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Would a PCB or motherboard be damaged if dipped into pure alcohol/distilled water while turned on?

Question: Would a PCB or motherboard be damaged if dipped into pure alcohol/distilled water while turned on?

Since pure alcohol, for example pure Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water are supposed not to conduct electricity. What would happen if I dipped a turned-on PCB into it? . What would happen to a motherboard?

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Preferred Solution: Would a PCB or motherboard be damaged if dipped into pure alcohol/distilled water while turned on?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Would a PCB or motherboard be damaged if dipped into pure alcohol/distilled water while turned on?

OUCH ! Your assumptions may be spot on, but OMG why would one try this?????????

There's something called 'leakage' - - current flow when it's not expected.

I was working in an aerospace lab and the the EE had me perform an experiment because I said "the resistivity of the salt water was too low and leakage would trigger the device". So we got a bucket of salt water and dropped the device into the bucket - - precisely 30 seconds later (the designed timeout), the bucket erupted and salt water spewed everywhere [yes, the device was an explosive link].

The trigger point for the explosive was <500ma

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Long story short, me and my gf were having some fun doing shots on my desk, we've done this before in the past, and she turned her chair and knocked over the bottle and cup of water and it hit my tower. I cant upload the pictures but it was a mess! What got wet was the radiator, GPU, barely any droplets on the motherboard below, and on top of the power supply. I just dried and clean everything last night and had an industrial fan blow all the parts. I continued to clean the cables and case today and rehooked back everything. as how it should of been. When I finally turned on the back switch of the PSU, it shows that there is power in the motherboard via inside O.C, Reset, and Start buttons to manually control the motherboard from the inside if i wanted to. Anyhow, when I finally pressed the power button (on the motherboard or power button on tower), everything does light up and fans start going not even for a second and then it just goes off. I can't return it on without having to switch off the back switch of the PSU and then reswitch it on. I know a component has died and my first test is the GPU and then the motherboard. GPU is easiest when I go to Best Buy in just a moment to try out new GPU. Oh and the Blu-ray drive barely got wet too. Inside of case, the bottom inside behind the mobo. Lastly, outside of tower on the left and right got wet. All exhaust fans got little wet but the ones on the radiator got wet the most. Whew.

So just to reclarify:


Radiator, GPU, to... Read more

Answer:Help! Alcohol/water spilled on tower!

First thing I would do would be to test the psu. You can buy a psu tester or take it to a mom/pop shopand have then test it for you. Once you can confirm that it's good,
Start checking just the main board, pull it out of the case with just cpu/heatsink and fan. leave just one memory module on it and if it has on board video, use that if you can. Set the board on a non-conductive surface and connect the power supply's 24 pin connector, the 4/8 pin connector for the cpu and your video card if you have to use that. See if it'll post by temp shorting out the pwr on pins on the front panel header. If it does post, connect the hard drive and see if windows will boot up

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Question: Water damaged T-40

About two weeks ago I accidentally spilt water on my T-40 while it was open. It shut off right away, but turned back on later that night. However, I noticed that even though it was plugged in, the battery wasn't charging. Eventually it went to 0% and now it won't turn on at all. I think the power supply still works because it showed the plug in symbol on the lower right hand corner. The battery light on the front when shut was not turning green though. Any ideas? Would I be better off just getting a new machine? Thanks

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I have been asked recently by a relative how can you fix a disc if has been water damaged. I have searched for days on the web. I havent found anything.... Does anyone know if this is even possible?

Answer:How To fix a water damaged dvd?

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I bought a HP laptop on Thanksgiving this year. Not 3 months later I received a message, on a blue screen with a sideways sad face, saying that my computer needed to restart. After it attempted to restart, a black screen came up saying "Boot Device Not Found Please install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk (3F0)". After calling HP tech support, they discovered they could not fix it over the phone. They shipped me packing materials (at my expense) and almost 2 weeks later I received it back in working order, or so I thought. Not 24 hours later the same problem occurred. I took this matter higher to a Case Manager that couldn't be more apologetic. He promised he would get it fixed or I would get a new laptop and also gave me a coupon for $75 dollars to the HP store. What I wanted was them to just give me my money back, I wasn't happy with sending it back a second time for it to have the same problems and I was ready to give up on HP, but at least they were willing to replace it. Once I got the packing materials to ship it off (this time THEY paid for expedited shipping), I got a call saying that they have the computer but they have suspected that it is "water damaged" and that it is normally $405.93, but will only charge me $201.49 to fix it. I completely called his bluff because I don't eat or drink around my computer. But he was determined to prove me wrong. After sending me "pictures" of the alleged "water dama... Read more

Answer:HP says it's water damaged...

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HiMy friend spilled water over his compaq v5000 laptop and now it won't work. The cpu fan is working but nothing else seems to be working. I've took it apart and tried to dry it a bit there was water stains on some of the metal covers under the keyboard. Is there anything else I can do to get it going again or is it fit for the bin?

Answer:Water damaged laptop

Ive had this problem with an old lappy in the past,i stupidly spilt coffee over the machine rendering the motherboard useless...hence the machine was a right off.Claimed on the home insurance and paid out after investigation.Though a quote was needed from a local computer shop.Hope your insured Crash !

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My USB 2.0 msd got water damage a couple weeks ago, seemed to work fine for about a week after drying, but recently, is not being recognized by the usb port as being plugged in, I only hear the clicking and the light green light flicker red then the clicking stops, and no driver letter. Is it junk?

Answer:Water damaged USB 2.0 msd, is it junk?

Hang it out to dry for at least two or three weeks with the USB plug hanging down.

Then try to run a FAT32 format... if that is not possible, then look for USB repair software... there are severa good ones you will find with a gurgle search... or try the website of the USB drive manufacturer if you can tell who made it... Sandisk has one that works with a lot of them.

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Need advice please help I was painting and decorating my living room and put my computer in the cupboard were water tank is because there plenty of space to put things anyways I got a new water tank installed n march and the thing burst so I had spoke to north lanarkshire council to put in a claim now they sent saltire out to check the computer and he plugged it in and it triped my electricity and started smoking now I got phone call yesterday saying they not paying out but the saltire guy came out and said that his son will look at it and see what they can do can they do this please help thanks very much

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Hi Techguy,

Water fell on my laptop now most of the time my keyboard doesn't work (or other keyboards). When I type a letter random programs pop up etc.. So I get by by copy pasting single letters to make a note. As you can imagine, this is not very pleasant. Sometimes my keyboard out of nowhere works and I can write for brief periods of time such as now.

The on screen keyboard that comes with Windows 8 also doesn't work nor do other keyboards. If I click a letter random stuff happens like programs opening.

I'm looking for software that can transform writing/painting from characters made by my trackpad or mouse into a field to text. So I don't have to copy paste all the time anymore.

Can you help me out with this one?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Water damaged laptop

OCR software may be what your looking for. I don't have any real experience with this type of software but you can take a look at the link to see if suites you.

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A few weeks ago, while I was away, my brother spilled water on my laptop. My mom didn't dry it immediately, and just shut the lid. when I discovered the night of, there was fog on the screen, most of the keys weren't working anymore. I immediately backed up my laptop that night. Then, i left it to dry. After three days, the laptop no longer turn on. Two weeks later, the laptop was able to power on. Since it wasn't shut down properly, every time i turn on, it will display windows was not shut down properly press enter to select, or something along those lines. Since my keyboard doesn't work, I could never get past that screen. I have tried to attach an external keyboard to my laptop, but that doesn't seem to work either. I have noticed that now whenever I turn on my laptop it takes two tries. When i press the power button the first time. it will have no reaction, but then the second time it will start. once I get to the screen where i need to press enter, i cannot do anything so I would press power again. I noticed when I press shut down, the laptop will quickly shut down.The instant that the power button is pressed, it will immediately shut down. A couple of times when I turn on my laptop, it will start to beep continuously. I am currently debating to buy a replacement keyboard and try to see if that will work out. If anyone have experience or can help, please help me out. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C650.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Water Damaged Laptop: HELP!!

I'd be surprised if the keyboard was the only part that was damaged. Especially as it was powered on several times while still wet/damp.

In any case, if you can get parts cheap enough, you could try simply replacing the keyboard.

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so i dropped my phone in water just over a month ago
stupidly i turnt the phone on and off again straight away and put it in rice
however, the phone still produces noise but the screen is black/blank
what is at fault?
the water damage?
the display screen?

Answer:How can I fix a water damaged Experia Z1?

You act like one cannot have a damaged screen when water is involved and vice versa.
I say both.
But wait, are you saying the phone worked properly since the incident and only failed recently?
Could be just the screen going south, but it could potentially be damage from the water rearing its head, so I cant say for sure.

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Only one water drop dropped on my screen near camera button, an there is now big yellow spot on the edge of the screen. Now im not so happy about 930 quality when one drop did so damage... maybe there is a way to fix that, dryind doesnt seems to help.

