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toshiba portege 3480CT bios

Question: toshiba portege 3480CT bios

hey everyone...sorry to bother you with such a dumb question but i cant for the life of me find out how to enter the bios on this model. ive tried f1-f12 and del and nothing seems to work?

any thoughts?

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Preferred Solution: toshiba portege 3480CT bios

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: toshiba portege 3480CT bios

Try Esc.

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I have a portege 3480CT which does not boot at all (blank screen) apart from allowing me to update bios if I try and install the bios disk I get a message saying BIOS file not continuous?

Answer:Portege 3480CT: Message: 'Bios file not continuous'


I don?t know which BIOS version you use but please check if you have installed the right BIOS version. As far as I know the newest version is 1.4 form 18/03/02.
Furthermore you should visit this site for checking the right BIOS procedure on this unit: IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

Please note that the wrong BIOS or wrong update procedure can damage the motherboard.


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Have just been given the above by a friend and wanted to swap the existing 6GB HDD for a 20GB HDD, but with no manual for it, I'm not sure which of the numbered screws (B4/B10) to undo to get access to the HDD.
Does anyone have/know of a user guide for this sort of stuff the the Portege 3480 - the Toshiba site doesn't have one for download.
Can anyone help?

Answer:Portege 3480CT HDD - Where is it?


Sadly, I don?t find any officials documents about this unit and
I?m not 100% sure but I think the HDD is placed under the keyboard.
To replace the HDD you have to remove carefully the upper cover and then the keyboard.
Nevertheless I propose to contact the service partner for more exactly informations.


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My Toshiba Portege CPU is supposed to run at 600MHz, but for some reason it only runs at 500MHz (plugged in - full power). I was wondering if I could purchase another CPU say 800MHz and fit it in, does anyone know the fastest CPU this Laptop Supports. I?m using the latest BIOS (2002) and Windows XP SP2.

Answer:Portege 3480CT - can i use faster CPU?

Hello Alex

Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade processor on Toshiba notebooks. The processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package). This is a permanent connection method and is used in the interests of miniaturization and heat dissipation.

If you want more information about that, you can contact service partner in your country.


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hi, i have a free partition on my hard disk, and i need to make win98se installation on it, but my cdrom dont work in DOS,
so i trayed to use the bootdisk, but it's only for recovery !
and i need need to have the a: avileble,
ware can i get a proper bootdisk?

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Answer:i need a bootdisk for Portege 3480ct

so, is there any one how can help me ?
after all, im in Toshiba Support Forum !!!
so if i can't have the proper BOOT DISK, maybe i can get other advice of how can i get my CD-ROM to run in DOS ?

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I have portege 3480ct with 12gig disk running W2k
I run latest bios 1.4
tried to install toshiba mk1031gas 100gb drive but get DRIVE INACCESSIBLE errors
The drive works ok in a desktop pc
IS it too big to run on this machine?
IF NOT how do i make it work?

Answer:HD upgrade in Portege 3480ct


I am pretty sure that HDD is too big for this machine. Your Portege can maybe works properly with 20GB but 100GB is too much. Sorry but I think there is no way to make it work.

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I got a Problem on Portege 3480ct were I installed Win98.
Got an Error message: Hibernation File not existent.

My Question: Uses the 3480 a File on C:\ (hiberfil.sys) and how to create or a hibernation-partition?
What tool would create that partition?


Answer:Hibernation on Portege 3480ct

?Phdisk? is a tool which creates and enables the hibernation partition/file.
Try to google for this tool.

Maybe it helps a little bit.

Good luck

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I`ve got a big problem. Although my Toshiba Notebook is not so new (and my english is not so good as well :), I loved it (Portege 3480T)! Until it died. I was surfing, connecting the AC-adapter and all at once the Notebook powered down an I myself pucker my face and got almost sick. Until now it did not power on and the only reaction I see is the orange AC-LED flashing as follows:

short-long-short-short-long-short-long-short then paused for 3 seconds and the flushing started again.

But nothing else happen.
Because it´s a long time ago to be sure that the warrenty is over, I opened the case and tried different things like shorting the BIOS by reversing the polarity of the BIOS battery, unplugging the HDD and clearing the cpu-cooler. (For some of u who want to blame me now for doing such things: my dad has a computer store and I helped him many times before so its not my first time opening a computer or a laptop-case...) I wouldn´t believe and furthermore i´m not able to, that its over with my quiet little friend so I ask you to help me.

Does anybody know the secret of the LED-code? Or pherhaps it isn´t a code, but the flushing-sequence is repeating (Ah another thing. This flushing-sequence started until after pressing the Power-on- button;Before it the LED AC is shinig green (like it normally does).

My suggestion is that the CPU is overheated and broken-if this is really happend i can throw the notebook away, because the cpu is fixed. :( Too bad...... Read more

Answer:My Portege 3480CT is dead

Hey buddy,

i read your posting and I know what you mean. These machines were the top of the cream (in the past), and I understand that you?re suffering now because your quiet little friend is much quieter as you expected. ;)

So, there are two options:

1. Try to replace the AC-Adaptor, because this error can be caused from your AC.

2. If that fails, then you have the other option, replacing the mainboard (or throwing him into trash), because then you have a really big problem with your mainboard.

I had a similar machine few years ago, and I loved that machine until I had the SAME error like yours. At the repair the just mentioned after the diagnosis that the exchange of the PCB will cost so much and blablabla.

So I was funereally about the R.I.P. of my lovely and quiet (!!) machine but now a portege 2000 is on duty. :)

And it works..

Hope I could helped you


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On eBay I bought a Portege 3480CT to use it as a fine machine to create texts out of office. But now I can not even install W2K on it.

It has an external CD reader and does not install: w2k, Linux, W98 (all original)... for my preferred W2K it says, "couldn't find NTLDR" (w2k) and: "datentraeger entfernen - neustart: taste druecken" -

there is no other boot device, no other disk in any slot... the disk is my original one, the boot device is switched to "boot from CD" - the system is used to W2K (it has a sticker at the back, which gives me this information) -

and now I am at the point, I have no clue, how to continue.

Is there any possibility to make it run again?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot installation W2K on Portege 3480CT


If a message "NTLDR is missing" appears this indicates that the disc is not bootable.
Many times this error is caused when the computer is attempting to boot from a non-bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM.
In this forum several users wanted to install the W2K on this notebook.
Firstly you need a bootable drive.

If you want to boot from the Win98 CD you need firstly to create a companion diskette. Check the Toshiba driver page for companion diskette files.

Please check also this site. Maybe it helps:

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Hi all, Been tring this for 2 days now and i have no idea. I want to install win2k on 3480ct but the win2k install will not detect the harddrive... Winxp will detect it, win98 will detect it...

I have the latest bios, so i am starting to think win2k needs a driver to see the drive but i am not finding any.


Answer:Wk2 will not detect the HDD on Portege 3480ct


yes this sound strange indeed! There is no need for a special driver to use with Win2000 as long as we're talking about the internal HDD.
If you're using the external HDD adaptor you will need a driver.

Can you try to use a partition and MBR clearing software? Just to make sure there is no special 'garbage' that prevents Windows from seeing the disk.
Can you also try to make default settings in BIOS and try again?

