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Windows Xp cant read my Cdrom

Question: Windows Xp cant read my Cdrom

ehh my whenever i restart and go into the system setup it shows that my cdrom is there but when i long into windows xp and go into my computer folder it doesnt show the icon for my cdrom when i put a cd in the cdrom the light blinks the cd spins and then it stops nothing else happens. Heh and the cdrom was working fine last night so i have no clue whats wrong i just tryed to burn something today an it wouldnt work ehhh i need help an i need it quick

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Preferred Solution: Windows Xp cant read my Cdrom

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows Xp cant read my Cdrom

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AVG Free removed userinit.exe on Sony Vaio notebook with XP Home SP2 so I have the log on /log off thing going, can't boot into safe mode with the administrator account, it logs right back off. I could repair this if I could boot from the XP CD but the CD Rom won't read either. I think the drivers or settings were also removed or corrupted in the malware removal process. This notebook does not have a floppy drive. It doesn't have an option to boot from USB. Boot from external device is enabled. I attached an external hard drive with windows installed on it but it didn't recognize that. Any hope for me? Any way i can get the cdrom to read without booting into the os?

Answer:CDRom won't read and windows won't boot

Is the internal CD drive broken?
Have you looked into the registry to be sure it is enabled and set as the first boot device?

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a guy wants some help. He called and said his cd-rom won't read anything.

He said he put in a new 60 gig harddrive and the way it sounds everything is ok as far as the computer working after putting it in. He said it does not matter what cd he puts in, it won't read it, he says he gets an error message saying "put disk in tray" no disk in tray, something on that order and it does it no matter what cd he puts in. Sounds like a burned one or a boughten one it just won't read anything. I am not surre if he has XP Home or pro could someone help me with some steps to do for both, Thanks

Answer:Solved: Windows xp home & Pro cdrom can't read anything-Please help

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I had my computer crash and took it to a computer store and had new hard drive installed. I have windows xp and my cdrom drive will not read my disks. do you think it is a software issue? Can I try to fix it with help from this forum? Thanks

Answer:CDROM drive will not read new cdrom

Welcome to TSG!!

Was it like this from the repair shop? If so, return to them with a request for a fully functioning machine, as you were expecting one after paying them for their services.

If this came about since then, let us know. There are various things to try. (One might be to pop open the case and be sure the cable(s) didn't fall off in transport.) Can you see it in BIOS?

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I have did download the recovery disk and successfully bootup my external USB CDROM Drive.
Unfortuntely, the USB CDROM driver cannot read my installation Windows XP CD which is not the Toshiba Recovery CD. Message error occurs (Wrong or Corrupted CD-ROM, Please insert Recovery CD-ROM #1).

Answer:Portege R100: USB CDROM cannot read installation Windows XP CD


As far as I know you need an supported and compatible external CD/DVD drive to boot up from the CD.
Do you use such drive???

Please check these threads:

good luck ;)

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I have a friend who's DVD/CD-ROM and CD/RW will not read any type of Disk they put in. One is on an E: drive the other is on the D: drive they are using O/S XP Professional. I assumed it was a case of updating the Drivers but when putting in the make and model of each I did not seem to get anywhere with them!! They are both Sony the CD/RW is something like 225E?? if I can recall.. with the DVD I can't remember but I know that is also a Sony!! There was a mention of firmware which threw me completely!! Any suggestions!!

Answer:DVD-Cdrom and CD/RW won't read Cd's??

Did they work before ?Have they done any upgrades inside pc, or software.If not and they have both gone at the same time, then possibly the ribbon has come loose from motherboard.Need more info ;-)

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Drives are present and working in device manager. Some autostart disks will work in DVD, but not cdrom. Both are in windows explorer but won't recognize disc when present. BIOS shows both drives appropriately.

Any ideas?


Hijack Log

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:43:45 PM, on 6/26/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\APC\APC PowerChute Personal Edition\mainserv.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Pro... Read more

Answer:dvd and cdrom won't read

Download details: Autoplay Repair Wizard

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I have W7 32bit with a DVD-RW drive that used to read/burn CD-R's fine, but now it won't do either. It will burn DVD's and read DVD's/CDROM's. Do you have any suggestions?


Answer:Can read CDROM, but not CD-R

Check for driver software update id say.

What CD drive is it?

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Here are my symptoms. This is a NEC ND-3520AW. Worked fine until ? I don't think I installed anything or saw any other contributing factor.

1. The main problem is if I insert a known good CD, when I open the drive which is the D drive in this case it shows no contents. If I take the same CD to another computer and open it I see folders, files, etc.
2. I can write to the drive on a CDR or CDRW fine using Nero.
3. I can boot from the drive using an Ubuntu or other boot disk.

So the problem seems to be with Windows XP in my opinion. Any ideas? This is a strange one.



Answer:CDROM does everything but read

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Question: CDROM won't read

Hi, I've read back on all the cd posts but ??
Mine was playing a dos game just fine, I quit the game and tried to use another cd but it gave me a "drive not ready" nothing shows on "D" drive nor is there an "auto start". Divice Mgr says everything is fine and when I put in a cd the light blinks 3 times and stops. Any help on how to check this out - thanks

Answer:CDROM won't read

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I have a Toshiba Xm-1502BN CD-Rom in a 220cds runing win95. It works fine until I try to read a cd made with adaptec direct cd (UDF Format).The error is device is not ready.I have the lastest UDF reader installed.
Is it that the CD-rom is not capable or reading this format. Thanks

Answer:UDF CDROM won't read

That is a older drive. I had to go to the Archives at Tosiba just to find it. My guess is that you need one of the newer multi read drives. Some older drives just cant handle the newer formats.

This space for rent.

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hi I have compaq evo n620c p4 window xp pro laptop cdrom can not read and write the writeable cd's (blanke cd's) it does read other software cds but cdrom can not read blank cds and can not write pls help

Answer:can not read or write cdrom

Are you sure the drive is capable of burning CDs?
Have you ever successfully burned CDs with this computer?
Did you buy it used?

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Hello everyone. Well lets see, I use a Compaq Presario 1688 Notebook. Its running Windows ME (4.09) with a Toshiba i think is the Cd Drive. I have had this thing for years and believe it or not it has been reliable to me as any XP running computer I have used, maybe because i take good care of it. Anyways the problem is this: I can press the button to open the disc drive, put a disc in and you can hear it start to spin for about a second, but it just stops. if you try to manually start the disc it will tell you that there is no disc in the drive. By the way to help even out things, i looked at the drivers and all and there was no problem with the drivers. it must be a physical problem? help me guys i would really appreciate it! btw this site is awesome i would love to be a part of the family! lol

Answer:CDROM drive will not read?

if it is old then the most likely cause is the laser which reads the cds has died.

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XP home-- CDROM will only play Shadowbane game disk--any other disk pop up window --install CD--comes up. Also had window I/O device not acessible pop up. used windows troubleshooter had RED Triangle pop up --Malevalent program installed

Answer:CDROM will read only 1 disk

What is on the other CD?

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HI..can you please help me guys!My CDROM does not read files like installer but it can write CDs and play a DVD..what must I do???I can't even reformat my computer since my CDROM can't read my installer. And I have tried it with another CDROM and still not work..PLEASE HELP.

