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Install Windows 7 "Can't boot from hard-disk error"

Question: Install Windows 7 "Can't boot from hard-disk error"

I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on to a dell xps and having a lot of problems.
The Computer has 3 harddisks
C:\ - Vista (Came preloaded With the Pc when i bought it)
D:\ Vista Recovery 10GB thing (Came preloaded With the Pc when i bought it)
F:\ Empty drive i want to install windows 7 on
J:\ Harddrive for everything else

The problem is when i boot from the disk i can start the installer but when it allows me to choose where to install to the harddrive always comes up as "Can not install blah blah, Windows can NOT boot from this Disk"

I have tried all sorts of ways to get around this like unplugging everything apart from the cd drive and harddrive i want to install it on, im getting really fed up with this. Is the problem that im trying to do a dual boot?
I also read somewhere about getting sata drivers for my motherboard but after hours of searching the web gave up.

All i can tell that my motherboard is is a FOXCONN LS36 but i can't find sata drivers for this anywhere!
On the dell website i tried all of the Sata downloads but if i locate the downloaded file whilst in win7 setup it doesn't like the file.
Am i doing some majorly wrong and stupid here?
Please help me!!!


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Preferred Solution: Install Windows 7 "Can't boot from hard-disk error"

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hello, let's just get to the point, i had this problem recently where my pc can load windows, it keep looping
pc's on - booting - then "Windows Loading Files" - restart
it's infinite i don't know what to do, i don't have a cd rom, and i can't reinstall my windows from USB because every time i tried it says : "disk error" or "disk read error"
even after i burn it to USB correctly, tried this on other pc and USB can load just fine.
i'm thinking, it's something wrong with my boot system in System Reserved, is there anyway i can do to fix this?

Answer:"Windows Loading Files" infinite loop, Can't Boot USB "disk error"


Have you tried changing the boot sequence inside the BIOS?

Normally pressing F2 or F12 on the computer will solve this.

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Well, I hope this is the correct forum considering I don't actually have XP Pro installed yet!

Many moons ago (June 2004) I purchased a Dell Inspiron 8600 to take to college. It served faithfully (including after The Great Red Bull Spill of 2006) until several weeks ago when the hard drive failed. No big deal, it's mainly my Netflix computer anyway. However, I'd still like to have it back up and running, so I purchased a refurbished 40gb hard drive off Ebay. I installed the new hard drive and checked to see that it was recognized by the BIOS (it is). When I booted up the computer it said "No boot sector on hard disk. No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility." Of course, I understand that's normal because the hard drive doesn't have anything on it yet.

Here's where the problems begin.

I have the Dell-issue XP Pro installation CD. I changed the boot order in the BIOS so that it would first boot from the CD drive. However, I got the same "No boot sector on hard disk. No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility" error. Well, that CD drive has a history of acting up (despite being recognized by the BIOS), so I went out and got a USB CD drive (the kind with two USB plugs; one is for extra power I guess). Again, I changed the boot order in the BIOS to start with USB. I got the same "No boot sector on hard disk. No bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup ut... Read more

Answer:Solved: "No boot sector on hard disk" while trying to install XP Pro

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Hey all,

I just bought and installed a 2TB Seagate Barracuda LP ST32000542AS hard drive in addition to my existing hard drive. It was not detected by Windows XP, although the serial number ST32000542AS showed up in BIOS.

I noticed that for a split second as i started up, there was a screen with the word "RAID" and instructions saying "press ctrl + I", so i restarted, pressed "ctrl + I" and it took to me to something that said it was for the setup of a raid disk (or something like that).

I thought, "Oh, this must be where you format the new hard drive so that it will be recognised."

So i went through a very simple menu that had me select stripe size and some other features that looked very basic an un-threatening, and then finished the RAID setup thing.

I restarted the computer, and now it says:


At that point i had a heart attack. Can anybody help me? I have no idea what is going on.


Answer:Attempted to install 2nd hard drive; ended up with "DISK BOOT FAILURE"

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1) At boot up, my computer will prompt with the "Windows - No Disk" error message. I try to cancel each time and usually by the the third cancel it finally goes away.

2) Internet Explorer 6 will freeze with the "hungapp" error message. I have to do a CTRL+ ALT+ DEL to close. This happens quite frequently and just about makes IE 6 unusable.

Any ideas as to what can be causing this? Below is my HijackThis log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 22:11:43, on 1/20/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Belkin\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin Bulldog Plus\upsd.exe
C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\WinVNC4.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\VetMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Lexmark X1100 Series\lxbkbmgr.exe
C:\Progr... Read more

Answer:Windows "No Disk" error at boot and "hungapp" error with IE 6

Click Run, type in msconfig, click OK, click Startup tab find dit.exe and uncheck it, click apply and reboot system. This worked for me with "No Disk" problem

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Just installed XP Pro on a fresh new hard disk, same as I've done before many times. The setup was working perfectly fine all day, but now after the self test it gives the following error:


I restart the machine again with the XP install disc in the CD drive, I'll get a "Press any key to boot from CD.." message. As expected If I hit a key, it boots from the XP CD and does the usual recovery console stuff.

But here's the weird part... if I wait for the CD prompt to time out, the system actually boots from the hard disk, into my fresh XP install! What!?

For the record, my BIOS boot order is HDD0->CD->FLOPPY. I have tried the fail safe BIOS defaults. I have ran the recovery console and tried 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr'. No progress.

I should also add that my ntldr, ntdetect and boot.ini files are all fine. I tried replacing them from a good machine, but no effect.

Hardware is all fine, it works if I put in another HD and boot from that.

Ran out of options now. Can anyone suggest some more?


Answer:"disk boot error" on fresh install

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I have a big problem here,
I have used my hard disk for 9month,
Yesterday when I watched movie on the half way,
My hard disk suddenly disfuntion,
And I thought my laptop problem due to always lagging so I restart my computer.
But after that I can't read my hard disk (WD)in my computer.
It can read in computer management there.

Ways I try:
1)I try to uninstall and reinstalled again,BUT it doesn't work.
2)I try to unchecked the hide folder and device at view.
3)I try to update the software BUT it still disfunction.
4)I try to use disk management and initialized it BUT there appeared CANNOT INITIALIZED Due to I/O device error.

Any solution for me ?

Answer:Hard Disk can't read in "my computer ", "initialized",I/O device error

The most usual cause is that the Hard Drive is beginning to fail. Back up your stuff. Go to the website of the manufacturer and test the drive.

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I had a fresh install of 7 and everything was working fine.
All of a sudden it starts randomly freezing and programs start responding.
I got KERNAL_PAGING_ERROR BSODs etc. and got a new disk, thinking it was that.
After cloning the new disk which didn't work, and produced loads of errors on chkdsk, I decided to do a clean install of 7.

I still keep getting "Disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter", and when it does boot, it freezes all the time and every time I click the start button, it basically crashed and is messed up.

Tried new SATA cable and ports. Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 7 freezing, "Disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter"

BIOS settings or Motherboard issues?

Have you checked with the manufacturer website for the Motherboard that you have the Windows 7 drivers?

Is your Windows 7 DVD a retail copy...or the pre release BETA....or dodgy(in which case problems might lie there)

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I just began getting this error yesterday. What is the likelihood that another issue besides a failing hard drive is causing error? Secondly, I've already purchased a new hard drive as a precaution. What is the fastest/easiest way to backup/clone this drive?

Answer:"Windows detected a hard disk problem" error message


Please open an elevated command prompt.
When you have the command promt open please enter the following command:
sfc /scannow and press enter.
After the scan is 100% and the scan did repair files please restart your computer.

Please re-open an elevated command prompt and enter the following command:
findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt

The cbs.log file will be posted on the Desktop as the current user, named sfcdetails.txt. Please attach this file in your next post.

Note: You can also copy/paste the commands to make it easier.

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I just began getting this error yesterday. What is the likelihood that another issue besides a failing hard drive is causing error? Secondly, I've already purchased a new hard drive as a precaution. What is the fastest/easiest way to backup/clone this drive?

Answer:"Windows detected a hard disk problem" error message


Please open an elevated command prompt.
When you have the command promt open please enter the following command:
sfc /scannow and press enter.
After the scan is 100% and the scan did repair files please restart your computer.

Please re-open an elevated command prompt and enter the following command:
findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt

The cbs.log file will be posted on the Desktop as the current user, named sfcdetails.txt. Please attach this file in your next post.

Note: You can also copy/paste the commands to make it easier.

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My laptop is getting really slow and i cant use browser as it gets slower and hangs a lot. What do i do ?

Answer:windows error message says " your hard disk is at risk"

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I recently did a whole new build, new hard drive, mobo (GA-P35-DS3L/S3L) and processor. The problem is, I'm trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate and I come up with "Insert system disk and press enter" error when I try to boot from the disk. I checked the BIOS and the mobo had recognized the DVD drive and the hard drive. I tried putting the hard drive under slave and the DVD drive under master, and vice-versa. I am a high school student who generally gets lots of home work, so it would be nice to be able to type out my work. I am also a gamer, and my friend and I are trying to get my computer fixed, and it's really frustrating. I would like to get this fixed as soon as possible


Answer:"INSERT SYSTEM DISK" error when trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate

If the hardware is so old that you are using IDE drives, are you sure that it even will run Windows 7?

Is the DVD a full, retail version from Microsoft?

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I get this error in a box everytime I boot up. I'v already tried Windows defender, Ad-aware, my Mcafee virus scan and none of these seem to get rid of it? I have attached a copy of the "Hijack this" scan log for your use. I was told that this might help.

Answer:Windows xp home "No Disk error" on boot

I have posted the HijackThis log file to the open forum for you so it will be seen peoperly by an expert. Please to do this.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:21:00 PM, on 7/29/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\HackerWatch\HWAPI.exe
c:\program files\common files\mcafee\mna\mcnasvc.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\MPF\MPFSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Softex\OmniPass\Omniserv.exe
C:\Program Files\Softex\OmniPass\OPXPApp.exe
C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\5020\SAService.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Up... Read more

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Ok first off I want to say I've searched and searched and searched to no avail in trying to find a solution to this I've come to the conclusion it's software and not hardware based. Let me start from the top.

