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wrong size fan??

Question: wrong size fan??

hey guys, i'm working on my father's computer. long story short the new mobo i purchased seems to be having a little difficulty.

MSI board #KM4AM-V

my problem is that the fan doesn't want to sit on the cpu properly without coming into some contact with a chipset heatsink and what i believe to be a diode. i have a generic fan that is for the amd cpu xp series. take a look at the mobo.

i have never had this problem before. the previous mobo did not have this problem either.

has anybody else had this problem or am i just lucky??

if so any recommendations for a different fan or is contact between the fan
and the above mentioned parts acceptable ??

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Preferred Solution: wrong size fan??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: wrong size fan??

heatsinks can get quite hot. so no touching! and if youve tried putting the heatsink on a few times, youve obviously damaged the thermal compound on its base, and it needs to be replaced.
about the mobo, first of all, for the amd athlon xp series, you should have never gone for a via chipset based motherboard. thats not a diode, its a capacitor, and can melt easily if t stays at temperatures like 60C for some time. id recommend looking for a little smaller heatsink, but dont get something too small, as it wouldnt cool the cpu properly

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Hey guys, I'm a total idiot.Just got hit by some odd Trojan 'cus I suck at internets, it appeared on my screen like it was installing, I immediately cut the power off, (yeah, I know, BAD IDEA,) but I was in panic. So as I turn my computer on, it counts my RAM, blah blah blah, and then it gives me some odd message. It says:CMOS Settings WrongCMOS Memory Size WrongPress F1 to go to SetpPress F2 for Default ValuesOr something alike the lines of that. I press F2 to see my Windows boot screen and I smile in joy, hoping I got through without any damage, as the boot screen dissapear and I expect my logon screen to appear my screen is suddenly covered by a grid of purple and green rectabgles, my screen goes black for a while and it finally logs in.I've been able to boot into my Widnows this way succesfully, (if you can call it that,) 4 times now, every time I get in my clock has been reset and the date is set to somewhere around April 2003. Also since this started it keeps wanting to update Windows XP (KB896428) even though I have done it several times now. It's like my computer resets to what it was long before. Plus, at certain websites I'm not able to log in, I'm bounced back to the log in page, this happened after I deleted my Cookies, is this related or a whole 'nother matter?Anyways---I'm seriously afraid something is horribly wrong with my computer, and that's probably the case, so does anyone have info on what this might be? And wh... Read more

Answer:CMOS Settings Wrong / CMOS Memory Size Wrong

Replace the CMOS always when working inside the case remove all power sources first and take the neccessary anti-static precautions...Part # CR 2032 available just about anywhere.

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Question: Wrong HD size!!

I recently reformatted my computer, (Athlon, 2.08, 512mb, 120GB HD, etc...) but the computer is only saying that my hard drive is 4.87GB or something like that, what gives? I've never experienced a problem like this after completing a reformat....does anyone know how I can get the rest of my HD back???

Answer:Wrong HD size!!

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Question: HD wrong size

Hello,I've got a litlle problem with my second HardDisk.I've recovered it from an old Compaq PC; it's a Maxtor Fireball 20 GB (ATA I think but I'm not sure). I installed it into my computer (AMD K7 600MHZ, MSI Board WIN98 SE) and it works fine apart the fact that it has only 6 GB of disk space!?I've already tried to format it and I used Fdisk to delete and renew the partitions but it still has only 6 GB space!Also my Award BIOS recognizes the HD only as an 6GB HD.I might also add that the HD is a spare HD which replaced a real 6GB HD in the old Compaq PC. So I wonder if Compaq didn't limit somehow (I can'really tell how) the space on the disk. Could you help me please?Thanks,Mischi001

Answer:HD wrong size

Quote...Also my Award BIOS recognizes the HD only as an 6GB HD...If the BIOS sees 6GB, it's not autodetecting properly.  You may have to manually set it up in the BIOS.

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Question: Wrong size

I have an external Western Digital 160 GB HDD but Windows explorer tells me it is only 508 MB. How do I access the rest?

Answer:Wrong size

well maybe its ful ? do you have anything on it ?

if there is nothing on it. try to reformat it. but dont chose the fast option.

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Volume C: in this computer is a 30G. Windows reports it at around 18, and the BIOS reports is as 20020 MB. All of the Googling I've done is for-Wrong size reported while installing hard drive-Wrong partition size (which I read as applying to a partitioned drive)-Wrong size shown only in Windows ExplorerNone of these apply to me. There are no "extenuating circumstances" besides the possibly of a setting or registry key or something, and the wrong size applies all over. The paging file is about 2 gigs so that is probably why the BIO size differs from Windows' reported size.With a 30G hard drive it is important to have the correct size reported. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

Answer:C:\ Wrong Size Reported

If I remember right it    could have something to do with all the system restore images on the computer.  Can someone out there verify that?  My suggestion would be to turn off SR but DON'T do that until someone can follow up.Alan <>< 

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Hi, my parents have a pc with a pc100 supersocket 7 system board. The pc has always had 64 mb ram and was getting really slow so we took the old ram out and replaced it with a 128mb on one module.

Everythings fine except that its just as slow as before and the computer only recognises 64mb ram even though there is 128mb installed.

The motherboard booklet says that it can support upto 256mb ram. Also, the 128ram (that shows up as 64 on my parents pc) works perfectly in another pc and shows up as 128mb.

Does anyone have any ideas why? I've tried changing the module for another one and that still shows up as 64 mb so I don't think its faulty ram.

Is there something I can change in the bios to make it accept the 128mb ram??

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Wrong Ram Size Reported

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Question: Wrong print size

When I draw a line or square in Word 2010 and and specify the size, it will come out slightly smaller than what it should be (like 9,2 instead of 10 cm). In Photoshop, the pictures comes out with the correct size. The printer (Brother HL-2250DN laser) has been updated as far as possible with the help of the Brother support. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Is it a bug in Office 2010?

Answer:Wrong print size

I want to know if it is the printer or Word 2010 that causes my printouts to be of the wrong size. Is there anyone out there who could try and print a line that you have specified the length of and see if it comes out with the right length? It doesn't matter what printer you have, but it would have to be Word 2010.

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I've been running RC1 for a few weeks now and I have 3 SATA HDD's installed. A few days ago, one of the drives started reporting a wrong partition size. The drive and size show fine in BIOS, however.

The drive in question is a 250 gig drive, and it is showing as a 100mb drive, at current! When I first installed, it was reporting correctly. The drive is, and was, empty. The other 2 drives are reporting correctly. This happened seemingly out of the blue.

Any ideas? I've tried uninstalling the drive via Windows and scanning, tried reinstalling chipset drivers, etc. Thanks!

Answer:HDD size reporting very wrong

Right click computer in the start menu, choose manage, then click on disk management. Post a screenshot if you can.

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Volume C: in this computer is a 30G. Windows reports it at around 18, and the BIOS reports is as 20020 MB. All of the Googling I've done is for
-Wrong size reported while installing hard drive
-Wrong partition size (which I read as applying to a partitioned drive)
-Wrong size shown only in Windows Explorer

None of these apply to me. There are no "extenuating circumstances" besides the possibly of a setting or registry key or something, and the wrong size applies all over. The paging file is about 2 gigs so that is probably why the BIO size differs from Windows' reported size.

