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My computer monitor doesn't come on when i turn my computer on

Question: My computer monitor doesn't come on when i turn my computer on

i pluged in my hard disk to another computer to format it. Now when i was finished i pluged my hard disk back to my pc. Now when i turn on computer monitor just go to sleep and nothing happends. I dont have any OS right now and i cant modify anything. Maybe i did something with my hard disk wrong i dont know. please help me.

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Preferred Solution: My computer monitor doesn't come on when i turn my computer on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: My computer monitor doesn't come on when i turn my computer on

Why did you take it to a different computer to format?
Do you have the o/s cd in the drive to boot from?

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First of, my monitor exhibited signs of flickering during start-up, but only minor ones and would just stop at the 'Welcome' screen of windows so I didn't give it much thought. Iv'e been using it with the cpu the same time I bought the monitor.

But after some time, the flickering got worse. It went from 1-2 second interval flickers to a whole 10 seconds of blackness before it showed anything.

Now,Iv'e got a new cpu but still using the old monitor. After a day or so, the monitor exhibited the first symptoms of my first cpu, so I just dismissed it. But after a week, It got a hell worse, before I even start-up my computer, the monitor doesn't show Analog/Digital at the top-left corner of the screen. PLUS my cpu keeps restarting after I pushed the ON button after 10 seconds or so.

My question, Is the monitor responsible for the restart and what could be the reason for the flickering?

Thanks for a fast reply.

Answer:My Computer monitor doesn't show anything when I turn my computer on.

Quote: Originally Posted by pokeman5

First of, my monitor exhibited signs of flickering during start-up, but only minor ones and would just stop at the 'Welcome' screen of windows so I didn't give it much thought. Iv'e been using it with the cpu the same time I bought the monitor.

My question, Is the monitor responsible for the restart and what could be the reason for the flickering?

Thanks for a fast reply.

Welcome Pokeman5 to the windows 7 forums.

The graphics card might be your culprit. Please update your system configuration settings under user cp so that others can maybe help you.
Usually the monitor won't stop your machine from booting. The graphic card most likely be the cause.

There is also the possibility that your power supply could be defective or going bad. Lots of possibilities.


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Everything turns on, fans and everything. It's a completely new build. No input detected from a Samsung monitor.

I've swapped ram sticks to see if one of them is dead
I've reseated the video card

Don't know what to do.

Gonna pop my 4870 X2 into the computer to see if the video card is DOA. If not, the motherboard?

Answer:New Computer Build: Monitor doesn't turn on / Monitor doesn't initalize

your vga could be causing the issue, but that's only if you dont have onboard video as well.

Next time you post with a problem, make sure you give us detailed specs of your rig, when you dont its like saying "Hey, I have a red car, and it wont start."

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I currently have two monitors working in Dual, the main problem i have here is my Primary Monitor - Iiyama Vision Master Pro 21 working with an ATI Radeon X800XT.

I try to turn it on after it's been off over night, and after i push the power button, the Monitor seems to start, but then within 1 second of me turning it on, it would then suddenly cut out, and make this weird prickling noise just blow the vent at the back. This would sometimes happen three times before it would stop cutting out, and then would start working normally.

I haven't put any magnets to this Monitor or done any direct damage to it. I have it set at 70Hz with a 1600x1200 resolution. I wondered whether there could be a problem with my Power Cable, but i didn't want to touch it without getting verification from you.


Answer:Computer Monitor sometimes doesn't turn on..

Does your monitor give any output when you turn it on, maybe it's a dodgy power cable or VGA cable?

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So I Was Letting My Friend Try Out My Computer, And He raged And smashed The Control tower. After I Kick Him Out Of My House, I turned On My PC to Be Sure its ok and now it won't turn on and does six beeps and no display at all. Here Are The Specs:
Optiplex 755
Windows 10 OS
Intel Chipset Q35 Family (Or Something Like That)
2 GB Ram
Please reply soon!!

Answer:Help, My Computer does Six Beeps When I Turn It on And it doesn't display anything on my monitor! What Do I Do?!

Video card is probably dislodged.  Open case and remove all cards then re seat ram.
Beep Codes
Your computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if the monitor cannot display errors or problems. This series of beeps, called a beep code, identifies a problem. For example, beep code 1-3-1 (one possible beep code) consists of one beep, a burst of three beeps, and then one beep. This beep code tells you that the computer encountered a memory problem.
Reseating the memory modules may correct the following beep code errors. If the problem persists, contact Dell for instructions on obtaining technical assistance.



1-3-1 through 2-4-4
Memory not being properly identified or used

Memory failure above address 0FFFFh



Microprocessor register failure

NVRAM read/write failure

ROM BIOS checksum failure

Programmable interval timer failure

DMA initialization failure

DMA page register read/write failure

Video Memory Test failure

1-3-1 through 2-4-4
Memory not being properly identified or used

Slave DMA register failure

Master DMA register failure

Master interrupt mask register failure

Slave interrupt mask register failure

Interrupt vector loading failure

Keyboard Controller Test failure

NVRAM power loss

Invalid NVRAM configuration

Video M... Read more

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I have a bit of a strange issue with my computer. Forgive me if I'm a little too descriptive, but I'm not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem. First, the specs:

Model: eMachines T2984
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Celeron D Processor 340, 2.93 GHZ, 256K L2 Cache, 533 MHZ FSB
Power Supply Unit: Bestec Model: ATX-250-12E REV: P7
Motherboard: I can't tell, but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it
RAM: 512 MB DDR SD originally, added 1 GB a couple of months ago
Let me know if you need anything else...

Yesterday, I got home from shopping around 1PM, and I tried to start the computer. I pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I checked all of the cords, and they were all plugged in. Not knowing what else to do, I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong. The only thing that I noticed (other than a bunch of dust) was that the power supply unit was still hot. I shut the computer down about 5 hours earlier after about 20 minutes of use, so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot. I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard.

At this point, I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit.

A few hours later, I plugged it back in to try to get it to work. As soon as I plugged it in, the entire unit suddenly started "running" by itsel... Read more

Answer:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.

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Hi Tech Support Guys and Gals,
I was using my Hp laptop and the screen randomly froze. I manually powered off the computer and now when I turn it on, I hear one longer beep followed by two short ones. In addition, the screen doesn't work. If I let the computer keep working and boot up, I eventually hear the welcome screen theme play so it seems like the computer keeps functioning, but the monitor won't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Answer:Computer froze, now when computer boots up monitor doesn't work

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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.

