference but the problem still persists.

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My company's computer needs to be patitioned and reformat. The system is still working well. I mean, nothing wrong with anything (weird huh?). Ok the hard disk just need to be 'split'. I mean, make drive C & D on the hard disk. I know how to do that... easy... Then the HD need to be formatted & reinstall windows XP. Ok, easy too..

But the main problem occured before I do anything (partition & format). I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning & formatting.

Ok, i insert the CD & restart.
I went to BIOS & changed the boot order (1st boot: CD-ROM, 2nd: HDD-0 & 3rd: Floppy). Then restart again.
Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded.
I typed fdisk, then came the first problem. it says something like 'no fixed disk'. I exit fdisk.
Then I typed format c:, 2nd problem occured. it says something like, 'invalid drive'.
I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now. I'm currently at home 'begging for help' So the error message is not accurate. sorry..

I think, if I run the CD, the hard disk will not be loaded (or should I say, hard disk failure). & If I take off the CD & restart again, change the BIOS (1st boot: HDD-0) then windows will load! Weird right?

I don't think my CD is 'corrupted' nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC. Yes, I can access the C drive from that PC.

Does anyone have any idea of the ... Read more

Answer:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...


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I have a dell laptop, D620. When i first put it on the screen was loading funny. as i move the mouse over it a square at time would come in...then when i tried to boot it again. it said new user.. then it just woulnt boot got read error hit control alt delete...i called Dell they said hold fn key and hold start but it went into diagnostic mode. in a few minutes they said HARD DRIVE must be replaced.

My problem is now... that to recover the data companies want from $500 to 25oo to recover the data... is there any program or thing i can do to try to get my files back?

Marv Alpert
[email protected]

Answer:Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Hi malpert and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

As a laptop only has the ability to support 1 harddrive your option is to remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop PC using a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor and try to read the files on it, however I would download the test tools from the makers website and run a thorough test on the drive to ensure readability of the drive.

Remember though if the drive has failed mechanically then any data may be lost and you will need to use one of the professional data recovery services such as "ontrack data recovery" to get it back.

Backup, backup and backup is the mantra when it comes to important data...

Dont put your mailing address on a forum like this by the way you will end up getting spammed to hell.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.


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Windows XP sp2 wont boot from hard disk.

After much to do turns out my computer doesnt recognise the hard disk.

I have a seagate 500Gb SATA hard drive, its about a year old, the computer doesnt get hot in the slightest and it shouldnt be dead. I checked the wiring, as far as i can see, its all fine.

only conclusion i come to is that my hard disk is kaput which it shouldnt be. Can anyone give me any other possible solutions to try out before i cry and/or spend money on a new one? theres a lot of data on it i dont want to lose.

If not, ill plug it in to another computer to check, i havent done that yet because it will take me hours - i can only unscrew the hard drive from one side without rearranging the room.


Answer:Hard disk boot failure -> computer won't recognise hard disk

Is your Seagate the 7200.11 series?

We've been seeing a lot of harddrive issues layely that has nothing to do with the drive itself but bad SATA cables aas the cause. Do you have another one you can switch out?

When you say the computer doesn't recognize it we're talking the BIOS here, correct?

Another suggestion is what you have already suggested but I would "slave" it in antother system and see if you can access it that way.

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P166, 16MB RAM, 1.2GB HD, Win 95.
Decided to reformat C: drive after my brother randomly deleted a lot of files. Formatted and partitioned C:\ drive (enabling FAT32), but system won't read any of my numerous boot disks, normally returning 'General failure reading drive A:', or hanging or I/O disk error or 'non system disk error'. Disks checked on my Protec PC (Win 98) and nothing wrong with them. Checked drive a: is set up as 1.44MB, 3.5 inch in SETUP and that boot sequence is A,C. Found one disk which does work, this is a Win95 boot disk copy (although the original doesnt' work!!), it says 'Win 95 Starting' returns an A:/ prompt, but then I can't go any further as I stil get disk errors with all other disks, and this particular disk hasn't got the CD ROM installation program on it. Funnily this disk is not recognised by my Protec PC. IS there something wrong with the disk drive? or is there another reason why it can't read these disks. All the disks are 1.44MB HD disks as far as I can see, the one that doesn work is an AC Microdisk MF2-HD.


Answer:Disk Drive Can't read boot disk

Try switching the drives between the two computers, could be the drive is going.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, x64 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 757 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X1300 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) , 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147291 MB, Free - 74736 MB; D: Total - 9773 MB, Free - 2685 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DP965LV, AAD59511-500, AZLV706000KQ
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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i have an hard disk of 120GB, when i start to install windows on it,, it fail,, but when i use it as external hard disk, it function properly,,,pls what can i do,,  i have also use windows 2008xp to re-generate the hard disk,, but still i still can make use of it to install any windows...pls i will appreciate if someone can be of help to me...

Answer:hard disk,, pls read first

Where are you getting these HDD's from ? ?This is the 3rd HDD now that you have had failing or wouldn't take a Win install...You also never have answered the question of where your copy of Windows came from...

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I just got a new computer, The mobo has 1 SATA and 2 IDE slot.Following the recommendation of the shopkeeper, i bought another IDE controller card. So i used the SATA as my primary hard disk to install OS and the original 2 IDE from the mobo as my 2 dvd-rom drive. The extra IDE controller card i used to connect my 2 old hard disks.After install my Window XP into my new hard disk(120GB connect to SATA cable), I cannot see my 2 old hard disks in "my computer"(40GB and 13GB connect to IDE controller card using PCI from mobo). During booting up, i can see that 2 hard disks but cannot see from my computer or access to the file inside. I tried to take out the card reconnect all the cable but still no use. I tried to use array and array them together but i don know whether am i doing the right thing or not.

Answer:Hard Disk Cannot read

Have you checked the jumpers on each IDE drive if they are both slave or both Master they will not be seen, in other words one Master and one Slave on each IDE cable even on the pci card you have installed. The Sata will be seen because of the mbr as the system drive and they do not have the jumper problem.

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I need urgent help to fix my hard disk. After looking deeply into the problem, I found that my hard disk now only able to read the data off the partitions, but would not write any data to the disk. When I boot up my Windows XP, it just load for a while and freeze there, using check disk won't work as it refuse to scan. I couldn't even clear the MBR or reformat the partitions, not to say reinstall Windows. I tested the memory and it is not  memory problem. I have no idea what is the problem, can anyone help?  :-/

Answer:Hard Disk become Read-only

have you try in "SAFMODE"?if so, what happen?

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Answer:my hard disk don`t read......

Double check that the jumper on the back of the hard drive is set to master and not slave.What type of Hard Drive?Check the IDE connection to the motherboard and to the drive is connected and not damaged, replace the cable if nessecary.

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Question: Hard Disk not read

HDD 1 - Maxtor - Windows 98
HDD 2 - Western Digital - Windows 2000 Pro

I had just installed everything last night and it was all working perfect. A dual boot system, no probs. I turn it on today and go to load windows 2000 and i get this...

"Windows 2000 could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware. Please check the Windows 2000 documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional info."

I checked and double checked the connections, even replacing the cables. It detects the maxtor hdd and I can boot into windows 98 (from where i'm writing this), but if i click on my computer, it locks up. Please please help, i have everything on this WD drive *Everything. I just don't understand it was working fine.

thanks sorry for the long post.

Answer:Hard Disk not read

If W2K is in the second drive, the most probable is a defective MBR; anyway, is the second disk detected in BIOS setup?? The strange is that ur pc freezes when trying to explore.... Your OS, and type of machine would help a little...

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i have an hard disk of 120GB, when i start to install windows on it,, it fail,, but when i use it as external hard disk, it function properly,,,pls what can i do,,  i have also use windows 2008xp to re-generate the hard disk,, but still i still can make use of it to install any windows...pls i will appreciate if someone can be of help to me...

Answer:hard disk,, pls read first

Where are you getting these HDD's from ? ?This is the 3rd HDD now that you have had failing or wouldn't take a Win install...You also never have answered the question of where your copy of Windows came from...

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Hey guys, I sure hope you guys can help me. - So I got myself an Acer C720 and using one of the probably hundreds of tutorials out there I upgraded the SSD in it. I bought the recommended one ( MyDigitalSSD SC2 Super Cache 2 42mm SATA III 6G M.2 NGFF M2 SSD Solid State Drive (64GB) ). Anyway, the computer froze today so I pressed and held the power button until it shut off.When I turned it back on I was greeted with the warning. "Boot failed: could not read the boot disk" Any ideas? I have some documents on it that I really need back. I put the original SSD in it and it booted up fine, but it refuses to boot using the bigger one. It's barely 8 months old! Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Boot failed: could not read the boot disk - Acer C...

Contact Acer for warranty repair.