I've had an older computer (HP Pavilion a408x) out of commission for a while due to a 'sploded psu. I finally get around to ordering one, install it and everything is good. I bring it back to my office and hook it up to the internet and as expected there's updates. So I up date it and after the updates are installed the computer restarts automatically (weird yes) and as it's coming back on it detects errors and runs CHKDSK. So I let it run and it gets to part 2 of 3. At this point in time my partner is really needing to print sometime and all computers print through this computer. So after about 45 minutes CHKDSK is still on part 2 at only 15%. So I'm like "screw it" and manually shut down and restart. It's at this point I get a "primary master hard disk failure" at the boot screen. Letting start up continue I get a "Stop : c000021 unknown hard error \systemroot \system 32 \ntdll.dll" At this point I realize something is delectably wrong.

Found this thread, which didn't help much. At some point the c000021 error stops and I start getting "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter" and I found this thread, which didn't help much either. I have also been searching other sites as well.

Here's what I found ou... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive not found "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter"

Anything would be super helpful, even if it's bad news. I just need to know if I can get this remedied or not.

Another thing I noticed is that the HDD activity light on the front of the computer does not blink or show any activity.


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I just installed a new 60gb hard drive as a back up to put my movie files on,it installed fine and it works fine but i get "windows milenium emergancy boot" when i boot the system up .I don"t know if this error is serious but I do know that the system seems less stable in this boot mode..can someone please help? thanx

Answer:after installing new "hard drive" it starts with "windows emergency boot"

closing duplicate, view this thread

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1. Updated from 7 to 10, then wanted to do a clean install
2. Downloaded ISO from windows utility (wouldn't recognize my Sandisk Cruzer flash drive)
3. Used Rufus to apply ISO to flash drive
4. Installed Windows 10 like I would any other OS (delete all partitions on C, let it do it's thing, automatic restart, remove USB, but no boot)

BIOS sees my SSD. Boot order is correct. Startup repair didn't help. "Resetting this PC" repair option didn't help. Tried it 5x times and always get "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".

Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 10 clean install - "Reboot and Select Proper Boot device" Error

You can try booting off the USB and repairing the install...

Also, do you have AHCI enabled?

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The other day I was afk while listening to loud music from my computer.
Suddenly the speakers began screaming in a high pitch and when I got to my computer it had frozen.
I tried to reboot it, but it simply froze at the Windows loading screen with the floating balls of light and the text: "Starting Windows".
I have also tried booting from the Windows 7 Installation DVD, but it freezes at the loading screen once again.

I then tried to use the Startup Repair Tool, only to find Windows freezing at the loading screen again.

When trying to reboot in safe mode, it freezes again, just after having loaded "disk.sys"

These are the things I have tried so far:
- I have run memory tests using Memtest86.
- I have run hard disk drive tests using SeaTools
- No errors were found.
- I removed the sound card from the MB, with same boot result.
- I have reset the BIOS
- I booted with 2GB of RAM instead of my standard 4GB

Anyone who can think of other things I should try?

Answer:Windows freeze on boot at "Starting Windows" and "LOADED ...\disk.sys"

Suggest you run SFC. {Option 2}
You may need to run it at least 3 times.
Let us know the report at the end please.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Ok, I built a PC a month ago and everything seemed find no problems of any sort. The other night I defragmented my hard drive and shut it down and turned it on today to a memory test and the message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter"

The computer has access to the XP pro w/ sp2 disk only as a boot device but it will not recognize it now.

I have set Cd-rom as 1st for boot sequence then hard drive I have no floppy drive and the bios has been configured to know that.

I am not sure if this means anything but in the bios the IDE Channel 0 Master says none and when I try to turn on auto detection it wont detect a hard drive.

The HDD is fully connected and has not been touched since I installed it a month ago.

I have this awful feeling that I fried the HDD when I defragmented it last night.

Any help would be very much appreciated. But please be simple this is my first build and my knowledge at this sort of thing is very very sketchy at best.

Answer:Error message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert system Disk and press enter" on first build

The first thing to do would be to get a new data cable for the herd drive and see if that fixes it, they are nice and cheap nowadays.

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just like the title says my HD crashed and i could not boot on the computer i put in a new HD and tried to boot it would not work. i would see the HP screen but then i would get the error. it is a 810a model and help would be extremely appreciated. and if you really know you can email me at <email removed>

Answer:Installed new HD now getting "disk boot error inset system disk & press enter"

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I need help with this Diskette issue please. "Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure"
I've had this problem a few times in a couple of years and I have been able to fix the error by pressing F2 and going to the SETUP. And I've done this with no issues. But this time I thought I fixed it but now I get this new error: "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". After I press Ctrl+Alt+Del it takes me back to the same error massage "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". Need help please. This is a Dell Desktop, Windows XP.
Thank you.


Answer:"Diskette Drive 0 Seek Failure" Error Then "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl..."

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Hi, I am trying to diagnose a problem with a computer I offered to "fix". The owner was unable to load Windows XP withotu having the XP install disk in the drive. The OS would load and run fine as long as the computer booted with the CD in the drive. I partitioned the drive, copied the personal files to the new partition and formatted and installed XP on the first partition. I encountered one problem while installing and it was along the lines of:


Which would appear in a BSOD during the Windows install.

I swapped out the RAM and was able to complete the install. Now, on a fresh installation I am getting this error:


when I don't have the XP install disk in the drive.

Does this mean that the hard drive is probably dying? When the XP disk is in the drive the computer runs fine. It's also crazy that both the memory and the hard drive would fail at the same time.

Answer:"Disk boot failure" - hard drive failing?

You can fix boot sectors using recovery console. look at fix mbr and fixboot.

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The other day my computer got the BSOD and when I went to reboot it came up with the screen that says Disk Boot Failure insert disk blah blah. I have two hard-drives C: has windows D: is just storage. When I unplug D: i dont get that error and it boots to windows without the extra files. If I have them both plugged in I get the whole Disk boot... thing. Is this just a minor fix or is my HD busted?

Answer:Hard-Drive "Disk Boot Failure"

pay attention to what you are doing...seriously

what are your drives
you have an internal SATA drive?
you are using an eSata Drive? this is D?

go into bios and see which one boots up first
chances are it's seeing your D as the priority can always keep D turned on before you boot and keep it as second, to maintain proper boot order.... OR

if sata, this is an might have 4 sata connectors, labeled 0, 1, 2, 3
C might be connected to 1, 2, 3 and D might be connected to 0 (or any combo with D being the lower number than C)
if this is the case, 0 is priority in default

I save myself the trouble, turning on my eSata drive whenever and not worrying about boot order by making sure my C is connected to 0.

Now, this problem occurs because you have 2 drives that are boot capable. The D drive most likely has no "windows" boot up data, but has an MBR. The system halts on D because it sees the mbr and does not continue.

another suggestion, just imo, don't mess with the mbr

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I just did a clean install of XP x64. I then installed service pack 2, but when it restarted after the install, it gave me the "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter" message.

I've removed all CDs and floppies etc., and checked the BIOS boot priority - everything is fine. Why the hell won't it boot now??

Answer:"Boot Disk Failure" on Brand New Install

disconnect all drives except your boot drive, save bios reboot?

you dual booting at all?

how many drives do you have in your rig?

do you have 2 of the same drives and possibly selecting the wrong one.

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My hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Management" but is showing under device manager. I got the hard drive from a friend and his dad had put a Password encryption on it. Any Ideas?

Answer:Hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Managment" help?

Have you installed the Windows 10 anniversary update, could be that giving problems i lost my 3 TB HD but luckily came back when i rebooted

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Hi guys. I'm new here. I've tried to read all the discussion about how to fix the unallocated hard drive but I just can't understand it as the cases were pretty much different than I'm facing of.

Here's my problem.
Yesterday my external hard drive seems normal, everything is fine, until there's a blackout and I have to put "sleep" to my laptop. After the power got back, the hard drive suddenly gone and when I check the list of drives under "Disk Management", it showed up as "Disk 1 - Unallocated".

(I've attached screenshots here for your viewing)

My external hard drive is WD My Passport 1TB. It contains a lot of valuable data I cannot afford to lose. I really hope there's a way to fix this, and once I get back all of those precious data I will buy another HD to transfer them ASAP because I cant let this happen to me again.

Your help is so, very much appreciated.
Any questions regarding my problem, let me know. I'll provide all of the details you guys need.

1) I've tried TestDisk but on the "Analyse" process, it says "read error"
2) I've changed cable, but the situation remains the same.
3) I've tried Recuva, but it doesnt recognize my external drive.

Answer:WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized"


First don't mess up with the WD drive settings.. download partition wizard 7 (its free)..then .. open it wizard(menu) .. select partition recovery wizard.. and it will find the partitions on it i think.. that way you can recover your partition that has been lost.

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My hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Management" but is showing under device manager. I got the hard drive from a friend and his dad had put a Password encryption on it. Any Ideas?

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Yet from the same partition i'm able to boot into a "dual boot type install" of LUbuntu which im using just fine right now
On my other hard drive with a windows 10 install. check disk reports NO errors

Trying to boot from the windows 7 install dual boot begins booting but almost instantly kicks to an old style loading bar then goes to startup repair
and it fails with the problem being "bad hard drive"

but somehow it LUbuntu has no problem booting when i select to boot from it instead of windows 7
all of my data MUST be intact because otherwise i wouldn't be able to boot at all. and i can see all the files on my drive just fine

When I tried to boot in safe mode. it stopped after a few system files were loaded then went to startup repair. I dont remember the file it stopped at.

I have no idea how to solve this??
Is there some way to do a full repair of windows 7? not just the silly startup repair?

This is a very urgent frustrating and serious problem

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Recently, an error message "Windows detected a hard disk problem" always pop ups in my monitor.

I have done "Error Checking" also " Defragmentation"...but that error message doesn't disappear.

What should I do?

Thanks a Lot.

Answer:Error message " Widows detected a hard disk problem"

That is not a most welcome message.

I would immediately backup the most important personal data and run the DOS version of Manufacturer's Diagnostic Utility. If it passes without any event reported, fine. But if it finds bad sectors and even if it repairs it, be wary. Not to be taken aback by any catastrophic failure that may occur unannounced, always backup all your personal data and also image your system regularly.

