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harddrive reformatting/backup data

Question: harddrive reformatting/backup data

heres the deal
i have a 250gb harddrive thats had alotta stuff taken off and put on it, i want to reformat it.
i have some things id like to save, so i have an old 40gb harddrive sitting around. unfourtunately it has stuff on it and i would like to wipe it clean so i can put it in the computer and have it set to a slave drive so i can just copy and paste all of the data from one harddrive to the other. then i can wipe the 250gb harddrive, reinstall windows, plug in the 40gb, and transfer the data back.

with all that said, how exactly do i do that? i tried putting the 40gb in but either my computer wont boot (no message, the screen never changes from all black) or it boots from the 40gb harddrive and doesnt recognize the 250gb.

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Preferred Solution: harddrive reformatting/backup data

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: harddrive reformatting/backup data

Welcome to TSG!
It's possible that the 250 gig HDD has been jumpered to standalone which is not (edit: not always) the same as Master. You need to set both drives' jumpers. The 40 GB to slave, and 250 GB to Master.

If the 250 GB HDD is SATA, then it should be recognized no matter what IDE drives are present... In this case I would go into BIOS and check if they are recognized OK, and then check boot order. Besides boot order of different device types (floppy, CD, HDD, etc.) in some BIOS-es there's an option for setting boot priority of HDDs present in the system.

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after a disc reformat how to copy back data

Answer:need to copy from a backup cd data after reformatting my har

That depends on how you made the backup. Most backup software has a built in restore function.NigelWind slow

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Hello folks,
My windows 7 (home premium 32bit) doesnt start anymore, my system recovery data is on external hard drive. Any idea how to access this backup?

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Does it do the 'photocopy' type thing like Norton Ghost or does it create an image file that can co-exist with other data on the destination hard drive?

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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Hi, was wondering if someone could point me to an instructional manual of some sort on How to Reformat your Hard Drive. im frunnin XP.

Answer:reformatting harddrive

The XP CD will do it.

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im curious if i were to reformat my computer when i reformat would it swipe the slave hard drive as well as the master or does it give you a choice.

Answer:reformatting a harddrive

When you use the format command, you have to specify a specific Volume address & name.

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I would like to wipe my whole entire C drive, I know I need DBAN. I have no clue on how to do it at all. I have no clue what an ISO is. I do not have a CD burner or blank CD's. I have the windows re-install disc which I can boot from I have done it before. So does that mean I don't need an ISO???

What I need help with is, I need a full walk through like every step. Please if someone could enlighten me on this I would greatly appreciate this. Yes I know I will lose EVERYTHING on my HD. Please don't try to discourage me from doing this.


Answer:Reformatting Harddrive


I do not have a CD burner or blank CD's.

Then you cannot use dBan or any other third party formatting program (well you could maybe load it onto a floppy or jump-drive).

The windows CD will format the drive. The difference is the windows format just deletes the file table, all the information is still there, windows just won't recognize it. Dban goes through your drive and sets all the bits (1 or 0) to 0. This effectively makes it impossible to recover any information, though is actually uneccessary unless you are having problems formatting with the windows CD.

We actually have a handy tutorial that will walk you through step-by-step, but as our articles are in the process of being moved to another web-server it is unavailable right now.

There are others available online:

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i just aquired a dell inspiron 4100 notebook (laptop)...i was wondering how do you reformat the hard drive so i can install a usable operating system (I cannot log into the current one, it is locked) without logging in.

Answer:HELP - reformatting the harddrive - HELP

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Running windowsxp pro
I recently had troubles with my primary disk drive (with consistency). So I went out and got a 160 to replace it. I set it up in Master and Slave config and I formmated my new disk as a basic drive. As of now, there is no data on the new drive, but I want it to replace my old one.
How can i copy my files from the old computer, and do I need to reinstall windows on the new harddrive? Looking to do away with the harddrive.

Answer:Reformatting Harddrive

Windows xp has a tool to do it all for you ,you can read all about it here.

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The last time I reformatted my HD, I had windows 98 installed and I upgraded to windows XP home. Now, when I boot up, I'm given the option of booting XP or a second option of booting "windows." However, the second option for "windows" won't boot anything. If I choose it, it's like it's only set for a new install of 98--as in waiting for me to reinstall win 98.

I want to reformat my HD again, but I don't want to have both options. I want it to just boot up with Windows XP. I know I'll need to reinstall XP, but I was wondering if you all can give me the basics of what I need to do to wipe my HD and reinstall XP...thanks...

Answer:Reformatting my Harddrive

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Idk if this is the right section, but I plan on reformatting my hard drive, and I was curious if there was anything that I should put on my external that I already haven't thought of.

School Docs

Should I move my games over or should I just reinstall them?

Anything else i should move over?

Answer:Reformatting Harddrive

I think you would know best as you know whats on your computer and whats important. If it was me, i would move my internet bookmarks over and my keepass database.

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I am trying to refromat my harddrive, but i cannot acess the windows XP installation disc through DOS. I cant do this because one of my CD-Rom drives isnt working and that is the only one the BIOS recognizes and cant boot from. My other, working, drive is a CD-Rw drive and it doesnt not have an option to boot from in the bIOS. is there anyway that i can get this to work?

Answer:Troubles reformatting my harddrive...

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I am looking to whipe my harddrive so i can install Windows XP Clean on My computer I am currently running Windows 98SE. I do not have a reformatting disk but i do have the program System Mechanics 4 Professional and there is an option in there to Whipe Your Harddrive. Is that the same as re formmating the Drive So i can install XP Fresh?


Answer:Question On Reformatting Harddrive

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Hi all, I've decided to go back to XP after installing Vista on my home PC. All my personal files are on a second harddrive; nothing at all of importance (other than installed software) is on my primary drive.

My question is, can I just remove the 2nd drive from the drive bay when I reformat my machine and reinstall XP? Then would I have any trouble just plugging it back in after XP is reinstalled?

Am I crazy or would this work? I'm not looking forward to backing up 200 gigs of files to blank 4.7 gig DVDs.

Answer:2nd HardDrive and ReFormatting Question

Yes that should be OK

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hi, i had done this many times before but have never stopped at an error like this from reformatting and installing a fresh xp on to a harddrive. I was trying to reformatt a brand new xp onto the harddrive cause for some reason the old one won't load up to desktop and it says system32/config is missing or something and needs reapir but i had try to repair several times and it freezes. So when i put the xp disc in it ask me to press f8 to agree and stuff to install windows XP just after that, it says at the bottom searching for pervious version of microsoft windows, i had restarted many times and tryed again but nothing ever happens it just says it. I even tryed leaving it to load for 14 hours and nothing happened..... im guessing something from the pervious version of windows was corrupted so it wouldnt install a fresh copy. But i really need u guys help on this. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem all i want is a fresh copy of xp on the harddrive and all the windows gone. Thanks alot =]

Answer:Serious problem with reformatting a 80 gb harddrive

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Im stuck reformatting my harddrive help apprecitated

ive tried these ways

1) Making a MS-DOS startup disk, rebooting and then starting with MSDOS then it comes up with A:\> and i cant change the drive to C: so i was stuck there

2) I tried starting up with the windows xp cd and going into the recovery console. I then typed


then i hit enter

then i typed "format c: /fs:ntfs"

then i hit enter

Then i typed Y

i then hit enter

it said that it would clean the harddrive but it didnt do anything

3) lastly i tried deleting a partition from starting up with the windows xp cd. I couldnt delete any partitons or make any new ones so i was stuck there.....