Good luck


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I have a Portege 3480 that I want to boot in Dos with CD Rom support in oder to load a new Operating system. I have downloaded the companion diskette but the toscdrom driver does not load and therefore MSCDEX fails. The CD drive is 24xspeed attached via a PCMCIA card. The CD drive is Toshiba Part No 2793020 with Tosihiba PCMCIA card. Is there another driver that I should be using?

Answer:Portege 3480CT CD Rom Drivers

Did you try to boot while holding down the c key with the cdrom drive connected to the unit ? That way the computer will boot from the cdrom drive and you will have the option to load the OS .


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what's the bigest hdd I can install on a portege 3480ct? can I write dvds with an external writer (usb2.0)?

Answer:Max HDD capacity on Portege 3480ct?


it's no problem to write DVDs with an external drive.
For example you can use this one:
Ultra Slim DVD+-RW Drive
Part Number: PX1296E-1DV2


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I have a formatted Portege and am trying to reinstall XP Home. I've downloaded the XP floppy setup files from microsoft. When I try installing, I get to the last (6th) disc and then the error:
Problem detected windows is shutting down to prevent damage
Am I supposed to load any software (drivers etc) before running the setup? I thought it could be a damaged floppy so I recreated the whole set. But the same thing happened. I believe the error could be caused by a conflict rather than dmage to the laptop.

Any help or advice appreciated


Answer:Problem reinstalling XP on Portege 3480CT


I don?t know what you try to install but usually you have to install the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD. This CD contains all drivers and necessary patches.

But you will need an compatible external CD drive if you want to boot from the CD
Such themes were discussed a lot of time here in the forum and I recommend using the ?advanced search? of this forum.

I found these threads:

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my old HDD was broken running under W2K, got a new MK4018gas,
during install W2K always got info that W2K cannot find HDD.
Under DOS I can get on the HDD, cloned one partition which runs fine
but could not get it onto the Portege 3480CT, always a HDD problem
came up.

Who can help?

Answer:Installing W2K onto Portege 3480CT with MK4018gas HDD


It's a usual problem, look here ( and especially in the link in this thread ) :


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I got a Problem with a PCMCIA-Card (new media wave jammer, 16bit) on a 3480 with Win98 & XP.
The card appears as a unknown device only in the "remove Hardware"-Tool.

In the device-manager it isn't listed at all and Windows didn't ask for the driver.

Looks like a demaged card, but this card still works fine in another Notebook!
The Problem could be related to different Memory areas used by the Cardservice.

The Cardservice at the 3480ct seems not to be configurable.

What can i do?

Answer:Portege 3480ct: Cannot use the 16bit PCMCIA card


The PCMCIA card doesn?t need an driver!
From my knowledge you should check the settings in the BIOS!

On the second BIOS page you should try to change the ?Device Config? to All devices and in the PC card section you should set the controller mode to Cardbus/16bit

?.then save the BIOS settings.

Maybe it helps

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i am trying to use an IBM travelstar in an external usb enclosure with my Portege 3480ct running Windows 2000 (with sp4). While the drive is recognised as plug-and-play on other computers running win2k and winXP, it is not recognised on my Portege, which gives an error message suggesting that drivers are missing.

According to IBM/hitachi (who make the drive), no drivers are needed and the drive should work as plug-and-play, recognised as a generic USB hard drive. This happens on all other computers i have tried.

Are their known compatability issues with this drive? Or are their any special drivers needed to recognise this setup on the Portege?

Answer:IBM travelstar external USB compatibility with Portege 3480ct


As far as I know there are no drivers required for external HDDs and they are recognized as plug and play. Your Portege is an older unit and maybe is there some problem with USB ports. Did you check them with other USB devices?

It is also possible that there is no enough power supply and in this case it is recommend to connect the drive using USB hub with own power supply.


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I have an old 3480ct which has a corrupt installation of XP. I have no original cd drive or floppy drive.
I have a generic teec PCMCIA cd drive but can't boot from it to repair or reinstall.

Does anyone know if there is a hidden partition that i can access to reinstall 2000? So i can upgrade.
At the moment it I cant get in at all.
It will boot from LAN but no where else.

Any help much appreciated.
My own lapy is an Equium.

thanks in advance.

Answer:Portege 3480ct - corrupt Windows XP installation

No, there is no hidden partition on this old notebook series!!!

In your case I don?t see any other possibility as to install the Windows OS booting from LAN or buying and compatible CD/DVD drive for booting from the OS CD.

But the LAN installation is not easy. It?s tricky becasue4 you would need an RIS server!!!

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I have a problem,
i have a toshiba portege 3480CT portable computer and it doesnt have an operating system. I am trying to install win98 SE but when it starts installing this message appears:
device driver not found: 'OEMCD001'.
No valid CDROM device drivers selected

: so how can I get these drivers, the computer only has the cdrom drive, NO FLOPPY. CDrom drive is a pcmcia drive.
please help me!!
I also tried to install XP pro but with bad results, it gives errors after it tries to start windows setup..

WHAT to do, all help very MUCH appreciated!

Answer:Portege 3480CT , device driver not found


If you installed WIN 98SE on the unit you need Toshiba drivers and Utilities.
For Win 98SE OS you have to install all the applications in this order:

Display Drivers for Windows95 (for S3M7 Savage MX/IX) V4.11.01.7006-7.02.88-01
YAMAHA AC-XG Audio Driver for Windows95/98SE V.4.07.1011
Win98 Companion Diskette W98C09
Logitech MouseWare for Windows95/98 V8.37 BLD246
Modem Driver V5.77-MR577ALL004
USB FDD Driver for TEAC V.1.06t (FDD Version 1.08t)
USB FDD Driver for YE-DATA V.4.30 Beta
Panning Support Driver (panning.sys) V3.0 (included in Display Driver)
Multi Media Port Replicator IDE Driver V. with catalog file
NDIS driver for MSIR3.0 (Win98 OBOE driver) V.2.21
Toshiba Fast Ether LAN Adapter (Intel 82559) V.2.01
HALLOC.EXE V2.0 (included in Toshiba Utility)
Toshiba Utility W983480US
PCMCIA.INF for Windows98SE (support ToPIC100) V1.0
QFE Win98Gold/Win98SE QFE KB:Q239697
QFE Shutdown QFE Q242934
QFE DiskTsd.VXD V.4.10.2223 Q246387xx8
QFE Win98SE USB QFE Q241084
Direct X 7.0
Acrobat Reader
Users Manual PDF file
Internal Modem Manual PDF file
Multi Media Port Replicator Manual PDF file
Toshiba Wallpaper
MS URL Security Update

For Windows 2000 / XP in this order:

Display Driver
Toshiba Power Extensions 2
Toshiba Utilities
Toshiba Mobile Extensions
Toshiba Display Power Save Driver
Toshiba IR Driver
Toshiba IDE Driver
Acrobat Reader 4.05
Users Online manual
Modem Online manual
Multimedia Por... Read more

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I have a Portege 3480CT and I need to replace its internal 12GB (IBM Travelstar) hard disk since the old on has developed bad blocks. Now, I assumed this would be relatively straight-forward, but I was mistaken.

Anyway, I got a replacement 2.5" HD (this time a Hitachi Travelstar, 20GB drive), however I have been unable to get it working. I have run the IBM/Hitachi diagnostic program and whilst the old 12GB hard drive is detected and checks out ok, the 20GB does not even get detected (i.e., looks as though nothing is on the IDE line).

