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How do I retrieve data from harddrive?

Question: How do I retrieve data from harddrive?

Hello. I had a computer in which I sometime ago, put a new motherboard and athlon processor in. Just recently, it started acting strange. My control panel would not act right. The Add/Remove Programs would not work, nor would the System icon work. It would suddenly lock up on me. I tried to reinstall Windows XP, but it had a spool error and stopped. Anyway, I bought a new computer with 40 gig hard drive in it and preloaded with Windows XP. (I had Windows XP in the old computer, too.) Is there anyway I can retrieve my data from my old hard drive? I have hundreds of digital photos on it, plus some other data I would hate to lose. I had CD's for all my programs on it. Anybody got any method to retrieve the data?

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Preferred Solution: How do I retrieve data from harddrive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How do I retrieve data from harddrive?

You can hook up the drive as a slave and get your info if the drive is still good.

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Hi, i'm new to the forums and was looking for some help. I purchased a new computer last week and hooked up my old harddrive to retrieve some of my old data. It was working fine until recently whenever i try to access it, it tells me the harddrive isn't formatted and won't let me view the files. Is there any program or a way i could get some of my old stuff back?
thanks in advance.

Answer:Any Way To Retrieve Data From Old Harddrive?

Do both drives have XP installed? Are the both NTFS or FAT32 file system?

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I have a Maxtor 60g drive that appears to have failed, not physically though. I am using a W95 machine for testing (could be my first mistake) with EZ drive installed in the bios which should allow it to see drives larger than 2 gig. I first used a W98 FDISK bootdisk and FDISK/mbr command to fix the boot record that I believe was corrupted and then ran the EZ Drive boot disk utility to test the drive. It says all is okay! Now when I install the drive as a slave drive my bios sees only 8gigs instead of the full amount. I tried to manually input the drive data into the bios but the figures don't generate the correct size of the drive. Could this be because of the W95 system? Also, assuming that the data on the drive is still intact, what utility could I purchase to retrieve it without the convience of a boot record for reference? :bounce:

Answer:How do I retrieve data from crashed harddrive?

I would add a pci ide card and retrieve the data that way, unless I could slave the drive in another sys and burn a cd or dvd.

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Hey everyone, I'm ner here. This looks like a great place for information. Looks like I'll be stickin around. Anyway, my buddy is in some major trouble. He has a big project due tomorrow and it's all saved at school. He had it at home but his ssiter reinstalled windows xp, and his file is lost.

Is there a way to retrieve his file?

Thank you very much,


Answer:Retrieve data off harddrive after reinstall of win xp??

Highly unlikely if she installed from scratch.
If she re-installed over the existing XP, the file should still be there.
Best bet is to get the copy back from school and continue with that.
Then burn it on a CD.

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I have a new computer and had a significant amount of info in my taskbar on my previous computer. Can I retrieve the taskbar from the previous hard drive?Thanks, Uncle Deweymessage edited by uncledewey

Answer:Can I retrieve the taskber last harddrive?

Well, it does sound as if you are searching for the right thing. You need to search the whole of the drive because Firefox's own backups are not with Firefox. This is the sort of thing you need to find:bookmarks-2014-11-11.jsonAlways pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Last night, accidentally i deleted my data from D drive and my recycle bin is empty.Is there any way to retrieved my data back.

Answer:Data Recovery - how to retrieve my deleted data back.

If you have restore points on the D partition, you can recover with Shadow Explorer. If not, you can try Recuva. - About Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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Hello, I've been struggling with getting a simple InfoPath 2007 form to work with a test MS Access 2007 database. I feel the best way to explain what I am doing is by giving you an example.

Background of scenario:

Lets say I am a distributor of gas cylinders. I have 100 different gas cylinders that I fill and send to customers. When they are done with the gas, they return the cylinders and I fill them back up. Each cylinder has specific data related to each: manufacturer, serial #, specific cylinder ID, and material of construction (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc). I have this data in my MS Access database, in an individual table called "CYLINDER_DATA". Every time I refill a cylinder, I need to record the date and measure the pressure and temperature (among other things) of the gas in the cylinder. This data (along with the specific "CYLINDER_DATA" at this date of measurement) must be added as a new record in a different table called "CYLINDER_MEASUREMENTS" in the same database.

What I would like to do:

So, I want to create an InfoPath form for operators to use whenever they need to perform measurements on a newly filled cylinder. So, I created an InfoPath form, that starts with a drop-down list box control that is populated with the 100 different cylinder IDs. A user would choose one of the "cylinder IDs" from the drop down list and then click "retrieve data". This would then populate the fields directly below:... Read more

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i have a Q190 for 12 months, the harddrive fail last week.  right after the warranty expired oct 25. i install a new harddrive in it.i have usb key with win10 on it, as if i have to install window, better go with win10.  Now i need the window 8 key to install, as it doesnt have a label with win key anymore.on the menu it said win8 key is in BIOS, i couldnt find it.any help ??thanks

Answer:Q190 harddrive fail, how to retrieve win8 key to restore ??

hi enook,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you have a Windows 10 product key then you can install Windows 10 right away and use the product key to activate it.
However, if you don't have a Win10 product key and you're planning to upgrade using the WIn8.1 key to Windows 10, you should:
1. Follow this guide on how to download a Win8.1 ISO (see Option 1) then check this guide on how to create a bootable Win9.1 USB flashdrive.
2. Reinstall Windows on the Q190 using the bootable flashdrive that you've created on Step 1 (the installer should automatically detect the Win8 product key in the BIOS and will automatically activate Windows).
In case you get issues activating the OS, you should activate by phone.
3. Insert your Win10 USB flashdrive (or copy the contents into the Q180) and navigate to X:\Sources\Setup.exe (this is the path of the Win10 installation files) and follow the prompts to upgrade Windows 10.

You can find the Win8.1 product using tools discussed in this article.
You can only activate Win10 if you have upgraded from an activated copy of Win8.1 or if you have a retail Win10 product key.

added links:
Let me know if this works for you.

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is their any software out their to retrieve a harddrives lost data (actually, a large image) i made to backup my data. what happen was that i made a backup of my harddrive onto another harddrive which i was going to use as my backup. however when the person was installing windows ontop the first harddrive, they accidently formatted the other harddrive and install windows over that (without me really knowing about it until windows was installed onto the first harddrive). Is their any software that be able to retrieve it? I would give anything to retrieve it.

Answer:Software to Retrieve A Formatted Harddrive (with windows files installed)

These may help

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Hey guys/gals, here is my dilema. I got a virus/worm the other day. It removed my task bar and shifted some of my shortcuts. It also would not allow me to copy ANY files to a pen drive or external hard drive device sooooooo.....I began a Windows XP SP2 installation fix in hopes that it would temp fix it so I could pull my data off and do a clean format. The Install stops and hangs with approximately 39 minutes left until setup is complete. I have restarted my computer uncountable times and it still hangs at 39 minutes left. I do not see an option to quit the install. I tried removing the drive and putting it in an external enclosure to retrieve the data but when I try to access my folder it says that access is denied. This is obviously due to the fact that I had a User Account password. I can access the Guest Account and my Kids Account since there are no password on them, but not mine. I reinstalled the hard drive into the original computer and it still hangs at 39 minutes. Is there any way to quit the WinXP SP2 install fix so I can go back into my damaged user account and turn off my password so I can put the drive into an external enclosure and pull the data to my other computer? I would appreciate any help as I have digital photos a video files of the family that I can't replace!!!!! Please help!!!!!!

Answer:HELP!! Retrieve data

i would think that out of panic you may have created unsaveable bits but you might ( hopefully ) be able to system restore to befor the debacle you have created, best of luckjohnny

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Hey guys/gals, here is my dilema. I got a virus/worm the other day. It removed my task bar and shifted some of my shortcuts. It also would not allow me to copy ANY files to a pen drive or external hard drive device sooooooo.....I began a Windows XP SP2 installation fix in hopes that it would temp fix it so I could pull my data off and do a clean format. The Install stops and hangs with approximately 39 minutes left until setup is complete. I have restarted my computer uncountable times and it still hangs at 39 minutes left. I do not see an option to quit the install. I tried removing the drive and putting it in an external enclosure to retrieve the data but when I try to access my folder it says that access is denied. This is obviously due to the fact that I had a User Account password. I can access the Guest Account and my Kids Account since there are no password on them, but not mine. I reinstalled the hard drive into the original computer and it still hangs at 39 minutes. Is there any way to quit the WinXP SP2 install fix so I can go back into my damaged user account and turn off my password so I can put the drive into an external enclosure and pull the data to my other computer? I would appreciate any help as I have digital photos a video files of the family that I can't replace!!!!! Please help!!!!!!