Help appreciated

Answer:Reformatting Harddrive (stuck)

Change ur file system from NTFS to FAT32.
NTFS does not support DOS.
U can use XP bootable CD or some third party utilities r available which I am not aware of.

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I am currently running Windows XP and there is a ton of junk on my computer that I just want to wipe out. I have done a formatting before but I can't remember exactly how to do it. I currently have only one harddrive which is c: and I wanna wipe that out and start fresh.

Also I have taken a harddrive from a old computer of mine and I would like to add that to this computer. It still have everything on it from the old computer. It has not been cleaned yet. And I have absolutly no clue how to add another harddrive to the computer.

Any help or advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks cruiser_eh

Answer:Reformatting harddrive and adding a new one

couple of tutorials above -
what else do you have on the PC.
add it as a slave

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I am trying to refromat my harddrive, but i cannot acess the windows XP installation disc through DOS. I cant do this because one of my CD-Rom drives isnt working and that is the only one the BIOS recognizes and cant boot from. My other, working, drive is a CD-Rw drive and it doesnt not have an option to boot from in the bIOS. is there anyway that i can get this to work?

Answer:Troubles reformatting my harddrive...

Ummm...try unplugging the drive that doesn't work and see if BIOS will let you boot off the other should.

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Happy New Year to You All. I have a Dell Latitude XPI laptop. I had to reformat the harddrive. After Fdisking and formatting the C Drive, when I try to install Win98 from an original disk, I get the error message, (corrupt cab file in setup and can not continue). Although I can load the cab files via "The Ultimate Boot Disk", I still get the same message when trying install Windows in the C Directory. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem and if so, what do you suggest as a solution. Oh, Dell, not much help, well, NO HELP AT ALL. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Answer:Reformatting Laptop harddrive

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I got a major problem, I installed Windows XP over 98 on my computer and it was a success I was working at the desktop without a glitch and then I shutdown the computer for the first time?the next day I turned it on and, it didn?t, and still doesn?t, reach the desktop before it says on a blue xp screen:------------------------------------------Checking file system on C:The type of file system is fat32One of your disks needs to be checked for consistencyYou may cancel disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue(below that I get a countdown for if I want to cancel or not)------------------------------------------Here?s what I?ve tried so far:1. I left the timer to go down to let it continue the check and then let try to load up windows2. I press a key (return) to cancel the check and let it try and load up windows(both of these fail in loading windows and the computer restarts itself and after a couple of restarts it just shuts down.)I had a go at trying to reboot with a 98 floppy disk just so I could reformat it but I wasn?t sure how to do this from there all I?ve been told is to put ?format c: /q? in a command, all I had of the floppy disk was a A commandI tried letting the computer boot up through cd-rom, first I set the hardrive to boot from cd-rom instead of A drive but I think it failed, well it tried to boot the desktop up again and it went back to restarting again.I?m totally stuck with what to do, all I need to do and want to do is ... Read more

Answer:Harddrive Reformatting Problem...

You mean BIOS?In BIOS,set to boot from CD first,then floppy,then hard drive.Insert the disc and boot up.

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Hey, I want to completely start new w/ my OS. I did the whole thinkvantage thing (Rescue and restore), and when it shut down and started the process of Rescuing and Restoring, I was left with a black screen and a mouse. I was able to move the mouse, but nothing was showing. So i let it run overnight to see if it was gonna shut down and start back up automatically with a new slate, but it didn't and the same screen was there. Does anyone know how to reformat my h/d and not have that "error"pop up? was I using the wrong option in ThinkVantage to reformat? thanks! I have Windows Vista Home premium T61 laptop, if that matters..Message Edited by carolinc on 11-10-2008 07:50 AM

Answer:Reformatting Harddrive with thinkvantage

I recently brought a ThinkPad with ThinkVantage and ciscovered I need to dual-boot the Win7 Pro installation with a Win XP install to run some legacy software. I prefer not to use Virtual PC. I was able to make a separate drive by shrinking the original c: drive. The problem is getting into the boot sector of the system so that I can erase Win7 (reformat), install Win XP (older system first), and reinstall Win7.How can I get in under ThinkVantage without breaking my machine?

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Hi all,

First system specs:

Acer Aspire 2000 laptop
XP home
CPU: 1.4 Centrino
Hard drive: 40 GB partitioned into 14GB C: drive and 26GB D: drive
Antivirus: AntiVir

Problem: Had this brainwave last Friday night that I'd go and reformat my computer and take everything back to First Base! All went well (apart from the normal confusion that goes along with wanting to spend a Friday evening downloading a million updates)

Anyway when I've gone to properties after selecting all the files in C drive this amounts to 7.33GB where as when I just right click properties in C drive it tells me that I've used: 8.19GB. Now that's 860Mb that Windows is not letting me access as far as I know.

Could somebody please confirm if this is so? And if there are any ways for me to access this 860Mb? It doesn't sound like a lot but when you've only got 40 Gb to play with it means you lose nearly a Gb!



Answer:I've Lost Harddrive Memory after reformatting! Help!!

If you un-hide the system files in your C: Drive then click properties again and check the reorted size it should now be very close to your 8.19GB

to un-hide all files, in C: drive click Tools > Folder Options > View > and choose "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and also un tick "Hide Protected Operating System Files" > Apply

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Hey, I know this question is asked quite often, but everything I've researched hasn't seemed to work. Maybe someone here has a solution?

Recently, I had to reformat the harddrive on my computer. I was using a Zonet 1602W PCI Wireless Card and I believe it may have had something to do with my computer malfunctions (BSOD's, constant restarting), so I purchased a new card.

I've tried installing both of them with no luck. It seems like they connect for a few seconds, but WZC will give me a "acquiring network address" error for eternity. I am unable to do any browsing regardless of how often I hit refresh. From looking at WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration), it doesn't seem to be receiving the packets. The IP address is so I am almost certain this is the issue, but I do not know how to correct this.

Before recently reinstalling, I was able to connect to the router. My computer (has wireless PCI card) is right downstairs below the router, but wiring it is not an option because i'd have to run it across the house.

My computer (downstairs) that can't connect has:
Gigabyte WP01GS Wireless PCI adapter
5dbI antenna
XP (Service Pack 2)

The other computer (upstairs) that can connect has:
WRT54GV8 Linksys Wireless Router
Cable Modem

I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling hardware, software, and various drivers (original and updated).

I've tried using the "repair" feature in WZC (it states "invalid... Read more

Answer:Acquring network address after reformatting harddrive

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My hard drive crashed last week leaving a message on a black screen 'disk read error'.

I contacted tech support and they said that the hard drive might be bad and that I should try reformating it with the Windows XP disk.

I tried reinstalling Win XP. The first time I reformated the disk, it took several hours, but the program would not install. The second time, it also took several hours and I got a complex message about some problems. A short version of the highlights of the info is included below.


Technical info:

STOP: 0x0000007A (0xE10226D4, 0xC000009C, 0xBF9A5046, 0x02CE8860)

Physical memory dumped.

