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outlook and word 2007 freezing in office 2007

Question: outlook and word 2007 freezing in office 2007

I am running windows 7 on a new computer. Outlook 2007 is freezing many times after it is opened. I click on an e mail and it just freezes.
Word has done it also but not as bad.

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Preferred Solution: outlook and word 2007 freezing in office 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all,

Hoping somebody can help me out here. I sent this off to Microsoft about a month ago and have since received three emails in response, one of which said 'try reinstalling' another saying 'are you sure this is the only program in which there is a problem' and a third saying 'please bear with us, we're experiencing high levels of requests right now and need more time.' That was ten days ago.

Yes. Well. I'm hoping somebody out there can help instead

So some background information. I purchased a new laptop about two months ago, on which had Windows Vista (business) automatically installed. I installed myself Office 2007 and updated all the necessary security features and upgrades and so forth. All programs are genuine. This is a decent quality laptop - decent speed (set me back around $2k AU)

About six weeks ago now I began having problems with my computer. It would suddenly freeze on application - the screen would go white and I would lose the ability to click on anything else. alt+ctr+delete had no effect, nor did leaving it alone for a while. Every time this happened I would need to hard restart.

After a system of elimination, I realised the problem occurred when I was opening 2003 Word Documents. (Almost) every time I opened such a document I would freeze up. As a uni student, I'm constantly receiving various documents from other parties which I have been left unable to access.
I say almost. After some testing on my... Read more

Answer:Freezing issue when opening 2003 Word docs in Office 2007

Office 2007 can read previous versions of Office no matter which program in Office you are using, other versions will need the compatibility pack from Microsoft so they can read 2007 version.

I did use Office 2007 myself recently in a temp job for seven weeks and I don’t remember seeing an option to save a document in an earlier version format, is the computer is still under warranty?

What ram and processor have you got? Some problems with Vista are caused because If buying a new PC or laptop beware of the differences between ‘Vista-Capable’ and ‘Vista Premium Ready’
A PC that is &#8216;Vista-capable&#8217; can run Windows Vista, but won&#8217;t necessarily get everything working. <<<<<<<<

&#8216;VistaPremium-ready&#8217; PC, can get all of the more demanding features such as Aero working correctly.

At the very least Vista needs a truckload of memory and a lot of the cheaper notebooks only come with 512mb of ram unless you have paid for extra, where at least a gig is needed, Ideally 2 gig of memory would be the way to go.

But you did say a reasonable lap top and going by what you wrote it obviously was not like this at the beginning. (Two weeks after you brought it, it started to play up, or is that when you installed Office and its been playing up since you installed it? (I am still thinking will post again if something comes to mind)

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when i try to open a email in outlook 2007 i get the massage:
"Cannot Create the Work File" check the temporary variable
and i can't see any pictures or attached files in the massage. the text is shown
i also get the massage when opening word
i tried the auto fix in office 2007 and it didn't help
i tried to change (the path) and delete the files in "OutlookSecureTempFolder" but that don't solve the problem
how can i solve the problem????

Answer:Office 2007 problem (word, outlook)

Reinstall Office? Ensure you have the updates. IMO if a repair installation doesn't fix the issue in Office I usually have to reinstall the software.

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Running Vista Ultimate (32 bit) on HP Media Center Desktop Unit (8100y). Each time system is booted up and Outlook 2007 is accessed for the first time, Microsoft Office 2007 begins to reconfigure itself. Neither canceling of the configuation process nor allowing the process to complete seems to have any apparent effect on subsequent operations.

Performed repair function on the Office application without any discernible effect. Any help in resolving this issue would be truly appreciated!

Answer:Starting Outlook 2007 causes Microsoft Office 2007 to reconfigure itself

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On computer1, I have successfully created a customized form with user-define fields in Outlook 2007 and a merge document in Word 2007 that works (starting the merge from Outlook 2007). I want to copy the custom form with the user-define fields and the merge document to a second computer (computer2).

I saved the custom form with fields from computer1 to a *.fdm file using the Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options, Custom Forms, Manage forms. On computer2 I used the same process to install the custom form file (*.fdm) into Outlook 2007 and created a new contact folder that uses the form and displays/adds new contact records correctly. I also copied the Word merge document to computer2. Computer1 and computer2 both have Office 2007.

All the problems occur on computer2. First, when I attempted to merge (starting in Outlook 2007), Word gave messages that all my user-defined fields did NOT exist in the database although I could see them in the Contact records. I attempted to create a new document and the user-define fields do NOT show up in the Word merge field list either.

On computer2, I created from scratch a new contacts folder with a new custom form and user-define fields which works when merging. Therefore, the problem seems to be that Word can not see the fields I created from the *.fdm file I installed.

Can anyone please help me with this? Thank you in advance.


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hebrew font is not recognised in Outlook 2007 although it is installled in office 2007 and works well in word 2007 & exel 2007 - the hebrew text always comes up as ?????.?????? when displaying the senders name in an email received - instead of the hebrew text.Can anybody correct this ?

Answer:hebrew font is working in word 2007 but not in outlook 2007

Do you have any COM add ins? Can you copy and paste the Hebrew lettering from word to an email in outlook (may be a quick work around)?Im unsure of the specifics to your problem but I did find this on the internet:in order to display multibyte (ie hebrew) characters correctly,- you must use a Unicode-type PST file- you must run Outlook in Unicode mode- the incoming message must be properly encoded (by the sender) as Hebrew.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113859 MB, Free - 60738 MB; D: Total - 110275 MB, Free - 61717 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Chapala , Not Applicable, LXAQB0X612826017F32500
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

For no apparent reason my version of MS Outlook has suddenly gone belly-up. All other apps. in Office work fine.
When I now try to open Outlook I receive the following "Cannot open your default email folders. The file C:\User\Maurice\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file"

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Office from the original disks a number of times, I have successfully installed this on another Win7 desktop computer partition and it works fine. I have attempted to follow the MS repair online notification for .pst but it doesn't seem to work (or maybe it is me that isn't working). Most frustrating. Any word by word suggestions greatly appreciated.

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OK, so I have researched and read several other users comments that are having/had a similar issue with this dialog pop-up error message from Microsoft Word 2007. The most common fix I have found is to search for "officeav.dll" and rename it to "officeav.old" and restart my computer. That sounded like a promising and easy fix. However, I cannot find that file on my computer, anywhere, so that solution obviously will not work for me, and I am desperately looking for another solution, and so now I am seeking your help, please...

