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Crackling sound on my PC speakers...

Question: Crackling sound on my PC speakers...

I get a Crackling sound when listening to music on my PC, through my Speakers. Anyone know how I can fix it? I think its a problem with the speakers not the computer.


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Preferred Solution: Crackling sound on my PC speakers...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Crackling sound on my PC speakers...

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Hi i recently had a mic plugged in and it conflicted with the sound and made a weird crackling so i muted it and it didnt do it anymore. why does this happen?

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For a while now ive been getting on and off crackly sound in the speakers, it can vary from high to low volume, and isent the speakers, since my old ones did it as well, when i connect a headphone into either sound port the crackling is still there. (in all programs, games, music, etc)
Im running XP, but im not sure what other info you might need. So if you can help i would really appreciate it, and if you need more info, just post it and ill do by best to give it to you.


Answer:Crackling Sound In The Speakers


Do you have a spare set of speakers to use? also whatsound card/chip does the system have and have you installed the latest codecs?

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I was watching a movie in my laptop and the speakers suddenly started to give out crackling noise for few seconds and then it stopped, after that, the speakers never worked. I tried restarting the compuer, disabling/enabling the speakers, troubleshooting the speakers. Speakers are not working even after the Windows 10 upgrade. Previously, it was Windows 7.
Is there anyway that the speakers can start working again? 
Prouct details:
HP Pavilion g4-1201tu Windows 10 64-bit
Model# QG465PA
Serial# (removed content)

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Hi HP! My girlfriend recently bought an HP Pavilion Model QCWB335 and she is experiencing issues with crackling sounds coming from the speakers. We have already tried rebooting the computer, lowering the volume down to 50 % and using headphones (same problem occurs). What should be done in order to solve this issue? Best Regards, Jakob and Katarina

Answer:Crackling sound from speakers on HP Pavilion

Hi @emmikatarina , Welcome to the HP Support Forums!   I understand that you are getting a crackling sounds coming from the speakers of your HP Pavilion Notebook PC. I will try my best to help you with this issue. Here are some instructions from SuperMario1 on how to resolve this. 1. Go into Control Panel, then Sound.2. Under the Playback tab, double click on Speakers to open Properties. 3. Go to Advanced tab. In the drop down, select the highest quality stereo output. 4. Click Apply and close all windows. If that didn't help, then here's round 2: 1. Instead of the Playback tab, go to the Recording tab. 2. Double click on Stereo Mix. 3. Go to Advanced tab, and select highest quality from the drop down. 4. Click Apply and close all windows. These steps should be enough to resolve the issue. If not, I would recommend a System Restore next, if the issue began recently. I want you to bring the computer back to the earliest restore point possible, in an attempt to dodge whatever caused the issue. Here is a document on how to perform a System Restore: System Restore If the issue is not yet resolved, then please answer the following: 1. Does this issue only occur on online videos (to be certain, test something using Windows Media Player)? If so, is it only YouTube (to be certain, play a video from another site)? 2. Do any other devices in your house behave this way when you are streaming music?... Read more

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I have an HP Pro4510s Laptop for around 4 years now. Everything is just fine with this laptop but recently, about 1 week, I have got some issue with the sound.

There's a crackling sound from the speakers and it's very annoying.

I have searched for hours on goggle how to fix it, but in vain.

I have uninstall and install SoundMax again. Downloaded the audio drivers for Hp website.

Nothing has resolved the issue.

What makes it weird is that when I connect my Nokia bluetooth headset to the laptop, I can listen to music and watch movies with some crystal clear sound, NO CRACKLING sound!

But as soon as I disconnect the Bluetooth headset, the problem comes up again.

I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks guys.

Answer:HP Pro4510S Crackling Sound in speakers

Sounds like the speakers or the audio chipset output to the speakers is faulty. It's possible for it to function properly on one output and not the other.

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Hi, I have a Gateway laptop and the speakers are crackling, and it also happens when I connect outside speakers to the computer. This has just started happening since we moved. Could it have something to do with that? Thanks!

Answer:fuzzy, crackling sound from speakers

Oh it could possibly the sound card is broke. Or it needs new drivers. Wish I had an idea which sound card it is exactly.

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hi i just recently install vista on my system. i installed all the right drivers and apps. but i just get a funny crackling noise coming from my speakers non stop. any way to fix this? ive tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them. still didn't help me out. thanks...

Answer:Sound Card/Crackling Speakers

has anyone figured this out? I recently had to reinstall my Vista and i hear a crackling sound. In no way is my speakers blown.....any luck anyone?????

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I am having problems with a set of computer speakers. They make a crackling sound when the volume is turned up. I don't seem to notice the noise when the speakers are turned way down. The volume setting in the computer are set at half and I have tried another set of speakers and they too make the same noise. The computer is a 2 year old HP using windows xp as the operating system.

Any help or insight anyone one might have on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Answer:speakers are making a crackling sound

You'll get that when the audio driver is corrupted or if another device is on the same IRQ.

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Good day,

before of you read, sorry for my bad english :D

ok, i have the old pc HP Compaq 6735s oldiest model and have problem.. I have the headset Plantronics .Audio 655 DSP... Its USB (no Jack) headset, but sound is crackly and randomly.. Microphone is good, no problem, also speakers... I tested in another pc, and work correctly (Win 7), also in WIN XP not installed drivers.. I telled the makers of headset and reply is here:


So in the Windows 8 now it does not work? It was not an XP as I said? In that case it is most likely incompatible. Think about that the headset is made years ago while Windows 8 just released. Contact Microsoft and check if they have any updates to the USB drivers that will be able to use older USB devices?

I tested reinstall USB drivers, not work.. I tested install sound drivers, but for Win 8 not found...

Answer:Windows 8: Speakers have crackling sound

Hello GAMELASTER and welcome to TSF,

Your USB headset does not rely on the Audio chipset.

The Plantronics website touts it as not needing software... I can't find any issues similar to yours by searching the WWW, so I have no base to work from.

Just so I am clear... You are running Windows 8 on a Compaq 6735s?

Try using a different USB port.

Have you had any other issues since upgrading to Windows 8?

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Hey guys, I just reformatted my computer because I had major spyware on it that I thought was causing computer freeze which then causes a crackling sound from my speakers. It was happening at most every 20 minutes. Turns out it is still happening sometimes. It seems to happen when I'm doing something that uses alot of RAM. It happened twice while trying to install the demo of F.E.A.R. and then again when I was watching Batman Begins on my computer.
The computer freezes and instantly emits a crackling sound out of my speakers. Does that sound like anything to anyone?

Answer:Computer freeze with crackling sound from speakers


any ideas please? i cant play any games without my computer freezing...what are some of your instincts on what hardware or software problem it may be from?

by the way i have the infamous ATI Radeon 9600xt which is supremely f'ed up. I get the VPU errors and such in addition to the freezes though, so I feel as if it isnt the card this time.

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Hi All,

I've recently just purchased a new P100 - 160 and on the whole I'm chuffed to bits with it.

However, there's one thing that's really bugging me... and that's the sound quality.

When I purchased the laptop one of the selling points was that it had "Harman/Kardon" which are supposed to be really, really good. Now, from a 3D / Surround sound point of view, I've got to say that they certainly seem to live up to what I was told.

However - In terms of "volume capability" the speakers seems not to give the maximum.... and I'm not talking about having the volume so high that the neighbours can here it either!

Turn the speakers up more than about 1/4 of the way, and the sound/speakers crackle very mad - especially when it's playing anything with even a slight bit of bass.