It was suggested to me by IBM and Hitachi that there is a compatibility list for their hard drives and this one may not be supported (, however I have been unable to find my drive on their list (model is HTS424020M9AT00). Basically all I want to know is what drives *are* compatible or what my problem with the laptop is otherwise.

For further info, when I try to install Win2k, I get an ArcRead failure, presumably because it thinks the drive does not exist.


Answer:Compatible hard drives for Portege 3480CT


I suppose that there is problem with HDD and false setting that decide if the HDD will be master or slave device.

In my opinion you should contact Service partner to ask them which HDD is suitable for your unit. You can also check on the net and pick up some information because there are a lot of different vendor where you can buy HDD. I found also information that it is possible to use 40GB HDD for your unit but it must be built in by vendor.

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The manual mentions that this is 600Mhz machine but mine never runs greater than 500Mhz since I have installed XP

The processor never leaves 500Mhz. I never knew this until I installed a small utility to monitor the processor speed. The most I ever get is 500Mhz. I'm not sure why it won't speedstep up.

I have installed the power saving software but it was just a futile attempt

Answer:Portege 3480CT shows only 500MHz instead of 600MHz

Hi Michael

did you check that your system is set to run at full speed? I know it's a bad hint but that's all I got really. Try go into BIOS by pressing ESC at power-on. Step through the power saving settings and CPU-settings.

Hope to have helped you.



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Does anyone know where i can get the video and sound drivers for my Portege 3480Ct running Windows 2000?


Answer:Portege 3480CT drivers for Windows 2000

Go to the Toshiba European driver page: -> Support & Download Center

Then choose;
Archive -> Port?g? Archive -> Port?g? 3xxx -> Port?g? 3480 -> Windows 2000


Thanks for the points :D (which I will get from you ) LOL

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My Portege 3480 CT has been reloaded with ME after problems with Windows XP. Now i cant find suitable drivers for the Display wich only starts in 16 colour mode with a extremely small screene. I can not find any suitable drivers for my notebook except an update of BIOS on Toshibas homepage. Is my Notebook to old? I think its 5 years.
/Conny Bro?n

Answer:Where can i find Display drivers for Portege 3480CT?

Hi Conny

Win ME was never a supported OS on this model. Try either the Win98 or Win2000 driver. You might have to 'force' the driver into the system.

Good luck


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I need help to make a pendrive FDD bootable.
My 3480ct laptop does not have the traditional floppy drive instead it uses a USB floppy and the bios has an option to boot from USB FDD.

I would like to use a usb pendrive to boot (a Lexar Jumpdrive 32mb 05dch pid 0080h and GXT 1gb 1516h pid 8628h), in place of the floppy. I want to load the XP boot disks on it, so I run recovery programs using chkdsk.

I have tried the usual suspects, the HP boot loader, makebootfat, and mkbt20.
I tried the demo version of the commercial product Flashboot.
I imaged a Dos 5.0 system diskette onto the pendrive using the demo of AI-Setup.
All failed including the specific option in makebootfat that images for FDD option and 3 different options of Flashboot.

I ran

Using ICY Hexplorer I was able to confirm that DOS5.0 on the pendrive bootsector is identical to the floppy.
I could boot in Dos5.0 from a floppy with the USB Panasonic drivers and confirm that my Lexar was a 1.44mb system disk and shows in the directory. The GXT is not recognized by the Panasonic, nor Duse 4.4 nor 4.9 DOS USB drivers. One other troubling indicator is that My Computer in XP could not see any files on the the pendrives, not, nor the two hidden files (show all hidden files option on).

I learned that Transcend has a specific option that creates a bootable 1.44 mb floppy
image on their pendrive.

Here is what I have gathered, corr... Read more

Answer:Portege 3480ct: How to make a USB pendrive FDD bootable?


You cannot boot from the USB stick.
The BIOS on the notebook does not support something like that.
Notebook manufactures supports and use different BIOS versions. As far as I know on this notebook the Toshiba BIOS was installed.

In my knowledge this BIOS doesn't support the booting from USB pendrive but only from the HDD, ODD, LAN or USB-FDD.
If you want to boot from the USB FDD you can create an FDD boot disk.
Windows OS creates the booting FDD when you click right on the connected FDD and select format. Then simply choose the option ?create MS-DOS start boot disk?.

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I have a Toshiba Portege 3480CT with an external Multimedia Port Replicator.
The MPR has a DVD drive but I cannot get the laptop to recognise DVDs.
It can see and read CDs but I get the following error when I try to view a DVD.
'ASPI for Windows not available...
Only 32 bit CD rom drive supported...'
The MPR recognises the drive is there.
Laptop is running Win XP SP2
Have update BIOS update and installed all known Toshiba drivers.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

Answer:Portege 3480CT - Mulitmedia Port Replicator DVD drive errors


In my opinion you need ASPI driver. Google a little bit around. Maybe you will find solution for your problem. You can start with this one

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I have a Toshiba Portege 3480CT with an external Multimedia Port Replicator. I recently loaded Windows XP but do not have the DVD player software. Can anyone advise me how to find the appropriate download?

Answer:Portege 3480CT: Multimedia Port Replicator - need player software


You can use evry DVD player software that you can find on the market. It must not be used Toshiba one (WinDVD if you think on this one).

Google a little bit and you will find a lot of them. My favorite is ?Power DVD Deluxe? software. InterVideo WinDVD is a part of the recovery image on Win XP OS but you can download it from the net

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I have installed windows 2000.
Downloaded and installed Service pack 4 and IE 6 neither would install from windows updates.
I haven't put the graphics drivers on yet but wouldn't have thought that would make a difference.

When i try to download and install automatic updates it downloads but says it failed to install them, any ideas?

Answer:Portege 3480ct: Problem installing Windows 2000 updates

Did you download all necessary SP for the Windows 2000 on your HDD???

As far as I know you have to install all SP parts!!!

By the way; What error message appears?

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One of my Portege 3480CT missing the always high setting at Frequency Mode ,but the other one have.

I could not find the always high setting since there was only two options available for the power setting in the F1 menu which are dynamically switchable and always low only.

Answer:Portege 3480CT missing the always high setting at Frequency Mode


Sorry but I don?t understood your problem. Can you please be more specifying? As far as I know if you want to change different profile you must use FN+F2 key combination.

You can make individual settings for every mode in power saver utility clicking on details.

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I Have A Portege 3480CT (Win 98) and PA3042E-1DST MULTIMEDIA PORT REPLICATOR. Although DVD playback software is installed and I am unable to play DVD'S. I have tried WINDVD and POWER DVD, both for WIN 98, to no avail. The WIN 98 software DVD decoder is also installed. If a DVD is loaded, each piece of software returns the error: 'disk not present'.

What do I need to do in order to play DVDS on my machine?

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Portege 3480CT: Canot play DVD's -> error message 'disk not present'


Do you use a original DVD?
Possibly there is something wrong with the region code settings.
If you want to play DVD?s with different region code the drive couldn?t recognizes the medium!

Please check also the drive letter setting under disk management.
This is a port replicator and it seems that the CD/DVD drive letter is set dynamically?

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This is a question to the techy guys at Toshiba. Please can someone confirm compatibility with OCZ Vertex2 SSD (Sandforce) drives with the Portege r700?