I have two questions: Should I simply try one more time to reinstall Win XP?
Is it possible to reformat the hard drive in DOS mode resulting in any bad sectors being isolated as unusable but the rest of the drive space being formated as usable?

sorry this is so confusing. Hope it makes sense to someone...

Answer:Problems reformatting Harddrive & prior attempts to fix

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after a memory scan a trojan virus was detected; This was removed. from then the laptop does startup but no booting in windows. OS is Vista Home Basic on a Packard Bell laptop..

Answer:does reformatting the harddrive cures an infected laptop me

Make sure when you reinstall, you delete all partitions & format to NTFS.D to Delete the selected partition any thumb drives or other HDD's will probably be infected.

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Sorry, this is somewhat of a stupid question: I'm looking at purchasing a used X200t or X61t and I want to do a clean wipe with a disk reformat. Are the drivers listed under the model on the website sufficient to get full tablet and laptop functionality back or is there additional software I'm going to need to get the laptop software back to factory condition. Thanks.

Answer:touchscreen drivers after reformatting harddrive and upgrading OS

Good Morning,
Yes, you will be able to get all of the necessary drivers after you reformat by using the following link: and downloading Thinkvantage System Update. 
I hope this helps.

Serge E. Minott

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I have a major problem. Because my laptop was having problems involving the 'blue screen of death', I chose to backup my files to an external portable harddrive before reformatting the entire drive.

However, when opening the backup folder, I discovered that my art folder, located in the 'PUBLIC PICTURES' folder was not to be found.

What is the BEST method to recover the files from the 'PUBLIC PICTURES' folder? I had almost 5GIGS worth of pictures.

I KNOW there is a way to recover the files, but not sure if they will even be located in the Public Pictures folder. Is it possible that after reformatting, Windows 7 relocated the contents of the 'Public Pictures' folder to another place on the drive?

Is it possible to restore the folder to previous versions AFTER reformatting the drive?

Can someone PLEASE help me?? This is seven years worth of photos I saved that I'm desperately trying to recover.

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for your patience and assistance.

Answer:HELP!!! RECOVER Public Pictures Folder AFTER reformatting harddrive!!!

Can someone please help me? I'd really need to recovery these files WITH the exact file names associated to them.

Does anyone know of a free method to recover them from the 'PUBLIC PICTURES' folder AFTER reformatting the harddrive?

Would appreciate any help!!

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I just recently bought a used computer to replace the one I had which died on me. For some reason, my old harddrive isn't being recognized as the main hard drive when I remove the new one and plug my old one in. Both harddrives are recognized when I have my old one plugged up with the extra power and IDE cable, so I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of my old drive to the new one and have it where it transfers all of my installed software over without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Harddrive to harddrive data transfer?

So what you tried to do is get WinXP to boot after it was installed on a different computer. This usually does not work well unless the Motherboard onthe new computer is almost identical to the old one. At the very least you would want to uninstall all drivers that were istalled as part of the old motherboard then do a repair installation of Windows XP. Then again if your installation of Windows is an OEM version of Windows it is not legal to use it on a second computer even if the second computer is a replacement for the first. If this is a retail copy of Windows then you can do it. You would need also the drivers for the new system.. As far as transfering installed programs from one hard drive to another and have them work properly if at all, it is not likely that you will succeed in doing so as installed programs make changes to the registry so that windows will know where to go look for the files to operate these programs. Just transferring the programs will not make the changes needed to your registry that an installation would make.

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


Answer:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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Running W7/64. I've tried to create a system backup to my D drive: error message states that I cannot create an image to a drive which Windows boots from or is installed on.

Not good.

My computer has an SSD ,the C drive, and a spinner, the D drive.

When I installed Windows, I only had the C drive installed. The D drive was not physically connected.

Now, the D drive was recycled from another use. It +had+ been a C drive (possibly for this very machine). I did a full format on it, and ensured it was not hooked up during the SSD install. (I thought that would erase windows OS files.) Somehow, Windows on D drive won't die!

My thought is that I need to perform a repair install. I can do that...and I will. I'll make sure D drive is physically disconnected. Again. Obviously, my attempt to erase any and all previously used data on the D drive failed. (At least, that's my thought.)

How do I remove any OS remnants on the D drive? Yeah, I've got stuff on it, but I can create a Macrium backup and restore them, if need be.

I've included Drive Manager image of it as well as what Macrium sees. (I've got some of the SSD unallocated for overprovisioning.)


Answer:Cannot create a backup image on my backup harddrive?

Ok mate my first thought is I would clean the D: drive using DISKPART - clean or clean all depends on how thorough you want to be a simple clean would in my mind be enough.
Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command
then format it.

My other thought is how old is that spinner??

Edit I meant to say back up the data first eh?

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i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz help

Answer:old harddrive. need data off it. put as slave. cant access data

iLLegaL89 said:


i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz helpClick to expand...

Well, generally all the office suits are backward there's should not be any problem. Can you open that word file(s) on the old PC (World 97 as u mentioned?) If it is so, you might have some problem with this new PC office suit.
Try, making copy of the old files in old PC using save as or may be you can convert doc files (if you don't have some hi level formating) to rtf files. That can be opened in Wordpad comes with every Windows OS.
This might help, i guess..
- Nirav

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Yesterday night I scheduled a disk check before I went to bed and when I woke up I found my computer stuck on a loop of loading to the end of the green bar to a blank screen then flashing to a c000021a system error blue screen and then it proceeded to repeat this. I tried booting into safe mode the next time and it would load the wall of files/text then hit a
blank screen, blue screen with the error, and then restart. I was sick of this so I decided to backup
my files using the system recovery tool on startup, but my harddrive only says it has space after you put in the password which I can't do using the system recovery tool. I'm stumped as to what I can do to fix this or at least get my important files before I reformat. I've also thought of taking out my normal harddrive and plugging it into another computer, but I don't have any available computers to do this with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Bluescreen bootup, ext hdd backup, reformatting and more. HELP.

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I plan to reformat my hard drive. My operating system in XP Home. I'd like to keep the music that I've collected over the years (about 2 GB). Should I copy the music to a slave drive before I reformat? Will it be accessible after the reformat since I'm using NTFS? How about burning the music files to a DVD-R? Which freeware would I use to do this? Any disadvantages to this method?

Answer:Best way to backup music before reformatting with XP Home?

Either way would be acceptable.

I personally would just back it up on a slave drive...but I don't own a cdburner, and have a bad tendency to lose cd's (and at 2GB it would take about 3 cd's).

The slave drive would have to be converted to either fat, fat32, or NTFS. It wouldn't matter what file format the OS is on (as long as it isn't linux). XP home can read fat, fat32, and NTFS.

Just make sure you don't accidently format the slave drive instead

However, either way is acceptable, and it's all a matter of preference.

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I'm using Windows 7 32-Bit at the moment and was looking for a good backup solution besides copy and paste. I purchased a Seagate FreeGate GO 500 GB Portable HD today and need a software (money not an issue, I want the best possible software) that will backup my entire hard disk. Here's my situation

1. Windows 7 has multiple issues, Action center and Network and Sharing center display "page could not load" so I want to reinstall.

2. Windows 7 is currently 32 bit and I want to reinstall as 64 bit, since I have 4 gigs of RAM

3. I have multiple games installed, all of which I don't have the DVDs to anymore, I need the games intact and working with game saves

4. I have multiple Pics and Medical related work (I'm a medical resident)

Hope this helps, thanks.

