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Solved: Cannot view all files in shared folder

Question: Solved: Cannot view all files in shared folder

I am running winows 7 ultimate 32bit as a server, i have the c:\ drive shared to all 13 users on the network. All 13 computers are running windows xp pro. The problem that I am having is this:

When i open up the shared c: drive on a windows xp computer, and open a folder to view files, it only shows 122 out of the 227 files.

when i open up the c: drive on the windwos 7 machine, i can see all 227 files.

when i open up excel or word, and open a file that is stored on the windows 7 machine, it will open fine, but when i try and browse for the file that is stored on the windows 7 machine, it does not show it.

now here is the interesting thing:
when i open up the shared c: drive on another computer running windows 7, (not the server) i can see all 227 files and have no problems.

i have multiple folders, ex: mypics2008, mypics2009, mypics2010, mypics2001, mydocs2000, mydocs2010, all shared off of the c: drive on the windows 7 server. this problem started a few weeks ago, i was able to see all the files in every shared folder off of the windows 7 server through all of the windows xp pr machines a month ago, and all of a sudden in the past few weeks, i am no longer able to see all of the files shared off of the server.

any help would be appreciated!

i have rebuilt the index on the windows 7 server
i have removed and redone ALL security, and sharing settings
i have checked, rechecked and checked again all the file sharing settings
I am stumped, and i consider myself knowledgable with computers.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Cannot view all files in shared folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Cannot view all files in shared folder

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I've been using file and printer sharing for quite a while on various home networks, but this problem has me completely stumped.

I have one folder on each of 2 Windows XP Pro machines shared. I can access some of the files in this shared folder but not others. The problem is not specific to size (some are larger, others are small) or type (some are EXE's, others are .TXT's). I simply get the "Access denied" error when trying to open, run, or copy some of the files.

I've tried deleting the folder and re-creating it, and that doesn't work. I've disabled Windows firewall on both systems. That didn't work either.

Answer:Solved: Unable to Access Certain Files in Shared Folder

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Hello My roomate has created a folder on his desktop called "music1", and the permissions are set for full access/shared etc on his computer. I can access many other shared folders on his computer with my pc no problem. I can even listen to other music files on his computer in other shared folders. For some reason or other I cannot play his music files or copy his music files when trying to access the music1 folder on his desktop. If i'm thinking correctly the root folder must be shared to allow access to subfolders, but in this case...the shared folder (music1) is the root folder that was created on his desktop. any ideas?

win xp home os's


update: also I have discovered that if I remove the read only permission>hit apply>ok then when I reopen it the "read only box is checked again"

i deselect it again, and again, and again..only for it to reappear again.


Answer:Solved: shared folder cant copy, play or read files...

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Okay, so with a modded xbox I put a movie file into a folder on my computer.. im running windows 2000 server and to get others on the network to view my folders I just have to create accounts for them... the problem here is with the modded xbox when i go to click on my computer it wont let it in because it doesn't have permission... and theres no one to type in the login from the xbox... any ideas?

Answer:Getting an xbox to view shared folder

What program are you using on the xbox?

I know in XBMC you have to list the shares as smb://username: [email protected]

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I used to think I had a networking problem browsing the shared Public folder (or any other shared folder) of one Vista machine from another Vista machine but i've discovered that I can't browse the shared Public folder (or any other shared folder) of a Vista machine from it's own Network view (Network\Computer Name\Public). Explorer won't browse and it crashes. I can see the shared folder (Public or otherwise) easily enough, it's just impossible to browse it.

I have no problem browsing the Public folder on a Vista machine if I start at it's own Computer view (Computer\C:\Users\Public), but impossible from it's own Network view (Network\Computer Name\Public).

Note I'm trying to browse the Public folder on the same machine not from a different machine, and Windows Explorer crashes. Both of my Vista machines behave the same way.

I need help please.

Answer:Can't browse shared folder (eg Public) from Network view

Hi go to control panel open "network and sharing centre" under network click on "customize" set it to Private. Then expand "public folder sharing" and check "turn on sharing so anyone with network access can open files". Make sure you have configured the windows firewall if you have it running as well.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using a laptop (with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed) as a DVR and media streamer to all other devices in the house.
My TV recordings are recorded into a temporary folder and when the recording is finished the program moves the files into the My Videos folder.

The My Videos folder is shared so we can watch the recordings from the Xbox downstairs or other Windows 7 devices in the house.
This worked pretty well in the past but for some reason new recordings (or downloads) aren't shared by default anymore. All files have a small lock icon (shared with nobody) and I have to manually share new files within an already shared folder.

This is pretty annoying and takes away the convenience.

I would appreciate any tip to fix this problem to have all files in the shared folder(s) shared by default.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:New files aren't shared in shared folder

It's easy once you know how, just right click the C:/Video's folder and choose properties, Security tab then Advanced button, then just put a check mark where it says "Replace all Child Object Permission Entries with Inheritable Permissions Entries from this Object, then hit Apply, OK....this will fix the problem you described.

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I'm facing very strange problem, Whenever I go to Tools-->Folder Options-->
View-->Hidden files and folders. I find both the radio buttons as checked ie. "Show hidden files and folders" and "Do not show....."

I scanned my PC with Norton Antivirus, AVG, No-Adware,Spyware Doctor but nothing helped
Any suggestions??
p/s: I'm having WinXP.

Answer:Solved: Folder Options-->View-->Hidden files and folders(both the radio buttons checked)

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I pinned the Files folder in my account to the Windows 10 Start menu, and also saved this folder as a favorite in Edge, which is my default browser. But after closing Edge, when I then click the tile in the start menu, or after opening Edge, if I click the OneDrive link in the favorites bar, OneDrive opens my Shared folder rather than the desired Files folder. To see the Files folder, I can click "OneDrive" in the menu bar. Moreover, after the Files folder has been opened, if I then add a tab and click on OneDrive in the favorites bar, OneDrive correctly opens the Files folder, and will continue to operate this way (the correct way) as long as I don't close the browser. When I saved my OneDrive Files folder as a favorite in Firefox, I experienced the same problem. So the problem does not appear to be related to Edge.
How can I make always open in the Files Folder the first time?

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Hey guys well I'm trying to set up the best network possible.... I use the Linksys WRTG. And I have 2 wired computers, and 2 wireless computers. But everyonce in a while I have problems, and don't know what to do... or how to fix them. Right now I can see the folder for my other wired connection, but I can't access it and I can't see the computer in the "View networked computers", so I guess that folder is there just because windows has seen it before, but not now.

I'm thinking about just restarting my network again, anyone have a good guide or anyhting?

Answer:Can't view other network computers/shared files...

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i have 7 pcs connected through a hub and 6 of them can share everything, the problem is the other one witch allows only to browse for shared folders.

It can access all the others without a problem.
All can browse its shared folders.
None can copy / open / delete any shared file from this computer.
If i try to copy a file i get: "Cannot Copy 'Filename':Access is Denied"

The pcs are a mix of win XP Home / Pro, The one with these problems is XP home.

Any Ideas??


Answer:Can view shared files but get error if open or copy them.

Check the Sharing...permissions on that offending PC

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I have all 4 PC's in the office using Windows 7 Pro. I have one computer that is designated to house my share folder for scanning documents and attaching them to our management system.  We are finding that multiple problems occur - not at once and at
different times .  Sometimes, the document within the shared folder called "IMAGEBATCH" will not delete.  Sometimes that document deletes, and then re-appears within the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes the document will not
scan through the network to the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes we get an error saying we "don't have permission to delete this file".  These circumstances occur on all computers, including the computer that houses the original file IMAGEBATCH. 
Sometimes in the day, each computer that is supposedly looking at the same IMAGEBATCH folder see different files.
Restarting the computer clears the problems, but then start right back up at irregular intervals, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day.
I did find a duplicate file named IMAGEBATCH on the "C" drive of that PC, so I deleted that, but the symptoms are still there.  This is the only shared folder in our entire network.  What can I be missing?  I have checked to make
sure it is a share folder, all the permissions are in place, and that we all can see the folder through the network.  What am I missing?  I am the owner and administrato... Read more

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Hello there.

I've been using this office computer for more than 2 years ago.It has win98 second edition. And it's slow,so what I think was it has viruses,so I uninstalled the old antivirus[think it was mcafee] and added AVG free edition.