Answer:HELP!! Retrieve data

Go to Safe Mode...(Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. On a computer that is configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can press the F8 key when the Boot Menu appears.)

Select the Administrator Account to login, then go to Control Panel > Accounts > Ur Account > Disable Password!

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i burned pictures and videos on a dvd using roxio on windows xp now i got a laptop and it uses windows vista and when i put the disc in the drive it pops back out

Answer:is there any way i can retrieve data off of a

Yes there is a program call "recuva" or PC Files Inspector are free and work well. Perhaps the drive has an issue. It couldn't hurt to try it in another computer.

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I just upgraded from Vista to XP (not a typo, just an opinion) and before I did I backed up all my photos. I'm doing a study abroad program in Australia and I put all of my photos from the trip onto a CD. Well about five actually, but its two of the CDs that won't read.

XP is reading them as writable discs with nothing on them. If I look at the CDs in the light, you know-physically, then I can see that there is data written.

Is there any way to get to it?

I really don't want to lose those photos!


Answer:Can't retrieve data from CD

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I have an Excel spreadsheet (sheet 1)- in one column "C" with account Code numbers in alpha numeric form in subsequent rows but no account name. In another sheet (2) I have full list of account code numbers in one column and against each code the relative account name in another column in subsequent rows. How do I insert the respective account name in sheet 1 against the account code by picking the right name from sheet 2. I think I need to conditional format sheet 1 but I don't know how to. Please help. Thanks

Answer:Look Up And Retrieve Data

Read up on the VLOOKUP function in the Excel Help files.Although you didn't give us a lot of information related to how your data in Sheet2 is laid out, it sounds like VLOOKUP is what you need.Conditional Formatting has nothing to do with looking up or retrieving data. Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I just recently bought a used computer to replace the one I had which died on me. For some reason, my old harddrive isn't being recognized as the main hard drive when I remove the new one and plug my old one in. Both harddrives are recognized when I have my old one plugged up with the extra power and IDE cable, so I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of my old drive to the new one and have it where it transfers all of my installed software over without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Harddrive to harddrive data transfer?

So what you tried to do is get WinXP to boot after it was installed on a different computer. This usually does not work well unless the Motherboard onthe new computer is almost identical to the old one. At the very least you would want to uninstall all drivers that were istalled as part of the old motherboard then do a repair installation of Windows XP. Then again if your installation of Windows is an OEM version of Windows it is not legal to use it on a second computer even if the second computer is a replacement for the first. If this is a retail copy of Windows then you can do it. You would need also the drivers for the new system.. As far as transfering installed programs from one hard drive to another and have them work properly if at all, it is not likely that you will succeed in doing so as installed programs make changes to the registry so that windows will know where to go look for the files to operate these programs. Just transferring the programs will not make the changes needed to your registry that an installation would make.

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Hi i ''had'' allot of text docs save to a 4G usb stick some of which i deleted for the sake of my own privacy ,i was lending it out to other peoples.

I just need some suggestion on freeware programs that's are easy to use ,i only need to retrieve 1 .txt file with an old gmail password that i had deleted.

Answer:Retrieve lost data from USB?


Have you tried Recuva?

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Hi all,

One of my friends has formatted his machine but now he has realized that he has done that with some important data. Now we are seeking for a software which can take the relevant formatted data back. What is the software we can use?. He is on windows xp. Please help.

Answer:How to retrieve formatted data?

Useful guide and suggested software here:

Also in case you didn't know "
The first absolute rule you need to know is – do not write to the hard drive if you are planning on recovering data off it. When you write to a hard drive the system drivers randomly write data to the disk. So, when you write to a drive there is a good chance you are overwriting any data on it that you could have possibly restored.
This means do not try to boot from the drive, or if it is an external USB drive do not store any new files on it. Next, you can start thinking of recovery by picking one of the below mentioned options."
Hope this helps?

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I have a compaq presario. My computer crashed and I was given the option to backup my data before I did a complete system restore.

I completed the backup, and it put the files on my CD rom.. the problem is that these files have an fbw extension and I can't retrieve the data. It seems like this is a big problem with a lot of HP users. when I insert the disk, it acts as if it is reading it, but nothing happens and it freezes.

Any help retrieving these backed up files? thanks

Answer:Can't retrieve backed up data

You have to go back in to the HP backup software, and restore back up CD files from there, with the CD in the drive

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I've searced far and wide for a possible answer to my question, but I have unfortunatly come up very short in something that can be done.

I recently updated my password on a gaming site, as well as updating some of my personal information. The problem is, I forgot my "secret question" I always just neglect to take those things seriously and usually just put in some random answer.

A couple days ago I thought i was hit with a keylogger (I run with 0 protection on IE or an idiot) so I updated my password while I was half today I realize I forgot my password (and the key element of the "secret question).

I'm wondering if there is a way to recover the data I submitted from my cache files or history from IE.

I haven't even found anything to direct me towards getting the information back...but I was hoping there could be something done, as I won't be able to retrieve my account otherwise.

Answer:Retrieve Post Data from IE7

Hello and welcome to TSF

I am sorry we are not allowed to help with this problem.

Please read the forum rules:



We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with software pirating, hacking, password cracking and keystroke recording software. Furthermore we will not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.



Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

Thread Closed

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i hard reset my phone but didnt backup
now i rerocded a few coversations of my group discussions of my friends using voice recorderTM pro
is there any way to get those recording ??

Answer:How can I retrieve app data from an sd card?

If the recordings were being saved on the sd card itself there is a small chance..How to Recover Deleted Song Files From a Memory Card
This is not the best answer, but rather an indication that it is possible. Google/Bing for more info
Tip: Remove the card from the phone and keep it separate for a while

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Accidently, some files were deleted by holding down Shift + and Delete keys.

is there a way they can be restored?

Answer:is there a way to retrieve data files?

If the files were deleted from the Win98SE side of your system you may be able to recover using this software. There is a free trial and many have saved lost files using it. Not usable for W2K


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Plugged in my pen USB tonight and all my data was gone,family photos,videos the lot. Drive says it's empty. Is everything lost? Is there any free software to get my stuff back?
Utterly gutted!

Answer:Can i retrieve lost USB data???

You can try data recovery software however I would not hold out much hope with a flash drive. Here is a link to a free data recovery app

This is just one of the reasons why we stress backups SO much. Data you do not backup is data you do not care about. All drives fail; it is only a question of when your drive will fail.

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I have formatted my Hard Drive and need to get some of the data back. HOw can i do this??

Answer:Retrieve Data from formatted HD

There are data recovery solutions such as For more search for "data recovery". I'm skeptical how useful they will be for a formatted hard drive though. It can be done. I just have my doubts about consumer data recovery solutions.

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Hi all, I've got 2 750gb sata hard disk and were in a shared,( showing as 1.5TB ) i think stripped configuration, my OS was on a separate 250gb disk, had an issue with Vista and had to reformat, not realising the implications, spoke to some Tech guys at work and they said the setup for the shared disks is held on the OS and need this to reinstall back and get the info,
Can anyone help?? Wife is going to kill me if I've lost some of the kids photos, hinsight, should have backed up and will in future. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I have accidently deleted 25 gigs of music and would like to restore it.
I have downloaded Restoration version 2.5.14 (?)
All the data is there, however I can only restore one file at a time is there something else I can use to restore large file chunks rather than one at a time?
Hopefully windows is not currently writing over the info. I have disabled programs that might do this.

Answer:Need to Retrieve Deleted Data!!

No, I have never seen a program that does more than one at a time.

And using the PC at all may over write deleted files. I would install the drive into another PC.