With a 30G hard drive it is important to have the correct size reported. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

Answer:C:\ Wrong Size Reported

What's the brand and model of your computer ? If it's custom built what are your complete system specs ? (check the posting system specs link in my sig) What's the brand and exact model of your hard drive ? Go to start => run and type devmgmt.msc. Expand disk drives and report the model ID you'll see there

If it shows as 20GB in the BIOS there's nothing you can do within Windows to make it show more (meaning the problem is not with the registry), you need to solve the problem in the BIOS first. Let's first check that your drive is indeed a 30GB drive.

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Driving me nuts. I have a Gateway PIII that originally came with a Gateway flat panel monitor. I am using it with a Viewsonic PF790. My problem is that the display is too big for the screen, and I can't adjust. If I rite click on the desktop and go to properties/settings it shows a default monitor on NVIDIA GeForce DDR. I cannot change the resolution from the 640 x 480 setting. It's set for True Color 32 bit. I downloaded the drivers for the PF790, and it appears in device manager, but cannot get it "installed." What the heck am I missing (besides functioning braincells?)

Answer:wrong screen size, please help

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Upgraded a hd from 20gb to 80gb using drivecopy. New drive boots and works fine but in My computer the drive only registers as 20gb.
In POST the inital screen shows the primary master as 17 gb but in Set-up and on the second screen the correct value is given

The MB is a recent ECS so that the bios should accept a large drive.
All help appreciated

Answer:wrong hd size in win2000

drivecopy may be just like other disk copy utilities, in that the standard routine is to create the exact same overlay. In Win2000, you can manipulate the drives easily, but I do not know if it will destroy any of your information. I don't have a disk with any space not used by a partition, but it might allow you to add the unused space into the existing partition, or definitely create a new partition with it. Creating a new partition will not destroy your data, but adding to it, if you can, might.

You get to this by going to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management

I would actually say that you should do the drivecopy again, but use Seagate's Disk Wizard 2002 or Maxtor's Maxblast which will copy all the data over, and also make sure that all the diskspace available is included in the partition, if you want.

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Question: File size is wrong

I have about 25 gb of music in 'My Music' file, although when I check the properties, it shows up a 4.7GB. If I select every file and checxk properties, it shows the correct amount. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?Cheers, chris

Answer:File size is wrong

Sorry, should have made myself clearer. When I say the file size is wrong, what it actually is that the My Music file shows only 4 gig, although when check the files inside the folder, they are about 25 gig.I have tried renaming the folder and it increases to about 15 gig, but when I rename it back to My Music, it goes back down to 4 gig.Any ideas would be grateful...

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Viewing option set as "view hidden files". Total HDD size 20GB. When all files on this HDD is selected and you right click and select properties, the total file size is 7GB, however windows report the space left on the disc as 20MB - Any help/answer?

Answer:Win XP: HDD size reported wrong

Is the drive configured with just one partition using ALL the disk space, or is there 2 or more partitions? If you open My Computer, right click on C: then click Properties, what is shown for used space, free space & capacity? If all you have is a 20GB drive, the capacity should be about 18.6GB, so don't use 20GB when doing your math.

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Question: wrong memory size

I have a notebook SONY PCG-FX270 that came with Window ME. When I upgraded my operating system to XP Home edition, I can no longer read the exact memory size. The machine only reads the memory size of the memory stick loaded in the first memory slot. I have attempted to update all the software and bios. Unfortunately, I could only find the bios upgrade for win ME. Please help!

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I just replaced my crashed 10Gb C drive with a 60Gb one. I used FDISK to delete any existing partition & allocate a new single partition. I then booted from my W989SE CD & formatted the drive. I then installed W98SE, then restored applications & data from InCD prepared backup CDs, all without any problems. Now when I check the C drive Properties via My Computer, it reports only 10Gb but FDISK (via DOS) shows 58+Gb as did the InCD restore screen. What's wrong & what can/should I do?

Answer:Wrong HDD size reported

If you (by any chance) restored an image of a 10Gb drive - then you get a 10Gb partition. Is this what you did?

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I had some corrupted files on a 4GB flash drive and it got formatted to 474MB and I need to know how to format it back to 4GB

Answer:formatted to wrong size

simple. Go to disk management in windows. Also see :

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I am using MS Word XP on my Gateway laptop which is running Win XP, SP 2, FAT 32. I use Iomega Hotburn to copy work to CDs. When I open My Computer and check the properties of the CD, it shows (currently) 203 MB used out of 203 MB possible instead of 700 possible. How can I get it to show the correct CD size?

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Question: Memory wrong size

I have just recently suffered a pc failure, the system was completely dead.
thought it was the power supply, but it wasn't and then thought it must be the motherboard so went and got the ASUS M3N72-D and same problem no fans no post, so took out all the expansion slots including memory and got post as my friend suggested it could be a video card, and it was, 8500 gt one of two that were SLI.

I reinstalled Vista x86 sp1 int and fully updated through Win update and had some driver issues so had to scrap that install and start over, all the specs looked normal untill my second install then saw system memory went from 2 gigs to 1.7... ? ( 2 one gig OCZ gold DDR2 800) did a third install of Vista and still the same..

went through the BIOS and found nothing had been changed other than I turned the on board video to run Hybrid SLI wich slows my system worse than having just the one 8500 by it's self and lowers the vista score from 5.0 to 4.4 now.

any idea's why the System ram is only reading 1.7 instead of 2 gigs?

I have all the latest drivers from Nvidia and asus


Answer:Memory wrong size

Hybrid sli on that board is using your graphics card in conjunction with your onboard graphics. The .3 gb of memory missing is being used by onboard graphics.

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I have a 3tb WD drive that during win 7 64 bit (pro) disc management, I did not notice due to interruptions, got initialised as only being 746.39 GB instead of 3Tb

I set it to GUID rather than MBR as its size was greater than 2Tb

I need to transfer data to the drive but I need nearly all the whole 3Tb.

No data has been written to the disc.

Can anyone help me to understand how I can either make this bigger or to re initialize the disk and tap in new parameters to fix this or is the disk useless now and only the new reduced size as I nee to get at least 2TB of data across onto it.

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:3TB needs to be un intialized -wrong size

I don't recall specifics, but if the HDD is being used as the primary boot drive I believe you are limited in the amount of useable space...which I thought was 2TB.

If it's a secondary data disc, simply use Disc Management to delete the partition(s) and start over. Windows (7) can partition, format, and use 3TB HDD's.

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I dont know what i was doing but some error came up on my comp and then wen i restarted it every piece of text was small, small enoough that i cant read it. can some tell me how to change to it back to a legable size.


Answer:Text size gone wrong

See if this works.

Right click on desktop
start menu
Click large icons

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hi I have just put in a new hdd 320gbinstalled win xp ok now the 320gb hdd is only showing as 127gbwhat have i done wrong not a techno head plain enlish please would be a great helpthanks

Answer:new hdd showing wrong size

Windows xp is limited to 127gb, install service pack 2 or go into control panel/admin tools/disk management, it will be shown there, you can add it to the xp half or create a separate partition.

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I have self built athlon 1900+ system, with two hard drives installed. The c: drive is 6.4gig with win 2k installed, the d: drive is 3.2gig (I'm planning a bigger hdd...eventually!! you know how it is!).Anyway I recently installed mandrake linux to the d: drive, to have a look at this OS and see what it was all about. Upon deciding it wasnt for me, I removed the lilo bootloader, reformatted the d: drive to remove it. However the drive is now only showing as 1.6gig under windows, the bios still shows it as 3.2gig. Have tried booting from a win 98 disk and using fdisk to no avail. Any ideas how to get windows to recognise my drive correctly?