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I have a new Gateway laptop and all last week I was using it to connect to my home pc using Remote Desktop. I noticed a few times that after shutting the lid to the laptop and walking away when I would come back and open the lid the laptop would be froozen. I wonder if it was becuase I was leaving the remote desktop connection open and then the laptop would go into sleep mode and it woudnlt wake up properly?? Either way the only way I could unfreeze it was by restarting the lapt by forcing it to power down. Well, the last time it happened after I held the power button and forced a shut down when I powered it back on it said "Disk Read Error". I have yanked the drive and connected it via usb to my dekstop pc. The drive shows up in disk management but has a red circle in the top left hand corner of the partition and doesnt' show up in my computer. I put the drive back in the laptop and booted of an XP CD and choose the "repair" option. I tried to do a "MIXMBR" but got a return message that NO partition could be found. Does anyone have any ideas how I can recover from this?? I have Acronis disk director suite installed on my desktop pc and I can reconnect my laptop hard drive to the desktop pc but I don't know if it can do the job. Does anyone have any ideas I really can't afford to loose my data. Please Help.

Answer:SATA Laptop Hard Drive "Disk Read Error"

This thread can be closed as #1 the issues has been resolved and #2 it doesn't look like anyone will be repying anyways.

Now, in the case that someone does stumble onto this thread here is an update....
Turns out the hard drive was physically damaged (or so I'm told). Since there was sensitive data on the drive I was being extra cautious and after removing the drive and connecting to another pc and seeing the drive but not the partitions or data I didn't even try FixMBR or anythinhg else becuase I didn't want to take the chance of further damage. I took the drive to a data recovery specialst who was able (for a small fee ofcourse) to recover the data. Since the laptop is still under warranty I took it into the store I bought it and told them the sit. Tehy gave me a new hard drive on the spot and I have now restored it back to normal. Thank You all and goodnight.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 600m, Windows XP home SP 2. This morning I dropped my laptop and the removeable hard drive came loose. I pushed it back and when I tried to reboot, it gives a "no boot sector on hard disk. no bootable device, strike F1 key to retry, F-2 for set-up utility" message. After several trials in restarting and pulling the hard drive out and put it back in, it gives an error message saying file system corrupted/missing. I put in the Dell Reinstallation CD, that I used for the current installation, to repair Windows. In the command prompt, when I typed chkdsk /f it says the parameter is not valid. I decided to just do a fresh installation. I chose to install Windows but in the next screen it shows 28616MB disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]. It lists only 28616MB unpartitioned space. Why isn't there any list and even any option to delete the previous partitions? Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Answer:how to fix "No boot sector on hard disk"?

Have you run the Dell diagnostics to rule out device failure ( including the hard drive )

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I just replaced the stock xtremegear psu my computer came with because one day the computer just shut off and wouldn't turn on again.

I replaced it with a corsair gs800. I'm pretty sure I plugged everything in...the 24 and 8 pins into the motherboard, and the pci-e into the graphics well as the fans and the cd drive.

When I turn it on, it goes through MSI's start screen but then it tells me something about No hard disk detected. Then it goes to the MSI screen again and gives me a choice to boot with...but there's only one choice, cd/dvd atapi drive. I choose that and it doesn't work.

I double checked the connections I have plugged in and those are secure. there are lights flashing on the motherboard so that's getting power. That's the 24 pin one right? I also checked the one in the corner, the 8 pin one...seems to be secure. They both clicked in.

Could someone please tell me what I might have done wrong?

Oh and here's the computer information that came with my invoice. Ignore the PSU, it now has what I said.

CU-197-206 INTEL i7-960 3.20GHZ 8M 1366 RETAIL 1 1,209.00 1,209.00
HD-403-306 1TB SATA III 7200 RPM 3.5" HARD DRIVE 1 0.00 0.00
RM-317-401 KINSTON HYPER X DDR3/1600MHz 2 GB MEMORY 6 0.00 0.00
FA-104-116 CAS... Read more

Answer:"No hard disk detected" on boot up

try to replace the cable of your Hard disk drive......

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Hey guys, I need one of you hardware geeks to help me here. I finally bought the Maxtor DiamondMax10 hard drive. Its SATA 300 Gig with a 16 Meg Cache and NCQ. I already have a SATA WD Raptor as my main drive and trying to install this one has a data drive. I have an Asus PW5D2 Premium Board.

When I boot up, it takes a long time (about a minute) to do anything than I eventually get a "Hard disc error" and I have to hit F1 to continue. The BIOS recognizes the drive, but Windows does not. I've swapped out the cable and tried a different controller, same result. While I have like 10 hard drives laying around, they are all PATA--no SATAs to try.

I think the drive is damaged. I downloaded Maxtor's PowerMax, but its worthless--goes through some tests and the inital ones pass and later ones fail, but its the same thing on the other drive (the Raptor) and that one works fine. Tells me eventually to contact Maxtor Tech Support on both drives!

Any ideas?

Answer:Getting "Hard Disk Error" on second SATA data drive

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The system is a Dell 2350, Wind XP, Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 HD.
I had to do a restart because I just loaded a software. When restarting as it got to the point where you choose the user you want to get in as, it froze. I could not do anything for a while. I did Ctrl+Alt+Del and then had to turn it off manually. Upon starting it again it told me that a certain Kernell file was in error or missing. Had to manually start again. From this point on every time I start it I get "Primary Master Hard Disk Fail" It gives me the option of F2 for setup or F1 to continue. F1 does not get me anywhere, and ultimately I get back at the same spot.
-I have tried on a different cable, hoping that was it. I have tried every jumper position on the HD.
-I have tried a HD auto-detection but it does not detect it. However at the screen where I get the error it lists the HD as Maxtor N40P
-I have tried to boot from floppy (I made a diskette form and that does not work either.
I did some research on this HD and according to some similar symptoms have been experienced before by other users. (
Everything seems to indicate that the HD is gone pretty much, unless one of you guys can help with any idea or previous experience you may have had.
I would like to connect this HD to my other computer as a primary slave to see if I can recover the data but I am worried if that could do something to the other comp.
Can I run some ... Read more

Answer:I'm getting "Primary Master Hard Disk Fail" Error

edi98 said:

The system is a Dell 2350, Wind XP, Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 HD.
....From this point on every time I start it I get "Primary Master Hard Disk Fail" .... However at the screen where I get the error it lists the HD as Maxtor N40PClick to expand...

I have an older Maxtor DiamondMax (8GB) that fails to initialize every once in a while, and reports itself as a Maxtor Millenium -- whatever that is. I've no idea why the Maxtors misidentify themselves under those circumstances.

In my case, it seems to have been a flaky cable connection -- removing and re-seating the cables attached to the drive seems to have made the problem go away. At least for the time being, anyway.

I have tried to boot from floppy (I made a diskette form and that does not work either.Click to expand...

Does that mean you were unable to access the drive in any way after booting from the floppy?

If the drive is not recognized by the BIOS on boot-up, that would be what I would expect. If that's the case, you might try making sure that your BIOS has the appropriate settings for that drive, then booting from a floppy. I'm not optimistic, but I think it's worth a try.

Everything seems to indicate that the HD is gone pretty much, unless one of you guys can help with any idea or previous experience you may have had.Click to expand...

I suspect you may be right -- but keep trying.

I would like to... Read more

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My Windows 7 configuration is relatively bullet proof (ha ha, nervous laughter).

My OS and programs are on C, which I image using RDriveImage every month after Patch Tuesday.

My data is on software-mirrored D/F drives.

So as long as I don't have a catastrophic event affecting my computer, a routine "drive failure" should be recoverable, with the worst-case being I'd be out a month of updates, but with a good recent image of the OS drive.

Anyway, I was recently looking at my event viewer and I have "Disk errors" that occur whenever I run a full image of C.

The complete error text is:

Log Name: System
Source: Disk
Date: 7/13/2012 3:38:44 PM
Event ID: 11
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxxx
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk3\DR3.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Disk" />
<EventID Qualifiers="49156">11</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2012-07-13T19:38:44.199218700Z" />
<Securi... Read more

Answer:"Disk error" invisible except to event viewer, when imaging hard drive

Try going into your BIOS to see what it has to say about the drive. Some BIOS's can read the drive's SMART status and can run tests on it. You could also download the disk manufacturer's drive diagnostics to check it out. Or see what Seatools (from Seagate) has to say about it:

SeaTools | Seagate

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This is kinda long and I've fixed it, but could use your input.

So after waking up, my parents informed me that the computer was shutting down randomly. I turned it on and "a disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart " appeared. It's a Sata hard drive so I checked the cables to make sure they were plugged in correctly and they were, and then I tried connecting it to another computer with that computers cables and that didn't work either.

My parents not wanting to buy one online, decided to just go to bestbuy and buy one there, since we already had the Windows 7 Disk at home. I formatted it, partitioned it, and installed Windows 7 Home Premium on it and everything worked. I decided to connect the Hard drive that didn't work while the computer was still on, and it immediately started downloading the drivers it needed and up popped all the hard drive. I'm going to start transferring all the important things like music,videos and games, and after, all I can see are the following 3 things;

after getting all the data we want off it, should I reinstall windows to see if my other computer will recognize it (Even though it couldn't before), format it and just use it as extra data (though since it already couldn't boot up, the ability to keep data on it may fail in a couple of days/weeks) or just put it away and not use it at all.

What would you guys reccomend I do?

Answer:Hard Drive, "a disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to restart "

First get the data you need off it.

Then go to the mfr and get their HD testing utility and run it.

If it were me I wouldnt trust it. I have been burned before.

You certainly could use it for storage of, say one set of backups, for the chances of losing your OS HD, and that backup at the same time are nil.

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Iv been searching the net and trying a few things but i am still yet to solve the problem so i though i try the techguyforums as iv had reliable fix's from here in the past.

My problem started when my system was running xp stable, then all my files got corrupt, anything i installed would become corrupt, i even tried to install Vista x86 keeping the windows files in windows.old to not loose my data but the vista install became corrupt.