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I have just had to re-install Windows XP and backed up my data beforehand on 6 DVD's. As I didn't use a formal back-up program (I used the "drag and drop" function )after encoding I checked each disk to make sure the files were there; I even went as far as playing sample wav. files to ensure everything was OK.

I now find the data on each of the disks is inaccessible.

The disk drive will accept and read any other disks, DVD or CD and will also read backup disks which I encoded some months ago when I did a previous re-install.

The message I get from the system when I try to read the current backup disks is "D:\ Disk is not accessible. Incorrect function."

In effect, the disk drive that read, encoded and ckecked the files on Wednesday failed to recognize them on Thursday.

I have tried opening from My Computer and from Windows Explorer with the same negative result.

I am quite sure thre is nothing wrong with the media as all of the other disks on the spindle have been perfectly OK.

The data that I am in danger of losing is quite important and cannot be replicated so if there's anyone out there who can HELP - PLEASE!!!


Art Payne

Answer:Cannot retrieve backup data from DVD's

a possible;EN-US;315350

or try this... Right-Click on the problem drive > Properties > Recording Tab
and then check the "Enable CD Recording On This Drive" box.

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My Deskstar 75GXP (DTLA-307045) has recently entered its death throes. It's impossible for me to get into it, and even though Device Manager recognises the HD exists - and is "working properly". The icon to the drive does not show up in My Computer, in fact, it's gone from everywhere.

Is there hope for me to retrieve any data from the drive? Is there some software that can do this?

I'm running XP on a 1.4Ghz Athlon, on a KT7A-Raid mobo. The HDD in question only contains data - it's a slave to my C drive which is where I have Windows installed.

Answer:Software to retrieve data on a dud HDD?

D/L the diagnostics program for your HD

Then you could try HDD Regen (one of, if not the best), or Stellar Phoenix, or DriveRescue, or PartitionRecovery

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I have bought a book on microelectronics circuits by sedra and ssmith. It is accompanied with a cd-rom ( 23 mb). However, when i tried opening the dvd rw drive from my computer, it shows drag files to this folder to add them to the disc.on checking properties it shows file system is CDFS. I have copied the icon and pasted in my hard disk. Though again it shows copying..23 mb, when i open the folder in hard disc.. its empty.. On the cd rom it is labelled that pdf viewer and ppt viewer are the requirements. I'm tired with these stunts..need big time help please.. my os is win 7 ...:(

Answer:how to retrieve data from cdfs in win 7 os?

They aren't stunts, you need the proper software to view the files. PPT is a PowerPoint file so you'll need either Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office, or a standalone PowerPont viewer. PDF is a Portable Document file so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, Fox It Reader, or similar.You can find what you need here:

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I've got an IDE Western Digital hard drive that is from an old computer. I do have some data on it I would like to retrieve. I wanted to add it to my newer computer as a second hard drive, but it wouldn't allow me to since I have a SATA drive and no place that I could see to plug it in. What might be the easiest way to get the data? My newer computer is a Dell inspiron D530.

Answer:Solved: trying to retrieve data

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I used Nero to burn a CD with data and mistakenly was choosing Multisession each time (3 times total), so my data is written in three tracks on a CD. The problem is that Windows can access only the first track and there is no way I could get the data out of those two tracks. I tried to save an ISO image but Nero failed saying it was not possible due to some reasons (linked files or so). Is there any way I could save those data tracks?

P.S. Just solved that with a good program called ISOBuster, sorry

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Hi all

So I had 6 windows updates yesterday on my PC and since then it has been stuck in a boot loop. Tried safe mode, last known good configuration but still no joy. I have also just tried a linux boot disc called Knoppix but it just brings up media error (bad sector) messages for a few minutes and then halts.

I'm happy if I can just get My Documents off the hard drive. I have tried XP recovery console but it wont allow me to go into the 'Documents and Settings' folder - says access denied. Yet I can get into other folders? Besides this even if I did get in I have no other drive to copy my documents to. My floppy drive doesn't work. I have 2 other hdd's in, one on IDE and one on RAID.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way of copying files from 'My Documents' on my C: drive to a USB stick, or another one of my hdd's, from DOS without using a floppy drive!


Answer:Need to retrieve data from C: drive

If you have another computer or any friends who have computers you could try installing your hard drive in their computer and having them transfer your docs off your drive and onto their computer... If you have more than one hard drive you could try taking out the bad drive, installing an OS on one of the good drives and then reinstalling the bad drive to transfer the files over to one of the good drives.

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I have a very dead Vaio and I want to know how much Data I can retrieve if I buy a usb housing and plug into another pc?
Also How can I get my Window Mail data?

Answer:Data Retrieve 2.5 SATA

Take it you never had a backup,will people never learn,sorry to be of no use but a backup of your data is very very important.I use a click free item (Amazon look it up), saves many many tears.

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Hi Brink,

I just tried using this but is having problem with the take ownership option for the drive i was trying to retrieve data from. i'm able to see the option when i right click on other files on my desktop but couldn't see it when i right click on my external drive (a drive from my crashed laptop through usb). i also could not see the security options when i click on the properties of the drive. my crashed laptop operate on win 7 while my desktop operate on vista.

Can you help me out?


Answer:I'm trying to retrieve data from drive

Hello Kango, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I have updated the REG files. Please download them again, and run the Add_Take_Ownership.reg file again to add "Take Ownership" to the drive context menu.

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One of my Compact Disks is having a small minor crack at the center because of which I am unable to read the data present in that CD. Is there any software using which it is possible to retrieve data from the cracked CD?

Answer:Unable to retrieve CD data

I use ISOBUSTER. Ive paid the fee, but it does work for free.

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Hi All,

I have a 80GB Western Digital E/IDE Hard drive. It makes ticking sound and I have been using it as a slave HD. Now the HD is completed dead, windows XP wont even boot when this HD is connected to my primary master HD.

I was wondering how can I retrieve some of the data (Excel spreadsheet) from this dead HD. Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Retrieve Data from a Dead HD


Originally Posted by Discusman

Hi All,

I have a 80GB Western Digital E/IDE Hard drive. It makes ticking sound and I have been using it as a slave HD. Now the HD is completed dead, windows XP wont even boot when this HD is connected to my primary master HD.

I was wondering how can I retrieve some of the data (Excel spreadsheet) from this dead HD. Any idea?

Thanks in advance

You said you had it as a slave and it died; does it even recognize in the BIOS? Also what you meant by connected as a primary mean as setting the drive as master and other as slave; if so it will not boot if the drive is dead. Have you tried a Linux LiveCD to see if you can still access the drive?

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I used the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" to save my data so that I can transfer it to the same computer after a reformat.

The Wizard backed up data into a folder called "USMT2.UNC", and there are 2 files in it... one is a ~800 MB .dat file, and the other is named status (no extension).

When I pointed the Wizard to this location after reformat to retrieve my data, I got an error saying:

The location that you specified does not contain stored information.
Please type a valid folder path into the edit box.

If you entered a path to a folder to on a removable disk, the disk must be in the drive.
I really need to get this data back, anyone have any idea how to work it?

P.S: I need to know how to disable the "File Security Warning" when you try to open an exe from an unknown publisher.

Answer:cannot retrieve data stored for transfer!

I know this will sound like a "stupid" question, but are you sure that you saved to a disk (or partition) other than the one you formatted?

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I have two pc's and they are nearly identical. Mine just had major issues and I want to retrieve the data on the system before I try either a fresh install on that HDD, or perhaps get a new HDD and swap that instead of my current one.

I don't know if it's my HDD that failed, but after a major episode, and doing a repair, it keeps locking up on the checks and when bypassing that, it still locks up when I do get to log in. I tried to system restore, but apparently I don't have a restore point to do this, it just points to today!

So, I've read that I can put the HDD from pc #1 (which is having the issues) into pc #2, which is working just fine) and transfer pics, docs, fav places, etc, that I want to save.

I have no idea how this works. I've read about slaving and jumpers and such and this is all greek to me. I'm a reasonable beginner insofar as I know enough to really get myself in trouble, so I could REALLY use a detailed step by step description of what I should do. I'd also like to do some kind of diagnostic on the HDD from the pc that is exhibiting the problem to see if I do indeed need to get a new one.