Answer:Help!!!my Cdrom Does Not Read Files

hmm...what do you you put in a cd and nothing pops up? How about when you goto my computer? can you see your cd in the drive there? can you access any of the files....a different way whether it be thru MY COMPUTER...or command prompt?

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dvd cd rom doenst read cds only copied audio cds but the it reads them as blanks, i have restored systerm reintsalled it but to no avail?

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I'm trying to install some manuals that I need that are on CD, but the cdrom won't auto start or read them...All my other disks work fine, auto start or are readable by clicking into the D drive. What am I missing here?

Answer:Cdrom will not read certain disks.

Hi and welcome to the forum

The disks could be bad, have you tried another PC?

Are you getting any type of message?


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My HP Notebook will play dvdroms, but will not read data cd's. It worked fine until my son opened Musicmatch for the first time, then it quit seeing data cd's. I have contacted HP with some response from their tech support, which was to re-format my harddrive from a cd

It seems to be software, it came with roxio 6, but I am not sold on that. The dvd's play fine and when you load a cd XP shows that it has a cdloaded then it seems to loose touch with the cd???

Help, HP wants me to either reformat, or send the notebook to them for repair.

Answer:Hp Cdrom Won't Read Data

Try This:
Start/My Computer,right click on the offending drive and select properties.On the Autoplay tab you can choose an action to perform when Windows detects certain types of cd's.

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Hi ya All,Can anyone shed some light on my problem please, i've just upgraded my pc to xp from me, i put quite a lot of work onto cdrw disc's before the upgrade, i've just popped a disc in and it is not reading it, nothing is happening i just get a window pop up saying insert disk, Which i've already done, ANY IDEAS??????Thank you in advanceSheps

Answer:cdrom won't read Disc

Hi, XP is a bit fussy about some CDRW drives. Make sure your XP is fully updated to cope with your particular drive - or make sure that your CDRW's driver is up-to-date. I think that not all CDRW drives are compatible with XP.Good luck.Cheers.

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CDROM Drive:

Model: Acer 640A-243
Serial number: 9128D3724393273821PCL000

CDROM Drive is connected to primary IDE slot on the motherboard, using a cable with the cable's middle connector connected to the CDROM Drive.
The cable's end connector is connected to a HardDisk Drive. The other end goes to primary IDE slot on the motherboard.

The connections are such that, red strip of the cable is aligned nearest to the Power Plug of the CDROM Drive, and same thing applies to the HardDisk Drive.

The CDROM drive has its jumpers set to Slave/ SL. The HardDiskDrive has its jumpers set to Master.

In BIOS setting, detection of all the primary and secondary, as well as master and slave, are all set to Auto.

BIOS has been unpdated/ flashed with the latest version of BIOS.
The motherboard is M748LMRT, by PC100 company.

When I boot my computer, The startup will recognize and
successfully detect the Primary Master and the Primary Slave. They would be listed in the black startup screen.

As I enter my Windows 98SE, if I go to the Device Manager, the CDROM is listed as ATAPI CD-ROM DRIVE-40X. It has no yellow exclamation mark or any other marks.

However, the CDROM drive will not read any CD.

It can open, by manually pressing its eject button. It can close,
either by pushing it back, or pressing its eject button, or pressing its play button.
As I place a CD and I close it, the green LED in front of the CDROM lights up for a few seconds.
However, there i... Read more

Answer:CDROM Drive Can't Read Any CDs

How old is the CD drive?

It could be that its just given up on life, or that the new firmware you put on is having issues with 98SE somehow.

Have you tried a different CD drive in that PC?

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I recently purchased a new computer and installed WinME, and for the first few days all was well. Then, strangely when i put my SC(starcraft) cdrom into the tray it would not read. I franticly tried every CDROM and every Audio CD i owned, but none read. I must have ran 80 virus scans without any luck.

I have already used the HW trouble shooter, and tried
re-installing my cd-rom drive, and drivers


Answer:Cdrom Why Wont U Read?

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I am running XP-Home on HP Notebook. DVD Movies run fine on the RW/DVD rom, although in Explorer No data files show up on Cd-Rom. Program Cd's will not start either, can't reload XP, because recovery on CDROM.

I believe that the CDROM unit is working, because XP knows when you load data cd, but then stops. I have updated Bios, drivers, checked HP for updates, Windows for updates, etc.

Does anyone know if this could just be a software settin??? I thought that Roxio that came with the box could be cause, but uninstalled No help???

All suggestions, and help appreciated.

Answer:CDRom will not Read Data CD, DVD Plays OK

To double check if this is hardware is software, put your software install/recovery CD in, restart the computer and see if it gives you an option to boot from it.
If it does and you can boot from it, don't do a recovery but that will tell you that the drive is working.
Than you can go back to Windows and check what software you have installed. Perhaps you have more than one CD/DVD burning software installed?

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i recently got a new game for my laptop but every time i put the cd in its sounds like my cd rom is starting and then stopping, when i go into my computer its doesnt show that i have a cd in, this is killing me :( can anyone help

Answer:CDROM wont read my game

Does it work with other CDs? DVDs? Is it equipped for DVD as most new games are on DVD - not CD. At worst, a new DVD read/writer will only cost you £20 or so.

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hi, im using OS XP prof. in change the the assign letter of dcrom from letter j to d, after i change the cdrom assign letter it never read any disc i insert. what will i do to make it read again?

Answer:cdrom cannt read any disc

do you have partitions on your hard drive?....just change it back to where it was before ......working..>

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I am trying to repair a client's PC, he downloads numerous programs to rip/write/download music, and recently his PC won't read cd's. The machine will register that a disc is in, ie it'll change icon into cdr or cd, but you can't access them, all that happens is you get the message that the disc is unformatted or unaccessable.


Now, the drives will read in safemode.

It's not VIA drivers, as I've already done all updates ie via, mbd, XP,DirectX.

I think it might be to do with the ASPI drivers but I don't know how to regrade them.

Any Ideas much appreciated.

Answer:CDROM nor CDRW will read cds when NOT in safemode?

I've had this problem with CD's that were created on a WIN98 system, could not read on XP Pro system.
Maybe the same problem ?


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Hello there.

Recently, I figured out that I had the Virut.Q virus, which is basically a polymorphic virus that spreads and infects all your .EXE and .SCR files. Basically, it's the terminal cancer of online viruses. Anyways, I hadn't noticed until like, two days (approx. estimate), when my friend notified me that there had been a virus in one of the files I had had. I quickly downloaded a free trial of NOD32 only to find that my whole system32 folder was infected. I had no option except to reformat, but here's the stupid part. I went on with deleting the whole system32 folder, because NOD32 had detected that the Virut.Q had infected every SINGLE file in it. So it deleted it. I turned off my computer, and as I expected, it wouldn't log in. So my friend lent me a CD-R with Windows XP Service Pack 2 on it, and I just got home and put it in. Of course, I was planning to reformat. The problem is that when I boot-up CD-ROM first, it'll say Verifying DMI something something, I forgot, and then on the bottom, it would say, Boot up CD...... From there I would assume it was working, but it just continues on. Basically, it skips the boot up, and continues on to start up Windows XP.