I used a disk to format the hd to ntfs, but after this i received "A kernel file is missing from the disk. Insert a system diskette and restart the system" and no boot.
I tried deleting the partition then formatting to ntfs again but now i receive the error "DISK BOOT FAILURE - INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER"

when i insert my XP disk the error message just pop's up again, Iv tried inserting the vista disk but the same error is displayed. Iv tried deleted the partition and using the system disk with the unpartitioned drive but the error remains the same.

Anyone have any suggestions to try?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Cant install any OS, "disk boot failure"

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Yesterday when I switch on my computer, it automatic diskcheck on my E disk. I have 3 HDD, which is C: (My main partition, installed Windows on this HDD), D: is for all my game files (Installed games) and E: is for all my music, movies, game installer, software etc.

So back to the point, when I switch on my computer, and get to the "Windows is Starting", and it stuck right there for about 5-10 minutes. Firstly, I have no patient so I restated the computer, and second or third time also have the same problem. So I choose to wait patiently, after 5-10 minutes, it have a black screen for about 1 to a few minutes, then it started the disk check on my E drive.

Once the process started ( I have total 234240 file record as shown on the disk check ) and continue to file record 800, it started to give me message stated "File record segment 800 is unreadable, File record segment 801 is unreadable" and so on, and sometimes it continue to go smoothly without the message, but not long or sooner it will appear again. Almost the whole process I get these message which worried me, and I wonder if my hard disk is failing badly and unable to recover.
It continues to finish the process and attempt to fix the bad sector. And after that it successfully log onto Windows, so I can use it normally again.

But I notice my E: HDD cannot access and the "My Computer" screen is loading very slow, and sometimes goes unrespond. One thing very weird is that after I few hours ... Read more

Answer:Hard disk is failing? Error message"File record segment is unreadable"

The "File record segment xxx is unreadable" error is an indication of failing hard drive. You should backup the data from this drive before it's too late.

Next, run some diagnostic testing on the failing hard drive; most HDD manufacturers have the diagnostic software available from their website. Software from Seagate will work with most brand.

If this drive would be mine, I'd just get a new one, the drive certainly will not get better...

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"pri master hard disk: s.m.a.r.t. command failed
Press f1 to continue"

I get the above error when I turn on my computer, but when I load windows after pressing f1 everything seems to be fine, do I need to worry about this? It started occuring after I installed my q6600 cpu last night.

Answer:"pri master hard disk: s.m.a.r.t. cmd failed" error

If your drive or PC is still under warranty, I would have the drive replaced. The SMART diagnostics are used to tell you if the drive is running outside of the specs designed by the manufacturer. If the drive goes outside the specs, then there is usually a 72-hour timeframe before the drive fails completely.

But with the error you are getting, it sounds like it's an error with the SMART diags themselves - which should be replaced anyway.

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I sometimes get the "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press Enter" error message when booting, but if I unplug my Logitech PS2 keyboard it boots up as if nothing was ever wrong. I can then usually plug the keyboard in as I reboot the PC and it works fine.
But there is obviously something wrong here! It's as if the fact that the keyboard is attached to the PC makes the PC think that there is no hard disk in the PC.
There are no flags in Device Manager and everything is identified correctly, as far as I can tell.
Anyone have any idea what the cause of this strange error message is?

I'm running XP SP2, and it's a Seagate 320 gig HD.

Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks for reading this, and if you need more info, just ask.

Answer:"Disk boot failure" error cured by unplugging keyboard!

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"Disk boot failure insert system disc" every time i get up

I have done a format c and installed windows xp again. My pc worked just fine a whole day long and i could restart the pc without problems. The next morning i want to boot my pc and i get the message "System boot failure please insert system disk" I couldn't get it fixed so i reinstalled my pc again. I worked with my pc the whole day without any problem i went to bed. The next day i had the same problem as the day before "System boot failure insert system disk". Now my question is how it comes that i cane resart and boot my pc a whole day long and if it is turned off for 8 hours that i get the message "system boot error..." anyone a suggestion?

Answer:"Disk boot error insert system disc" every time i get up

That could be caused by 1 of several problems.

First (and most likely), it could be a flat bios battery. Does your system loose the date and time too? If so, fit a new bios battery.

Check all your boot options in your bios to see if any of those are the cause.

If you have any spares, try a different data cable.

Scan disk your hard drive as it could be a drive error.

If none of this helps, let me know and i will do my best to help further. Rik

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Would greatly appreciate some help trying to create a bootable system on my 16GB USB stick. Here's what I did:

In Diskpart:
clean to wipe the USB stick clean
create partition primary offset=32 align=32 to create a fresh partition starting at sector 64 (rather than 63)
active to make it bootable
Next, I formatted it as NTFS with a 32KB cluster size. I then used
bootsect /nt60 U: /mbr
(where U: is my USB stick) to write boot code compatible with Vista/7's bootmgr.

I extracted the contents of a known working WinPE .iso image to the USB stick which placed a bootmgr and Boot\BCD in its root.

After restarting my computer, USB stick (which is set to #1 in BIOS boot order) is briefly accessed but almost immediately the message Disk read error. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to reboot appears.

Did I miss a step, or what did I do wrong? Could the partition offset or cluster size be the reason?

Please note, I want to do the process manually and don't want to use tools like the HP USB format tool or anything like that, because they'll invariably place the partition at sector 63 which I'm trying to avoid for performance reasons.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Made bootable USB but getting "Disk read error" at boot time, why?

Try method two in this tutorial:
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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I have an IBM thinkpad (a friend of mine) that I'm trying to see what's wrong with it.  Whenever you start it up, it runs through the diagnostic tests and eventually provides the message listed in my subject.  I attempted to press f12 during one of the reboots since i saw something on here from someone else that had luck but didn't really see anything i felt comfortable about changing.  After i exited, it began rebooting and displayed the error "No operating system found".  I then turned the power off and began receiving the same message as i originally got "a disk read error occurred".  Before i received the computer, my friend was told the hard drive was shot and there was no hope in retrieving any files.  Is this true?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Frank

Answer:"A disk read error occurred" "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

Quote from: Katman_09 on October 29, 2010, 05:04:19 PM...Before i received the computer, my friend was told the hard drive was shot and there was no hope in retrieving any files.  Is this true?....Your description seems to indicate this is true.

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I have a Maxtor HDD which has recently given me "disk read error" whenever i boot up. It then tells me to press ctrl+alt+del but repeats the cycle. Recently i plugged in an old quantum HDD (running on win98) which had some problems as a slave with my Maxtor as the master. I got into WinXP and used the Admin tools to reformat the old quantum HDD. Now the quantum HDD is running but my Maxtor isnt! Before formating the Quantum i had some issues figuring out which jumpers settings were master, slave and cs so i turned the power off quite a few times w/out shutting down properly. i only did this when the Quantum was in master setting tho.
I tried setting up the Maxtor as a slave on another computer but i still get "disk read error".
Whats happened to my Maxtor HD? Is it a windows version problem cos of the 2 HDs having diffrent OS's? Is there a way to get all my data back from the Maxtor like a recovery program. I heard of one called GetDataBack but im not too confident it will help.
Does anybody have any suggestions for recovery programs or has anybody had this problem before?

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Long story short, I had XP installed on a SATA drive that did (and still does) boot from a SATA port in "IDE Mode". I removed the drive and put it in a USB enclosure. I can access the drive & files just fine but can't boot XP. Instead, I get the following error:

"A disk read error has occurred.
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart."
Is there a way to boot an existing installation of XP from a USB enclosure without reinstalling XP?

Long version: I upgraded to a SSD drive with Win7, but had to switch to "AHCI mode" to use it. I have six SATA-II ports, but can only set two to "IDE Mode". I have my old installation of Win7 on one and my BD optical drive on the other (allowing me to boot either). XP will NOT boot when plugged into an AHCI port, but will if I plug it into one of the two Sata/IDE ports.

For some inexplicable reason, connecting BOTH my XP and Win7 HDD's at the same time I'm using Win7 on my SSD causes the computer to bog-down every 30-60 seconds for two minutes at a time making the computer unusable (I never had this problem before the SSD). If I unplug EITHER HDD (Win7 or XP), the problem goes away. But my Win7-hdd drive is larger and I'm still migrating to the SSD, so I need that drive plugged into one of the SATA/IDE ports.

I removed the XP drive and put it into a USB enclosure. Problem solved (kinda). I can access all my files, but I can't boot XP (and I must switch off the driv... Read more

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So something happened to my Windows 7 partition this morning, I got a random BSOD while working and now Windows won't post. Instead I'm greeting with this:

A disk read error occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

If I boot from my Windows 7 DVD and attempt a startup repair, it does not recognize any windows installation so it doesn't really do anything when I attempt the startup repair. All it says is:

Root cause found: System volume on disk is corrupt.
Repair action: File system repair (chkdsk)
Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0

When I go to command prompt, I cannot access my C:\ partition at all. I can however access my D:\ partition from the same hard drive which has all my data.

I've tried some bootrec commands, but it didn't seem to fix it. I've used Diskpart to make the C:\ partition active. Diskpart can still see the C:\ partition, but I can't seem to get access to the partition.

Worst case scenario, I could format the C:\ partition and make a clean install. I may have to because previously my windows install wasn't running so well. However I'd really like to be able to access the C:\ partition first to backup my settings and programs. Really hoping someone here could offer some helpful suggestions. Thanks very much!

Answer:"Disk read error", cannot boot Win7 partition

Here's some more info. When I go to command prompt from the Windows DVD and run the command bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force, for the C:\ drive it says:

Could not open the volume root directory:
The parameter is incorrect

When I try to access the C:\ drive from the command prompt, it says "The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable"

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Ok.. So i know i should not have tried it but i did.

Basically i was trying to install a version of windows xp on a vista computer. I first partitioned my drive using the computer management tool on vista and loaded up the xp cd to install on that partition. After installing it tried to reboot and now my computer wont boot up at all i get a "disk reads error" press ctrl alt delete.

I have tried recovering it from the recovery cd, but i cant seem to get it working, i really dont want to reset it to the original condition because i have things on there that i would really like to keep.

Anyway.. if you could help me it would GREATLY be appreciated.

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I am having agonizing issues with my computer.

Here they are in order of largest headache:

1. Reboots at random (I'll walk into the room to find it rebooting itself)

2. Often while restarting, I get "BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK..." error message. I have to use a WIN98 startup disk.

