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CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

Question: CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

Ok I just spent about three hours looking in this forum to solve my problem and no dice.

Here it goes: I'm running xp pro and I have a Norcent RW-481 48x12x48 CDRW probably not the best brand but oh well. I'm using Nero 6, InCD is not installed.

The problem: It does not recognize any data CD's or any CD's that the drive itself writes. I can play an audio CD, which elimates (I think) that the read lense is dirty and I can burn a CD, which elimates (I think) that my burn lense is dirty. I'm mentioning dirty lenses because a post in this forum suggested that a dirty lense may be the problem. So, before taking things apart I wanted to post in the forum the problem. Any other suggestions of what else I can look for?

More info: I even switched around the jumpers from cable select to master, same result.

I really believe I have a setting wrong in my XP pro operating system. Any suggestions????? :cronfused:

Lastly, The drive is recognized corectly in device manager

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Preferred Solution: CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

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I recently purchased a external hard drive and the CD drive on my computer will not read the installation disc (which contains licensed back-up software). The CD works on other computers just not on mine. Also, the drive will read audio CDs, DVDs and other data CDs (I tried it with a TurboTax CD). For some reason my computer can not read this CD. I know the Disc is not the problem since it works in other computers. Can anyone help?

Thank you

Answer:CD Drive (DVD/CDRW) will not read data CDs

You might try going the website for the manufacturer of the hard drive to see if they have support. Does seem odd that it will read other stuff but not this particular cd

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Tried doing a search for this and came up empty. My problem in a nutshell is that I'm having difficulty reading data CD's. I was re-installing my OS due to too much corruption of data and viruses so I'm start from a scratch in terms of OS files.

To be noted: Manufacturer's install disks used ghost to install a new copy of the OS. Had to open and close the CD drive bay a few times in order to get the final CD be able to be read and complete the installation.

What I've tried:
update driver - no improvement
Uninstall Drivers and restart - no improvement
manually download driver - no improvement
tried using generic CD Drivers - no improvement

OS: Windows XP home.
Downloaded all updates. inc: SP2
Emachine T3065
Memory: 2GB

After browsing around google for a while, I came across a similar problem which suggested the cabling might be the cause of the error. as audio/video are past through different pars of the cable than data.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Can't read data cd. can read audio

Ignore the cable issue, that's unlikley to be the problem
Analog audio is on a different cable, but thats seldom used by any PC these days.

The clus here is that it was dying at the end of the install by the sound of it. The laser output may have decreased to the extent that audio only is recognised due to the better reflectivity.

Start thinking about a new drive, but you would have checked all the cables anyway one assumes?

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Windows 98SE
Sony DDU 1621 dvd rom

I need a simple explanation that tells me how to get my dvd rom to read data disks. It only reads audio disks and opens all disks in Windows media player. I dont understand how associations work.

Help would be much appreciated


Answer:DVD Rom will only read do I get it to read data?

No it doesnt read dvd's, but I am not really concerned about that, I dont think I have the memory anyway (64 mb ram). My old cdrom had a mechanical problem and I needed something to read disks, so I bought it from a garage sale and I downloaded the software from the Sony site. It used to function normally and read data files.

I want to format the harddrive and I need to know that the dvd rom will read my win98 disk cos it isnt at the moment. I dont understand how to do anything in file where the problem lies? Or is it in the cdrom properties settings area.

Hope this triggers something in you........I appreciate your help


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I have vista. Music CD will play and I can rip or burn them. But I cannot burn pictures/files to CD. When I hit the burn tab it does nothing, when I right click the file and do a "send to" it does nothing. When I insert blank CD it recognizes it and formats it and then says drag file to drive and when I do -- nothing happens.

Answer:Can't burn data cd, can read & burn music cd

Try another burner, these are both FREE.BurnAware Free

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Okay, I just reformatted my computer and went to put in an old backup disc I had because I forgot to backup my fonts onto my external hard drive...anyway my CD drive AND my CDRW drive both cannot read the data disc. I also tried opening other data discs each different brands some which I had been able to open previously and they did not work either. I'm not sure if the drives stopped reading data CDs before or after the reformat but I DO know that I could not BURN data CDs BEFORE and after reformatting and WAS able to in the past. I reinstalled all software that came with my computer so I don't understand what the problem could be...could windows updates have messed it up?

Answer:Cannot read or burn data cds!

You could see if they might be disabled by checking in device manager/hardware/ and then check properties. From there you can update or roll back the driver. Worth a look and try for you anyways! If it don't work let us know.

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SONY VAIO Laptop (PCGV505AXP ) Window XP Pro :
DVD-CDRW can read CD-ROM,audio CD,rewrite CD-R,but not DVD disc.When insert disc,drive LED flashing and hear few motor sound but nothing show in E:like empty and no error message.
MORE INFO OF THE PROBLEM: I checked in CHECK DISK, DEVICE MANAGER( The drive is working properly), REINSTALL-UPDATE DRIVER (from esupport), tried another DVD software/decoder (Magic DVD Player) and WINDOW UPDATE. Still not working, only I don't have the System Restore Point to restore that last time working good. Should I perform "Application Recovery, System Recovery" or both ( I have 3 CD-ROM of each ). Because I am afraid I will loose some programs and data if I do the recovery or this is the Hardware problem. Kinldly please help and advise. Thank you very much. ===================

Answer:DVD-CDRW can read CD-ROM,audio CD,rewrite CD-R,but not DVD disc

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SONY VAIO Laptop (PCGV505AXP ) Window XP Pro : .
When insert DVD disc, drive LED flashing and hear few motor sound but nothing show in E: like empty and no error message.
I checked in CHECK DISK, DEVICE MANAGER( The drive is working properly), REINSTALL-UPDATE DRIVER (from esupport), tried another DVD software/decoder (Magic DVD Player) and WINDOW UPDATE. Still not working, only I don't have the System Restore Point to restore that last time working good.
Should I perform "Application Recovery, System Recovery" or both ( I have 3 CD-ROM of each ). Because I am afraid I will loose some programs*and data if I do the recovery or this is the Hardware problem.
Kinldly please help and advise. Thank you very much.

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SONY VAIO Laptop (PCGV505AXP ) Window XP Pro :
DVD-CDRW can read CD-ROM,audio CD,rewrite CD-R,but not DVD disc.When insert disc,drive LED flashing and hear few motor sound but nothing show in E:like empty and no error message.
MORE INFO OF THE PROBLEM: I checked in CHECK DISK, DEVICE MANAGER( The drive is working properly), REINSTALL-UPDATE DRIVER (from esupport), tried another DVD software/decoder (Magic DVD Player) and WINDOW UPDATE. Still not working, only I don't have the System Restore Point to restore that last time working good. Should I perform "Application Recovery, System Recovery" or both ( I have 3 CD-ROM of each ). Because I am afraid I will loose some programs and data if I do the recovery or this is the Hardware problem. Kinldly please help and advise. Thank you very much. ===================

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Hi. I am using a Dell Dimension e510. It will 5 years old in February. I am having a problem burning pictures onto a cd. I was using Nero and everytime I tried to burn a cd, it failed. Thinking Nero was the problem, I uninstalled and installed CDBurner XP. I am having the same problem. It will start to sound and look like it is burning but then always comes up with a failure message. Most of the time it is along the lines of 'media not recognized...'. I am using CD-R's and have even tried using different brands, all to no avail. I tried downloading driver updates and any kind of updates Dell had for me, but it is still not working. Please help!!! Thank you!!