Answer:First time reformatting, need backup software.

Softrescue Will handle what you are looking to do.

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I recently reformatted the harddrive and installed Windows 7. Afterward realized that forgot to save all my emails from Outlook Express. How do I get them back?

Answer:How do I recover data after reformatting

It may be your lucky day, all things considered.

Giveaway of the Day - Data Recovery Wizard Professional 4.3.6

Act fast, tomorrow is another day.

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A few days ago, I woke up to a computer lacking internet access. In the process of trying to fix it, my computer got severely owned. Long story short, my computer, for reasons beyond me, sucks now. It is slow, bloated, freeze-happy, and generally a pain in the ***. My computer used to not suck. I long for those days.

I've reformatted before (more than a year ago, so the details are hazy), and since then and now my music folder has grown from a few hundred to slightly over three thousand songs. I like these songs. I do not wish to lose them.

Currently, I'm .RAR'ing my entire music folder, which is--

I just right clicked my "Multimedia" folder to find the exact size and it froze. A bloody right click froze my computer... yeesh.

Ok, so I'm .RAR'ing my music folder, which is 12.3 GB... At 40% archiving, I have 8 .rar files, so thats 8 cds. Around 100%, I'll have at least 18. 18 cds to burn, label, store, and then re-upload after the format = huge pain.

I deleted all my movies so all that is straight up music all of which I plan on keeping. The rest of my data is less than 700mb so I can fit it on one cd.

What I would like to do (and I don't know if this is possible, so it may sound retarded) is to (and I'm delving into unfamiliar territories, so if I sound ignorant, it's because I am) "upload" my music folder onto a separate partition on my hard drive, and then begin the formatting process, and delete the partition contain... Read more

Answer:Saving data before reformatting

Use an external hard drive or burn everything onto 2 DVDs... that's the easiest... You wouldn't even need to compress anything.

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Hello all!

I'm posting on behalf of my father who's had an issue with his Windows 2000 machine. It appears that during installation he chose to format his hard disk (80GB) as FAT32. To my knowledge, Windows 2000 can not format volumes greater that 32GB FAT32 (although it can mount larger ones).

I was just wondering if there was any possible way to reformat his disk without losing all his data. I am aware that that is not really possible but is there any way he could move his data to another drive and then move it back, keeping the 2000 installation bootable?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Reformatting without data loss

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Hi, does anyone know how to retrieve old data after reformatting? I know it says all data will be lost but I've heard there are data recovery places that can recover lost or old data. Anyone tried these?Many thanks.

Answer:Data Recovery After Reformatting

yep they work but a lot of the time the data is corrupted or heavily defragmented I have used undelete (hiren's version), bad copy pro and File Scavenger a lot at work they do the trick as well as can be expected. I tend to use them to recover work from USB drives and externals mostly.

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I'm having multiple issues on my Compaq Presario 700z notebook, including an unmountable_boot_volume error, dac2w2k.sys error, and ntkrnlmp.exe error. Compaq has told me I will have to reformat the HD and reinstall windows. The tech I chatted with said I could take it to a service center to retrieve my data before doing this. Can anyone tell me how to do that from home?



Answer:Saving data before reformatting when I can't get in?

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Once I reformat my hard drive, will I be able to selectively restore my backup so I only put back a few programs instead of all?


Answer:Restoring backup after reformatting hard drive

I personally think that is not a good idea. Better restore all programs, then uninstall them properly via Add/Remove Programs. Otherwise you will have uncount registry entries, program settings, and whatnot left behind.

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Where can I find the descriptive definitions of the “reason codes” reported in the Activity Logs when a Backup fails? I have searched all of the DELL site and non-DELL URLS.
Errors with undefined “reason codes: 2, 5 and 32” are reported under the Activity Logs when using the current DELL Backup and Recovery software (Version ran as Administrator in Windows 10 (Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586)
Data Backu- - <date at time>
An error occurred during the process
Scheduled Backup No
Multiple files Yes
The following files were not backed up:
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Comms\Unistore\data\0000000a000000031013.dat (reason code: 2)
C:\Users\Pat\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\OfficeFileCache\CentralTable.accdb (reason code: 32)
C:\Users\Pat\VeriSign Root Certificates\DS_Store (reason code: 5)
OS Name - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro – Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
System Type - x64-based PC
DELL Backup and Recovery – Dbr.exe – Version – 04-JAN-2016
DELL Update Tray – DellUpTray.exe – Version
DELL Update Service – DellUpService.exe – Version

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I have this data in a table in excel and want to display it differently.Date Event Attendees2/11/2013 Off-site FT James Smith2/11/2013 Off-site PT Roy Edy2/11/2013 Off-site PT Andy Ron2/12/2013 Off-site FT James Smith2/12/2013 Off-site PT Roy Edy2/12/2013 Off-site PT Andy Ron2/13/2013 Off-site FT James Smith2/13/2013 Off-site PT Roy Edy2/13/2013 Off-site PT Andy Ron2/14/2013 Off-site FT James Smith2/14/2013 Off-site PT Roy Edy2/14/2013 Off-site PT Andy Ron2/15/2013 Off-site FT James Smith2/15/2013 Off-site PT Roy Edy2/15/2013 Off-site PT Andy RonI want to display it like this. Not sure how can this be done.Attendees 2/12/2013 2/13/2013 2/14/2013 2/15/2013James Smith Off-site FT Off-site FT Off-site FT Off-site FT Roy Edy Off-site PT Off-site PT Off-site PT Off-site PTAndy Ron Off-site PT Off-site PT Off-site PT Off-site PT

Answer:Excel reformatting and display of data.

Due to the formatting of your post, we are unable to tell which data belongs in which column.Please click on the following line and read the instructions on how to post data in this forum. Then please repost your data. Thanks.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Ok, here's the thing. My main hard drive crashed, dead as hell. I have a secondary hard drive in there that I just used as data storage (NTFS).

What is the easiest way to load XP on that drive without reformatting that drive and losing all the data on it? I've only got about 8Gb open on it.

Keep in mind that I have no way of booting into Windows as I don't currently have access to a drive that is bootable to Windows. So I'll need something that can do it that can boot from either CD or a USB flash drive.


Answer:Put XP on drive already full of data w/o reformatting?

BartPE is a bootable Windows environment.

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Dear experts,

Please excuse the novice, but I have a very basic question: When and to what purpose do I use the recovery CD's provided to me with my original laptop?

I have just had a horrible worm attack and would like to re-install Windows XP (home) on my laptop (It is a Satellite P10-554) but I have a lot of data on my hard disks. My laptop has been attacked by a worm which forces it to shutdown within 60 seconds. I therefore need to restore the laptop to the original factory conditions but am scared of losing all my data.

How do you suggest I proceed?

Many thanks in anticipation & kind regards.

Answer:Satellite P10-554: Reformatting and salvaging data with Recovery CD


1. Check you Hard disk with a Virus scan.
2. Made a Backup from the personal Data
3. Or use a USB Stick and made a copy from the personal Data
4. Check your Firewall properties

Go this not use the recovery CD and made a reinstall from the System.

I Hope this is a Help.


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Currently I'm interested in upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista, unfortunately I've accumulated a collection of programs and media that I would not be interested in losing.

