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How do I copy hard drive C to larger D

Question: How do I copy hard drive C to larger D

I have a PC clone that has two hard drives C and D. The C drive(7.5GB) is my master(obviously) and is the smaller and slower. I added the D drive(WD 100 GB 7200RPM) recently and it is running fine, but I want to eliminate my C drive and put all files, including my Win98SE Operating system on the D drive and make it my solo C drive. What I need to know is how do I copy all of my files to my D drive and preserve all that I have without a huge amount of reinstallation and booting. I know how to change the jumpers and such and am able to reinstall the drives so that only the 100GB is available...but I just don't know how to properly copy them to the new drive. Will I have to copy all of my files on the D drive to the smaller C drive, and then reformat the D drive and then...copy all the files to it like a fresh drive? Or can I simply copy all of the files on the C drive to the D drive? I am using the D drive right now only as storage and only contains a few documents and mainly MP3's. IF you have the know-how, please advise me of the safest, most inexpensive, and most complete method of copying all of my "stuff" to my D drive.

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Preferred Solution: How do I copy hard drive C to larger D

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How do I copy hard drive C to larger D

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My daughter's PC has an 8.4GB HDD which is almost full, I have bought a 20GB disk, which I have set up as the slave, to replace it, as I want to transfer everything across to that disk. Having studied this forum it seemed that Drive Image 7.0 would be the easiest solution, but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE but it's all a bit beyond me! I have loaded XP PRO on to the new HDD, can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? All advice appreciated.

Answer:Best way to copy full hard drive to larger drive?

but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE - Give some more details?can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? - you would to reinstall programs.

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I built new rig with all SSD Samsung EVO 840. C drive 500gb and data 1tb . I will get win 10 7/29 I think and I want to dual boot Win 7 and Win 10. But my C drive is SSD 500gb with 132gb unused and I don't think that is enough. Can I copy my C Drive from a 500gb SSD to a 1tb (non Op sys) SSD.

Answer:copy C drive to larger SSD

In a way, yes. You can't do a copy and paste with system files (OS and programs). However, you can clone from one drive to another drive or even to a partition on another drive using a program like Macrium Reflect Free. You could also make an image of your C: drive and restore from the image to the new drive but you would need to have another drive to put the image on.

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I'm new to backing up or copying in windows 7 pro.

I'm having some issues with my current Hdd and i really don't want to go through the reinstallation and find all the programs and such.

I currently only have a 60 gig hdd for my c drive.

I'm looking to expand and get like a 500gig drive.

Can I format a partition to be 60 gigs or slightly larger and copy the data over? and then afterwards (just so the system doesn't throw a fit about the different hard drive size) just add on the rest of the partition as i believe an extension to the partition?

Answer:Can I copy my old Win 7 pro hdd to a new faster and larger drive?


Welcome to the forums. What you can do is clone your current drive and put it onto the new drive. You can do this with a load of different pieces of software but you need to be aware that this will deactivate your machine, and you'll need to reactivate it when youre done.

5 Ways To Clone & Copy Your Hard Drive

Oh and you wont need to partition the drive to the same size as your previous installation, Windows can cope!

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in the stupid stellar phoenix, the target drive has to be bigger than the source. I want a disk cloning s/w that doesn't care whether my target drive is bigger or smaller

Answer:Can Macrium Reflect copy larger drive to smaller drive?

Yes, it can.

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I have a 300 gig SATA drive on my computer. Stats in my profile.

I bought a 500 gig SATA drive to replace it with.

When I get done, I want the repair/recovery part and the C:\ part to be on the new drive.

I have an external hdd SATA USB holder to hooking it up to start the process isn't a problem.

But I'm not sure of the exact method as the times I've cloned a drive in the past, no recovery partition was there, and the drives were the same size.

I look through the tutorials and didn't see one that fit. I searched for 'clone hard drive' and 'clone boot drive'.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:clone/copy boot drive to larger replacement drive ?

This free software has a drive cloning component. I've not used it myself. (I am using it for image backup.)

Free Hard Disk Copy/Clone Software for PC & Server Hard Drive. Disk clone, disk backup, disk image and partition copy freeware.

As far as the recovery partition, if you still have the option, I would make the recovery DVD set. I don't know if these are hard wired to expect to be on certain disk sectors. Maybe someone who has Acer can chime in. But according to Easus user manual, the disk clone will copy the entire drive as long as the new one is of equal or larger capacity.

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I'm thinking about getting a new WD VelociRaptor 300GB HDD. My old HDD is a Seagate 160GB drive. Is it possible to copy all of the data from the old drive to the new drive including the Master Boot Record and keep the new drive size 300GB?

Can anyone give me recommendations on software that can do this?

Thanks for your help!

Answer:Solved: Need to copy data from smaller old drive to larger new drive

You can get free cloning software from the hard drive makers website.
If you want a hassle free cloning experience then I recommend Acronis True Image, its a whole lot more than just cloning software its a complete backup suit.
It will also let you try before you buy, IMO worth every penny

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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Question: larger hard drive

i have a gateway with a 20gb hard drive which is now too small and is quite noisy, so i want to install a larger hard drive onto the machine, is there any way of copying the original drive onto the new one,cheers geoff

Answer:larger hard drive

Yes there is software to do this some free some you pay for, but also good to use after as a way of restoring your computer if you have problems. As Acronis True Image

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I have a 2015 T540P... I have filled up the Hard Drive twice and looking for possible a 1 TB to replace the 500 GB what Brand would be a good one to use... Also it only has 4 GB of RAM thinking about getting 8 or maybe 16 GB to better the proccessing speed. ANy Brands that work well with the T540P??? I am a novice as to Technology but I need a larger HD store alot of images on it??? Oneida101

Answer:Looking to Add Ram and a Larger Hard Drive for a T...

There has been a lot of consolidation in the hard drive market, leaving few different makers.  People are partial to different brands.  Failure rates and longevity are very similar.  I tend to buy whatever I can get cheapest for a given size.  As far as RAM, avoid sticks with "value" in the name.  You need 240-pin  (1.35V) DDR3L.  The "L" stands for low voltage. (1.35V)  For a machine I will use myself, I prefer Corsair Vengeance, but others may have other opinions.

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I have a Windows 7, 64-bit Dell desktop with 60-GB primary C: drive and 500-GB secondary E: drive. We keep bumping against size limitation on 60 GB drive.

I would like to consolidate to a single 1-TB hard drive. What would you recommend as the best approach?

I have been looking at various posts on TSG. It seems cloning the 60-GB C drive to 1-TB drive (over USB 2) is a start. But what to do with the data on E drive. Also, I noticed the E drive also has Program Files\ and WINDOWS\ directories. Is that cause for concern?

I was thinking of using Macrium Reflect Free, unless there is a better tool.

Answer:Solved: [hard drive] Cloning to larger drive, Win7

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I have an HP p6604y desktop that is about 5 years old. I added an extra 1TB HD to it not longer after purchase. That drive died, and now the main (original) 1TB HD is acting up.  I'm trying to find out if I can replace the original 1TB drive with a new drive that is larger. I find nothing to indicate if this is possible. The system has the N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) motherboard with the AMI bios listed as v6.02 dated 7/21/10. I do not recall ever updating the BIOS, and I cannot find that there is one posted on the HP site. Does anyone know if this system will support a drive larger than the original 1TB, and if so how large? Thanks in advance. Scott

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...and be recognised to it's true capacity?

Windows XP (without SP2) only recognises drives up to around 127 gig.

If the drive is formatted thru Computer Management console (with SP2) and is then used to start the install of XP, the installation process doesn't recognise the large volume as being valid (it considers it corrupt/unrecognisable) and requires it to be formatted again (which will then reduce it to around 127gb).

I haven't actually tried partitioning the drive first but don't really want to and doubt it would matter in any case.

I want to use the hard drive, to it's full capacity of 300gb (279gb in reality), as the master boot drive.

Is this possible?

Answer:Can a hard drive larger than 127gb be used as the boot drive...

Hello and Welcome to TSF

No, it will not get the full 300gb, thats just the way it is. There is always so many gb that will not show.