So here my question, do you think this problem is with the CD-R, because again, it is considered a "warez", or do you think my computer will not read any CD again, and it's a paperweight? Is there any possible way to fix this?

Answer:[SOLVED] Acer won't read CDROM...

Hi carlos, Welcome to TSF!

Have you tried to change the boot sequence in the BIOS for the machine to boot from the CD first?

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i got cdrom driver readd:\setup.exe win32\application error. it won` t install program

Answer:cdrom wont read all the data

Is the CD scratched or dirty?
What O/S?
How old is the machine?

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i wanted to install multi OS on my laptop.they are winXP and win7.i usually hide partitions between OS using mrbooter.but firstly i must succeeded entering DR-DOS.and now i have problem, DR-DOS cannot enter.just a blinking pointer.... :(Somebody please help...Thanks.

Answer:DR-DOS Problem, Caldera DOS cannot read my CDROM

There is no need to hide the OS partitions on a dual-boot setup.

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My cdrom won't read my cd/rw cd's. How can I fix this. I have an Acer CD/RW and a panasonic CDROM drive

Answer:CDROM wont read CDRW

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I have a Memorex utraspeed cd/rw installed in a p-4 Sony Vaio using Windows xp. I tried to back up using my Drive Image 7 software which I have used before on this pc with no problem. It failed with an error report EA39070D write failed. I tried new discs, same result. I tried reading a disc and it wont recognize that there is a disc inserted. It keeps asking for a disc to be inserted in the drive. I also have a cd-rom and it can read the same disc. It had been working fine. Any ideas? Should I just replace it?

Answer:CDROM wont read or write

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I was just wondering, what does a "multi-read CDROM drive" mean? I am writing to a CDRW on a HP CD WRITER PLUS 7200i, and Roxio EZ CD Creator 5 told me that since the CD is a CDRW, it can only be read on a multi-read CDROM Drive. What does this mean and how do I know if I have a multi-read CDROM Drive?

Answer:What is a multi-read CDROM Drive?

Hi ilusha2,
It means that your cdrom must be able to read CDRW's.Check the documentation with your cdrom drive. Or go to the manufacturers web site to get the specs. Im not sure but you should be able to read the CDRW on your CDRW drive.

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MY 16 bit dvd/cdrom drive can't read programme disks including Microsoft XP Home, though it will play music.In the registry HKEY_Current_User/auto setup/string Rez_SZ reads "please insert CDv1.OS Drivers in to CD-Rom"If this will cure the problem, can anyone please tell me how to do it. I'm using XP 512 Ram PC 133Many thanks

Answer:DVD/CDROM drive can't read disks

In my computer seclect the CD drive right click and select properties.Use the auto play tab -- then select in the box the type of files (first one is always music files)Select the action to take for these files (open a folder to view) you may have take no action set for for data files and this is why you can not access them

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I have a Plextor 16/10/40 set up on IDE 2 as Master, with a CDROM as IDE 2 slave.

The Plextor burns a CD well, and I have used direct CD as a drag/drop w/o trouble.
I transferred a number of Word docs to it easily.

Problem is, when I try to read or open the CD on the CDROM , it shows a folder, but
there are no files in the folders???

What am I doing wrong? If the Plextor opens the folders, why doesn't the CDROM.
I thinkI installed the UDF (or whatever it's called) reader correctly. Maybe I am confused
about "sessions", but I didn't encounter that during the drag and drop. Thanks!

Answer:Plextor Burns/CDROM won;t READ?

I am not an expert with cdrw's. Have you looked at the Plextor help site? If not, look at the links below:

The first link with info on closing the session my be important. I know that when using my hp cdrw, you can leave the recording session open and add more later. I think it will not write a directory of what is on the disk and thus not be able to read until the session is closed.

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I'm returning from a vacation in Tunisia and I can't read back my .jpg from a CDROM on which my pictures were downloaded overthere (in Tunisia). The CDROM was a RW that I brang from home and on which there was already a file, I still see this file on the CDROM but nothing else. I'm not sure of the OS, CD burner, etc that they used, but it was an old machine but still had a USB port. After burning the CD the guy was able to transfer one of my .jpg to the network in order for me to send a mail, prooving that the CD was working over there.
What can I do, try, in order to recover my files ?


Answer:Can't read back files written on a CDROM

Howdy dcarb035...

Not knowing what program that was used to burn it, you may try a UDF reader...,fid,6944,00.asp

But it sounds like it wasn't finalized...

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So I bought a ssd for my os yesterday.. I put in the install disk.. could not read disk error. I ended up making a bootable USB stick n put the disk on there using a different computer. I have checked the IDE connectionsat the drive and motherboard, no debris in the drives searched for a few hours about this with no results. Could it be possible my motherboards IDE port went out? Device manager picks up that they are on my computer. I just find it odd that 2 drives would fail at the exact same time. any advice is appreciated.

Answer:Cdrom/dvd drives wont read = bad mobo?

It could be your Motherboard.

It could also be driver related, or Bios version.

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Hi guys,
here is my problem:
I'm back from a vacation trip to Tunisia where we took a lot of numeric pictures. My camera memory card went full so I needed to download them to a CD-RW which I brang from home. The internet shop over there were using old machines (I'm not sure of the OS version...) but somehow they succeed dumping my .JPG to my CD using "the" network server, I saw the guy dragging my files to the CD, it took a while to burn. Afterward, since I needed to send one of the picture home, the guy copied one of the .jpg from the CD to the network and I succeeded to pick that file and send it home attached to a mail.
Now, I'm back home and I can't see the .jpg on the CD; I still see a txt file that was already on the CD when I left home. I've tried 5 differents computer (all running XP) and the results is the same, I can't see the .jpg

Help please!

Answer:Can't read back files written on a CDROM

You might try a program like ISO buster and see what it finds.

It sounds like they were using a packet writing driver, see if this Roxio UDF Volume Reader will read them. This appears like it may be a different version of the UDF Volume Reader. I'd try the new one first, then perhaps uninstall and try the old one.

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Hi, Whenever I write to a CD RW disc it save no problem, however, it saves with the read-only attribute in place and I can't remove it. I have documents on the disc which are updated on a regular basis, so I need to know how to prevent files being copied with this attribute.

Answer:Solved: Read-only attribute removal on CDrom

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I have an eMachine 600IS for a few months (10 gigs, 600mhz, and 159ram). The (Samsung)Cdrom has always been working fine (until yesterday) but now it just wouldn't read anything. I know it is still recognizable by the system but when I load a cd-rom in, it prompts "please insert a disc into Drive D:" I then check the the cds and they are all fine (no scratch or dirty). Can you please help?