Answer:Cd Burner will not burn or read data cds

Is your drive a combo CDRW/DVDRW? If so, can you burn DVDR media?Can the drive READ both CD & DVD media?

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My aopen 12x dvd rom won't read any disc. It is recognized by the computer, will spin for a few seconds and then nothing.I have dvd software installed.

The DVD burner will read any disc but when I tried to burn audio with nero it says sorry nero cannot determine the scsi /atapi device. It will burn data no problem.

my 80 g wdc wd80 ojd 22jnao scsi disk device, I did not think I had a scsi hard drive just sata.

Windows xp
asus a8v deluxe
amd athlone 64 3000+
1 g ram

thank you

Answer:dvd won't read any disc and dvd burner won't burn audio

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I have a CD/DVD ROM combo drive. Lately, when I try to burn a CD it will go as far as to 'initialize' the burn, then it fails and ejects the disc tray. I thought it may have been the disc, but I've tried several more and still have the same problem. In iTunes it gives me an 'unknown error', in Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 it gives me this text:Code: [Select]Sense: 04  ASC: 09  ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)
It will read audio CD's and also DVD's. The driver is up to date as far as I know and Windows says it is fully operational. Any ideas what may be causing the problem? Here is my basic computer info:Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, SP2Mobile AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+2.21 GHz, 512 MB RAM

Answer:Combo Drive will read audio CD's - Will not burn them.

How old is this drive ? ?In many units different lasers are used for reading and other words it would be doing what yours is reading but not writing.New burners can be had now for around 40 bucks shipped...i prefer newegg as an online source...

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don't know what happen ??? I'd really appreciate if someone would help me... please!!!

Answer:hard drive can't read disc or burn audio!!!

yowwmar08 said:

don't know what happen ??? I'd really appreciate if someone would help me... please!!!Click to expand...

hard drives don't burn discs or read them.

is it a dvd burner, cd burner?

you need to supply a bunch of detail before you can get an answer.
drive model, operating system

when it happens, how has worked before.

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this recorder for satellite pro m-40, is strange; i am able to boot from dvd, read dvd data, burn cd but, unable to read or burn film data (original); i have already try it with few dvd film without success!
Any idea?



Answer:Satellite Pro M40: DVD/CD multi recorder - unable to read or burn film data


Maybe is this a Driver Problem. Please make a Driver update from the Toshiba Website.

Go this not have you Drive possible a error contacted your Service Partner in your Country.

I Hope this is a Help.


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Question: Data read as audio

Hello everyone,
Its now like a month im trying to find answer about this problem, and i have still no answer. I hope you ll be able to help me
Here is my problem, I just bought a new DVD drive, Artec 16x, and when i try to read a DVD, CD, CDRW, with Datas, i can see only one File, "Track00.cda" , 44octets. All my CD/DVD have same trouble, everything appears as Audio CD, with this only 1 file.

Im using Windows XP sp2, this dvd drive work on other comp (i mean its able to read data cd/dvd). I tried to remove the drive, i tried in Slave/Master position, nothing work. I also tried to replace it with my old dvd drive, and i can read data with no problems.

Anyone have idea about my problem ?

Answer:Data read as audio

Are you using the same software with the old and new drives? Does this also happen when you try to read a commercially manufactured disc?

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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hai everyone i've got some problem with my dvd drive, CDDVDW TS-T633P
from HP touchsmart 600 1137D

my dvd can't read or play dvd movie, i reinstall it few times but it can;t solve the problem

can anyone help me about this? i need sugestion

Answer:dvd drive can't read dvd movie, but can read data dvd or dvd games

Shot in the dark...

Go to the Device Manager and find the entry for your DVD. Right click it and select properties then "Region" and make sure a region is set for the drive. Without a region set it won't play movie DVDs.

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I have moved this to the "other hardware" thread

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My Combi DVD Drive CDRW drive, will read DVD's and Audio CD's but not any sort of data disk. I am running Windows XP and the Drive is showing up in my computer as the D: Drive, if the disk is a DVD format, even with data on it the drive reads it but and CD or CDRW disks it says there is not disk in the drive.Any Ideas?

Answer:Drive will read DVDs and Audio but not Data

What mak eof drive is it ? Unlikely, but it may need specific drivers instead of the generic Windows ones

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I have an Acer Aspire 6920 running Vista home premiumx64 with a Slim Type DVD DS8A1P ATA drive. Recently this drive stopped reading all data discs, game dvds and some install cds. It will however read music cds with no problem. When I put any data disc in it just keeps attempting to run in short bursts for a couple of minutes then completely stops. Device mgr. says it is working properly. If I attempt to open the drive in "computer" it pops the tray open and says to insert a disc. No error messages at anytime. I have tried numerous things people have suggested such as deleting the values in the registry, removing the drive in device mgr. and restarting as well as updating the driver as some have suggested.

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Hi people,

my Equium M40x with DVD Super Multi GMA - 4080N will read DVD's but not audio CD's or Data CD's. I have tried everything including deleting from the Device Manager and re-booting. The laptop sees the device and re-installs, but it still does not solve the problem. Audio/Data dics merely spin happily in the drive.

Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Equium M40x-189: drive can't read audio CD's or data CD's


It seems that the drive can reads DVDs but not any kind of CDs.
Usually such issues occur because of wrong lens calibration.
In this case only the drive replacement can solve the problem.

But this would be a last possibility to solve the problem.
Before you replace the drive try to install the DVD-ram driver from the Toshiba website:

Furthermore I would recommend updating the firmware.

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I recently replaced the hard drive in my 3 year old HP notebook. The original HD was an IBM Travelstar 20 gig and the new HD is an IBM Travelstar 40 gig. I am not sure if this is related to my problem but note it here just in case. After reloading my OS with factory provided restore discs as well as downloading other freeware such as hijack this and ad-aware se, my Sony CD-RW DVD combo drive will not read data or audio cds. It reads them as being blank cds and after the auto-run starts the box asking me what I would like to do with the inserted blank cd pops up. DVDs however play perfectly in the system. Obviously the drive was working when I reloaded my OS with the factory restore discs. I ran hijack this once after installing to establish an ignore list of installations on the restore that are not a regular part of my Windows XP Home but I have not deleted anything. I have upgraded the driver, un-installed and re-installed the drive, downloaded Windows updates (SP-1 and 2 and other patches) amongst other suggested solutions and have restored the computer back to when I first re-installed the OS all to no avail. The only thing I have not done is a complete reload of the OS. I have seen some solutions that speak about BIOS updates and configurations and HD partitions but they are in response to problems similar to mine but not exactly the same thing. I am reluctant to try those without more info. I am at this point thoroughly exasperated. I want to reload some picture and aud... Read more

Answer:cd dvd combo drive plays dvds but will not read audio or data cds

Well, here's what you can do to narrow it down to a software issue. You said the drive obviously was working when you reloaded your OS from the factory restore disks, which I have no dispute on. So how about rebooting with one of those disks in there again (the first one thats bootable), if it boots off of that again great, but be sure to cancel everything so it doesn't wipe your existing system.

