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Solved: Recover data from dead raid system

Question: Solved: Recover data from dead raid system

We have a dead raid motherboard. We have data on 2 raid hard drives that we need to recover. Is there any way to do this without installing a new raid motherboard? Is there any company that can recover this data?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Recover data from dead raid system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Recover data from dead raid system

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wants to  recover data from RAID 0, 5 or 6 hard drives. 

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I have an Asus a7v333 motherboard with a raid MB FastTrack133 tm Lite Bios Version that ran very smooth for couple years with 2 of 80 GB HDD WD in stripe mode(raid 0).Suddenly the XP PRO hang and can't boot or repair any more. Although the stripe array show as Functional, the system blocks immediately after this message when I want to repair or recover:Examining disk configuration and then it shows an unlimited Examining 152634 MB Disk0 at Id0 on bus0 on Fasttrack...So I can't enter in recovery console either.
I must mention that after I booted with Win XP cd I press F6 and loaded the correct driver but it seems that is a bad block somewhere.
Can you give me some help on how can I recover my data ?
Thank you .I'll appreciate.

Answer:Recover RAID 0 Data

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Hey Guys,For the past month my pc has failed to bootup successfully, i have tried all 3 safe mode sequences to no avail, I have also tried doing system restores on boot but only to bring me back to square one because everytime i try it just restarts. I can get upto the XP user logon but once it begins to load, it just crashes.The obvious thing is that something has been corrupted along the way and now it will no longer let me get further then the logon screen. I know the best thing is to reformat but i have lots of photos, college work and artwork saved on the HDD, i want to take some of it before i do so.My question is then - Would i be able to connect the HDD into another PC [making it a slave so it wont attempt to use it for startup] and just browse and remove the data i need via the computer? Its only that i dont think any of my files are damaged, just certain corrupt code preventing startup.Any responses will greatly appreciated!

Answer:PC DEAD - need to recover data from HDD

The simple answer is yes.Take it out and put it in another pc and access it through My Computer, transfer the pictures etc. Job Done.I assume it is an ide drive so you will have to change the jumper to slave if you have it on the same channel as your main Hard Drive. If it is sata you can just plug it in.After you have plugged it in I should run the anti-virus on it because you don't want to transfer any nasties to the good machine.Are you sure you can't access it where it is?Have you tried Safe mode or last good config.?

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I have a western Digital WD1200 IDE hard drive that has crashed. I just took it to a local store to try to use it as an external HD. When the WD1200 was installed in the thing that can convert an IDE HD into an external HD and it was attached to a working computer it was unable to read anything on the drive.

I have heard there is free software that can recover this data by putting the HD into my new Acer ast180 and setting the dead HD as a slave. Provided there is an IDE connector on the Acer.
How do I tell if there is an IDE connector on the ribbon?
Can doing this do any damage to the new computer?
What is the free software that can do this?
How do I set the WD1200 to slave
A switch was mentioned but I see no switch on the WD1200

What I am trying to recover is my settings, email, bookmarks,passwords etc. from Mozilla thunderbird and Firefox. I may already have these in other forms. I have a backup of the dead computer on my external HD. I also have a laptop that is MS XP. The computer the WD1200 is outof was XP also. What happens if I restore the backup from the dead computer to the laptop. Will everything on the laptop be over written and lost? I may also have these files on the external HD as other backed up files if I knew what to look for and where. (Next stop is a mozilla forum but no one answers questions as quickly or as well as you guyas and gals.) Does anyone happen to know which files i should be looking for and where they are normally stored?

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Thi is my first post so I hope someone can help.
I have a dell inspiron 1721 which has 2 x 160GB HDD's configured as RAID 0. The laptop is broken but I'm almost positive the hdd's are ok.
Is there something I can buy like an external dock that I can plug the 2 drives into and access the data? Maybe there is a sw solution? I thought about looking on eBay for a 2nd hand inspiron 1721 and poping in my drives but thats a bit pricey.
Any solutions appreciated.

Answer:Laptop with Raid 0 - need to recover data

Welcome Mikeoem,

Ouch! I'm guessing the critical issue is getting data off these disks? In theory, an external enclosure like some of the NAS servers that are capable of RAID configurations might allow you to read the data on the disks, but its no guarantee. Some NAS servers also require the disks to be formatted before it will allow them to be read, and you don't want its a bit hit & miss.

Another possibility is to add these disks into a RAID0 configuration on a friends desktop have to also be careful here as I'm not sure whether the disks will be formatted once you add them.

Lets see if other more knowledgeable members can offer alternate suggestions.


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A friends PC's motherboard has packed it in. He had 2 hard drives in Raid 0 configuration in the PC. Is there a way of getting the data off the drives with out having to set them up in Raid 0 again? Can I connect them both to a PC via USB and reconstruct the striped data from both drives?


Answer:Recover data from disks in Raid 0

Raid 0 places data at great risk of total and unrecoverable loss due to the fact that if one disk fails, all data is a total and absolute loss.

The answer to your question is "No". Even if someone comes up with a way to do this, I think you would find that rebuilding the raid would be far easier.

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I upgrade my own memory, and add hardware like dvd burners, card reader bays ect. Have decent general computer knowledge. I use my comp to run several accounting programs, I do the books for 3 family businesses one fairly large. I always back up on a flash drive.

My 18 year old son bought himself a new computer and wanted to transfer files to his new comp so I let him erase and use my back up flash drive....(it is starting to sound bad...right) It was taking too long so he hooked his old comp up where mine was to put it on the network and tranfer files over the network. Unknown to me he took my power cord out of my UPI and plugged it in a cheap power cord to reach his old comp. When he plugged my comp back in it fried my motherboard (2 hours after I eraserd my back up!!!) then he plugged his old comp back in and fried his mother board his was a nice pavillion he was giving to a younger brother. I don't want to invest a lot of money in my comp as it is not worth it I would rather upgrade. I bought a hard drive case with usb capabilities which I was assured that I could access my files from. It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared. I am running windows XP. There is no way to replicate all the accoutning records they are priceless. Can I do anything to retrieive them short of spending $300 and up on a 2 1/2 year old computer to replace the mother board. (it was a cheap emachin... Read more

Answer:Need to recover data from a dead computer

knethery said:

It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared.Click to expand...

See How to bypass ACCESS DENIED error when accessing data from different XP/2000 install.

Please give your threads a proper (descriptive) title in the future.

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My last XP computer died and I would like to recover some data from the hard drive - is it possible to do this within a computer running windows 7? Both HDs are Western Digital and use SATA. Thank you!

Answer:Recover data from dead XP HD with windows 7?

Provided the drive is operating and the files are not encrypted there should be no problem doing this. You may have to take ownership of some folders.

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I replaced the HD in my mom's PC a while back because her pc wouldn't boot and it wouldn't allow me to do a clean install or repair install.  After I replaced it, she let my uncle take the old HD and he later told her there was nothing wrong with it and was able to pull all of her files off.  Is there some trick to this?  No matter what I did, I could not get her computer to start.  Even after starting it with a boot diagnostic disc, I wasn't able to locate any of her files, so how was he able to?  Any ideas?  I'm just looking to learn in case I'm faced with this again in the future...

Answer:How to recover data from malfunctioning or dead HD?

It just happens. Consider the following statement:Failure of electronic devices follows statistically profitable trends.That is true, but does not tell you way a drive was dead and then came back to life. The statistics apply to a large set of failures. Individual failures are hard to asses. If you need as rational theory, here is one. The drive motor 'stalled' and could not turn o get to  speed. When you moved it, some slight mechanical vibration freed the motor and it began to turn easily.That may not be what  really happened.  Your desire to accept this story is called 'rationalization'.  Really, do you want more speculation? Does it really help? Anyway, you can not make a good rule from just one incident. And yes, this does happen sometimes. Be glad you got the date back.

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My old trusty notebook died, so I got a ide cable from maplins that allows me to attach the notebook's hd to my desktop. The data is all there I can see the drive edit files etc as normal, the problem is that when I try to open the my documents folder access is denied (was running xp pro, with different user profiles) any ideas how to access the files within this folder? cheers, jim.

Answer:Trying to recover data from dead notebook - HELP!!

this might not work and you may have tried it but what happens if you create a user account on your desktop with the user name and password that you used on the laptop?

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I have a good bit of experience swapping drives and rebuilding arrays, but not with getting data if either the PCI RAID Controller or the onboard RAID controller on the motherboard fails.
What's the best way to do this? Does it matter what RAID is used (1, 0, 5)?
I have spare PC's available to plug the drives into and such. I'm looking for a solution to just get the data and not replace the motherbaord.

I'm guessing if the RAID is on a PCI card, the card can be moved to another computer and the settings should be intact....