I am running Windows 7, Service Pack 1, 64-bit version. I am using Microsoft Office 2007.

I recently was laid off, so I have been emailing my resume to potential employers, and when I attach my resume to my Outlook 2007 email, in .docx format, and then close Outlook, and Word (if it is happens to be open), I get several pop-up dialog boxes, but they are just duplicates of the same two separate dialog boxes, which repeat depending on how many attachments I include, or how many times I send emails with my resume/references. The first box states, "You cannot close Microsoft Office Word because a dialog box is open. Click OK, switch to Word, and then close the dialog box." Once I click OK, the second box states, "Word has encountered a problem." I click "Show Help" to get more information, and it states, "There is a problem saving the file..." It goes on but the information is useless... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007 Cannot Close After Attaching a .docx File in Outlook

If the pressing problem is to be able to send out your cv without experiencing this problem then you could create, if you don't already have one, a gmail account, which can easily be configured if necessary to show your usual email address. You will not then experience this problem.

I'll take a look at Office 2007 and see if I can replicate your problem.

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I just obtained an A55 ThinkCenter which had a 60-day trial of MS Office installed. I had no need nor wanted Office 2007.  Tried to install MS Word 2000. It installed without any problems, but it would not open completely and remained hung up. I used the Control Panel to uninstall MS Office 2007 and then MS Word 2000 worked. After I uninstalled Office I noticed that there were remnants of Office still installed. Does anyone know of a safe way to remove the rest of that Office Stuff? I also have another problem caused by that Office trial installation. When I receive Emails with PowerPoint attachments they cannot be opened in OutLook Express. I get an error message saying that it does not recognize the extension, yet outside of Outlook the attachments are opened with the PowerPoint Viewer. Anybody know what I have to do to get those attachments to open in Outlook Express?

Answer:Trial Office 2007 Blocks MS Word 2000 and PowerPoint Attachments in Outlook Express

Maybe this will put you back on track? It's for the 2007 beta, but should not be far off the official release.

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I have had a few users complain about this, so maybe some one has some info.

If we have a press release in a Word document format, and we copy & paste the text into an Outlook e-mail, the formatting, in terms of size and font changes to Outlook's default. We've tried setting Outlook to RTF format, and then back to HTML format, to no avail. Is there a step or a trick I am missing, so we can copy from Word into Outlook, and maintain font and text size settings?

Answer:Word 2007 to Outlook 2007 Formatting

The default settings should maintain source formatting.

When I tried copying from Word 2007 to outlook 2007 the formatting stayed the same, but outlook doesn't have page breaks some of the text is layed out differently.

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HiI want to purchase Word 2007 for my grandaughter for college work , I have done some searches and I can get , Word 2007 OEM Win32, 1pk, EN-059-06762 , quite cheaply , or I can purchase Microsoft Office Standard 2007 through a student purchase .Word on its own will do but I am not sure of the descriptin , ie WIN 32 , she has xp sp2 on her pc , and the office standard version , is there a lot of difference in the full version .any help would be highly appreciated .cheers

Answer:Word 2007 / office 2007

Why not use OPen Office it is FREE and does the same job and is compatable with MS Office.Get it here

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Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)  and printer Slow When Connected To Network, But Fast When Not. with windwos vista , I have reintall the OS but still the same .
network environment  (Win server )

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook) and printer Slow When Connected To Network, But Fast When Not.

Please temporarily disable the third party security programs and boot in
Clean Boot
to test this issue.
Also, please
create a new user account
to test the issue.
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees, and confers no rights. |Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question.
This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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hi all i have a genuine 07 office pro that i am trying to install, i have previously tried a beta version and have also had office pro 2003 version on my laptop

when i start the cd it starts to initialize then says office 07 cannot install as previous version of 07 have been found uninstall before continuing

i have gotten rid of all traces that i can find through the registry in safe mode with uninstaller pro but i still get the same error

i am running media center with an upgrade to vista premium

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

Answer:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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Hello, today the automatic update performed
Cumulative update 1703 and
MS Office 2007 update, the KB numbers follow

on a machine with CZECH Windows, Office 2007 installation was also Czech.

After the update, my Outlook 2007 started to speak half Czech and half Swedish or what
(see image). Can that be fixed?

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Can someone help me please. I have a word merge running from an Access 2007 form to word (Mr Kallals' great code). The problem is that I set up certain underlying tables with numeric primary keys and then their second field contained the text I wanted to show on the form.

e.g. Column 1 Primary key
Column 2 Location

So PK 11 shows as 'Anywhere UK' on subsequent forms and queries. The problem is that my merge with the VBA module mentioned above and the word merge operation in Access' export facility only show '11' instead of ' Anywhere UK'.

I'm really stuck and very weak with vba. But surely this is something that might be fixed from within Word as much as Access

Can someone help.


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Hi all,i have been using Office 2007 for a long time now,but recently it has kept freezing within 5 seconds of opening it.I have tried repairing it from the instalation menu.Any help appreciated.Thanks

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Hi,I have recently upgraded from 2003 to 2007, was it wise move??I want to show in the footer, the page number of the total document,i.e page 1 of 20. and so on page 20 of 20.I know how to get the footer and page numbers but not as I wantThis was so easy in 2003.

Answer:office word 2007 help

click hereG

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Following on from this post I would like to create a A4 sheet with a center line with words on one side and definitions on the other.I see that it is possible to split the text into 2 or more columns but haven't figured out how to add a word one side then go across to the other side and input the definition.

Answer:Office Word 2007 How do I............

In my opinion you would be better off doing this in Excel as per your other thread click here

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I am currently running Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers 2002. I am attracted by the idea of trying the Office 2007 Beta but confused/concerned by review in August 2006 magazine and posts on other threads.Firstly will installation of Office 2007 overwrite my 2002 version or will this still be available to me?Secondly, I produce a lot of Word documents for local authorities (Policy and procedure documents) and am concerned that they will not be able to open these without having Office 2007 or the compatibility pack referred to in the magazine, neither of which is likely. Any thoughts gratefully received.

Answer:Office 2007 and Word

Unable to comment on the overwrite aspects.Office 2007 is a Beta version ie it is out there for testing and almost certainly has bugs. You produce a lot of documents for others and personally in your situation I would not run the risk of losing or corrupting valuable documents. I would go to Office 2007 when it is available in its final form and when the lcoal authorities also move to that version.

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Question: Office 2007 (Word)

I have started to use Office 2007 today and trying to find one feature is driving me scatty!In previous versions of Word that I have used there was an option to close the current document as well as the option to exit Word. With Word 2007 I can exit with no problem (even when I only want to close the document); how do i close the document - PLEASE.Mike

Answer:Office 2007 (Word)

click herethis will help...

