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Program files on third hard drive + 2 os's

Question: Program files on third hard drive + 2 os's

I want to change my set up so that I can run 2 windows os's 32bit & 64bit on seperate hard drives whilst using a third hdd for program files. note: I have never run a 64bit setup so I am not to sure

hdd0 - 32bit
hdd1 - 64bit
hdd2 - Music, Videos & Games and other Programs

The intention is to install the game/program on to hdd2 and be able to run it from both hdd0 and hdd1 (if the program is compatible with both that is).

Can anyone give me advice on whether this is possible and the potential complications/pitfalls that I might encounter?

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Preferred Solution: Program files on third hard drive + 2 os's

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Program files on third hard drive + 2 os's

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I need a program to find duplicate files on my hard drive and then give me the option to either manually or automatically delete the copy that I don't want. I have a lot of .DOC, .PDF, .MP3, .XLS, and .TXT files that are duplicates. I used to copy from one hard drive to another and now I have these files spread over a lot of different directories.

I know that Symantec had a Norton Utilities package that used to be great for this!! I think this was back in the days of Win98/2000. But, I can't seem to find anything good now. Any ideas??? I tried going START > SEARCH > find all .MP3 files on hard drive, then arrange them according to size from largest to smallest and then just go through them manually. This was good for the large files (which are most important; since they're the ones taking the most space), but I can't go through thousands of .DOC and .TXT files.

I'm running WinXP Pro, BTW.


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I have windows 8.1 and c-drive is system drive.
Programs are mainly installed to C: but I have also some programs installed to E: Program Files, Program Files (68), Program Data etc .
Now I want to to move E-drive contents to another hard drive (all files stored on e-drive).

I think the safest way is to reinstall all programs, but I don't want to do this. Also it is possible to move files to new partition which has another drive letter than e: and create link, but this I don't want to do either.

Can I do it like this:
1) Change e-drive letter to x
2) Create new e-drive to another hard drive
3) Copy e-drive contents to new e-dive
4) that is it?

Can I use normal copy - paste to copy all files?
I think register references are the same after these steps because drive letter and content of the e-drive are still the same.

Does my method work? It sound so easy to do. Is it "too easy"? Does it have any risks?

Best regards

Answer:Move program files to another hard drive

Yes, it should as long as the drive letter is the same and also I would move instead of copy to retain the ownership of the files.

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my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

Answer:2nd hard drive program files missing...

Quote: Originally Posted by sotorious

my program files folder is totally missing... i dont know what happened if it deleted it self or what....

No one, here, can answer what happened. But, whether you did it manually or it was by default, once a week. You should have everything on "backup and restore". Set it to a date prior to your problem and eveything will be restored.

Does not work? Use system restore. Back up and restore will restore your personal data. System resore returns the OS to the restore point date.

I am not sure as to what you actually lost, but I have given you the answer for either situation.

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I recently got a Solid State Drive to replace my other HDD & kept the HDD as a secondary storage drive.
Can I move the program files folders (Program files, Program files x86 & Prgram data)to the secondary drive to free up some space on the smaller SDD which has my windows installation on & Warcraft.
If I can, can I just drag & drop them?
I'm assuming I'll need to replace my desktop shortcuts as they won't follow the programs.

Answer:Move Program files to 2nd hard drive?

You will need to uninstall the programs you wish to remove from the SSD and then reinstall from the setup files to your secondary drive. Make sure you use custom install selecting the secondary drive path as your target for installation.
The reason you cannot just move the folders is that the program installations involve registry entries and by moving the folders these will be corrupted and the programs will not work.

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I have a Dell XP that must be old because I am. Anyway I ordered it with two hard drives, both 30Gig. Both are full. Who knew back six or seven years ago that 30-gigs was (were?) not enough?

I have tried to keep C:/ for programs and D:/ for files. I would like to get an external HDD and move programs onto it in order to free up space on C:/

What kinds of problems will I run into? Will the registry be able to keep up or tag along or edit itself or...? Is it even doable? Will it give me nightmares?


Answer:Move program files to new hard drive

There is no real simple way to do that. the only way I know of is to uninstall the programs one by one and reinstall them point at the external drive instead of the C:\ Drive. the best way to do it, in all honsty is to just buy a larger hdd (500gb are around 50.00 these days) and just do a direct drive to drive clone from your old HDD to the New one. A Program like Symmantec Ghost (it's not free but there are others out there that are) will clone everything at a bit level and automatically resize the partition to encompass all the free space.

Just Moving the Program Files directory will only serve to make the programs non-usable. Registry entries will not follow the move.

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Windows 10 did an update on my wife's desktop that was incompatible with the Nvidia graphic drivers on it. As a result, the dual monitors no longer display. We took the computer to the local Microsoft store and they were fully aware of the problem and are working on it. But, after two weeks, the problem has not been solved. Meanwhile we bought a new desktop and had Microsoft empty the entire contents of the C: drive onto an external hard drive. They did and showed me that the external drive contained the root directory and program data that contains years of work using Lightroom.

I brought the external hard drive home and connected it. Luckily I can see the User Libraries but not the Program Data.

Is there some way that I can make everything visible in the external hard drive so that I can copy the contents to the new desktop?

Answer:Need to see program files on external hard drive.

If, by program data, you mean applications, then sorry, you're not going to be able to "migrate" the applications from the external drive to your new desktop simply by copying folders. Applications have components installed in many different places, including the registry, and it involves a lot more than copying folder from Program Data to migrate them.

LapLink sells a product (PC Mover) that IS able to migrate apps from one PC to another, but you either have to (1) install it on the first PC and migrate to the second, or (2) have a backup image of the first PC and mount that on the second to do the migration. However, it MIGHT work if you have a copy of the first. I would check with LapLink to see if their product will do app migration in your situation. IF it does, then you will be able to install it on the new desktop and do the migration.

However, there is a second problem alluded to by your last question. Win10 enables FastStartup by default. With this turned on, all partitions that are open when Win10 shuts down are put into a hibernated state -- which prevents them from being accessed until the original machine comes out of hibernation. I ran into this problem when I was dual-booting Win8.1 and Win10TP and using a shared NTFS partition. I had to disable FastStartup on both Win8.1 and Win10 to be able to safely used a shared partition. I don't know if there is a way to access the partitions in the external drive, if FastStartup was enabled in Win10... Read more

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Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive? And copy them back onto your hard drive after installing Windows 10 pro? Or do you have to install all the programs again? If so is there any software that would do it for you?

Answer:Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive?

hollyoaks777 said:

Can you copy program files over to an external hard drive? And copy them back onto your hard drive after installing Windows 10 pro? Or do you have to install all the programs again? If so is there any software that would do it for you?

If they are "installed" you need to reinstall them, because of the registry.
If they are portable's, you can copy & paste(might want to get any .ini files belonging to them, as they contain any specific settings)

See here: installation - What's the difference between portable and install versions? - Super User.

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I have a computer that quit working and I need to put the hard drive in another one as a secondary drive and take files off of it. Is their a program to find the files or can I browse it like a regular drive? The files were saved on the desktop.