Answer:Wrong size showing on hdd

did you remove the linux and all partitions with fdisk and then make a new one?

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maxtor 1.6gb hard drive showing wrong diskspace on four different pcs bios at Auto and tried setting user to correct spec.
with user at correct settings bois wil show 1.6 mb but if I then fdisk it show all different sizes incorrett.
tried fdisk /mbr no change.
regards ALAN

Answer:hd showing wrong size

What size or sizes is it showing?

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I have two extra displays connected to my laptop, and my largest one (technically a TV but whatever) is appearing the wrong size relative to my internal laptop display. My laptop's display is set to 1920x1080, and my TV is at a recommended 1366x768. Here are two pictures showing my situation.

Displays in real life:
Displays as shown on my computer:

Answer:External second display wrong size

See this tutorial for help: Multiple Displays - Change Settings and Layout in Windows 10 Customization Tutorials

Part Six: Display Layout in above mentioned tutorial shows you how to change the layout.


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I recently had to format by laptop's hard drive since it would not start up. I tried everything from restoring the MBR to deleting the partition. I got a bunch of errors of protected partiion, I assume because of Norton Goback's lock on the partition. Lastly, I restored the computer using toshiba's restoration DVD. Now windows XP and any other partition software is displaying the hard disk as 74 Gb instead of 120 Gb. Does anybody know how to fix this? I have a Toshiba Satelite M55 with Windows XP. The BIOS is a piece of crap and it doesn't allow you to get any hard disk details or do an auto config. I've restored the hard drive a second time with the restore software and the outcome is the same. Please help.

Answer:Wrong Hard Disk Size

If you right click My Computer and choose "Manage" then Disk management, see if the drive shows a portion unallocated. If so you will need partitioning software to merge it back as I don't think Disk management will do that in XP. Partition magic or Acronis Disk Director are what you will need. There is a free program called Paragon also that can do it.

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I am using Windows XP which has been getting stuck when booting up. I get;AMD Athlon (tm) Processor - 1200 MhzChecking NVRAM393216KB OK (16MB shared memory size used)WaitCMOS Memory Size WrongPress F1 to run SETUPPress F2 to load default values & continue.I have been pressing F2 and everything appears to work, only to happen again the next time!I also noticed yesterday that the date and time had changed by itself.Any help gratefully received but keep it basic please!!!ThanksFizz

Answer:CMOS Memory Size Wrong

by replacing the CMOS battery, or even by resetting the CMOS state. The battery is the round silver one that's about the size of a 10p coin - usually it's a CR2025 type, and available from pretty well any supermarket's bettery stand. Just open the computer's case and take a look at the motherboard - the battery is very easy to spot. Just ease it out of its retaining clips and slip the new one in - make sure to get it the same way up as the old one.Alternatively you could slip out the existing battery, wait for a couple of minutes and slip it back again. This action will drain the CMOS state and when you boot you should automatically load the default. Best to put in a new battery while the case is open though.If that doesn't fix the problem come back here for a rethink.

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I am running Windows Vista. I have 2 dvd burners in my computer. The first is a LG GSA-H42L and the second is a TSST TS-H653L. When I insert a blank DVD it says it only has a 4.07GB of free space and 313 mb of used space!!!! How is that possible?? I never had this problem on my computer running XP. Anyone? Please help!!! Thanks!!!

Answer:Blank Disc Size Wrong!!!

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2.4gb celeron, 256mb ram, asus motherboard, 80 gb maxtor hard drive 7200rpm.

bios reads it as 80 gb then I made boot disks off windows 2000 pro and loaded it with the four diskettes and now bios sees 8422gb chs capacity and 33820 gb LBA capacity

what is going on? I partioned it the first time then redid it and decided I didn't waqnt to partition it so I set it at one drive of 78something gb.

It was working fine I was able to load up all the drivers and download some programs i needed because I wanted to use this as a server.

Today I turn it on to finish up and it won't boot past the part that shows you the drives and such in the frame like graphic.

I sure could use some help.


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Ive got a bit of a head scratcher here. First some background;

I was on a quest to upgrade my storage server. Picked up a Pentium III 1ghz for cheap along with a stick of pc133 256mb. This computer was running a PIII 550 overclocked to 616, with 768 mb of ram.

I threw the new processor and ram in there, and decided to add a pci bus tweak at the same time, then i turned it on and prayed lol. I allready figured out that the pci bus tweak was the cause of my system instability. But now i have wierd ram problems. The computer came up fine the first time i set it right, and was fine for hours afterwards. But after about 6 hours or so the system will hard freeze, upon reboot it reports a ram size that is a good 2 to 3 times below what it should be. If i restart a few times, I will get sizes anywhere from 2xx, to 6xx mb. If i turn it off for a few minutes, fiddle with the ram a bit, it usualy goes back to reporting its full size again, and will run find untill its next freeze where it will go back to reporting a lower number of ram. I have played with it a bit, switching out pieces of ram. I thought i had a problem stick pointed out and i took it out. But now its back to the same problem again.

This old board is fully loaded. Current specs:

GA-6BXE (motherboard)
Slot 1 Pentium III 1ghz
768mb of ram (in 4 slots)

AGP - Geforce 4 MX420 64mb Video card
PCI - USB 2.0 Card
PCI - Sound Card
PCI - SATA/IDE Raid Card
PCI - 56k Modem
PCI - 10/100mbps Nic
ISA - 10mbps Ni... Read more

Answer:Memory Size Wrong on Boot

try puting 512mb in the 1st slot and 256mb in the 2nd slot thats how i solved my ram prob, if u have dual channel. Try doing a memory test and make sure ur memory is the ryt type for your motherboard.

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Hi. Im a Spanish user of IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre 8188 KGF. At first i had 1.5 Gb of RAM and I decided to install four ddr400 1gb modules. I quitted all old ones at once and then replaced all modules in one time. At attempting to boot, i got the some beeps but it couldnt boot So I uninstalled the new modules again and reinstalled them one by one, and it worked perfectly detectyng except when the size is bigger than 3gb. In that case, memory checked in the post is 3.25GB (3306 mb or so) instead of 4Gb. I thought it was a BIOS problem so I updated, but i get the same memory size error. Its like it detects a module as a 256 mb (but memtest and other applications shows addresses of full 4gb, but i think it hangs while trying to access them).Im using a NVIDIA FX 5950 AGP and WinXP/Ubuntu 8.10. Both OS says that modules are ok and 1gb each. BIOS Video settings are 4mb aperture size, 64mb System shared memory, and AGP is enabled. BIOS doesn't show any option that says that the on board video card is off, but i think that it is. If i change system shared memory to 256, POST detects 2.75Gb of RAM.Please help.

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Hello i have the m30x with ati radeon 128 mb
but the new bios 1.60win give the wrong size rom error when i wil install the bios.
is here a solution for or is the rom file the problem. the bios 1.30win is ok

Answer:new bios m30x wrong size

i've tried updating it on my M30X with ATI as well but no luck. It comes up as wrong ROM size too. Maybe i should try the traditional method and see how it goes.

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I have a 320g WD hardrive with 200+g of stuff on it, I installed it on a dif comp with a fresh install of xp.The new comp only shows it as 127g and empty. I cant seem to fix this. I dont want to lose all my stuff. Any ideas?

Answer:XP shows wrong size harddrive

You need to have Service Pack 2 installed...