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Sony desktop w/40G hard drive. It was partitioned at 18G for the C and the rest was a hidden D drive. The D drive simply contained i386, so why it had all that room I don't know.
The owner turned it off during windows and subsequently:
First was unable to start Winxp in any mode (safe, last known, etc).
The owner then put it into a Win98SE computer as a slave and started Win98SE. All folders/files/etc present.
She went online apparently and got the following advice and performed:
-returned drive to original pc, started up w/WinXP CD, started Recovery Console
-ran chkdsk/r - found unrecoverable errors.
-ran fixboot
-restarted pc w/o cd, and got NTDLR missing
-went back into Recovery Console and ran fixmbr
-restarted pc w/o cd, again got NTDLR missing
-removed hard drive again, put in as slave on the win98se machine, only sees one partition, containing i386, and is reporting the size at 10M (yes, M, not G).

This is where we are now. The primary issue is recovering the files (MyDocs) since every pic she took since her baby was born in March is in there - none printed or on CD.
Can anyone advise what steps I can take? The pc is with me now, and I have an XP pc and Win98SE pc that I can use to run any tools you think are appropriate.

Thanks - kimmer13

ps. i have partition magic, system mechanic, spinrite - if you think any of these would help.

Answer:Solved: Can't read hard disk

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i have hitachi 320gb sata harddisk. while turning on my laptop it gives me a read error. i tried hard disk self test it was failing.

Is there anyway to format the disk or remove bad sectors or read the disk???

Answer:hard disk read error

nope. Hard drives don't heal themselves, and once you get bad sectors, they are just going to multiply. Back up the data, and get a new HD.

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Hi there,

Couple of days ago I removed rogue antivirus from my laptop. Now, I see continuous hard disk read on my laptop. How do I know which process is accessing my hard drive. I want to be sure that some remote program is not reading my hard drive!!

Answer:Continuous hard disk read

Download Process Explorer: Process Explorer and use it to see exactly what processes are running on your system.

If you're concerned it's a remote program accessing your computer, then disconnect the computer from the network (or unplug the modem to be absolutely sure) and if the activity stops, then it's possible the network is causing it (though it doesn't mean some remote program is accessing your system although that is possible - especially if you didn't clear up the entire infection and it granted someone that access which still exists even if you removed part of the infection or all of the original infection but not what it did to your system).

That gets us to: are you certain you've removed the virus? Normal programs sometimes aren't enough and may show your system as clean when it is still infected (especially if it was a bad virus - do you know its name?). We have a virus removal expert here who can assist you in confirming that it has been totally removed (along with any files it might have added or modified in the process). If you want, I can request she come and assist you in confirming your system is clean. Even I would seek her advice if I had been infected and obviously still concerned (or you wouldn't have posted this question and mentioned the infection). She will be happy to help you and you can then be certain you're OK. Just say the word and I'll request she visit ASAP. I STRONGLY recommend this.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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i switched back to my old 32MB video card, and everything seemed ok. i went to display properties to tone down my screensaver, but after a few minutes of tweaking, everything started taking too long. after manually closing the applications, it happened again, and this time i was forced to restart from the button. that's when i got it. after the IDE detection screen, my 60gb UDMA IBM Desktar had the Disk Read Error. my 2nd drive, a notebook 12gig Deskstar, was my only backup, which i ironically had not backed up in a long time. so i transferrerd the data to the family computer and brought the 12 back to be reformatted in mine. this is all XP, mind you. ntfs, in fact. so installation copied the files, and restarted. unfortunately, it never went back into the rest of setup. it either restarted Windows XP setup from scratch, or automatically restarted the computer if the CD wasn't in. when i tried to boot from the 12gig, it made the same soft grinding noise that the 60gig did, and gave me the Disk Read Error. When i tried to put the family XP hard drive in my computer, i get the blue STOP screen. even worse, the 60gig isn't being recognized in the family computer. detection just stops when it gets to where it is (Secondary Master). it IS recognized in my computer tho. am i just screwed? i'm trying not to reformat the 60 gig because, there's a lot of important stuff on it. is there anything else i can try? my friends are telling me it may be a problem with... Read more

Answer:Hard Disk Read Error

sounds like what happened to me with an ibm couple months ago

try downloading drive fitness test, follow the instructions and run the tests, see if it gives you an error code

don't expect much from ibm but to low level format and try it again. I had a rather heated discussion with them on the phone.

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I've been using my external USB hard disk often, but all of a sudden my PC doesn't recognize it. Actually, it does make a sound when I plug it in, and I can also go to "safely remove hardware" option down in my taskbar. But this HD never opens automatically as usual, and it cannot be seen in "My computer as one of the hard disks." The same thing also hapens when used on other computers. Anything I can do before paying the service guy? Thanks.

Answer:External USB hard disk not read by PC

Right click on My Computer, click on "Manage" and then look for Disk Management.

Is it there?

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I have an old 12.7 GB hard disk hooked up as secondary slave. A cd burner is on secondary master. The drive is formatted as FAT32. I am running XP home edition with the restore option disabled.

Here is the problem:

In DOS (from a bootdisk), the files appear and everything is normal. (can read and write to the drive).

In XP. The drive is unreadable, and gives the following message:

"this drive is not formatted, do you want to format this drive?"

How can I get XP to read this drive? It was working before, but all of a sudden just quit. I am assuming that since it is readable in DOS, then something is screwey with XP.

This drive is full of all of my ripped audio cds. It took me forever to rip them, I would really hate to see all my hard work go down the drain. Anybody have any ideas on how I can fix this thing?

Answer:Hard disk read problems in XP

No takers?

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Here are the specifications for my computer:

Processor: AMD 3500+ Venice core
Hard Disk: Western Digital Enhanced 40GB IDE
Optical Drive: LG Multiformat
OS: Windows XP Professional
GPU: MSI Geforce 256mb 6600
RAM: DDR [email protected] 1GB

i basically have already set up this computer. However i used a Seagate SATA 200GB harddrive. Now i want to install this WD second disk but im not sure how to go about it. So far i have tried disconnecting the working Seagate and just connecting the WD. However i get the error 'Media Test Failure' 'Please check cable'. All cables are connected. The IDE is in IDE 2 slot on my MOBO. However i have tried both slots. Below is some information about the ancient WD Drive i have.

WD Caviar 40 GB EIDE Hard Drive
Family: BB
Model: WD400BB
Formatted Capacity: 40 GB
Interface: EIDE 100 MB/s
Transfer Rate (Buffer To Host): 400 Mbits/s (Max)
Rotational Speed: 7,200 RPM (nominal)
Buffer Size: 2 MB
Form Factor: 3.5 Inch
For all the info you could ever want about this drive check out this web page .

I would appreciate any help given on how to install and configure the second drive. The hard drive light does flicker so i know there is something going on.

Thanks for reading this thread.

Answer:Hard Disk Problem Please Read

so they are both EIDE drives?

Are you connecting them both on the same IDE cable? if so don't for get to set one as master and one as slave with the jumpers.
Also make sure you're using an 80 conductor ribbon, though i'm sure you must be.

other than that it doesn't sound good.

Edit: Ok so the seagate is SATA , if the WD is the only drive on the ribbon and and you have the IDE enabled in BIOS then there shouldn't be a problem. Try a different Ribbon maybe.

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my friend formatted a hard disk using format option in windows xp and added some data.

now when i inserted it as secondary disk in my pc i cannot read the data

bios recognizes this hard disk

i have FAT32 system

is this because other disk is NTFS

Answer:cannot read data in hard disk

shah_ankur3112 said:

my friend formatted a hard disk using format option in windows xp and added some data.

now when i inserted it as secondary disk in my pc i cannot read the data

bios recognizes this hard disk

i have FAT32 system

is this because other disk is NTFSClick to expand...

Welcome to TSG

I cant read this clearly

Do you mean:

Formatted XP using XP CD-Rom
Update the HDD as Secondary Drive?
And did you install the O.S?

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium OS.
I originally had a Windows Vista pc that had the cpu burn out on it.
I had the geeksquad slave the hard drive over from my old vista pc into my new windows 7 pc. It has been working without any problem at all. Then last night after installing .net framework RC (4 beta 2) I restarted my pc and the drive was not located in the My computer folder. The drive was an E: the E: drive is labeled a CD drive. So i enabled the S.M.A.R.T setting in the windows setup and now the E: cd drive has been removed, but it is still not recognized through my disc managment. What should I be doing in order to get my slave drive to appear again? I've tried a system restor eand everything and the chkdsk /f returned no errors, except last night it said something about something being fixed..I dont know what it did
My DxDiag.txt is attached

Answer:Hard Disk Read Error?

Did you try removing the HDD from the case and starting the PC without it and then putting it back? Is the HDD sata or IDE?