Answer:Is there a way to recover data from a RAID setup with a bad motherboard?

if u use RAID1, the raid will perform the backup on everything on the hard drive. this the safest way to set up a system if u have things on it u can not afford to lose, it is a little slower than RAID 0 but a whole lot safer, as with RAID 0 if one hard drive goes down u loose everything.

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The power supply in an older machine recently failed so I built a new machine. Now I'd like to recover the data from the 2 x 80GB RAID0 drives I had installed in the older pc. The RAID0 SATA HDDs have Windows XP Pro installed on them.

Can anyone recommend a way to access these drives and their data? Can it be done by connecting them to my new machine? Ideally I'd like to boot them and run windows to make things easier, but I don't really want to revive the old machine or buy parts for it.

Answer:Recover Data From RAID 0 Drives with OS Installed

You are going to have to reinstall XP so it works with the new systemboard, no matter what. The XP on those drives will just bluescreen because of the changed hard disk controller and I?O part.
Worse, the RAID is tied to the specific hard disk controller in the old PC and the only tools I know of are (not free) data recovery tools:
Did you think to try using the new power supply in the old box?

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I had RAID 0 installed on my desktop previously and I disassembled that machine.

I now have the two internal SATA HDD (previously in RAID configuration, with data on them) and I want to use them as secondary HDD in other machines. First I want to recover data from those HDD by connecting HDD via typical SATA to motherboard connection.

I did that, but computer won't see that HDD. It does show in Device Manager, but no drive letter assigned to it.

Could it be because the HDD was previously in a RAID configuration?
What would be the easiest way to connect it to a computer and recover data?


PS: My understanding is that I can just connect a formerly RAID drive anytime and tranfer data from it. Is this correct? Why isn't my computer seeing the drive letter?

Answer:Recover data from SATA HDD after RAID disabled

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Hi, I?m new to the forum and not really a computer ceek.
I got following problem, my hdd partition C on my HP Envy notebook is destroyed, the notebook has an recovery partition d which is also 500MB, how can I recover my personal data on the destroyed C? Is there the same data on the D like on the C?
The arms on the C are destroyed I guess everything else is working. I was thinking to get the same hdd drive and swap either the (double platters or the heads) but if I can do it differently I will refrain from taking the hdd apart.
Thanks for the help.

Answer:Dead hdd (C) on HP Envy notebook can I recover data?

Hi el condor,

Welcome to the SevenForums.

From what you have said I understand the HDD had suffered physical damage with a head crash. How did you decide that?

In such a case the HDD is a write-off and you cannot do a DIY.

If you want to do a data recovery in a physically damaged drive, you have to approach a professional data recovery service but it will cost you a bomb with unpredictable end results.

My honest advice would be to replace the hard drive. If you had made the recovery CDs, you can reinstall the factory installation.

If not you may have to do a clean install of the same Edition Windows that came preinstalled and use the COA key on the sticker of your HP Envy to activate it.

And if your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP Technical Support for the required service.

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Hi, My HP G42 - 356TU Laptop's internal Hard Disk (Seagate) has crashed Suddenly and it is not getting detected by system. This hard disk contains some of my important documents and study materials which I want to recover. When I contacted a service center, I was told that it can be recovered by some expert professionals but that is a bit costly affair. Can anyone suggest, how the data can be recovered from the hard disk.? Thanks in advance for help. Regards,

Answer:to recover data from dead hard drive

Whether data can be recovered without heroic means depends on whether it spins up when connected to another computer with a usb to SATA adapter. You definitely want to remove it from the old machine as trying to boot from it will continue to damage whatever data is on there. I like to try to recover data from a Linux environment as Linux reads disks a bit differently than Windows and often the drive will mount and files will be visible in Linux that are not in Windows. There is also software that can read the drive "raw" even if the partition table is so messed up that files and folders are not visible. Post back with any more questions. 

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There are documented cases where data has been retrieved from a single drive, even after it has been wiped. This is why in our company our PC drives are destroyed. I've not heard of an instance where someone was able to recover data from a single drive of a RAID5 array. If this is possible, please let me know and we can develop a procedure to protect our data.



Answer:Recover data from single drive of a RAID 5? Myth???

Not possible.

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My computer's powersupply died and when I tried to replace it my keyboard and mouse stopped functioning. Thought it may have been a corrupted OS (WMC SP2) so I tried to recover per this thread Howard referred me to (this thread. The long and short of the results can be found at this one.

I need help - DESPERATELY - to find a way that I can recover some data (about 2000 pictures - hunnymoon [sic], pets, family gatherings, etc) that I should have backed but did not. I have recovered data before from ide/eide/ata drives but never any configured for RAID x.

Anyone out there that can help and would be willing to walk me through?

I have taught myself all I know about computers in the last 4 years and pick it up fairly quick, having good working knowledge of 98, ME evil: ), XP (all flavors), and am working with a fairly new Vista machine, will open the box to install/remove anything, and will listen and follow directions carefully (this sounds like a singles ad doesn't it?). I said all this to encourage anyone out there who may want to help but does not have the time or inclination to lay significant groundwork in solving what - I hope - is a relatively simple problem.

Hopeful Chad

Answer:How can I recover data from 2 250GB SATA config RAID 0?

See if this helps:

Good luck

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I have an IDE drive that I would call intermit. I mean I was able to access it once in a gazillion tries with a jury rigged Roswill thingamajig using Dead Disc Doctor on my home brew computer. I recovered several files before it stopped working altogether. My question:Does anyone know of a better way or possibly better software similar to what I hear about the FBI using on TV?I have tried putting it in the freezer for awhile, thumping it in various attitudes. I was using this drive for several years and wrote a number of short stories onto it I want to recover. Good stuff...Thanks for any Ideas.Copas

Answer:Popssible recover data from dead disc drive?

Hi Copas What drive is it the model would be enough info  . What happens when you try to access it, is it detected correctly in the bios and if not what is it detected as ?The best tool to check the drive is MHDD from here for future reference freezing a drive is a No no. Knocking a drive is the same.The best way is to have all the software tools available. Check the computer and cables with a known good drive. If this is the first time you have used the software get familiar with it on a known good system first.Then attach the failing drive, listen, watch the bios identification of the drive, if either sound or look wrong turn the computer off. Until the drive is detected in the bios correctly no software except MHDD will be safe accessing the drive so don't try.If you come back with answers to the above I am happy to advise you of the steps you can take.ThankyouLisa_maree   

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Is it possible to use a separate hard disk for your OS and programs with data storage on a RAID Array consisting of two (or more) identical hard disks?

Would the system disk need to be the same size as the disks used for the RAID Array?



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Ok, a few weeks ago, I got enraged with my laptop ( Fuj-Siem Amilo Pro) and thumped it with my hand (right near the lower center - presumably where the hard drive is?) and well, it froze up -after reboot and I got some BSOD(blue screen of death) message.. Anyways, I ran the recovery console, recovered about 70% of my files with chkdsk /r (after 21 hours!) and though it did not complete, it still rebooted and I was able to boot windows and use my computer.. so, after two days of successful startups, I was trying to repair and re-install the files that were not recovered, (like MS office stuff, Itunes, etc) when it froze - and I waited for 25 minutes before I had no choice but to turn off at the mains.. I turned the power back on when I got a "disk read error press alt ctrl etc" and have sincxe tried everything you can do in recovery console to sort it; fixmbr, fixboot, chkdsk ( said it was fine) chkdsk /r/p - every command relative to the situation when running the recovery console before, the DOS recognized my windows installation ( C: 1Windows) now it just says C:> or something like that.

I went to buy an external hard rive USB ( Maxtor 120GB) and want to know how I can get the files on this USB drive. I need to get that DATA back - and the Recovery console is not going to repair again - (stays a 6% for 24 hours) and I just want to get this stuff off somehow onto the HDD.

Answer:Recover data from dead HD and dump on to external hard drive

try getting your hands on a 'live cd' like Ubuntu or something.

you have to boot your system from the disc, usually by pressing an 'f' key as soon as you press the power button (on my tosh its f12). then select boot from cd, instead of from the hard drive.

you will probably need to have your external drive attached before you start in order for the 'live OS' to recognise it.

then you should be able to view and perhaps even copy your files to the external hdd. you should even be able to format the original hard drive from here too, then you can re-install windows.

lastly try an anger management course. this really was a bit of a rookie error, wasn't it?

