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XCOPY - copying data from master to slave

Question: XCOPY - copying data from master to slave

Hi guys:

Have an HP Pavilion with a 4 GB master hard drive. Just installed a Maxtor 20 GB as slave (formatted and everything - works fine). I'd like to copy the contents of the master to the slave to use the new 20 GB as master (and use the 4 GB elsewhere). I inserted my boot disk and at the DOS prompt typed in XCOPY /? and keep getting an error message. Any ideas? It keeps telling me "CDR101: Not ready reading drive F: Abort/Retry/Fail" My master drive is C and my slave is D.

Thanks for your help!!

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Preferred Solution: XCOPY - copying data from master to slave

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: XCOPY - copying data from master to slave

not sure about the error message

why not use maxtors software to copy the drives, it's free to download or if you got the installation disk with the drive you already have it. Part of maxblast
EZ-Copy lets you make an exact duplicate of your existing hard drive

Or you could download ezdrive from here in the utilities section

command line switches for xcopy

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How easy is it for me to set up a second HD in my computer, so as to copy some files across from another?

IE: Once i've connected one as a slave & the other the master, how in dos do i get to see which drive is labelled what?
Is it so straight forward as to just connecting the second drive, turning on PC, going into dos & saying "copy these files to here"?

ANY help greatly appreciated please!

Thank you.


Answer:Setting up a master & slave drive for copying files across.

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Hello again,
My 120g HD (master) is not acting right for the last couple days (revving like it's stuck in low-gear) and I'm afraid it will only get worse.

My HP came with XP Pro pre-installed (3+yrs now) & have no disk, and while I of course have a "work around" for this part of the problem - I'd just as soon NOT go through the endless updates, etc.

My OS, book keeping (QB), mucho software, etc, is all here in a nice neat compartment - updated and configured exactly as I'd have it...and I would like to keep it that way.

I have a 250g (SATA) slaved on a separate controller (obviously) used primarily for vid/storage and mostly empty, but I'm not sure if this will help me at all.
Also my 120 is "D:\" and my 250 is "C:\ " ...that's right - you heard me...long story.

Is it possible to take the whole she-bang and plop it on another drive and still have it function? Am I an idiot?

Yes, I searched this and didn't find a close enough scenario for my comfort.
Yes, I recognize this might potentially be categorized as an XP query.
and Yes, I really am grateful to you for taking the time to school me on this one.

Answer:My master HD (ide) may be dying...can I move the data to slave (sata)?

You ought to be able to drag the entire content of your 120 gb hard drive onto your 250 gb hard drive without any problems... I can't say for certain, but I think it wouldn't have any problems.

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Hello,Just looking for some help with Excel.Im looking at the easiest way to copy data from multiple workbooks into a master workbook. Basically I shall have a master spreadsheet, which will contain (for example 100) questions, I will then email that to 10 people.Person one will complete questions 1-10, person two will complete 11-20 and so on.They will then email their sheets back to be so i will have 10 sheets that need to be collated into there anyway of automating something like this?

Answer:Excel? Copying data from many sheets to a master

Copy and Paste? In the time it would take to setup anything more compicated you might as well just copy and paste the data into one sheet.

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I re-installed W XP on the master hard and the slave hard isn't no more recognized and when I try to access it, it's asking me if I want to format it.
With the first W XP (before to re-install it), the slave had the letter E:/ and the DVD the letter D:/. After I re-install it, they switched the letters, the slave has now the letter D (I can change it in COMPUTER MANAGEMENT) and the DVD has the letter D:/.

I moved the slave hard on another computer, also as slave, and it's recognized but it's asking me to format it. What happened and is it possible somehow to recuperate the data I had on it? It was a new hard drive and unfortunately I moved on it all my documents, before re-installing W XP.

When I re-install the new system, I installed it on the same hard drive, even in the same folder!! The rest of the files on the primary hard are intact... but all the data on the slave drive are gone... can anybodey help me?

Thank you!!!

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I bought a new hardrive 6 months ago and installed it as the slave. I've been having tons of problems with that configuration, and want to change the newer/bigger hardrive (current slave) to master, and the older/smaller hardrive (current master) to slave. Do I need to completely reformat both hardrives? Is there a way to do it without losing all of my data (or having to back it up) and having to reinstall every program I have? I'm guessing that will be necessary, but wanted to check before I started. Thanks! Ryan

Answer:Master to slave, slave to master question

You only need to change the jumpers on both drives and set your BIOS to boot from disk2.

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We have an existing installation of HPDM 4.6 SP4 consisting of a master server and two child servers.Now, the office location that has the master server will be closed down and the server will be decommissioned.One of the two existing child servers will become the new master.  All 3 are currently functioning asHPDM Gateways.  The repositories are already sychronized. What will I have to do to make this change in the server install?

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I would like to copy the existing OS & Apps from the Master Hard Drive, then exchange the drive. Are there Freeware out there I can use Or can I use DOS command to diskcopy c: d:

Answer:Copy Mstr DRV To Slave, then SLave Become's Master

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I am stuck in a rutt and I need some help out. Please Help...

What I am working with:

1 Western Digital HD (WD Caviar) 40 G
1 Samsung SP1203N 120 G
Foxconn MB -- S650 344xp526 10904
Bios -- Award Bios/ 01/09/2004 - SiS 650 6A6IXFK9C-00

What I am trying to do:

Master Western Digital HD
Slave Samsung

What I have done:

Verified jumpers on HD's are correct
Verified wiring correct
Deleted partition on Disk Managment
Set partition
Format with Win XP disk (didn't install on slave)

What is wrong:

I can only see part of the disk capacity on the slave drive. It shows in BIOS and Disk Manager as 32 G...supposed to be 120 G. I have deleted the partition and redone it...

Any suggestions?

Answer:Master/Slave -- Slave Capacity not Recognized

If your computer uses drive overlay software for large hard disk support, do not use the Windows XP Setup program to partition or to format the drive until you have verified Windows XP compatibility with the software manufacturer. If you do not know whether you have drive overlay software installed, contact the software manufacturer before you continue.Click to expand...


