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Server Hardware for Citrix farm?

Question: Server Hardware for Citrix farm?

Well my boss has decided to go crazy and has tasked me with trying to buy server hardware for a new Citrix farm he wants to implement.

The problem is the talks I have had with Citrix people I can't get ANY kind of help as far as number of users per server CPU, RAM requirements and things of that nature, this is making it difficult to tell my boss the hardware we should get.

I already know we want Raid 5 and a fair amount of storage (as citrix has to have the applications images loaded onto the server correct?), will multi processor help the number of users that can connect?

With this in mind and knowing we only use standard applications I.E. windows XP pro, Office 2003, and fery few other applications does anyone have a clue what type of servers I should be looking at? I.E. RAM requirements and CPU speed.

Is CPU speed directly proportional to the number of users who can connect to any given server? I know we are going to have some kind of load balencing solution for failover but I wanted to get some ideas on what to prep for.

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Preferred Solution: Server Hardware for Citrix farm?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Server Hardware for Citrix farm?

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Apologies in advance for my limited knowledge on this area.

We currently have one forest with multiple domains (e.g. "external" and "internal") with two-way trusts setup and are looking to isolate the "external" domain into its own forest so as to comply with security best practice which will break the trust relationship (intentionally).

Part of this will require transitioning/migrating existing virtual servers, applications, users, groups etc which currently reside with the old "external" domain across to the new Forest containing the new "external" domain. My understanding is that this is quite simple and is just a matter of changing the membership (maybe wrong terminology) ... and obviously the creation of new Forest.

We also have Citrix servers on the external domain and the Citrix farm on the "internal" domain.

I thought a citrix farm was a group of citrix servers so am assuming that this statement means that there must be citrix servers on both internal and external domains. (I know I should probably understand our setup but unfortunately don't as it's not my expertise) .... therefore the separation of the external domain into its new forest will break this setup.

If we wanted to maintain the 2 separate forests, what options are there for a citrix farm to be across 2 forests?

Would enabling SSO solve this?

Do we have to create a separate farm on the new forest?

Any advice welcome.

Thanks... Read more

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Hello,we configured thin clients T520 for Citrix connection. Everything goes well, except a pop-up window "Waiting for the citrix server", that appears in front during the autologon. User must close this window first. Is there any chance how to disable this pop-up window?Thank you for your supportBRMilan

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I am looking for a location to place a backup server. This server will only be written to unless the primary server goes down hard and clients are directed to start using the backup server. Bandwidth will be not more than moderate unless this server goes live as the primary - and in that case it will only be the primary until the real primary is brought back online.

My preferred location is close to a backbone router because I don't want latency issues to be significant - especially because my clients will all be doing dual-writes and this second write is pure overhead. Someplace in the central United States would be best.

This is a startup for an ASP service. My primary server will be located in Dayton OH. The backup needs to be far enough from it physically and logically to never find itself taken out in the same catastrophe.

Because this is a startup, I am very cost sensitive.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Looking for a server farm


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I don't know if this is help for our server or Excel I am looking for. Here is the issue...

Whenever one lady is logged into a session on our server, she opens a word document that has an Excel worksheet embedded in it. The second she tries to click on the Excel worksheet, Dr. Watson makes a call and hits me with the following message...

Error in Excel.exe
Access Violation (0xC0000005), Address: 0x304632a3

When she tries to just open the Excel program, she gets this error:

Compile Error in Hidden Module: ThisWorkBook

This only happens to her, should I make a new profile on the server for her? Is there something in Excel I can do? I am so lost and MS Knowledge base has been of no help to me.

Answer:Excel Shutting Down on Windows NT Server (Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe)

Try this,;en-us;Q169718

And this,;en-us;Q172211

Or look here for more,

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We have an ASP database, connecting via Citrix. The Citrix server settings were provided to us by the ASP vendor. When there are problems, the vendor's reply is sometimes, "that's a citrix issue, it's not us". My question is, wouldn't the Citrix server be in their location? It's not my understanding that Citrix provides servers out on the cloud, out of reach of the vendor. Do I misunderstand this?



Answer:ASP via Citrix -- whose server?

Is there a better forum for Citrix issues? I didn't really find any discussion of them anywhere on the site, so I took a stab in this forum.

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I know I should keep my post in one thread but I need to create a new one so people check sorry in advance. Can some one please explain how citrix server work. I really need your help, please dont just skip this question. I need the reply by today. Please explain how a person can remote access the server. Is the server connected to a dynamic IP address and the client computer long into that IP to get through the server? THat really doesnt make sence, so please help. THank you....

Answer:Citrix Server - Please help

One more thing, do anyone know another alternative way to use remote access other then citrix server. Thank you so much in advance...

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Question 1

If I have a main office with 3 branch offices and the branch offices need to connect to a SCO Unix server to access the database, which would make more sense? VPN for each branch or Terminal Server with Citrix installed. All clients are running some version of Windows OS from 95 up to 2000 Pro.

Question 2

Now I want to add anywhere from 10 to 20 field agents and give them access to the same server. These agents will be running Windows OS's as well but most likely will be running DUN for Internet access. VPN or Term Server with Citrix?

Reliable connectivity is a paramount requirement since if the connection is lost, data could be potentially corrupted.

Thanks for any ideas, comments, or suggestions.

Answer:VPN or Citrix/Term Server

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with citrix 4 you could save the launch files to a desktop, open with note pad then ping -a the ip address to find out which server had issues. If the connection center is empty, any thoughts on finding out which server a user failed to connect to?

Answer:citrix - how to get server info in v6?

Look at your data collector's event logs.

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i have a .Net application using Excel as report generating.
i've Citrix 4 and have disabled the decktop access.
i have a security issue for my server, the users are able to access browser and browse through my files on the server.
> browser - web link in the excel help.
> files - save as feature in the excel.

i'm thinking of upgrading to Citrix 4.5 or RDP5.

plz advice me ... how to procced.


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I don't know if this a normal behavior or not but here it goes:

I have a W2K terminal server running Citrix XPs FR3, 60GB HD, 2GB RAM, 3.06Ghz dual processor. Any application being opened by users logged into Citrix uses an abnormal amount of RAM. For example:
- User logs onto a Citrix desktop session and opens up Outlook (or Word, or IE, it doesn't matter).
- Immediately the Outlook process consumes approx. 20-30MB of RAM.
- With each subsequent user that logs on Citrix and opens an application, the same behavior, the process spikes to 20-30MB of RAM.
- IF the user minimizes the window, RAM for that process drops off to about 3-5MB. Opening the window only increases the RAM usage by a few hundred KB.
- I only have approx. 20 users logged on at only one time yet my RAM usage is pegging at 95%!

Is there something in Citrix or windows that I can tweak to help manage the memory better?

Thanks in advance. - Patrick

Answer:Citrix Terminal Server RAM allocation prblem

What is the size of your pagefile ?

Normally opening an app will spike the RAM but it should settle down.

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Hello, I am unable to get published embeded application in the web client to launch after connectin to the server I see the applications selection, I click on the required application and I receive notification that the connection is in progress and than the error box stating: "Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame server. There is no Citrix MetaFrame server configured on the specified address". I am accessing the server through a firewall with a static public IP that is redirecting the port "80" to the server. The server is set with a static privite IP. I can access the server through the public IP with remote desktop. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Citrix Meta Frame XP Presentation Server

kenputerguru said:

Hello, I am unable to get published embeded application in the web client to launch after connectin to the server I see the applications selection, I click on the required application and I receive notification that the connection is in progress and than the error box stating: "Cannot connect to the Citrix MetaFrame server. There is no Citrix MetaFrame server configured on the specified address". I am accessing the server through a firewall with a static public IP that is redirecting the port "80" to the server. The server is set with a static private IP. I can access the server through the public IP with remote desktop. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.Click to expand...

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I have had this problem for awhile and cannot seem to stop it or figure out where it is coming from. It seems that Citrix Presentation Server Client is continually installed on my PC. I can do a complete uninstall and 24 hours later it is reinstalled. I pretty much have a generic install of XP Pro SP2 with only Office 2003. Any clue where this could be coming from?


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Hi All,

This may be a daft question, though I'm sure I've seen it done...

I've installed Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 on Server 2003. Is there a way to publish Windows XP as a desktop application to our users?


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I need to bring up a new Citrix Presentation Server because our old one is acting flakey... however, nobody remembers how the old server was configured in terms of where the hell the IMA database is stored... either through MS Access or through MS SQL.