3. Often while restarting, I get "CPU was set to an incorrect speed...etc" error message in the BIOS menu - even though I have the BIOS set to 733MHz (the alleged speed).

I own a PC with WIN98, 733MHz PIII, 256 RAM, ASUS P3v4x motherboard with a 30G baraccuda HD.

Any help or guidance in resolving any/all these issues would be !MUCH appreciated!!!

Answer:Computer reboots at random + "no boot disk" error

The only thing I can thing of that would be in common to all three would be a heat related error. Check all your cooling fans, clean out the case using compressed air. Try leaving the case cover off and placing a fan blowing into the case.

Although the problems are inline with an overclocked cpu also.

A bad memory stick could also be related. If you have multiple sticks try removing one at a time and see if the problem clears up.
You can check, for that cpu your multiplier should be 5.5 and front side bus of 133mhz.

Depending on your bios version you may want to visit asus and download the latest bios flash. I know there have been a few for that motherboard fixing various errors. If you do, follow the instructions exactly as bad flash are a nightmare.

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My currently using WD 80gb SATA HDD... I buy near half year d...
My pc recently always occur the error when booting...
"Disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del to restart"
is it my HDD problem? or...

plz help... ty^^

Answer:Boot error "Disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del"

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I tried formatting my hard drive using the provided software from the company I bought the computer from, but it did not install correctly. Now there is no Windows or any files of Windows showing up on my hard drive whatsoever.

Whenever I pop in the Windows CD to try and repair or re-install, I get an error that states "Disk Boot Sector is to be modified! Press Y to continue, any key to abort" and once I do, it seems like the Windows options are about to come up, but then it just shuts down my computer. Any thoughts or possible fixes? I'm not sure of the correct location for this thread so I put it here. Thanks in advance!

Answer:ERROR: "Disk Boot Sector is to be modified! Press Y to continue" then crash?

I'd try a bootable hard drive diagnostic that's available from the support website of the manufacturer of your hard drive. That'll let you know if the hard drive is failing and we can move on from there.

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A 3.5" external hard drive connected to my Windows XP machine via USB 2.0 has a "disappearing" and "reappearing" partition problem.

After the external drive is turned on, all four partitions on it will be displayed. Very soon, they will all disappear in Windows Explorer. After a brief moment, they will reappear along with a USB-symbol icon in the taskbar, which brings up a "Hi-speed USB Device Attached to non-Hi-speed Hub" warning suggesting that I use free Hi-speed USB ports (indicated in bold).

My computer's USB ports are all USB 2.0 and I've tried attaching the external drive to different ports on the machine, all with the same result.

Would anyone hazard a guess as to the likely cause of this problem:
(1) Failed (or failing) USB controller on the external enclosure?
(2) Failing power supply to the xeternal enclosure?
(3) Corrupted partition table on the drive?
(4) Failed (or failing) USB controller on the mobo?
(5) Any other cause?

The enclosure also has an eSATA port. When connected via eSATA (or USB 2.0) to another computer, no such problem appears.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Hard disk partitions "disappearing" and "reappearing"

xp will loose drives when its having problems accessing them probably due to the usb 2.0 , a pci adapter would be better for you

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I would greatly appreciate any assistance on how to fix the following issue. Beginning 8/31/12 the message reading "system message-write fault error" would pop up about 15x. Then a box reading "file recovery" stating "your computer is in critical state. Hard disk error detected." would present and do a "fake" repair scan...prompting me to purchase the product to clean the computer. Additionally, this malware/virus hides all of the icons on the desktop.

Once again, any help would be appreciated. Have a great labor day weekend.

Take care.

Answer:"Hard disk error detected"

Welcome to the Malware Removal Forum.

Please read ALL of this message including the notes before doing anything.

Pleases follow the instructions in the below link:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

**** If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. ****
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not. MGtools will frequently run even when all other tools will not.

After completing the READ & RUN ME and attaching your logs, make sure that you tell us what problems still remain ( if any still do )!
Helpful Notes:

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode, you can run the steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:

Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools and the manual updates for SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes ( links are given in the READ & RUN ME) onto another PC and then burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and infections can spread to them.
If you cannot seem to login to an infected user acco... Read more

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This has happened a couple of times due to power outages, but usually I resolved it through the repair disk and selecting a system restore point.

This time is different as now as once the the recovery cd loads there is no Vista OS from which to choose (there is nothing at all here) to begin to work with to try and repair.

Without the recovery cd I just a "disk read error" message and told to hit ctrl+alt+del.

Would appreciate any suggestions.


Answer:Vista Will Not Boot "Disk Read Error"

Make sure Bios is set to boot from DVD.

Three practical options to choose from

If your computer has a restoration partition (restore to factory specs) you could go that route
For cost contact your computer supplier and get for cost an install DVD. The cost is about $25
You could buy a Windows 7 upgrade DVD for about 150.00

With your computer make and model I can try to help with option one.

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Hi all,

I just bought a new HDD since my 500gb drive wasn't big enough. I bought a 1.5TB drive and I wanted to use both drives. First I tried to transfer my Windows install to the new drive, I started getting some errors while booting up after a few hours. First Windows froze during the boot screen (at the point where it says Starting Windows... and normally the moving logo should appear). So I changed some boot priorities in BIOS and then I got a different error. The one where it asks if you want to start Windows normally or want it to check for problems. Whenever I tried to check for errors it froze during loading. When I picked start Windows normally it worked. Even when I had to reboot for a program. Then overnight I got the error again. I fixed it again and decided to just do a clean Windows install on the new drive.

During install all went well. No problems after rebooting as a result of installing programs or updates whatsoever. Then again overnight It showed the "Disk read error". Tried to fix it the same way but it didn't work. After changing BIOS boot priorities to only boot from the Windows drive it froze up during the Windows screen again or I got the error to run Windows normally or check for problems. This time I couldn't choose an option there, like my keyboard was frozen. So it always picks to check for problems and that doesn't work.

The fix I found this time was to use my Windows 7 disk and choose to repair my Windows. Problem is that it has to ... Read more

Answer:"Disk read error" during boot when pc has been turned off for a while

Btw if I leave my pc on long enough while it's frozen during the Windows screen it reboots automatically and I get the screen where I can choose between normal boot and Systemrecovery boot but this time I can select a normal boot and it will boot without problems.

Still I will probably get the error again once I turn my pc off for a while and turn it on later. Any ideas of how to get rid of this problem for good instead of an hour?

Thanks in advance!

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A sudden error began appearing on my computer yesterday (running XP Home, 2nd SP). When I'm booting up (cold or not) I get a screen which says "Floppy Disk fail(s) (40)" and then it allows me to continue by pressing the F1 key.

Any ideas how to get rid of this short of having to take into a shop?

I am definitely not a 'techie' and need kindergarten-language instructions.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


Answer:"Floppy Disk fail(s) (40)" Boot-up error

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Hi Guys

I have a strange version of this error. It is strange because it is intermittent. Sometimes the pc boots, sometimes it doesn't.

When it doesn't it displays either the above error or it cannot find the master disk. Any suggestions as to where I should be looking?

Answer:"disk read error occurred" on boot

hard drive and/or Controler is failing


and replace the hard drive

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I booted up Wndows earlier today and received this annoying dialog box that says "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive."

I booted the computer again and again and still recieve the same error. And the worst part? I won't go away and it stays on top of the other windows. None of the options it presents to me work either.

I ran a scan under highjackThis. I wonder if you guys can make something of it:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:48:03 PM, on 3/29/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\GetRight\getright.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Music\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explor... Read more

Answer:Solved: "Wndows- No Disk" error at boot-up

See if this helps:

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First, I'd like to say that I did the installation process with this guide:

Now, my symptoms are merely a looping reboot error.

My computer is an HP m8400f, so it comes with 2 x 360GB. I mostly use the second drive(E:\) for storage, so I partitioned the first drive (C:\) and made it a ~10GB NTFS partition. So I got my XP Home OEM CD, rebooted and installed it. Now, as soon as it was done, it said that to continue the installation, I had to reboot. So that's exactly what I did, but as soon as the system rebooted back up, it gave me the "Disk read error, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to continue" error. As most of you may know, it's a constant looping error. I've tried checking if there was a problem with the hard drive with SeaTools, but nothing was wrong with it. I don't know what it could be honestly.

I don't even know what could've caused it to begin with, but now I'm looking for a way to get XP to boot succesfully or just finding a way to get back to Vista since I can't boot to either OS.

Anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to ask.


Answer:"Disk read error" after XP install

Hello and welcome to TSF...
What make/model is your HDD???
Visit manufacturers Web Site, download diagnostic tools and check your HDD for possible bad sectors...
Do you have any important data on the other HDD or unallocated space maybe???
Try installing operating system on other HDD...

Maybe your Windows XP CD is faulty, try with another...
Keep us posted...

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Hi all,

So I'm kind of stuck.. I currently have the problem where I am in an endless cycle of "loading files" -> "Windows Boot Manager" (see: How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 (The Easy Way)).
I have tried to load all of the options -- and none successfully load.
I also end up at a OneKey Recovery as well.. unfortunately, the laptop does not have initial backup or user backup images.
I have a Windows 8 CD for repairing purposes.. however, I cannot load the BIOS/UEFI to change the boot order to load the optical drives first. I have also tried to remove the CMOS battery to fix it.. did not work. .
Also - Windows Boot Manager:
Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] -- does not load properly (leads to OneKey Recovery) Safe Mode (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Networking (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Command Prompt (doesn't load - tries to boot and load all files onto partition that is too small.. can't change partition?)
Enable Boot Logging Enable Low-Resolution Video Debugging MOde Disable automatic restart on system failure Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Display Early Launch Anti-Malware Driver
Start Windows Normally
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I recently used "disk Sanitizer" on my HP laptop and left if over night to clear, hoping that it wouldn't wipe the whole operating system etc. I woke up to to my laptop saying it was all done, so i rebooted the laptop, and when it came back on an error message appeared saying " Non-system Disk Error" and then wouldn't progress past the black start up screen. Could someone please help as to what this means and how/if there is anyway around this. or is my laptop well and truly broken. Any help would be appreciated as i have no clue what i'm doing. Thank you.

