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Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

Question: Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

I want to ask about porting / converting ancient (20 years old!) dBase / Clipper source code and files to Modern Windows XP environment.

Should I use Codebase and re-compile the program for Microsoft C?

Is there any other better / simpler ways to port text only applications?

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

Are you asking if there's any way of automatically converting the source code or you asking whether you you should rewrite the application. Codebase will not convert an XBase DOS program to a windows program. From what I understand Codebase is a library that allows you to manipulate XBase databases (DBase, Clipper, Paradox etc) with a windows language such as Visual Basic.

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Am I the only one still having to modify and keep running mid '80's software, yes, prior to windoze. The s/w is run daily in a very large corporate in a win2000 environment.

Does anyone have any info on what I could use to help transfer the code to something more modern? Of course, the user interface would have to be rewritten.

Yep, I'm very old too.

Answer:dBase III+ and Clipper

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I maintain some legacy programs written under dBase and compiled with Clipper.I have a couple of problems when running under some versions of Windows ? especially XPNormally the key-code for the left arrow key is identical to Ctrl-S> - both, when tested with a utitlity, are correctly shown as being ASC 19However, when running in a virtual DOS environment, while the left-arrow key works fine, the Ctrl-S> is ignored. I assume that Windows is intercepting the code for some other purpose.Using the Properties of the desktop shortcut to the DOS environment, I have tried various combinations of Compatibility (for Windows) and disabling the Windows Shortcut keys, but no still solution is found.Secondly: the programs frequently use the higher ASCII codes to build boxes on-screen. These generally work fine, but on occasion ? and I can find no reason for why this only happens sometimes ? the characters get mis-interpreted and produce other graphics characters.Would be grateful if anyone knows a solution ? especially to the key-code issue - or even just a pointer to someone who might know.Many thanksDr Philip Ramage

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Hi All can any one tell me how i can get the source codes from files and folders on windows 10?
i will be waiting for answer!

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is there any way i can actually edit the source code in mozilla firefox without having to save the .txt file to my computer?

i tried editing it....typing is disabled for me.

Here's an example:

if it's my website...
in IE i can View the source code and then edit what I want. I then save it, and refresh in my browser. Then all the changes I made in the source code appear on my website. Can you do this in Mozilla Firefox.

if you can't do this with firefox, then does anyone know a feedback site for Mozilla firefox?

Answer:View-->Source Code, Can you edit source code in firefox?

No, "View source" means "View source" not Edit source. Looks like you're gonna have to either save to txt/html or use IE to edit. Sorry.

For support:

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Is there any way to extract the source code from a VB executable file?

Answer:Extracting source code from executable files

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My Toshiba windows 8 laptop is moving extremely slow and I am trying to fix the issue so it can go back to moving fast. I did a dism restore health scan and received the report below:

The result from a dism...............restorehealth scan was Error 0x800f0906 .... the source file could not be downloaded. Use the "source" option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. Any help please!! Thanks!

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Hello all, I will try to explain my problem as clear as I can. I am not super tech savvy, so I need your help.

I found a thread that seemed to have the same problem but it did not fix mine.

Before I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10, everything worked fine. Now it has been around 2 weeks since the upgrade and I am running into a problem. My user on the PC seems to be working fine, but when the other person trys to log into her account on the PC things go weird.

First it was signing her in with a temporary account, this was solved by logging her in later.

Now it just takes a much longer time to load things when we start up our accounts. Sometimes the PC was freezing and we were not able to do anything, unless we restart the PC.

Today I ran sfc /scannow. "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Then I ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, "The component store is repairable, The operation completed sucsesfully"

Then I ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, "Error: 0x800f081f The source files could not be found."

Now I dont know what to do, the other thread advised doing some other Dism but stating a source file. But I dont know how to do that, or anything with ISO files and all of that.

If someone could advise me what to do, or try to help, I would appreciate it.

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Hello all, I will try to explain my problem as clear as I can. I am not super tech savvy, so I need your help.

I found a thread that seemed to have the same problem but it did not fix mine.

Before I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10, everything worked fine. Now it has been around 2 weeks since the upgrade and I am running into a problem. My user on the PC seems to be working fine, but when the other person trys to log into her account on the PC things go weird.

First it was signing her in with a temporary account, this was solved by logging her in later.

Now it just takes a much longer time to load things when we start up our accounts. Sometimes the PC was freezing and we were not able to do anything, unless we restart the PC.

Today I ran sfc /scannow. "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Then I ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, "The component store is repairable, The operation completed sucsesfully"

Then I ran Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, "Error: 0x800f081f The source files could not be found."

Now I dont know what to do, the other thread advised doing some other Dism but stating a source file. But I dont know how to do that, or anything with ISO files and all of that.

If someone could advise me what to do, or try to help, I would appreciate it.

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Work has just had its first Windows 8 machine delivered and I am to test.

My first job is to test whether our effective but ancient MS Access with VBA frontend database works with it.

At first glance it doesn't, none of the OCX (32bit) files will register through syswow64 using the commands.

I have tried using 'Whosin' a free internet Database which seems to have a built in registration screen for 3 of the OCX files but I still don't know if they have registered.

Can anybody suggest anything? I am home now but can post the files which need registering when I get to work in the morning.

Any clues, help or preferably solutions will be much appreciated (by the way I have read an article saying Windows 8 doesn't have a registry which I find hard to believe).

Thanks for reading


Answer:Registering OCX files with Windows 8 to run dated but necessary dbase

The files I am trying to register are


I have searched the internet and cannot find any help.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading


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anyone know if you can open /transfer dbase 5.7 files to office 2003 access. or any guide as to how to convert them to M/S aplication ,for presentation use ..Thanks .