Answer:Is their a program for Vista that lets you get files from a hard drive

You should be able to install the HD in an other computer as a secondary drive and then transfer the files. Assuming that the HD is in good working order. What caused the computer to quit working? Mother board, PSU, Memory, HD ?????

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I'm running low on hard drive space and I know I've got a gazillion files I could delete, but most are so small it wouldn't make much of a difference... so I'm wondering, is there a program that will do something like list all files in a certain folder including subfolders in order from largest to smallest file size?

Answer:Program to locate largest files on hard drive?

The file search that comes with Windows should be able to do that. It could take a while though.

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Basically I bought an SSD to put Windows 7 on along with some of my most used applications.
However, I want to some how put my users folder and program files folder onto my 500GB HD. I?ve tried multiple times to mess with the registry settings but it doesnt seem to work..? I?ve also tried an application but that just meant when I restarted my PC it diddn?t recognise my user account meaning I couldnt log in at all forcing me to reinstall again?
Any ideas? I basically want only OS & a coupel of aps on SSD while having my desktop/users/prorgam files on my 500gb.

Answer:How can I move my user&program files to a different hard drive?

Well this trick may help
User Folders - Change Default Location
Once you've moved the location you should be able to just copy the contents in question.

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i have recently bought a 500mb maxtor basics external desktop hard drive (model ref stm305003ehd301-rk). the unit was immediately recognised by my pc and designated 'h' drive. however when i attempted to copy the contents of my program file drive (ie containing my operating system files (winxp))the file copying process halted after a few minutes and the following message was displayed - 'cannot copy pagefile: it is being used by another person or program. close any program that might be using the file and try again'.grateful for advice on how i should go about copying operating system files to this external hard disk, after all the basic operating system has to be running for the thing to work at all!The hard drive did not come with any associated software for backing up files.i am running window xp service pack 2grateful for any advicethanksdave

Answer:maxtor external hard drive - copying program files

Best to get yourself Acronis True Image and make a Full Backup to your shiny new external drive. There is no better way IMHO.

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I was online and got a popup saying I had a critical error and I cancelled it out. Then i got one saying I had a hard drive failure. Then I get a program running in the task bar (Windows Restore??? and it said i had 13 infected files and i should click repair? I closed it out without clicking since I could not see anything Microsoft related on it? When i restarted a lot of my icons are gone...., i click start and no program files are there...i tried to restore from the run menu and file was not found (rstrui.exe)?

Is there anything I can try at home or should I just go to a computer shop?

ok so i clicked view hidden files and the icons are there, but hidden for some reason?

Still cant restore and no files when i click on start - programs....something is not right.....avast did not find anything??

also found something called Microsoft Restore ?(the logo was just a little different from the real microsoft) and I deleted the file, but still have problems.

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Hi. My computer's picked up a trojan virus. I had one about a year ago and people were very helpful about it on here. But this one seems to be a lot more disruptive and i'm not sure how many helpful details i'm going to be able to give you. At the moment, i can't even run a scan on the system or provide any error logs as the whole hard drive seems to have been wiped out by something claiming to be 'windows xp recovery', who want to charge me a premium for them to 'fix' the problem. Except i'm pretty sure everything's still there really as when i tried to run a scan - which eventually got disrupted - it was still going through all my normal files. I can only guess this virus has essentially hidden my real hard drive and want money to bring it back, under the guise of 'fixing' a problem it has in fact created? It reminds me of the mob asking for protection money! Anyway, like i say, the information i can give you is scant, but the error messages are telling me- there's a problem with the 'ide/sata hard disks', that there's a 'bad sector on the hard drive which may cause data corruption and loss, hard drive inaccessability, system errors and failures' and that 'windows was unable to save the file \\system32\\496a8300'. I have combofix installed from the last time this happened, but it looks empty! I'm not sure i can get onto the web to download anything. And i can boot up windows recovery mode, but not sure what best to do with it. Does anyone have any advice, or is it time to i... Read more

Answer:trojan virus 'appears' to have deleted whole hard drive, docs and program files

Hello mrbaggins.

No need to format, and you will be able to download and run the necessary tools.

Do not jump straight to running ComboFix. I need to see a preliminary set of logs in order to determine whether or not to deploy ComboFix. As explained in Post 2 of our pre-posting topic...


Why we don't ask you to run ComboFix from the onset

As stated by the author of ComboFix:

ComboFix is a very powerful tool which when improperly used may render your machine to a doorstop.

We first need to verify if there's any rootkits present and how they could affect our tools. DDS & GMER are preliminary scans. We use their logs to map our strategy for attack.

With these logs we can determine the infections present & decide whether to deploy ComboFix.

Please do not run it until I advise you. First, I need more information. Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here and post the requested logs.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

Those 2 tools (dds.scr and gmer.exe) can be downloaded and run from a flash drive if necessary. If you cannot see flash drive via My Computer or Windows Explorer, open Task Manager (press Ctrl Alt Del keys) Click File>New Task (Run...) and use the Browse button to locate the flash drive.

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Hi guys

I have a 40GB SSD (32gb usable) I want to use the SSD for the OS for fast reboots - and some programs (custom install locations when needed)

However, I want all my mass data to be on my 500GB SATA, how can I achieve this without breaking updates or windows?


Answer:Windows 7 SSD and SATA. Moving Users Program Files and Program data to bigger drive

Here's a sample on how to move "My Documents"

Works the same for any folder.

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Hi have have a new PC running Win7 Home Premium 64bit. I have 2 drives:

1 x 120GB SSD (running the OS) (C Drive)
1 x 1TB HDD (D Drive)

The SSD is running the OS and a couple of main programs which i use quite often (ie. Office 2010, Antivirus, etc).

The HDD i want to use to install and run Games, iTunes, etc...

My question is, if by default installing programmes want to install to C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86). How to i make them install to D:\ and what file structure should i use to make sure the 64bit and 32bit are in the right file and run as they should at the correct bit version??

Is it just a case of creating Program Files & Program Files (x86) folders on D and navigating to these folders on install?


Answer:Program Files (x86) & Program Files Installed On Another Drive

you could try mounting the the hdd partition to your program files folder in your SSD.

I have never done this before and cannot say it will work properly. but its an idea.

Mount Drives or Partitions as a Folder

P.S. I would definitely backup your program files before trying that.

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Hey guys, I was working with my grandfathers computer. The computer would not boot, it kept getting the BSOD with "Unmountable Boot Volume" At the top. Annoyed, I decided I was going to just back up whatever files were on it (Just his favorites, he has absolutely no documents or anything else) plugging his HD into my home PC as a slave and copying them to my flashdrive. Then I would reinstall XP Home on his Desktop, and use the flashdrive to put back his files...Sounds easy enough right? NO!!!!.....Problem is, his user account on the computer (Ralph), was Password Protected so now when I try to access any of his files (using Windows 7) I get a message saying Access Is Denied. How do I get around this. It is not possible to boot his old computer to take off the password. Are his files recoverable?
Thanks for any help!

Answer:Recovering hard drive files from unbootable, password protected hard drive?

You don't have to do all that to overcome an unmountable boot volume error...try running chkdsk /r command on the drive.

Start/Run...type chkdsk X: /r (where X is the drive letter assigned by XP and with spaces between k and X: and X: and /) and then hit Enter.