Ever since I've upgraded the stock HDD I've had issues with the BIOS recognising the SDD when rebooting. The issue is intermittent if I boot the laptop from cold it's fine, the SDD is recognised and everything is ok. When needing to reboot the laptop from Windows 7 (64bit) it will hang at the Toshiba Leading Innovation screen. It seems that the BIOS can't detect the drive for some reason and just freezes. I've read the threads about the Thumbprint software but am already running the version v1.0.2.32 - so think this is unrelated.

I've recently updated the OCZ Vertex2 firmware to v1.32 hoping this would fix the problem and it hasn't. The issue could be more with Sandforce compatibility with the Toshiba BIOS.

I'm currently running BIOS v1.9 - please can you guys do anything to fix this?

Answer:Portege R700 - SSD OCZ Sandforce and Toshiba BIOS v1.9

Are you able to test the SSD in another PC?

Does a HDD work ok in the R700?

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I have an old M800-106 (model PPM81E-00K00JEN). It is good condition and has been reliable, and I don't want to scrap it. Unfortunately the Windows based BIOS update from Toshiba's website froze during it's operation, and now the laptop won't restart.

The cost of sending it to an authorised service provider to repair is significantly more than the cost of replacing the laptop, and I'd be charged even if they didn't fix it. I'm not saying it's expensive - if someone has skills and does some work they should be paid for it, but it's not what I want to spend money on for this laptop.

Environmentally it'd bad to just chuck the laptop away/take to the recycling centre.

I could strip the motherboard out and send that away to have the BIOS chip replaced or reprogrammed, but that would be time consuming and risk me damaging it.

I would like to attempt to flash the BIOS chip, using the crisis Phoenix tools that are available online, but so far haven't found a *.rom or *.wph file to use.

Where can I get the BIOS file - to be honest any version that suits this laptop would do, it doesn't need to be the most recent one.

Any helpful advice gratefully received.


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I want to update my laptop bios 3.40 with the version (BIOS_V390_ECV160_WIN) , it shows me an error message :
TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.4.2.1

"This computer in not supported"


Answer:Re: Bios update Toshiba Portégé R830-1DR (PT321E-0G401EFR)

Check this thread:

try the update to v3.60 before trying the v3.90

By the way: Does VAP (value added package) is installed properly? This package is very important for BIOS update

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Hi all,
I have a Toshiba PORTEGE R205-S209, and as soon as i power on the laptop it asks me for a password right after it initilizes the BIOS.
I dont seem to remember the password, and i have tried several ways, like holding down the LEFT-SHIFT key, and tried to open up the laptop, but couldnt get one screw open and destroyed the screw, the shift method didnt work either.
I tried calling Toshiba, but they couldnt help.
Does anybody have any suggestions for me?
Any help will be greatly appreciated, as i have important files in this laptop that i would like to recover.
Thank you

Answer:Bypass BIOS Password?? TOSHIBA PORTEGE R205-S209 HELP PLZZZZ!!!!

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I have a 3480CT and wanted to update the BIOS, but only have the Toshiba USB FDD drive. When rebooting with BIOS disk in, the drive boots perfectly, but states "non-system disk error" and won't perform the update.
Is the USB FDD drive the culprit, or is there something I'm not doing right?

Answer:3480CT: Attempt to update BIOS fails


I don?t thinks that it is a Toshiba USB FDD drive fault.
Can you say me your procedure to upgrade the BIOS?
As far as I know you have to press F12 to flash the BIOS.

This is a whole procedure how to upgrade BIOS for Portege 3480CT

1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a formatted floppy disk (please see note below regarding which type of disk to use).
2. Ensure the Notebook is connected to the mains.
3. Turn the Notebook off.
4. Turn the Notebook on with the F12 key. Keep the key pressed until a short beep can be heard.
5. The message "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive and press any key when ready to proceed" will appear.
6. Place the diskette containing the BIOS upgrade in the floppy disk drive and press any key. FDD access will begin.
7. When prompted by the message: "Please push the RESET switch (or turn AC power OFF/ON) to restart" remove the floppy disk and either press the RESET switch (if available) or turn the system off and back on to restart the Notebook.


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Hi everyone,

I have problem with those two buttons on right top corrner on my toshiba r600, i just try everything and buttons not work.

I associate buttons with valid exe files in toshiba assist/toshiba button support/ register with target paths but buttons still not work,
also i check bios there are nothing that can enable/disable those buttons...etc...

all other things installed successfully such as drivers, software everything that i donwload from toshiba support page.

Any help???

My windows version is windows server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64.


Answer:Portege R600 Toshiba button (backlight, toshiba assist) don't work


Did the buttons work with the previous OS preinstalled by Toshiba?

I think the problem is the Windows Server 2008 enterprise sp1 x64?
Possibly the Value Added Package does not support it fully?

Of course the Windows Server 2008 OS is based on Vista but it?s not the same and I think this is the problem?

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Hi all i got a lapptop for pennies off ebay but want some advice its a .......

has no hard drive can anyone tell me what hd will fit ok ?


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My laptop was okay last night but this morning it does not wish to know about connecting to the internet via wireless.Any suggestions please as to where to start...When you go to Start/Connect to/Show all connections - all I see is Local Area Connection box - I seem to recall it used to show all available connections.The other strange thing is I do not use a password but when I switch the laptop on I now get the password box.Thanks very much in advance.

Answer:toshiba portege win xp

As something seems to have got a bit messed up, I'd try running "System Restore" to see if that resolves it.

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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.

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I have a Toshiba M400 and i was wondering how i could reset the bios password. I disabled the finger print scanner recently becuase i decided i dont need it anymore but it still asks for a bios password which i forgot. I used to just swipe my finger and it would let me boot up and all that gravey.

If you guys know how to reset the password. Either physically or through software that would be awesome.

Or if you guys know who is the bios manufacturer for Portege M400's I could probebly give them a call and ask my self.

I could send it in but I want to avoid that and leave it as a last option.

BTW this laptop was purchased in USA.

Answer:Reset BIOS password on Portege M400 - Bios Manufacturer?

You will be not able to remove the BIOS password yourself if you have forgotten it.
As far as I know the manufacture of the BIOS which was preinstalled on Port?g? M400 is......... Toshiba ;)

So you have to contact the authorized Toshiba service provider in your country and only these guys are able to remove the BIOS password which you have forgotten.

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I have installed Windows XP on my Toshiba so I can use my WIFI Router. XP installed OK, but does not see the CDROM which plugs into the PC card slot. This meets I can not install anything on CDROM's.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Answer:XP on Toshiba Portege 3110CT

Have you downloaded and installed all the motherb oard drivers ?

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Ok so my keyboard is no longer working. I can't log in to even try to troubleshoot and my fingerprint password is not recorded. Every time I press on certain keys like th "O" it beeps continuously but my mouse and pad works. How the heck do I fix this? Is there a way to unlock the keypad? Should I take it apart? I am totally frustrated all my work is on this:

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Should I buy a Toshiba Portege M200 tablet pc and if any you have them tell me had you had any crashes or anything else

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200

click hereclick hereA couple of reviews.

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I recently purchased a Portege ct 7000 lap-top for college used for about $100. it works great in al respects other than the battery. When I recharged it it would onlytake a 30% charge and and after repeated recharging this is degrading. I have priced batteries on several websites and most cost more than what I paid for the whole kit.