Some Manufacturers say "Gigabyte" when they mean 1,000,000,000 (10^9) bytes. When your operating system says "Gigabytes" it means 1,073,741,824 (2^30) bytes. This means in your OS the drive appears smaller.

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I have the rescue and recovery CD's and when I load them DOS comes up.  What do I do to install them?  I have XP loaded already and want to load rescue and recovery to back up my hard drive.

Answer:Installing a larger hard drive in R40 Help!

What you're intent on doing has to be accomplished in a different manner.Back up all your files to an USB drive or like, than format the hard drive. Rescue and recovery is installed before the operating system itself, if you want to look at it that way.From what I recall, R40 disk set for XP does not have a separate R&R disk like the later machines, everything regarding that part of the program is on disk 1.Hope this helps.

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i bought a new 320GB hard drive. what's the best way to get my old OS and apps and files transferred to the new drive from the old drive?  can i copy from old drive to usb drive and then to new drive?  problem is, i have no way to hook up both the old drive and new drive at the same time thanks. 

Answer:new larger hard drive for t60p

You will need both a USB external interface as well as special software to image the old drive onto the new one. Probably the cheapest and easiest way to do this is with Apricorn DriveWire which comes with appropriate software.

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I have 1.7gb of space available on my 10gb hard drive and only because once a month i clean all the docs and pictures and anything else off it to keep it running faster. However it still runs very slow. I'm currently saving for a laptop and still would like to keep this computer for a family computer.

Its a pent. III 752 mhz with 486mg of RAM. Would a larger hard drive help? running XP



Answer:Larger hard it worth it?

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Adding larger hard drive.

Is there a way to tell whether a larger hard drive (20GB) can replace any smaller hard drive on an older (Pent I) computer.

I don't have any particulars because this is a general question.

Answer:Adding larger hard drive.

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I'll be buying a new computer soon, and one of the computers I'm considering is the H50-50 (90B700EDUS). It comes with a 120GB SSD hard drive, and a 1 TB hard drive. I'm presuming that Windows is on the SSD drive. I have a 5 TB drive that I'd be using instead of the 1 TB drive the computer comes with. Is the 1 TB drive empty, or will I need to clone it to the 5 TB drive?

Answer:H50-50 change hard drive for larger one

It may come with some drivers, maybe some recovery files. If you want to upgrade your hard drive, you should copy the old one to the new one so that all the Lenovo apps and services won't be lost. 

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I am running XP pro and want to upgrade from 40gig to 80gig.  I need to get my IBM recovery from old hard drive to new hard drive.  I want to wipe all old data and start with basic XP on new hard drive.  Do I need data storage external if so what type and will it allow XP reinstall on new hard drive? Thanks Jim

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I am looking to add hard drive space or even a larger hard drive but not sure if it is possible.

Answer:Can I add a larger hard drive to an Aspire 1-131?

if you mean Cloudbook 1-131 (AO1-131), you can't; the actual SSD is soldered to motherboad. 

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Adding larger hard drive.

Is there a way to tell whether a larger hard drive (20GB) can replace any smaller hard drive on an older (Pent I) computer.

I don't have any particulars because this is a general question.

Answer:Adding larger hard drive.

It depends on the motherboard.....chances are you may not be able to do so. Older BIOS in systems bulit around 96 to 97 tend to have a limit of support for HDD up to 8GB. Its not worthwhile fitting a 20GB into a Pent 1, might as well salvage a 8Gb from other non workable workstations.

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Probably a simple problem, but having trouble. Have an older IBM 6282-32U with a 2.1 GB drive. Have replacement 20 GB drives. Plugged a new drive into a working machine, booted with a startup disk to get to dos. It seemed that before I even got to dos, the bios wrote some stuff to the drive (maybe calling it a 2.1), and now won't see the drive. Wanted to be able to use fdisk to set 2 drives as before, but now larger.

Anyone have any answers? Thanks.

Answer:Adding larger hard drive

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I'm running out of hard drive space and just want to move existing data to a larger hard drive. I am currently using WDC WD200BB-75DEA0 [Hard drive] (20.00 GB) -- drive 0 and am trying to "copy" this hard drive onto HDS728080PLAT20 [Hard drive] (33.82 GB) -- drive 1. Two things: 1) I believed this hard drive to be 80GB but as you can see it shows up as 33.82 GB and 2) I have attemted to copy everything over using Acronis True Image and all seemed perfectly fine right up until I installed the bigger hard drive. It will not boot. The boot process begins, the Windows XP screen appears and then it restarts repeatedly. I've tried Recovery console and running fixboot, chkdsk (which found and fixed errors) but still will not boot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:moving to larger hard drive

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Hi ppl,I have run out of space on my hard drive,my daughter has hogged it all with music,to save a war I bought a 80 gig. new s/sung. hard driveI need to install this, and make it hers,and,transfer all her music to it so as I can have a drive for myself,the last time I did this two gig was massive,steam comps. I need a brain injection please ,as simple step by step please,gettin on a bit now,kinda slow,thanks, Gobeen,is VOG. is "VOG".still around, he was always a great help ahwile back,also "woodchip"& "FLECC" great fonts of knowledge,thanks,GOBEEN.

Answer:installing a second larger hard drive

click here and/or click here hope this helps, oh and yes VoG? is still around, somewhere....TT

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I have a Thinkcentre M50 8187-57U whose hard drive failed, just after waranty expired, of course.  Naively, I grabbed a 320GB WD Caviar SE at Circuit City to replace the 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9.  I have the recovery CDs.  However, I was not able to get the install to work, not recognizing the new hard drive.  I understand that the problem is that older BIOS doesn't support the newer/larger hard drive.If I download the newest BIOS, will this allow the install to work?Should I just go on eBay and try to buy another Maxtor of the same model? The WD website suggests two approaches, one is the BIOS upgrade, but I am told by a local field engineer that does on site repair for Lenovo and other brands that the BIOS upgrade doesn't always fix the larger drive problem.The second WD approach is to buy (their) PCI EIDE controller card, which has its own BIOS support, and has the advantage of supporting a higher data transfer rate.Any suggestions of how I can get this unit back online?Can someone provide detailed, step-by-step procedure for doing the BIOS and hard drive replacement?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Replacing hard drive with larger one

 I got one off of ebay and it came with a dead hd. When i replaced the hd  with a bigger one and tried to install xp the install failed. So what i did was go to this page and burned the cd bios update, put it in the drive and ran it. It was simple enough to follow the instructions without google. After that the xp install went perfectly.  How had you liked your thinkcentre up until that point?

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In my Sony VAIO desktop The 180 gig C drive only has 10 gigs left, not even enough to work with anymore and I have purchased a one TB drive which I want to use as my C drive. I am running XP.Presently both drive bays are full, the single partition C drive and a second drive partitioned into D,E,F,G which has my picture and music files, etc. ..I also have a USB external disk drive onto which I have cloned my C drive with Ghost.Which of the following should I do: take out my D>>> drive and run the new one as a slave and clone the C drive to it and then exchange with the present C drive. I realize that I have to run the new drive in slave mode and then make it the master. After reconnecting my D>>? drive will the drive letters automatically come up in the old order?Secondly, I could clone the new drive from my external one, but I just don't quite know how, would I have to reassign drive C to the external and run it as a master, how could I do that without switching connections around physically especially with no access to the internal parts of the drive?Sorry for the length of this post....Ott

Answer:Transferring my C drive to a larger hard disk

A: if 10 gb is not enough to work with i dont know isB: do you want to boot from an external drive?? thats not possableC: why dont you just copy whats on you D drive to the new drive and install it thereD: your post doesnt make alot of snes

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Is there a capacity limitation for a hard drive in the Sprout? I notice that the 4TB Seagate Hybrid drives are now priced under $150. I might also, instead, updgrade to a 7200 rpm non Hybrid drive. Would heat be a problem if I did that?

Answer:I want to upgrade to a larger capacity hard drive in the Spr...