Thanks for ANY help!

Answer:Can someone help me, need to retrieve data on a HDD before I do a fresh install

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I have a WD external HDD which is full of photos and music. It became non operational, appeared to be the chip that burnt out. So I took it out of the case and connected it to my Desktop PC. On boot up Windows recognised the drive and installed drivers but 'my computer' could not see it. so I dug further into device manager and there it was and also checked BIOS and it was there.
I looked at disk manager and it said I needed to intialise the disk. I was worried about losing data, so did some research that said it should still be there after initialisation but not able to be seen or accessed. So did initialisation and sure enough Windows recognised Drive in 'my computer' and I can access it with new data but not see the old.
I have tried a program or two that have worked previously to restore lost data in other circumstances but they are not working for this.
This drive had everything I own regarding photos etc. and I am desperate!

Answer:Initialized HDD now data not visible how can I retrieve

If I were you, I'd take this drive to a computer shop that does data recovery -- getting anything off this drive is gonna be pretty tricky since you initialized/formatted it. This is a job for a pro as if you try and do this you risk losing whatever might be left on that drive. If that data is really important, do not plug in or use that drive until you get it to a pro.

If you insist on fixing this yourself, you'll have to do the following things:

1. Clone your drive including the free space to another drive of at least slightly larger size
2. Run testdisk on the drive and try to recover the partitions.

I would suggest doing both of these from an Ubuntu live CD. Here's some related tutorials:

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I've synced my bookmarks and preferences with Firefox two weeks back. Now I've formatted my system and I want to get those bookmarks and preferences that I had added to firefox earlier. Please guide me to do it..

Thank U..

Answer:How to Retrieve Firefox Sync Data ?

NRT, you have a FF sync account?

How do I manage my Firefox Sync account? | How to | Firefox Help

A Guy

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Hi everyone.
My laptop fell off to the ground and I restarted it. It cannot be booted and went to windows repair.
Windows repair showed the bad disk notice and said it could not be fixed.
I had tried to do disk check and the login page appeared once (but few hours later it was still at that page...)
I removed the harddisk and tried to use the harddisk docking station, it shown as "unknown" with 7XXgb, no drive can be found in "My computer".
What can I do to retrieve my data??
Thanks a lot!! 
Link to image
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

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Hello.Okay. Here is my issue. I put my old floppy disc into the exact same computer that I saved or recorded the files on. Now, it's telling me that my disc needs to be formatted. But I know that formatting the disc will destroy all of my precious data that I saved on it.So since i can't format my disc that is full of data. How else could I get my computer to open up the files from the floppy disc?? Furthermore, If that fails, then is there a way i could just transfer all of my files from my floppy disc, to another area in my computer system? Without actually opening up and viewing the files? Since my computer refuses to open the files now? What Can I Do??? THANKS!!

Answer:Help! I'm Trying To Retrieve Floppy Disc Data

Could be that the old floppy disk has gone to floppy heaven but...Try running chkdsk a: /f /v from the command promptCan the floppy drive read other floppies?

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Hi...I have been using a 160GB Freecom external hdd with my laptop (Windows XP) for awhile, but today it started to make clicking noises and my computer is no longer reading it. The ext. hdd runs, but then gives up. After creating a system recovery, I uninstalled the drive under device manager to try to get it to reinstall, but the computer recognized a usb connection and not the hdd. I also connected the ext. hdd to another pc, but it said there was a problem with the install and the device might not work correctly and it didn't recognize the disk. So I guess what I really need to know is if I can still retrieve the data on the hdd since it is really "likely story" important. Am i better off just bringing it to the Best Buy Geek Squad? I've tried a data recovery software, but it didn't recognize the disk.

Answer:Can I retrieve data from a possibly broken ext. hdd?

Once you start hearing the clicking you can forget recovering data with software recovery programs.

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I have a 1 GB portable usb flash drive thats acting wierd, all of the sudden my information is gone (I had 4 folder with vitial data on it). I was working in photoshop on a project, & when i went to save the item in one of my folders on the the flash drive, I clicked:

save as / F: drive & the F drive appeared empty- blank?.

So I saved the project to my computers HDD & opened Win XP explorer, navigated to F: opened it & blank. Listen to this one it gets stranger, I clicked properties, F: drive & says

File system: FAT
635 mb used
366 mb free

Now for it to say this Im assuming that the data is not erased its somehow just hidden (I hope). I can still save to it, i just wrote some scracth in MS Word & saved it to the flash drive & it worked perfectly. Can someone please help me recover my data, its very important. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:How can i retrieve my data from my flash drive?

try plugging in to different port / or also can try shutting down and rebooting with the usb drive still in

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My old Pentium II has died - think the power supply has gone - won't switch on, cable is OK. Not too bothered about PC, rarely used it, but how do I cheaply and easily access the data on the hard drive?

Answer:PC dead - retrieve data help wanted

Hard disk caddie - click here

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I plugged in my 80 gig maxtor usb ext hd into my desktop to put some files in it. When i clicked the 'safely remove harddrive' icon, and tried to remove it, it said i wasnt allowed to as some programs were still accessing it when nothing was. So i decided to pull it out anyway as i sometimes do when i get this message with my other ext hd or thumbdrives. I rarely do this, since i rarely get that problem.

But when i pulled it back into my laptop, it gives me an error 'Drive H is corrupted and inaccesible'. I tried it with my desktop. Same error. I checked the properties and it sayd the drive is working properly. But the space used and left is zero. The file type is RAW. What does this mean? I'm getting really worried as the files in my ext hd are very valuable to my work.

I took it to some service shops. the one i bought it off from said they used to be able to do retrieving but now their company policies dont allow them anymore, at 1 gig for 200 bucks. another shop said all they could do is to reformat it which i cant afford.

Can anyone please help me?

Answer:Corrupted Ext HD out of the blue. How can I retrieve my data?

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My wifes computer needed to go and i did a whole disk backup as i thought that it was a regular image. Unfortunately it is not.

I can mount the image file without a problem and i have access to some of the folders that were on the desktop. 95% of the data is locked inside the 4234242-234897342-2348274 etc... files.

How can i access the data in those files?

I cannot have put the system on the new computer because it was 64b and the new computer is 32. I tried to install a windows 7 32bits but it's not working he doesn't see the backup. i tried every soft i can think of and can't open those files....

i searched here and couldn't find anything so if anyone has an idea....

Answer:How to retrieve whole disk backup data.

you might try to use Ubuntu? Ubuntu homepage | Ubuntu

DL here: Download | Ubuntu
Choose the 64 bit version. Burn it to a disc.

you can run it from the disc and it is 64 bit.

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I have HP pavillon dv9000 notebook which seems like dead now. I am trying to figure out its problems.
Any way I have been running windows vista OS on this machine and seagate free agent external hard drive as back up data.

My external hard drive is ntfc formated. I have been using vista OS to back up my files. I think I have clicked every thing in the security suite to back up like music, files etc.

Lets say my notebook is either dead or hard drive is dead, how do I retrieve my data. These are zip files. Do I need to have a pc to retrieve this data? If yes, then does this PC has to have vista OS.

I do have a mac notebook, with tiger OS (OS 10.4), can I retrieve this data with my mac?

Answer:How to retrieve notebook backup data?

I do not think Mac can read or write to NTFS. I do not think Mac can even recognize NTFS drive at all. So Mac is out. You will need to use this drive with a Windows OS or a Linux LiveCD to get the data back.

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I had a Vista Home Premium machine. and started getting hang-ups and blue screens. All diagnostics/scans/searches/etc that I did, and repairman did, showed no problems with anything...until the day it just wouldn't load Windows. We decided to go ahead and invest in a newer/faster machine, which came pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium - Version 6.1.7601, Service Pack 1, Build 7601, which I am trying to get going now. My problem now is:I did weekly backups on the Vista machine using Windows built-in backup tool and putting all onto an external drive. How do I get my data files, pics, and music from the external drive in their backed-up state to my new machine? I thought I was doing well to make a really thorough backup with everything on it, but am now stumped, and really scared that everything is gone because I don't know how to get to them. Silly me, I thought I could just copy things from that drive to my new machine. I have docs related to an ongoing lawsuit that I really need. Not to mention hundreds of songs and pictures of trips that are irreplaceable. Can anything be done? Am I thoroughly screwed? (please say no)Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Answer:How can I retrieve data from Vista backup?

