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No Bios Showing. No Display. Brand new computer

Question: No Bios Showing. No Display. Brand new computer

AMD 64bit dual core 2.01ghz each

1gb corsair ram, 512 x 2

Sapphire ATi Crossfire xpress 3200 A9RD580ADV

160gb Hatchi Sata HDD (sp?)

Nvidia 7600gs PCi-E, SLi Ready, 256mb

I've plugged everything in, and i'm quite sure it's all been plugged in correctly.

On the motherboard is 3 little lights. Saying:


The top 2 lights are red, and the bottom light is green. I'm guessing that is symbolising that i have a problem.

When i turn on the computer, my moniter stays on stand by. All the fan's and lights show up, even the LED's on the fans, but i get no action from my moniter.

shouldn't i see the bois information?


on to my dvd drive. i've plugged it in, with the 4 pin power bit, and an IDE cable which goes into my primary IDE slot.

I get power, but when i press the "eject" button nada happens. When i take OUT the ide cable, the disc tray does actually eject.

i've stuck in an old CD drive and it does the exact same. any reason why?


I got this PC off a friend for free. He said it was all working before hand and so on.

The graphics card AND HDD are brand spanking new and have never been used.

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Preferred Solution: No Bios Showing. No Display. Brand new computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: No Bios Showing. No Display. Brand new computer

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Hi Guys, i have HP Pavilion P6510Y computer, 2gb Ram, Quadro Fx 400 Graphics Card, From Past few days i was constantly getting BSODs.  i was thinking that Ram is faulty so i checked it with third party software. Ram was fine. i checked all the hardware component and everything was fine. so i decided to update Bios.While updating the bios i lost power for 1-2 minutes and now my computer dont show anything on moniter screen. all the power functions are working fine, Fans, Processor, Ram, Lights everything is working fine but i cant get the display. i reseat all of its hardware components but still cant get display. i even tried to reset CMOS setting by shifting the jumpers but still got no luck.  i cant go into bios setting, cant get into windows to run bios updater again. Please help there anyway that i can copy the bios into a usb flash drive and then run the bios from it?   

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it was working fine this morning, and i'd left my computer copying files on to it all day, and when i got back to it just now it started telling me that this hard drive doesn't exist.. it had it as g:, and i have another one plugged in now called f: (which is showing up okay), and my computer's hard drive is split in two, c and d, so it's not a name confusion thing.. just stopped working all of a sudden, even its little light isn't lighting up.. .. i managed to use it fine once before, to copy files on to (needed to do that so i didn't lose everything when i wiped my computer's hd, for another reason (most stubborn virus i've ever met)).. .. so what should i do now? is my stuff still salvagable?

Answer:WD hard drive, almost brand new, not showing up in my computer all of a sudden

Is it an external hdd? You could start Disk Management (press start, and run diskmgmt.msc). If your hdd shows up there you can right click and assign a new drive letter.
You can also try to connect it to another computer.

Sadly it's also possible that your hard drive just died, even if it's new. In that case you should return it to wherever you bought it and get a replacement, but your data could be difficult to recover (maybe it's possible, but very expensive). One of my Transcend external drives stopped working after only a few weeks

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I bought a brand spanking new gigabyte a75m ud2h motherboard as well as a processor for the FM1 slot (came as a bundle). I hooked it all up but for some reason i'm not getting ANY reaction when i turn the computer on, no fans no light on the motherboard nothing. When i plug the power back into my old motherboard it starts up just fine. So the power switch is fine, the power source (650W) is fine...not sure why my machine is not starting up with the brand spanking new mobo & processor =( Any suggestions? I have tried putting the power button pin in every slot on the F-board, cannot get any reaction from my tower.

Answer:Brand new motherboard upgrade, computer showing no signs of life

First suggestion, check that you aren't shorting out the board by having any screw mounting the motherboard contacting the case. I'd even suggest taking it out of the case and testing just on a desk/table, away from any sources of static electricity. If that makes no difference it could be that the motherboard is DOA (Dead on arrival). There are many products that slip through quality control procedures of manufacturers and turn up at people's homes in a non working state. If the testing outside of the case doesn't give any positive results it might be time to contact the retailer for RMA/sending them back the faulty part.

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I'm having some serious troubles with my main PC, my gaming PC, and it's really messing things up for me.

I was just parusing around like usual on my computer, it runs Windows 7, and I allowed it to download the usual updates and restart itself. When it shut down and began restarting, I notice that it loads up the logo, briefly flashes what I think is called a Bios Post page, and then goes to a page that is nothing but a blinking "__" sign. It does nothing here, won't continue, and I can't enter or do anything. It just endlessly blinks, before disappearing and the computer screen shows nothing but black.

Can I get some help here? I'd really appreciate it. .___.

Answer:Computer won't get past black screen after showing PC brand logo.

Have you tried to start in "Safe Mode" to see what happens? (Pressing F8 repeatedly immediately upon booting).

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So I just stuck a 1TB SATA HD in my computer, and it's not showing up when I open up My Computer. I've re-started about half a dozen times. I went into the BIOS, and the BIOS sees it. I have very little exerpeience with SATA so maybe I'm just doing something stupid. FWIW, my main HD is on SATA 1 and the new HD is on SATA 3. PLZ HALP!! Thanks

Answer:New SATA HD not showing up in computer; showing up in BIOS

what's happening is the drive hasn't been formatted so it's not showing up in windows because there isn't really anything there. You have to go to disk management and format the drive.

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I bought a brand new HP Desktop T9Z10PA#APG with 2 x HP ProDisplay P222va screens. I set these up with one monitor using a VGA cable and the other using a HDMI Display Port cable (I think thats what its called). Everything loaded perfectly on both screens, I then used the DVD provided with the Desktop to install Windows 10 Pro (I assume it was originally on Windows 7 Professional as this disk was also provided). The installation process began and said my computer would restart several times for the install process to complete. This took over an hour and now I am receiving the following errors:- Both screens appear black- Both screens when I turn them on come up with:Monitor StatusDisplay Port: Scanning / No Signal (these flicker between each other and then end up on No Signal)VGA: Scanning / No Signal (these flicker between each other and then end up on No Signal)Auto-Switch Input: OnOptimal Mode: 1920x1080 60HzThen a new box comes up saying Display is Going to Sleep I have tried the following fixes (I have read in other forums) and nothing seems to get me off this screen!!- Replaced both the cables with different brand new ones- Used the physical buttons on both monitors to change every setting possible, including Reset- Inserted Driver Recovery DVD (also provided with computer)- Inserted Operating System DVD Windows 10 Pro (provided with computer)- Unplugged and left for several minutes and replugged in- Manually restarted by holding button down until it turns off, the... Read more

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I am hoping someone has found a solution to the following:- I have a W540 in a ultradock docking station with three external monitors and I have advanced mode on dock enabled to utilise the NVIDIA graphics however on boot the bios screen is not shown on any of the external monitors. As I have a bios password then as it does not display the prompt on the external monitors then I need to guess if it is asking for the password or not. It is a minor irritation especially if an error message or something stops the boot. From the following article I can solve the issue by using standard video mode but I wish to use the advanced mode. The following are my display settings in the bios:- Boot Display Device         [Display on dock]total graphics memory     [512MB]Video mode on Dock        [Advanced]Discrete GFX Perf Mode   [High Performance]Boot Time Extension        [Disabled]   - I have tried setting this to the maximum but no joy I have updated the firmware of the bios and the dock but to no avail - any suggestions on how to show the bios on the external monitors with advanced mode enabled?  

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I first had this problem about a week ago, it happened after I turned my computer off and then tried to reboot immediately, I was not getting any output on my monitor, I turned the computer off and it started working again 30 minutes later.
Fastforward to now I have the same problem however it doesnt see to be going away.

Answer:My computer is not showing a display

Leave it off and unplugged. Press and hold power button till it dischargers.
Try again, or before you go to bed or tomorrow.
When it boots, hopefully it will, run System Restore to a week ago or so, as a precaution.
(Press Windows key and R and type rstrui )

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I just bought this tower from someone, HP Pavilion Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct. It worked for an hour and a half. Then it said that it was shutting down to correct a problem. It never came back on. When I first got it I blew and vacuum so much black dust I never saw that thick before. I cleaned out both fans with blowing air and vacuum. It worked for 1 1/2 hours. He also had installed windows 10 on it. There is not many programs installed on it, he said he only used it to play games, and there are a few photos in the picture library. Please help someone please?


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Answer:Computer suddenly stopped showing on display

Hello Would like to help but first what is the specific model of your PC? Dirty PC is not good to begin with. Upgrading from Windows Vista, amazed the upgrade worked, to Windows 10 is another snag in finding the problem. Suggest you try going back to Windows Vista and diagnose problem with factory operating system. Do you have HP recovery discs for Windows Vista? Maybe you can start there to find problem. Grzy  

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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with a 3TB Western Digital Red drive.

It does not show up in My Computer, Disk Management or Device Manager or diskpart >> list volume.
Also a no show in the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool and CrystalDiskInfo.

It does show up in BIOS (See screenshot) and also in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology tool (See screenshot)
In both places it is showing as 0GB though.

What I've tried:
Unplugged all other drives except the C Drive and the 3TB WD, same result as above.
Unplugged all other drives except the 3TB WD and launched the installation CD for both Windows 7 and XP to see if either would recognise it. Neither did.

I'm out of ideas (I did see a few things online I didn't try, like uninstall the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers from the Device Manager, since I don't really know what that means I didn't)

Answer:3TB WD not showing in My Computer, Disk Management but does in BIOS

Try this.....
I have a 3 TB drive. Windows 7 Ultimate won't format more than 2 - Microsoft Community

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I have purchased an Edge 73 computer and installed a GEFORCE gt630 graphics card to enable me to use 3 monitors. 2 of my VGA monitors show display and work great however my HDMI monitor has no display even though its detected on the computer. I've done the extension of desktop to this display on control panel.  Is there any thing else which I've missed out? Appreciate some advice.