Hi LarryMeBoy, Sorry it took so long to have someone reply to this. I looked into your question. Here is what I have found out about Sprout and upgrading the HDD: Sprout supports 2.5? form factor hard drives.  From what I know, the 4TB hybrid drives from Seagate are 3.5? form factor, so they will not fit in the Sprout. I don't believe Sprout was officially qualified for for a 7200RPM HDD, but the motherboard should be able to handle this. However, as you rightly questioned, there could (and likely would) be more heat generated by a drive with that RPM. It's possible the heat could reduce the life of the drive over time, but I don't think it would be a major issue. Regarding a 7200RPM HDD vs. a SSHD (5400RPM + flash cache), the former can have higher sustained read/write throughput (due to the higher RPM), but the SSHD can deliver read throughput more quickly once the data is in the flash cache.  For example, I would expect the SSHD to boot OS and cached apps faster than the 7200RPM HDD. The ultimate drive for performance is of course a full solid state SSD. Sprout's motherboard has an mSATA slot that can accommodate an mSATA SSD module up to 1TB in size.  I don't know if this slot was validated for different drives, but I believe it is functional and can serve as a second storage bay.  However, to access this mSATA slot, you have to remove the motherboard shield cover, so it?s not recommende... Read more

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Any predictions about when something larger than 128 G SSD will be available?  There is a new processor due soon and...?  Worth waiting for one or both?

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I have a Medion notebook which has a 20Gb hdd eunning windows xp sp1 (not installed sp2 yet). This notebook is 2+years old.The present hdd is partitioned in a C (Boot) and D (Backup) drive.Aldi are selling a 250Gb internal hdd which may be suitable for my notebook. The question is, how can I replace the existing drive with the new one?

Answer:Notebook - Installing New Larger Hard Drive

Firstly have a look in the manual that came with your laptop to see if this describes how you'd carry out the task.I believe that if you turn your laptop over and look underneath you'll see a panel that is held on with a screw behind this is the hard drive, click here that shows the task being done on a toshiba laptop

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R40 ? 27220GDM  Win XP SP2  Laptop firmware update 1.33 _1PET65WW), embedded controller firmware update 1.14. My laptop currently has a 100 gig Seagate (ST9100823A) ? not flashed with IBM firmware ? previously Ghosted from the original IBM HDD.  When I attach a 160g Seagate drive (ST9160821A) via USB & external enclosure to the R40 laptop, the drive is totally visible in Disk Manager & accessible if I allocate a drive letter to it.   I then Ghosted (Ghost 12) the 100 gig internal system drive to the 160 gig drive via USB, correctly setting the active drive and bootable (without allocating a drive letter), but when I install the 160 gig drive into the laptop immediately after Ghosting (viz without first restarting with the 100 gig or accessing the drive via the USB device which is purported to allocate a different drive letter to the device), the BIOS doesn?t seem to recognise the 160 gig drive.  We just get a flashing cursor in the top left of the display.  When doing the selective boot (via IBM Access button, then select temp startup device selecting Hard Drive, the drive doesn?t appear.  Have tried Fixmbr from XP CD repair.   Have also tried by partitioning the drive to 136 gig before ghosting which is inside the size limitation of some BIOS?s.  Also tried cloning the 100 g to 160 g using the sector copy giving the same 100gig size partition, without success. If the drive is accessible via ... Read more

Answer:R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

I can only suggest to try out Acronis TrueImage (free 15 day trial).I do not trust anything from Symantec.

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I keep getting data overload warnings on my SSD 128Gb (c: ) I have another seldom used 2Tb HHD that has some data on it but could easily be moved to another drive. All drives are NTFS. I'd like to move all data on (c: ) to the 2Tb HHD, making it my new booting (c: ).

Can this be done without too much trouble?

Answer:How to move Windows 7 64-bit (c:) to new larger hard drive?

I would take a look at the cloning features of free imaging programs. Macrium Refflect Free is one example. Make sure when you clone to a larger drive it doesn't require the Windows boot partition to be the same size as the source partition. You could probably live with a 128 GB boot partition. But searching around may side step the limitation.

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Hi all!

I've got a question about disc cloning. I've used it before with some Linux installs on my "tinker boxes" which happily took to whatever partition resizing I wanted, but never on my personal, everyday desktop. Currently, I've got two hard drives installed in my machine - an old 80gb IDE that is my main "OS" drive, and a 320gb SATA which is my "Data" drive. I'm running Win7 Ultimate 64-bit.

I've read in the past that it's impossible to successfully clone a Windows 7 install to a larger hard drive and grow it from it's old size to fill the entire size of the new drive....however, I found this article this morning and it confused me because it IS talking about using Win7's backup and restore to copy it to another larger drive AND extend it to use the full partition...? Did I misunderstand something there? Does Backup and Restore only copy WINDOWS and not the programs installed on it's drive?

Basically, I want to be able to clone Windows from it's current 80gb IDE drive to a 160gb SATA drive and have everything work exactly as it was, EXCEPT it's now on a larger partition on the 160gb drive...? Is this even possible?

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Cloning WIndows 7 to a larger hard drive...?

Not sure what you mean by

install to a larger hard drive and "grow it" from it's old size to fill the entire size of the new drive..

but why not take an image of the old drive and restore that to the new drive. For that I would recommend Macrium Reflect

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Hello I am about to replace my existing 80gig hard drive with a 250gb hard for my dell dimension desktop, I plan to use a back up image that I have on my external hard drive. the question is my existing 80gig hard drive has a 58 mbyte partition for Dell recovery options and the second partition makes up the rest of the hard drive, When I restore the backup image (not clone) will the second partition expand to the new size of the new hard drive IE: 250gbytes less 58 mbytes partition, or will I have to increase the larger partition, which I am not sure how to do.Or can I image only the larger partition on my existing hard drive and forget about the recovery partition. Incidently Acronis suggested backup image and not clone image.many thanks

Answer:fitting larger hard drive and partitions

You need a backup of the "whole drive" not just your system partition.This then means you also have a copy of the dell restore partition as part of the here tells you how to resize the partitions during the restore.

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I have an older P3 600 x86 family 6 model 8 stepping, with a Fijitsu 6 gig drive model MPE 3064AT. It is dangerously close to running out of space. I am looking for say a 40 gig drive that I can use with this system. How do I find out what will work and how do I dump info and operating system from old drive to new or should I even bother? Using Windows 2000 OS. Any help, comments appreciated. Regards, RickT

Answer:Help! Trying to find a larger hard drive and install it.

You can safely add a 40GB hard drive no problem you can go as high as 60 GB.
Check this one out if you decide to buy it go to the Seagate website and download their disk utility they have a disk transfer software that transfers your old drive to the new one regardless of capacity differences, that's important to ghost to the full capacity of the new drive.

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I have an older computer with the following drive setup... this setup works fine except that I have little or no free space on my C: drive. I am on XP Pro SP1 (no room for SP2)

A: Floppy
C: 4GB WDC Drive
D: 4GB WDC Drive

I would like to make the 80GB drive my boot drive. I checked with the techies at MAXTOR and I shouldn't have to change any internal cabling or jumpering.

Question: Is it possible to rename the C: drive to something else like J:? What utility will do this?

Question: Can I then rename the 80GB drive C:? (I need to reformat the 80GB drive anyway to create a boot record, I think.)

Think I can get myself through loading Windows onto the 80GB drive and getting it updated just don't have a grasp on the Qs above.

Please advise?

Thanks a bunch

Answer:Solved: Need help moving to larger hard drive

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Hello, I have a Acer Aspire 9301AWSMi, with a SATA hard drive of 160GB, running Vista ultimate. Lately my hard drive has been giving me lots of problem, and i want to change the hard drive. for a larger hard drive.Can anyone please tell me what is the biggest 2.5 SATA hard drive I can install, on my present laptop.....or am I over looking??

Answer:install a larger hard drive on laptop

There's no limit.