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xcopy c:\ d:\ /h/i/c/k/e/r/y

i never heard of this

is there some big advantage?

does it get "jammed"

like now when i try to slide or copy files from xp documents into external drive all files do that except stuff like "unused desktop shortcuts" and one other like music or pictures and many times stuff wont copy so you have to click skip

Answer:copying files with xcopy c:\ d:\ /h/i/c/k/e/r/y

with xcopy c:\ d:\ /h/i/c/k/e/r/y it started up but id hate it if it jammed after 2 hours--it looked like it would take 4 hours on the slow computer

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Are there any parameters to xcopy I need to enter to make it copy folders? I was of the understanding that it would copy folders automatically.


Answer:xcopy not copying folders

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I'm having a bit of an issue with xcopy when using it to copy data to a share on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.Not that I thought it could be a problem, but you'll spot that the interesting point here is that the xcopy can not be run to copy from an external (network) source to an internal hdd; instead it's copying to an external (network) source from an internal hdd.The issue.... well, the /d switch seems to be totally ignored in the following xcopy:xcopy e:\www\htdocs\*.* /S /T /E /Y /D /C l:\www\htdocs\*.*xcopy e:\www\htdocs\*.* /S /Y /D /C l:\www\htdocs\*.*Where e:\ is a local hdd and l:\ is mapped to a share on the NAS.Instead of copying to the NAS only those files that have been modified, on every occasion this xcopy command copies everything. I've never experienced this issue when the xcopy command is run to copy from the network to the local hdd.You'll note that I'm not taking in to account the achive bit here. This is for reasons similar to that explained in an article that'll you'll find if you click here.Any revelations of similar experiences and workarounds would be much appreciated. :-)

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I have 2 HDD on my xp computer.  I pulled it out of another computer.  I see it when on my computer as D.Problem is, it only shows 5 gig total space, which it isn't.  I want to set it up so that I can use it to copy the files and programs I need to save, then resotre my C drive to factory specs and hopefully speed up my computer.I have McAfee Security Center, and I am not seeing any virus, spyware etc that would normally slow computer, so I am thinking restore to factory specs will do the trick.How to I make format D drive, and then make it available to save my files etc. so that after I restore C drive to factory specs, I can copy them back to the main drive?  Or just backup what I want from C to D and then restore?Thanks

Answer:2 HDD, primary and slave, want to setup slave to backup data

right-click My Computer, select ManageComputer Management---Disk ManagementYou probably need to delete partitions, then create one large one, then format.Don't do anthing with the C-Drive (probably Disk 0).

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Question: Master or slave ??

I am installing a second hard drive on my system (win98, PIII, wd20gig, cdr and cd). This second drive is mostly for backup but also for extra storage. Right now the wd20 gig is partitoned into C (this is what I would be backing up) and D(excess storage).

Question is should I put the new drive on the same ide cable as a slave to the wd(leaving the cd and cdr on the second ide cable) or should I put the new drive on a second ide cable as master with the cdr as slave(and put the cd as slave on ide#1)??
I have heard that if you're planning on copying between drives, you should not put them on the same ide cable.

Any ideas would be welcome.


Answer:Master or slave ??

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Question: Master or Slave

I have a Zip Drive and a CD Burner connected to one IDE cable. I have a CD/DVD Rom and my hard drive connected to one IDE cable. I have a floppy drive connected via it's own cable. The Question is, how should they be set as far as Master or Slave or does it matter?

Answer:Master or Slave

Yeah it does matter quit a bit.

You must make the hard drive the primary master. Then you have a choice as to which way round you set the rest up, depending on how you are going to use the CD-RW.

If you are going to copy lots of CDs direct from the DVD to the CD-RW, I would make the DVD slave to the HDD, the CD-RW the secondary master, and the Zip the secondary slave.

If you are going to create mostly data Cds or copy CDs to the hard drive first before burning them to CD-RW I would make the Zip the primary slave, and the CD-RW secondary master and DVD its slave.

Third option is if you will use the DVD more than the CD-RW. Make it the secondary master and the CD-RW its slave.

The reasons for all of this are all to do with data throughput speeds through the IDE controllers.

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Answer:ata/133 master and ata/ide as slave ?

Do you mean the IDE cable or the power cable is different? It should be the same, can you let us know the make/model of your old drive?

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Hi folks, A quick question. How do you play games on the slave drive which are only compatable with win 98 FAT 32 because by default only the master drive boots up with win xp NTFS when windows starts up. I have tried playing the games on 98 but they either crash or don't start up well or tend to stegger.

Answer:Win XP (Master) and win 98(Slave)

click here OSL2000 - An Advanced Multi Boot Manager.Install the boot manager while booted to the WIN XP disk, restart the machine and should then have the option to boot to either HDD/OS. Of course, the win 98 doesn't recognize the Win XP drive because it is NTFS.

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Question: Master & Slave

Last night I installed a new graphics card, this card needs an extra PCI power cable, which was at the back of all the other cable, so I had to unplug everything from the PSU.
On replugging everything in, I eventually got everything working again, but on checking the BIOS settiings, I seem to have made by two DVD Drives by Primary Master IDE & Primary Slave IDE devices, my two hard discs (C: & D: have become SATA 1 & SATA 2.
Eventually I managed to get everything to work, by making my Hard Disk my primary boot disc, but I`m a bit confuddled....
How did my two dvd:ram discs become the Primary Slave & Master, I cant remember the original settings of the BIOS, so I dont know if that is how it was set up in the first place, would this have happened when I plugged everything back into the PSU?, and indeed, does it matter, as my boot up is much quicker than before, I have everything working (I think), and my new graphics card (MSI GTX560I) is 30% faster and runs at half the temperature of my previous card (XTX 8800GT XXX Alpha Dog), which ran at very high temps and kept falling over.
What I think Im asking for is re-assurance, I think quite a few people have had the feeling that something isnt quite right, or, why have I got a screw left over feeling.....
Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Master & Slave

Why are there a load of different fonts in my post...?

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Question: Master and Slave

Would it be a problem if i connect a cd-rom drive as a slave to the hdd ?

Answer:Master and Slave


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Question: master or slave?

is your hard drive supposed to be connected to the master or slave port?