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Running xp pro sp1 NTFS. I use an external usb2 box and in that box i have a maxtor 200 gig hard drive. I use this for archives. I put files into one large folder until its around 4.5 gigs. Then i burn a copy of that as well so i have a copy on dvd and a copy on this hard drive.
All is well except that the folder reports around 2 to 3 gigs when it should be around 4 to 4.5 gigs. But when i go inside the folder and use edit\select all, right click and go to properties, then the true size is properly listed as i mentioned above, around 4.5 gigs, give or take a few hundred mbs.
The usb 2.0 box is about a year old, so i dont think its the technology inside the box doing this, and its also a name brand, "Ads". I believe its the os doing this so, after a search failed, i am posting in win xp, but i have no proof that its an os problem and my expertise ends right about here, so if anyone can help me out with fixing this or explain why this cant be fixed, i would appreciate it.


And merry whatever holiday is coming up for you. For me, its xmas.

Answer:Wrong file size reported in win xp

Am I reading this correctly? If the USB drive is drive E: ...

right-click/properties on e:\folder results in 2.0GB or so

open e:\folder, select all, right-click properties results in 4.5GB or so


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I just reformated windows and did all the updates etc and i transfered my documents and my program files from an external back onto my computer. I transfered over at max maybe 60 gigs on a 500 gig hard drive and it says I have some 5 gigs left on it(what it said before i reformated) Im guessing I transfered over a file that tells my computer how much space I have. I did a disk defrag and it did nothing useful, Im wondering what is the way to make my hard drive check itself that it does not have that much used space in it?

EDIT* I just realized in windows old it saves all your files hence I thought the reformat deleted everything.

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I have a problem. I am running Windows XP.
When accessing the options in a program the box displayed is the wrong size.
I can't see all of the box and can't tab or scroll to whats missing.
So, I have no way of altering the settings.
I am sure that it is something small but I can't find out what it is.
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Windows boxes wrong size

Tried a system file check?

Start -> Run -> type: sfc /scannow

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I use tabs and a few weeks ago I clicked on a hyperlink that started my tabs opening only halfway. I've had this problem in the past and I just dragged the screen to the correct size and then went to file and closed it. But now nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Answer:windows opening up wrong size

You want your web browser and other windows to start maximized?

If that's the case, go to your start menu and find whatever program you want to start maximized. Right click on it and go down to "Properties" When the window pops up, go to the drop down box next to "Run" and select whichever state you want the window to start in.

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I recently put in a new hard drive ( Maxtor ultra ata/133 80gb ) .
My bios is set to auto detect but it displays the wrong HD size; about 65 gb instead of 80. When I formatted and loaded windows none of the partitions display incorrect sizes, but the bios still does....
i put 5 partitions on the drive.

what should i do?
My Bios is Phoenix ver 4.0 release 6.0

Answer:Bios displays wrong HD size

Did you put the correct 80-prong ATA-100/133 cable on?
As far as I know, a BIOS only recognizes the combined size of the first 4 partitions of any HD, so if your 5th partition is about 15GB that explains dhe difference.

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Wtth ref to my other thread about scanning I need to scan a copy of something I have just printed
This what it should look like
But when it prints there are only four dates to one page and it will be 14 pagesin total how do I compact it all into two or three pages

Answer:Printed pages have wrong size

That is indeed a very long document which normally would take probably 10-15 pages of A4 print at least.
The only way I could suggest for reducing the printed size would be to adjust the Font to a much smaller size before printing - but then it might be too small to read easily!

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Got a samsung hard drive 80 gb and had problems when trying to put a os on it. ive re formatted it but it said the size is 32 gb which is wrong. also the icon isn't visible in my computer. please help..

Answer:hdd size wrong and icon disappeared

You need to check the jumpers on the drive - there is a specific position to limit the drive to here

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I have an Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 MB with 2 one-gig sticks of ddr400 installed in first two slots. BIOS correctly identifies both and total memory is listed as 2 gig dual channel. However, Windows only reports 1 gig of ram. 1 gig is listed in System properties, dxdiag and FreshDiagnose, only HWiNFO32 correctly reports 2 gig. I've tried inserting each seperately and they both boot correctly, I've tried switch slots and using both in Mobo slots 3 & 4 with the same results. Any ideas? Thanks fish4specs
edit oops: Windows XP Professional, Asrock 939Dual-SATA2, AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 2 Gig Kingston DDR400, Nvidia Geforce FX5200 AGP.

Answer:Wrong memroy size reported

to operate dual channel you neeed one module in slot 1 and the other module in slot 3.

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How do I get my pogo games to resize to fit my screen on Windows 7? I played the games with no problems on the XPWindows. I was just a little to late to get the answer i needed, as, almost the same problem was dealt with and I was just a little too late so if anyone can help me I would very much apppreciate as I am sort of a beginner with the Windows 7 and don`t know anything at all. HELP ME PLEASE.

When playing the pogo games, the games comes up on a new page, the full page shows a small game in the left corner and the chat part is in the right hand of the corner. with the rest of the page white,so, how do I get a full picture.

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I recently purchased a 180GB IBM Deskstar hard drive and had it installed by a friend. He said that he was having problems with it and that he couldn't get the computer to recognize the entire 180GB. I know that there is a certain degree of "wastage" when a drive is installed but mine is only showing to be 137.44GB. Does anyone know how to have the rest of the drive space recognised by my computer?

Incidentally, my motherboard is a Gigabyte 7DXR.

Answer:Wrong Hard Drive Size

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Hello everyone. I have a HP 7760N computer. It has a 500 gb hard drive. A few years back I upgraded to Windows 7 and did a clean install. I just purchased Windows 8 to upgrade to and when checking my hard drive it only shows as 236GB. Must be when I went to Windows 7 something happened to the drive as its now only showing 1/2 its capacity!!! there is a second drive listed but that only shows as 6GB capacity. I tried using Paragon Hard Disk Manager to resize the drive but it only lets me go the 236GB!!! Is there anyway I can get the drive back to its full capacity? Thanks in advance for anyones help!!!

Answer:Hard Drive Size is wrong

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mt seagate barracuda 120 gb hdd is reporting back as 111gb running xp sp2 any ideas please

Answer:harddrive reporting wrong size

That is correct.Manufactures use:1GB as being 1000MB instead of 1024MB.1MB as being 1000KB when it is 1024KBand 1KB as 1000bytes when it is 1024 bytes.Windows sees the size as correct - you have not lost anything

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I really need to get one of my files from my computer to another computer in a different house. It's an .mdf file and it's only 4.06 GB. So I tried to burn it onto a DVD, but it only reads as 72 MB. I also used and tried to upload it onto there temporarily, but it still is being read as 72 MB. What's the problem?

Answer:Wrong File Size problems

Create a File Folder with the "New" command.
Then drag the .mdf file into it.
Then right click on the folder, then scroll down to the bottom of that folder, and click on properties.
Regardless of whether it is 72 mb or 4.06 GB, select the folder add it to the copy list.
Now copy it as normal.