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I've got a new 320 GB Hard Drive for my Gateway Laptop that is replacing a 60 GB Hard Drive.  The computer only recognizes 127 GB.  I've read there are  three issues I must resolve.  I'm using Windows XP-Ser Pak 3 which addresses the first issue.  I ran a utility that says my 48 bit LBA is enabled for larger drives which addresses the second issue.  Lastly, I need to determine if my BIOS and Motherboard support the larger hard drive.  I read I should go the the manufacturer for that info.  Well, the Phoenix Website does not have a support tab.  I went to the Intel web site and they recommended I run a utility called 'Application Accelerator'.  Every time I run it I get a 'Your Chipset is not Applicable' message.   Am I overlooking something.  Is there another way to find out if my BIOS supports the new drive?

Answer:Does My BIOS Support Larger Than 137 GB Hard Drive?

Quotehe computer only recognizes 127 GBYes, BIOS does not have the 48 bit LBA.Do not even attempt to write anything abov the 127 line. But... no buts.Theu problem is explained at your don't understand anything, please come back here and continue in this thread

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I put a larger hard drive in my tower and removed the smaller ones, how do I put XP on it, all I have put on so far is ms-dos version 6.22.What can I do next do you think ?

Answer:I put a larger hard drive in and removed the small

Do you have an XP installation disk? If so, which verson - full or upgrade?

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I want to install a larger hard drive without having to reinstall many programs, update them, and recustomize them.

Dell Inspiron 3500 with 6 gig drive formatted as C: and D: All important programs are installed on C: 3.9 GB 2.95 GB used. Data only on D:

New Hard drive is 20 GB.

I can network to 40 GB to store.

Can this be done?

Answer:Upgrading to a larger hard drive in a laptop

I will have access to another 3500 Inspiron in a few days if this helps.

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I'm planning to buy a new internal hard drive. Should the operating system be on the larger hard drive?Also, I understand it's better if the drive holding the OS doesn't also contain storage. But would it be ok to store audio, video etc on the same disc, but in a separate partition?Many thanks

Answer:Operating system better on larger hard drive?

Windows does tend to like to be on the C drive so in general its better kept there, it makes no difference as far as I can see whether you use your new drive or your old one for Windows though its worth checking on which is the fastest and normally newer drives tend to be faster. I've never heard the bit about not having storage on the same drive as Windows, that may be true but I've never heard that, hopefully someone else will elaborate.

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Hi, my first question here. I'm a bit of an amateur but i intend to replace the hard drive on my computer. Make is a Sony Vaio desktop PCV_W2. It has a 160gb IDE hard drive and i want to replace it with a 500gb. Can anyone tell me will the computer recognise the new hard drive as I've been told it may think my Widows XP is not a genuine copy? Also i think the hard drive may be 2.5 inch can anyone confirm, or how do i find out myself) can i replace that with a 3.5 inch or do i have to keep it the same? Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Installing a larger hard drive.

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I upgraded my drive on a Lenovo Y50 UHD (with Microsoft Signature...NOT the Lenovo default install) from the preinstalled 256 Gb SSD to a larger 1 Tb SSD. It went fine using Acronis to clone the drive. Windows boots fine. However, OKR is still broken when trying to use it to "restore" to the larger hard drive. I tried to follow the instructions on notebookforum regarding how to reimage the drive using OKR. However, even though the "reimage" appears to work, when I try to restore from the image, OKR is STILL complaining about an incorrect partition structure. Any ideas? Here's what I did:Cloned Factory installed 256 Gb SSD (OKR works here) to larger 1 Tb SSD. At this point, I then installed the new 1 Tb drive in my computer.Booted to OKR using Novo button.Hit Control-Shift-O.went to PBR_DRV drivecd onekey\osimagetyped:onekey /nopbronekey /fbI let it complete (success).dir \okrbackup\factoryI see all the files are now dated w/ current date, and there's a info.ini file w/ the updated date/time.Now, when I close the command window and try to restore a factory backup from the menu, it gives the error: "The program cannot restore the system partition because its structure is incorrect. You may have to recreate the partition to continue"Ideas????  For your reference, here's the original thread which had the instructions:  Here's a copy of my Info... Read more

Answer:Woes upgrading to larger hard drive and keeping OKR

OKR won't work if you change the C drive size. Its just the software, you can't do anything about it (sadly) even if you keep the original SSD but accidentally resize the C drive.

Y510p: i7 4700MQ (Overclocked to 3.6GHz), SLI GT 755M (Each Overclocked 111MHz), Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2133MHz, Samsung 850 Pro 256GB, MyDigitalSSD SuperBoot 128GB, Intel Wireless-AC 7260, Windows 10 HomeDell XPS 13 (2015): i5 5200U, Intel HD 5500, 4GB 1600MHz, 128GB Samsung M.2 SSD, 802.11ac WLAN, Windows 10 Home (School Laptop)

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I just upgraded my HP mini-laptop to Windows 10. I want to clone my 250 GB hard drive to a bootable 500 GB hard drive. I have read many of the Google responses re: software to use etc. One of my main questions has to do with OneDrive, which is slowly uploading files. Can I just clone the hard drive in its current state (using EaseUS Todo Backup or Macrium Reflect (any suggestions on which will be appreciated) or do I need to do some more preparation of existing hard drive first. Thanks for any advice. MM

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I just installed a Western Digital 200GB drive to be used as extra storage, but my computer only reads it as a 127GB. If I go into the BIOS and look at the drive size, it shows both my drives and the correct size for each. However, when I open "My Computer" and look at them, the 60GB drive is correct, but the 200GB shows as 127GB. I have updated my BIOS. I used the WD software to install the drive, but it will only install it as a 137GB; however the computer still only shows 127GB. My motherboard is an ABIT KR7A RAID. My drivers for the HPT372 controller are Version 2.32, and I upgraded my BIOS to CX which should be the latest version. I have Windows XP Professional operating system with Service Pack 2 installed. I know just enough about computers to get in trouble, so I have apparently missed something. Any suggestions?


Answer:Computer does not read larger hard drive properly

When you installed XP, you probably didn't install from an SP2 CD. That being the case, the maximum size hard drive recognized would be 127gig. Since you've installed XP, you can now use the entire drive. Right click on My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, and you'll find that a portion of the drive is listed as "unallocated". This can be partitioned and formatted into another logical drive.

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Hi all,

So I'm on the market for a new hard drive, as my current one is about dead (Windows will not load even in safe mode anymore). I currently have a Gateway NV52 laptop with a 320GB SATA hard drive. RPM is 5400 and buffer size is 8GB, beyond that, I don't know much else since I haven't removed it from my laptop. (I do know how to do this safely.)

In my searches for a new one, I've found one that is an exact replica (but obviously in better shape) as my own, made for my particular system, and another that is also made for my model, but in 500GB (RPM and buffer is the same), and only $5 more. It is very tempting to just buy it, but I need to know whether it is possible, for one, and secondly, whether it is even recommended. I have Vista, but when I get the new drive, I am going to install 7 on it, since I got a free upgrade to 7 when I bought the computer 3 years ago and never installed it. (I have the disk and serial for it.) From there, I am going to put my old drive into an external enclosure and transfer files that way. I know I'll be able to transfer the easy stuff (documents, pics, etc) with no problem, but with different OS's, will I be able to transfer program files directly from my old hard drive into the program file folder of my new one? Some of these (Microsoft Office especially) I installed a long time ago and I no longer have the serial numbers for them, this is why I am asking that particular question.

Any recommendati... Read more

Answer:Can I swap my failed 320GB hard drive for a larger one?

Yes. You can use any 2.5" SATA internal drive.

2.5" SATA drives are available up to 1TB (1000GB); however I've found the long-term reliability of anything over 500GB to be a bit more iffy.

Although $10-$20 more than a standard grade drive, my pick would be be Western Digital Scorpio Black series. The 7200 RPM speed will boost performance a bit with very little (about 1%) impact on battery life, and they usually have 16MB cache memory equaling faster seek times.

You will only be able to transfer files. Programs such as MS-Office require a complete retinstall, so be sure to have your license activation codes handy for any paid software you reinstall on the new drive.

Hope this helps.

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I'm hoping for 512GB. Is the drive remoable by manual process and can it be replaced?

Answer:Can the Helix be configured with an SSD hard drive larger than 256GB?