Answer:convert Dbase 5.7 files to access 2003

click hereso it shopuld do the trick.Thanks for reading .

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I'm a non-expert writing a paper on a legal topic and I'm looking to fact-check and hopefully provide a reference for a claim I want to make.

What I am interested in is typical size ratios of source code and resulting object code. The point I am trying to make is that due to the compactness of computer code, it is much easier to transfer valuable intellectual property across networks because, e.g., the product of tons and tons of R&D can fit into the same space as a simple DVD movie.

My offhand guess is that 1 MB of executable code might involve, say, up to 500,000 lines of source code, not counting comments, depending on what type of software it was, what OS and type of OS it was written for (e.g. Windows vs Linux, 32 vs 64 bit), whether lots of outside libraries were needed..etc..

But as I said I don't know a lot about this type of stuff and am only hazarding a guess.

If anyone is able to point me to anything concrete on this subject, ideally something that can be cited as a reference work, I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Answer:Size ratio of source code to executable code

Hi yeeha.

I don't think you will find any typical or general ratio between source code and the final executable.
I think it will vary a good bit depending on which language and which compiler and linker is used.
The number of lines isn't the only way to measure the size of the source code,
as some lines can very short, being only a function call, while other lines can be much longer complex expressions.
You should also consider the total size of the source code, say in kilobytes.

Also, object code is not actually executable. It has to be "linked" with the required or requested definitions in one or more library files.

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I need to be able to validate that an Area Code for a Phone Number is correct for the stated Zip Code. Also, I need to be able to "update" the Area Code for a Zip Code if it has been changed by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) - (

Does anyone know where I can get a list for the Area Code -> Zip Code relationship and I would like to find one that is updated at least twice a year if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

Answer:Source for Area Code to Zip Code list????

I don't normally do this but there are so many so ..

google for this:
area code zip code list

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Question: Source Code in IE9

I just just wondering how to veiw the HTML souce code of a website in Internet Explorer 9

Answer:Source Code in IE9

Hello Mitch,

You can press ALT to see the menu bar, then click on View and Source to do so in IE9.

Hope this helps,

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Question: Source code

In IE when I click on view source code in a web page, normally it comes up in
notepad. Today for no particular reason it won't, yet I can view the source
in a web page in AOL, which is no use to me when I'm building a web page.
Thanks for any help.

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I would like to play Quake 2 for free, the full game. I have found that the source is free but I don't know how to programme any thing other that a little teeny bit of Qbasic. Could any one tell me what programming program thingy to use to play the game. Would it just simply be bung the code into a program and the save and play? Or would I have to learn some programming. If any one knows where I can get the full game for just a few quid I would prefer this, It can't be for sale on t' tinternet and in a shop it would have to be in Derwentside or Wansbeck. Thanks for any help. The programming may be cheaper! If you can't make head nor tails of this please Email me.Bob T Nob

Answer:Source Code, Put it together.

even you get source, you still need a complier software to produce the final program. You do need to learn programming, but a complier software costs more than 10 times of a game. If you have a friend who do programming for living, you can ask him/her do it for you. Otherwise, you have to forget this idea.

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Hello, I was wondering , what are your guys take on using source code? Obviously it has its advantages, but for professional application development is it a good idea to use it, or is it better to start off from scratch?
I am starting a coding project in OpenGL, and I was possibly thinking of using portions of source code to help reduce the amount of work and time it takes to complete the application.
I'm trying to develop a scientific application for engineers, and I am not sure if it is the best way to go.

Answer:When not to use source code...?

If its your code, shared code, or code you have license\rights to use there would be no reason not use it. I don't understand the dilemma.

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Source code for windows is basis on windows or is basis on BASIC, I think is basis on BASIC

Answer:Source code for windows

The Windows source code is written in a number of languages. But I doubt that Basic is one of them.
If you could more fully describe you question you would get a batter answer.

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I've spent weeks and weeks creating a unique site for my company, but am wondering how I go about blocking people viewing the source code?Is there anyway to do this? and is it worth the trouble?I'm using Dreamweaver studio MX ThanksDamo

Answer:Source Code Block??

much point really, after all, with a bit of coding experience you can look at most sites and see how the design was put together without viewing the source. Anyone, especially another Dreamweaver user, would be able to mimic the site.

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This is open source freeware program that was released with source code.

take a look at yahoo cache for reference to the program

the author's page is gone there is only few zips of TClock binaries on the net.
please email it to me at [email protected]

Thank you

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Is there any software available to encript all the html code?

Answer:Source Code encription

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Question: Ping Source Code


I am interested in finding the source code to ping IP addresses preferably in C language. The code I am interested in would continuously ping certain IP addresses and notify with a warning if there is no response. I would like to run this application in a Windows environment.
Really hope you can help


Answer:Ping Source Code

Well, this would really belong in the developer forum...

BUT, constant PINGing is harrassment. There is no reason that I can think of to want to do it for any other reason. It will cause massive slow down to the system on the other end.

Therefore, I am closing this thread.

If there was something else in mind, please make a new post in the Development forum, and explain in more detail what you are trying to do.

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Hi everyone.
My friend and I have a tech start up and are on the verge of hiring our first employee. The employee will have extensive coding experience and will be the one ultimately to code and program the entire website.
As neither one of us has IT background and the candidate will know this too, is there a way we can protect this code? (For example, something out there that we can make the code reliant on so without the something else, she can't operate the code) Or a way we can prevent any modification or transfer of code without our authority Please assist us! Any advice or suggestion is helpful and will be greatly appreciated!!!