No MF20.mdb exists when I look in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture on the old server, so it must not be using MS Access... and the MF20 dsn file is pointing to a dev MS SQL server which isn't really doing anything. Any insight would be helpful.

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First off don't know if this it the right forum. Aplogize if this is not.

Question: My company is currently looking at deployment of a Citrix Server to deploy all commonly used apps(Office,Financal,Legacy Database programs, email etc...) My concern is that if 65 users are hitting this server for its apps won't this cause a major network slow down. The server is a Compaq ML380 with 933Mhz,256k ram,RAID 5 and is connects to a 10Mbps 3com Switch. Most workstations run Windows 95 and 98 with a few NT. My first thought is to change the Router and Switch to 100Mbps. I would like any feed back on this. Thank you very much


Answer:{Advice Offered} - Citrix Metaframe Server

I don't know how well Citrix will put up with 65 hits on the server, but I can tell you for sure that you should go to a switching 100 hub. I don't like running at 10 with 3 computers.

What are you thinking of the router for?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I am looking for any guidelines or recommendation on running EMET on a RDS environment. So far in our testing we have had to put in a number of fixes and workarounds to get EMET stable. Just curious if there are any other guidelines or a general stance on
EMET support in RDS and Citrix Xenapp. 

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We are a Win2K SP4 shop running Citrix 1.8. We have about 25 Citrix users, though typically no more than 5 are logged in concurrently. I am seeking hardware requirements for the newest version of Citrix, which they call Presentation Server. Considering our specs, I'd like to know what we'd need as far as:

RAM per user
Disk Space
Processor / multi-processor
other associated software (i.e. IIS?)

Any info would be much appeciated.

Answer:Requirements for Citrix MetaFrame Pres. Server?

There are no hard and fast rules as you will probably know by now.

Again it is a function of money. The more money you spend the more robust it will be.

I am assuming you are talking avout Metaframe 1.8 and not XP as it was called.

Disks SCSI = 3 x 35Gb 15k rpm 1 for O/s one for apps and one for page file.
Processor fast 3.0Ghz or greater
Nic's as fast as you can support.

That should suppport 25 users running office.n However I don't know what other apps you want to run.

Any more info for us ?

Been doing Citrix for 9 years now.

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I am wondering whether this is an option, our current environment we use a custom build Fedora linux clients to launch an ICA file with an auto login user and a fixed password the users do not know to a XenApp 6.5 desktop. It is time consuming to keep the linux image up to date with all the drivers and plus with us moving to xenapp 7.X the ICA file solution might not be the best anymore.Since we have 600+ HP thinclients we decided to try out HPDM and we have everything set up as we wanted, users boot their thinclients autologin with storefront and launch a desktop automaticly, but if the users logoff or the 3 hour Citrix policy logoff timer logs them off the users end up in the ThinPro Linux and have to click on their desktop again. We want to configure this to have an auto login on logoff . All the computers are open to everyone and users just have to sign in to the programs they want to use and then move on. Does anyone have a good solution for me? 

Answer:Auto login to Citrix AND relogon on logoff to citrix

In ThinPro when you edit the Citrix Session Settings there is a Setting on page 3 "Auto reconnect" which you can enable.This setting is also in the ThinPro Registry that you can capture, edit and deploy via HPDM (_File & Registry Template).

I am an HP Employee.My opinions are my own and do not express those of HP.**Click the Thumps Up Button on the right to say Thanks**

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Does anyone know a good website to find out about these two programs? I need some background on them, and preferably a demo download site...

Answer:Info about Citrix Metaframe, Citrix Webportal

click here ?

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I have started searching around for the correct docs on how to do this but haven't had much luck finding one that addresses what I'm trying to do.

I have an existing Windows 2000 server and am going to replace it with a server running Windows 2003 Server R2.

I would like to know the best way of doing that. Most of the docs I have seem talk about it as though you're keeping the same server hardware in place. That's not what I'm trying to do.

So, you don't have to go through all the steps I need to do. If you could just point me to the correct doc and give some helpful hints I would appreciate it.


Answer:Help Needed To Migrate Windows 2000 Server To Server 2003 On New Hardware

Need to know what services you are running on the server to be able to help you further.

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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i have 5 pretty old motherboards with cpus in them, i dont think any of them are faster than a GHz and i want to rig them all together and connect them to my pc to use as a farm for encoding video into mpeg 2 format. ive googled around trying to find a way to do this without having to set each mobo up with a hard drive and operating system. ideally what im looking to do is use these spare cpus as a mule for my comp, acting more as an extension of it than as a stand alone farm. if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:help with a render farm-ish rig

You would need to do a LOT of modifications.

Remember, your motherboard has the BIOS
, IDE controllers, AGP/PCI controllers, math co-processor, North bridge controller, south bridge controller, etc that normally talks to the CPU. - If you were to attempt to connect 2 motherboards together, you'd first need a way for the CPU to communicate with EACH component on the 2nd board... not to mention getting the CPU to recognize it's all there. Then you'd need a way to power the 2nd board, which would mean another PSU would be needed, and you would have to wire the two PSUs so they would both turn on when the power button was pressed.

I'm sure it could be done with enough time, but it'd be more trouble IMO than it'd be worth.

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Question: Live Farm Aid!!!

Check out Live Farm Aid!!!

Answer:Live Farm Aid!!!

Widespread panic was the best, as usual.

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Question: VPN to render farm

Hi all,

I have a client that I'm doing some graphics stuff for and he has a render farm at his house. We are trying to set up a way that I can log into his render farm via Virtual Private Network or something similar and set up Maya renders and have the frames sent back to my computer at my office.

Does anyone have any experience setting up a VPN who could help me out with some info or point me toward some good resources.


Answer:VPN to render farm

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I live on a farm in a country area where all we get is dial up and moteralla wireless internet....which is very expensive. My whole family, unfortunatly for me, lives on the farm. My father will only get the highspeed moterolla
(w, w, w)....neighbourhoodwireless(c, o, m) if i can figure out a way to network to houses over 300 feet away. I am not sure if this internet can do this but it does say we can extend MD range to 2-10miles(look in the statistics page with the prices, near the bottm)?I'm confused at that. But if thats not a 2-10mile network system than would it be possible to physically connect the 2 houses over 600 feet away creating a network we can share using ethernet or some other kind of cables with many adapters? How would this effect the speed and quality? Any kind of response would be deeply appreciated.

PS ignore the extra dots on website...some advertising problem they had. But I think u will understand.

Answer:farm networking help

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Question: Setting up a farm

ok, i've been modeling in 3d for a while now and mostly do still frames but i have a few scenes that i want to render and they're quite complicated and long so, naturally, the rendering takes way too long for my liking.

i had heard about render farms but i looked up the prices and their out of my budget range. so i thought about building my own at home. i've looked all over the internet and the only site i've found over and over again on how to setup a render farm is,1697,1847413,00.asp <-- here.

The only problem im having with this is, how exactly you connect the nodes together to use them to render the frames faster, i already have a queing software, just don't know what i need to connect 'em all. Does any one know any websites that tell you step by step how to setup the hardware for such a farm? or does anyone know how to do this themselves.

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I'm currently attempting to build a render farm from 6 or 7 computers all identical. My questions in order are this:1) I read somewhere that you have to use XP PRO would HOME do the trick?2)There are a couple of optiplexes I want to consider but there CPU is only 738 Mhz. Is it worth it? 3) is 256mb RAM enough?4) does the renderfarm use a lot of HDD memory on the render nodes.thanks for you help

Answer:Render Farm Questions

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One of the machines on my father-in-law's farm won't connect to the Internet. Even when I try to ping the gateway the requests time out 2-3 out of four times.

I would appreciate any help you can give us. The logs are attached.



Answer:Another Farm computer won't connect

Not sure it the connection issues are due to malware or not but there are a few things to clean up. So let's fix these and see what happens. However first before continuing. I want you to uninstall AVG to avoid having it get in the way of proper cleanup. Make sure you uninstall it now before you do the below.