According to the tabook, the SSD in the Helix is mSATA.  There are removal instructions in the hardware maintenance manual.  No personal experience, I'm just going on what I read.
The trick is going to be finding an mSATA SSD larger than 256GB.  The Google only comes up with a Mushkin.  Perhaps someone else knows of an alternative.

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Hello, purchased my ThinkPad T560 back in December 2016 and it's been a great computer.  Unfortunately I vastly underestimated the hard drive storage space I'd need and I only have a 128GB SSD SATA3 hard drive.  I have about 3 GB free space left.  I picked up a 1 TB external hard drive to store personal stuff on (kid's photos, videos, etc.) and I'm up to about 65GB on the external.  I'd really prefer to have everything on the ThinkPad and use the external as pure backup.  I also use Carbonite cloud backup so there is another incentive to have everything on my ThinkPad's hard drive. What is the most simple and straightforward way to get a new hard drive with a LOT more storage into my ThinkPad.  This is my work computer and I own my own company so I'm willing to pay a price to avoid down time and have a seemless transition. Thank you very much!

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I have WD Passport 500GB and would like a larger external hard drive. Preferably one were I had more control over the backup and could remove content. Perhaps one without the software ?

I have been looking at various models, but the reviews are all mixed. I was surprised to see so many negative reviews for WD.

Any suggestions ?

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Hi All,
I have a Dell Inpsiron Mini 910, which currently has a 16 GB SSD hard drive. The computer has Windows XP Home SP3 installed. I am seeking to upgrade the current hard drive to a larger one, because the hard drive is almost full, with only about 1 GB free space. This computer belongs to a lady I work for.
In this case, using an external hard drive to "supplement" the available storage space is not a viable solution, since the owner wishes to be able to store a large quantity of historical e-mail on the computer, so as to be able to refer back to past e-mails.   Microsoft Outlook 2007 is being used for e-mail.   The lady is a heavy user of e-mail, and the Outlook data file (.pst file) she wishes to store on the hard drive would be around 7 GB in size.   Currently, she is opting to not store the large quantity of previous e-mails (which stretch back over about 5 - 7 years) on this computer's hard drive, because there is insufficient space to do so.   She has another computer, a desktop, which has all the old e-mails stored on its hard drive.
I want to ask what larger size of hard drive (than 16 GB) does the Inspiron Mini 910 support?   Are there particular brands/models which people would recommend?   I have read elsewhere in these forums accounts of people successfully installing a 32 GB drive into one of these computers: Read more

Answer:Inspiron Mini 910 - Upgrading to a Larger SSD Hard drive

The SSD is a half-mini PCI card format.  There are 16 and 32G versions that will work - but they're not cheap (figure on upward of $100 for a 32, $200+ for a 64).

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When I replaced my hard drive to go from 160 GB to 500 GB, I restored a system image in Windows 7 from an external drive. Now the new drive works great, but windows still reports it as having approx 160 GB. In the BIOS setup it recognizes it as 500 GB. It there a way to have Windows recognize the whole thing, or is there another partition that I can't see?


Answer:Restoring system image to larger hard drive

I believe you will find unallocated disk space. Please refer to the following:

Partition or Volume - Extend

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Hi, My fujitsu D7820 has a 35gb hard drive which is 75% full and starting to get slow now. If I get a larger one, perhaps 60gb, will the laptop be ok with it because I've heard that some won't accept a gb size increase.If this is ok with mine, how can I transfer everything, lock stock and barrel, to the new one? I have a Maxtor 160gb external drive, but my concern is that I have so many personal bits and pieces - registry settings, little bits all over here and there, etc, that I could loose out.If I setup winxp on it can everything, (SP2 and all previous upgrades, other upgrades)go accross or do I have to download it all - that would take ages!!Basically it needs a cut and paste!June.

Answer:larger hard drive - swap old lock stock to it?

This laptop is the same as your I think and it has a 60GB drive so you should be able to upgrade click hereTo transfer all your data, why not do a backup of your drive to the external drive and when you have your new drive fitted `repair` it.You could also use Acronis True Image to make a mirror of your existing drive or to backup. Or after fitting the new drive install Windows (presumably XP) and then install your backup files over it.If you use Acronis, don`t forget to make your Emergency Disk to be able to boot. If you use the Windows backup you will need to make the ASR disks and will need a floppy drive.Hope this helps.

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I was able to sucessfully clone my HDD, and am typing this post on my newly installed HDD.

But if i click on the drive properties, the capcacity still says 277 GB. What do i need to do so windows will recognize that I have a 1 TB drive?

If i have to do partitions, I will. But Id much rather keep everything as 1 continuous C drive.

Thanks again for all your help in getting me this far

Answer:Cloned to a larger hard drive, but not seeing more free space

Look into Disk Management. You will find a lot of unallocated space that you can add to your C. Right click on C > Extend Volume.

If you are not sure what you are looking at, post a picture of Disk Management and we'll have a look.

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I am in the market to buy a new P50 when they become available.  I'd like to have a 512 GB NVMe drive, but I think Lenovo charges far too much for them.  Therefore I'd like to buy the machine with a different drive and upgrade the machine to a 512 GB NVMe drive of my choosing, probably a Samsung 950 Pro. Do I order the machine with a NVMe drive or do I simply order it with the cheapest SSD I can get?  Also, if I copy the SSD over USB 3.1 to an external drive, can I then copy it back to the new NVMe drive in the machine or do I need into the BIOS and set it for boot from NVMe first?  Would it be easier if I ordered it with an NVMe drive to start with? Second, is processor cost?  On the *Intel* site the two i7 options in the P50 cost the *same* amount and yet Lenovo wants $300 more for the faster chip.  How do they get away with markups like that?  It seems as if they should mark it up a bit, but to charge $300 more seems ridiculous. Third, I will add my own memory.  Once again, Lenovo chages too much for additional memory.  I bought 16 GB of Corsair DDR4 memory from Newegg for less than $100.00.

P50, Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5, 4K, NVidia Quadro M2000M 4GB, Dual Samsung 950 PRO 512GB NVMe drives non-RAID, 32 GB Crucial Technology DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000). Windows 10 Home.

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How is the best way to do this to use the whole drive instead of the partition sizes of the source?

Answer:When I clone to a larger disk drive how can I make partition larger?

Don't partition the drive you will copy the cloned image to. The source itself is not a partition, although it may reside on a partition on that drive.
Is the drive you will be using partitioned? 

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Please recommend company web sites that carry compatible 80GB Hard Drive or larger capacity Hard Drives for ThinkPad T43 Product/Model: 2668Y4F. Lenovo apparently does not carry hard drives for older ThinkPad notebooks.Please advise. Thank you, Mark


Go to Solution.

Answer:Need larger capacity Hard Drive for ThinkPad T43 Product: 2668Y4F

PATA/IDE laptop drives have gone the way of dodo bird, for the most part.
This would be my pick:
It will throw a "2010 error" on boot, but will work perfectly nevertheless. I've used these drives exclusively prior to converting my fleet T43p units to SATA.
I'm NOT affiliated with the seller in any way. Proceed at your own risk.
Good luck.

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Dear Microsoft Win7 Experts,
I have a fresh Windows 7 Enterprise image on my laptop's 100 GB hard drive. There is only one C: partition with OS+ stuff and it is Bitlocker encrypted.
Now the hardrive is almost full. I want to do following:

Buy and install a new 320GB hard drive Copy the full Win7 100GB hard disk image into the hard drive (using Gparted) Extend the 100GB image to entire 320GB to use it Done. No reinstalling everything is needed.
Is this possible? We have Finnish on-site support from HCL "India's leading IT and technology company". They say that the above plan is impossible because of Bitlocker and that Win7 reinstall is absolutely needed.
Is this correct that I must reinstall everything when moving to larger hard drive?

Answer:How to move full OS bitlocker partition to larger hard drive?