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MS Office 2007. I was typing a lengthy letter in Word. After a while I quit, I think without saving my work by mistake. Now,
is it possible to recover my work from the auto saved portion?

Answer:MS Office 2007 Word

Autosave/AutoRecovery kicks in at preset intervals (default is 10 minutes).
So just how much has been saved depends on how much typing you did since the last Autosave.

To locate the autosaved file, Open Word.
Click the large Office button at top left, then click "Word Options".
Click "Save" in the left pane.
In the large pane, look for "AutoRecover file location". The path to the autosaved file is shown there.

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I keep failing to open ANY/ALL word docs I get this type of image

Answer:MS Office 2007 word

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Hi. I'm new here. I had a question and couldn't find a similar post or answer.

In my Word 2007, the ribbon bar has disappeared. All of my "Home, insert, page layout, reference, mailing, review, view, add-ins" have disappeared. The only ones that remain are a couple of other software program tabs like Adobe.

Does anyone know how I can reset the ribbon bar to the default tabs, or get my tabs back in general?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi all,

I am running MS Office 2007 (student edition)

When opening a word document it has started freezing on the word splash screen. I then get the error "There was a problem sending the command to the programme"

The only way to get rid of the splash screen is through task manager and kill the process.

I have unistalled office and re-installed then updated with SP1 and 2 for it.

I am still getting the same error. All other office applications are working fine.

It is doing this for both .doc & .docx formats.

Any ideas

Answer:MS Word 2007 Freezing on Opening


tried launching in safe dice..same as above.
tried launching from start > run > winword.exe /a....same issue as original problem
Have run ccleaner (thought may be registry issues due to previous uninstall)...6 entries none relevant to Office.

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Hi all,
I am posting on behalf of my son who is having problems with Word 2007(Office 2007) Windows Vista running on a Samsung Laptop,which keeps crashing/freezing. I have done a repair to Word to no avail.
In the events viewer it is coming up with,Event I.D.7001.

Answer:Word 2007 keeps crashing/freezing

Possibly an add-in or Windows update snag see Ms Answers

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Why oh why did Microsoft introduce the Ribbon. It takes so long to find commands.

But thats not my reason for creating this thread.

There is a new(?) font in Office 2007 called Narkisim which works perfectly in Excel but I cannot get Word to apply it. It appears in the available font list but the text appearance will not change from the default.

Also in Word 2003 it used to be possible to select Tools, Options and then change the default font. I cannot find this facility in 2007.

Any ideas on both these irritations??

Answer:Office 2007 Word Fonts

Try this link it will show you where the button on the ribbon is located against the old one.

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Hi,It seems to me that whatever i seem to modify in Word 2007, for example; Font, Heading, Page layout, what ever view I choose it always reverts back to its original state when shutting down, even when I ok it at the time. How can I modify something which will permanently stay how I wish it to be without having to revert the way I wish it to be? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

Are you wanting to modify the default document that automatically opens when you start Word? If you are then this should help:
Change the Normal template (Normal.dotm )

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I have intalled Office 2007 and when trying to use Word and Excel I get "Not Respoinding".
I am using Vista and did not see an answer or possibly overlooked an answer since I am new and trying out my new wings with you. It is so frustrating. Please help.

Answer:Office 2007 Word and Excel

First I would recommend reinstalling the Office Suite all together and downloading any updates that go with it. If that doesn't work, I would start looking at which programs you have that have built in Office Add-ons. Some of these add-on capabilities have been known to cause massive slowdowns in Office performance.

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i have reinstalled my office package but cant remember how i got a doccument to appear in center of screen , at the moment it is on the left side of screen

Answer:word in office student 2007

On the Top > Check "View"

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Hi everyone,

Whenever I open a Word document (blank or otherwise), then switch to another program, and then go back to Word there is a 6-7second delay before I can do anything to the page. During this wait, the Windows "Busy" icon appears.

This problem started last week, and it is really annoying.
No programs were removed/installed in the past three weeks.
I have tried removing and re-installing, but to no avail.
I have added the location to my anti-virus' exclusion list, again no effect.

This is the only program that has this problem. I have OneNote, Powerpoint and Excel have no delay. I also have some Office 2003 programs installed (Access, Outlook, Publisher) but as I have said this problem began happening last week for no apparent reason.

Any help/suggestions would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Office Word 2007 - Busy?

This annoyance may be caused by the add-ins.
You may like to try this to see if it improves the situation.
You must be logged on as Administrator.

Word 2007

Click on the Logo button (upper left corner).

Click on the Word Options in the bottom right.

Select Add-ins in the left panel.
At the bottom of the window click on the GO button (Manage: COM Add-ins).
Un check any add-ins you don't need or think may be causing the lag.
Click on ok
Exit, then restart Word.

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I am still using Word 2003 and Wordperfect 12 and am happy with both. But OMG from the looks of the reviews at you would think the new Office 2007 was a virus:

It seems that people are very upset to outraged over this new version and the responses seem to be about 10:1 or more AGAINST the change. The biggest upset, the loss of the Conventional Toolbar Menus, replaced with something called a "Ribbon." It seems that this has been a nightmare, even for professional Office users.

Has there been any consideration by MS to impliment a Classic Toolbar View for Word 2010, which I presume will be the next version? It sure seems that Office 2007, especially Word has been a living hell for most users.


Answer:Solved: How Bad is the New Office/Word 2007?

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Relevance 86.92% i open a new word document it shows like this. yesterday my friend type something randomly from that time it shows like to recover this.Thanks.

Answer:Ms-Office word 2007 problem

From view tab (the top of ms office) Find "Gridlines" check box. Uncheck it and there you go.Hope that helps.

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Every time I start MS Word 2007 I get a screen that opens saying Configuration ProgressConfiguring Microsoft Office Professional 2007This doesn't happen with any other Office applications. What causes this to happen?I've already checked for updates (my computer is current), Repaired the installation of Office and run the Microsoft Office Diagnostics program, it finds problems. I click continue and it brings me to the dead server / webpage.I'm at a loss at this point. Please, if you have found a fix for this,let me know what you've done.Also I'm running MS Office 2007 SP2ThanksThis is what I get every time I start Word.This is what I get when I runMS Office Diagnostics

Answer:MS Office Word 2007 Problem

Ok well here is the update / fix...