Answer:{SOLVED} My CDROM is fine, it just wouldn't read

Hi Lbishop
If you have a windows 98 boot disk you can do a quick test to see if you have a hardware or software problem. Boot off the windows 98 disk and pick start computer with cdrom support. Then with a good cd in your drive (like your 98CD) enter DIR D: The drive should try to read and give you a listing of the files on the CD. If you get an error probably your CDROM drive is bad. You could try it in a different computer to make sure. If it is only a few months old it may still be under warenty.
Good Luck

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I'm lost on this one, could just help!!!
Computer was working fine when left on. Next morning there was a black screen that stated that windows could not load, "load needed dlls for Hal".
-Initially I tried to boot from a disc, but the system won't read ANY boot discs. I switched out CD drives with no change.
-Next I tried to boot in safe mode. I hit F8 to get the boot choices menu, but any attempt to moved the selection past normal boot freezes the menu.
-Next I pulled the hard drive and mounted it in a testing computer. I slaved it and was able to recognize and view the files on the drive. I ran chkdsk and it found errors, did recovery. I put the drive back into the original machine. No change
-Next I read up on hal.dll errors. One solution was to copy the hal.dll from a install disc. I did that (using testing PC, since I still can't get the other to recognize discs). Put drive back in. Now the computer automatically goes to the Boot Choices menu, but it still freezes if you try to select anything other than Normal boot. Normal boot still brings up HAL error.
-Next I rebuilt the bootmgr. Renamed old boot.ini, found windows installation, etc.
Now if I try to boot the clients HDD in the testing computer, it will go just past the splash screen before BSOD, which seems normal since it's a different computer. But in the client's machine it still won't boot (doing what I listed previously).
Should I attempt a repair install? This could be tough since I can't even get a CDROM to w... Read more

Answer:No boot, dlls needed for HAL?, CDROM not read

Never mind, I guess...turns out it was a dead stick of RAM...

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My need is to log all the activities done by the DVD writter and reader, on Windows Seven .
I don't have any external software to write data on a DVD (or CD).
I use only the Windows Explorer.
I want to know, through a log, the username and the data (files and folders names) read from a DVD and written to a DVD.

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Hi Folks,
I´m getting desperate now!! Have a dissitation I need to access off a cdrom (UJ-840S) on a Qosmio F20 running Windows Ultimate Vista.
A message says it is not connected even though it will read some CDs. Can someone assist please. When I insert the cd, it says it is blank and do I want to format it ????


Answer:UJ-840S CDROM in a Qosmio F20 does not read media properly

Try to install the latest chipset drivers from If that doesnt help, try to "uninstall" the dvd-rom and then let vista find it again... and if that doesnt help: maybe there is a new firmware for your burner? Which BIOS are you running by the way? Anyway your notebook is quite "old" when it comes to vista... are there vista drivers?

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WinXP pro logs on fully to the login screen where the PS2 keyboard then does not work. I can't type in login password.

In effort to get to a fix (I had decided to try a repair reinstall of XP), I tried to use a bootable disc (after doing the BIOS reset) and nothing will boot from the CD Rom drive.

How this Started:
My son got a new iPod Classic which runs on the newer version of iTunes. Installed iTunes 7.4 and computer crashed. Went to a restore point and got things back in order. Decided to get more RAM because I needed it and thought what was really happening was not enough room to load various processes at startup. Bought the RAM from Dell and installed (went from 256 to 1gig in two strips) and computer seemed to be fine recognizing the new RAM, etc. and running fine. Tried to install iTunes again leading to problems again. Tryed to do system restore again which this time failed/did not work. Got to the point described above where the login screen comes up but keyboard does not work, so I can't get in anywhere to do anything.

What I have done:
Checked and rechecked PS2 connection.
Tried another keyboard.

Tried SafeMode and I just keep getting in to the log in screen where the keyboard still does not work.

Pulled out the HDD and put it in a USB external enclosure. Works fine hooked up to my laptop. Copied out important files, etc.

Used my original OEM XP disk to create a slipstreamed version including SP2 and burned to a bootable disk. Checked to ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Keyboard Failure--CDrom won't read Boot Disk

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can anyone help me I have a HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L SCSI CdRom Device drive that no longer reads DVD's but has no problem reading CD's any idea why?. It use to in the past and i have made no changes to the driver, It seems this is not uncommon, I brought my computer second hand and it works fine but I don't have a warranty for the Drive will HP still give support and how do I contact them?.

Answer:HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L SCSI CdRom Device Won't read DVD anymore only CD's , Why?

You probably need a new drive. I doubt you will get support from HP, but look at

The easiest way to make sure the drive is at fault is to try it with a different operating system. That makes it clear whether it is Windows or hardware. try Ubuntu or Knoppix and boot them to run in memory so you can try the drive.

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Hi, thanks for clicking, i hope you can help.
Im using an old, once office networked PC. When i first got it it worked fine, but i occasionally got message "primary something atapi incompatible press F1 to continue" which i did and it started fine (i rarely get this message anymore).
However, after a while the cdrom stopped reading. I thought i'd try putting a cdrw from my other temporarily out of action PC, but that didnt work, even at the right jumper settings.
It started once in safe mode with the cdrw plugged in. But generally it gets to "searching for boot record from IDE-0" (which it always does) and goes no further. sometimes it then goes on to say insert floppy, which i dont have. i tried a windows 98 startup floppy but that didnt have the files it wanted.
If i unplug the cdrw it works fine.
The device manager doesnt recognise any cdrom, but the drivers are there.
If you can offer me any advice i would be delighted.
Yours. Matt.

Answer:CDROM prob > didnt read > cant install new > wont boot

Matt; Could the CD-rom be shot? Did you remove is and try using just the CD/RW by itself?

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Okay, same as the heading, but it reads music on CD's fine.

Drive:_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A

Answer:Same problem two issues? CDROM won't detect blank CDs, also won't read DVDs.

Try using an optical drive cleaner, you can purchase one at your local electronics store

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I have backed up several old games, such as starcraft...and when i pop them into either my cd/rw/dvdrom drive or the cd drive....they will not read, and if they do, it says theres nothing on them. please help. also, on the cdrw/dvdrom drive, when i put in warcraft 3 it just doesnt read at all. works fine on the other drive.

Answer:DVD/CDRW drive and CDROM drives will not read burned disks!

russian master said:

I have backed up several old games, such as starcraft...and when i pop them into either my cd/rw/dvdrom drive or the cd drive....they will not read, and if they do, it says theres nothing on them. please help. also, on the cdrw/dvdrom drive, when i put in warcraft 3 it just doesnt read at all. works fine on the other drive.Click to expand...

Your CD and DVD drives is not suitable for that kind of CD, or the material CD is not keep in a good condition.

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Here is a link to the EULA for Vista. Pay special attention to section 6. Look what windows defender can do!

Answer:Vista Eula Link Must Read!!! Read About What Windows Defender Will Do To You!

Nice. I had scrutinized it hard enough already with a steel hat, so I'm still safe.

Hehe, Veesta is a beast! Most corps, even NIST, MIT, UDoD and ASUS as the largest MB MFG detests it. Not fit for mass consumption eh.

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The computer whirs & loads media cds, nothing happens, the device manager is listed aslite-on DVDRW SHW-16358.This is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.

Answer:Is it my pc, or Windows 7? Wont read media, but will read music cds

How old is the Optical drive ? ?They fail...and they dont build them like they used to.QuoteThis is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.Also the above is unclear...are you saying you installed Win7 to this Gateway ? ?If so did you remember to DLoad and install the Win7 drivers for the PC ? ?