Uninstall the below very old versions of software:
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6
Java(TM) 6 Update 2
Java(TM) 6 Update 3
Java(TM) 6 Update 5

Do you still have anything from Symantec installed? If not then also uninstall the below:
LiveUpdate 1.80 (Symantec Corporation)

Run C:\MGtools\analyse.exe by double clicking on it (Note: if using Vista or Win 7, don't double click, use right click and select Run As Administrator). This
is really HijackThis (select Do a system scan only) and select the following lines but DO NOT CLICK FIX until you exit all browser sessions
including the one you are reading in right now:

R3 - URLSearchHook: Yahoo! Toolbar - {EF99BD32-C1FB-11D2-892F-0090271D4F88} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {27B485FE-90CE-4D3B-8BCF-141D4B775D34} - C:\WINNT\system32\mljgf.dll (file missing)
O2 - BHO: {1d7040e6-5a57-d248-36d4-a3b3218aa2e3} - {3e2aa812-3b3a-4d63-842d-75a56e0407d1} - C:\WINNT\system32\ulrhesvq.dll (file missing)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {7E853D72-626A-48EC-A868-BA8D5E23E045} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {B3ADDB7B-3DF5-4672-82DD-775FFF180134} - C:\WINNT\system32\cbxuuts.dll (file missing)
O20 - Winlogon Notify: cbxuut... Read more

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Howdy, Major Geeks,

I have had great luck following your removal instructions in the past, but this one finally got me.

My father-in-law is a farmer and was looking to buy a good used truck. He got an email advertising trucks for sale a month or two ago, clicked on a link, and has been having problems ever since.

I was enlisted for help, and I discovered the computer locked up a few minutes after accessing the Internet. In fact, it locked up after trying to run Super Anti Spyware the first time. I ran SAS in safe mode, and then I was able to run the rest of the programs without any problems.

Unfortunately, RootRepeal seems to have found an MBR rootkit on his external drive, and the machine is back to garbling text on the screen and locking up. I have attached the logs to this post.

We greatly appreciate your help.

Many thanks,


Answer:Farm computer problem - 1 of 2

Part 2:

Here is the last log -

Thanks again!


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Anynone with a few space motherboards hanging around?

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We are running ATA for a month in now in our production domain. Now it starts reporting various "Suspicion of identity theft based on abnormal behavior" activities on the ATA Attack Timeline and most of these activities involve servers in our RDS
farm (the specified user didn't log on to that RDS server before). This means these actions are false positives in our case.
For the time being I configured the "short term lease" subnet option for these servers, is this the way to go or is  there a better way to handle this?

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I have a project I am working on for a contest. The project is tourist attractions in Washington DC. So there's going to be a lot of rendering to be done. Unfortunately I only have a 2 days to render which I am praying and hoping will be enough time. The last project I did was going to take 27 hours to render on my computer in my sig. Anyways I read a couple guides on how to set up a rendering farm and it looks very daunting.

First off,
Do i need to have 3ds Max installed on all the computers for the farm to work? A bit of a nooby questions but...
Do variances in OS's effect rendering?

Processing power seems to be the most important, so I have...
Three P4 2-2.6ghz
Pentium D 2.66
My laptop 2ghz Dual Core Centrino
My computer i7 920 4ghz
I even have four 450mhz P3's i could throw in if they will really help that much.

I only have a 10/100mbps switch to connect these all together. The only way I could get a Gigabit switch is by buying one, so that's not really going to happen.

So any tips, easy guides, and suggestions would be great! Hopefully I don't blow to many breakers in my room.


Answer:Setting Up 3DS Max Rendering Farm. Help Please!

It is recommended to have the same configuration and OS on each node. A good page to start is probably the Wikipedia page:

Autodesk has an article too, but it's from 2005 so I'm not sure how up to date it is:

Good luck

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My title isn't great, but my question is more about IPsec performance. We have a client using a RDS Farm with Connection Broker and Gateway. So the clients are already connecting over port 443 instead of 3389. On top of which, they have IPsec tunnels setup from all the sites to the RDS Farm. Clients are complaining about performance, but when I test, I do not see these performance issues. Only real difference is I am connecting over the Internet without a VPN connection and all the clients are connecting over the VPN connection. Do you think the IPsec tunnels may be impacting performance? Also, would you bother using IPsec if your are already going over HTTPS?

Answer:RDS Farm over IPsec or HTTPS?

They don't need a Gateway if your doing IPSEC just do a direct connection to the broker.. I would recommend not using it in conjunction with HTTPS gateway.

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Hey guys, we have a stubborn Metaframe server (test server) as part of our farm and every time IT locks up, no one can log into any apps on our other servers. I'm pretty new to the Citrix Scene so I want to make sure I don't hose the farm.

I've only found an RMVICA command from a command prompt. Is this the normal way to remove a server from the farm?

Metaframe 1.8 btw


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i have avg and it can't remove 80/80 of my virii on my computer. i'm not having that bad of side affects but i want them gone. i have all sorts of virii on my computer and i will provide any information u need. avg can't remove it but it sees it. it keeps saying "access is denied" so i am scanning with maleware bytes so i can copy and paste the text file in my next reply about what they are and where they are. i need help!!!!

Answer:Virus Farm on my computer!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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I have a laptop that will soon be put in retirement, as I'm getting a faster one that I can take to school with me but I was hoping to use this old laptop to help me render some of my projects out for class. However I have no idea how to start, I don't know if I can just connect my two laptops together or if I have to do anything special. So, how would I do this?

Answer:How to Make a Render Farm?

Start what? What are you trying to do?

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Here is a very interesting article titled "How a Gold Farm Works" and it's
gonna be very long.
Here is a most informative post in the thread:

-----BEGIN QUOTE-----
I guess I should mention, as I failed to in my last post, that I have been in
the process of dismantling my "business" since Christmas. You may wonder why I
do not just fold it up completely and immediately, but that lies in needing to
make sure that those I am responsible for, are taken care of. I expect to be
completely done within the month.

This is going to be long, but I'd like to explain what my business essentially
was, and my views on things in general and why what is currently going on is
quite serious for EQ. Not just for the plat sellers like I was, or just those
who rely on bazaar gears and trading to equip their character, but also those
at the raiding level. While it certainly impacts raiders the least, it does

I started selling about 7 years ago. I started on my home server, amongst a
few other sellers. At the time EQ was EQ, no expansions, fairly new, and you
could sell 1,000 platinum for $500. I got into selling because of a GM at the
time who I spoke to on occasion who was selling platinum and other items from
places like mistmoore, guk, and solusek b. This was at a time a GM was an
unpaid volunteer player, and the kinks hadn't been worked out as far as the
EULA which forbid the buying and selling of intellectual property.
......... Read more

Answer:How a Gold Farm Works

Uhhhhh... OK....
Interesting choice for a first post.

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Hi!My old T42 showed "fan error" message on boot, a week ago.I opened it and cleaned the fan with some air jet and vacuum, re-installed and it worked fine, except for grinding noise for 2 seconds on start-up.After one week (yesterday) it did the same thing. I opened and it was clean, so I put a drop of Jig-a-Loo on the fan bearing and re-installed. It is working again, but I want to buy a replacement fan ASAP, to avoid major problems.The fan FRU is 13R2761 and is the short type.I can't find any reference to this FRU in all Lenovo website. It is probable I just don't know where to look...or perhaps the FRU has been replaced with another. Can someone help me finding a replacement fan?

Answer:T42 fan assembly bought the farm

Hello mate, The best way is to have a look there :

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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Man i dont even know where to begin. This comp had every spyware and trojan under the sun! Crazy popups and false warnings to delete various files kept showing up every five seconds.

I did the following. I booted into safe mode, ran Ewido malware scanner and had it remove all threats (after installing it in normal mode and updating definitions). Log file below.

Ran cleanup! from within safe mode and deleted temp files, cookies and recycle bin files.

Booted back into normal mode and ran panda online scan. It disinfected some but not the others. I had no option of deleting the files it didnt clean. Log file below.

Ran Hijack this and saved log file. Below.

Also ran Smitfraudfix search option. Logfile below.

Ewido logfile -

ewido anti-malware - Scan report

+ Created on: 4:15:08 AM, 4/27/2006
+ Report-Checksum: EA0C2824

+ Scan result:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{736B5468-BDAD-41BE-92D0-22AE2DDF7BCB} -> Adware.Generic : Cleaned with backup
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\\{736b5468-bdad-41be-92d0-22ae2ddf7bcb} -> Adware.Generic : Cleaned with backup
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\\SpyFalcon -> Adware.SpyFalcon : Cleaned with backup
[224] C:\WINDOWS\system32\winino32.dll -> Trojan.Agent.qt : Cleaned with backup
[688] C:\WINDOWS\System32\twain32.dll -> : Cleaned with backu... Read more

Answer:My comp the spyware farm

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carnt download farm heroes on my new phone nokia 635 or add a ringtone of my own choice

Answer:Why can't I download Farm Heroes?