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Answer:HDMI monitor not showing display eventhough its detected on Computer

What ports does the gt630 have?

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Afrer not using the computer for a week, my pc suddenly powers up by it's own each time I open the slot for the CPU on my extension meaning I don't have to press the power button on the CPU which is weird, and instead of hearing just one beep, my CPU makes 2 more beeps after the first one.

After that this weird BIOs would show up(as shown on the attachment) and when my computer finally starts up, it would suddenly flash duplicates of my home screen forcing me to restart the entire thing. Any solutions?

Answer:Startup question - computer showing me some kind of BIOs?

CMOS checksum error means the CMOS battery in your computer needs to be replaced.

It's a CR2032 and is about the size of a quarter. They usually coast around $2.

Power off the computer, disconnect the power cord then open the case and look for the battery.

This shows how to replace it on an Emachine. Yours may not be the same but should be similar:
How do I remove the battery on my emachine desktop?

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I have bought HP Probook 450G3 yesterday with Intel i7-6500u processor and 2gb AMD graphic card, 8gb ram, 1tb hard drive with OS DOS. I have upgrade hard drive to 2.5 SATA SSD and installed windows 10 pro on it.HP computer setup (bios) not showing born on date instead just showing 00/00/0000 what to do?

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i have Time computer which i bought in 2004 and then later it went bust and now i have virus on the computer and try using the reload or recovery cd but i get the error message unable to determine bios lock please contact manufacturer which have gone bust and need to my computer back as quick as possible running please help much appreciate with owners of time computer or ho have experienced this problem please help! what shall i do and how to bypass it and reinstall windows xp because it's not happening with bootup disks

Answer:Time computer showing unable to determine bios lock?

HI, i have the same issue with tiny PC, any help appreciated. In fact what i would prefer is not tohave to do the reload, but it all keeps crashing on me, cant boot up even in safe mode. Got as far as defrag in safe mode then crashed and cant get anywhere near it now

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Hey friends yesterday i got a Hitachi Deskstar Hard disk (160 gb) from a friend.wen i conect it to my Desktop (ASus dg41 chipset m/b. 4GB DDR3 kingston Ram,Intel Dualcore original (3Ghz)Processor.And 450watts new smps power supply)IT show zero bytes in bios and not shown in windows explorer,I see it in Device manager,wit zero space.I reconnect this Hard disk to my friend desktop (Lenova desktop)(Actually he gives me the hard drive to use).In Lenova Desktop it shows the space in windows explorer.And works normally.I try to conect this hdd in several desktop systems bt same result that not showing in win explorer.Why this is not showing in other desktops(except lenova pc) ?Is there any way to get it works on any computers.Plz help me

Answer:Hitachi Hard disk showing 0 mb in bios & Not showing in windows explorer

QuoteIT show zero bytes in bios and not shown in windows explorer,I see it in Device manager,wit zero space.The Bios recognizing the drive is the lowest level of recognition. If not recognized at this level its usually a jumper setting, cable issue, or Bios needs to be flashed with a newer version.Is this hard drive an IDE (PATA) drive or a newer SATA drive for starters?If it is a IDE (PATA) drive it could be jumper set wrong, (Master(MA), Slave(SL), Cable Select(CS))If its a SATA drive I'd try a different SATA cable with it to rule that out.*I wouldnt jump into flashing your Bios with an update unless you find information supporting a known issue with the version you are running and hard drives. A bad flash can kill certain motherboards that dont have Bios protection that can revert back on wrong or failed flashes.

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I just unpacked my custom build and got it turned on.. went to try and get the internet working, and for the life of me.. i can't figure it out.
I don't even have a little wireless bar down in the right hand corner. when i try to connect to a network in network and sharing center, it wants me to plug in an ethernet cable. But i want wireless.. Also in the side panel of Network and sharing center, i don't even have the option for wireless.. i have Change adapter settings, and Change advanced sharing settings.

I try to set up a new connection or network and Connect to the internet, the only way it asks me to connect is by broadband(PPPoE). If i try set up a new network it asks me to choose the wireless router or access point i want to configure, might take up to 90 seconds for networks to appear.. but nothing pops up.
Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

In Device Manager, Network Adapters, is your wireless shown?

If yes, is the driver installed? If no, is it enabled in BIOS?

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Hello I have just bought a new T430 - model 2356 which is not showing warranty information on Lenovo Solution Center or on the website, perhaps a "glitch" in the system? How can I get that fixed?Best regardsHenry 


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Answer:Brand new T430s not showing warranty?

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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Trying to use laptop for first time. message showing boot device not found. Error f30. no hard drive found. 

Answer:Brand new laptop showing error f30

Jack5965 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! That code typically indicates that the hard drive has failed -- which you certainly should not be encountering in a new PC. You paid for free HP Tech Support as part of the warranty coverage, so you might as well make use of it.While this PC is still under warranty, you should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about troubleshooting and replacing your PC.I did this recently and the HP Tech was able to remotely access my PC from the Internet and do the needed repairs.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836Good Luck

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I have BRAND NEW Acer E5-575G-53VG I bought from Amazon. It has the GTX 940MX the only thing is from the moment I opened it and started running it I noticed artifacts and glitching in the UI on FireFox and the FileExplorer/Library menu bar areas. I have inlcuded an example of this. What is that? And why is it on my Brand New Laptop? As you notice in thre video, if i close the window or move my mouse over it it starts to go away. It doesnt always do this, it does this mainly on bootup. And then seems to go away, sometimes comes after its been on a while. I can sort of clear it away with my mouse cursor. Is my GPU or motherboard/screen defective? I updated the Nvidia drivers and uninstalled the old ones before I installed the new ones.Windows Update is currently up to date.i do not do anything abnormal like overclocking I just play Steam games like Day of Defeat Source and some Minecraft with the daughter. Basic web searching. No odd software or anything installed yet. I uninstalled the Acer care center which wont let me reinstall and says my computer is not compatable with it. Wierd. The games seem to run fine though, so far, I only notice the artifacts and gltiches on the Firefox Browser and WIndow Explore Menu like when looking at the pictures or so, top search bar area just like in Firefox. What could it be? Should I return it and exchange?

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I have BRAND NEW Acer E5-575G-53VG I bought from Amazon. It has the GTX 940MX the only thing is from the moment I opened it and started running it I noticed artifacts and glitching in the UI on FireFox and the FileExplorer/Library menu bar areas. Watch my videos:  What is that? And why is it on my Brand New Laptop? As you notice in thre video, if i close the window or move my mouse over it it starts to go away. It doesnt always do this, it does this mainly on bootup. And then seems to go away, sometimes comes after its been on a while. I can sort of clear it away with my mouse cursor. Is my GPU or motherboard/screen defective? I updated the Nvidia drivers and uninstalled the old ones before I installed the new ones.Windows Update is currently up to date.i do not do anything abnormal like overclocking I just play Steam games like Day of Defeat Source and some Minecraft with the daughter. Basic web searching. No odd software or anything installed yet. I uninstalled the Acer care center which wont let me reinstall and says my computer is not compatable with it. Wierd. The games seem to run fine though, so far, I only notice the artifacts and gltiches on the Firefox Browser and WIndow Explore Menu like when looking at the pictures or so, top search bar area just like in Firefox. What could it be? Should I return it and exchange?

Answer:Brand New Acer E15-575G Showing Artifacts

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Hello i just recived my new WD Elements 3TB Exteral drive and at find it worked fine and i was copy files to it and it seem to of froze and the files stopped copying(using TeraCopy) so i pressed cancel to stop the transfer and it wouldnt stop so i just unplugged the drive and now it doesnt show up in windows anymore. I went into Disk Management and it shows up but i cannot do anything to it. The Initilize disk pops up and i click GBP and it fails and says Media is write protected. Im totally confused can anyone help me fix it?

Answer:Brand new WD Elements 3TB drive stopped showing up.

With the drive plugged in, could you post a screen shot of disk management? It might give a clue as to what's gone wrong. Also, open device manager and click on the + sign next to disk drives. You should see your internal drive and the external WD drive listed. Double click on the WD drive and a dialog box with several tabs should open. On the general tab it should indicate if the drive is working properly. If it's not, you should be able to click on a troubleshoot button.

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I sucessfully completed building my computer. Fan finally works, but nothing on the screen appears (i was expecting the BIOS screen to appear). I double checked the cables, they're all in place. I tried disconecting everything but the CPU, CPU Fan, RAM, and video card, but the BIOS screen will not come up. What's up? Please help me! I spent a lot of money on this system and I of course want it to work!

Answer:Just built new computer, BIOS screen won't display after power up.

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I bought a brand new U12-43837 Ultra 500GB external hard drive but as soon as I hook it up to the computer, the computer recognizes the drive, installs the driver, makes the hardware insert sound, but the drive does not appear in My Computer, nor does it appear in Disk Management. A few threads on here say to do certain things with the drive in Disk Management i.e. change drive letter, but the drive doesn't even show up in Disk Management so I cannot do that. Where do I go from here?

Answer:brand new external drive not showing up (not even in disk management!)

From a search this looks like just an enclosure and does not come with a hard drive inside it already = sold separately :/

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Normally this laptop has a monitor plugged into the HDMI port. One day during routine maintenance the laptop was unplugged from the HDMI port and ever since the display is not working. The entire desktop image is moved slightly down about a 1/4 of an inch and about an inch to the left leaving a 1 inch black unusable section of the display and moved the windows taskbar partially off the screen. I have tried re-installing the drivers - system restore. Nothing seems to work. Is this machien broken?