I've tried changing the equalizer and volume settings in Media Player but that didn't help either.

Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know what the fix may be?


Answer:Crackling sound from speakers on Satellite P100-160

You?re right.
The notebook is definitely delivered with Harman/kardon speakers and usually such speakers are also known as "good quality" speakers.
Therefore I have investigated a little bit in this forum for similar issues and found this link to the Toshiba document about crackling noise on Satellite P100.

It seems the BIOS and driver update should be done.
One tip: You could try to remove the old sound driver files before install the new one.

good luck

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I've been experiencing a extremely annoying issue lately. My headphones make a crackling sound, but it also feel kind of electric. I have a Audio interface (Steinberg UR22) and got both my speakers and headphones connected there. They both have the same symptoms. I've tried putting my headphones in my pc, so it would go on the motherboard soundcard, but i got the same result.
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Speakers: KRK rokit 5
Audio interface: Steinberg UR22
Pc specs:
Asus pro gaming z170
Intel i7 6700k
Gigabyte GTX 1080
16GB DDR4 @ 3200mhz
250 GB SSD

Answer:Crackling/static sound headphones and speakers

Now my mouse is also laggy, it's not going in a fluid motion, but stutters a bit, and the sound crackling/static gets worse and worse

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Further to my previous post about the issue with Dell Command Update tool (it keep suggesting to download and install the same drivers over and over, although I have installed them more than 5 times), I also have an issue with the speakers built-in the machine.
From time to time, while I'm listening to music I hear a crackling sound from the speakers. According to the Dell Command Update tool, I have the most updated audio driver. I even reinstalled the audio driver by removing it from the device manger and restarting the machine, but to no avail.
OS: Windows 10 pro
Audio drivers:
Speakers/Headphones (Realtek audio): 10.0.14393.0 (driver date: 15-Jul-16)
Realtek audio: (driver date: 8-Nov-16)
Any idea?
p/s. Latitude 7480 has too many hardware/software issues. I got the laptop only two weeks ago, and this is the third issue I have. I'm considering returning it back to Dell :-\ 

Answer:Dell Latitude 7480 - crackling sound from the speakers

Tx155I'm considering returning it back to Dell :-\ 
If you want to return it, don't wait too long. After the brief return period, which starts from the invoice date, you won't be allowed to return it.
Try the Windows native audio driver -- as a test.
1. Open the Device Manager.2. Expand the "Sound, Video & Game Controllers" section.3. Right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio" and select to uninstall.4. Put a check mark in the option to delete the driver software, and then ok.5. Restart the laptop and go back to the Device Manager and check again for a Realtek driver. Keep uninstalling & restarting until Realtek no longer appears under Sound...Controllers and "High Definition Audio Device" appears in its place. "High Definition Audio Device" is the name of the native driver.
[The reason you might have to go through the process more than once is because the driver files for more than one Realtek driver could be on the hard drive. When a Realtek driver is removed, the next one gets installed if Windows can locate the files. Windows installs its generic driver only after all Realtek files have been removed.]
To re-install the Realtek driver, it's better to download it from your Dell support page rather than letting Windows Update find one.

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I have an HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC. The oddest thing happened the other day, I didn't drop my laptop or do anything out of the ordinary to it. One minute the speakers are fine, the next minute there is a frequent popping or crackling sound coming every 20 seconds or so, even while using headphones.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from the product website to no avail.

However, there is this one driver that always has a yellow exclamation mark on it called the "High Definition Audio Device". It would make sense that this driver is the culprit but its been yellow for a month now without any popping or crackling sound and it is absolutely impossible to resolve it. I completely uninstalled and re-installed my sound drivers and that didn't fix it and windows troubleshooter can't find the driver either.

I'm at a loss here guys. I don't want to have to replace the speakers on a one year old computer but I might have to. Thank you in advance for any help I can get.

Answer:Crackling/Popping sound from laptop speakers even when using headphones

Ha you tried to back up your hard-drive and find a restore point before your problem started taking it back to that time see if it's back to normal.
Remember if you try that full battery charge and mains plug in throughout restore.

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Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please feel free to re-direct if necessary.

I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite A665-S9092 laptop that just started exhibiting a weird problem: I get an occasional crackling, popping sound from whatever I plug into the headphone jack. I've tried with my Bose speakers and two separate sets of headphones. It seems to occur whenever the hard drive is accessed: when the computer is idle, I don't hear a peep, but whenever I e.g. refresh my browser or open a program, it starts crackling. The odd thing is that I don't get this from the built-in laptop speakers - only from whatever I plug into the headphone jack.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? One of the main uses of this machine is playing music so this problem is putting a serious crimp in my enjoyment...

(Extra info: under "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" in the Device Manager I have 4 instances of nVidia High Definition Audio, and 1 instance of Realtek High Definition Audio. Checking "driver update" tells me the drivers are up to date. Not sure why there are 4 instances of the nVidia HD Audio.)

Answer:Crackling sound from headphone jack, not built-in speakers?


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I have Toshiba Satellite A100 model.
My speakers do not sound right.
Left speaker does not work at all.
They give a crackling sound.
Audio, video does not sound right.
Whenever I play a song it gives a feeling of speakers are blasted.
When I turn the volume down they sound a bit ok.

Advice needed.
Do I need to replace speakers or I have to update the drivers?

Answer:Satellite A100 - speakers faulty, gives crackling sound

After reading your posting I think speakers are defective and must be replaced.
You can try to change some sound settings to see if something will change.

Anyway I think driver has nothing to do with it and you need new speakers.

Have you tested it with headset or headphones? How it works?

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Hi HP,I m using Windows 10 (64 bit operating system) While playing any song or any video , it produce some crackling sound heavily. Please make my problem solved as early as possible.

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Hi there.

I have just purchase a new laptop (L650-OED) which is running windows 7 - 32 bit.

The in-built speakers make a crackling noise and only work intermittently. When you adjust the volume up or down they work for a few seconds and then cut out.

I have tested the sound through the headphone jack which is working perfectly. I have also reinstalled the device driver (Conexant HD Audio but it has not made any difference.

Is there anything else I can try or is this a warranty issue?

Appreciate any advice.


Answer:Satellite L650-OED In-built speakers crackling and intermittent sound

>I have tested the sound through the headphone jack which is working perfectly.
Hmm?. for this would mean that this has nothing to do with the sound card or with the sound driver but with the faulty speakers.

Therefore I recommend asking an technician for an notebook check? possibly the speakers needs to be replaced. If warranty is valid, then everything should be done free of charge.

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Hey Guys...

So my Packard Bell Easy Note MX37-S-200 has suddenly started making persistent " Crackling " and " Popping" noises from the moment I boot it. The noise is coming from the speakers and the sound is now distorted. I have very recently got it back from the repair shop after having my AC jack replaced... I would really like to rule everything out before I start pointing fingers at the repair guy

Things I have tried - Disabling sound driver - Noise was still there and laptop just installed it again.

Running avast scan through it - Scan picked up nothing.

Played with the sound setting - Nothing changed noise still there.

Plugged in PC speakers - Noise still coming from laptop but sound came out of the speakers fine.

I have noticed also that when the laptop first starts up the noise is louder and more spaced out. I'm wondering maybe whether it is the fan? But I don't no why the noise would be coming from the speakers.

Would really appreciate any help
Thank you

Answer:Crackling noise coming from laptop speakers + sound distorted

My guess is that based on the information provided that the wires for the speakers have either been damaged or crossed in some way where they are touching something they shouldn't causing distortion. My advice would be to take it back and tell them whats going on and make sure to have them fix it for free if they opened it and caused this problem.