My problem is that everyday it always finds new viruses in my pc,and I always had to move them to the virus vault[heal wasn't available].
It's look always like this in the same folders,other are from other places on the pc.

C:\Program files\common files\microsoft shared\paris hilton porno pics archive xxx.exe
C:\Program files\common files\yahoo!\shared\anna benson sex video.exe

I also tried Panda online active scan.

Need help on what to do.
I'll post the active scan log and hjt as i saw in other posts regarding viruses.
Incident Status Location

Adware:Adware/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\HDPlugin1101.dll
Potentially unwanted tool:Application/ErrorSafe Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\UWFX6_0001_N68M2301NetInstaller.exe
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Gator Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Belnk Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt
Spyware:Cookie/Overture Not disinfected C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\rachelle\Cookies\[email... Read more

Answer:Solved: viruses from microsoft shared folder and yahoo!folder

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I accidentally deleted my share pics folder when i was cleaning out my photos. I realized it was really dumb, because i cant get it back. I emptied trash, forgetting it was there.
Can somone please help me get it back?

Answer:Shared files folder?

brandendumont, file recovery is a serious and tedious process and can be expensive read about it here and then decide what you want to do.
**stop using the PC that you are trying to recover files from immediately and turn it off until you read the links OK.

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Hi! I have decided to shared folder but averytime I add a file to that folder the file is not automatically shared but I have to share it manually. Is there a way to tell that avery file I'll add to that folder has to be intended shared...

Is is not a big deal but it is annoying...

Answer:Add files to a shared folder

This is how I share files. Network File Sharing.pdf

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I've mapped some folders in my laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit).
I wanted them offline so I chose make available offline. After some days I've removed 'Make available offline'.
Now, the problem is when I open a file in shared folder for modification it's taking a local copy the changes are not reflecting in server. 
What I dont understand is when I removed offline, how am getting a local copy instead of the files in server.


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Hi. I have been using my shared files folder to exchange files with the other computer I have at home, but I am trying to put a file in there and it tells me there is not enough disk space. The folder is empty. Why is that happening?

Answer:No space in shared files folder

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On my home network with 4 PCs I can access all shared files with no problems except from one PC. This PC is running XP SP3 and any files in the folder when it is shared are available and can be opened no problem but any new files moved to or created in this folder are can't be accessed by any of the other computers, as in "Windows media player cannot access this file. The file might be in use, you might not have access" and so on.
Never met this before on my others systems new files and old files are all available as long as they are in a shared folder.
Thanks for any suggestions

Answer:No access to NEW files in Shared folder

Have you compared Properties of a file that can be accessed with one that cannot to make sure ownership and permissions are the same?

XP Home or Pro? If Pro using Simple File Sharing?

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I have a folder on One drive that I have shared with a friend with one drive account.
Both accounts are personal. Is it possible for my friend to add files to the shared folder.

Answer:Can others add files to shared folder on one drive?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I have a folder on One drive that I have shared with a friend with one drive account.
Both accounts are personal. Is it possible for my friend to add files to the shared folder. Yes, your friend can add files to your shared folder, provided you have the proper permission settings for the folder set up. On your PC, go to Onedrive and navigate to the folder you have shared, and click on "share", then "invite people", then add the people you want to allow, then change "recipients can only view" to "recipients can edit". Done!

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I am running windows XP and using the shared Dcoument folder to share JPEG files on two other computers. When I go to the other computers to open the Files (jpeg) the folders are showing up along with the thumbnail of the picture - not the actual picture just a Icon. I tried viewing the folder in different views but i get nothing just the Icon.
Is it a setting on the main computer that needs to be checked in order to see the JPEG files
on the other computers.

Look forward to your help.

Answer:Cant See Jpeg Files in Shared Folder

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Somehow files and folders in "Shared Documents" have become inaccessible through the directory tree. The only way to open "Shared Pictures" or "Shared Music" is through the hot link availabe under "Other Places" when "My Pictures", or the like, is open in an explorer window. When I try to access the folders and files through the directory tree I run into *.idx files. This is a new condition for me. Can anyone fill me in?

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I have a PC with Windows 8.1 and a Mac with Mavericks. I have a folder on the Mac that is shared with the PC. When I'm on the PC and I try to open a file that is shared by the Mac, such as an ISO file (a disk image), then I get a message saying that I cannot open the file, or the file is in use (it depends on the app/filetype). I have the same problem when I open a video file. Strangely, text files and PDF files are just fine. And if I copy any of the problematic files to the local Windows disk, then I can open them just fine.

The specific error messages are:

- AVI files opened in VLC: "Your input can't be opened. VLC is unable to open the MRL."
- ISO files opened by Windows Explorer: "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file."

This only started happening after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 on the PC and Mavericks on the Mac. Mavericks upgraded its SMB version from SMB1 to SMB2, so perhaps that is related?
Does anyone know what the problem might be, and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:W8.1: Can't open files on SMB folder shared by a Mac

Welcome to Eight Forums,

The upgrade seems to be an issue in your case. I'd suggest for you to download the latest driver from the manufacturer's site for your network adapter, see if that helps. I don't think that there's a way to revert your Maverick's SMB version.

Please post an update or your progress.

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So I bit the bullet and "upgraded" my laptop from Windows 7 to 10. I expected to find a few things that didn't work anymore, but not so soon as this. I keep it in sync with my desktop PC (running XP) by net-sharing its hard drive, with permission for full control granted to its "administrators" group. I mount it on my desktop PC, where I have the same username and password for my primary administrator account. When it ran Windows 7 this all worked well, but now whenever I try to list or open its files I get "Access is denied." Any ideas?

Interestingly, I still can access the hard drive on my desktop PC while sitting at my laptop. It is only the vice-versa that fails, accessing the hard drive on my laptop PC while sitting at my desktop.

On my laptop, Windows Firewall is "off" for private networks, and it considers my home network to be "private."

Answer:"Access is Denied" when trying to view contents of shared folder

Rich Pasco said:

So I bit the bullet and "upgraded" my laptop from Windows 7 to 10. I expected to find a few things that didn't work anymore, but not so soon as this. I keep it in sync with my desktop PC (running XP) by net-sharing its hard drive, with permission for full control granted to its "administrators" group. I mount it on my desktop PC, where I have the same username and password for my primary administrator account. When it ran Windows 7 this all worked well, but now whenever I try to list or open its files I get "Access is denied." Any ideas?

Interestingly, I still can access the hard drive on my desktop PC while sitting at my laptop. It is only the vice-versa that fails, accessing the hard drive on my laptop PC while sitting at my desktop.

On my laptop, Windows Firewall is "off" for private networks, and it considers my home network to be "private."

From the XP PC, if you open a CMD or Run box and type in \\win10pcname\users\
what do yo get ?
If nothing helpful, create a second user in XP, logon to it
and have the win 10 laptop prompt you for credentials when you retry.

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there or how to delete them?
(I posted this in the XP section but got no response, so I'm trying here.)

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Hi all,

This is a problem that's been bothering me for days. I use an older computer (Windows XP Professional, SP2) that's relatively slow, but has a decent amount of disk space to store some of my files. While I store files on there, I prefer to access the files using my newer computer (Windows XP Home, SP2) since it's faster to extract/unzip files.

I can access all the folders & subfolders in the Shareddocs directory of my old computer perfectly, *except* ZIP/RAR files. Once I unzip the archive, my new computer can access all the files. But if I try to use my new computer to unzip the archives, it's telling me that it cannot find the file & that I don't have permissions for it.

So far, I've tried unchecking the "Simple File Sharing" box, and checking the permissions, and I have given everyone Full Control on my old computer. But I am still unable to extract/view the archives.

Any idea what might be wrong? I can just unzip everything on the old computer, but it's so horrendously slow I'd like some sort of solution to this.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Cannot access selected files in shared folder

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there?

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Hello all, thanks for your help.

Goal :
Sharing a Vista 64 Home Premium Folder with an XP Laptop.

Problem :
XP can view folders, but not files, in the Vista Shared Folder. Files that were in the folder when sharing was setup in Vista are accessible, but new files are not displayed. New Folders do display, however.

System Setup :
MSHOME network, Vista private network sharing of a single directory. Vista connected by cable, XP laptop by Wireless.