Answer:U310 Display not showing the entire desktop black section on right side of the display??

Hi Telecotek,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with display in your Lenovo U310 laptop.
As you have mentioned that there is a black section, try to change the resolution and check for the issue. If you are connecting the LCD monitor set the resolution according to the size of the screen.
The maximum resolution of the system is 1366*768, please check while connecting to the external monitor if this resolution is set.
 Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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It's been three+ years since I built a new comp... Serial ata, PCI-e, dual channel ram, and 24 pin mainboard connections were foreign.

Having everything(sic) connected, my new 'puter powers up, runs without complaint(left it on for five minutes or so, and manually shut it back off), but nothing comes to my moniter(ie: it stays orange/yellowish in sleep mode, instead of green for an active connection).
There are also no beep codes.


Antec Smart Power 450w
Asus A8N5X
Athlon 64 3200+
1GB stick of G.Skill
Evga 7600GT

That's just what I'm trying to get it to bootup/display Post with.
I've also:

1x 1GB G.Skill stick
250g Western Digital
NEC DVD Burner

Which remain disconnected/unattached for the sake of my sanity.

Every fan(case, mobo, cpu, gpu) runs, the motherboard and front panel LEDs lightup fine. There is no restart/shutdown of the system at all.
The soft/hard resets work perfectly. CMOS is/has been also set to default.

Both of the moniters I've tried to hookup to the 7600 are Analog(Viewsonic CRT, Dell LCD), and the 7600 only has DVI outs. Thusly I've used the pack-in DVI - RGB connectors. If there's a problem with displaying the inital bios using those and not straight digital, I've not come across it on websearches.

The only other thing that I've read about was the 12v rail needing ample ampage(20+). My 450 Antec allows for 15a on +12V1 and 17a on +12V2.
With the card's fan... Read more

Answer:New computer build powers up/stays on, but no display/post/bios

Looks like you'll have a real nice system once you get it up and running!

Couple of questions:

1. Do you have both of the power connections to the motherboard? There should be two, the 24 pin and the 4pin.
2. Do you have the power connection going to your graphics card? Most newer cards (but not all) require a 4pin molex connection from the PSU directly to the card.
3. Did you hook up the case's speaker? It would have been one of those tiny annoying to connect wires (assuming your case has a speaker - they are very small and hard to find). If your case has a speaker, this is very useful. The beep codes may tell us what is wrong.
4. Did you use the riser pins into the case's screwholes (under your motherboard) before you installed the motherboard into your case? (some cases have the riser pins pre-installed for you, some don't).
5. What speed ram are you trying to use? Do you have a different make of ram you can test in there?

Also, take a look at the LED lights on the motherboard and see what color they are both before and after you hit the power button.

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Hi Guys,  I'm the IT handiman at a local business. Things have been going okay, so they brought me a Yoga 2 Pro that they had abandoned because it's screen went weird so now it only shows colors.  So, when I turn on the computer, the display immediately starts cycling through colors. When I use an adapter to the micro HDMI, I can see the display on an external display. I can even change the display settings to essentially use the yoga as a computer tower log onto the computer like normal and enable RDP so I can get SOME use out of the machine as a server box, but that feels like a waste of a high performance machine. Video.  IDK what's wrong. If it was a graphics card or something, I would think that I wouldn't be able to use the external display. I'm not sure what's up or what to see about trying to order and replace.  Anyone have any idea what I should look at? I can make this laptop into the little print server we need, since it's not good for much else right now, but I'd rather get it back in service as a laptop and use a lower end machine for a simple print server.  Help me? Please? 

Answer:Yoga 2 Display only showing colors. Seems to still work with external display.

I looks like a dead LCD display, or a dead ribbon cable to me, I had a similar issue with my C340, wasn't software related. You can try to contact Lenovo support, they may be able to repair it.

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I've got a new SSD drive to try and regurgitate an old Samsung laptop. The SSD drive shows up fine in windows setup and I can format it etc. but when I go to continue with the setup it comes up with the error ""Windows cannot be installed to this disk this computer's hardware may not support booting this disk ensure that disk's controller is enabled in the computer BIOS menu."
I've tried every option in BIOS including making sure AHCI is selected. I'm completely stumped. Laptop is a Samsung RV510 and it has the latest BIOS version.

Answer:New SSD not showing in BIOS, is showing in Windows Setup

Anything HERE

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Hello. This laptop is almost a year old (still under warranty). It was in HP service center and their conclusion is that everything is OK with laptop because they could not reproduce error with their HDD and their OS (that is what they actually said). Problem is with display. From time to time (not always) thin white line is shown on top of blue or gradiant blue or similar color (I'm attaching links to photos because they are too large to upload - if you look closely at photos, you will notice it on blue color): Photo 1Photo 2 Now, I picked up laptop from service last week and my warranty is valid for 2 more weeks or something like that. Any suggestions what to do? It seems that HP Service Center (MR Servis d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia, Europe) doesn't care or they are not capable to properly test laptop. I paid for laptop almost 1.000,00? and month or two after warranty goes out I will have broken laptop? Thanx in advance,Stanislav Vlasic

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So recently I purchased a Galaxy GTX 460 768MB video card. I was previously using a BFG Tech GTX 275. When I first installed the GPU I was on an ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFI Edition motherboard. I am now on an ASRock P64 Extreme4 motherboard. I mention the old mobo because the problem has been the same regardless. So I link the issue to the GPU.

Anywho, the new Galaxy card on boot, displays it's own Bios information before the mobo Bios page shows up. It's actually the first thing I see on my monitor. It just simply displays Galaxy Bios version (etc. etc. etc). It doesn't last for more than 3-4 seconds, but I personally feel it's an unnecessary delay. Especially since I'm so adamant about computer efficiency and I try to get my boot up times as fast as possible. Just a personal hobby I enjoy! So I was curious if there is a way to disable this initial Bios screen? I did many google searches and couldn't find the problem to a a perfect description. Some people did mention that it has to do with a motherboard conflict, but that's why I mentioned bother motherboards. One was old, and the one I'm on now is brand new. I've never purchased a Galaxy card until now, so I'm curious if it's unique to their brand? I've never updated Bios on a video card before and I'm not sure if it'd cure the problem either. Anyone familiar with this situation? Thank you!

Edit: I'll take a picture of the Bios screen and post it quick. I just thought about doing it, but I typed this entire message and I can't ... Read more

Answer:GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time)

It will still have to do it's thing...even if you manage to make it disappear....I have had systems in the past that has done that same thing...if speed is what your after a SSD will do more for that.

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We have T570 laptops and Bios version 1.09 and some on 1.19 bios version.  New Bios came out to upgrade to 1.21 4/27/2017.  We've download the new Bios and upgraded it but in Bios still shows 1.19 not 1.21.  We try to run the upgrade again and says we have the latest version.  Anyone have a solution for this


Go to Solution.

Answer:T570 Bios 1.21 upgrade not showing correct version in bios

1.21 (N1VUJ04W) 1.21 (N1VET31W) 1.11 (N1VHT21W) 01 2017/04/25
1.19 (N1VUJ03W) 1.19 (N1VET29W) 1.09 (N1VHT19W) 01 2017/03/30Found the 1.21 on Lenovo site is still packaged with 1.19 files to flash.  Once run the 1.21 file it extracts to C:\Drivers. In that folder show N1VUJ03W which is the 1.19 not the N1VUJ04W 1.21 and in the flash folder has the N1VET29W 1.19 not the N1VET31W 1.21.  Who ever packaged the 1.21 did not add the new files for 1.21 or the link to download is still pointing to the 1.19 exe file..

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I just bought a brand new laptop the other day its a windows 8.1 and with IE 11 on it. Now I am aware that IE 11 has issues with the enhanced protection on it with windows 8.1. However on my laptop the enhanced was never checked off to begin with and I wasn't getting these constant can't display page the other night it was working just fine. I have also tried another browser google chrome and even it can't display most  pages. This is extremely annoying and I have tried several ways to fix this my self such as restting the browser checking to see if it an add on was conflicting with the browser etc and nothing has worked. Any help at this point or advice would be very greatful.

Answer:Brand New laptop keep getting can't display page on IE 11

Try changing your DNS to instead of your gateway also
ping a known good website from the cmd prompt
AND flush your DNS

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My Edge 15" arrived a few days ago, and within a day of using it, I noticed an issue with the display. Every so often it completely blacks out for 2 or 3 seconds, and then returns. I have phoned Lenovo regarding the issue, and they suggested I turn up my power settings and update drivers. I've done this but the problem persists. I think I should mention also that I have been using AC power since I received the laptop. In researching this screen issue, I've seen accounts of people who have experienced something similar when switching power sources. As far as I can tell, this is not the same thing. So has anyone else experienced this or can help in any way? I am worried it's a hardware issue that will worsen with time (my previous laptop had nightmarish screen flicker problems). Thanks.

Answer:Brand New Edge 15 Display Blacks Out?

hey Absinthe (awesome drink btw)curious to know, does it happen if you have the AC power connected and the battery remove ?

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Okay so I got my Y560p delivered to my house not even 45 minutes ago, put the battery in, pluged in the powered cord and turned it on. The Screen stayed black for like 5 minutes, I couldn't see anything. I checked to make sure everything was in, and it was on, it all was. So I looked really close at the screen and saw the Configure screen. I could barely see it but it was there. I had to get a flashlight and point it on the screen just to get through the Config, I did the basics and got the the main desktop. I went to the control panel and went to adjust brightness. The Slider says it's at max. I hit FN+up arrow, and the little bar that pops up says it's at max. But I still need to point a flashlight at the screen to see anything. I shut it down for now. Anyone know how to fix it? And if so, can you explain in a fair amount of detail cause this is my first laptop that I bought new and not given to me or I bought used. Thanks for anyones help in advanced.