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I just got a new comp and want to move my Galaxies and Godfather game files from one drive to the other.

I am wondering if anyone knows how get this to work, or, get it so i can run the program from a different drive than my primary drive.


Answer:Moving game files hard drive to hard drive

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How to transfer programs/files/etc. from old hard drive to new hard drive? Does anyone know how? The old hard drive had a virus, so I took it to a computer place and they took it out and put a new one in. =\

Answer:How to transfer programs/files/etc. from old hard drive to new hard drive?

This is a good slave tutorial for hard disks.I would be very cautious about recovering files from an infected source though.  Make sure that you scan the drive thoroughly.

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A friend of mine has asked me to transfer some music and picture files from his old IDE hard Drive in a HP Pavillion System, to his new SATA hard drive in his new Dell System, it sounds like it should be a fairly simple process, but my question is, what is the best way to just copy these files and not the entire hard disk?

Answer:Need help transferring files from IDE Hard Drive to SATA Hard Drive

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I am trying to move my files from the hard drive I removed from my old computer to the external hard drive. I want to be able to view the files before moving. Thanks

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Hi. I have a virus infected sata hard drive with windows 7 on it. It has the win 7 anti virus 2012 on it, and it's a cybercriminal virus. I have lots of files I want to transfer to the new sata drive. I already have windows 7 installed on the new drive. How do I get the files from the bad drive to the new one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:How do I transfer files from bad sata hard drive to new hard drive

You could make your own external HD, & than copy/paste over.

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It's been a terrible two weeks as far as computers go! At first I thought I had malware, but after spending 4 days going through all the different tests, I found out that I had no malware, but I had a system crash on the day in question. SO, I spent another 3 or 4 days in the software forum trying to get my computer up to speed once again. Finally, after all that time and many, many headaches and sleepless nights, my computer was back to and perfectly running like the day I built it not 6 months ago! That was until the next day, when Windows started telling me my hard drive was failing! UUUGGGGHHH!
So, anyway, I have a Seagate SATA II 320gb drive that is literally 6 months old that is failing. I recently purchased another Seagate SATA 300gb hard drive for another computer that I was about to start building over the holidays (until my nice little encounter with computer nastiness!). I was wondering how I would go about transferring my files from the one drive to the other? I tried backing everything up to disk, but it failed about halfway through the first of ten disks! What is a RAID setup, and would it be any good for my situation? I am really finding out that I am computerally challenged, but we all have to start somewhere, so please be gentle with me and assume that I know're probably right! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for all you guys do, and if you need any other info, just let me know. I a... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive do I transfer files to new hard drive?
This is a free download from Seagate that will copy the entire drive from the old drive to the new one (read the Data Migration section). For more info:

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Hi I wanted to know if i move my PROGRAM FILE folder from my primary drive 40gb, to my secondary drive 120gb will it have any effect to the way my system operates either good or bad?

Answer:2 hard drives& Program files ?

big YES.

should you do it? no. unless you have a reason to. program files houses the installation files required for some programs to run, and the path they exist in are registered with your computer and alot of shortcuts, regs, etc. leave it unless absolutely neccessary.

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I am about to install Windows 7 (64bit) on my new 60GB SSD drive. I will keep a separate 1TB drive for all music, etc. and I intend to install most applications on the 1TB drive as well.

However, since 64-bit windows by default has both a "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" folder for 32-bit apps I wonder if I could get in trouble by not installing 32-bit apps in the x86 folder?

Answer:Program Files and Program Files (x86) on another drive

Hello front243!

It is really better to let programs/apps install where they need to but have a look at this tutorial at the link below, it may be a help to you and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

User Profiles - Create and Move During Windows 7 Installation

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I have two encyclopedias on my system--Encarta and Britannica--and plan to include a third. (Encarta also includes an Atlas). These programs have a vast--and unchanging--database. Every time however, I do a search, a defragment or whatever like that, all this unnecessary material is gone through, completely wasting both time and computing power. As I am about to do a complete reformat of my C drive, a thought struck me. If these unchanging databases could be installed on my second hard drive, then this irritation could be avoided altogether--which raises another question.Given those installation routines where an option is possible, is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to specify C:\Program Files as the installation folder? What if I was to create a "Program Files" folder on my second hard drive and install these programs to it? Aside from anything else, it strikes me that--as with putting the Paging File on a separate hard drive--it should even access the data faster.The only real questions are: would it work--and would it work well?DannyOH

Answer:Installing Program Files to a second hard disk???

Oops.Sorry guys.Forgot to add--system is Windows XP Pro.DannyOH

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I have a file that is still under F: drive which was a external hard drive which no longer works. The program that is on it is for my walkman (sony) how can I transfer that whole folder or program to the c: drive

Answer:how do i move program files from one drive to c: drive

Past the MS-DOS era, most programs have to be re-installed, not moved. Errors in the registry could happen if you just try to move the program folder (and the program wouldn't function properly). Find the installation media, uninstall the current program and reinstall to a folder on the "C" drive...."Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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I hope this isn't a new issue...but searching the software forum didn't provide and other help.
I have a 30GB hard drive that's Id'd as C, I have a 40GB HD thats ID'd as D. When I set up the drives, I wanted C drive to handle all program files and settings and D to handle all my documents data.
I obviously didn't tell it to not place program files in both drives. Well now I've got duplicate files in both drives.
I'm uncertain which drive has been running as the default for program files and don't know how to check and correct my problem.
If the C drive is the default placement I think I'm o.k. to delete duplicate files in D but if not I'm unsure how to proceed.
My OS is XP-home SP2. 512mb RAM.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. The longer I deal with this issue the more water time I lose...:cry
Many thanks (mahalo in Hawaiian).

Answer:Duplicate program files in both C drive and D drive

It's a bit strange that you're seeing duplicate files...I run many computers with multiple drives, and haven't had this issue.

Just about all software will install itself by default into the" C:\program files" directory. Some will give a choice as to where you want it to install, and in that case you could install it onto the "D" drive if you wished...but you'd have to specify that.

What types of files/programs are you finding to be duplicated?

You could easily rename a folder on the "D" drive, and then see if the program in question runs properly or not. If it doesn't run, you can rename the folder back to what it originally was. If it seems to run fine with the renamed folder, then perhaps they are simply duplicate files.

Anything you decide to 'delete', you should simply move them to a temporary folder for a few days/weeks. Once you're sure they aren't affecting anything after moving them, they should be safe to delete.

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"0x80070057" error. I was simply trying to copy a folder or group of files to another hard drive.
Hard drive to Hard drive, no SSD or External was involved.

Any solutions to this issue?

It literally refuses the copying to be performed ...

I'm trying to copy folders/files from a Seagate SATA II 320 GB Hard Drive to a newer Western Digital SATA II 1 TB Hard Drive.

Answer:"0x80070057" Error copying files from hard drive to hard drive??

Quote: Originally Posted by axelrose

"0x80070057" error. I was simply trying to copy a folder or group of files to another hard drive.
Hard drive to Hard drive, no SSD or External was involved.

Any solutions to this issue?

It literally refuses the copying to be performed ...