Answer:Source code protection--- help please!!!!

Check with a Trademark authority.  Along with getting a Trademark, it's a matter of day by day trusting one another.  Take time to learn bits and pieces of what the coder is doing, appreciate, and stay interested.

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hello. i just have a quick question. nothing too big so dont worry. i'm not even sure i have the "jargon" correct in my topic title.

you see, one time i remember my friend told me that some things in windows. like folders, use html. KINDA.

cause you know you can customise your folders right? in windows? mainly 98 cause right now i can't seem to find that option in xp.

it says something like "customise like webpage" or SOMETHIGN like that. lol.

anyway. i would be able to right click, after setting a background for my folder, and my friend says its html but i remember it looked pretty complicated and diffrent.

anyway. so far that's all i know. what i'm trying to get at, (if i havent confused you already) is, i'd like to customise a few things about a certain folder i created.

the folder was created because i created a new TOOLBAR in my windows desktop. and there are TWO things which i'd like to do that i cant.

one of them is LOCK the toolbar.

its really easy to do that in my bottom toolbars but it doenst work for the new one i made which i placed APART from my bottom "start menu" toolbar and named "taskpane". i placed it on top, set it to auto hide, made the icons large, took away title bar title, and left the icon text. looks really nifty and i put ALL my shortcuts there so they wont clutter up my neat wallpapers.

so tha'ts done and done. but what i cant do as i've mentioned is LOCK IT. t... Read more

Answer:windows source code??

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First off...I am a total technophobe. I stumble through my computing experiences and don't speak the language very well. I have two websites that I developed using plain html. For years I have been able to update them as needed by editing the source code which was on notepad. A few days ago I went to update and there was no more notepad source code, but something new and different that can't be edited. It's in blue and red and breed and black. I know I only did my work in black and certainly not as neat as this is now. I am at a loss as to what to do. I don't know if this is an IE problem or a Windows 98 problem or whatever so I don't know who to talk to about it. I can't swear to it, but I think I may have recently updated to IE8 ( I just sort of do updates when someone or my computer tells me to do so). I really need to get this problem solved soon. Any help will be most greatly appreicated!


Answer:Can't edit source code

Hey, this isn't much of an IE problem. Just that your .html extension in windows has been re-assigned a default program. To fix this(The basic way):

- Right click the file you wish to edit
- Click Open With...
- Click "More Programs..." (or whatever it says along the lines of that)
- Choose notepad in the box that pops up, and tick "Use this program as default"
- Click OK.

Alternatively download and install Notepad++ and open the HTML files in that.


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I am trying to add some affiliate programs to my site. and having a problem getting the image to show up and the link to work. After several emails to their tech support, came here! This is the HTML that I copied/pasted. (Clicked on the area I wanted the image, then went to 'design/split' view, and pasted the HTML in.)

<a href="" target="_blank" >
<img src="" width="160" height="100" alt="Companyname.Com" border="0"></a>

Their support told me I had to "add the HTML to the source code", and I would have to get that info from my domain host?! Can someone please tell me what is wrong? I do not know HTML, other than the basics. I really want to get this working, is there some code I need to add before & after the above html?
OS is WinXP
Built site using FrontPage 2003. Going to learn HTML!!!-downloaded HTML-Kit awhile ago.
Thanks for any help

Answer:How do you add HTML to Source Code

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Hi, I need VB6 source code of REPLICATOR to do some improvements and try do make more Windows 10 compatible (schedule does not work, for example). I didnīt find the source code using google search...

Answer:Vb6 Source Code Of Replicator

Where does REPLICATOR come from? Was it open source? If it is VB6 there are decompilers out there.

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I'm trying to read a .lic file, I only get a huge scramble of all letters or numbers and sometimes full words when I open it with notepad. I can make out some registry locations and actual times. I am guessing I need some kind of analyzer or some kind of software to read the code more clearly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Reading Source Code

These folks do not provide assistance in reverse-engineering copyrighted software.

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I'm currently unable at all to access an source code from websites - even my own when trying to edit it. I've looked around for a solution but all i can find is to empty the temp internet files and ... nothing happens. It still won't work.

I'm unable to do anything to my site until i sort thins out ... can anyone help me?

Answer:i can't view any source code ... not even my own

Several possibilities here apart from temporary internet files. See what works for you?

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I have facing problem while using makedepend.exe I need makedepend source code so that i can varify why i got that error .Can any one tell me from where i can get it ?i didn't found it while googling.Thanks for any help .

Answer:Makedepend source code

is it part of the syllable OS? I've never heard of makedepend before but when i searched sourceforge it came up with the makedepend binary, and when i clicked summary it took me to syllable. Anyway here is a link to the syllable source code page, maybe you can find it in there....? sourceforgeFB

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I am attempting to write VB code to remove an unwanted part from a vob file. I have found the 2048 segments, but splitting at this point doesn't create a useable file (the beginning works but it fails at the point where the end is connected to the start). There is obviously some further key to splitting the files in the correct place. Can anyone help?

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Question: Game Source Code

I found a website that had a pretty large list of games that were open-source, freeware, or had their source code released. What do I do with the source code to play the game? (Quake II)

Answer:Game Source Code

Do you know what a compiler is? Do you have one? Do you know how to use it? If two of these questions are answered no, you are SOL.  