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When I turn off my computer the power supply doesn?t seem to turn off, the fans are still on and so are the LEDs. Windows shuts down and the HD stops too. The only way to turn it off is to press the button on the back. This does not really bother me but I would like it to totally turn off when I say it to and not have to press other buttons. Is it bad that this is happening and/or is my PSU shot? All of my voltages monitors show the same thing as before, nothing has changed. My PSU is a Thermaltake Toughpower 700W Cable ManagementPC specs:Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.4 GHzEVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MB4 GB of OCZ SLI-ready RAM500 GB Hitachi HHD

Answer:Computer doesn't turn off

How long have you waited for a complete shutdown ? ?Temp sensors to cool down the system before power off ? ?Not sure on this one...what MBoard ? ?

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When I turn on my computer the monitor doesn't turn on, the light is green at first but then turns to orange and when the monitor did work this morning, the computer wasn't booting, it was stuck on a screen saying the RAM and stuff...The fan spins but nothing happens...
I have no idea what's wrong with it and there hasn't been anything new done to the computer. All the cables are in and where they should be.
What do I do?

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

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Ok the specs are in my sig...

This computer is almost 2 years old and I am seeing some signs of it being dead *lol*

running windows 7 (i think not important because it doesnt even go to the bios screen)

Symptoms included:
1. In the last month, when I turn on my computer, it doesn't turn on immediately and go to windows, but instead, it restarts for at least 5 times and then it goes to a "good state"... (take note that it does not go to the BIOS screen in the 1st 5 restarts) after that can I only use my computer, im not restarting because it i restart, it happens again...

2. Now, when I turn on my computer, it doesnt go to the BIOS and restarts over and over again... no display, no hard drive activity (referring to the light)...

I reseated the video card, the 2 memory cards, then I tried to fire it up, but to no avail, it gets the same thing... is my mobo broken? or is it another hardware?

sorry for my english, im not good at it...

please help me techies out there! any information will be greatly appreciated...

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

It's probably a bad component on the motherboard.

If I were you, and I really wanted to fix that motherboard, I would start by checking the capacitors and replacing any that look even slightly off.
Then I would reflow every solder point on the board that looks discolored/dirty/not super shiny.

After that, I would pour some liquid rosin flux over the Northbridge, and southbridge, make sure that it has a nice coat on the underside, and then heat it up with a pen torch or reflow station.

This will most likely fix your issue, but it's sort of hard to guess at what the problem is by your description.

If a computer won't boot, and you've tested each ram stick individually as well as together, then the problem is likely failing hardware on the board itself. You can pay someone to perform this maintenance on the board for around $150, but it's cheaper just to buy a new motherboard.
Of course I don't know because I'm not looking at the motherboard. It could just be something simple. I would suspect that during the first 5 reboots one of the capacitors isn't holding a correct charge, and it takes a few restarts to get it to hold the correct charge. This is a guess though, I don't know.

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Hi everybody. I'm new to techspot.
My wife's computer doesn't turn on. when she hits the power button the green light comes on for a few seconds and then it turns off again. any ideas? Her son normally pulls the plug off the wall to turn the computer off (silly boy).... Thank you in advance for your help

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

Hello, jhsa, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, that is a pretty bad way to turn off a pc it could be that your power supply has broken, take a look through this thread to make sure, either that or the motherboard or cpu could be damaged from the power suddenly disappearing.

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Hello everyone!! (I think I'm the only one here though on a Saturday night )

Anyway, I've been reading through the forum to see if I could find some answers to my problem with my HP and the closest one is "Old School" dated September 1, 2006. So, I've noted some of the answers and I'm going to try some things (that apply) tonight with my computer.

However, the initial problem started when I began to notice my computer slowing down, so I decided to remove some programs, files that I no longer needed. Afterwards, it didn't seem like it help any at all. A few days after that I began to get errors saying the memory was low and so I decided to completely start all over, going back to when I bought the computer new. However, when I attempted to do this it wouldn't let me saying the memory was low or not enough memory. Next thing I knew my computer completely crashed and I haven't been able to get it back on. Here are some of the things that are coming up when I try to start it.

1. Stop: c000021a {FATAL SYSTEM ERROR}
The session manager initialization system process
terminated unexpectedly with a status of
(0x000003a (0x00000000 0x00000000.)

The system has been shut down.

2. Stop: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
\system root\system 32\config\SOFTWARE
orits log or alternate.

It is corrupt, absent or not writable.
Beginning dumping of physical memory.
P... Read more

Answer:Computer Doesn't Turn On

Welcome to Bleepig Computer.From what you have posted you may have a corrupted registry. The explaination on how to recover is very lenghty and complex. The best option will be for you to read the Microsoft KB and post any question you may have with us. There are two KB article that apply to your Post.If for any reason you are not sure or fell you cannot complete the task, STOp and ask questions. I feel sure we can help you thru this but you will need to read the articles.Error Message "STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}"How to troubleshoot a "STOP 0xC000021A" error

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My computer just suddenly shut down. There was no shut down screen, it just went black out.

After I reset my power generation. My computer doesn't turn on anymore. Only the monitor is the one can be turned on.

Could you please, tell me why is this happening?

So please, oh please, reply me back, and tell me what to do!

Answer:My Computer doesn't turn on

Sounds very much as though your power supply is the culprit.

Fault-finding flowchart here: PC Power Supply Failure Diagnostics - Computer ATX Power Supply Troubleshooting and Repair

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I have assembled my new cpu but it doesn't turn on. This is my second time assembling my computer and my first time went on smoothly. But this time I missed on something and I have no idea what it is. Every time I press the power button, nothing happens. I'm sure there is power on the board because the led indicator is active. I also noticed that the cpu fan moved a little as if it will spin, but it didn't continue.

I'm using ASUS P5G41-M Motherboard..

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

Ensure that you've plugged in the 4 pin CPU power connector and fan connector.

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Ok here is the problem we been having. It seems that we have problems with our breakers going on and off constanlty but this time it really affected our pc. Our stupid landlord didn't pay the electric bill so our power was shut off durring the night. once it was back on we tried starting our computer back on an guess what nothing happened.

So i checked things out. first i checked the reset switch and we bought a new one of those, new power cord for the power supply, nope that wasn't it.

