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Building computer boot up problems

Question: Building computer boot up problems


I have a tower just recently bought all the parts from newegg and was building the tower for the last 3 days. I had everything put in as it should be and initially it stayed on but no image was portraying on the monitor. A friend explained I was using the wrong port to portray image as it should be through the video card I should be connecting it, but after troubleshooting the problem initially, I removed RAM and put it back in but computer now turns on for a second then right off. I hear and see the fans running, the dvd drive spinning, and the lights go on but then it shuts right off, after another 2-3 seconds it turns on again and then after another second turns right back off in an endless cycle until I turn it off completely and unplug it.

Not sure what the next steps are or if I should return the moba for an exchange. After reading a lot of forums I noticed that it could be the RAM was improperly placed so I tried many times to take it out and put it back in but same problem keeps occurring. I hear no beeps and only hear a click from the power supply when it goes on. I tried the psu tester on the power supply and it tells me it should be working fine. Any one have any idea?

moba: ASRock Z97M Pro4 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
ram: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B
power: EVGA 220-G2-0850-XR 850W Power Supply
case: Thermaltake Level 10 Series Level 10 GT (VN10001W2N) Black Computer Case
processor: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I54670K Desktop Processor
video card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 02G-P4-3757-KR FTW w/ ACX Cooling Video Card

Please someone help and thanks to all!!

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Preferred Solution: Building computer boot up problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Building computer boot up problems

Okay, I've had the same issue with a new build: Put it all together, switch on the power and basically nothing. Do the following tried and true diagnostic steps that can be tedious but costs nothing to do and can often zero in on your issue:

1. Uninstall everything from your motherboard and disconnect all peripherals from your power supply except psu to motherboard, cpu, and one stick of RAM. Now turn it on. If it boots up and stays booted then shut it down and then...

2. Add your second stick of memory -- nothing else. Repeat by booting up and if it stays booted up then...

3. Start adding one piece of hardware at a time and repeat as directed.

What are your findings?

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Hey this is actually my first post on here. I have built a few computers in the past few years but I have never run into this problem.
I have a BIOSTAR TForce 6100 AM2 motherboard and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 cpu A gig of DDR2 800 ram a dvdr rw whatever a 400 gig seagate hdd a 120 gig maxtor hdd and a 200 gig western digital hdd 3 case fans and a cheapo 450 watt power supply that came with my case. My motherboards handbook does not say anything about it not supporting single sticks it just says it CAN support dual channel.
I hooked everything up correctly. (I hope)
I plugged everything in pressed the power button and the fans started for .01 seconds and shut off completely. I tried the power button again. Nothing not even the fans. I flipped off the power from behind and turned it back on. Pushed the power button and .01 seconds of the fans working again. I checked for loose screws or anything in the case that could have been doing anything. I didn't find anything. I don't really know where to go with this.
Any help would be very appreciated!

Answer:Building new computer and it will not boot.

Here are some instructions for you. Follow the set under you assembled the system and it will not post.

What to do with a “Problem Build”

First are you getting the board to post [power on self test] If yes follow the first set of instructions

Board posts however there are lockups, bsod, cannot install windows

1) Since it posts, check your temps in the bios. It is very difficult to say what a &#8220;Normal&#8221; temp should be since each type of cpu [P4, Athlon, AMD64, etc] has a normal temp. What you should see in the bios is a stable temp of <55C. If the temp is much higher than that, you probably have the heatsink fan installed incorrectly.

2) If the temps are ok, pull all cards from the system except the video card. Disconnect any peripherals such as printer, scanner, usb hub, etc. Is it stable now? If so you have a problem with a piece of hardware or its driver.

3) Test the memory with a tester like memtest86. Just because you see a memory test during post means nothing. All that does is check to see if the memory is there. It does not check each memory address. Note this test is run from bootable media ie CD or floppy; there is no need for an operating system to be installed.

4) Power supply. A modern P4 or AMD64 needs a quality power supply. It is difficult to say what wattage you will need since this is dependant on many things; the number of fans, the number of hard drives you have installed, the type of video card you have inst... Read more

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I am building a computer and hav finished putting it together, and when I turned it on and clicked the cases power to turn it on the fans spun for a moment then stopped. When I hold down the power button it will spin from r a moment the stop for a few seconds then spin again.
The motherboard is a gigabyte ga p45t es3g
The case is a thermal
The psu is a raidmax
I have tried different forums but couldn't get it to work

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Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of building a new computer and I have installed everything and had it looked over by two of my friends that have done this several times before to make sure everything was in the right spot. After them checking it over and giving the go ahead, I turned on the power and all i got was a little blip. A small LED light turns on for about a 1/10 of a second, and the two fans both turn aobut a quarter of an inch.

My friend says it's the physical switch that you push to turn on the power. So I pushed out the switch and gave the wire a small little to make sure the wires were firmly in and one of them easily came out. I could send back the case but it would cost me some good money and if its just a 2 dollar switch, then I would rather just go buy one of the those...

does this problem sound like a switch, has anyone had this problem before, what did you do to fix it, and if it's not a switch, what could it be?

Thanks in advance for all your help,


Answer:Building Computer, Won't boot-up!

Sounds like an issue with the power supply. Do you have a spare one to try out? Also I have seen the connection from the power supply to the MOBO not being in snug cause this problem.

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Basically Im having problems with my computer, and I dont know where else to turn, so hopefully you guys can help me. Ive been through a lot today with this thing, but basically...

AMD Phenom II x4 CPU
MSI 870S-G46 Mobo
HD 6670 GPU
HAF 912 Case
CORSAIR 4gb 1 stick RAM
Optical Drive, LG I think, doesnt matter...

So yeah. Got everything hooked up properly blah blah blah, turned it on, had it hooked up to my monitor through VGA and HDMI and input came through neither, when I turn it on, theres 4 lights on the motherboard that just stay solid, lit up. The little beepy thingy you plug it didnt work, we even took another beepy thingy out of my friends computer and put it in and it didnt do anything... ALL fans power up, optical drive pops open... Uhh, thats it. Kinda ticked right now, caled MSI he told me to pop the little battery thing out and put it back in, that didnt help, tried my RAM in all slots and my friends RAM outta his computer, so the guy from MSI said it was probably the mobo or CPU thats messed up.

Any idea?

I also tried DVI, didnt work...

Main thing im stumped on is the beep, Ive been trying to get that thing to beep forever, it just wont do it. whats up with that?

Answer:Having computer building problems

The beep is telling you something isn't right... could be one memory module is defective, power supply is not connected correctly, video graphics card is bad on installed incorrectly... Often it is a bad motherboard...

How many beeps in each series, before the pause, and then repeated... that can tell you something. Look in the motherboard assembly or instruction book for beep codes.

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Hey there, I'm relatively new to the forums, and by that I mean this is my first post. So, I just built a PC myself, purchasing the parts and assembling it at home. but there's a problem. I put everything together, close up the case, and plug it in to the monitor, power, etc. However, whenever I press the power button, the power LED comes on, I hear fans firing up, but then everything stops, all in under a second... What? I would really appreciate some feedback and help, I got recommended this forum by a friend and I really hope someone can shine some light on the situation.

Here is the parts list:

Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCIe 2.1 x16 Video Card

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Six-Core Boxed Processor

Asus M4N68T-M V2 Socket AM3 630a mATX Motherboard

Voltas X 600W ATX 12V Power Supply

Samsung 22x DVD±RW Burner with Dual/Double Layer Support

TX-381 Micro ATX Computer Case

Adata 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10666) Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit (Two 2GB Memory Modules)

Caviar Blue 7K1000.C 500GB HDS721050CLA362 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -OEM

- Also -
I don't have an OS loaded yet/didn't try to load it yet, if that's of any importance.

Answer:Problems After Building Computer

Welcome to major geeks
First of all that motherboard has on-board vga- so Start from less is best
Remove graphics card
Remove one stick of ram
Disconnect DVD±RW
Try then to see if it boots to Bios
If boots to Bios you are in business.
In Bios you may have to look for vga/graphics settings to find the setting for the graphics card, before fitting it, so that the system looks for it at atartup, othrwise it could be looking for on board vga,which you have not connected.
Operating system does not matter, at this stage, but your graphics card driver might need to be installed while in Windows before it will operate properly., then shut down and install graphics card, and reboot.

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Ok, I have everything plugged in correctly according to the manual and when I turn my computer on I get no signal to the monitor. Everything powers on, the CD drives, the Harddrives, the CPU and case fan. But I don't hear a PC beep and it doesnt check my floppy drive. And I get a blank monitor. Heres what I got installed in this computer...

ECS N2U400-A Socket A (Socket 462) NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton 2.083GHz Socket A Processor Model AXDA2800BOX - Retail
Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) System Memory Model KVR400X64C3A/512 - Retail
Kingston ValueRAM 256MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 266 (PC 2100) System Memory Model KVR266X64C25/256 - Retail
SAPPHIRE 100583DVIL-GN-H Radeon 9250 128MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Low Profile Video Card - Retail

Answer:Building A Computer But Having Problems

make sure the pizzo buzzer speaker is hooked up to your mobo. Make sure clear cmos jumper hasnt been left on clear, try running just 1 stick of ram for trouble shooting sakes.

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Hi everyone, I'm building a computer for the first time and I've run into problems, so decided if you guys could help. I think I have everything connected correctly, but when I try to power it up, only a red light on the motherboard turns on. Are there any simple explanations for this or might it have to do with the specific parts I'm using?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Building Computer Problems

Are there any simple explanations for this or might it have to do with the specific parts I'm using?Click to expand...

What ARE the specific parts your using?

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i am building a new computer i got a nwew motherboard and everything is plugged in but my hard drive wont power up niehter will my cdrom or a drive the power supply coms on and the heatsink fan comes on what went wrong any ideas

Answer:building new computer problems

Take out everything except the motherboard, processor, graphic card, and 1 stick of RAM.

Does the computer boot up?

If so add 1 piece and boot up...add another piece and boot up.

Where do you get your first failure?

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I am building a computer, placed the mother board in, booted it up without anything attached and it went to bios fine. Then I put everything in and it will boot up sometimes and then freeze. Other times it won't even go to bios. I have unplugged everything to see if it would go to bios. Nothing. HELP PLEASE! Thanks

Answer:Building computer and wont boot to anything, even bios...

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I just finished my latest build. I was going for speed and stability. I wanted a computer that will last a while and be strong enough for some games I am not a big gamer, But I do have a few I play.
I choose:
MoBo: ESC A880LM-M
CPU: AMD Anthon II x4 2.8 processor with Wind Tunnel Finned Fan.
RAM: Corsair 2 gig times 2 strips. DDR 3
Case: AZZA Spartan 102 / With a Rock Fish 550 watts power supply.

I have built many many computers in the past. I have only had one that gave me trouble as there was a pinning that was hidden. Since then I have built at least 8 with out trouble. So I went about collecting parts and building.

I go to turn it on and only a flash of light at all of the lights. Then shuts down and nothing. I wait a few minutes and try again. i get the same result a flash of the fan lights then nothing so I am at a loss as to what is wrong.

I changed cases, and I chaanged power supplies at different intervals. Nothing. i changed the case to a different one. and still no change.

I have not changed the RAM. Nor the CPU. But I did try a different Mother board with the same cpu and ram. Still not change.

I am to presume that I have a bad cpu and or ram, or these items do not like each other.