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Question: Html Source Code

when I try to print anything from off the web I get very fine print over 7 pages (approx) which I have been told is html source code. Could anyone please tell me how to change it to normal print. Thanks

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i am buliding a website using html and have made questionaire but i need to display results as a graph on a seperate results page and need to know how to do this using html

Answer:Need html source code

You'd probably be better off asking this in a web forum like:SitePoint click hereorHTML Forums click here

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For some strange reason, I now can't view the source code when I select from the right click menu or even select from the regular menu (view>source). Default was notepad. Any clue why this may have happened?Thx

Answer:Can't view source code

Common causes click here

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Relevance 51.66%

I am buliding a website using html and have made questionaire but i need to display results as a graph on a seperate results page and need to know how to do this using html.

Answer:I need html source code

You will have to pass the data from you form questionnaire to code or page in another language to do the processing such as PHP, JavaScript and ASP. It will also help if you have a MYSQL database to store results in.However there are some free scripts about that you can install.. providing your host allows you to do so. I have had a quick look around but most of the the scripts I found were for single question opinion poll, I get the impression you want several questions to be answered, and these are a bit harder to find.. however heres one I found click here , there probably are more I just haven?t had time to look maybe you can use search engine to search for ?free survey scripts? etc.Only draw back is that these can be very hard to install and sometimes incompatible with the server you are hosted on, but don?t let this deter you.

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I am currently looking to gather more information on a company I believe may be attempting to scam my volunteer organization. I don't want to do anything illegal, but I want to find out more contact information about this group.

Is the web form I'm looking at. How do I find the source code for the web form so I can see where the information is sent and stored? Is that illegal?

Answer:Web form source code

1) Download Wireshark

2) Start a capture on your NIC

3) Fill-out the form and click send on the website

4) Look at the tcp packets to determine where it is being sent.

I'll go ahead and save you the trouble. It goes to their web provider who is Network Solutions.

Their IP for that website is

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This is my first video game. =] It's programmed in Java, and the source code is available.

Purpose: You are the green triangle. You have to avoid getting hit by the green circles that are moving towards you. The game starts slowly, but quickly picks up speed. It is rare to live longer than 60 seconds.

Controls: Place your hands on the keyboard as if you were typing. Your index fingers will move you right or left one space. Your middle fingers will move you right or left two spaces.

f - move left two spaces
g - move left one space
h - move right one space
j - move right two spaces

Have fun! Post your high scores here.

Answer:QRace - source code available

Fun and addicting..

82 is my highscore.
got 97 just now

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Please keep in mind I'm a newbie, so keep instructions step by step

I'm able to view source codes anywhere but my site, can someone tell me what has happened?

Also the IE icon that is before the address in the address bar does not show up on my site either, once again it shows everywhere else.

I'm running XP Pro and EI 6.

Any help would be great.


Answer:Cannot View Source Code Help!.

Soo..what happens when you go to view-> source?? You might want to try firefox also, sounds like your browsing locally and maybe explorer is taking over (not IE but the file browser) Where is the site hosted? Is this local IIS?

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I want to save the Google Analytic snippet code to my website but it won't save. I access code by right click and view source code, I then paste snippet just before final tag and save, but when I come out and go back in code has disappeared.
Can you help with what I am doing wrong?

Answer:Making changes to source code

When you say that you "access code by right click and view source code" what exactly do you mean - are you doing this in a web browser?
You can't insert Google analytics code snippets that way, it must be done via your site design application, whichever one you're using. Most good WYSIWYG web design applications have a menu option to "insert code snippet", which is how you deal with the analytics code. Either that, or you can insert the snippet in the application's 'Code view' mode.

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hi, I'm the novice... how can I get a virusses source code? for example the new worm's source code; [email protected] [Symantec]...
also known as; Win32.Mydoom.AD [Computer Associates], [email protected] [McAfee], I-Worm.Mydoom.aa [Kaspersky]

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I've been trying to download something for quite sometime from a website, using the download manager GetRight (on account of my dialup connection). However, and this is the case for many links, the program simply doesn't work with the link. I have no idea why this is; I right click and select Download with GetRight, and then all is usually fine from there, but when I try it with this website (and others), it prompts me in the Save Target window to save an INDEX file, which is usually about 2kb or more (as in not the download, obviously). The odd thing about it though, is that if I simply click on the link, the default download window (for I.E) opens and begins downloading, althought at a slow rate.

If there's an explanation for this happening in GetRight, I'd appreciate any help in solving the problem. But another solution would be to look through the source code of the website and find the link for the download (just looking at the properties of the link by right clicking doesnt work), which can then be implemented into GetRight. I'm no good at finding it though, so I was wondering if someone could help me out. The link is below.

Thanks, any help is appreciated!

Answer:The source code of a website

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can anyone see the source code of these malicious web page and say me what section of source code is malicious?(notice:the URLs are dangerous)
may this report usefull:

Answer:source code analyze

The hyperlink is literally dangerous and shouldn't exposed by one click.

Better to put hxxp:// for safety reasons.

Also the link seems a dead already, caused nothing appeared from page content source.

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Ok. I have written a CPU Utility Program. I think it is a good product, so I released the free version (Burn In 2008 1.0). I would like to sell the Pro version which has more features included for a small fee. What is the best way to do this? I developed it in Visual Studio C# Express edition which is the free version. Some people told me to get a license of Visual studio and some said to Sell the source code. I am willing to sell the source code I am wondering if anyone is interested in purchasing the code or if anyone has suggestions on how I can sell my product.

Thank You

If you are interested in the source code email me at: [email protected]

Answer:Source Code - For Sale???!!!!

This is of no help whatsoever, but it's really not a good idea to post your email in a thread. Spambots may flood your Inbox with junk.....

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Hi all, a few things really, is it possible to obtain source code for MSN Web Messenger? If so, where?
Is there anywhere on the internet where I can obtain a port of MSN webmessenger that I can host on a website?