There are two color light bulbs by the reset switch the green one comes on when the computer is working. its not turning on and the yellow remains on tho so i figured its still getting power but maybe not from the power supply but from the battery since its a pretty big battery. But the fan isn't running, neither are the drives and other things so i think it is in the power supply. Do you think it might be the mobo tho? This computer is only two years old and it has a celleron proccessor and so i was also wondering could it be the processor too?

So here is the questions, what do i replace first? The power supply , proccessor, ram, mobo or just buy a new comp?

Just to let you know yes its plugged in and its turned on and the monitor is turned on also.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

First thing you should buy is a battery backup. Computers are very senstive to electrical problems, using a battery backup and a good quality powersupply will save you possibly thousands of dollars.

Most of these issues I've run into have a sort of chain reaction effect on the destruction of the PC. In all likelyhood, your powersupply is fried. If it was a good quality powersupply then that should be the extent of the damage, however if it didn't fail correctly then your motherboard could also be damaged. Depending on the quality of your motherboard, any various components of you PC could also then be damaged.

So giving that I understand your situation correctly, I'd first buy a battery backup (I prefer APC but Belkins are decent), then I'd buy a Powersupply (not a cheapo 350w Powmax, look for a good name like Enermax, Antec, Fortron, OCZ, or Seasonic) then see if your PC will start up. If its a no go then you need to replace the motherboard (at which point a system upgrade becomes an entertaining idea).

If at all possible try testing the components of your PC in another working computer so that you can devise what's good and what isn't.

But regardless, get a Battery backup.

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First of all, sorry that my first post is for help but the problem is how I found the forum.Basically, one morning I turned on the computer and was just doing my daily things when all of a sudden the computer turned itself off, it was very sudden, no signs of any problems or anything. Now if I try to turn it on, the power button gets pressed like any other useless button and does nothing. Makes a little click sound like always, and the computer does not turn on.My belief is that this is harddrive related; however I am not entire certain if that is what the problem was. My harddrive is 40GB Western Digital harddrive, and I'm currently looking for the box to give you all more information but can't seem to find it, I will continue looking however.I tried turning off the powerbar, cooling the area around my mid-tower case, and cooling the case itself down, letting the computer rest for 24 hours, and then turning it on, but same problem, pressed the button, it didn't turn on. If this isn't a harddrive problem, anyone know what it could be? If you need information on any other parts of my computer and whatnot, please ask I'll be more than happy to provide you with the information.  Also, if the harddrive did die out on me, is there anyway of fixing it,I will respond ASAP if there are any other questions.THANK YOU! ... in advance.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

It could be a power supply, possibly the hard drive, maybe even something else.It seems that to solve this mystery there needs to be a little "operation".  If you've got the know-how to open up the case (which I am NOT advocating) UNLESS you have experience, I"d recommend taking the system to a knowledgeable computer repair person.  Alan <><  

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hello, today morning i turned off my computer and on the evening i tried to turn on but it was unsuccessfully, my monitor showed me only a blank screen and my cooling processor been working with the maximum rotation turn and computer light (outside) doesn't work either (but it was working on morning) also I tried start computer with disconnected hdd, ram etc. but still got problem, any suggestions ? maybe motherboard is dead, it's quit old ?

windows xp
motherboard - p6pe-vm

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I have a P4 1.4ghz with Win Xp, recently I've noticed 2 problems. One is that my computer will not turn off. I tell it to turn off and it just restarts. My other problem is that my CD drive (d:\) isn't reading anything. It is recognized by the Device Manager and i can eject it, but it won't read any CD iput in. Does it just nead cleaning????? I just installed 256mb of memory if that has anything to do with it.

Answer:Computer Doesn't Turn Off

Here's a good place to see about your shutdown problems:

Windows XP shutdown troubleshooting

Regarding the CD drive, have you done anything to it recently? Maybe you knocked the cable loose when putting that new memory in?

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Hi I've got an Acer laptop with Windows XP Home Edition and about a third to a half of the times I shut down the computer it freezes at the blue page that says windows is shutting down, and doesn't turn off. Can anyone tell me if they've came across this problem before and if there's anything that can be done about it? Thanks

Answer:Computer doesn't turn off

If your computer does not turn off the power when doing a shutdown,
you may need to edit the registry.

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Edit the key PowerOffActive and give it a value of 1
You can do the same in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop
You can go here:
Scroll down to #76 and click on the word "Off" ,when the file download box opens up,click open.

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Hello --
I've got a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, it's about 4-5 years old. I'm not very tech savvy.

A weird thing started happening recently:

Whenever the computer shuts down (Standby, hibernate, or full shut down), either b/c I power it down or just b/c I close the lid, the computer refuses to turn on again.

When I press the power button, the fan starts up, the power light comes on, the caps lock light blinks 9 times and then it turns off again. Happens regardless whether the laptop is plugged in or on battery.

I have discovered that I can get the computer to start up by holding down the "play/pause" button bellow the touchpad and pressing a bunch of keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This causes the computer to turn on and opens a program called Dell Media Experience (which I've only used occassionally before). But this "solution" is not reliable and seems to be getting less and less effective(the first time, I just pressed the button, since then I've had no success unless I also hammer the keyboard a bit).

At this point, I'm afraid to let my laptop sleep or turn off for fear that it will never turn back on.

Anyone have any idea what the problem is? PSU? Motherboard? Something easy to fix that a non-techie like myself is just unaware of?

Plz let me know ASAP.

Answer:Computer doesn't want to turn on

You might want to check out data from Dell also:

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computer does not turn on unless i hold the power button down

Answer:computer doesn't turn on right

try using the left hand.

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Hi again, I write this because sometimes I tried to turn on my computer but it doesn't start, then I press the button again and the computer begin to running, I want to know Why it happen?

I have a UPS and Windows Me, but I don't understand the problem.

Answer:My Computer doesn't turn on

I'm wondering ( and this would be really easy to fix ) how old is the case ? Maybe the connection in the back of the power button is screwed up ...
Also could you post the system specs .