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Worth a read: Don't Panic! How to Recover Data From a Dead Hard DriveRecently I was recovering data from my friends laptop when I decided to see some different ways of recovering or backing up a hard drive.Through Google I came across this article:[/size][/size]It tells you about hard drive recovery and how you can go about doing it. It then also tells you what the chances are for recovering from a drive that has gone through a mechanical failure (Gone through a natural disaster or dipped in oil).Upon reading this I decided to find software that can recover data in situations that the hard drive is a logical failure.Here I found:[/size][/font]Clonezilla comes in a live CD that you can load into a computer and creates a partition or disk clone from your hard drive.[[/size][/font]Bacula comes with a set of programs that can manage backup, recovery and even support doing so over a large network with different OS's.[/size][/font]Redo Backup and Recovery can just about do that lot, recover, backup, partition editing, partcloning etc. and it comes in a live cd so you can boot it straight from the system.These are only a few free programs that I found from browsing SourceForge (best place for a community of people working on free projects) and it would be great if other people could sugges... Read more

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Hi everyone......

I was happily running XP Professional SP2, hadn't installed any new hardware or software for weeks, a few days ago got the dreaded BSOD......

My OEM supplier has since gone out of business and yep, I've since discovered I should have been given a rescue disk but wasn't...

I hooked up my drive to a friend's PC and noticed the virus (presumably) had also wiped my System Restore area (I create regular restore points out of sheer paranoia)

Searched all over the net for recovery instructions, none available for OEM systems, so backed up my data and in utter desperation took the non-OEM Microsoft approach and replaced my registry with the files in the repair folder so I could at least have a bootable system and hopefully reinstall users and apps etc......

Needless to say everything is a mess.......I'm back to SP1 (apparently) but lots of basic stuff is missing, such as Windows Explorer and the DOS-prompt to name but two......I guess the system is just completely out of sync considering most of the Windows modules are at SP2......

Can anyone provide me with a step-by-step recovery process or should I just give up ???

Many thanx for any suggestions......

Answer:Is it possible to recover a dead XP OEM system ?

Well that's a bad mess there Mike.

To suggest a recovery of any one way (even if possible), we'll have to first know the output of this program: MGADiag.exe

When your download it, double-click to run it, press Continue at the bottom and wait for it to give a an output report. Copy/paste all of that into your next post by pressing the "Copy" button at the bottom of its window.

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Having a lot of trouble finding any documentation on the Ideapad U510. No info on software and setup (such as SSD). Googled and found some Intel stuff that said "turn on RAID in BIOS" so I tried that (with no other changes). Now system won't even boot and is in a loop displaying "Attempting repairs". Help! - Ev Merritt

Answer:System Dead after turning RAID on in BIOS

After waiting over 15 minutes, I shut down system (power button for 5+ seconds), and restarted. System seems to come up OK, and Disk Management looks OK. Question still remains: Where do I find setup/capability related documentation regarding software and system config details? I have no idea whether the SSD is "initialized/installed" software-wise, what it is doing (some kind of caching, I assume), what else I could do with it (small fast disk). Would also expect more documentation on the BIOS options, for example. What are you all out there doing to fill this info gap, other than search these forums? -Ev Merritt

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Ok, so first off, let me say I regret ever going to the stupid Geek Squad to fix my computer at all. I understand it instantly makes me an object of ridicule. However, I am a jerk and usually can't fix my computer myself.


A few months ago my computer was acting all sorts of wonky: taking forever to boot up, refusing to run simple programs, taking forever to connect to the internet, wouldn't run even a simple YouTube video, etc. etc. As I desperately needed the computer for school (I had an online class about to start), I caved and took it to Geek Squad. They told me the hard drive was dead and needed to be replaced. They also told me it would cost about $200 for data recovery. I didn't have any $ (this was all done under warranty) so I told them to just go ahead and fix it.

Fast forward a week or two...

I'm at Best Buy picking it up:

Geek Squad: Sign here. Oh, and here's your discs.
Me: Discs? What discs?
Geek Squad: The discs you dropped off when you dropped off the computer.
Me: I didn't drop off any discs!
Geek Squad: Well, they were with your computer when we got it.

Come to find out, my two darling sons (ages two and four) shoved a couple discs into the DVD drive, at the same time and without my knowledge. Hence, my computer did NOT need a new hard drive (I'm assuming) because my kids just clogged it up by trying to force two discs to run at the same time. Rather than check this before they ran their diagnostic tests, Geek Sq... Read more

Answer:Recover data from "dead" hard drive?

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Ok folks I have a problem.

I have a 250 gig hard drive that basically died on me. Since I was building a new computer anyway, I just left it in my old machine and built my new computer.....well time came and I wanted to recycle the old machine, but I pulled the old hard drive (the "dead" one).

I want to pull the data that is on there but I am running into this problem. It's an IDE drive and I plugged it into the motherboard and power supply and booted the machine.

The motherboard recognized the drive, but when the computer boots to Vista, Vista doesn't show it Computer, but yet when I go to Device Manager, it shows the drive - yet I can't access anything.

How can I pull the data I want from the drive before I give up and drill holes into the platters?

Answer:"DEAD" hard drive - Need to recover data

Hello. Do you have it installed as slave? If so and can't be read, try this. Start,Control Panel,Administrative Tools,Computer Management,Disk Management. Find your 250GB drive if it shows up.Right click,choose Open. Then find files you want and use "send to " command.Good luck.

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Relevance 62.73% system just crashed and i had to reformat the pc. it only took up about 5 gigs on my drive to do this. i had about 70 gigs worth of info stored on my pc before the crash. is there any program i can use to try and recover this information? im running windows xp.thanks for any help

Answer:system crash. recover data?

Did you reformat the whole drive?
Then its gone.

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My mom's computer recently crashed. Now, it wasn't very good, and she'd been looking towards a new machine anyway, so she just bought a new one rather than having the old one diagnosed and repaired.

The issue now is she'd like to get some of the documents and pictures stored on the old machine's harddive. Assuming it wasn't the harddrive that went out, what would be the most efficient method of recovering the desired data?

Edit: The computer has two harddrives, and, if memory serves, they are configured in RAID 0.

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Data from dead system

RAID 0 - if the data is corrupted on one drive, all data is most likely lost. RAID-0 is not actually a RAID and in the real world a bit useless.

To get data off those drives, you're going to need to get the system up and running and transfer the data to another Drive, like an external USB drive.

If it was a single drive, it would be easy to put it into a USB drive case... but since its RAID, you'll need it working to retrieve data.

If the system is CRASHED, non-functional - not even in SAFE mode - most likely the data is lost. In SAFE mode, you'll still be able to copy data off the drives.

Confirm if its RAID. When you first boot up before Windows, you'll see a RAID screen. That'll tell you if there is RAID or NOT. IF it says yes, fine - but don't tell it to remove the RAID, that'll also destory data.

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A while ago I installed a DVD writer onto my machine and left the Master/Slave configuration
that the unit was set up for from the store. After installing, my D drive wasn't recognized by my computer.
It's a 250 G hard drive with stuff I want to recover.

When I click on the drive I get "Do you want to format it now?"
When I right click it and click properties I get "File System RAW"

I haven't written or erased any files to the drive. File system is NTFS.

Any help is appreciated. If you need more info, let me know.

Answer:Drive D-> File System = RAW, I want to recover data

There are all sorts of data-recovery programs, I only have links for two.Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File Recovery - Home - GetDataBack - Data Recovery Software - Louis

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I Have switched on my system today morning but it is not booting up.I have very valuable information inside my laptop but I can't access it or might have lost it.Is there any way that I can recover my lost data from my unbootable system

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Hi, can anyone help,
my system recently crashed,
showing a message " windows can not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system". so I used my XP start up disk which ran the system recovery. I now find that all my files/data is missing and the system has gone back to it's original settings. After searching TSF I see "Getdataback" is an option. Can you tell me is this a good program to use? Will it help my problem?


Answer:How to recover lost data following system recovery

That's an excellent program but do you have a desktop or laptop? You're going to need another drive to retrieve the data

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My cousin started a system restore on my computer. I think it was only going for like 5 seconds when i noticed. I cannot start my computer now because it says files are missing. I have a final project on my computer that is due in 4 days and I really need it. Is there any way to hook up the HD to another computer so its not being booted off of and recover any data that didnt get deleted? This is very important. Any suggestions or am I out of luck.
Thanks All

Answer:Accidental System Recovery - need to recover data

1) get your XP CD and boot from it

2) see

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Hello everybody, My system has been infected from Cerber Ransomware malware, so all data of system has been encrypted ".bc4a" extension file. and my deskop background image has been changed which screen shot i am attaching.
i have tried to decrypt data from Tesla and Ransomware decryptor but i don't got any success. both decryptor prompt message "find out the type of ransomware".

i also try this from Shadow explorer but my system is working on "Windows XP professional SP3 edition. while minimum requirement to install for shadow explorer is Win vista and above. Also try with Spyhunter malware removal program but still problem is remain.

i have to recover all my data because system having all my 8 Years business data and i have no any backup of this.

i am also attaching sample copy of data which has been decrypted.