Answer:master or slave?

 lukeluke.....  Quoteis your hard drive supposed to be connected to the master or slave port? I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as a master or slave port . However , if you have one hard drive , it would be plugged into the ide cable or ribbon and the other end be plugged into the primary ide socket on the motherboard .  Is that what you are inquiring about or are you talking about the jumpers on the rear of the HD which can be set to master , slave or cable select ?dl65  

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Question: Master/Slave

Which end of the IDE cables plugs into the Master Drive and which into the Slave Drive?


the top or bottom (forgot which) goes into master, the middle goes to slave

i dunno if plugging in which side matters though, but you gotta get the jumpers right

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Hi all i have an exisiting creative cd-rom 52x, and i just got a yamaha 20 10 40 cd-rw. My question is the current cd rom is set as master and the default on the cd-rw is set to slave, is this the best configuration for me? Im just going to use the yamaha to back up and my wife wants to download and burn the occasional music. I had thought that because the cd-rw has multiple functions that it should be the master and the regular cd-rom the slave. Please help me i just dont know which is best. The instructions with the yamaha say that it being a slave is normal but im coming to you with this. Im not going to install till you guys say which is best for the cd-rw to be, master or slave..

Please help

Answer:new cd-rw, should it be master or slave?

There really should not be a difference. Some cdrw's have to be master to work correctly, I've even seen a few that would not work with any other IDE devices on the cable. I would try it as slave, if it works, great, if not you can rearrange your existing stuff

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Question: master slave??

what is the master slave settings on the CDRW?

Answer:master slave??

Welcome, khayoh

You may be a bit confused. The CDRW will either be the master OR the slave, depending on whether you have it on the same ribbon with another device, like your hard drive, or a CDROM drive, etc. There is a jumper setting on the back that you will move accordingly.
Here is a duplicate thread which basically is a two part problem....

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Question: Master/Slave

I have a cdrw and cdrom drive, internal zip and hard drive. What confiugration of master/slave will give me the best performance. (the hard drive is udma66)


I'm sure it matters really, but I would probably put the two ROMs on one IDE cable and the HDD and Inter. Zip on the other. However, if the Zip is not an IDE device (which I assume it probably is) then I'd leave the HDD on an IDE cable by itself with the two ROM's together on the other while the Zip (if it isn't an IDE device) would connect by means of a regular floppy drive cable. Hope I helped, if just a little

By the way as far as the master and slave bit I'd go for the CDWR and HDD at the ends of their respectful cables and being the masters while the Zip and CDROM would be slaves.

[This message has been edited by SGtheArtist (edited 09-24-2000).]

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Question: Master or slave

Hi All,
I installed another hard drive in my computer and was not sure how to set it up. I could set it as 2 masters or a slave and a master. I went with slave/master and now I do not know how to boot up to the D drive. Both drives are bootable and I loaded the data off of C onto D.
Anyone know how to boot to the D drive or should I go back and set them both up as masters?

Answer:Master or slave

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Question: Master to Slave

i want to make my master hard disk (10 GB) to slave
and my slave hard disk (40 GB) master
i have to do some pin setting.
do i have do any other hardware changes

Answer:Master to Slave

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Question: master slave?

please can some one tell me in simple terms
how can i find out if my hard drive is set as master or slave
the reason for the question is i keep getting the blue screen of death and the error code
0x000000f4 0x00000003,0x89d2fo20,0x89d2f194,0x805d13b6
some one has said the error message might be a problem with my hard drive settings

Answer:master slave?

This will show you jumper settings but i highly doubt this has anything to do with issue.
Could be a bad drive there though. Also could be a memory corruption issue.
I would run hard disk utilities available at every hard drive mfgr site for download and to check system memory. That downloads a program that installs to a floppy disk you boot up to to check memory and you need to run at least 4 complete tests.

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Question: Master/Slave HD's

Hi I have a dell optiplex gx280 (I know poor me) lol. I have 2 HD's installed now the first being the 160GB WD SATA, and the 2nd is my older Maxtor 120Gb 7200rpm. I have the Maxtor set as slave off of my DVD/RW which is the master. Both drives show up fine although my boot times are incredibly slow now.. not sure why but the DVD/RW is set as master via jumpers and the Maxtor has no jumpers which is the slave setting for that HD.

My question is even though the Maxtor is a slave drive is there anyway to make it my main boot drive meaning winxp is installed on the slave and the Sata is used for games etc.. I read somewhere it's possible but that winxp will still put the core boot files on C:\ regardless if you install on the slave.

Also performance wise does this make sense? My thought is the Sata is a faster HD overall so for gaming it seems logical to use that whereas I don't do a lot of heavy system processing ie autocad etc and can deal with running the OS on the slower HD.

Thank for your time, whoever may respond to this.


Ps. I don't believe there's anyway to set the sata as a slave as the IDE cable has to support both my DVD/RW and HD and there's not much room to change those as the cables limit it.

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Question: Master and Slave

setup is a 40gb hd as master with 3 gb slave,for mp3`s,and a cd-rw as slave on second ide. am about to fit a dvd-rw.which is the best config of master and slave to give best performance?

Answer:Master and Slave

4ogb on ide 1 as mastercd-rw on ide 1 as slavedvd-rw on ide 2 as master3gb on ide 2 as slaveMy opinion only, but that is how I would go with it.

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Question: slave or master?

I have a Pentium II 400 and it has a cdrom on a ide cable. I want to install a cdrw and I was just wondering if the cdrw should be slave or master ? I have the hard drive a primary master only. Which way would work best ?

Answer:slave or master?

I had to make the same decision a little while ago and with the help of this forum, this is the way I set it up. The hdd is on my primary master and my DVD reader is the primary slave. My Plextor Burner is the secondary master and if I ever put in another hdd, it will be the secondary slave.


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Question: Master/Slave

This is fairly new to me (setting Master/Slave) and I'm still not sure I have it straight.

Let me see if I can put this clearly and simply. This is a computer my daughter is using, that was given to me 1 1/2 years ago. At the time it had 2 hd in it, but I found this confusing (I reinstalled WIN 98) so I took one out.

The one left was MASTER (hd) and they both had been on one ribbon cable coming from the mb.

The CD ROM (at that time) didn't work right, sometimes would work (with bought CDs) but wouldn't with home made ones. We thought it was an old, slow one.

Recently I gave someone a CD ROM drive I had (not new, but worked last I knew) to put in that pc. Saying to make sure the jumpers were set the same as the old one (which is MASTER) He did, and the CD ROM drive doesn't work, and seems to be doing the same as the previous one. Power comes on, it spins, but doesn't open and freezes.