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My power went off last night (computer was off and plugged into a surge protector). Now the computer won't come back on. I turned on and off the powerbar but nothing is happening with the computer. I finally gave up and came to work. Any suggestions I can relay to my husband so he can get it up an running? Thanks.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

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Hi everyone,

I apologize if it's been asked before, but I thought that results may be different because I have my own set of specs.
I have bought parts for a computer 2 days ago and was very exited to assemble them. thinking that I can finally play games on high graphics. My specs are as the following:
i5 4670 processor
gtx 770 graphics card
asus z87a motherboard
nzxt 410 case
cx750 power supply
8gb corsair ram

I have hooked everything up, as according to the manual, I did hook up the 8pin and the 24pin to the motherboard from the power supply, ram and cpu is installed properly, everything is wired correctly according to the manual

- hd audio cable goes in the AAFP port, a usb 2.0 goes into one of the usb ports.
-usb3.0 goes into the usb3.0 port
- port for the fan goes into one molex connector
- + and - pled is hooked up right, as well is the power and reset switches.
- 24pin and 8 pin from the power supply is hooked up right.
- ram is installed

The problem here is that when I press the power switch, nothing happens. There is just a green LED on the motherboard that lights up when i connect power. Am I doing anything wrong? I thought with these basic things the computer should at least turn on. I really hope that it's not "defective equipment" because I bought them brand new 2 days ago. Hopefully I didn't break anything, nothing should break so far, and hopefully nothing burned or fried because I didn... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

Welcome to the forum

Remove all add in cards, hard drives, disk drives, use one stick of memory in dimm0 then switch to dimm 1, then switch to a different stick. Since nothing happens make sure you have your power switch connected properly and that it works, double check the front header diagram for the power switch pins and if you get nothing at all short the two pins with a screwdriver to see if it fires up. Your video card will also require one 8pin pci-e power connector and one 6pin pci-e power connector so check those also.

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I need serious help. I got to school online and am in a really hard class. Now, my computer is flaking out on me. I like to turn my computer off when I am not using it because periodically the computer sounds loud like I am doing twenty things at once when I am not even using it. Then my computer gets quiet again. I have XP Home Edition and it doesn't turn all the way on sometimes. In these instances, all the lights that are supposed to be lit on the tower are, but the monitor doesn't turn on. I have to hold the power button in until the tower turns off, I wait about thirty seconds then turn on the power again. It is like Russian Roulette, sometimes it works, sometimes I have to do this again. It has gotten slower too, my computer is so freakin slow, and it just froze on me for a moment. I am not sure this next piece of information will have anything to do with this but last week I had ran and downloaded the MS Essentials program for viruses and spywares. It said I had Win32/Induc.A, and it said it was a virus. All the files listed below it I deleted even from recycle bin so I thought it was gone. I looked up information about the Induc.A and it said it attaches to Delphi files if you have them and copy files and rename them as well, which I did a search and found no delphi files. Then the MS Support Page said that if none, it will just bounce around your system in a richochet style.I will check in later, to see if I been hooked. Thank you.

Answer:Computer doesn not turn all the way ON sometimes

<<I got to school online and am in a really hard class.>>It took my feeble brain...a few minutes to realize that should read "I go to school online" .System manufacturer and model?Have you seen ?Did you follow the suggestion to run a scan with either product listed?What AV program is installed on your system?Do you think that your system is infected now?Louis

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Hi, all. I wasn't there at the time of occurrence, but my brothers have told me that while they were on their computer, it started to ''smell like permanent marker,'' and next thing they knew, it shut off by itself.

So, I came and opened their computer, and I used a compressed air can to remove any dust that was sitting inside. I reconnected everything and put the PC back in its place, but it still doesn't turn on after multiple tries.

The monitor works, just the PC doesn't.

What else can I do? Is the PC a goner?


Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

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well one day my computer just shut off...i tried everything..the fans on the motherboard spin..i've tried changing everything but the power supply...would it be the problem?

i've hooked up different hd's and put a diff mobo and processor and even memory...

let me know what u think it is

Answer:My computer doesn't TUrn on..HELP!!

What are the things that you've done before the problem started? Can you elaborate more?

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Okay, so my desktop computer used to be on all the time and then all of a sudden it went off and it just simply is NOT turning on. Pressing the button to turn it on does absolutely nothing. I've tried leaving it unplugged for a week, and it still didn't work. There is a light on the motherboard so I know that the motherboard does have power but I can't figure out what's wrong. Can someone please help me turn this pc on?

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on

The problem sounds like the power supply, if not that, then the motherboard. A good way to narrow the problem down, would be to swap a known working power supply, and see if the computer boots up. If it doesn't, there is a problem with the motherboard (considering all wires and cord are connected properly and there are no other power issues such as AC outlet, surge protector, bad PSU power cable etc.)

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Hi Everyone,
I have a dell desktop which had some problems and made a weird sound whenever I turned it on so I decided to open it up and take out the HDD and plug it into a desktop that I built and backup the data and reformat the drive. So then I put the HDD back in and now whenever I try to turn the computer on it doesnt even turn on. Before it wouldn't show me anything but atleast when it was turned on you could hear everything spinning as the power went to all the components. However now the MoBo lights up and thats it, I tried pressing power button multiple times but nothing. All the connections seem to be secure, the pins unbent and the parts snug into their slots so I don't understand what the problem could be. Please help!!!

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I've just returned from a weeks holiday and I tried to turn my computer on but it fails to do so.

I left my computer as I normally do. I use it everyday usually, but returned to find it not working. The red light on the front of my case is on, indicating that there is power to the machine.

I opened my case and pressed the power button to see if anything happened. I noticed that my fan moved for half a second when I pressed the power button, but that is it.

I have unplugged the 24 pin and 4 pin cables that were plugged into my motherboard and plugged them back in.

Ive taken out the battery on the motherboard to restart the CMOS (I think it's called that) and put it back in. Doesn't work.

I have tested the computer's power cable with my monitor and that turns it on. I've tested the wall socket with a lamp, and the lamp works.

Any help please?!

Here's my spec.