Answer:System has been infected from CERBER RANSOMWARE, how to recover data

I fear that unless there is some sort out of recovery tool specifically to decrypt all variants of Cerber encrypted files, or unless you have a backup of some kind, you may be out of luck.

A lot of the newer variants disable the volume shadow copy service so make it impossible to restore previous versions of files.

See if this helps:

Check Point releases working Decryptor for the Cerber Ransomware

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On one of my computers, all of a sudden one day after shutting it off, the pc says that it cannot find an OS. Nothing I did would make it boot up again. So I put it in another computer to see if it would boot up but it didn't. I connected it to an external enclosure to see if I could see the files and windows installed the drivers but I could not actually see the drive. I also put the harddrive internally and again drivers installed but could not see it in my computer nor in disk management.

Is there something I can do that I have not tired yet to recover those files? What could have caused it to just do this all of a sudden?

Answer:computer says no opertating system found, how to recover data if possible

try a linux livecd. Windows might have lost its marbles, but Linux sometimes can figure it out.

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if my operating system like xp or win 7 is corrupted/damaged which it can't be started to get/recover my files what software should i use

Answer:how would i recover my data/files if my operating system is courrupted

Use one of the Linux distributions on a bootable USB to gain access to your files. My favorite is Debian 6:

Debian on CDs

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Hello everybody, My system has been infected from Cerber Ransomware malware, so all data of system has been encrypted ".bc4a" extension file. and my deskop background image has been changed which screen shot i am attaching.
i have tried to decrypt data from Tesla and Ransomware decryptor but i don't got any success. both decryptor prompt message "find out the type of ransomware".

i also try this from Shadow explorer but my system is working on "Windows XP professional SP3 edition. while minimum requirement to install for shadow explorer is Win vista and above. Also try with Spyhunter malware removal program but still problem is remain.

i have to recover all my data because system having all my 8 Years business data and i have no any backup of this.

i am also attaching sample copy of data which has been decrypted.

Answer:System has been infected from CERBER RANSOMWARE, how to recover data

I fear that unless there is some sort out of recovery tool specifically to decrypt all variants of Cerber encrypted files, or unless you have a backup of some kind, you may be out of luck.

A lot of the newer variants disable the volume shadow copy service so make it impossible to restore previous versions of files.

See if this helps:

Check Point releases working Decryptor for the Cerber Ransomware

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My daughter has a Dell Latitude 630. It was running XP PRO. She got messages from her virus removal program that a virus had been detected and removed. I think that it was a legitimate virus removal program. Now when I turn the computer on, I get the message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM.
Select 'r' at the first screen to repair.

I have an original setup disk (though it's possible that it was from another Dell computer - I have many). When I insert it, it does give me the 'R' option. However, I have read on some sites that there are many risks to choosing the 'R' Option, including having admin passwords get reset causing the computer to become completely inoperable. I don't know for sure what the admin password is on the system (though I am pretty sure we left it blank).

Is there a way to recover the data on the hard drive without using the 'r' option? I tried using a bootable disk created on another computer by Paragon software, but that did not do anything.

I have a number of computers in my house on a wired router. They are all behaving erratically. I am going to submit separate posts for each of the computers. I hope that is OK. I have now ordered new computers, but I'm having so many problems with the existing computer... Read more

Answer:System file corrupt or missing - can I recover data?

Can you access Recovery Console?

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I have moved 3 excel data files to the following folder by accident while doing a backup to floppyc:\93067c2938355bdabe6bad36I am unable to open/copy or move the files backget response ofcan not access read-only documentI presume that this folder is a special system folder as it has service pack sub folders. please help me as I don't want to have to recreate the files again!

Answer:recover data file moved to system folder in error

Right click the docs and select Properties. Untick Read Only. If you still can't move them then start your computer in safe mode and then try.AH

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A few days back I ran a cell-phone related applications and it installed 2-3 new drivers. I did not have to restart my system but windows created a restore point. The applications worked fine. Late that evening, I restarted my laptop and while it was shutting down, I happened to remove a USB wire that was connected to my laptop (USB wire to download pics from a digital camera). The windows could not start from that point onwards. When I power ON its gives me the screen with 'COMPAQ' printed on it for a minute or two and then a blank screen with error 'Operating system not found'. I cannot hear any noise (fan, spinning, cycle) for the HD is initiated. Also when I went into BOIS setup (PhoneixBIOS setup) I have only 3 tabs - Main, Boot and Exit. Under MAIN, I do not see any hard drive listed (primary, master, slave etc). Under BOOT, I have removable media on the top and HARD Drive on the bottom. I did a 'Load Default', verified that all drives were empty and removed all external connections (external Hard drive and external DVD writer) but still it gives me the same error on start up.
This is a Compaq Presario 2710US Notebook.
Processor: 1.13 GHz Intel Pentium III
Number of Processors: 1
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 20 GB
CD-RW: 8x (write)
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
Bundled Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, America Online, Microsoft Encarta Online Deluxe Encyclopedia - 1 year su... Read more

Answer:Operating System not found - dead HD ? retrive data !

premb said:

I need to get some data restored from this HD (or the entire HD working preferably)Click to expand...

1) The first thing you need to find out is whether the HD is gone to heaven. If you have an XP CD put it in the drive and boot from it, you will get an option to repair a damaged install, if windows is found and its repairable your done.

2) If however windows isnt found and the HD has indeed died then dont you wish you had backed up your important data, sorry to sound hard but it should be second nature to any PC user to remember the golden rule.

3) If you dont have an XP disk then download a boot disk from here, use this disk to see if your HD is showing, if it does then use the disk to get your files of (assuming they will fit on a floppy). If however with the floppy the HD doesnt show see point number 2.

4) If the files are to big and the disk is recoverable then get hold of a 2.5 to 3.5 HD adaptor from any PC spares shop, slave the drive to a PC and pull the files off it, you will need to change ownership of the HD on the PC to access it, oh and it must be running XP or 2K.


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A few days back I ran a cell-phone related applications and it installed 2-3 new drivers. I did not have to restart my system but windows created a restore point. The applications worked fine. Late that evening, I restarted my laptop and while it was shutting down, I happened to remove a USB wire that was connected to my laptop (USB wire to download pics from a digital camera). The windows could not start from that point onwards. When I power ON its gives me the screen with 'COMPAQ' printed on it for a minute or two and then a blank screen with error 'Operating system not found'. I cannot hear any noise (fan, spinning, cycle) for the HD is initiated. Also when I went into BOIS setup (PhoneixBIOS setup) I have only 3 tabs - Main, Boot and Exit. Under MAIN, I do not see any hard drive listed (primary, master, slave etc). Under BOOT, I have removable media on the top and HARD Drive on the bottom. I did a 'Load Default', verified that all drives were empty and removed all external connections (external Hard drive and external DVD writer) but still it gives me the same error on start up.
This is a Compaq Presario 2710US Notebook.
Processor: 1.13 GHz Intel Pentium III
Number of Processors: 1
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 20 GB
CD-RW: 8x (write)
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
Bundled Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, America Online, Microsoft Encarta Online Deluxe Encyclopedia - 1 year subscription,... Read more

Answer:Operating System not found - dead HD ? retrive data !

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My old hdd was used to run Windows XP Pro, where my profile was password protect and set for private. Since replacing that crashed pc with a new 1 that runs Windows Media Center I have been able to recover all except the data listed under my account's My Documents. When I scroll over it it says folder empty. When I click on it it says access denied (something like that). How can I retrieve this data. I tried some freeware I found online, but all it did was locate previously deleted files to recover. I want to recover stuff not previously deleted.
Any help or suggestions, other than shell out big bucks, would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: How do I recover data from old HDD?

See if this article will help you.

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I'm new here and I have a windows vista 32 bit service pack 2 operating system.

Just recently I have made horrible mistake when cleaning my computer , that I can't seem to reverse but maybe you could help me *fingers crossed*

In C:\Users\HOME ADMINISTRATOR\AppData I deleted alot of Roaming. Local Low,and Local Files and have emptied it from my recycle bin.

Because I have user account control on, I can't pass that prompt screen when I click allow, I just wait and wait and nothibng happens. I come out of it by prompting windows task manger using ctrl + alt+ delete. This makes it even more difficult since I cannot turn user account control off ,prompt run, or system restore without that prompt.

What are my options? what do you suggest I do? Is there another way to restore my computer sytem wihout losing all my current document files?

Please help

Answer:Deleted App Data,User Account Control Prevents System Restore,Please Help to Recover

When you cleaned the computer did you use a registry cleaner also?any type of cleaner has to be used carefully because they can cause a lot of damage to where the operating system has to be reinstalled again because programs and drivers etc get corrupted and wont work right.