Answer:How do I fix a water damaged Lumia 930 screen?

Damn! I always take my 930 to bathroom with me :-/
I should stop this.

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Hello, simple question  I dropped a bit of water on my keyboard and 95% of the keys are not working now.  if I replace the keyboard with a new one will it work as normal or is there perhaps a deeper problem and buying a new keyboard is a waste of money 

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 hello!is it possible to remove the watery/black image/dots cause by water. my son spray the laptop screen with or replace the lcd?thanks in advance!

Answer:laptop screen water damaged...

Can you post a picture of the screen? Is the damage inside the screen or on the surface?If it's inside the screen, there's likely no way to fix it. It'll have to be replaced.

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Recently I dropped my Nokia Lumia in the toilet after having it in my back pocket. It was only in the water for a few seconds and I dried it, removed the sim and memory card and let it in rice for 24 hours. The phone works perfectly fine however it gets quite hot when charging and is constantly quite warm whether I'm using it or not. Plus my phone dies from a full battery in about 2-3 hours even if I have battery save always on. Should I get it repaired or just buy a new one?

Answer:Water Damaged Nokia Lumia 520

Buy a 630/635 and use the 520 as a backup phone.

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I dropped my Nokia Lumia 820 in water 2 days ago and have left it to dry out since, however this morning i tested it and while it turns on, the touch screen does not work and and neither do any of the buttons. I am aware that the phone is beyond repair and am prepared to purchase a new one, however I would like to reset the phone to factory settings before disposing of it. Is there any way of doing this without the use of buttons and touch screen?

Answer:Nokia Lumia 820 - Water Damaged Reset

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question I dropped my Nokia Lumia 820 in water 2 days ago and have left it to dry out since, however this morning i tested it and while it turns on, the touch screen does not work and and neither do any of the buttons. I am aware that the phone is beyond repair and am prepared to purchase a new one, however I would like to reset the phone to factory settings before disposing of it. Is there any way of doing this without the use of buttons and touch screen? wait for a while,try putting it in a bag of rice without the cover,sim etc for atleast a week,the phone should "kickstart"

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I know there are plenty of posts about this problem but havent stumbled upon any similar to my case so please be aware that I've looked for a solution about this.

What happened?
I spilled half full glass on my computer case. I immidiatly remove the plug and cut the electricity. I grab lots of towels and try to dry it.

The position of the video card blocked water to spilled all around. When I turned it around, half of handful water come off to floor. I cleaned every part of the computer and let it dry over night.

When I woke up I was very hopeful that it will work because a year ago I spilled orange juice, did the same procedure and it worked. But nothing happened this time.

Blowing, cleaning, hair dryer, changing cables.. Couple hourse of work and managed to worked properly but lasts 15-20mins. I got blue screen but I was hopefull becasue I know that it can work now. I tried hole day with same tests.

Fans on the graphics card are working but when I start the computer 5 seconds later it shuts itself for 2-3 seconds and starts again. Because of I dont have working graphic card I have no idea whats happening.

Anyway, last night it worked. It was a miracle. I complete my works, played some games and turned it off. Guess what? Today it was the same deal. Computer starts, 5 seconds later shuts it self for 2-3 seconds and starts again but no screen.

I know that it can work properly and it can work for hours without any problem. I tested it with high gra... Read more

Answer:Water damaged computer worked and stops???

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I am trying to recover the data on the mass internal storage of a Nokia N8 that has been water-damaged. The data is of sentimental value to my partner's family member, so I am trying my best before contacting a data recovery company as we cannot currently afford the probably very expensive service.
The phone does not power on, nor does it show the regular charging indicator, however when the battery is what I've began calling critically-low condition (where the phone would not start without charging for a few minutes first), the charging light does flash near the micro-USB port. After this it stops charging and the process can be repeated if the battery is left to achieve the critically low point. I believe it does not charge once the critical threshold has been passed. This is only when charging via the USB, if the adapter is used it doesn't charge at all. I have uploaded a video of this here: https://www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=TQTIRcaoQu4. When charging via the computer, the light goes on for about 6 minutes. If charging via wall socket USB adapter, it takes about a minute. If charging via computer and regular adapter together, it takes about a minute as well, so at least both charging ports are somewhat working. I think it is possible that the power button still does something as it seemed to reset the critically-low charging process or it may have been coincidental. The computer does not recognise the phone in any way and it does not start, vibrate, or sho... Read more

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HI everybody,I accidentally spilled sugared tea on the keyboard and nothing but sticky keys happened. This bothered me because sometimes was not a problem and sometimes the space bar for instance was hard to use, this perhaps due to temperature.I decided to download the Hardware manual, and assisted by it, I removed the keyboard and trackpad so as to clean them. The keys got cleaned decently, so as the trackpad. I noticed that one not-in-use connector at right of the trackpad connector had a little drop in three or four wires on it's back side, but I could clean it decently too.When I finally assembled it and started the machine, the keyboard didn't work, not even a single key. The Fn and F2 led lights were on, and the F4 led was on but dimmed. After checking the connections several times, finally not a single led on the keys remained on.The final outcome came later when I found out that the speakers started an impossible to stop sound similar to the busy tone of a phone, but a little faster in pace. Audio works fine, but this tone is superimposed, reacts to volume adjustment, but I cannot find a way to shut it up.Does anyone has a clue on what is happening?Does anyone advices to buy a spare keyboard or is there a way to check if I may have ruined a different component and the keyboard is not the only problem?Many thanks in advance!

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A friend of mine spilt a pint of water over his girlfriend's laptop. I took it to pieces and left it on his floor (on cardboard) for about a week drying out. Put it back together, it turned on and everything worked fine. Then in typical sods law as soon as I got home he gave me a call saying it wouldn't turn on. I took another look at it yesterday, taking the power button thing off (the plastic bit above the keyboard) and checking the cables were attached properly. It turned on the first time, then didn't turn on again.Its a HP Pavillion DV6000 and the power button connects to the motherboard with the fiddliest tiniest ribbon cable ever seen. I've been told that they could have snapped internally while I was plugging and unplugging themA replacement ribbon cable and power buttonclick here£25I replaced the ribbon cable with a spare one from an Acer Aspire touchpad (same cable but much shorter). It turned on first time and I turned the laptop off holding the power button down for a few seconds, but then DID NOT WORK AGAIN! I unplugged and reconnected it a few times, again one time it turned on once (and then off) but didn't work again! I was thinking that what could have happened is, as the water was spilt on the laptop while it was open (and broke several keys on the keyboard) maybe it got into the power switch and broke that. But I think its strange that it turns on once (and the power button works again to turn it off) but then doesn't work again. Could it be a faulty mobo ... Read more

Answer:Water Damaged Laptop and broken switch?

IMO you are on a loser with this. Even the 3 volts from the CMOS battery is enough to cause electroylitic corrosion... I have seen and repaired liquid damage countless times... and unless properly sorted immediately (if it's even possible to do so) then the end result at best is random faults and general unreliability. One raindrop sized blob would be enough to totally wreck the print around a surface mounted component let alone a pint :)

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I recently ruined my lumia 1020 on a trip to the Philippines. Salt water got into it and it shorted out. Is there anyway to recover the pics/video that are saved? I already tried usb connection. Can I just swap the on board memory (not sure where it is) to another 1020(I have 2 more). Any thoughts?

Answer:Recover Pics from Water Damaged 1020

I imagine trying to switch out chips on the board to be a very risky and difficult procedure for even qualified professionals.
Especially since salt is very destructive.
Honestly, the best way, and perhaps the only remotely easy way to deal with this is to make sure you don't have to be in this situation ever again. Backups!
if your phone was ever connected to Wi-Fu, surely they were backed up to OneDrive? (or whatever cloud service you used)
Unless you turned them off...

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Hello,Hopefully this is the correct place for this:A few weeks ago I completely ruined my laptop by spilling a whole cup of coffee on it. I immediately turned the laptop off, etc. Once the laptop dried out it wouldnt boot up. It did initially, but ultimately it wouldn't.My question: If I connected the hard drive from aforementioned laptop into my new laptop, via a caddy/usb, is it possible that the hard drive could damage my new laptop?Thank you.

Answer:Hard drive from water/coffee damaged laptop

Connected via USB if the drive is toast the worst it would do is blow the caddy. There is a chip that translates the drive from SATA to USB communications and so there is a level of isolation. I wouldnt connect the drive directly to laptop installing internally but its ok if connected externally via USB.

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Last week I spilled lots of water on my computer and it will not turn on anymore. Basically what I am hoping for is for someone to read my exact steps I took right after I spilled the water, and give me recommendations as to what is broken and if I should go to service repair.