Can someone Help Me Please. If there is a better comco than what I have please do not be shy to tell me what I did wrong.


Answer:Finished Building my Latest Computer - It will not Boot

Does it boot to the bios screen atleast?

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I just got all the parts today to build this new computer, and so far it's been nothing but a headache. After trying for several hours to figure out why it wouldn't post, I finally jiggled the RAM and now it's posting ... but it's only seeing one memory module. I have 2x512mb sticks in there, and both register individually, but putting them both in won't show as 1 gig.

The motherboard is an ECS RS485M-M, and the memory is from AData, dual channel DDR2 800. I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to fix this, or if I have to send it back and wait another week before I can get this system up and running... any advice? Is there something I might have overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Building new computer, having mobo problems .. help!

Are you having problem with RAM?
First you must check whether you motherboard support your RAM speed, dual channel compatibility, clock speed and multiplier.
Simply, is both of your RAM exactly the same?
So you're telling that you could only use 1 ram instead of 2?
And when you put both of them the PC only recognize one of them right?

I guess you should wait another members with same mobo to tell the compatibility or search it in google. I personally didn't use those brands but i sure that there's compatibility arise or either product failure...
Welcome to techspot

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Hey everyone!

I'm actually posting this for a friend of mine, who isn't too good in English. So, he just bought a new computer (save a case) and is building it by himself. He has assembled the computer and it powers up, but the screen just says "no signal" and the computer itself gives the video error code, one long beep and two short ones.

All the parts were bought new and he has checked and reassembled everything multiple times. Is the graphics card broken or what? :confused

The graphics card is Ati Radeon HD 4850 OC Edition and the motherboard is Asus P5Q.

Answer:Video problems while building a computer

And the graphics card's brand is Club3D, forgot to mention.

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The computer wasn't detecting the dvd drive at all. I check bios and the only thing it detects is the hard drive. So I spent hours trying to figure out the problem. I thought that maybe the dvd drive was messed up but I try it on this computer and it works fine. So I went and took the hard drive from my new computer and installed it on this computer. I install Vista 64 with no problem downloaded the latest updates for the dvd drive that I was having problems with. So after that I took the new dvd drive and new hard drive to my new computer and I'm getting a

1. I get a message saying "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
To fix the problem:
1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2. Choose your language settings and click next.
3. Click "repair your computer"
It also gives me the following options:
4. Safe Mode
5. Safe Mode with networking
6. Safe Mode with Command Prompt
7. Last known good configuration
8. Start Windows normally
I try safe mode and it loads a bunch of stuff than it restarts.
Last known good configuration does not work.
Start windows normally just makes it restart.

And since the bios still can't detect my dvd drive Vista can't repair the problem. I'm searching for a bios update but can't seem to find it on the amd site. According to some reviews on there is a bios update out there. So gonna keep searching.

Also... Read more

Answer:Problems on a computer I just finishing building.

Finally found the bios update. Any ideas how to update it using a usb flash drive?

Also I just realize that the bios is detecting a floppy drive besides by Hard drive. Drive A: 1.44 mb 3 1/2.

Thing is that I have no floppy drive install.

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Ok well i just got my friends computer yesterday and i was up all night tring to fix this dam thing and its ****ing me off. Ok Well last night i got it all hook up and crap then i hooked up the swcables to the motherboard so i could turn on my pc from my case, but like it wouldnt work at all so i would manually turn my pc on with the motherboard power button. That would turn on the computer and it would run but i couldnt restart or turn off the computer with the front panel buttons.

Now today i went back to it after school stripped the computer and it still doesnt work but instead of turning on when i use the motherboard power button it like goes on for 1 sec turns off and the prosccer fan like flickers on and off, but yesterday it would perfectly work and run. Now it dosent i need some help here.

These are wat im talking about also the swcables

Answer:odd problems - building friends computer

There should be a pin diagram for where the connectors should go in the motherboard manual.

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After a very long while. I got two components for finishing my computer. However, I put all the hardware in and nothing happened. There is nothing on the screen. No light on anything.

When I put in a floppy disk, I get this screwy nosie. I can't even use the CDRW drive to boot up? What is the problem? How can I fix it?
Here are my specs:

Abit Be62 (I don't know the version).
-DIMMs 256MB 133Mhrtz and a 64 100Mhrtz ( I know both sticks work)
-Floopy generic (I know it works so that is not a problem)
-PIII 750e
-Maxtor 40gig 5400 drive OEM (haven't tested, but just go it)
-Geforce2 MX 400

Answer:Building New Computer+Help+Problems+Help+Hardware

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Hello, I have a compaq(yes I know, "sorry to hear that") S6900NX AMD Athlon 64 3200 2.0GHZ 800MHZ FSB, recently I changed out to a same processor except the speed was different it was a 2.2 GHZ , but still a 754 socket chip(mainly because hard to find original and new one was $45) anyway, in bios which seams to be limited, it still reads as a 3200 AMD processor, but when I try to install windows (with a new hard drive formatted and partioned already) I get a blue screen after it loads all drivers, it has three options, whether I want to repair windows, load full version, or exit, I choose full version(have cert disc) and it goes to a screen that is still blue(DOS) it says -"windows XP" at top, and at the bottom it says "please wait...", this is where it freezes, any help? I have tried 3 different hard drives, added memmory (have 512K by the way), bought another new processor thinking it was the processor-same thing? any ideas?

Answer:Problems with building a computer-Bios

what about the bus speed does the motherboard support the bus speed that you are changing to. I don't typically upgrade those parts.

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I just finished building my first computer. And all I needed to do was to boot the thing up. I then grab my brand new Windows XP Home Edition thinking it was the full edition (it's an upgrade thingy)and then I get this message telling me to put in a previous Windows product like windows 95, 98 etc.

So I find an old Windows 98 CD and put it in and it does something for a minute then it gives me a message to re-enter the Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade disc. After I do that, it gives me the option to create a hard disk partition to load windows onto, something about formating it using the NTFS file system. So I click enter and the computer starts to partition, takes a while too. After it's done the computer restarts and the Windows XP logo appears, followed by a screen which displays the current downloading process...something like this:

*collecting information
*dynamic update
*preparing installation
*set up will complete in approximately 39 minutes

So everything looks fine, but suddenly I get a message that says ''error retrieving product key'' ''fatal error''

So now when I turn on the PC it seems that Windows XP is partially installed and It repeats the very same process *collecting information *dynamic Update ec...+'error product key''

Anyone have an idea how I can fix this? I just built this computer. Have I permanently damaged the harddrive?

Can I reset the whole process and get rid of the partial... Read more

Answer:First time building a computer. Windows XP problem on first boot

CloudCuckooLand said:

Have I permanently damaged the harddrive?Click to expand... isn't going to kill hardware. What kind of XP Home CD is it? Is this a retail CD, or did it come with some other kind of computer? It sounds like the disc was meant more for re-imagine an OEM machine, and is BIOS-locked into only working on that brand computer.

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I desided to build my own computer beacause it cost lest better computer right will I'm havinf problems performing my first power test and could use some suggestions on whats wrong. Ok so here we go, all I have plugged in is the CPU, heatsink, memory, and power suppley. Everthing is brand new and good and when I go to perform power test nothing my power supply buzzes and does not turn on or turn blue. But heres the part I can't explain. When I take a paper clip right and put one end into the green wire on the power cord and one into the black and then into there corrosponding spots on the motherboard the fan starts up blue and spinning i get beeps and the heatsink turns blue everthing works fine. But when I go to plug the cord back in to the motherboard nothing, and the connections is firm I know.All i can think is its a bad cable loose wire or something. If anyone has any ideas would be of great help Thanks alot!!!

Answer:Building Computer Power test Problems

What brand of PSU is this ? ?Are all MBoard connections double-checked and secure ? ?More info.patio.   8-)

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Hi, all.  I'm working on building my first computer, and ran into a problem.  Here's what I've got for hardware:Apevia X-Sniper caseAsus M3A78-EM motherboardRaidmax RX-530SS power supplyAlso have a Sata2 HD and a DVD burner, I can pull the models but really don't think it's the problem.  Got everything put into the case (surprisingly easy) and started to hook up cables.  motherboard instructions talk about having power pins Pwr_fan, CPU_fan, and CHA_fan so that it can use it's SmartQ fan option (I assume).  I got the CPU fan plugged in, but the other two are three pin (grnd, 12v, rotation).  Naturally, there is no instructions for the power supply, just cables.  There are no 3-pin connectors.  The fan on the cpu has a standard 4-pin plug, and there is a cable to tie that to the PS.  I have cables for the drives also, so I think I can figure that one out (although is it better to run one cable for HD and one for DVD or put both on the same?).  the PS fan is a mystery, since I'm not sure about where to put that on the supply side either.  I got the SATA cables finally figured out, but this one has be stumped.  I suspect that I need some cables, but I might just not be seeing something right.  Any suggestions?  Much appreciated.  Thanks!

Answer:Problems building computer; Too many cables, not enough brains.....

Hi,Plugin CPU fan to motherboard, make sure redwire correct ,(see motherboard handbook)HD needs own cable PS, CD needs own too.very esasy if you read through motherboard handbooksome wire from case (power I/O) ned rewire if needtry next step, I may help. 

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Am away to build a computer, i have seen it built and it runs ok....apparently. I have seen alot comments about it making alot of noise and overheating, plus someone said the machine idle's at 47 degrees Celsius and the fan runs at 4000 rpm don't know if thats normal,(also someone said the fan that come's with the processor is "crappy") but anyway heres the set-up am going to be using-

CPU- AMD(Piledriver) FX-6300 3.50GHz 6 core processor
MOBO - Gigabyte GA-970-UD3P AMD
GFX - Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Dual X Boost OC AMD Graphics card
RAM- 8GB (2x 4GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600MHz Dual Channel kit
PSU - EVGA 500W 80 plus power supply
HDD - 1TB Seagate Barracuda
DVD HD- Liteon 24x Internal SATA DVD RW Drive
CASE- Bitfenix Comrade Midi Tower

Am new to computer's so am definitely in over my head, wondering if the processor's fan is worth changing to a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (120mm) is it worth doing that? and would i manage that with watching a few videos online? anything else anyone could recommend would be great thanks.(Sidenote - I will be using it for games and long periods at a time, also am from the UK)

Answer:Solved: Building Computer but hearing problems

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I have recently built a computer, which original had one problem that the front IO USB 3.0 was not working; I did not see it as a major fault so left it. A couple of days later (today) I did some cable management and the computer will now only power on and not display any output; no rear or front IO work. I believe it is the motherboards fault due to replacing the graphics card with an older one and it still doesn't work. The PSU seems to be working as the computer fans and lights turn on. I would like some advice on how to try and get it to start displaying an output or if you believe that the motherboard is faulty and I should send it back to manufacturer(RMA). Component List:
Intel Core i7-5820K
Corsair H100i v2
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4-2400 Memory
Samsung 850 EVO-Series 120GB 2.
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM
MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti
NZXT H440 (White/Black)
EVGA 850W 80+ Gold Certified

Answer:New Computer Boot Problems

"Cable Management"
suggest you check all connections to motherboard especially connection (4 or 6 pin) close to CPU.

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I have a client that uses Windows XP Professional on a domain. Her computer has been running fine, but recently she says that when she starts up her computer in the morning, the computer boots up and shows her wallpaper, but no icons or start bar or anything comes up. There is nothing but the necessary programs starting up in the background. I disabled them through msconfig. I've also cleaned her computer from any spywares and adwares. Any thoughts?