Basically I want to have my own MSN Web Messenger that I can host for everyone I know to use.

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Don't know if this is the right forum topic or not, I am just trying to see how people work out the value on their source codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have an ex-client, who after they left us went to one of our competitors. After two years they are unhappy with them. They rang us the other day and asked if they could purchase the source codes for our software products. They want their in house IT team to take what we have created and develop it for their use only.

The products they want the source code for are our core products that we still sell, still develop on. It is a set of products that have had almost 20 years spent on developing them. We are on the 8th version of the original software, about to go into the ninth next year.

They have given us a number that they are willingly to pay, it is around about the price my husband thinks is appropriate, i think we are under valuating it. To purchase the products they want without source code would be between 100 to 150k, they want it for around the 200k mark, my husband thinks 250 to 280k. So how do I go about figuring out what 20 years with a team of 4 programs took to build (we still sell on a regular basis yearly) to make sure we get a fair price?

Answer:Placing a value on source code.

Welcome to TSG yank!
My random thoughts...
I would not sell the source code to a product that is selling on a regular basis. It has a future resale value. They can pony-up and buy the product and pay for customization.

You never know if some rogue programmer there will decide to strike out on his own and start selling the product for 10K and damage your business. Yes you could go to court and win but I wouldn't risk the exposure. I guess, in the contract, there could be a 'damage' clause if you can prove they let the software out? Or if they themselves try to sell some version.

If your determined to sell.
You could look at it like your selling the business, standard formual is Revenue X 3 + Assets. That would put the price at 300K minimum(selling it for 100K without source code).

You can also make a case for value-addeds, such as design notes, coding doucmentation, schemas, etc... these are probably worth as much if not more than the source code itself. How well are you prepared to sell the code?

I would give up on putting a value on 20 years of development. You have allready paid for that and have profits to offset that cost. A more relavant question is how much would it cost for the company to develop it. They apparently think its more than 200K

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I need source code of Lenovo System Interface Driver to send it linux developers

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I have a huge web site that has bugs and the only way I can unravel them is to break down and get source safe or a product like it.

Can anyone suggest a software to use? I have so far tried to run Source Safe and then I tried to run a program called Code Co-op.

First, SourceSafe:

I got SSWIProductInstaller.msi from I guess it is a trial version of source safe from microsoft. That is what they say anyway. But the deal is, when I try to run it, it says I don't have IIS installed.

But I have it. And I can run Internet Information Services (IIS6) Manager (C:\WINDOWS\system32\Inetsrv6\iis6.msc) and when I try to run SSWIProductInstaller.msi it says:

This setup requires IIS 4.0 or higher...

I tired to type http://localhost/ to see if IIS is working but it did not bring up a page.​
Now for Code Co-op

I installed it, like it asked to do and I created a project but I could never get it to let me input files.​

Answer:Source Safe and IIS and Code Co-op


I have Windows XP Home addition. It is the OS that came with this computer.

So I have two questions.

(#1) I understand that there is no IIS with this OS. Is that right?

(#2) Where do I go to buy XP Pro? Can you just pick one up at Circuit City?

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Hi, when I print anything from the web (Amazon receipt for example) the 'Print preview' and actual hard copt print appear as source code (similar to lots of DOS type commands etc) and very small print size. Only happens in Internet Explorer 7.0 -tried using Firfox and that appears okay- any suggestions -anyone? (thanks in anticipation)

Answer:Printed Web pages appear as source code?

open IE, click tools > internet options > advanced tab

click the reset button

This will put everything back to default options and all is good!

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interesting read,14446.html

Answer:Norton Source Code Stolen

Symantec: Norton Code Stolen in 2006 Hacking

After admitting that the Indian hacker called YamaTough managed to obtain the source code for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Symantec Antivirus 10.2, the company came forward with another statement to say that the source code for some of their Norton products was leaked as a result of a hacking operation that targeted their systems in 2006.

According to SecurityWeek, the security solutions provider reports that since the breach took place their security has been upgraded, but didn?t provide other clarifications.

?Upon investigation of the claims made by Anonymous regarding source code disclosure, Symantec believes that the disclosure was the result of a theft of source code that occurred in 2006,? Symantec?s Cris Paden said.Click to expand...


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An early thanks.

Cant view source code for web pages using IE 6.0, but can using Netscape!!! Tried view->source and also right-clicking on page and chosing source. Nothing works with IE.
Running XP Home edition.

Answer:view web page source code

has something happened to your copy of notepad? should be in c:\windows\system32\

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Since changing my internet supplier, I've had problems with printing anything out from the net.
Everything that prints out when printing directly from a web page, prints out as source code, and the page does not print.
However, if I save the text to Word, or the pictures to Paint, I can print out OK

This is driving me mad, as I've already spent hours of my time and money in speaking to the ISP people at Tiscali, but nobody can help. The following suggests that Windows XP home might be to blame.

I've tried different computers, different printers, both inkjet and laser, but all appear to do the same - EXCEPT - one old machine that runs Windows 98. This printed the pages OK, even though it was connected to a printer which had been printing out only code previously. So....I assume that it is something to do with my XP settings, but I've no idea which.

Help anyone ?

Answer:Printers will only print source code

Did you every find the cause? I have a computer that just started printing only the source code and I have yet to figure it out. -Joe.

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Hi all:

I wanted to install dial-up People PC on my son's HP - he's running XP-

He had Netzero- and was having connection problems, although it worked 85% of the time.

I deleted all Netzero program components first, then tried to install dial-up PEOPLE PC with their free disc.

It starts to install ,gets about 32% then a message says
ERROR 1706 - cannot find source code for BartShel or cannot find source code for "hpapp-----" something or other.