Right after I spilled the water on my keyboard of my hp laptop, I dried off the surface with a towel. Then I turned it upside down and more water dripped out. The whole time it was still on and I was trying to turn it off and kept on holding the power button but it would not turn off(slipped my mind to just take out battery). I kept on trying to turn it off in this manner until finally, about 1-1.5 minutes after the initial spill, the laptop turned off by itself. I then opened up all the covers to the parts to let the computer dry, using also a light blow dryer on cold to air it out a bit as well(later found I was not supposed to do this). I waited for 24 hours, made sure everything was dry and Tried powering it on, until to my dismay, it did not. It's been a week and I'm wondering

1) what do you think is exactly broken? I got the data extracted from a local computer shop, so that means my hard drive is OK. Does that mean just something involving the power blew up because of the water?

2) and do u recommend getting this fixed at a local service place or is it more worth it to just get a new laptop?

Thank you!

Answer:Water Spillage and Computer won't turn on--Hardware Damaged?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post but I am DISGUSTED with Lenovo
They are snide and I will NEVER buy a product from them again and I would advice ANYONE never to purchase ANYTHING FROM  THIS BAD COMPANY AGAIN!!!!!
I sent my G585 for repair because the sound kept cutting out and they tried to tell me that I water damaged it and damaged the motherboard and battery....what a load of crap!!! I didn't do any of these things. When I sent my laptop to them  it worked brilliant apart from the sound issue and now the computer will not charge whatsoever and wont load proper.....this was NOT like this when I sent it....they have given me a bad battery and took mine as mine WAS NOT like this.....this is basically FRAUD! My laptop will not charge....I advice you to NEVER LIASE with this company.
The told me I had to pay £450 for the repair for damage I did  not do!!!! even tho the laptop is only worth £319
Moderator Note; subject edited

Answer:Lenovo laptop G585 - claimed water damaged

Hi sammyjayneex, welcome to the forums,
sorry to have to read about your experience.  It is possible to dispute the repair centre's conclusion by calling the support line and requesting to escalate the issue / lodge a complaint.  The agent will be able to do this for you and will also be able to explain any further steps required.
At the same time you can also request for photographs of the "alleged" water damage be sent to you.  If you require other members' opinions you could post the pictures here, or host them elsewhere and link to them here.
 About Posting Pictures In The Forums

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My htc windows phone dropped into water 1 year ago, I try to start it just now but it still shown a screen which asking to connect phone to desktop right after the logo screen of htc.. after i connect to desktop, it is not working still :(
what should i do now?

Answer:What to do if the phone stuck on screen which asking to connect to desktop after water damaged?

Try updating the rom?rom-downloads - Support | HTC United States

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Question: Doube Dipped

There were several security updated this afternoon that I downloaded and after it restarted I got double what I had before under the description of my desktop icons. (see below) Has anyone else had this problem? I hate to do a system restore but MS seems to seldom get updates right.

OK-I did another restart and they went away. When they installed the updates and shutdown/restarted is when I got the double text. After restarting again it's gone.

Answer:Doube Dipped

No but it added about 15seconds on my start up. I defraged and was good to go.

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I drew up a list of the general internet attack vectors that I was aware of. But then I thought the BC community might do a better job. So that's the reason for this thread.
The idea is to reduce the list to the smallest possible size, without losing any individual source of malware.
I've tried to avoid situations where your PC is running an old operating system or an old browser. To make a rule, let's assume you have Windows 7 or later and an up-to-date browser, which can be of any flavour.
This list doesn't cover privacy issues.
Your PC can get malware on it if ...
1. you connect your PC directly to the internet (no NAT router)
2. your NAT router allows remote administration or UPnP is turned on or the router simply has a software or hardware vulnerability
3. You browse to a web site that has malicious JavaScript (or ActiveX), iframes, flash or java and your browser allows it to run
4. you click on a malicious Ad
5. you open a malicious email and allow the active content to run
6. you open a file that was sent to you in an email using application X, which has a vulnerability
7. You download a malicious file and open it in application X, which has a vulnerability
8. You download a driver or an application that you need but it's malicious or it contains additional malware/PUP
9. You an have insecure update engine running on your PC and it only uses http
Can anyone add no. 10 ?
I would admit that 6 and 7 are similar but the actions required by the user are different. So, yes, ... Read more

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When I was unloading my computer out of my trunk, living in NH, some snow fell from the top onto my computer. Some snow fell on the case and leaked in through the vents. The case was on, but at first it wouldn't even start up. Then, after a while, it started up however there was no display from the monitor and there was an unending beeping noise. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Help: Water on motherboard

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After some water leaked into my friend's T430u it wont turn on. He took the battery out and dried it as best as possible and let it sit in rice for a day with the back off and asked me to see if I can do anything with it. I plugged in the ac adapter with the battery out and the red lights that dot the "i" in Thinkpad turn on and the fan runs but it won't boot up or make any noise. I took out the RAM to see if it would beep and I found some water drops under one the the memory sticks That is the only evidence of water I found. Does any one have any ideas what could be the problem? My friend can't afford much in terms of parts so I really hope theres something that can be done. He needs this computer. Thank you for your time!

Answer:T430u water damage motherboard?

Water getting under the mostly covered RAM stick sounds like a serious spill and probably warrants another two days to dry at least. You might luck out.

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Dear community,So my little baby brother made water fall on my laptop, im looking for a replacement and found 2 links,I was wondering if both are supported for my laptop since i have the,Model no va73v3-772G-54208G50MakkCurrently i have the 750m motherboard and found 2 sites where i want to order this motherboard but 2 are different versions and i was wondering if they are both supported?this is the 750m version which is right for me i think.;...and this is another version for the V3-772G i think this one´s better than the other one which motherboard would a proffesional recommend because i really need to order one before school starts,

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the system im using uses 3/8" tubing, this system: my motherboard is an ASUS m2n4-SLI ( (the northbridge chipset is the nvidia
NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI MCP which has a weired heatsink shape so im not sure if its a proprietary shape??)

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I've just acquired a second hand motherboard that needs a good clean. Apart from the usual vacuum cleaner and make-up brush routine would it be okay to give it a bath in de-mineralised water to shift the dirt?


Answer:Cleaning a motherboard (and other components) with de-mineralised water. Problems?

Wow, it must be really dirty if you have to resort to bath it. Never heard of using DI water. DI water is not compatible w/ all metals, so if you're using it, I'd suggest drying the board quickly & completely. What about using isopropyl alcohol?

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Hi all,
I recently replaced spilled water all over my laptop. I make the mistake of not waiting for it to completely dry and attempted to turn it on.
So after, accessing the damages, I took my Lenovo Y50 to a certified technician who told me that the motherboard was damaged. I decided to replaced the motherboard by myself (purchased Lenovo refurbished from Ebay) and proceeded to install it.
When I turned it on, the LED lights up to signal that it is being turned on, however the fans do not start, my keyboard does not light up, my display does not turn on. (Basically, only the power button LED turns on for about 2-3 seconds, then shuts off)

1. I made sure the ram, harddrive, thermal paste, screws, cords etc was installed properly.
2. When I charge my laptop, the LED lights up to signal that it is charging.
3. I attempted to turn on my laptop without the battery, to this I received the same 2-3 second LED and nothing more.

Does anyone have any recommendations of what is wrong with my laptop?
Can we narrow it down to a specified region?
Thank you for your time guys, I really appreciate it.

Answer:Replaced Laptop Motherboard, Now It won't Turn On (Water Damage)

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my little baby brother made water fall on my laptop, im looking for a replacement and found 2 links,I was wondering if could get better advice 

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I was swapping out my PSU and inadvertenly plugged the ez_plug as well as the ATX plug into my sli motherboard which is using just the one graphics card. Would i have inadvertenly damaged the mobo,graphics card or PSU doing this?

In order to test the PSU does one need one of does specialised testers. I simply installed the PSU, turned on the rocker switch and using a simple voltmeter/multimeter tested the majority of pins on each plug using the com pin as ground?

Answer:Have I damaged my SLI motherboard, PSU or both?

1- EZ Plug and ATX 12V at the same time cannot hurt anything

2 -

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I was fixing my PC a while ago, and I installed two new RAM sticks because I'd concluded the RAM had been causing an issue(System Lockup, this happens on both Linux & windows so it's not a software problem). This lasted for about eight hours than the symtoms of the problem before began to occur again. I than took these RAM sticks and installed them into another Computer where the same symtoms became apparent.

Answer:Could RAM be damaged by the Motherboard?

is it the correct ram for the system, did you buy for example very slow ram?

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Dear all,
I recently emigrated to Germany, Hamburg. To transport my desktop PC (plane) I dismounted the GPU, hard disks and wifi card and packed all in the original boxes. I bought a bigger box than the desktop, and left the CPU, it's fan, motherboard and the other fans mounted, but all cables disconnected and fixed at some nice position. Everything was fine except for the CPU fan, which apparently was not so well attached. When I unpacked everything, the fan was at the bottom of the PC box and I feared that it might have damaged the mother board during the trip. After mounting the computer here in Germany, everything was working fine. But after 5 days, when I turned the PC on in the morning I had no sound!

