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reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

Question: reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

do to sever problems i was having with my pc i decided to do a fdisk and reformat...... i thought i was doing a smart thing by using my slave drive to backup the things i didnt want to lose .... after backing it all up to the slave drive i erased my harddrive and installed a new operating system... was win98 and now is winxp............ everything is going great now except all them programs and files i backed i can no longer access.... if anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated...

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Preferred Solution: reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: reformatted primary harddrive now cant access slave harddrive

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My dell Inspiron 8200 harddrive was almost full..I took it to computer shop and had the harddrive reformatted...I knew I would lose everything on my computer(they reinstalled Windows XP)...but I did not think I would have problems connecting to internet...using dsl modem(which is connected to main computer). I bypassed router so there would not be any issues with that until i was certain everything was working ok.When I go to control panel and network it shows packets recieved. also tried RUN and type ipconfig to ping network and it won't let me in to do that? any suggestions?

Answer:harddrive reformatted and now can't get on internet

Can you ping anything like

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Hi Techies,

My friend bought one of those PC's from Wal-Mart made by HP (Pavilion 533W). Unfortunately it came with no system disc so when she got hit by viruses and it wiped out the system files she had to go out and buy a new OS.

She couldn't afford WinXP so she bought Win98se instead.

Now ... with that new OS being installed already ... many devices had no drivers. HP website was no help at all. Drivers Guide wasn't any help because all I have are Vendor ID's, Device ID's, Subsystem ID's, Hardware Rev ID's and the name of the part like 'standard pci graphics adapter'. I got all this from the unknown devices program which found 9 unknown devices.

I am using my own PC (Dimension 4700) to try and download to disc and then when New Hardware is found on the broken PC it will find the drivers all on one disc.

What do you think?

Thanks for listening,

Answer:reformatted harddrive, need drivers

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Being a new installation I reformated the c: drive during W7 installation, but after I was done, I really wanted a clean system, so I saved my D: drive data and reformated that.. When I came back up I expected to see an empty D: drive.. But my D: drive now doesn't register.

looking in explorer under computer it is just missing. looking in device manager under computer it is gone.

How can I get it back?

Answer:lost a harddrive when I reformatted!

Does drive show up in BIOS? If so, right click Computer > Manage > Disk Management if the drive shows up there right click and format the drive.

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I recently re-installed XP pro 2002 with service pack 3
I am using a AMD Athlon 64 processor 3500+, 2.2GHZ, 448 MB of RAM

I formatted my c drive where I put the XP .

I now have new items in my device manager ..(see pic)

I have 3 hard drives. c, d, and e

I had 3 USBs connected when I did the re-install one goes to my printer, one to a scanner and one to the remote for the mouse.

I have 2 DVD rw that show up as CD roms. whenever I place a DVD in them they change from DVD RW to to CD rom. sometimes this will
cause a shutdown when I try to burn a DVD, but not always. I notice that autorun will change to ...what do you want to do with this CD when I put a blank DVD in the DVD drives.
the DVD RWs will read and play DVDs and the autorun will ask what I want to do with the DVDs.

1) ....should I / can I delete the new invisible hard drives in the device manager? they show up as unknow partitions and are 100% un-used.

2).... what can I do about the DVD RW issue?

thanks for any help you can offer.


Answer:Reformatted Harddrive after XP reinstall

<<I have 3 hard drives. c, d, and e>> have two hard drives (a 160GB and a 40GB) and 5 partitions reflected . Of the 5 partitions, 2 cannot be read by Windows.<<...should I / can I delete the new invisible hard drives in the device manager? they show up as unknow partitions and are 100% un-used.>> you know where they came from? System manufacturer and model?In time, we will delete them...but let's try to understand what they might be and how they got there first.What did you use as the method for installing XP Pro? Microsoft CD? Restore/recovery disks? Restore partition?<<I have 2 DVD rw that show up as CD roms. whenever I place a DVD in them they change from DVD RW to to CD rom. sometimes this willcause a shutdown when I try to burn a DVD, but not always. I notice that autorun will change to ...what do you want to do with this CD when I put a blank DVD in the DVD drives...the DVD RWs will read and play DVDs and the autorun will ask what I want to do with the DVDs.>>Try uninstalling both optical drives in Device Manager...then rebooting XP. I would ensure that no USB drives are powered on, just in case that's confusing to the system.If no joy, then we try Upper and Lower Filters. CD-ROM 314060 - though this is a common fix, you need to take precautions anytime that you anticipate making a registry edit, no matter how well detailed. An excellent tool for backing ... Read more

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My harddrive was accidenally reformatted. I Need to be able to recover data from my outlook express email program. Any ideas on how I might be able to do this the cheapest way possible. Cannot afford to take to professional recovery service.
Tried to find programs that might do this but again very expensive.
Thanks for any help !

Answer:Harddrive accidently reformatted

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I am hoping very much that someone can help me out of a catastrophic situaition after having done a clean installation of Windows 7.

The situation is that I used my 500 GB Fugitsu HandyDrive to save Windows Easy Transfer file but now neither of my two computers will recognise the HandyDrive - they just keep saying ?new hardware found - looking for drivers? but don?t find any.

This is devastating as it is (or was!) almost ? full of months of hard work - some backed up some not (my fault of course).

I have been using the HandyDrive to work between my 18? and 10? laptops both of which had Vista.

I have the Acer Windows 7 Upgrade Kit for the 18? laptop and after 4 failed upgrade attempts and one failed clean installation, I tried one last clean installation which at last was successful. Each time I ran the Upgrade Advisor and carried out the recommendations. The Handydrive was shown as ?USB Mass Storage Device? and shown as being Compatible with Windows 7
I saved the Windows Easy Transfer file on the Handydrive.

After the successful installation of Windows 7, I carried out the Easy Transfer but was dismayed to find I had very few programs now (I had thought they would be on the Upgrade disc but cant find them). I took the Handydrive out of 18? (now with Windows 7) and plugged it into 10? (Vista) so that I could print the Upgrade Advisor file I had saved, which showed the programs I had before clean install. Disaster - it wouldn?t work! The HandDrive was not in my Cio... Read more

Answer:Could Windows 7 Have Reformatted My Portable Harddrive

When doing a clean install there is only one way to get your old prograams, you must reinstall with key numbers if applicable.

Reinstalling programs is one downside of clean install. Easy Transfer is used for settings, email, personal data, but not programs.

I truly wish you luck with your situation,

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Hi! I had trouble upgrading windows 98 se to windows 2000 Professional so I went to DOS and did the C:\format C:

Now, I get the following error message when trying to reboot: "Invalid system disk - replace disk and then press any key." I get this message even with nothing in any of the drives. Please tell me how to overcome this obstacle and successfully install windows 2000. Thanks!

Answer:Reformatted harddrive - getting error message now when trying to reboot....

try booting from a win 98 recovery disk,

C:\>fdisk /mbr

else simply run fdisk from the floppy, create a partition then try formatting it.

of course, this may not be necessary at all thinking about it.

If you can boot with a win98 startupdisk, and create and format a partion, from a: type "sys c:" which will make your hard drive bootable to dos (It would the be a valid system disk, in evry sense of the term)

Anyways, once you've got that far you should be well on the road to being able to install. Hope this is enough and that it's nothing more complicated. post back and tell us if it works or not.

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i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz help

Answer:old harddrive. need data off it. put as slave. cant access data

iLLegaL89 said:


i need data off an old pc which was windows 98 word97
so i put it in my comp (xp. office suite 8) i want to access files from old harddrive but wheni click word it says data might be currupt? plz helpClick to expand...