I'm trying to copy folders/files from a Seagate SATA II 320 GB Hard Drive to a newer Western Digital SATA II 1 TB Hard Drive.

That error sometimes refers to a read write problem. That could be caused by a controller, too little ram, or a busy cpu.

How bis are the copies?

What does it say in event viewer about it?

There are several ways to find what the problem is. The best is to go into event viewer (type eventvwr in search). Go to the windows log>application tab.

You want to look for critical errors (they have red in the left column ).

When you find them you want to look for critical errors that say app hang, app crash, or anything that relates to the problem.

When you find them please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

Let us know if you need help with any of this.


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Is there a program or application to put my CD collection on a hard drive??
What is the best way to do this?
How much space will I need?



Answer:Program to Put CD's on Hard drive

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Hey there,

I was looking for opinions based on two different drives and which one would be better used for installing an OS (Windows 8) on and run programs, and which one should be used for file storage.

Here are the two drives in question:

Western Digital Red

3TB storage
SATA3 (6gb/s transfer)
64mb cache

Samsung EcoGreen

2TB storage
SATA (3gb/s transfer)
32mb cache (I know this one says out of stock but the drive was received a while ago)


Answer:Solved: Hard drive for OS vs Hard drive for files

Regardless of what hdd you use for storage, your OS and programs should be on an SSD - boot and response times much faster.

Booting with an SSD will get you up in 30 - 60 secs.

I have the 128gb version - more than sufficient.

I would also go with the first one for storage - faster than 2nd one.

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I want to install a new hard drive to replace my old hard drive, it came with software to transfer data from one hard drive to another, my question is how do I hook up two hard drives to the motherboard at the same time?


Answer:Transferring files from old hard drive to new hard drive

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Since a few weeks i have a new pc with 256GB SSD and 1TB hdd.
My windows is installed on the ssd.
My problem is that my ssd becomes in a few days full when i install all my programs.
I tried several ways to get my programs to another drive.
But every time i get blocked by windows that another user is owning the folder.

What i tried is moving program files and program files x86 to my hdd and make a symlink from my ssd to my hdd.
But i can't move all programs from ssd to my hdd.

Has anyone have a advise for my to solve this program?



Answer:Win 8.1 / Win 10 Program Files on another drive

One way that I can think of is uninstall the program and re-install it but this time, specify the install location to the hdd instead of the default one (most programs allow you to do that). Pick the largest program first and repeat until you are satisfied with the space on the ssd.

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A couple of weeks ago I was having trouble with pre-installed Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD, so removed it. Since then that particular problem was solved. I removed it using Add/remove as it did not have its own uninstallation tool. Yesterday I noticed that when I ran an AVG scan I saw Pinnacle Instant DVD/CD in the program files. Being a computer novice could some tell me why software and applications have program files seperate from the files I removed using add/remove and in addition how do I know which ones I can delete as they are not all clearly marked. I addition to Pinnacle I've noticed other program files that came pre-installed like Tiscali Internet which I don't use. Can I just delete them or should I leave alone?

Answer:Program files in C drive

It will have left Registry entry's when you uninstalled it also check Program Files for a Folder and remove it

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So I had a failure of a 80 GB Seagate hard drive, and I used RecoverMyFiles to salvage what I could from it, to a different hard drive. Before I used RecMyFiles reloaded WinXP Pro on a 3rd hard drive and removed the original WinXP/System hard drive, just so I could start with a fresh WinXP install. Many of the files are viewable as previews in RecMyFiles, but after they are recovered they won't open .... anywhere. Not Microsoft Image and Fax viewer, not Paint, haven't tried anything else yet..... Some of the previews show corrupted pictures with smudges or artifacts, so I know some of them are completely shot, but what about the rest?
Does anybody have any ideas? (Besides "Hey DumbA$$, you should have backed up your files!" I know, I know.)

Answer:recovered files from hard drive, can't open JPG files

are you not able to just view these files directly off your old drive? if you can view them in an editor then you could copy it to a new editor window and then save the file to your healthy harddrive > not sure what else you can do it sounds like its missing little bytes on the image which curupts it when copying over. can't think of any other advice.

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Evening all, could someone please tell how to find where my memory is being used by each program?,Acronis partition was using 46GB, I have reduced this to 10GB, I did not see the large improvement in c drive I was expecting.I have 58GB free from usable memory of 186GB. I do not have much information stored from my input, the rest is mainly programs. I do hope you all can understand this writeup. regards Aine

Answer:hard drive memory /program used

I think you mean disk space not memory (RAM). WinDirStat shows where disk space is being used including a graphical display. Just let the mouse pointer hover over the coloured areas to identify different file types, here click here

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is there a program that i can use to analyze my hardrive, just to know that it's in good shape, but i like it to be free if possible

I have diskkeeper but it doesn't do want what i like it to


Answer:hard drive checking program


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What is the best program to Backup MY DVD's to my hard drive?

Answer:program to Backup DVD's to hard drive

Closing duplicate thread.

Continue here:

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I'm looking for a program that will let me set a certain time of day to backup all the new files in the folder(s) I select.

Anyone know of anything?

Answer:Hard drive backup program

well, you could use a cron-type program to initiate a backup.

For Windows, this could be pycron (check Google) calling xcopy (in your dos window)
Not a formal software backup app, but it would do the trick.

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Just read an article that suggested that a "must have" is a Hard Drive Monitoring Program. They did not tout any particular one. It was suggested that this type program is essential because it can not only provide you with the condition of your HD but also give you a "heads up" as to when your HD is in trouble and about to fail.

I was wondering if any of our group use such a program and, if so, which one, and the pros and cons relative to such a program.

Red Boy

Answer:Hard Drive Monitoring Program

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I am looking for a program that will:-

1. Clone my primary hard drive to a secondary hard drive which will be bootable if needed to replace the primary drive, and

2. Update the cloned drive with all subsequent changes made to the primary hard drive.

Anybody got any suggestions.

[I am running Windows XP Home SP3]

Answer:Program To Clone Hard Drive

Sounds like you are asking for RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

The level of RAID you are referencing is RAID1. This mirrors 2 drives so that if one fails, the other still works, and data is not lost.

Kind of expensive to implement though, you will have to judge if it is practical for your situation.

Unless of course, you don't need to make the changes constantly. If you are just looking to update daily rather than real-time then norton ghost might be all you need.

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Hi I heard some time, but forgot its name, probably a few of them around, I want to be able to see exactly whats using up the space so I can get rid of the programs that I do use of need.Can anyone help.CheersPhil

Answer:my hard drive is full, how do I get rid of program

Personally, I use Easycleaner [ click here ] this is freeware, but will work if you do not want to pay a subscription.It's also a good registry cleaner/duplicate file cleaner/etc. as well as a pie chart so you can see what is taking up space on your drive or in folders.HTHPaul

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 1:57:48 PM, on 1/7/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2006 Internet Security\TPSrv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2006 Internet Security\pavsrv51.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2006 Internet Security\AVENGINE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exec:\program files\panda software\panda platinum 2006 internet security\firewall\PNMSRV.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\APC\APC PowerChute Personal Edition\mainserv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\CDAC11BA.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\cisvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\CTsvcCDA.EXEC:\PROGRA~1\Iomega\System32\AppServices.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.exeC:\Program Files\Panda Software\Panda Platinum... Read more

Answer:Program Accessing Hard Drive


Sorry for this delay. Please post a fresh log if you still have this problem.