I tested the headset on another device and it works fine. I have tested the sound of the computer on windows 8.1 and Ubuntu (dual boot) and the problem remains. I have tested to reconnect the audio cable (for the front jack) and reinstalled audio drivers more than once. I noticed that the back panel results in absolute no sound, and in the front panel intense static is heard and a bit of (whatever sound I am putting) can be heard.

1- Might the fan have damaged the motherboard's audio? But if so, why only on the 5th day did this start...?
2- I am considering going to a PC store in Hamburg (I'm new to town so I don't even know good places...) to pay at least 50? for them to check the PC. Although, if the motherboard is damaged, I wonder if they will... Read more

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My laptop suddenly doesn't turn on and shows no indication of being charged.
Last thing that happened when I turned on my laptop was the showing of my home screen dimmed for a second and then it flickered off.

Only two things could be the reason for me:
1.) I spilled a bit of water on the keyboard, but after cleaning it off, was still using the laptop for an hour or so.
2.) It was incredibly hot today, and the laptop was left in the car for a bit.

I've opened up my laptop and removed the battery. I did find very minuscule amounts of water on the plastic sheets put on top of certain parts of the laptop's main board. Putting the battery back in, a small led indicator light will flash and pressing the power button that light will flash. As of now, I have the laptop unplugged, battery removed completely, and have held the power button for 30 seconds to completely discharge it. What should I do now?

Answer:How do you tell if motherboard is damaged?

Coby said:

Last thing that happened when I turned on my laptop was the showing of my home screen dimmed for a second and then it flickered off.Click to expand...

Is this happen before you spilled water on your laptop if yes either back light or inverter is damaged.

How to Save a Laptop from Liquid Damage

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Ever since yesterday I have been having problems with my computer, I tried to get cpu temp down with my orbII cpu fan but when i turned on the computer after administering more thermal paste the D-bracket said that my processor was either damaged or installed wrong so I then put the Stock fan on the cpu (p4) after taking the paste off with bit of rubbing alchol.

It seemed to work fine untill today when it said my harddrive was corrupt so I ran the chkdsk and it said my harddrive had been repaired but when I rebooted i couldnt copy and paste from the webbrowser and the applications were not appearing on the taskbar.

I then went to repair windows but it got stuck on 37mins so i rebooted and the same thing happend, stuck on installing devices 37 mins remaining.

I then rebooted and am currently formating my computer and installing a fresh copy of windows.

I have only had my processor about 4 days same with the motherboard and windows was last installed last week on friday.

Could it be that the reason it isnt working propely is because when I last installed windows I did a quick format and not a proper one or is my processor damaged? or my motherboard.

Answer:damaged CPU or motherboard?

if your PC turns on and beeps it should be fine. Just do a complete reformatt and it should be fine. Oh yes.. and there is a such thing as to much thermal paste, your meant to have about .5 of a mm thick layer over the dye of the cpu.

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my computer has recently lost a file called windows/system32/config/system

and my computer could not start up. Some screen came up which i could not remember what it said (it was a blue screen with an error message) and this happend while i was trying to format my computer (it happend while the xp boot disk was loading) i reset my computer and then when i put the boot disk in my computer could not read the disk was in. I have now bout a new hard drive, motherboard and now my computer works. Does this mean that my old motherboard somehow got damaged?
ps: If you think it could not read it because of my cd-rom drive it isnt because it is working fine now.
pss: I need to know if the motherboard is damaged because i want to resell it.

psss: it is a pentium 3

Answer:is my motherboard damaged?

Short of actually testing the MB, there's really no way for someone here to know if it's damaged.

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was rebuilding my pc in a new case, connected front panel audio cables to the pins i thought were the right ones. booted up plugged speakers into front audio jack. crackle!!!!pc was still running but no visual and did nt react to power button being held down.switched off psu and then pc wud nt boot up again, lights on mobo light up but no life.Tested with other psu, same thing.Any ideas wat ive managed to fry here, as all components are expensive

Answer:Motherboard damaged???

connected front panel audio cables to the pins i thought were the right ones.You will need to know if your wiring and connections are correct before you continue, what ever we suggest, if they are still wrong, will end up with the same scenario...I would suggest you get somebody more qualified to look at your connections for you...

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I was swapping out my PSU and inadvertenly plugged the ez_plug as well as the ATX plug into my sli motherboard which is using just the one graphics card. Would i have inadvertenly damaged the mobo,graphics card or PSU doing this?

In order to test the PSU does one need one of does specialised testers. I simply installed the PSU, turned on the rocker switch and using a simple voltmeter/multimeter tested the majority of pins on each plug using the com pin as ground?

Answer:Have i damaged my SLI motherboard,PSU or both?

You should be able to pickup a PSU tester cheap from most computer shops. That or take it in to see if it checks out. That is assuming that you have it plugged in correctly now into your system and it isn't firing up.

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if the floppy drive connector on the motherboard has damaged or missing prongs is their any other way i could connect a floppy drive to a pc to enable me to boot up and install an operating system?CheersLes

Answer:motherboard accidently damaged!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get usb floppy drives,

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Last night I installed an Asrock 939dual board in a new case. In the manual it says not to use 3.3v agp cards because it can damage the motherboard. So I look up my agp card (geforce4 440mx) and find it's a x8, so has to be 1.5v right? So I think everything's ok. When I install this board and switch on, I get a slight crackling noise and a small puff of smoke from the agp card.

OK, I know that card is finished, but do you think I've damaged the mobo? It was an old video card so might have just died on its own right? There are no burn marks on the mobo. Would be gutted if that's gone as well. Could I have damaged the cpu or ram as well?

Thanks for any insight!

Answer:Motherboard damaged by agp card?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It is possible that your mobo/cpu has been damaged.

However, without trying a different video card you won`t find out for sure.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I think I have damaged my motherboard - I was trying to clone a 2.5" hard disk as an upgrade for my laptop, and managed to connect the drive incorrectly to the IDE asaptor I was using. Net result is that system setup is now unable to recognize any hard disk I connect to the IDE cables, though CD/DVD drives are OK. I've tried both IDE sockets, different cables, different drives, etc, etc. So pretty sure the motherboard is damaged in some way. Luckily my normal drives are SATA so ok for now.

But my question is (unless someone has a magic fix for the above) - how do I work out what motherboard to purchase as a replacement? The system is a Dell Dimension 4600 with a 2.6GHz P4 cpu. The motherboard has the following number on it - DS/N CN-02Y832-4811367-01S0 (and AA C23142-306).

Is there anything else I should bear in mind? Will I have difficulty getting the XP license to transfer OK?

Answer:Think I've damaged motherboard - how to replace?

You'll have to get the exact same motherboard, which means going back to Dell or buying one on eBay. Putting non-Dell boards into a Dell can be tricky and you are not allowed to use the Dell Windows XP license with anything except the mainboard that comes or is an approved replacement for the system.

But have you tried to clear the CMOS? There should be either a button, switch, or jumper to do this. Check the Dell site. And make sure the IDE just isn't disabled in the BIOS or set to None as that can happen.

You can also add a PCI IDE controller card to replace the IDE on the mainboard.

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Hi all, this is about my PC crashing during games.
I'll try and explain what "may" of started the problems.
I wanted to install my old GPU for Physx for FFXIV (GTS 250), which my Main card is a GTX 460. So i install the GTS 250, and my PC can't detect it at all. I tried re-doing drivers and all that fun stuff, and it still wasn't detected.
I then decided to launch FFXIV anyway to see if it worked, and on the log-in screen it made my entire PC Lagg like crazy, even with mouse lagg. So i take out my failed Physx Card, and i'm pretty sure THAT is where my crashes started.
With my GTX 460 in, it will crash once every few hours or so, during random games. With my GTS 250 on the other hand, it will crash if i even open a web page.
I'm thinking i could of damaged my motherboard here somehow?.. I know how to install Physx lol, and my board can run SLI etc. Here's a few specs, Q6600, N7AD-SLI Motherboard, 750 watt PSU, 8GB DDR2 800mhz RAM, Windows 7, and the 2 GPU's i mentioned.
Any help at all is appreciated, thanks if you managed to read all of that.

Answer:Crashes during games. Motherboard damaged?

Also, i'll say that it's not Driver issues here with either card. I've tried every driver on the planet + Reconfigured my PC + took all my PC apart and looked for lose connections. >_>

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Hi allWell that's what Newegg said. I RMA'ed a bad ASUS P6X58D-E mobo back to Newegg and this is what they said: Motherboard was received with apparent end-user caused physical damage to CPU socket contact pins. Yikes. This is the 15th computer I have built and I don't usually make this sort of mistake. Could I have done this damage inadvertently?  What about the CPU? How do I go about checking the i7 930 for damage? Visual inspection only?Any thoughts?Here is all the hardware:ASUS P6X58D-E MBIntel i7 930 CPUCORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850w PSUA-DATA XPG Gaming Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) memoryASUS CuCore Series EAH5770 Video CardScythe MUGEN SCMG-2100 Rev B CoolerWD Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/sLITE-ON Black 24X 2MB Cache SATA DVD Writer ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

Answer:P6X58D-E Motherboard damaged by CPU installation??