Well, generally all the office suits are backward there's should not be any problem. Can you open that word file(s) on the old PC (World 97 as u mentioned?) If it is so, you might have some problem with this new PC office suit.
Try, making copy of the old files in old PC using save as or may be you can convert doc files (if you don't have some hi level formating) to rtf files. That can be opened in Wordpad comes with every Windows OS.
This might help, i guess..
- Nirav

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Question: slave harddrive

Not sure if I am posting this in the right area or not but here goes.. I have a Dell computer ( running xp) with a 10 gig hard drive .... I was just recently given a 40 gig that I would like to put into the pc. what I would like to do is to have the 40 gig as my main drive and use the 10 gig mainly for storage of pictures etc, is there a specific way I must connect the two in order to make the smaller harddrive accessible as the "slave drive" ? **there is plenty of space to house both harddrives**

thanks so much for your help

Answer:slave harddrive

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Question: Slave harddrive

I just purchased a used hp dx5150 desktop computer and it does not have a cable that allows the install of a second harddrive. The harddrive that is in it is a SATA and I have one from a non-working emachines T2894 (also a SATA) that I would like to slave to it via an external UBS link. Is this possible to do with a external harddrive enclosure since the computer is not designed internally for two harddrives? I'm trying to salvage the information off the drive I am wanting to slave. Also if I can add it, can I download directly to it once it is cleared? And what about programing it, will it do that automatically? I appreciate your time and expertise. Thank you.

Answer:Slave harddrive

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Hi i put in my slave hard drive into the connector head which says SLAVE on the wire which leads to the master harddrive.But when i booted the pc up with th =e slave connected it said boot disk failure or boot failure something along the lines of that.So whats the problemn on the slave harddrive i still have an os installed if thats the problem.So i took it back out and it worked so is it beacause of the OS or what i dont have a clue do you ????

Answer:Slave Harddrive ???

Have you set the Jumper on the drive your putting in to Slave?

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Hi im going to put my 80gb hard drive into my 60gb hard drive computer to increase it to 140gb but im going to put my 80gb in as a slave does that mean i just slip it in and pu the power cable into and the grey connection and does this mean thatif i add it as a slave i can get alll my old files from my old computer on my new one as my other pc broke and its not getting fixed.So if i add it as a slave it wont destroy anything on my existing hard drive.Pleae Help.

Answer:Harddrive Slave Or What ??

Your "C" drive 60g should be master and on the end of the ribbon.
The 80g put on the second connecter on the ribbon and set to slave or cable select.
If it is already formatted then windows will see it and you should be able to access it.
It wont do anything to hurt your "C" drive.

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Hi,I just reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled XP.  But I can't seem to connect to internet with my DSL connection.  It appears hardware isn't recognized.  Is there one download of software and drivers I need to download from this site?  Any direction would be great.  My actual model is: IBM T42 type 2373 H12. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I'm the hopeless one with the dead motherboard. That computer has two harddrives that I've used as a main and backup using "Ghost" software. Unfortunately, I have a lot of software on that drive, including my Rocket Librarian, many of my unfinished novel manuscripts, my screenplay and most of my quilt business artwork. With no motherboard I can't get to that material, and some of it is irreplaceable.There is nothing wrong with either harddrive. Both are working just fine. It was suggested that I take the primary harddrive out of the dead computer and make it a slave drive to my working Pentium III desktop.I don't know how to do that--or even if the harddrive will fit in the tower anywhere except sitting on the tower floor.Does anyone know how to attach a harddrive and designate it as a slave? I'm not in a position to buy a new computer system and get a data dump right now, and I'm concerned that offloading the data onto CD's will affect the operation of the software.Your help is greatly appreciated.Elise in Lynchburg, Virginia

Answer:How do I attach a slave harddrive

Look here for some info:;action=display;num=1131309353I don't know that the programs will run wince Windows will not have the files it needs in the right places (I'm assuming these are Windows programs). The data files should be no problem. You just have to have them jumpered correctly and make sure they are recognized in the BIOS.Read that post and let us know.

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Hi everyone, I have installed my old harddrive, (3yrs old) on this system.The slave is a Maxtor DiamondMax 3400 Ultra ATA, I set the jumpers per specs on Maxtor's web site. It shows up on boot-up as slave and in the BIOS. But how do I find it to access it? Was I supposed to assign it a drive letter? My OS is Windows 98 SE. I also have a CD-Rom and a DVD player as D:, and E: drives. Hope this helps you help me.

Thanks, Gary

Answer:Help me find my Slave, harddrive

Drive letter assignment is automatic and done by the system.

Where does it show up during boot?
What do you see in the BIOS?
Can you see the drive using Windows Explorer?
Does the new drive have an OS installed?
What are you trying to access on the drive, a program - or data?

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I have a new 40 Gb harddrive installed as a slave. I even have my operating system (win98SE) installed on it. I would like to transfer all the good programs and settings (screen,printer,speakers,go back,etc) to the larger harddrive while leaving all the trash and junk behind. At which point I would reformat the smaller hard drive and use it as storage.
I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to computer language, although I have installed some new memory and a cdrw. so please type slowly. Thanks.

Answer:new harddrive is slave, wants to be master

If you have the OS installed on it, then you can change the jumpers and then access the other drive moving the files ofer while running it as with little on it, but enough to move over everything right now.

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The title says it all, recently a mate of mine gave me a 120 gig hard drive, the problem is my windows does not want to detect it, but it can be detected and shows up when i start my computer. I have no idea what the problem is but i can't get it to start up a new partition, any help please?

Answer:Installing a slave harddrive

move the pin

you gotta move the pin in the back to the slave slot

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Trying to install another hardrive along with my current one, my current one is a maxtor and the one i want to put in alongside the maxtor is a seagate - i have set the seagate to slave and used the ribbon from my existing harddrive since it has 3 ways and it just wont work, i have tried changing the pin's around with no luck

I'v done it before on another computer with no problem, same method setting it to slave and then useing the same ribbon from the existing hd so i just dont get it!

Also, the seagate i want to put in has window's xp in which i have tryied setting to master just to check it works and it come's up with a 'start windows normally' screen then freezes if i choose it but it worked on the computer the hd came out of which was new

Maxtor is 20gb, seagate is 40 gb


Answer:Slave harddrive.. just cant get it to work!

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I recently installed a new HD on my system, a 40gb Seagate and with the aid of DiscWizard utility copied all of my file data from old HD and left the old HD installed as slave complete with all of its file data (as Backup). I now have more faith in my new HD and would like to remove all of the now doubled up file data. I realise that reformating this Drive will accomplish this but when I attempt to do this from explorer it will not allow me to do this. Would appreciate some advice on this as I don't want learn the "Hard" way, excuse the pun.


Answer:Formatting Slave HardDrive

What version of windows are you using? If windows 98 you should be able to format from explorer. You can also boot from a boot disk and type FORMAT D: /Q - Q is for quick.

In XP use Administrative Tools - Computer Managemnent - Disk management from the control panel to format the drive.

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We have a MAXTOR hardrive (6L080M0) on an ML100 and we want to add an extra
SAMSUNG harddrive (HD300LJ).
My first question is whether the HD300LJ is compatible with the ML100 and my
second question is how to make the HD300LJ a slave Harddrive.

Answer:Slave and Master HardDrive

I can't really answer the compatibility question (my secondary drive has issues with the primary drive from the same manufacturer. Almost the same model, too. But that's another story), but slaving it is easy enough.