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What is the best program to Backup MY DVD's to my hard drive?

Answer:program to backup my DVD's to hard drive

What is on your DVD's? Movies? Data files? Audio?

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a few yrs ago I had a program that was on a floppy that wiped ur hard drive. When u put it in--it loaded to a A\\ prompt and u typed debug. below it was the # 100 and u typed in a code. then below it was #103 and again u typed in a code, then # 106 etc. at the end u hit enter and it said program terminated normally . best thing I ever had but Ive lost the code and the floppy and nothing I have now even has a floppy. does ANYONE know what this program was ?? can anyone send it and the code to me or know where I could get it 4 free ?? I aslo had a floppy called hd nuke that made 7 passes but have lost it also !! (moved) can ANYONE help ??

Answer:hard drive wipe program

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I moved my existing hard drive to the slave position when I installed a new hard drive in the master position. I installed winxppro on the new drive. How can I move software and program files from the old drive to the new drive?

Answer:hard drive program transfer

You can't! You can move files, but the registry and file assosiations need to be set on the primary system partition and also have the support files installed. The install program will install dll's and other system files in many locations so it is more than a matter of just moving them.

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I have some computers that I am either going to recycle or donate depending on the specs.
I need a program to erase the hard drive before I do so. I really do not want to reformat the ones I donate.
Any suggestions?



Answer:Program to erase hard drive

Boot and nuke

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by error I installed drivercure, only to find it wont do anything unless it is registered (free supposedly), but to register after it has been run, there is no place to register. After looking for information from those on the net, I can not find it in the control panel in order to remove it. It is not listed under programs in the startup menu, but it is on the hd in programs which I can not remove from it or uninstall now that I have w7. Any suggestions? I should have known better after so many years of no issues...

Answer:why is a program on the hard drive yet isnt l

Look for Paretelogic, all their software IMHO is CRAP and not needed: I only use the following and no other so called "performance booster software":M$ Security EssentialsM$ Live One Care Sfaety ScannerMalwarebytesCCleaner

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Hello all, I have just installed a hard drive monitoring program called HDD Health 2.1. Soon after I installed it an alert popped up on my screen advising that my hard drive (C) that contained my OS, programs and data had reached 46 degrees. What was worse however was that my other hard drive that only contains backups was reading 49 degrees. At the time I wasn't using that one at all, because I wasn't restoring or backing up. What is going on?
Thanks for your help!

Answer:Hard Drive Monitoring Program.

jolij said:

Hello all, I have just installed a hard drive monitoring program called HDD Health 2.1. Soon after I installed it an alert popped up on my screen advising that my hard drive (C) that contained my OS, programs and data had reached 46 degrees. What was worse however was that my other hard drive that only contains backups was reading 49 degrees. At the time I wasn't using that one at all, because I wasn't restoring or backing up. What is going on?
Thanks for your help!
John. Click to expand...

Life is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and surrounded by a quandary, all in the shape of a question mark!
Richard S Gilbert.

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Windows 7 installed Office 2010 on system ond want to take off and install on another computer without activating it again

Answer:how to get a program off hard drive to install again

Read the license agreement you OK'd when you installed it, I am pretty sure that you are not allowed to reinstall it on a different system.If you install it without activating it, it is a trial version and I believe it will work for something like 30 days and bug you periodically to activate it.You can download and install free of any charge for any system (Windows, Mac, and Linux). It can open MS Office formats as well as many others. You can set it to save in MS Office formats by default so everything is more portable.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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I ran the hard drive diagonistics program and the results was an error code 0000-read verification failed.  I have a T60.

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I have a Western Digital WD1200 Serial #WMAEK2712941. I want to test if the drive is good or not. The computer had a power supply problem and killed the Motherboard. I was going to use Ultimate boot disk but it would freeze on trying to load the hard drive Diagnostic program. Is there another free Diagnostic program out there that will work for this hard drive? Must be able to boot from a cd!

Answer:I Need A Hard Drive Diagnostic Program down to Western Digital.

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can anyone point me to a good hard drive test program
i find the 1 provided with windows 7 isnt that good
i can test the hard drive whilst its running as a slave drive but its important it doesnt erase anything on the drive

Answer:hard drive test program

Find the make and download the manufacturers test software from their site
SIW here will help you find the make if you do not already know.

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I dont know if this would go in gaming or not:

Ok i have my OS on one hard drive. I have another free hard drive (exact same kind as the OS is on) that i can put programs or what ever into.

As far as speed goes (least lag, load times, etc.) would it be best to put the application.... for example a game, onto the hard drive that carries the OS or into the empty hard drive?

Or would it be best to put the game onto the OS hard drive and then put the paging file into the empty hard drive (non OS)?

Answer:Running A program from Non OS Hard Drive

I personally have Windows XP on one harddrive along with a "storage" partition, then I install all my applications and games on the separate hard drive. Im sure it would load faster as it doesn't have to load OS stuff from the same hard drive. My pagefile is on the windows partition i guess. I didn't know you could change the pagefile location?

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How do i get the recovery program to complete loadig?. It hangs at :loading Office 2010 (14/32).  ACER ASPIRE WINDOWS 7.

Answer:How do I get the recovery program in my hard drive...

check if there's a prompt taht needs your confirmation under the main installation screen. try to press: atl+tab or ctrl+alt+del or ctrl+shift+esc check also the last post of this discussion:

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I installed a dos program and now I am trying to remove it. I tried the command prompt and the wmic thing and looked in the list of programs it populated, but the program does not show up in the list. Although it does show up in the c: programs listing on my hard drive. Do I just delete the folder containing the program exe files? or is there something else to I have to do to remove it

Answer:How do i remove a dos program from my hard drive

Care to mention the name of the program?

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Sometime ago on the helproom I saw a reference to a free Resizing and management prog. the name began with a "R" as I recall anybody know it?

Answer:Hard Drive resizing program

Ranish Partition Manager click here.This is what I use - the free 'commercial' grade Paragon HD Manager by VNUnet (free as it's an old version - may not work in Vista however): Direct download click hereTo get a free registration key from Paragon click here. G

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I have the Pinnacle Studio Delux which I use to put still photos with transitions and music and burn to DVD or vhs tapes. In Pinnacle booklet, it says it will work better if it is on it's own hard drive, so I had someone install a second hard drive for me, but it does not work.
1. I cannot download program to this second hard drive (no programs), the only thing I have been able to use this second hard drive for is for storage (photos/documents, etc.). I am think ing this second hard drive has something missing, is the second hard drive suppose to have it's own operating system?
2, I install the Pinnacle to the master hard drive and it is now not working correctly there either, it runs real slow and when you go to render the video, it keeps crashing. The program worked fine before I installed a secondary hard drive, it was a little slow but it worked fine, now I cannot get this to work correctly at all. I had the person who put the second hard drive in come to check it, but they said it is not the computer, it is the program, but, my question is why did it work before and also why can't I use the second hard drive for anything but storage?
If you can solve any of these problems, it would be WONDERFUL!