Yet again, I have no idea what the reason for this is but I opened MS word from the start menu rather than the quick launch bar and it works fine. I then created a shortcut using the icon in the start menu and removed the original button from the quick launch bar and moved the new shortcut to the QL bar and all is still fine :???:

I've got to tell ya, I have never had this much trouble with Vista. I know a lot of other people have had a lot of trouble and I've always thought I was one of the lucky few, until now.

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Weird error happening here with Office 2007, MS Word. I have run office repair, nothing, I have uninstalled MS Office 2007 and reinstalled, no fix. Here is a screen shot of the error. Only happens in MS Word, none of the other office programs have a problem.

Any advice on fixing this would be appreciated, its a tad more urgent than normal,. this is the system my wife is writing her PHD Thesis on.....

System is running Vista 32bit

Answer:MS Word Error on Office 2007

Okay, here's an option as a work around (and sorry if this took too long to get to you).

Try opening Word without opening the file. Then, use the Word interface to open the document.

If this works, it might have to do with the permissions you gave to Word. If you have it set to run as an administrative program, turn that off.

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Hi,I'm a new user to office 2007 and am having a settings issue which is bugging me. Basically every time I press return it kind of skips two lines like 1.5 spacing. But when I type till it makes a new line automatically it is normal spacing between lines. Does anyone know how I can make it normal?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Office 2007, Word Setting

Does this help? click here

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Hi,I have a friend whos Office 2007 Word spell checker no longer works. The other profiles spell  checker on the same machine works fine. Other then this problem the machine seems to be fine. Does anyone have an idea as to how to get it to work again?Thanks

Answer:Office Word 2007 Spellchecker

Hope you find your solution here

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I have created a document in Word 2007 and it has several bullets that are numbered.
1.1 text here text here text here
1.2 text here text here text here
1.3 text here text here text here
1.4 text here text here text here
1.10 text here text here text here
1.11 text here text here text here
1.12 text here text here text here
1.12.1 text here text here text here
Notice that once you hit double digits it starts adding much more space between the bullet and the text. Is there a way to change or minimize the space between the bullet and text after your bullet gets longer?
Thank you so much in advance.

Answer:Need help with Office Word 2007 and bullets

okay.. it wont show the spacing on the posted version, but I will try to explain this in words. After the digits his 1.10, it is almost as if there is a tab of space between the bullet and the text. When you do a sub bullet say... it seems like there is two tabs of space between the bullet and the text. I am looking for a solution that will eliminate the space between the bullet and text.

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On my vista pc with a 22 inch wide screen monitor a new or old doccument was centered.
I am now using the program on windows 10 with a 24 inch monitor . New or old docs open on the left side of the screen.
A4 size docs put 2 sheets on the width of the monitor and A5 does 3.
Is this because i have gone to a bigger monitor or is it caused by windows 10.

Answer:word in 2007 office and student

On the top ? Click "Page Layout" > Chose

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Has anyone found the ...go to.. cammand in Word in the beta version of Office Pro Plus 2007?

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I've opened a document (.doc file) with Microsoft Office Word 2007.
The document is all written in Hebrew, and I have the Hebrew Language Pack that I've downloaded using Windows Vista's Windows Update application.

So, back to Word 2007.

For some reason, the "Find" button, located in Home>> Editing, is grayed.

When I click the "Find button, two options show up, and the first of them is grayed and I can't select it:

"Go To..."Click to expand...

Why is it grayed?
I just want to find a few words, and I don't understand why such simple action is not possible.



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I recently downloade a file from regarding business card styles. Since then I have been unable to use mailings, envelopes and lables in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Anyone any ideas as to how to rectify? I have tried another download of Word and microsoft have not been very helpful - Indian helpdesk I think. Thanks in antcipation.

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007 may have become corrupt. If so, it will be recreated when you restart Word. If not, what was the file you downloaded? Which o/s? What anti spyware do you use?

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Last night started to compose a review, knowing I had made a few typing errors I glanced at the screen-no correction, no red underline, just the junk I had typed. Auto correct appears to be working with the simple common mistakes. Word options seems to be ok, I tried a reinstallation, no joy.
Any takers

Answer:MS Office Word 2007 misbehaving

MS Office Word 2007 misbehaving
now we are not allowed to give it a smack you will have to threaten it with "the naughty step" to see if it then behaves.
Tools - Options - Spelling and Grammer - make sure the correct boxes are ticked - also check to see if you have lost the dictionary.

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I recently have been working on a large document with lots of tables and drawing tools formatting neatly throughout approximately 20 pages.. I have been working at home and at UNI with this work and yesterday i reformatted my computer. After Re-installing Word i opened my document to resume working and to my horror the whole document was messed up, Completely out of alignment...

Is there a reason for this? Perhaps due to having some settings used previously that i need to set up again?.. But it does load fine at the UNI word which is the same version as mine. It seems as thought all the font is now 1 size too big...


Answer:Solved: Office Word 2007 Help

solved: i reinstalled WORD
works now

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Please can anyone help me?!
I have recently purchased a new computer which came with VISTA. I am using Microsoft Office Professional 2007. I have a document in Word which I have made a few alterations to, but I DID NOT enable the 'track changes' function within Word either prior to, during or after making the alterations. When I send the document to the recipient they can see all the changes that I have made in bright 'yellow' at their end. Initially they were not even able to delete the yellow text at their end but now we have managed to get over that.
I have saved the document in all kinds of formats, copied and pasted the text into a new document and tried all kinds of things to resolve this (spending approximately 5 hours) but it STILL includes all the yellow text at their end once I have sent the document - but I can see absolutely NO yellow text at this end before I send it! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! this is driving me mad!
The recipients have said that my documents are the only ones that they have this problem with and all other documents that they open in Word at their end are fine! - surely this must therefore be something to do with what is happening at my end?! PLEASE HELP?!

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i hav vaio notebook with core 2 duo 2.1, 2 GB , 200 GB hard disk , ati graphics .
i hav recently upgraded vista to win7 beta and reistall office 2007 with all latest updates but whenever i try to open any word document it crashes and system restarts immediately .this happens only in case of word documents .i hav also tried troubleshooting and repairing but with no sucess.plz tell me any other way to correct it ....

Answer:Office Word 2007 not working

I am running W7 and Office 2007 just fine with no issues with word.
It sounds like a corrupt office install. I suggest you try a new clean install of office 2007.
Use Revo uninstaller to uninstall office and make sure you remove the left over registry keys and files from the office install and then try re-installing office.