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i'm running windows xp 2005 sp2
As the free space in my %systemroot% was getting low ... i decided to "move" my "my documents" folder to some drive that had enough space.. so i CREATED a folder that named "My Documents", say

"e:\My Documents"

( as the windows xp originally has) and put all my documents in that folder (that i created myself)... then ( i thought it would "just link" to that folder ) i opened properties of original my documents folder and gave the target as

"e:\my documents"

and what xp did... !! it just replaced my "my documents" folder that i had created with an empty "my documents" folder ..

now i want to retrieve my all documents ............... i really need those ...
help required....... ..i can't afford losing those documents and all the data in the sub folders ..

Answer:Solved: Recover data that was overwritten by Win XP

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So i was reformatting from Vista back to XP x64 because a piece of my hardware was incompatable with vista and kept crashing. I go to delete the partitions of my internal HDD and i forgot that my External HDD was still plugged in and i deleted the partition of that too. I got pissed and restarted my comp. I had to go back thru the partitioning and i recreated the partition for the External HDD along with my internal and all that. My question is, "Is there any possible way to recover the data from a repartitioned drive?" I have not yet reformatted the External HDD. The data should still be there, but the indexing is gone? IF anyone has a way to recreated the index it will be much appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Recover data from an external HDD that has...

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Hi All,
I accidentally formatted my Seagate Ext. HDD!!!! As you know my life & more is on the drive... all stored safely on this 'offsite' back up drive!' There is another back up on DVD but that doesn't have all the info, so it will help but not by much! I don't want to take the drive to a technician, they charge way to much, for something that can be done on my own computer - I have Windows 7 and a Toshiba laptop.

I have looked at some data recovery sites and recommendations; am undecided, what is the best software to use for the Seagate FreeAgent HDD?

My question: Is there any ultra-reliable free or low cost software that can retrieve my data this HDD??


Answer:Solved: Recover data from External HDD

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Hi all,
I had about four years worth of pictures on a USB drive that I was using to transfer stuff from one computer to another. Unfortunately, I sort of lagged on completing the transfer so they stayed on the USB drive for quite awhile. As of about two weeks ago, everything was still there. A couple of days ago I put my drive into the computer and it said that the last time I used it, I didn't eject it safely (this is entirely possible). And now ... nada. Everything's gone. I know there are programs that can be used to attempt to recover data, but does anyone have any experience with any (hopefully free) programs? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Recover Data From USB Drive

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Hi all,
I have been wondering about something for a while, could someone maybe clarify?

Do you just use the same programs for recovering over-writed worked in like word for example, as you would for say, a reformatted hard drive?

Okay, here's and examaple.
Like in My Docs. If you have a file called 'accounts', and a file called 'reports'

You work on 'reports', and delete a bit of what the documents contains, and then save it. Then you realise that what you deleted is actually something you need.

You work on 'accounts', and accidently overwrite 'accounts'

How would you co about restoring this? would it e the same software again? but just with a decreased chance of succsess?
Hope that makes sense,
Many Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Data Recover - Question

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I accidentally deleted hundreds of my PSD files and like to retrieve all of them. I'm running XP Pro 64 and somehow, everytime I delete something, it doesn't go to the dustbin. back to my problem, what is the best free program I can use to recover my data? I have not formatted or done anything else to my hdd. please help. this is urgent and so important!

Answer:[SOLVED] Please help recover deleted data

Undelete has a free 30 day trial. I would recommend not using your hard drive for anything at all. If at all possible disconnect it and use another computer to recover the files.

Any time something gets written to your hard drive you risk overwriting the "deleted" data.

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My friend has inadvertantly deleted my external 750Gig HDD and fomatted it into FAT32!!!!
Well, he at least tried too. It did not proceed with the format, always popping up with an error message. Guess this is due to the HDD being to large for FAT 32.
The drive is an WD MyBook Essential 750Gig. It had (and hoefully still does) 320Gig of data on it.
My friend had it connected to his pc and forgot to unplug it. When he decided to re-install his os's starting with 98SE it for some reason decided that the external drive looked the best to install too. So the prompts went through to deleteing the partition and then trying to format to FAT32. Thats as far as it got.
When I plug in my drive and select it, it reports that it is not formatted and do I wish to proceed with this. Of course I chose not too.

ALL of my critical data and back ups are on this drive!!
Is there any way to retrieve this data from the external drive. There is 320Gig of data on it. 200Gig being VERY important information on it. The rest I do not care about. As opposed to spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a company to fix it, is there a way to do this myself?
Any trustworthy and proven software that you are familiar with?
Can the drive be changed back to NTFS before recovery?
Does that matter?

Any help here is soooo much appreciated and If I can somehow retrieve this data, then I may not starve to death for as long as my wifes memory remebers this horrible event....

Answer:Solved: recover lost data!!

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Installed Norton System works had a major problem,( go back sucks ) had to install new hard drive.....But I am trying to recover my old data from hard drive via a sata external hard drive kit.

Used one before and plugged old drive in, recognized it fine. I was able to get the data out. Now I have a fresh operating system and tried to use the usb connection for the drive, PC recognized it installed it, but its nowhere to be found in my computer.I looked in disk management it recognized it says ACTIVE, only gives me delete partition option. I am stuck, I really need the data off of that drive. Can anyone offer any suggestions??

Please help.



Answer:Solved: Need Help To Try Data Recover From Old Drive!

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When I was uninstalling Aurora, I had no idea that the user profiles were linked to my Firefox's and so I chose to remove all User Profile settings, bookmarks and others. Now my Firefox is brand new without any bookmarks.

How may I recover my User Profile settings, bookmarks and everything else? I have no backup of my bookmarks either.

Recuva doesn't seem to be working for me as well. I need help ASAP.

Answer:Solved: How may I recover my lost Firefox data?

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Hello !
How can I recover Outlook Express 6 data ? I still got the .dbx folders but theyíre from the former Outlook Express version. I tried with a tool called Outlook Express Recovery but it only recovers a few messages if you donít buy the full version.
Can anyone help ?

Answer:Solved: recover Outlook Express 6 data?

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Can somebody please help?
My C:\ is a WD300BB (Western Digital 30gb). I ran Disk Defragmentation and when i finished I ran Scan Disk. Scan Disk wanted me to restart first. With the Restart it never loaded my XP, instead I recieved a message to start up in "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode With Networklng" or "Safe Mode with Comand Prompt" or "Normal Windows".
No matter which one I choose, my Computer starts up, up to the black screen with the XP logo and blue bar showing progress. The next moment it just restarts again.
I think my partition table is broken.
I've tried fixing the problem by booting with XP cd and restore/fix, with no success. It wants me to format the HDD and re-install XP.
There is no software tool from hard drive manufacturer that I can find.
I've even made a old 20gb HDD as my C:\ (master) and installed XP on it, then connected my 30gb HDD as slave to try and recover the data. My 30gb is displayed in explorer and Disk Management, but it is not accessable.

How can I retrieve/save my data from that HDD? Or how can I fix my HDD?

I will apreciate all help.

Answer:Solved: Recover data on hard drive

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got a pc which wont work, it keeps asking fr the boot disk. this doesnt matter - its an old heap of junk which doesnt need fixing. i dont even know which OS it was using at present. (i will find out tomorrow)

I need to get the data off the the harddrive which it used.

the drive is only 10gb, its a fujitsu MP3102AT drive.

i tried ubcd4win but the pc kept asking for floppy, i set the boot options in the bios to cd, but it still wont load.

EDIT: got it to load the cd drive - ubcd loaded, but isnt recognising the hard drive.

This hard drive just wont be picked up or recognised in any machine i have, is it just fuked completley?
this all adds to experience!

Answer:Solved: trying to recover data from harddrive - unsucessfully...

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Hello all, I'm VERY sorry if this is in the wrong category but I have no idea where else to put it. A few days ago my grandmother's laptop wan unable to fully start up Vista, and the Startup Repair does nothing, and neither does a Memory Check. I can easily just boot from the CD and reinstall Vista, but she never backed up her data and I know there's a way to get things off of a computer without using the GUI/OS. I would ask my friend but he's never online any more after moving.

I know that I can launch CMD after the startup repair fails, and I'm going to try that, but feel free to suggest something else.

Answer:Solved: Vista is malfunctioning, need to recover data

Boot using a recent Linux LiveCD, it should be able to mount Windows drives, and you would see all content. Then copy off the files to a USB memory stick.

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I just deleted data from my pc could you please tell me how to recover?

thank you

Answer:Solved: Just deleted precious DATA how to recover

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On My XP MCE I wanted to print an interesting file and started the CTRL and P. When it was taking a very long time to load the data I realized there would be a multitude of pages to print and the only way I could interrupt the process was to power off. Upon reboot, it kept cycling offering a screen with choices -- Safe, Last known normal, etc. It did not matter which I selected it would cycle and return to that screen. Giving up, I replaced the HD and now I would like to recover the data. I have the failed drive in an external case and when I try to access it I get, "Corrupted file -- cannot access". The HD with the corrupted file is a WD SATA 250G. Is there software that will allow me to gain access to the data? I have the files backed up on another drive but the last back up was two months ago. Thank you for considering my question.