Answer:Brand New Y560P Display problems.

Hi kokujin, may screen is switched off... press Fn + F2... good Luck... Zehn

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I recently bought brand new parts to build my own PC. I had a friend put it together. He tested it on his monitor and the bios started up fine. I took it home and tried plugging it into MY monitor and there's no display. The power light is just yellow. The monitor is old but I know it works ( to an extent ) because my old desktop registers it. It's a 19 inch Dell. The port on the back of the new desktop is VGA.

Here are the rest of my computer specs as follows.

Mobo - MSI Z68MA-ED55 (B3) LGA1155 Intel Z68 B3 DDR3 SATA3 and USB 3.0 A&GbE MATX

Processor - Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 GHz 6 MB Cache Socket LGA1155

Memory - Corsair Vengeance 8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) 240-Pin DDR3 Memory Kit for Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and AMD Platforms SDRAM CMZ8GX3M2A1600

PSU - Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt 80 Plus Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms ATX 700 CMPSU-600CXV2

HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA III 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Desktop Hard Drive - WD5000AAKX

Video card - MSI AMD Radeon HD6850 1G Pcie GDDR5

Heatsink - Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler (RR-212E-20PK-R2)

Like I said, he plugged the newly built PC into his own monitor and the bios started up fine. Any suggestions?

Answer:Monitor won't display on brand new PC build

did you plug the monitor into the board or the 6850? Just use the VGA/DVI adapter that came with the GPU and you should be good.

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I recently purchased 2 brand new HP Envy x360s.  One of them has experienced a display issue since I received it. Occassionally when I move the notebook, the machine locks up, flashes with horizontal lines for about 15 seconds (see below) and then reboots.  Sometimes when it reboots the screen wil be black until I physicaly turn it off and back on again.  The issue occurs in both laptop and tablet mode. I have tried to contact support but keep being told different numbers to call each time.  The warranty status for my serial number shows as being a retired product. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Trevor. 

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Hi.. I bought my new z570 laptop 1 month ago . since i bought the display is flickering while running on battery. the flickering is visible as the brightness is flickering.when plugged to power the flickering disappears after 2-3 secs. I have removed the battery and put it back as told by lenovo. also updated BIOS but the problem persists. i live in pune . where can i take my laptop for service or  will the technician come at home .the reseller where i bought said they didnt service laptops and gave me a toll free.. no  please help .. 

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Long post, sorry, but I NEEEEEED HEELLLPPP!!
I've spent months building this thing. It's finally all together, and I'm trying to install my OS (XP Pro, SP2).
I got a copy of XP from Microsoft a while back when all the validation stuff went down. When I tried to install it though, I got an error. Fine. I have a backup. Soooo, my friend gave me a copy of XP, and when I go to boot from CD, I get an error message that says AWDFLASH.EXE not found on the CDROM. Ooook, not happy with that. Maybe a bad CD (even though he's used that ISO on a few rigs prior and never had a problem).
I decide to go back to the original XP CD, give that another go. It's still giving me the same error though.
What should I do?

Answer:BIOS problesms on a BRAND NEW RIG!!!

oddly, I had this problem a few days ago.

I have an ASUS a8n-e. When I tried to put in my WinXP cd, it said : "Looking for ASUSsetup.exe" This is obviously a problem with your motherboard - not your windows xp cd's.

What I did - was I called up ASUS, and they told me to order a new bios.
A few days later, I got the newest bios with the newest revision on it and everything is running smoothly (except my cpu temps...thats another story.)

For some reason I have the feeling that when these companies set up their motherboards they forget to put in an installation floopy - or install it wrong - whatever these "setup.exe" files our motherboards our looking for.

I was about to try flashing my bios with a floopy disk - but for some reason I didn't really feel like it - because I was already haveing trouble getting my CD drive to be recognized.

You might be able to flash your bios. I'm not really the person to ask on flashing bios, but you might need to research around on making a bootable bios from a floopy.

On the other hand - you can do what I did and call your motherboard company. Tell them your problem and tell them you would like a new bios chip.

I hope this helps. All the best of luck to you,

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So I was about to start raving about my X1C that I just received. Loving the display, the keyboard, build quality, etc. I had no gripes and was just browsing away when suddenly the screen did the full glitch. I recognize this as what happens when something's messed with the motherboard/display adapter. So I gave it a reset. All was normal and then it happened again. I was able to replicate it 3-4 times and it keeps happening. I never dropped it or anything. It was always just stationary.I can't believe this. I had problems with the first gen non-touch and touch. I was hoping by now they have improved.
Link to image 1
Link to image 2
Link to image 3
Moderator note: images totalling more than 50k converted to links per forum rules:  Lenovo Community Participation Rules

Answer:Display issue on brand new 2014 X1 Carbon Touch

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that you have display issues in your brand new Lenovo X1 carbon.
From the snapshots, it seems like a cable/LCD issue. Is the display working fine when you connect it to an external monitor?
Since it?s a brand new machine, I strongly recommend you to contact our technical support for assistance.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Best Regards,

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I received my brand new A210-14S, two days ago. Although I hadn't even installed any 3rd party programmes I had some trouble with it. From time to time the screen became black for a single second and a Windows message in the right corner popped up.

Translated it should be something like "The display driver was restored after an error occured. The display driver atikmdag doesn't answer, anymore, and was succesfully restored."

When I deactivated the Vista Aero Desktop the error occured less often but it still always occurs when I try to play the Windows games or other games (I tested C&C Generals). It causes even bluescreens.
Info: I have already the newest ATI display drivers provided by the Toshiba page and every Vista update available.

Any idea how to fix it? It's really annoying to have a brand new notebook that already is unstable and unable to play games...

Answer:Display driver problems on brand new Satellite A210-14S

Hi Mischa

According to your description everything looks like a graphic card driver would make some troubles.
Why? I think this is not easy to say?

What you can do is to test and to install a graphic driver from other sources.
You could try to install the ATI driver from the site or from the ATI own page.

In such case I would recommend installing the driver from the device manager and choose ?Install from a list or specific location? and ?Don?t search. I will choose the driver to install?

Best regards

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Hi everyone,
I just got my new laptop a couple days ago. Today at school, I was using my laptop and then at about 10% battery life, the display went very dull to save battery. Well the laptop battery then ran out not long after, and I just turned it off untill I got home just now and plugged it back in. Well, now even afters its charged, the screen is still very dull and looks like its still in the mode to save battery. I cant find out how to change it back so its nice and bright and normal. I changed the performance thing from battery saving to high performance, and I checked in control panel to try and find out where the option would be to turn it back to normal, but I cant find it.

Some one pleaes help, I cant use my laptop like this and its really annoying! I want my normal bright screen back!

I think its something to do with this stupid vista but I cant find the problem!

Someone on another forum solved this for me. Its pressing the funcion f9 buttons together will get your display back to normal, if anyone else has this problem

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Hello and thanks for your help, yesterday I received my IdeaPad y410p!  I ordered it about a month ago from lenovo's site and it shipped to a P.O Box in United States and yesterday it arrived to Ecuador where I live. I was very excited for my new laptop and for my surprise when I powered it I encountered with an issue, THE SCREEN WAS DEAD , it displays vertical lines and I can see that something is happening in the background because I can see how things change in the screen when I booted into Windows. The only thing I could do was connect the laptop to a monitor via VGA to use it.Here is a link to an image of the laptop connected to the monitor: My model is the IdeaPad Y410p Laptop - 59399853 - ( Here is a link to the specs: ) I already updated the drivers and also remove the bottom of the laptop and disconnect and the reconnect the display cable and nothing. I also tried to do a clean install of Windows but I can't see the BIOS menu or any other menu that is before Windows has already booted because it doesn't show up in the monitor (the VGA monitor starts displaying things only once that Windows has booted). I have barely used the laptop because I don't even have a monitor, the one in the picture is borrowed. So is there any way to fix this by myself? What is causing ... Read more

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My HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop failed on me last summer, well.. the HDD failed, I was unable to access the computer at all, black screen saying failure.

Anyways, I want to use my laptop again so I purchased a brand new Western Digital Blue HDD 320GB from Tigerdirect this afternoon.
I got home, took out the old one, popped the new one in expecting everything to go smoothly.

I plugged in my USB to install Windows 7 on, I get to the page where you choose the partition to install Windows 7 and to come to my surprise, there was nothing there. Instantly my heart fell, I'm like you've gotta be kidding me.. Drove an hour and a half through busy humid traffic to get this...?

I checked the BIOS and it doesn't appear to be there.. I looked at HP's website and I can't find any new BIOS updates.. I'm trying to use "Mini-Tool Partition Wizard" but it's giving me some stupid error saying "ERROR: This bootable CD does not support Windows Server." I have no clue what that means... I've already tried reburning it a few times. I'm ****ing frustrated.

I don't know what to do..

Answer:Brand New Harddrive not being recognized in BIOS.

Can you try the hard disk on another PC? desktops can use them as well. You can connect it without rebooting too. First data cable then power cable.

Also check that the BIOS didn't disable sata (some do have the option of disabling the SATA controller and/or sata port, some don't, look in the page about hard drive info and try to change the "not installed" field if possible).

For a bootable partition manager I use a trusty linux USB drive, the tools are all packed in PartedMagic bootable disk.