Gigabyte B75-MD3H
Intel Core i7 (3770) 3.5GHz X 4 (14GHz) L2 Cache 8MB
8 x USBS Ports Onboard Raid 0/ Raid 1/ Raid 0+1
5.20 Internal Card Reader & High Definition Audio Surround Sound
Network Fast Ethernet Gigabit Lan & Wireless Lan 802.11b/g/n
Ram 8GB DDR3 Kingston Hyper X
Display PCI Express NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660Ti 2048MB
Hard Drive 500GB SATA II
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on (a week after non use)

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Hey, like the title says, when I shutdown my computer, sometimes it don't shutdown at all.. everything will turn off like monitors, other devices, etc but the computer just don't turn off. Sometimes it'll turn off but it takes like 10 mins or so. This computer is not slow by any means, I just custom built it for gaming. Anyways, I've tried cleaning it up using bleachbit, defragging it, cleaning the registry, and I even ran chkdsk to repair errors on the drive which took hrs but it's still doing the same thing so I came to the conclusion that it might be a program that might be not responding and just doesn't want to end. What do you think?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15-3521. 2 days ago, my laptop battery percentage dropped down to 0, and as you would expect, it shut down.  I then charged it overnight thinking it would be working fine the next morning,  but the system didn't even turn on to tell me if the battery was low. Please help ASAP, thank you.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with Windows XP Pro on it. It's only a year and a few months old.

Anyway, a few months ago, I turned on the computer and instead of loading properly, it beeped and nothing showed up on my computer screen. And all I could hear after the beeping was the fan, which I noticed to be abnormal since the machine makes its usual running sounds. So, I opened up the computer and saw that one of the metal strips that covers an unused drive space was loose, so I tightened it back into place, closed up the computer and when I turned it on, all was well.

Now, just a few days ago, the same thing happened except nothing I did could make my computer turn back on. I tightened the metal strips, drives, checked all plugs, etc only to find out that whenever I pressed the power button the green light goes on, the beeping happens, but the computer will not turn on and function. All I still hear is the fan on inside the computer.
Please help.

Answer:my computer beeps and doesn't turn on, help!

Does the beeping stop after a certain number of beeps each time? If so, count the beeps and refer to the online help available through the PC manufacturer. It's possible the movement when you opened it up caused the machine to work again and was not related to the metal strip. (possible). If you have more than one ram module, try each one separately. This may single out a bad one. If there is any way that you can borrow a friend's ram memory module(s) try different ram. Almost every time I've had the beeping problem, it has been ram related.

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The computer loads to the xp home logo, sounds like its gonna shut down, then starts all over again (reboots and continues this cycle)

It's running Windows XP Home.

It was just loaded with a bunch of Windows updates, probably a years worth I'd guess. Also, a virus scan was run and found a bunch of trojans, but this was h0ours before windows update and the computer shut down / restarted properly after the virus scan was done.

Or, in other words. The virus scsan ran, tried to remove a bunch of trojans (but I guess it didn't remove them properly because it keeps getting a bunch of messages that the Trojan horse is still on it). After that, the computer restarted properly. Then, Wijnodws UPdate went, installed a bunch of things, and now it wont start properly

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on properly

O hyeah, Windows update installed 55 things

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Hello,it's me again.And I have another problem.When I click on the start menu >> turn off computer and whether I click Restart,stand by of turn off,the computer doesn't wan to perform the action.I can't even log off.I heard that a program might be blocking the computer from turning off but I don't know which program it is.
Can you help me,please ?

Answer:Solved: My computer doesn't turn off

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my computer does turn on... but the monitor acts as if the computer were still turned off, the mouse doesn't turn on either, nor the keyboard, the cd rom doesn't respond either, the computer is turn on but it's as if it weren't.. what can be my problem and how do I fix it, if it can be fixed?..please help

Answer:computer doesn't turn on..technacally

I would be trying a new power supply as my first step as it sounds yours has partially failed.

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I have been searching everywhere for an answer to my problem and have yet to find something. What happens is, after using my computer for extended periods of time (6hrs+) if I for some reason, shut down the computer (Or say the power cord gets yanked out) it will simply not turn back on immediately.
I click the power button to turn it back on, and for a split second the fans, etc, spin and then just cut out and everything is dead. If I click the power button on a second time, nothing even starts to work for that split second; its just completely dead. Now, if I take the power cord out, wait 10 secs, and then put it back in and power it on, I get the same split second power up, and then it goes dead.
The only way I get it back on again, is to leave the power cord out, wait around 10-15 mins, reconnect the power cord, and it works perfectly.
This problem only seems to occur when the computer is "hot", like I said after being on for a fair while, and immediately turning it back on. If I go to use it in the morning after being off all night, I never get this.

The reasons I think it may be, is either a faulty power supply, faulty power switch, or maybe the motherboard? I don't really know (Although I don't think it is the motherboard as it was only replaced a while back because of a burn out :\).
I was reading somewhere about how dodgy soldering can produce different results if the computer is hot or cold because of expanding/contracting. Could this be a ... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on after extended use

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My computer attempts to turn on, then like .3 seconds after I press the power button, it turns off. I opened the case to see what was the problem. The power supply does work, because it is showing lights before cutting itself off it seems.

So far I have a list of good parts, and they are as follows:
Graphics Card
Power Supply
CD/DVD Drive
Hard Drive

I have bought a new motherboard and CPU recently.

They are: AMD FX-4100 Quad-core and ASRock 970 Extreme 3.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong?


Answer:Computer Attempts to Turn On then Doesn't

A couple of things to start with:

You say "I have a list of good parts".

What makes you think they are good?

Do your fans start to move when you try to start?

Can you hear the hard drives try to spin when you try to start?

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Hey! So basically my friends computer doesnt turn on properly.
He gets a screen saying
"Windows has not started properly, choose a mode:
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with networking
Resume last settings etc"...

No matter which one you choose windows still doesn't boot. A blue screen comes up which reads:
"STOP: C0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the (file):
or its log alternative
It is corrupt, absent or not writable"

We've put the recovery disc in etc and no hope. Any advice on what to do would be great thanks.
Oh, and this happened just after he defragged his computer. He restarted it after the defrag and this started happening...

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on, maybe a virus?

Try this link:
You have a corrupt registry hive file (duh! The error message told you that!). The above link is a step-by-step guide on fixing the problem. You'll need your XP CD so you can enter the Recovery Console. Be sure to follow each step exactly as described; there's some command typing involved so be VERY careful when typing the commands and don't mess up or skip one by mistake. You'd be better off printing the article for reference whilst peforming the repair. You might want to read thru the steps a couple of times first, just so you have a good idea of what's happening... good luck!


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Hello Gurus - So - I built myself a computer about 6 months ago.  Core 2 Duo E6850 4 gigs ram etc etc.  Everything has been working fine until i came home from work today...and the thing just doesnt turn on.  I hit the power button, nothing happens.I changed outlets, and power cords and still nothing.I need help figuring out if it is the actual case button, the power supply, or something worse.Whenever the computer is plugged in, the green light on my mother board lights up, which leads me to believe the power supply is still pumping out some juice - and that the problem is with the case's "on" button.Does anyone have any solution to try and figure it out...without actually purchasing a new power supply or case?Thanks!