Provided it boots from that your drive is still good, and it is something in Windows, something I can't think of right now though

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Please help me, I have had my computer for about a year now and up untill recently has just given me a problem, My disk drive for some reason unknown to me has just 'given up the goose' so to say, and refuses to read disks with data. I have tried reading a disk with no data and it seems to read that just fine. I done know what is wrong with it but any help would be much abliged.

Answer:Disk Drive will not read disks with data but will read disks with NO data

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hello! i have a problem with my cd writer, an Acer 1208A 12x8x32. The problem is that my drive does not read any cd's which I insert into it, none at all. Nothing from the blank CDRW media that came with the drive to the original Windows CD that came with my comp can be read by this drive. However, it is detected properly by my BIOS, Windows, Adaptec software etc.
It is now sec.slave, i tried master also, but to no effect.
I even disabled my old CD drive.
DMA is off in properties.
Flashing the firmware also didnt work.
I doubt it could be power supply because i used the same power cable for my other cdrom, and it was fine.
But it cannot read anything? Why is this?
I have a P3-500, 128mb, WinME, 20gb with 3 partitions. Please help me out.

Answer:help! my cdrw cant read anything!!

Sounds like a bad drive. Acer is good about replacing drives as long as they are still under warranty. Just go to the web site and follow the directions for getting a drive replaced. I had to do it with my acer cdrw. I think I had to call them do some really stupid troubleshooting over the phone and then they gave me a rma number to return it. I had a new cdrw from them in 2 weeks.
Good Luck,

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Just formated my computer and saved a lot of my work on rewritable cds (mainly fireworks image files and mp3s). I'm having problems re-reading/opening some of the disks. Some work fine and others just don't register at all. It won't even open up to look at the files. I put it in and it spins round for a while (seems to slow up the computer) and then nothing happens. When i try to open it up by going into my computer, it just does the same thing and sometimes crashes my computer (my computer not responding....with end now button). Could anybody offer any suggestions on how to get at the data. Have also tryed it on my laptop and it does a similar thing (gives some sort of message about tfswctrl.exe not responding) Its really important work thats taken me a long time to complete.

Anyone any ideas

Many thanks in advance

Answer:Can't read some cdrw

and saved a lot of my work on rewritable cdsClick to expand...

Have also tryed it on my laptop and it does a similar thing Click to expand...

Bad burns/discs. As has been mentioned here many times re-writables are the wrong choice for saving any valuable data.

Maybe this app can help.

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My Dell cdrw/dvd won't read or play any cd. When I put a cd in, the light blinks like it's trying to read it, but soon stops. I checked the device manager and it states that CD is working properly. Opened the computer, removed and reinstalled the ribbon cable. No luck.

Any ideas?

Answer:CDRW/DVD won't read CD

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i have recently tried to install a philips 24x CD-RW and it will not read any CDs at all. i have tried all possible jumper settings and checked the ide cable to be safe and they all seem fine. im running windows XP and it seems to think it is functioning normaly any help would be appreciated.

Answer:CDRW will not read any CDs

If it won't read any CD's, then either the laser is extremely dirty or it is just plain broken.

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My 700mhz runs xp. When I put any type of cd in either my dvd-rom or cdrw drives, I can hear the cd spinning and the pointer changes to a different icon like it's reading it, but after 20 second of trying to read it. It quits trying. I click on the drives in My Computer and it says to insert a disk. Any ideas?

Answer:xp won't read cd in dvd-rom or cdrw


Originally Posted by jerrodklug

My 700mhz runs xp. When I put any type of cd in either my dvd-rom or cdrw drives, I can hear the cd spinning and the pointer changes to a different icon like it's reading it, but after 20 second of trying to read it. It quits trying. I click on the drives in My Computer and it says to insert a disk. Any ideas?

did you do anything to the drive lately?

check your device manager and try to update the drivers for them thru windows update. then repost.


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Question: read-only CDRW

How can I get my CDRW to not become a "read-only" files?
In the past, I did not have this problem, but now, all the CDs that I burn, all became read-only. For example, if I burned some pictures in a CDRW, than later on I want to erase some pictures but keep others, I had to erase the whole CD, and then burn what I need. Before I was able to erase only what I want or keep only what I want.
What is the problem?
I'm using XP

Answer:read-only CDRW

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Hi there

I was burning a cd using Roxio and i cancelled the application whilst burning and since then it wont locate the CDRW on my PC.

I have a Dell. I have a feeling it still thinks the application is running in the back ground and it wont find my external one either as they use the same port.


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My CDRW files are Read-Only (don't know how this happened). When I try to remove the Read-Only Check, I get Error Message: "Access Denied". How do I change the attributes and how do I prevent a CDRW from becoming "Read-Only"?

Ray Savage

Answer:Clear Read Only CDRW

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I have recently upgraded my OS to Windows XP from Windows 98. I had Easy CD Creator 4 installed on the 98 system. I backed up all my data including details of passwords for web pages etc on a cd rw disc. Following the installation of XP I now find that I can?t access the data on the cdrw. XP says the data on the cd is UDF, but doesn?t identify each individual folder and file. I have checked the Microsoft windows website and downloaded a UDF reader patch without success. Also Easy CD Creator 4 will not work on XP. Does any one know how to sort this out, other than reverting back to Windows 98, or will I have to upgrade to a more recent Easy CD Creator?

Answer:can't read UDF formatted CDRW IN XP

click here this may help

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Hi guys,
I am having problems with my CDRW/DVD combo. I have a Samsung 308B. I was using EZCD 4.0, then I recently downloaded EZCD5 Platinum and the .nfo said to uninstall previous EZCD versions and then to burn the .bin to a cd. So to burn the new version, I downloaded CDRWin 3.9A. But now, the drive wont recognize anything I put in it. Everytime I put a cd in the drive it says "Please Insert Disk in Drive E." I already have cd in it. In the Device Manager, everything is fine.... (it recognizes the drive and there's no errors). Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks a lot for your time.

Answer:CDRW wont read any cds

get a new drive

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I used to have an external hp cdrw connected to my laptop that used Adaptec.
All my files were backed up on it. I have now got a new machine that runs on
win xp home edition. It has its own cdrw and the software used is Nero.
Howewver when I put my cdrw disc in the new machine I find I cannot access any
of my backed up documents. Can anyone help me?
Many thanks

Answer:Can't read my cdrw disc

If the CD was packet written using DirectCD you might try the Roxio UDF reader: It might work best to read from the CD-ROM drive so you donít activate InCD.

If you formatted the discs to write on them it is packet written.

There are many data recovery utilities Ė some of them free. This is just the first I ran across. the evaluation version should work long enough to get your data on the computer:

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Hi I have a Toshiba SD-R1002 which used to work properly but now will only read particular CDs and will not recognise blank CDs at all. I have not had any problems playing DVDs. It is not caused by scratched CDs and have tried everything I can think of to fix the problem. Has anyone got any ideas?