If you're talking about king games farm heroes saga, it's not available for windows phone.

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hello folksi wanted to know if anyone is familiar with the game farmtown or farmville on facebook. i have a problem with something when i play the game, and this old man can explain better if one knows what i am talking about.if anyone is familiar please let me know.thanks muchharley

Answer:facebook farm games

Whats the problem?

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So we have an RDS Farm with 5 desktop servers. The clients are using Office 365 for email. They want to use the search functionality in Outlook that requires the email messages to be indexed. From what I read, .OST files need to be stored locally. So each client has a copy of their .OST file on each server. On top of which, each server needs to index the entire contents of all the .OST files.

This obviously uses up a lot of additional space and uses up more CPU for indexing. Load balancing is done using RRDNS and a Connection Broker. So clients can connect to any of the 5 servers.

Is there a better way to set this up so not all servers need all clients .OST files and the constant indexing?

Answer:RDS Farm - Outlook .OST Files - Indexing

Roaming profiles should solve most of the issues. That way the profile folders are on a shared location that each server simply references.

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Autorun Eater was born due to increase of malwares using the 'autorun.inf' tactic to infect users unknowingly be it from flash drives, removable hard disks or any other removable storage device. When an infected device is infected with a malware and an 'autorun.inf' file is dropped, the shell menu is normally modified to execute the malware whenever the unsuspecting user double-clicks the infected drive.

Most anti-malware apps out there will almost instantly remove any malware detected but more often than not they leave the 'autorun.inf' file behind. And what if the anti-malware app fails to catch the malware? Here is when Autorun Eater comes in handy.

Autorun Eater will remove any suspicious 'autorun.inf' files even before the user attempts to access the drive. These files are auto-backup'ed in case of false positives.

Note: Some antivirus and antispyware programs flag Autorun Eater as being infected/malware, although the application is perfectly safe and does not pose a threat to your system. This is called a 'false positive'. The term false positive is used when antivirus software wrongly classifies an innocuous ( inoffensive ) file as a virus. The incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or to an incorrect virus signature in a database. [Similar problems can occur with antitrojan or antispyware software.]

Here are some key features of "Autorun Eater":

Scan and remove suspicious "autorun.inf... Read more

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I built my own pc, and have been running the current setup for a few months now. I dont overclock or anything.

Last night I ran NAV full system scan since i hadnt done it in a while, then went to take a shower. When i came back, the PC was locked-up, but i could see on the locked-up screen NAV found 3 viruses but only completed 17% of the scan. I was forced to pull the ac plug to turn it off since cold booting it wouldn't function or even the power button. After i plugged it back in and turned it on, the PC wouldnt post at all. I could see the mb light on, and all the fans in the pc were running (cpu fan, ps fan, case fans, video card fan, etc), but the monitor wasnt even getting a signal and it wouldnt post.

Here's what i tried so far:
> I have two ram sticks. I swapped them out and tried booting with just one stick, trying both by themselves
>I substituted in a different video card. Still didnt post.
>I tried adding a little thermal paste to my cpu since it didnt look like it had enough. still no post.

My guess is that either my CPU or my motherboard went bad. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even if my pc had a detrimental virus, it would still at least "post" since the pc doesnt even notice the HDD until after it finds it in the initial posting information which comes after the cpu and ram count. I'm thinking that was just a concidence.

I'm using an albatron PX845PEV Pro mb, 3.06G P4 HTT processor, radeon 9700 pro, 1Gig Cr... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Help - PC Bought Farm last night

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I inherited an RDS farm with thin clients. Currently have roaming profiles with folder redirection.
We are required to move to workstations in order to comply with vendor software requirements.

Currently, as it is set up now, I can add a pc to the domain, log onto the domain and see that the user has folder redirection of his Documents and Pictures etc..
*What I would like is to have the redirected folders download to the pc and then synchronize on logoff in case there is a loss of network connection to the users files.

RDS users need to migrate to pc
DC, TS's and File Server are Server 2008r2
PC's are Windows7
Thanks for your time

Answer:Moving from RDS Farm to Roaming Profiles on PC's

I highly recommend staying away from roaming profiles and synchronized files. I'd be more concerned with beefing up the redundancy of the file server and network.

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If Macro$haft was a farm animal, what would it be?

Answer:If Macro$haft was a farm animal, what would it be?

this would be a topic for genmay not the OS forums...

macro$haft....cute. haven't seen that one in awhile.

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I have tried everything I can can think of to illiminate this freeze-up problem when using sym farm (which isn't much being an ill informed computer user wanna be).

I checked the game's notes and consequently tried to temporarily disable my virus protection to see if that would work.

Do I have to uninstall my virus protection in order to run this thing? If not, how does one properly disable a virus program. It seems to thread in and out of everything on my hard drive.

I also am running Norton Utilities. Do I have to disable this program as well?

We also have Sym Ant which works well on this configeration.

I have a "genuine Intel" 166 MHz chip, with 32 MB RAM. I am currently also using Windows 95.

I'd appreciate any feedback as I'm really at a loss as to why we can't use this game.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Answer:Sym Farm freezes up when I try to sell things

Do you use Norton anti-virus? Press ctrl + alt + del and when the screen pops up you'll have a list of programs running. Norton will be called something like Navapw32 on the list. Click once on it then click end task to disable it. You can do that for all other programs except Explorer and Systray. That'll free up memory. See if that helps.

It's possible that you may not have enough RAM memory to run that game. How much RAM does that game require? It will say on the box if you have the box.

Using Windows 98...A How To Guide

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I hardly believe it, I'm actually there at long last. Sorry but I have been all over and back again. I desperately need help but for weeks, no, months on end I have been buggered about to the point where I feel like slinging my laptop out the window.
I wanted to write a blog on Wordpress, but after a long wait I'm told thjat my browser is out of date and to use wordpress I must upgrade to the latest version. The link was there to download IE9 (my present browser is IE8). So I click on the link to download IE9 and wait for it to download then about 15 minutes later I get a message that says, "Service Pack is not supported". What the hell does that mean. After a week of going from piller to post, I find that I gotta have a thing called "service pack 2", Eventually I find this alien entity and I download it, with humungus problems like totally losing my internet connection and then it all crashes so I can't even play solitair. Eventually I manage to get the use of my PC back but I find that no service pack is on my PC, it should be listed on the systems page under, 'Windows Edition' at the top.
So when I try and download SP2, I'm told that before I can get SP2, I must first of all get SP1. That's after about 4 or 5 hours each time.
I coonstantly rreceive messages that may as well be in chinese for what I understand. Things like, You do not have this or you do not have that, or something doesn't support something else an... Read more

Answer:Solved: This will send me to the funny farm

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I use the BlueIris software for IP surveillance cameras in a large industrial facility. I'm just installing the new cameras, and I have loaded up 2 cameras working, but that have completely maxed out my 3.25+ CPU. This is on a Windows 10 custom computer. I have 5 old Dell Poweredge 1950 servers, and they're all either the ii or iii models. They each have between 8 and 16 gigs of ram, and have Ubuntu installed. I would like to know how to use the windows computer to be the server in a render farm, and the Ubuntu servers to be slave nodes. From what I've read, the software's I've seen are for rendering one frame at a time, but I'm need to have it constantly rendering live video and saving it onto a hard drive. I would like to know the best software's to use, and links to tutorial videos would be appreciated. Keep in mind, Windows main with Ubuntu nodes.

Answer:Surveillance Video Rendering Farm Help

Posting this in networking because the computers would be connected through the network. I guess I could have also posted it under software or something else more suitable.

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Some days before i was able to play it but now when i open it i come on the start page after sometime. I am not able to open it on my phone. Please help me..

Answer:Why i am not able to play green farm 3 on my lumia 630?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Some days before i was able to play it but now when i open it i come on the start page after sometime. I am not able to open it on my phone. Please help me.. No idea why you can not play it because you do not give that much info.
But if have the game on your SD card move it to you phone memory.
If that still not works uninstall it and install it again but on the infernal memory.
If it still does not work please register and reply on this post with some more info.
Good luck

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I think this is different than the "should i air or watercool" thread, so I'll try to be as concise as possible, as I've found little to no info on this while googling.