The video howto in link below should help you. Backup Files in Vista and Restore Them in Windows 7‏ - YouTubeAnother option...using an Ubuntu Live is a howto video:072 07 - Using The Ubuntu Live CD to Recover Files From an Un-Bootable Computer‏ - YouTube

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Hi all,Seems like I've got a major problem on my hands. I went away for a week and returned home to what seems like a dud pc.Background:My pc was born in 2001 and has evolved quite a bit since then. (trigger joke, same broom, but with 19 different handles and 10 different heads). It's still quite old however.P4 3.06ghzGigabyte SiNXP1394 motherboard2GB dual channel RAMx-fi, dvd, cd, etc, etc....Harddrives:300GB x 2 setup on the onboard ATA raid controller in RAID 0.and mixture of other drives totalling upto 1.2TB.Lately, over the past months the PC boots up and resets itself to default BIOS settings, and then reboots again. It was doing that more and more lately.Problems:I came home turned on the PC (which no-1 else used) and found that it wouldn?t turn on. Eventually when it did power up it said it can?t find a system disk. At which point I though the drives had it. However, I rebooted and then it said hal.dll was missing. So i set about installing it via DOS bootup disk..... Problem, it didn?t recognise the OS drive (RAID drive). So i went to dig out the windows cd and try the repair mode via setup. Turned on the PC again..... wouldn?t turn on, the PSU blinked a couple of times and wailed then dies. Right, it?s the PSU then? Tried a couple of spare PSU?s, by just plugging in the motherboard power, raid drives and graphics card. I powered on, it lit up for a second and then died again. I checked to see the PSU was working properly. My PSU had died. I checked by ju... Read more

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I have two hard drives that are RAID 0, data being written to both. My motherboard went out and in the process of trying to find a new one, i want to know if i can still recover the data on the drives. They are not boot drives. I have a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP motherboard with a on-board Gigaraid IDE controller. Do i need to get the same exact motherboard to get the data off? A motherboard with the same controller? Or is there another way? Thank you so much!!


P4 3.4 Ghz
3 GB Ram
Gigabyte GA-8KNXP motherboard
X800XT video card
Win XP Pro

Answer:Retrieve data off of Raid 0 drives

Yes, if the drive is still spinning, you can connect it as a slave, or in a usb enclosure and drag and drop, or use recovery software... I would use a powered USB enclosure with a 5V power adapter... do not count on the power of the USB connection to turn it long enough or fast enough.
Or you can jumper it as a slave in many cases that have RAID space and get what you need.
If you KNOW the drive to be defective when you begin, startup with a plan, and do not quit until you have done your best job of rescue... because the drive may not turn the next time you try it.

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Hello and need help,

Running Vista on NVIDIA 8K series with SATA setup in RAID1 (MIRROR), onboard RAID controller after Windows Updates ran for a day then BSOD. RAID utility (Media Shield) says "Mirror Degraded-BIOS only recognized SATA2 Mirror. I installed new HD-BIOS sees both drives-RAID utility recongnized and I tried Rebuild, it stated "healthy"-hit F7 to finish then CTR X to exit. results of no rebuild and it tries to boot up w/o sucess.
I set computer up with only the new HD as IDE and is running ok on the one drive.
My MAIN concern is to get the pics off of the good RAID1 Drive, any suggestions??


Answer:recover or retrieve RAID1 data

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Hello Guys,

I was installing new software and the computer basically hung.

First off, it started and nothing appeared on desktop, ctrl+alt+del worked but could not open any programs.
Was told bluetooth licence was invalid!!
Then icons did appear after 3-4 restarts and an address bar appeared at bottom of page for internet, quite weird.
Could not open internet, microsoft outlook, no connection. Sort of looked like it was half in normal state and half in safe mode.
Then inserted All in One PC recovery disc and computer did PC recovery. Did not look like it was actually using the discs though.

New start up and new user created, all no problems other than loss of other information.
(done back up 2 weeks ago) favourites gone from internet, microsoft office not re-installed, outlook data gone!

Next step, I used [email protected] File Recovery to search computer and I can see all my old files, up to date. They are on old user, Jo Mansfield, I called new user BRM for no apparent reason. When clicked on recover for old files, said not to write on same folder as may overwrite other data etc, clicked to proceed and said been confirmed with warning but nothing seems to happen.

Can I change back to old user some how. Do you know why 'recover' is not recovering files?

Any suggestions and help appreciated. Please reply with any additional information you may need.

I do not want to re-install Office as I think is still on there and might overwrite something I need.

&... Read more

Answer:PC Recovery Issue - Can see old data but can't retrieve

This should help if you are seeing an Access Denied error:

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I have a 1 GB portable usb flash drive thats acting wierd, all of the sudden my information is gone (I had 4 folder with vitial data on it). I was working in photoshop on a project, & when i went to save the item in one of my folders on the the flash drive, I clicked:

save as / F: drive & the F drive appeared empty- blank?.

So I saved the project to my computers HDD & opened Win XP explorer, navigated to F: opened it & blank. Listen to this one it gets stranger, I clicked properties, F: drive & says

File system: FAT
635 mb used
366 mb free

Now for it to say this Im assuming that the data is not erased its somehow just hidden (I hope). I can still save to it, i just wrote some scracth in MS Word & saved it to the flash drive & it worked perfectly. Can someone please help me recover my data, its very important. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Answer:How can I retrieve my data on my flash drive?

ok I dont know what happended and it sounds a little weird but if I were you I would not save anything else to the flash drive, you might be overwiting your data.

Could be maybe the filesystem is corrupt (you do stop the device before you unplug it right?) try scanning it with fix filesystem option.

Maybe you can get at the data with an undelete utility? look around for one.

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My apologies firstly, as I admit to joining the forum because I have a problem that I require help with, which does seem selfish for my first post I know.I have a laptop which has started to show the BSoD on startup. I tried going into bios and disabling cache etc, but the memory wasn?t accessible (solid blue colour). After many attempts to restart, sometimes it does, but only for a few minutes which isn?t enough time to try and run any fix-it apps, which is just as well, because the problem started after I used a registry program bug fixer!Thought I would be clever and take the HD out of the laptop, connect it to my PC through a USB interface just to enable me to save my info (I have so many family pics and stuff that I don?t want to lose!!!), but when I plug it in I get the BSoD on my PC!I tried going in to admin and stopping autoplay of all drives, thinking that I could just go into the HD a different way without having it try an ?boot up?, but the PC still just does the BSoD screen, with a Bad-Pool-Header message.I hope there is a workaround for this, as I have some irreplaceable stuff on my HD.I am running WinXP Pro on the LT and PC if this helps.Just a thought, if I had another operating system like Linux or something, would that stop me getting the BSoD whilst I retrieve my info from the HD?Thank you in anticipation.

Answer:BSoD even when swapping over HD to a USB to retrieve data??

If you have  a Linux boot Cd/DVD then it should access the drive without the BSOD. try booting first from the DVD without the usb drive connected. If it is recent Linux it should detect USB devices as they are plugged in so then just plug the usb drive in and copy the data. If the laptop will boot from the linux dvd then with the drive in the laptop there is disk tools in most linux versions to check the hard drive for errors and read the smart table. This would also allow transfer to a usb drive. Normally when a drive BSOd it cause by a corrupt partition table so data recovery software maybe necesary.

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I'm in a real bind here. All the data from my business software is "trapped" on an external drive and I can't import that info into my updated business software.I lost the power supply to my old computer so I had Best Buy download all the info from my old hard drive onto an ext. drive which I connected to my new computer. I've been able to retrieve old emails but I can't get all my business data - scheduling, billing imported into my new, updated business management software. The copmany that sells the software doesn't return calls or email. When I try importing I get this message:error importing datathe microsoft jet database engine cannot open the file 'j:\data backup\ptbm\PTBM30.mdb' it is already opened exclusively by another user,or you need permission to view it's data. I then copied the files onto my C drive and these are what the files look like:ACMicrosoftPTBM.BCKPTBM.EXEPTBM.IIFPTBM30.MDBREADME.TXT I tried importing the "PTBM.BCK" file but I'm told it's the wrong file name. I don't know what to do, please help.