Just throwing an idea out there, but why don't you disable bitlocker and then use a cloning utility (could also use imagex if you wanted, really doesn't matter) to clone the data onto another disk. Once you've booted into Windows again from the new HDD re-enable
I assume that you have full admin rights on the pc in question.
Please keep in mind that disabling bitlocker on the old disk, and applying it onto the new disk might take a while (several hours)
Kind regards,
Stephan Schwarz.If you one of these posts answered your question or issue, please click on "Mark as answer". If a post contained helpfull information, please be so kind to click on the "Vote as helpful" button :)

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I have my O/S disk ( C: ) sepeated from My Applications disc ( D: ) . Then I store all my Data on other Harddrives.

I want to upgrade my applications disk to a larger capacity, but I worry about maintaining the integrity of Disknames (IDs) so I won't have to re-install all my Applications again.

My plan is to make an Image or Clone of the Apps disc on the New HD and then change the Name of the Apps disk ( D: ) to new name ( Z: ) . Then I would need to reboot, before naming the New Apps disc as the new D:

My worry is the effect of rebooting without any Apps disc at all.. and would everything work after renaming the new Disc back to D: and making a final reboot?

Any advice of steps and procedure to make this work will be greatly appreciated.

Also.. advise on which program to use to make the image/clone would also be helpfull.


Answer:Advice on Steps to Migrate Apps Hard drive to larger Disk

Your strategy is sound, as is keeping Apps and Data on separate partitions. One way you could approach it is:

1) Image the Apps drive (storing the image to a different drive, of course)

2) Shut the system down, remove the Apps drive.

3) Install the new drive

4) Restore the image you made to the new drive. Drive letter shouldn't be an issue in that case, but if it is, simply change the drive letter as necessary in Disk Management.

Even if you have to change the drive letter to regain the original Apss drive letter, there should be no problems with the apps being usable (once the drive letter is the same as the original).

As for imaging programs, I highly recommend Acronis True Image, but not the latest versions (2010 & 2011), as there have been many complaints regarding those versions. Instead, you can buy version 2009 on ebay for a fraction of the price. Contrary to what some may say, 2009 is compatible with both 32 & 64 bit win7.

That said, if you have a new system or a new motherboard, 2009 may (or may not) have issues with the HD controller (i.e., not see the HDs).

If you'd rather not go the 2009 route, you could always download the trial version of 2011 and see how it works on your system. Be sure and create the Acronis rescue disk if you do try 2011.


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Hey guys, kinda new here, hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum section.
I'm not that super oriented with computers, I'll give it my best shot to explain what's going on here.
In short my PC just won't start. The light turns on, it boots up, and then I get a black screen with text referring to either "Start Up Repair (recommended)"
"Start windows normally"
If I choose start windows normally, it brings me to the black booting screen with the windows flag, then it proceeds to go back and restart the system, going back to the black screen. OR More likely it just stays stuck on the glowing windows flag.
This also occurs if I press F8 and go into safe mode. After listing all the components before going into safe mode, it simply restarts itself and goes right back to the black screen of the two choices.
If I select Start up repair, a grey loading bar appears below that on occasion freezes. If I manually reset the computer try it again, I get to a blue windows default background screen and the message
"Startup Repair
Your computer was unable to start
Startup repair is checking your system for problems...
If problems are found, Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times during this process.
No changes will be made to your personal files or information. This might take several minutes.
Searching for problems.. (this is beneath a blue bar that has been going on for at least an hour)
There's also a Dos window... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 won't boot past possible broken Hard drive attempting to recover/clone/copy hard drive

It sounds to me as if your Operating System has been damaged beyond repair, and that you only option would be to re-install your system using the 'Return to Factory Settings' facility provided. Unfortunately, this would mean you would lose all you data, and, from what I can tell from your posting, you have not taken a back-up so you cannot repair your PC at present.
You first need to remove your heard drive and connect it to a working PC either as slave or in a caddy, and use this to copy all your data onto a new external device.
Once connected to another device, you could partition your Hard drive and copy your data into a second partition.
Once you have your data copied, return the HHD to your own PC and re-install your system from scratch.

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Hi everyone,
I have a unique problem that I hope some of the gurus out there will help me sort out: I used Clonezilla to clone my old SATA hard drive (160 GB) to a Toshiba 1 TB SATA HD. On the old drive I have Win XP and Linux Slackware64 14.1. I noticed that after the cloning was completed and I took out the old drive and installed the new one in my laptop, I cannot boot into Win XP. I am getting a BSD with the following stop hex codes: 0x0000007B, 0xBA4CF524, 0XC00000030, 0X00000000,0X00000000, and the machine just goes into reboot. However, I can boot into Linux without any issues and in fact I am typing this message from my Linux box. I tried using fixmbr from the Windows Recovery console but that did not help. Since I don't have a floppy in my laptop, I cannot use a disaster recovery disk. I tried fdisk from a Win 98 disk that I placed on a USB flash drive and got the error about incompatible version or something like that.

I have what is called 'Advanced Format' on the new 1 TB Toshiba HD. Here is the result of 'fdisk -l'. I want to use dd to clone the old HD to the new one but until I correct the partition error reported below, I suspect that dd will not help me.

Laptop specs: HP Pavilion dv9410us 1.8 GHz, 2 Gib of RAM, AMD Turion64 X2.

[email protected]:~# fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sda: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders, total 1953525168 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (lo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Win XP won't boot after cloning to a larger hard drive, Linux boots fine

After a long a painful search, I found that old Win XP cannot support hard drives with Advanced Format. Microsoft says so and it warns that even if you succeed in getting Win XP to boot from one of these drives, you will run into errors and possible data corruption. So, I will forget about Win XP and move on. The only reason I am using Windows is because of my obligation to Uncle Sam every April 15. However after this year I will make sure to find an alternative in order not to be tie to Windows (any version) for any of this yearly task. Live and learn - cheers

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My T-400 has a 150Gb hard drive and runs on Windows XP. Is there a larger hard drive that I can install in this laptop? And can I run Windows 7 on this laptop. Thank you.Stanley 110

Answer:Larger Hard Drive and Windows 7 for my T-400; Type 2764-CTO; Product ID 2764CTO (or 2764CT0)

@Stanley110,Win 7 runs fine on the T400 and drivers are available on the Lenovo support page or you can use ThinkVantage System Update the drivers. As for the HDD question, I am unable to provide you with any info as the T400 which I have here is a default 150GB one.//JameZ

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a friend has asked me how she can copy a fiends disk which she has been lent, she has only one drive and i believe the only way to do this is copy to hard driven then burn a disk, my question is, how does one copy to hard drive in the first place? xp projohnny.

Answer:copy to hard drive then burn a copy

If it is copyrighted material that needs to be copied, then it can't be discussed on this forum. But if it's just a collection of files we can help.

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I have recently purchased a 1Tb HDD to install inside my Thinkpad Edge E520 (1143CTO) and I have tried so many different things to try and get my data to transfer over to the new hard drive so that my computer will boot from it. I have a Freecom USB Docking Station. I have tried using Windows 7 Backup and Restore and using the Windows7 Repair Disc it created for me and it says its for a previous version. I have bought Norton Ghost 15 and its not working properly. Any advice for a newbie???  

Answer:Re: Upgrading Internal Hard Drive to larger size. (Thinkpad Edge E520 Model Number 1143CTO)

Obviously you are doing something wrong.  But if you just say "It is not working properly, how can you expect anyone to actually help you?" 

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My hard drive started making funny clicking noises and the pc pitstop checkup gave me a response time of 77ms and a warning that it could expire shortly. So i bought a new 80 gb hard drive, installed it, partitioned it no problem, but i now want to swap all the data from my old hard drive to my new one (os and all), and then junk the old drive.
How can i do this without spending money on software that i will probably only use once or twice.
Any advice would be appreciated.


the pipster

Answer:How can i copy my failing 8gb hard drive to my new 80gb hard drive?

For free:

HDClone (free edition only smaller to larger)
PCI CloneMaxx

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Hi. As I'm unable to boot up my old computer and need some files off it I removed the hard drive from it and attached it to the 'slave' connection on a working computer's hard drive. The working computer boots up OK but having done this what program do I use to get files from the non working computer's hard drive?

Answer:How to copy from slave hard drive to master hard drive?