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SO just received my new Gigabyte X38-DQ6, laid everything out (just like every other MB install), pulled out the old / put in the new, installed the new INTEL core2 duo 2.4 (using stock CPU Fan for now), installed the new OCX (MB Compliant) MEM (2 one gig chips), installed the ATI Radeon 850 PCI Express card and connected up the new 650W Thermaltake Powersupply. Connected Keyboard and MB and after flipping the switch the Motherboard and fans start.
SO the CPU Fan spins for about 4-5 seconds and stops, I get no beeps (indicating what might be wrong), no video and since I don't have a classic keyboard I'm not able to see if any of the lights are coming on.

ANYONE with any ideas, please share... I've reseated the CPU Fan, MB and removed all peripherals and even stepped back to a single Gig Mem Chip and same results. After holding the power button I get the MB to shut off. Upon trying to power up again the MB responds exactly the same except it powers itself off about 3 seconds after the CPU Fan stops.


Answer:GigabyteX38-DQ6-brand new and never reaches BIOS, Anyone?

Reset the bios to failsafe settings. Make sure your power supply's 4-pin 12volt Molex connector is attached to the motherboard. Try a better, stronger power supply. If all this fails, replace the motherboard

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I just put my pc together (specs are below). I took everything out of the case, put it together, and started it without the cpu and the bios won't post. And their's also no beeping, just a black screen on the monitor.GeForce 9800 GTX 512mb 256-bit - amd phenom processor- 4gb ram- power- motherboard- 24' monitor- 500 gb harddrive- cpu cooler-

Answer:Bios won't post (brand new pc put togehter)

You need the CPU for it to POST.

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HelloI have a big problem.I purchased online a T440s brand new. I opened the box for the first time myself. When I enter BIOS it asks for password and I just hit enter without entering any password. I can enter the BIOS but i can not change any settings.What can I do? Can a brand new thinkpad come with a BIOS password out the box?I get conflicting information regarding the type of password. First image says it's power on which can be removed but bios says its supervisor. 

Go to Solution.

Answer:Brand New T440s with BIOS password

Indeed, it may happen. Sometimes large customers request preconfigured laptops which may include customized supervisor passwords. Of course, you should have not received one of these units. Ask the seller for a replacement unit, as there is no easy way to remove an unknown supervisor password without replacing the laptop mainboard.

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Hi Everyone, I recieved a Pavillon Power Laptop (Product number X7N38AV) with the following specs on 4/21/2017:16 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (2 x 8 GB)Intel® 802.11ac (2x2) Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® 4.2 ComboOffice Software Trial17.3" diagonal FHD IPS UWVA WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) TouchscreenWindows 10 Home 64HP Wide Vision HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone (Natural Silver) (for Touch)6-cell 62 WHr Lithium-ion BatterySuperMulti DVD burnerIntel® Core? i7-7700HQ (2.8 GHz, up to 3.8 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) + NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated)1TB 7200 rpm SATA Product number: X7N62AV_1 I've included all the specs as there is no direct model number to refer to with this custom build. This build does have a touchscreen. The issue is the screen will randomly flicker and/or jump at random times during usage. Unfortunately, this began right out of the box upon first usage (as early as when I entered my name to register the product) before it ever openned to the desktop and before I installed a single program or transferred any of my data to it. It happens most often while typing (and yes, even as I create this post) but can happen while nothing is open as well. I was actually reluctant to tranfer any of my data to it because of this issue, but I did because on the second day of usage, (4/22) the flickering/jumping stopped. Until 2 days ago, it began again when the computer was just on sitting idle. I have done some reaserch on this on my own... Read more

Answer:Random Screen Display Flickering/Jumping on Brand New Pavili...

@JF1383 Sorry, but that problem indicates a video hardware issue -- and there is nothing we can do from here to address that. I also ran into the same think with an EliteBook recently, and the only thing to do is return it for a replacement.Good Luck

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I have a brand new Dell XPS8500 running Win7 Ultimate x64. When trying to play online games, I keep getting this message:

Display driver AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

The browser (Chrome) freezes up, the screen goes black, the error message pops up, the browser goes completely white and I have to go into task manager and kill it.

I tried getting a screen shot but could not.

Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @3.40GHz

Any advice would be I said, this is a brand-new system.


Answer:Display driver stopped responding and has recovered-brand new system


Have you gone to the Dell support site and downloaded and installed the latest AMD display/graphics drivers?

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Hi,I am really annoyed BIG time with lenovo! I only just bought a new Ultrabook u410. Like on any of my new laptops I decided to repartition the harddrive into a small C system partition and a large D data partition. The laptop comes with NO warning that one cannot basically repartition any drive because it then will no longer work!So, I went ahead and changed the size of the C partition. Seemed to work fine. Then I changed the existing D Lenovo Partition to partition E and tried to create a new large D partition from the unallocated space that was previously part of the C partition.Then the sh***t hit the fan!Sudennly the HDD was shown as one single dynamic disk. Converting it back to basic disk worked deceivingly smooth all seemed fine until I tried Windows Update: Blue Screen of Death over and over again.Then I had the glorious idea of trying Onke-Key-Recovery. Tells me it does not work. Looking around the forum for advice it was stated everywhere that it would oly work with original partition sizes. I dowloaded GParted and reconfigured all partitions to their original state. One-Key-Recovery recognized the OEM partition again, went to 11% and crashed. With GParted I wrote the partition tables again and now it recovered to 100%. Windows booted up, everything seemed fine, but as soon as I run Windows update BSOD again.Now I really had enough of it and decided to try a clean install. Looked around the forum here for advice, saw that there are basically two options:1) SD... Read more

Answer:brand new u410 partition crash, no bios

OK, it seems the laptop is seriously fried now and the ONLY option is sending it back to Germany to claim warranty!Talked to tech support today and the fact that I can no longer get into BIOS means there is no other option. I am really extremely disappointed in Lenovo and will definitely NEVER again buy a laptop from them!Here is why: 1) The laptop should have been shipped with a serious warning that the RAID array does not allow the HDD to be repartitioned without a completely new clean install! How would anyone know that repartitioning causes the whole laptop to become entirely dysfunctional? 2) Lenovo does not even provide decent instructions for a clean re-install of Windows 7. They even admit that it is essentially not possible for an end-user to re-create the factory raid array. This is outrageous: it means it is basically impossible for anyone to partition the HDD the way one prefers. The huge C versus tiny lenovo D partition is a complete joke and the fact that the laptop is preformatted with the maximum 4 primary partitions also means re-partitioning is essentially impossible! 3) The fact that disabling UEFI boot in BIOS locks you completely out of any access to the BIOS is simply ridiculous. Worse: Lenovo is not even offering any way for a BIOS reset. This is a very serious flaw! As a result of all this I have now MONTHS to wait for a replacement of the laptop at factory settings, i.e., again partitioned in its original way - which I don't w... Read more

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Hi there.

I have just installed a mk8025gas hardrive into a sony vaio pcg 962a laptop. When I start the machine I get a black screen displaying "no operating system found". this is my first hd installation. I assumed the post or bios screen would pop up giving me the option to partition/reformat the hardrive.

if anyone could assist me i would be very grateful.

ive tried pressing del/ f2/ even f12 in hopes of seeing bios.. no luck
Ive also reinstalled the old hd and checked my bios settings.
it is set to boot cd/hd/usb devices.

I was assured this hd. would be compatible from the salesman however I dont know where/how to check compatibility. I've recently read online some viao hardrives arent upgradable.

9gb hd
windows xp is the original specs.

thanks for any advice.

Answer:brand new hardrive. no post, no bios, OS not found?

So you pulled the old drive and installed the new one in it's place?

Did you format the drive?

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I have have just ordered the Asus A7N8X deluxe and am about to build my first PC.Looking at the Asus site there are already a couple of BIOS updates.The site tells me to create a bootable floppy, unzip the AWDFLASH.EXE file to it then, at the DOS prompt type "run A:\AWDflash.EXE" - choose option 1 - save current bios. Then choose 2 - update.The question is:Should I do this BEFORE I load XP Pro?Can I take out the original floppy (with the updated Bios on it) and save the current settings to e new (formatted) floppy? then change the floppy back to flash the new bios?I am assuming that I can create the floppy using windows 98 at work.

Answer:Brand New PC - MoBo BIOS Flash question

If you go to the website, there are full instructions in the BIOS updates FAQ section (presumably you have an Award BIOS), including how to set up the floppy.

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here lately my new dell insprion 1501 notebook will sometimes lock up in at bios i shut it down hard ( i really hate doing that) and take the battery out and press the power button to reset the notebook, after doing so it works fine, it is still under warranty, but before sending it back to dell id like to see if i can fix it myself, i use this notebook for my everyday work life so i can really bear without it. heres my specs:

Dell Inspiron 1501
AMD Turion 64 x2 2.0GHZ (800MHZ FSB)
2GB DDR2 Ram
15.4" Widescreen Glossy screen
ATI Xpress 1150 Video Card
53wrh battery (6 cell)
windows vista home premium

anyone comes up with anything to save me lost time, let me know

Answer:brand new dell locks up sometimes at bios screen

Return it while you can thats what the warranty is for. Or at least give Dell a call and see what they can recommend.

I've also removed your email address, posting it in an open forum is just asking for Spam.