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 7 and still keep all of my old files?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 7 -without- reformatting or losing my data?

You should be able to. But there are no guarantees, so you should make a backup of your system, just in case. You could potentially lose everything if something goes wrong.

You can run the Readiness Tool to see what problems may result from an upgrade. (64-bit) (32-bit)

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I have windows XP and have been going through the process of changing the primary internal drive. For some reason this not the C drive but F. The slave hard drive is C. I have installed windows XP on the new drive where the jumper has been set as the primary drive. It has been recorded as such but has been allocated drive letter ?j? I do not know why. All the USB connections and external drives were detached.I hold important irreplaceable data on the two external hard drives, one an iomega 80GB and another (new ) Western Digital 160 GB. They were working perfectly prior to the Hard drive change but now I get the message for both the drives that they need to be formatted. Not only that, I have tried them in both my laptops where they have both worked before and I now get the same message. There has been no smoke, noise or over heating and no action to delete any data.I am very anxious to read these drives and do not know what has happened. Can any one please advise me.

Answer:External Hard drive with data needs reformatting!

what about an external caddy which connects via usb, would that solve your prob?johnny.

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Not sure how to explain what I mean but can anyone please tell me if there is any difference between backing up files as 'data' files or making a music CD as a means for backing up? I normally backup my music files, using Nero, as 'data' files. Once burnt, I can also use this same DVD/CD on my PC and play the music files in the normal way, so what is the difference between choosing 'data' as opposed to just backing up the files as music files, please? Does it perhaps take up less room when choosing the 'data' method?

I should be grateful for any replies.
Many thanks

Answer:Solved: Data Backup versus Music backup

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Been messing around with PC’s for some years now and have perhaps become set in my ways in selection of programmes, specifically those in respect of defence of PC and the backing up of data and systems.
I have had occasion to watch a Microsoft technician working on an infected/corrupted computer recently and despite being able to keep up with the speed and dexterity of the technician I found that he used Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, ADW Cleaner amongst others. None of the programmes that he introduced into the proceedings were ones that I used which made me wonder as to whether I am behind the times and too set in my ways.
Currently I use the paid for version of Emsissoft Antimalware, Norton Internet Security and CCleaner.
System images are created every weekend.
I also use Acronis True Image for system backups with its Nonstop data backup.
Running alongside Acronis I use Allway Sync for data backup.
All backed up data is held in four separate drives.
Every other week all my data and the current system image is placed onto an external drive that is only connected to the main PC at that time only.
All comments appreciated.

Answer:Am I too set in my ways - PC Protection, System backup, Data backup

I doubt that NASA has a more comprehensive range of backup options - I certainly don't! There must be some mighty valuable data involved. I don't think you need to be concerned.
My own office routine involves automated data backups from all machines to external drives every 15 minutes. I use Avast anti-virus software and CCleaner is run every 48 hours on all machines.
I have never created a system image in a lifetime of working with computers, and I have never run system backups. My websites and those of my clients are running on a dedicated server in a data centre, and of course there are comprehensive backup routines in use there.
I can't really comment on the Microsoft technician's software choices - I have never used any of them.

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Hi, my 500gb samsung usb h.d stopped working when my O.S(w7) did. I;m not sure why- possibly a virus. I have since reinstalled W7 and i cant open the hard drive- in disc management it tells me its a healthy, active primary partition RAW but keeps asking me to format it. I downloaded a data recovery program which shows me all my files are still on there but i need to reformat it without losing those files. i have been told i can reformat it to a NTFS format from the command prompt without losing data but i'm a little nervous about it, any ideas?

Answer:reformatting my external hard drive without losing data

Greetings, globestroller.

I'd be leery of 'formatting without losing data' - sounds like an oxymoron.

If the data recovery program doesn't give you the option of saving your files, you might try booting to a live Linux environment, such as Mint, and recovering your data via flash drive or optical media, then formatting the drive through Windows.

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Ok Guys and Gals, heres a good tech question for you all.

Ok first, some background. I have windows XP Pro loaded on a 60Gig Maxtor parallel drive. I recently bought my first SATA drive, since my new MB allows it. I transferred XP over to the new drive, using blastmax 4.0

The new SATA Drive is 200G, and I formatted it into 4 partitions, making the first one a windows bootable Drive, now my drive C. While I was doing this, I ran both Parallel and the SATA drives. THe 60 Gig was also formatted into 4 drives, C D E and F, just as the new one was; but xp assigned G H I and J to them until I removed the parallel drive from the system. Now the SATA drive reads C D E and F. It ran great for over 6 months now, without problems. However, that was before I had to renew my norton anti-virus/.

Recently I tried to upgrade my norton anti virus, from version 2004, (which was installed fresh when I changed my HD over, and thus I got another years worth of free virus def's), to 2006 from the disk I bought. It totaly crashed my system. From one set of errors to another, it totaly screwed up everything.

I loaded windows XP disk, and did a repair that did not work properly.. My system is slower then snot, and the Hard drive never shuts off. Not only that, my screen savings are never saved. And it seems as if I lost all of my System restore points.

So I want to reformat JUST the C section, and reinstall windows from SCRATCH. Now, is there a way to do that without loosing the partition ... Read more

Answer:Help! reformatting primary partion without loosing other partition data

Just boot with your xp cd. Delete the C partition and recreate it. Format with ntfs and you are good to go.

Note you MAY need to load sata controller drivers during setup.

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Damaged Lexar USB Flash, asking for REFORMATTING Need to rescue data.

Now, right up front, I?d hazard that I?m the LEAST technically proficient member on this board. So I?ll apologize in advance for being so?.naive.

I have a Lexar 256 USB Flash drive that I managed to damage. I could lift gently on it and it would make a connection. It would still work ? so I kept using it. Genius ? I know. I used it the other day and it worked fine, but now when I plug it in it acts like new hardware and tells me that that I need to reformat it. it has done this one my work laptop and two home PCs - same results, so i don;t think it's the computer.

Any way to recover the stuff I have on there before I break down and buy a new one?

~ Keith

Answer:Damaged Lexar USB Flash, asking for REFORMATTING Need to rescue data - HELP!!

Hello, emodwarfkid, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, try it on another pc. If it works then copy your data onto there and copy it back after formatting the drive. If not then i'm afraid you'll have to just format it, flash drives just break sometimes and need to be formatted to make them work again.

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Iwould want to propose a backup solution for one my clients i.e Veritus to be able to backup all their data on the network realtime, or any other solution available in the market.
They recently had their data stolen (Physical theft of drive's) and their client contacts database compromised, they suspect rival companies did it,
And i would like to integrate the solution(Backup with will be installed on the network) with an encription solution that can be able to encript the backup done and is taken off site and the existing data on the server(s)
to ensure that even if the same happens again and the drives are physically stollen again the infromation on the drives is useless to the one who steal it if they cant decript it.

And the internal data is proteced from unauthorised access even from other users in the network.