Any help much appreciated,

Answer:DVD/CDRW will not read certain disks

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I was loading files onto a CDRW disc and evidently exceeded the capacity of the disc. The disc was formatted using INCD. My "bad" habit was to load files and then send them to the trash. When I was loading some files that exceeded the disc capacity (I think) the Computer froze. When I rebooted and tried to look at the disk... poof... the trash was emptied (automatically without my ok). The disc shows as full when properties are viewed and shows 0 files when viewing the drive... go figure. I tried norton unerase but can't identify the specific files which were all in well named folders when the trash emptied. So... is there any possible way to get anything off this disc... without giving up my first born? Thanks for the help in advance... but I am feeling that this is probably one of those... can't fix that problems. I learned the hard way not to delete the files until the disc is finished and also backed up!

Answer:CDRW filled and cannot read... HELP PLEASE

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I have WIN98 and HP CDRW+8100. When I double click the icon, it says " Drive D:/ is not accessable. Device is not ready." No matter what kind of CDs I put in, this happenes. But when I hit EJECT, it ejects... So far, I checked akk the jumpers and connection. And reinstall EZ CD Creator( which came with it). I tryed everything I could think of. And one another thing is I think (not sure thought) this happened when I installed DirectX7. PLEAS Someone HELP ME!!!!!!!

Answer:CDRW doesn't read anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check to see if it is connected on the same cable that the Harddrive is. I have a Philips and on the manual it say not to connect it with the same cable. Have it connect with the CD-ROm if you have on or by itself.


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I guess it was about 3 or 4 months ago that this started I just assumed that my Burner went bad No Big Deal. I went and got another then I had the same problem. Now to help understand I am a truck driver so I only work on my pc when I can thus the 3 or 4 months. So last week a friend and I were discussing pc issues and realized we had similar issues with our burners. Now depending on what burner I have installed at a given point kind of depends on which problem I have. Now My Sony CRX215E5 Xp will pick up It is in My computer and device manager, but it will not pick up any format of media(IE music,data, game whatever). When I try to open the disk it shows up as a blank disk. I have uninstalled the driver, reinstalled it. Used the Microsoft regedit fix, I didn't find any filters upper or lower. I don't have any Flash Devices that I am aware and I do not have Ustorage.exe. Although I do have Nero OEM Nerovision express and nero toolkit installed. I have seen several people with similar problems but their solutions haven't help out mine.Also I have a compaq UWAVE MB with an 850 Mhz Amd Proc 384 mb RAM running 786K1 Bios versionI went to start/CP/Perf&Main/AdminTools/CompMgmt/SysTools/EventMgr/SYSThen scrolled down til I found an error. This is what it says:Type Date Time Source Category Event User CompError 11/28/05 2:51:12 PM atapi None 9 N/A Home-OfficeWhen you go to the error properties this is what it says:Event Prop (Tab)Same info as above date t... Read more

Answer:CDRW won't read media

Will it read them in safe mode?Check the Sony website, there may be a firmware upgrade available.Do you have an XP disc to boot from?Try recovery console and type in the letter of the disc drive. D: for example.Once at the root of this drive put a disc into the drive and type in DIR.If it lists files then its a software issue. If not it's a hardware issue.May need to remaster.

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Both my cd and cdr drives aren't detecting the many different cd's i've tried. They are displayed in My Computer. Have tried going to control panel > system > device manager, but it says both my devices are working properly. Data cables are not faulty. I can even eject using the eject button in My computer but it just can't read discs that are entered. have even tried reinstalling drivers but the same problem occured. please help.

Answer:both CD-ROM and CDRW cannot read discs

Hello friend, how are you? Goto ur BIOS setup and change the booting sequence to CD ROM ,floppy then HARD DISK. Also make a windows 98 bootable floppy. After changing the booting sequence, save changes to BIOS and insert bootable floppy and also insert the windows98 bootable CD into the master CD Drive and restart your system.When system is booting from floppy, it will ask you "Start computer with CD ROM support". So select this option with thw help of arrow keys. Then press enter. Afetr a successfull startup of ur system, it will show the CD DRIVE letter at last. Note that letter and type "x:" and press enter.Where x represent that drive letter in which you have inserted windows98 CD.If it works then it means that problem is not with CD DRIVES but with windows.So reinstall windows in that case.Hoe this will solve your problem.Take care of you and others and be happy.Bye...Dur-E-Wahab

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New hard drive installed w/ winxp sp2.

I have TDK CDRW241040B w/ updated firmware. It is installed alone (as TDK advises) on the 2nd IDE. it will play an audio cd but will not see a data disk nor, obviously, copy to it. The same issue as when it is a slave on 1st IDE or slave on 2 IDE. A hard drive will run on the 2nd IDE. I have tried several connector cables.

When i set it up w/ my USB enclosure, EVERYTHING works!! i can play audio, read data disks, install prog, copy and erase.

i have done all the troubleshooting in the world (MS site articles, registry changes, troubleshooting sites like these).

i had the same problem before i installed the new HDD.

UPDATE: now it WONT play audio. it did a few days ago

Answer:cdrw won't read/write

So it will work from a USB Enclosure but not Internally? This sounds like a hardware issue i will move it as i have no idea what to to other than leave it as a External.

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I burned files onto a CDRW using HP CD writer Veritas with WIN 98 with my old laptop.

I then used the CDRW with my new computer in WIN XP.
It read the files on the CDRW with no problems. Then I burned another file onto the CDRW using MusicMatch Jukebox Burner plus.

When I tried to read the CD, all I could see is the one file I burned last and not all the others.

Burner Plus still reads that there are six sessions on there, but i can only see files from the last one. I can't access any of the other files from any programs including windows explorer.


Answer:can't read files on CDRW

While not familier with those paticular packages. I've had a similar situation happen to me.

The second burning software seems to add and use it's own reading application to the CD. So it cannot read the precious session that you burned files onto.

Try using the previous software to read the previous files you wrote to the cd.

If not possibly use another third party software package.

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I installed a new Liteon 52327S CD-RW and the system recognises the drive but it will not read any discs I put in the drive. However, if I restart the PC with the disc that came with the drive in the CDRW, the drive works quite happily.Is there any software on the disc? It contains a dos driver(W98), Nero Express/InCD, a manual and adobe acrobat reader but nothing else it seems. There must be something on it though!!Any ideas anyone?(System; PB iMedia5106, WinXP.)

Answer:New CDRW will not read media

A cd-rw doesn't need any software to read disks. The supplied software (Nero Express) is only needed for writing. Is the drive listed in My Computer. If it is, then I can't see any reason why it cant't read the disks you put in it. The most common problem is a faulty or incorrectly fitted cable, but you say that it reads the disk if you boott the computer with the supplied disk in the drive, so I'm baffled. Is it possibly that it isn't reading a disk written on another machine but is ok on commercially made disks?

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I have an HP Pavilion, with a 500 mhz PII, 192 megs of ram, win98se... I bought
a Philips 4x4x6 cd burner, came with ez cd creator. I get the error, scsi target error, scsi/ide error, could not perform end track, write failed evry time I try to burn audio. I can burn data no problem. I assumed I had a bad drive, (its usb by the way) so I got and hp usb cd writer, and I still cannot burn audio, get the same errors. Ive tried nero, and acoustica mp3 burner, and none will allow me to burn audio from mp3... any help would be appreciated. Support at nero, adaptec, philips and hp dont have a clue... I know more than them...