Answer:computer suddenly doesn't turn on

Borrow a known good PSU of the same or greater wattage and swap it in there to see if this is the issue.The MBoard light doesn't need a whole lot of juice so it basically tells you nothing.Were there any symptoms leading up to this problem ?Have you installed any new hardware recently ?Post back with your results and we'll go from there.

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Hello friends,

My old computer (Intel Impression 440BX) was running Win98, I formatted and installed XP Professional. Now when I select shutdown, the computer no longer turns itself off - as it used to. I now get the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen and have to manually turn off the power to the Motherboard.

I didn't make any changes to BIOS (AWARD) and I looked around to see if XP changed something, but didn't notice anything. I am not that experienced with all the different BIOS settings.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:XP Doesn't turn power off my computer

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I have a sony vaio desktop (PCV-RX830 in case you're wondering). I come back from 2 months of vacation to find that my parents took my computer to their workplace so they can use it. I see it working fine as it had two months ago. So we open it up, blow the inside of dust and I bring it back to my home. As soon as I start it up at home the blue ON light comes on and so do the whirling of the fans. But then after a second or so of booting up, all the noise inside the computer slowly dies down and nothing shows up on the monitor. The blue light remains but it's obvious it's not on. After a day trying to figure out what's wrong with it, I take it to Best Buy (cuz i bought it there) and have their people look at it (the biggest mistake i've ever made).They tell me that my primary harddrive has bad sectors and my third memory card went bad (I had 3 memory cards totaling 1g).I give them the benefit of the doubt and buy a new harddrive and memory stick. I install all of these into the computer myself since I don't want to pay extra and since I've already installed harddrives and memory sticks by myself before. I start up the computer and the same exact problem occurs. Even with a new harddrive the computer just doesn't boot. Nothing shows on the screen at all. All i'm left with is the dying noise of computer parts inside the tower. Please someone tell me what's wrong and what I can do about it.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on anymore

QuoteI have a sony vaio desktop (PCV-RX830 in case you're wondering). As soon as I start it up at home the blue ON light comes on and so do the whirling of the fans. But then after a second or so of booting up, all the noise inside the computer slowly dies down and nothing shows up on the monitor. The blue light remains but it's obvious it's not on. I buy a new harddrive and memory stick. I install all of these into the computer myself since I've already installed harddrives and memory sticks by myself before. I start up the computer and the same exact problem occurs. Even with a new harddrive the computer just doesn't boot. Nothing shows on the screen at all. All i'm left with is the dying noise of computer parts inside the tower. 1)Do you hear beeps?2)What do they sound like?3)Specs for PC?

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Hello... let me state the problem.

Problem: Computer shuts down randomly. I press the power switch, but it does not turn the computer on. I have to wait a while and press power switch, and it turns on, or I switch the voltage switch (red switch) on the back of the PSU a few times, press power, switch voltage switch back to 110V and then power switch and it turns on normally. (Probably not good for it) It then runs for like 1 hour --> 1 day and turns off randomly again, where i must repeat.

Reason?: I use to never leave my computer on for longer than a day. I never downloaded anything large for it to be left on overnight. During chirstmas I got a Dual Layer DVD-Burner and installed that. I have been leaving my computer on for weeks at a time downloading large files now. Everything was fine for about 3 weeks. Near the end of Janurary it first happened. I didn't think much about it, just turned it back on and it worked fine. About 2 weeks after that it occured again: Now it happens pretty much every day with the added bonus of the power switch not responding for about 1 --> 5 mins.

Possible Problem: The thing I find most insteresting is the fact that after it shut's down, it will not start up for about 1 mins (power switch doesn't respond for a little bit). I can not tell if it is because:
1) I started leaving my computer on for weeks at a time and now Mobo is burning out or PSU?
2) Because I installed the Dual Layer DVD-Burner, and ... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on for a few seconds? PSU Problem?

Sounds like it could be the PSU. I had similar problems in getting the bugger to start up and swapping out the PSU seemed to fix it. I've also had problems with the powerup button getting stuck and causing similar symptoms, but with it shutting down my guess would be PSU. Good luck!

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Can somone please help I have a huge problem.

Firstly when I put my computer on everything was working fine but nothing came up on my screen it just said no signal, I checked all the wires and everything was fine, so was my pc it seemed to work fine it was just the screen that wasn't then i looked at the back of the PC and i saw this red switch which was on 230 then i changed it to 115 and I heard a sound so I changed it back to 230 and now my computer dosent even turn on SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!!!! also does this mean all my files are safe or are they all gone

Answer:SOMEBODY HELP!! I flicked this red switch now my computer doesn't turn on!!!!!

Where are you located, Europe or USA?

The 230 is usually non-USA. If you powered your system at 115 and you had a 230 input power, you likely blew your PSU (at best) You'll need to get a new one.

NEVER change this PSU switch if it worked before.

If you ARE USA, and you buy a new PSU, the setting should already be set to 115.

If you are non-USA, a new PSU should already be set to whatever your country uses.

Good luck.

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So a few weeks ago we had to have some viruses removed from our computer, and it seemed like it was working again. Today, when we went to turn it on, the screen would only turn on for about 30 seconds, and then it would go blank. You could still hear the computer running though. Then when we shut it down and tried to start it in safe mode, we weren't able to. It said something like "No support", but when we tried starting it how we usually do, it worked. Now it's working really slow, and the screen keeps on freezing.

Answer:Computer runs but the screen doesn't turn on

Hi -

Is it a laptop or desktop?

If laptop, try connecting an external monitor. A laptop here loses monitor a few seconds after boot due to a known hardware issue.

If desktop, try another cable +/or monitor.

Regards. . .


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Problem 1:
Forgive my wording if it sounds confusing. On one day I can use my desktop all day with no problems. However, the next day I can't turn on my computer. I can hear fan noises inside my computer and the power button lights up, but the monitor says that there is no signal and promptly turns black. One thing that may be important is that when I attempt to turn on my computer, when the fan is louder then my computer turns on with no problems. On the other hand when the fan is quieter, the computer does not turn on (the monitor receives no signal). The day after, I then turn on my computer and it works completely fine. So currently I tend to use my computer every other day and my computer turns on every other day with no problems (which has been inconvenient).