Each time it says to try to find the app in another location and try to open from there- but the same error code comes up.

Can you help me? Should I NOT have deleted Netzero first?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Error 1706 source code

I would go to people pcs website and see if they have a downloadable version which could be burned to cd or saved to a flash drive. Then try to install it.

I don't think it had to do with deleting Netzero unless a shared dll file was deleted. Usually the system warns you before allowing you to delete dll files.

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Not to sure if this is a question for Web Design forum or the Helproom.Everything was fine it seems up until yesterday or today.When I try to 'view source' online nothing happens, as in Notepad does not open.But when I 'view source' offline Notepad duly opens to reveal the source code.I have a laptop that I have checked the settings against and all seems to be ok.Using XP Pro and IE6.Cheers

Answer:Trouble viewing source code

IE > Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete Files. When it's finished deleting then try again.

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source code for filter driver desing on windows nt file system

Answer:source code filter driver

you asking for us to find it for you?

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Microsoft Source Code now on the Internet

Microsoft reports that parts of the tightly guarded blueprints of its Windows operating system have been leaked over the internet.

Answer:Microsoft Source Code now on the Internet

slightly old news

this is the original version of that report from October 2000

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microsoft source code leak!

Answer:microsoft source code leak!

Err check 7post down and also in the OS section of

Those posts were started pretty much as soon as the news was out.

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I cannot edit the source code of my HTML pages. I am able to view and edit the code in notepad, but the computer then fails to save the changes. It is, however, possible to save the changes when I edit the source code on my other pc over the network.

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I have found that some basic functions in the windows headers are VERY slow. I would like to make my own sin function to test it out but I have no idea how. Please help me make a sin function.

Answer:Want source code for cmath's sin function

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Source viewer/inspector of code thread.
Motto: 'security-conscious users can check extensions for malicious code before installing them.'
Chrome extension source viewer: Chrome extension source viewer
- offered by Rob W
Version: 1.6
Updated: June 20, 2017
Size: 192KiB

View source code of Chrome extensions, Firefox addons or Opera extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from the Chrome web store and elsewhere.
View the source code of any Chrome extension in the Chrome Web store without installing it.

- Button at the Chrome Web store
- Download extension as zip file
- View source
- View source:
- File name/type filter
- Search in the file content (literal or regexp)
- Automatic beautification (formatting) of code
- Syntax highlighting
- Show hashes (md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) of individual files
- Image preview
- View embedded zip files
- View any zip file by URL or file chooser
- View source of platform-specific extensions (such as Chrome OS-only extensions, or NaCl for a different architecture).
- Full support for incognito mode.
- Outputs public key and extension ID to the console.

Optional features (see options page):
- View source of Opera 15+ extensions or Firefox addons.
- "View extension source" contextmenu item on links to Chrome extensions
- View source of Chrome extensions outside the webstore. The View source button becomes visible when you select a CRX file for download.

Source code: GitHub - Rob--W/crxviewer: Add-on / web app to view ... Read more

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Why is it that when I click on 'View' and then 'Source' in the internet explorer browser, i dont always get to see the source code of the website im looking at? Even when i try this on the same site, sometimes it shows the code other times not.Ive just tried it on this site. first time i did it i got to see the code, the second time nothing!

Answer:Viewing website source code

Have you got 'View Source' as a right click option? and if so does that only work intermittently?

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As I am surfing the internet in Chrome today, I have occasionally been halted in all my progress by the source code that you can make visible turning on and off so quickly that you cannot even see it's happening.

This continues to freeze anything I'm doing and has occurred quite frequently on and essentially everywhere including this website.

Thie part that worries me the most is that it will do this until I turn off my internet connection. I have run norton's full system scan with no results and it continues to happen. I'm at a loss for what should I do next. Can anyone help me?

Answer:In Chrome, Source code malfunctioning

What do you mean by the source code? Do you mean the F12 developer tools panel that pops up at the bottom of the Chrome window?

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I'm looking for a tool that can be utilized by daily build to encode our assemblies.
It should prevent of decoding our code by disassemblers.

I need something like:

Is this the best we can have?

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When I Right Click - View Source/View - Source nothing happens! Even when it previously was working (it was working an hour ago, and now it doesn't...this has been happening a lot lately...sometimes it will not even work the first time; it is very random). Can anybody provide a solution to this problem, and help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Answer:Problems Viewing Source Code

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I was working on my 72 Nova today and the lady next door calls me over. She says ever since she moved from AOL to Bellsouth DSL she has had this problem. She is on Windows XP Home Service Pack2 and Internet Explorer 7. When she attempts to print a web page it will only print the web page source code.

I can't seem to figure out what is going on. I looked at the IE config but can't find anything that would print out the source code versus the web page image. I also looked at print preview and it also showed the source code.

Have any of you ever seen this? Thanks for any input here!

Answer:IE7 prints web page source code

Is it just on one web page or on everyone?
What Security programs are installed on the computer?

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how do i compile source code that i have downloaded. using Ubuntu. i have searched the internet but i aint got a clue what it is going on about. step by step please...thanks

Answer:Compile source code Unbuntu.

If you don't know what is going on - then there is no reason you should be compiling your own version of Ubuntu.Where and how did you get such an instruction?To use Ubuntu First download the .iso file for the version you wantSecond burn it to a CD using a "burn image" facility (don't just copy it).Third - boot the computer with the CD as the first boot device - and you'll be running Ubuntu straught from the CD (ie not installed on your hard drive).

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My problem is basically like this..

When i right click on a website and choose "view source" nothing shows up. Even when i try to access it via View->Source.