Answer:Can't retrieve data from ext. hard drive

It might work if you take ownership of the external HDD folder, right-click the folder, select Properties > Security Tab > Advanced at the bottom > Owner Tab > Edit > Highlight your username and put a tick in ?Replace owner on sub containers?? and Apply > OK. Now go back to the Properties > Security Tab, highlight your name and give yourself full permission (tick Full Control), if necessary. Have a look here click here In future it may help you to add ?ownership? to the right-click menu.Two registry changes will add or remove ?Take Ownership? to the right-click menu on most folders/files. Download them both here click here To use it, right-click a folder or file > Take Ownership > Click Continue for the UAC prompt. When it?s done, a command window will briefly pop-up.

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Hi allI have a very dead Toshiba laptop. I want to get data from the hard drive but do not have a way of doing it. I have a pc but I do not know of a way to hook my laptop hard drive to it...anyone have any ideasThanks

Answer:Retrieve data from my bust laptop

You could get a 2.5" external USB drive case fit the drive to that and connect to desktop usb. You would also be able to continue using this drive for backup

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My laptop is having motherboard issues and is going to need to be replaced. Frankly I'd rather get a new computer all together. Is there a way for me to retrieve the information on that hard-drive.

Answer:How do I retrieve data from an old hard drive.

heh, what laptop? I have an HP DV9700 with a motherboard problem too , curious if your on the same boat as me, cept I can't get mine replaced, HP won't do anything about it...
but anyways, If you have a desktop PC available with SATA connections (assuming your laptop HDD is SATA), you can take your HDD out of your laptop and actually plug it in to your desktop. After that's done do not boot from your laptop drive, just boot from your normal HDD (so make no changes to boot order) and you can just boot into the windows desktop, go to my computer, and browse all your HDD files.

Couple things to note:
If you're running Windows Vista on your desktop, careful on the bootup that it doesn't try and format that new HDD you put into your desktop, if it does, SHUT DOWN immediately!! You will need to download a Linux boot disk and boot to linux via the CD and then browse the files that way

If you're running Windows XP it shouldn't do that and you should be able to do as I said and visit my computer and view the files directly

If your laptop HDD is SATA there MIGHT be a converter on the connection for the harddrive which helps connect it to the laptop itself, and it should be removable revealing the sata connections, so go ahead and remove that.

If your laptop is IDE, you can buy an IDE-SATA converter.

Good luck, any questions get back to me

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Novice here: Licensed Hollander Powerlink software for car parts business. Closed business after 5 years. Can't open application anymore. Tech support won't help me. They told me that I need an SQL Expert to retrieve my data. They say it's still on my computer.

Answer:Retrieve data from extinct application?

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I need help real bad, my Cruzer U3 just got locked, I have 8 Gb of files & pictures that I absolutely must retrieve or loose my job.....there must be someone out there who had a similar experience and is willing to help.

Answer:Help with data retrieve from locked Cruzer U3

Unfortunately the U3 has been designed with no backdoors in mind, and will make any kind of data recovery VERY difficult.After having a good search around google, a few forums were refering to theese guysI do not know if their software is any good, but I thought I would post it here in the hope that it might just work!

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Hi All,Good Day.I have a user which the hard disk is falling and data have been backup but left the most important pst file that can't be backed.I had tried to use Scanpst to repair and get "An unexpected error prevented access to this file. I also use a disk error-checking program to check the disk.Thus I use chkdsk /r and /f, during the command run I get this "The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters", the disk have more than enough space and after then I had try pst repair also same.Like to check if 3rd party software like HDD Regenerator can repair or any other free software that if recommended.Would like to check if anyone has this experience or knowledge can assist me on.Currently, the hard disk is plugged into a cloning device with USB plug to pc.Many Thanks!

Answer:Retrieve data from a almost falling harddisk

You can send the HDD to a forensic data recovery service.This not a recommendation.Look here: offer a short video and they have an 800 number.Or just Google for:HDD recovery service.

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A month ago I discovered a minor virus on my system and following Symantec directions had removed it, but when I went to put the computer into Safe Mode to finish the process, my install of XP Pro completely crashed (this was all on the C: drive). I tried to repair the install using the installation discs, but it turned out that my brother (who originally set up the system 1.5 years ago) had forgotten what the administrator password he'd used to install it was. Since I couldn't fix it that way, I instead I did a parallel install of XP Pro on my second harddrive (D: drive). That install now works fine and as far as I can tell I haven't lost any of the data on my system. The original C: drive install had two profiles on it which were password protected. I know both passwords and I can access the My Documents data for one of them, but not for the other.

So here's the problem, all of my personal files which I really need are in the second My Documents folder. When I try to access it through the D: drive Windows install it just says it's not accessible and that access is denied. The C: drive windows installation is still messed up and I can't access any aspect of (i.e it won't go into Safe mode or anything). How can I rescue my files and move them over to the D: drive so I can reformat the C: drive?

I'm running an Intel Pentium 4, 2.40 Ghz, 1.79 Ghz, 512 MB of Ram, two hard drives of 80 gigs each. Windows XP Professional, 2002 edition.

I... Read more

Answer:Can't Retrieve Data in My Documents Folder

What you can try is to access the first install (C) with a bootdisk that you reboot with . After rebooting try to change the administrator password for the c drive then see if you can get access to it.. bootdisk

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I have a desktop which has bad virus. I ran couple of anti malware softwares but still not getting my files and icons back on my desktop. Can someone suggest me what can do so I can recover all my files and icons on my desktop. I really appreciate.

Answer:Retrieve data from hard drive

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new thread, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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I am not familiar with computer technically, but I would try not to do anything silly in my PC, anyway!I can see my WindowsXP only get a 20GB C drive, and no paritition.I have 5 GB personal data in the computer.I am thinking if there are tools that can be used to retrieve my data in case my Windows got corrupted or just stucked at the welcome screen.

Answer:how to retrieve the data in a corrupted Windows?

Are you saying the machine is now wonked and won't get past the Start screen ? ?If so there are procedures to try and salvage that data...What i think you are saying is your expecting this to occur down the road. In that case I'd recommend a backup program such as Acronis True Image to regularly backup your has about the best price on it right now. At any price it's a good investment.patio.   8-)

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how to retrieve data/programs which vanishes after restoring the system back to some date?

Answer:retrieve data after system restore

Re-install the programme

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i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz help

Answer:old harddrive. need data off it. put as slave. cant access data

iLLegaL89 said:


i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz helpClick to expand...

Well, generally all the office suits are backward there's should not be any problem. Can you open that word file(s) on the old PC (World 97 as u mentioned?) If it is so, you might have some problem with this new PC office suit.
Try, making copy of the old files in old PC using save as or may be you can convert doc files (if you don't have some hi level formating) to rtf files. That can be opened in Wordpad comes with every Windows OS.
This might help, i guess..
- Nirav

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So basically, I upgraded to windows 10, and I found that a lot of my documents and photos were gone! But I luckily found them under this pc > local disk (c) > users > public so I decided to move those files to "this pc". But the next day, those files were gone again, and I hoped to retrieve them by restoring windows 7 back to my computer, but unfortunately, that did not help. Do you guys have any idea how to retrieve back my files? Thanks so much!!

Answer:How do I retrieve lost data after upgrading to windows 10?

Check in drive C > windos.old folder
There's a chance the files are there
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Hello. I have an old desk top that has been in the closet for about 4 years now. It was working when I stashed it so I'm assuming it will fire up. I also have an old hard drive that I would like to attempt to get data from. I believe it crashed and I pulled it and stashed it too. The situation is that I gave away the old bulky monitor to that desktop and do not have another. I currently only use laptops.