Answer:cdrw wont burn audio

does it just screw up when you are trying to go from mp3s to cd? or does it screw up when you try to burn waves too?

You should probably use an external program to convert mp3s to wav first(mp3 decoder by hpl software). And of course do a fresh restart and end task on everything, but explorer and your CDrw software. If your hard drive hasn't been defragged in a while, then do that too.

In my experience, a buffer underrun can cause other errors like what you are saying and the software might not report a buffer underun even though there was one. But your computer is capable of at least burning audio at 8X.

try burning at 2X if you have that option and make sure you have the correct settings to finalize the CD

and check to make sure you usb drivers for your cdrw are installed correctly. Check for new firmware updates too.

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i have recently installed win xp pro,everything works fine until i install nero 5.5,it is only when i do an uninstall everything works fine.this fault happens with legitimate cds,cdrs,cdrws can someone help,because without nero i will not be able to do backups.also can someone tell me were to find winxps built in burning programme and how reliable is it,if i do not have any luck with nero.

Answer:dvd & cdrw cant read my cds with nero installed

Open My Computer and navigate to the folder which you need to backup -select the relevant items and choose the Copy to CD option .

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Hi there Forum MembersI am being driven mad by Nero 6 which Iam using on WinXP (SP2).I formatted a CDRW using Nero's INCD-4and copied a number of Photos and other documents to the CDRW.However, now I am unable to view anything on the CDRW and the disk slows down then crashes my PC.I have tried using the Nero Forum for answers but its useless.Does any one know how I can retrieve my files form the CDRW?Kind regardsRogmur

Answer:Unable to read CDRW with Nero6

Try CDCheck? click here

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I Installed another Philips Black Dual Layer/Format DVD/RW/CDRW IDE drive (used but working I'm told) in my Dell 8400, with that said do I have to make one Master and one Slave ?

Right now they are both on Cable Select, if I have to make one master and one slave which one one do I make Master ?.

The Computer can find the D drive but when a disc is placed in the that drive it shows no files on an audio disc or DVD disc when in fact there are 18 music files on the audio disc.

I have done a trouble shoot and checked for updated drivers, the computer found no problems with the DVD player and no updates to the drivers were needed, in short everything points back to the Used DVD/RW/CDRW IDE Drive. As stated both Players are Philips DVD/RW/CDRW Ide drive units

The CD Drive that it replaced was a Sony CD-RW

Have I missed anything ?

Answer:Installed DVD-RW/CDRW will not read disk

Good Evening no8rf, your symptom is typical of a drive that has poor read sensitivity.
It often happens that the drive will appear to operate normally, burn normally but not read some disks properly, or sit there for ages trying to read a disk when you insert it.
This can be a real pain when you try to do something important.

I usually make the most important burning drive the master and the other the slave but it is a matter of experiment, some drives are cantankerous.

I prefer not to use cable select with CDROMS.

These drives are quite cheap now so consider getting bad reading devices out of your system, especially if you burn on the fly!

Others will have different ideas.

Cheers, qldit.

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I Am Running Windows 2000 Professional. When I Load Software Into The Cd Drives, The Drive Starts Up But I Cannot Run The Software. I Get The Message D:\ Is Not Accessible Incorrect Function. Do I Have A Problem With Ide? When I Right Click On The Drives And Select Eject, The Bay Ejects And Windows States That All The Drivers Are Up To Date?

Answer:Cd, Cdrw, Floppy Drives Can't Read

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My Philips CDRW IDE 12x8x32 version 4 is unable to read audio CDs or VCDs. It's detected on boot up and device manager shows its working properly, it shows up in explorer but shows empty media even though loaded with a CD. When no CDs are loaded and accessed via explorer, the usual "Please insert a disk into drive E" (my CDRW drive is E) does not pop up. Tried cleaning with lens cleaner, uninstalled it and re-installed it, still unable to read CDs. I"m using Nero Express 5.5 . Help much appreciated.

Answer:Philips CDRW unable to read CDs

So it won't read audio or VCDs, what about standard data CDs (ie: ones with programs on them)?

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My X200 came with Vista Business installed and an Ultrabase with a DVD/CDRW (P/N 42T2541). I installed Windows 7 Professional on it when it first came out. I thought my optical drive would write CDs under Vista, even though I never tried to use it that way (at least not that I recall). Today I found it was seen by Windows as a read-only device. It sees a HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM DU10N in device manager. Clicking on Properties shows Device type: DVD/CD-ROM driveDriver provider: MicrosoftDriver version: 6.1.7601.17514 Firmware (checked with fwwinod.exe) is 103. Should I be able to burn a CD? Do I have a wrong driver? Or is this a read-only drive?

Answer:X200 Ultrabase DVD/CDRW read-only?

No chance of an answer on this? The machine is in warranty. It would be nice to know if I need to make a warranty claim or not.

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I am trying to repair a client's PC, he downloads numerous programs to rip/write/download music, and recently his PC won't read cd's. The machine will register that a disc is in, ie it'll change icon into cdr or cd, but you can't access them, all that happens is you get the message that the disc is unformatted or unaccessable.


Now, the drives will read in safemode.

It's not VIA drivers, as I've already done all updates ie via, mbd, XP,DirectX.

I think it might be to do with the ASPI drivers but I don't know how to regrade them.

Any Ideas much appreciated.

Answer:CDROM nor CDRW will read cds when NOT in safemode?

I've had this problem with CD's that were created on a WIN98 system, could not read on XP Pro system.
Maybe the same problem ?


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i've been running XP for a while now when the other day for no apparent reason winXP decided not to read anything in my CDRW (Ricoh MP7060S)!!! It knows there's a drive there but will not read anything in it!!!


help - please....i'm desperate!!!

I have a SCSI card also connected to my CDRW

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Wee, my first post...

I had this burner for years and seems that it doesn't want to burn anything.

I tried to reinstall drivers but it says that it isn't connected to the IDE cable?

How is it reading the CD if it's not pluged in?

HP sucks for I am asking here if you have any answers.

Also, wheres the place that they hid the IRQ amd DMA resorces in XP SP2...I seem to have forgot...I have some issues with my Creative SB live card says its not there either...but I hear stuff and can record in Sound Forge through the mic input.

Machine is 6 years old and still
Motherboard=ASUS A7V133
Processor=1800 Athlon XP

Answer:HP CDRW 9300 read but no write???

maybe i'll just buy a new one...DVD/CDRW DDL...I hate buying crap for the old machine...

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I have adaptec easy cd creator 4 installed on my computer. My computer came installed with a cdrw drive (Hewlett packark pavillion, windows ME, athlon processor). When I go to Adaptec to create a cd, it says to put in a disk with enough space. On another adaptec program (directcd), it says that the device is not ready. What is wrong with my computer??? Here is more information on my cdrw drive:

firmware revision: 2.6c
read speed :24x
write speed: 4x

Please help me,I love music and one of the reasons I even bought the computer was to be able to record music. Thank you!

Answer:My cdrw drive doesnt read

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I have had my system now for quite some years now. It is probably 7 years old.

AMD Athlon XP 2400
320GB Hard DRive
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb
Asus K8U-X mobo

Those are my basic specs. Yes it does seem ancient but, 7 years ago it was a top machine. Anyways, a while ago I tried to format my hard drive and it wouldnt let me. A screen kept popping up when i went to delete the partition and create a new one that said "the proper set up files were not installed" so it wouldn't let me format it.