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Ive got a bit of a head scratcher here. First some background;I was on a quest to upgrade my storage server. Picked up a Pentium III 1ghz for cheap along with a stick of pc133 256mb. This computer was running a PIII 550 overclocked to 616, with 768 mb of ram.I threw the new processor and ram in there, and decided to add a pci bus tweak at the same time, then i turned it on and prayed lol. I allready figured out that the pci bus tweak was the cause of my system instability. But now i have wierd ram problems. The computer came up fine the first time i set it right, and was fine for hours afterwards. But after about 6 hours or so the system will hard freeze, upon reboot it reports a ram size that is a good 2 to 3 times below what it should be. If i restart a few times, I will get sizes anywhere from 2xx, to 6xx mb. If i turn it off for a few minutes, fiddle with the ram a bit, it usualy goes back to reporting its full size again, and will run find untill its next freeze where it will go back to reporting a lower number of ram. I have played with it a bit, switching out pieces of ram. I thought i had a problem stick pointed out and i took it out. But now its back to the same problem again.This old board is fully loaded. Current specs:GA-6BXE (motherboard)Slot 1 Pentium III 1ghz768mb of ram (in 4 slots)AGP - Geforce 4 MX420 64mb Video cardPCI - USB 2.0 CardPCI - Sound CardPCI - SATA/IDE Raid CardPCI - 56k ModemPCI - 10/100mbps NicISA - 10mbps Nic3 IDE HDD's1 IDE CDROM1 SATA H... Read more

Answer:Memory Size Wrong on Boot

Here is a pic of the inards:

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My store is showing the App size wrong (Facebook 60MB, N7 Player 15 MB), somebody else is with this problem or know how to fix?

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I have just assembled a new pc (shuttle-barebones) the hard drive I have fitted is a 200gb, according to the properties dialog box it is only 139gb , I have installed win xp pro, any idea why this is. Dave

Answer:Wrong size hard drive

XP requires SP1 to be installed to recognise drives over this size and when I recently installed a pair of 160gb Maxtors I also had to run Maxtor's Bid Drive Enabler Utility.

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When I insert a CD in either of my two drives the window that jumps up giving me the options of what program to use (CD Properties ) is maximized and takes up the whole screen. This just started happening. If I double click on the top blue titlebarlbar it goes back to it's smaller (normal) size. I tried holding down the ctrl. key and closing the window but the next time the computer boots it does the same thing. It is not possible to drag this type of window in any way. The only option for this type of window in the upper right corner is an X to close it. It may need a registry edit but I don't know how. To access a similar type window open "my computer, right click on any drive, the window that opens is the same type. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:CD Properties Window wrong size

Minimize it again and this time hold down shift and close it off.

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Building New computer from new parts.
ASUS M4A785-M Athalon Quad Core. CPU
Maxtor 500GB sata

Bios sees HD as 500 GB
Windows XP install only saw and formated 129 Gb or so.
wasnt paying attention and didnt notice. disk management shows as fully partitioned.
I stuck another identical HD into the box and disk management sees it as same smaller size. Box is running fine in the smaller partiiton but I would like the other 2/3 disk space

MB / bios? probably not becasue correctly ID in setup screen but I dont know , OS ? Operator?

I was going to build Identical and put Windows 7 on it . I may do that and see if it is OS. but is XP limited on SATA size?


Answer:WD sata drive wrong size

I pulled the Caviar blue 500 with the XP small partion and put in Identical HD unformatted and installed Windows 7. formatted correct size and worked fine. so do I need a driver to use the XP?


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Hi folks

I'm trying to print a box label for a DVD, but it's printing at the wrong size.

I've created the label in Microsoft Word 2007. I'm not using a standard template. The object defining the size of my label is the background picture. When I imported the picture, it was 133 x 200mm and in the 'Size' box I resized it to 273 x 178mm (the size I want it to be). In the print window, I selected 'print at actual size'.

The resulting print-out is wildly different from either of the above dimensions; it's 205 x 119mm. This is not only much smaller, but a different aspect ratio.

273 x 178 (what I want) is 1.5:1
205 x 119 is 1.7:1

How can I persuade my computer to do the right thing please?


OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.70GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 959 Mb
Graphics Card: SiS 650, 64 Mb

Answer:Solved: Print is wrong size

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I am trying to print some photos on my Brother DCP-J315W Printer.I am using 6 x 4 or 10 x15 size paper,When I right click on the photos to be printed on the right hand side I select 10 x 15.At the top it says paper size and paper type.For paper type I choose other photo paper.When I clickmprint the message on my printer says wrong paper size reload correct paper.Under paper size what should I choose

Answer:Wrong size photo paper

Ponytail: as well as telling the application what size to print, you may need to 'tell' your printer what kind of paper is loaded. If you're telling your app to print one size, but your printer thinks it's got a different size in, it would likely give you an error message such as you describe.

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I?m having trouble extending the size of my C: partition because, it seems, Windows is reporting two different sizes for the partition. I have a 40GB disk that yields an effective capacity of about 37GB.

Windows Explorer is reporting 30.01GB capacity drive. This is the size I remember last extending the partition to and it?s presently also all I have access to. The main window of Microsoft Management Console (i.e. the Disk Management option in Window's Computer Management tool) also reports the C: drive having a capacity of 30.01GB.

However, just below, the graphical representation of disk allocation in the console reports C: drive as having 37.25GB capacity. The horizontal bar extends to the end and there is no reference to any 'unallocated' space on that disk, implying that the partition at its maximum size. I've attached screen shot.

When I try to use diskpart.exe to extend the partition, it too reports the C: volume as having 37.25GB. When I use the 'extend' command, dispkart tells me "Diskpart failed to extend the volume. Please make sure the volume is valid for extending." I'm guessing this is because it thinks the partition is already at its maximum.

One of these two reported partition sizes must surely be wrong. Either I'm being prevented from extending the partition when space is available or I'm being prevented from fully using a partition that is already fully extended.

Does anybody know why this is happening ... Read more

Answer:Windows reporting wrong partition size

The fact don't have sufficient free space on tha Windows partition...for it to function properly.

In general, at least 15% of a given Windows partition should be free space.

You need to move data files (graphics, videos, music) from that partition until you have at least 15% free space...then see how your system is functioning.


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Just Installed two 30G Hitachi Travelstar HD in
1) a Sony Vaio Z505R and
2) a Sony Vaio PCGFX150k.
Worked fine in the Z505R.
In the FX150, the BIOS sees the HD correctly, but when Windows tries to partition the disk it reports 69047 Megs and crashes. Happens when I try to install Windows XP professional And Windows 2k.
Swapped HD's to verify that both disks were OK. FX150 reads Disk Error when I insert the disk formatted on the 505. FX150 reads other HD's just fine.
Anybody seen this before?

Answer:Win XP/2k reads HD size wrong. BIOS OK in Vaio

Obviously, the BIOS is not OK in the machine in question.

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Hi all,

I just bought an Asrock VM800 upgradable motherboard, Sempron 2800+ processor and 512MB DDR400 Ram. I am doing some upgrades on a P-3 computer with this stuff. My problem is when I put in a 20GB hard drive, the bios only sees 8.3GB drive. When going through and installing Winxp anyways, it says it cannot complete the format as there is something wrong with the drive. A known working 40GB drive gets the same results. I can put either drive into another computer and they read fine. I took the motherboard back to the store and had it replaced, same problem. I have swapped RAM, video, hard drives even the power supply and I get the same thing. I have tried different jumper settings, master, slave and cable select, I have slaved the 20GB off the 40GB, same thing. I have swapped the IDE cable. I have put a 4.3GB drive and it reads fine but will get as far as the format screen as well before being given the bad drive message. These are all drive which work fine in my other computers. I am stumped.
Oh yes, I have flashed the bios too, same result....

Does anyone have any ideas, I have tried different combos of parts for 2 days and I am stumped!