This indicates (to me) that it's not the drive that was (and this one, also, in the same way) broken, but the settings.

I haven't done anything yet, just looked inside and it looks like the CD ROM is on it's own (separate) ribbon cable from the mb. if the person who put it in did set the jumpers to MASTER (like I said- to match the old one) and it's doing the same thing, this might mean the settings (like in the BIOS) aren't right to go with this?

Since I'm still not experienced in clear about settings, I thought I'd makie sure I ... Read more


It matters little where you put the CD-ROM, but it is the usual practice, and there are some performance benefits, to using the secondary master connection before using the primary slave. In other words, you have it right if the jumper is set correctly.

What you want to look for in the BIOS is whether both IDE channels are enabled. Some machines have the second channel inactivated when they leave the factory since there is nothing connected to it.

Also, in Device Manager, check your IDE controller settings. It may be set to "Default". That is OK, but changing it to "Both" will insure that the second channel is active.

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Question: master and slave

Hi guys: I think I need help here. I called a software company because my DVD drive wasn't working with their product. He tells me that when Dell put my machine together they made the Cd- rw the master and the DVD rw the slave it should be the other way around( some times the mother board controls it also). Now I remember doing this a long time ago to a GATE WAY machine but they walked me through it. It was just moving a white clip or bar to cover other pins. I would like to know if anyone can help me, on the newer machine is it labeled slave and master and I can just switch them. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Ellen

Answer:master and slave

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Question: master or slave

hi,i have a cdrw and a dvd rom which one should be the masterThankyou in advanceAbi

Answer:master or slave

If you can put the CDrw on it's own channel as master and connect the DVDrom as slave to your hard drive i.ePrimary Master: HDPrimary Slave: DVDromSecondary Master: CDrwSecondary Slave: None

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Question: HDD -Master/slave

Hello again, This is not a problem I have, but my nephew ,mistakenly thinks I know something about computers.My question is:- Can the hard drive be set to slave and the CD rom to master,on the same IDE cable? If so how will the drive letters be assigned. In other words ,will the HDD which is the slave still be "C" drive. Thanks J

Answer:HDD -Master/slave

Hi ribo. I think it depends on the BIOS. The ASUS A7V8X-X, for example, gives a choice of first boot device that includes selecting which hard drive is the bootable one. Other motherboards only give a choice of hard drive, floppy drive, cd-rom etc. personally, I only ever put the bootable hard drive as primary master, so I don't know how the BIOS handles the drive letter allocation.

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i just got a pc for free, old one and i want to use parts in a newer model.I have put a dvd writer in and a cd rom, 2 40 gig hard drives which one i formatted but since that it wount pick my hard drives up.Have i connection wrong?? i have one lead into the dvd n cd and one into an hard drive which is set as master, the writer and rom are slaves

Answer:master slave set up

You should have the two optical drives on one cable - the DVD Writer as master and the CD as slave.The hard drives should be on another cable with the one that you will install the O/S on as master and the other as slave.

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Question: Master/Slave

can you master/slave hard drives using xp(master)/slave(win2k)


Yes, you could without any ill-effects.

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Question: Master or Slave?

Hello all,

Glad to be back here to seek advise from the masters
I just bought a new toy for my PC, the Asus DVD Dual Writer DRW0402P/D DVD-R:4X, DVD-RW:2X, DVD+R:4X

The specs of my PC just in case you wanted to know: P4 2.53GHz, 1024MB RAM, which has 4 IDE, the 1st IDE I used for: 60GB HDD Maxtor Primary Master & 80GB Seagate Primary Slave (both 7200RPM, ATA133)

2nd ID currently has Samsung DVD-ROM (Secondary Master) & MSI CDRW (Secondary Slave)

I intend to replace the existing MSI CDRW with my new DVD Writer. The advise I am seeking here is what is best to config: Master or Slave for the DVD RW? Or it doesnt matter either ways?

Is it really affect the performance of the device if you set it one way instead of another? And why? This question is for learning purpose

Thank you for spending time to help

Answer:Master or Slave?

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Question: IDE Master/Slave

On my IDE1 I've got my CDRW-DVD drive set as master, and no slave. On my IDE2 I've got nothing. I've got two SATA HDD's, is this okay?

Answer:IDE Master/Slave

It's okay with me.

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I have a CD burner that quit burning last week
I have a second (older) CD reader.
Both units read disks properly, including data
disks made just before my problem started.

I reloaded the software that came with the
newer 52X CD burner (Nero 5.5+), didn't help.

I located firmware update on the internet but it
includes a caution to determine specifically which
drive is -MASTER or SLAVE. I searched control panel
and found the following information (which is Greek to me.)
I am almost positive the 52X (newest) CD burner
is SLAVE since I didn't alter the older CD reader which
came installed in my PC, but I don't want to make a bad
assumption and put both units out of working order.

Can someone knowlegable interpret the information and
determine if the 52X unit is truly the SLAVE unit?

Control Panel/Device manager/view devices by connection/computer/
ACPI/PCI Bus/VIA Bus/ Master PCI IDE Controller/
Secondary IDE controller (FIFO)
Combo-52X16 Target ID: 1 Logical Uniit number: 0
DVDROM 1 0X Target ID: 0 Logical Unit number: 0

Answer:Which CD is MASTER and SLAVE

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Question: IDE Master/Slave

Can anybody explain me what is master and slave configuration in IDE card???

Answer:IDE Master/Slave

Generally, one IDE channel will support two drives (HD, CD-ROM, etc), the master/slave is to differentiate between the two drives, so the BIOS knows which is which. Generally, if you have two drives, you want them on separate channels (IDE1, IDE2). When you have two drives one one IDE channel, you will take a slight performance hit, therefore, it is recommended that you put your hard drive as master on channel one, the Optical drives as master/slave on channel two.

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Question: Master and Slave

In the event of a presence of a ribbon hard drive and a "new style" hard drive, which one will take precident as the master and which one will become the slave? Will they both want to be master and fight for it?

Is it recomended a system have one of each? Is this a bad idea?

Answer:Master and Slave

You set the boot order in the BIOS. The drives 'fighting' are much like your floppy drive fighting your hard drive back in the day.. It didn't, you set whether it looked for the floppy to boot or the hd first. Same thing happens with SATA and PATA. If you pick your PATA drives in the BIOS to boot first, then same rules as always apply with Master and Slave, if you pick SATA it boots off the SATA drive you select.