So this is where data that has been backed up from the network is collected in the backup server and all this information can be collectively encriped and stored off shore and also the information existing the other servers( SQL, Exchange etc) is protected and if the drives are stollen then they are still useless to the theives.

what do i go for
and will it integrate with veritus or any other backup solution
what is the price
and the technical appplication of the solution and its feasibility

kindly get in touch with me as soon as you can i have to do it in the morning tomorrow


George Njoroge

East African Data Handlers

[email protected... Read more

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I am running xp home edition sp3. I have a Seagate 200gb hdd external. I have Spotmau Power Suite 2009 software. When I get ready to backup and am asked for the destination drive, the D: drive isn't shown as an option. I installed the Windows XP backup utility(ntbackup) and got the same results.
I dont't want to backup to DVD or removable drive.

Windows sees the drive and I can access it. Why doesn't backup see it?


Answer:Can't backup to external usb 2.0 harddrive.


Make sure you can access the hdd

Also install the proper drivers

Make sure it`s recognized in device manager and in disk managment


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hiya was reading earlier threads on backups so ive already thought about it and ive got a new harddrive for the porpose off just a backup drive. how do i configer using xppro on a 40gb hd with 2 partitions on ide0. inv a cdrwiter and a dvd. whats the best way to configer these on ide0 and ide1 and what jumper settings help please.

Answer:how to config backup harddrive

Put the new drive on the same ribbon as the other hard drive but before you do set the jumper at the back of the drive to S/L for slave. then after you are connected restart your computer. and go into setup and auto config the drive. "BUT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THIS SWITCH THE POWER OFF BY PULLING THE PLUG IN THE WALL"

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i recently purchased the 320gb maxtor harddrive, after figuring i need to backup my pc to it, i tryed to do it and when i get to the 'where do you want to save the backup' (on windows vista ultiamte 32 bit) i select my new harddrive and it says....
'this disk cannot be used to store a windows pc backup image as it is a dynamic disk' could anybody explain what a dynamic disk is and how i can sort this problem? thanks a lot topps.

Answer:pc backup, failure with new harddrive??

ensure you have the correct drivers for such a hard drive. VISTA has MANY issues with hardware. If you cannot fix the problem you will need to either get a compatible drive or switch to XP.

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I'm using XP pro etc.

I've got a new larger harddrive where my present main harddrive is full.

The question is, can I copy my present 'My Documents' onto the new hdd and then install XP etc on the new hdd when completed and the old hdd removed.

Or have got to start from fresh and copy all the files I want onto DVD's.


Answer:Solved: Backup to new Harddrive ???

"Acronis Migrate Easy" will clone your entire old drive to your new drive. You will then be able to swap the old out and new in. This will save you countless hours of reinstalling Windows.

You owe me a beer!

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Hi,     I am in the market for a backup harddrive.  I had a couple of questions.  First I will explain, I use my computer for mostly personal and school, I have a decent amount of word documents, music, and pictures.  I have a 3 year old Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop with Windows XP.  I wanted to know1)  For my uses, is an external harddrive really necessary?-Is this something I should have or is it really not a big deal for my purposes?2)  If it would be of particular benefit, I'd like to know, which brand, model could you recommend?  I do have a restricted budget.-Would this do?Link Edit3)  What kinds of features should I pay attention to or are of big importance?4) How much GB do I need?-Is 320 ample?Thanks.

Answer:Purchasing A Backup Harddrive

Hard to say if you need 320gb, generally your backup hdd need not be any larger than the internal one unless that's running out of space and will be replaced soon.  (Some cloning programs will clone to a smaller hdd provided that the smaller one can contain all the files on the source partitions)If you are considering cloning your internal hdd to your backup hdd so that you can boot from the backup, ensure that booting from a usb device is supported in your system.The price shown on the link you posted is certainly very attractive, pity they're out of stock!Burning data files to a cd or dvd is the cheapest form of reasonably secure backup IMHO.Good luck

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i got a problem that maybe someone can help me out girlfriends motherboard fried..she was running xp home edition....i have an old computer that i'm going to take the motherboard and processor out of and put in hers...but she wants to save her data....she has some important .doc's and alot of pictures that cant be replaced in her My documents folder on her harddrive....

i put her harddrive in my computer as a slave and was able to see the files on her harddrive....but the one folder that has her name on it(where all the pics and .docs are) it tells me its not accessible.....she had a profile login on xp home that she would login to....and i have her login/password if there was to use there anyway to get into that folder to retrieve her stuff and back it up?...any info would be appreciated.. thanks!

this is the message i get....

E:\Documents and settings\Linda is not accessible
access is denied

Answer:how can i backup these files on this harddrive?

Follow this.;en-us;308421&sd=tech

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I have a current settup with WinXP, in which my main HD is a SATA. I want to use an old IDE HD for back-up. The opticals on a secondary IDE cable. When I put the IDE HD on a primary, the computer will stop on boot just primary to going to the DATA (After CD and floppy). The Bios appears to find the HD and I can access it using a DOS boot floppy.

According to Western Digital, there does not need to need a jumper.

I think that maybe there should be.


Answer:Harddrive: SATA OS/IDE Backup

Problem solved.

Changed boot drive to HDD 0 from HDD 1

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Dad and I both want to backup to a 500gb Maxtor External Harddrive.
We have partitioned the harddrive into two. One partition for each of us.
We would like to do a full clone of each of our harddrivesand place them oon the harddrive. WE want the clone that goes on the harddrive ,to be useful(not in some random compressed format that we can't get to).

Also. My laptop has a wireless internet connection that connects to a router connected to the internet. The router also connects to dads computer which has the external harddrive.
Is there a way to backup my harddrive using the criteria above via our wirelesss connection.

I have lost my laptop once and I don't want it to happen again.
Please tell me if you know of a simple way to go about this.

Is it possible to make a full clone of the harddrive that i wouldn't have to clone the whole harddrive each time. ( if you know what i mean) So it just updates the files each time.

Answer:How to Backup to External Harddrive.

There are two ways of doing this, manually by copying the files required or try using cobian backup, the link is in the free software list.
Free Software List for Vista

I would not recommend backing up via wireless as this will take a long time.

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I try to plug in my external drive or my USB drive but it doesn't pick up...

Answer:How do I backup my harddrive using UBCD4Win

I'm assuming you are using the ubcd4win that takes ou to the ubcd4win desktop not just tools. If so, you need to go to the start button and then system and then hwpnp and then click on install usb devices. With my flash drive in it then picks it up. You could also force install devices there and then it may pick up the external hd. I'm not sure that it is going to pick up and external hd through a usb port. I have never tried an external hd as I don't have one. I have done it when I had the 2nd hd on an ide cable or sata and used ubcd4win.

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Just got my tomtom go700.Is it possible to back up the whole hard drive to a PC. So if any future downloads mess it up I can do a reinstall.

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I try to plug in my external drive or my USB drive but it doesn't pick up...

Answer:How do I backup my harddrive using UBCD4Win

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Ok so i have three harddrives, lets call them XP, 7old, and 7new. So the 7old harddrive's OS,windows7, wasn't working (i have tried so much things to try to make it work and now i have given up). Because of this i am now planning on getting a new harddrive to do a clean install of windows 7, but then i want to ask if there is a way to restore/copy the applications/files i have in the 7old harddrive, to my new harddrive. (I cannot login to the 7old harddrive's os, but i can access the harddrive files from my xp harddrive). So is there a way to do a clean install then have my old files/applications transferred, since i cant really clone my old harddrive since the os wasn't working. Any suggesstions?