Thank you all in advance,


Answer:Solved: hard drive size wrong

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Hi, i use a home made pc and running win xp pro with sp2. I recently upgraded my hard drive with a 200gb one as the previous one i had was to small. After installation the bios see the drive as 200gb but windows sees it as only 127gb. The drive has only one partition and was formatted using the ntfs. Is there any way i could get windows to see the drive at its correct size so i could utilize the unused space?

Answer:Hard drive wrong size installation

Visit the hard drive manufacturer's website.  Most, if not all, of them have info on their sites about hard drive size limitation issues and how to overcome that.

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I have a new pc just set it up it has windows 7 and gone on to youtube and other sites playing videos and the viewable area seems very squeezed I suppose like a wide screen effect also when I'm not playing videos I have a black bar at the bottom of my screen about 2cm deep and at the moment its flickering,text seems massive too I'm a novice with computersn does anyone have any ideas to help me please,my previous set up with this monitor was with xp on my old desktop

Answer:Videos playing in wrong size windows 7 please help


Sometimes this can be caused by the version of Flash player that your browser is using. Which browser are you using?

See if there is an update to Flash here:

You should see the version you have in the box, and see if its the most current version.



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I just restarted my computer and when it loaded was everything huge!  The icons are way bigger than normal and are weird colors.  For a minute I thought I was in safe mode, but I'm not.  I restarted it to see if it would go back to normal but it hasn't.  It's hard to explain, but if anyone can help me fix it it would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Computer icons (& EVERYTHING) is wrong color/size

Tell us about the operating system, and the kind of computer.  Also, do you remember the last thing you were doing (surfing the 'net, or running a particular application) before you started having the problem?You may be able to right-click on the desktop, select properties, click the settings tab, and see how the video resolution is set...

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Thanks for the help in advance.

I have a folder (actually many) that give the wrong size in MB. Right clicking on a folder and selecting properties pops up a dialog that has the size listed as 11.5MB (12,163,992 bytes). Last I checked 12,163,992 bytes = 11.6MB. Why does windows report an inconsistent size.

I need to understand where windows got the 11.5MB from.

PS I was going to upload a screenshot of the property dialog but could not figure out how to insert a picture into this forum.

Answer:Windows folder properties gives wrong size

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I have a 120 gig harddrive mounted in a iomagic usb portable enclosure and it only reads 31.4 gigs. I am running windows 7 64 bit, piease help !

Answer:portable hardrive reading wrong size

Please take a screenshot of Disk Management -- please be sure to MAX the screen 1st -
START | type diskmgmt.msc

Attach screenshot to your next post.

Regards. . .



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I'm trying to update the bios on my XC-603. The current bios is: P11-B0 but it has a build date different to the date listed for this verison of the bios on the Acer support page:;-;Aspire%20XC-603 Anyway, I tried to flash wihin windows the v. P11.B2 and when I run the file the utility runs a check and then halts with error message "ROM size does not match the existing BIOS size". The machine is an XC-603 and I used the page for this machine to download the file, so how and why am I getting this error? Thanks in advance!

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i have a memorex swivel that is supposed to be 4gb, when i first got it, it was reporting 4gb, but i don't know what happened, i was copying some files over from windows 98SE, when it said it was getting full so i started to delete old files, that's when the power went out (I was using my desktop computer) when he power came back on, windows 98SE reported that the disk was corrupted and couldn't be used, so i formatted it, after formatting it, it said the capacity was 1.9gb, now i can only format it as 1.9gb, i want the other 2.1gb back, what is going on?

Answer:memores swivel 4.0gb reporting wrong size

I assume you mean "Memorex Swivel"?

How are you formatting it? What is the status in Drive Manager?

Test it on another PC. It's very likely it was damaged during the power outage. If it can't be formatted properly on another PC, it is very likely damaged.

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hi guys..
is there a program or a way to change the size of a file?i mean for example i have a music with 4mb and i want to when anyone watch the propertise of this song , it shows 10mb to him???

Answer:show wrong size of a file in properties

no one has my answer???

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I have an old compaq PC here that my son gave me. It runs win ME, amd athlon, and has a 40gb hard drive, it says it on the case and I even took it out to check it and it's 40gb, but it's only showing up in "my computer" as 1.99gb total size. How do I get the entire 40gb hard drive back?

Answer:herd drive size shows up wrong

Is the drive partitioned? Try going to Start, My Computer, and see if there is more than one hard drive listed.


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I went to turn on the computer and was getting this error CMOS Memory size wrong Press F1 to go into setup Press F2 to load setup defaults. I was unable to load defaults and when tried to go into setup it just went to a blank screen. So I tried replacing the CMOS battery and now I cannot get that far. It turns on you here the fans and the power lights on the panel and DVDís but itís like in a loop the light come on the DVDís then extinguish then about 20 seconds later lights come back on. I am getting no picture, I have tried reseeding the battery and discharging the CMOS and nothing. Does any one have any other ideas?

Answer:Solved: CMOS Memory size wrong

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I have a 120gig hard drive that is now showing that it only has a total size capacity of 70.6 gig.If I click on disk management it shows the size as correct 111.70 gig, but then if I right click the same drive and choose properties it shows the size as 70.6 gig, and shows the reduced capacity if I click on "My Computer".I have acronis partition expert which shows the sizeto be correct 111.70 gig but is showing used spaceas 56.8 gig and available space as 54.9 gig,when in realityhave only used about 16 gig.I am using win XPAny Ideas how I can get my drive back to the right size?Thanks

Answer:Hard disk showing wrong size.

Have a look in Admin Tools/ Disc management there may be a partition that needs to be formatted.

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I know this is probably a common problem, but I've searched and I've searched and I can't find a solution, so I wondered if you guys could help.

What happened is, my PSU frazzled which in turn corrupted my main hard-drive. Now, I recently this hard-drive into a different computer, and have been able to recover around 20gig of the 160gigs of data using tools like GetDataBack. However, now I'd like to format it and start again, but the hard-drive only shows as being 31gigs as opposed to 150-160. Could anyone tell me how to rectify this problem? The really annoying thing is I think I had a similar problem with a previous hard-drive that I managed to solve in the end.

Here are the specs for this computer, in far more detail than entirely necessary. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated! Cheers.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
Motherboard Name: Asus P4P800-MX (3 PCI, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
Motherboard Chipset: Intel Morgan Hill i865GV
System Memory: 502 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type: AMI (08/27/04)

Disk Drive: ST380020A (80 GB, 5400 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
Disk Drive: HDS722516VLAT80 (160 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)

C: (NTFS): 76308 MB (44748 MB free)
G: (NTFS): 32247 MB (32182 MB free)
Total Size: 106.0 GB (75.1 GB free)

BIOS Properties
Vendor: American Meg... Read more

Answer:Hard drive shows as wrong size

Get the manufactures tools & scan the drive to make sure the are no defects and it will prep the drive for install too.
The other way is to fdisk and delete all partitions then create one that is the size of the drive or what ever you want.

Good tool to have is the ultimate boot cd

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Just installed WIN7 - and now my second display won't show the correct size. When booting the computer the picture fills out the entire display, but as soon as I have to logon to windows it decreases to a sad sad size which I'm completely unable to change What to do?

// Jacob

Answer:ATI Radeon X1550 - wrong display size

I assume you have Catalyst Control Center installed? If you do, start it; click the GRAPHICS tab at the top left; select DESKTOP DISPLAYS in the drop down menu; click the black triangle of the display you want to change the properties of; click PROPERTIES in the drop down menu; select the resolution for your display; click apply, then OK.