I have found several off brand batteries for non-Ct series portege 7000 models that look almost identical to mine. Will these work or do I need a CT series battery?

Answer:Toshiba Portege Ct 7000

Look at the Toshiba batteries for ct series and non-ct. If the product/order numbers are the same, then these models take the same batteries.

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I have been given a working Toshiba Portege 3020CT...

Windows 98SE
CPU - Currently Unknown

I can't connect it to the net till I go to work next week..Actually I can't do anything till I take it into work next week, but my project is to put Windows 2000 onto it and hopefully upgrade the HDD.

1 - Short of puling the machine apart sooner than I have to, would anyone happen to know if I can throw in a 2.5" 40Gig HDD? (Does anyone know the physical size of the drive?)

2 - How can I find out the CPU speed? I usually use SIW but USB and internet are out of the question at the moment. In Control Panel > System it only shows IntelGenuine (r) processor.

3 - Any recommendations on how I can install 2000? The system is waaaay to old to support USB booting, the only relevant drive this machine has is an external floppy. I might be able to get my hands on a PCMCIA network card but somehow I doubt this machine supports network booting.

Apparently this model has run 2000 before|PAP302U#

Any hints, tips, advice or tales of past experience would be appreciated.

Thank you


Answer:Toshiba Portege 3020CT

Current course of action:

One open surgery on my new laptop reveals a 2.5" drive...This drive (working Windows98SE including drivers) will be stored elsewhere in case the win2000 idea goes horribly pear shaped

I'm going to grab my last spare 40Gig HDD, Format 10Gb for Coredrive and the remaining 30Gig Ill xfer the installation data for Windows2000 and any files I will need including drivers for my wireless card so I can hopefully use it on the net.

I'm still unsure of the CPU but apparently these machines are generally 300Mhz

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First off, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum mod, please move as needed. Thanks in advance...

It all started when this new-to-me machine, which was dropped several weeks ago to seemingly no ill effect on anything but the case, froze as it seemed to be going into slleep mode. Or maybe hibernation. In any case the Teletubbies-green hills were the only thing on the screen, when I decided to power the machine it had been sitting that way for several minutes, something it had never done. A few seconds later after depressing the power button, it was off. Maybe twenty minutes later, I turned the laptop back on again. But this time no Windows XP Pro SP2 startup screen, just the following error, after and while hearing the hard drive repeatedly do a short seek:
Invalid Boot.ini
Booting from C:\windows\

Or something very similar. At any rate, the machine would restart after a few minutes of showing this and repeat the process: BIOS boot screen, black screen, error screen.

So I have a few questions:
1. Do I have a bad 1.8" 40GB hard disk on my hands? If so, where to get a new one? An iPod? Maybe a $350 classic's 160 gig would work? Or maybe I could run GRC's SpinRite on the drive?
2. How would I access the drive to either fix the boot.ini, scan it with SpinRite or other software, reinstall Windows, etc.? I didn't get an optical or other drive with this eBay purchase and I didn't see anything in the BIOS for USB booting...does that mean... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege R100 - HDD Gone? Something Else? Help thx

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Ok, so I have a client that has a Toshiba Portege M780 and she wants the touchpad disabled because whenever she is typing she brushes against it and causes the curser to jump to a field that she does not want to type in. This computer is used by a doctor in her office to file out patient medical records and reports. She uses a wireless mouse so she does not need the touchpad. The fn + F9 is supposed to disable the touchpad but it doesn't. I did some researching found some more recent drivers for the Alps touchpad that she has and installed them as they were supposed to correct this issue but they haven't. I have also tried uninstalling it but it just re-installs on reboot. In the properties the disable button is greyed out so cannot use that. Have selected disable in services but it is still working. Any ideas I what I can try next?

Answer:Toshiba Portege M780

Can't you disable it in device manager?

Did you install chipset drivers?

You could just unhook it, but you'd have to open the case for that.

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I would love to use it for art n' stuff

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hai all i have problem with my new thoshiba PORTEGE M 822 . when i power on my laptop a white screen with a moving cursor will appear without going to operating system . Again when i power on the system a message will appear " user lacking wait" ,"please login by password and entrol fingerprint". can anybody suggest a remedy for this problem.

Answer:Problem with Toshiba Portege M 822

try to remove cmos battery and remember your password(if you set one).

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I have just bought a Toshiba Portege m800. it comes with Vista but I want to get rid of that and install Windows 7

I was wondering if there is anything I should know about compatability issues?


Answer:Installing on Toshiba Portege

I have a toshiba laptop and it installed windows 7 perfectly on there... no issues what so ever (x86) picked up drivers etc automatically

btw, its a toshiba a200 that i have..cheers.

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1- How can I restore this laptop to factory state?
2- Can I replace this laptop's graphic card?
3- Can I upgrade it's processor?

Answer:Toshiba Portege R705-P42

and 1 more thing,i've installed Kapersky 2012, so,if i've restore my laptop to the factory state,how about the kapersky?would i able to install it once again?,

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I'm trying to reinstall XP for a friend of mine. His laptop is a Toshiba Portege Tablet and it has no CD drive. I have an external USB CD drive but this particular laptop has no USB boot option. Why it was built this way is beyond me. How can I reinstall windows? I've already tried taking the HD out, inserting it into an enclosure and plugging it into my business laptop, booting my laptop with the Windows XP CD, and installing XP to the enclosured HD that way, but with no luck. What can I do? Thanks for any responses.

Answer:Toshiba Portege Tablet Reload


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I bought a Toshiba Portege Z830 for my mom today, which I brang home and unboxed to test and install certain software on it.
I have a working hot-stop aswell as a cable connection, whom both function perfectly at this moment. Even tho I can connect with several devices on the wireless network (ipad, iphone, laptops, etc) I can't connect with the new Toshiba.
Since it's returning me an adapter error I suspect a malfunction in the devices drivers. The problem is, there are no drivers on toshiba's site for the wireless adapter.
Under the Network adapters tab in Device Mananger, I can find the Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter and the Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection, who - according to Windows - are working properly.
What can I do so I can connect this darn thing by wireless? ._.

Answer:Toshiba Portege wireless issues

can we see an ipconfig /all - also an xirrus screen shot

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

This should also work for windows 8
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box
(A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the note... Read more

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Well long story short. My "pcmcia slot" is history... broke a pin off inside "National parts depot" wants $1,100 for a new mainboard.
So I disasambled the poor little tablet to see if I could fix it.
I took my time and carfully put it all back together, I mean it was down to every last screw almost. Anyway got it all back together and booted up fine.
Every thing works but the "Pcmcia slot" (I knew that wouldnt work)
But now the wireless card is not working,Doesn't show up in the device Mngr.
Now there are 3 wires Labeled K, J and I. Coming from the LCD that I belive holds the antenna.
Two of the wires are hooked up to the wirelesscard, I believe.
The 3rd wire is a little shorter and doesn't reach the card,and I couldn,t find a place to put it. So I left it unplugged.
If anyone can help or you can steer me in the right direction as to where the 3rd wire goes or to a .pdf file that has more information then the one I used. Thank you in advance.
Also can I repair the PCMCIA? Put new pins in?
If you would like a copy of the .pdf I am using you'll have to e-mail me, It's to big to upload
LOL Oh yea
Just after I did a REMOTE install off the 3 recovery cd's.
Wouldn't ya know Toshiba comes out with a USB boot floppy. Installed XP Tablet to a 2nd HDD off a "Iomega usb cd\rw"

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Dear forum members,

can any of you help me with the Toshiba original Recovery CD for my Portege P2000. Mine doesn't unfortunately work and I have to re-install the system.