For school, I'm about to submit a project proposal to the faculty for a render farm: The system itself will be 8-15 lower-end PC's linked together to a main computer to perform rendering operations for the art students. Render farms can get hot... the ambient heat caused by close to a dozen PC's can sometimes raise the operating temperatures to dangerous levels, especially on a system like this that will probably be utilized often by the hundreds of modelers at this school.

So, instead of individually-cooled systems which would possibly become a hassle in and of itself, I came up with the idea of placing all the systems into a fridge to keep the temps down. The thing I'm worried about most is the moisture in the air in normal residential refrigerators that could cause some very bad and very obvious problems. Unfortunately, most commercial applications either lack the storage space, are way too big, and they all cost more than a used car.

If anyone might have any ideas or suggestions for this project idea of mine, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you.

Answer:Render farm dry cooling project

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

Look into the server farms that are still out there/here.
Some have built a walkin cooler of sorts, basically using one or two units torn out of refrigerators.

Even a window mount ac would work for this in a wood framed and plexi glass or spare closet.
You'd still want to load each machine with a good fan systems, or strip them all the way down to bare.
No sheet metal sides, kinda like mini rack mount expossing
all componants but have a central network drive.
Exhausting the heat from the building may prove difficult.

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So we support this company that has a RDS farm with 7 servers plus 1 broker. The broker is setup with a public IP address and domain name. Clients are simply using Microsoft's RDP to access the farm over 3389. Lately there has been a lot of failed logons on the broker from foreign IP addresses. Another company manages their Juniper firewall. We find out that all ports were open to the public and have him close all ports but 3389.

I know having 3389 open to the public is not a recommended. Although, how much damage can be done by leaving 3389 open?

What are better options for using RDS from any location? I was thinking of RDS Web Access. Have clients log into a secure website and launch RDP from there. At least that is a free solution. The other option I was thinking was having clients use SSL VPN.

What do you guys think?

Answer:Secure RDS Farm for pulic RDP Usage?

Can you ask them lock it down by Source IP ?? A pain, but that's how we do it.

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Question: Server Hardware

Hi there, I've looked online but can't seem to find advice about which type of hardware you need for different servers. I guess for Exchange or SQL you'll need a number cruncher with 2 Processors and lots of Ram, but what do you need for a Fileserver and a Printserver?Any ideas?Thanks

Answer:Server Hardware

click hereclick hereclick here.

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Question: server hardware

I will like to build a File/FTP/Web Server using RAID 0 or +1. What would you recommend (e.g. make):Processor:Motherboard:Memory:RAID controller:Hard Drives:NIC (how many):Do I need a video card? Do I need a CD-R writer or or a DVD/CD?Do I need a Sound card?How can I get just terminal to attach to the server or do I need a proper PC client.Help much appreciate.loco

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okay, the budget is about 1500 Euro.
this thing will be doing the following:

- Webserver
- Gameserver (think BF: Vietnam and the llike with 24 player max orso)

what would be the best setup for this thing?
keep in mind it has to be one pc as we're not allowed to have more than one pc running as a server on the Business ADSL we've got.

Answer:Server, what hardware?

addendum: HDD's are all accounted for so we don't need those, nor do we need floppy drives or cd-rom drivers or a monitor

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hey guys, i am fustrated right now because im on posting this from my computer at work. at home, i have no internet anymore... heres the story:

My dad has always wanted to buy a big house on a huge parcel of land (not that he wants that much land, he just knows it would be a good investment). so, after buisness has been picking up extremely well for us in the past couple years (real estate in CA... enough said...) he decided just to do so. all grown up now on my own, he offered to rent out a small house to me that was on his land. i thought it would be a great idea, i mean, come on... its my parents... they arent gonna charge me THAT much for rent anyway. so i agreed and i know he has a wireless network going through his house. because the AP is located in the office next to all the rooms, they have been able to get internet access in every room even though the house is around 6,000 sq ft, so i knew they must have good top notch wireless equipment to extend the ~40ft through several walls (yet how he has highspeed service in the middle of nowhere sure beyond me). so i thought, maybe i can just catch his wirless signal from his house. WRONG, the house he rents to me is on the complete opposite side of the damn parcel! i mean, we are talking almost a quarter of a mile away (through lots of trees not to mention). i havent had time to research this, but i was thinking maybe buying a long range 802.11 antenna (i hope i dont need any like commercial grade crap though..... Read more

Answer:Very long range wireless network on a farm

only way i could think of is attaching one of those big can-style antennas to his house, but thats out of hte question :iP

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it always shows as farm heroes saga guide

Answer:Why can't I download Farm Heroes Saga on my Lumia 535?

That game is not available for Windows Phone. You may contact King, the developers, here and request a Windows Phone version of the game.

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hai guys,
i want to know one thing, is there any hardware proxy server available. ie., some thing like display card, ethernet card like that.
iam asking this because, i am using wingate proxy server, there is often problem with it.
so i want to know, whether there is any hardware proxy material so that i can buy it and use it
reply me as early as possible

Answer:hardware proxy server

There are internet appliances that are very expensive that allow you to share a connection. Just get a Cable/DSL router and a switch chained to it if you need more ports.

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We're starting to plan a server migration. Mgmt wants us to follow procedures similar to a recovery process, which means they want us to restore a backup. We backup our servers a couple different ways. One is to a online hosted service and another is to tape using Symantec Backup Exec. The catch to this is that we're buying different hardware for the new server. Backup Exec has IDR to cover this; see link below. I wanted to ask if anyone has been through a similar process and if they would share the experience.

Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) Restore | Symantec Connect

Answer:Migrate Server to New Hardware

Have you resolved this issue yet?
I would be happy to give you some more info on a VPS solution if you're considering that avenue.

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Hi i want to make a server the min requirements is SQL server Standard or Enterprise

RAM 1GB - 2GB, But in most cases 4GB + 30MB for Reporting Services + Analysis Services, 50-60MB for SQL Management Studio & its recommended each user connection takes 24KB

CPU 64Bit Proc Intel Xeon 3.4GHz

HDD Internal for the Min of 500GB

We will need Fibre connection to external storage array, Fibre cards in servers for connection to storage array, UPS & a Rack & the server should be cheap & upgradeable in future.

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I'm taking a college course in networking basics. I have an assignment that requires me to spec out a server for a small business network that supports less than 30 users. I have found sites where I can pick and choose servers and server hardware upgrades, but I don't know what is overkill or underkill.

Can anyone refer me to a site that offers guidelines to help me with my research?

Many thanks,

Answer:Server hardware specifications

Don't really know the exact info you need but try these links

Computer Bits

PC Mechanic

Practically Networked

World of Windows Networking
hope they offer some advice

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I'm in need of some suggestions on what type of PC (hardware requirements) would be good to run versions of Windows Server. The PC would not be used for business purposes, purely for learning. All I need is for the PC to run Windows Server and run it without being too slow ie, I want an old PC to run Windows Server not a new one but I dont know what would be sufficient.

So if anyone can provide some suggestions, such as a PIII 700mhz, 256MB RAM etc it would be great.

Thank you.


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I have to PC's of similar spec, and I can't decide which one is better to run game servers on like COD, COD4, UT2004 ect and a teamspeak server. Both run windows XP Pro
(This is only for a LAN btw)
First one is an old HP ProLiant Server ML 310 G1
It has a 2.80Ghz CPU
2gb RAM PC2100R
2 WD800 setup in RAID 0 (supposedly 7200 rpm but they are old now)
Intergrated 1gb/s network card.
Only has USB 1.0 ports
IDE Raid Controller
Also put page file on another intenral system disk

Or a Dell Optiplex GX270
2.6Ghz Pentium 4 With Hyper Threading.
1.5 Gb RAM DDR PC2700
PCI 1gb/s Network Card
WD5000 Harddrive (seems to get very hot short time, case has s*** airflow but nothing i can do about that)
Has USB 2.0
Overall the Optiplex seems the faster PC, but the harddrive although new (about 8 months old) is rather loud / cranky

The Proliant is about 6-7 years old atleast, but has more RAM and slightly faster CPU but with hyper threading on the optiplex, would the slightly faster cpu make any difference or not?. However even with the RAID setup, it still seems to have the harddrive as the limiting factor and is noticable secong lag every now and then.
EDIT: Also just bought a high speed usb memory stick, so was thinking i could use a program like eboostr to act as vista ready boost?