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Question: Master or Slave?

Currently my CD Writer is set as Primary Master and my hard drive is Primary Slave. Is this Okay or should I swap em around to get better performance?

Answer:Master or Slave?

I would make your HD the Master and your CD either the secondary or a primary on the second IDE controiller!

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I was told to check my slave master set up. How do i make a change?

Answer:Slave master set-up?

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DOes it really matter which is master and which is slave?

Answer:master cd, slave cd

hmmm,..i think to some extent it does,...i've read somewhere that you have to set as master the drive you use the most,...but i clearly don't see any difference.

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I have a new computer with the following setup:

Primary IDE Master ST3120026AS (120Gb)
Slave Not Installed

Secondary IDE Master ST3120026AS (120Gb)
Slave Not Installed

Third IDE Master Not Installed
Slave Not Installed

Forth IDE Master CD-RW
Slave DVD-RW

(I have RAID 0 + 1 capability but this has not been enabled/set-up)

So......Why does "computer management/Disk management" (XP Pro) show the following arrangement/Drive letters?:

Disk 0: (F) 111.78Gb NTFS Healthy (System)
Disk 1: (C) 111.78Gb NTFS Healthy (Boot)
CD ROM 0: (D)
CD ROM 1 (E)

Specifically I'd like to know:

1. Why they're not named in the order C,D,E,F?

2. Why aren't the System and Boot partitions together on the same HDD?

3. My system works fine but will this set-up cause potential problems in the future?

Thanks for any enlightenment


Answer:IDE Master/Slave set-up

What kind of motherboard do you have? Does it have four IDE channels?

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Hi, i've been using Win xp for about 5 years now and am slowly getting used to it.But there is one thing i cannot get going despite numerous attempts--i have 2 different internal hard drives--the one that came with the pc and a newer one i bought. i can use either one on its own but can't use both together in a master slave combo--i googled how to set the 2 HDs in the pc and move the jumpers about to make one drive master and one slave etc, connect them both to that cable and a power connection to both etc, with pc off---but when i try to then start pc --nothing happens--its like the pc is dead.      I have noted probs when using either one hard disc--eg pc won't shut down and occas won't reboot---on the rare occas it does shut down it takes numerous attempts to get it started again--it usually makes some bad beeps and then crashes 1 or 2 secs after i hit power on--and often doesn't even beep at all.     1st hdd is--a Maxtor 3.5 series DiamondMax 10  --250GB PATA133     2nd hdd(one in at present is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7  --120GB     i think both are IDE/ATA type but not sure. one may be SATA --does that matter? Below is a Belarc scan of my pc for your info:          Operating System   System Model Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)   ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7N8X-X REV 2.xxEnclosure Type: Desktop Processor a  ... Read more

Answer:need help getting master slave for 2 hdd's

which harddrive has the OS on it?

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Question: Master/Slave HDD

Yeah i have solved the floppy drive problem (thanks again guys). But now I have 1 HDD that doesn't show up. I cant even acess bios and it tells me I/O Error after it has not found the drive. Cant use boot disks (and dont talk about cd boot, cause i need to use the floppy for the cd rom to work, remember its an old comp.)
I'll check again the IDE wires if they are fine.. we never know.

Answer:Master/Slave HDD

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Relevance 61.5%

I have forgotten, so sorry if this sounds silly.I am going to be fitting a new CD/RW does the CD/RW need to be the master and the normal CD Rom the slave?Thanks in advanced

Answer:CD-RW's Master or Slave??

i don't think it makes any difference. mine is set as master

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Question: Master or Slave ?


Could anyone clarify this for me please.

I have a CD burner as my master and a DVD burner as a slave.

I do most of my burning onto DVD so should i jiggle the ribbons and jumpers about to make the DVD burner the Master ?

I burn a lot of avi and mpeg file formats and i get 'some' lip sync problems, not always but often, I have done as asked about closing all system tray apps and doing a defrag etc before burning and i still get the odd issue so,, i was reading a thread here about someone elses burning problems and they too had their DVD burner as a slave !!!! I wondered if there was a point to this master / slave option.

Thanks for any replies

Answer:Master or Slave ?


The point is that every master can stand alone. If you have a single drive on a ribbon cable that drive must be a master, or otherwise a master can stand alone. If you have two drives on a cable, there must be a master and a slave, or every master must have a slave in this case.

Therefore, it really doesn't matter a lot which is which for practical usage purposes, although my personal preference is the set the one I use the most as Master and if another is on that ribbon cable, it is my slave.

Once set, you don't need to mess with them. I also suspect that any problems you are having might have more to do with the drive or driver than with the master/slave configuration.

Don't forget, the master must always be on the end of the ribbon cable and the slave must be in the middle of the ribbon cable.

Note: Just wanted to mention that WD hard drives are slightly different in their configuration. If you have a WD hard drive and it is alone on the ribbon cable, take all jumpers off and put it on the end of the ribbon cable.

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ok, some of u may know i just posted a question bout a new maxtor 80gig with 8mb buffer. i want to use this as my master and have my old 20gig seagate wiped and have it as a slave. i will put the 80 gig in tonight as it only came through the mail today. i'll back up everything then will want to wipe my 20gig and reformat it - HOW?!

Answer:master and slave h/d

How to reformat it is that the question? Usually you can do that during the windows install (2000, XP) There will be a partition manager you can choose where to nstall windows on and you can move partitions around then it will format the one windows goes on. After windows is installed you can format the other one using explorer right click menu.

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Hi the HD FD and CD are all connected to independent slots on the MOBO.IDE 1 and 2 are taken up with HD and FD.The CD slot dosent have a name should I set the jumpers to Master or Slave on CD.I have tried both but I cant get the CD to read. It spins OK.Ex

Answer:CD set to Master / Slave

Your Hard drive should be connected to IDE1 and your CD to IDE2. Both of these connectors have 40 pins. The floppy drive connects to the smaller connector which has 36 pins. Since your Hard drive and CD are the only devices on each of IDE1 and IDE2 then they should both be set to Master. If your IDE ribbon cables have more than 1 connector then a master device connects to the one at the end of the cable.