Many many thanks in advance for whoever might be able to help me.
Regards from Paris

Answer:Recovery CD for Toshiba Portege P2000

I think you will have to go to an ASP. They should be able to order such a disc for you.

You can use this page to find an ASP near you:

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I am looking to purchase a new replacement screen for my Toshiba Portege - here in Australia they can cost way over $500 and in the US $100 range. Unfortunately no one seems to have them in stock and wonder if any poster may know of where I can buy one as a good price.. My Toshiba was only 1 year old when the screen died and Toshiba refuses to honor the guarantee because they state I caused the damage - well it was sitting on my desk whilst I having breakfast and when I returned to the desk and moved the mouse there was nothing on the screen except black and white solid forms. :cry
Full details of the screen are

1. LT121DEVBK00.
2. ADLR8I103081
3. G33C00052110

Numbers on back of computer
Model no. PPA60A-01H00G
ACN: 001320421

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Replacement screen for Toshiba Portege

There is always sites like Ebay that you could try.

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I have a Toshiba Portege S100 that im trying to do a clean install of xp on. The XP installation recognises the hard drive fine and completes the installation of XP, however when it reboots I get a 7B (Stop Code) blue screen error a couple of seconds after reaching the XP loading screen. I have tried with a slipstreamed XP disc with the Toshiba RAID drivers added and also using F6 during the install to add the RAID drivers manually. Same result. I have also tried performing the install with the RAID set to JBOD and to 1RAID-0, same result. I've tried different hard drives and i've also tried in another S100 (we have 4 here to get XP onto.)

I hoping to get some fresh thoughts on this as it feels like i've been staring at the same crossword clue for 4 days if you know what i mean.

Kind Regards


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My Toshiba Portege 7020 CT came with 128 MB of internal memory plus 64 MB expansion memory.

Would this particular model accept a 128-MB expansion memory chip as substitute for the 64-MB it
came with originally?

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Toshiba Portege 7020 CT memory.

Hi josebencosme, Welcome to TSG !!
If you are asking if you can add a 128 mb stick instead of the 64 , yes. Look here !!


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Hello,Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong subforum.I have a Toshiba Portege that runs Vista. A few weeks ago, I installed new Synaptics touchpad drivers. Everything seemed normal, but when I restarted the computer as directed, it froze on the black screen that says "Toshiba - Leading Innovation." I had to shut it off by taking the battery out and unplugging it. I spent an hour or two restarting it over and over, only to have it freeze every time. Then, on one of my startup attempts, I got a different screen - something about my computer being unable to start up properly and repairing the problem. I followed the prompts and was able to get onto my Desktop. I figured the problem must be related to the new Synaptics touchpad driver, so I did a system restore to get rid of it. I thought the problem was solved.Last night I installed a webcam driver. A while later, I installed FinePix Viewer. FinePix Viewer installed successfully and prompted me to reboot, so I did. I ran into the same problem I described above - the screen kept freezing at startup. Things I tried:1) Waiting to see if the laptop was just taking longer than normal to start. Nope: definitely frozen.2) Unplugging the laptop, removing the batteries and then holding the power button down for several minutes. Didn't help.3) Tapping F2 as soon as the computer started. It would sometimes beep and say loading, please wait, but would then freeze.4) Tapping F12 as soon as the compu... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege Freezes at Startup

those lights flashing are error codes that could point to the issue, that maybe in your Toshiba Documentation.

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I like to buy Portege R400 but in Toshiba website:

This product is not avavilable anymore. However, only Portege M750 models are available:

Is that mean Portege R400 is older model than Portege M750?

Can we consider Portege R400 a powerful machine for using Visual Studio .NET?

Thank you,

Answer:Portege R400 not available on Toshiba website


The Prot?g? R400 can be found on Toshiba European page.\ -> Laptops -> Discontinued models

I would recommend searching in internet for some online dealers who offers this small baby..

I?m sure you will find some dealers and some more details about the power of Portege R400!

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 running XP that won’t boot. The Toshiba splash screen comes up then goes away, the HDD light turns on once and then shuts off and nothing happens. I tried hitting F12 to get into the bios but then the splash screen stays up and nothing else happens. I can get into the advanced startup menu by hitting F8. I tried booting to safe mode and last known good configuration but still nothing happened.

I also tried taking out the battery and booting it without the battery because I read that may work, but I had no luck with that either.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this?

Thanks for reading,


Answer:Toshiba Portege m200 won't boot

Try downloading Fedora Linux iso, and burn that image to a CD. Boot with it, and when it comes to its desktop, you will see all your hard drives. IF the CD won't boot, then its a machine problem. If the hd doesnt show up, then we know it is a hd problem. If the hd does show up, you can copy out all your data onto a usb memory stick.

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We have a 7000CT with Windows 2000 on it and some how the display brightness got turned down by about 50% Does anyone know how to brighten up the display, There are not controls on the laptop to be found that will do this

Answer:Toshiba Portege 7000CT users

Well I have a different model but on mine I can press FN and the UP arrow to increase the brightness. The picture on the UP arrow looks like a sun and an solid triangle pointing up - see if yours has something similiar.

Also Toshiba Support for 7000CT:

User guides on left.

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I have a Toshiba Portege 4000 which has a clean install of all progs (XP sp2 Office 2003 etc).Whenever I am using any prog or downloading info off the web or even listening to a CD or DVD etc - after 5 - 10 minutes the PC will lock up. No events in the Event Viewer and only a power off will work. I have new memory and new HD but the problem is still there.I have installed a small util to look at temperature on my Laptop (altho the fan seems to be spinnin ok) and it does reach 66c on the CPU.Is this the problem ?Thanks for any info.Leep

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I have a Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop and when I went into Phones and modems the two inbuilt modem drivers PCIMCA and AMR software modem both had not present next to them. I then uninstalled the modem drivers from the device manager expecting them to be automatically installed on reboot but that did not happen. I then installed the modem drivers from the Tools and Utilities CD after installing the drivers and rebooting the computer I went back into Phones and modems in the control panel and it was blank. I then tried installing the modem drivers from the Toshiba Website but that did not work either. Does anyoone know where I am going wrong or how to resolve this problem.

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I have been looking at a second hand Toshiba Portege 7020ct and wondered if anyone in the Forum has experience of this laptop. I know it comes with an external CD rom and Floppy. Does this mean I can only copy to the floppy? Will I be able to play "simple" games on it? I mainly need it as a second machine for word processing, surfing the net and family history.Would welcome any comments please.

Answer:Toshiba Portege 7020ct - Any good?

all depend how much it should play simple CD, what are specs?tell us how much it will cost you then people can judge if it is a good deal or not

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Can any one tell what make and model Toshiba portege 2000 uses

any info


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I recently purchased a used Toshiba Portege ct7000. I the college That I attend offers wireless internet and I am completely clueless as to what is neede to hook into this. what hardware is needed to utilize wireless internet? and do you need to subscribe to a wireless internet provider? I am pretty clueless and at home my family is still using dial-up.