I tried system restore but it didn't fix the problem, any suggestions?

i'm using Windows XP and IE 6
any help is much appreciated

Answer:IE won't show source code of site

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Anyone have any ideas on this one, please?I have 2 PC's, both running ME. On one, I can right-click on a web site, choose "View Source" and see the source code displayed.On the other, on the same site, clicking on View Source does nothing.Any help gratefully received!Tizzle

Answer:Cannot view html source code

Tools, IE Options, Programs. Take a look to see if Notepad is availabe there as the source code editor. If not, that may be the cause of the problem.

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Part of my code:
Circle c[][] = new Circle [2][];
c[0] = {new Circle(), new Circle()};

I am getting illegal start of expression under {

Answer:Solved: Java source code

Try instead
c[0] = new Circle[] {new Circle(), new Circle()};

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I am writing a Web App in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am afraid the source code is getting too big. Do you know if there's a limit to the source code size? Can there be any problem if source code is too big?

It will run on IIS 6.0 or something around that version.

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I have just upgraded to IE 7 and have gotten used to using the view source code option from tools on IE6 .So for some reason I cannot do this on 7 .When I try to view the source code by going to , Page , view source , It tells me windows cannot find notepad.exe.
All I get is a error message.Any one know what the problem is????
I use this for editing and its a problem for me!

Answer:Explorer 7 , cannot view source code.

have you tried using a different text editor? editpad light, notepad2 and using that?
I am not certain, but I think IE 7 overrides your default editor and sets it to notepad.

I would re associate your text file to open with notepad or a different prg and see if that works. You can always set it back.

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Hi - In my browsers (IE, Firefox, & chrome) when I look at a webpage's source code there are about 700 lines of code that should not be there. I have asked others to look at these pages and they don't see it. I did a malware & virus scan and nothing showed up.

Below is a link to an image of part of the code - it is even on this page!
After opening, right-click to view the original size -
Thanks in advance for any help.


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Can any body help me in writing an anti virus source code ??

Answer:Anti virus source code !!

Well basically a traditional antivirus engine does nothing more than comparing file signatures against signatures of known viruses. (In real life it's more complex than that, but this is the basic idea.)So in order to create an anti virus program you will need signatures of the viruses it should be able to detect.But maybe you should get the basics down first. Like what programing language are you going to use to write the program? What operating system should it run under? What viruses should it detect and so on... Also what programming experience do you have? Because a project like this is not for beginners.

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i m currently doing a project and the topic for my grp is aircraft simulation. hence, i urgently need a sample source code/algo. i need to know about collision avoidance algo. too. will appreciate it if anyone can tell me where i can find these info.


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So here goes, I'm an amateur IT person (I know more than the average Joe) but this has truely stumped me

Im currently typing this out on my phone because my laptop is giving me no help at all, my default browser (chrome) has recently started giving me grief because I won't show me websites. It only shows me the source code when it actually works. So I open chrome and I type into the Google search, great wall English subtitles, and every single website I click on only shows me the source code, I'm not in source code mode, in fact I haven't touched the settings in about 5 months or so. I have recently been duped into installing a whole bunch of adware and potential viruses but I have run adw cleaner, malabytes and eset nod 32 and all have cleaned out about the extent of the problems that caused. The other issue I'm encountering is that every single browser installed on my laptop (chrome, Internet explorer, Microsoft Edge) are all freezing within 1 minute of the program being opened, no matter what, without fail. And it's really praying on my last nerve, I've had this laptop for about 9 months and don't have any money to get it professionally looked at.

Answer:Chrome only showing me source code

This sounds like you are using W10
lets see what this shows & does as a first step to troubleshooting
This is probably malware related so I am moving to malware cleaning


mini toolbox

select the mark all box :
Click Go and post the result.

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I get the message below when I try to open the program in Access 2000 on the user's machine.

Source Code Control

You don't have a source code control program (such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe) installed on your machine.The source code control commands are therefore not available.

Do you want to see this warning again?

Even I click "No" , i get this same message.

How could I solve the error message? Please help...


Answer:Source Code Control Error

Hey there, welcome to TSG.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think that error is actually generated by Access. Usually source control clients are stand-alone applications that you can install on your computer and configure to interface with your development environments. That might sound like a lot of jargon, but the gist is this: Access is probably trying to interact with a program that has been removed or only partially installed/uninstalled. I'm pretty sure Access doesn't have native source control.

With a partial install or uninstall, oftentimes there are leftover registry hooks that cause annoyances like this. Clicking "No" probably has no effect because the application that is supposed to handle the user response doesn't exist; however, you continue to see the message box because the registry hook does still exist.

Mind, this is purely speculation on my part. I'd like to see some other opinions on the matter.


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Using Thunderbird 17.

I've been trying to make filters to block all these horny housewives, teenage girls looking for 66-year-old men and tallywhaker hardener and enlargement scams and the people who are sending this crap are putting almost nothing targetable in the visible fields but I have found plenty in the source code -- if I could filter by text in source code.

Is there a way?

Answer:Thunderbird filters that look at source code?

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Just wondering if anyone could tell me the best place to go if I wan't to get some source code (prefferably C or if not C++) which will compile for Windows platforms (not Unix). I tried a web search and most the sites were all a bit crappy.

Thanx, Kona

Answer:Source Code for Windows Platforms


#include &lt;stdio.h&gt;

printf("Hello, World!\n");

this should compile with just about any C/C++ compiler and run on just about any platform... could you be a little more specific? What are you trying to accomplish?