Also was thinking of switching the fast ram to the ProLiant server, would this help at all? currently it has ECC Ram, can you mix the too or not?
Just wondering what your guys opiions ... Read more

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Am new and have been wondering for some time how you go about replacing a single processor on a server with a faster processor. Maybe even installing additional processors and upgrading the operating system for multiple processes

Answer:Hardware installation on a server

Good question. What motherboard is it running? That way I can try to find out some info on it.

I'm wondering if all the CPUs have to be identical, or would it run with different speeds... I am leaning toward identical, but I'd like to pull the specs to be sure.

I the server is only running a single processor, period, then changing it out would be just like changing a cpu on a PC.

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I'm planning to build a new data server for my small business. Very small businesss. I don't need enterprise capabilities since we only have 5 client PCs in the network. I have a good idea of what I want in the system... except for the video card. The server won't be used as a workstation at all, so I don't need all of the features that are loaded on video cards that are found in every tech shop. I just want something simple. Can anyone recommend a brand and model?

Also, the following is a list of what I plan to put into the server. If anyone sees any mistakes that I might be making, please steer me in the right direction.

Abit KX7-333 mother board
Athlon XP 1900 CPU
Antec SX635 Mid Tower
350W Power Supply
512MB PC2700 DDR RAM
Standard Floppy
CD Writer (brand not yet determined)
3COM 56K Modem
Net Gear NIC
2 UDMA 133 7200 RPM 60 GB HDD
(maybe raid, but I'm not knowledgeable on the set up)
15-inch Monitor
Standard keyboard & mouse
NT 4.0 OS with SP6

I don't need sound of any kind.

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Need server hardware advice...

Howdy there Logie2...

Try going here and look for the cheapest PCI card you can find ( just make sure that it has drivers for NT ), also I would upgrade NT to SP 6a...

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Hey Guys and Gals:
I have a Compaq Prolaint ML370 server that does not want to turn on.
Seriously: YES! The power cable is connected and yes I press the Button!
The Leds on the mother board and Raid card are on but when I press the power button nothing goes on not even the main fan on the tower.
The interesting thing is that the power leds on the power connectors are off, but the server seems to be getting power.
Another crazy thing is that there are three small leds lights in the middle of the motherboard and when they go on everything seems to start going, but then they just turn off and the system does not turn on.
It seems like the system is not holding on to the power charge.
I have checked all the cabling and everything seems to be on least I thing they are...
If anyone can help, I would be very grateful...thanks a million!
The one and only grateful one......TASKWON....."smiling always fixes everything!"

Answer:Server hardware problem

Try a different power supply. How old is this server?

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My knowledge is quite limited but could anyone provide some insight and/or recommendation of the following type of servers (hardware). That is, should we looking to go for the RackMount servers or Blade? To provide some context, were essentially a small team of less than 15 people but looking to expand over the years, we trade daily and have a huge amount of data input. Server hardware is something we do not wish to go cheap (but within reason for a small shop like ours) on given how crucial it is, simply we want something that is effective and wont create any major headaches in the future.

Appreciate any guidance you can give:

Min Requirements (I've been told I have been misquoted - but this what I was told):
- Server is to have 8 or 16 cores (2 to 4 CPUs) using the fastest processor available and 4GB memory.
- Raid 1 with 2x15k hard drives and Raid 10 (1+0) array are required for log and data either via direct storage or SAN.

Recommendations made to us:

Rackmount: DL360 G7 Model 579240-421 (1 Xeon 5650/6Gb Mem)
Raid 10 of 4x15k 72Gb drives Model 512545-B21

Blade: BL460c G6 Model 595725-B21 (1 Xeon E5650/6Gb Mem) with HP SB40C Blade
Raid 10 of 4x15k 72Gb drives Model 512545-B21

Answer:Server Hardware Recommendations

What are you looking to do with the server.

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I am looking to run SQL Server 2000 and Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 server and I need to buy a new server. I have approximately 75 users who will use Exchange and about 5-10 users who will use SQL. I was going to buy a server with dual Xeon processors, 2GB RAM & RAID 5.
I was told that I should not use RAID 5 and that I should use RAID 1.

My question is, why not RAID 5? I checked online and found that RAID 5 is recommeded for email and database servers, so why would I be told not to use RAID 5 and to use RAID 1?


Answer:Server Hardware Requirements?

raid 5 uses multiple drives and it is hot swappable. If 1 drive dies, you can put a new one in and it will rebuild itself. it is fault tolerant. Raid 1 is mirroring. whatever data you have it, is copied to both drives, it is fault tolerant. Generally speaking, you get a lot better performance with raid 5. You could use raid 15 if you wanted, it is a where you mirror your raid 5. i personally would just use raid 5, depending how many disks you get

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My sister use to play Farm frenzy 3 Russian Roulette on windows 7 64bit, while the game is loading it got stuck and then she close the game by pressing (Alt + F4). Again she open the game but all the progress she made was gone. So i decided to backup the games which is by default installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alawar Entertainment\". I copy the folder named "Farm Frenzy 3 Russian Roulette" and paste it in D drive.After sometime the same problem happens, All the progress again gone, I copy the backup that i make before from D drive and paste in the default game location in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alawar Entertainment\" I replace the existing one but it does not work, means The progress that She made, when I backup the game, does not exist at all.I try another technique like uninstalling the game and then paste the backup geme.So I need help for backup the game which backup all the progress made by the userI will be very glad If you can help me..

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After the new sophos antivrus was installed an error windows keeps on popping and says my pc is infected with troj/haxdor-farm... luckily it has been quarantined however it is annoying that the popup windows keeps on popping...

this is the hijack log
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:51:11 PM, on 4/28/06
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Unable to get Internet Explorer version!

Running processes:

R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyServer =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderNa... Read more

Answer:Solved: SOPHOS caused my pc to have TROJ/HAXDOR-FARM

bump bump bump

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Hi Guys

so at work we need to do a D0D format of old hdd`s before they get tossed.
we have bought 5x dual external hdd usb 3.0 docks
and two pcie usb 3.0 two port cards.
all plugged into a hp elite 8300 i5 8gb pc (speed is not a requirement)
from my under standing the 8300 has a 240w power supply.

so our current issue is we can only plug one of the docks into each pcie card at a time (pc also has 4 usb slots and we want to spread the load)

if i plug one dock into each of the pcie cards and onboard usb 3 it will read the hdds
however if i plug in two docks one in each port on the pcie card the pc acts as if no hdd has been plugged in on that card. both pcie card have Sata power plugged in.anks

am i correct in thinking that the psu is just not strong enough to power 4 hdd`s on two usb ports?

also if i have one port on each pcie card occupied and plug a dock into the onboard usb 3.0 port it says this drive is not running at full speed a usb 3.0 slot would be better ( which it is in)

on monday i will be trying the setup in a HP z420 pc.

any tips or advise would be appreciated.

Reason for using the pcie cards and onboard usb 3.0 ports for 5 docks is to "spread the load"


Answer:PC running ten external drives issue (cleansing farm)

hmm now that i think about it i wonder if i just need to go into disk management and initialize the drives although that would explain if i spread the load of the hdds then it sees both if on separate ports

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So i am going to be getting 9 (yes 9) 1.88ghz single core 2gb ram, 80gb hdd servers in rack mount style. Im getting these for free or dirt cheap.
So i have a few ideas of what i want to use them for, But not really how, But here are my ideas so far:

1. Web Server, but have the load balanced across the machines.

2. Server raid array, so like using multiple servers with multiple HDDs each and having them doing backups and backing each other up

3. I am going to be getting into some security research stuff and there are some scripts i want to write to calculate stuff for me, Like rainbow tables and whatnot. So i thought well with all these machines i could speed stuff up, plus get it off my main computer.

Thats all the ideas i have come up with so far, Their all things i have been wanting to do, but never got around to doing. Only problem is that i have no bloody idea how to do any of it.

I do consider myself a very techy person (more end user stuff though less corporate networking etc...) so i am willing to take up a challenge and learn something new! I am 100% open to any ideas for what to use these machines for.

Answer:Multiple computer render, node, etc farm ideas?

It really depend on what you want to do. If you want the servers to process a lot of information faster I would consider settings up load balancing on them. How to do it will depend on what OS you decide to use. I would probably looking into Linux cluster. A lot of information is available on Google with a quick search.

A web server will only need load balancing if you have a lot of traffic coming in.