Can I connect my laptop to the desktop with a network cat5 cable and try to retrieve the data from the crashed hard drive that way? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Answer:How to retrieve data from crashed hard drive

Get a HDD enclosure. Try and get data off that by way of USB. - MASSCOOL UHB-360US Aluminum 3.5" USB 2.0 External Enclosure

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Can't connect via usb, can't select option on screen. How do I retrieve contacts?

Answer:can't retrieve data off lumia 530, screen cracked.

Hi and welcome to windows central.
your contacts are automatically synced to outlook live, all you have to do is log in to outlook live using your Microsoft account credentials which you used to connect on your phone and there you will have all your contacts under people. you can also export the contacts or sync it to google account and easily restore it on any android device.

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I have a Fujitsju Amilo D laptop. A freak accident catapulted a glass of water under the computer which was slightly raised in order to let in air. Well now it let in water... not much though but enough to disconnect the power supply of the laptop from starting the machine.There is power but nothing much happens when it is turned on.Any ideas for how/if it is possible to retrieve the data?Many thanks

Answer:Can I retrieve data from hard-drive of laptop

Laptop HDD's are all the same physical size (execpt for the casings) so it is a fairly easy job to put your HDD into another laptop. If the laptop does not reach POST then it is not the HDD that is at fault...are their any beeps? Does the screen say anything at all?

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I have a requirement to be able to enter a KB (Article) number and systematically retrieve the supporting details as per '' Security Updates report e.g. Name, Date, Severity, Impact etc.
Does the MS Api support this something like this?
Kind regards

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About a month ago I broke my laptop's hard drive. I was wondering if there was any way to retrieve files from my broken hard drive because it has some important memories on there. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Vista and I would start up the laptop, the Dell logo would appear and after that, the screen is just blank and does nothing. My father knows someone who was able to fix my hard drive before, but I'm not sure if it's even possible to retrieve my files because there's no way to log on or get anywhere besides the boot menu. Is there any way to fix this without spending crazy amounts of money or am I out of luck ?? Also, if I do have to take it somewhere how much does it usually cost? I have an external hard drive that I could put the files onto, it's just a matter of getting them on there.

Answer:Any way to retrieve data from a broken hard drive?

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This is a follow up question from my last successfully answered question.
My Tecra 60GB HDD has stopped working and I would like to retrieve a few days of emails etc if possible.
The Tecra defaults to the Safe Mode options when started and returns via a BSOD no matter which safe mode option is taken.

I have:
checked in BIOS - it is seen as there.
ran SEATOOLs for Dos and it says there is a fault on the short and long tests
connected the HDD via an enclosure and USB to my other PC and eventually it say that there is an In/OUT error.
Ran CHKDSK via my XP CD and after 26% it says there are one or more unrecoverable errors.

Also I have tried an old HDD which works normally in the Tecra.

Any help would be appreciated



Answer:Tecra HDD crash - how to retrieve some important data?

>connected the HDD via an enclosure and USB to my other PC and eventually it say that there is an In/OUT error.

Does this mean that you are not able to get access to the HDD even using an external USB case?
It looks like the HDD is corrupt and in most cases the data could not be recovered on usual way.
Of course there are different Data recovery services but they charge between ?500 and ?1000 to attempt to salvage data from either logical or mechanical disasters.

There are also different tools which could be helpful like RecoverMyFiles from GetData, Ontrack EasyRecovery DataRecovery or Prosoft's Data Rescue II but you have to pay for all these professional applications?

Here is also a nice youtube video:

Maybe it will work for you!

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I wish to try and retrieve my old outlook e-mails and oulook contacts from an old hard drive. Where would I find the appropriate files.Thanks

Answer:Retrieve Outlook Data from old hard drive

Do a search for *.pst

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I was running a defrag program on a hard drive and accidentally copied some data to the hard drive at the same time. My computer completely froze before I had a chance to cancel it.

When I tried to turn my computer it wouldn't restart and just froze on the loading Windows 2000 screen after 8 bars showed up. I unplugged the hard drive and was surprised that the computer then started up fine. The reason I was surprised is the OS is not on that hard drive.

I then powered up my computer and plugged in the damaged hard drive to an external device so it shows up as an external drive. When I go to it I see it as having nothing at all (0 bytes free and 0 total).

What should my next step be in the morning? Should I run disk check, defrag, or anything else first? Or should I run a disc recovery program first?

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Answer:How do I retrieve data from a damaged hard drive?

first of all i would not touch the damaged hdd at all. and i would recommend taking it 2 a specialist. as the file table on the drive is probably damaged in some way, so the data is still there its just the references are gone. a techy could prob fix it in a day and recover most if not all of your data. but most importantly do NOT do ANYTHING to that drive, if you attempt to format the drive, activate it, partition, it defrag it, anything you will lose data


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>> Requested to remove devices controlled by the "FBIKB_NT" service. - (00000025)
<< Failed to complete the request!
[email protected]_Get_Device_ID_List_Size
>> Requested to remove a specific device ("Root..LEGACY_FBIKB_NT..0000").

Root..LEGACY_FLTMGR... Read more

Answer:Serious virus, able to retrieve data while modem unplugged

If someone would need more info in order to assist me then please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you

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Dear Community,

                            What cable do I need to buy to retrieve Data off this Drive? “WD800JD-75JNAO” IDE to SATA USB does not fit the above Drive.
Thank You.

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I downloaded windows 10 and cannot find past data

Answer:How to retrieve lost data after downloading windows 10

can you make an account and elaborate on what exactly you are trying to do? past what data?

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I want to retrieve data from excel file named with date 28 May 2011.exl (this filename change everyday) to anoher file and ....What formula I shoud use...?

Answer:how to retrieve data from external excel file

re: "28 May 2011.exl "Your subject line says that you want to retrieve data from an Excel file, but your extension (.exl) indicates that you are not referencing an Excel file.Please explain.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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A couple of days ago, I was transferring data from my computer (Dell Inspiron 6400) to my phone via USB however the data transfer was very slow so I clicked to cancel the file transfer. Little seemed to be happening so I logged off, but after 15 minutes Vista still showed 'logging off...' so I closed my laptop lid in an attempt to put it into standby/sleep mode as it was getting late. I turned the plug off so the laptop was left running on only its battery overnight, and in the morning I plugged it in and pressed the power button, to be greeted with this sound from my laptop (on closer inspection, I realised it was from the hard drive, which is a Western Digital WD1200BEVS): click here (if you cannot play the file, it is basically 15 sets of 3 beeps, two low then one higher). The screen looked like a black screen of death, with the text saying something involving 'no bootable drive'. There was no primary hard drive listed under the BIOS, and the DST Short Test failed with the Dell error code 1000-0141. I have contacted Dell but they weren't willing to help because the drive is out of warranty.I have since bought a new hard drive, but I am wondering if there is any way that I can salvage some of the important, irreplaceable files off of the broken one, e.g. by opening it up, if it is a mechanical problem (I'm not sure what the beeps mean...). I have tried the freezer method but the beeps still occurred.I am not very skilled with things like this so any help would be greatly ap... Read more

Answer:Can I retrieve data from an unbootable hard drive?

You should be able to `Repair` Vista click here and recover your files/data with (hopefully) little or no loss. You will need a Vista CD and the Windows Key which should be on the PC.By turning off the PC whilst it was still writing you may have damaged the data which forms the OS, you may also have damaged the HDD but this is less likely.In the event you are unable to repair Vista, the only other suggestion I can make is for you to remove the HDD from the PC put it in a caddy (external HDD enclosure) and plug that into another PC as an external drive. This should allow access to the drive contents.

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I need help restoring data from my hard drive!

History of problem is as follows:

1. Back in November, I had a corrupted registry that prevented XP Pro from starting.

2. Accessed Recovery Console, replaced registry hives, ran backup of data to USB storage device.

3. Reformatted HD w/Win XP Pro, reloaded all programs, devices etc., only to now find Windows or HD failing again. Was in middle of huge deadline when this began to occur. Windows would freeze when screensaver came on or randomly shut down. Upon restart, I couldn't login to my user account. Started in Safe Mode, kept working by changing screensaver settings to not go to welcome screen. Tried to do backup and got error messages. Left pc on, went to bed, found it locked up in a.m. Rebooted and now it's just going in circles.... gets to starting XP window then automatically shuts down.