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hi all friends laptop was dropped by one of the kids now when booted displays message unable to read hard disk press Ctrl alt dlt stripped laptop down to see if I could see any physical damage but couldn`t see any thing reseated hard drive but no joy.
is there a way of testing hd to see if it is the actual hd or if it is another component that's broke

Answer:unable to read hard disk

If you had a caddy or one of these Adapter then you could connect the laptop drive to another PC which would confirm or rule out the HDD as the problem.

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Hi, Everyone!

This is my case:
I run a Win XP Pro SP2 on a 250 GB SATA hard disk. In itself, it works without problems.
But I've got another storage device, a 160 GB Maxtor ATA disk, which I use(d) for backup purposes.

A few months back this second disk started to behave strangely. Some files were not accessible, and in general, copying files to and from the disk took ages to complete. I suspected bad sectors were to be blamed, so I sought and found a solution, which is called HDD Regenerator. It had found and recovered several bad sectors on the disk. More, it had found and recovered several bad sectors each time I ran it, so I made it a habit to run HDD Regenerator regularly, as a preventive maintenance task. This way my files got accessible again, and I thought the problem was solved.

A week ago I experienced a severe worsening of the situation. I could not copy files from the drive at all, no matter how long I waited. I ran HDD Regenerator again, and the strange part is coming: It found no bad sectors at all! Then, in the last 4 days, the failing drive started to cause the system to reboot occasionally.

This day the situation is like this:
The OS boots normally, with or without the failing drive.
In "My Computer" I can see the failing drive and its partitions.
In Disk Management console I can even delete and create partitions on the disk.
But each time I try to read from or write to the disk, format it or even open it from "My Computer", it... Read more

Answer:Hard disk causes rebooting if read from

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After installing XP on my Fourth HDD, when booting all I get is 'Cannot read from boot disk Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart.' I cannot boot into anything???

Please help!

Also when I do get it working can I un-install EasyBCD?

Answer:Cannot read from boot disk

Is this HD in the same computer installed with another version of Windows i.e. Win7 or Vista?

If you've installed XP on the same computer with other HDs that have Vista or 7 it would overwrite the boot area of the initial OS installed. Are you trying to Dual Boot?

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit on my HTPC. Every now and then my system hangs and it leaves me nothing more than to do do a hard shutdown (hold down the power button for 4 seconds). However, now when I want to start my machine again, it hangs when trying to boot up and after 10 seconds it pops up a message saying there's a "disk read error".

Now here's the weird thing: repeatedly trying to reboot is still yields the "disk read error", but leaving the system off for an hour or so and then rebooting it oftentimes results in a successful boot.

Anyway, this is driving me crazy! I know I shouldn't do a hard shutdown, but sometimes the whole thing hangs and I cannot do anything else!

Is there anyone who has a solution for this? I've been Googling around and the "disk read error" seems to occur a lot with Vista. Maybe I should switch back to XP...?


Answer:Disk Read Error after hard shutdown

Hi Pascal,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

It sounds like you may have some corruption on the drive. I would run Check Disk to see if can find and fix any corruption that may be on the drive.


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when I am putting my Seagate external hard disk into the USB cable, the drive light turns on as it does normally,the green icon at bottom right in toolbar appears as well, but there is no autoplay and the drive is absent from 'My Computer'.It is appearing in the device manager. Explorer is running very slow. The same thing is happening with the drive in every other cable and in other computers as well.

Please give an insight if you can as to what may have happened and what can be done.

Thank you.

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Hi All,

I connected my external hard disk drive to LG LED TV, after then connected to laptop(Win 7),
showing some of the file size as 0 bytes, so please kindly help me how to recover those folder.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:External Hard Disk not able to read some folders

I would imagine that the TV formatted the drive to its own format so it could use it to store programs.
You need to find out what format that was and install the correct drivers in your PC.

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I installed windows 8 32-bit by mistake so I formatted my pc and installed 64-bit, and now when I connect my external hard disk (1 tb silicon power) it doesnt recognize it.
And in the device manger it says:

Other Devices:
?Unknown Device

i tried checking for software updates but got nothing back
P.S. (When I had windows 8 32-bit it used to read the external hard disk just fine)

Answer:Doesnt read external hard disk

Do a search for unknown devices and download device and install.

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I have to explain this, so please bare(right bare?) with me here. I bought a 160gig U/ATA 133 maxtor 2weeks ago, loaded up my OS and made me old 120gig WD the slave. It would lag when i accessed the WD, like if i played MP3's off of the drive while running WoW off the primary I could notice the lag. I soon got close to the 137gig barrier, but thought my mobo of a 1800xp chip could support that. Well one night I was xfering a lot of files and I breached it, I couldnt right anymore although windows was saying i still had free space, 137gigs / 160gigs. So I restarted and got the Hard Disk read error before even loading to windows.

Then I noticed my bios only shows 137gigs, and i was like shit that is that lba48 barrier POS mobo. So I loaded up Windows XP recovery. I could see my windows dir fine, and on the root I could SEE the other folders, but not access them. So I did a checkdisk, twice. The first time it was really fast, and the second it took FOREVER, like 5-6 hours. Both didnt fix anything. So I bought a Software RAID PCI U/ATA 133 controller, with 2 channels. It was no loss reall because I was going to buy it anyway. I then placed it in and I still cant access the drive, same error. This time I cant even access the Windows Recovery, it just says the "Windows is configuring", the thing it says before it even gets to the blue screen. This has happened before when I had linux installed, and I was trying to install Windows. I had to format t... Read more

Answer:>137g, error Can not read from Hard Disk

For the the bootdisks you can goto Or you can get my personal favorite, Ulimate Boot CD, which has a lot of utilities. It is a large file though, wouldn't recommend downloading it on dialup. You can get it at

Have you tried seeing if there is an update for you BIOS? It might be able to go over 137Gb with a newer version if there is one.

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Hi Guys,

My Wd elements 1tb hard disk is unreadable by my computer.It is not showed in my file explorer
I ran WD LifeGuard Diagnostics for Windows. This time, this app detected my hard disk.
Under SMART status column, it shows that it Passed
i then run on the following tests:

Quick Test:

The scan stops after 8s, after that an error pops up : "Read SMART Attribute command error on drive 3"(pic 1)

Extended Test:

The scan stops around 9mins, error pops up:"too many bad sectors detected"(pic 2)

Should i continue to the other tests?(I got no time today so i just ran the basic tests)

I then started looking up on Disk Management, and it took ages to load up.
Once i remove my wd hard disk, it then pops up my internal hard disk.

I got nothing important inside this wd hard disk, so i am okay if i need to wipe everything inside.

Please guide on what i should do next.


Answer:Unable to read WD Elements 1TB Hard Disk

Sad to say, but bad blocks / sectors means that your disk is dead.

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hi all,

i have a problem: my windows 7600 Ultimate on notebook Acer Aspire 5735Z (250Gb HDD) doesn't see the whole hard disk.

here are two images on my Computer Management with right button click on each disk:

when i had Vista there were 2 disks: C and D with 111Gb each.

so, what's a problem? can i solve the problem? if i need i can reinstall windows 7

Answer:windows 7 doesn't read the whole hard disk

For some reason, Windows 7 is reading your other 111GB partition as a recovery partition. Not really sure why though? You can easily get the space back by right clicking on that 111GB partition and deleting the partition and then creating a new partition in the available space. Which will be the 111GB and the 9GB at the front of the disk. Then you can format and assign that the drive letter D:

Be aware that what I describe will present you with an Empty D: drive. If there is existing data on there which you need to preserve, my method is NOT what you want to do.

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Hi anyone out there to help me?
It seems that my hard disk has been installed and i clicked on the device management, it says it is working properly and i also can eject it. However i cannot see any folder with regards to that. I have tried to see it is hidden but no appeal still

Answer:Adata Hard disk unable to be read

Maybe you need format it so it can be access and recognized.

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I am at a loss as to what to do next with this problem.I have replaced my motherboard and it will not boot to the hard disk. Bios shows the disk is there and it is set as 'Master' and connected to IDE1. If I connect the hard disk to my other main computer, it boots to Win XP ok. If I put an older smaller disk to the new board, it boots up ok. If I put the disk from my main computer to the new motherboard, it also fails to boot. I have moved the jumpers to change the fsb settings on the motherboard, all with differing results but none that let the hard disk boot.Any ideas please........ John

Answer:New motherboard wont read the hard disk

Have you formatted the disk that doesn't work?What actually happens when you boot up??

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Hi i am using 320GB seagate external hard disk,retrieving data from hard drive is not possible. It shows oKb in the properties. When i tried to explore the drive it show an error that
"Disk is not formatted

The disk in drive K is not formatted.

Do you want to format now".