On the back of the hard drive, where your cables plug in, there should be a plastic cap (a jumper) on two pins. On the label on the drive, it should have a "jumper settings" diagram. Change the jumpers to the "slave" setting.

One note, though. If your primary drive is set as "master", then there shouldn't be any problems. If it is set to cable select, though, then you might come across an issue. Change the jumper to "cable select" and it should be OK.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hi everyone, I have installed my old harddrive, (3yrs old) on this system. It shows up on boot-up as slave as it should, so I know it's there. But how do I find it to access it? Was I supposed to assign it a drive letter? My OS is Windows 98 SE. I also have a CD-Rom and a DVD player as D:, and E: drives. Hope this helps you help me.

Thanks, Gary

Answer:Accessing a slave harddrive

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I have a 160GB harddrive I use for dedicated storage. I had windows xp pro corp installed on my 120, and had the 160 as storage, had a few simple installers, and my videos on it. I just reformatted my 120 and put windows xp media center on it, and now it won't let me access my 160GB. Anyone have any idea why? Would the different OS matter even though its just a storage drive (Update: i tried it on a comp with xp pro corp, still same problem)? It won't let me change drive letters or do anything but delete the partition..and I have movies on the drive I need to save so I cant just format it.


Answer:Slave harddrive Problem

i assume you get *access denied* errors , see this thread

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I had a 80 gig harddrive I took out of my son's PC and I put it in mine and fdisked it.I was going to save it to install in a new PC. Well I want to use it as a slave now, in one of my PC,I installed it as slave and it's seen in BIOS as pri.slave.when I go to device manager it showes up there.I'm sure I need to format this harddrive but not sure how at this point. I running P4 2.6 120 seagate hd. Win. XPHome sp.2. The harddrive I want to use as slave is a WD 80 gig. Thanks in advance for any help. If more info. is needed let me know Thanks again Chuck

Answer:Formating Slave harddrive

Control panel,admin management,storage,disk management,right click drive and format

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Hi im having some problems with my Maxtor Harddrive, i just took it out of my old computer which wasn't working cant remember the problem but im pretty sure the harddrive is fine it was running Windows XP and worked like a charm,but now i just bought my mates computer also running Windows XP with all the internal components such as RAM Harddrive etc, now i just plugged in my old Maxtor Harddrive and its saying that its found it the safe tool removal picture in the task bar and recognized it but the computer cant find it, what i mean is in My Computer i cant find my harddrive can some please helpIts a Maxtor 4RO8OLO and the master one is ST380011A what ever that is and they both seem to work find but i cant find it what could be the problem thanks

Answer:Maxtor Slave Harddrive

was the maxtor drive that you pulled out from your old comp the master harddrive?

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I have a western digital 450A harddrive running xp, i would like to get access to the programs and was wondering what I need to know before i start?
the new comp is a hp running vista. can i set the old drive as a slave? and what would be the steps involved?
Thanks Dave

Answer:installing a slave harddrive?

Set the jumper, connect the drive, and boot up. Barring unforseen settings, that should do it.

But you won't be able to run programs installed in XP from Vista. They will need to be installed in Vista. But you can get files from the old drive.

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Bought new Compaq Presario SR2034NX, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+, 1024MB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM, 250GB serial ATA hard drive, NVIDIAGeForce 6150 LE Graphics, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 SP2.I wanted to slave my old 80GB Western Digital IDE hard drive with a 40-pin data connector to the new 250GB SATA hard drive, but the data cable is different. The SATA hard drive uses a smaller red cable about 1/2" wide with black 1" wide connector. I would like to, at the very least, copy my 1500 songs and numerous pictures to a DVD. Preferrably, slave the old hard drive. 8-)Do I need to find an adapter, or can I hook in to the 40-pin data cable going to the DVD burner? Guidance please!? :-/

Answer:trying to slave old harddrive in new computer

The IDE header on the motherboard will support two devices, so if you have the appropriate cable and jumper the hard drive Master and the  optical drive as swlave you could have both functional at once. Make sure it is shown correctly in the BIOS.If you only have a cable for one drive, you could substitute the hard drive for the optical drive temporarilit. Just make sure it is jumpered correctly and seen correctly in the BIOS.

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I have two hard drives a C: (160g WinXp) and E80g Music etc...) drive. I am getting the NTDLR is missing error on a black screen. When I go into Windows Setup it does not recognize my primary C: drive (which has winxp installed). I see the E: drive, but that's it.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get my C: drive up and running? Any help would be appreciated

Answer:Cannot Find Primary HardDrive

you may need to use another machine and see if disc manager can set it active
if OS see's it at all
or use the xp disc and try a command window that may let you see the first partition.
there are a few bootable free disc utilitys out there if you can get someone to burn and try repair and copy the files needed
seems files are there,something has deactivated the c drive

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Ok I kind of have a mess of a computer right now haha. I have 3 hard drives and they all have operating systems on them. The two smaller ones have Windows Vista and the biggest one has Windows 7. I am given the opportunity to choose which OS to boot during start up. I would like to make the the Windows 7 hard drive my default one to boot up. I read some other topics and made it 'active' in the 'Disk Management' and then switched the boot order in my bios but it says "BOOTMRG is missing" and tells me to restart.

I will attach a picture of my Disk Management.

Thanks guys!

Answer:Change Primary Harddrive

Quote: Originally Posted by DCRamsey

Ok I kind of have a mess of a computer right now haha. I have 3 hard drives and they all have operating systems on them. The two smaller ones have Windows Vista and the biggest one has Windows 7. I am given the opportunity to choose which OS to boot during start up. I would like to make the the Windows 7 hard drive my default one to boot up. I read some other topics and made it 'active' in the 'Disk Management' and then switched the boot order in my bios but it says "BOOTMRG is missing" and tells me to restart.

I will attach a picture of my Disk Management.

Thanks guys!

DC Welcome to SevenForums.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista
How to Setup a Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista
Installation - Dual Boot Windows 7 and Vista
How to Setup a Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista

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hi i was curious about using a serial ata harddrive as my primary harddrive becuase well i just bought one and was going to do a fresh install of windows on to it, but when i tried to install windows it said that it could not find the harddrive. i have a asus a7n8x deluxe mother board if that helps. there are drivers for the serial ata devices for the mobo on the drivers cd that came with the mobo, so i'm wondering if i just need to install xp on a regular ide harddrive first and then install the serial ata device drivers and everything will be cool. has anyone had this same issue? any comments of oppinion or help would be great, thanks.

Answer:serial ata harddrive as primary

When installing XP, there is a key you need to tap just as it starts loading files, at the bottom of the screen is stays: If you need to install Serial drive, press the F6 key. The message is there for only a few seconds so you have to watch carefully. Also is BIOS recognizing this hdd?

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I installed a secondary harddrive from another computer and started my computer with no problems. I could access both the C: drive (the original and now master drive) and the E: drive (the transplanted and now slave drive). I tried to format the E: drive, but it would not allow me to, so I individually deleted many items. Some still would not delete. I had to stop my computer work for dinner, but left the computer running. When I came back to the computer, it was frozen and Ctrl-Alt-Delete would not work, so I had to manually turn off the computer and restart. Now the computer only gets to the HP startup screen, so I push F1 for setup. There it says it does not recognize a primary drive or slave drive. Help.

Answer:Primary harddrive not recognized

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I am using a loner computer with only 3.2 gigs on its harddrive. I bought an external one an dhave installed games on it but it still takes up room on my internal drive with now only 19 megs free. Is there anyway to run windows off of this external HD and not use the samll internal one?