Already Done :
- Triple-Checked Permissions (guest, everyone, etc.)
- Normal Vista Sharing configuration in place
- Checked through specific settings for 'guest' and 'everyone' access of the folder, including 'read files..'
- Checked the net in luck

The folder I'm sharing is a P2P download folder. Sharing doesn't work properly when the program is on or off, so it doesn't seem to affect anything.

Other things I've done :
- Turned 'indexing' on
- Made sure 'read only' was not enabled under folder settings.



Answer:Vista Shared Folder Files not Updating

Update :

The P2P stuff isn't a factor - created a new directory and shared - same problem.

I'm wondering if it may have something to do with XP. (service pack 3)

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I have two computers, a desktop running Windows 7 Professional and a netbook running Windows 7 starter edition. I have shared some folders on the netbook and can access them from the desktop computer. However, I am unable to share folders on the desktop. From the netbook, I can see the desktop on my network and also the shared folders, but when I try to open them I am told I have insufficient authorization to so so. I have checked the authorizations on the desktop side and can see that "Everyone" has permission to open these folders for reading, and that the authorization extends also to subfolders and files.

I've been trying all day to resolve this problem and would appreciate any help.

When I set up these permissions, why doesn't Windows warn me that there's something else that will impede what I'm trying to do?

Answer:Insufficient authorization to see files in shared folder

You might try going into the Security tab of the Desktop's main drive or folder you want to share then add "Everyone" there as well. Security tab>Edit button>Add button>type Everyone for object name, apply, ok and so forth.

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Its real wierd.

Im using one pc with windows 7 and another with XP.
When I copy a file on the pc with win7 to the shared folder, I can see and access the file fine from the XP pc.

However, when I move (Ctrl+X) a file to the shared folder on the pc with win7, the file does not apear when I go to the shared folder from the XP pc.

Anyone knows what Im doing wrong?

BY THE WAY, is there a way to share the entire C drive or we are strict to the public folders? Its wierd that I gave full access permissions to the C drive, yet an error occurs while trying to access from XP. Only the public folders can be accessed.

Answer:Problem moving files to shared folder

Quote: Originally Posted by israelihero

Its real wierd.

Im using one pc with windows 7 and another with XP.
When I copy a file on the pc with win7 to the shared folder, I can see and access the file fine from the XP pc.

However, when I move (Ctrl+X) a file to the shared folder on the pc with win7, the file does not apear when I go to the shared folder from the XP pc.

Anyone knows what Im doing wrong?

BY THE WAY, is there a way to share the entire C drive or we are strict to the public folders? Its wierd that I gave full access permissions to the C drive, yet an error occurs while trying to access from XP. Only the public folders can be accessed.

You still need to allow premission to access the shared files on the Win7 machine. Just set up permissions on the Win7 machine by going to "Network and sharing center" and then to the left choose "Change Advance sharing settings". The select the settings in the pictures below.

You should also have access to the entire C drive once you do that.

I've been using my XP machine as my file server and it works perfectly.

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I have 4 worstations in the same HomeGroup
I can access the files of workstation 1 from the two workstations but the 3th one
in the 3th one the the shared folder appears but when I try to aceess the files inside I get an error can't acess contact administrator
the pasword protection is disabled in the workstation 1 and I can access the files from the other two workstations so I have no clue what is going on
I have disabled the firewall and Norton IS on both workstations but still can't access the content of the sahred folder

any help appreciated

Answer:can't access files in shared folder windows 7

have you tried right-clicking and choosing properties on that shared folder

then click the tab for Sharing . . .

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I have three computers all Win 7 Home Premium and sharing (Homegroup). Side not I also had them sharing with out Homegroup and still same issue. Also This occurs regardless if PC3 is connected via wire or wireless. Additional notes AV was also disable to rule out. That is the only thing running on PC3 and nothing is running background wise on PC1 or PC2.

PC1 can easily view contents of Shared PC2 instantly.

PC2 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 instantly.

PC3 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 & PC2 instantly.

PC1 & PC2 can not view contents of Shared PC3 instantly; it takes approximately 35 seconds to view contents of main shared folder and same for each additional sub-folder. Also if copying a file initially it takes awhile before it starts and then stars off slow around 585KB/s copying over from PC1 or PC2 to PC3 before it jumps up to around 10MB/s+. However if I copy the same file from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 no speed issues what so ever. Speeds actually get well up into 70MB/s.

Any thoughts?

Answer:Clicking on Shared Computer is very slow to view shared contents.

Set all your pc's as in this pdf. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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Hi Guys,

I am migrating my user's home folders from one storage server to another storage server. We have offline files sync enabled and users use to work at work in offline mode and the files/folders sync when they connect to the company's network.
I have done some testing before migrating and found an issue that need assistance from your guys.

I pick a test user say "Testuser01" and logout him out from the system. I have copied all home drive stuff from Sharedserever-1 (Old) to Sharedserever-2 (New) for test user and make the required changes in AD profile and GPO for drive mapping. As
the Testuser01's documents pointing to H-drive (My Documents) are available offline on laptop in Documents folder. Now I have worked offline as "tesetuser01" and created some test files but when I logged in and connected
with my company's network H-drive is it correctly pointing to new Sharedserever (i.e. Sharedserever-2) and Documents path also redirected to the new server location. However the files created in offline mode were disappeared instead of sync with
the new Sharedserever.
I could not figure out why and I don't know if it something with CSC - Client-Side Caching folder ?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Additional Note:
Performing a net user * /DELETE has no effect on the share that is not working properly. Also when performing a new use the share does not appear in the list.

I keep having a re-occurring issue.

I start by creating a shared folder on a Windows 2000 Server. From my Windows XP Pro laptop I'm able to access the files in the shared folder. At some point either from logging off the network or network changes that occur over night, I lose share. By losing the share I mean that I can access the folder that is shared but it does not show any files in the folder even though there are files. If I turn off the server, I get the same empty folder results. I've tried registering and flushing the DNS several times and reassigning my IP address. I'm at a loss as to why the share will not show any files. If I create a new share on the same server it will work fine until I leave for the day and return the next day. I would like to understand more about how shares are created and handled in Windows and then I might be able to figure out why this problem is occurring.


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Trying to find a solution to this issue.

2 XP Media Center SP3 PCs connected via Ethernet to router. PC A has Shared Documents folder with permissions set to allow 'Everyone' Full Control. Only Windows Firewall onboard, NOD32 virus scanner. PC B can see/open files from share on PC A, but any attempts to move or copy result in error message "your current security settings do not allow this action". Both PCs have IE6, File & Print Sharing enabled and turning off Windows Firewall doesn't change anything. What else can I try? Thanks.

Answer:Moving/copying files from shared folder causes error

Make sure you have the permissions set on both the Security tab as well as the Sharing tab.

On the shared folder security permissions, make sure that you go to the Advanced settings and check the box that tells it to replace the permissions on child objects as well.

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I curently use a shared folder on my desktop to store all my music collection that then allows me to either use WMP on my desktop or WMP / Itunes on my laptop. I am currently trying to add all the missing artwork. a lot of my artwork can be seen in WMP but not itunes. I know how to get the album art into itunes but when i look at the shared network folder on the laptop it doesnt show any files except for the ripped music files. On the desktop i can see the all the files. I guess there is a setting to allow this but I can't seem to find it! Desktop is XP, laptop is vista. All ideas welcome, many thanks :-)

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I have a computer running Vista Home Premium. On it, I have a folder shared read-only over the network as "downloads."

I can access the folder from other computers on the LAN, using \\computer\downloads. My problem is, sometimes the browsing computer (an XP Pro SP3 machine) will get an outdated list of the directory.

For instance, I have added many files in the past couple of weeks. Yet, for some reason, even today one of the computers would show the most recent file as being from late January. I've tried refreshing and shift-refreshing. Doesn't help.

What's weird is that this behavior seems to vary from client computer to client computer. One of my XP Pro SP3 machines will have the most-recent list of files, and the other one will still be a little bit behind, not showing the newest files.

I can't figure this out! I would think that the problem must lie on the side of the client, yet I have never had this problem previously in all my years of XP-to-XP file sharing.

Is there some sort of network cache present in XP that can be cleared? Or any other ideas on how to solve this?


Answer:Browsing shared folder over LAN sometimes shows outdated list of files; sometimes OK

It's not unnatural for what shows in My Network Places (XP) or Network (Vista) to be out of date, but usually not that out of date. In My Network Places click 'view workgroup computers' and you should force an update.