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The laptop is a n HP dv7. It was factory installed with Win8. The factory insrtalled Hard drive failed. The warranty expired last month. Today, I install a brand new solid state Hard Drive. 1. First I selected F2 at boot to do diagnostics. The HP diagnostic "pass"ed on the new harddrive. It's there and recognised. 2. Upon boot, I selected F9 to set the boot sequence to the CD/DVD. The error message I get is "Detected boot image did not authenticate", press <enter> to continue. When I press enter, the laptop turns itself off. 3.  Apparently the 'secure boot' in UEFI in BIOS8 will not allow for the laptop being booted from a CD/DVD ( 4. Back at the boot manager, I had only 2 options: "Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive" and "Boot from EFI File". Weither I select the CD/DVD or EFI file, the next window is the same: "Detected boot image did not authenticate" 5. If I start the ENVY,a. With the OS (full install) disc in the CD/DVD drive: The screen reads: "Detected boot image did not authenticate".b. Without the disc in the drive: The screen reads: ""Boot device not found. Please install an operating system on your hard drive." 6. The BIOS does not allow for a 'secure boot' over-ride.  Here is the question:  7. How can I install a new OS (I'nm trying to install Win7) if 'secure boot' will not allow the OS Install disc to be read.

Answer:HP ENVY dv7, BIOS will not allow fresh OS install on brand n...

 1-Are you sure the Win 7 disc is good? Is this from an ISO you burned or retail? Will it boot on another machine? 2-Have you followed the steps closely to Disable Secure Boot:  

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Hi I am having lenovo laptop model 3000 G410. The problem I am facing is am not able to see the initial boot screen( memory count or Press F1 or Press F2 to enter Setup ) menu screen. if I continue windows will boot & I can see the screen from welcome to windows screen. If I try to boot from bootable CD/DVD the screen remain blank only.  if I try to press F1 and F2 or even F12 for changing boot sequence display doesn't appear. But after booting in windows it is working perfectly. Please guide me Thanking you in advance Mangesh

Answer:lenovo 3000 G410 bios display or boot display problem

could be bootable dvd/cd issue. can you check if the disks work properly? ( with another computer )

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I have recently bought a new Thinkpad Yoga 14.After using it for about 2-3 days some of the keys at the keyboard almost not worked.I reported it in to the support center and we was aggree that I could replace it my self.After the keyboard was changed about 1 week later the display starting to show stipes in different colors.New case was reported to the support.I sent the machine to repair service in the Czech Republic and stayed there for about 14 days.I received it on thursdag the 3rd.The repair service replaced the display and for second time the keyboard.  Yesterday i discovered that the keyboard light did not work at all. So in my opinion this is a doa machine.Do somone know what i should do? brErik from Norway.   

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga brand new with hardware errors.Keyboard, Display, Light

Hi Aaserick.
Can you please post the full model number of you machine TPY 14?
I have mine that is TPY 14 (20DM008UUS) and I didn't have any keyboard related issues yet. They keys look fine and they retract correctly when you fold it as a tablet. Maybe there can be risk of harming some keys if something may be between the key when the retracts, but I'm not going to try that
Did you replaced the first keyboard yourself ? Maybe you can read the maintaince hardware manual for your model to check if something is not correctly installed.  But if it is still under warranty and you don't want to do it yourself, maybe the best alternative is to send it back again to the repair shop.

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Brand new machine - initial setup -Model: M93P MT: 10A7Win7 64bit SP18GB RAM500GB Hybrid drive from factory.OS & apps installed on the SSD partition, all user files on the spinner. SSD is 50% full.Avast AVMS Office 2010 SP2Carbonite BU Hello, I've just purchased this machine, and've done my primary software install with the above items. Issue: the cursor frequently (4/5 per minute for 2-3 seconds) draws the sand-clock next to it.within the OS Task Manager, the "Resource Monitor" screen will not draw. It just frames / copies the background.  Diagnostics I've done:full suite of internal and fresh downloads of all the Lenovo Benchtests - all passedinstalled and ran PassMark Benchtest app - all tests passed. This is one fast machine!in-warranty factory replacement of the mother board done.checked and upgraded all the system drivers I could find in Device Manager.updated from relevant drivers for: the Bios, Chipset, Video, Audio, et alrebooted multiple times after all changesuninstalled Comcast Security Suite, and installed Avast AV then ran full boot scan.paused Carbonite with no change.updated MS Office fullyphysically unplugged the computer from the network with no change I've never come across this issue before. The cursor still continues to clock at frequent odd intervals. Have you any thoughts as to what this might be? It's likely software related, right? Any help will be gratefully appreciated! Th... Read more

Answer:Frequent "cursor clock" display while system is running. Brand new TCenter

-- all the software versions installed are for win7 64 bit.

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I received my new AIO 700-27ISH All-in-One (ideacentre) first week of August and have been having a few issues with stability every since I began using it.  In my event log I find this error has persisted since the computer was brand new which means it must have shipped to me with this problem. Even 4, ACPIAMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0x70), which lies in the 0x70 - 0x71 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.  I have checked the Lenovo support site and  confirmed the installed BIOS version is the current offered from lenovo.  I even reflashed it from Lenovo site just to make sure and still same error.  Anyone familiar with this issue and how to get it resolved? Here is some addition system info:OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 HomeVersion 10.0.10586 Build 10586Other OS Description Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name DESKTOP-1UPOOTLSystem Manufacturer LENOVOSystem Model F0BD002JUSSystem Type x64-based PCSystem SKU LENOVO_MT_F0BD_BU_LENOVO_FM_ideacentre AIO 700-27ISHProcessor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3408 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date LENOVO O1KKT35AUS, 3/12/2016SMBIOS Version 3.0Embedded Controller Version 1.20BIOS Mode UEFIBaseBoard Manufacturer LENOVOBaseBoard Model Not AvailableBaseBoard Name Base BoardPlatform Role DesktopSecure Boot St... Read more

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It takes Windows XP Pro SP2 50 seconds to start up, that doesn't include the POST time! I installed the OS 4 times and it does this EVERY TIME! Hardware in sig, only unlisted thing is a D-Link wireless Xtreme-G card. What causes this? I have disabled all the stuff I don't use in my BIOS (firewire, LTP, serial, IR, extra SATA controller).

Answer:Brand-new Windows XP takes 50 seconds to boot (after BIOS)!

How fast should it go? I've never timed mine... I always turn on the computer and then walk away and do something for a few minutes. 50 seconds doesn't sound THAT bad.

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Brand new, bought from SC (big HW/SW vendor), who gets them/ships direct from Lenovo. We bought 6 @ the same time, and their S/N appear to be close enough to be similar batch. Opened, installed battery, plugged it in, pushed power button and hit F1 to enter the BIOS and got a lock icon. I hit Enter and was able to get to the Setup but couldn't change the settings we need prior to imaging the laptop. I found this, "Brand New T440s with BIOS password", on the forum, which is probably what happened. " Sometimes large customers request preconfigured laptops which may include customized supervisor passwords. Of course, you should have not received one of these units. "I called Lenovo tech and they told me to contact the Reseller as they (Lenovo) will charge FULL PRICE to fix it...even though it's under warranty. Unless SC's own tech has an answer, it'll go back to them (SC) for a replacement. I'd prefer that vs. having this one 'fixed' anyway. Just putting it here in case Lenovo has an unknown bug they've not disclosed/discovered.Thanks

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I just got this brand new computer and switched out the hard drive with my current SSD and 16gb of pc-12800 1.35v. Since i wasn't using a UEFI compatible bios before, I switched this one into legacy mode. When I rebooted, the computer just hung at the first screen. It will not go into bios or boot menu or anything. It will accept keypresses for the first few seconds of boot, but then just hangs saying "Entering Setup" or other appropriate messages. Switching the hardware back to the factory parts had no effect on this state. After that I started messing around and found that some older ddr3 ram allowed me to get into the bios and change it back to UEFI. In that mode, even with secure boot disabled, I cannot boot to DVD, USB, SSD, or the original hard drive. It is almost like they aren't recognized. Is there an issue with the 1.11 bios here? Thanks,Bob

Answer:Brand New T540p will not boot in legacy bios mode

I have the same problem.I replaced my ssd with original hard driver ,swith to legacy mode and installed centos, after installation, it could not boot succefully,then I switched back to UEFI, and installed win8 with UEFI, after installation, it also could not boot.After that, I switch back to lagacy and computer hangs at the screen same as you, which shows 'to interrupt normal post?press enter', and nothing could be done to pass it.  after replace old ddr3 ram,  it also made me succesful to enter bios. I switch back to UEFI. the system dit not hang but nothing could be done. If with T540p's original ram, when I press F12, both harddisk and cdrom could not be detected.If with old ddr3, the hardisk and usb showed sucessfully, but when pressed, noghing happend. can anybody help to fix it? Thanks very much.  

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Purchased a new M715Q mini and upon connecting using the display port and HDMI for video was not being recognized. I then looked at the the USB mouse and found that it was not being recognized either. Tried all USB ports and none of them recognized the mouse. I have a 3 other lenovo products M900 series and 2 laptops and they all work with monitors and mice. I also found the unit getting extremely hot where the fan kicked on 3 times and turned off. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Hello, Hope you can help. I just bought a brand new Thinkcentre Edge 72 in Italy and at the first power on, it failed to boot in Win8. What I have is a "Boot error" code 0xc0000001. The OS does not load and I am provided with a set of options. I've tried all of them to no avail and the only result is I was able to have displayed additional info on the error which is: "ACPI BIOS ERROR" There is no Win 8 DVD / media provided with the desktop hence not possible to launch the recovery console. I have performed some searches on the Internet and understood that it may be that the BIOS is not the right one. I have also found an updated BIOS on the Lenovo support site. I haven't yet contacted support via usual phone, I am seeking support on the forum to evaluate if I might be able to fix it. I have entered the BIOS and found the following (regarding the BIOS): BIOS Rev Level: F1KT44AUS Boot Block Rev Level: F144A BIOS Date: 12/21/2012 License status: Win 8 STD DPK TPG Would flashing the newer BIOS fix the issue? Is it safe or it might be adviseble to bring the PC to a support center physically? (it has just been bought). Thanks for assistance Best Regards Marco

Answer:Thinkcentre Edge 72 brand new fail to boot in Win 8 ACPI BIOS Error

No clue or help from anyone?