Answer:Computer Boot Problems

It may be due to a common malware infection that affects the desktop. If so, specialized help may be needed and a HijackThis Scanlog should be posted in the Security forum.

But have you tried System Restore? Start > Run msconfig > Launch System Restore and choose a date prior to the problem.

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Hey everyone.  I've been having issues with my older HP pavilion desktop (D4650e).  It has all the original specs on it aside from new coolant for the fan. It was still booting until this morning when my kids decided to get on to start a school project, and now it won't boot at all.  Specs that i can remember:250 Gig HDD2048 mem (2x 1024 sticks)Nvidia... i forget the typeRunning windows 7Lately it would just run slow as a snail even when only running chrome for my work.  I'd open a few browser tabs and it would instantly slow it down. I also had problems installing some programs so instead I just used my laptop for it.  Basically, the installer would try to install but never make it/freeze up midway.When this started happening, i did a clean (ccleaner/malware remover/adware/ran my virus protection/cleaned out all the old stuff i didnt need/blew it out with some air, etc etc etc) still slower than molasses with the installer issues.  Figuring it was either old corrupt files, or just something (Like memory/hdd/motherboard) going, i decided to do a clean re-install of windows 7, still with no luck and THIS time it wouldn't recognize my speakers anymore (Logitech setup, older model).Anyway, I was going to start searching how to test memory, motherboard, HDD, etc later today actually.  And my kids just came in to let me know the computer was frozen, they restarted and it popped up with an error.  When i go in I see a prom... Read more

Answer:HP Computer boot problems and more.

If you have the OS disc's, I'd perform a repair installation. Using 3rd party repair utilities to remove malware works to remove them, but the registry and everything else could still be swiss cheesed and no longer efficiently structured as there could be broken routes.

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I am having problems booting my computer. I will start by giving some of my computer specs.

ASUS Motherboard with AMD 64 Dual Core 3800 about a year old
Radeon X series Video Card
1 gig of 2 ghz ram

The problem I am having is that when I try to power on nothing happens except for a very loud high pitched electric noise. The tone is extremely high, probably just low enough to hear and almost definetly coming from the chip. The computer will procede to power on and abruptly off, switching back and forth at a rate of around 1 on/off per second. The on period gets longer and longer over a period of about 2 minutes until it actually makes it through the bios and no longer fails. The first sucessful boot it gave me an error that said something about overclocking and that I should go into bios and restore defaults, which I did. The computer restarted just fine, but was still making the noise. When I shut down and started back up, the boot issues returned just the same, except this time, when it did boot, it didn't give me an error.

This problem started right after I removed a broken harddrive from the case. The harddrive has not been hooked up this week since the board gave me a warning that it was about to fail. I did not wear a shock band, but I did hold my hand on the metal of the case the whole time. I am fairly sure that I did not unplug anything, I looked through multiple times and everything seems to be in order. To be sure that it is not ... Read more

Answer:Computer Boot Problems


well im not any expert but id say a ram chip is loose try taking them out and place ram back in one not in right gl.

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Hi, just had a look at the neighbours computer and need some advice if poss??
When the computer is turned on, this message appears;
windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt. \windows\system32\config\system. You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original set up CD ROM. Select "r" at the first screen to start repair
I have inserted the disc to start the repair which didnt work so I opted for the reinstall XP and then get the message...
The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.
*To setup windows xp on the selected item press enter....
*To create a partition in the unpartitioned space press C...
*To delete the selected partition press D...
(C:partition 1 NTFS)
I opt to press enter to continue the setup.... Then, get the messages;.....

You chose to install windows xp on a partition that contains another operating system.Installing win xp on this partition might cause the other operating system to function improperly.
CAUTION, Installing multiple operating systems on a single partition is not recommended. To learn more about installing multiple operating systems on a single computer, see; Read more

Answer:Computer boot up..XP problems??

Although I have done it this way before, you end up with folders from the previous installation that, although empty, cannot be acessed removed. It is better to delete the partion, then install.

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Hi, this is my first post, so I hope this thread is in the appropriate section.

My computer (specs below) has had problems starting up for a long time, maybe half a year. I shut my computer down every night, and when I started it again the following morning, one of three things used to happen:

1. The computer starts normally, the motherboard logo shows for a second, and then the computer goes on to show the XP loading bar.
2. The computer starts normally, but the XP loading bar loads for an unusually long time. At last I get into Windows
3. Same as nr. 2, but instead of successfully getting into Windows, the computer restarts, and shows the motherboard logo, but stops there. I have to press reset to get it working.

Now, for a long time, the most usual was nr. 1. Only sometimes did I have to wait or reset the computer. But recently, the other two possibilities have become more and more frequent. This has annoyed me, but not really set off any warning lights.

But now, things have changed. Now, EVERY time I turn on the computer it stops at the motherboard logo, and I have to reset in order to get into Windows.

I've tried to run chkdsk from Run, but it didn't really do anything. I've read about some similar problems on different tech support boards on the internet, and some have said that it might be a hardware problem. Other than that, i have done nothing to try to fix this. What might be wrong, and is there anything I can do that doesn't involve buying a new ha... Read more

Answer:Computer boot problems

Bump, as this is several pages back already...

Sorry if that is inappropriate...

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Earlier today my computer did something very strange, i was running no applications and i walked in and the computer turned its self off, so I tried to turn it back on again and it seemed fine for about 5 seconds before it turned itself off again (just after the windows was turned off abruptly please choose a start up method) it?s been doing this from then on wards. I've tried turning the power off for 30 seconds or so and turning it back on. It's not the psu because it?s practically brand new like 3 weeks old. I?m about to open it up and make sure something hasn't randomly come unplugged and possibly clean it out. Has anyone got any ideas?

System spec:
MSI K9N Neo V3 nForce 560 (Socket AM2) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600 2.90GHz (Socket AM2)
4 GB Ram
2 x 500 GB WD HDD's

Answer:Computer boot up problems

Are all your fans working when you power-up?

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I am having a very strange problem. So I recently bought a USB 2.0 PCI expansion card for my computer and decided to install it tonight. When I went to turn my computer back on, it started to power on, but turned off after about 2 seconds and the power light blinked repeatedly until I unplugged the PC altogether for a minute or two. First I removed the USB card and tried to power on again with no luck and the same problem. So after trying a few more times, I decided to clean out the insides of the PC to get rid of some dust and such, still no luck. So then I took out my hard drive and put it in a spare PC as a slave drive, and the spare PC could see the hard drive and access the files on it.

So I took my main system and broke it down to bare bones - one chip of memory, keyboard, video card, and a spare hard drive I had laying around. PC booted fine like this. So I took my main hard drive out of the spare and swapped it back into the main PC as the only master drive, and it came back to the original problem - wouldn't boot. I unplugged the power from the drive, and the PC booted to the BIOS and POST was fine. Plug power back into the drive and wouldnt boot. Swapped IDE cables, put it on secondary, slave, cable select, none of which boots. As soon as my original hard drive is powered and connected, the PC wont boot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the problem PC, I have
-LEAD POWER 550 Watt ATX power supply
-ASUS A7V133 motherboard
-NVIDIA G... Read more

Answer:Computer boot problems

well clearly the problem is your original hard drive. i was building a system about a year ago and each time i put in the sata hdd it did not boot. so i tried all sorts of useless things until i replaced the hdd with another sata and it worked.

whether its sata or ide hard drives i think the answer is the same. what you could do is try the hard drive in another pc or by a friend and if you blow up that pc too (just kidding)... if you get the same problem then its definitely the hard drive needs to be replaced.

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and hoping someone can help me.

I am sure if i would have looked out there I might have found the answer.

Recently i had a hard drive go bad. It did the normal clicking noise of death.

When i got everything installed on the new hard drive, the computer would just shut down completely. No certain task would make it do that. One time it didnt even get past the Boot Screen.

I have ruled out memory, psu, and processor. I am fairly computer savy but this one has me completely stumped.

I have not tried a bios update but i would be going to update 609 to 1507.

I am running an Asus M3N72-D Mobo.

Is there anything i should maybe try before i update bios?

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Computer Boot Problems

Greetings, bcfanwick.

We need some info from you: operating system and service pack #, type of hard drive, etc.

Does the drive appear in BIOS?
If this is a SATA drive, are there specific drivers that need to loaded?
Have you checked all power and cable connections?
Will the machine boot to the Windows CD, or to any type of boot disk?
When the machine shuts down, does it display any information?

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Hey all,

i have a small problem with my computer, :bounce: and it has something to do with booting i presume... my guess is the power supply. When i hit the power, the computer turns on for about half a second then shuts off(it doesnt even go through post... just starts up, then imediatly shuts off...) the computer when through some shipping, and got banged around, no hard drive problem.... and all the wires are plugged in right... i deffenatly think its the power supply though now...... any help would be appreciated..

Answer:Computer Boot Problems


i went out and changed my powersupply... didnt work
i got another cpu, since the cpu i have now, looks a bit scratched... didnt work...
i got another motherboard.... and another cpu, it wont even start up now.....

now im thinking.... wtf? lol

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I got my new computer parts today, plugged everything in, (I think), and when I try turning it on, it turns off right away, but then trys to turn on again by itself, then off, and keeps going.

What do you think is wrong with it?

Answer:New Computer Boot Problems

There are so many little things that it is difficult to respond.
Tell us more about your motherboard and configuration... and such things as in setup, did you try to overclock it...
Tell us as much as possible about what you have put together.

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---Computer specs---Motherboard: Evga 680i SLICPU: Intel Duo 2.4gHzRAM: 4 GBHDD: 1 teraGraphic: 2x Evga 9600GT*EVERYTHING WORKED FINE BEFORE MY SCHOOL BREAK.  I SHUT DOWN PROPERLY ALSO. *I recently just got back to school to find that my desktop doesn't boot up.  I left it in my dorm room with it plugged into my surge protector. It was turned off.  I tried to boot it up and the monitor doesn't get signal nor my keyboard or mouse.   I let it sit for a while to listen to the drives.  They all seem to power on, but sound like they are caught in a loop. The LED output on the motherboard reads "--" which I am unsure what it means.  It is suppose to read "FF" meaning boot, so I believe there is a problem. I have reset the BIOS and also tested the monitor. Neither fix the problem.  Is it possible the motherboard broke or that the CPU burnt out?  It could also be a virus doing this, I not ruling that out.  At this point I am OK with completely resetting everything if that would fix the problem. Any help would be most appreciated.

Answer:No boot up-- Computer Problems

Ok this isn't really a solution but I have had my motherboard do that too, the drives re-initialize over and over, as well as the DVD drive.I just had to reseat everything and it was ok, so unplug all your DVD/HD's and also reseat your graphics cards and any other PCI/PCI-e cards, also the PSU plugs (don't forget the 4pin connector) and try to boot without the drives plugged in againif it boots after that, add one component at a time.Quote from: neonlime on January 04, 2009, 04:58:39 PMIs it possible the motherboard broke Yes, residual charge could have broken capacitors, but this is like finding a living organism sealed in concrete after spending 1000 years underground.Quoteor that the CPU burnt out?Not unless it was used while you were away 

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Hi, I?m posting this message on several computer help forums, hoping that someone out there knows the answer to my question. This is extreamly complex so I will try to be as detailed as possible. If you need more info just ask, Thanks.