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My DELL INSPIRON N5110 Windows 10 64 Bit having Crackling Sound Problem on Both Speakers and Headphone. I have already tried twice to format window, uninstall sound drivers and only keeping High Definition Audio native driver only but the problem is not getting rectified. I shown my Laptop to a Mechanic also and he said speakers are ok. So the problem is with Software but yet I am not sure about where is this problem in Software or Hardware? I have also done diagnostic test but everything fine in Test. Please help me with this problem, I am unable to listen music and watch movies. Your Help will be highly appreciated.

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So I recently opened my CPU because it was lagging and I thought maybe a little clean up might do the trick. So I softly brushed the drivers inside the CPU to get some dust off. However, when I turned on my PC, it seems that whenever I watch videos or play games, a loud crackling sound comes out from my speakers. I don't know what is causing this.

I have tried disabling my drivers (sound and display) but to no avail. However, if I mute the volume on my sound driver, the sound disappears. Which lead me to the conclusion that it might be a conflict of sound and display.

Since the problem only occured when I opened my CPU and cleaned it, it might also be a wiring problem or something.

Can someone help me on this?

Answer:Crackling sound in speakers when video playing/playing games/anything with graphics

Have you tried a different set of speakers? Make sure the speakers are all the way plugged into the jack.

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At random points in an audio only through the computer speakers not headphones, the speakers crackle for a split second and then continue playing the audio. I am worried that they might be damaged or that the speakers could possibly have a different problem that could be fixed. Anyone else having these problems on the Hp Envy? Does anyone know how to fix it, and the crackling is ear piercing as well? (if it wasnt so obtrusive I wouldnt really care)

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Question: Crackling speakers

Hi, I bought this laptop 5 days ago, and the next day I was watching movie on yt I realized that speakers sound cracky. Earlier it was all ok. Then I found out that before it start crackling i plugged headphones. So what i did was  using the HP Recovery Manager tool for rebooting aplications and drivers (especially Realtek HD Audio Drivers). Then it worked and it was ok till I plug headphones once again.  Not only headphones makes that, but plugging externel speakers as well. I also tried to update drivers, it wasn't helpful. Please help me solve this problem, cause it's really annoying to reboot drivers any time after using headphones.  

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Question: Crackling speakers

I have a brand new Inspiron 11 3000 series and there is a crackling noise coming from the speakers. How can I fix this?

Answer:Crackling speakers

Your laptop would have have a Realtek audio driver pre-installed. Assuming that driver is still installed, switch to the Windows native audio driver to test the speakers.
1. Open the Device Manager (type devmgmt.msc in the Windows search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver,  do it again but reverse the names in steps 1 and 6.]
If the speakers crackle even with the native driver then it could well be hardware failure. Contact tech support to have it repaired.

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Question: crackling speakers

Hi all. I bought this laptop HP 15-af156sa 15.6" Laptop - Purple but I have trouble with speakers. Listening isn´t clean ... sometimes they´re crackling. Current drivers are installed.Have somebody the same problem? Thank you.

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Hi i have a problem with my Think Pad E560. if i connected a charger so the sound begins to cracked it happens both when playing movies and songs and cracklind goes into the headphones. the crackling sound looks like interference.reinstalling flash player did not help. crackling sound occurs only when charger is connectet thanks you for your advice

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Lately I have been hearing a a soft noise from my speakers. The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to when you move aroudn with water in your ears. Every 3 seconds I am hearing this cracking noise from my speakers, and it gets quite annoying. The noise is not loud, and stays the same volume no matter how high i crank up my speakers.

What is the problem here?

Answer:Crackling from my speakers

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When I'm watching anything with sound sometimes the speakers will crackel. But if I pause the video for a few minutes and play it again and there is no crackeling. I know its not the videos I'm watching but if I get a notification from HP it crackels too. I would really like to know how to fix this. Its fine when I plug my headphones in. 

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Question: Speakers Crackling


My desktop computer has all of a sudden developed a crackling static sound that comes from the speakers. It's so annoying that I put it on mute. I have Windows 7 and I just bought this computer 3-4 months ago. My old computer had this problem off and on too but I never figured out what the problem was from. Any idea what this might be and how I could fix it? Your help is appreciated.

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Question: Crackling speakers

I have Windows XP and I have this crackling sound coming from my speakers. I'm not playing music, it just starts crackling. I went out and bought new speakers and still have the same problem. Its very annoying. Any suggetions? Thanks

Answer:Crackling speakers

You left off an important detail - What sound card do you have?
We've had troubles lately on the forums with people sticking graham crackers in their PCI slots, so hopefully it's not a graham cracker in there.

My guess is that you have a Creative Labs Sound Blaster of some sort, and you have a VIA chipset on your motherboard. Perhaps the southbridge is a 686B. My telepathy and psychic abilities aren't very good, though. Would you please check your soundcard and tell us what brand and model it is, and also look at the black chips on your motherboard and tell us the names and numbers on them?

Here are my generic steps to take:
Go to Windows Update and make sure you have all the necessary patches and updates.
Download and install the newest drivers for your sound card from the manufacturer's website.
Download and install the newest drivers for your motherboard from the manufacturer's website.
Set the master volume at 25%.

I think you're picking up bus noise. It has nothing to do with the speakers. It's your sound card. Are you able to turn on Spread Spectrum in your BIOS to minimize interference?

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Question: Speakers crackling

I recently inastalled xp pro and now when i just listened to some music and i realised my speakers are crackling, is there any way i can fix this? they werent like this when i had ME. I have Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373)

Answer:Speakers crackling

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Question: Crackling Speakers

I recenly recieved a pair of logitech Z-340 speakers and every time i pull out the keyboard they crackle and pop. Please help!

Answer:Crackling Speakers

PS Hence the nickname 'logitech'!

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Question: Crackling speakers

Whenever I play any audio through my laptop, it makes a crackling noise, sometimes echoey.

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Question: speakers crackling

the sound bar AX510PA is crackling.  Power comes from monitor.   have had for several years, no issue.   I ordered a new sound bar...same problem.  Took it into Best Buy,  speakers  worked fine in store with my desktop.  Crackling is present even if not plugged into desktop.  No crackling through headphones.  any suggestions?  thanks.

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Hi all, am completely new to this, but sick of searching for some one asking the right question for my problem. ;) And your forums have helped me before.

So anyway, turn on my comp today and started up Perimeter and all of a sudden I get crackling through my speakers when holding down keys like shift, ctrl, etc Also slows machine down while this is happening.

Thought it was possibly the game but have tried others (FarCry) and it does the same thing when using movement keys (from holding them down). It was working fine yesterday. I've installed Real Player and PowerDVD since the last time I played anything, so tried uninstalling them but it still happens.

If anyone knows why this happens I'd love to know.

Thanks people. Appreciate the help.

Answer:crackling in the speakers

Welcome to TSF.

Is the volume too high? Check the volume settings.

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Question: Speakers Crackling


I just got a new sound card SB X-Fi Audio but when I am playing a game the back speakers crackle when a loud boom comes but they where working fine on the old sound card does this mean I need new speakers? Sounds like they cannot support the loudness also happends at a loud point in a song.


Answer:Speakers Crackling

Is there a chance that you have the speakers connected incorrectly at your amp? If you accidental switched the + and - lines and the speakers are moving the voice coil into the speaker instead out of the speaker and away from the speaker magnet base plate then the voice coil may be hitting the base plate and causing the distortion. Your amp may also be the cause of the distortion because maybe it's not powerful enough to reproduce sound that loud. Check the speaker surrounds for cracks. If there are tears or cracks you will need to replace the surrounds or purchase new speakers if you can't find new surrounds. If that's not the case then you may want to turn the back speakers down a bit and or bring up the bass crossover frequency if you can.