Problem 2:
For a few months, I have been playing Overwatch (a video game) on fullscreen (19201080) with no problems. However, recently my computer crashes when I play and I cannot turn on my PC right afterwards. On the other hand, if I play Overwatch in windowed mode in 1366768 resolution there are no computer crashes.

I am not sure which hardware part is the problem and I am wondering what actions I should take to fix my computer. Thanks in advance!

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I have a strange problem and i'm not even completely sure it's hardware related.

I formatted my PC's hard drive and installed XP. I didn't have any troubles with that and it wasn't unusual in any way. Unfortunatelly after that my PC has problems turning on. It restarted a few times during system instalation, updating and installing other programs (which is normal), but after I turned it off for the night, the START button doesn't seem to work properly. For the first and second time I've managed to turn it on eventually (I've unplugged the power cord and plugged it again, I played with the ON/OFF switch, I waited). But the problem didn't vanish. Now it doesn't respond at all. Maybe it will turn on after a while (like two last times), but I'd prefer the problem to disappear completely.

I found this article - - but I really would like to avoid opening the guts of my PC. Is it possible that the problem is software related? It appeared only AFTER the format and has never existed before.

Answer:Solved: Computer doesn't turn on after format

Cable problem.


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It goes through the motions then returns to desktop of whoever is logged in.
Is there a setting I have missed somewhere? as I have been all through the main settings.

Answer:Why doesn't the power/shutdown turn the computer off?

We're going to need a bit more information to be able to assist with this particular issue. Please register for an account, then return to this topic and give us the following information:
1. What is the make and model of your computer. Manufacturer name? Model Number?
2. Was this an upgrade to Windows 10? If So, what OS was it upgraded from?
3. Do you have any 3rd party Antivirus or Firewalls installed? If so , what are they?
4. Is this an OS that is NOT Windows 10. If so, then please provide the name and version number of your OS.
Once we have that information, I can rule out if it is a hardware issue or configuration issue. It sounds like a hardware issue, but it could be a software conflict.

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i was working in Maya..actually just browsing.i havent even created anything.the scene was empty.and i just started to make a basic model the computer suddenly turned off.then in 2 seconds turned on again (almost) but the monitor wasnt showing anything.hdd light was off (everytime my computer starts normally it's ON)..cpu fan was rotating slowly.and the diagnostic lights (i guess) were on on the motherboard..i was afraid that cpu may get overheated (because the fan was rotating very slowly) i cut off the electricity.then started the comp again..this time..the fan didin't even start rotating (just showed little signs that it kind of wants to start rotating)..2 seconds that last..then it turned off again..after that it's on for a second then off for just turns on and off if i dont cut the electricity
and the thing that.if i wait some time.then turn on the comp it goes a little long and wants to start ( maybe for 4-5 seconds) and then the same i thought it might a overheating problem (though i haven't done anything that could cause that) and disconnected the graphics card, the drives and the hdds..didn't help

havent' had these kind of problems before.the comp is in good conditions.bought in 2009

the specs are:

Quad Core 2.66
GTX 560Ti
Windows 7
580w power supply

and there's a ups..600v/s i's old..dunno if this can cause the problem.just additioanl info

this is urgent..please help with anything u can.thank u very much

Answer:Computer turned off suddenly, now doesn't turn on

I hate to guess, but my initial reaction is Power Supply. But the UPS could be a complicating factor.

First, I would remove the UPS from the system and test.

Then, try another power supply in your system or try your power supply in another system. Do you have access to another PS you could test with?

Another thing you can try is to disconnect all external devices, all drives, and any other power draws that you can and see if the system will boot with just basic components: PS, MB/CPU, RAM, Graphics.

If we can eliminate the power supply as the cause (prove that it is good) then we can move on to the other potential causes.

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Hi, I set my computer to turn on at 2AM in Bios and it did work for a few years but as long as i installed windows 10 it doesn't work and i don't want to do this by task scheduler!!! What should i do? Thank you

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Recently my graphics card stuffed up, whenever I restarted my computer there would be three consecutive 'beeps' and the screen would stay black. I had it repaired and the person handing me back my hard drive (not the guy who repaired it) said that a new card was installed and it was apparently better for gaming.
I played games such as Age of Empires III and Civilization 4, however the games crashed occasionally. Age of Empires had never crashed when my old graphics card was installed (Nvidia Geforce graphics card) however my new card is an Asus, and during the play of civilization 4 the terrain details would disappear and black squares would emerge, then the whole screen goes into negative colours, bright yellows, purples and greens and then the computer shuts off restarts several times. This happened several times before and I would just restart. However it happened and my computer never started again. I cleaned out the iside of the hard drive and removed the dust.
The computer is 4 years old but it was well maintained, the power supply had been changed 2-3 years earlier, its brand is Hi-Tech.
I was wondering wether it is a graphics card issue, power supply issue or motherboard issue. Also I was wandering if replacing parts or buying a new hard drive is the best thing to do.

-Navneet (This occured Saturday July 17th 2010)

Answer:Computer crashed and doesn't turn on anymore

1st thing to do is get your hands on a DECENT power supply............. hi tech doesn't seem to be a mainstream "quality" brand
.....try antec,thermaltake,corsair to name a few pref' 600w+

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I replaced my old video card today and when I tried to boot up my computer it will not even power up. There is green blinking light on my mobo, but the computer will not boot at all. I put my old video card back in but the computer still does not power up. I checked all the wiring and everything is in place. How can I fix this???

Thanks everyone

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on after new video card

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When I push my T400's power button, the laptop no longer goes into hibernation. I have already tried the following:-Checking the power button setting in Windows (it's set to hibernate)-Holding down the button for a while (if I keep holding it down, the laptop does a hard shut down) What can I do to get the power button to work again? I've also tried using the dock's button; the same problem occurs with that button. What can I do to make the button work? Extra Context:-Windows 7 32-bit Edition-No obvious power-related event log warnings or errors

Lenovo Stuff: ThinkPad T400 (2764CTO) + Advanced Dock, ThinkPad T440p + Ultra Dock, assorted batteries, screws, and nubs

Answer:Power Button Doesn't Turn Off Computer

Does Fn+F12 still work?