Shuttle XPC SN45GV2 / FN45 Motherboard
Shuttle 250W Power Supply
AMD Athlong XP 2600+
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Sound Card
GeForce FX 5500
OCZ PC 3200 512MB Ram
Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive
Floppy Drive
Shuttle FN11 Wireless Kit

Windows XP Pro SP2

First of all the Shuttle motherboard has been programmed using the latest BIOS available from Shuttle. I also use the Smart Fan feature in the BIOS so it usually runs at slower speeds.

Initial Setup

After assembling the computer I installed Windows XP Pro with SP2 and ran all the updates from Microsoft. I also installed the drivers for the NForce 2 chipset, sound card, video card and USB wireless module. While doing all this the computer was plugged into a Samsung SyncMaster 912N LCD Monitor and I used a PS2 keyboard and mouse. At this point everything was installed and working fine and it was time to moved this computer to my girlfriends house since I wanted to give it to her as a gift all ready to go out of the box. Note that when I turn on the computer the fan runs at full speed for about a second and then drops to the reduced speed as set by the BIOS.

New Location (Girlfriends house)

I now plugged in the same computer this time with a NEC Multi... Read more

Answer:Computer Boot Up Problems

i think if you put in a minimum 350w quality power supply your problems will disappear
250's were for for computers in the 90's

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Hi,After a recent semi-failed BIOS update (had to reset BIOS through CMOS battery removal), my computer sometimes boots off the motherboards graphic card and sometimes off my 8600GT card. Usually it'll boot off the motherboards card, I'll restart it, and it'll give me a 'No Signal' on my monitor until I switch it to my 8600GT graphics card at which point it'll work.Specs areP5GC-MX MotherboardZotac 8600GT 512MB DDR22GB RAMIntel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz (Both cores only hit 1.8GHz though due to motherboard only supporting a FSB of 800MHz)

Answer:Computer Boot problems

Enter the BIOS at boot time...F2 F10 or Delete....Disable onboard graphics.

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Hi,Im having trouble with my computer starting.Its keeps getting to a certain stage in the boot-up sequence and then it freezes. Its at the very start of the boot-up sequence that it freezes. It freezes at the stage ive just below.Momory Frequency For DDR400 SpecificationsHOST/DRAM Frequency is 200/200MhzAGP/PCI Frequency is 66/33MhzIt takes a long while (2 or 3 minutes) for it to do what ever it does at the "AGP/PCI Frequency is 66/33Mhz" stage. Usually it only takes a couple of seconds. After a couple of minutes it quickly displays "Detecting IDE Channels..." and then carries on like normal at the usual speed that it does it.First couple of times i managed to get it to start Windows, it didnt load the usual installion of Windows. It loaded up an old installion of Windows. Ive removed all of my other harddrives and now it loads the correct installion of Windows (obviously).When i logged into Windows, it said that there were two new devices attached and it recognized it to be Primary and Secondary IDE ATA/ATAPI Channel Contollers. It also said i had new programs installed. Which is a load of rubbish. Ive had the hardware setup for a good year or so and the last time i installed anything about about 2 months ago.What the hell could be wrong? I thought it might of been the bios battery but that was fine and i thought it might of been the SATA cables into the back of the harddrives. They were connected properly too.My system is a Abit IC7 Max-3 motherboard with a 2.8Ghz HT P4. 1... Read more

Answer:Computer Boot-Up Problems

Have you tried a System Restore back to before this happened?

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I have an HP 576x Desktop PC at my home that will not boot up at all. About a week ago, whenever I pressed the power button on the case, it would go good until right after the BIOS startup screen it would say "Operating System not Found".I think this might just be the hard drive which would be easy to replace, but for about a week now, whenever I press the power button, it will go good for maybe 5 seconds, then the screen will go black and the power light will glow orange and it will be making this clicking sound maybe every two seconds it will make this noise. Also, the CD-ROM drive will not open. The light will go on in it meaning that the power coming to it is good, but then it makes the click and stops, like it wont even try. I have opened up the case and checked through everything, but the only think I can come up with is that the hard drive probably has a lot to do with these problems, and that on the motherboard there are two (I think they are capacitors), that are bent but I don't know if they are bent as in damaged, or if they are simply, bent, and can be fixed. All help is appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Computer will not boot up + other problems!

Oh, almost forgot. The hdd is an IDE Seagate 40GB hard drive, processor is an Intel Celeron 2.4GHz, and it is an ATX motherboard.

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Hello fine people:

I have a PCCHIPS M810LMR mother board with a 750 mhz Duron processor and 128 megs of sdram...When ever I shut down the computer, say over night, or for just a few minutes, and I restart (cold boot), the computer will start and see both cdroms, the lights go on and off, but the the floppy drive light comes on much too early. Then the floppy drive grinds, and I hear one beep, floppy grinds, and I hear one beep over and over. I usually have to hit my reset button three or four time and finally the computer starts normally. During the malfunction, my monitor doesn't even turn on, from orange light to green light that is I see nothing on my monitor.

Once the computer is running I have no problems...everything loads and runs great...and I can restart (warm boot) the computer thru Windows98SE with no problems.

Does anyone have any idea where I can start looking for trouble?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Computer boot problems

Hi there,

your solution to this little problem is gonna be your interpretation of the beep code at the start. The beep code is diff for every BIOS. You can find out your kind of BIOS by hitting F2 or "delete" at start up and it'll be written at the top of the screen(usually blue) that appears.

try this page: IBM

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Okay, so i've built many a pc in my time, mostly without problems.

I offered to build my boss a PC, and of course, it's not working

It is a standard ATX motherboard with onboard audio/lan/video.

Using a 3100+ semperon s754 processor retail edition with the thermal gizzay already applied etc.

Using a SATA hard drive

using a basic PSU.

The problem is this: everything seems to be connected up normally. When i turn on the PC, the CPU/PSU fan both spin, i heard hard drives engaging, CD drives engaging, the only thing I don't get is and picture on the monitor.

Bit of background, i'm using another motherboard now, same sort of specs. it is compatible with the processor, and I doubt (& pray) I can't get two dud mboards in a row.

I'm also on my 2nd CPU, as I exchanged the 1st just to be safe as well.

Using the correct ram for the system, and have tried switching ports, and also tried ram i know to be working, makes no difference

Have tried using an IDE hard drive, to no avail.

I've also tried using a AGP graphics card, didn't work (I think the on-board graphics overrides it until you tell it not to through the bios/windows)...

Also, obviously, tried switching monitors just in case, nada.

I've also tried loosening the screws to make sure that there are no shorts.

I've aaaaalso tried unplugging all the drives and just booting up using Ram, CPU & motherboard, still no on screen image.

If anyone feels they need the specific model n... Read more

Answer:Building a PC, wont boot up!

sounds a bit odd, you might want to try using a different PSU just to eliminate that as a possibility.

I would take the mobo out of the case and put it on your desktop (might be an idea to use antistatic wipes first). Connect the CPU and heatsink/fan, + 1 dimm of Ram. Connect up both of the power connectors to the mobo and your keyboard, vga cables. Also reset the CMOS for luck .

Power it on and see if that works.

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Ok. Here's the deal. I'm building a new PC for my mother because her Compaq crapped out on her. So now I've got all the stuff from NewEgg and they were all high rankings. I put together the PC and I turned it on. At first he does the usuall boot up with the RAM total and such, but then I get past that and then the blue screen of death pops up. I tried rebooting 3 times hoping it would go away but it doesn't. So now I try many different things to try to solve this problem. I used my RAM, HDD, CPU, and even got a different motherboard just to be sure. But I still get the blue screen. Now I'm at the point where after a week of problem solving, I'm pulling my hair out and want to smash it with a sludge hammer. So now I need all the help I can get. Has anybody had the same problem or now of anybody that did and solved this? Please reply.

Answer:Building new PC, doesn't boot

Give us the specs that you're building. Are you getting an error message with the BSOD?

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When i shut down my computer and try to restart the computer will not boot .  power to PC comes on and the HD, CDR and DVD lights are on however the computer just appears to be in a locked configuration.  no images on monitor no keyboard  capability.  reboot or power buttons on computer do not work.   the only thing that stops the system is to pull the power plug on the computer, wait 10 seconds attach power cord and then start computer.  everthing will then work correctly.  system will rebbot from the start directory without any problems.  the above procedure is constant. shutdown always requires a power disconect   before the system starts.  tried a hundred different things no solutions,  runing windows 2000 with all the updates, mcafee virus software  

Answer:intermittent computer boot problems

What are the specifics on the machine? Do you have a known good power supply to test with?

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I have a list of different problems that happen when I try to boot or restart my computer so it was hard to search for an answer anywhere.

I'll tell you in steps what happens.

1. I boot my computer and turn it on

2. The computer light is on, the keyboard light is on, but the mouse light isn't, and the monitor light just blinks on and off (like when it's waiting to start up)

3. It takes about 30 minutes or more to start doing something.

4. The mouse light is on the monitor makes an annoying (very constant) clicking noise and takes about 1 minute or so for the screen to turn on. (It's been doing that before this new problem as well..every time it comes back from stand by)

5. The screen finally comes on and something similar to this screen comes up

6. It says press F2 to resume...or press F10 for settings or something.

7. I press F2
8. A black screen that says "Enter Password" comes up
9. I don't know any I pressed enter until it went away.

10. It says incorrect password and some other stuff, then goes to another screen that says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media and press any key" (I don't have any of those)

And that is where I'm stuck now.

I can't getting into any BIOS settings. I've tried pressing F10, del, or any other BIOS settings button when, before, and after the american megatrends screen comes up, but it all takes my back to "Enter Password". I've tried getting t... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Many Boot problems with my computer. Please Help.

Someone changed your BIOS settings boot order, or your hard drive is failing, also might have set a password. Does anyone else use your computer?

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Hello so I recently built my own computer but used my old hard drive, GPU, and PSU and it has been working somewhat so far but there have been some strange issues. I bought a new MOBO an ASUS Z170 as well as an i7-6100 Processor. Recently sometimes the hard drive will not show up in the boot options and when Windows 7 attempts to launch it goes to the blinking underscore where I have to press F8 to start windows manually, where it works fine. Otherwise it will go straight to BIOS and sometimes the HDD doesn't show up in boot manager and it's only the disk drive.

I'm pretty sure this is an issue with me not doing a clean swipe of the Hard Drive with a new MOBO? I've seen online it can work and I have "Other OS" enabled in BIOS so it will launch. I also just got a BSOD with 0x00000f4.

Also this morning my computer would start but the Monitor and Keyboard wouldn't turn on at all. The fans would sound like they were revving up so I reset the CMOS and it is working now. This all seems really strange to me and I'm going to do a clean sweep but I would have to install USB 3.0 Drivers with a Flash Drive into the MOBO since it's not possible to reinstall windows 7 without it on this MOBO. I really don't want to lose all of my data on the HDD. If you need more information and are able to help it would be greatly appreciated.

System Information
Time of this report: 10/7/2016, 16:29:24
Machine name: TIBBERS-PC
... Read more

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Hi, I've been having some major issues with my computer(Vista Home Basic OS) and its boot startup.