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I use Outlook Express 6 as my email client. I receive many emails containing graphics and formatted text that I would like to tweak a little, before forwarding them. I KNOW that I can edit text and delete some elements but I also know that things like the length are very hard to change. I also know that the format controls are locked into the CODE that is exposed when the SOURCE tab is clicked. Short of doing a course in HTML, I believe I can learn some basics about email source code, by tweaking it and seeing the results. But to document what has been tweaked, I should ideally be able to copy the source code UNCHANGED-by-the-copy-process into e.g. WORD or a Rich-Text-Format editor. I have not found any editor that I can paste source code into and have the copy look identical to the original. I thought FrontPage might do the trick, but it wont open EML. Is there a way of doing what I want to do ?

Answer:Copying email source code

You need to view the source of the message via the message properties which can be done by right clicking message in the listing above the viewing pain.

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I've been to Microsoft's site and tried the things they mentioned but nothing seemed to work. I try to display the source code and absolutely nothing happens. No error messages, no indication that I had even clicked on the option in the drop down.

This is on my Windows XP pro system, and I believe my laptop (also running XP) does the same thing.

Any hints on what I need to do to fix this? I hate having to crank up my Win95 system just to look at code snippets on pages I am viewing.

Hopefully this isn't being redundant and has been hashed over before here. I tried the search, but the keywords used are too broad to narrow the search down appreciably.


Answer:IE will not display source code of web pages

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I was having a dicusssion about hackers/pirates/etc. with a friend, and the theft of the Half Life source code came up. My friend believed the source code meant the pirate had the game. I was arguing the source code was nothing you can "run" on your computer (meaning he couldnt play the game if he had it). Am I right? You could only "build" a game (including Half Life) with it right?

Answer:Source Code vs. Actual program

You have to complie source code to run it...'s not the same stuff that was stolen from Valve.

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Hi,I am using IE version 6. I had 'Spybot - Search & Destroy' which I have uninstalled. The problem I am having is that when I click on Source (which is found under the menu 'View') nothing happens. Usually a window pops up with the HTML source code of the page. I thought this might be due to the pop-up blocker but its not so. Please help! Jaz

Answer:Cannot view webpage SOURCE CODE

First, which webiste is this? Does it happen on more than one? Some webistes have an HTML code that prevents others from viewing the source...[glb]Flame[/glb]

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Hi everyone.

My friend and I have a tech start up and are on the verge of hiring our first employee. The employee will have extensive coding experience and will be the one ultimately to code and program the entire website.

As neither one of us has IT background and the candidate will know this too, is there a way we can protect this code? (For example, something out there that we can make the code reliant on so without the something else, she can't operate the code) Or a way we can prevent any modification or transfer of code without our authority Please assist us! Any advice or suggestion is helpful and will be greatly appreciated!!!

Answer:Source code protection, need help ASAP!!!please


Originally Posted by Amanda389

Hi everyone.

My friend and I have a tech start up and are on the verge of hiring our first employee. The employee will have extensive coding experience and will be the one ultimately to code and program the entire website.

As neither one of us has IT background and the candidate will know this too, is there a way we can protect this code? (For example, something out there that we can make the code reliant on so without the something else, she can't operate the code) Or a way we can prevent any modification or transfer of code without our authority Please assist us! Any advice or suggestion is helpful and will be greatly appreciated!!!

Welcome to TF,


Other than protecting the code legally, the person will be able to use it and anyone who wants the code will be able to reverse engineer it or just copy it.

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I need help locating kernel source code directory, said it is located at /usr/src/linux, but it is not there. The reason I'm asking
is I'm trying to install something "client for wireless accsess to net" just a progam to access the web through my school, It is asking me for linux kernel source code directory so it can build some kernel module.Where is it located, or are there any alternatives?

Answer:linux kernel source code

Did you actually install the kernel sources package in the first place?

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We login to a particular website, and on the pc we need it to work on it comes up with this
<html><head><title>Error 401.1</title><script type="text/javascript" src="js/custom_webgate_error.js"></script></head><body onload=oblixError("IC01")></body></html>On another pc it works just fine. Using IE9, and would prefer to stick with IE9, haven't tried another browser. Tried resetting and restoring advanced settings.

Answer:IE9 displays what looks like source code on one pc, fine on another

I have no idea if what I'm about to suggest will fix the issue, but download this tool...
SF IE Restorator - Troubleshooting General Issues with IE
...and try the applicable Re-register button.

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Hi. I've just tried to download Perl and compile it from the source code. I think it's written in C, but I've got no idea how to get it into binary that Windows can read. Can anyone tell me how; the binary/ActivePerl version doesn't seem to work for me.

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Hi there!

I need to change my ShowDesktop button's source code. Do you how can I do that ?

best regards,

Answer:How can I change the ShowDesktop button's source code ?

Quote: Originally Posted by bumaran

Hi there!

I need to change my ShowDesktop button's source code. Do you how can I do that ?

best regards,

Just curious but why on earth do you want to do that?
But if you want to remove it then there is a small prog. here:
that will do that!

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I am having trouble with a page showing up with Internet Explorer on PCs with spacing issues. I have a page with some wording on top, menu down left side, and sponsor logos down right side. There is a table in the middle with a 3 day schedule in it. When viewed with IE on a PC, the schedule shows up under the long list of sponsor logos running down the right side. On Firefox or Safari, the schedule shows up in the middle, in the correct place right under the wording at the top of the page. What is it reading in the code to cause this? Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

Answer:IE reading source code of page goofy

is this your website?

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Hi Guys!

Can Anybody provide me with NVNC (.net VNC) SERVER SOURCE CODE.Client source codes are available but couldnt get NVNC Server source code...I need it for a project.Please help me!

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