Answer:"Non System Disk Error" after I used "disk sanitizer" on my HP Laptop.

Take a look at HP Support

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So I did some work on this machine not too long ago. It had basically lost one hard drive in a raid 0 setup during a power surge, and this poor fellow lost all his data. I tried to talk him into upgrading to a third drive for future situations like this, but now not even two weeks later, when he boots, we get to a screen that says

a disk read error occurred
press ctrl alt del to restart

A browse through these wonderful forums is telling me that his hard drive, or at least the partition on 1 of the drives is toast, which would be disastrous at this point. So I am truly hoping for another solution. Yes the machine is running Raid 0. When I boot the machine I get to the intel boot agent screen with the option to enter the setup menu (this is not the bios, just a boot agent something or other where you can tell the machine to boot according to the bios ect) Following that, the screen goes blank, the super micro graphic screen comes up just briefly and then bam, this good old message appears, so there does not even appear to be a way to get into the bios.

I am desreate for advice... If I must resinstall windows, then so be it, but we are talking thousands of dollars worth of data, that would be lost. Please please help!

Answer:Raid 0, Boot prob, "A disk read error occurred" press ctrl alt del to restart

Try hitting del continuously when booting to see if you can get into the bios, then see what drives in the raid array are recognized.

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as described in the title when i boot my laptop:
i get the "disk read error -> press cntrl alt del to restart" message. I then tried to access the backup partition through f10 only to run into this error "status : 0xc00000e9 Info : an unexpected I/O error has occurred" it seems that it cant communicate with my hard drive.

I read a few other forum posts but didnt see anyone have the 0xc00000e9 error also. Bios boot priorities are in order if that matters.

Is there a fix without having to replace the entire HD and buy a new vista installation(preinstalled w/ no disc in the box).

Im very reluctant to take it to a service center as i can very likely fix it myself (with the help of the friendly people here of course), only problem is im having a little trouble..finding.. my HD in this damn notebook.. heh, ill figure that part out. new to notebook repair.

Thanks in advance. Danny

edit: found the HD, doesnt look like it even uses a cable, just plugs right into what i assume is the mb. dont know if that helps just supplying what i can.

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I use Windows XP. I boot from my 40gig HD and have an 80gig slave drive. My computer's worked great untill 2 days ago. Now whenever I boot up, it does the usual cd rom and floppy drive noises then it shows a black screen that says "A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL ALT DELETE"

So I CTRL ALT DELETE it and then it tries to boot up and says "Error Reading Operating System". It alternates between these two messages when I reboot

Here's the thing though, After about about 20 minutes messing with the computer (turning it off and on and restarting multiple times), it will finally load windows and work just fine. All my data is on my hard drive and everthing runs smooth. But then it will give me the same errors when I try to boot up the next time.

What can I do?

Answer:"Disk Read Error" AND "Error Reading Operating System"

Tried using your XP disc to repair the OS ?

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Hello. I have been having trouble installing windows 7. When i select to boot from the windwos 7 disk, the black sceen loads everything, and the windows setup lading sceen apperas. It then goes to the blue windows 7 theme screen and sits for about 2 minutes before crashing to a black screen and forcing a reboot.

Currently, i only have 2GB of ram, have unplugged everyting except my mouse keybaord an monitor and speakers, slow burned the disk at 2x, and checked compatibility online. I am still unsuccessfull.

I can however, install from the load screen in my windows XP. I have a second empty partion i would like to install 7 on. I have tried installing this way, but after the fist update and restart, my screen crashes and forces reboot.

any ideas?

Answer:Cannot install from "Boot from Disk"

Try copying files from DVD to XP desktop to run Setup.

Try installing from USB flash key: USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create Boot by tapping key given on first boot screen for Boot Menu; look under Hard Drives.

Next, look in BIOS setup for BIOS version to check against latest BIOS update on computer or mobo manufacturer's Support Downloads webpage for your model.

CHeck SATA controller setting. Try AHCI first, attempt install. NExt try IDE.

Make sure Plug N Play and USB legacy are enabled in BIOS.

Download diagnostic CD from HD maker's Support Downloads page for your model.

Next test RAM using memtest86 bootable CD, at least 6 passes or overnight.

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Hi there,

I've got a machine currently that throws up a "disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del to restart" message on post. I've swapped out the IDE cables, I've run an error check on the disk by plugging it into another machine and all of this yields no results. The files are accessable on the other machine, and shows no problems with the hard drive.

As a last resource I could format the drive and see if its just a windows thing but im willing to try almost anything else beforehand.


Answer:"Disk read error" on boot

It seems that this problem is caused by sharing your Hard disk with CD ROM on the same IDE cable.

When connecting HD and CDROM/CDRW/DVD etc. to your computer you should follow these standards.

1)Don?t connect a HD and CDROM/CDRW/DVD to the same IDE port.

2)Connect the HD to IDE 1 and Connect the CDROM/CDRW/DVD to IDE 2 unless you have an SATA HD then you can connect the CDROM/CDRW/DVD to IDE 1 but still never connect a HD and CDROM/CDRW/DVD on the same IDE port.

3)When setting jumpers on HD and CDROM/CDRW/DVD drive always set the master to ?MASTER ONLY? and the slave to ?SLAVE?.
NEVER CHOOSE ?MASTER W/ SLAVE (even if you have a slave)? or ?CABLE SELECT? or ?32 GB LIMIT?.

Hope this helps

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I have a Compaq Presario c700 and every time I cut my computer on I get this message that tells me to enter boot disk. I went onto my other cpu (xp) and downloaded the recovery files onto my usb drive and stuck it in the laptop but it didn't work. Do I have to get the OS? If so I need a free one.
I need help badly my xp doesn't have a cd burner.

Answer:"Insert Boot Disk" error


Not sure what you have done, but you will not get a free system installation system disk from this forum.

We can help you recover the system you have provided it is not beyond repair.

So exactly what have you done & how did it happen?

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Having a problem with getting my second HDD to work with my pc.

My operating system is XP SP3, BIOS is Award Modular v6.00PC, motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2, rev 6.6.

I installed a SATA II second HDD in my machine a while ago, I plugged it straight in a spare slot and it worked perfectly. Then the other day it failed, It came up with "disk boot error" when I booted the machine the other day. It was making a steady clicking sound, and I was informed that it was broken.

So I disconnected it and the pc worked fine, so I bought a new HDD and installed it in the exact same SATA port as the previous one had been, but it still came up with "disc boot error" when I tried to boot. Now, there are a total of 4 SATA II ports on my pc, one already in use for the main disc, and the one which I had first installed my 2nd HDD. I tried the new 2nd HDD in one of the other two ports, and windows booted fine. only problem was that windows didn't recognize the drive in my computer. It appeared in device manager though, but I didn't look in disk management at that point, I turned off the machine and tried it in the other SATA port that I hadn't tried yet. Still no luck, now it wasn't even appearing in device manager.

Then I tried using the old HDD that had borked, I had tapped the side to free the head, and installed it in its old port in the pc. and it still came up with "disc boot error", though without the clicking noise this ti... Read more

Answer:HDD problem - "disk boot error"

Did you use the same SATA cable or did you change the cable as well? Second, does the BIOS show your drives at all other than your main one?

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Hope this query is in the right section -tried to use my LDS 1881 England Census CDs last night - but having problems with the Viewer.

I have V4 which up to now has worked perfectly - tried to re-install it
and I keep getting "Failed to extract file "Dll_ini" from binary table"
error message.

BUT no problems on my laptap which has the Viewer installed from the
same CD.

Have had a few problems with computer of late - it was in the workshop
3 weeks ago because of some corrupt Windows files - could that be the

Grateful for any advice, suggestions as to what to do!

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I'm trying to install XP Home on a freshly formatted Hard drive.
I've been searching google for several hours trying to solve this problem. I've tried "fix" I could find but,I keep getting this error:

STOP: c0000221 Unknown Hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll
So far I've tried the following (one at a time):
1. removed original 2 optical drives, installed one I know works.
2. Removed each of the two RAM strips, one at a time. I don't have any new to try, but I doubt both would be bad...
3. replaced data cables
4. disabled UDMA
5. tried 2 different install CDs
6. HDD diagnostics report all is well
7. obvioulsy I can't "fix" the install or "copy .dll files" since there is no xp installed.
What else is there to try!!??

Answer:XP Home Won't install "Unknown Hard Error"

0xC0000218 is the Unknown hard error code?

Indicates driver problems, system file problems, disk corruption problems (such as a damaged pagefile), or faulty memory hardware.

We need to know what error you are dealing with for sure.

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I'm running Windows 7 on a DELL XPS. Before this happened a disk scan was running and I reset the computer before it was finished. It restarted the first time, but by the time I got back to the computer it was on the "Strike f1 to retry boot" screen.I've tried turning on CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK & SCROLL LOCK and hitting ALT - E,F,B, but that did not seem to work. I don't know if I did the combination work or something, but I tried a variety of combos and none of them seemed to work. I also tried reloading the default settings in the Boot options menu and that did not seem to help either. I've read resetting the BIOS is a possible solution, but I'm not sure what the next step is at this point.Any help would be greatly appreciated.* UPDATE: I just ran a diagnostics test and it said Error Code 0141 - No Drive Detected

Answer:Getting "Strike f1 to retry boot" "Error Code 0141 - No Drive Detected"

Its having issues detecting the hard drive. What is the exact make/model number of this computer?Curious as to why you didnt allow it to finish properly? Did it take forever getting hung at a certain point of the scandisk in which you told it to reboot because it was not progressing further? I have a strong feeling you will need to replace the hard drive. The system sensed an issue with the drive before it died and it attempted a scandisk to try to repair, and right now it sounds like the issue with the drive got worse from the point in which the system detected a scandisk was necessary to correct for errors.

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Just completed my first build. I have two error messages during the boot sequence that I cannot resolve. The first screen shot during boot is the Asus logo. Next is a black screen that reads:

"JMicron Technologies, PCI Express to SATA Host Controller ROM V1.07.23
Detecting drives; Done; No drives found"

next up is another black screen that reads:

"Marvel 88SE91XX Adapter BIOS version
Initializing...No drives present
PCIe X1 5.0 GB p/s

It then proceeds to boot up Win 7 with no apparent problems. The SSD is hooked up to the SATA6 G_2 port. Nothing is hooked into the SATA6 E_1 or E_2 ports.