Answer:Toshiba Portege 7000ct wireless?

You need a wireless adapter in your laptop. If you currently don't have one then you can buy it. Something that goes into the PCMCIA slot would be the simplest.

Usually you don't need any subscription to gain access to normal WiFi networks. At most you have to register your computer with the network owner.

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I have the above PC which I want to re-image with the recovery discs but I am having a problem getting that far. I have a floppy bootdisk (which will also allow me to access the recovery discs from a usb cd:rom drive - I'm told). I don't get that far though - from the boot screen (start up and F12) if I select floppy drive to boot I just go to flashing cursor... and that's it. If I select internal harddrive I get a warning that a file is missing or corrupt:


Any help much appreciated.

Best regards,


Answer:Toshiba Portege R100 Bootup

Do you have an actual XP CD from Microsoft? I have NEVER had good experiences with recovery disks as they tend to not work half the time.

You may need to contact Toshiba for a new set of disks. If you had an XP CD we could maybe fix the underlying error.


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Hi I?m new on forum.

I have problem. I can?t find on Toshiba support drivers and utilities for this model, where I can find all working this kind of software (console, power saver etc.)?

Answer:Need drivers for Toshiba Portege 3500


First of all, welcome in the forum!

Did you searched on the Toshiba website? There you can find all drivers who you need for this model. => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
*Archive* => Portege => Portege 3xxx => Portege 3500


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Hi All,

I want to install XP Pro onto my laptop, I have all the drivers sorted out.

I loaded the cd int the external cd rom and started the install, I have done this as an upgrade and fresh install, but the cd rom is not recognised and I have to terminate it.

Is their any other way of doing this. Could I use a lan connection ??

I am baffled and as I have spent money on the XP Pro full version I would like to use it.

Any help will be fantastic


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I have bought a Portege R100 on eBay, which came with W2k Pro installed. As the unit had a Windows COA sticker for XP Pro underneath, I thought I would like to install XP instead.

Toshiba, however, tell me they are unable to send me a Recovery CD because the unit was shipped with SP1 and Microsoft "does not allow" Toshiba to send out Recovery CDs for these units.

Is there anything I can do, other than buy a new retail copy of XP?

Answer:Portege too old to send the Toshiba Recovery CD

It looks like this is not possible!
But at the other hand you could install the OS from the original Microsoft CD and could download all the necessary and important XP drivers from the Toshiba Europe driver page.

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i was given a toshiba portege 3500 recently. the catch is that there was no hd. so i bought a new one. to my surprise there is no floppy drive or a cd drive. is there any way that i can install windows on the hd? i have an external cd drive but it doesnt seem to be detected. any help would be much appreciated!



Answer:Toshiba Portege 3500 XP Install??

I would first check the specs on it make sure it has enough power to install XP
If it does go in the BIOS and check for an option for trying other boot devices
You can read up on booting from USB devices here:

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My husband brought home a Toshiba Portege M200/M205 from a foreclosure cleanout that he was doing that apparently crashed. Black screen that says "safe mode", "start normally", etc. I restarted it in Safe Mode. It starts to run a scan saying components regarding sysem 32 and then gets to a screen that says "PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable; PXE-MOF: Exiting intel boot agent. Insert system disk in any key" I don't have a system disk. Can I do anything with this tablet or should I just trash it?

Answer:toshiba portege M200]M205


PXE-E61 media test failure

This means that the the Boot File on the HDD is corrupted or the HDD has failed and the boot sequence has by passed the HDD and is going to the next device in the Boot Sequence which is a Network Boot which fails.
Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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I have a laptop Toshiba Portege 7000CT and could not access anything, always received a stop error message, so I erased the hard drive. Now I need help to install win 2000 and all the drivers, bios, etc. necessary and not sure how to proceed. Can anyone assist in this process? Your help is appreciated.

Answer:Help with Toshiba Portege 7000CT for OP install

here's a detailed illustrated win2k installation guide:

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I have a tosh portege with an inbuilt scsi sd slot, but the card cannot be read. device manager says its working normally, and loading a card gets the xp gong. then my pc freezes briefly and the sd card shows 'unreadable' under 'properties'. tried three cards, no joy. any ideas?

Answer:Toshiba portege can't read sd card

definately a driver issue...

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I want to installed the toshiba driver package valued add (power meter tool etc) in my Win7.
But if i try to install it the setup routine says, that i havent a Toshiba Notebook or my Bios is to low for that.
I have Bios Version 3.80 and i doesnt find any newer Bios version for the M400

any ideas about the error message?


Answer:Portege M400 and the Toshiba valued add

I can just imagine your old Portege m400 is not Win7 supported.
Where you downloaded VAP for your notebook model when M400 is not on the list for Win7 drivers?

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Hello everyone, I bought from Amazon a Toshiba Portege Z30, and it came pre-installed Windows 10 Pro.
In the instructions it states that I can restore to Windows 7 Pro, but when I try to download the ISO from the Microsoft page, it tells me that my key is invalid.

Is it a page fault, or is my key not valid to activate W7?

If I get an ISO of Windows 7 Pro, do you think it will be automatically activated with the original key that came with the laptop?

Have a good day!

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I have a Portege M750 tablet. This is the first computer I have ever purchased that did not come with disks to restore it after a crash, and it is the first one that I have needed those disks! The hard drive was going bad and so it has been replaced. The person who replaced it got the tablet pen to work fine, and got Windows Vista reinstalled, but I need the Toshiba software that makes the special buttons on the computer work (such as the screen rotate button) and causes the screen view to rotate when I flip the screen into tablet mode.

How do I get this software?

In case it helps, I DO still have the old hard drive and it still works sufficiently that I can get things off it - just has a bad section but there isn't much lost in the bad section.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Portege M750 - Where to get Toshiba software?

Hi organzier,

First of all your notebook wasn?t equipped with a recovery disk because you have to create this disk yourself using Toshiba recovery disk creator. Everything of these was preinstalled on your computer but you didn?t do that and now it?s too late? Why you didn?t read the user manual?

Anyway, now you can get all drivers and tools from the official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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I have a Portege 3010CT that has a Port 24x PCMCIA CD-ROM. The old hard drive is toast and I have installed a new (completely blank) hard drive, onto which I am trying to install Windows 2000. I have updated the Bios to the latest available from Toshiba (8.00) and set the PC Card Controller Mode to PCIC Compatible.

I have created a diskette to boot with drivers for the CDROM from handle old Port/Noteworthy peripherals) and I keep getting the following error:

PCCARD CDROM Driver 2.27 - (C) Archos 94-98
No Unit Found: driver dumped

A:\>A:\mscdex /D:MSCD001
Device driver not found: 'MSCD001'.
No Valid CDROM device drivers selected.

The CD-ROM has power, the light is on, the cd spins, and the cd tray opens when the button is pushed. Any suggestions?? Or if it is easier, is there a way to create a boot disk to allow me to connect to our network, so I can access the CD-ROM from a share? Thanks.

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I'm french and i bought a laptop PORTEGE M800-11G with Vista Premium

I want uninstall a lot of applications, programs & windows features.

I post on this toshiba forum because i hope we can explain me what are these applications ; TRDCReminder & TRORDLauncher, both edited by TOSHIBA.