When I turn on my computer, it's fine until the moving green bar. It will just keep on going and going and going, and will NEVER STOP! I can easily start up in the diagnostic modes(safe modes and stuff). SOMTIMES I can get through the maving green bar. Startup repair doesn't see a problem, niether does AVG Free. I have lots of USB divices. My mouse and keyboard are USB divices too, so I can't remove all of them frop their ports. Windows defender also sees nothing. And my outdated and expired Norton Internet Security...well.... I have no clue, it keeps telling me it has an internal program error and to uninstall and reinstall itself. And all that crap. Anyway, I just wanna know what to do. Please reply ASAP. Thank You in advance.

Answer:Computer Vista Boot Problems

Did you remove Norton before installing AVG?

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OK a little background to this problem so brace yourself. I got a computer for free from a friend who reported it as not booting. I checked and found it was the power supply, so i ordered a new one a few days ago. But on the way home i ran into some problems, i live 1/4 miles back in the woods only accessible by a dirt road witch is currently a mud road. i was also bringing groceries in so i loaded up a sled with the computer well by the time i hit home some mud had seeped into the sled and ran into the ports on the back such as modem, intergrated video port, and the mouse/keyboard ports. i took the entire thing apart cleaning each component by hand individualy and, as much as i didn't want to, i had to flush out the ports with distilled water. i let it dry under a box fan for around 30 hours. today i received the power supply and after checking the motherboard and finding it was all dry i put it all back togeather, now the problems start. I plugged everything in and pressed the power button, Nothing... i unplug the P1 connector from the motherboard and when i plugged it back in the power light came on but nothing else then when i press the power button everything boots up but no video....any thoughts now that my hands hurt lol?

Answer:computer boot/video problems

Did you wash the ports on the motherboard with distilled water? If so, did you remove the CMOS battery before doing so?Have you made sure everything is in the right place and everything is connected properly?Might help to know what model number the computer is.

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Hello <again>,

Finally got the new motherboard through and have connected everything up. This time it all turns on and I have a display on screen.


I insert a wndows xp cd to install the os, it cycles through all the usual bits at the bottom (ie press f2 to install a third party raid driver) and then hangs on the "Loading windows setup" right before you get the screen that allows you to format your HD / make a partition.

I can't get it further than this, and as such I am a bit stuck. In addition when the computer is first powered on I get a message

"cmos checksum error" Press tab to enter set-up or F1 to continue.

If I F1 it hangs at the installing windows screen and if I tab into set-up I can make changes but when I save and exit it hangs and nothing gets saved to the bios.

Any ideas?

(oh and yes I have cleared the cmos using the jumper settings on the board)


E6600 Core duo
Abit AW9D-Max mobo
x1950pro ati graphix
2 x 1 gigs of Ballistix memory (also tried using stock 512mb crucial)
500w PSU (antec 550HE)

Thanks in advance

Answer:New computer build - Problems on boot up...

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Gday all ,

I have been building a computer in my spare time , it has a Octek Rhino MVP4-AT motherboard and I have put it in a tower case I have a AMD 450 mhz CPU and at the moment have a 3.2 Quantum Fireball ST HDD in it with 128 mb SD 133 RAM . and a 3.5 1.44 floppy and a CD ROM Drive.

I have tried to boot up but have not had much luck.The beep code is giving me one beep but when the bios comes up it has detected the HDD but seems to have problems trying to find the floppy disk , I have the cables aroiund the right way as far as I know and have tested the connections but cant get a boot out of it .

If I go into the bios I can set the bios and setup as default and the detects on auto but I am not having much luck .

Could someone perhaps give me something else to go on before I pull out my remaining hair.

I am also getting a message when It is trying to boot up "suggest SD RAM CAS Latency time is "2" "

Thanks in advance

Answer:problems Building PC

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I have been aquiing parts for my new pc and finally have put them all together and.. well...

I have power to the board, all my fans are working, and got HD to spool up. BUT No display, no beep codes, no light on A:, light on cdrom but wont open. help

KT7A Rain MOBO 266mhz socket A
VIA Apollo KT133A chipset
AMD Athlon 1.3ghz
Advance logic video card (OLD)
old ghetto sound card

Troubleshooting ive tried:
Changed out video card with 32mb DDR Nvidia GeForce2 GTS.
Check all ribbon cable connections
Made sure all cards seated properly
changed out floppy drive with working one , did same with cdrom.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Building PC problems

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Hello all,

I am trying to finish up building a new computer. I am not using all new stuff, I am using parts that have been given to me and off my other pc's i built. But i have not done this in soo long, I've forgotten where things go and how they hook up. If you know of anywhere where i can get some step-by-step instructions with some pictures of what it looks like complete. This would make it soo much easier. Please help!


Answer:problems building new pc

a search on google for

illustrated guide to building a pc

produced 342,000 results - heres the first couple

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Was having probs with some games; came here looking for advice, didn't get much feedback to solve the issue. I figured it was partly due to my processor, so I thought might as well go and upgrade it......

Basically I purchased:

*64-bit dual core AMD 3200 (prob not what its called, but you get the idea)
*Patriot 1gb dual channel DDR PC3200 400mhz
*some ATX case
*Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 (mother board)

Got home along with my brother (more hardwave savvy than I), and started swapping out the stuff. Hooked up my PCI devices: Radeon 9200 128mb (AGP), Echo Mia Midi sound card, Hauppage WinTV. Brought over my two HDs and hooked them up; brought over my CD drive. Hooked up all the power, LED, fan, and such stuff for the mother board.

Hooked everything back up to the computer, and turned it on. All I got was nothing on the monitor (stayed in the power-saving mode), the HD light (in front of computer) was constantly lit (though no noticeable HD activity), and a constant BEEP...BEEP...BEEP from the onboard speaker. Looked in the manual, and it states its a DRAM error or such for that beep.

We put a stick my brother bought for his computer into mine (which was just regular DDR, one-stick, RAM), and took out from the computer the new RAM I had bought.

Started up the computer... didn't get the long BEEP...BEEP...BEEP, this time. So is it fair to conclude that the RAM I bought is "bad"?

But still, it did not boot up. Instead of that, I now got a BEEP...BEEP.BEEP ... Read more

Answer:Building PC, Problems

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I have a KT7A-Raid mobo
1.2ghz socket 462 athlon
128mb module pc133
64mb module pc133
ghetto graphics card
ghetto sound card
Enermax swithcing power supply EG301P-VB 115/230V
Ok.. I have beep codes. at POST i get one beep like everything is ok, but no display.
I have replaced the monitor with a known good one and changed out the video card with a known good one and still no dice. I have power to the board, all fans are working, HD is spooling, rechecked all conections, and jumper settings with board manual.
Any ideas? I surely appreciate all your help all the time!

Answer:Building PC problems

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hello my first time here, and my first time building my onw PC and i have ran into some big problems i think.

ok here's the set up of my comp.

antec 300 case
intel LGA 775 2.55GHZ E7200
raidmax RX-630ss PSU 630 watt
nvidia 780i mobo
4gigs (2, 2gigs) OCZ RAM
GeForce 8800 GT vid card.
WD 640gig HD

i got my vid card yesterday the last thing i needed to complete my peice of work. i get all set up and all i plug in my monitor and i turn it on. and i get the: no input signal error on my monitor i've called PNY tech support even had a friend give me some ideas. i just can't seem to get it to work. i've even done what the tech support said and it still didn't work the fan on the vid card runs and everthing but i have no clue on how to get this to work PNY tech support said my PSU isn't strong enough. does it really matter if the vid card doesn't get a 26amp run to it like they say it does i have the 6pin plug in with the two 4pin connectors running from the PSU to it making two outta 5 of my case fans non functional. help

Answer:building my first PC have problems already

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I?m having nightmare. I?ve been building pc?s for the last two years and never came across to this kind of problem. I?ve just built a pc. The motherboard is PC Chips 810LMR V7.X 266FSB MATX Socket A Video Sound Lan Motherboard. The processor is 1.7Xp, 256mb ram and 40gb hard drive. I?ve connected all the wires and then started the pc. The pc boots up but I can?t hear the beep sound. And I also can?t see anything on the screen. So I changed the processor to 1.3ghz. The pc started and blow up the processor. I could tell by the smell. And way I built another pc replacing it with a brand new motherboard and processor. Again the pc starts and I cant hear the beep sound nor anything comes up on the screen. Can anyone tell me where I?m going wrong?

Answer:Problems building a PC

purchase the mobo from the same supplier? It sounds like he may have a bad batch. If the supplier tells you he has had no other complaints, take it with a pinch of salt. Fortunately, new legislation about to come into force makes the seller responsible for proving that an article sold had no problem when sold to you if you return it as faulty within six months of purchase. Doesn't help you this time I know. if you have no joywith the supplier, contact the maker with the serial number/batch number etc.

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Hi basically i building a new computer for gameing but im stuck. The problem is when i start my computer up it runs but doesnt show anything on the monitor and i dont hear the beep .

Asus A8N-VM socket 939 mobo (new)
Amd Athlon 64 bit processor 2.2 Ghz (new)
Amd heatsink + fan (new)
2x 184 pin DDR sodimm ram , i think?? (new)
300w power supply (new)

not sure what else you need, ive tried everything, jumpers, taking everything off pretty much new everything,cmos any suggestions would be great tar.

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I was wondering if anyone else has come across an issue that I'm having. We have several HP 430 G2 laptops, which we are building to Win 8.1, via a task sequence from SCCM. When we put the laptop into Legacy Mode Disabled and Secure Boot enabled, the task sequence works fine. It downloads the image, then applies the image. When the laptop re-boots it then comes back saying No bootable device can be found. We have tried exactly the same build, but in legacy mode, and this builds fine. I can see from a couple of forums, that this is a known issue, but HP have not released a fix or firmware update yet. Is there any workarounds I can use, these are company laptops and need secure boot enabled for them to be issued.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Issue with Building in 8.1 and Secure Boot

I think you activate the secure boot after the system has been installed and not before.

By enabling the secure boot and install a new system you instruct the PC to boot back the previous system which is gone except the boot loader parts left behind.

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Laptops are my only option right now, and the current 64-bit OS seems to have issues with some of my older programs and games, so I wanted to set-up a dual boot with windows 32-bit and 64-bit Home Premium.

I'm currently at the point where I have the 32-bit system in my other partition, but when I try to make that new partition active and reboot, the bootmgr seems to become lost and the only way to restore is using restore software.

The drive looks like this right now:

C: 331GB (has my current 64-bit OS)
D: 13.9 GB (the laptop's recovery partition)
F: 199 GB (has my 32-bit OS sitting in it, made the partition using disc manager.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Building a 32 and 64 bit dual boot laptop

Originally Posted by Firestorm29

Laptops are my only option right now, and the current 64-bit OS seems to have issues with some of my older programs and games, so I wanted to set-up a dual boot with windows 32-bit and 64-bit Home Premium.

I'm currently at the point where I have the 32-bit system in my other partition, but when I try to make that new partition active and reboot, the bootmgr seems to become lost and the only way to restore is using restore software.

The drive looks like this right now:

C: 331GB (has my current 64-bit OS)
D: 13.9 GB (the laptop's recovery partition)
F: 199 GB (has my 32-bit OS sitting in it, made the partition using disc manager.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have a look at this tutorial: Dual Boot - Change OS Name in Windows Boot Manager

While not exactly what you want, the information contained therein will put you on the right track to use the BCDEDIT command.

I'll give you more information a little later, as I'm at work now, and don't have access to a Vista (or Windows 7) system to check a few things for you...