On any (properly working) network one computer becomes the Master Browser. It determines what's on the network and periodically updates the other computers.

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I'm encountering a problem on different computers.
Internet Explorer 11 and Edge are not able to open files from a shared folder located on the same computer.
For example, let's say I typed this "\\\folder_1\DOC_FILE.doc" on the address bar.
The browser then shows : "This page can't be displayed".
When I display more information, the error "INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND" appears.
I have already tried to uncheck "Enable TCP Fast open" and it is still not working.
It seems like this problem cannot be reproduced on all IE11/EDGE browsers, and can be encountered on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Any ideas ?
Best regards

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I have shared one folder and in security I added "everyone" and given full permission (full control, write, etc.)

But still I cannot access some pdf files in the folder from another computer. I can open the folder but when I try to open the pdf file I'm getting some permission error. Then I went to the first computer I selected all pdf files >> right click >> properties >> I changed security and added everyone there. Then I could open the pdf files from another computer.

Now the problem is every time when I add some files in the shared folder. I have to select all the files inside and add permission even though the folder itself is given full permission. I wonder why is it so?

Answer:shared folder with full permission cannot access files inside

If the same users access this folder. Add each person individually with Full Control rather then the Everyone Group to the permissions of the folder. Or You can add the users to the Power Users Group. Then allow the Power Users Group to have Full control.

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When i go to open my shared videos folder it shows the files and then it closes down the folder and resets to the desktop, does anybody know how I can fix this? i am thinking that it might be a corrupt file? Anyways, any help would be great, thanks!

Answer:Cannot view files in folder


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I try to change the show hidden file and folder in folder option. But after i select the radio button and click apply, no effect is apply. After close the folder option dialog box and reopen the folder option dialog box, it still select the do not show hidden file and folder. Could anyone please help me on this issue?

Answer:Cant view hidden files and folder! Need HELP

did you uncheck the option two below that that says Hide protected operating system files

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This is a little problem that has become an irritation. In MS Word 2002 there is a file properties field comments. In the past, when the mouse pointer hovered over a .doc file in a folder view the information in the properties comments field 'popped up'. This was very useful to see the content of the file (I always enter a description in the 'comments' section) without having to open it. Now I just get 'type, author, title, date and size'.Does anyone know how I can get the 'pop-up' to show the fie properties comments that I used to get?Thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Pop-up description of files in folder view


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I'm having windows 7 ultimate ,I found that my Files And printer Sharing option is ON ,while it should be OFF by default
is there someway to discover who was using it ??
who is using it at the moment ??
and which file is in use ?

Answer:Solved: who was using my shared folder

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I have a HD that I have been using for a while as a shared HD to two TV systems in other areas of the house. One is via PS3 and the other is via DVD. Within the HD there are hundreds of folders and files and they "all" share just fine. However, I recently added a couple more similiar files and an additional folder to this HD for sharing and they are not seen by either TV system. Weird. The property settings for this folder and files is the same as for all the others. It's almost as if I can't add new stuff........

Anyone with thoughts on selective "seeing"?

Answer:Solved: one folder of many can't be shared or seen by my PS-3.

Turns out all I had to do was "restart" my computer (to which the HD is attached) and that made everything "visible" on the shared drive at my PS3.

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I wasn't sure whether to put this in the XP subforum or the Vista/7 one, as it relates to both. Hope I made the right choice. :-)

My problem is this: I have a Windows 7 Ultimate desktop (recently upgraded from Vista Home Premium) with a C:\downloads\ folder that is shared over the network as "downloads."

On a second computer, an XP computer, one I set up the correct sharing permissions (that is, to give access to Computer 2's username), I can then browse to \\desktop\downloads\.

The problem is this: The file list show in \\desktop\downloads\ is outdated, and many files and folders are missing. There is nothing special about these files or folders. They're not hidden or anything.

For instance, opening up C:\downloads\ on my desktop shows a folder with 3,118 items -- files and folders.

Accessing \\desktop\downloads\ from another computer shows 111 items.

Interestingly, accessing \\desktop\downloads\ from the desktop shows the correct amount: 3,118 items.

I have tried refreshing the file list, obviously, from the second computer. I have also tried accessing \\desktop\downloads\ from a third computer (also XP) on the same network, with similar problems... leading me to believe the problem is on the Windows 7 computer.

The W7 desktop has no problem accessing other shares.

I should also add that all three of these computers are on the same workgroup and can ping each other.

Also, as a test, I created a brand-new folder, C:\downloads2\,... Read more

Answer:Browsing shared Vista or 7 folder over LAN shows outdated or partial list of files

Try disabling UAC, i had my own issue with network files with Win7 and after i disabled UAC everything worked perfectly.

Also, try making a share that isn't in the root of the drive Or put it in the public folder and see if that works correctly.

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I am the only one who uses my computer, no passwords, I am automatically the administrator. In Folder Options, I have 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' ticked. Yet when I go into Explorer and try and find 'C:\Documents and Settings/Owner/Local Settings' it does not then show 'Temporary Internet Files/ContentIE.5' etc even though I know it is there!

How do I show them?

Answer:I Cannot View My Temorary Internet Files Folder

using IE/properties/ or internet options under tools/temporary internet files/settings
what does the address bar say when you view files?

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i've read afew threads regarding the same problem but i still cant seem to solve mine.

it all started when my laptop was infected with trojan and has since been removed. but everytime i click view hidden files & folders, it will revert back to "do not show".

what should / can i do in order to able to view my hidden files?


Answer:unable to view hidden files & folder


Are you sure you throroughly cleaned the laptop ? , I would follow the advice given in the security section by Howard Hopkinso, and make sure, if you find anything then post a new thread in there and Howard will no doubt help you out.


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There is probably a really simple answer to this problem, but I've looked in my Windows xp bible and searched MS site (yeah like that's gonna help.

I'm running Windows XP (this monster is new to me). I have my clip art files organized into different folders. While I was organizing them one day the names under the files disappeared. Just poof and they were gone. I've checked on viewing the folders and customizing them to get the names back but nothing I do works. What am I missing here?

Answer:No files names in thumbnail folder view

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Iam unable to view the hidden files and folder even though if i select the show hidden files and folder.

Kindly advice me problem in my system or virus give me solution.


Answer:Unable to View Hidden files and Folder

hello & welcome to TSF ,

do this first

do you have a Windows Xp cd, not the restore cd's that come with some systems, the cd will have the Windows logo & 3D hollowgram/image on it

if you do not maybe you can barrow one from a friend/family member/co-worker as long as it is the same version that is on your system

if you have (Windows XP Home Ed. sp2 ) then the cd will have to be that / if you have a cd with (Windows XP Home Ed. )you will have to slipstream (SP2 ) onto a disk that you create

this also applies to (Windows XP Professsional )

now if you do have the Windows XP cd with sp2 please follow these steps


performing a (sfc) system file checker

It is a scan that checks the core files & dlls of the (os) operating system and replaces them if they are corrupt or missing with the correct original version


#1 then select (run) , then press enter
a window will open
#2 type in ( cmd ) then press enter
another window will open
#3 type in ( sfc )then press enter
another window will open
#4 type in (sfc /purgecache) then enter / your pc will work like crazy / this helps in rebuiding the cache file (notice the space between (sfc & /)
#5 type in (sfc /scannow ) then press enter ( notice the space between the (sfc & / )

now a scan will start , have your (Windows XP software disk ready ) your pc may ask ... Read more

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I have several DVD's with 60,000 files on them. (these come from a vendor) When I try to open them it takes an hour before I can view the files. I think it is because it tries to index the DVD before it opens. Does anyone know of any way to turn this off?

If we open it on an XP computer, it just opens.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:PC indexes DVD before opening folder to view files

I'd like to know that too...

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We use scan to folder in Windows to save PDF. They save to a scan share. The share is working, but lately the folder has not refreshed automatically to show when the scan saves. A user is having to rescan something 3 or 4 times for him to finally get it and then he gets all 3 or 4. The user just called me and said he scanned something but it isn?t there, but I can see it when I go to his scanned folder. If he waits around 20 minutes and refreshes the scans folder, it shows up. I've read some posts that say it's a problem with SMB refresh, but when trying to force SMB1, it caused a lot of network issues. Anyone else run into this or have suggestions I could try so that once the scan is sent, it will show up?