The external hard drive is a Seagate, 320GB, Model Number: ST903203FAM2E1-RK

Is there a way to retrieve her data? or is there a way I can repair/restore his boot sector (which I assume is corrupt)?

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Answer:External hard disk data not able to read it.

I'm moving this to the Hardware forum where it will get better attention.

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I read some place that
"When a disk is in use, the head remains over the last track which was written or read. As long as the computer is on, any physical shock to the computer can make one or more of the read/write heads touch down on the track, causing data loss. "

"If you prefer to leave your computer on, use a headparking program to park the heads before your leave. This is even more important if your computer is located on the floor(which is not recommended!)."

my computer, both at work and home, is on the floor, is that really bad
often when my computer is on, i push it slightly to the left or the right, or just move it slightly when plugging or unplugging something.
has this messed up the hard disk in any way?

Answer:hard disk read/write head

It shouldnt be any problem unless u drop the HDD or suddenly turn the power off while the HDD is running.

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I have a Hitachi external hard disk, I have tons of extremely important files inside. It was still working fine last night until this morning. This is what happened: I plugged in the hard disk, than it is seen as Local Disk (h. It prompts me to format the disk once I double clicked it. Please help me!! I have really important files in it! Thanks lots in advance! I've tried reading this External WD not being identified - Local Disk (h : Hard Disk Drives: data recovery and repairbut I couldnt understand, can someone tell me if it works and how to do it? Im not good in this kind of things.Please help, thanks!

Answer:HELP!! I cant read the files in my external hard disk!

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Sons PC died; XP with SP2 & 2 hard drives, has worked fine for months until now. On bootup get black screen and "disk read error" Have attempted recovery console, reinstall et al, no joy. XP setup not reporting any problems but machine stays dead.In desparation reset BIOS to boot from 2nd IDE using 2nd disk and managed to install XP to 2nd disk. PC now start fine and have read/write access to disk on primary IDE, but everything still fails if I reset BIOS to boot from primary IDE.Have not yet opened the case as I think loose cable is unlikely given the above fudge makes eveerything accessible. I am now thinking of clearing the CMOS but this to me is a "do or die" last resort.Don't like relying on fudge solutions, so any help in isolating the problem would be appreciated.NickP.S. My 20 year old son mistakenly thinks I'm a PC guru, foolish boy, I was in the days of DOS!

Answer:Hard Disk Read Error on booting up.

Boot from the windows XP CD, press the "R" key in the setup in order to start the restoration console. Select your windows XP installation from the list, and enter the administrator password.Enter the command: "FIXMBR" (without the quotes) at the input prompt and confirm the next question with a "Y" (without the quotes). Use exit to restore the computer.edit: Make the defective drive the boot the device first.

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I would appreciate any help - how can I get past read-only settings when I use a boot cd?

I'm trying to recover a crashed XP Pro install and have been unable to get at the registry files in \windows\system32\config

I cannot access recovery console and doing a repair to the system files from an XP installation disk does not fix the error.

So I created a boot CD and tried to access the files (to replace them) but the entire hard drive is read-only.

Any idea how I can get past this?

Note: the exact error is
System error: Lsass.exe
When trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct.

The pc is stuck in a rebooting loop and because of this error I cannot login to the recovery console as admin (it is not recognising the admin password).

Tried Ophcrack and it doesn't work - it is an OEM installed OS so that might be the problem.

Answer:Hard Disk read-only - cannot delete files

Hello, welcome to MajorGeek's Forums!

Have you tried this:

Nice name, btw!

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I just reccently deleted a partition in windows xp...Now my computer cannot read any hard disks, ive tried fdisk and everything.

Answer:My computer cannot read hard disk URGENT

Please do not create multiple threads with the same problem - keep posting in the original one.

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Hi ! I have Win 7 64 Bits , and i buy a SSD few days ago and format my HDD so i install Win on the SSD . All be fine , but today i turn on the PC and show the next message 'Cannot read from boot disk Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart.' . So i open the case and change the sata cable of the SSD from Sata number 3 to Sata number 1 . Then i turn the pc on , and the bios doest recognize the SSD in SATA port 1 !!! So i boot with the DVD of Win 7 and choose Reparir disk boot , and show me that the partition table is not correct and was fixed , so i restart the PC and Win 7 boot corectly ! But i am afraid if my NEW SSD have a problem , or when i Format the SSD i do it wrong ( i choose the format normal ) or anything is bad on the SSD or my motherboard , i dont know .

Please HELP ! Thanks

Answer:Error Boot Cannot read SSD disk

SSD's have been known to die without warning and sometimes quick. I suspect that is your problem. You will have to go back to the conventional hard drive until you get the SSD replaced. If its a new SSD it should be covered under warranty.

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I've reached the last straw with my attempts to install windows 7 64 bit onto my PC the story goes as this;

I needed to upgrade from windows XP 32bit to Win7 64bit however when I installed my first Win7 package I didnt realise but it was infact 32bit so to my annoyance I reformatted back to XP 32bit, (I need 64bit to run several things on my computer such as high end games) in the mean time my family told me they wanted windows 7 on their PC, so using their PC I created a USB boot disk and used it on my bare-bones PC (The one I'd recently reset to XP), this brought up my first Disk Read Error.

Annoyed I tried a few different ways of making a USB boot only to always be brought to the same error, deciding to do the family PC first I used the same boot which had brought up an error on MY PC in my families PC and it worked like a charm. Not a single issue and Windows 7 64bit was installed within the hour. USing this new platform I created a -new- USB boot disk thinking that if I made a 64bit boot off a 64bit system it would have more luck ... No it didnt.

I've tried all sorts of BIOS options but every time it just brings up the same error, I attempt to change the 64bit bootsect.exe to a 32bit one and it didnt bring up the error but then told me files were corrupt. I have unfortunatly only got one ... long ... answer left.

I install windows 32bit again, then use that platform to clean install 64bit windows7 but I doubt that'll work.

For the record I KNOW I cannot upgra... Read more

Answer:Disk Read Error from USB boot

I -think-, think being the key word, I have fixed the issue. By opening the boot menu, I fiddled with the USB config changing it to be emulated as a Hard Drive rather than Automatic as well as changing the read speed from Hispeed to fullspeed it has begun to install Win7. I'm not sure -what- I did specifically, just alot of changing options and shere will

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I'm getting a "disk read error, press ctl-alt-del" message at boot up.

My bios boots OK, it shows a message that contains memory, drives, etc. there are no errors in my bios setup. My boot order is CD, Floppy and Hard Disk.

If I try to boot from CD with a know good OS disk, the CD lights up but always results in the "disk read error" message.

I opened up the case and checked the cable connections, everything is rock solid.

I'm thinking my next action would be to put the hard disk in an old PC and see if it works.

Any Other Ideas?

Answer:Disk Read Error at Boot Up

What is your boot CD?
You have to watch the boot process and key in a response at the correct time.
Most systems halt for about three seconds displaying the message
'Boot from CD ? press any key'
If you miss this, the system will automatically pass on to booting (or not booting) from the hard drive.
If this is not the solution post all the detail you can about your bios settings. As read from your bios, not what you think they are!
For the boot order, the drives detected and their settings.
Can you pause the boot at the page (by quickly pressing the break key )which shows a resource summary, immediately before loading the operating system?

Studio T

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Hi, I resized my System Partition (C:\ Drive) using GParted, and when I boot I get: A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart I can start the Windows Recovery Console from a CD, and run chkdsk from this. It shows the correct resized partition size, and also reports no errors. From the Recovery Console I can see all of my files/data. So I don?t think anything is lost. I am not sure how all of this works, but I think whatever the BIOS bootstraps before the OS gets loaded has got corrupted in the resize. (I am not knowledgeable enough to use the correct terms here.) Could this be the partition table, MBR ? I don?t know? I have attempted fixmbr, fixboot and bootcfg /rebuild and I still get the above error. Question: I am contemplating doing a Windows Repair Installation. I know this copies over the Windows files from the CD to the Windows Installation on the Hard Drive. (This is actually not needed in my case because I don?t think there has been any data corruption.) The question is would this change the partition table/MBR enough in order to let me boot? If anyone is knowledgeable enough to know how this works please let me know.Regards,O. O.

Answer:Cannot Boot/Disk Read Error

The answer depends on...

a. Where your system partition is located on the hard drive.

b. How many partitions are currently on the hard drive.

c. Where your boot.ini file is currently located.

Can you go to Disk Management...take a screen shot and post it so that we can see what the drive in question looks like?

Why did you resize the syztem partition?

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install -


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Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help with this problem I'm having with my system. Its an "NTLDR is missing" problem with a few other details. Sorry for the long winded explanation, just wanted to get all the info in. I will be forever indebted to anyone that can help as I'm at my wits end.