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Firstly may I say the only Microsoft Office program I have used is Office 2000 and although I have got to grips with most of the basics in 2007 watermarks,headers and footers that type of thing I for the life of me cant work out how to,1.Create or insert subdocments.2.paste special a link from an Excel file.I would appreciate any help with this it is probably looking me in the eye but I am blind to it at the moment thank you.

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

click here

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My wife has noticed a noticeable color change when printing(Canon ip4500). The blue for one is much lighter than in Word 2003. Is there a way to modify these non-font colors? I hope I am making myself clear on this one. She can print a document in Word 2003 and the blue in a banner is one shade of blue. Then she can print that same doc. in Word 2007 and it is appreciably lighter. Is this something I can change? I am using Windows 7.
Thanks so much.

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Hello, i am a newbie and need help fixing this problem, it started the other day and i cant find a fix for it. I have a presentation due tomorrow and i am stuck.
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version: 12.0.6331.5000
Application Timestamp: 48fa27b4
Fault Module Name: mso.dll
Fault Module Version: 12.0.6320.5000
Fault Module Timestamp: 485ae817
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0003a9ed
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid: 1033
Read our privacy statement:

Answer:Office 2007 word not working

what is the printer model connected to your system.
which firewall/antivirus program is present on your system

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This is what I did:

File / New
under templates I browsed through "Reports" category and selected "Report with Professional theme"

I've downloaded that template and I used only defined styles. There's a problem though on the first page: I want it to be completely clear but it has a solid 1px line at the bottom (maybe that's footer?)
I'm losing my mind trying to get rid of it with no luck. Can anyone suggest me how to get rid of it? I still want to use this template and all of its styles, and I've written way too much pages to transplant it in a new template.

This is how the solid line looks like:

Answer:NEED HELP with MS office word 2007; templates

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Hi to all and thanks for any advice, as usual. I transcribe in Microsoft Office Word 2007, having recently had to switch to 2007 from 2003. I also use a word expander (Shorthand for Windows). I have found that while I am typing in Word (after say a few hours or so) that the software seems to lag for just a split-second. When typing fast or using my expander, this makes for many spelling mistakes. Does anybody have any idea why this might occur? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Also, it seems if I reboot, the problem does not start again for a while. Thank you for any idea. I type for a living and this is really slowing me down.


Answer:Microsoft Word/Office 2007

Have you checked to see if there is an update for your expander software? Most likely an issue w/expander and Word 2007, if did not happen w/2003.

Also might try closing some running programs if not needed while transcribing, could be a resource issue.

You might also post a question here in word forum w/the version of your expander software.

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im now using the new Word 2007 and i need to change the numerals from arabic to hindi but i cant find it anywhere.
P.S i know where i can find it in Word 2003 but not in Word 2007.
Please this is very important .

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hello all,please move this if it is in the incorrect area ?i typed a business form into my "office word 2007" program and forgot to save (duh !).now i need it there a way to type this form into "office word" and be able to transfer it into one of my internet email programs to re-use when needed ?may sound easy, but i'm not an "office word" user..._______________________________________ _______why can't files typed into any of the "office" programs be sent across the internet "barrier" ?thank you.

Answer:ms OFFICE WORD (2007) question

E-mail is limited to either simple plain text or as a HTML document.For other kinds for formats, the document must be went as an attachment.Even on this web site, I can not directly sen d you an Office thing inside tees box. But I can attach it mat the bottom.Do yew see it? It is 'test.doc ' and needs Word to open it.[recovering disk space - old attachment deleted by admin]

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Will our Microsoft Office word 2007 work with Windows 10?

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

In a word, yes. I have Office 2007 installed on my Win 10 machine.

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In Word, the toolbar at top of page will not stay, it closes as soon as start typing again. I dont recall this happening before, and cannot find way to make the toolbar stay. Any advice please?

Answer:Office 2007 Word toolbar

Perhaps click here

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I need to have a cv can any body tell me where to find find the templates in Office Word 2007 Thanks

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

Office button, New, Installed Templates, Equity Resume - is the only one I know about.

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I use this facility a lot. There are a couple of documents on my list which I no longer want. Am I right in thinking there is absolutely no way to carry out a simple deletion from that list. If there is I can't locate it and would be glad for any help. Tks.

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

What list are you refering to?
If it is in an Explorer window highlight the file and press the delete key or right click on the file and select delete.

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I have just received a new Dell computer with Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Preinstalled.
All MS programs, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excell, et. have the icons for PDF conversions.

Word does not, and all attempts at installing it through AddOn, etc. failed. Does anyone have epxerience with this particular function.

Yikes, I wish I had my 2003 back...
And if you would like to easy is it to remove just Word out of the "suite" get the old one back.

If that is do-able without a problem, I'd give it a shot.

In the meantime, if I can get that darn PDF conversion to work...

Answer:PDF Add In in Word 2007 Office Professional

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can someone tell me how to bookmark a very long text document in office word 2007 so I can come back to the place I read last at a later time?

Answer:bookmark office word 2007?

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I have used this many times, but this morning when I started to type a letter and hit Enter, I am getting a double space between the lines. I have obviously changed a setting somewhere. Can someone explain to me how I can get back to normal.Many thanks

Answer:Word ion Office 2007 help needed

Home > click on 'Paragraph' to display the dialog box. Check the settings on both tabs.

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Hi all,
I have a Dell desktop Dimension 4600C and running XP. I installed Microsoft office 2007 and have repeatedly had trouble with my documents freezing. I have run diagnostics to no avail. It freezes, I have to control/alt/delete, and sometimes the recovery program saves it but often I lose the data, even after it has been saved multiple times. I am current on updates, but does anybody have any insight into why this is happening repeatedly?? Thanks for advice.

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007

Is it happening in IE also? How often does your computer freeze when you're browsing the Internet? Or you don't know because you use FireFox for browsing?

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Everybody has already told me that I shouldn't have downloaded the Office 2007 Beta software because I am not computer literate enough, so we don't have to start there. (Actually, many years ago I was a Systems Engineer for IBM. Trained in mainframes - MVS, VM, and VSE. Doesn't do me a bit of good with PC's.)

So I have Windows XP SP2 operating system and Office Pro. I downloaded the Office 2007 Beta. I like a lot of its features. But it has changed all of my Word documents to Wordpad. All the formatting is lost. It is NOT a critical issue. I would just like to know if it has happened to anyone else and if there is an easy way to convert them back to Word. Or if maybe I did something along the way to cause it. (I remember those calls from customers, "It was working fine, then all of a sudden it went boom! I didn't change ANYTHING!")