Answer:[SOLVED] Shared Folder Delay

When you scan, is the file Emailed to the user? If so, it is stored on a Temporary file on the PC. And if that file gets too big, then the scan takes forever or not at all to get there. Emptying out this temp folder usually solves the problem. Are you using Outlook for Email?

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I have a home network (MSHOME) with 2 systems connected through a router, both running Windows XP.
Main computer cannot not find a shared folder on second computer, both are configured for a LAN (MSHome). When I couldn't find the folder on the second system I attempted to add it manually.

I went to My Network Places - Add Network Place - Choose another network location - Browse - Expand Entire Network - Expand Microsoft Windows Network - Expand MSHome - Expand Second Computer Network Name - Then nothing listed.

I checked the second computer under My Network Places - Local Network and found my shared folder checked off for sharing. Geez I thought this would be simple.

Answer:Solved: Can't find shared folder

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I recently transfer the MY MUSIC folder from my Documents into the shared docs folder to copy some files over a network. Now When I try to put the My Music folder back into my docs I get an error.... This folder is a system folder and cannot be renamed or removed.

Problem is this move has corrupted my Itunes folder... Can someone tell me how to unlock the folder to get it back into place. I have already tried a system restore and it failed. I need to do this one manually

Answer:Solved: Shared Folder Problems

Try moving it using Safe Mode, which you can access by rebooting and depressing the F8 key after the hardware is listed.

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I have a really weird problem. I have 2 domains with a VPN tunnel between them. Domain 1 server shares the data folder that domain 2 users need to access. All but 2 computers in the domain 2 can access the share. When I try to connect from the two computers I get prompted for user name and password (normal authentication), I type in the domain\user and password credentials and hit "OK" then the window pops up again. No matter what username or domain combo I put in there, the authentication box pops right back up.
Security log shows the user being logged in then logged out right away. If you are wondering, everything else works. I can connect to anything in any direction, except for these two computers.
Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Cannot connect to shared folder

This was a problem with SMB. Somehow the security policy on the workstation turned off the SMB requirement and it could not authenticate with the server.

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Hey all, I just got a new XPs 630 vista and I found this folder in my commons folder called "xing shared" and inside it says mp3 encode. anyone know if this folder is a virus? I scaned it wth norton 2009 internet and malwarebytes and both say its clean. just want to know if anybody has info on it

Answer:Solved: Xing Shared Folder

It's part of RealPlayer Jukebox, and perhaps other music player applications.

Found this from the Release notes for RealPlayer Jukebox, in the Installation section that lists the files it installs:

In C:\Program Files\Real\RealJukebox\skins
(or skins within the installation directory):

In C:\Program Files\Common Files\xing shared\mpeg encode
(or the xing shared\mpeg encode directory within the installation directory):

Click to expand...

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I have a home network of (right now) two pcs. Both are connected to a Netgear wireless router, which goes to the cable modem. On the office pc, I have a Marvel Yukon Gigabit Ethernet port (built in), which allows the bedroom pc to view and access the office pc’s files very quickly. However, this doesn’t seem to work both ways. The bedroom pc is older, with a Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC. (Though I don’t know if “fast” would be my adjective of choice), so while the office pc can access the bedroom pc’s shared files, it’s excruciatingly slow.

So my question is this: is the speed of the network dictated by the NIC, or is it something internal (and, perhaps, therefore harder to make faster)? In other words, could I buy a better NIC for the bedroom pc and have its shared folders be accessed as quickly as the office pc’s files?

Thanks in advance for any help. You guys have been great with everything else thus far.

Answer:Solved: Shared folder speed

The speed of the network is dictated by every component on the network... You have not given me enough information for me to know what the slowest speed would be....

I.E. here is a scenario

Office PC - Gigabit > cable - Cat 5 > Router 10/100 with wireless 11b > Old PC - Wireless 11b

the slow factor in this equation is the wireless 11b that has a max speed of 11 vrs everything else at gigabit and 100 speeds

Now lets switch it around...

Lets say you have
Office PC - Gigabit > cable - Cat 5 > Router Gigabit > cable cat 5E > Old PC - Gigabit

the "slowness" would be (potentialy)with the cat 5 cable on the office PC side.

lets say you have

Office PC - Gigabit > cable - Cat 5E > Router 10/100 > cable -Cat 5E > Old PC - Gigabit

the "slowness" would be in the Router that is only going at a max of 100

Lastly remember that while this is true with hardware things running in the background of any component can also cause a bottleneck. I.E. a router with high utilization, too many people accessing the same information on a single share, a misconfigured network component putting out overhead and so fourth down the line.

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When I try to rename a folder on the D: partition that used to be a Windows XP recovery partition that has some Pokemon commissions in it, I get this message.
"This folder is shared with other people
If you rename this folder, it will no longer be shared."
But the folder is not shared nor has it ever been.
What is going on? Why does Windows 7 think that it is shared?

Answer:“This folder is shared with other people” when renaming not shared folder

Hello there, 
This happens because of the way the Access Control List is queried by Windows Explorer to determine if the folder is shared. Because this folder you tried to rename is a child folder of a parent folder and the two folders have a different security entries, Windows will treat as a shared folder. This causes Explorer to give you the warning that you received. 
​Just double check, this must be a shared folder. 
Hope this helps! 

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I am using Windows 7 Professional
I am using Google Chrome web browser
I have 2 to partitions, C and D
C = 30 GB
D = 150 GB

I set my "Downloads" folder from Chrome into the D drive
I made a Favorites shortcut to my D drive on Windows 7

A problem started happening the last week or so
My "Downloads" folder takes up to a minute to load up
I click on the folder under favorites, everything is blank
As if there wasn't any files
Then about a minute later, the files start to show up

At first I ignored this problem and brushed it off
Then it got really repetitive as I really wanted to access a file
Then I had to sit back and wait for the file to load up

Any ideas on why its doing this and how to solve it?


Answer:Files inside folder takes about 30 seconds to view

Are C and D on the same drive?

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Good afternoon everyone, Here is the problem. I am trying to get a standard view for the files under 'My Music' and all subfolders. Does not seem to work. Let us take an example: In the My Music\classical\ subfolder all the subfolders below that are artists names and the files may consist of mp3, mp4, m4a, flv, swf, some txt, occasional mpeg. It seems that if the folder contains all mp3 files then I can select 'name', 'size' & 'length' and in folder options I select view>apply to all folders then it will display correctly. But not if there are mp4, m4a, and flv mixed or some other combination. Then (whoever is in charge of my computer) adds all the additional columns and I wind up clicking away to remove the offending details only to have to do it again and again. Is there a way to do it 'my way'? Thanks for viewing!

Answer:how to modify folder view details for music files?

Then (whoever is in charge of my computer)

Who is in charge of your computer. If that is not your own computer, what do you expect.

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Hi was finding that many people are having issues trying to fix their folder options under tools. the actual problem was that it was not allowing you to change hidden file to viewable files and vice versa. well you guys can try this, i used a simple little program called kavokiller, now not sure what generates this problem with folder options but i remembered it happened after my computer had some trojans and worms, and i think a kavo . anyways here is where u can get it from. (or you can use my attachment)

Not able to see hidden files can also prevent u from properly cleaning your PC from malwares and virsus etc. so while this might work as a temporary solution it helps so u can really find whats your pc's problem that how i deleted some damn disgusting trojans.

its very easy to use, its not in english lol. just restart your pc in safe mode, unzip and click to open, then press the one and only botton you see just click yes to agree take about 3 seconds or depending on your pc about 30 sec the most . restart ur computer over again and it should work fine, please make you run and good virus scan after wards and ah.... yeah... I love nod32 sorry guys it works for me.

well hope this helps a bit...

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On this same laptop, there seems to be an issue with *Folder Options - View Hidden Files and Folders.*

Each time i "check" that option to View - then i go back to verify/confirm the changes done - but the checkbox is "unchecked" again. Despite clicking on Apply and Ok to save the changes! The changes are never saved..

I have used other laptops for this same option and it all worked fine.

Please advise whether i need to apply or amend other settings for this to work?


Answer:Folder Options - View Hidden Files and Folders

Are you logged in as Administrator?

Have you tried disabling your Security Software? Maybe the AntiVirus or Spyware Tool is blocking the registry change.