This problem started when I opened my DVD Drive (yep that's all) my system became peculiarly slow and unresponsive so I re-booted only to be greeted with, not the XP splash screen, but a black screen with "DISK BOOT ERROR" in white writing. I have had this message before but have fixed it by unplugging things inside the machine and putting them back in.This time however my usual tactic didn't work. It also became apparent that the system didn't recognise my HD (when its booting it said one wasn't attached, just a DVD drive).

As I became more frustrated I thought I'd try my hand in the 'setup' screen accessed by pressing DEL while the system boots. I had a nosey round in there, saw nothing that looked like it might help (unsurprising, being as I don't know what this is really for) before casting my gaze on an option to restore factory defaults. I figured this may help (as far as I knew a ghost in the machine may have changed something) so restore those factory defaults I did. However it would appear the 'factory defaults' differ from the defaults when I received my machine (from MESH btw) as now when I boot I got a fancy MSI logo rather than the usual mundane ... Read more

Answer:NTLDR & DISK BOOT HELP! please read in . . .

Welcome to TSF....

There is a 'simple' and straight forward way around this NTLDR problem.

(I have used this fairly straightforward and simple resolution many times for your issue.)

What you need to do is ask a friend or colleague that has Windows? XP Home™ on their computer, if you can copy theses files...

ntldr: NTDETECT.COM: and boot.ini

These are the three files that are needed to boot Windows?...

Now to gain access to these particular files, you will need to change the viewing attributes of the files so that the system files and folders are 'visible' do this...

Double click the My Computer desktop icon > Tools > Folder Options > View.

Once in here scroll to Files and Folders; then, tick Display contents of system folders...Scroll down to the next section Hidden Files and Folders > tick Show Hidden files and Folders; now Untick Hide extensions for known file types and Hide Protected Operating System Files. Close out of the My Computer window and reopen it.

Right click on the C: Drive > Explore... the three mentioned files will now be visible for you to copy to the floppy.

To make it even easier to 'see' the files, do this...

Go View > Details > Arrange icons by > Modified > Show in Groups. (You will need to go into "View" for each one of these steps.)

Copy them to a floppy disc; then, insert the floppy into your computer...this will allow the computer to boot up.

Once up and running, simply copy the three f... Read more

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I recently recieved  a new HP Probook 640 G2.  This computer will not read my cd boot disk or my usb boot drive.  Currently, we are using SCCM 2012 R2 with Windows PE 5.0    Normally if there is a network driver compatibility issue the computer will at least try to boot into windows PE and then bomb.  In this situation, the computer will not even read the USB or CD.  I am guessing there is some kind of compatiblity issue with the windows PE, but wondered if anyone has come across a similar situation?

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Installed new hard drive, formatted drive with XP Home disk, installed XP files, but at first reboot I get a disk read error, and can't seem to get past it.  Do I need to reformat with a smaller boot drive partition to get this to work? If so, how do I go about that?

Answer:Thinkpad 570 new 320 GB hard drive - disk read error

Welcome to the forum!It's been a long time since I've owned a 570 of any kind, but I believe that there's a BIOS limit somewhere past 130GB.My bet would be to cut the hard drive into three partitions (100+100+120) and take it from there. A retail XP disk should be able to do this for you.Good luck and keep us posted.

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I am heavy user of external hard disks and have been using it for quiet few years. Till now  I never confronted a problem like this. I usually connect the hard disk directly to the television instead of using a media player. But this time, after I connected to the TV some of the folders in my hard disk are not being read in my laptop. Windows 8 is not recognizing these folders. It shows 0 bytes as folder size where in the actual sizes of these folders are about 60-100 GB. The image below shows the files in the red box that are affected.
Now I'm worried if I will lose these data as they are very important for me. If anyone has been in this situation before or know about this please help me. It's urgent!!

Answer:External Hard Disk not able to read some folders after connecting to LG LED TV

That looks like file corruption on the drive and thats a bad sign. Moving a hd around all the time can cause damage to the data if it gets bumped hard enough. It's best to use a SSD as there are no mechanical moving parts. You could try chkdsk from the command line. If the drive is D: then the command would be chkdsk /f D: You may also try a recovery program that can read data raw like recuva or isobuster or something like that.

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I had an old master HDD which started to click, which meant that it was faulty, so I replaced it with a new one.I installed Win7 64bit on a new 500gb WD HDD. Worked fine once, then it started giving me the 'BOOTMGR IS MISSING' error so I had to install Windows again.I did this today and things were working fine, I was installing programmes, rebooting etc, and then all of a sudden on one reboot after having installed Microsoft Office, nothing drastic, BIOS gave me the 'Disk read error occurred' message.I tried reseating the cables, this did nothing.I ran Win7 repair - this found one problem and apparently fixed it (something to do with the boot configuration being corrupt), but then on boot it gave me an error that I can't remember now but I remember the code 0x00000000 (not sure how many zeros). Thereafter it was just not being detected in bootup at all, under IDE drives. When trying the Win7 repair again, it couldn't even find an OS to repair. The HDD is spinning, I can feel it vibrating - but not being seen at all in BIOS wherever I put it; I tried the hard disk in another position on the motherboard by taking it out from inside the PC and slotting it into a caddy drive on another IDE slot. This made no difference.I tried connecting my old dodgy clicking HDD where the new HDD was originally seated - this booted up fine (using this HDD now to make this post, although it is clicking of course).Any advice on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Answer:New hard drive - disk read error/not detected

It sounds like bad HDD, even though it's new. If it's not too late, you might try returning it to where you bought it. When you tried the caddy drive on another IDE slot, does anything show up at all in the BIOS ? Another thing?do you have the jumpers set correctly on the HDD ? You probably do since you did get it to boot Windows, but I thought it was worth asking anyway. Finally, what size was the old HDD ?

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I have a new hard drive (computer actually) and have worked through multiple problems.
Now I have got it to the point where I can install ubuntu.

The problem is I cannot install XP which is what I really want.

I go through the first round of installation instructions. It starts to reboot. I take the disk out and then I get a disk read error message.
It also says I can click CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

I've tried multiple times and this is what I always get when I remove the disk. I reformatted the drive after installing ubuntu so XP should see a new drive right?

Do I need to do something like partition the drive before installing XP to avoid this error?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Installing XP to new hard drive disk read error

You should be leaving the disk in but letting it start from the HD.

So insert XP disk, press any key to start from CDROM. When it restarts the first time leave the disk in but do not press any keys. Do the same the second reboot.

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Installing a reputable software app failed and now my c drive is read only and although i can use most of my original programs, i cannot change anything, cannot choose a restore point as it say the administrator (me!) has stopped me doing this.
I cannot start my acronis to get my latest backup (on external drive), yet i can access my email and other programs.
The windows system is actually on a small ssd drive for speed although my C drive is on my normal harddisk.
I get the fault code 0x800704b3 when trying to access programs such as Wise 365.
My Hyper drive manager will not work either
I can copy and paste and am copying all of the files in My Documents to an external hard drive (where all my Acronis backups are.
I have a sinking feeling that the only option left to me is a complete reinstall somehow as all the options seem to be blocked to me (Restore, Refresh etc)
Getting C unlocked would be a bonus.
I know it's a long shot, but if anyone can help i would be grateful.
Thanks in advance

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Two questions here.

The first is:
1) What command would I use to partition a hard disk?
I would say PARDSK, but I'm not sure.

The second is:

2) What is the time it takes the read/write head to find data on a disk. I know it has something to do with either time or speed, that is where I am confused. There are different times, and different speeds mentioned,which are: access/seek time
rotation speed
transfer/CPU time
azimuth speed



Answer:Partitioning hard disk- read/write head

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I have a Satellite A200 that has a hard disk read error on a critical windows file. I have tried loading the recovery CD and it goes to a point and hangs. Is there a wAY I can reformat or force a reformat of the C: drive ? Any help gratefully received. Running Windows XP. Bill.

Answer:Hard disk read error on Satellite A200

If there are bad sectors on the HDD, you cannot repair it. It should be replaced, otherwise you can lose important data.

Have you backed up your data yet? You should do it as soon as possible before the HDD gets worse.

Test the Hard Disk for errors by using DFT.
DFT Download:

Download the ISO File and burn it to a CD-R Disc (There is also a Floppy Disk version if that's easier).
If you dont know how to burn an ISO file, read this guide:
Restart your laptop and boot from the DFT Disc.
Choose the "Advanced" Test and let it run (it may take an hour or so).
If you see a red message box, the HDD is faulty.
An error code 0x70 means there are bad sectors and the HDD needs replacing.

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Please someone tell me how can i see a ntfs hard disk in a fat32 system (windows millenium). Thankx in advance


As far as I know, you cannot see ntfs files by using win 98/win me.Using ntfs file system, Win 2000 and xp can see fat 32 files.