In Windows: Right click on an open spot on your desktop; select SCREEN RESOLUTION; select the screen in question and choose resolution.

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I recently came across a teribble knowledge , when I changed the partition number of my 40 gb hard disk, with partition magic ,
I made four equal partitions and install windows xp.
Now the problem is that when I check through the partion magic , it shows four partitions with 9.4 gb each (almost).
but when I check through windows , (right click>properties) it is shows only 4. 3 gb
what is the problem and how can I solve it
best regards

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Afternoon all.

I have a WD Elements SE 750Gb external hdd - one of the newer ones that has a micro-usb connector that is mounted on the pcb, not an adapter to a sata drive. I had it plugged in the other day when starting the PC - there was a clicking noise that sounded like a key stuck on the keyboard.

I powered off the PC, removed everything and restarted - all good.. except the drive wouldn't read. It would power on but was not recognised within windows 7 as having been attached to the system.

The data is important so I went out and bought another drive the same as the first and swapped out the pcb (in doing so I noticed the original drive had a burn mark through one of the chips). the new pcb has allowed the drive to be recognized but now has two problems:

1. drive cannot be initialized in drive manager - error: drive is marked read-only
2. drive size shows up as 2048Gb

I'm hopeful that it's just down to a different firmware on the pcb. If this is the case, is there a way I can backup the current firmware, replace it to access the data, the re-flash it back to the original for use with the current new drive?

or am I barking up the wrong tree? any help, pointers is appreciated.

thanks Simon

Answer:WD Elements 750Gb - fried.. new pcb, now wrong size

Hit up a Ubuntu Boot-CD. See if Linux can read it, if so, back it up.

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I've recently replaced a defective memory stick in one of my PCs and now it is reading memory size wrongly. The mobo is a POS-MIQ35AF (skt 775), CPU is a C2Q 9550 (2.83 GHz) and I have 4x2GB Kingston KVR DDR2 modules. Instead of reading 8192 MB it's reading 8064 MB. When I left only 2 sticks it reads 4032 MB... The system is working normally with no BSODs, but it's quite wired...

What may be causing that?

Answer:PC reading wrong DDR2 memory size

What does it show in resource monitor under memory tab? It may be subtracting hardware reserved.

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Hi all...just replaced my PC with a Dell optiplex and the hard drive shows a size of 10GB in My Computer although it's actually 20GB on looking at the actual Maxtor drive in the PC. I think this has been partitioned in the past.How do I un partition to get the full 20GB back. Cheers.Gawsworthboy

Answer:wrong hard drive size? partitioned

2 ways:the first, using FDISK is destructive of all that is on the hdd.The second, using a utility such as Partition Magic will (should) not destroy your here

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I have this problem that's more an an aesthetic issue than anything, but it's rather annoying. I have my icons set to be rather large on my desktop, and I download custom icons for everything to match. About halfway through the day, about half of my icons were small, for no reason. I've tried refreshing my desktop, restarting, deleting the icons and remaking them, and changing the icon, then changing it back and none of that has worked. There has to be a solution I"m not aware of, and an internet search hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

Answer:Desktop Icons Show at wrong size

Hello Eccid

Just right click on your desktop then click on "view" and choose medium or small icons !!

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No matter how many times I go to 'View' settings, every time I choose a new window (i.e. opening a folder) I am always met with a small-format window rather than a full-screen, full-size one. I also am met with random lists instead of 'medium-sized icons', which I have opted for and chosen as default in 'view'. Have I missed a colossally simple tick in a box?

Answer:'New window' selection is always the wrong size/type...

Hello James,

By default, folder views are a per folder setting, and will be the same as when last closed per folder.

In a library, the folder view is shared between all included folders in the library.

If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to set a default folder view for all folders.
Folder Template - Set Default for All Folders in Windows 8
Afterwards, open File Explorer, maximize it to full screen, and close File Explorer. Each time you open File Explorer it should now open full screen as it was last closed.

Hope this helps,

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I have an Epson r300 photo printer, I am having problems getting the printer to print the right size prints for example when I select 10 by 15 cm the prints come out at 8 by 11 cms I rotate the image to portrait as suggested by Epson but no difference I have tried several applications including Adobe photo elements 2 and the software that came with my Digital camera, has anyone had any joy with their Epson R300 or is it a charateristic of photo printing to have undersized prints

Answer:wrong size photo prints from printer

I have an R300 printer and use Paintshop Pro 7 and am able to print multi images on a sheet or any size I want without any trouble. How are you setting the size.

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Ive just purchased a 250gb hard drive with new system and installed win xp on it and it shows it is 127gb. In bios it says it is 250gb, can anyone please help me on this i cant find what to do when i know its a setting in bios but can someone please tell me it?

Answer:Hard drives reads wrong size

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So I have a new computer and everything was running fine. But the next day I open my "uninstall a program" and it's saying outlandish sizes of things. I have the game Oblivion and it's not saying there is a size while as Network Magic is 32.6 GB which is HUGELY wrong for it's only a couple of MB. I am not that good with computers so googling help got me confused with registrey key and stuff because I dont know how to access this. So, I restarted computer and everything but it's still wrong. Please help I don't know what to do or if this is dangerous

Answer:Uninstall a program showing wrong size

Is there anything wrong with performance of Win7 or the programs themselves?

Run SFC -SCANNOW Command, report back what it finds.

If it finds no OS corruption and you have no performance issues then I would not worry about it.

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I have a thread running in the Devices and hardaware section about my pc having problems booting from cold start.
Anyhow i have nearly sorted it now as it was a faulty motherboard.
I put in a 2nd hand motherboard and used a sata 160gb hard drive with a 80gb ide drive. Installed windows 7 and then i went to try and restore sytem image using windows but when completed it was nothing like what was on my pc before it broke.
The image file in the windowsystemimage folder 31gb.
Anyhow while looking on here i found out about restoring broken image files using Macrium and tried that. When it goes to make an image it says the file is 18gb but on the vhd it has a size and free space are the same as 100 minus 31 equals 69(hope it makes sense) so i dont know where the 18gb file size comes from.
It looks to me the 18gb is a backup and not a full system image but it was in the windowssystemimage folder.
Any ideas very muck welcome.

Answer:Windows system image wrong size


I have tried to put my sytem image back using Macruim and following the tutorial on here but it kept saying something like couldn't find image or something like that.
I will try again later.
I still dont get the difference in the file sizes maybe when i done the image it went wrong and only saved the data and not a full system image.

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Bought a new laptop from the outlet, was supposed to have 1 terrabyte hard drive.. Turns out it's' only119gb for some strange reason.. How do i get this fixed?

Answer:Wrong hard drive size for new laptop

The system likely has an SSD of 120G plus the hard drive.  What model system is it?
What does the system setup (F2 at powerup) report for the installed drive(s)?

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I've bought a new WD 120 gig hard drive in advance of my Maxtor 80 gig failing - SMART alarm. In trying to solve some other problems and mirroring the drive, the 120 gig is now listed as a 33 gig.
BIOS says:
33821 MB
Cyl 65530
Head 16
Sector 63

BIOS did show the drive coming up correctly - previously. I do currently have a 60 and 80 gig install which bios sees properly. BIOS is at latest update.

I've tried WD SW, partition magic, fdisk, format, all options stop at 33gig.

Why would the BIOS now see this 120 gig lower - auto or manually. What could I've done to the drive and how to reverse.