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[Please note I have attached a couple of small screenshots for the following problem]
I have a pretty frustrating problem. I seem to have some hidden files and folders which I CANNOT view in the normal way.
Normally, if I have hidden files and folders and I want to reveal them, I do the normal thing and go to
Tools > Folder Options > View
And I check the box "Show hidden files, folders and drives"

However, I have noticed that a lot of my folders are not visible at all, not even the "transparent icon", even with this box checked, and only become available to see when I do a search for them.

For example, I have a folder with piano lessons in it, of ripped dvds and ripped cds, under the same folder "Learn & Master Piano"
All the ripped DVD lessons are visible in this folder, however, there are sub-folders under "Learn and Master Piano" containing the CD's called variously "Play Along CD 1" and "Play Along CD 2" etc. and there are 5 of them.

However, none of these are visible at all when I go into the folder "Learn and Master Piano". What I have to do is go to the search box and do a search for "Play Along CD" to reveal them in explorer.

I only came across this because it appeared incidentally in explorer when I was searching for other things.

This makes me wonder how many other thousands of files and folders I have downloaded or whatever are totally invisible !!
... Read more

Answer:Cannot view hidden Folders and Files Even When through Folder Options

Have you tried to uncheck the hide system files option?

You can try to use 7zip.
It is free and safe to use.
It will show all of the folders even the hidden ones.
Once in the folder click on propties and
uncheck the hide this folder option.
Sending a screen shot of the 1st option
I mentioned.


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Sir I am having a folder on external usb harddisk of size 27.8GB which contains approximately 555000 jpeg files and 132000 folders.I am unable to see all my files in my folder and if I see the properties of this folder it is showing number of files as 440000 files and 25.6GB and when I tried to delete this folder it is showing number of files as 555000 ofsize 27.8GB.My external usb harddisk of size 1TB is formatted as ntfs of single partition.

Please help me how to solve this issue I mean I want to view all files in this folder.


Answer:unable to access my folder and view my files properly

Hello Rupesh, and welcome to Eight Forums.

As a test, see if using step 4 or 5 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below to have hidden files show may help. If the files were set to be hidden somehow, then that may explain why you don't see them when they are actually there.

Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,

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Hi guys, my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, and i had to start from scratch. However i have noticed this new problem which has increased alarmingly in frequency.

I havent noticed anything specific about the involved folders, but quite often, when i open a folder - it will load and then suddenly refresh, AND ALL THE FILES ARE REARRANGED ALPHABETICALLY. And this happens even when i view folders on my external HD's.

I really need a solution for this so thanks loads in advance.

And also , is there a way to revert back to the original arrangement?

Thanks again

Answer:Folder view auto refreshes and rearranges files

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I have a PC running XP Pro SP3. When I go to share a folder, I get an error message saying

"An error occured while trying to share folder name. The Server service is not started. The shared resource was not created at this time."

This is a hard drive transplant from a tower whose motherboard died. This folder was successfully shared before.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Error Creating a Shared Folder

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services. Can you start the Server service? If not, it will probably say some dependency is not started; right click on the service and select Properties - Dependencies tab. Then check the dependencies chain until you finally find the lowest level one that is gumming up the works.

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Recently my Shared Documents folder has vanished. All references to it now point at a generic folder named Documents in the C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents however whenever I try to access it, it tells me it cannot access it and that access is denied. I'm using a desktop with Windows XP SP2. Any ideas how I can get my documents back?

Answer:Solved: Shared documents folder problem

The links below may help

Shared Documents Folders Are Missing From My Computer

"Shared Documents" folder renamed to "Documents"?

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Hi. I'm having a problem accessing a shared folder on a Vista PC from a computer running XP SP3.

There are three computers in my network, each connected to a router. The Vista computer is wired, the other two wireless.

My computer is running Vista SP1, while my old computer and my father's computer are running XP SP3.

I have shared my Music folder on the Vista PC with proper security settings, Everyone is allowed to read from the folder.

I can access \\MyComputer\Music\ from my father's computer without issue. It shows up in My Network Places and is fully accessible. However, it does now show up on my old computer, and when I type in "\\MyComputer\Music" it comes up as cannot be found.

I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I can share between my father's computer and my computer completely, and I can share between my father's computer and my old computer, but I can't seem to access my computer from my old computer.

Also, I can see MyComputer in the Workgroup on my old computer, however when clicked it says \\MyComputer is not accesible, you might not have permission... Yet I can access \\MyComputer fine through my father's computer.

Thank you anyone who is able to help.

Answer:Solved: Can't access Vista shared folder from XP

Nevermind, I have figured it out moments after posting this.

I had forgotten my old computer is static while my father's computer is DHCP, and had only added the DHCP range to my firewall's trusted list.

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I have a small home network where I share a few folders between PCs (windows XP). All are in the same workgroup name, IP subnet & same router. When I open 'My Network Places' to browse shares, the shares on the other PCs are listed as 'The Internet' resources rather than 'Local Network'.

This causes Windows to sometimes prompt me for permission to open a file from one of the other shared folders.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Answer:Solved: shared folder on LAN shows as 'The Internet'

This is a cosmetic defect, but I've heard of it before. Here's one person's resolution of the issue.

I have no idea about being unable to share files, however I did have an issue with my shared folders showing up under the Internet heading instead of Local Network in My Network Places. After reading for several hours, I found it has something to do with IE7, which I had recently installed. This is the fix I found:

1. Go to Start/Control Panel/Internet Options/Security/Local Intranet/Sites/Advanced

2. Add the computer name of the system whose shared folders you are trying to "move" in this format:
Click Add

3. Repeat step 3 for next computer name if there are others on your local network.
After you’ve entered them all, click Close, Ok, Ok

I did not check or uncheck anything, only added the computer names. To clarify, when I clicked on “Sites” everything was already checkmarked for “automatically detect intranet network” and then once I clicked on Advanced the checkbox there was NOT checked. I did not touch any of these settings.

When I finished I opened My Network Places and it had worked. You'll need to do the same thing to each computer you are having the issue with. I hope this works for you! Click to expand...

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Need some help with my system, as its behaving erratically and I suspect its a virus but I've no idea how to start to get rid of it.

Symptoms are as follows:

Everything has started from my Outlook 2007 going nuts. And I have had to completely close down one of my email IMAP account folders, as it can no longer be accessed. If I try to, Outlook when crazy, and kept flickering for a few minutes, without me being able to control it. The only way was to Task Manager > End process.

The same flickering has also affected other programs including Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign. In the later three, it tends to stop after a while, but then continues if I do something else.

The problem with Outlook (e.g. the IMAP account) said that it was corrupted. Therefore I have tried to use scanpst.exe to at least to look at the .pst file. However, when I tried to find the the .pst email account file inside my Doc settings folder, I couldn't because it was hidden as a system file.

Hence, suspecting I have some kind of virus, I tried to uncheck the Do Not Display Hidden Files, Folders option -- only to find that there is only one option -- which is always checked. Therefore I cannot display all system files etc.

After a few attempts to alter the registery to SHOWALL, it remains locked. Therefore I suspect there is a virus problem blocking me from finding the .pst file, and to resolve my email problem.

I may have done something very stupid -- as I downloaded and ran what looked lik... Read more

Answer:Suspected virus: cannot retrieve hidden folder/files view

Hi Martyn Perks,

Welcome to TSF and sorry for the delay in getting to your logs.

I am K27 and will be assisting with any malware issues that you have.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

If you still require assistance, please delete your version of DDS, and then please download a run a fresh version as per the instructions below.

Download DDS and save it to your desktop from here or here or here.
Disable any script blocker, and then double click dds.scr to run the tool.When done, DDS will open two (2) logs: DDS.txt

Save both reports to your desktop.

Please include the following logs in your thread:Contents of the DDS.txt posted as text in your reply
Attach the Attach.txt to your post by clicking the Manage Attachments button under Additonal Options>Attach Files on the composition page. Browse to where you saved the file, and click Upload.


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I recently bought a second internal dvd drive, physically installed it, plugged it into the last remaining SATA port on the mother board.

When I inserted a data dvd, autoplay popped up giving me one option - to open folder to view files with Windows Explorer. When I clicked that option nothing happened.
When I insert a blank dvd, Nero opens its burning app as it is set to and I'm able to burn a dvd on that drive. Nero is also set to verify the compilation which it does with no problem.
When i reinsert the same dvd, the same option pops up with the same result - nothing.
When insert an audio cd, Winamp will play the cd but I'm not able to "open" the cd with Windows Explorer.