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Last night I reinstalled xp, but did not have all info about the drives in this machine. The internet connection was not working so I went to dell and got what I thought I needed and installed. After that, internet connection was still not working. Now when I start the computer I get a "hard disk read failure no bootable devices" message.
Help please.
Thank you.

Answer:hard disk read failure no bootable devices

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I have been having problems on my Windows XP for almost a week. It started when I opened my computer nearly a week ago. Windows XP was so slow. I also notice that it cannot detetc my drive D. As you can see, my hard disk is partition into two. Windows XP is installed on drive C. I put some of my files on drive D. They are both 20 GB each (My hard disk is 40 GB). When I double-click it it displays that it drive D is not yet formatted and Windows XP will ask if I want to format it. I never remove or tamper its partition. I tried using "repair" in the Windows XP Installation Menu when I tried booting the Windows XP CD. The problem still wasn't fixed.

I also boot a windows 98 CD so that I can boot into DOS. However when I use DOS to access my drive D. It works fine. It seems that only Windows XP cannot read my drive D. Windows XP also runs so slow. Furthermore, when I tried using the "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" option when starting windows to access drive D, it states CRC "Cyclic Redundancy something..."

What can I do to solve this problem?

Answer:Windows XP cannot read my other drive (hard disk is partitioned)

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Answer:Hard Disk has consistantly failed the read test

What exactly do you mean by "read test"? Could you be a little more specific..Post your specs as well....

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I can no longer read and copy from my external hard disk drive, Modal :EH2S3B, Product Number: K6A93AA. Pl. Help as

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When I boot up my computer, I get the message:

A disk read error has occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

Even when I press Ctrl+Alt+Del, I just get the same message after it restarts. I cannot boot into safe mode - when I press the safe mode key (F8) it just brings me to a boot selection. If I select my hard drive to boot from, I get the disk read error again.

I have already tried unplugging and replugging the cables on the drive.

My drive is a Seagate 160 GB IDE (2.5 years old). It has also been making a clicking sound (that I think was the hard drive) for the past couple weeks.

Is my hard drive completely dead? There isn't anything really important on the hdd since I just reformatted, and its still under warranty.

ETA: The computer is recognizing the hard drive in the BIOS.

Answer:Disk Read Error - Hard drive dead?

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Hoping someone can help. Received the following message on my Toshiba Satellite P205-S6287 upon startup: "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Using the Windows Vista Recovery Disc I was able to get to the Repair Tools and it scanned my hard drive, rebooted but came back to this same message.

In trying to boot from this disc again to try repairs once more, it starts "Windows is loading files" and a bar fills the bottom of the screen. When this gets all the way to the right, the Microsoft Corporation with green "scanning" bar appears (the one that usually appears at start up). While this is yone happening you can hear the disc drive working. Then all of a sudden all goes quiet and NOTHING. The mouse arrow appears on the black screen and that's it. Nothing else happens. I don't get to the repair/recovery screen I got to the first time I tried this disc. Everything is silent and the only noise the laptop makes is slight clicking/crackling from the hard drive.

Any thoughts or ideas of what can be done? I would prefer not to reformat my hard drive as there are some files I want to recover.


Answer:DIsk Read Error can't even boot from CD

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My laptop is a Dell Latitude D430, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 1.2 GHz, Bios V A02, 2048 MB DDR2 SDRam, 120 GB Hard Disk, with Windows 7 Enterprise installed.

Boot Sequence is Internal HDD, CD DVD Drive, USB Device, Diskette Drive. The system is docked and on AC power. When I boot the system I get the message "Read failure on internal hard drive."

I tried to start the system in Safe Mode and was prompted to reset the expired password (I have not used the system in a month or so). I have gotten as far as the instruction to "Insert USB" device, and also got to the Password Reset Wizard." However I do not have a Password Rest Disk.
Ultimately however I always arrive at "Read Failure on internal hard drive." It hangs for a while on Resetting Password and then shows the "Read Failure." I suspect the password was not updated.

We allowed it to run Windows Startup Repair and got basically the same result..."A hard disk problem is preventing windows from starting."

This Dell D430 is old and I will lose almost nothing if I don't use it anymore. However I would like to be able to recover prior year Turbotax files.
Can I install the hard disk in a working PC? Will it spool up and allow me to read it? If so how do I connect it as a secondary drive?

Thank you,
Columbia, SC

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Greetinngs,This morning when I booted up my computer I received a “disk read error, press ctrl-alt-del to restart.” I tried to use the Win 7 disk to repair the start up part of Win 7, it said there were no problems, but it still does not boot up. I can boot from my XP disk but no into my Win 7 disk. I can read files and stuff from my Win 7 disk and I did a chkdsk on it but cannot get it to boot. Thanks.

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I've been having this same issue for about 6 months honestly, and I fear that it is slowly damaging my computer or Windows installation's integrity.Here's how it goes:I very, very rarely am able to shut down my computer. When I shut down my computer for more than 6 hours (it seems any less than 6 hours, this issue does not occur), I get the following error on boot:A disk read error has occured.Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart your computer.It doesn't do this after a reboot. It only does this after a long period of being shut down.From there on, I just have to keep hard booting my computer, and eventually it will kick into gear and start successfully. Sometimes, it takes longer than normal to start successfully, maybe 6 hard boots, sometimes just 2. Sometimes it will boot past the Windows screen and then just remain idle forever. Then when I hard boot, I am told that Windows has failed to start and there may be an installation error. I can continue to hard boot again and it will start successfully.I've tried literally everything: defragged, defragged the page file, checking the disk for errors, CCleaner, checking memory diagnostics, running Windows startup repair, blowing out my case, etc. Any ideas?I'm on Vista x86 Home Basic.

Answer:Occasional Disk Read Error at Boot

System manufacturer and model?

Have you checked the website of the system manufacturer...for documentation regarding this particular error?


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I am running XP home ed. I tried to update and scan disk in trendmicro internet security. The update went fine but when doing the scan of the disk it would not ever end and it did not update the summary display. The problem is that it is running all the time and I can't get it to stop. I went to manager and forced it to stop. Then the computer would not shut down. I forced a shut down with the off power button and now it will not boot. I get " A disk read error occurred. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart". Doing that just gets me to the same message. I went into msconfig and took out trendmicro and the same thing happens. I take my back up software that will boot the computer and if I tell it to load from hard disk it loads just fine and will shut down properly. BUT the next time I try to start up I get the same read error. There must be some boot file that it not reading but what and how do I correct it, I have no knowledge. One source said to run chkdsk which I did but no improvement. Where do I go from here other than boot from my disk drive. Any help will be most appreciated. Paul

Answer:Solved: DISK READ ERROR No boot

Turned out to be that the order of the bios had changed. Never got a chance to go to the hard disk.
May someone else look at this as a solution if having same symptoms.

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I recently built a computer with my friend and everything has been fine until about 3 or 4 days ago when the CD/DVD drive stopped working properly.
The symptoms are that it will not read any disks regardless of their type i.e. program, video or audio.
However, the drive is definately receiving power and the Sata cable is connected because I have no trouble booting from the Windows 7 OS disk, as a test.

The drive is also not recognised in 'My Computer' and the properties info gives me the following message, 'Impossible to load peripheral driver for this hardware. Driver could be damaged or missing (Code 39)' (translated from the Italian).

For your info the drive model is an LG GH24NS50.


Answer:CD/DVD drive does not read any disks, but will allow boot from disk

Sounds like to me that you need to uninstall the drivers and then let windows find drivers for it. To do this go to My Computer and right click on the drive and go to properties, the click on the Hardware tab and then click properties at the bottom. A new windows will open and then you click on the Driver tab, the click Uninstall. Then you can restart the computer and windows should find the right drivers for the drive.

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I was recently asked to look at an old laptop one of my friends had that wasn't being used. He thought his last technician might have installed a pirated copy of XP because he wasn't able to get updates anymore. As it turns out the OS was a legitimate version of XP Pro. The problem was that the drive had been partitioned to only 5 gig so they ran out of room to download SP2.

I repartitioned the drive to include the unformatted space at the end of the drive using Partition Commander to make a total of 10 gigs. I then got all MS updates available including SP2 and IE 7 and generally just cleaned up the machine by deleting a bunch of music someone had downloaded that he wanted off then defragmented the drive.

When I returned it to him, it would not boot up. I get a disk read error. I don't know what happened between my place and his to cause this. Unfortunately, he does not have the product ID or isntallation CD. I don't want him to have to purchase another copy of XP Pro and I certainly don't want to purchase one for him either since I know the machine was working when it left my place.

I've used the Ultimate Boot CD 4Win and it can see that there is a C: drive but cannot read anything from it. UBCD4Win says that the drive isn't reporting it's size. After that, I ran Spinrite on level 4 and it found 3 unrecoverable sectors. Still not able to boot the machine.