Answer:Using External Harddrive as Primary

Not really, Windows wasn't designed to run off a USB/Firewire connection. What you can do is open up your external enclosure and remove that hard drive for primary use. After all, it is an IDE hard drive with a IDE>USB/Firewire adaptor.

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I installed Maxtor 20 gt harddrive by copying my old harddrive in it.2 problems : bios finds new harddrive only as primary slave, computer starts/works ok but now cd-r does not read cd:s.Motherboard is old Zida, no bios update(?) available. Settings are auto in bios. I have tried jumpers in all positions, master,cable but only slave works. Harddrive is alone in ide1.In ide 2 are cd-r and cd-rw. Any ideas?

Answer:Booting harddrive=slave>cd-problem

Hi Repro, welcome to TSG.

What happens if you make the hard drive master and put the cdr on the same cable as slave?

Then put the burner on the second ide as master.

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i recently had my pc rebuilt. i had a new master harddrive fitted to avoid formating my previous harddrive and loosin my files. my previous hardrive had a password on and now i get a access denied message when i try open the documents and settings folder on that hard disk. can any1 body help me plz

Answer:unlockin slave harddrive password??

Go here and see if one of the password tools works for you.

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Have just purchased a Samsung 500gb spinpoint f3 7200 Sata drive. The 8 pins are uncovered(no jumpers) The leaflet that came with it is confusing regarding pin settings. My question do the drives come set as Masters or do they have to be set to Master before fitting to computer. A copy of my leaflet can be found under settings on quide/supp Also another website states in relation to my disk. Jumper block 8 pin (no Master/Slave settings) Does this mean my disk can be used as a Master or Slave straight from the box without jumpers fitted. I obviously dont want to damage my mother board or drive. I need to fit the drive as a Master. Can anyone advise if the drive as received is in Master position. Your help gratefully appreciated.

Answer:Samsung Harddrive Master/Slave

SATA does not have master or slave
The BIOS will look for the operating systems on the drives in order of the port number they are attached to i.e. Drive zero is connected to port one etc.
it will boot from the first op system on the first drive if a Boot menu is not set up.
Boot menus must be on the first drive.

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hello everyone!

first of all, my computer is a hp pavilion 8606 which was bought by my dad 4 years ago. The only thing that was replaced was the hard drive and the cd-rw. OS is win98se.

The original 10gb hd was replaced by 40gb seagate hd.
The LG CD-RW was replaced by 52x Cd-Rom
.. Now my friend bought his own computer and he wants me to give him copy of softwares and games. He gave me his hd.

Now, in order to copy my files to his hd.. I have read I have to setup a master and a slave drive. This is my first time to do something like this so I have read every instructions on how to setup 2 hd.

using the IDE connector cable, its one end is connected to my harddrive and its jumper is set as master. Using the same cable, (gray connector-a connector in the middle of the cable) I connected my friend's harddrive and its jumper are removed (as indicated in the hd cover to indicate slave). I connected power cables on the two hd and power on my computer.

As I power up my computer, the display monitor says 'Check power cable...". I didn't touch anything related for the display. Keyboard light up but that's it. It won't boot! There's no beep, no floppy light up. The CD-rom won't boot. The computer just stays like that. I can't even go in the bios.

As I wonder what happened, I removed my friend's hd. I turn the power off then on. The same thing happens! As I panic, I connect reconnect all the cables in the hd and my cd-rom. There&... Read more

Answer:an attempt to master+slave a harddrive

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If you thought this was a tutorial, sorry, it's not. Use google
Short version of the story below this huge ball of words.

Anywhu, to the topic. I've been getting BSODs about my SSD, and was told by both pros and friends this was something I couldn't do much about. Something about bad firmware and stuff, (check my PC stats at the end of the post, i think this SSD is known to have issues.) so I went to OCZs homesite, found sum firmware update stuff and downloaded the toolbox and it's manual. In big red letters it said I had to change to ACHI mode (done already by dem ppl who put together my pc ) and NOT have the SSD drive in question run as primary drive / OS drive. So i just put in the windows installation CD that came with the PC, reinstalled windows on my other drive (a HDD, Western Digital of some green sort, 2TB), and booted through it. At the beginning it did all the usual stuff. Ask for what password and user n shit. Then, after login, i noticed I couldn't connect to the internetz, also my resolution was pinned down at a max of 1280x720 (with some old-style design). Later I discovered I had no drivers for the network thing, and something else probably went wrong. HOWEVER, I could easly reboot, change the boot drive and go back to normal on my SSD (which I am in right now.) I have a strong feeling I have done something terribly wrong, as i didn't do anything with the OS files or configurations on the SSD (2 users in one user = wut), probably screwing up something. Tha... Read more

Answer:Having issues changing primary harddrive.

Sounds like you need to install your motherboard chipset drivers, graphic card drivers and your Nic (network card) drivers.

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So I have a system that has a 40G SSD drive. We'd like to upgrade it to a 120G SSD. No other hardware or software is changing.

I was hoping to not have to reinstall. Is there a simple way to do this, like Norton Ghost or such? Is there a free alternative?

Answer:primary Harddrive swap in Win7

Just clone it and you should be fine. What have you used in the past to clone with?

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I'm trying to install a new harddrive on a friends computer, but it's not recognizing it as the primary master. It does recognize it as the secondary master. I've double checked the jumpers and everything seems alright but it's still the thing. Does anyone have any ideas why it doesn't recognize it as the primary master. I've also tried to manually put the setting but it won't let me.

Answer:[SOLVED] can't get new harddrive to get recognized as primary

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So when i got this computer from my girlfriends parents i formatted it in an amature way. I have a 80Gb C Drive and a 6Gb D drive for backup and recovery. After formatting i realized the drive it installed/s on is now the D drive which is crunching up my disk space. Also all of the system backup and recovery files were gone. 2 days later her mom gave me the system recovery disks which wont work because i messed everything up, including something about partitions and such.

I dont know where to go from here.

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So when i got this computer from my girlfriends parents i formatted it in an amature way. I have a 80Gb C Drive and a 6Gb D drive for backup and recovery. After formatting i realized the drive it installed/s on is now the D drive which is crunching up my disk space. Also all of the system backup and recovery files were gone. 2 days later her mom gave me the system recovery disks which wont work because i messed everything up, including something about partitions and such.

I dont know where to go from here.

Answer:Bad Formatting/Wrong Primary Harddrive

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum, KK.

1. Depends upon where you want to go.

If you want to preserve this install, clone form the 6GB to 80 GB using Acronis True Image.

If you want to install on the 80 from the recovery disks, remove the 6 GB, set the 80 to primary master if the drive is IDE; then install from the recovery disks.

THEN, put the 6 GB back, but as slave, if IDE.

You could create a boot disk & re-format the 6 GB.


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My computer set up for the past 2 years has not changed, and is:AMD 64 3200+, 2Gb DDR, Asus K8N-E Del, Primary HD 80Gb Western Digital, Slave HD 160Gb Western Digtal (model number WD1600JD).I use my primary harddrive for windows, and the slave for my documents (currently about 60gb worth over 6 years). The problem is on my slave harddrive, the WD1600JD. Both drives connect through sata and have never had any problems to date.Today, my slave drive would not open when in windows. The drive shows in the BIOS, it shows up on the device manager and even shows in 'My Computer', however when I try and access the drive the following message appears:D:\ is not accessibleThe file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.I have taken the following steps:- Dis-connected all cables to the drive and reconnected- Uninstalled drive and restarted windows- Taken drive out and tried to load on a diferent computer- Ran Western Digital diagnostic software which the drive has passedStill, the drive is un-accessible. I am beginning to fear the worst, as in disk management it is showing my drive to be 100% free, which is not the case as I know I had over 60gb on there. The only thing that has changed over the last week is access to the drive through my Xbox360. I updated the PC to Windows Media Player 11 and the Xbox 360 shared the relative documents, for one day, until they could no longer access this. Now, the only thing that came to mind is something to do with the sharing rights of the drive has... Read more

Answer:Slave Harddrive no longer accessible in Windows

Can you right click the drive in My Computer and select properties/tools defrag and disc check for errors.