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Hello folks,
Out of no where, when I try to install things from my CD-R it tells me that I have a program error with the file isset_se. Now, when this happens it is when; let's say: I have already clicked through the option screen (pretend) and I choose to install. It only says this when I want install. I can play music just fine, burn cds just fine, and I can explore on cds just fine. I just can't install. I have dont multiple searches on my computer for the files and I couldn't find it.
When the message pops up I can either choose to exit or ignore. When I click ignore...The screen pops right back up. So i keep on clicking and the screen just keeps popping up. Finally it creates an "illegal operation and will be shut down"<- After that I click on Details and I get this:
ISSET_SE caused a general protection fault
in module _S327.EXE at 0001:0000356e.
EAX=000002b4 CS=5e5f EIP=0000356e EFLGS=00000202
EBX=00000000 SS=5e57 ESP=000054f2 EBP=810e54fe
ECX=00000262 DS=5e57 ESI=000019a7 FS=0000
EDX=810d19a7 ES=0000 EDI=000019a7 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 ff 77 1a 56 51 6a 00 9a 50 03 5f 01 c4 5e 04
Stack dump:
19a7009b 00046039 19a70262 33c15514 00000000 19a70262 00000052 2d9d552a 552a5e5f 00042dac 00e519a7 00015975 00045e57 5e5719a7 094d5705 00005e5f
Hehe, hopefully someone can help. I have Plextor CD-RW and i have the latest updates. I got the latest updates after the problem started.

Answer:CDrom or Windows? Or Both?

Try this this

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I know they are connected correctly and before I formatted I used them no problem.
But after a format using a custom XP cd, my backup HD and cdrom isn't visable.

Answer:Why would windows not see a HD and cdrom?

Are the recognized by the BIOS? Are the IDE or SATA? Do you have your chipset drivers loaded? What exactly do you mean by custom? I hope that doesn't mean a disc that you made with nLite, and removed some necessary components.

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Someone please help, I have just loaded windows 98 on an IBM 330pl. I set the bios to boot from my cd rom first and it does without a problem, I load Windows and everything is going well until windows finds new devices and the drivers are on a cd. Windows doesn't recognize my cd drive at all even though it loaded from there. I'm pretty knowledgable about computers but I may need some help please. By the way I know all the connections are there and the drive is working fine as I've tested it in another machine


Answer:I can load windows 98 from my cdrom, but once loaded windows can't find cd drive

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried going to your cd drive`s manufacturers site and downloading the latest firmware etc?

I`m not saying that this will help but it might!!

Regards Howard

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Using W95 and when I put in CD Roms which are of the auto run type they will not auto run. Is there somewhere to turn this feature off and on? Thanks.

Answer:Windows 95 CDROM Problem

Right-click on the "My Computer" iconClick the "Device Manager" tab. Open the "CD-ROM" branch (click the + ), and Click on the entry for your CD-ROM drive.Click "Properties" button, then Click the "Settings" tab. Turn off or on (checked is ON) the "Auto insert notification" option.Click "OK" button, and then "OK" button again. Click "Start" button, Click "Shut Down..."Check "Restart the computer?"Click "Yes" button.and if that doesn't work then aurorun may need to be fixed to do so follow instructions on the link belowclick here

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hello everyone! I got a really strange problem with my CDROm. i Turned on my computer this morning and there showed no signs of my cd-rom responding. I put a cd in and nothing booted. My computer didnt show the drive. Whats wrong?

Answer:CDrom not showing within windows?

Does the drive show up in BIOS ?

Have you installed any new applications recently, especially cd burning tools.

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Has any one made a Windows bootdisk on a CDROM? Please advise.

Answer:Windows bootdisk CDROM?

Im not sure if this is what your talking about, but I use UBCD to boot and fix things. Head over here to their forum on UBCD4Win. Some pretty good info.

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How do I start from the cdrom in Windows XP? I have a dell inspiron 4000.

Answer:Start from cdrom windows xp

Enter BIOS ( Setup ) and make sure the CD/ROM the first boot device. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals including any external keyboard and mouse,

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from cd" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate the ones you want and proceed to formating and installing XP

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up.

This is a good guide for reinstalling on a Dell: Procedures.htm#Install

This is also a good guide to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print it for reference during the install.

You will have to reload drivers and applications, After the installation, you will need to download and install the MicroSoft Critical Updates. Alternately, this would be a good time to install SP-2, while windows is clean. Prior to connecting to the internet be sure you enable the XP firewall.

If you want to save your files and settings, you can use the XP Files and Settings Transfer (FAST) wizard to create an image of them and save to cd or other removable media. This is a good guide to using the FAST wizard. Just be sure you have an up-to-date antivirus before you re-instate them!... Read more

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My XP Pro system has gotten confused about the drive letters (and maybe more than just the letter) for the CDROM (HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B) and DVD drives. - It’s a very long story. One result of this is it thinks my CDROM (M drive) is now read only - I can no longer use it for backups. I've been debugging my problem for about five months. The other day I thought I'd try to reload/update the driver. I downloaded a more recent driver from Dell and ran it but I get an error. During the pre-flash verifications, it passed FW model name, FW protocol, check sum, and drive model name. It failed at Drive Protocol and says it’s “unknown”. So how can I install a new driver? Actually what I think I really have is a problem in the registry or some other configuration file. I have run SystemWorks but I doesn't look for the tough stuff. Is there a great registry checker? Or is there a way to have the registry remap all the drives or totally clean out all reference to these drive and start fresh?

Answer:Windows confulsed about CDROM

You could uninstall them in device manager and have windows xp re-detect them.

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I hope someone can help!I have been trying to load windows on an oldish Fujitsu/Siemens laptop.I foolishly reformatted the hdd thinking I could load it straight from CD but my problem is that the ext USB cdrom is not shown in bios. Only the ext USB floppy is so I can boot from windows startup disk but the drivers are not applicable to the USB cdrom. I have tried downloading drivers but ths seems to involve editting the config.sys files in dos and this is where I get stuck.Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance..

Answer:loading windows from USB cdrom

Found this.. click hereSee if any of that makes sense.

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Hey Guys!

For some reason I cannot access both my CDROMS in Windows XP!!

I am able to boot from Norton System Works 2003 CD so they are working in DOS mode.

I checked in Device Manager and they are showing flagged with an exclamation Sign.

Any ideas (I don't feel like re-installing Windows XP!!).

Thanks in advance

Answer:Both CDROM Not Accessable in Windows

Hi and welcome. Does the exclamation mark give you any clue as to what is wrong?

You might try removing them and rebooting and allowing Windows to find them again.

Or, if they were working recently, try a system restore back to another day.

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its a brand new 50x cd rom drive, it works perfectly under win98/win2k, however in XP it pauses my computer for about 30 seconds when I insert a CD, half the time it'll detect the cd, sometimes it still thinks the previous cd is still in..i tried turning on DMA, i tried turning off the autoplay features, i tried switching around the jumpers, i also tried running with just the cdrom( i have a cdrw connected that works perfectly )

btw I have a brand new computer so I don't believe it has anything to do with the hardware, I was thinking maybe an IRQ conflict but the device manager says there is not one..does anyone know whats wrong? would appreciate any help.