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HiI have a Creative Audigy 2 card - and I have recently bought and set up Creative T7700 speakers to complement them (7.1). However, I get a annoying crackling noise from them whenever I use my tv card. I don't get it using games or music though.I have the latest drivers - so not sure what to doXP Pro. P4 2.8, 1gb DDRAM, Audigy 2, Ti4400 GPU

Answer:Crackling from speakers

Cracking noise on speakers is usually interference.Check your connections (aeriel) and tuning on your TV card

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Just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, speakers are crackling when I'm playing music and using the computer at same time. They don't seem to do it if all the computer is doing is playing music, any help?

Answer:Solved: Speakers crackling?

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I have some crackling from my headset and speakers that just started happening.
I tried a number of different things online that I have read with no avail.
I tried uninstalling drivers etc but it still is happening.
Anyone able to help me?  Does this ever happen because of a virus?

Answer:Crackling from speakers and headset not sure why...

Is your post related to the video glitch problem thread?

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Help!After my laptop made update last night, my speakers are now crackling and sounds really distorted.  I have tried some other troubleshooting methods I have found on the forums, but none of them are working. What do I do now? This laptop isn't even a year old yet.

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Hi I stumbled upon a topic from 2007 which relates to me but it wasn't resolved   . I would therefore like to re-post the original which was :"ok, it started two weeks ago, and wasn't very frequent. didn't do it when sound was playing (game, music, movie, etc.) but when speakers were on with nothing playing, they would start to crackle occasionally after a while. i thought it was just the speakers dying out, they're pretty old. anyway, i was just curious and i hooked up my roommates speakers and had the same problem. I downloaded new drivers for my sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum) and it got worse. its now a constant static/crackling whether there's sound playing or not. I have no idea what is causing this and can't seem to find answers anywhere. I checked for virus, spyware, adware, etc. and nothing. thats probably not it anyway, but i got nothing. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated" The ONLY difference is that I have  the Audigy 2 ZS card. Please help!!!

Answer:Constant crackling from speakers.

Try to use your cellphone close to the speaker and send a message to your friend and someone else, see what will happen to the speaker.

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Hello i've had my pc for over 3 years now and only just discovered this forum!

My pc is only used as a touchscreen jukebox, however it makes an awful crackling noise from the pc speakers (sometimes louder than other times). This has always happened, seems quite mad that i've only just decided to resolve the problem!

Any ideas?

Answer:Crackling noise from the pc speakers

Can you please tell us which PC model do you have? Do you use original preinstalled OS version?
> This has always happened...
How to understand this? Have you noticed this issue from the first day?

Have you tried to test sound quality using headphones, different ways to test internal speakers, anything?
Please post a bit more information. This can help us to understand the problem.

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Hello! I've recently joined ThinkPad family and I think it was the right choice after several ASUS (UX410, UX430, UX550) and XPSes 15 which were so faulty... Everything looks good on T470p expect speakers. I'm experiencing strange issue with "crackling". Sometimes it won't start at all, sometimes it starts randomly and last for a few seconds (when there's no sound in background). It is present while I have music or other sounds on. Of course it stops when I'm disabling sound with Fn+F1. Issue persists both on Windows 10 and Arch Linux. I've already tried to reinstall Realtek HD Audio drivers with older and newer ones - no luck. I'm not encountering any issues while I'm on headphones. Could anyone provide solution for this issue or steps which I can perfrom in order to try to get rid of this "cracks"?

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Guys same problem here I have  upgrade Win 10 installed and speakers cracklng so distorted  I see that it says in device manager win HD SPEAKERS there are also INTEL speakers I would assume with the Win 7 system from new just wondering if this has anything to do with perhaps some Win 10 upgrade caused this as were working fine before and a longtime  after Win 10 upgrade I had Microsoft Disability Desk  check this out to ensure all drivers were updated but limited free help on this still  awaiting reply from Dell on this though I rely on this as my outside world for lots including charity fund raising and shopping PLEASE help as disabled retired veteran .thank you.

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Hello again. My computer ran pretty smoothly after i had restored it to factory settings after sleep mode fiasco. Last Friday however i faced another problem, my computer's audio on just about anything started crackling horribly, other than in my headphones, after restarting it, there is occassional crackling in audio, i have tried changing audio settings and installing latest updates for both Realtek and computer, but crackling is continuing. Sometimes it also appears in form of brief mutes. I have tried with no headphones and with other models but there is really something wrong with it and it's pretty hard to just ignore, what's the problem? I know this isn't caused by RAM overload or anything like that, i feel like the soundcard is corrupted in some way.

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Hi. My MSI GX630 gives a lot of problems, like during playback of any audio file, even those that are just part of a program (eg Windows Live Messenger), there's a noticeable crackling sound coming from the speakers. I also notice this crackling when external speakers or headphones are attached although it's a bit less noticeable with headphones. I was looking around on the net and found a thread where someone mentioned that heat could be a cause, or something to that effect.
Also when playing some audio files with VLC media player i sometimes hear a stutter during the playback. This also happened a few times while i watched some Youtube videos.
Could someone offer any assistance/explanation please.

PS I have the latest Realtek drivers.

Answer:Crackling and stuttering speakers?

You may need to reinstall the laptops chipset drivers

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Speakers crackle no matter what the sound is, tried plugging them into other devices and they work fine. Googled the issue and tried turning off enhancements, muting systems sound and uninstalling driver with no luck. Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Speakers crackling

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anyone else had this problem when using webcams on messenger video ok but crackling noise coming through speakers instead of vice, (person on other end blaming me but everything seems fine my end)

Answer:crackling noise through speakers on messenger

Possibly a loose wire on your friends mic?

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Speakers suddenly started making crackling noise.  I changed out the speakers and it did not stop.  How can this be fixed? 

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I have a set of 5800 Creative Lab speakers which make a continous buzzing sound and theres a squealing that changes pitch when I move the mouse or click on something. The connections are fine - Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this would be much appreciated.

Answer:Crackling/interference from Creative lab speakers

Hi Tonycooper3. From my experience, I would guess that your sound card is integrated into the motherboard. If I'm correct, then even a cheap PCI sound card would give a significant improvement.

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Speakers suddenly started making crackling noise.  I changed out the speakers and it did not stop.  How can this be fixed?

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My computer got a virus last week, and it had to be reformatted. I lost everything, but now the sound is dreadful, like an old cracked record. The speakers are in my LCD monitor. The sound was fine before, and before anyone says did I check the cables, I have.Helpmib

Answer:Crackling on audio from monitor speakers

Have you checked the settings for the volume and other levels? you may find something has been ticked where it should not have been.

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Help! Problem with Speakers crackling after re-format

Basically i have an alienware pc that running on windows vista i recently reformatted the pc and have been having issues with my sound crackling ever since. Ive installed all the realtek audio drivers. Tested my krk rokit 5 speaklers which are plugged in to the pc direct using a 2:1 jack wire. on a diff pc there working fine. Have also tried plugging them/headphones into the front sound jack on the pc still crackles.

Its quite a wierd problem it crackles on vista sounds, games, youtube/stream videos and mp3 player software but for some reason when you put the stream/videos on full screen it stops and the sound works fine....