Answer:Office 2007 Beta and Word

So, off we go again ....heh, heh one of the files and do a save as, changing the format ...what happens?

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Need Help !

I want to install Ms Office (reguler) 2007 or Ms Office Professional 2007,

but my setup is always go to Ms Office Enterprise 2007 Setup !

1. How can i fix that setup normally ?
2. My Problem number 2 :


(how can i fix this warning ?)

What should i do ?

Thx very very very much for help.

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I opened word 2007 and typed one word. The computer completely froze, no mouse etc. I manually powered the computer off and restarted. The same thing happened. I ran chkdisk and no bad files were found.
I ran sfc/scannow and at 76% completed received the error "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."
I tried to run word again and noticed an error message at the bottom of the screen. "SynType" was all I was able to write down before it disappeared. I was unable to recreate the message.

I tried to to run office diagnostic and it froze at "startup running pkg 3 of 15" I am currently unable to access the start menu. I am on the same computer. The problem only seems to happen (so far) in word.

Answer:computer freezing when running word 2007

Have you read this apparently Word 2007 has an alert system so you can look into errors further ! Good Luck hope this helps you ! P.S If this don't help you try running some virus scans !

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I am using a Dell Inspiron 531 with Windows Vista home edition SP 1.

On three occasions now while using Microsoft Word 2007 the mouse freezes and I cannot access anything, not even Task Manager. Each occasion I have had to boot out and restart the computer. Sometimes when I try to restart it the cursor freezes on the screen and Windows does not start up.

I am not sure whether the problem is related to Microsoft Word or Windows.

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Hello all,
i am in desperate need of your help , Actually i was using XP with office 2003 and was using outlook express as my E-Mail. i use to create word file and there was icon that i use to just send E-Mail ( it went through outlook express). now i have windows 7 and it dosent have out look express i have to use office outlook. now when i create word file and send it it says there is an error. i just want my old world files to go into out box of Microsoft office outllook. please remember i use old files. the new file are going through but the old one dosent go. Please help.
Thank u in Advance

Answer:Help with Office 2003, Office 2007, Outlook Express, Windows 7

Outlook Express is not available in Windows 7. Try and use Windows Live Mail instead. It works with most e‑mail accounts, and you can import your e‑mail, contacts, and calendar from Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail puts all of your e‑mail in one place.

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I have Win7 x64, Office 2007, and a few times a month, the computer seems to go into a cycle where all Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) open for either a short while or not at all, and continually freeze and crash and reboot. The only thing that fixes it is a reboot, and then the system works fine. I have had this problem since Vista, and 7 doesn't seem to have fixed it either. Any of you experience similar issues?

Answer:Office 2007 Programs Freezing on Win7/Vista x64?

Nope, not at all.

Is your processor overclocked?

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When I exit MS Office 2007 Word a pane appears that says "Word has stopped working and will search for a solution" (which is never found) followed by "Word is re-starting." After the re-start, I'm able to exit Word without further messages or difficulty. This is more of a nuisance than anything else but I have the impression that the program (at least the version I have) may be somewhat unstable.

I've looked for a solution on the MS Support Web site to no avail and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience with this program.

My O/S is Vista Home Premium; the MS Office 2007 is the Student and Teacher Edition; my computer is an HP Pavilion a6345f.


Answer:Solved: Microsoft Office 2007 Word

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I am trying to use Word 2007 and it automatically double spaces. Is this proper eticate ?
Is there a way to make it single space like a normal letter ?

Answer:Office 2007 Word (double spacing)

Check out this page.

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Using Win 7, and Word 2007, How does one get a C5 envelope to print with the Mailing Address situated in the middle of the envelope. It is so simple in OOo, but I suggest damn near impossible in Word. I can get the Return address sorted, but to get the position of the mailing address sorted I find impossible. It ends up about " from the bottom of the envelope. Equally so, when looking at the Options, It tells me that the Settings have been changed from the Word Norm, and to press the Reset button to go back to the Word Norm. When I do that it tells me to have the envelope situated in the middle of the Paper tray and Face up. This you cannot do, because there is no central setting on my Printer, HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One, and if you use Face Up, it will print on the back of the envelope!!

Answer:MS Office 2007 - Word - Envelope Printing

No Idea if it works anything like my Corel Wordperfect 8
I type letter with address at the top, then under format I just press Envelope
It picks the address up and plonks it on the Envelope, I then just have to adjust where I want to place it. I put Return address top left corner of Envelope about 1 8th of a inch in from top and right side using a small font. this is on a DL Envelope but its just the same for any other size. Worst thing for me is getting it in the right orientation in printer. I have three Printer and they all differ when loading Envelopes

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I would like to be able to change the default settings in word 2007 so that when I open a document it defaults to the "Draft" view (on the "View Tab") and the "Final" setting on the "Review" tab.

Currently every time I open a document I have to manually change the settings on those 2 tabs, as every document always opens with "Print Layout" selected in the "View" tab and "Final Showing Markup" selected in the "Review" tab.

Answer:Default Settings In Ms Office Word 2007

Answering my own questions (I found the answers by searching on Google -- too bad searching on ms word help doesn't come up with anything relevant!):

To change the default view when opening document to "Draft":
Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then select "Word Options".
Select "Advanced".
Scroll down to the "General" section
Check the "Allow opening a document in Draft view" check box.
Click OK.

To change the default setting to "Final" (i.e., to view "final", not "final with markup") in the "Review tab":
Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then select "Word Options".
Click Trust Center
Click on the "Trust Center Settings" button
Select "Privacy Options" from the list on the left of the screen
Uncheck the "Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving" checkbox
Click OK.
Click OK.

Note that if you are sending the document to someone you might want to make sure that when the document is (manually) switched to the ""final with markup" view there is nothing visible that you would not want the recipient of the document to see.

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Office Pro 2003 was all i ever needed. Then as everything the migration came.... Before when I was jobless I would just open my reume and fixup this and that and select cntrl P, drop down the menu to fax. Then a wizard would pop up and I would input all the fax numbers I wanted my resume to go to and presto.

So how in the sam hell you do that in office 2007? I cant find any help giving me a straight and easy answer.

If anyone can help me solve this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I just spent 4 days calling and collecting fax numbers. If there is a tool I need to download, I will do it.


Answer:Faxing with no fax using microsoft office word 2007?

It should be similar. All the CTL-P did in Office 2003 was print same as FILE > PRINT. You selected the FAX machine to print to and the FAX software would ask you for numbers etc.