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I recently had a power supply fail in my pc, its not the first time, I built the PC and have pretty much background knowledge about computers. I am stumped on this however, I replaced the power supply, very routine anymore. Fired it up, booted fine, and am currently using it now; however my secondary hard drive will not show up in ?my computer?. It shows in device manager as ?This device is working correctly? It shows in the BIOS. Every time I restart and go back into device manager the Drive is not listed until I click search for ?plug and play? hardware, then it remains listed as working correctly. Also note that it shows as being only 8mb, it is a 120 gig. I?m thinking it?s a partition problem. I have a lot of personal files on the drive and am looking for a way around formatting it to make it work again. Any help would be great; I?m tearing my hair out over this thing. K8V MB, 3200+ AMD, 30gig WD master drive, 120gig Slave drive, Gig of pc3200 Ram. I?m running Vista ultimate, blah.

Answer:Vista wont recognize slave Harddrive

Is the Drive connected by SATA or IDE?

Have you tried a different Cable and molex connector to the drive.

If that doesn't work try the drive in another computer.

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Wish to replace the 200GB Hardrive with the hidden partition holding Windows Vista Home Premium with a larger 500GB one on my Toshiba Qosmio X300
I do not wish to lose the Vista Windows O/S with relevant Owner Number on the label underneath
Would a free cloner do this so i can reload Windows on the new Hard Drive?

Answer:Larger Primary Harddrive for Qosmio X300

It?s also no problem to install Windows on the new HDD. For this you can use the Recovery Disk.

Of course, the easiest and fastest way is to clone the HDD.
I have found a free program called ?HDClone Free Edition?. I didn?t use the program as yet but it should also work as other programs.
For example, I use Acronis TrueImage for years. It?s not expensive and I never and problems with the program. It works fast and I never had a faulty image or something else.

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I am helping a person with their new computer. they bought a compaq windows xp home sp2 they had a windows 98 computer and the motherboard went out.
Here's what I want to do, in the new computer the ide cable from the mother board to the harddive has just one end nothing in the middle to hook a slave to it is just from the mother board to the harddrive nothing in the middle to even hook a slave to.
the ide cable going to the CDRW has a middle connecvtion. Can I hook a harddrive to that connection as a slave? I just need to copy and paste some info from there old harddrive to the new one. Can I have the CDRW as the master as it is now and hook a harddrive on that ide for a slave to get the info or do I have to change the cable that is on the harddrive now and put a double one in?

Answer:Solved: windows xp home sp2-need to know master & slave for harddrive?

You can attach the old drive to either connection . . and you are on the right track using the secondary channel ( the one with the CD Drive ). Check the jumpers to make sure it is set to Cable Select ( CS ) . . plug in the power and you should be good to go.

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I format once a year and I have a little problem regarding format.
When I format the primary drive, install the OS and all software, the secondary harddrive is not seen. So I reformat the secondary harddrive with the software that came along (Maxtor).

I like to know if it is possible to format the primary harddrive and have the secondary harddrive to retain all the contents. Meaning, I do not want to reformat the secondary drive and continue using it as it is, even after formatting the primary drive.

Is this possible?

Answer:Format primary harddrive and not touch secondary drive


Under normal circumstances formatting the boot drive should have nothing to do with being able to use the slave drive after the format is done...that is assuming nothing has changed from the way you had it before.

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I format once each year and I have a little problem regarding format.
When I format the primary drive, install the OS and all software, the secondary harddrive is not seen. So I reformat the secondary harddrive with the software that came along (Maxtor).

I like to know if it is possible to format the primary harddrive and have the secondary harddrive to retain all the contents. Meaning, I do not want to reformat the secondary drive and continue using it as it is, even after formatting the primary drive.

Is this possible?

Answer:Format primary harddrive and not touch secondary drive

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My Dell Vostro 1400 Laptop recently quit working. Its only 4 months old.
I turned it on and it came to a screen saying,

"Windows dould not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair"

I inserted the setup disc and booted from it, when I got the the Repair option it says,"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.
Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program.

Setup cannot continue."

So I took the computer down to the local computer store and they put in a new 130 GB harddrive, ran the setup disk again and it displayed the same missing HDD message.

Anyone have any Ideas of what could be wrong???
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Windows Setup Disk cannot find Harddrive, even with a brand new harddrive installed.

Hi, and welcome to TSF. If it's still under warranty I would take it back to the suppliers.

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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I presently have a 40GB....5200RPM...2MBcashe..HARD DRIVE

Will i see much improvement upgrading to a: 60GB.7200rpm..8MBcashe Hard Drive?

I can do it for about $40 ( Or should i wait,i expect to get a 200HD by the end of the year...)

Answer:SHOULD I UPGRADE: 40GB/5200 HardDrive-to-60GB/7200 HardDrive?

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I recently had a very strong magnet. The magnet was then stuck (By a child) to my laptop. I then had errors on boot. I tried reinstalling Vista with the restore disk, but I recieved "Error - Cannot set temp path".

I today purchased a 250gb harddrive (a upgrade from my 120gb), and then Vista installed fine.

Now it runs fine, but I get bluescreens after random amounts of time, with errors involving a windows file. Unfortunately, I don't have the bluescreen error details at the moment. I have however uploaded the 3 minidumps from the 3 occasions.

Is it possible that another part of the computer was damaged by the magnet? Ram?




Answer:Magnet damaged my harddrive. Replace harddrive but now bluescreens? (with minidump)

hi have you tried running your av and malware progs to eliminate this as a possible

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I have pretty old secondary hard drive (11 years) and currently in power settings there is an option to put hard drive in sleep mode if it's been idle for X minutes. Is it a good idea to disable this setting and let the harddrive spin all the time, since as I know, frequently enabling/disabling hard drives makes more damage than never putting harddrive to sleep.

Answer:Harddrive health with harddrive auto-stop in idle

Is the drive going to sleep now ?

You should consider buying a new drive to replace that one, then copy your data over before it dies

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I am currently backing up weekly to a small external drive.. it is a small 20gigger. It has taken about 1 year or so to fill up. Now i am thinking long term.. i am considering purchasing a "network harddrive", one that is between 500gigz to 1tb. There is a smaller/more affordable Seagate external drive.. but it is not a "network harddrive".. it has 1.5tb.. versus a network drive that is about 2tb but it cost about 314.

My question is, thinking long term.. and considering the setup i have.. which is a regular PC acting as a server.. what should i get?

Your suggestions are appreciated

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Network Harddrive Vs Portable Harddrive

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Hi all!

I recently purchased a new WD Cavier Black with the 32 MB cache. I would like to transfer all my HD contents [including windows vista ultimate] from my older WD 16MB cache HD to this brand spanking new WD Cavier Black HD.

Is it possible to do this without flaws and so that it will work exactly as before?

If yes, can you direct me to the correct information to do this please?