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What kind of external harddrives are worthwhile?? Maxtor sems a pretty decent company . . i'm new to this and curious as to what i should look for - want around 200 GB for dvd image backups . . . good price / good company / large capacity . . . any suggestions?

Thank you


Answer:Want to buy external harddrive for DVD Backup . . .

something like this??

200 GB 7200 RPM USB External Hard Drive

or this??

MAXTOR - 200 GB 7200 RPM OneTouch External USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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Hi folks,
I had a old PC which has just crashed but there is still some of my stuff, like photos, music, documents saved on this drive..which, of course I didn't back up.
If I remove the hard drive and install it in my new machine will it just appear as a second drive?
My new machine is running Windows Media and I don't want to do any damage by installing a hard drive that has XP OS on it

Or am I concerned unnecessarily

Answer:Getting data from an old harddrive

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I recently went thru the blue screen of death on one of my home networked pc. It made me wonder about harddrive cloneing & backup software? What is the best out there. Are there any good free versions? Can they do a complete back and transfer to a new harddrive (to replace the old one) or a bigger hd to be used as the new primary hd for my pc? Can they be used when you get a major error in windows and just want to reinstall windows to working order? or do you have to reinstall the complete clone of the hd?



Answer:Harddrive cloneing & Backup software?

First link in my signature refers.

You burn the free software into a CD and so the health of the orginal operating system is immaterial.

The target or the clone is a 100% mirror image of the orginal and boots exactly like the source disk. You should remove the source disk when using the clone though as two sets of identical system files may cause a MS Windoze to do funny things..

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Hi there,

I'd like to back up my photos to an external hard drive. Is there an app that can keep the backup up to date so that it mirrors what is on my laptop? I'm using Windows.

The hard drive isn't often attached so if the process could be initiated manually that might be a good way to do it.



Answer:Sync Backup on External Harddrive?

Get SyncBackFree, a very good Windows backup utility.

When you setup the new profile choose "Mirror" as the type. For the first run it do a simulation run to make sure it's working they way you want it to.

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I'm looking to back up my D: drive to my H: drive. Does anybody know of any free programs that would do such a thing? I tried Han-Soft Auto Backup, but it's a 30 day trial thing.

Answer:Free Harddrive Backup Software?

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I successfully backed up my computer to an external harddrive using Windows 7 backup. I used Windows recommended settings.

My computer's local disk is currently 216 GB. When I backed up my computer to the harddrive it says that the backup is 384 GB.

Can somebody explain to me why my backup is larger than my system's harddrive?

Also, just so you know, I don't have any previous backups that need to be deleted. And just to be sure I ran the backup numerous times always getting the same size as a result (384 GB).

I would like to have a complete backup but don't want to use up so much space. Is there an easy way to change a setting so that I can save disk space on my external drive while have a thorough and comprehensive backup.

Much Thanks!

Answer:Why is my backup larger than my system's harddrive?

How many partitions in this PC?

How many partitions were imaged?

What is the total size of the hard drive that contains your C partition, including unoccupied space?

Did you by any chance do a "sector by sector" backup? I don't use Windows Backup and don't know if that is even a possibility.

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yes these are all legal....
whats the best program to rip dvds to my harddrives
i tried dvd shink, should I make it an iso or a audio_ts, I was thinking ISO

anyone who does this have any suggestions?

Answer:Burning DVDs to harddrive for backup...

dvddecrypter allows for easy fair-use of your DVDs, requiring no great amount of knowledge. It also allows for selection of only the program portion that you want, so no space or time is wasted backing up unwanted portions of the disc.

Check out Doom9 for all your audio/video/DVD needs.

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I've got Win'98se with a 6.4 gig Fujitsu harddrive that's less than a year old. I started having scandisk run every re-boot so I did a thorough scan. The scan reported sector 40, 312, and 313 were bad. It said:

"Scan disk can no longer read from Sector 40 of this drive's file allocation table. Scandisk cannot repair this error because this part of the system cannot be relocated to another section of your disk. You may need to replace this disk."

It also returned the same message for Sector 312 and 313, yet the final report said that there were 0 bytes in bad sectors. I assume that's because it couldn't read the Sectors to see if there was information there.

The question is twofold:
1) I guess this means the drive must be replaced (2 months left in the warranty!) am I correct? and
2) Is there an easy and or inexpensive way to copy the entire drive to a new one?

The drive is partitioned into 2.1gig partitions and i really want to keep the data without having to start fresh with a replacement drive (I'll have to ship the drive away and I expect I'll get a new one instead)?

I'm just bought a new 8.4 gig harddrive, so I want to transfer the data without necessarily starting from scratch.


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Answer:Bad Sectors on Harddrive. Want to backup what's left

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Hello there all.
I was not sure where to put this message so apologise if its in the wrong place.
I am in need of some free or cheap software that can backup your hard drive as it is over the network to an image file.
It will need to backup to a network share.
I have been trying a Utility called Bart PE with Self Image. This is good but unfortunately when you want to restore your image to a new hard drive it wont work because the new hard drive is much bigger than the last one.
I need this to work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
If anyone can suggest any software that I can buy or use that would be great.
If there is any more information needed please let me know.

Regards Steve

Answer:Backup Harddrive over the network software

Have you heard of Acronis True Image ??
Drive size is no problem.

The Trial DL is fully functional for 15 days

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Well 2 days ago my motherboard fried because of a power surge, and I'm buying a new computer tommorow, my question is.. is it possible to get the data off my old hard drive? I was hoping it'd be as easy as plugging it into my new computer, but I don't think it is. I don't really know about this stuff so any responses would be greatly appreciated.

All I need to access is the photos, so if I can access the pictures id just put them on a flash drive.

The old hard drive has windows vista on it, I'm planning on getting windows 7 if that helps.

Answer:Harddrive backup after mobo crash?

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Gave my old pc to my son, had not gotten around to backing up my picture files yet.  Well he tells me its not working, after some investigation I find out that instead of shutting down the pc properly each time, he simply has been unplugging it.  I mean, every time bless his cotton socks no matter how much I have always drilled into his 10yr old brain this is a bad thing to do.  Before I restore it, which of course will wipe my files is there any way to rescue my pictures?

Answer:Can I backup my harddrive befor i restore it?

If the PC will no longer boot, you could try that hard drive in another machine.  it will then show up as an additional drive, and you should be able to get your pictures from it.Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum.

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Hello. I had a computer in which I sometime ago, put a new motherboard and athlon processor in. Just recently, it started acting strange. My control panel would not act right. The Add/Remove Programs would not work, nor would the System icon work. It would suddenly lock up on me. I tried to reinstall Windows XP, but it had a spool error and stopped. Anyway, I bought a new computer with 40 gig hard drive in it and preloaded with Windows XP. (I had Windows XP in the old computer, too.) Is there anyway I can retrieve my data from my old hard drive? I have hundreds of digital photos on it, plus some other data I would hate to lose. I had CD's for all my programs on it. Anybody got any method to retrieve the data?

Answer:How do I retrieve data from harddrive?

You can hook up the drive as a slave and get your info if the drive is still good.