Socket B, Flip Chip Land Grid ArrayIf you exceeded the mechanical load, I expect you would have been aware. did a visual on the motherboard, you do a visual on the cpu.You did not tell us anything about what led you to return the motherboard.

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I have used ASUS P5Q-EM motherboard since January. It had 8 GB (a couple of paired 2x2048 kits) Corsair 1066Mhz RAM (dual-channel). It had infrequent crashed which I was unable to determine what was the cause. I installed them in pairs.

Two weeks ago, Windows 7 highlighted that 1st kit of 2x2048 RAM was faulty which are replacing. Two days ago, 2nd set of 2x2048 became faulty too.

I discovered that those are compatible to asus p45q-em motherboard if properly applied according to the ASUS mobo manual/guide (P5Q-EM Manual). So I got replacements for those faulty RAMs which I will sell them off and buy 2 x 2 kits of RAM in total 8GB which works in 2xpairs with the accordance to the manual

Corsair RAMs I used are dual channel kits but does not work in pair on my mobo which caused instability and damaged my RAMs. According to the manual, it can be used a single channel only. I learnt the hard way that a certain paired kits of RAM does not always works on dual channel mobo. eg corsair twin dominator (CM2X2048-8500C5D)

So i had to get RAMs that support 4 modules,which meets the asus mobo manual's compatibility list, inserted into blue & black slots as two pairs of Duel-channel memory configuration. eg 2 x 2 kits of 2048 Geil (GX24GB8500C5UDC) works on Asus p4q em mobo.

I found RAMs are faulty by using memtest86+ and windows diagnostic test. But how do I determine that my mobo is not faulty and wont affects my new RAMs? Can faulty RAMs affects my mobo?

Thank... Read more

Answer:Is my motherboard faulty after damaged my RAMs?

Althoug Time Consuming, the best method would be:

1) Remove All RAM from the system

2) Insert the 1st module in the very first DIMM slot.
Test & record the results.

3) Remove the module and set aside, and put in the next module
(Still in the very first DIMM slot and still only 1 RAM module)
Test & record the results.

4) Repeat until you have tested all RAM modules in the Motherboards first DIMM slot.

At this point you may have all of them Pass, Fail, or a combination of both.

keep things organized and recorded so you know which failed, or passed in that slot.

Move to DIMM slot 2, testing a single RAM module (repeating step 1 & 2)

Continue the process onto DIMM 3 and 4 etc.

This process will help you pinpoint if it is in fact a RAM issue, or a MOBO issue.

For example, if Module 2 fails in every slot, but Modules 1,3 & 4 pass .... Then Module 2 is likely defective.

If all 4 modules pass in say DIMM slot 1,2 & 4, YET Fail in DIMM slot 3 ... The RAM is fine, but the Motherboards DIMM slot 3 may be defective.

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Ok, so first let me say thank you for any and all help I may receive here. THANK YOU.

In 2008 I built my own computer and it worked fine. In a three or four years I added ram and no longer had a working computer. It got really hot, and I put the old back in but already damaged. I tried to buy a new motherboard like the one I had but it was discontinued then. So I set my homebuild aside and got a hp at walmart, which I still use by the way. Fast forward to today, and I want to get my homebuild working again, only better than ever. Which is why I am here, seeking a good solution to my problem.

motherboard mb gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3l p35 rt
cpu intel/c2q q6600 2.40g 775 8m r
graphics card vga evga 384-p3-n851-ar 8800gs 384m
power supply psu ocz600sxs 600w rt
ram mem 1gx2/ f2-6400cl5d-2gbnq r
hard drive hd 500g/st 7k 32m sata2 st3500320as
card reader rosewill/rcr-102 rtl
dvd burn asus drw-2014s1t 20x rt
cpu cooler/arctic p4/acfz7-pro r

windows xp

Is there a modern quality motherboard I can just plug in, or perhaps this whole setup is so dated that it would be best to just basically start over with modern stuff and maybe reuse some components or maybe not. Opinions and advice appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:help to replace older damaged motherboard with new

I don't mean this in a bad way....but that system is about 7 generations old.

The only possible thing that be worth saving might be PSU, but if it was me I'd sell it as is and get what you can outta it and put it towards a new build.

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Hi all, I have a Y550 and it was having trouble starting up. After disassembling it I found that the problem was that there are two battery-looking components called "MIC1" and "MIC4" that have a "+" and a "-" next to them. This makes me think that they're capacitors, but I've never seen a capacitor that looks like these and they are on the other side of the board from the rest of the normal-looking capacitors. The motherboard also has a dead USB port. Honestly, because of the problems it was having prior I am also quite sure that the CMOS battery is just drained. So, what are those two capacitor things? MIC1 and MIC4? Finally, where can I get a new board? I've looked over ebay and Google shopping but I haven't spotted the board for a Y550. I'm thinking those two capacitors are impossible to find so I'll just have to get a new board.

Answer:IdeaPad Y550 Motherboard is damaged

As an update: The two "capacitors" are indeed capacitors. I think they're called trimmer capacitors. There is a picture of them (approximately) on the following link in Diagram 10 Capacitor Still, I have no idea where to get these little guys. If I could replace these two capacitors AND the CR1220 battery then I'd bet the board would work.

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The northbridge cooling fan on my Abit KT7 RAID motherboard failed. I'm not sure how long it was inoperative. The display on my Sony TFT flat panel (DVI connection) disappeared and at first I thought it was the graphics card. My analogue CRT monitor still worked OK. I replaced the northbridge fan and the Sony screen worked for a short while before going blank. The CRT still gave a picture.I suspect the northbridge (VIA 133 chip)has overheated.I will probably have to buy a new motherboard but do not wish to have to replace my Athlon Thunderbird processor or PC133 RAM. Does anybody know where I can buy a new Abit KT7 or KT7A motherboard, or an Asus A7V133 m/board.Jim Sadler

Answer:? damaged northbridge on Abit KT7 motherboard

Tried a quick search and came up with nothing. I guess the board is considered old now, and nobody stocks it, so an alternative suggestion.I recently bought a second hand KT7 off ebay (really cheap!) and guaranteed by the seller to work. I am pleased to say, it came exactly as described and promised, and I have been using it on one of my experimental machines without drama ever since. Providing you read the description carefully, and only buy one that is guaranteed to work, it may be an answer to your problem.

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Hi, I have a samsung np900x3e laptop. The keyboard went bad and the keys won't type correctly or would not work at all, which is most likely due to me wiping the keyboard with wet wipes. What I did was to attach a usb keyboard. However right now the broken keyboard is affecting my laptop, e.g. the keys seem to be stuck in a way that when I alt-tab on my external keyboard it wouldn't work, I'd have to alt tab on the original keyboard then it would work.
Also, my fully functional external keyboard's ctrl key would not work on this particular laptop. One day it would work, the other it wouldn't. The stuck keys seemed to have worsened these few days. I can't perform win-c / alt tab / ctrl alt del on my external keyboard due to the broken keyboard. I even booted into BIOS mode on startup yesterday. So my question right now is that can the problem be solved by simply replacing the broken keyboard? Would a liquid damaged keyboard affect the motherboard in any way?

Answer:Keyboard liquid damaged - is motherboard affected?

Its unlikely that wiping a keyboard with wet wipes would affect the motherboard.
if you disconnect the keyboard ribbon see if the usb keyboard then works oor try disabling the keyoard in device manager and see if the usb keyboard works then.

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I will have to build my own PC for the first time, and i just herd about static damage to motherboard. How often does that happen? How careful do you have to be?

Answer:Is is common for a motherboard to get damaged by static energy?


Yes. It is very possible.

Google the topic and you find that the voltage of the static discharge can be unbelievably high.

Always, as a minimum, touch the metal chassis to discharge yourself into the metal chassis/frame.

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My Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5304 with part no. PSCFWU-02M02Y SERIAL NO. YD214829O couldn't on after i restarted it.

Its not been a year since I got the laptop. I was reading my lecture notes one day and I decided to restart my laptop after restart my laptop stopped working.

The power will be on but there I'll be no display keyboard also does not function.
I took to a repair shop I was told the Motherboard is damaged

please help me.

Lomotey Emmanuel.

Answer:Satellite C55D-A5304 - Motherboard is damaged


Sorry to hear about your big problem. It is really stupid situation now.
I really don't know how to help you. You must talk with Toshiba service and ask for help.
If the warranty is still valid you should get new motherboard for free.

Talk with Toshiba service provider about all options. On this forum we cannot do much for you.

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I thought I posted this already but don't see the thread anywhere so here goes... again.