System Type: Desktop / Tower

Operating System: Windows XP

Processor Type: AMD

Ammount of RAM: 512 MB

Hard Drive Capacity: 60 GB

Internet Connection Speed: Cable

Monitor Size: 19"

Printer Manufacturer: Hewelet Packard

Printer Type: Ink Jet

CD-ROM... Read more

Answer:I cannot download program to this second hard drive

When you go to install the program, you should be able to select the hard drive to install to, you'll have to make that change manually. Once the install process starts, do not choose the 'standard installation' routine.

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Does there exist a FREE hard drive copy program that allows me to create a bootable CD to backup and restore my hard drive?

Something similar to Acronis Trueimage hopefully.

Any ideas please?

Thanks so much

Answer:Hard Drive Copy Program Anyone?

This is a great utility i use my self all the time at work.
It is free

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A friend has bought a 'refurbished' HD to me to have a look at. Its a 120GB Hitachi IDE and seems to be working OK.Anyone know of a program to test it fully?KJR

Answer:Hard drive test program

click here

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Thinkpad 310ED
Pentium II 366 MHz Celeron
Windows XP SE (no Windows disk)
DVD drive
1.44 drive (no floppy disks)
modem (no Ethernet)
Software: Norton Utilities Systemworks 2003
I don't own a landline
I have an old Thinkpad that I'd like to give away. I deleted all the files, but they can be recovered with Unerase. I could download something like CCleaner on my other computer and copy it over, but I don't have another PC with a 1.44 drive and the USB drive doesn't recognize any of the USB drives I've tried.
I tried using the oldest (and newer) USB drives I had.
Add New Hardware Wizard
Found PC Multimedia Device or USB Mass Storage Device
Search in C:\Windows
Windows was unable to locate a driver.
Under Device Manager, I have a ? next to USB Mass Storage Device
Systemworks doesn't have anything.
I tried installing WIn 7, but the drive doesn't recognize the CD.
I tried installing Win 8, but I need to update Windows first.
Does anyone have a way I can permanently wipe the empty space through Windows or am I going to have to take out the hard drive and tell the person they have to buy a new one?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Need to wipe hard drive w/out being able to d/l a program

How about download something to another computer and then burn it to a CD or DVD disc? You mention the Thinkpad has a DVD drive, so you should be able to then copy the installer off the optical disc and then install it in Windows XP on the Thinkpad.

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Sometimes randomly my HDD starts doing crackling noises alot and especially when i do something. This may last for like 5-20mins. Is there any program to check what program or other is using up all the bandwidth going/coming through to my HDD?

Answer:Program to check what is using my hard drive much?

You have one way already in your pc. Go into 'Task manager', then 'performance' tab, then 'resource monitor'. The 'Overview' tab tells you what is happening. It is very useful to show if you have enough RAM installed for the programs you are running.
*One idea though, do you have a defragmentation program installed, which is set to run in the background or 'smart/auto' mode ?

**If you want to try a more detailed program try;
Click on 'Download' tab.
(The link for the download is near the bottom of the site, just above the blue advert. 'Download installer version' is the one.)
Run it 'as administrator'. This program highlights the programs which have just been active with a coloured background, which may help you .

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Answer:Best Program to Mirror Hard Drive?

I have a 20gb drive with Windows 2000. Taking advice from a recent PC Advisor Mag I want to install a second drive & create a mirror image of the first as a foolproof backup. Any experience of a good program that will work with Win2000 or Win NT please?

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I just just installed a program called Hard Disk Sentinel which had good reviews etc

Hard Disk Sentinel can monitor hard disk status, health and performance including temperature and S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, built in most hard disks today) values for each hard disks. Also it measures the hard disk transfer speed in real time which can be used as a benchmark or to detect possible hard disk failures, performance degradations.
Hard Disk Sentinel is a windows software that helps to prevent hard disk failure.
Hard Disk Sentinel can be used to prevent serious damage or data loss. It warns the user if there will be a problem occur and this gives opportunity to backup important and valuable data. Click to expand...

and it is saying that my IDE drive (what I use for my OS) is only running at 43% health which is a good reason for problems I have been having.

The thing is, like doctors on serious matters I like to get a second opinion, so can anyone recommend another program that I can use to test my hard drives

Answer:Need program for testing hard drive

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I got a laptop that I just wanna get rid of and sell. But i dont want to have to format using an xp or windows 7 cd and so forth. Is there any programs out there that will erase my hard drive? Like maybe just fill the hd with 0's and 1's. Like I Just want the computer to be completley clean so when I sell it someone can install their own OS on it.

Answer:I need a program to erase my hard drive.

And if there is a program.. Would someoe who purchased the laptop still be able to place a windows OS cd in the cd rom drive and reinstall windows fresh?

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i have a program in windows that i can not remove it can from the internet and is on my hard drive can any one help me to remove it

Answer:hard drive program sixtysix

And the name of the program is?

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I now realise i should of hit custom install, and installed it on another drive, is it to late to move them, the only things in there are what were installed by microsoft.

Answer:Moving program files to a different drive.

Have you backed up the entire HD?
It's recommended to alway backup before an installation.

You can't move the operating system to another HD, best way is to delete it during the re-installation.

Start your install again, use this tutorial: Clean Installation with Windows 7

When you get to steps 7 & 8, format the drive you put the last install on, then format the drive you want to put the new install on. Then proceed with the tutorial.

Let us know how it goes.

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I need a program to recover my files from a zip drive 750 USB 2.0 EXT

Because now i put my disk in and i cannot read anything (maybe the click of death)that's what i heards ???

Thank you...

Answer:Need program to recover files from ZIP drive...

One of these links might help....

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I am sure that this has been answered on previous occassions, but...Is it practical or wise to attempt to move all of the program files from the C drive to another drive or partition. Also is it practical to make the new program file location, the default one so that any new program installations are pointed to the new location. I appreciate that some install routine give you the option to specify the location, however some programs do not and default to the C location. Any ideas/advice please.

Answer:Moving program files from "C" drive

click here entirely at your own risk!!!

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My XP installation is old and buggy. I'm about to reformat and start fresh. What I want to do but am not sure how is this. I currently have a 100 GB W.D. partitioned into several logical drives. C and E are NTFS. C is 12.47 GB and E is 77.75 GB. C has XP and most of my programs on it and E has data. The other 5 logical drives on that physical disc are formatted Ext2 as I planned to try out Linux to try to get away from Microsoft dependency. But I never did anything with Linux, because I didn't want to screw up the existing Windows stuff. As the slave on that primary IDE channel, I'm running a 40 GB Maxtor that just has a bunch of junk on it. XP originally detected and labeled it D and I've been too lazy to change them. I'm going to format it.

The secondary IDE has a DVDRW as the master(if the replacement ever gets here!) and an old CDRW as a slave.

I'd like to install the Windows programs on the Maxtor so that when XP starts acting up I could easily blow it away w/o having to install all my programs over. How would a person let Windows know that the programs aren't in the C drive after a quick install? I've never really understood the registry or been comfortable modifying it. Or is there a better setup for relatively frequent Windows reinstalls?