You don't need any special program.

Did you set the jumpers on the HDD to slave. If the HDD in your old computer was a master, the jumpers are probably set to master. You'll need to put the jumpers on slave if you are going to add it to an existing IDE cable as a slave. When you restart your PC enter the bios and see if the bios detects this new HDD. IF it does you should be able to enter your OS and it should be detected as a new drive letter.

Then just find your files and copy & paste to master HDD.

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I am having troubel moving large files from a HDD to a 64TB thumb drive. Didn't we over come the 4GB wall with Windows 7? I have a friend with Windows 7 and he doesn't have this issue. Is there something I have disabled or something on my system?


Windows 7 with all the updates and 8GB of ram.

Answer:Can't copy larger files

Hi, where do you get a 64tb thumb drive????

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Daughter has 8 Gig Hard Drive which someone (not me) partitioned into 3 2.74 Gig Partitions.Partition C has now only 124 Meg left.How can I fit a 40Gig Hard Drive and transfer all files including the OS. (XP Home Upgrade)The new drive is a Maxtor and their Home Page uses a copying device which appears to copy all Partitions, as is, to the new drive.I only want to copy the C partion without partitioning the New Drive. Can this be done?

Answer:How do I copy a partition with OS to new larger HD

It can be done with a program such as Norton Ghost, which can create an "image" file of the partition containing the operating system in one of the other partitions on the drive. This image file can then be restored into the new 40GB drive, effectively using its entire space for a single partition. If you email me privately I can point you to a URL from which to download some suitable disk cloning/imaging software.

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I searched around for information on this, but all I found was articles about Fat 32's 4GB limitation and my problem has nothing to do with FAT 32...

The problem I'm having is in Vista x64, I can't seem to copy files larger than 4 GB. I get an error that says the file is larger than the destination volume can handle.

The volumes are all NTFS. It doesn't seem to depend on the disk. The OS is installed on a RAID 0 array that is about 270 GB in total size. The partition the OS is on is 200 GB, and there are a few more partitions that make up the 70 GB. I'm using using a MBR (basic disk) 1.5 TB SATA II disk formatted in NTFS (1 partition), and am also using a GPT (dynamic disk) 1 TB RAID 1 volume formatted in NTFS (1 partition).

The files were written in Vista x64, but I can't move them. (I'm trying to move them to the 1.5 TB disk) It doesn't matter what volume they are on, as they are on a 30 GB partition of the RAID 1 disk, and won't copy to anywhere I have tried under Vista x64.

I can copy them just fine in XP x32. If I boot into a XP x32 installation, I can copy them around just fine, although GPT isn't supported in XP so I can't see those disks. I can move them just fine using XP x32 from another computer if I share the target and destination directories on my network and give full access.

Anyone know what is going on? I can't seem to find much on problems with files larger than 4 GB in Vista x64 and NTFS. I&... Read more

Answer:Can't copy/move files larger than 4 GB in Vista x64

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I bought a larger Gig USB external drive to copy all of my files onto in case of a problem with my windows XP Pro Drive and when I try to copy or paste it over to the external drive it gets to some files and says it can not copy because they are in use and nothing is running at the time I am trying to copy everything off my computer to the external hard drive. Is there another way to do this without having to buy a program I can not afford to do on social security?

Answer:copy internal hard drive to external hard dri

What are you trying to copy, the entire HDD contents? What would be the point of that? You can't run Windows or any programs from the external drive using the copy/paste method & you can't copy windows files that are in use. If you want to create an entire backup of your system, there's plenty of free software available for just that purpose. We need an better explanation of what it is you want to do.

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I've seen a similar problem in this forum, but I can't find the identical problem or a solution.

Simply stated, I made a copy of my w2k hard drive using ghost and when I try to boot to it, I get an error to the effect that the page file is missing or too small. Safe mode doesn't work either.

Read on for more details. I have also posted this to Western Digital and am awaiting an answer from them.

I want to install my new drive as my master because I believe I am having errors with my existing drive.

I have a master drive (C: ) and a slave (F: ). Most of the data on the slave got there by running the drive to drive copy (not the install new drive) selection from data lifeguard (Western Digital utility).

Because I learned in the past that I cannot successfully boot from the copy made by data lifeguard, I used Norton Ghost (version 10.0) to copy from my old master to the new drive. Ghost has an option that says it can be used to install a new drive.

I'm pretty sure I kept the jumpers and physical drive locations straight through all of this. Here is where I am at. I was careful.

If I try to boot from the new drive as master with no slave, the boot fails. It tells me the paging file is missing or too small. I do not have this problem booting from my old master with no slave. In both cases the slave is physically disconnected. If I attempt safe mode with the new drive, I have the same problem.

If I boot from the new drive with the existing F: (created by... Read more

Answer:Can't boot to hard drive copy - no pagefile & drive letters confused

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When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one?

I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site, any idea?


I had just had this recommended, I wonder is it a safe site, safe program?


Answer:How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Yes sourceforge is safe.

That is where I get many programs myself.


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My Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop has been reaching full capacity (80gb) for a while so I decided to get a new hard drive.

I've updated the RAM from 1gb to 2gb with no problem.

My hard drive has arrived but with no cables, instructions etc. and searching the web has proved just as unfruitful as most sites refer to external hard drives.

I don't have an external disc so was wondering if there's any way of copying everything over. I've heard of temporarily taking the CD drive out to have the two drives at once but wouldn't know where to start.

Any help/ instructions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Answer:Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Obviously you did not build a Recovery Disc originally?

You can just order a Recovery Disc from HERE

If your machine is not supported, then then sometimes the Fujitsu forum members will help, at Their Forum

That's 3 ways of getting your Recovery media. I hope it helps

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I need help. I was trying to clone my laptop drive to my new drive using Copy commander but when I had the new drive partitioned, it will not allow me to clone my drive. But if I do not partition it, it works. Any input would be appreciated......!!

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Hi, I have an issue, my main hard drive is about to die, and I need to try to copy it to my other drive so I can take it out and just use my other drive as my main drive and boot windows etc. from it.Is there a way to do this? I already have stuff installed on my second drive which I don't want to lose so I don't want to have to format it in order to install windows onto it.If there any way at all of just copying everything from my dieing drive to my other drive so I can just take my main drive out and use the other as a main drive.My main drive was a temporary replacement for my last hard drive that died, it is only 40GB IDE, and my secondary drive is  a 250GB SATA (if that helps) I am also running windows XP pro SP3.If you need any more info, I will do my best to tell you anything you need to knowThankyou in advance.

Answer:master hard drive dieing, can I copy it to slave drive?

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I currently have a pc with two hard drives running under XP Home. The master HD is a 40 gig and my back up is a 14 gig. I will be buying a new pc that comes with a 80 gig HD and XP Home. I want to copy all non os data from the old pc's master to the new pc's HD. I then want to use the old 40 gig as my back up in the new PC. What is the best way to do this. Thank you in advance for any info you can provide me. gig

Answer:copy hard drive contents to a new hard drive

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I have a friend who has a Pentium 900, and has a 40 gig hard drive that is almost full and he just bought a 60 gig hard drive.
He wants to know how or if you can copy everything you have on the 40 to the 60.
He is running windows ME, is this something that can be done and if so what are the steps or instructions for doing this?


Answer:How do you copy an entire Hard drive to another hard drive

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I'm trying to use Norton Ghost to copy my hard drive to a new usb external hard drive. I am trying to use clone in Ghost advanced, but when I get to the section where it asks for source and destination, I see Disk 1 - (c - DISE_backup (d, and for destination I see the same thing. How do I get it to identify my usb hard drive designated as (I in my computer.
If I try backup in Ghost basic, I am able to choose the destination by going to my computer and clicking on the drive, is there a way to do it in advanced Clone?
Is there a better way to copy my old drive to the new one? I'm using win ME, the old drive is 40 gig, and the new one 250 gig Seagate.
Also,I used Seagate disk wizard to install it, and when i click on it in my computer it recognizes it as a 250 gig, does that mean that 250 is usable, or do I have to partition it?
ya know, I actually thought that this was gonna be easy!