What steps should I take from here? Is there any way to retreive the product key off of the di... Read more

Answer:Computer will not boot. Disk read error.
check the hard drive is secure

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I've been having this same issue for about 6 months honestly, and I fear that it is slowly damaging my computer or Windows installation's integrity.

Here's how it goes:
I very, very rarely am able to shut down my computer. When I shut down my computer for more than 6 hours (it seems any less than 6 hours, this issue does not occur), I get the following error on boot:
A disk read error has occured.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart your computer.

It doesn't do this after a reboot. It only does this after a long period of being shut down.

From there on, I just have to keep hard booting my computer, and eventually it will kick into gear and start successfully. Sometimes, it takes longer than normal to start successfully, maybe 6 hard boots, sometimes just 2. Sometimes it will boot past the Windows screen and then just remain idle forever. Then when I hard boot, I am told that Windows has failed to start and there may be an installation error. I can continue to hard boot again and it will start successfully.

I've tried literally everything: defragged, defragged the page file, checking the disk for errors, CCleaner, checking memory diagnostics, running Windows startup repair, blowing out my case, etc. Any ideas?
I'm on Vista x86 Home Basic.

Answer:Occassional Disk Read Error at Boot

Welcome back to the Forum,

Heres my take on the problem. First back up all of your stuff ,as it may be that a hard drive failure is imminent. I hope not, but lets play it safe.
Take this hard drive test and lets find out for sure, but first back up
Test Hard Drive HD Diagnostic or this test Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

Do you hear any strange ticking sounds? If yes, it is most certainly hard drive.

If you pass the hard drive test, the worst is over. It will just take a diagnosis to figure out the cause.
Try in clean boot and see if the problem persists

To test the integrity of the system, you can try and SF command.
System Files - SFC Command
If errors are found run three times.

In addition, take the Windows 7 upgrade test. If you have certain hardware issues it will be detected with this test
Run the upgrade advisor to help discover hardware problems

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I have the most unusual problem ever. When starting the machine either cold or from a complete shut down, I get this message-

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

BUT, after getting the message and I hit the reset button, Windows starts normally

So I read all the recomendations from the forum but in the end I had to reinstall completly and the problem just happened again

Any ideas? Bad drive? virus?, ???


Answer:Solved: Could not read from the selected boot disk.

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On booting up I get a disk read error message before it gets to windows. I switch off, on again and usually it boots up ok.Have done disk checks, virus checks but still happens. any ideas please.

Answer:Disk Read error on boot up (win2kpro)

If you've done sfc you can do a os repair which means you'll have to reinstall updates, but data etc is kept:Boot from os disc, select install, then select install again, then chose your os, then chose repair.

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I've been having this same issue for about 6 months honestly, and I fear that it is slowly damaging my computer or Windows installation's integrity.

Here's how it goes:
I very, very rarely am able to shut down my computer. When I shut down my computer for more than 6 hours (it seems any less than 6 hours, this issue does not occur), I get the following error on boot:
A disk read error has occured.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart your computer.

It doesn't do this after a reboot. It only does this after a long period of being shut down.

From there on, I just have to keep hard booting my computer, and eventually it will kick into gear and start successfully. Sometimes, it takes longer than normal to start successfully, maybe 6 hard boots, sometimes just 2. Sometimes it will boot past the Windows screen and then just remain idle forever. Then when I hard boot, I am told that Windows has failed to start and there may be an installation error. I can continue to hard boot again and it will start successfully.

I've tried literally everything: defragged, defragged the page file, checking the disk for errors, CCleaner, checking memory diagnostics, running Windows startup repair, blowing out my case, etc. Any ideas?
I'm on Vista x86 Home Basic.

Answer:Occassional Disk Read Error at Boot

Could be alot of things. One thing you might try is fixing the master boot record (MBR). Go into windows help and look up "fixmbr", you'll see instructions on how to run it.

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After a long and eventful battle with a virus, I decided to cut my losses on an old, bloated computer, and reformat and reinstall windows XP. I am using a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop currently with XP home edition SP2. Unable to find the CD that came with my laptop, I am trying to reformat and install from an XP professional CD I had lying around.

Upon inserting the XP pro CD, the prompt told me to boot from the CD to reformat. However, the CD was not recognized as a bootable drive upon restart, and returned an error when it was put at the top of the list of drives to boot from.

taking the probably horrible advice of a friend, I uninstalled SP3 (hence being SP2 at the moment), hoping to get my laptop to recognize the XP pro CD as a boot disk. Upon successfully uninstalling SP3, the computer now blue screens before it finishes starting up, unless in safe mode. Now, in safe mode the CD drive is unresponsive (accurately reflects what CD is in the drive, but will not respond when clicked). Troubleshooting the drive shows no errors.

The short of it is that I still want to wipe the drive clean and install XP pro, but the CD is still not being recognized as a boot disk. Any help would be much appreciated, as I feel like I am doing more harm than good at this point .

Answer:Unable to read boot disk to reformat

Yep. Bad advice. Uninstalling SP3 wouldn't have done not one single thing for you, except exactly what it did do, which is mess everything up.

You have to determine if the CD is good or bad, and if the Cd drive is good or bad.

Try the Cd in another computer and see if the other computer will boot your XP Cd. If it doesn't, the Cd is bad and you'll have to find another.

If the Cd is good, you'll need to verify the Cd drive is good by trying to get it to boot another bootable Cd.

Memtest (link in my sig) will burn to a bootable Cd you can use to test if the optical drive works to boot or not.

If you do not have a valid Product Key for your XP Pro disk that was "lying around", you will not get past the point where it asks for the Product Key.

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Okay, so i am at a total loss as to what to do. I have a backup Dell Inspirion laptop running Windows XP Pro. The battery is dead, so when i was rearranging my office i forgot about that and unplugged it (which then shut it down improperly). When I started it back up, it says "disk read error ... press ctl alt del". I then restarted it and tried to get into safe mode or some recovery/repair options but none of the F keys work (except F2, which just takes me to BIOS). Next I set BIOS to boot from CD and tried to restart with the Windows XP CD. It proceeded as normal, and said press enter to boot from disk ... then i can hear the disk working, but only a black screen shows, it won't boot up. I let it run like that for a while hoping it would start but it didn't.

I also tried one of the Ultimate Boot Disks, which it did boot into, but it didn't give me any chkdsk options. Tried XP CD again but still would not work. Also, i noticed that the up arrow, and a lot of the keys on the top row did not work (i.e. r, i, etc). I guess my next attempt will be to boot into a Knoppix/Linux live CD and 1) transfer my data out, if hopefully it's still there. 2) see if i can get to a command prompt to run chkdsk or scandisk etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this. I just installed a new hard drive (250 GB) a couple months ago, and formatted it as NTFS. Please Help ...

Answer:disk read error, won't boot into Windows XP CD

IMO, worth reading: Disk Read Error.Louis

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I'm using Bart PE to recover files on my desktop PC's hard drive after Windows XP stopped booting. I am able to use the A43 file manager to browse and even open the files that I would like to recover, but when I attempt to copy them to an external USB hard drive, I get an error message saying that the source disk or file can't be read.

Any idea why it can't copy the files, or how I can get it to do so?

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Help!  My computer was fine when I left work; I shut it down to put it in hibernate mode when I left, as always - when I try to turn it on now I simply see: "ERROR2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error Press <ESC> to continue" Why would it stop recognizing my hard drive, and how do I fix this? I have a tablet, X61, running Vista, 2G RAM, not sure what else you might need to know. Thank you!Esther

Answer:2110: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) read error

go to hitachi hdd website, and download a copy of the hdd fitness test, it will do a surface scan to see whether it is software corruption or drive sector corruption. If it is the latter, then you would need to get a new hdd or claim a new hdd from warranty if you are still within warranty.  I hope you backed up the files on the hdd. If you need to download the hdd information, you will need to get an external usb caddy, and plug into your desktop or another laptop and download it that way. Provided that there is no password of anysort. 

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when starting my computer, and no boot disk is inserted, i get the error message:"HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK PRESS ENTER" when a boot disk is inserted, windows xp starts up if no button is pressed after a boot disk is inserted. I cant work out how to boot from hard disk immediately, and it is set as primary boot device. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Answer:Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk Press Enter

Just go into the Bios and (For my motherbaord) in Advanced BIOS Features, set primary, seconday etc boot devices as you like.

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hi sir,im vijay..
im usin 2tb segate new hard disk my system i cant able to boot my os and also my hard disk ...its showin that hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter ...i restarted many times its sayin the same my gigabite mobo bios my hard disk is not get detected sir....the problem is that wen im installin the new os for 2nd time its all went nice only sir but at the completion of the os it wil ask for the user name and password but in my system its frozen sir fully of black screen and i cant able to do anythin so i restarted my system from that im gettin this error as hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter.....that my new hard disk and all of my data is in that hard disk only..this problem arises wen im installing the os for 2nd time sir...till now its showin the same error sir...

plz help so confused..