In the BIOS, under the SATA menu, I have the mode set to AHCI.
SATA 6G_1(Gray) is "not present" and the hot plug "disabled."
SATA 6 G_2(Gray) shows M4-CT128M4SSD2(128.0 GB) and hot plug is "enabled."
SATA 3G_3(Blue) is "ATAPI iHAS424 B ATAPI" and hot plug is "enabled."
The SATA6_E1 SATA6_E2 ports are "not present" and "disabled."

Under the Boot menu, Boot Option Priorities: #1 is set to P2: M4-CT128M4SSD2(128.0 GB.) #2 is set to P3: ATAPI iHAS424 B ATAPI. CD/DVD Rom Drive has an expandable arrow which shows, when clicked, Boot Option #1 ATAPI iHAS424 B ATAPI. Hard Drive BBS Priorities is expandable to show "Boot Option #1 M4-CT128M4SSD2 (128.0 GB.)
Build Specs:
OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1
MOBO: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
BIOS: Version 4/26/2011 160... Read more

Answer:Error message "No drives found" on boot up after new build & install

Unplug it from SATA 6 G_2 & plug it into SATA 3G. The Marvell driver / port is pretty much useless anyway.

Bootup & see if that gets you in. If not you can always reverse it.

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Since my system is originally a SATA configuration, the BIOS is set to AHCI mode.
I have a 64BIT Vista Home, with one Western Digital SATA hard drive (540 GB free space).

I have done the followings:
I have partitioned the drive, with a supposed XP partition at the end of the drive.
I have added a new (separate) Western Digital SATA drive (160 GB).
I have hit the F6 key to install drivers for storage.
I completely disconnected the original drive (with Vista) and installed the new drive alone (just for process of issue elimination), still same issue - 0x0000007B Blue screen error.
I have scanned the system for virus.
Don't know what else to do.

Could someone please help me here. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot Install XP64 For Dual-Boot - "0x0000007B" Error

try these

Advanced troubleshooting for &#34;Stop 0x0000007B&#34; errors in Windows XP

STOP 0x0000007B - STOP 0x7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE - Fix STOP Error 0x0000007B

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Hi all,

Sorry to repeat a question I see a lot of instances of, but none of those seem to be addressing my problem correctly.

I have not done anything new to my computer in recent days, so this problem has caught me off guard (I see most instances of this problem come after upgrading to Windows 7, I have had Win 7 installed for a while now).

Here is a summary of my problem:
1) My computer recently got stuck on the "Starting Windows Screen." So I manually held the power button to reboot.
2) On reboot, it said there was a need to run a startup repair, which I did. Everything checked fine, except for the last one which said "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted," which it claimed to have successfully fixed.
3) After rebooting from repair, the system gets stuck on "Starting Windows Screen" for a good 10-15 minutes, after which it runs a registry check. After it completes that I get hopeful -- but the screen then gets stuck on an all black screen with just the mouse cursor and nothing more.
4) Additional note: Attempting to start the computer on "safe mode" leads safe mode startup to become stalled on "DRIVERS\CLASSPNP.SYS"
5) The lastest attempt to repair yielded this message: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.
Problem event Name: Startup Repair Offline
Problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
02: 6.1.7600.16385
03: uknown
04: 21201099
05" AutoFailover
06: 2
07: Corrupt Volume
OS Version: 6.1.7600.... Read more

Answer:Stuck on "Starting Windows", Repair Shows "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted"

Hi Stan, Hopefully I can help you out....or at least lead you in the right direction. From my experience, the symptoms you are suggesting sound like perhaps a dying Hard drive.

1. Do you have the windows 7 boot disks that came with your computer or when you bought the Operating System? If so, you could try and insert one of those and boot from it, and attempt to repair the installation. (this won't affect your data, only the windows system files).

2. If that doesn't fix it, you could try a fresh reinstall of windows 7, and see if that works.

3. If neither of those work, its likely that because of the fact that when windows is repairing itself, it is generally putting copies of its system files in the same physical location on your disk. Because your disk is obviously not completely dead, ie....its still loading to the windows 7 startup screen, its just copying files to the bad sectors on your hard drive and gets stuck when loading. This is especially my guess because you said Safe mode is having same problems, even after attempting to repair. In the past, I've tried and salvage a disk by reformatting it and only leaving on partitions which do not contain the bad clusters. This takes some time, and some guess work.....and really this is only a "bandaid" fix because once the disk has bad clusters, its only a matter of time before these things give out. You wouldn't want to trust your important data on it anyways....

I hope this leads you in ... Read more

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I constantly get a window saying "windows detected a hard disk problem, back up immediately then contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace disk. Back up your computer immediately and shut down your computer until you get problem resolved." I have ran Norton, scan disk,device manager, and no problems are found. I am really stupid when it comes to this stuff, my neighbor used to help me but she moved. If it helps, I have a toshiba sattelite with windows 7. It has froze up on me once last week,but other than that it runs fine except for the annoying 1/2 screen window with the big red x on it, I just close it and it will come back about every 10 minutes.

Answer:I keep getting "Windows detected a hard disk problem" but cant find one.

Have you backed everything up to an external drive if not then do it now. Better safe than sorry.
Did you run the disk checker chkdsk /f with the /f extension to fix bad sectors?
START> Type "gpedit.msc" then enter. "Local Group Policy" windows appear.
Click>>>> Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Trouble Shooting and Diagnostic\Disk Diagnostic: Configure custom alert text : Setting. "Disk Diagnostic" windows appear. Disable the state.... also .. Disk Diagnostic:D iagnostic execution level : Setting. "Disk Diagnostic" windows appear. Disable the state....
will switch off the notification if you are happy that your drive is good.

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i have bought a new computer recently and today i got this error message (i think the error is quite famous i will provide a photo if needed) and i have been trying to fix with no luck here is the situation so far.

1) i got the error after updating (it poped up after restarting the computer) the driver for my nvidia graphics card (not sure if this is important) .

2) i've searched around and i couldn't tell if this is a legitimate error or just maleware .

3) i ran check disk and no bad sectors were found .

4) i ran malwarebytes and it didn't find anything.

5) i ran superantispyware and it found and cleaned some threats .

6) i ran seaTools and the drive passed the fix all function .

i have done a complete back up just in case.

how do i fix this problem ?

please inform me if any information is needed and i will provide it ASAP.

i apologize for the long post.

Thank You

Answer:i need help with fixing "windows has detected a hard disk problem".

If you have made a backup image of your drive - you have done the best thing, just in case.

Are you still getting the message?

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hi. i'm new here. nice to meet all of you!
just like a lot of folks i'm sure, i've come here because there are some weird things running on my pc that shouldnt be in there.
please help!!!!!!

heres the hijack log
(thanks in advance. i don't know much about this computer virus stuff.)

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:06:40 AM, on 9/5/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Dantz\Retrospect\retrorun.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\ConnMgr\cmisrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Components\Encoder\Wmencagt.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\AppMgr\vz... Read more

Answer:"windows no disk" and "winsilly" "win956temp"

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At bootup, Xp screen remains on-screen and does not boot.
On reboot, option to start in safe mode appears.
When booting in safe mode, Blue Screen appears with error message.
Message reads " STOP C000218 Hard Error" and reboots
Back to square one!
If I start Recovery console, and chkdsk I get the message "the volume appears to have one or more unrecoverable problems.

I can't understand why this has happened. I've not altered any hardware or settings since this morning, and now it's kaput! Please help!!!!

Answer:"Hard Error c000218" PC won't boot

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My comp was messed up so I decided to clean reinstall xp pro, my hard drive was split into 3 partition, C, E backup and L photos and bits, at the point of the install were you decide,delete our make partitions, I decided to delete L as it was not needed and clean install onto C, leaving E with my docs and data, the install went fine, when I looked at my drives in admin tools the C is marked boot and E system, I was going to delete E and make new partitions, but because it marked as system, can not delete it. How did I do this and is there away to put it all back onto C, without reformatting.

Answer:Solved: partitions "boot" and "system" after xp install.

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When I boot up my computer, after the "welcome screen" from expressgate and my ASUS motherboard I get the error:
"BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

I did a search on fixes for this error and was told to insert my Windows 7 install disk into my DVD drive. I use a downloaded version of Windows 7 so I didn't have an install disk, so I downloaded a pirate .ISO of a Windows 7 install disk and burned it onto a blank DVD+R disk, and then tested it on another computer to make sure it worked normally and didn't have any malware.

I put this DVD+R into the PC with the BOOTMGR problem and restarted it, but my computer showed no sign of recognising that there were any disks in the DVD drive. I thought that the install disk must have been faulty so I tried to insert my Ubuntu DVD+R but my computer did not recognise that either.

I thought that the problem might lie in my boot order so I pressed "Del" at my motherboard and reconfigured my boot order settings so that my DVD drive was the first priority (though for some reason, my motherboard lists it as a CD drive instead of a DVD drive). I tried both DVD+R disks again and my computer still didn't recognise that I had inserted anything into my DVD+R drive; it did not prompt me to press any key to boot from the disk.

I have had this computer (put together by my brother so I have no hardware manufacturers to seek tech support from as far as I am aware) for nearly two years and I i... Read more

Answer:"Bootmgr is missing" Windows 7 install disk not recognised

You're positive it's a DVD drive? You've successfully read a DVD with it, and it says "DVD" somewhere on the front?

When you are again able to boot into your legit (I hope) Windows 7 you can create a bootable repair disk: Start - All Programs - Maintenance - Create a System Repair Disc.

If your BIOS includes a hard drive diagnostic I'd run that.

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When turning on, the screen will display the windows startup animation and once finished a blank screen. After about 30 seconds to a minute a black screen pops up and asks if i would like to start up normally or run startup recovery. The Normal start up fails and ends up returning to the first black screen. When i run startup repair it says it cannot find a solution. I sent error message and the log said:

All tests performed were successful.
Root cause found: boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully.
Root cause found: bad hard disk: Bugcheck 7a. Parameters = 0xfffff8a000efeb80, 0xffffffffc0000185, 0x1753e08c0, 0xfffff900c0770000.