Answer:can I copy my hard drive to an external usb hard drive?

I used DriveImage XML (freeby probably availabale here at MG) to copy a backup from my C Drive to a maxtor USB 100Gb USB drive with no probs whatsoever. Moreover I tested it to reinstall to the C Drive for a minor program and it did the job hassle free.
I don't like anything Norton turns out, personal opinion based on bitter experience.
Give Drive image a try!
However I hope you undersand that you cannot boot from the backup - it is only a backup - booting is a different situation altogether

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I want to copy an access database from a zip drive to a hard drive. Can I simply just select the database and do a copy and paste or is there anything else involved? Also, what would be the easist way to make changes to the database on the hard drive and have them update on the zip drive and vice versa?

Answer:copy access database from zip drive to hard drive

That should do it.
Copy/paste or click and drag.

To "back up" the database regularly?
Copy and paste over.
There is no EASIER way without getting very involved.
Since the drive is just for a simple backup, I would keep it simple.

Please make sure you're compacting your Access DB on close (Tools-Options, General tab, in 2000 and above), so that it doesn't unnecessarily get bigger and bigger.

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I have 3 hard drives and boot options of windows 7 64bit or Vista 32bit.
Drive 1.
E: 74gb
Windows 7 64bit bootable.
Drive 2.
D: 186gb
Only used for documents.
Drive 3.
232gb Partitioned into C: 64.45gb and K: 168.43gb
C: Vista 32 bit bootable.
K: is just for documents.

I want to copy my E: drive (windows 7) to my C: partition (wiping out Vista) and keep my K: partition intact.
If successful I will boot from C: then format my E: drive.

Can I do this using windows 7 backup?

Answer:Want to copy a system hard drive to one partition on another drive.

You can use the "create a system image" feature in Backup and Restore to make an image of your drive 1, but first you would need to shrink the size of the drive , because it is larger than the partition with Vista on it and to restore the image the partition has to be equal or greater than the Windows 7 installation. Before attempting to move Windows 7 to your Vista partition, I would back up all your data on the K partition as a precaution. If you do that, then you wouldn't have to resize the Windows 7 partition. Then after restoring the image to your Drive 3, you can always recreate the K partition and move your data back to. Either way, back up that data on the K drive first, before doing anything. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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I have a Dell Latitude laptop, 4 gb hard drive, 128 mb memory, I have no back up disks to restore the laptop. Can anyone tell me how to copy a drive image of the hard drive laptop to my external 40gb hard drive please?

Answer:copy drive image to external hard drive?

You need software that can create a snapshot image of your laptop hard drive.Acronis "True Image", Norton "Ghost" are betterknown ones. Try EBay or Amazon for deals.

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Can anyone tell me how to copy the entire contents of my 3gb UDMA hard drive, including XP home- to my new 80gb SATA hard drive.

Answer:How do I Copy UDMA Hard Drive to new Sata Drive

Save all your documents to a CD or DVD and re-install XP

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what settings do i kneed to copy a cd to my hard drive in mp3 file

Answer:copy cd to mp3 onto hard drive

If using WMP > Options > Rip Music > Under Format select mp3. Also adjust the quality that you need & click on Apply, OK. Higher the quality, larger the file size & vice versa. G

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Question: Copy Hard Drive

I have XP Home SP2 and would like to copy the whole of the Hard Drive to an USB external hard drive as a back up so that I can do a quick restore if my drive crashes.Can anyone tell me how to do this,and if I need to restore to a machine that will not boot,can I just copy it all back? Don

Answer:Copy Hard Drive

Acronis True Image click here

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Question: hard drive copy

in my few years of using computers i have quite successfully managed to destroy several computers to the point of needing a hard drive wipe and start from scratch. so i have recently bought an external hard drive the same size as my internal one and im basically wondering if its possible to keep an exact copy without having to manually save a file to each hard drive every time i change something. mabye for example if it was possible to automatically update the external drive once a month or something, does anyone have any ideas about something i could do? your advice would be much appreciated, thanks

Answer:hard drive copy

I use Norton Ghost click here but others prefer Acronis click here

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How would I copy a complete hard drive to another hard drive and have all my programs working.

Answer:How would I copy a hard drive"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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can anyone tell me how to copy one hard drive to another hard drive in DOS? the HD that i want to copy does not have a OS.

Answer:copy hard drive in DOS

I believe it is copy *source* *destination* (replacing *source* and *desination* with the drive letters)

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I have a DVD which seems to stick about every 10 minutes when playing and then keeps jumping. I I turn it off for a time it will then run ok for a short period. as this is a holidy dvd I want to try and put it onto my laptop from the inbuolt dvd /cd drive. Any idea how I should go about this?

Answer:copy from dvd to hard drive

all the info you need and all the software is on this sote click here reckomen you use DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink . both freeware and downloaded fron that site

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Question: hard drive copy?

does anyone know where i can find a program where i can copy an old dying hard drive to a new one so the new hard drive will be just like the old one (but not dying)? i know it exists because i did it once before but now i forgot what it was called and where to get it.


Answer:hard drive copy?

Go to the web site of the new hard drive manufacturer, almost all have a utility for download that will do the drive copy

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Question: Copy Hard Drive

Hello All,
Thank you in advance. I currently have a Maxtor 200g hard drive. It contains pictures, wav, mp3, etc.

My question is how do I copy all these files on to a NEW hard drive on someone else's compter? The hard drive has yet to be installed.

I am running Windows XP Pro. The new hard drives will also be installed on pcs with XP OS.

Thank You All for looking!

Answer:Copy Hard Drive

There are a few options here.
1. Put the old HDD in with the new and transfer the files
2. If they are on a network you could transfer the files.
3. If they both have network cards you could buy a crossover cable and transfer the files.
4. If they both have USB ports you could network them via USB cable and transfer the files.

Easiest (if you are comfortable with hardware) and cheapest would be #1. Assuming your 200GB HDD is your primary HDD you could just use the IDE cable from the optical drive on secondary master (unhook any slave) on your friends computer. This way you don't have to mess around with jumper settings.

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Hi everyone I was just wondering. I have a 4 GB Hard Drive that I haven't used in a while. It came from a custom system which was given to me by my friend. Now with my current system is an HP Brio BA410 which has a CD-Burner, running Win98 SE, 10GB Hard Drive, 320 MB of Ram, is it possible to hook this other hard drive up to my machine and use my machine to burn the contents of the 4 GB to disk? Or would I have to format the 4 GB drive? The 4 GB drive was never connected to my HP. And if I could do it....could you tell me which steps to take? I really appreciate your help. Thank You

Answer:copy 2nd Hard Drive

you could connect up the 4 gig drive, as long as you're happy to open up your HP's case. There should be a label on the drive showing you how to set the jumpers to make the drive master or slave, set it to slave and attach it to the second connector on your HD cable and attach a spare power connector. When you boot into windows you should see the 4 gig drive as another drive in my computer, you can then burn the contents in the usual way.

If your not comfortable opening the case you can get an external drive enclosure that connects via usb, try searching through the last few days posts, there was a thread about them recently.

If you need me to clarify anything just ask


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I have a computer with a failing hard drive, and I need to replace it. Continuing to use it is not an option. I am concerned, however, that replacing it (by buying a new drive and a device to transfer the data from the old to the new drive) will cause XP to invalidate itself. To my knowledge, XP has a 'feature' which creates a checksum of the system's hardware upon installation. If that checksum differs too greatly with a checksum created, say, at boot, then XP will invalidate itself and I will have to buy a new copy of XP. (Right?) I really don't want to buy another copy - is there a way to replace to hard drive and avoid reactivation?-Ian

Answer:Does a new hard drive mean a new copy of XP?

replacing just the drive won't engage the protection mechanism. If you replaced the video card and NIC at the same time though, maybe. (your not doing that though).Also, I've done this myself twice (transferred my OS to a larger drive) and neither time did XP bicker.Even so, you couldn't invalidate the copy anyway; you would just need to phone MS to reactivate; there would be no need to buy another copy (unless you tried to install it onto two PCs at the same time),

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