I prefer known before uninstall these applications.

Thanks for you help

Sorry for my very bad english,

kinds regards

Answer:Portege M800-11G: What is TRDCReminder & TRORDLauncher of Toshiba


I think the TRDCReminder stays for Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator Reminder and it reminds you to create the own recovery disk.
The TRORDLauncher is related to the Toshiba recovery disk creator too?.

However, both processes are developed by Toshiba and are needed or a part of for Toshiba Recovery disk creator.

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don’t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD’s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn’t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn’t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format t... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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I bought a new WD Hard Drive for my Toshiba laptop.

Window I boot from CD I receive the message that Setup did find any disk drives installed in your computer.

Answer:Trying to Install Windows XP on Toshiba Portege M400

info on hdd site

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can any one help me i need a audio driver for my lap top have tried the toshiba web site and most other driver sites if u can help thank you so useing wxp dont have the any disk for this lap top

Answer:need audio driver for toshiba portege a100

Did you not get a driver disk with the laptop?

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Hello Toshiba users

I bought a new Toshiba Z30 in May 2015 from an online vendor on ebay in Australia. Great laptop.

About 6 months ago, the accupoint started moving on its own, so I disabled it in the mouse settings and used only the trackpad.

Now the trackpad no longer works properly. The laptop will recognise and respond to button clicks. However (intermittently and frequently) the cursor no longer responds to input from the trackpad itself.

I have tried uninstalling existing drivers and allowing windows to install its own, but this didn't work.

Because it is intermittent, I wonder whether this is a hardware issue?

Any advice on how I could repair this?



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after reseting bios password on Toshiba Portege R600-13z i cant start up my laptop....nothing happends...start boot for a sec but turn off...what can i do....please help me...i never ever flashing my bios again...

Answer:how to start up toshiba portege r600 laptop a

You may need to contact Toshiba Support for this one. Be prepared to prove ownership of the laptop.

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I just got laptop Toshiba Portege M600 With vista pre-installed on it i upgraded it with windows7
but after upgrading it i got problem with sound when i shut down my pc it shows no audio autput is installed when in restart it it becomes fine then after restarting again the sound is gone and i can`t find proper audio driver for it anywhere plz help!!!

Answer:Sound problem with toshiba portege M600

Simple thing to do as you just got it so you don't have huge thing to backup or not at all simply do a fresh install of Windows 7 on your laptop. It is better to do fresh install rather than making an upgrade.

Also you may try to install the latest driver for you sound card.

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My son manage to get hold of my Portege and duly dropped it.It will start-up but either comes up with the text screen "Ready to install EC/KBC update" or will boot up to the Windows login screen - but then the keyboard input generates several charaters per keystroke.Looks like the keyboard connector has been dislodged. Took out all the screws but still can't get the keyboard surround / top cover off as you have to take the TFT off to do this (as far as I can see). Has anyone else done this before or know of any web-sties detialing how to do this (Google doesn't turn anything up).As an alternative, can anyone recommend a good Tosh repair shop?Thanks a lot.Mark

Answer:Opening a Toshiba Portege 7000 series

Try Here:-click hereRegardsFitshase

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I am fixing my Nanna's laptop for her and I am having some problems with the Wireless. It does not want to connect to my Router and gives me the Windows error message
Windows is unable to connect to the selected network." The network may no longer be in range. Please refresh the list of available networks and try to connect again." Your in range of the network (right in the same room as the wireless access point). And when you refresh the list, the network still shows up there.

It seems that it will only connect to Routers which use WEP security and not ones which use WPA.

I have looked on the Toshiba site for the Wireless Drivers to see if there is any updated ones and used the Driver Update Utility on Intel's download site and that tells me that the latest wireless driver is installed.

Does anyone know how I can fix this to get it to connect to Routers with WPA security?

Answer:Toshiba Portege A100 Wireless Problem

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I have a Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. It has no built-in or external CD-ROM/DVD or Floppy drives. It has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, or LAN. I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer. The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD/DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk. I don?t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter. I am able to connect the DVD drive (with this adapter) to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD?s on that computer. The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an external DVD drive (to perform the recovery) but isn?t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use. As a side note: the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS. I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC. I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives that the Toshiba Site suggests.

After reading other posts for similar issues (although these other posts didn?t provide an answer for me), I thought I might want to clarify a little. I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter. I can format the drive and copy files to it ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.

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I just bought my R930-1C8.
The 3 Toshiba buttons (Toshiba button eco, presentation or touchpad) are ineffective on my computer.
What must I do to have the work ?

Answer:Portege R930 - Toshiba buttons are not working

Which OS do you use? Win7 or Win8?

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DVD Player - Portege R830 (03N00701)

I can not find any trace of Toshiba Video Player or Toshiba DVD player software. My dealer simply told me that "they probably don't put it in anymore" and told me to use Windows Media Player. Yet the .pdf manual clearly has instructions for using it.

Am I supposed to have a Toshiba DVD Player on board and if not, can I dowload it online?

Answer:Portege R830 - Toshiba DVD Player missing

Hi Lauri G

According to the spec for the Portege R830 series you should have The Toshiba DVD Player software.
However you can download it here,


I have not used it as I normally use a freeware prog. called VLC as it plays any of the video file formats I have tried on it.

I have the Satellite R830-143 and relatively speaking it has the same spec as the Portege and had the DVD Player on when I bought it about a month ago.

Seems dealers tell you anything without even bothering to check.

Best wishes

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I want to connect my Portege R500 laptop to a Toshiba 19AV505D LCD TV.

I have tried using a VGA to HDMI cable and altering the screen resolution to 800x600 and 16bit colour but it still won't recognise the tv.
Any ideas?

TheTV manual says use a DVI to HDMI cable and I tried this first with a VGA converter (as there is no DVI socket on the R500) but it didn't work either.
Would a SCART to VGA cable work?

Answer:Portege R500 connection to Toshiba 19AV505D LCD TV

What VGA->HDMI adapter are you using?

What version HDMI does it support?

Maybe the TV requires HDMI v1.2 or v1.3 (check the users manual)

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I browsed the forum and tried some of the solutions, but my SD card stopped working and I could not get the card reader to function again. I don't know why it would have stopped working, but I had been installing and uninstalling some software recently.

After trying to remove and re-install the driver, I still could not get it working. To clean up a bit, I performed a system restore from almost a week ago. Everything is good EXCEPT the SD card reader.

My system is a Toshiba Portege Z835-P370.

If I start > run > D:\
I get "The system cannot find the drive specified."

Under Control > Computer Management > System Tools > Device Drivers
I see IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
- Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller
- Ricoh PCIe SDXC/MMC Host Controller.

Toshiba's driver site Model Content Page shows the SD driver to be a Ricoh driver.
The card itself was readable and still is on other PCs.

Windows 7 pro is up-to-date.

Suggestions? Thanks.

Answer:Help? Toshiba Portege SD card no longer working!

I had the same problem with my Toshiba laptop, and i downloaded the driver from the Canadian website as i am from canada and it didn't work. So I went to the Toshiba UK website and downloaded the drivers from there and it worked fine. You can try this website from toshiba UK website, It may not be the one that you need but it might work its worth a try it won't hurt anything to try it. Thats how i fixed my Hotkey issue.

Download Windows 7 drivers:

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