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System: Lenovo Thinkpad X220 running bios 1.12 Problem/Issue:  We want to deploy a set of standardized bios settings across all of our 300 X220 laptops. I have already looked into the biossettingswindows.exe utility; however in order to playback a settings file one must set a bios supervisor password on the machines. This negates the idea of systematically deploying these settings; we DON'T want to have to touch each machine and setup a stupid password.   i have attmpetd to use SRSetup.exe to set the password and then planned to use the other utility to playback the bios settings however this app does not like to run in a WINPE 3.0 environment; ie it seriously requires DOS or Win95/98 bootdisc to run. Am i missing something here? can one set the password using the BIOSSETTINGSwindows.exe utility?  before you reply, be sure to try using the utility once.  here is some more info in case it would help:we use WDS to deploy our images and in turn have a WinPE 3.0 preboot environment.i am planning to add the commands to my windows 7 unattend file to run as a synchronous command after the image is deployed or may use the setupcomplete.cmdusing a dos/win95/98 boot disc is not acceptablesetting the supervisor password manually is also not acceptable 


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Answer:Lenovo X220 and BIOS settings/password deployment on brand new machines

An Update on why I think this is not working: WinPE is a compatibity mode OS vs DOS being an active mode OS. If i could just use the  windowsbiossettings.exe applicaiton to playback a bios w/o having to set a password would solve all of this.  didn't Lenovo think about this ahead of time? that us admins need to systematically push bios settings to 300+ machines w/o having to touch each one? i'll update if i find a resolution from our Lenovo rep/tech contact. 

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My Hp Pavilion a529n fails to produce a display on a monitor that works fine with another computer (I am using the same cord to connect both).

The problem is somewhat intermittent -- occasionally it works, but most of the time the monitor reports "No Signal". The display adapter is on board, so if it is failing, then I guess the whole system board is junk, since there is no easy way to repair or replace an on board display adapter. Any suggestions?

Answer:Display not showing

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My friend has a desktop pc that has a non working graphics card or graphics card slot (im not sure which one doesnt work..)

before, he had the BIOS setting to "onboard" instead of "PCI-E x16" because the graphics card wasn't recognized by the pc (the computer had to use the chipset driver for display driver)
even when installing the driver for the GeForce 8800 GT, it couldn't find compatible hardware, meaning it wasn't connected (when it was, physically)

i tried taking out the grpahics card and putting it back in.
then, i booted into bios, and i changed the primary display adapter from "onboard" to "pci-e x16"

but the thing is, in the pci-e x16, the graphics card is not recognized so when i plug the vga cable into the graphics card, there is no output.

if i try putting the vga cable back onto the motherboard, the primary video adapter is still @ pci-e x16 so there is no output there, as well..

how can i change the setting back to "onboard"?
i tried resetting the bios by taking the battery out and putting it back in, but i think the default setting for the video is "pci-e x16" since the PC came with a graphics card.

should we go out to buy a new gfx card to see if the pc recognizes it and possibly provide output on the monitor?

or should i take out the gfx card and then boot it up to see if it automatically switches to onboard?

i can't think of any more solutions on how to get the display working again.

than... Read more

Answer:Display not showing!

How long did you leave the battery out for? Sometimes it can take upto 10 mins to work.

I would definitely take the card out and try booting up again , like you say it may switch to onboard again.

Failing that, borrow a card if possible to see if that works.

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For my main monitor I have a Samsung SyncMaster which is connected to my SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4650 through the hdmi port and I have a sceptre tv plugged into my second port which I have plugged into my DVI port. I've had it this way for about a year and haven't really had any problems. I just purchased a Lilliput 7" Um-70 Mini Usb Monitor two days ago. At first it worked great, I had my tv on the left side and my usb on the right side. Last night I decided to play Oblivion through steam, the only way I can play oblivion without it freezing is that I have to disable all monitors except for my primary one. Now though when I try to bring my other two monitors back I can only get my usb one or my tv. They both won't be on at the same time for some reason. I've tried restarting and unplugging and replugging them in but it still isn't working.
Any ideas?

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MY HP Laptop 15-r036T4 is not showing any display, but it is working when I connect it to LED Tv through HDMI cable?Please suggest, what to do?

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Hi all I got a S10-3 just now , it was working at the place wer i bought it. I came home and booted it and it asked for password and i entered. i saw some lines on the display coming when it logged it (like that of a disp prob, just 4-8lines).. i then plugged ma charger and then so many lines came on it and it was stuck... it wouldn't move.. so i had to press the power button to switch it off... after that wen i press the power button the light blinks (the first 3 outta 4) but nothing comes on screen.. pls help.. i have tried switching it on with battery and without battery.. pls help  


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Answer:my new s10-3 not showing anything in display

1: Remove the AC adapter plug. 2: Remove the battery. 3: Press the power button for about 30 seconds. This will clear the capacitors. 4: Insert the battery and plug in the AC adapter. 5: Press the power button. i tried this too but no use.. its still blank but the lights r on...

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i have a nvidia geforce4 440 go graphics card in my dell latitude c840 notebook,
and there's supposed to be a tab of my graphics card in the advanced properties in settings in display, but it isn't there.
im sure that i have the latest drivers
so i don't know whats wrong.
help, please?

Answer:something in display not showing up

Try re-installing the driver set for the card.

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the screen is black

Answer:Why is my Lumia 920 not showing a display?

Is the battery dead? Put it on the charger and see if it turns on again.

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Looking at Display Adapters in Device Manager of my Thinkpad 540p laptop I see two display adapters listed, an Intel HD Graphics 4600 and an NVIDIA GeForce GT730M. The reason I was looking was that I am having some issues with some photo display software and it was suggested that hardware GPU acceleration could be the problem and I was checking that the drivers are up to date (they are). My question is: do I need both these adapters to be enabled? Could they be conflicting? I am hesitant to disable anything without asking advice first. Can I disable (say) the Intel adapter without seriously disabling my machine?

Answer:I have two display adapters showing...

It's referred to as switchable graphics. It's quit common these days on tablets and laptops. My ASUS laptop has an AMD Radeon HD 7660G and a 7670M. With the proper drivers installed the PC can switch between the two on the fly without you even noticing it. I can also manually set which one is used for certain programs if I want via Catalyst Control Center. You may be able to do the same with the software installed by the OEM. I don't have a similar system so I can't tell you where to look though. Once you find those settings try the NVidia and then the Intel to see which works best for that program. I think you can also set the NVidia to do everything, not 100% sure though. With any luck somebody that has that setup will chime in with better info.

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Hello. I have a GTX 1080 and two displays. One is a Qnix 2710 Evolution II @ 100hz, and the other is a Vizio D50u D1 with 3840x2160 @60hz.

A few days ago, I was able to switch from my monitor to TV by simply turning it on. After I pressed the TV's power button, the monitor would automatically shut off, and the TV would run at 4k 60hz.

With no new driver updates/noticeable changes to the TV or graphics card, the TV display has stopped working as a monitor all together. I get "No signal". Nvidia control panel does recognize the display, but now shows my TV as "SGD FRCX". It was "D50U-D1" a couple days ago.

My Qnix monitor runs just fine by the way.

It gives me options to set the resolution (which does nothing since the display doesn't show), but does not give me the option to set it to the native 3840x2160 @ 60hz like it did before.
I re-installed my graphics drivers and the problem still persists. I'm not too sure what to do.

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Hello everyone. I have this old computer that I have not used for maybe about a year and a half. I decided to try and fix it since I could put it to use or give it to someone. The specs of the hp slimline can be found on this link here My problem is that no display shows at all, but the computer turns on. Currently it's Windows 10, but it was windows 8 before the upgrade. Patio said that if I can perform a factory reset, it will work again because it won't have windows 10 anymore. I looked up methods and tried one where I press f11 and move to the reset option. The computer only has dvi connection and thats how I connected it to the monitor. I know the monitor works since I tested it on another computer. Any ideas?

Answer:Old Hp slimline 400-34 not showing display

Can you see the BIOS splash screen? Can you get into the BIOS setup?You said windows  was working on it?  When?

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my desktopn is not showing display even though my system is running

Answer:my desktopn is not showing display

All the icons are missing from your Windows XP desktop? Desktop Icons and Taskbar the Windows Logo displays or after you log on to Windows, a Windows XP-based computer may only display the wallpaper, a black screen, or a blue screen your Windows XP Desktop icons missing ?

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Hello everyone. I have this old computer that I have not used for maybe about a year and a half. I decided to try and fix it since I could put it to use or give it to someone. The specs of the hp slimline can be found on this link here My problem is that no display shows at all, but the computer turns on. Currently it's Windows 10, but it was windows 8 before the upgrade. Patio said that if I can perform a factory reset, it will work again because it won't have windows 10 anymore. I looked up methods and tried one where I press f11 and move to the reset option. The computer only has dvi connection and thats how I connected it to the monitor. I know the monitor works since I tested it on another computer. Any ideas?

Answer:Old Hp slimline 400-34 not showing display

Can you see the BIOS splash screen? Can you get into the BIOS setup?You said windows  was working on it?  When?

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To make a long story short I have disabled my ATI video card and then the one that comes up after that. Now when booting up the log in screen doesnt come on but i can still log in and then still no display when in windows...I think I just need to enable a video card driver but cant see anything on screen so i have no clue on what to do..

Please help me
I have XP Pro edition i have tried to reboot in safe mode but stops right after it begins...tried to modify BIOS but cant get it to display log in screen

Answer:No display showing big problem...Please Help

anyone got any ideas...

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And i can't figure out what to do.

Answer:Color display not showing red.