Answer:Solved: Recover Hard Drive Data

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Earlier this evening I had a problem that ended up requiring me to do a fresh install of Windows XP Pro with service pack 2 onto my computer. I did not format, rather I installed over the current and problematic install. I've done this a number of times in the past with very few problems. Tonight was not one of these times however.

For some reason (and this has not happened in the past) when I went to open up Outlook I could not find the program at all. I cannot in fact find any Office programs when I had the full suite installed.

When doing this in the past, all my desktop icons remained in tact as did my startup menu. Now, this time, the only thing missing is Office.

What I'm trying to figure out, before I do much else here, is can the files, specifically my email data, be recovered in any way?

Answer:Solved: Recover Outlook 2003 data?

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My desktop computer (about 5 years old) is virtually dead. I took it to a local repair shop and they gave me the following diagnoses:
-computer no longer turns on since the power source is only providing 5 volts hence, I need a new power supply ($65);
-the motherboard needs to be replaced ($280);
-cpu seems okay but needs further diagnosis and finally:
-hard drive is unstable.

So, with all the costs to fix and replace parts, it is almost like re-building the whole computer, So, it is obvious that it migth be time to purchase a new tower/CPU. We have a fairly new monitor. So, we could probably find someting between $500 and $800Anyway, with the old computer in bad shape (not being able to turn it on), I am wondering how I will be able to recover my photos, Itunes program and all music and other misc. files and be able to transfer it onto the new computer. I have a large external hard drive, laptop computer as well as 2 older computer (Windows 98) in case those things might be helpful to resolve this issue.

Please let me know how this can be done and what I need to consider here.

Answer:Solved: Transfer data from dead pc to new pc

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My above phone has gone suddenly dumb and deaf. No music, no call ringtones, no skype, no Cortana - nothing related to voice and sound. My phone has not been dropped, sunk in water or anywhere near magnate or hot appliances, it is always in soft cover. I have taken utmost care yet why this happens

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Evening all!

I've recently become tired of having all my videos, music, software installers, and other such things that are used by several PCs in the house scattered all over those PCs, taking up disk space and ending up being difficult to find when I need them.

What I want to do, is take an old PC I'm not using (the less money I spend the better), and set it up to host all of this stuff on a network drive.

Now I've done a little looking around on the net, and I've come across a little something called RAID. I like the idea of having some sort of failsafe should one of the drives die, because that PC will basically be the only copy of many things I've spent a few years accumulating lol. I've also read the Techguy "Guide for installing and configuring Raid" But there's still plenty of questions, and I'll never get a certain answer until I actually ask someone. Now, let's see....

I'll be using 4x 500GB drives in this system (follow link for Everest report).

Should I even look at RAID, or should I just try to keep the files on the first 1TB backed up nicely on the second 1TB? Of course, I would be tempted to use the "extra space", and keeping a constant backup would probably become annoying...

What's the best RAID level for me? From what I can tell, RAID-1 basically takes for example two drives, and uses one as a copy of the other, so that if something/one of the drives is lost, the data is not. ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Storing important data, RAID?

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Hi. I need some help, direction or advice.
Earlier this year a virus crashed my computer.
If possible I want to try recovering data from 2 hard drives that
were configured in a sata raid 0.
Since the crash. I have installed a new ATA Maxtor 250 GB hard drive, and have XP installed again. I have installed the 2 SATA DRIVES and they are recognized in the BIOS. They donít show up in my computer. When I open VIA Raid tool they are there, and shown as operating normal but not in any array. I donít know if I should try to create a new array or how to proceed and not damage any data if any is still available.
Any guidance and help is greatly appreciated.

Operating system : XP
Mother Board: ECS P4M800PRO-M
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 506 socket
533MHz FSB
1MB L2 Cache
Using onboard sound
Video: e-GeForce 6200LE
Hard Drive: 250 GB ATA Maxtor ( set as Master ) IDE 1
Hard Drives: 2 - 300 GB SATA Seagate Baracuda
DVD Drive: Sony R/W ( set as Master ) IDE 2
Memory: Corsair 1GB (2-512 modules) 400MHZ

Answer:Solved: Data Recovery from SATA RAID 0

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My Vista will not load, there is a bunch of errors and I don't even want to get to the bottom of fixing them. A format will do fine. However, prior to a format I'd like to recover my files. Ubuntu cannot open my hard drive due to a corrupt systemrestore file it seems. I would like a portable linux recovery application that will allow me to recover the files from my hard drive and save it onto my external.

So I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. My version of Ubuntu is 8.04

Answer:Solved: Use Ubuntu To recover Data Files from Vista

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Answer:Solved: What program can I use to recovery delete data from my HDD,besides Recover My

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I would just like to revisit one of the posts from yesteryear:

Entitled ''Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery'' I had a major problem with my HD discs after my motherboard blew.

When I replaced my motherboard, due to the bios not being configured to know how my Raid 0 drives operated, I thought I'd lost it all - and so did everyone on these forums and my friends!

BUT after a little use of common sense and hope, I got it all back and I did it all by myself!

Here's the basics:

1 I got a cheap IDE HD disc drive
2 I stuck it into my motherboard as the master drive with my Raid 0 ones as they were in the raid slots (didn't matter which way round!)
3 I installed Windows on the IDE drive
4 I bought some software like Runtime Raid Reconstructor
5 I ran that software
6 It detected the Raid drives (even though windows couldn't)
7 I asked it to perform a configuration test
8 It completed the test and opened my drives!
9 I used an external drive to remove all stored data off the Raid 0 drives
10 I eventually removed the IDE drive and formatted the Raid 0 drives ready for a standard configuration and Windows Install
11 I put all my files back on to the Raid drives from my external
12 JOB DONE!!!!

Now I ain't no tech head right BUT I understood that the concept of openning Raid drives in RAID 0 requires two bits of information:

Block size
Drive priority (ie which is first, second...)

Any Raid ... Read more

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After a crcdisk.sys boot failure on my Vista machine, I bought a new 500GB disk and started with a fresh install of Vista on the new disk. I previousy had a pair of 300GB disks in an array. Other than the boot failure the two disks appear to be working fine, as I can use the Vista install DVD to get to a command prompt and can see all the files.
From the new disk, the new installation appears to be working fine but I have a large amount of files I'd like to recover from the old disks.

The machine has just two hard drive bays, so I'm not quite sure how to go about recovering the data on each of the 300GB disks.
If I put just one of the old drives in, and boot from the newly installed disk, the old disk shows as 600GB unallocated drive, and I can't seem to get access to it.
I also have a USB to SATA cable on order which I'm thinking I can use to run the new drive as an external drive, and then copy across from the old drives using the Vista install DVD.
Is this a reasonable approach, or is there any way to get to each of the 300GB in turn to lift my files off?

Answer:Solved: Recovering data from a pair of RAID disks

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Hi All,

I have a Dell D410 about 2 yrs old and I recently got a Blue Screen and need help getting my data out. Reading through many articles on google regarding this error, it seems like I am out of luck. But I still want to know if I can still recover my data before I chuck this HD away. I was reading somewhere that I should literally freeze my HD. I did however did the Dell Dianostic test by pressing FN + Power and it gave me this error:

Start DST SHort Test
Test Results : Fail
Error COde : 1000-0146
Msg : Unit 0: DST Log contains previous error(s).

Basic facts:
System= Latitude D410
BIOS Version: A02 (02/03/2005)
Processor = Pen M
HD = 60 GB HDD

Please walk me through to either retrieve my files or at least allow me to get into windows long enough to extra as much data as I can. Is there a place where I can take my HD to have the data extracted?

Please help!

Answer:[SOLVED] Error Code : 1000-0146 Need help to at least recover my data

Hi and welcome to TSF.
Provided your HD is not totally dead, the best way would be to slave it to another machine, preferably a desktop. You will need an adaptor for the IDE cable as the socket is smaller on the 2? inch drive. Provided you can then read it you should be able to copy your data. To slave it to another laptop you will need a special enclosure with a USB connection.

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I have two hard drives on a computer. I started reformatting the secondary drive, which doesn't have the operating system on it, and realized soon after I started that it has some important data on it. It had barely started when I cancelled it. Now the drive needs to be formatted to be used. Is there a program that can recover deleted data from an unformatted hard drive?

Answer:Solved: Cancelled reformat hard drive, trying to recover data

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Hi gang.
Thanks for all your useful help in the past.

Here is my latest problem:

My daughter,s old acer aspire one, (The little 10 inch screen model), is dead and I have bought a newer one on ebay.
The old machine ran XP and the new one has windows 7 installed.