Answer:CDROM doesnt work under Windows XP

first make sure you don't have any 16bit drivers loading in autoexec.bat or config.sys.
second, your drive my simply not work with xp; check microsoft's hardware compatability page ( forget the link) for more information.

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Hey everybody, let me start off by saying that I have built a few computers before without much trouble, but I've hit the wall with this one. I'm rebulding a friends old computer which had windows 95, so the first thing I did was install windows 98...I didn't notice this at first until I tried to hook that harddrive into the new computer, and Windows doesn't show me as having any CDROM drive. At first I thought it might be a problem with motherboard or something like that, but I then hooked it back into the original computer, and lo and behold, no CDROM there either!!! I know all connections are fine, the BIOS recognizes it at boot, and if I use a startup disk, I can access the CDROM from, it seems to me that Windows itself is the problem. Everything worked fine until I upgraded to 98. I checked in the device manager, no CDROM listed at all. Is there something I can do to get it to recognize it? And if I uninstall 98 back to 95 (I saved the old OS), will the CDROM reappear so that I can at least continue on with the rest of the building? PLEASE, anybody with answers, I need them quickly, it would be VERY much appreciated!!

Answer:{SOLVED} Windows won't recognize CDROM!!!!

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My son and I have the same laptop; this is info for mine. So, except for the difference in Hard Drive remaining space..?

I bought, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Sports Edition Cd-rom for him; it downloads but won't play. I tried compatibility mode but didn't seem to help. Is there anything I can do so he can play the CD..? I don't know a whole lot about computers but can follow instructions fairly well, (if clear).

Thank you in advance to all who may be able to help...

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3682 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 281973 MB, Free - 244778 MB; D: Total - 22481 MB, Free - 2280 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 188B
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:CDrom Game - 95/95/Me - Can I Get It To Work in Windows 8..?

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. You are best waiting on this issue until you have the problem on your other topic sorted.

3. That game unless you know differently was introduced in November 2000.
It is highly unlikely you will successfully run it on Windows 8.
According to reports it would not run on Windows 7.
In all honesty as a sale item NOW the game is dead it can be bought for less than 1$
If it will not run in compatibility mode from the CD, there is a slight chance that if you copy the CD contents to a folder in your program files and then in the folder

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then tap Search.
(If you're using a mouse, point to the top-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, then click Search.)
Enter the name of the program in the search box, press and hold (or right-click) the search result, and then tap or click Open file location.
Press and hold (or right-click) the program icon, tap or click Properties, and then tap or click the Compatibility tab.
Select one or more of the settings (see the table below for more info).
If you want to apply the settings for that program to all accounts on the PC, tap or click Change settings for all users. You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice
SO opening the folder after copying from the CD the files right click the setup or run icon for the program and follow as above
... Read more

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Hi All:
I am running Win 2K Pro on a ThinkPad 600x running 128 MB RAM. Yes...outdated & slow, but works great for surfing the web. It has a removable CD ROM drive that Windows (or the system BIOS, for that matter) does not see upon booting up. I actually have two identical CDROM drive; both drive lights go on at power up, and I can eject a drive to load a CD, and the drive light blinks as if it reads the CD, and I can hear it spinning up. The same thing happens for each drive, so I think they are both working.

When I boot the notebook, I can get into the system BIOS & force the boot sequence to look at the CD prior to the hard drive. If I load a bootable CD, nothing appears to happen...the PC boots right to the hard drive, so it appears that it goes right over the CDROM. According to what I have read, there is supposed to be a test option in the BIOS and an option for CDROM, but my notebook doesn't have the test feature (figures!).

I have links to the IBM site for this model, but there doesn't appear to be anything to try that I haven't already. I haven't tried installing MSCDEX for DOS support, basically because I have to make a bootable floppy (or CD-!) in order to run it. And I do not have a floppy on the notebook.

Finally, I'd like to point out that when in Windows, there is no conflict in device manager, etc. Just no CDROM drive. But (and here is some weirdness that may or may not be related), under My Computer, I have the C drive AND ... Read more

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ok last night my trial for windows finally expired(old cd i had lying around, procrastiated, finally bought windows xp pro. I deleted all the partitions on my hd, made a new partition, tried to make windows run. It gets to the point where i have to restart and it says it will continue setup. It restarts, then gets to the windows screen where has a checklist, and it's on "installing windows". thats were it freezes. the progress bar stops moving n stuff. I've tried it about 5 times, then tried my trial windows cd again. That fails now too. same thing. i took out my cd drive and cleaned the laser thingy, same thing. When im setting up windows, i choose the NTFS FILE SYSTEM (QUICK) cause its much faster. i tried the other this morning and same thing. whats wrong or what am i doing wrong?

Answer:windows xp/home/pro troubles..hd or cdrom?

download the windows 98 oem bootdisk from and fdisk it and then format it and then install xp

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I have 2 CDROMS and 2 hard drives. On one drive I see both CDROMs on the computer and they both read and write. On the first booting drive I only see 1 CDROM. So far I've tried Mr. Fix It and that doesn't seem
to recognize the drive. I've also edited the REGEDIT and removed the filters and that does not work, I've copied the registry from the drive that recognizes both drives onto the one the doesn't and that doesn't recognize it. It doesn't even look like it's powered when I'm on that drive because I can't open the door by pressing the eject button. I tried adding a device but it doesn't recognize it to be added. Device manager doesn't show it listed. Do you have any procedures that I could try please.

Answer:Windows CDROM not regognized on computer

Quote: Originally Posted by WaltB32

...I've copied the registry from the drive that recognizes both drives onto the one the doesn't and that doesn't recognize it. It doesn't even look like it's powered when I'm on that drive because I can't open the door by pressing the eject button.

Little confused. You boot on 1 or another hard drive with different or same OS?
Not ejecting may indicate it's being in use or trying to use.
Hope my confusion doesn't confuse you.

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Hope I can get help with the following:

I'm trying to do a fresh install of windows xp on a pc with no cdrom drive so I need the usb cdrw to be recognised in DOS. I've downloaded the USBASPI.SYS and DI1000DD.SYS and made changes to config.sys and autoexec.bat but my cd drive is still not being recognised. After selecting option 1 to sart computer with usb cdrom support I'm getting the following;

This driver is provided by Oak Technology, Inc.,
OTI-91X ATAPI CD-ROM device driver, Rev D91XV352
(C)Copyright Oak Technology INc. 1987-1997
Device Name : MSCD001
No drives found, aborting installation

ASPI Manager for USB mass-storage Version 2.06
(C)Copyright Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. 2000-2003

Controller :00-20-2 VID=8086h PID=7112h (0000h-0000h)UHCI
: I/O 2020h-203Fh
USB Device : HOST [00-20-2 VID=8086h PID=7112h (0000h-0000h) UHCI]
: ^--nothing
ERROR : Target USB device not found

USB CD-ROM Device Driver Version 1.00
(c)Copyright Panasonice Communications Co., Ltd. 2000-2003
ASPI Manager Not Installed.
CD-ROM Device Driver is not installed.