What I decided to do was purchase a new hard drive (its IDE and i got one new for $30 so pretty cheap), and I installed it and fired up the pc and when I went into the bios, the only thing listed in the boot order sequence was the new hard drive. Well nothing is loaded on it and I need to boot from my windows XP cd. It did the same thing with the old hard drive too. Even with the old hard drive in there, if i went into the bios, the cdrw drive was not in the boot order list; but when i used the computer, the cdrw drive works perfectly fine. it burns and reads discs normally. So basically I am not sure why the cdrw drive isn't listed in the bios boot order list? Really hope i could figure out the problem. Thanks a bunch guys.

Answer:Bios won't read cdrw drive?

Greetings, Spaniel1287.

Since the system is 7 years old, have you ever replaced the CMOS battery? I suggest removing the battery to reset the BIOS to defaults, and since you've got it out anyway, may as well replace it (if you haven't recently). Any good electronics shop, jewelry store, camera shop, etc. should carry a replacement battery.

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My cdrom won't read my cd/rw cd's. How can I fix this. I have an Acer CD/RW and a panasonic CDROM drive

Answer:CDROM wont read CDRW

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I have 3 DVD-R disks with content (documents, graphics files, etc. ? NO VIDEO files) that was backed up from a previous computer. I cannot read (or even see) any of the content from these DVDs. I have an identical (type) DVD-R with video content, and it opens and runs just fine.

I have a Toshiba Qosmio and its DVD drive reads: DVD multi-recorder; DVD rewritable; CD rewritable. When I insert any of these 3 data DVDs, the DVD drive (F on my machine) that usually says ?DVD-RAM? next to the icon (in Explorer) now says ?CD drive? (although the icon itself says ?DVD-ROM? at the bottom of the icon). If I click on the F: drive icon, or attempt to ?open? files from the F drive, I get an error message that says ?F: not accessible. Incorrect function.? If I right click on the drive and go to properties, it shows that all the disk space is used (which should be correct ? each of the 3 DVDs should essentially be full of content), but I cannot see any of the folders or files on this drive, even when I click ?mixed media? as the file type to open (rather than video files). Again, inserting the exact same type DVD-R disk with video content into this drive works just fine.

I have attempted the same procedure on my Dell Latitude D600 (DVD drive reads: DVD-ROM; CD rewritable). The DVD drive in this computer shows up in Explorer as ?DVD/CD-RW drive.? When I insert one of these data disks into this machine and double click on the CDC drive icon, nothing show... Read more

Answer:Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

you may need the correct codecs. Also if the discs are +R, you will not be able to read them in a -r drive.

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Will not read purhased audio or software discs.

Dell Dimension 8100 W2K NEC NR-7800 SCSI

The drive worked perfectly well before, this is a recent problem. I can't recall doing anything that would have caused this problem.

Any ideas?

Answer:CDRW drive will only read burned discs

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When I insert a cd rom into my combination drive it will not read the contents of the disc. My PC uses XP home and Device manager reports that the drive is working ok. If I un-install the driver for the HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4320B drive and reboot, everything works fine until I next switch on. I then have to repeat the driver removal again. The Drive is the only one connected to the Ide cable,Any one come up with a cure for this problem?

Answer:CDRW/DVD drive fails to read discs

Try updating driver from website, cos it looks like it doen`t like the widows driver.

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I used a FUJIFILM CD-RW 700MB Disc to store some files to transfer over to another computer but when I try to drag the files from the disc on to the desktop the bar goes to about 60%. Then an error sign comes up and says Cannot read from the source file or disk. When I press Cancel the loader freezes and the explorer crashes. I think something is wrong with the disk. What can I do?

Answer:CDRW Cannot read from the source file or disk

Did you finalize the session or the disk on the first computer?Try highlighting the files and then using copy/ paste instead.

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hi there, thanks for taking time to read my first post, hope someone can lend some knowledge. i am running windows xp pro.

the problem is my cdrw drive can burn cd's no problem, but it will not read cd-roms of any kind when i put them in the burner.
i am only running the one cdrw drive. i have even tried swapping cdrw drives and the same thing happens.
i have checked the properties of this drive, its says everything is fine.
but if i try to install software, a new game, a photo or mp3 cd, the drive just spins and spins and nothing happens.
i also thought it was my autorun feature, but it is also enabled.
i would like to just format, and reinstall windows from scratch, but i am afraid to do it since my drive won't run my xp cd.
i am not sure what else to do.
please help!


thanks so much

Answer:cdrw burns cd's, but will not read disks of any kind

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Hi all i have an annoying problem with one of me drives,when i insert a cd into the drive the light on the front flashes when the drive door closes but from there on in i can get nothing from it, it will not read any disc allso willnot write to a disc. I have been into device manager and uninstalled the drive so the next time i booted windows found new hardware and told me the drive is now ready for use but the same problem was there. The drive is a Lite-On LTR-40125S CDRW Drive i have been to the Lieon website and downloaded a flash for the drive allso to no avail,I would be gratefull for any help on this.XP Home SP2

Answer:Lite-on CDRW drive will not read or write.

You could try the autoplay repair wizardclick hereand the reset DMAclick here

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Have tried disconnecting the Cd player but still won't boot, if the light on the CD goes off then it boots up. I have tried disconnecting the CD but to no avail. I have wiped the hard drive and reinstalled XP.  Nothing works whilst the light is fixed on even the CD player.

Answer:computer cant boot up because the CDRW light is on as if it is being read

I find your post somewhat confusing. If i understand correctly you had a problem in that your computer would not "boot" because a light on the CD burner was constantly on. If that is the case how were you able to install the o/s ? How were you able to "wipe" the HDD? When you say you "disconnected" the CD unit--what actually did you do? When this CD burner light stayed on for the 1st time what were you doing at the time on the computer? Why did you feel it was necessary to take the drastic step of wiping the HDD and reinstalling the O/S? truenorth

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Hi! i have an Acer CDW8432IA and it won't read write i installed the drivers, and software. when i put a cd with data on it in it it shows nothing and when i try to write it says it cannot detect the drive???

could it be the drivers?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~will viagra enlarge my hard drive like FAT32?

Answer:acer cdrw wont read or write!

Forget about writing for the moment. The drive has to work as a regular CDROM before it can do anything else.

Do you have a floppy boot disk you can test the drive with?

How did you physically connect the drive?

"That is not dead
Which can eternal lie
Yet with strange aeons
Even death may die"
- H.P. Lovecraft

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Well my DVD-ROM has up and quit working.  It has no problem reading my audio CD.  It does this with Musicmatch Jukebox.  However when I put a data disk in the drive doesn't recognize it.  MY computer just shows up as D:.  When I click on the drive I get a box that says "Install disk"  I imagine I did something like deleted the program that read data files or something like that (is there even such a thing).  Basically what I need is help or a reference to diagnosing the root of the problem.Dell Pentium 4 dual core 3.4 GHZ1.5RamSamsung DVD-Rom SD-616E (problem drive)Ps I recently Downloaded the Nero 7 ultra smart start to see if that had any tips (not sure why) but obviously it didn't help. Thanks in advance

Answer:DVD-ROM wont read data disk but will audio disk

You can try this...go to Device Manager and right click on the DVD drive and select uninstall.When you re-boot Windows will automatically re-install the device...Let us know.