I'd appreciate any suggestions or instructions you could offer. I also would like a good resource for a RAID how-to if anybody knows of a site. Thanks
 ... Read more

Answer:program files on separate drive

Your plan won't work for having to reinstall programs. If you clear away windows and reinstall, windows won't know that there are even programs on your other HD. Having a seperate partition only helps if you have a lot of data, like music and videos.

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neither getting deleted nor moving! it's taking large space. what to do?it's also in dive cwhat should i do? :-/

Answer:Program files appearing in drive d!

Hi,You might have installed windows XP in D:/ drive intead of C:/ drive. That is precisely the reason behind program files are saved in D:/ drive.When you perform clean install for the next time, make sure that you are installing the OS in C:/ drive to get programfiles in C:/ drive.Thank you :)

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Hello, Bleeping Computer.
My computer has two drives:
C: drive is a 64gig Solid State Drive.  The intent is for this to be the boot drive.
E: drive is a 1TB Solid State Drive.  This is meant to be the storage drive for everything else. 
C: drive is consistently getting nearly full.  Once in a while I can trim it down a bit using disc cleanup utilities (cautiously, of course.  I heard that disc defragmentation software can wreak some havoc on these things).  The bulk of the drive's capacity comes from the  Windows and Program Files drives.
These are the folders in C: and their capacities:
Expat Shield - 4.00 KB on disc
inetpub - 952 KB on disc
Intel - 1.07 MB on disc
NVIDIA - 225 MB on disc
PerfLogs - 0 
Program Files - 3.21 GB on disc
Program Files (x86) - 15.3 GB on disc
temp - 0
Users - 5.09 GB on disc
Windows - 29.7 GB on disc
Would it be safe to relocated the Program Files (x86) to E:?  Would the two files merge?  What can I do to minimize information loss if I merge the files?  Is there another alternative to free up space?  The ideal function of C: is to only contain what is necessary to run the OS. 

Answer:Moving Program Files to another Drive

You cannot put program files anywhere but C: with Windows... doesn't work.
If you are running hibernation you can turn that off and delete hyberfil.sys, which will clear up a load of free space.
Make sure you have nothing on your desktop, and change you folder path of my documents, download etc. onto your E: drive. (move the current files over too) That will help a bit.
TFC is a great cleanup tool, finds a lot of other stuff other file dumpers don't.
I'm sure some other members have other suggestions on how to free up some drive space.

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I have Win7 installed on an SSD and I'd like to keep the default program location on another drive with more room. I know how to redirect personal folders, but how do I redirect the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders to a different drive. These folders already have some data in them; should that date be manually moved to the other drive or are they OK where they are?

Actually, the real problem I'm having is browsing my computer as Administrator. My current account is an administrator type, but it seems that that is not the same as actually being logged on as the account Administrator. I'm sure if I was right clicking on the folders I want to redirect as Administrator, the Location tab would pop up just fine.

Answer:Redirect Program Files to another drive

Frank -

Remember that programs write keys to registry which integrate them into the OS, so it's best if possible to keep them on same partition as OS for imaging purposes.

But if you're still short on space after linking User profile or folders to another HD, you can change the default program directory with this Regedit:

Here's how to enable hidden Admin.. This is only for those who know what you're doing - and you know who you are: Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

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My C drive is nearly full, I want to move quite a bit of executable files to another internal drive, but I still want to launch from desktop is that possible? or don't I have a launch shortcut on another drive. Please advise your thoughts most appreciated.

Answer:Copying some program files to another drive!

Moving installed applications to another drive is very problematic and prone to error. Shortcuts to the files are the least of the problems.

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Recently bought a new Laptop, and went through all the setting up process, one of which was Windows 7 back up. At the time I just went for the partitioned drive option, but after a week, I've decided to buy an external Hard drive for my back ups instead.
My questions are:
1. Can I easily change the destination of the back up files?
2. Do I just delete everything on Drive D once I'm backing up to an external Hard Drive, or will Windows give me this option when I change to external Hard Drive?
3. The Back up is done on a schedule, so how do I get on when the date passes? Will it ask me to plug my external Hard Drive in the next time I boot up?
4. Finally, I'd like to back up our Desktop too, running on Vista. Can I just partition the external Hard Drive, and keep our laptop, and Desktop backed up on the same hard drive??

Cheers, Matthew

Answer:Change back up files from D Partitioned Drive to External Hard Drive?

Hi Matthew -

You don't need to partition the HD to keep your different backups on it.

The WindowsImageBackup file needs to be named only that and in the root of the external to reimage from the booted DVD or Repair CD, however you can click on it to see which PC it is for.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Backup User and System Files

I don't like the way Win7 file backup works so I drag the active User folder from each computer here to external once per month, then update the backup image every few months. You may decide to go Manual after trying the automated backup, since you'll need to move the external to catch the backup anyway.

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I bought a Y560 laptop October 2010 with 32GB SSD / 500GB HDD because of it's promotion of this new rapid drive technology in Hong Kong, and everything goes fine for few months. Last week, I powered my laptop normally but the windows loads to the repair screen automatically. After self-restart, "Operating System not found" is shown and no further operation. Then I tried to use Onekey recovery to rescue my OS, but after I knew all data would be initialized after using, I chose not to continue and tried to plug out the hard drive and restore my data via other computer in accordance to the Lenovo's suggestion. Unfortunately, the major partition was not readable by windows. The next day, I brought it to the service centre, and asked them how can I rescue my data. They said the same procedure that I've did that unplugging my hard drive and copying my data via other computer. Of course, I've told them I've performed the same task and still not work and asked them to demonstrate for me, but they said they haven't got any spare machine to do demonstration. After that, they tried to repair my laptop with windows installation disk, but I've questioned them there is a notice that to use Onekey recovery to perform system maintenance, they replied that is a standard procedure of repairing services. 3 Hours after, I still could not get the corresponding answer how can I rescue my data from my hard drive and got these responses: 1. Rapid Drive Technology is develope... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Y560 Rapid Drive Problem - Never store any files in your internal hard drive

so, could you state more simplier where is your data and what do you want to do with it?

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Hi guys, computer's running a lil bit slow and wont allow me to install my new mobile phone software as c drive memory is full, i've tried my best to move things to the d drive hard disk but its still really full...

is there any safe way of transferring most of the programs and files over to the second hard drive?

many thanks,

Answer:Solved: how do i move files from c drive to d drive (both hard drives)

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Hello there,

I have couple of excel/word files that I store on my Jump drive, but I would like to synchronize it with my hard drive, I.e. keep a second copy of it on my hard drive. whats the easiest way to do it? and on the bigger note, How to synchronize certain files between laptop/desktop/jumdrive(USB Flash drive) and PDA??



Answer:How do I synchronize files between My Jumpdrive(USB flash drive) and Hard drive

Welcome to TSG.
The easy way to sync the files is to use the Briefcase for the files and the jump drive. The PDA part, I no can help with.