DI1000 ASPI DISK Driver Ver 2.00
Copyright(C)2001 NOVAC Co.,Ltd.

ASPI Manager not installed.

Microsoft RAMDrive version 3.06 virtual disk D:
Disk size: 2,048k
Sector size: 512 bytes
Allocation unit : 2 sectors
Directory entries : 64

File not found

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Can I install fresh Windows on pc with no cdrom by using usb cd?

I think your mobo would have to support USb bootable device.

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My CDROM/DVD Drive is not being seen by Windows 10 how do I fix this

Answer:DVD/CDROM drive not recognised in Windows 10

Start - Power - Restart (not shutdown)

if that doesn't work then
No CD/DVD or CD-ROM access is missing error Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 39, or Code 41
Try this if the optical drives are not appearing in My Computer or Device Manager.
(This is sometimes caused by the removal of Roxio or other writing software.)
click here and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate to where you saved it and double click the file to extract the contents. Locate the EXE file you extracted and double click it. A confirmation dialog will appear when the script is done. You may need to reboot for the change to take effect.
This utility is only intended for Windows® XP, but also appears to work for Vista and Windows 7.
You may need Administrator level access to use this utility. If you do not have Administrator level access, the program will say it is finished, but will not have made any changes.
Similar fixes
click here works for W7 Vista or XP
click here manual fix
Run regedit and navigate to registry key
HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
Highlight it and in the right pane, find the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values.
Highlight each one in turn, right click and delete them.
Close regedit and restart the computer.
If in doubt make a restore point before making changes.

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Hi a friend asked me to try to fix his computer but I am not sure what to do. He had tons of spyware programs on it I did a scan with both adaware and spybots&d, but the main problem still remains windows isn't detecting his cdrom or cdrw. I have tried updating drivers and it says that there are no cdroms installed. I opened the tower to see if a wire had come lose but they all seem to be intact. Is there anyone out there who thinks they could help me?

Answer:Windows isn't detecting my Cdrom or cdrw?

Do they show in Device Manager? If so, remove both devices. Remove any associated software. Do a "cold" reboot. In other words, shutoff the computer, unplug it from the electricity for a couple of minutes, plug the power cord back up and turn the system on. If Windows "finds new hardware" have the floppies/cds ready to install when called for. Restart computer. After installing the drivers, make sure in Device Manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers that both the Primary and Secondary IDES have DMA enabled under the Advanced Settings tab. If everything is okay, re-install any associated software with the latest updates. If none of this works, try a new cable.

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Ok, I've been working on computers for over 15 years now and im not a novice but my no means a pro. Recently I reinstalled XP Professional on my system and all was well. I took another HD with an alternate OS and swaped it in while removing ALL other boot drives and secondaries out. The alternate OS worked,so i plugged back in my original HD's, now suddenly WINXP32 Pro wont boot at all unless i have the opriginal install CD in the CDROM.

I get an error that says: BOOT DISK NOT AVAILABLE, PLEASE INSERT A VALID BOOT DISK. Or something very similar. If the Install CD of WINXP32 is not in the CDROM drive it will not go into windows, if it is then it works. I've tried doing an FIXMBR and FIXBOOT as well as an Automated System Recovery but to no avail. Any help from you saavys would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows only Loads when WINXP CD is in CDROM

if you've been working on computers for 15 years then you should know why Windows will only load from a CDROM.....

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Well some how my cdrom drivers got corrupted. My Sony CDRW doesn't work, and daemon tools doesn't work, so I cant even play my backups.

So I went to Sonys website and it says that my model crx216e uses the standard windows atapi drivers. Well I cannot find them anywhere. When ever I get close, the download link sends me to Microsoft windows update. Searching there gives me nothing.

I would reformat, but I have too much stuff, and I don't have a free hd.

So if anyone can help me, I would really apreciate it.

Answer:Standard windows CDROM drivers

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Hi guys, I'm new and hope this is the right place to post this question. Can anyone tell me, if the "Microsoft Windows Anytime Upgrade - Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional Operating System Software" that you see addvertised everywhere, is a CDrom or download application. Seems silly to me they would sell us a box just to find download instructions inside but...

Answer:Windows 7 Upgrade CDrom of Download

I have never done an Anytime Upgrade, but what you'd get would be a license key. The necessary components are already supposed to be present in a Home Premium installation. The Anytime Upgrade key turns them on. That's why the process is supposed to take 10 minutes or less.

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Can't play CDs dvds after upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. What must I do?

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I had some problems with viruses so i was trying to reinstall my Windows XP. The cdrom worked fine at the first reinstalation. But my windows cd wasnt working properly so some files couldnt be found. Then i tried reinstaling it again, which worked this time but my antiviruses (tried AVG and avast) keep having problems and sometimes, when i log in, there would be a message saying: "windows has encountered a serious problem". Then i tried uninstaling AVG then in the middle of the uninstallation, the computer rebooted by itself.

I thought that maybe its my windows XP cd problem. so i took another windows XP cd and tried to reinstall windows again. But this time, Bios wouldnt reconise my CDrom (its written: no optical drive) and i cant boot from CD. But in Windows XP, it clearly shows my Cdrom in "My computer" and it can read my windows CD just fine.

So now im lost and don't no what i can do. help T.T

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I am currently reinstalling win98 on older computer... my original bootdisk had drivers for cdrom on it, but that boot-floppy was deleted in error, so now i have a non os system with non working cdrom. I created a bootdisk from and located the cdrom driver for the oti-91x cdrom from oak technology and put that on my boot disk. I reboot system with bootdisk and it doesn't recognize cdrom. I have tried different drivers for oak technology cdroms and it never accepts it. Do i need to do something in bios to reset cdrom. I have tried unplugging cdrom and replugging it in system, but just won't recognize cdrom. I assume, without the cdrom working, i can't reload win98, because my floppy is the only working device. Do I need to add something in the autoexec.bat and config.sys on boot floppy. I can send a view of my current data in my auto and config .sys if needed. Please help. Thanks By the way, my hard drive has already been reformatted, so my data is gone on hd.

Answer:windows 98 reinstall without cdrom drivers???

I'm going to assume you have a second system so with that in mind, do the following:

go here,, read a little about what you need to do, and then build the disk. It's really easy and I say read a bit cause if I tell you how to do it, it's like giving the fish to the guy. He will only eat for a day wheras you learn a little then you can eat all year...
Good Luck

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I recently received a hand-me-down pc with a CDRom/DVD which worked fine. It runs on Windows 2000 sp4. I installed a CDRom-RW from my older computer and since then have not been able to read cds. The computers registers that they exists, states that the correct drivers are installed but when I put in a cd rom and click on the icon, I get the message: "The disk in drive E: is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Both drives, (E and F), give the same message with their respective drive letters no matter kind of CD in input.
The drives are installed master and slave correctly. Both drives will play music cds just fine.


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I recently ran an AVG test and got :

"";"C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\cdrom.sys";"Trojan horse Crypt.ANVH";"Object is white-listed (critical/system file that should not be removed)"

As my one and only problem.
It is white listed and is supposed to be crucial to operation.