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

The system in which I would like to do this has these components:

Thermaltake M9 Cool Case
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit w/SP1
Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L
Intel Q6600
Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro
Infinity ATX PSU 600W
4GB DDR2 Crucial 800 MHz
E-GeForce 8600GTS DDR3 256MB
Memorex X16 Dual Layer DVD
Western Digital SATA 320 GB

Thank you,


Answer:How can I transfer my entire harddrive contents to another harddrive?

You can use norton ghost (paid program)
or you can use clonzilla which is free.

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I'm planning on doing a complete harddrive back up with a another internal harddrive. Will I need any special software to do this?
Also, since I'm backing up my entire harddrive which contains my operating system windows vista premium will this conflict with any license agreement?

Answer:Solved: Backing up harddrive with another internal harddrive

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My T400 (bought last July) harddrive dead on me Sunday. I called helpcenter and received a replacement harddrive today. It was very fast. They asked me to return the old one. I have a concern about the security of my old harddrive. There are lots of personal information (data and files) on the old harddrive. If I return the old one, is there a chance my personal data be leaked? Is there any way I can delete the data and file on the old harddrive? I have no access to my old harddrive now. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated greatly. Thank you for your time.

Answer:New harddrive from lenovo to replace my dead old harddrive

It will almost certainly be trashed, but you can't be 100% sure.  If you have a big magnet around, you could set the old one on it for a while - that should do the trick.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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hey everyone, my mom's computer isnt working correctly. it turns on but it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. she has very important files and links that are saved to her computer that she needs asap.

my first thought was maybe i could access her computer through the router that we share but other websites told me its impossible without remote connection. and we cannot setup connects or access her computer at the moment.

i would like to know if it would be a good idea to take her harddrive out and put it into another computer. id rather not put it into my computer (just in case something goes wrong) but my brother has a laptop and could we put her harddrive in his? just temporarily so we can get to those files.

is that the best idea? to transfer her harddrive? if so is it okay that its going into a laptop and not a desktop computer....

Answer:transfering harddrive (harddrive problem)

You're best bet it to get a 2.5 Adapter for laptop HDDs then you would take that adapter and connect it to a desktop CD-ROM IDE 2 channel 3.5 Ribbon cable goes into the adapter. There you could transfer files off that drive. That's how it's done in IT repair shop. Below cost $6.99.

can get it off here or try newegg or wherever you want go to a local store to get..

It also looks like this various version of the adapter

They all work..

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My grandma needed more harddrive space on her pc so I installed an 80 gb harddrive on her pc. Right now it's just her slave drive. Her c harddrive is only 20gb, so could I just copy everything on that harddrive to the 80gb and make that the master hard drive and the old one the slave? Or would that cause problems? I want to do this so she can continue saving files to her c harddrive instead of a different harddrive.

Answer:Is it posible to change the c harddrive to another harddrive?

You would need to create an image of the the current 20GB drive and map it onto the 80GB drive (most ghosting/imaging utilities allow you to expand the 20GB partition to the full size of the drive without issue). The most common way to go about doing this is with Norton Ghost, but it's not free. There's a few Linux boot disks that can do it as well I believe, but I don't know any off the top of my head. Hopefully someone will have a suggestion for a free boot disc.

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I just purchased these two items:

and the problem is that the coolmax enclosure wont read the harddrive. I installed it correctly (this is not my first 2.5 external hdd), and the computer detects the harddrive. It says that it is installed and ready to use, but now drive is popping up in "my computer". I dont think that the harddrive is to big for the enclosure, its only 40gb and most enclosures maxes out at 40gb. I could not find out what this enclosure's max compatibility is, so i hope that this is not the problem.

It is not the enclosure that is broken, because i put a different harddrive in the coolmax enclosure and it works. And i tried the Fujitsu hdd in another enclosure and it does not work. So it is definitly the hdd

The harddrive is a ATA-6 and the coolmax enclosure is a IDE ATA 100. I dont know what the 100 stands for, but i dont think that is the problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a gift for my girlfriend and i really want this to work.

Answer:2.5 harddrive enclosure will not read the harddrive

Have you foratted the drive? . . Windows will not "see" a drive until it has been formated.

Right click on My Computer . . select Manage . . disc management . . right click on the drive and select format

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can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer

Answer:can i run vista on one harddrive and xp on another harddrive on one computer


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This morning a fan in my case was making strange noises (either CPU or GPU fan I think) and so I turned my computer off. I turned it on a little later and the computer was making a really odd clicking noise, so I unplugged each harddrive in turn to see which was causing it. I removed the problem drive (not the one with my XP installation on) and then turned the computer on again. This time it just said could not detect boot disk. I've tried installing XP again, but it gets as far as loading all the setup files and then my PC reboots. The bios still detects the harddrive still in.

The harddrives are just normal IDE 120gb drives (the removed one is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 and the one still in is a Barracuda Seagate). I don't understand why the first stopped working (it is at most 6 months old) and why the 2nd one's installation is not detected (it is only a month or 2 old). Up til today, my computer was working perfectly. At the moment my whole computer is useless and the fan is still making the same weird noise occasionally.


Answer:One harddrive died, other harddrive's XP not detected

Welcome to Techspot

It sounds like the Drive you removed was the Primary, so the system can't find an MBR.
Also if that is right did you change the Jumper on the Slave left in your box?
Buy a new Fan, why take a chance ?

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I just recently bought a used computer to replace the one I had which died on me. For some reason, my old harddrive isn't being recognized as the main hard drive when I remove the new one and plug my old one in. Both harddrives are recognized when I have my old one plugged up with the extra power and IDE cable, so I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of my old drive to the new one and have it where it transfers all of my installed software over without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Harddrive to harddrive data transfer?

So what you tried to do is get WinXP to boot after it was installed on a different computer. This usually does not work well unless the Motherboard onthe new computer is almost identical to the old one. At the very least you would want to uninstall all drivers that were istalled as part of the old motherboard then do a repair installation of Windows XP. Then again if your installation of Windows is an OEM version of Windows it is not legal to use it on a second computer even if the second computer is a replacement for the first. If this is a retail copy of Windows then you can do it. You would need also the drivers for the new system.. As far as transfering installed programs from one hard drive to another and have them work properly if at all, it is not likely that you will succeed in doing so as installed programs make changes to the registry so that windows will know where to go look for the files to operate these programs. Just transferring the programs will not make the changes needed to your registry that an installation would make.

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I realize one is just an enclosure and you provide the harddrive, and one is a true harddrive, but which is better and whats really the difference?

Answer:usb harddrive enclosure -vs- usb external harddrive

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My desktop computer's motherboard was fried in a tragic lightning accident, but the hard drive is intact. I would like to purchase an enclosure for the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive. I'm posting here because I'm worried about compatibility.

Here are the hard drive details:
Seagate, S/N 90Z7588X
ST 380215A
P/N 9CY011-305
Firmware 3.AAD
Date code 08257
Barracude 7200.10
80 Gbytes

Will that work with any of these enclosures:

Thank you in advance for any help!

Answer:External Harddrive from Old Computer Harddrive

Any 3.5" IDE compatible drive enclosure will do the trick. I use a ThermalTake enclosure myself (same as MadDog and CompUSAs no-name brand).


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I currently have a laptop that is a few years old, anyhow I am building my own computer with a friend of mine. I have a external 120 gig Western Digital External Harddrive hooked up to my laptop now. (The external harddrive is brand new) I need a harddrive for the new computer I am building and was wondering would it work if i opened up the external harddrive casing and removed it from there and installed it in my computer i am building. Whats your thoughts on the change in power supply and could it work and what?