Answer:hard disk boot failure insert system disk press enter

Repair MBR:

Boot From the Windows Install Disc
The first thing you?ll need to do is boot off the install disc, and then click through until you see the ?Repair your computer? link in the lower left-hand corner.
You?ll need to choose the correct installation of Windows and then click the Next button.
And then you?ll get to the System Recovery Options screen, where you can get to the Command Prompt.

Repairing the Master Boot Record:

If you want to restore the master boot record, you can simply type in the following command:

bootrec /fixmbr

You can also write a new boot sector onto the system partition with this command (which is often more useful):

bootrec /fixboot

And of course, if you just use bootrec /? you?ll be able to see all the options.

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my hp dv6443 laptop harddrive was erased by killdisk to get rid of scripts or whatever was causing the sluggish performance. The windows version was Vista home. When trying to reboot from the original disk recovery cd to get the maching working again, the err2err3 displayed at start up. I have read about creating a bootable cd with partition recovery, but have been unable to figure out how to create one. I can drop the free partition builder programs onto a cd, but I don't know how to make it "bootable". But I may be going down the wrong path. Any ideas? Is this problem fixable, or should I just throw the computer away. Thanks!

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Hi i have a 74 Gb western digital hard drive with C: and D: drives (i partitioned them)
the D: drive has all my gaming applications on it and the C: drive has all the files for windows/and other crap like firefox, etc.

I was once reformatting to XP from Vista and in the middle of reformat my computer shut down causing a major problem. the answer was my graphics card died... now i have an EVGA 256Mb 8600GT with DX10. I brought the drive to my neighbors house and he can use it just fine, it boots and everything... but... the problem is that when i bring it to my house, and i insert the drive it goes to the Nvidia Boot Agent and after a while displays HARD DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. My current BIOS Boot order is Floppy, CD, and then Hard Disk. I don't know why it wont boot, but the copy of XP has been verified and it works great on my friends computer... why won't it start on mine?
Please help me !

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I formatted my hard drive today and after a reboot I got the message: "Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk And Press Enter" If I insert my Vista disk, hit f8 at startup and go to boot screen, click on boot from CD, then bypass the boot from CD option it will start Vista. I have checked my boot sequence and it shows booting from the right drive. My hard drives are SATA. Im stumped fellas......

Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
Two Hard drives but the second just for backup (not in RAID)

This is what my system information tool says on the hard drives:

Type Vendor Model Size Interface Temperature
Direct Access Device HDS72258 0VLSA80 SCSI Disk Device 82 GBytes IDE RAID
Direct Access Device Western Digital WDC WD16 00AAJS-60PSA SCSI Disk Device 160 GBytes IDE RAID
Direct Access Device SanDisk SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro USB Device 1019 MBytes USB USB
DVD TSSTcorp SanDisk U3 Cruzer Micro USB Device USBSTOR RAID

Answer:Hard Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk


Changed my partition to active and re-booted, gave me this: "BOOTMGR missing"

Tried to repair with CD and the operating system was showing up on D:, dont know if this is usual but thought it show show C:

Went to Cromt in repair option and tried to rebuild bootmgr with this command:
"bootrec/rebuildbcd" restarted computer............BOOTMGR missing

Was then able to boot from second hard drive (D from boot screen.......finally gave up and formatted fine now.

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Okay, so I couldn't boot. And on the recommendation of aids from some other forum not as... informed... as Bleeping Computer, I ran Bootfix. Now I'm getting this error when I start up... A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart I think the MBR code got messed up somehow or something. Or the partition table got changed. I have many partition tools, and can probably get others. I also have several bootable Linux flash drives I can access my computer from (that's how I was able to run Bootfix, but you probably already knew that.) Unfortunately, I have no backups of my hard drive as far as I know. But is there any way I can maybe... scan my drive for where the boot stuff is and then re-write the boot record or partition table or something based on that?As far as make and model, I was running Windows XP Professional, SP3. Before I was unable to boot into it. I've attached a Speccy sheet if that's not enough information though. If you need any information specifically, I'll see if I can get it.

Answer:I ran Bootfix to fix a boot issue, now I'm getting Disk Read Error.

Hi, That error is usually a hardware error.

The first thing I would do is check the hardware. Run the hard drive test.

HP has a memory test and/or hard drive test in the Bios.
Dell F12 when the Dell logo is on the screen press F12 for boot device menu and choose diagnostics.

Other brands run the Seagate drive test.
Page has a Seatools for Dos since windows does not run. That page has a downloadable link for a CDRom ISO that can be burned to run the test.

Before playing around with software it is important at this time to be sure the hard drive is not failing.

Good Luck

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VERY DESPERATE win 7 on a acer emachines........will not boot then i get disk read error i ran seatools it came up with ssmart did not trip

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Disk Read Error Occurred in my Dell inspiron laptop and I am not able to boot my laptop from any bootable media,every time I put the bootable DVD it does not detect it and give me the error message as disk read error press alt+clt+del to restart, I have set and saved the boot from CD/DVD option from BIOS also tried the external DVD ROM,now what can I do to solve this problem please help?

Answer:Disk Read Error Occurred and also I am unable to boot from CD/DVD - What Do I Do?

Most likely the CD drive is bad, try the bootable cd in another machine. You can try powering down the laptop, remove / reseat the cd drive, try booting from cd again. If that doesn't help, you can purchase a external cd drive, or get a replacement from Dell.

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I am getting "a disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

When I do, I just come back to the same screen.
This is a Dell Studio (1555?) laptop runnings Windows XP. Warranty expired.
It was running fine Tuesday, and just started this when I booted Wednesday morning.
I have not added any hardware, software or updates. All I have done is try several times to Ctrl+Alt+Del, remove the laptop battery and reinstall, and went into Boot Options (F12), Enter Setup and Selected F9 (Setup Defaults). No luck.

I have also removed the hard drive and tried to hook it up with EZ-Connect (Kingwin) to try to pull my files.
However, the little install disk would not install on the 2nd laptop (Vista and pretty crumby itself...), and I was not able to see it from the 2nd computer.

And I have also tried Ubuntu (running from a flash drive and a live cd) to try to pull my files. I have not been able to successfully mount the drive and see any data.

Any thoughts on how I can first, pull my files (if still possible) and second, troubleshoot to find out what the issue really is.

I am running the Dell diagnostic tool (in setup)... to see what info it yields.

Any help would be so gratefully appreciated.

Answer:Disk Read Error - unable to boot laptop

Since you pulled the hard drive out once, please do so again and tell us who the manufacturer of the drive is so that we can link you to the appropriate hard drive diagnostic tool. The Dell BIOS one is pretty generic but does a good job.

If the drive fails replace it.
Any clicking noises like a clock would make?

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I have had problems over the last year with Disk read errors and also a message suggesting problems with unplugging USB devices.
As I thought that it was a hard drive problem I have a couple of cloned hard drives available but it dosnt seem to be a hard drive problem.Each drive works fine once booted.
Windows repair seems to take so long even using Windows disk for repair.
As this happens about very 6 months I wondered if anyone can help

Answer:Windows boot problems and disk read errors

Since the post I disconnected my D drive and all worked ok,
Reconnected D drive and all still working.
Any comments please.

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I have two hard drives, the primary one is a 160GB Maxtor STM3160815AS (SATA) with Windows XP Professional x64 on it (NTFS). Also connected is a 40GB Samsung SP4002H (IDE) that is partitioned into D: (NTFS) and E: (FAT32) drives.

I'm trying to install the same copy of Windows onto the D drive as part of a test format and reinstall before I format and reinstall Windows on C drive. After Windows completes the initial setup phase, the computer reboots and shows the load operating system screen. I choose the Windows loaded onto D drive to continue the setup, but this message comes up:
Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

Please check the Windows documentation about hardware configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.
I have done some Internet searching and one suggestion was to run the Recovery program on the Windows disc and rebuild boot.ini using bootcfg. I did that and it detected both Windows installations, but the same problem happened.

I have tried formatting D drive and restarting the Windows installation but the same problem keeps happening.

Could it have something to do with the hard drives' master/slave statuses? I don't know much about that aspect of hardware. Also, the D drive partition did have some bad sectors on it, which seem to have been fixed after I ran chkdsk, could that ... Read more

Answer:XP install on partition: Could not read from the selected boot disk

To install a second copy of Windows while the other one is still in place and intact, you need to install the second copy in a "dual boot" configuration. If you don't want to end up with a dual-boot system, remove the drive which contains the first installation before running Windows Setup to install the second installation.

If the two partitions (old and new) are on the same physical drive, you will have to use the dual-boot method of installation.

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