By trying all combinations of cables and dvd drives to make sure that both the cables and drives were working properly, I determined that whatever drive was plugged into that last SATA port would not function properly.

The only options in my BIOS that I could find referring to SATA drives was to enable or disable the SATA controller.

I'd really like to have both dvd drives fully functional and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:DVD drive will not open folder to view files with Windows Explorer

First of all explain in detail...

1.DVD Drive is visible in My computer?
If not so remove the dvd drive and reconnect to system.

2.Can you eject automatically the DVD from my computer Through eject option?

3.Can you eject manually??

4.Can you View files and folders in drive?

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Hi I have xp home and my computer and laptop are connected wirelessly.
Had it set up to share the printer and an extra hard drive that I have (but not C Drive).

This all works fine However I have looked at my Shared Documents on each computer and even though I can open them and no error message comes up, I cannot see files I put in them from either computer.

I have Zone Alarm on one and Norton on the other Disabled them but no change
What am I missing here?

Answer:Solved: Shared folder on Xp home wont share

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Note: It seems adding Everyone and giving it read/execute permissions solved this problem



I have two Vista PCs on a router based home network. If I access private files and folders from PC #1 to PC#2 I can successfully access them. However, when I go the other way, I get an error Acess Denied. Windows diagnoses this by saying " 'folder name' is available but the user account that you are logged on with was denied access". I do have public folder sharing on, and this works good, but the private folders are not accessable. I even tried giving my private folder sharing permissions for the 'everyone' account full control, but I still cant get access it from another account.

Is there an account I need to add to the sharing to get this to work?
NOTE: on the computer I cannot get to share files, the system was originally XP, then I bought a Vista upgrade CD. I changed the name of the only user account on it from 'administrator' to 'Paul' Perhaps file permissions got screwed up.

NOTE 2: When I try to give 'everyone' read/execute access, Vista runs through all the files, changing permissions. However, many folders display an error message " access denied" when it tries to change permissions on them.

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I've got an XP machine networked to a Windows 7 machine. I've set the standard shared folder in XP as being shared over the network. I've also set the XP My Docs folder to be shared.

When I'm on the Windows 7 box, I can see the XP computer, yet the only folder I can access is called "Public". It contains "Public Pics", "Public Vids" etc.. and a few "Recorded TV" type files. I have no idea where this "Public" folder is on my XP machine. I can't find it.

I don't know why the folders I've specified as shared are not showing up. And what's the deal with this "Public" folder?



Answer:Solved: Can't find shared folder on home network

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I am trying to recover data from a Hard drive that was installed on an XP. I am trying to recover data from the "Shared Documents" folder, However, I cannot locate the "shared Docs" folder, everything else is there My Pics, My Documents Etc.. I know they are on here, incidentally the shared Docs folder was also a network drive, any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!!

Answer:Solved: Looking for SHARED DOCS folder on XHDD, cannot find.. please help

I found them "shared Docs" Are Under the ALL USERS Folder!! THX!!!

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I have two XP desktops. I use one for the internet & email and the other for work. I have a SharedDocs folder on each desktop.

On my work desktop it works. On the email/internet desktop, I can take files out but I can't put files into the folder. I get the message:

Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot copy [file name]. Access is denied.
Make sure that the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
Can you tell me how to correct this issue?

Thanks to all who try to help or solve this problem!


Answer:Solved: Access denied with shared docs folder

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By as easy a method as possible, I'm trying to enable my wife to copy many multiples of Internet shortcuts into a separate directory/folder, that I can access from another computer via our in-home network.

I've got the two computers configured so that I can access shared folders, and I've got a shared folder setup, with a shortcut to that shared folder on my wife's computer's Desktop.

Shouldn't the last step be as simple as just having my wife copy an Internet URL or other HTML link, and then simply paste that link to the folder by single-clicking and then right-clicking and pasting? That doesn't seem to be working for some reason since the Paste command does not appear on the drop down menu.

Any suggestions on this, or in the alternative, I'm open to other suggestions, that for all I know may be even more straightforward. The only keys are that it has to be something pretty elementary for my wife to mastermind (no offense to any female board readers intended - although I know it sounds offensive darn it . . .).

Answer:Solved: Copying Internet Shortcuts Into a Shared Folder

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Every time I reboot the win 7 comp. I get different networking result
1- Xp sees win 7 but can't access win7 but Win 7 sees Xp computers and access files.
2- Xp sees Win 7 and access share files but Win 7 don't even displays XP computers.
And many variations of above

XP computers talk to each other with no problem. I have not changed any network seetings on XP computers. But I have tried everything on the Win 7

I turned off norton and windows 7 firewall.
I turned off windows 7 password requirement
I set win 7 shared folders to EVERYONE
I set I reduced the win 7 encription from 128 bit to 64

I have seen many other post with similar problem and no clear answer yet.

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 don't display XP but XP displays Win 7 computer and shared folder


Blame Norton firewall.

The reason why sometimes Win 7 connected with all the computers and share files and sometimes it didn't was because Norton turned the firewall back ON after a period of time.

When I turned the firewall off permanently. All the XP PC's including a Mac were visible to WIn7. and VISIBLE TO NORTON also. So then in Norton I changed the level of protection for each individual in the firewall mapping and turned the firewall ON again.

So I didn't have to patch the XP PC's nor modify the register.

Thanks to all who helped with ideas

I spent days tinkering with the network setting in vane. But in the process I learn a few things.

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Does anyone know if limited accounts have read/write access to the LOCAL "shared documents" folder by default? Or do limited accounts have only read access to the "shared documents" folder?

This is for Windows XP Home Edition (SP3).



Answer:Solved: Question about shared documents folder and limited accounts

Depends on how the different user accounts were setup. If you look at the "Properties" of each of the user folders, you may see that they may be checked as private, if NOT any or all users other than "Guest" well have read access.

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I have a Canon ImageClass MF4690 Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner installed on a small network connected to 2 computers operating Windows XP Pro SP2 by means of a hardwired LinkSys router. The computers operate Norton Internet Security 2007 and seem to be running fine.

The printer works fine for the most part, except that I cannot get it to send a scanned file to a shared folder on a targeted computer. [I once got this to work, then it stopped.] I get a nonspecific Canon error message--message 0735. I can however scan to a file placed on a USB memory stick plugged directly into the printer.

The shared folder is properly set up on the target computer and can be seen and used by the other computer. The 2 computers and the printer are all setup with fixed StaticIPs appropriately (this was needed instead of using DHCP in order to allow the printer to communicate properly for printing and to allow remote UI management of the printer, which expects a fixed IP address).

I am guessing this is some kind of subtle network, NetBEUI, or SMB configuration problem. I've read the manual carefully, but it does not show all the details needed for configuration of this feature. I have spoken to tech support several times about this but they were unable to resolve the problem. Has anyone used this or a similar Canon multifunction printer and actually configured this scan to computer file capability correctly?

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Cannot scan to shared folder file using Canon MF4690

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When I open a folder, rather than it opening (like it should), it opens in search mode and no files are visible in the folder.

Long ago, I clicked on Tools\Folder Options\File Types\Opens With & Advanced.... I changed some of the information, but don't know what I changed or how to change it back to open properly. Is there someone out there who can point me in the right direction? I have gone to the MMC and there is no way to go back to default settings for folders (or it isn't clearly stated).

I am pretty saavy, but really did a number.

Thanks in advance. spiedr

Answer:Solved: HELP!!! Folder View

open explorer click on tools folder options click on the trap that said restore defaults

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Ok, I feel really stupid for having to ask this question. I recently got on my computer and for whatever reason all the folders have been changed. The file directory is gone. The folder, view, options, etc buttons are gone. Did I hit some strange shortcut to change it?

More importantly, how do I get it back. Attached is a pic to show what I'm talking about.

Answer:Solved: Folder view gone?

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I am running XP SP2 Outlook Express as my email program. When I attach a jpg to an email the recipient (and myself as sender) can access temp files on my system when the jpeg is opened with an image viewing program such as ACDsee. When the image file is opened in the Viewer program and one clicks on the next file, it shows images that have recently been accessed on the net. I am assuming the viewer program has access to one of my temp folders. I can solve the problem by clearing files and history, BUT the temp folder is available any time after I do that and surf again. How do I stop this capability for image files that have been attached to an email to give access to images in a temp folder to the recipient. (and also the sender, me)
Thanks .. I have had some embarrassing moments when I send a family pic and a g-kid accesses temp folder and finds some nude pics there ..