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Looking to install a second hard drive, 60 gb or better as a slave to my current 4.3 gb. Once I have done this, can I then copy the entire OS, software, and file contents of the 4.3 to the slave, and then convert it to a master--physically removing the old 4.3 in the process? Essentially I need more room on my harddrive. System is a pentium w/98SE OS. And yes I know its old and a new build would solve the problem but it runs and works and I try to leave what's working alone wherever possible unless I have no real alternative choice in the matter.

Answer:Can a slave become a master?

Yes you be able to. Look on the website of manufacturer of your new hard drive. There most likely will be a program to clone the old drive to the new

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My question is simple. During my last reformat (2weeks ago) I decided to put my operating system and program files etc on a 10gb hdd and keep my 80gb as storage. After setting my entire system up I realised the 10gb was only 5400RPM but didnt think much of it. As it turns out it has slowed my pc down a lot so I want to swap the contents of the drives around, so that everything that is on my master will be put onto slave. I tried simply copying it but I got the "file is in use" error. A friend told me about Norton Ghost but I thought there mustve been an easier way. I concidered booting into safe mode and then copying across but assumed that wouldnt work either. There is enough space on the 80GB one to store the master drive in its entirity. All I need to know is how to copy it across.



Answer:Master to slave - Please help

cmon peeps

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Question: Slave to Master

Can someone tell me how to change the pin on the external hdd from slave to master please.

Answer:Slave to Master

Open the drive enclosure and look on the top of the disc it will show a diagram of where to place the jumper on the back of the disc. If it doesent then post the make/model here.

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Question: Master/Slave HD

Found out could not put XP hom edition over 98 SE.
So took HD from another machine formated and Put XP on it. Currently have two 40 Gig drives on my machine. What I want to do is transfer all my 98 info over to the XP drive. After I am satisfied that all is well with XP. Will then will reinstall the 98 HD back in 2nd computer.
How do I do it??
bob e

Answer:Master/Slave HD

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Question: Master & Slave

My old Maxtor Master failed. I installed a new Hitachi master set it to cable select and set the old slave to cable select and windows xp wont start even in safe mode. Changing settings on both drives to master and slave but it still doesnt work. Both drives are recognised when I enter setup by pressing F1 at start. Computer is HP Pavilion Penth 4 2.25Ghz. Curiously no problem with the two original maxtor drives. Any help would be appreciated and Thank you.

Answer:Master & Slave

Why didn't you set the new drive as master?

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Ok, I have a spare IDE hard drive seperate to the primary SATA hard drive and a dvd rom which I am trying to connect to the motherboard. I have tried different jumper settings but still cannot figure out how they are meant to be connected.thanks dan

Answer:DVD ROM,IDE, master slave help

HDD set as master on end connection of the cableDVd drve set as slave on the middle connection of the cable.Make sure cable is pushed firmly home on drives and at moterboard end.and you have a power connection to both drives.Check BIOS has IDE controllers enabled.Boot to windows and the drives should be visable in may computer if not check in disk management.

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Question: Master / Slave

Hi,Could someone tell me, is it the jumper positions that decide which drive will be master / slave, or is it the position you plug them into the cable?My PC works ok with the current master/slave setup, but if I change the jumpers so the drives change roles, I just get to the WINDOWS XP loading page, and it never gets any further. Why is this please?Kop442000

Answer:Master / Slave

Both.40-pin connector/40-conductor ribbon cable - Master/Slave is the proper jumper configuration.40-pin connector/80-conductor ribbon cable - Cable Select is the preferred jumper configuration.  Blue connector - System BoardBlack connector - MasterGray connector - Slave

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Question: Master/Slave

How do i set my hard drive to be master and my optical drive to slave, as they are the wrong way round?


master is the primary HD
slave is the secondary

its labeled on ur HD where to place the Dip switches

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Question: master and slave

can anyone tell me the correct way to have your dvd rom, hard drive, and writer, connected. at the mo ive got the hard drive to master, then dvd rom to secondary master and writer to secondary slave is this the correct way if it makes a difference i burn alot on the fly thanks for any response

Answer:master and slave

Hi, though I don't think it would make a lot of difference, I would make the Writer secondary Master and the DVD rom secondary Slave.Cheers.

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Question: Master + Slave

My Motherboard's main Hard Disk is SATA.. i wanted to connect an IDE hard disk to it.. how do i set it up?

Master = ?
Slave = ?

should i configure bios too or should i just set it in AUTO

thanks for the help in advance..

Answer:Master + Slave

Master and Slave are only applicable to the controller you are connecting the ribbon cable to. It doesn't affect the motherboard.
So say for instance you had two IDE plugs and four PATA harddrives. You could conned two to each connection right? Yes, and in each you will have one Master and one Slave. SATA doesnt need to know how the other controllers do their thing. So:

PATA Controller > Master > Slave (1st and 2nd)
PATA Controller > Master > Slave (3rd and 4th)
PATA Controller > Master (fifth hdd) / or Slave (doesn't matter as Gulo notes)
SATA Controller > SATA drive (sixth)
SATA Controller > SATA drive (seventh)

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Question: HDD master>slave

i need some explanation if this will work

my pc in the house with 20gig HDD and i want to add a 40gig HDD

i want to make the 40gig as my master then the 20gig will be the slave

in my 20gig the OS is XP pro

then in my 40gig is XP media

So when the pc starts it will go first in XP pro, can i still access the 20gig while the XP pro running and also the other way around

thanks in advance


Answer:HDD master>slave

There is no need to make the 40GB drive the master to use it. Make the 40GB the slave. You will boot from the 20GB drive and the 40GB drive will be available to you to use.

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Question: master/slave

hi guys can you help with this 1 im fitting a new cdrw to my pc .im keeping the existing cd room and adding another drive (cdrw).how do i set this new drive ?master or slave or do i change any other setting ?thanks in advance .nomad.


nomad..... I would set the new drive as the slave and the existing drive should be set as the master ........On the rear of the drive there is a set of pins with a jumper which you set as required .......there should be a diagram of the jumper configuration on the cd drive .dl65  

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after posting under 'desparate help needed' i still havnt sorted the problem. if i purchase a new drive and use it as a master could i recover the files required from the old one. if so could somebody guide me as to how to set a new drive up with the existing as a slave....many thanks

Answer:master and slave drives

Hi fire, I had to go back and read your last post. Yes you can install a new drive as Master, install your other drive as Slave, load XP on the new drive and then, if your other drive isn't kaput, you should be able to retrieve your files.