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Hello and good evening, i have a slight issue that i'd like to find out please....I have a Sony ps3...80Gb, and its getting kind of full, so now i want to purchase a bigger hard drive for it, which is fine to.....but first i realise that i need to back up all the stuff to my external hard drive. I already have a seagate 1TB external hard drive, which is connected to my desktop pcwhich is hereAnd this hard drive has all my itunes library, pictures, documents, etc. I have only used 138Gb, and there is 792Gb free, and it says the file system is NTFS......but it from videos that ive seen on you tube it says that to for the ps3 to recognize the drive it has to be i'm not to sure if i'd be able to back up my ps3 stuff on my current ext hard drive. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Backing up my ps3 files on my hard Ext. hard drive

Ive heard that windows pcs cannot recognise ps3 hard drives. I dont think the ps3 truly uses a windows compatible version of FAT32, you would surely be able to connect the 80Gb hard drive straight to your pc (providing you have the space) to transfer all its content to a spare folder on it as a backup, since windows can read both fat32 and ntfs. your best bet might be in either getting hold of an old hard drive from a friend that you can re-format for use with your ps3 for backing up, or purchasing a flash drive (although the only problem there is that flash drives arent always the most reliable way to do so)click here

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Hi guys,
I recently bough a hard drive USB connector to take files from my old computer and put them on my new one. I have programs for which I since lost the discs and these include photoshop as well as some others. I was wondering as to whether there was a solution to moving the program to my new computer, as my old hard drive has all the correct files but not a setup.exe

Any help would be greatly appreciate. My old hard drive used XP, I'm currently using Vista.


Answer:Hard Drive Program Transfer Question

The only way would be to copy the Whole Windows drive over. Cause you would have to use the File Transfer wizard to move the stuff over. Even then you might not get everything you need.

Best bet acquire a new installer.

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Hi all, I have a software program (an AVI converter) that needs to be installed from the cd everytime I use it as will only allow me to carry out one task at a time (I convert one DVD at a time). The program produces a desktop icon, and installs in my 'programs' list but will only carry out one task. I believe I can save it to the hard drive and install it from there instead of having to keep running the cd, but am not sure how to go about it. Pointers would be helpful. P.

Answer:Saving a software program to hard drive

Simply save it to your Desktop. It will leave an Install/Setup Icon, which you can click on to run whenever you want to.

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I need a program that would easily wipe the C drive but leave the recovery partition alone.

any ideas what to use? need something free and easy.

Ive also read that starting with windows Vista, a format does a basic hard drive wipe. so is this basic wiping of the drive enough for the home user?

Just wondering what others use. thanks.

Answer:need a free hard drive wipe program...

Don't let the name fool you. This might be what you are looking for. It's one of the Forms Tutorials.
Windows 7 Installation - Prepare PC to be Sold

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Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a program/download/software, preferably on this website, that will do the scan my hard drives, log what is on them and show me how much space it all takes up, where the info is or something similar. Reason, I have so many files on my hard drive and I would like to see them all in some organized listing to choose what I want to keep and what to delete. My main concern is to log and locate all the mp3's that I have. They seem to be all over. I am running slow azz vista so have mercy on me.

Thanks everyone! :major

Answer:Hard Drive contents listing program

Have you looked at WinDirStat?

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My hard drive had a bad volume error. I eventually got Windows to boot from a disk. I can access the hard drive but some files are missing. I wondered what the best commercial and best free hard drive content recovery programs were out there? It would save me so much time and effort as I have lost my dissertation.

Answer:Best hard drive content recovery program?

you can get a free demo of Easeus data recovery wizard which you can use to look at the data and see what it could recover. They tell you to use the demo and if you can see the files you are looking for then pay for the full prog about 70$. I used it to recover the data from an external usb hard drive with a master boot record failure.

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I had a raid0 setup and kept failing out on me so I just separated the hard drives and decided to stop screwing with it. Anyway I have a program I would like to reinstall on another hard drive that was on the old previous one. It will not let me uninstall due to the old hard drive missing and cant reinstall. Does anyone know how I can fully uninstall or just reinstall the program on my new hard drive? Thanks in advanced for the gurus that help me.

Answer:Deleting program on removed hard drive

You might be able to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove the instalelr references to it and hopefully successfully reinstall it. Here's the program:

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Is it possible format a hard drive and save a program ? The problem is I want to install Windows XP onto a hard drive that has windows 98, when I try installing over top of 98 I keep getting error messages saying it can not be done.
There is only one program I want keep that I have not got a disc for so I'm not bothered about losing the rest.

Answer:Format hard drive but save program

No, If you format that's pretty much it.

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I have a new hard drive. I was hoping to use the Ghost Symantec program to copy my old hard drive on to the new one. It appears to be more difficult than originally thought. Can anyone walk me through this please. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Installing a new hard drive using ghost program

I do not use ghost, I use acronis true image however the steps should be about the same. I am assuming these are ide drives you are using.
To clone a drive.
1 Install the new drive as either a slave on ide1 or you can put it as the master on ide2 for now. Do not partition or format the drive; just install it like it came out of the box. If there is any partition info on the drive, delete the partition in disk management before you begin.
2 Boot with your clone CD ie the ghost CD. Select source [old drive] and destination [new drive]
3 Complete the clone process
4 Shut down the system; do not reboot with both drives connected. This will cause drive letter problems.
5 Install the new drive as the master on ide1. Be sure to set the jumper to master. Pull the power connector from the old drive.
6 Power on the system and make sure it boots and drive letters are correct. If all is well, you can shutdown and connect your old drive as a slave device for storage.

Note you may use CS [cable select] instead of master / slave. One other caution. If one of your drives is a WD western digital, they have two master settings. One is master single drive and the other is master multi drive. You set the jumper to what ever you have ie one drive on the ide channel or two drives on the ide channel. If your disks are not WD, disregard the above.

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Anyone know of a FREE way to totally wipe all empty space on a hard drive and USB Stick?


Answer:Hard Drive WIPE program for Vista?

Hey truthseeker

Do you mean totally wipe your hard drive, defrag it or to clean personal info from it?

To wipe completely

** This one will wipe everything and destroy all evidence of existence on the hardrive




Total privacy



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Well, I FINALLY have an extra hard drive exclusively for the purposes of backing up my main hard drive. I want a program that will make an image of my entire C: drive (windows XP 64 bit) and dump that on my G: drive automatically, every night. Are there any good, simple, and hopefully free programs that will do that? I want the image to be in some kind of standard format (iso?)so I'm not locked into one kind of software if I have to restore...

Answer:Good hard drive backup program?

Acronis True Image.

Imaging software doesn't make "ISOs" unfortunately, that's not how they work. They all use proprietary image formats for themselves, but you typically get some way of making a bootable recovery CD as well. True Image allows "live imaging" meaning you can back up/image your system without needing to shut down - although a restore operation (if required) will.

There are several different apps out (True Image, Ghost, DriveImage XML, etc) but, for the feature set, ease of use, stability, and general reviews, nothing beats True Image.


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Hi everyone,
I was wondering where all my hard drive space has gone today, and I wondered if a program that could show you what was on the hard drive existed. Kind of like a pie chart of your hard drive - each segment belonging to different categories.
Does something like this exist? It would be great to know where all the space has gone so I can delete some rubbish.

Answer:Program to show you hard drive usage?

Take a look here: SequoiaView

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