Answer:Attached Image files in Outlook Express allow recipient to view temp folder

HI alkildaw, and welcome to TSG

Opening an attachment in Outlook Express puts a copy of the attachment in the same Temporary folder used by Internet Explorer. As far as I can recall, there is no way to to use a different temporary folder for each program. On possible work around could be to use a different program for e-mail and/or your web browser.

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I am new in here, so hello to all.

I have this problem that Explorer doesn't refresh the folder view at all, not even when i press F5.

I have to restart my computer to get a new view....annoying....

Are there a way to solve this, i just don't want to reinstall my XP for this "small" problem !

Answer:Solved: Refresh folder view in XP SP3

I guess i solved this. I mark it as solved !

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I've just purchased a second computer with WinXP Home, and I have been trying to figure out how to stop the Navigation Pane from being displayed each time I open a folder. I'm sure I'm looking right at the answer, but for the life of me, I'm either missing something or somethings buggy.

The Folder Options are configured exactly the same on both systems. My old system maintains the same view, without the Navigation Pane. The new one does not.

I have tried the "Apply View To All Folders" as well as "Remember Each Folders view Settings" even though I'm pretty sure that's for the View menu selections only.

Also, I have everything set to Classic View as well

Anyhow, any help would be much appreciated. I've Googled it for an hour now, and it's becoming frustrating.

Answer:Solved: Folder View Question

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Why are all my View Options all weird? How do I reset this back to the default?

Answer:Solved: Folder View Options
It was hilarious when the first time I saw this but I also pity the person who got infected by the virus that causes this damage. I didn’t know how to fix this because I have no experience with this problem. I thought the folder options advanced settings are hardcoded to Windows, but using SFC wouldn’t fix this problem. The only solution I can think of is to do a repair and hopefully it’d reset whatever the virus has modified.
Now I found an easy way to fix the folder options advanced settings without wasting an hour on repairing Windows. Everything that is displayed in folder options advanced settings can be found in registry and not hardcoded to Windows. The location is at:
I can confirm this because I’ve tried deleting the whole Folder key and the Folder Options advanced settings went blank! When I restore back the Folder key which I backed up earlier, everything was restored back. It is not easy (unless you want to be a real geek and memorize every shell32.dll codes) to manually fix the contents in folder options advanced settings because the “Text” key uses shell32.dll with some numbers.Click to expand...

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Dear Tech Support Guy,

I have searched the internet and while I have found problems related to this, I had a hard time finding the exact same problem or a solution.

I installed a legitimate program which allows me to generate custom maps for a game I have Europa Universalis III. As you can see, there are three folders in the "Map Generator" folder.
However when I open the program and attempt to load a map I am able to view a folder which I can't view in Windows Explorer
I am able to use the program to load files from this invisible folder. It is very worrisome that I have a folder on my computer that Windows explorer will not show me. I am administrator and have set myself as the owner of the root folder and the "Saved" folder in question. Under properties->Security I am listed as having all access except "special permissions" which I can't select. Under permissions I am listed as having "Full Control".

Under the "Auditing" tab it states it is unable to display the current owner. When I attempt to take ownership I get the following error.
I assume this folder exists, how can I view it in Windows Explorer? I would like access to the files.
On another note how do I ensure that this doesn't happen again? Why does windows allow files to be stored on my computer but not make them visible even to an admin? How would I detect and delete such a folder? This folder conatins ~100Mb of information but Windows w... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot view a folder which I know exists

Using DOSBox I am able to confirm that the folder and the files exist. So I guess my question would now be how can I view folders which windows hides from adminstrators? In DOSBox I also noticed that there were other windows folders which do not show up in windows explorer. I assume these are part of the backup system.


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I have a dilema, I have 2 pcs, one with windows Vista and another one with Windows XP. Both computer shares and view the same files, for example, I am done working with a file, so I will open the shortcut to the other pc and copy the finished file into the xp pc documents folder. The other person can see it and open it and printe it and done. We bought another pc to replace the xp computer wiht another vista pc. I had change the settings to sahre everything and I can see the c drive from computer a to computer b, both using windows vista, but I can not see the my documents and I can not open any file from one pc to the other pc or viseversa. The person who first did the network on the Vista pc and XP pc, is not around anymore. And I spent the whole weekend trying to figure it out. Please any help?

thank you very much


Answer:Solved: shared files

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I cannot make any changes to my local policy. I get the error, 'Failed to save Local Policy Database' after making any change. Anyone know how to "unlock" the database?

Answer:[SOLVED] Shared files

Hi there

Please do not post duplicate threads on the same subject. You have already asked the same question here

Please be patient.

Closing thread.....

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I swear . . . it's seemingly the easiest things that give me the most trouble. I'm trying to configure Windows Explorer so that I get the split view, where you see the Folders view in the left pane and the files/directories/details view in the right pane. I can the Folder view, by clicking on the Folder option at the top of Windows Explorer, but I just can't seem to figure out how to lock that configuration, so that Windows Explorer opens with that View every single time. Any help?

Answer:Solved: Folder View w/Windows Explorer

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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Service Pack 2

A strange and frustrating thing is happening with my Windows Vista folders. When I change the settings, (position / size, view, layout, etc…) of one folder, the settings of a different folder changes in the same way. And if I change the other folder’s settings, the first folder’s settings change in the same way. It’s as if the folder’s saved settings are somehow linked — as if Vista is treating them as the same folder. If I change the name of one of the folders, they are no longer linked, but they become linked to different folders instead!

This is happening to a number of folders, where two different folder’s saved settings are being linked. I’ve even noticed three different folders settings being linked together in this way.

In Folder Options/View, I have, ‘Remember each folder’s view settings’, checked. That didn’t help. (In fact, it seems to remember the settings even when it’s unchecked. And the folders that are linked together still change each others settings in the same way.)

In Folder Options/View, I’ve tried the, ‘Reset Folders’, and, ‘Apply to Folders’, buttons. That didn’t help.

In Folder Options/View, under, ‘Managing pairs of Web pages and folders’, I checked, ‘Show both parts and manage them individually’. That didn’t help.

I edited the registry to disable, ‘Automatic Folder Type Discovery’. That didn’t help.

I have never come across a software problem that I couldn’t fi... Read more

Answer:Solved: Two different folder's view settings have become linked.

I think I found a solution that seems to have worked. I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place, so I don’t know if this solution will be permanent. For anyone else who has this problem, I hope this solution works for you:

Reset All Folder View Settings to Make Vista Remember

After doing steps 1 to 8 in OPTION ONE (automatic method), I skipped down to step 29 in OPTION TWO (manual method), (as instructed in step 8 of OPTION ONE) I did steps 29 to 32. I found steps 33 - 35 confusing. I skipped them, but the problem seems to have been fixed anyway, so you may not have to do past step 32.

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using windows xp home edition on laptop - refuses to remember folder views, although repeatedly I have unchecked and rechecked the box in folder options that says "remember each folders view settings" in an attempt to "reboot" that feature, but my folders keep reverting back to a standard view setting. I keep resetting the folder view the way I want it and it continually refuses to retain it, very frustrating! Any advice appreciated.

Answer:Solved: won't remember folder view settings!

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I have my Public Desktop folder set to share for everyone, so it can be accessed from other pc's on the home network. But when I move a file from my user desktop to the public desktop it suddenly adds the lock icon over it and can't be accessed from another pc, even though the public desktop still can. I have to change the permissions on the file every time, although this never used to be the case. I used to be able to move a file to the public desktop without having to manually "share" it each time.

All settings look correct: Sharing is enabled for the folder and set for full control "everyone", and public folder sharing is turned on.

Again, this just started and was working fine before. Would one of the recent security patches have changed something?

Answer:Files moved to shared public folder "locked"

I'm not sure how this could occur but in order for the Public folders to be shared you need to enable sharing through the Sharing tab of the main Public folder, otherwise anything placed in one of it's subfolders won't be sharable.

If the share is being moved from a folder with a lock then moving that folder to a Public folder won't remove the lock.

The main Public folder is located at the C:\Users\Public and should appear like the picture.

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