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Hi, its been awhile for me posting but I always love reading other peoples questions. This is about my nephews
Dell Tower & Monitor. Win-8. Okay his screen is black. The mouse pointer shows and the icons next to the clock are showing. He can't get the start button to bring anything on screen. Now if he reboots with Ctrl-alt-delete (3 finger salute) the windows screen shows up and the Dell Computer sign shows up but no wallpaper after that. Just black screen & cursor from mouse. We tried some of the buttons on the side of the monitor but couldn't get away from black screen. I think some button was pushed by accident on monitor by their kids. 5 yrs old. I know we have a working monitor & tower but that black screen & cursor is all.

Answer:Display not showing on monitor.

What's the model name and model number of that Dell desktop?
What's the "service tag" number and "express service code" number on it?


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Hi Peeps,

I have recently installed windows 7 now for a while. Before 7 I had vista and then xp, both which I used dual monitors.

Since switching to windows 7, dual display does not work any more, I have two monitors which I tried with the addtional main display, both of them power up with the light displayed on the monitor, but there is no input detected by the monitors.

I have swapped my graphics card now twice at pcworld 9800GT pci-e, so I know its not the graphics card.

Monitors I am using have VGA connetions but have a adapter to fit into the dvi port.

One mointor I have tried is this one Octigen-Welcome to Octigen

The other one is a stock flat screen I got from packard bell I have no link for that one.

I have no Idea what I am not doing right, help, something in windows which is not working?

Answer:2 monitors not showing display


This is symptomatic of driver issue. Go to the GFX card manufacturer's site and download the latest drivers. If this does not work, there are a couple other things we can try.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, its been awhile for me posting but I always love reading other peoples questions. This is about my nephews
Dell Tower & Monitor. Win-8. Okay his screen is black. The mouse pointer shows and the icons next to the clock are showing. He can't get the start button to bring anything on screen. Now if he reboots with Ctrl-alt-delete (3 finger salute) the windows screen shows up and the Dell Computer sign shows up but no wallpaper after that. Just black screen & cursor from mouse. We tried some of the buttons on the side of the monitor but couldn't get away from black screen. I think some button was pushed by accident on monitor by their kids. 5 yrs old. I know we have a working monitor & tower but that black screen & cursor is all.

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pc display not showing any thing but the cpu runs properly and after removing Ram pc run as smoothly but now display not showing. Have you ans pls contact [email protected]

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Hi all, I got a new X1 Carbon mid March and am now having pretty severe problems with it. It first started a few days ago with this within Windows: Click to see larger I rebooted it and it came good. Now today, it did it again so I rebooted it and it started not being able to boot. It would get to the first Lenovo screen where it says 'Press enter to interrupt normal startup' the screen would go corrupted and it'd reboot. So I went into the BIOS to run Lenovo Diagnostics and whenever I press enter on Lenovo Diagnostics it just reboots again. Sometimes when it reboots, the green light on the power button flashes a few times, the keyboard flashes and then it all goes dark and does that for 5-10 times before booting. Now most times (say 19/20 times) it tries to boot, it does 'Preparing automatic repair' but it is frozen and as you can see below it is broken: Click to see larger Out of the 1 of 20 times it manages to get into Windows, I get: Click to see larger In terms of specs, this is the highest end X1 Carbon with the i7, 2580x1440 touch screen, 8gb RAM and 512gb ssd if that helps at all? The model# specifically is: 20A7-A008AU with a S/N of R9-009TXX (last 2 digits truncated). All I have done so far is managed to update the BIOS before it crashed again. It has the latest version now from the Lenovo website, mid-March build I think. The drivers etc are all standard but it wouldn't be driver related as the reboot/corruptio... Read more

Answer:Brand new X1 Carbon - big issue - screen corruption in BIOS/boot, constant rebooting and BSOD am having this issue too. Getting warranty service on it.

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Hey everyone!!!

Earlier I posted months ago with the same problem and the problem is persisting again.

I completed MAX PAYNE 3 with the same graphic card...
But now again its not showing display.
Sometimes it does when I reinsert it but sometimes it doesn't.
Please help me in finding out the problem.

I think the display is loose.
I had given it for repair earlier and I found that there were some solders made in the graphic card. It worked fine but after 1 month it stopped showing display like earlier.
Please help me out....

Answer:MY NVIDIA 9500GT is not showing display.

common people 45 views and no one has the answer????

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I have checked around and apparently when you right click on the taskbar and go to properties there is supposed to be a checkbox asking about extending the taskbar onto an additional desktop(a.k.a. dual display). But when I go to the properties there is no option about it there....that area of the properties box is just blank. So I can't figure out how to get it to show up on a dual display. Any ideas?

Answer:No Dual Display Option Showing Up

that would be cool anyone heard of this

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every now and then when i switch on my computer firstly it starts with wrong colours that were not there before and also lined on the whole desktop for about 2 to 3 minutes then it becomes normal but this is now a normal trend for the last 5 days i don't know maybe it's the monitor or the graphic anybody to advise on this?

Answer:moniror display is showing different colours.

Hi JOMBA. I suspect that the graphics card is either faulty or not seated properly. Try running the computer for a few minutes with the monitor switched off, then switch on the monitor. If the monitor display starts up normally, you will know that it isn't the monitor that is at fault.

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display is showing yellow collour on my pc

Answer:display is showing yellow collour on my pc

Laptop or desktop?If desktop is it an LCD or CRT ?Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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Hi, I use G580 20150 I format ALL and  install Win 7 32 and drivers. Show OSD on screen display. it work. And Lost ALL Harddisk. Re install and download drivers on Lenovo driver pages. Not Show OSD not work OSD on screen display. Which driver see OSD ?

Answer:G580 OSD on screen display not showing

Hi Tkucukler,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the OSD (On Screen Display) feature is not working in your G580 Laptop after re-installing the OS (Operating System) in the computer. Please install the exact LEM (Lenovo Energy Management) for the computer from our support website, this should resolve the issue.
Do post us back if the issue persists.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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I've been using my TV as a second monitor to watch movies for about a month now with no problems. But today when I tried to watch a movie I got a black and white image from the TV. Everything is displaying correctly (with sound) but there just isn't any color coming from the TV.

I've ruled out the cables being the problem, as well as the TV, because they all work fine under different circumstances.

I've looked for a solution on the internet and now have wound up here with no success. I've tried changing the signal format from NTSC to PAL (i.e. M/NTSC --> B/PAL; though when I change the settings here, the computer changes both displays, one and two, to NTSC or PAL; meaning I can't have one as a PAL and the other as NTSC), disconnecting and reconnecting all cables, and of course re-booting.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9100, with Microsoft Windows XP ver. 2002, SP3. The information that comes up from my ATI Catalyst Control Center says that the graphics adapter is a Radeon X600 256MB HyperMemory [DELL E173FP]/[Default TV]. Oh and the TV's a Magnavox, but like I said, the TV's working fine (cable, PS3).

I'm not sure what other information to give right now so let me know if I need to provide anything else.

Also feel free to contact me via e-mail if it suits you (<email removed>).

Answer:Second Display (TV) Is Showing Up In Black & White.

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I bought a G50-80 Lenovo Laptop about 1 year ago, and the warranty just expired last week, so unfortunately this issue won't be covered by the warranty . Basically all of a sudden my computer won't show anything on the display when I turn it on. All of the lights show up, I hear the fan running, everything inside seems to be working fine, but nothing will show up in the display. I have tried power cycling the laptop, I cleaned out any dust I could find, but nothing is working, the laptop refuses to show anything in the display, all I see is an empty black screen after I turn it on. Another way I know the laptop is turned on, is that I turned on the laptop, left it on for about 3 hours, and then the light on the bottom turned orange and the battery was dead. Strangely enough, if I leave the laptop off for about 24-48 hours, and then turn it on, the laptop turns on fine, as if nothing happened. I don't see any error messages at all. But then, if I shut down the computer, I can't turn it on again. I have to wait another 24-48 hours before I can turn it on. Sometimes, when it turns on, the laptop randomly freezes up for no reason and then I am forced to shut it down and wait another 24-48 hours. I'm really frustated with this issue and I have no idea what to do now; I really don't want to get a new laptop, I have spent a lot of money on this laptop, and it's been just about a year and it's not working .

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First time posting here, I apologize if this is not in the correct forum. Anyway, I have been having some trouble with my graphics card/drivers. I experienced some graphical glitches followed by a blue screen of death a few days ago, and since then my graphics card has not been working. I have groups of vertical lines running down my screen. My dxdiag does not show anything for display device (I am using an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS) and when I open the device manager it gives me error code 43 for display adapters. Additionally when I try to open the NVIDIA control panel it says I am not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU. I have reinstalled the drivers several times, using both the express and custom clean install. I have run driver sweeper in safe mode. Nothing I have done has had any effect. Please help! At this point I am assuming I need a new graphics card, but am hoping there might be another issue.

Here is my dxdiag:
System Information
Time of this report: 5/6/2013, 22:52:12
Machine name: DAN-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130318-1533)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: BIOS Date: 02/10/11 10:30:59 Ver: 08.00.14
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory:... Read more

Answer:Dxdiag not showing display device

Are you sure your DVI, display port, HDMI, etc is connected to the graphics card not to the onboard graphics? Try reseating the card on another PCIe x16 slot. Make sure the display connections are connected to the GPU not the onboard graphics. Do the clean install to the latest stable drivers (314). Driver sweeper should have cured any software issues. If the reseating, checking the connectors, etc doesnt work, it is most likely an issue with the card.

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I did have two showing even though I am only using one at the moment but for some reason only one showing now....any ideas? Thanks

Answer:Only one monitor showing in display settings?

What graphics card are you using? Onboard or dedicated?

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