Each session reported a single root cause which ended up being one of those two.

After that i went under additional options and signed into system recovery using one of the users and selected startup repair again and went under problem details:

Problem signiture:
Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signiture 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signiture 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signiture 03: unknown
Problem Signiture 04: 21200110
Problem Signiture 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signiture 06: 6
Problem Signiture 07: BadDisk
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

I tried looking up aolutions online but couldnnt find one that was identicle.

I then tried diskcheck using command prompt, under C: /F and /R.

Sometimes the processes would complete with no errors or solutions and sometimes th... Read more

Answer:Windows sign in will not open "Bad Hard Disk"

What you need is a new disk. This one seems to be broken. Bugcheck 7a means that an essential Kernel module cannot be loaded. If chkdsk could not repair it, you do not have a lot of options.

Try to save your files (e.g. with Lucid Puppy) and make a clean reinstall on the new disk.

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I keep seeing this error.. "Windows is having a hard disk problem." And it basically prompts me to backup my data, like I am about to see an impending hard drive issue. I found some threads on other forums, but found nothing conclusive. Any ideas. This is a pretty new hard drive, and it is a new install of windows 7. There is also another older drive connected to the system, that contains all the older files, which I have moved over to the new..

Need to confirm which drive is having the issues, if it is indeed having issues, or if there is something I can look into to resolve some sort of software related issue that is causing the problem.

Answer:"Windows is having a hard disk problem".. pops up..

Will add.. The OS seems to be running very smooth, and does not seem to be having any problems..

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My nextdoor neighbor tried to slave his Win98 disk into his WinXP Home computer. Although the Device Manager seems to say that it recognizes the slave disk, when My Computer window is displayed, there is no recognition of the slave disk? We went through a device manager uninstall and reboot with the same result.

My neighbor did not make any changes to the BIOS to indicate a slave disk - I assume all are IDE on his HP machine.

Can anyone point me to a good online tutorial dealing with "How to Slave a Hard Disk" for Windows?


-- Tom

Answer:Need Tutorial on "How to Slave a Hard Disk" for Windows

I am sure his current drive is set up and jumpered as Cable Select. If it is the drive you are adding as a slave also needs to be set to cable select and plugged into the second connector on the ribbon cable. The BIOS also needs to recognize the drive in order for the OS to be able to use it.

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Recently my nephew's netbook has crashed. Windows 7 Starter would not load. I tried a few fixes which proved unsuccessful. Right now I am trying to install Windows 7 but am having much trouble. When the setup screen loads up and asks me to choose a partition the following items are present: Disk 0 Partition 1:RECOVERY, Disk 0 Partition 3: SYSTEM, Disk 0 Partition 3: Primary (40GB), Disk 0 Partition 4: Primary (178GB). It will not allow me to install to either Primary partition with the following reason: "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.". I have also tried to format both the 3,4 partitions but always get an error message, although the one that had windows on is now showing nearly all memory space free. I would appreciate any help that could lead me in the right direction so I can get Windows 7 Starter installed on this computer. Thank you.

Answer:Trouble Installing Windows 7 "cannot install to this disk"

Have you tried running Factory Recovery from its partition? Tap the key(s) given to trigger it on first boot screen or in the User Manual for your model.

Try also deleting the last three partitions during booted Custom install using Drive Options: Clean Install Windows 7

If this fails try creating a Primary partition there and marking it Active using Step 2.2 here: SSD - HDD Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

If install still fails, wipe the HD using the above tutorial and try install again both with and within pre-partitioning. Note that the Recovery Partition will be deleted if you do this so make sure it is not working first.

You can do the operations in the last two paragraphs with a graphical interface using free Partition Wizard bootable CD.

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Heya. Windows7 recently popped up saying it was installing a Disk Drive, only problem is that I hadn't plugged anything in. Now in the device manage an Unknown device is listed.

Does anyone know of anything that could cause this and if there's any way to remove it?

Answer:Windows trying to install a "Disk Drive" I never plugged in.

Hello nums. Welcome to the Forum.

Things that can usually causes that is a device that is part of your system that does not have proper Plug-and-Play capabilities and does not have the correct driver installed for it, or a phantom device that was not removed from the system properly.

But before anyone here can begin to think about what it could be we will need to know what we are working with. Could you fill out your "My System Specs" under your forum profile for us? Include somewhere whether this is a laptop or desktop and don't forget to mention any connected devices or peripherals on your system.
That will help us help you.

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I will try to keep this as brief as possible and yet give you wise and wonderful tech persons all the information you need to help me out. I am intelligent, but NOT a super-user.

I have an e-machines desktop computer. It is old. A Cyrix MII 266 processor with upgraded memory. I have a 10gb Maxtor hard drive which is the issue at hand. I am running Win2000. My home computer (the e-machine desktop) is networked through a router with my printer and my business laptop.

The problem: Win2000 loads and boots. It LOOKS like it's functioning properly. However, it cannot read any of the files on the disk. When I try, it tells me C: is inaccessible. I can't search, explore, etc. The files are "non-existent."

I managed to get Windows to create a backup of it and saved that file to my Laptop. I can only "assume" that it actually backed up ALL the files on the drive so they are safe.

One really ODD thing you should know is that I cannot get into the BIOS. When it boots and usually gives you that second or two to hit [F2] and enter setup ... doesn't do that any more. I sit and hold the F2 key. Nope. I've second-guessed myself and tried the ESC key and the F1 key. I've tried it with and without the CTRL key. Nothing. So I can't even tell the silly thing to boot from the CD instead, load onto my D: backup drive and then kill the C: drive. It's like it's possessed.

Things I've already tried (not necessarily in this order):
1... Read more

Answer:Solved: Hard Disk issue similar to "Help! Broken Hard disk" Thread

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Hey guys!

My computers only 2 weeks old and I'm already running into problems! I didn't get it for the first week but now about 4/5 of the time I start my computer up in the morning I get this problem:

So then I enter in my Windows Vista recovery DVD-ROM to boot from disk and repair:

It's a really annoying problem and I just would like to get it fixed. My computer is an Ibuypower computer if that matters. Completely custom.

Answer:"Windows failed to start" problem, forced to boot from disk

Hi, yes it looks like you corrupted your BCD store there is bcdedit.exe that can be run from a command prompt to fix Vista's boot loader, however there is a much better way, use this program to fix your boot problem (read the info this is a powerful program) :-

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First time posting here, so I apologize if I my post is too vague.

I started up my laptop (Alienware M14x, Windows 7 64 bit - not sure if it's Ultimate, Home Premium, etc...) yesterday and it displayed a message saying that Windows had failed to boot. I restarted and attempted starting it in Safe Mode and from the last good configuration and both failed, leaving me with the same screen with the two options of starting normally or running startup repair. I also tried disabling driver signature enforcement, which also failed to resolve the issue. I then ran startup repair and just let it go for about 8 hours and it just continuously "attempted to repair." I left it overnight and then let it keep going for most of my day today. Altogether, it was running startup repair for around 30 hours.

I forced a restart and made a system repair disc using another laptop (also Windows 7 64 bit). I booted with the disc and hit next on the language/country menu. Windows 7 showed up as a choice as my operating system, but I could not hit the next button (blue loading circle would replace my cursor whenever I dragged over the window). After a couple minutes, a window appeared that said something along the lines of "identifying disk." This window stuck around for about 5 minutes and when it disappeared I was taken to the system recovery options. On the top of this window it says "Operating System: Unknown on (Unknown) local disk." I do not have my Windows 7 i... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 will not boot, infinite startup repair loop + "unknown disk"

Work through the rest of the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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It's stuck on a screen with the hp logo and just says that. I never enabled f8 so I can't access safe mode, and the recovery disks/windows 8 discs don't boot. I need to at least get all my pics off the hd. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Windows 8 won't boot, "Repairing disk errors"

and the recovery disks/windows 8 discs don't either

They don't ... what ?

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I get an error trying to install an update: "WindowsUpdate_80070103" "WindowsUpdate_dt000".  The title of it leads me to believe it is important to security.  Information I've seen related to this starts at the 'graduate program'
level of computer ability whereas I am in Kindergarten, having taken a solemn oath to never program again back in 1977.  Will someone please give me a keystroke-by-keystroke instruction on how to get this update to work?  Thanks!

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Hello - I've repeatedly tried and failed to install Service Pack 1. I have run the update readiness tool, and have run chkdsk and sfc. I've tried installing through Windows Update, as well as downloading the standalone installer from Microsoft.

The former results in an "unknown error"; the latter results in a window saying that "the specified service does not exist as an installed service" almost immediately after trying. A similar message has come up occasionally in recent days when trying to install a couple of other programs.

I'm currently out of ideas and would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I was gonna install windows 7 pro 64bit on my laptop (clean install). However, when i got to the point where i go to partition the different discs I got this message:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu"

As I am unsure what to do I dared not change anyting in the BIOS, the only thing I know how to do in the BIOS is to change boot priority from my Hard Drive to CD/DVD-drive or floppy disk...

Is there an easy fix for this problem? Im running a acer Aspire 3810T with a singe Hard Drive and I have no operating system since my old one was removed when I deletet all partitions in order to make new ones for my fresh windows 7 installation.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Windows 7 Installation "Can not install on this disk"

Quote: Originally Posted by Lashley

I was gonna install windows 7 pro 64bit on my laptop (clean install). However, when i got to the point where i go to partition the different discs I got this message:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu"

As I am unsure what to do I dared not change anyting in the BIOS, the only thing I know how to do in the BIOS is to change boot priority from my Hard Drive to CD/DVD-drive or floppy disk...

Is there an easy fix for this problem? Im running a acer Aspire 3810T with a singe Hard Drive and I have no operating system since my old one was removed when I deletet all partitions in order to make new ones for my fresh windows 7 installation.

Thanks in advance,

Is it an internal drive? has anything changed? does the dvd install on other computers?

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I found one online and was wondering just what it was before I purchased it.

And what is a COA disk? Can that be used more than once?OEM

Answer:Will an "OEM" disk install windows XP on any computer, more than once?

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