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I am building a new computer with all new components, bought Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I will have 4 hard drives, 1 for Win 7 64 bit, 1 for XP pro 32 bit, 2 others to back each OS on. What OS should I install first, or does it matter, I have read a lot in this forum about a dual boot but nothing specific about a new build, Thanks Jim.

Answer:Building new system dual boot

hm... i would do windows 7 first.... then xp..... but it doesn't really matter although you will need a boot loader unless you plan to change the first boot drive every time you start up

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Alright, I have a major problem. A couple of days ago, my computer would sporadically shut off without any sort of prompt and would not automatically restart unless I would manually do so. I assumed it was a virus due to the fact I accidentally clicked on a malicious link which downloaded a fake anti virus program, you know the ones that tell you even your taskmanger.exe is infected and you have to buy their program to fix it? Right, well, I tried starting in safe mode to restore to a previous point but this proved futile due to the fact my computer would improperly shut down again without prompt before the restore could finish. Shortly thereafter, my mouse cursor disappeared. I disassemble my hardware and removed 1 stick of RAM 2GB, GTX 260 graphics card, and Wireless card. I tried repairing windows, via the 2nd window screen, and after a long wait, it finished. Now, I am able to load in Safe mode; however, I cannot in normal mode. My desktop background appears and as does my windows default mouse cursor, but not my start menu or icons or anything.

I hooked up 1.5 TB HD as a slave and ran an antivirus program, Avast, standard scan, and found 46 infected files.

Is there any file i need to check or program I can find or a log that will tell me the problem?


UPDATE: Did everything in the R&R thread. New problem. I did everything in that thread. Ran all the scans and deleted everything I could. I have my infected hard disk hooked up as a slave (E:/) to t... Read more

Answer:Computer Boot Problems / Blue screen now? :(

attachments are at this post:

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     Greetings everyone. Let me start by thanking everyone in advance for the resources and advice that is found on this forum.
     So as to the problem i am having with my computer and my actions thus far i will start at the begining. I will be the first to admit that the things i have done so far were above the level I should have been and would appreciate any and all help. I have a toshiba satellite running Windows 8.1.
     Last night my computer became infected with the malware that locks up your computer with the fake law enforcement ransome message. My computer would boot up and within two or so minutes the malware would pop up. I attempted to run root kill programs but there was not enough time for them to finish before being locked out. I attempted to go into safe mode with no luck, I was simply not allowed. I altered my boot sequence to go straight to safe mode with msconfig. Now when i start my computer it is stuck in a sequence of restarting, without ever loading to windows.
     I know the experts will probably cringe about my tweaking with the computer in such a way. But this is where i currently stand.

Answer:Virus computer lockout with boot problems.

Seems like you need to boot to Window 8 installation media to use recovery options. From there you can choose System Restore.
If you don't have recovery media you can download it from here
That's a big download so maybe you'd prefer to try some other rescue disks.
For example Kaspersky Rescue Disk
Or Emsisoft Emergency Kit

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Alright, I have a major problem. A couple of days ago, my computer would sporadically shut off without any sort of prompt and would not automatically restart unless I would manually do so. I assumed it was a virus due to the fact I accidentally clicked on a malicious link which downloaded a fake anti virus program, you know the ones that tell you even your taskmanger.exe is infected and you have to buy their program to fix it? Right, well, I tried starting in safe mode to restore to a previous point but this proved futile due to the fact my computer would improperly shut down again without prompt before the restore could finish. Shortly thereafter, my mouse cursor disappeared. I disassemble my hardware and removed 1 stick of RAM 2GB, GTX 260 graphics card, and Wireless card. I tried repairing windows, via the 2nd window screen, and after a long wait, it finished. Now, I am able to load in Safe mode; however, I cannot in normal mode. My desktop background appears and as does my windows default mouse cursor, but not my start menu or icons or anything.

I hooked up 1.5 TB HD as a slave and ran an antivirus program, Avast, standard scan, and found 46 infected files.

Is there any file i need to check or program I can find or a log that will tell me the problem?

Answer:Computer Boot Problems / Windows XP Installation

Greetings, Beret...

If at all possible, you need to follow the steps listed in the Read and Run Me First Malware Forum thread...

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computer boot(power button presed no post on screen) then shuts down and repeats the cycle ...

ok so i hopefully get response fast
i took of the board connected it to a good psu

and starting the experiment

MSI G31M3 V2
psu now ccivo 450w
ram kingmax 2 gb ddr2 800 (for testing kingston 1 gb ddr2 800 same 2 gb NCP 2 gb )
cpu intel e2200 let.s say i can try 5200 aswell
what intrigues(well i think i speled it right ) me

connecting the power to psu using the screwdriver to shorten power pins
coolers start spining for a second then stop and start and stop continously
i did this just for testing purpose
i took out JPW1 cable and powered the psu etc. and voila everything spins well but no cpu power no post nothing

ok to narrow the problem little closer
this board has 2 ram slots
1 green
2 yellow
so if i take out the ram from 1 green slot board boots and i get allsort of beeps
if i then use the ram in 2 slot computer start booting but no keyboard post no nothing

what could be the problem any suggestion
hopefuly i get response soon i am anxius to start experimenting

btw i succeded to boot to bios once but than i saved the changes and problems again
why can.t i use only second slot on this board if 1st one is fried i suspect that

well any suggestion apreciated thanks
and sorry for language it.s not my main one so i try my best

Answer:computer boot problems continous spins

let.s protest




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Hi FolksI hvae a problem with a card reader, when the computer restarts or boots up with it goes through the boot drive sequence when it reaches the ide HDD it freezes, but when the card reader is not plugged in the computer boots normal straight in the OS. The computer Spec is: ASrock K7MV2 motherboard, AMD Duron 1300, 512mb Mem, CDrom & Rewriter, 20gb Maxtor HDD and Windows ME. Any Help would be grately appriciated.Mat2

Answer:Problems with a card reader when the computer boot

Is the card reader connected via USB? Maybe the power available to the USB is being exceeded, or even the PSU itself is stretched. If you have other devices connected to a USB, printer, mouse, etc., try unplugging one or more of them instead.

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i just built my first pc today, and i *think* i have put in all cables right.. but when i press the start button, the fans go for like 0,02 seconds and then everything shuts down
anyone know what can be the problem?

Answer:Problems starting PC after building.

Describe more about your computer (Tech specs).

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Well I was building a computer, I went to install the CPU and the heatsink, and I hook them in. I plug in the power supply, I flick on the switch, my lights turn on. So I shut it off. I then try and power it up again. And... Nothing.

Oh noes!

Answer:Problems while building, went kapoot.

Make sure your power connectors are the right way around on the motherboard. Ground your computer. Switch the PSU off from the back. Reset your CMOS and put everything back together. Ground it again before you try to turn it back on.

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Alright, I am trying to set up a wireless network between a desktop and a laptop.

I never thought it would be this hard! I am just using the regular Windows XP networking wizard to do it, because we only want it to share a printer and maybe some music files

Both the desktop and the laptop have Windows XP, and the wireless works great. The desktop is the base station, I suppose it's called, with everything attached too it.

I can get the desktop to recognize the laptop on the network, but not do anything with it. it requests an admin user and password (which I have no idea what they could be) and the laptop just sees it's self.

So what I am asking is, how do I use the Network Wizard to set up my WLAN (which is what we want, but I don't even know if thats what I'm doing!) or is there some kind of shareware or something I can use to connect my two computers?

Any help would really be appreciated, thank you!

Answer:Problems building a network! Help please?

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Hey all. I am a first time builder but I've worked on em for years. I wanted to build a decent machine that will run smoothly and not cost too much. Anyway, I got a ASUS A7V880 with a AMD Athlon XP 3000. I put 2 x 512 MB of Geil RAM in it. My problem is that i got all the wires plugged up and everything but when I flip the PSU on, the computer cuts on and won't shut off with the power switch. I've tried using an old PCI video card and an older AGP card to just get it setup while I'm waiting on my newer video card to get here. I can't see whats happening to the computer because the display doesn't work either. And the CD drive isn't getting power because I unplugged a leg the fan was going to and then plugged it to the CD drive and it wont eject or light up. Anyway, I've never had a lot of experience in this more primitive area of building so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry guys, I finally got it, there wasn't a jumper on my CMOS pins. Works like a champ now. Thanks anyway.

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Hi all,

I'm building a new PC. Here's what hardware I've decided to use.

AMD 64 X2 6000+
Asus M2N32-SLI Premium
2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2
Asus 768MB 8800GTX
320GB Western Digital Caviar SE16

I was wondering if there will be any potential problems I may need to consider when installing Vista x64? or anything I need to add/change.

BTW, I should probably mention this will be my first time building a PC.

Answer:Building new PC. Any potential problems?

Firstly why the AMD X2 6000?, Intel are far ahead in the chip race ATM.

Other than that all looks fine, one thing to think about when taking the x64 plunge is can you get drivers for your old hardware? printers,scanners etc, the driver situation has improved massivly over the last 12months but if you have any hardware over 3years old there is a good chance you wont find a driver.

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Hi everyone.

I am building myself a pc (spec below), and have encountered a few interesting things/pronblems that if at all possible I would like some

help with, also I need some pointers I'm not a home build virgin, but the last 2 were put together and play situations, whereas this time I

would like to get the most juice out of my parts as possible. so here goes.

I went for the best balance of power to cash value I could with a view to getting some overclocking done, the case is nice and cool with 2

extra case fans keeping things chilly

os =win2k
Mobo = Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9
HD = WDCaviar 160GB SATA 8MB cache 7200
RAM = Twinmos twister pc 3200 400mhz 1Gig (2x256MB 1x 512MB)
Case = Thermaltake Shark
Gfx = Saphire Radeon X700 Pro 256MB
CPU = AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
Audio = SB Audigy 2 (not installed yet)
Monitor = IIyama 17" ProLite E435S-B TCO-99 10ms
psu = Fortron 400w
optical = some crappy dvd burner needs upgrade.

1.Firstly Is there some source reference where I can find out what the different bios settings/ timings voltages etc do, because in the

manual it doesnt explain what they actually do, just the name and what it can be set to.

2.If anyone has a similar system it would also be interesting to see what their bios is set to too. or if any1 can guide me to the best

settings for my rig i would be much obliged, however understanding the settings is also important as I want to learn.

3.what is this t2 and t1 business? i will set min... Read more

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Hi everyone, first time poster looking for some advice.

I built a large desktop system a few years back and it's been upgraded with various bits and pieces including an SSD boot drive. I'm looking at putting together a much smaller system in a Shuttle XH61V and I want to use my existing 2.5" SSD. Can I just put the SSD in and clean install Win 8 from the original system builder disk I bought or will something go wrong because there's already an installation on the drive? Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Building new system using existing SSD boot drive

Are you intending to use an SSD cache drive as a primary SSD boot drive? If so, I think it can be done; however, you would have to do a clean install to completely wipe and rebuild the partition structure via a clean install. However, I'm a bit concerned about the size of the caching SSD; in that, it may not be large enough (over time) to support your new OS going forward. Here's an interesting article for reference. Good luck with any decision you may make:

You can install Windows on the SSD cache drive on some ultrabooks - Liliputing

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This is more for reassurance than a real question.
I have just built a computer for my first time (shudder)
and hardware, jumpers, all that is fine. Tonight was the test and ran through my BIOS without any real problems, everything was recognized. Then I get the "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" Tried it and a chug chug came from the Floppy drive but then the same message. So I checked the BIOS priority settings for the drives and checked the IDE cable connections that was all good. I searched the forums and found some great info so I am going to get another floppy drive, an IDE cable and try setting it on a level surface out of the case for starters. Since this is a brand new system (New HD, Video card, audio card, Motherboard/processor) that is what I should be doing at this point right after setting BIOS isn't it? I should put a WIN98SE start up disk in right? Or is there something else I should do first such as trying to run the motherboard Instal/Drivers CD (which I have also tried with no joy)? Sorry so long winded. Senior members rule!