I AM BLAGGED any help on this matter would be masssssssssively apreciated

Thanks Chris​

Sound Devices
Description: Digital Output Device (SPDIF) (High Definition Audio Device)
Default Sound Playback: Yes
Default Voice Playback: Yes
Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0885&SUBSYS_10ECE601&REV_1001
Manufacturer ID: 1
Product ID: 100
Type: WDM
Driver Name: HdAudio.sys
Driver Version: 6.00.6002.18005 (English)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
Date and Size: 4/11/2009 05:43:02, 236544 bytes
Other Files:
Driver Provider: Microsoft
HW Accel Level: Basic
Cap Flags: 0xF1F
Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 200000
Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 1, 0
Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 0, 0
HW Memory: 0
Voice Management: No
EAX(tm) 2.0 Listen/Sr... Read more

Answer:Help! Problem with Speakers crackling after re-format

System Information
Time of this report: 4/26/2011, 14:00:17
Machine name: ALIENWARE
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.101014-0432)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: alienware
System Model: alienware
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 955MB used, 3375MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 7.00.6002.18107 32bit Unicode

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Hi all,
  I was browsing videos on my computer when the speakers suddenly started giving off a crackling/popping/white noise type of sound.  I then became aware that my screen was also frozen.  I could not move the cursor, alt tab, ctrl+alt+del or anything.  I also could not turn off my tower by holding down the power button.  Finally I flicked the switch on the back of the pc.
  After giving it some time I turned my computer back on.  Similar circumstances to what happened above, only almost instantly upon launching Firefox.  While frozen I noticed that Microsoft SE was not visible in the toolbar.
  I restarted my computer again, this time in safe mode.  I tried to run MSE but got the "that is not installed" message that I've gotten before when infected.  I tried to uninstall/reinstall but I could not uninstall MSE in safe mode.  I updated and ran MBAM which found four infected files, all trojans.  I removed the offending programs and restarted.  My computer did a weird blue screen file check thing while starting up.  Upon reaching the screen where you select a user the computer froze with the same speaker noise.  I turned the computer off at the back and then restarted it and it froze on the same screen.  Finally I tried loading into Safe Mode but the computer froze while loading before it even reached the user selection screen.
Am I boned?

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My daughter and I got new Inspiron 5565's for Christmas.  But, when we play any thing (movies, songs, etc..) the speakers crackle!

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Realy annoyd at toshiba how are they allowed to sell a laptop that is design for home media and its speakers don't work and don't even aknowledge that its a fault .....

I'm flexi renting my laptop from harvey norman and i am keep to tell them that this is wrong and i shouldn't have to wait for them to fix it.

I should get a new one asap.... What do you fellow toshiba users think .....
Toshiba need to wake up to them selves otherwise people are going to realise they a at the moment a second rate supplier...
Thats my rant done.

If anyone has a ideas on how to fix the problem that would be great.....
Uninstalling the driver and reinstalling does help but it doesn;t last ....

Cheer kind regards in advance for those willing to help n listen

Answer:Satellite A500 - speakers crackling


I would recommend using an search option before creating always a new thread about themes which has been discussed in this forum!

Please check this thread:

try to update the graphic card driver? I have no clue why the graphic card driver could affect the sound card but it seems that new update helped.

Furthermore go to control panel -> hardware and sounds > Realtek HD audio manager -> microphone then click on NOISE SUPPRESSION

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Hi all

For the last six months Ive been using a creative T7900 7.1 surround sound speakers for my pc with no problems. Id also like to point out that i upgraded my sound card from a Creative audigy 5.1 to a Creative sound blaster Xtreme gamer 7.1 card.

Anyway the other day I was hearing crackling from the right side and right rear speakers, it is worse when no music is playing, and only crackles occasionally when music is playing.
Thing is i have no idea what is causing it.

I have tried - Using the 2 speakers on the tv home theater system so i know the speakers are ok
- reinstalling sound card drivers
- disconnecting the 2 speakers, but the the sub makes similar noises instead.

Somehow somewhere just these 2 speakers are getting some kind of interference. Ive air blown out my pc an the cable connections clear of any dust.

I don't know how it occurred. it seems to have just started 'itself' in other words I can't think of anything Ive done, installed etc to make it happen.

any ideas please?? very much appreciated. BTW speakers we new and only 6 months old

Answer:Solved: Crackling from surround speakers

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I'm having an issue with my sound, but I don't think it's from my speakers. While watching online video, the speakers will behave fine for a minute or two, but then there will be a sort of digital sound, then a large amount of constant static for about 3-4 minutes, then it will crackle and be okay again, and 3-4 minutes later the same thing happens again on a continuous cycle. During the large period of static, video seems to freeze up a bit, but still plays with nothing but the static. During the static if I try and play a song in itunes it will work though, just with the other static present with it. I do have an older sound blaster audigy 2 soundcard. Not sure what to try since I can't really find something similar people are going through since it's kind of difficult to describe.

Answer:Speakers cycle in and out of crackling in flash

I also wanted to add that this still happens when I plug headphones into the computer and bypass the speakers

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had problems with crackling speakers with their A500-026?

There seems to be a few issues on the internet with other versions of the A500. This computer was preloaded with Windows 7, and has always had problems with crackling speakers, particularly with iTunes and Media player. Some people have apparently fixed this with driver updates, but NVidea state shouldn't update until told to or provided with update from Toshiba.
Does Toshiba know there is a problem?

Should I just return the computer as it is pretty much useless if the speakers don't really work! I have only had it since November.

Any advice welcome.

Answer:Satellite A500-026 - crackling speakers


There are already threads about this issue:

Try the posted solutions and then you can give us a feedback how it works.

If it doesn?t work you should contact an authorized service provider. They can repair the notebook for you and that?s all what you can do.
I don?t know if Toshiba know there is a problem.

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My speakers have started crackling. It's completely random and continues even if the system is unplugged from my PC. It'll just come in little bursts where it will crackle and pop for a while, then it stops for hours. This wasn't a big deal untill recently when it started doing it much more often. It'll start in the middle of the night and wake me up which really pisses me off. I would unplug the power source at night, but I use a PC alarm clock to get up in the morning so I need my speakers plugged in all the time. What's the freekin deal? I payed $300 for these speakers and this is really getting on my nerves. One thing I know, I won't be going back to Creative for my speakers in the future.

Answer:Creative Megaworks 6.1 speakers crackling

The crackling could be cause from and outside source, such as any type of broadcasted signal, some sort of vibration in the room, try adjusting the location of all cords, to speakers, power cords, see anything makes a difference. My cell phone drives my speaker nuts if it is in the same room.

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I just purchased a brand new HP Spectre x360 ultrabook. There is a very concerning static/crackling interference type noise from the speakers and headphones while playing music (spotify) or youtube videos. First I thought it sounded like the speakers were blown out, but since this noise is also present in the headphones I have to assume it's an internal issue. I really want to continue using this laptop, but if I can't get this fixed, I may have to consider returning it. If such a major issue could exist, I don't even want to know how many less noticeable issues may be lurking. Please help me stop this annoying sound so I can use my laptop for such a basic function as playing music!