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First off let me say in advance that I am not sure whether on not this post goes into this section. I believed so...

I am in the market for a CD/MP3 player. The particular models I am looking at are:


Philips EXP103 eXpanium Portable MP3/CD Player


Can any of these read open CDRWs?
Which ones do you recommend?

TY for the Help!

Answer:CD/MP3 Player+Choice+CDRW disk+Which can read open CDR/RWs?

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Although my burner is able to burn CDs and DVDs using either NTI or WindowsXP burner, it refuses then to see the disc it has burned!

Although it saw my empty disc originally, once burned, it can't find it in the drive.

Then when I come out of windows explorer I get an error message something about 'fail to open fvfj.sxo'

I look this up and see that this has something to do with malware. I run a full AVG virus check and an online malware check through the Microsoft site. Nothing appears. I then search computer for anything called sxo. Nothing appears.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? It used to all work fine.

I have XP SP3, Philips burner, NTI cd maker, WindowsXP burner.

Appreciate your time.

Answer:Can burn but not read! and try

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i have a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B this driver will not burn any cd or dvd..only read :knock:
i have tried to update the firmware..DID NOT HELP
i tried a different burning prog..currently using nero 7 premium..DID NOT HELP

when i go to MY COMPUTER..the dvd-rw drive is called a cd-drive type instead of a dvd-rw drive or something like that..

Could anyone help drives me crazy *** hell :hotbounce ..

i have stuff to harddisk is getting pretty full..

Answer:i cant burn cd or dvd????? only read!!

No but I have the same problem...
Removed a 7-year single-speed burner (even thou I am sure it was still good) and put in a newer 52x32x52 burner (which IS a bit more pnp compatible) and same thing:
The BIOS recognizes it as a CD-RW
The Device Manager displays it as a CD-RW
But, under Properties it just shows Standard CD-Rom...
And of course, when attempting to copy files to it, nothing...

I suspect it's something to do with XP myself...

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My cd burner will only read cd's for some reason. Every time I try to burn one it says please insert a blank disc and try again. But, the disc's are good. I put them in my laptop and they burn fine. I"ve put in a new burner and have the same result. Any ideas?

Answer:CD-ROM will read but, not burn?

It may be that the CD burn speed isn't compatible with your CD-R.

Have you tried other media brands?

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Topic says much I guess. I have no Idea what's the problem, there's no way something ****ed up in DVD BURN laser, cuz it has to recognize but the DVD READ laser that it's a DVD rom inside right?

Help me :>
Thanks, Eran.

Answer:DVD can't READ DVD, but can read cd, burn cd and BURN DVD.

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Hi, I have a weird problem with my acer aspire 1357lmi. If I want to burn a Dvd-r with nero bruning rom he will burn it with no problem but if I want to read it or watch it afterwards he says no disk inserted??? If I take the same Dvd-r and put it into my other pc he reads it with no problem. An other problem is that the notebook can read every dvd he didn't wrote.
Any ideas?

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I have backed up several old games, such as starcraft...and when i pop them into either my cd/rw/dvdrom drive or the cd drive....they will not read, and if they do, it says theres nothing on them. please help. also, on the cdrw/dvdrom drive, when i put in warcraft 3 it just doesnt read at all. works fine on the other drive.

Answer:DVD/CDRW drive and CDROM drives will not read burned disks!

russian master said:

I have backed up several old games, such as starcraft...and when i pop them into either my cd/rw/dvdrom drive or the cd drive....they will not read, and if they do, it says theres nothing on them. please help. also, on the cdrw/dvdrom drive, when i put in warcraft 3 it just doesnt read at all. works fine on the other drive.Click to expand...

Your CD and DVD drives is not suitable for that kind of CD, or the material CD is not keep in a good condition.

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I've had a microadvantage dvdrw8 for 2 years,worked great until recently. I just installed convertxtodvd program. I thought I had (in the settings) NOT to burn after converting files, but the program was going to burn the dvd. Since I have the evaluation version, I know that it would have burned the dvd with the watermark. So I clicked cancel, it came up do I wish to cancel the burn, I said yes. seemed everything was Ok. Two days later I go to burn a dvd using my dvdmaker 7.0 platinum. The two logs are at the end of this message. I just tried to burn a cdr, it 'hangs' on creating the table of contents-15minutes. does nothing else. I just checked the microadvantage website and it's not there anymore.
Start Time: Sunday, June 25, 2006, 11:34:19PM

Processor Architecture: INTEL
Processor Type: INTEL PENTIUM
Processor Level: 6
Microsoft Windows 98 version 4.10 A (Build 2222)
Memory in use: 33%
Total physical memory: 523 MB
Total free physical memory: 271 MB
Total paging file: 1573 MB
Total free paging file: 1573 MB
Total virtual memory: 2093 MB
Total free virtual memory: 1999 MB

CD Layout: Data DVD
Disc Format: DVD-ROM
File System: UDF
Bootable CD: No
Total Data Blocks: 2133776

CD-Recorder: DVDRW IDE1008 (H
Firmware Version: 0055
Disc Media: DVD-R
Free Disc Blocks: 2298496
Test: No
Write Speed: 2x
Write Method: Disc-At-Once
Close Disc: Yes
Leave Session Open: No

Error Code: 1014
CDB: 43 00 00 00 00 00 AA 00 0C 00 00 0... Read more

Answer:can read/cannot burn cd/dvd-hangs

RESOLVED. bad drive. purchased a new nec cd/dvd combo 8x drive and everything works great.

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​ My CD-RW shows on the windows error report as having a bad block. No clue. What is this? So when I tried to play a regular program disc (a game) it won't do anything. I've tried everything. Checked the cables and the jumpers, it worked fine then not. I tried to update the drivers from nero and made it worse. I think.... I know I need the original for this drive (Lite On LTR-52327S CD-RW) But lost sight of where I started. Can you tell me how to read that page under driver details and it lists all kinds of drivers.Is there a driver I can load and use this cdrw with just the windows xp home burner and leave off the nero? I want to delete the old multiple drivers and load the right one. Right ? Oh, it will do some weird stuff with a CD-RW DISK but thats it. Read a couple of the files, then deleted one. Done. Not!!! Ok I'll shut up and you tell me how to save it. Thanks

Answer:Lite-on CD-RW won't read, burn,etc

That message can come from bad CDs, cables or drives. It looks like you've checked out the first two problems. Does Device Manager say anything odd about the drive?

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This is an upgraded VAIO PCG-GRT 390ZP and the disc drive is CRX830E. A few weeks ago I tried to burn a disc and it kept asking for a blank disc even when one was placed in it. I didn't persue it at that time. Now I find it doesn't recognize ANY disc at all (music or other). Hardware wizard says everything is fine. The disc drive does show in my computer and it does sound like it's starting to run, then nothing happens.

Answer:Why won't my internal cd rw read or burn?