I have a laptop with a damaged motherboard due to a faulty power supply. I purchased a IDE cable that I can connect to the hard drive of the laptop to retrieve documents. I've already used it to transfer the My Documents folder which is great.

But... my husband still needs some of the emails but I don't know how to find them.

I attempted to open Outlook express but recieve an error message perhaps because I don't have Outlook Express on this computer.

Can anybody tell me how to get his emails?

I have an old computer with OE on it but hate to have to set it up and install drivers if there is an easier way to do it.

Somebody told me that OE stores emails in My Documents by default but I don't see them anywhere.

Answer:Need to retrieve emails from laptop with damaged motherboard

Your original post and the reply is here

You can find your posts using the search tool at the very top, just click Search for My Posts.

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I have a HP laptop which has a damaged motherboard because of a bad power connection. I bought USB 2 IDE ROSEWILL|RCW-604 RT and used it to transfer all of my husbands saved documents to an external hard drive.

He still needs an email (preferrable several of them) from the hard drive. I found Outlook Express in Program Files but it won't open. Perhaps because my new computer has Vista which doesn't run Outlook Express?

Can anybody tell me how to get his emails from the hard drive?

Answer:Need to retrieve emails from laptop with damaged motherboard

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+Hi Everyone.+

Unfortunatly my X500 was damaged (probably graphic card). Poland no one can fix it.
So I have a few questions:

1. What is exact model of motherboard for this Toshiba (I don't want to disassemble whole notebook):

* *QOSMIO* *X500-118*
* *PQX33E* - *01M012PL*

2. Is there any possibility to get somewhere this motherboard (with Graphic Card)?


Answer:Damaged Qosmio X500 - need info about motherboard model

I wanted to help you, but I can't seem to find a manual for your model of the Qosmio x500. But I'll do what I can... first off, how do you know for sure that your graphics card is broken? You said "probably graphics card", that doesn't sound very reassuring. What's wrong with the computer, does the screen not come on at all? Is it making noises? What tells you that it's the graphics card? It could be something really stupid. Before you spend your hard earned money on expensive laptop parts maybe you should figure out what exactly is wrong first.

Secondly, taking the laptop apart is absolutely going to void your warranty. You said no one would repair the laptop in Poland? Have you tried contacting Toshiba customer support for help? Even if the warranty is up they might still be able to repair the laptop for you for a fee. And you wouldn't have to take guessing games at what's wrong with the computer when it's in their hands.

Try tech support first. If they can't help you (or they are going to break the bank on repairs), take it apart and fix it yourself. I think you need to find a way to test it and make sure what's wrong with it. Once you do, Google is your friend. You should be able to find all the parts for it at various websites.

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-13C with a motherboard totally damaged, and despite it is an old PC, I need it for the University. So I want only to know what is the serial number of this motherboard (if it exists), or the Motherboard model that are compatible with my pc, in order to buy it on Internet, because in the shops the cost are really excessive. Sorry for my English.

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The led on the motherboard will go on for a second and then go off when power cord is inserted to plugin or when power is turned on.

Answer:Led on motherboard comes on and goes off when power turned on

Thanks for that interesting piece of info.

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Hi, my desktop had been shutting off by itself (i was just surfing the web or using other applications like word) several times a day for the past two days. But each time i can get it back on by simply turning on and off the switch at the back (the one next to power cord)

Yesterday night it turned off suddenly again and i smelled something burned. And I can't get it back on from then. I still see a light on the motherboard. Any suggestions on what went wrong?

(also, every time when i turn on my computer, there are some small sizzling sound, i don't know if i has anything to do with it..)

Please help!

Answer:PC Can't be turned on, motherboard light on

It could be that the power supply is on its way out or has died ... i had the same thing happen to me , i took the side case off and checked all the leads , i then took the power lead off the motherbard and found out that 3 prongs were burnt out and a few others were black , if this is the case its a new power supply and possably a new motherbard as well if the power connector looks burnt .


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Got a Windows Eight computer for wife to work on a year or so ago.  It came with a AMD processor with a VGA monitor port, as well as a AMD Radeon HD 8470 Graphics card with DVI port. (It was advertised as a gaming machine thus the added card)  At that time we connected first to the motherboard VGA to find that it did not work.  No big deal as we had the monitor and cable to connect to the DVI and the monitor's HDMI found it to work.  At her work they set up a second monitor to extended work space.  She like it so much that she would like the same on the home computer. We have the monitor and even the VGA cable, if only the motherboard VGA would work.  Actually it does, but not with the Radeon card installed.  Using the thought that Windows might turn it on if it was the only choice.  It came to life.  Then reinstalled the Radeon and the VGA is now off again.  Have tried to have the second detected with no luck.  Then thought there might be a setting in the BIOS to find that Win 8 does not use bios but something new called UEFI  (nothing to help in there).  Nothing in the device driver for the Raedon to suggest that any other connection would turn off.  The computer just cannot find the Monitor on the VGA that is connected to the motherboard while the separate card is installed.Can anyone offer suggestions of what I can try to have the computer detect both monitor connections at the same time. 

Answer:Motherboard VGA turned off by Graphic Card

It should work. But I can not tell you if the Radeon HD 8470  is an exception. the documentation for the Radeon HD. It is better to have both monitors come off the Radeon HD. I think it does dual monitors.I have a different PC. I have to use a splitter to separate the output for two monitors. That may be the same for the Radeon HD.

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how often do i have to refill a water from my water cooling i have distilled water in there. ty

Answer:how often refilling water from water cooling

Its a closed system it shouldn't need filling.
If you are having to top it up then there is a leak that needs sorting before it shorts out your machine.

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So i have heard that some water cooling systems do need new water in them every 6 months, and i have also heard that some never need to have the water replaced, so i have no idea of what brand/kind of water cooling system i have because it has no branding or anything, i got my computer custom built from ibuypower so it was professionally installed and stuff, so anyway here is a picture of it and maybe you guys can tell what i need to do,

It looks like even if i wanted to replace the water its not built to open up, so yeah can any of you guys tell me what kind it is.
Thanks for reading this~

Answer:Do I need to put new water in my water cooling system?

Your system should of come with some kind of manual from ibuypower. If not I would contact them and find out what they recommend to use to replace the fluid and how often.

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How do you recover lost/damaged files from a damaged disk (external)?

I'm not sure if its just damaged or crammed way too full but it started when I plugged it into another computer at the front along with another hard drive which I've never done at that particular computer before but I thought it would be fine since I always plug in both at the back of my own computer.
At the other computer this disk disappeared and only the other one showed up. So I plugged out the other one and tried to make it show up. It didn't and when i plugged it out "Drive H:\ needs to be formatted" showed up" I just kept trying at all the usb ports to failure.
I tried to plug it in my computer and my laptop leading to the same result.

I'm talking about a "1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Seagate", image I took the butt part out and installed it in my computer directly. I think that's when the chkdsk utility showed up after windows started. I let it run when it started up. it finally showed up! The files still worked. but it was still almost full so I bought a new hard drive to transfer the files to and then format the old one and start clean, or so to say.

I plugged in my new hard drive and tried to transfer some files. It transferred some, but others gave me a few errors in transferring. Then I tried to transfer it to my laptop. It can't transfer directly from one external ha... Read more

Answer:Recover lost/damaged files from damaged external disk?

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Hello everyone! I am a new member so please feel free to correct and notify me of any mistakes I may make on these forums! Today water was accidentally spilled on my trackpad and keyboard. It wasn't a lot of water but quite a bit. The water set on the keyboard for maybe 5 seconds before I was able to wipe it off (due to shock of what to do). The water did not seem to go through the keys at all. I immediately turned off the computer after wiping it.My question is, now I'm on the laptop, all the keys and everything work properly, I do not notice any significant change in processing speed and all the ports work. How would I check for potential water damage from the spill? I got this laptop ~two months ago and definitely would hate to send it back now since I have a lot work going on. Is it worth it to send it in, how long will it take, will it be under warranty, if not how much will it cost?Thank you for anyone that reads this or even tries to answer just one of my questions! Love this community!


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to test for water/spill damage? Ideapad Z510 Minor water spill

MakarovZachaev wrote:Hello everyone! I am a new member so please feel free to correct and notify me of any mistakes I may make on these forums! Today water was accidentally spilled on my trackpad and keyboard. It wasn't a lot of water but quite a bit. The water set on the keyboard for maybe 5 seconds before I was able to wipe it off (due to shock of what to do). The water did not seem to go through the keys at all. I immediately turned off the computer after wiping it.My question is, now I'm on the laptop, all the keys and everything work properly, I do not notice any significant change in processing speed and all the ports work. How would I check for potential water damage from the spill? I got this laptop ~two months ago and definitely would hate to send it back now since I have a lot work going on. Is it worth it to send it in, how long will it take, will it be under warranty, if not how much will it cost?Thank you for anyone that reads this or even tries to answer just one of my questions! Love this community!If I am in your shoes I would first turn upside down the unit so that the KB is at the bottom. I would then blow hot air into the keys at a distance using a hair blower/dryer. After that I will start openning the unit to examine further for any water sipping through. Blowing further hot air to insure that everything is dried up. After this I'd start checking the ac adapter and the battery based on the recommended procedure given in the Hardware Maintenance Manua... Read more

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I think my computer has a cooling problem, or more accurately, a heat problem. It has shown tendencies to freeze up during games (the very purpose of this system and the reason it was purchased), especially graphics intensive ones.