Answer:Building from scratch - Boot Disk Failure

You're correct in the fact you want to put the cd in, the problem seems to be that it's not trying to boot from the CD. We can fix this. Go into your BIOS (usually by pressing delete during the POST screen), and look under...advanced setup? Look through all the parts, there should be an order for booting from. Make sure that the cd-rom you're using is in that list. If it is and still not booting, and you have another cd-rom, try switching the cd and putting that one in the list. I actually suggest putting the cd-rom as the first device on the list.

Look through the BIOS, usually the origonal setup is a "safe" setup. For example, I have DDR 2100 (133 time 2 bus? speed whatever it's measured under), but my origonal bios was set for 100. It was underclocking my ram But it fits more configurations. Play around with everything, lots of fun!

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Hi, and thank you for taking your time to help me

So each night I take my computer along with monitors etc. out of the power plug in the wall.
When I but the power plug back in to start the computer up, my keyboard instantly powers on, the same goes with my two monitors.
When I then turn on the computer nothing really happens. All of the fans and lights turn on (The MoBo fan spins insanely), but nothing comes on the monitor screen. The monitors keeps searching for a unit but won't find the computer.

Sometimes after waiting a few minutes the screen suddenly shows the startup of windows and I can use it normally.

I think it's an hardware related problem but I'm not entirely sure.
I use windows 10.

Hope you can help me
Johan, Denmark

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So my computer was really wiggin out, i mean there was tons of errors and everything and it would restart all the time by itself etc., then it got so bad that it would only start up in safemode, it wouldnt start up regular anymore, so i had to reformat.

I put in the XP CD and rebooted and tried to boot from the CD, it says "Press any key to boot from CD...", so i push a key, it sits and thinks for a while, then it says a bunch of numbers and "Memory overflow" and then it just restarts. So i figured there was pretty much no way possible to reformat my computer and it was pretty much garbage? But then i tried putting the CD in the CD-RW drive instead of the CD-ROM

So it starts up and i boot again from the Win XP CD in the CD-RW drive, now it works, i get to the screen and delete my partition and create a new one and start formatting it, right when it gets to about 60% formatted, i get an error saying that Windows could not copy a .DLL file, the file is either not on the disk or the disk is damaged. It gives me the option to skip or try again, it doesnt work so i press skip, then right after it comes with another file saying the same thing. So pretty much i had to quit and now im stuck with a computer that is useless. My Windows XP CD is perfect, not 1 smudge on it, its very weird, how can these files all of a sudden not be on the CD? I would really like to know how i can reformat because i payed a lot of money for my computer and i cant do anything with it... Read more

Answer:Wow, major problems, Win XP wont let me boot from CD or reformat my computer !?!?

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I had made a clean install of Windows 10 on an older computer without any issues.

Then I tried to do a clean install on a newer EFI-based computer. I had trouble like many others once I tried to install to a GPT partition having booted from a USB which wasn't in EFI mode. For the benefit of anyone having that issue, I would recommend following this guide:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

However, Windows is now installed, but I'm faced with a new issue. Windows never boots first time. I have to turn off the power by holding down for 5 seconds. Then windows will boot into a dual boot screen, offering Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I though I had done a clean install, but apparently not.

Anyway, I think my problem is that instead of clearing all of the partitions when doing the initial install, I just deleted and re-created the "OS" partition and installed Windows there. Thus I left all of the recovery partitions, including the WINRETOOLS partition, and also the EFI and MSR "reserved partitions". Does Windows just automatically recreate all of the partitions it needs? From advice elsewhere on the internet, it seemed like it would be a bad idea to remove all the partitions.

Anyway, maybe this is not the cause of my problem. Thanks for any help!

Update: the computer is a Dell XPS15 which has a hybrid drive (~500GB HDD and 32GB SSD). The SSD is just used for caching and faster startup. I think it uses Intel Rapid Start Technology and maybe ot... Read more

Answer:Clean install on EFI computer causing boot problems

You probably need to disable the acceleration drive when installing an OS. It can be disabled using the Intel utility in the hidden icons on the taskbar. After you finish the install, you can re-enable it the same way. If you disable it, give it time to unwind before shutting down.

It is normally best to remove all current partitions during an install to a clean drive. The install runs into problems removing partitions so it can install correctly.

If you are trying to dual boot, make sure you are using the same configuration, UEFI or Legacy, if you are installing on one drive. You can have UEFI install and Legacy install on different drives, but the Boot Menu will probably not be available

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Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, but I couldn't find any other place that fit better. Please move it if you'd like.

I just got a desktop computer from a friend. It's a very high powered PC. However, when booting it up, it takes an extremely long time to load (this was with a a blank HDD). It seems it's extremely slow doing the POST (About 20-30 min) and loading BIOS or their settings or whatever. After it does the POST, it will allow me to go into BIOS, or do whatever I want.

I also put in the Win7 install disc, and it read it and began to install. However, it took about 12 hours to install Win7 (no joke). After it was installed and I got to log in and everything, it was running very smooth and fast. No lag, no slow loading, nothing. Just perfect, but the booting up process is still extremely slow.
I was wondering if this is a BIOS or Processor or Motherboard issue. Everything is connected properly and inserted firmly.
Is there any reason why this can happen? It seems like BIOS is just being so slow..
I have also set BIOS back to defaults, and even removed the battery for 30 seconds to reset it.

These are the specs:
Phoenix BIOS (v6 maybe? can't remember)
Intel Quad Core 2.40GHz
nVidia GeForce 9800 GX2
8 GB of RAM
EVGA Motherboard (Can't remember the model, but I can get it if necessary)
1000 Watt PSU.
300 GB HDD

Oh. I'm also about ready to just remove all the hardware and then build it back up. Just to see and be sure ... Read more

Answer:Computer boot up EXTREMELY slow, BIOS problems?

RenoF said:

Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, but I couldn't find any other place that fit better. Please move it if you'd like.

I just got a desktop computer from a friend. It's a very high powered PC. However, when booting it up, it takes an extremely long time to load (this was with a a blank HDD). It seems it's extremely slow doing the POST (About 20-30 min) and loading BIOS or their settings or whatever. After it does the POST, it will allow me to go into BIOS, or do whatever I want.

I also put in the Win7 install disc, and it read it and began to install. However, it took about 12 hours to install Win7 (no joke). After it was installed and I got to log in and everything, it was running very smooth and fast. No lag, no slow loading, nothing. Just perfect, but the booting up process is still extremely slow.
I was wondering if this is a BIOS or Processor or Motherboard issue. Everything is connected properly and inserted firmly.
Is there any reason why this can happen? It seems like BIOS is just being so slow..
I have also set BIOS back to defaults, and even removed the battery for 30 seconds to reset it.

These are the specs:
Phoenix BIOS (v6 maybe? can't remember)
Intel Quad Core 2.40GHz
nVidia GeForce 9800 GX2
8 GB of RAM
EVGA Motherboard (Can't remember the model, but I can get it if necessary)
1000 Watt PSU.
300 GB HDD

Oh. I'm also about ready to just remove all the hardware and then build it back up. Just... Read more

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I have 2 problems after upgrading Gtx 560 150W to MSI GTX 960 2gb 120 W
- computer starts slower and a weird screen, cant enter BIOS
- computer does not recognize pci soundcard (ASUS XONAR DX), not listed in device manager, also not under unidentified devices.

I have been looking for solutions the whole week and I thought i should post a thread.

what I have tried:
- reinstalling windows
- windows recovery, all options.
- check if everything is properly connected.
- trying to get in bios with a PS2 keyboard
- memory remove and reinstall
- removing soundcard and reinstall
- looking for drivers --> asks me to connect audio card
- connect the old graphics card --> it solved the boot problem, the computer started fast again with the bios screen (picture 1) only lasting about 3 sec. I could enter bios again and I resetted bios. however the soundcard is still not showning up. after installing the gtx 960 again same problem with booting.

I didnt try to reset CMOS because i could enter bios when i connected with the 560 graphics card.
I dont want to accidently brick my computer.
I only have one accessible pci slot for the soundcard so i cant switch to other pci port.

the pictures when booting with gtx 960 installed
picture 1 lasts about 2-3 minutes with about 5 beeps with a lot of time between them.

picture 2 lasting about 3 sec.

when I a... Read more

Answer:Computer/soundcard boot problems after upgrading graphicscard GTX 960

What power supply are you using? It sounds like you're not getting enough power to the system. The five beeps are an error code. The motherboard is identifying an issue that must be addressed. That's why you're having boot problems.

Edit: I looked at the specs, but there is no power supply rating on the webpage. Please have a look at the power supply and post how many Watts it is rated for. Also have a look in your manual and see what those beep codes mean and post those too, please.

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Hi, I am experiencing issues with my computer. And my brain is bleeding, it hurts.I am on a Windows 7 laptop. The sticker says "G61-304NR Notebook."As of now: I can't boot the computer. When I turn it on, it goes to a hp screen (like it usually does), goes black, and then displays either "BOOTMGR Image is corrupt. The system cannot boot." or another message about something about checksum possibly being corrupted (I can't remember the exact words at the moment--only the bootmgr one is showing up right now). And then it stays like that, and I am forced to turn off the computer again because no other keys work. I've tried going into safe mode (clickclickclicking F8), but it doesn't work. When these two messages first began appearing, I managed to start my computer properly once and I went and tried system restore. It started, but then this blue screen of death came up. Then I shut the computer down.Before the above started happening, I was searching around on surfing the net, looking for free downloads of files, etc.I do remember that at one point during the day, the entire screen refreshed and it looked different (the - and box and x in the top right-corner of the windows turned into something like this (link)). But then a little while afterwards, it returned to the normal look (link. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but it scared me.Also, I think I had the google redeirect virus but didn't do anything about it, becaus... Read more

Answer:Computer won't boot, bootmgr and checksum apparently have problems

ComboFix is a tool that should only be run under the supervision of someone who has been trained in its use. Using it on your own can cause problems with your computer.Let's start here please.Please download the TDSS Rootkit Removing Tool (TDSSKiller.exe) and save it to your Desktop. <-Important!!!Be sure to download TDSSKiller.exe (v2.4.0.0) from Kaspersky's website and not which appears to be an older version of the tool.Double-click on TDSSKiller.exe to run the tool for known TDSS variants.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it. To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Rename and give it a random name with the .com file extension (i.e. If you do not see the file extension, please refer to How to change the file extension.Click the Start Scan button.Do not use the computer during the scanIf the scan completes with nothing found, click Close to exit.If malicious objects are found, they will show in the Scan results - Select action for found objects and offer three options.Ensure Cure (default) is selected, then click Continue > Reboot now to finish the cleaning process.A log file named TDSSKiller_version_date_time_log.txt (i.e. TDSSKiller. will be created and saved to the root directory (usually Local Disk C:).Copy and paste the contents of that file in your next reply.If TDSSKiller does not ... Read more

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I hope someone can shed some light on this issue. Ok. here's the deal. I've been building PC's for about 2 years now. Never had a problem. A friend of mine came to me and asked me to build him a desktop. We ordered all of the parts online from and they arrived last thursday. I built it on friday night.