Answer:External Harddrive into Interal Harddrive

if you are building a laptop... no. it is built completely differently.
with a desktop computer you would not be able to either because the connection inside its casing is different. its better to keep your external the way it is and get an internal. you could then use your external as a backup.

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I have just gotten a Toshiba Satellite laptop, model# A35-S159 and I can not find out from the manuals how to access the hard drive, I have even called the Toshiba support line and they could not explain to me how the remove and replace the hard drive. ( they could hardly speak English) All they could tell me is that the hard drive is inside the case. as if I did not know this. The specs does not show this model in particular but does show pics on removing a cover etc. However this model does not have such a cover plate on the underside of the unit. Pleas give me any info you can , thank you

Answer:Access to harddrive

Here's a site on Toshiba Laptop Disassembly, perhaps it'll help:

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I'm running an Acer desktop with Windows 8.1.  I put a second hard drive in and the computer recognizes the drive. If I unplug the first hard drive the second hard drive will come on and work fine. I went into the bios and enabled the boot menu. Then with both drive hooked up I can't access the second drive by hitting F12. The first drive always comes up. How can I access that second hard drive?  

Answer:Access to second Harddrive

What's the OS on the second HDD?

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I have 2 main harddrives and one of them is partitioned. HD C is the main one with the OS and F and G are the partitioned ones. Right now, I can open files on HD G, but everytime I try to open F, it freezes and then asks me if I want to format the drive. I have very important files on this, and I need to recover them. Which programs(free) should I use? Links? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Please help: Can't access harddrive

What OS are you using?
Assuming 2000 or XP, what does Disk Management show for that partition?

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When i start the computer, sometimes i cant see my harddrives in "My computer" then i restart computer and check again they'r there but it says "Local drive (E and Local drive (D but used to be named something else.. when im going to enter it says "E:\ is not available. File or catalouge is damaged and cannot be read." or something like that im not english so it wasnt exactly what it said but something like that..If it is to any help the local drive D and E are same hard drive but just split up in two, anyone know what i could do?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 19:19:22, on 2008-12-07
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet E... Read more

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I'm running an Acer desktop with Windows 8.1.  I put a second hard drive in and the computer recognizes the drive. If I unplug the first hard drive the second hard drive will come on and work fine. I went into the bios and enabled the boot menu. Then with both drive hooked up I can't access the second drive by hitting F12. The first drive always comes up. How can I access that second hard drive?  

Answer:Access to second Harddrive

What's the OS on the second HDD?

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I put my old computers HD into my new comp but it says my user is not allowed to access it. Can i somehow format it without putting my old computer together again?

Answer:Old harddrive is forbidding me access

This may help you:

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Hello, just installed windows 7 on my computer and now I cant find one of my drives.
I checked the disk management and there it was so I assigned it a letter but when I try to browse it I get access denied. I've tried to take owner ship but that didnt help.

Also in the statusbar it says "Healty(System, Active, Primary Partition)"


Answer:access denied on harddrive

Sometimes you will have to take ownership and edit permissions of the drive to have full control again but i would advise caution in taking ownership of to much as it can cause problems if there is an OS on there, some people have had big problems leading to a reinstall because they took ownership of the C drive (win 7 location) be sure to create a restore point first

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I took my harddrive out of a blown up computer which has windows xp pro.
My new computers harddrive has windows xp home.
I slaved the old hard drive in my new system so I can retrive my photos.
My problem is that I cannot access MY Documents which has my photos in them. However I can access all the other software and files on the drive.
When I use tho old harddrive to boot first. I cannot use the mouse or keyboard. How do I get to the MY Documents on my old harddrive?

Answer:harddrive access problem

what happens when you try to open my documents?

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i wanna share my harddrive out to my comps on my room but i dont want the computer upstairs to gain access to it

can i put a password on it?
if so how?

Answer:how do i block access on a harddrive

if you're using windows XP

open an explorer window (windows explorer) and go to Tools|Folder Options
Click on view.
the bottom option is "use simple file sharing"
turn that off.

Now you can set user permissions etc. when sharing files.

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Hi all,

I have just installed Windows XP on my PC later on my antivirus prompt me that there is some kind of virus '"w32silly" need full scan. After scanning when i try to open my D: drive the following message appears with red mark "resycled\ is not a valid Win32 application". I checked the task manager and system registery they are fine but I can't find valid suggestion over internet can anyone help me.

Thanks in advance

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Hi guys,

I have a couple of problems accessing content on my old hard drive from my old PC.

My old computer died so I bought a new one and installed a fresh installation of XP on a new harddrive. I have my old hard drive as a slave on my new computer but can not access a map that is in my documents as my old account was passworded.

I have right clicked on the map but can not find any security tab.

Can anyone help me getting access to my old map?


Answer:Can not access folder on old harddrive

If this is XP Home, you may not have those tabs. You could always try setting up a user account with the same username and password, and then try again. That's worked for me in the past. I also avoid storing anything in the "My" folders, because if the documents are stored on a data drive, you don't have these problems.

If all else fails, and you can't take ownership of the directory either, you can always try something like BartPE to access and move the file(s).

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Hi, hope this is in the right section. But I think it has more to do with windows than hardware.

I bought an enclosure for my old broken desktop's hard drive, connected it to my laptop, but whenever I try to go into it it just says "Access Denied"

I have tried changing the drive's letter, I've looked at permissions and everything is ticked, and I've gone into advanced and changed ownership, yet it still says access denied.

I tried going into safe mode and I can access it, and I copied a random file over to my C drive and it works. So I'm assuming its not a hardware problem, it just refuses to give me access on my regular (administrator) account.

I've tried searching around and most solutions seem to be the things I have already tried. Perhaps there are some settings I need to fiddle around with in safe mode, but I'm not too experienced so don't want to play around too much. So any advice on what to try would be great, it'd be a real hassle to have to go into safe mode and copy/paste everytime I wanted to access a file. I'm using windows 7 home premium or whatever silly name it has.

Answer:Cannot Access External Harddrive

Have you tried any other hard drives in the enclosure?

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I have a 3TB Seagate external harddrive connected to my TP Link wireless router through the USB port. When I go to the TP Link webpage, I am able to see the hard drive (under USB settings / storage sharing) connected to the router. However, I do not know how to access the hard drive through my PC and other computers at home. I tried clicking on "open the disk" link the storage sharing web page but nothing happens.

Is there anything else I need to do (apart from connecting the hard drive to the router) before I can start accessing the hard drive from all computers.

If anyone can provide some assistance, that would be highly appreciated.


Answer:Access External Harddrive

How is it partitioned and formatted?

Since it is 3 TB, it would need to be GPT-partitioned to be readable by Windows. Your router, even if just a year old, may not support NTFS, 3 TB, or GPT.

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for some reason I am getting Access is denied when trying to access the hard drive (c.

can you please help.


Answer:Access to harddrive is denied

It depends on where you are trying to access and what you're trying to do. What exactly are you trying to access?

For example, copying/deleting/modifying files in C:\Windows, program Files etc will usually give you a UAC prompt. Deleting/modifying protected system files will give you "acces is Denied"

You could always try taking ownership or giving yourself "permission" to that file/folder.

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I have installed Windows 8 on a fresh SSD drive and also connected my exsisting extra harddrive which I have previously used together with Windows 7. When I try to access that harddrive I get a "access denied" message even though I'm a administrator, what do I need to do to get access to my hard drive?

Answer:access denied on harddrive

Your account is an administrator on your computer. Not the computer that the hard drive was originally used on. The permissions on the drive are set for your other computer, so you need to take ownership and change the permissions.