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I have gotten a used emachine with vista. I have internet connection (wireless dsl) and I can not get adobe flash player installed. I have had the security checked and all is well. Anyone have an idea WHY "flash" can not be installed on this machine.

Answer:Can't install flash player for facebook, farm town, etc.

Do you have 64 bit Vista? (press the Win key and the Pause/Break keys at the same time)
If so, try typing "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" (with the quotes)

Once it opens, then try installing Flash. If it works, then you'll have to make a shortcut to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" on your Desktop.

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I of course could just build one from scratch, but this is a recommendation for a friend for his business and they have to have a vendor-bought system. Now, I realize this could turn into a whole lot of "I like Dell" and "I like HP" posts, so I'm going to clarify. I'm looking for a few good resources (websites) that review/compare pre-built Server systems. An example would be READY GO.

Answer:Where can I find some server hardware reviews?

Good question, my anwser is that there are very few sites that do this.

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I want to launch a web site containing pictures and images, and using my own server to download and distribute the images, but this is a new field for me and would appreciate any help on software and hardware reqirements, i have been looking at windows 2003 sever but its a bit expensive, what are the alternatives, thanks in anticipation

Answer:help and advice for server hardware and software

I'd suggest that you forget completely about running your own server yourself, manually, and go for a managed server with a hosting company or a plain site hosted with a good web host.You don't learn server administration overnight and keeping the hardware and software configured and working 100% of the time, coupled with having to sort out DNS resolution and an IP address of your own so that people who type in your web site address actually get it loading up in their browsers is no small task.You also have other issues to consider. Not many ISP's will allow you to serve your own site using their service, for good reaon. You will more than likely have to invest in a substantial dedicated line to serve the site and if image transfer is going to be the mainstay of your site you will probably want to consider as fast a browadband line as you can get. Connect a number of browsers to your site at once, all requesting file downloads and what seems like a fast connection suddenly isn't.I used to be involved in network and systems admin but I certainly wouldn't dream of running my own web server when I can get excellent service from any one of a number of web hosting companies for either a single web account or for a managed server to run lots of sites on. A managed server is where your web host looks after the hardware and software (they manage it) and you get to use it to host websites on. They have the headaches while you use it for your webs. It's a fine arrangement and God bless... Read more

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I'm kind of at a loss. This server as been running ok now for 6 months but after moving it I am having all sorts of problems.

Looking for pointers on how to troubleshoot and/or narrow down the source of the error.

Answer:Win Server 2008 R2 BSOD's -- bad hardware?

Hi. I just read the posting instructions so here is some more information:

? OS - Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Same
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Retail
? Age of system (hardware) - 15 months
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 15 months

? CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition
? Video Card ATI Radeon HD 4250 (on board)
? MotherBoard Gigabyte GA-880GMA-USB3
? Power Supply - Strider 1000W

? System Manufacturer - Home Built
? Exact model number

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I have a some lab software that we are setting up to run on a server, with the users running clients. Prior to that each user had the software on their personal PC or laptop.

Since setting up the server, the software is running much slower than previously. The computer acting as the server is a typical Dell P4 3.4 Ghz, 2GB ram, and a 250 GB hard drive.

What upgrades are necessary to run more efficiently? The software is used by about a dozen clients.

Additionally, how could I tell if the bottleneck is more of an internet issue or a hard drive speed (file transfer) issue?



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Hope this is the 'best' forum to post this query in, heres a little backstory and our thoughts so far:

Some friends and I are going to rent 1u in a data center for all our geeky needs; our 'needs' to start with are a bunch of websites (and databases), a VoIP server and a few dedicated game servers. We'll be running some form of *nix if that matters (seen some anti *nix specs regarding RAID?)

I was shocked how expensive 1u chassis can be, is there a big premium on this or should we look at renting 2u to save here? On the 1u front we don't need hotswap bays or a slim optical or anything flash, some decisions will be based on MB/CPU - more on that later.

Our 'dream' was to go straight to dual processor but it looks like we will have to be abit more economical; Im under the impression you can get a dual socket MB and run with 1 cpu, hopefully we could/would upgrade down the line if neccessary; we were looking at going Xeon not sure whats the best cache etc for our needs, what chipsets are good. Can you rely on built in raid (that isnt anti *nix)?

Storage isn't really an issue, we'll be using gigs rather than terabytes of data however we'd like to have 2+ harddrives for some form of RAID (important stuff will be backed up offsite). SATA will be fine I think, we won't be taxing the HDDs much.

We also dreamed of having alot of memory, which we can also add to later - does anyone have any advice on how memory... Read more

Answer:Building a 1u server - Hardware advice

What is your budget for this project? You may find it is more cost effective to buy a "gently used" 1U server off ebay rather than building your own.

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I am waist deep in home automation...trek homes you know. So I've of course ripped all my CD's for multi-zone multi-amp multi-soundcard music.

Now the final entertainment piece would be to rip all my DVDs for two reasons: 1 to protect my original DVDs from getting scratched (kids) and 2 so with the touch of a finger on my wi-fi touchpad I can load a movie sit back and relax.

I do not want to go the mult-Dvd disc changer. As with the multi-CD changers I see this as a dinasoaur.

With that Said:

Hardware: What would be the best quality video card for movie playing, HDTV etc. Estimated minimum Drive Requirements? 250GIG?

Server Config: Dell Dual drive raid server. 1 gig of ram. AMD chip? Harddrive sizes? Will of course take server recomendations from this wealth of knowledge.

Recomendations on Projectors?

Answer:Hardware and Software Question - DVD Server


As far as the "server" specs go, since you are apparently going to buy a Pre-Manufactured unit, eg, Dell, and obviously you don't want to limit your pleasure by anything as trivial as MONEY....Just buy the biggest most badass unit they offer.

And if it is specified as Multi-media, it "should" lean in the direction you want. As for the HD capacity...since you are talking about ARCHIVING all of you CD's and DVD's to Hard Disk, 250GB should be sufficient...for your FIRST hard drive !!! Go on from there.

As for a friend of mine always says, "You never have to make excuses for buying the best." Pick up a magazine and check out the reviews.

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I am looking to buy a server for my home and i dont really know what hardware i really need to do this.

Here is what i want to do.

I want a central location to store all of my files. I am a photographer and i end up with about 750GB - 1TB per year of data
I really only need the last 2 years of data available to share. the rest i would archive.

From this central location i want to be able access these files from any one of 3 machines - all running XP. I want all of my application to reside on these 3 machines such that the server is really just a storage device. I would like the server to act as a print server also, so i dont have to install printer software on each machine as i have now.

I have no interest in accessing any of these files outside of my little home network. I do not want this to be a web server either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Answer:home server hardware requirements

You may want to consider a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Buffalo's TeraStation would hold 1.5 Terabytes on a RAID 5 drive set for less cash than most servers. NAS is designed to do exactly what you want, just provide a file share for networked computers.

You can also attach external USB drives directly to it for backing up if you want to. It looks like it also supports a printer connection. You will have to install the printer software to each computer. This is always the case, just most servers will auto install it for you when you connect to the share.

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This is more of a hardware / networking question. Here is what's going on.

Currently we have a Whatsup Gold Dell T400 server that just can't handle both WhatsUp and MSSQL. We are deciding to split the boxes up and get a R510 (Or T610, depends on the price our rep can get for us) for the SQL server and keep WhatsUp on the T400. The hardware requirements will be very much satisfied (1xQuad core, 8 gig ram, 300 gig 15k SAS drives, 64 bit Win2k8, dual GigE NICs) with the new server but I've never worked with SQL server that was as utilized as this one so here is my question:

What type of network congestion will this create being there will be a lot of traffic going between these two boxes? Since both boxes have GigE NICs, I'll probably be putting them on their own GigE switch since the rest of the network is 10/100 so I'm hoping that if there are any network problems they would be resolved.

I've heard of fiber channel but don't know what it is or if it would be worth the cost in this (as I would need fiber channel cards in both servers).

What is the best way to set this up? I guess I'm just looking for some insight from some SQL gurus.


Answer:MS SQL Hardware server setup questions

1 GB should be fine, i would break them off into their own VLAN if there is going to be a lot of broadcast traffic to cut down on congestion

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Hi all,

We have system for our work that uses a web/application server and a database server. Around 150 people use this application and the data stored are usually text, ms office documents, pdf files and images. Suppose that about 50 people are using the system at any given time, what do you think will need better hardware specs, the database server or the web/application server?