Answer:Static/Crackling from both speakers and headphones

Hi @ejc16, Welcome to the HP Forums! It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide. Learn How to Post and More How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?  I grasp that you are running Windows 10 and you have a crackling/static  noise from the speakers. Did this  come with Windows 10 installed or did you do an upgrade to Windows 10? Have you done all your Windows troubleshooter? Have you ran the  HP Support Assistant ? Have you done all your Windows updates? Here is a link to Open the Windows Update troubleshooter that may help find additional drivers.   Although it lists Windows 7 it does work in Windows 10. Once launched, it should show a screen like this.    Use the second option "Background Intelligent Transfer Service", it should lead to a force update of 'Windows Updates' that may not be automatically being applied, that could fix some of these issues.  If you connect external speakers do you have the same issue? If you would like further assistance please provide your exact model of HP Spectre X 360 Ultrabook and any additional details.  To say thanks for replying please click the thumbs up icon below.If this resolved the issue for you, please advise people by choosing solution provided.   Best of Luck!... Read more

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HelloI have a HP Envy 15 N7L05EA#ABU I'm having terrible problems with the built in speakers hissing and popping whenever I try to play any media such as MP3s or Videos. I've updated the system BIOS to the latest version, I've updated the audio drives to the latest. The problem persists. Tried an older version of the driver and still the speakers pop. It's driving me crazy. If I plug in a set of headphones there is no popping through the headphones but the laptop speakers do continue to pop and crackle even with the headphones plugged in.  If the audio is muted, the speakers still pop.Here is a video showing what it's like:'m beginning to wonder if there is a physical fault with it? I can't continue with the problem like it is; it's making my computer unusable. Can anyone help?Thank you for reading this and for any help that you can offer.Steve

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My computer, Hp envy 750-110, speakers suddenly started making a crackling noise whenever you have music or something playing and attempt to use the computer at the same time. The crackling starts as soon as I attempt to do anything in Windows or Chrome. The crackling usually stops if I don't use the computer and just let the music play but as soon as you try to do something like browse the internet, it'll start crackling again. I changed out the speakers and it did not stop. I've tried several fixes described online but none of them worked. This seems to be a known problem.

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The speakers on my Hp envy 750-110  suddenly started making a cracking noise.  It sounds horrible.  I switched out the speakers but the crackling noise remains. How do you fix this?

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Good morning, First post here so hope its in the right place. I've just bought a Z580. Great laptop for the money but i have noticed a couple of issues with it straight out of the box. 1) The 'O' is loose and doesnt sit flush like the other keys. Ive carefully tried to reposition it after removing the key but its still wonky. 2) The speakers crackle intermittently when playing sound when the laptop is either plugged in or on battery power. Is this a driver issue (it has the latest installed from lenovo) or is it hardware related. I could send it back to the retailer i bought it from but they dont have a replacement in stock and for the money i paid its still the highest spec laptop i can find for the price plus other than the 2 problems listed above, im generally very happy with it. So my question is, would sending it directly to Lenovo for repair be the best option? I dont mind paying the postage but I feel these issues need rectifying considering its brand new. Regard, Chris.

Answer:New Z580, loose 'O' key and speakers crackling intermittently.

Welcome To Lenovo Community
I am really sorry for the issues you are facing in new notebook
It is advised to contact Local Lenovo Support   for O key functionality / loose issue
Link to contact support
For Sound cracking issue please try updating the sound drivers from the below link
Realtek Audio Driver
Hope This Helps
Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.
Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with Kudos!
If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!  This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.
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I have just bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7559 and it just arrived this morning. However, when I try to play any sound the speaker starts to crackle heavily. The only solution that works is plugging in headphones and unplugging them which seems to work. But once you shut down the computer, and turn it back on, this problem still exists. I have already updated the realtek hd audio driver as well as the bios. I would hate to have to return the laptop as it works flawlessly otherwise.

Answer:Speakers Crackling on Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Install latest Realtek driver FROM REALTEK SITE, not from Dell site.
That Realtek driver ll have an advanced option to disable audio power management. That's it.

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It's been a couple months since this started happening. I hear crackling/static-like noises coming from my laptop's speakers whenever sound is playing. Lately, I noticed it only happens when my CPU usage is high (at least ~70%). I hear it mostly while playing videos or even when Windows starts up. I tried reinstalling my sound driver (Conexant HD SmartAudio 221), which didn't fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Crackling Noises From Speakers (High CPU Usage?)

There is a ton of posts on here (and other forums) about the noise problems. Look over the posts here and the suggestions to see if anything will help.

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I know the problem is exist with other Satellite models, but the newest nVidia drivers solved it.
This model has ATI 4650 graphics accellarator and I tried 9.9, 9.10, 9.11, 9.12 driver and not working.
On other sites I read that this problem could be caused by the C2D CPUs C4 state but we can't disable this in the BIOS because isn't there any options.
So we need to fix this C4 state problem, or ATi HDMI Audio Driver have conflict with Realtek HDMI...

Message was edited by: Szaby59

Answer:Satellite A500-132 (PSAM3E) Speakers crackling


I know what you mean.

I found this thread about crackling speakers but the graphic card driver update helped to sort out this issue.

So if you have an similar issue -> udpate the graphic card driver!

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Brand new P50 Win 10 Pro. Audio playback from videos are crackling and popping intermittently regardless of internal speakers or through the headphone jack.Thought it might be this problem: tried the solution in that thread  (updated the Audio driver) and it did not work for me.I also tried disabling the sound enhancements and dolby digital which seem to help but not stop it.Also updated to all the latest drivers I could find and the bios.Any suggestions? Could it be a hardware issue?

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This has been happening for 2 years, but as of earlier this month, my audio has been acting up MUCH more than it used to. Now, whenever I listen to any sound (music, watch videos, etc.) my speakers make this crackling/buzzing/stutter/lag sound every few seconds which makes me never want to use my audio because it is so annoying. I looked up this problem and many people mentioned that by using earphones the buzzing stops, but not for me. Also, I installed and uninstalled a bunch of the drivers that Dell told me to update (IDT Audio, Quickset64, and the BIOS) but this hasn't made any difference. I feel like this is a software problem but I wanted to hear professional opinions to see if it actually is.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Answer:Crackling noise in audio on both speakers and headphones

Hi dmang24,
I appreciate for the drivers update. I suggest that you run diagnostics on hardware components, since both speaker and headphones are having crackling noise even after drivers update.
To run diagnostics restart the system and at the Dell logo tap the F12 key every two seconds. This will start the One-time boot menu. Using arrow keys select ‘Diagnostics’ and hit enter. This will run diagnostics on the hardware components of the system which may take around 5 minutes. Please reply to this post in case of any error message.
You may also go through this link for assistance.
Please reply with the status to assist you further.

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ok, it started two weeks ago, and wasn't very frequent. didn't do it when sound was playing (game, music, movie, etc.) but when speakers were on with nothing playing, they would start to crackle occasionally after a while. i thought it was just the speakers dying out, they're pretty old. anyway, i was just curious and i hooked up my roommates speakers and had the same problem. I downloaded new drivers for my sound card (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum) and it got worse. its now a constant static/crackling whether there's sound playing or not. I have no idea what is causing this and can't seem to find answers anywhere. I checked for virus, spyware, adware, etc. and nothing. thats probably not it anyway, but i got nothing. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:constant static/crackling coming from speakers

anybody have any ideas?

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I'm having a problem with a static-like crackling noise coming from the speakers on an E5550 whenever I play audio. I don't hear any crackling if I plug in a headset to the headphone jack.
I'm using the A06 audio driver (Audio_Driver_0VFFR_WN32_6.0.1.6075_A06).
Any suggestions?

Answer:Lattitude E5550 crackling audio from speakers

FYI for anyone else with this problem, it's fixed (for me, at least) with the A13 revision audio driver:

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The speakers on the lower right side of my laptop crackle loud even when the speakers are turned off.  This seems to happen when I have a message prompt awaiting a response from me or if I have any internet browser open.  If I close the browser, the crackling stops.  Very annoying.  When I first reported the issue, HP tech assisted with making sure all drivers were up to date but never was able to fix the issue.  Recommended that I be patient and see if a resolution is found.  Now I'm back with the same problem.