I would assume in Office 2007 if you PRINT to the FAX machine you'll get the same dialog.

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After successfully installing Windows 7 on my Dell tower I replaced Office 2003 with Office 2007. All of the applications work fine, on my account (administrator). Last night my son attempted to open Word (a new document) on his account, with no luck. We also attempted to open an existing document on his account with no luck. Why would the same program on the same machine open for one user account and not another??

Thanks for any help

Answer:Office Word 2007 opens for one user but not another

Account Permissions. Is he using "guest"? Or did you create a "standard" user account for him?

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I do not know if I am writing on the right spot and I hope I do not offend anybody but I desperately need some help.I am not an expert in computers but i know for sure that i can mess it up easily without being able to fix it back.
I tried one day to convert a pdf document, setup with no option for printing in a word doc with the hope that I will be able to print it out afterward. I found a program that said it would convert doc ....i tried and of course it did not work.
The problem now is that when open a new Microsoft word doc i cannot write anything on the page and if I try to save a document I get a pop up that says

Select the encoding that makes your document readable.
Text encoding:
Windows(default) MS-DOS Other encoding here is a list w/dif

and underneath it appears the preview of the doc that is all signs ....letters....nothing readable

I clicked on all the options that I wrote in bolted letters and on all the countries but I just get different signs .....nothing readable

Can anybody help me fix this problem??

Thank you very much

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When I go into Word Options x Customize and try to create a shortcut using the F8 key, as sign as I press the key to assign it to a command (underline), up pops the Snipping Tool!

I have had a look at the Options under the Snipping Tool but can find no sign of the F8 key being usued there anywhere.

Wonder how I can fix this?

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This appears to me a silly problem. My OS is XP Home SP3
Every 2nd or 3rd time I open Word it comes up with the Configure Panel
as if I were just installing it and I have to wait till Word is configured.
Other times it opens normally.

Confused - what's the issue here.

Thanks John

Answer:Solved: MS Office Word 2007 issue

This could be something to do with Updates. Have you updated Office with the latest patches ? If so insert your installation disc and select repair

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I used to have MS Works, but at last got office 2007. Im beginning to regret it. I find Word in it so awkward at times. First the default setting seems to be 1.15 spacing instead of 1. Also it appeared on the screen to be more than 1 space between lines, I adjusted something to do with space after paragraphs which seemed to fix that.However, I cannot select a portion of text and set it to, say, 2.0 (double) spaced, without the whole document changing too. Im almost certain i used to be able to do that in humble Works? Help!h

Answer:microsoft Office Word 2007 frustrating

2nd bit first - highlight the paragraphs you want double spaced > format paragraph > adjust spacing to 2. (I cant quite remember the exact key presses! Same for the first problem you need to set both spaces before and after to 0. I have ditched 2007 and gone back to 2003 after several months of trying to use the new interface --- Luddites rule!)

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Line Breaks Without Bullets
When you're creating a bulleted or numbered list in Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you might want an item to appear in the list without a bullet or without incrementing the number. You can start a new line without a bullet by pressing SHIFT+ENTER. The next time you press the ENTER key, the new line will continue the bulleted or numbered list. Rearrange Paragraphs in Word :
Swapping paragraphs in Microsoft Office Word can be complicated. As well as having to cut and paste, you often have to reformat line breaks afterward to make the paragraph line up properly. Instead, you can use the SHIFT+ALT keyboard shortcut.
Click the paragraph that you want to move, hold down SHIFT+ALT, and move the paragraph up or down by using the arrow keys. Each press of an arrow key causes your selected paragraph to jump over one adjacent paragraph. Pre-define the Format for Pasting in Word 2007
In a Microsoft Office Word 2003 document, each time you paste some text or an image, you can select the format (source formatting, destination formatting, or text only) by clicking the clipboard icon. In Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, you can still do this manually or, more conveniently, set the default paste formatting mode. Here’s how:
Go to Advanced Options or click the Set Default Paste option when the clipboard icon appears, and then set your preferences. The pasted text and images will now be formatted ... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tips

Quite a few useful tips there ... thanks !

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When I open a microsoft office word document a light blue screen comes up which is usually the screen behind the word doc that opens. In order for me to pull up the doc I am looking for I have to hit the menu on top left and click recent documents and then it opens the doc. Also, if I right click and choose word to open the doc an error message pops up saying "Windows cannot find C:documents and settings/administrator/desktop/charlie/d? make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again". I am using Office 2007 and this happens with every document I open that is a word document. It does not happen with Excel

Answer:Cannot open a Microsoft word doc with office 2007

"Windows cannot find C:documents and settings/administrator/desktop/charlie/d?

Can you please post the rest of that error message.
It might be important to know what the system is looking for

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Hi everyone,

Calibri Body as the default font in word is really boring. i prefer arial black, or bauhaus 93. when i create a text box, i have to keep changing the font to my choice, which wastes time when i am doing my homework!
thanks if there is a solution (which is probably gonna be very obvious!)


Answer:Default Fonts In Office Word 2007

wait, can someone move this thread to the 'Microsoft Office' section?

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Not sure where to post this, but in the last month Office Word & Excel 2007 have slowed down and progressed to "not responding". Cut & paste are virtually "cut and wait 5 minutes" and maybe it will appear properly.

I have check for viruses with Malwarebytes and AVG and have used Spybot, also. I have also ran MS Diagnostics. Everything seems to be in order.

I am using Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2.

I know this problem has been ongoing for several years, but this is first time I've had to deal with it and MS Support is as usual not helpful.

Would appreciate someone else's clear mind as mine as become muddled trying to remedy the problem.

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Whenever I open a MS Word file, I get a 'Preparing To Install' Box, which then changes to a 'Windows Installer'. This requests me to insert the Microsoft Office 7 disc, which I then do, even though I already did a clean install. I then get a failed message, stating that Microsoft Office Standard can't be found. It also wants to find the installation package: 'StandardrWW.msi', which doesn't seem to exist. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the program I installed is my store bought copy of 'Office Home and Student', and not 'Standard'. I don't know.

Answer:Solved: Office 2007 - Word Problem

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Everytime I use any ap to 'clean' the junk out of my computer, it cleans out my "recent documents" in Word 2007 I'm using on Windows 7 x 64 system even though I take our the options in the 'cleaner' to do so! Is there an 'ap' that will allow me to build a "Recent Documents" and tailor it with a few options? If so, what is the name of the ap and it's publisher ?, i.e. where can I get it ?

Answer:Is there an ap for Recent Documents in Office Word 2007?