Here's the specs:
Pentium 4 2.8GHz LGA 775 Model 520
Stock heatsink and fan.
MOBO - PC Chips M957G microATX
Athenatech case - 350w PSU microATX & ATX form factor
1 gig of ram (2x512)
Hitachi SATA HD 120gig 7200rpm
CD-ROM Drive
Floppy drive

Ok, so first i installed the processor LGA 775 is a no brainer socket. Followed all cautious measures. Installed heatsink & fan and memory. Installed the MOBO in the case properly. Installed and drive devices properly. Hooked up all power and device wires properly. (Front panel power switch & reset & led light hooked from MOBO manual.)

Now here's the problem.

I plug in a monitor, keyboard & mouse and pull in power cable.
Press the button on front panel of case. NOTHING. Play around with the button on PSU. NOTHING. NO POWER. NOTHING.

I take it all apart and rebuild it, looking to see if i forgot something. Put it all back to get. Push the power button. NOTHING. No fans no lights. Nothing. So i remove the PSU and try another one that I have. same watts. Hook it all up. Same thing NOTHING.

Any ideas as to what is wrong? Please Help. If you need more info about anything... pleas... Read more

Answer:Problems building a Desktop PC: Help needed!!

make shure ur ram is in there correctly.. lol i didnt put it in right one time... U should have a power cord from ur PSU to ur mobo (top left) . U should have cables in the lower left labled PWR Switch and read ur booklet on were those goes on ur mobo.

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I am having problems with building projects from Visual Studio 2008. Specifically the error I receive is the same each time. I have checked online for any help on this but wasn't able to find anything. I also found out that this error is about the MFC support for ribbons and control bars.The error I get is this:Error 1 fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'afxcontrolbars.h': No such file or directoryI have located this error in the stdafx.h file under the header files folder of my project.Just for reference purposes I am running:Win7 64bitVisual Studio 2008 ProfessionalSome help or feedback would be appreciatedThanks!

Answer:problems building my VS2008 project...?

I almost certainly can't help with this but at very least you'll have to post some code and indicate the line on which it is erroring.

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After a long time research we have bought all the parts and they all arrived this week. Happy to have the chance to thinker with our new machine we started building it.
here are the specs:
Sagita Raidmax
Intel E6750 1333FSB C2D
Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R
Sapphire X3850 512MB
LG H55L DVDRWX20 Dlayer
EZcool PS-05 ATX PSU 450W
2 GB ram
(but we had to improvise on some connections, especially Hard Drive related. explanation below)

Yet, after we finished we ran it for the first time and encountered two nasty problems.

1) we couldn't get the computer to recognize our Hard Drive. How is it connected? We have 1 Optical Drive and one Hard Drive but they are too far away to be connected using one IDE cable (they are both IDE, and the mother board has only 1 IDE slot)
so we bought an IDE - SATA adapter (I can't really tell it's name I'll try to look for it. But the only thing I have thus far is "Sata 2 IDE - IDE 2 Sata Converter") yet no matter how we connect the cables it dosen't seem to work at all. Any ideas?

2) This is our bigger problem, the computer seems to go off after random amounts of time. We fear that we have somehow damaged the PSU while building the computer. What could we do?


Answer:finished building, HD & power (most likely) problems

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I've put together a computer with a P4 using a new power supply, motherboard, processor and memory, but a used hard drive and a used DVD drive. The system is not turning on and after checking and re-checking the pin connections and everything else it still won't turn on. When I hit the power switch the processor fan spins for a few seconds and then stops. Could this be a problem with the existing hard drive? I want to be sure before I go out and buy a new one.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Building a system, problems turning it on

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Hey so recently I bought an ASUS Essentio CM6830-US-3AB - Core i7 2600 3.4 GHz - 8 GB - 1 TB and decided to modify it in order to play games at a pretty good level. Originally it came with a 300w power supply and NVIDIA GeForce GT530 1G graphics card so I went and replaced both with a corsair gs 700 watt and geforce gtx 660. The problem arises when I turn on the computer and the bios screen at the beginning no longer shows up and instead the computer delays on a black screen for a little while until finally showing the windows screen login. OR occassionally nothing happens on the screen and I have to power down the computer just by tapping the power button (which is unusual because I usually have to hold my finger on it for a while in order to shut it off.) I realize I am a pretty crummy pc builder haha but this is my first project and I was hoping I could get help to what's causing the problem. I am able to play games quite well now at higher graphics settings but the bios screen not showing up and the occassional pc just not functioning seems to be a reoccurring issue.

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I just finished building a computer. I got the operating system installed (win xp) but I have run into a few problems. They are listed below.
1. The floppy drive I bought was a Sony OEM. When my computer starts it says floppy drive fail. The light on the drive stays continuously lit up. When I go to my computer it says I have a floppy drive but when I put a disk in and click on it, nothing. I used the supplied cable and attached everything exactly like I should have.

2. I bought a new Nvidia Geforce 4 MX420. The installation cd that came with the card is bad. I can't get it to even open (the cd-rom works with other cds). I went to nvidia's site and downloaded the xp drivers and installed them after installing direct x just like it says in the instructions. When I reboot it stills has the card listed under other devices, video controller and has an exclamation point over it.

3. My Motherboard is S446. When I was installing the drivers from the cd-rom that came with the motherboard I got a warning when it tried to install the multimedia audio controller. It said my system would not fuction properly in the future because the driver wasn't certified by win xp. I have seen these warnings before and most of the time ignored them but this one said that I would run into problems later. I can't find a site with updated drivers.

4. Last small problem is that my hard drive busy light doesn't work as well as the power light. I hooked them up exactly like ... Read more

Answer:(Resolved) Post Building Problems

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My current computer system consists of:
19" monitor
dvd rom drive
CD RW Drive
PCI dvd decoder
pci NIC
pci modem
pci ethernet
pci sound card
pci video card
250w power source
2 sticks of pc 100 ram (64 mb and 256mb)
fujitsu 8 gig drive

As you can see, I have a fair amount of equipment..but my problem is my processor just quit on me (2nd processor ive fried in a year).......if i cant fix it cheaper for me to just upgrade......what do i need.......the way i see it, i can reuse most of my stuff but will need new motherboard, processor, powersource (not sure on that one).....and ram.....whats the most economical solution? I dont have that much to spend and just need a reliable motherboard that has decent support (superpower went out of business, i dont wnat that to happen with my next board) for processor......i need something cheap, i was happy with 500 mhz so anthing around here or greater would be fine...please help as im not that experienced with todays standard for equipment. Thanks

Answer:building computer..need help

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I would like to construct my very own computer. Mainly for the knowledge of doing it and keeping things a lot cheaper.
This is more of a baseline on what i want. I am mainly using this for gaming, as you can see. If you guys could help me find things cheaper or Tips on what not to get that would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not extremely up to date on all of the current technology in the computer industry, I would like to get the most satisfaction out of the price though.
Price range Free-1,500 USD


Answer:Building a computer

All looks good to me a very balanced mid range system,if I were building it I would spend less on the case and maybe the SSD and invest it in a more powerful video card,something like the GTX580.

If you have a normal HD laying around you can use that until money for an SSD becomes available and don't forget an operating system

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I had been doing a bit of research online to find out how easy it would be to build a new computer. Everyone I knew said it would be easy, and when I selected parts, everyone told me they should work fine with eachother. Well, I have everything I bought put together. Thing is, I haven't gotten the slightest response from the system.

I don't know for a fact that I have everything plugged in the right spot, but I assume the PSU is where most of my problem lies. My GPU has two 6-pin spots, and my PSU I found out only has one y-splitter with a 6-pin PCI-E cable. I wonder if that's my only issue, if I can get a workaround (I just really want to see if everything works, before I do anything stressful on the machine), if I can get an extra PCI-E cable and put it in somewhere, or if I need to buy an entirely different PSU.

Thanks for reading and responding. This is my first post, and my first attempt at building a computer, so I'll do my best at providing information that you folks might need to help me, but I may misunderstand at times.

Answer:Building a new computer...

Welcome to Major Geeks.

So we can try to diagnose your problem, please post the components in your system (make/model of motherboard, CPU, memory, power supply, video card, etc.). This will help us to see if everything is compatible and know if the power supply you currently have is adequate for your system.


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Can anyone tell me what would be a good manual to read/follow, I am going to try and build a computer for fun.

Answer:Building a computer

Here are some good guides:

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Question: Building Computer

Don"t know much about computers, but would like to build one for fun and knowledge. Where do I find a book or information on building? To include which mother board and cpu's that can be used with a MB. Also which cpu's and ram to use with the different mother boards. There are so many different varations that I need to read and ask questions. Thanks to all who respond. Mike

Answer:Building Computer

Welcome to TSG Mike! I can't help you but I requested your thread be moved to a forum where it might get a better answer! Best of luck!

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I have been looking for a long time and I was wondering if this build was ok and will last me several years. I will upgrade GPU, CPU, and RAM as time goes on. I have a 450 PSU I already have and I was wondering if that will power this board and CPU with a 8800 GT. I am going to buy case, GPU, and hopefully PSU later. So basically, to start, I will have this board, a 8800 GT, a i3 CPU, and 4 GB of RAM with a 450 PSU. Will it work? I will upgrade when I get the new video card.

Answer:Building New Computer - Will This be OK?

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Hello all. I'm rebuilding my old computer (which turned into basically building a new computer) and I've hit a bit of a snag. My processor is hot, and I've thrown a real nice heatsink and fan onto it, along with 2 additional case fans. When I run the system at 115 Volts, the processor still overheats and turns off after about 10 seconds. Otherwise, the system runs - it boots properly. When I switch to 230 volts, the processor stays on/does not overheat. The video card, however, does not work at 230 volts. Here is what I have, I don't remember my power source off the top of my head (I'm at work), but I know it is 450W.

Processor - Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz, 800MB FSB
Motherboard - ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA ATX
Video Card - Gigabyte Geforce 7300 GS

If I need to put up any more information let me know. I'm thinking my only options would be to somehow borrow a videocard that works and underclock the system until I find a happy balance/better cooling system, or get a new video card. I'm not sure if its a compatibility issue or what, but any help at all would be appreciated.

Answer:Building my own computer - need help

If you are not in Europe you shouldn't be changing the setting to 230v on the power supply.

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hey guys, i decided to build a new computer and need some assistance (yes this is my first time ). so far i choose these CPU-intel core quad Q6600 2.40 GHz-- DVD Burner-- CPU cooling fan-- PowerSupply 600watt--  (i am not sure if this one works) Hard Drive 500GB-- EVGA nforce 780i motherboard-- 4GB RAM-- Graphic Card- EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS KO edition 512 MB-- am i missing anything or need to change?  oh and if u know any cheap coolers out there, yeah.. lol plz tell me

Answer:building a computer

a couple things to consider...1. the DVD burner looks ugly with the huge "philips" logo written across it. i suggest an LG or a Samsung.2. if you plan on overclocking your CPU i strongly suggest a different cooler. i recommend the thermalright ultra  120 extreme with a 120mm sycthe kaze jyuni.3. i have had nothing but problems with my maxtor harddrives, i suggest either a seagate HD or a western digital HD.besides the above 3 things, the rest looks good.

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