I want to transfer all her files,(Nope, she never backed anything up to an external hard drive), onto the newer machine.

I was thinking that I could maybe, pop the hard drive from the old machine into the new one. Copy all her files onto an external Hd. Put the newer HD back into the newer machine, then copy the files onto it from the external HD.
STOP ME RIGHT NOW IF I AM WRONG PLEASE!!! (I wont attempt anything until I,ve read at least one reply).

It seems like a logical solution to me,(Not being a techy), but I dont want to risk wrecking the newer machine.

Any advice on recovering files from the old HD much appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Transfer data from a dead XP machine to a newer Windows 7 one

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hello everyone,

I am thinking to renew the whole data in current raid1 array md0. My environment is:

raiddev /dev/md0
raid-level 1
persistent-superblock 0
chunk-size 16
nr-raid-disks 2
nr-spare-disks 0
device /dev/hdb1
raid-disk 0
device /dev/hdd1
raid-disk 1

this '/dev/md0' is /home, so I'm not booting from this disk and the other file systems including root and /boot are on /dev/hda.

What I want to do is to renew the whole data in /home.

Is there any way to do this by switching /dev/hdd1 with all new data copied, then sync this new data to the other raid disk (/dev/hdb1) : FROM /dev/hdd1 (the disk just added with new data) TO /dev/hdb1 (currently active raid disk)??

Usually, after switching the HDD to new one, data in /dev/hdb1 is to be copied to /dev/hdd1 for recovery. But in my case, I want to do the opposite.

I would be so appreciated by all your helps,
Thank you,

Answer:RAID question: how can I renew the data in raid array?

I'm not sure what you want to do.. You want to copy something to the /dev/hdd disk (from another computer maybe) and then copy the data from /dev/hdd to the RAID array?

Since you are using RAID1 then it should be fairly simple.
You just simulate disk failure by removing /dev/hdd. You could do this by making the hdd drive hdc instead (jumper it to be the secondary master). Now you mount the "hdc" drive (that really was you hdd) and copy whatever you want to /dev/md0.
Since it's a RAID1 array then all the data that goes to md0 is written to hdb and when the /dev/hdd comes back the RAID is syned onto both disks again.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense to you. Can't be less obscure than your post though

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Hey I had Windows 7 home basic installed on my dell inspiron laptop, and there was only 1 partition (c drive), I think that I deleted something from windows, and now when m switching on the laptop its saying "operating system not found".
Somebody please help me, how can I recover the data on hard drive. Is it possible that data is still present on hdd.
Sorry for my grammer, m not good in english.

Answer:How to recover data if computer ia showing "no operating system found"

Simply plug the hard drive into another PC, then just copy and paste the data to whatever storage device you have available

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Came across this article that might be useful for others.
"In this article we will describe logical data recovery from a hard disk drive or other storage device in perfect physical conditions. If you suspect your storage device has any kind of physical damage ? do not try to use any recovery or test software on it. Provided methods can be used right away and without any special knowledge."
Read the rest here: Data Recovery for Dummies: simple way to rescue your files

Answer:How to rescue files and recover data - Data Recovery Guide

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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I'd appreciate an opinion about what my local pc repair store has told me about my computer. I had a system built for me several years ago with two 300 gig ide hard drives in a raid configuration mirrored so that the data was backed up. I was running on Windows xp pro. When I checked properties on the c drive it showed I had 300 gigs. My computer crashed with a message saying "problem with array 1" The local pc repairman has told me that the hard drives are working fine, the raid controller is fine, but the raid system for unknown reasons crashed causing all data to be lost. He says the system read that it was a striped array, not mirrored, and that one drive has nothing on it and the other drive has only partial data, and all the data has been lost. He said the cause of the raid crash could have been a virus or improper shut down. When I told him that, indeed, his store had set up the raid as a mirrored raid, he said perhaps it was mirrored and it just reads as striped because of the damage. I don't know whether to believe him or not. Fortunately I have an external backup for most of my data. I'd appreciate any feedback.

Answer:Solved: Raid has crashed my system?

RAID is not a backup system, any form of it is vulnerable to failure and data loss, especially if it was RAID-0(stripping). All that RAID-1(mirroring) is good for is a hard drive failure and little to no down time - as in a server environment. It's completely useless for virus, and operating system crash, or most other things and best not used in the home. Why your setup failed, its hard to say, but I wouldn't rely on RAID-1 as a backup. You'd be better off using the second drive as an external backup and use imaging software to occasionally clone the full main drive to an image on the external drive.

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inherited a computer with a raid system installed. don't know anything about the raid system and want to convert the computer to a regular system using windows xp. is 'raid' hardware, software or both? how do i go about getting the computer back to a standard xp system?

Answer:Solved: removing a raid system

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i have lost my tally recovery data wheni pasted from pendrive tally data to computer was replaced

Answer:tally recovery data how i recover my replace data from my pc

Recover your data in Tally - Some Tips & Tricks to Recover Tally Data

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Hi, My Lenovo R400 laptop is dead and my backup system is gone. Moreover I don't have any installation CDs or DVDs. So does anyone know where can I find those CDs and DVDs for recovering Windows Vista operating system? Any help would be great appreciated!

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A friend of mines pc fell over the other day from a power failure causing what appears to be irreparable damage to the file system. This prevents the pc from booting. I.E boot.ini file corrupt. NTLDR missing, volume appears to contain 1 or more unrecoverable problems.
We have tried everything we have found on the net to try and fix it but we cannot.

Is there a way to import the Favorites from the IE into another operable system?
I.E connecting the failed HDD to another system as slave.
I was thinking that we might be able to get into the system perhaps and copy a file from somewhere and save it or import it into the working pc.

Answer:Solved: how to recover IE favorites from corrupted xp system

The favorites are located in C:\Documents and Settings\ACCOUNTNAME\Favorites. You can simply copy them, they're just your basic shortcuts

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My HP Pavilion is stopping at the blue logo/welcome screen. Upon putting in an XP setup disk I hit F8 which brought me to "type any key" which then brought me to the Windows\system32\config\system window which is a dead end. Tried it several times but I can't get to the Welcome to Setup to be able to hit the "r" key. F1 and F10 do the same thing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:[SOLVED] F8, system config and a dead end

Does it matter if my setup disk has SP2 and the computer has SP3?

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So i would like to buy a whole new computer. but i want to keep the operating system which is windows 7 professional. It's installed on the hard drives as raid 5. now i know that the raid key or whatever it's called is stored int he bios so just plugging the hard drives into a motherboard that supports raid 5 won't work. So what can i do to install everything that i have on these hard drives into a new system? Also the operating system is registered online would i be able to re register it or something? i don't have the new computer yet i'm just looking around for something good and for a good deal.

Answer:Solved: Moving a Raid installed operating system

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More problems with the SFF I am trying to build.

Shuttle SN25P Barebones System
AMD Athlon64 3800 Venice
Radeon x700 256MB PCI-E
OS on 36GB Western Digital Raptor
Corsair Twinx 2x1GB XMS3200 DDR
RAID 0 Barracuda Hard Disks 2x200GB

Running Windows XP SP2

I have another thread about Bios reporting wrong CPU temp at

but now I am in BIG trouble.

Ignoring the temp issue I went ahead and began installing OS, drivers, etc on the Raptor Drive then configured the two Barracuda Drives for RAID 0. This is my first time attempting to use RAID and I know all but nothing about it. The configuration seemed fine tho and I put lotsa data from my old computer on the RAID Drive(s).

Soon after I began encountering all kinds of crashes and problems and to cut a long story short, in an an act of frustration and desperation I used the Windows System Restore function to try to go back to my clean install. I didn't realise tho that this was before I had set up the RAID configuration.

Now Windows wont boot and in Bios the computer is not seeing any of the drives, including the Raptor with the OS on it. When I attempt to boot from CD it just freezes. The stuff I copied to the RAID drive is pretty important to me and I would like to try to save it if possible but my main priority is to try to get the comp up and running. Btw I am certain that this problem has nothing to do with the temp issues reported on my other post.

Please help! I know I go... Read more

Answer:Solved: System Restore killed my RAID drive

I don't know but you might try resetting the CMOS for a couple of minutes. It has work for me in the past.

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Hello everyone. I have a Gateway T-1625 laptop. it has 2 gb of ram, 500 gb hdd, and an amd turion 64x2 processor. It came with win vista and am trying to upgrade to win7. I ran the disk, everything seemed to go fine, all the way up to setting the time and date. After the restart, it goes to "System Recovery Options" and asks for language. Next screen says "select an operating system to repair and click next. Only win vista operating systems are listed and can be repaired". My problem now is only win7 is listed. My options are to load drivers or next. I have read in a few places to load drivers, but i read them after trying to install win 7. I don't know where to look for drivers if that might be the case. If i click next, i get the "choose a recovery tool" and it states the operating system is win7 located on (C Local Disk. I have tried the startup recovery several times to no avail. When i look at the details, there are 10 problem signatures. The ones that look odd to me are the "Signature 1 SystemDisk" and "Signature 6 OsVersionMismatch". Like most idiots, i thought i could handle a simple installation and didn't bother to look for tips before hand, and now it's costing me. Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help given.