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Hi all,

I have just installed Windows XP on my PC later on my antivirus prompt me that there is some kind of virus '"w32silly" need full scan. After scanning when i try to open my D: drive the following message appears with red mark "resycled\ is not a valid Win32 application". I checked the task manager and system registery they are fine but I can't find valid suggestion over internet can anyone help me.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Can't Access Directly My Harddrive

That file resycled\ is probably some kind of trojan.
Suggest you post a HiJackThis log in the Malware Removal forum. The instructions are there.

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Hello all,

My PC running Windows Vista recently crashed with a BSoD (not sure which error code) and now does not boot into Vista.

I tried booting into Ubuntu LiveCD and I figured out that the problem is with the main partition that has my OS. It is corrupt so I ran ntfsfix on it but it requires CHKDSK.

I tried:
-Safe Mode (with all its options)
-Windows XP Recovery CD.
-Windows Vista recovery CD (BSoD).
-Windows 7 Installation Disk, to run CHKDSK but it does not even recognize the HDD. (says please load drivers).
-Windows 8 Installation Disk, keeps loading then black screen.

All I want to do now is run CHKDSK successfully because I want to recover the files on my C: partition and install new OS.

Thank you in advance !

Answer:Unable to access Harddrive

Hello Jake6a.

Is your PC a desktop or a laptop/notebook?
Please add your System Specs to your profile as it helps us with our response.

If your first priority is to get your user data off the HDD, then best option would be to remove the drive and connect it to another working system to see if the data is still accessible. If it is, then you can copy it off.

Let us know if you are able to do that and post back with your system configuration details so we can provide you with the options.

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Recently just finished building my latest PC, got Windows 7 (64-bit) installed on to it. I was about to start downloading all my games and everything but in My computer I can't find my hard drive. I can find my 64GB drive which I used just to install an OS on but obviously the other 40GB aint going to take me far...

I can find both my drives in the Device Manager which are:

Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 ATA Device ( The harddrive that I can't find in My Computer. )
SAMSUNG 470 Series SSD ATA Device

In Computer Management > Disk Management I can find the drive but it doesn't say its name just:
"Disk 1
Not Initialized

I know my way around a computer, but I'm no 'tech-whiz' so I'm not going to mess around in there...So if anyone has encountered this problem before and knows the fix or just knows how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers in advance.

Answer:Solved: Can't access my harddrive!

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Lately every time I access a web page, or do anything on my computer
I hear my hard dirve beating little drums all the time. This might be the
reason my computer is slowing down. I have done a defrag so I know that is not the problem. I am using XP. Is there something else I can do to speed things

Answer:My computer seems to access the harddrive a lot

Disable as many startup things as you can in MSCONFIG that don't need to be running all the time. Add more RAM if its not at a GIG or more already. Uninstall any programs you are no longer using or have never used. Run the disk cleanup utility for the drive and get rid of all temp and temporary internet files and the like. If using another browser, clear all those associated caches as well and shrink them down so they can't get so big in the first place.

Then, run defrag one more time, restart and see if that helps a lot or a little.

If you've been using the drive with the current installation of XP for a long time, sometimes the only good solution is to reinstall the OS fresh.

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I have a 320gb Western digital sxternal harddrive. Yesterday, when I turned the comp on, a red question mark appeared on the destop shortcut for the drive. I went to MY COMPUTER and found the drive was no longer listed. When I click on the shortcut for thedrive, I receive the following message :THE DRIVE OR NETWORK CONNECTIONTHAT THE SHORTCUT "EXTERNAL DRIVE F.lnk REFERS TO IS UNAVAILABLE. MAKE SURE THAT THE DISK IS PROPERLY INSERTED,OR THE NETWORKRESOURCE IS AVAILABLE, AND THEN TRY AGAIN". The drive is running, I can feel it when I touch it and it is ilit up. Anyone got any ideas??

Answer:cant access external harddrive

Maybe open up the case and see if the connector came loose from the hard drive.

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I have Simpletech 250 GB drive. It worked on Windows Vista but now I have an HP Pavilion with Windows 7 and I cannot access the hard drive. can anyone help me so I can access my Simpletech drive? thank you.

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Hi, I 'am not sure if this should be in the dos section or this one. Can anyone tell me how to access the files in windows XP from dos? On my sisters P.C. i installed a update driver (nvida geforce fx5200). when i rebooted i got the BSOD with a stop message (the numbers and code don't matter now). None of the options on the safe screen worked it just rebooted to the blue screen.I tried the repair option on the XP disk but it asked for a password and there has never been one used, in fact the disk as never been used since my sister purchased the PC. The only option I had was to format and reinstall windows.If i could have got into one of the options on the safe mode screen i could have sorted it. There is a way of accessing the files on the harddrive in dos. Can anyone please tell me how, thanks(just in case it happens again) john

Answer:BSOD, access files in dos from harddrive, (XP)

Repair installation doesn't ask for password, Recovery Console may.Which one is it?

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Hi Guys

I suddenly can't access my seagate freeagent go 250 gb external harddrive.
When I plugged it in my usb, the icon on the bottom right corner showed, but on windows explorer only the drive letter showed without the name. When I clicked on it it say failure performing inpage operation.
Normally the light on the drive light steadily now it's just fading in & out slowly.
Before this happen when I plugged my hardrive, in the middle of autoplay window playing the light suddenly blinking rapidly with clicking sound then the autoplay stop & the failure performing inpage operation error appeared. Since then I can't access my harddrive.
The drive work perfectly when I use it in my media player, so I guess the problem must be in my computer.
My computer is Intel E2180 with Windows XP SP2
Please help

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Can't access external harddrive

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I have a folder on my hardrive C:\Documents and Settings .. I have saved downloaded programs and music to it .. but all of a sudden I cant open and look inside it , if i click on it I get a message saying its not accesable and access denied ... I ran a virus scan through nortons 2003 and it found a virus and said its been removed but I still cant get in ... if i right click to delete I get 'Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use' i have tried restarting in safe mode but still no joyhelp pleasecheersgeo

Answer:cant get into folder on harddrive ACCESS DENIED

Was the virus found inside the folder you cant acsess?,if so it may be parts of it are left and are using the folder,you need to find the prosess that is using the folder and terminate it.If it wasnt found in that folder then there is still a process using the folder or a file in the folder and needs to be hereMay help.

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I installed me old hard drive out of my old computer in this one from a year ago. Im trying to see my old pictures before i whipe it out and give to a friend, but when i access the drive i see is this - with no my pictures or videos (i know its not deleted).

Maybe i have to boot into windows on the secondary to get the pictures onto the other harddrives? Is that safe/possible since its not known with this hardware?

Answer:Installed old harddrive..cant access documents?

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I have a Western Digital Elements 500Gb external harddrive and have just discovered there can be problems with hibernating my laptop and using the harddrive.I think this what has happened as i now cannot access the the drive from 'my computer' it says the disk is not accessible and does not show any of the free or used memory.However i have a couple of shortcuts on my desktop to different folders on the drive and can access them perfectly through this. I am not able to do things like sync my Ipod etc since it recognises the drive as not accessible.Is there a way to correct this?Thanks

Answer:Can only access external harddrive by shortcuts

If you shut down the PC completely for a couple of minutes then, with the external drive already connected and running, boot the PC. Does it then recognise the drive?If not, does plugging the drive in while the PC is running let it be found?Personally, I wouldn't hibernate the PC without first using "Safely Remove Hardware" to detach the external drive.

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