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I think I had this problem back when I upgraded to Windows 10, and I solved it. The problem is - I don't remember how. I had to make a fresh reset of Windows 10 on my laptop, and now I have a problem with my speakers. After some time working on the computer, my left speaker, and only the left one, begins to softly crackle. It sounds like very distant fireworks. As time goes on, the crackling becomes more and more intense, eventually turning into some sort of whirr - like a tiny gnome is drilling my laptop from the inside. There is no vibration of any kind, but eventually the noise is a constant whirring that gets louder and louder, to the point where I genuinely worry that my laptop will explode. This happens especially when I'm playing games that are very demanding from the laptop, but sometimes it just occurs during browsing web or even typing Word documents. Once it starts, there is no stopping it - it gets faster and louder until I turn off the computer, or at least put it into sleep mode. If I plug in headphones, the normal sound switches to them, as expected, but this horrible crackling remains in the left built-in speaker. I've tried downloading new drivers, I tried deleting Realtek drivers and using Windows defaults, I tried installing older version of the Realtek drivers, I've read that it might be connected to the touchpad and tried disabling the touchpad. The worst thing that I know I solved it some time back - through some kind of magic, probably,  ... Read more

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Just recently, my HP Pavillion 13-s192-nr started making weird crackling, explosionlike sounds whenever I try to play a video on YouTube or anything else. Is there anyway to fix this? 

View Solution.

Answer:HP Pavillion 13-s192nr Speakers Crackling and Making Explosi...

Hello @Saskatchewanian, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! I have read your post and want to help you resolve the speaker issue on your HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s192nr. This is most likely driver relateed but it could be hardware as well.  Have you tried audio that wasn't from an online source? Does it do the same thing?Does this happen at various volume levels?If you plug in headphones or earbuds into the aux port, does this issue persist? To begin troubleshooting, please perform a hard reset. Once the computer is back on, follow this audio troubleshooting document: HP Notebook PCs - No Sound from Speakers I look forward to the results! If this information has been useful, click the thumbs up!

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The audio quality of our built-in Beats Audio speakers is very good. Quality of audio played through BlueTooth is fine. However, the quality of the audio played through any device connected via the audio jack is terrible. The sound comes through as though the speakers or headset have blown cones when they sound absolutely fine connected to other devices (mobile phone, tablet, other computer, etc.). We have ensure that our Realtek drivers are updated and have seen many other complaints about this with no definitive means of correcting it. Has anyone learned of a way to fix this audio problem or should we simply plan to never play audio through this laptop to any speakers or headphones connected via wire? Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. 

Answer:Poor Audio Quality, Crackling Speakers or Headsets

Hi!, Joyful-Life: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  See ...  

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I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite A500-17X laptop from pc world due to I wanted a reasonable priced ?700 multimedia laptop, I am near the end of my 28 day fault and am not sure whether to return the laptop or keep it.

Every so often if I leave the computer and do not use it for an hour or put it in sleep mode then when I resume it sometimes freezes and I have to turn the laptop off or remove the battery and restart the computer this has happened about 4 times in 20 days. It completely freezes so I can?t do anything.

Also sometimes when I play music the speakers slightly crackle although I?m not sure if I?m just playing it to loud as I like my music loud however even when I turn it down I randomly hear it, I already returned one laptop for this issue, but now wondering whether to give up on Toshiba and go for something else or stick with them

I was just wondering if anyone else had similar issues or does everyone find the laptop working fine with WINDOWS 7 and no problems

Please reply asap would be very grateful


Answer:Satellite A500-17X freezing issues / Speakers crackling


Since three weeks I have Satellite A500-157. I got it with Vista but after a week I installed Win7 (clean installation). Until now I am satisfied and performance is really good.
I didn't install much additional software. I use Office 2007, Skype, MSN messenger and Firefox only.
Last week when I installed Win7 I didn't found Win7 drivers for this notebook model but I made combination between Vista and Win7 drivers for Satellite A350. Everything goes well.

With all this preinstalled stuff and standard configuration notebook runs stabile and pretty quiet (after BIOS update). I use standby/hibernation mode daily and until now I didn't notice something unusual. Notebook wakes up properly.

Sound is pretty good but I think sound was better on my older Satellite P200. Maybe the speakers on older P200 were a little bit bigger and more powerful. Anyway, until now I didn't notice anything what can be described as ?critical behaviour? and I just hope notebook will run well in the future too without some hardware or software issues.

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Recently ive been getting a buzzing/crackling coming form my laptop speakers whenever i open Teamspeak or Americas Army. I tried muting the speakers but i still get the sound.

Its seems to be only with AA and Teamspeak.

Any ideas?

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My problem is my speakers are making such a loud crackling/hissing noise.I can hear backgroundnoise but the noise from the speakers is terrible.
Motherboard is MSI ms6309,soundcard is Creative soundblasterLive CT4830.
i have downloaded the latest drivers from
thinking this would resolve the problem but to no avail
Does this sound like a hardware problem?
Any suggestions would be welcome

Answer:Loud crackling/hissing noise from desktop speakers

If the sound is clear through headphones, or another set of speakers.
Then your speakers are at fault (or connection)


Here's you Sound Drivers too Windows Xp Creative CT5880 Sound Drivers
Here's all your drivers: MS-6309

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HiI've got a brand new dell xps 15 9560 for 2 days. I was ready to install 3 pending updates, but after installing them I'm experiencing troubles with sound. When nothing is playing, or when I just lower or raise audio volume, short static noises can be heard. 
These updates were about the BIOS, which is now version 1.5.0 from august 30 apparently (just giving as much information as I can - because I've noticed BIOS updates to pop up in some of the threads about audio noises).
Also, I'm a bit dissapointed that when I plug in external speakers via the jack, my computer will lag a couple seconds, and will not respond as fast as I'd like from this computer when I click 'external speakers' when it prompts me, asking what kind of audio input I plugged in.I've browsed the forums for a solution, I've tried updating the drivers - which were up to date. I've tried resetting sound bit quality, but it throws a warning so I didn't dare messing with that. I'm also not messing with all these dell apps since I'm a brand new dell user, I'm not that experienced with what I can safely remove and what not So I'd like a solution for the crackling sounds, and if possible I'd like to know if I can safely disable the maxxaudiopro promt when plugging in external speakers. I don't need presets for headsets or external speakers - I'll be fine setting sound volumes by myself if that's what this is about. If I can safe... Read more

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This has been driving me mad for a couple of days now. I usually work in the evening after my family goes to sleep. I am sitting in a very quiet room and predominantly just type. Occasionally a notification sound would play through the built in speakers and just before that a crackling sound would be emitted. It happens every time system plays any sound, just before going online speakers would just give out tiny crackling sound. After some research I have found out that this is due to the sound card on motherboard going into power saving mode and once it would go back online that distorted crackling would appear. A problem quite popular amongst laptop owners with Realtek sound on the motherboard. Most of the time the solution is to download a new Realtek driver from the Realtek website, go to the HD Audio Manager and turn off power management from the settings menu. It does indeed work as I have tested myself.After installing latest Realtek drivers from their website and disabling power management the crackling is gone as card never sleeps. But unfortunately it also uninstalls Dolby features that come standard with Acer audio drivers. Native drivers have Dolby but they don?t have power management settings in HD Aduio Manager. So right now I can either have native driver with Dolby sound (which I really like) and crackling (that honestly drives me crazy) or Realtek direct drivers without Dolby and no crackling. Anyone knows how I can install Dolby separat... Read more

Answer:Acer V15 Nitro VN7-592G Speakers crackling noise

Hi, The cracking is done as you told by the latest drivers from Realtek. I think they screwed something up. There were some reports in this topic: Regarding Dolby, well download the drivers from the Acer webpage And inside there is a folder called DS1 and PCEE4. In these folders are the installation files for Dolby. Run the installation from one of these folders and it will install Dobly, but it will not replace your audio drivers.