Answer:Solved: Fresh install of Win7 always goes to system recover options

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I was watching a video of people smashing an old TV that smelled like pickles when my computer abruptly shut off. When I pressed the power button, there was no response. Bought a new PSU and tested it, same result. Power button is hooked up right. Is the motherboard dead? It is an MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 and is 6 months old. Sometimes when I try to turn it on it will get a response and the light will blink for a split second but this is just the computer discharging static electricity.

Answer:Solved: System is completely dead, won't even get a response when turned on

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 250003 MB, Free - 225853 MB; D: Total - 226925 MB, Free - 226852 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0U7077, , ..CN481114B601BJ.
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
Originally every 2 - 3 mos., now every 2 - 3 wks. during windows startup I get a blue screen "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"

I disconnect power, wait a couple of minutes and restart. It restarts normally, then I get "The system has recovered from a serious error - please tell Microsoft". I send error report.

Windows error reporting responds "Download and install driver for RAID controller from Intel website".

I follow the link and download iata_env.exe but when I try to run it I get "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". This doesn't surprise me since I do not have a RAID controller on this system.

My question is - how do I stop Windows from looking for RAID drivers to load at startup? There is no RAID controller listed in Device Manager so I can't disable it there.

This started some months after I upgraded some Intel drivers (about 2 yrs ago) but... Read more

Answer:BSOD when windows tries to load RAID driver on system with no RAID<input type=

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Okay guys so this is what happened

One day i was transferring files to my usb, when I accidentally hit the USB, causing it to my computer WHILE transferring files. I plug it back in, the icon shows up on MY COMPUTER, but you can't go into it. A message pops up "Please insert a disk in Removable Disk (D). i tried right click format, but same message pops up.

Is there anyway i can fix the usb and use it again? or its COMPLETELY dead.


Answer:How to recover a dead USB???

you might have to open it up and see if any soldering or cables got loose or you might want to try it on another computer and see if it has the same problem.

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Hi guys,

I was working on my PC when it has frozen so my only option was hard shut down, after that my RAID 0 disk array stopped working. Now, not only it doesn't work but my MB (K8N SLI) fails to recognize even single drives (when array is turned off) on every SATA port except one.

So I though my only option is to connect my 2 drives to another PC and try to recover my data that way. I'm searching the web and trying different approaches for 2 days now.

It's nvidia "fake raid" (I know, I shouldn't have used it in a first place) and software that I tried to recover it with is Diskinternals Raid-2-raid and Diskinternals Raid Recovery.

Both recognize the stripe array but I do not see how I can recover any data from it. It also reports some problems. Here is log output:

Enumerating volumes: WDC WD6400AAKS-22A7B0
__Partition: C::\ 63 245762307
__Partition: D::\ 245762433 937505142
__Partition: :\ 1183267638 65818242
__Partition: :\ 1249085943 1172682
__Partition: :\ 0 62
__Partition: :\ 245762371 61
__Partition: :\ 1183267576 61
__Partition: :\ 1249085881 61
__Partition: :\ 1250258626 5102
Hdd Serial number: WD-WCASY0505645

Enumerating volumes: WDC WD6401AALS-00L3B2
__Partition: :\ 63 2494476747
Read Error The drive cannot find the sector requested Disk: 1 Sector: 2494476810 Size: 512 bytes
__Partition: :\ 0 62
Hdd Serial number: WD-WMASY3242250

Enumerating volumes: WDC WD6401AALS-00L3B2
Wron... Read more

Answer:How to recover from RAID 0 failure?

RAID-0 is a nightmare in the situation. *IF* you had a backup the solution would be

install new HD (one or more)
create the array
restore the backup
As is, you might send the HDs to a commercial Data Recovery company and hand them your checking book, but short of that, I think you're S.O.L. (* Out of Luck)

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HI guys,

I'm working on a computer with a RAID setup. It is 2 hard drives 500gb each showing up as 1tb in windows. Both drives show up in the bios but all of a sudden when trying ot start the computer I get a "Operating system is missing" error.

I'm trying to run a chkdsk form a win 7 64 bit disk and telling it to run on H; (system drive) but it says 'cannot open volume for direct access'.

The other drive, C: is just a recovery drive built into dell computer systems.

I tried using a boot cd and running mbrfix to no avail. Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Missing Operating System - RAID Drive - Show up in BIOS

You need to provide a LOT more information; the information you provided is somewhat confused.

Two 500GB drives, showing up as one TB. Does this mean the drives are striped?

Where, exactly, is the drive you are calling C: and claiming is the recovery disk?

How, exactly, is each drive formatted and partitioned?

Is this hardware RAID or software RAID? If hardware, whose controller? If software, which?

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My laptop died and would not boot. I was unable to fix it so I bought a new laptop.

The hard drive on the dead laptop had a lot of data that I wanted to recover so I bought a HDD enclosure, installed the old HDD and was able to recover my lost data.

However, my new laptop has Windows 8 and I ABSOLUTELY HATE it! I'd like to revert to Windows 7 but I don't have the ability to revert from Win 8 since it's not Win 8 Pro. I also don't really want to purchase an OEM version of Win 7 particularly since I already had it on the old laptop.

The old HDD has a partition called "Recovery" which I expect has the Win 7 installation files. However, there are no files shown in File Explorer. Nonetheless, the properties show 10.4 GB used and 2.07 GB free, so I assume that the files are there but somehow hidden.

Is there any way that I can extract the Win 7 installation files from that RECOVERY drive and then install in on my new laptop?

Answer:Recover Win 7 from a dead laptop

OEM versions of Operating Systems, most likely what you had on the old PC is only legally licensed for the PC its delivered with.

Have tried one of the programs that makes the desktop look like Win 7? There is a free one and the one I have, Start8. I boot to the desktop just like Windows 7 and the Start menu functions exactly like Windows 7. Start8 has a limited free trial period. The price for the software is only (US)$4.99.

The Windows 8 Start menu returns with Start8!

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The HHD on my S10 is dead.  I purchase a new one and installed it.  I when to run the Recovery Disks that I made when I first got the computer, but they only get part the way though the restoration.  I bet I have a bad set of recovery disks.  Is there a way to get a clean copy of these?
Edit: Mod comment Sorry about your inconvenience thats my fault  ...more clear postname is important
Rename Postname from SIS Hard Drive Dead Ito S10 HDD Dead, recover on new HDD failed ?
regards KalvinKlein


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10 HDD Dead, recover on new HDD failed ?

welcome to the forum!
contact support at 800-426-7378 and explain the situation.   they should be able to send you a set of recovery media.

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My 1TB primary HDD (Mar-2012) is dead.
It was partitioned into 100 MB System, 150 GB OS (C, 760 GB Data (D, and 17 GB HP_Recovery (E
Windows recovery tries to run, but immediately crashes to a blue screen error message.

My 640GB secondary HDD (Jun-2009, only one partition) has a recent Macrium Reflect image that is visible when booting from the recovery media. The Macrium image includes only the System, C:, and E: partitions. I had a problem back in April that I solved by restoring a Macrium image from the secondary HDD, but in that case the primary HDD was visible and it is not now visible as a destination to restore the Macrium image.

Besides the Macrium recovery media, I have a Windows 7 repair disk that I created in Aug. 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't ever try it to see if it worked and it doesn't have the necessary drivers to run so I'm not sure if it would be able to repair anything or not.

Question 1: is that 1TB HDD completely toast? If I somehow get Windows up and running again on the pc, is it likely I would at least be able to see the D: partition? (Why do I care? Data on D: is backed up manually once a month and this all happened 2 days before the next backup so there's a small amount of data not backed up? not critical, just annoying.)

Question 2: Could I just restore the Macrium image to the secondary HDD, which I believe does have space available? Would it be as simple as restoring the image and setting the BIOS to boot from that HDD? W... Read more

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How can i recover SSD with bitlocker active? When i put the SSD disk plugged in another machine with external adapter, i can see the disk but with RAW format. I have the recovery key but when i use the recover software (example EASEUS) i cannot see any field to put my recovery key and i cannot see any important files to recover because the drive has encripted.

Someone else had the same problem?

Sorry for my bad english.

Many thanks in advance.
Jo?o Vieira

Answer:SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover

Hello and welcome Joao mate I think you might be better posting in the 8 forum - same folks same organisation

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