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I recently remade and old computer so that it would be a little more operational. When it came time to put in a bigger HD, we got the idea that we could use the old IDE HD to hold the OS, and the new SATA HD to hold all the user data. The IDE is plugged in as a master, and the SATA is plugged in as a SATA slave. The SATA drive is a Seagate 80GB Barracuda. I downloaded the appropriate driver to install the HD, but it isn't being recognized. I haven't set up the HDs to be Master/slave. Should I have done that? Any ideas?

Answer:Can I have an IDE Master and a SATA slave???

sata doent use the master\slave system like ide does, how did you plug the sata drive in as slave, they dont have any jumpers

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My old computer had windows xp home edition. The mother board went out, I finally got a computer to put my hard drive in. As a master it will not acknowledge windows. As a slave, it will not let me into my documents and settings folder. I believe because I had my computer password protected.

This is how I see it. Because part of windows is embedded into the bios and the cmos, that is why it will not fully load window while being connected to another motherboard. Now I know a bit about DOS And the Registry, so I imagine that is were I will have to change things. Also I had a slave drive along with this master that is now the slave. Lol anyway the in slaved one, shows no files when I hook it to the master I now have. This one totally baffles me, cause when I check it's properties, it shows it's full.

I have 60 gigs full of graphics music and zipped programs and all my BOS stuff.

Answer:Master/slave Drives

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Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Daniel, and I'm a part of a special project in Israel Schools called "Katom".

In short, every member of this project gets a chance to learn with a mobile computer in scool (Yay!).

After getting the computer, my computers teacher told me our (the pupils) computers are slaves, and his computers is a master.

Than, he said he has the ability to search in our computers for internet history, what kind of programs we install etc.

My questions are:

- What does Master/Slave really mean? Is a master computer can really enter a slave?

And if yes, how can I know he was in my computer? I read a guide about "tracing a hacker" hear in Bleeping Computers, but I din't found him/his IP.

- Is there a way to make a slave into master, or to make my system safe from him to enter it?

If you know the answer, please, don't be lazy and help me

Answer:Master/Slave on laptop- What does it mean?

Your teacher's lecture is a bit flawed. In my opinion I would not refer to a group of computers as slaves. However if it is technically and logically sound, I still would not use that terminology. I would prefer to use the terminology client/server or user/administrator. these are the most common uses:- In a client-server relation, the client is the master, and the server is the slave.- In database replication, the master database is regarded as the authoritative source, and the slave databases are synchronized to it.- Peripherals connected to a bus in a computer system.In true technology standings a computer that can access and control other computers would be the "administrator" while the student's computers will be the "clients" or "users"The computer belongs to the school, then there is no way to stop him from accessing it and this website condones any act that is made to bypass any system security. Please do not ask questions about bypassing ANY type of security.

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I'm sure I'm being thick here but I could use some help please.I have replaced a duff MB and CPU and am trying to get the system working again. It's XP Pro, an Intel D820 with 1Gb ram. I have set the HD to Master on the first connector of the Primary IDE cable with a removeable HD caddy on the second connector (No HD in it at present but would set that to Slave when installed).I have a CDRW set to Master on the first connector on the secondary IDE cable and a DVD (reader) set to Slave on the second connector.I have the XP CD in the CD drive when starting, as I believe I have to do a windows 'repair' to delete old drivers etc. BUT the CD isn't running and I'm being asked what mode I want to boot into.Can anyone spot what I've done wrong please?

Answer:IDE Master/Slave settings

Have you been into the BIOS to tell it to boot from CD?click here

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I seem to have a problem with a slave drive of mine. Whenever I insert it into the slave slot, it works as a slave, the first time. However, if I keep it connected and boot a second time, it boots from the slave drive(win98). Everything looks fine in my BIOS, I think it may be a conflict between the two OS's(XP&98). I make sure that the jumpers on the drives are properly set. The only solution I know of to solve the problem permanently is to reverse the positions of the drives(master in slave, vice-versa). But, I hate having it set up like that because it's not proper. I don't know if I'm willing to erase windows98 off the secondary drive though.

Answer:Master/Slave problem

Are these drives connected to a Promise card by any chance? . . have seen this when drives connected to a Promise card are jumpered to Cable Select versus Master / Slave.

Even if not connected to a Promise card, you might try the Master / Slave jumper.


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hi, i have a DVD rom and a CDRW ,but i dont know which settiing is best - which one should put master /slave?

Is it good to leave the primary IDE alone just for Harddisk?

Answer:CDRW -master /slave

Yes, leave IDE-0 for your Harddisk, and put your main burner on the secondary IDE. The rest doesn't really matter.

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I just recently bought a DVD/RW drive for my computer and it says if possible, make it the master drive....I'm swapping a cd writer out for this and my writer is the slave drive......does it make any difference if I keep these the same, or should I make the DVD-RW drive the master.......if so, would my solution be to move my cd-rom drive from the top slot to the bottom and put the new dvd-rw drive on top......this to eliminate the need of rearranging any of those ribbon cables.

Thanks, Mike

Answer:master & slave question

I dont think it will makes any differents I have my dvd rw as slave and I dont have any problem

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I have just got a new hard drive to install on a system where the existing hard drive is a SLAVE on the primary IDE with DVDROM drive as MASTER. The secondary IDE is to a CDRW drive - this is as found from manufacturers original build.I intend keeping original hard drive as the boot drive so do I make original hard drive the MASTER on the primary IDE with the additional hard drive as SLAVE? Or do I keep original configuration and put the additional hard drive as SLAVE on the secondary IDE? Or is there a much better combination... or just suck it and see?

Answer:master and slave on IDE cables

Existing HDD needs to master with new HDD as Slave. DVD needs to be master with CDRW as slave..

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OK, I took my computer to Best Buy to have a new 120 GB HD intalled into my computer since I didn't have the time this week to do it myself. I asked them if it was possible to make my old HD into a Slave with all the data on it still intact, they said yes and said they would do it with no extra charge. When I went to pick it up, they handed me my computer and the old HD in the anti-static bag and packaging of the new Western Digital HD I asked them to install, I thought I would be nice and not ask why they didn't do it and make a scene about it.

So long story short, can anyone tell me how I can make my old master drive into a slave with all data on it intact?