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I think I had this problem back when I upgraded to Windows 10, and I solved it. The problem is - I don't remember how. I had to make a fresh reset of Windows 10 on my laptop, and now I have a problem with my speakers. After some time working on the computer, my left speaker, and only the left one, begins to softly crackle. It sounds like very distant fireworks. As time goes on, the crackling becomes more and more intense, eventually turning into some sort of whirr - like a tiny gnome is drilling my laptop from the inside. There is no vibration of any kind, but eventually the noise is a constant whirring that gets louder and louder, to the point where I genuinely worry that my laptop will explode. This happens especially when I'm playing games that are very demanding from the laptop, but sometimes it just occurs during browsing web or even typing Word documents. Once it starts, there is no stopping it - it gets faster and louder until I turn off the computer, or at least put it into sleep mode. If I plug in headphones, the normal sound switches to them, as expected, but this horrible crackling remains in the left built-in speaker. I've tried downloading new drivers, I tried deleting Realtek drivers and using Windows defaults, I tried installing older version of the Realtek drivers, I've read that it might be connected to the touchpad and tried disabling the touchpad. The worst thing that I know I solved it some time back - through some kind of magic, probably,  ... Read more

Answer:Aspire vn7-571G: Speakers producing crackling/stat...

Do you think it might've started after a Win10 update? Jack E/NJ

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Hi I bought a E470 Thinkpad with windows 10 ~2 months ago. The computer has been sitting idle for the last month (in sleep mode) and when I started it today I have an issue where the internal speakers wont output any sound. However connecting headphones or other external devices lets me outout audio (through said device). I've looked through various topics online (non-lenoveo related). The most common issues people have are the following:-Speakers are disabled / not selected as default device  *Pretty confedent this isn't my problem as everythin seems fine in the audio properties/settings-The driver is broken and needs reinstallation / replacement  *I have reinstalled the driver "Conexant Smartaudio HD", same problem after restart  *I have replaced the driver with the "High Definition Audio Device", same problem after restart-There's a sensor in the mini-jack socket whats faulty leading the computer to believe headphones are connected  *I don't know the correct way to go about diagnosing this, but several users on another forum fixed the issue (on different computers) by "poking around" with a toothpick in the audio jack.  Other observations / useful info:The computer does not appear to "know" that there is an issue with the audio. The internal speakers are not disabled, in able to adjust the volume bar. When I connect an external speaker / headphones a dialog box appears where I can chose between Headphones, Headset and Speaker. For th... Read more

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I have the Logitech X540 5.1 surround system, which I'll start by saying is a fantastic system. However, recently (and by recently I mean today) I began to hear the most annoying popping/crackling sounds coming out of active speakers. When I play music the sound is most intense in the speaker getting more sound coming out of it, like when the music switches from the left to the right channel (a good example song would be Meant to Live by Switchfoot, the very beginning), the speaker with the sond coming out will crackle. It only happens when sound is coming out, and it seems to do it ragardless of the volume or loudness of the song. By volume and loudness I mean the volume as what I control, the little knob and the control in Windows, and loudness as the actual loudness of the source song.

It's a really annoying issue. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an audiophile, but if I had the money to buy the system to support that then I would be. This little system was just $100 retail (and I got it for $50 because I worked at Circuit City at the time.)

Just so I'm not posting without actually trying anything, I've tried listening to multiple sound formats. I've tried default sounds on Windows, I've tried DVDs and CDs, I've tried music from my own collection (WMA or MP3 compressed) and I even tried ripping some CDs to WMA lossless to get the most out of it...and nothing, same problem with everything.

I don't listen to ... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466936 MB, Free - 237675 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M4A78LT-M-LE
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I have a problem that arose a few months back but I had just brushed off as faulty speakers. They had started crackling and popping a lot, often in response to any activity the computer was doing (opening a file for example would induce a sudden frenzy of unintelligible noise from the speakers). When I got the speakers replaced the problem didn't go away, leading me to conclude that the problem lies with my computer instead. The sound doesn't happen all the time. There can be complete silence for ages, then I open chrome or run a game and the speakers make a 'pop' and suddenly start making noise that doesn't stop until I unplug and plug back in. Then it'll be gone for a little while but comes back regularly. Sound quality for videos and games is still good.

The first thing I tried was plugging into the front of the computer instead of the back which actually doesn't do anything, it might be for headphones only because it has a little headphones symbol next to it. However a little window comes ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 - Any speakers I use produce crackling/popping sounds

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All this has happened in the last month and don't know where to start. As stated the laptop is running extremly slow, don't even know if fan is still working, I now have crackling issues with my speaker be in videos from my camera and or video from the web and for some reason I can't get hijack this to work. Will not allow me to save a file so that I can put it up here.

Answer:Major issues- Slow laptop,crackling speakers and can't run hijack this

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

Could you please post the brand name and model number of the laptop?


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It's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
I spent an hour on the phone with a technician who restored the laptop with Windows 8.1 to an earlier point in time and it stopped crackling for the rest of the day, but the next day, the noise was back.
The worst are "ding" sounds, they have more crackle than ding. Video playback is bad but at least we can understand what is said. Youtube is bad. mp3 audio is bad. Crackle is there with earphones too.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 (3147, Mid 2014) makes crackling sound whenever sound is played

lelouIt's a new Dell and it has been making crackling sound since I got it.
Hello. If it made the noise right out of the box you probably should have returned it as defective during the brief return period. 
Does it make the noise only when running on battery power or also when plugged into house current?

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Hi guys, just reinstalled windows 7. everything works great, then I went to paly a file and to my surprise, no sound. Tested speakers on another device, they work. Sound card drivers are working and up to date.

When I play a media file, I can see the sound gage go. So I went in sounds, playback device, and all I see in there is my sound card, no speakers or headphones icon. Thus no sounds from speakers. Tried other headphones/speakers they also dont work on the PC.

First two screenshots are my Device Manager, third one shows my playback devices.. My wife needs this for her business and I am losing sleep over this for days now I tried everything. Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 7 SOUND, No Speakers in Playback device, thus no sound from speakers

Hi -

What sound card do you have?

Double-click on the HD audio device in Device Manager - what is driver and date?

Usually there is an audio codec/ drivers, e.g., IDT, Realtek, etc... that must be installed.

What are system specs - exact model number from label on back of PC, please.

Regards. . .



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Dear readers,

I'm the owner of a toshiba l665D and there is a problem.
Every time i have to use something involving
sound it sounds rubbish.
The sound isn't played smoothly there are pauses and there is a big cracking
sound sometimes in it.

This is not because of the speakers, I have also tright it through the headphone tube.
Could this possilybe because of a damaged soundcard.

It's sound really rubbish and the laptop isn't even 2 years old yet.

What could it be?

Answer:Satellite L665D - sound isn't played smoothly - crackling sound


I think this is not related to faulty sound card but due to old iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) driver.

I found an thread about very similar issue.

Update of the iRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver) to version V10.1.0.1008 or higher should solve this problem.

I recommend trying this out!

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