4. Ran chkdsk and had 5 stages of checking and fixing that yielded no restored Windows. Tried Recovery Console method again. Instead of a C: prompt I got C:\WINDOWS and error message when tried to replace hives again.

5. Borrowed a pc running XP Pro and hooked up HD from my computer to try to get my files that way. My kids user account folders under Docments and Settings show up just fine, but my folder gives me error message "Access is denied". I've tried dragging to Shared Documents folder on the pc and still get same error. Hovering mouse over folder properties shows "folder is empty" (kids&... Read more

Answer:Solved: How to retrieve data from failed Windows HD?

Right click the folder and select 'Properties'. Select the 'Security' Tab. Click 'Advanced' and select the 'Owner Tab'. Select the username you are currently logged on as and in the lower box, tick the box marked 'Replace owner on subcontainers and objects' and hit apply.

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I have unfortunately had a problem with HD on XP SP3 PC, Lsass.exe application error at bootup...not possible to correct, repair, tried everything suggested on forum(s) but doesn't want to know, anyway, this is not the main problem.
As a matter of caution I had a second dormant HD with XP installed and backed up from main HD except that the last 3 months are missing + all outlook files, mail etc.
Connected sick drive as external through an enclosure, have managed to open shared documents and retrieve lots of files own ones! I am computer administrator and another 2 users have limited status, I can see and have retrieved their files and all shared ones but when I try to acces folder My Documents which is where all my files are stored it tells me "access denied folder is not accessible" have tried making one of the limited users an admin and logged is as and tried again but result is the same.
I have looked around for hints on how to take ownership of the folder but the results i got from the web do not seem to be applicable to my case, maybe they are for win7 or who knows....
I would really appreciate some help, there are lots of personal files in there that I do absolutely need. Thanks in advance to all.

Answer:Retrieve data from old HD -own profile denied access

Access Files
If you get Access Denied in WinXP Pro. Try ?taking ownership? of the file/folder before it can be accessed. First of all go to Folder Options, View Tab and in the Advanced Settings at the end, untick ?Use simple file sharing?, which will allow the Security Tab to be shown in the file?s properties. Also, in Folder options, make sure hidden and system files can be viewed.
To take ownership of the file (it?s best done at the folder level), right-click it, Properties, Security Tab, add your user name, fill in all the permissions and Apply. You can now access it.
Access Files XP Home
Simple file sharing is enabled by default in XP Home
Note You must be logged on to the computer with an account that has administrative credentials. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab.
read here
See here and click on the link at part one and download the required program.
Follow the instructions and the security tab will be enabled. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OR YOU COULD DENY ACCESS TO ALL YOUR FILES.

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I have a DELL, XPS Ultrabook (Intel Core i5, Windows 8) laptop and everything was fine until today morning when my screen just turned grey-ish black. I had dropped my laptop and slightly broken the top right edge of the screen months back but everything was working fine. I don't know why this suddenly happened. I have important data in my laptop so I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve the data without fixing the screen? Maybe remove the hard drive? My laptop has an SSD actually instead of a hard drive. I am in desperate need of help as I might have to pay around 650 dollars to fix the screen! I might as well buy a new laptop. But I really need to get the data from my old one.
Thank you

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My son has a sony ericcson c902 which has a broken screen and I need to try to retrieve his messages and transfer to pc. can anyone talk me through accessing the phone mode without being able to view the menu?

Answer:How can I retrieve data from a broken SE c902 mobile

I believe file scavenger or data recovery pro has a phone data recovery option

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I am working with a defective Samsung hard drive, model sp2504c. This drive was the primary disk in a HP pavilion desktop and while booting it displays operating system not found.

I installed this defective drive in another Computer as a secondary disk, the bios loaded it correctly. My Computer displays the additional defective drive and I can view all the folders. However, I can not open the user folder that was used to log into windows when this disk was active.

In an attempt to fix the defective drive I ran chkdsk /f and Samsung's HUTIL, which produced two surface scan read errors that could not be fixed

I am trying to retrieve data that is in the My Pictures sub folder below the user Documents and Settings folder. I have the password that is required to log into windows when that defective drive was operational.

Question: Is there any way I can open the fold in DOS or MSDOS to input the password and view/copy the data?


Answer:Solved: Defective Disk How to Retrieve Data

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First we currently have Windows Vista, our ext. hard drive is about 2 years old, recently it was making noises and would fail to be recognized as a active drive. And when we could get it to recognize the pictures/files would show on the screen but when we tried to save them to another file we would get a mesg saying the files are no longer there. We did a transfer the last time we were able to get the computer to read the HD and only retrieved about 100 of the thousand or so pics. I am desperate to save these pics...we live in Okinawa Japan and have limited access to english speaking help.

Answer:Ext. Hard Drive corrupt data...can't retrieve. HELP!

Welcome to TSG
A gal that has call in radio show here in the states (also on armed forces radio) says that sometimes if one will put the HD in a ziplock bag in the freezer for 24-48 hours they are able to activate it enought to save their data. I have not tried it, but have talked to some who have had success.

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Hi everyone-When I start my computer, I get a message that says something like "SMART failure predicted on hard disk, immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent, press F1 to continue."How do I back up my data if I can't even get in to Windows?  :-?My computer is a Compaq notebook that I got in 2003.  It's running Windows XP.  I'm not sure who the hdd manufacturer is, or how to find out; on another thread someone had a similar issue, and was advised to run the hdd manufacterer's diagnostic.  If I do manage to find out the manufacterer of my hdd, how would I run the diagnostic when I can't get into Windows?Previously, after getting this error message I would press F1 and it would give me another message that said "NTLDR missing."  I copied NTLDR and from the bootable XP CD hoping this would at least give me a chance to get into Windows and back up anything I already hadn't.  But when I restarted, I got the same "failure predicted" message, but this time when I pressed F1, it said "disk read error."I've also tried running chkdsk /r and /p in recovery console, but it always stops at 75% and tells me that there were "one or more unrecoverable problems."  I tried the "fixmbr" command, then running chkdsk again and had the same problem.  I even tried using the bo... Read more

Answer:Hard disk failure - possible to retrieve data?

Hook up that HDD as a slave in a known working machine and retrieve the data you need.At this point the HDD diagnostics are redundant as you are already getting SMART errors...that drive is dying.And they run outside of Windows anyways.No sense in replacing the whole machine if it is adequate for your needs...just get a new HDD.You will of course have to do a re-install of Windows and all your programs.Hope this helps.

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Hi,I had a bunch of photos on my memory card, when I hooked it up to the PC I accidentaly clicked deleted the folder that contained all these photos. they did not go to the recycle bin so I can't just undo.Is there ANY way to retrieve these photos?Thanks

Answer:Any way to retrieve data deleted off memory card?

click here

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Apologies if this is in the wrong area, or been covered elsewhere/already.

Dualbooting Ubuntu Lucid and W7 on a home-built box with a WD 500GB SATA HDD. Well, except today, no boot. Have connected the HDD to my spare box to retrieve the ext3 files from the Ubuntu partition, mostly some flac, mp3s, and pngs and jpgs, without success.

Firstly, how can I access those files? My spare box is also running Lucid. Seems that this would be easier, idk.

Secondly, should I attempt to repair? Or is a clean reinstall/reformat/repartition a better alternative?

Thanks for looking.

Answer:No boot: attempt to repair, or retrieve data/reformat?

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I have a problem with my external hard drive, its a WD Elements 1TB and its not being recognized by Windows (running Windows 7). I get the 'device connected' sound and the 'Safely Remove Device' icon on the taskbar but no drive appears in My Computer.
Though the Device Manager shows the HDD under Disk drives, the Disk management shows it as Disk 1 Unknown with no driver letter and Not initialized. On clicking to initialize, it gives i/o device error.

I have Mini Partition Wizard installed on my laptop that too does not detect any drive.

Attached screenshots for both Disk management and Mini Partition Wizard for reference.

Can anyone please help me to recover the data from this hard disk?


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