Answer:Chaning Old Master HD to New Slave HD

All you need to do is connect the old drive to the empty connector on the cable the new one is attached to, set the jumpers so the new drive is master and the old drive is slave(or you can use cable select jumper settings if you prefer) Then mount the drive.
Refer to the Drive manufacturers' sites for jumper settings if they aren't printed on the labels.

I'd also suggest partitioning the old drive, using Partition Magic or something else that will allow you to do it without destroying the data, then move the data you want to keep onto partitions away from where the old system partition is. Then Format the old system partition. I also recommend partitioning the new drive if they didn't do it for you.

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Hi Guys I have just installed a slave drive in win 2000k how can I configure my drive letters please at the moment my master is c d e but my slave is h and i with my cd writer at f and my dvd at g can I get them to run cdefg hard drives and h i cdwriter and dvd hope you understand what I am trying to say thanks kopite

Answer:master and slave drive

Start, right click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, right click on a drive to change the letter. Change F and G first to free the letters.

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Question: Master/slave issue

I currently have two drives: a CDRW and a seperate DVD drive. I am buying a DVDRW drive and would like to know what would be the best master/slave combination for these 3 drives and the hard drive. I only have two channels (is that what they are called?), so I need to pair the drives.Thanks for your help

Answer:Master/slave issue

Now that you have a DVD-RW I would ditch the CD-RW. You don't want to put an optical drive on the same ribbon as a HDD.Make the DVD-RW the master and the DVD the slave.

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My next step will be hooking up my DVD rom and my hard drive, these are the only 2 things i will be using, i wont have a floppy or 2 HD's, so for a gaming computer should my HD be master or slave and should my DVD rom be master or slave? Any Advice would be great. Thanks

Answer:Slave or Master-Advice Please

Primary IDE Master: Hard drive
Primary IDE Slave: Nothing

Secondary IDE Master: DVD-ROM
Secondary IDE Slave: Nothing

When certain problems arise (and sooner or later they might), you're going to wish you had a floppy drive installed because some diagnostics/repairs can only be done with a floppy disk. Booting to CD in the BIOS isn't 100%.

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Okay, I have an old desktop computer, running Windows XP Home on a 60gb slave drive, with a 10gb harddrive as a Master.

I want to remove the 10gb to use in another computer to run Windows 98 on, but, when I unplug the 10gb drive (and plug the 60gb hard drive in as a master) and start my computer it says there is no operating system installed, so, i'm guessing that the boot files (or whatever they're called) are on the 10gb drive (with nothing else, the drive is completely empty, but I can't format it) and Windows XP Home is on the 60gb drive.

Also, the computer used to run Windows 98 on the 10gb drive, until had a 60gb drive added, later I installed XP and it must have picked the bigger drive by defualt.

Also, is there a way to install 98 on a 95 computer using a 98 disc that is only for installing on a blank computer with no OS.

Any ideas?

Answer:Master and Slave drives. Help?

your mbr goes onto the C drive
to get it onto the 60g
boot into the recovery console and run

if you are in win 95 put the 98 disk in and run the upgrade
or do a clean install of it

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Hello, everyone..

I searched through the older threads, but found nothing similar to this..

My problem is with a WD800JB.. Kept it in my puter as a slave for several months, then gave it to a friend.. Now, the thing is it works flawlessly as a slave, but i can't get it to work as a Master.. For some reason, the puter can't see it as a Master (same puter i used it on as slave).. BIOS detects it, but i get the "Disk boot error" after the quick POST..

Tried booting from the CD, but the WIN XP setup wouldn't recognise it either.. (known good disc, which still serves me well).. I guess i could try a Linux boot, but i'm still a newbie at that, and i don't think i'd know where to begin with the check..

The HD was originally Master on my puter, so it USED to work..

Please help, i wanna help my friend (his current Master drive is a 10GB drive which is kinda acting up)..

Thanks in advance,

PS: Before you ask, i know how to set the jumpers, and how to set it in BIOS, so that's not the problem.. Haven't tried WDDiag yet, i'm not sure the "0-fill" would do anything..

Answer:Good as Slave, but not as Master??

Have you tried ''Cable Select'' Jumper setting ??

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I heard that if the master was at a lower speed than the slave, then the slave's speed would decrease to the master's speed. Is this true?
Also if the Master is faster than the slave, will the master's speed slow down to the slave's speed?

Answer:Master-Slave relationship

On most machines, possibly all, the drives will run at the speed of the slowest drive.

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Never been sure about this. I am about to rebuild a PC and will be replacing both optical drives (failed dvd-rom and ageing cd-rw) with a new dvd-rom and a dvd-rw.Does it matter which way round they go? Both will be on the secondary IDE cable.Grateful as ever for any input.

Answer:Master or Slave - Does it matter?

My preference has always been to put the writer as master - but I have read arguments for the other way around too...With current specifications, I don't think it makes the same difference it did once.

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I have installed a dvd player and hooked my cd burner on the same cable. I want to hook my cd rom back up as well, so I hooked it on to the same cable that my hard drive is on and I keep getting an error message as follows: Primary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed. Please advise.

Answer:master/slave issue... I think

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I have a Dell XPS, that came with a 120 gig SATA Seagate Barracuda, and today i bought a 300 gig ATA Maxtor.

At this point i am stumped, becuase i have the SATA drive as the master, becuase that has the OS on it, which is Win XP Pro.

The computer doesnt even see the new hard drive, becuase there is no master or slave ATA to begin with.

what i was wondering was if there is a way to make it so that i can have the 120 gig SATA be the master, and the 300 gig ATA be the slave.

I tried to hook up the slave connection of the ATA to the new drive, but it didnt work becuase there was no master. so then i hooked up the master connection, and went into settings, and changed my main drive to the new 300 gig. This didnt work, the computer wouldnt even boot up. im guessing that this occured because there is no OS on the new drive.

The only solution that i can think of is to put the settings to where the new 300 gig is the main drive, then boot up the windows XP Pro installation CD, and install the OS on the new drive, but i would REALLY like to avoid this.

thank you VERY much!


Answer:SATA Master With ATA Slave?

Welcome to TechSpot, Makani

Well, SATA doesn't have masters or slaves, just one drive per channel.

You need to set the PATA drive as a master, and change BIOS boot order to boot from SATA first.

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