It looks like you optical device has become defective and is now unable to read /or detect any media inserted.___________________________________________? When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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I attempted burning an audio CD earlier today that was just under the capacity of the blank CD I inserted (79:54 under 79:57). Naturally, I figured it should work fine. The burn failed right at 100%, with no real explanation in the Nero log other than, "Drive error."

Every successive disc I have inserted, whether it be blank, audio, CD- or DVD-ROM, has failed to be even read. The drive instead spins a bit, halts, spins a bit, halts and repeats until it gives up. Any program waiting for the CD to be read, i.e. Nero when checking the inserted CD info, freezes until I either eject the disc or enough time passes for it to just tell me, "No disc inserted."

I have tried uninstalling the drive from device manager, as well as clearing any upper and lower filters on the drive from the registry. I tried inserting a disc to be read at boottime, to see if Windows was the problem, but the drive repeats the same lame spin up and halting sound.

I find it very odd that it stopped working due to a coaster. Might it have damaged itself? What else should I try?

Answer:NEC DVD-burner won't read anything after bad burn

Umm try updating your dvd drive firmware..
I had a similar ,but differnt problem ,but try plugging your computer straight into the wall so you recieve the most power ,plugging my pc into the wall fixed my problem my cd drive wasent gettin enough power since it was plugged in to a power board with 10 plugs in it .I then got a more powerful powerboard,but try plugging your computer into the wall if it does not work take it out and put it back where it was.

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Recently I have found that my CD/DVD drive does not recognize CD's.  After inserting a disc, the drive spins, makes some noises, but never recognizes a disc.  When I try to open the drive, it searches and an error message appears asking me to insert a disc.  I tried disabling the drive, uninstalling the driver, removing the drive, restarting, and reinserting, the driver seemed to insall correctly though it didn't seem to help the problem. I recently upgraded to Windows 7, is it possible that I lost something in that transition that would cause this malfunction?

Answer:T61 CD/DVD drive won't read or burn CD's

do you have the win 7 cd handy, try to boot into the discs and see whether that works, this will tell you whether that is software or hardware problem. Such failures do occur, due to ageing of laser. 

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If I have a 3 GB img file, what's the software that can burn it to a DVD?

Answer:How do you read and burn a IMG file?

Mostly any burning app will do this. I would suggest a version of Nero or ImgBurn.

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my friends pc can burn cds but cant read them. he has an HP cd-writer+ 9100c and a sony DVD rom and neither can play dvds or cds but the cd-r can burn them... I have no idea why... its a winME system he bought it for 100$ from a freind and it worked fine for a while.

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My DVD Drive works fine in applications like iTunes, Nero etc. But when I double-click to see files in explorer, I'm asked what to do with empty discs - even ones, I've just burned in Nero. Worked like a charm in XP.

The drive is a Sony DW-G120A.

Answer:DVD drive can burn, but not read

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I had the bright idea of formatting and re-installing my laptop just because I was bored and now I'm having multiple I'll have multiple posts going issue here is ever since I wiped the computer, I can't burn or read/play DVD-DLs. It worked great before, and I seem to remember installing some kind of .msi file when I got the computer to do it, but now I can't find the file and searching the net is getting me no where.

I've got an Alienware 7700 with a NEC ND-6650a drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Can't read/burn DL DVDs

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Can someone help me? Computer can see what is in my drive but can't play or write to it.

Answer:DVD-R/RW can read but can't Burn or Play DVD or CD

You may perform the following steps to isolate it:

1. Run Regedt32.exe.

2. Locate the 'UpperFilters' value under the following key in the registry,
and delete it:



3. Locate the 'LowerFilters' value under the same key, and delete it:



4. Close the registry editor and restart the computer.


I have to delete some registry keys to get my cd-rom and virtual cd back.
For more information please refer the KB article:
CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19,
or Code 39 After You Remove Easy CD Creator in Windows XP:;en-us;314060&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

Some 3d part recording programs cause this problem, therefore
But your 3rd party cd recording software won't work properly after your deleting the registry keys. Please be aware of that. Sometimes its due to more than 1 recording program being installed..

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My computer was originally xp, but then I decided to get vista. Vista didn't work well for me, so i put xp back. Since then, my cd drive has not worked.It wouldnt even turn on. My friend told me it must have died, so i replaced it with one from my other computer. The company is 'JustLink". It reads and plays cd, but it cannot burn any. I got the nero tool info and looked under software, and it didn't say any programs :S please help!

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I have got an HL-DT-ST DVD Ram LG GSA-H12L recorder but i cant get it working.
I can see it, i have tried burning with Windows and got the message that there is no cd present, and with Nero i have got the message "communication failure"
i have reinstalled it but there is no change.
Before i got the same problem with a Pioneer. I bought the LG because i thought de burner was on the blink. There has to be an other problem

Answer:DVD writer won't burn or read

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DVDs I?ve burnt either read as ?blank? when reinserted, or can?t complete the initial formatting.
I used to be able to burn & read both DVD formats. In fact, I have a few DVDs I burnt previously that Windows can read just fine.

With DVD +R:
Windows will go through all the steps of formatting the DVD, burning files to it, and closing the DVD with no problems? But when I reinsert the DVD, it comes up as blank, with absolutely nothing on it.

With DVD +RW:
Windows will start the DVD formatting process, then say it?s ?unable to complete? it.

My DVD burner is listed as PLDS DVD+-RW DH-16A6S ATA Device according to Windows Device Manager, so it should be capable of burning/reading either DVD+ or DVD-, R or RW..

I checked for driver updates, but mine is current:
DEVICE MANAGER > (right-click device) > CHECK FOR UPDATES.

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with Vista Home premium, & I was using Sony DVD +R DVDs & Memorex +RWs.

In searching online for solutions, I found a few posts from people complaining of the same problem? who say the problem began after a recent Vista update. Is this true? If so, what?s the fix?

What?s the fix, even if a Vista update didn?t cause the problem?

Answer:DVDs won't read/burn

I would try the following
Uninstall and reinstall the driver
Try known good DVDs
Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues
Use system restore from 3 days before the problem
You may want to try this, at least for a test
DVD Flick
Try from another user account.

Test your hard drive
Test Hard Drive or this test

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Hi, i have recently had some kind of spyware or trojan and it made my pc shut down in the first few seconds of the windows start up screen, and i somehow fixed it with a system restore. but now my dvd burner wont read my new blank dvd+r or dvd+rw discs when i try to use them for burning, but it has worked before the system restore. i can burn audio cds, play audio cds, and watch dvds. but when i insert a brand new disc to try to burn, the 2 burning software i have both say there is no disc inserted. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Answer:cant read disc when i try to burn a dvd

You say it doesn't read the DVDs when you are burning?

If you insert a DVD with data on it (like a backup to DVD), can you see the data using Windows Explorer (My Computer)?

You may want to remove one of your two burning application. Pick the one you like most and uninstall the other.

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Got a new DVD burner, a LG GSAH22N-BK. It's on it's own IDE channel set to master, as is the harddrive on it's own channel.

Every time i either access any CD or DVD or try to burn any CD or DVD, data, video, audio anything, the computer slows to a crawl and my Winamp starts to stutter.

My Samsung Writemaster worked wonderfully in this same setup before it broke, that's why I bought the LG.

I cannot find any drivers or patches for this DVD drive on LG's website.

Any suggestions?

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