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hi guys

first time posting on here, hope iv posted this in the right area, apologies if not! basically my computer has stopped loading up windows, its takes me to the load up options screen (safe mode, last known config, start windows normally screen etc etc) and when i choose an option it just begins the reboot process again and again! iv tried using windows recovery off the XP cd using some methods iv found on various forums but to no avail.

basically iv resigned myself to having to reload windows from scratch but want to know how i go about (trying) to save all the files on my harddrive that im loathed to lose in the process! i have a second computer that i can use as a base but would appreciate some advice, detailed i fpossible, on how i go about getting the said files onto the second computer from the harddrive from my redundant computer

any help would be greatly appreciated


Answer:transfering data off my harddrive

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ok...i have an old laptop harddrive that has been formatted, but i need to recover some pictures(years of familiy pictures) from it... i bought the cable that allows me to hook it up to my desktop... i can see the hard drive while booting, but i cant see it once the windows loads up.. what can i do, and what is a good software for that kinda data recovery.

Answer:data recovery from a old harddrive

visit thats the best data recoverey software avalible

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Computer informationDell Dimension 3000Windows XP HomeProblemUpon booting it attempt to load windows. It will display the Windons XP loco briefly and then go to a blue error screen. The error screen says that the harddrive is corrupted.  Run CHKDSK /F.........I have attempted without success to Start in safe mode, last known configuration  normal and all other options. It will repeat the process and return to the blue screen. MY question is..... They is a lot of data that the owner of compute would like to have recover  from old hard drive. I have heard of this being done. Can anyone give me some advice on how to do this? I do have another IDE hard drive I can use the computer.....

Answer:Harddrive Data recovery

Boot to your XP CD, choose the first repair option, enter the recovery console and run chkdsk /r

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i am using windows 7 operating system and i have an external harddrive that used to be my primary. when attempting to access it through my external hd enclosure it mostly asks me to format it and shows the drive under "my computer" as just a drive with no current/maximum drive capacity and trying to open the drive results in a cyclic redundancy check error. ocassionally when plugging in the drive or changing its drive letter from drive management i get the "scan and fix or continue without scanning" promp and when i choose continue without scanning it allows me to access the drives contents. i have finally freed up enough space on my primary harddrive to backup the drives data but cannot seem to get the scan and fix prompt to show up again :[ is there any way to force it to ask to scan and fix instead of asking to format so i can recover the files? all the information i can seem to find online about it only tells me how to disable the autoplay so it no longer asks ... but i want it to ask so i can remove the data then reformat the drive fully. is there any way you can help?

Answer:recovering harddrive data

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I need some advice i am going to upgrade my current harddrive(Maxtor d-plus 9 8g IDE) to a new Maxtor 6Y120M0 120gb Serial ATA 8mb Cache 7200rpm.1Q - Is there any way i can transfer everything from my old drive to the new drive. I want to use the new drive as my main bootable drive.2Q - If i can whats the best way to go about it.Many ThanksChris

Answer:Moving Data from 1 Harddrive to a new one.

I know several people at work who have used click hereHave a read, and see if it does what you want.

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Hi, i'm new to the forums and was looking for some help. I purchased a new computer last week and hooked up my old harddrive to retrieve some of my old data. It was working fine until recently whenever i try to access it, it tells me the harddrive isn't formatted and won't let me view the files. Is there any program or a way i could get some of my old stuff back?
thanks in advance.

Answer:Any Way To Retrieve Data From Old Harddrive?

Do both drives have XP installed? Are the both NTFS or FAT32 file system?

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Everytime I Boot My Computer It Goes Straight To Dos. Does Anybody Know To Stop This? If Not How Can I Pull My Data Off The Harddrive So I Can Reimage It? I Am Using Win Xpsp1.

Answer:Pulling Data From Harddrive From Dos With No Os.

Check out is a link there for a program that may do what you want.

Any MG'ers out there with a better solution?

XP experts should be able to come up with abetter solution for you, I think.
Wait a while and see who replies. Bazza

BTW, welcome to MG. Be warned, it becomes addictive. Baz

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I asked this a few weeks ago, elsewhere (not sure now where) about transferring data from one computer to a new one.

I was told to take out the OLD hd, unplug the cd-rom of the new computer, plug the old hd into this plug, and save the info from it onto the new hd.

I didn't have the new computer at the time (and it's not mine, it's someone else's I'm helping with it. She doesn't want me taking her new computer apart to do this

The basic question about this (now) is.... I can take her old computer, take the hd out, put it in MY computer, plugging it in instead of the CDROM (which is my E drive) then burn the files from this onto a CD using my CD burner which is my D drive?

Before I take my pc case off I wanted to check and see if I have this right. The CD Rom plug will fit on the HD and it will turn the HD (from old computer) into the E drive- to take the files and folders from?

(It amazes me that I can talk computer

What we were trying to do is zip the folders and send them to her mail, but for some reason the "zip and email" option doesn't come up on her setup.

So, I remembred the plugging in the hd where the CD ROM goes idea.

I have WIN 98SE and the old hd is WIN 98 (if that matters in this)

Also, for whoever did the Halloween decorations, I love the logo!)



Answer:Taking data off harddrive

The old HDD does use the same connections as the CD drive.


The CD will probably be connected as a Slave drive, and the old HDD will certainly be a Master if it was the boot drive. Therefore you need to set the jumpers from Master (possibly no jumpers) to Slave on the back of the drive. A key to where they go should be on the drive label. All brands tend to be different as to the settings, there is no standard way.

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Having trouble saving some files I copied from my old cp to my hard drive, appreciate some help.


Answer:Saving from data cd to harddrive

Start,Programs, Accessories, Windows Explorer....find the cd drive on left side of box and open right click to copy what is on the cd, then right click paste to where you want it on the right side of ther box

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I had a problem on my HP Imelda 1437, so I used system recovery to bring the computer back to factory settings.As I had a second drive, which did not want touched , I unplugged it.Run the recovey system,plugged in my second 'data' drive, and the system now tells me that the drive is 'Raw Data' and Unformatted. I assume that the BIOS has been changed, as the system was originally a One hard drive system, is there any easy way to restore the bios, without undoing the covers, removing the battery and /or flipping the Bios clear switch./ Thanks Terry

Answer:Lost Data on Harddrive

System recovery should not do anything to the BIOS, if the BIOS was not seeing the drive you would not see it at all in windows.Has windows allocated a drive letter?

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I would like to wipe a drive of mine clean, because i'm selling it to someone, what programs can I use to accomplish this task, and there is Windows Vista installed on it.

Answer:how to erase data on Harddrive

Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN) download and review - secure hard drive erasure from SnapFiles

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Our mother board died due to lightning, In replacing the motherboard, what kind of problems will I run into in trying to boot up after motherboard is replaced?

Answer:Transfering harddrive data

Due to lightning?!! If you're mobo died due to that, I'm pretty sure some other stuff would have died also (like your CPU?)

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we are wanting to get a new hardrive, bigger but we can't find our OS cd so the only OS we have is on old hardrive. We want to transfer everything , expecially OS to new hardrive. First is this possible and if it is how do we do it??? thanks

Answer:Data Tranfer from Old Harddrive to New

What O/S are we talking about?Keep in mind that years of use of a Windows system accumulates a lot of debris, some of which you probably don't want to retain. In the end everyone needs a real Windows CD sooner or later.If you want to preserve this as it is do a google search for free imaging software, or check out Acronis True Image or Ghost if you are willing to pay. (Although if you ar ewilling to pat, you may just want to invest in a Windows CD.)

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