Could you give any recommendations for the hardware specs? Like cpu, ram? A friend of mine suggested that it would be good to use the nVidia Tesla GPU for parallel processing. Is this a good idea or is this going a bit overboard?


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Does there exist some kind of hardware solution to proxy sever for home use? Where I live many of the online proxy server services are blocked and I'm a computer lay person. I need a solution which is very simple and effective (I think a hardware solution is both simple and effective). Could you please help me with it? Thanks.

Answer:hardware solution to proxy server

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Hello, I was wondering if any of you could recommend some Hardware Specs and/or prebuilt model #'s (ex. Dell, HP) for a new work server. It will be supporting 20 users, 26 PC's, and 6 printers. I will be using the Windows Server 2K3 OS and it will be used in the following roles:

DNS Server
Primary Domain Controller (Active Directory)
Application Server (minimal)
File Server (currently converting all paper customer files to electronic)
WSUS Server
Printers will be networked through it

I would like to put the OS on a RAID 1 array, and Data/Files on a 500 Gb to 1 Tb RAID 5 or 10 (suggestions?) array. Also, I would appreciate suggestions on favorite backup software suites.


Answer:Server 2k3 Hardware & Specs Recommendation

You'd be well served (no pun intended) by any entry level server. I was running AD on dual P3 1ghzs for 100 people and it sailed along.

What's the budget?

I'm partial to dell 2950s - they're solid servers.

HP makes a nice server in the 380-385s are nice too.

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Hi all
It's very difficult to get really good advice on this but I'm now trying to build the "Ultimate" HOME server machine.

Note the machine will be essentially used as a HOME (not a commercial / work) server so it doesn't need all the fancy gaming state of the art graphics cards etc.

What it DOES need is enough RAM and horsepower to run 4 Virtual servers, whilst also file and print sharing to a number of "remote" (actually a LAN) workstations.

A "Blade" type server would be OK in a commercial environment but my server needs to be a bit like a conventional workstation.

I need around 16GB RAM (seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days), and a QUAD CPU. The I/O subsystem nust allow for around 8 drives and two DVD/CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive 2 monitors (although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected.

I need to have as well at least 2 but preferably 3 Network cards on it.

Most of the stuff I've looked at seems to be more geared to high performance gaming or running NASA's next Mars mission.

A SERVER doesn't need hideously expensive gear - but it does need the capability to have loads of memory and disk drives to be connected to it.

Any IT admins out there who use this type of stuff at work -- recommendations.

The ability to run 4 Virtual servers decently is essential so 16GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like 64GB but that's pro... Read more

Answer:Hardware for a good W7 HOME Server

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

The ability to run 4 Virtual servers decently is essential so 16GB of RAM is the minimum -- Ideally I'd like 64GB but that's probably like asking for the moon.

Jeez...I run a handful of ESXi servers at work and I usually put 24GB of RAM in those to run 10-12 concurrent Linux and Windows servers and that usually doesn't max out the RAM. So, I would have to imagine that 16GB of RAM is going to be more than enough for home use and 4 VM's.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need around 16GB RAM (seems hard to get a basic motherboard with enough memory slots these days), and a QUAD CPU. The I/O subsystem nust allow for around 8 drives and two DVD/CD units to be connected and have video output capability to drive 2 monitors (although most of the tine the monitors will probably be disconnected.

Quite a number of new mobo's support 16GB of will just have to be a 4 x 4GB setup. Quad core CPU's are a dime a dozen. The I/O subsystem to allow that many drives will likely just involve adding on 1 additional controller card. And just about any modern video card can easily handle dual monitor support.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

I need to have as well at least 2 but preferably 3 Network cards on it.

Quite a number of mobos have 2 NIC's...You will... Read more

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hi! we have a project right now and we're supposed to configure hardware requirements for a fictitious company. i'm really not good at hardware so it would be really great if someone cud help! i'm not sure if i'll be able to put enough information here so anyone could understand..just reply if there's any important information that i missed... the "company" is supposed to be an international sports broadcasting company that would like to build a new library system for their stats and videos. we're supposed to work around the present hw and sw that they have and produce an efficient ( cheap but excellent ) specifications..they already have:-100-user license for a database server(Oracle 9i RDBMS)-50 Pentium 3 pc's running at 933 MHz-existing open-system architecture consisting of pc's connected thru WAN via TCP/IP and SPX/IPX, UNix and Windows2003 boxes and Novell Netware file serversthe "company" prefer that the proposed hardware follow the following specifications...SERVER:RDBMS- specifically supports Oracle RDBMS 9i- supports othermajor RDBMS (i.e. Informix, Sybase, etc) for future upgradeOS- supports Unix OR Windows2003 OR Novell Netware 4.11 higherCLIENT:OS- supports WindowsXP OR any Linux flavor OR MAC OS higherAPPLICATIONS- can accomodate Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, and Oracle DeveloperMULTIMEDIA- suports audio and video playbackNETWORK- supports TCP/IP and SPX/IPX network protocolthanks to anyone who could help. I like learning this stuff but i'm a... Read more

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Hi all,
I would like to know what are the minimum server hardware specifications for the following requirements:
25 concurrent users
print server (4 network printers)
Domain controller
backup server
Can someone help me please?

Answer:Server Hardware Specifications vs Requirements

Are the 25 concurrent users just file and print users or are these Remote Desktop users?

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Hello there folks,

i recently bought myself a little server. Now i want to test it for high availability and endurance. What tool can be recommended? I normally use the linux tool stress, but this only gives me evidence for short time usage.
I would also like a tool which is os independent and that tests all installed components.

Does anybody know what Dell or HP uses for stability and high availability tests?

All information is very appreciated! Even if the solution is non-free!

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I am looking for a solution where I can plug a USB device into it, configure it with an IP, then install software on a remote system and have the USB device show up as if it was plugged into that PC, then I would install the drivers for the device.

Is there such thing as this? Basically, I want to plug a USB device somewhere on the network, into a VM that is in our ESX environment, without having to physically attach it to one of the hosts then force the VM to not move. I want it to be software based at the VM end, but not require a computer at the device end.

I'm finding lot of stuff on Google, so I'll continue going through, but if anyone has used something like this before, it would be great to hear of it.

Edit: This looks like it may do what I want, but not much details.

Answer:USB over IP hardware server, software client?

The siig one is terrible. I tried it with a client a while back, but had to replace it because it just wasn't reliable. I switched them to a Belkin network usb hub that has been pretty stable. The software isn't great and doesn't run as a service, so I have to leave a console session open to maintain the connection, though.

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I have the opportunity to buy some hardware but I'm having a tough time finding out what the specs are of the equipment. I'm not real familiar with blade equipment so I might end up passing on this hardware, I'm looking at this hardware for office use but since there is so much I will probably resell some of it unless I get a major influx of business.

Can blade servers be used outside the "cage"? I don't see a PSU on these things so I'm wondering is a PSU can be rigged to attach to it by making an adapter with 12v & 5V rails. Basically getting either a regulated Bench PSU or modified computer PSU to a custom build connector to run the units.

The stats list that each of these have 2 Opteron 2.4 Ghz CPU's and 8000 series MOBO chipset, so it seems like these are pretty new CPU's? Can anyone help identify possible CPU's from this info?

Also, it says that the RAM available is 4x4GB 333MHz, 400Mhz speed, what does that mean? Which speed is that, I've seen other servers list that as well- My IBM has the same PC2-3200 4GB sticks that say 333Mhz on them but all info pn the net say 400Mhz. Any ideas?

This stuff is at an auction house and the only info available is the following:
3 Gigabit LAN adapters
2 AMD Opteron 2.4 GHz Number of Installed Processors 2
16gb installed - 4x4 GB DDR SDRAM - RAM Speed 333 MHz, 400 MHz Number of Memory Slots 8 x DIMMs
Motherboard Chipset AMD Opteron 8000
Storage Maximum... Read more

Answer:Help identifying HP blade server hardware

tankman1989 said:

Can blade servers be used outside the "cage"? I don't see a PSU on these things so I'm wondering is a PSU can be rigged to attach to it by making an adapter with 12v & 5V rails. Basically getting either a regulated Bench PSU or modified computer PSU to a custom build connector to run the units.Click to expand...

Blades have proprietary ports. So unless you're hellbent on hacking something together, your answer is "no".

Honestly, I'd say skip this purchase. The extra cost to get this stuff working might exceed your budget. It's better to get something new, or at least has a warranty and SLA.

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