Try "Ccleaner": installed, open it.Under the "Windows" tab, look in the "Windows Explorer" section.Untick "Recent Documents" before using the Cleaner.It will stay unticked in future.message edited by phil22

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I am running Windows XP with service pack 2. Pentium(R)4cpu. 3.20MGz 3.19MGh 512 MB Ram. I recently loaded Microsoft Office with word 2007 and it workes fine except it takes forever to respond to instruction. When I click the desktop icon it takes about 15 seconds to appear and then takes some more time before it is operational. Each time it has to operate it is very slow to react and the hourglass pointer hovers for some time before it carries out the instruction. All my other software operates almost instantly, it is so frustrating, any ideas, nothing too complicated or involving changing any settings please.

Answer:Office Word 2007 Slow to respond

Windows XP really needs 1GB RAM. 512MB, less however much is used by the Graphics set-up, is probably a little on the light side.

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I'm writing a thesis (100 pages). I switched from Word 2003 to 2007, which is now upgraded to SP1. I'm experiencing this very annyoing bug and the SP1 update didn't fix it.

When I'm editing text, just suddenly when moving the cursor with arrows or selecting text (just doing some very basic editing) something happens. Text is moved within the paragraph about the amount of one word or so. But the screen is not updated correctly, text is moved at a certain portion of the screen but the rest is not updated. So the result is a total mess and I don't know what is really where anymore. I have to enter some line breaks to update the whole text again and get the screen updated.

It might have something to do with hyphenation or something, but I'm really not doing anything special. I couldn't find any other complaints about this, so it's strange. I could only find answers like "your touching your laptop touchpad", but no, this is not on laptop and the screen update is clearly buggy.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Answer:MS Office, Word 2007 text editing bug?

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I have already downloaded microsofts free convert/export PDF/XPS and it works well but when i type out a document and try to save as in Rich Text Format there is no facility to do this that i know of. As i am new to Office 2007 i may have overlooked a command somewhere in the ribbon. Does anyone know if Rich Text Format is part of Office 2007 or failing that does anyone know of a solution?.The tutorials on microsofts website do not make any mention of Rich Text Format in any variation of their Office Suites or individual programs eg, word, excel, publisher or the rest . I would appreciate any help and or advice.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 Specifically Word

It does support Rich Text Format. In word click on the "globe" in the top upper left corner and click on "save as" and then "other formats"]Word help[/url]

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Mom's system just got hosed so I had to reinstall. I installed Win2K with SP4, Office XP, and all updates. I tried to open a .docx file with Word, and it said I needed to install a converter from here:

I did so, and now when I try to open a .docx it says,
"This is a pre-release version of the Compatibility Pack and can open pre-release Office 2007 files only. Do you want to check for a newer version of the Compatibility Pack? (OK) (Cancel)"

So I click OK and it takes me back to the above page to download the same thing again..

I found this:
In method 1, there is no Office2007Converters.adm file,
In method 2, there is no HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office directory in regedit,

I wonder if the release date of 1/6/2010 for version 4 of the compatibility pack might have anything to do with the problem. Could Microsoft have possibly re-released the pre-release version as an "update"?

Word was working fine before the re-install. And I've tried opening several files which were working fine before, with no problems, so it's not the file that is broken.

Any ideas?

Answer:Office XP won't open Word 2007 files

I don't know about the Office problem, but free Open Office from Here should at least allow her to open and use those files. :wave

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Trying to put a footer and a page number in a document in Word 2007 and can't get them both to stay in the document. Can have one or the other-what am I doing wrong?

Answer:Office 2007-Word-Footers and Page #'s

I'm not following. Headers and footers don't go away. They are always there even if there's nothing in them. If you insert page number field then it should display. It will also "stay in the document" unless you remove it.

Is your problem perhaps that the page number displays on, say, the first page but not others? If that is the case, you need to go into Page Layout and change the settings for Headers and Footers.

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Summary:Upgraded Win Vista Ultimate x64 to Win 7 x64 [not a clean install; way too many programs to reinstall].Office 2007 Pro ran without a hitch [Vista Ultimate x64].After upgrading to Win 7 x64 I can?t get access to Home/Word Options/Advanced/Display/Show this number of Recent Documents [it is grayed out and tells me I need Administrator rights to change it ? Right clicking on and run as admin {Word} doesn?t work either]. Using Administrator login results in same message and grayed out area. [MS Word diagnostics applied ? everything functions as it?s supposed to]. I?m a lazy writer and prefer to pin the stories I?m working on, to the Recent Documents easy access panel.Searched the web to no avail. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.DanielP.S. More specific [system] info can/will be added if need be.

Answer:Office/Word 2007 Recent Documents - Win 7 x64

I think your problems may have started the minute you upgraded instead of doing a clean install. Okay, so more work involved re-installing your applications, but it's the only way to go if you want the best chance of having a well-behaved and stable operating system.For one thing, some of those applications and drivers in your previous OS may not even be compatible with Windows 7 - did you check them all with Microsoft's compatibility website before doing the upgrade?

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Have not had the above version of Word for long and would be grateful for some help.Pressing the Office Button reveals a list of documents that have been created. So I have some questions: -a)How do you delete a document from the list ?b)If I deleted a document via My Documents, it still shows in this do I delete it ?I have tried right-clicking on the document but the option to remove it does not appear.

Answer:Microsoft Word 2007 - Office Button

Open up Word. Click on the Office Button. Select Word Options then Advanced and then scroll down to Display. Now just adjust the number of recent documents to zero!

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We recently purchased a new Lenovo P51 Thinkpad with Windows 10.  Rather than spend $400 for an upgraded MS Office Professional, we transferred Office Pro 2007 from the old laptop to the new laptop.   However, we have encountered two problems: When one tries to copy a large block of text from a website into Word, Word will display an error message that it has stopped working.  A window appears that shows a progress bar and states "Microsoft Office Word is restarting."  This also appears if we try to click on the ?Proprerties? menu items.    Word then shuts down and displays all open documents as retrieved autosave files. Then after Word restarts, we try to save one of the eight reopened documents and get this error message: Save As           c:\Users\[name]\Documents\[subfolder]\[file name].docx           You don't have permission to save to this location.            Contact the administrator to obtain permission.            Would you like to save in the Documents folder instead?    Yes   No Ultimately, it is not possible to save the file on the hard drive.  It will only save to a flash drive.This problem only occurs with Word and Excel and not with Publisher or Power Point. Any ideas how to fix this?   Will uninstalling MS Office Pro 2007 a... Read more

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