Since The Guy and I have been busy buying a house and moving to it, I didn't have time to look into the issue until this weekend. I apologize in advance for the long post... I'm trying to make sure I don't over-look anything.

This weekend, partially unpacked and reasonably settled in the new house. I started started checking temperatures with SpeedFan. My goal was, of course, to try and determine if it was heat that caused the freeze-up crashes.

When running a game, or when running Folding, the CPU gets up to around 90C and steadily climbing, after 10-15 minutes. One of the two 8800 GT cards--the lower one, sits steady at around 65, and the one in the top slot actually has not been checked by SpeedFan, since it was removed before I started, on grounds that it's on-board heat sink was hot enough to literally burn my fingers. So I don't have an actual number for that card's temperature, but I am quite sure that hot enough to cause visible burns on human skin is a bad thing in a graphics card.

Here's where it gets interesting. My dual-core CPU is water-cooled, and the tubes pass right above the burning hot 8800GT, with less than half an inch to spare. When I touched the tubes, they were both very warm to the tou... Read more

Answer:Water cooling, SLI graphics cards, and lots of air in said water cooling

i dont really have much experience in water cooling, but after some searching on google, i found that bubbles are bad.


Filling, Bleeding, and Leak Testing Your System

Explanation of bleeding: You have to get the water into your system some how, right? When you first put the system together air is in your lines. To get the water into the system I like to use a T-line. The only purpose of this line is to give you a place to pour everything in and let air out. If you?re using an anti-corrosive, you have two option for mixing your coolant:

Option 1 (easier!): Get a gallon of distilled/de-ionized water, pour it into a larger container, then add 6.4 ounces of anti-corrosive (or 4oz if that is all you have), close container tightly, shake (not stir ) container. And there is your coolant. Mark on the container ?TOXIC! DON?T DRINK! BAD! TOXIC!? Or something like that. You now have enough coolant to fill 3-5 watercooling systems!

Option 2: As you fill your system with water, measure or estimate the amount of water you are pouring into your system, then find 5% of that. That is how much anti-corrosive to add. You don?t want to have your system 98% filled then try and get 5% of anti-corrosive in. It?s not going to happen. So you have to pour water in, get some air out of your lines (to allow for more fluid), pour 5% of anti corrosive in, then pour some more water i... Read more

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My services were offered by my father to a guy to install a dual boot on his system. I have done this procedure before so I felt fairly comfortable doing it on a system belonging to a business. However, mid dual boot procedure I start recieving BootMGR Missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to reboot. Immediatly I hit google; however, all given solutions prove to be negative in fixing.
The gentalman was supposed to have backed up his system for me, the words out of his mouth are "I'm doing as we speak". Vista came preinstalled so I have no Vista Home Premium x64 disks. So, I call up the guy and he says somethings came up and he couldn't make them but what ever I do make sure I get vista working again, don't lose his stuff.
Now it's forget the dual boot just get vista back, but this damn BootMGR won't stop popping up. I'm at a loss of things to do.

Answer:Vista Dual Boot Turned Missing BootMGR Turned Complete Horror

Hello Aaon, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if running a Startup Repair on the drive Vista is on to see if it can repair the boot MBR file for it.

Hope this helps,

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I turned on narrator and I turned it back off now my phone everything on it is black and white I cant change it back the way I had it help?????!!!!!

Answer:I turned on narrator and I turned it back off now my screen is black and white, did I do something wrong?

Check Settings -> Ease of Access for "High Contrast", that's what it sounds like.

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Hello,Just been to Tottenham Court Road and bought myself a nice WaterChill Watercooling kit and have begun installing it.I've encountered a problem about what type of water to use. I've read that I need to use Distilled water butI cant find any. Have been to all the Shops and Chemists but cant seem to find any.I'm just wondering if I can use Mineral water or Tap water after it has been Boiled?Has anyone tried this?Any help appreciated.

Answer:Water Cooling water

Seems to be called De-Ironised water these days,try Halfords or any garage/service station.If desperate you can chip ice off the freezer and when melted it should be good enough but you are better off using the proper stuff.

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My external hard drive has a problem where all the folders have turned into 33KB applications. When I click on the folder, the content in the folder will appear in a new window, however if I try to copy the folder, only the 33KB application will move. If I try to drag other objects into that folder, I get an error saying "the path '[folder name]' does not exist or is not a directory". I originally had this problem on my computer, and also my chrome browser stopped working because of an error saying it was a "bad image", however I had my computer wiped so now this problem is only on my external hard drive.Also, I haven't been granted administrator's rights by my administrator, so I can only use my current antivirus program (symantec endpoint protection), or portable programs, and I can't edit the registry  Thank you

Answer:Folders turned turned into 33kb .exe files and open in new windows

Hello and welcome to Computer Hope Forum. My name is Dave. I will be helping you out with your particular problem on your computer. 1. I will be working on your Malware issues. This may or may not solve other issues you have with your machine.2. The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for this issue on this machine.3. If you don't know or understand something, please don't hesitate to ask.4. Please DO NOT run any other tools or scans while I am helping you.5. It is important that you reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.6. Your security programs may give warnings for some of the tools I will ask you to use. Be assured, any links I give are safe.7. Absence of symptoms does not mean that everything is clear.If you can't access the internet with your infected computer you will have to download and transfer any programs to the computer you're using now and transfer them to the infected computer with a CD-RW or a USB storage device. I prefer a CD because a storage device can get infected. If you use a storage device hold the shift key down while inserting the USB storage device for about 10 secs. You will also have to transfer the logs you receive back to the good computer using the same method until we can get the computer back on-line. *******************************************************If you wiped(reformatted) your harddrive why not reformat the external harddrive?

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I am running Windows XP Home Media Center Edition version 2002 Service Pack 2 on a Gateway FX 530 XM purchased in November of 2006. Intel Core2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13 GHz with 2 GB RAM.

There is a problem that has been present in this computer from the day I bought it which I really must address.

When the computer is turned off and then turned back on, I lose Internet access. In a few minutes a message balloon pops up in the notification area. It asks me to click and then a window opens asking me to repair the
Internet connection. The first attempt always fails. The second one is
successful. Basically turning the computer off then on costs me about ten minutes after Windows loads before I can go online. This does not happen with a restart; it only happens with an off-on.

The exact process the first try is: Repair Local Area Connection > Renewing your IP address > Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: Renewing your IP address

Then I click repair again and it works.

This is a problem because we are getting more brief power outages. Yes I could work around the problem with an uninterrupted power source, but I'd like to fix the problem. It is also a problem because in the past it didn't happen every time. Now it almost always happens.

A second computer on the same cable router will always be able to get on line.

A while back I e-mailed Gateway. I was told to do three things.... Read more

Answer:Lost Internet Access after Computer turned off then turned back on.

I told Gateway that another computer on the same wired router has no connectivity problems. Gateway recommend contacting my ISP and he manufacturer of the router (Linksys) to check the Internet sharing. They said that "The issue you are having right now is due to your configuration. The other system may connect properly from the Internet but the other system may not due to improper configuration of sharing your connection".

I certainly don't look forward to contacting my ISP and am not sure what I would even ask them. For that matter, I'm not sure I would ask Linksys or what is the best way to find information on the router settings. Gateway did not offer much information.

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HI, Lenovo G460 laptop (battery ) is not charging when turned on. When laptop turned on and plugged in , then intially it charges for a minute to five minutes and then it stops. When we mouse hoverd on the battery icon is displaying message as the percentage of battery available. No message as "Charging" is displayed. But it charges when turned off. Once after tutning off the laptop it charges from min to 100 percent without any issue. thank you. Can someone suggest me the solution. thnksIndra reddy

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Hi guys,

I have an acer aspire one KAV60 mini laptop, It was dropped and the LCD panel was broken. I used it with an external VGA monitor while the ebay LCD purchased arrived home. I didnt use the laptop for 1 month.

Today the LCD panel arrived, I changed it right away. But as soon I connected the flex cable LCD panel when On with a white light like if the LED Backlight was connected directly.

Laptop was turned off when this happens. If I turn the laptop On, then the LCD panel goes black (Led light turns off) HD powers on, vent powers on, power led is on, if I plug the AC adapter then charge led is on; but no Bios logo at all. Like if the BIOS operations where dead at all.

LCD was used but in good shape as quoted by the seller on ebay. Now, if the screen was in "short circuit" when purchased could this mess up the whole laptop? Could a defective LCD panel cause the motherboard to die?