Answer:Hard drive wrong size- Not BIOS

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I noticed a post about this but it is closed so i can't reply. I was having troubles in Microsoft Word, when i would insert a background picture it would blow it up to twice the size so i would only see a portion of the image. I figured out its the resolution that makes it distorted so by changing my image to 72 dpi from 150 dpi it fit perfectly into my word document. Hope this helps others with the same issue!

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I ordered a Bluetooth Module for my S10-2 here:
But the cable supplied had a connector that will not fit into the appropriate socket on the motherboard.  In the photo below, I have the vendor's photo from his installation photo series, and my photo of the actual situation:
Anyone have any idea as to the correct connector type, and the pin-out of a cable to run to the BCM92046 from the connector on an S10-2?
The vendor says that all the cables he has are the same, yet the connector is clearly to big for the socket.
 image(s) >50k converted to link(s). 

Answer:S10-2 Bluetooth Add-On Cable Connector Wrong Size?

same cables?

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I just took a slave drive out of one computer and put it in another and I don't want to lose the files on the slave but windows is showing it's a 47g hd and it's a 100g hd and when i try to explore or view the files it shows nothing just a blank page :\ Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:WindowsXP slave drive size wrong

Are the jumpers set correctly? There may be a change needed on the jumpers for the other drive on the cable since some are different depending if there is a slave present or not.

Try making it a master on the second channel.

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Not sure if this is a MS issue. Default zoom setting for Edge is 125% but Outlook email is suddenly really tiny in size despite Edge showing 125%. The right hand 30% of the screen is now just empty white space. If I change it to 100% and back to 125% then it corrects until I close and reopen Edge. No other tabs are affected.

Answer:Outlook suddenly displaying at wrong size in Edge

This is what I am seeing.

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This is apparently exactly the the same problem as the old WinXP issue relating to "normal fonts (96DPI)" vs. "large fonts (120DPI)", except that Microsoft now refers to it as "medium 125%" in the Personalize -> Display font size customization dialog.

The problem is that if the application has drawn its window to be FIXED-SIZE (as opposed to re-sizable using the lower-right-corner "pull" control) and does not also provide scroll-bars in case the fixed window size is too small to show everything, when customizing font size to be larger than 100% Windows apparently only grows the HORIZONTAL size of the window but does not also grow the window in the VERTICAL dimension.

The result is often to simply chop off the lower content of a window as intended to be drawn by the application. I have just run into this with a Sirius Player (Internet Radio) application named Stream_ON.

Here is the player window at 100% font size, showing everything it should.

And here is the same player window at 125% font size. Note the loss of the entire lower portion of the expected content and application controls.

In fact, the 100% window is 660x592 whereas the 125% window is 842x592. Sure, the application has drawn the window as FIXED and non-resizable. But if Win7 is going to widen the window by 25%, why doesn't it also increase the vertical size of the window by 25%?

Seems like the blame should be shared, both by the application developer for wr... Read more

Answer:Personalize->font size 125%: windows drawn wrong

And, it is the fault of who again, oh yeah Microsoft, they should have known better, they should have predicted that some third party software maker would not take this subject matter into consideration.

Just a personal thought. . .that darn Microsoft is up to it again. . .

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In VISTA I just reformatted my external Hard-drive (Western Digital 250 GB, NTFS). It now shows only 232 GB capacity !What happened to the rest? Is it really the case that "...two different measurement formats used. Decimal (GB) and binary (GiB) formats..."click hereAny suggestions:1) How to reclaim the missing 18 GB ?2) How to set VISTA to recognize ti as 250 GB?Finally, (Vista users) does your external HDD report the full capacity?

Answer:Hard Drive Size being reported wrong in Vista !

Windows reports the size correctly, i.e.divided by 1024, the manufacturers cheat a bit and divide by 1000.

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I have a new pc  As i have a couple at home have agreed to allow my son to use any bits that will increase the size etc of the one he uses with my old pc.Having said this he has duly snapped up the HDD a newish 80gig maxtor to add to the 20 gig on his.This is where the problems have arisen from. As i had the drive partitioned into 3 sections he has tried to delete them and reformat using fdisk etc on a win 98 startup disk.Right problems: in fdisk there is only a total of about 12 gig being seen? I have also now connected it as a slave to an existing pc using xp to see if that can see the whole drive. Doing this the machine doesn't recognise the drive at all. Once xp boots it finds new hardware, recognises the drive but only shows the last original partition data intact.I have found a small freeware that claims to restore HDD's to factory settings. I have loaded this ran it and that reports the full size correctly but then says doesn't need restoring  How can I get the drive back to full capacity. All data on there origanlly has already been backedup as needed so even a way to completely format the whole drive anything that will restore it to be seen and as such be able to replace his small HDDAny help wouldbe appreciated as I'm struggling to think of what to search for now on google

Answer:Hard Drive: wrong size/delete error

Don't worry- this is a problem with the Windows 98 version of FDISK. I believe that disks over a certain size would subtract 64GB from the actual total. (that would be 16, but we're forgettting about the fact that an 80GB drive is not quite 80GB)I believe Microsoft has document this problem and released a fix.good thing I read the MSKB when I'm bored. here is the knowledge base article: luck to you.

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My niece had Dell come to her home and replace the laptop screen on her Dell. The tech left without her booting the computer up. Once she booted the computer, the Dell logo was shifted to the right of the screen and the F2 and F12 were all the way to the right and you can't read what the options for those keys are. The computer then boots to windows Vista and the logo for Vista is closer to the bottom of the screen rather than in the middle. Once at the log-on screen the user IDs are at the bottom of the screen again rather than in the middle. Once she is in Vista the screen is to big and the task bar can not be seen. I got the computer and tried several different resolutions and used the Intel Graphics Media program and i see the refresh is locked on 49 Hertz. I then tried to use the Aspect Ratio Settings and put it on center screen and the screen is then shifted to the right and pushed down a little less than 1/3 of the way down. Dell told her that it was now a software issue and stated that they would charge to fix it. I updated the video driver and the Bios for the laptop but the problem still persists. It does not appear to be a windows issue due to the screen having a problem during the initial boot. Does any one know of a fix or of a way to adjust the Horizontal and/or Vertical Sync?



Answer:Solved: Laptop Screen Wrong Size Even On Boot Up

Nope, there really aren't any adjustments in a laptop, at least none that are accessible by a user as far as I know. Call Dell back and have that "tech" fired, he should have turned it on and made sure it worked. But really, if Dell installed the screen then they need to fix it, it might not even be the right screen. It is NOT a software issue if the BIOS screens do not appear correctly on the laptop. They really need to fix it, ask for a supervisor.

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I just put a new system together and I'm using 2 wd 320 gig sata harddrive from previous system. The drives were not set up in a raid configuration and I do not want to do so now. I had partitioned each drive into 3 drives. I know I have to reinstall xp, but I dont want to lose the data on the other partitions. The new MB sees both drives as WD 320 gig drives, but when I try to install XP it only sees C: partition1 (unknown) 131072 mb and d:partition1 (unknown) 131072 mb.

My system:
Asus Rampage formula LGA itel X48 Intel mb
Intel core 2 duo E8400 wolfdale 3.0ghz lga 775 65w dual-core
2 gig of OCZ platinum ddr2 sdram ddr2 1066 pc2 8500
EVGA 896-P3-1262-AR GeForce GTX 260
OCZ ModXstream 900w psw

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:xp setup list wrong size hard drives

I got my system up and running. I soon as I disconnected the secound Hard drive, XP setup detected the right drive and I was able to get Xp installed and I did not lose any of my data


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