Am I being trolled?

Edit : Also, my machine often has 100% CPU spikes for long periods of time and then goes down for a while only to start up again. I checked my Task Manager's processes as well as used Process Explorer to try to find a culprit, but no process shows up. can this virus be the root of the 100% CPU spikes?

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Window XP was changed Window7.Installation is ok but couldn't find CD drive.cpu -AMDRAM- GhzCD drive-Slimtype DVD A DS8A1P ATA DevicePls, Help me to find CD ROM

Answer:CDROM drive missing after windows 7 upgrade

Did you perform a clean install or install on top of XP? Microsoft recommends a clean install when going from XP to 7.Did you install the motherboard chip set and other drivers?

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I several computers, one of which is a year old Toshiba running windows vista.

For about the past week, it has not been loading the driver (s) for the dvd drive. And it says, error loading driver.

I tried fixing through device manager by deleting the driver, and trying download from toshiba, with no effect. When I restart the computer, it just tries to load the old driver.

In the good ol days, I know that you could delete a driver out of windows, and copy/paste a new one into the drivers file. When I tried that under Windows Vista, I got a ......I didn't have permission to do that, regardless of whether I was the admin or not!

The drive works as far as having power....and the traying going in and out. The last time I used it, the computer froze up watching a superman dvd movie.


Answer:A corrupt Windows Vista cdrom.sys driver

Run a system file checker on that PC.

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I am attempting to install windows xp onto my computer. I have had the os on my computer in the past, but there was missing files so I needed to reinstall the os. I formated the hard drive and now when the computer boots up the computer is saying cdrom failure and cannot read from the cdrom drive to install windows xp. I have also tried using the 6 boot discs but again on boot disc 3 the setup states there is an error on line 4. I am trying to figure out why the computer is stating cdrom failure thus being unable to read from my cdrom drive to install windows xp. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6067 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 913 GB (646 GB Free);
Motherboard: Acer, EA50_HB
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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hey whats up my peeps been a while but anyways ive got this problem ok at first i had 2000 on my pc ok but it was giving me alot of prblems so i uninstalled 200 and put xp on right in the midle of istallation these messages were poping up saying device install error. windows could not load installer for cdrom contact youre hardware vendore same message for for battery and diskdrive ive never had this happen to me i dont know if um using fix it utility might of took a file out or what but can someone please help me out on this thank you verrymuch

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Dear Friends,

Sorry to post such thing, but i'm kind of a newbie...

I was crawling the net and I found a very old post here (2000) skysurf was being helped by LarryCore... Now I have the same problem...

I was trying to revive my old Toshiba Libretto 110CT from scratch. (It has it's HD formated) but I can make the Port (st24xcdr) PCMCIA drive to work...

I've loaded it's drive in the config.sys like:

device=a:\st24xcdr.sys /d:arccd01

This was made on the Floppy drive made by the st24xcdr.exe file downloaded from (late Targus).

As I saw in the 2000 post (skysurf and LarryCore) I probably should load the PCMCIA drivers in the config.sys but... I don't have them... So I don't know what to load...

I've tried a generic driver from CardSoft... It's install software changed the config.sys to several calls to the PCMCIA drivers, then I've inserted "device=a:\st24xcdr.sys /d:arccd01" but boot didn't recognize the file (The file is there !)... The Install Software probably installed the drivers in the HD, but after it didn't work I've formated the HD again.

I really don't know what's best but I was wondering if I could run everything from the floppy drive...

I'm trying to make the to CD work to Install Windows.

Can somebody help me ?


Answer:Reloading Windows using PCMCIA CDROM drive

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Well i've been searching all day for an answer and yet didnt find any..
The problem i have is that i have to install winXP into a notebook hard disk of 40GB. But that notebook doesnt have CDROM nor Floppy drive.
My idea was to put that HD in another notebook wich i have and has CDROM and then copy the winXP intalling filed into it. Once done take out the HD and put it back into the noteboke which dont have drives.
The problem is that i dont know how to do it and if it works..
Any other ideas ?????
Please help...

Thank you.

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I previously had a MSI K8N Neo4-F, but I just replaced it with a DFI LanParty UT nf4 SLI-DR Expert.
I got everything working and stuff, and I want to reinstall my Windows X64.
I put the CD in the master Optical Drive.

I go into the BIOS and I set the settings to this:

First Boot Device: CDROM
Second Boot Device: Disabled
Third Boot Device: Disabled
Boot Other Device: Disabled
Swap Floppy Drive: Disabled

I save and exit the BIOS
It boots and what not... It says:
"Press any key to boot from CD"
I press enter
It goes to the page where it's asking me if I want to boot up:
Windows X64 Professional
Windows XP Home

(I previously had XP Home on the hard drive I am using)

Here's the problem... My keyboard does NOT work. It won't recognize me pressing enter or f8 or anything.

Then it loads the windows thing after the 30 second timer runs out.
And it says Windows is experiencing problems or something during the launch/boot

It says whether I wanna boot into Safe Mode, etc.
But it has a timer as well and says if I don't choose anything, it will boot normally. Sadly, my keyboard doesn't work during this. Consequently, it boots normally and fails to boot.

I'm not quite sure what to do...

All advice is greatly appreciated!!!

PS- The Windows CD is not scratched in any way.

Answer:Can't reinstall Windows X64: Problems booting from CDROM

is the keyboard USB or PS2?
do you have another keyboard to test, I.E. your parents?

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My computer crashed!!! Now I put my WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION disc in to reboot,but when it comes to the SETUP page....and asks me to press enter (when the cd is in the drive)or quit(F3) I hit ENTER but my cd rom seems not to be reading it because it returns back to this page.Can someone tell me what is the problem and the solution to it?

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition-cdrom NOT reading!

Take the disc out & cleaning it?
See if that helps.

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I have a new PC with an 800MHz Athlon, 256 RAM and Windows Me. The CDROM that came with it is a generic 56X and it loads programs VERY well, however, when I put a music CD in it, the Media Player locks up the whole system. Is this an Me problem or is the CDROM junk? Is it possible that there is something wrong with the Media Player? Is this a common concern? Me is new to me so I am not sure. The music cd is pre-recorded and store bought and does not have problems in a regular stereo.

Answer:CDROM locks up Windows Media Player

Windows media player 7 had some bugs in it. Even after extensive beta testing. Sign online, open your media player, go to help and then click on the "check for player upgrades". This will install the bugfixes as well as upgrade you to the latest and "greatest" media player 7. Same crap happened to me. This fixed it. You may want to do it at night if you are on a dialup, the download can be huge.

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I installed a new cd-rom in my son's computer yesterday, & now it won't boot to windows, but if I unplug it & restart it, it will boot into windows in safe mode. What is the problem with this? Can you tell me if it's an easy fix? I've checked all the cables-everything is tight. I also told it that I wanted the boot sequence to be hard drive, then floppy, then cd. Why will it boot under safe mode, but not regularly? Thanks so much, Magickal

Answer:windows wont boot after cdrom install

How did you install the new CDRom drive. Was it on the same cable as the hard drive? If so then make sure the jumper on the CDRom drive is set to slave. Let us know.

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