Or could the motherboard die just becaus it cans, and that to be the reason why the LCD panel goes on white light? What do you think can be wrong now with my laptop?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Acer KAV60: LCD is white when turned off, no image when turned on

It could be a defective inverter or LCD panel. I would try a new inverter first

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I recently got an update from Microsoft on Win 7, and immediately after it had finished updating I had no sound in any application (AIM, Skype, Chrome, Firefox, Youtube, etc.). This has happened before, and I ran Microsoft's Sound problems wizard and it always said that an option had been clicked off and that it had restored it. This time when I ran the wizard it says it detects no problems. I am sure it is the software, as it happens a lot with MS updates. Will downloading a new driver help? I can't go back to a previous configuration, I don't have one to go to. What should I Do? A computer without sound is like a bicycle without wheels.

Answer:Update turned off sound in windows, can't get it turned back on

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I was playing War of the roses earlier, and my pc decided to turn off for no reason. I thought, ok, I'll just turn it back on after dinner and continue playing. But when I pressed the on button, nothing happened. I tried a few more times and opened up my case. I unplugged the power cable then plugged it back in, and the CPU fan turned on for about a second, then went dead, and this happens everytime I unplug and replug. I'm pretty certain it's a PSU fault, but I just need someone to clarify this for me before I buy a new one. If it isn't a PSU problem then please tell me what else it could be and what I should do about it? By the way, I only built it a week ago, so my warranty is still valid, if that changes anything. Thanks in advance <3

Answer:PC turned off randomly, hasn't turned on since, PSU problem?

buy a decent power supply locally to determine if its the psu........ then u can return it... and return the coolermaster for a exchange

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Question: alcohol 120

I downloaded alcohol 120 and with it came babylon and it changed my homepage for ie, ff and chrome. how do i get rid of babylon completely?


Answer:alcohol 120

Babylon is a virus.

To get help on removing the virus please contact our virus team:

Please read all of the instructions found here: NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

After reading all of the instructions above post all of the required logs here: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum

Do not post any logs here!

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Question: alcohol 120%

in alcohol 120 there is a part to do with virtual drives and i would like to know what they are and what they do

Answer:alcohol 120%

A virtual drive is a "section" set up on your hard drive that emulates a CD.Thus you can have a virtual CD always available, without having to put the CD in the drive, and it's much faster too, particularly for access.You might want a game CD always available, for instance - so you can put it nto a virtual CD on your hard drive.

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Question: Alcohol 120%

Found this over at Alcohol Support Forum
Alcohol 120% - CD&DVD Emulation and Recording Software

Copy a visible + an invisible disc

Alcohol 120% is the CD&DVD emulation and recording software allows users to copy a visible and an invisible discs. Alcohol 120% enables users to create 31 virtual CD&DVD-ROM to play discs without needing a physical disc; enables users to copy CD&DVD to CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-RAM / DVD+RW. Alcohol 120% combines all functions of Alcohol 52% (CD&DVD emulation software) and Alcohol 68% (CD&DVD recording software).

Anyone tried this yet ??

Answer:Alcohol 120%

Wow, this sounds really great. Is it anything like CloneCD?

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Question: alcohol 120% jam

i just installed alcohol 120% and everytime i try to mount an image file from my dvd it locks up the My Computer window. the funny thing is everthing else runs fine except anything realted to my computer such as control panel. need help on this!!

Answer:alcohol 120% jam

Hi Tuaho

Check at the alcohol 120% website, and see if your DVD writer is supported. You may have to install a patch for your burner.

Also, check in your Windows XP Event Viewer logs for errors.

To Explore EventViewer:
1) Click on Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/EventViewer.
2) Several logs are listed: simply select a log, and events will appear in a list in the window-pane to the right.
3) To view the details of an event, right-click the event, and select ?Properties?.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

[I'm assuming that your alcohol 120% is a legit version - the pirate/key-gen copies are famous for lockups]

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Question: alcohol 120

hi guys,

i got a problem with burning two image files.
I downloaded this program for a game....and i got a mdf file and a mds file

im gonna use alcohol 120 to burn it onto a CD but the porblem is do i burn two files at once to a single CD,

or do i just burn the mdf file onto the CD and leave out mds file?

Answer:alcohol 120

You will need to read the TSG Rules. We don't provide help with illegal game activities.


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when i'm using Alcohol 120% i can install a game with no problem but i can not the game to iso image as the cd, keep on getting the please insert the cd message the only way a can play the game is to then crack it

can get Alcohol 120% make games and programs think that the iso image is the real cd


Answer:help with Alcohol 120%

What you are asking is advice on how to defeat the copyright protection on the game CD, basically.

Such advice is not able to be provided on the forum, anyone giving such advice risks being banned, as it contavenes the rules.

Did you not read the rules when you registered?

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Question: Alcohol 52% are no limitations on this version, other than the ability to create only 6 virtual drives. Our retail version still supports 31 virtual drives.What happens when you use more than 26 drives, and all the alphabet letters are all used up?

Answer:Alcohol 52%

 Xeratul......Have a read, this may explain things a little for you.  

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Question: Alcohol 60

does anyone know what PCA disc this software was on, or where i can get a free copy.thanks

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Question: Alcohol 120%

Is there any software that is similar to alcohol 120% that can mount images/create images/burn images and is free?

Answer:Alcohol 120%

Daemon Tools

I don't think it'll create or burn images, but it mounts 'em, and there are better programs out there for that anyway.

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Question: Alcohol 120%

I want to make a backup copy of The Dark Crystal DVD I have.
1. I did a Data-Type Analyzer & it showed "Disc in drive is NOT protected (or is an unknown protection)
2. I then went through the Copy Wizard menu's, but I keep getting an error.

Can anyone take a look at the attached pictures & let me know if I have anything wrong?

Answer:Alcohol 120%

The disc is protected by CSS/CPPM... it says so right in the first panel.
You need to rip the disc with something that will circumvent copy protection, like DVDShrink, or DVDFabDecrypter, or another program someone else may chime in with. Then you can burn it.

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Question: Alcohol 120%

I'm trying to use Alcohol 120% v2.0.2.4713 to create back-up .iso files so I don't have to use the disks in the future.

The Read Speed only shows 1 selection & that's Maximum. I've checked Skip Read Errors & Fast Skip Error Blocks. In the DataType dropdown box I selected SafeDisc 2/3/4.
I then click Start & burning does start, but why is this going so slow?

Answer:Alcohol 120%

more than likely - the disc is copy protected with safedisc 5 or 6 .. they burn errors on the disc to make a digital fingerprint ... So don't try and copy any protected disc's ..

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hi, whenever i try to back up my Medal of Honor Disc 2 using alcohol 120%, it cannot do it. there is read errors every single block.
is there any alternatives besides alcohol 120 and clone cd ?

Answer:anything besides alcohol 120 ?

did u check the option to ignore read errors?

something like skip reading errors, and fastskip error blocks?

play with the options a bit, youll get it backedup

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Question: Alcohol 120%

Hello,I would like to state a few things before we continue.A) I have the original games I am doing this because my Original Disc got scratched and had to pay $15 for repairing! C) Only for the use of Disc EliminationD) BC RULES!I have NFS:MW and few other games and I hate the stack of CDs near my CPU, they get scratched and heated up every now and then, and cost me $15. I would like to make back-ups of these cds and use them. After searhing I came up with this - Alcohol 120%! After downloading the setup file I got a message saying this:I just want some advice on it and if there's a better approach please do share it with me.Thank You!

Answer:Alcohol 120%

Do you plan to use a kernel debugger on your system (if you don't know what it is, chances are that you aren't going to use it!) A kernel debugger is a way of troubleshooting the code in applications that are being developed. You can also use it to troubleshoot problems on a system.

In short, it's OK to let it install. Should you progress to the point where you need a kernel debugger - you'll have to remember to uninstall the Alcohol program.

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I went to.:
i placed my email and i tried to install the trial after the instalation was complete the setup screen poped out but i got this error saying this:

i have added a screenshot. I just don't understand why i cant even use the trial version which this is. I did have it before but i reformatted and now i want to try it but it just doesnt work. Please help

Answer:Alcohol 120% Help please

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Question: alcohol 120%

hi there i recently dnld alcohol120 latest edition( iam not able to install it on ma pc it start instalation and ask for reboot n after rebootin the pc it asks again to reboot n am not able to install that iam usin the older version on my xp machine that works smoothly plz help to fix this

Answer:alcohol 120%

Hi implague and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools will not install in Windows 7 due to the incompatibility with the SPDT drivers and both are at this point unwilling to support the beta OS.

The good news is that you can use other emulators. To see what other members are using, you can check here. I personally use PowerISO

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Question: alcohol 120%

alcohol is seeing the disc but when i try to make an image it comes back with a read error this has happened on five different discs that i know are ok

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