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When i went to bed my computer was working fine. but when i woke up (8 hours later or so), When i press the power button nothing happens, not even a choke to try and start up. The weid thing is that when i turn on the rear power switch, the motherboard green LED is on. So im not sure if this is consistent with PSU failure? I would have that PSU failure for sure but now im not certain.
i have tried:
Using a known good power socket.
switching the power and reset buttons on the motherboard to see if it was the siwtch
Short circuiting the on switch on the motherboard.
When i unplug the motherboard power cable from PSU, the green LED turns off, when i plug it back in it turns back on.

Does anyone know if its a PSU problem or somethign easier? Because it's really throwing me off. I think i have to be getting power, since the mobo LED is on.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on, but mobo LED light on

Hello and welcome to techspot.

I'm not good at all when it comes to this case, but coincidentally, i have the same issue last year.So i decided to write some possible reasons :
1. PSU failure (+12V A rail is too low)
2. Capacitors leaked
3. Heatsink and thermal gel not installed properly
4. Few drives problem such as HDD or optical drive
5. short circuited cables inside the case.

So far, when this problem happens to me, i could not turn on the PC whenever the HDD is attached. But when i unattach it, the computer would on.
Or another issue, i have a fan in the case which i have not installed yet. Accidentally, when i move it with a pincer to the correct position, the metal parts of the fan get in contact with the CPU case. Straight after that my computer turned off, BUT the CPU LED is on.

Well, let's find out more about your computer, can you give your system specs here?

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Toshiba Satellite laptop, L55 series, running W10 Anniversary. I don't have this problem yet, but know from past experience that it can happen. I think I read somewhere that you can power up the dead machine by pressing one of the keys (I think it's the zero key) at the same time a pressing the power button. Is that correct? Thanks..Ed

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I couldn't get my emachine w3052 with Xp to turn on (had this problem before and a thorough cleaning took care of it) so I cleaned it again. This time I made the mistake of taking the internal battery out (left out over 24 hours) and now when I put everything back together, I get that funny British siren sound so I unplugged it immediately. I tried plugging it in again and nothing, no sound, power, etc. I removed everything except for monitor and keyboard and still nothing. Is there any hope or does this mean my motherboard is fried? Thank you for any expert advise and help!!!!.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on because of internal battery or motherboard?

Check your RAM and reseat.  The internal battery is to save your CMOS settings and all you did by removing it is to reset the setting back to factory.  Your computer will start on factory specs.  By "removed everything except for monitor and keyboard" did you mean that you took out the RAM and other internal parts or did you just take off the external stuff, ie the printer, scanner and the like?  If you took out the RAM and plugged it back it you should have gotten a beep code of 3 beeps.  If you didn't get any beep code, then your MB is toast.  If you took off the external stuff, that shouldn't have stopped your computer from starting.

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Hi, everyone. Alexis is here.

CPU Inter Core i3 2310M @ 2.10GHz
Motherboard Lenovo emerald Lake
Generic PnP Monitor
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (lenovo)
1023 MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M (lenovo)
BIOS (brand lenovo)
Version 44CN28WW
Date 2/22/2011

I've installed clean windows 10 via usb, but laptop can't be turned off or restart. For example: after clicking Power->Restart, laptop closes apps, shows "Restarting your PC" and then just black screen and it still works I see it and hear.
Also I can't enter BIOS, I pressed F2, as I usually did, no reaction.
I saw, there are many posts with the same issue, people often say, that it's driver or hardware incompatability with windows 10. I tried many of the solutions, I saw.

There are some, that I can't perform:
First is to Disable internal graphics in BIOS, becase I can't enter BIOS.
Second is writen here:
1. uninstall intel management engine 11.x driver, and instal 9.x driver for windows 8. 2.turn of hybrid shut down as described here, or use ?powercfg -h off? cmd command. 3. go to device manager, navigate to Universal Serial Bus Controllers, select ?generic usb hub? and all other listed devices, open their properties, click on Power Management tab, and opt out ?allow this computer to turn off?.? press ok.CPU. Can't perform this method, because while installing Management Engine 9.5.24 I get message: "Your platform isn't supported".

Any advices on how to turn off laptop or restart as intended; How to e... Read more

Answer:After windows 10 installation computer doesn't turn off or restart

Laptop model is Lenovo-v570Sorry, forgot to send this info. Can't find the solution among all this information ;(Laptops-and-netbooks :: Lenovo-V-Series-laptops :: Lenovo-V570-Notebook - Lenovo Support

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Hi guys. Big problem here. Yesterday my computer was working just fine. I shut it down without a problem, went to sleep.
Today I wake up, try to turn it on, and it doesn't make a sound. After trying to press the button a few more times, getting over the panic attack, having two shots, and a few advils, I decided to venture into my computer's depths.
The motherboard seems to be getting power, since two leds are turned on when I plug the PSU into the power source, yet when I press the power switch I can see no response. It's not that the PC doesn't boot. No fans start working. Nothing. It's dead.
I've checked the connections to no avail, and I'm thinking about the PSU and the power switch.

I wanted to know if it could be the PSU, since the motherboard does seem to get power and I changed it 3 - 4 months ago. It should be working fine.
What else could it be? The cables into the power switch seem to be glued to the connections so it's hard to check it with a multimeter.
I'd try another PSU, but a cheap PSU over here (Argentina) costs around 6 hours worth of work for me so I'd like to hear your opinion.

Answer:The computer doesn't turn on, but the motherboard receives energy

Sorry to make you repeat yourself but both the 20/24 pin power connector usually to the right of the cpu and the 4/6 pin power connector to the left of the cpu are definitely clicked in?

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After a power outtage hit my house I tried to start my computer, but it didn't turn on. I opened the computer up thinking it was the power supply. I had the power supply replaced but that wasn't the issue. I also noticed the modem on the motherboard was lit up, so im guessing the motherboard is still ok. Sometimes when i kept turning off the power supply then back on, then try to start the computer i would see a flicker of the power light. Please i need advice on what could be wrong with the computer before i waste money to get it repaired when it could be a easy fix that I can do.

Answer:Computer doesn't turn on after a power outtage at my house.

did you try and clear cmos

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:knock: Today I came home from work and pressed the power button on the computer to which nothing happened. Not a slight power up and turn off, no lights fans, no sign of life. I used it this morning with no problems or indications of anything being wrong and turned it off when I was done, which it shut down properly. It never just turns off in the middle of gaming or anything. What could be the problem with it? Would that be the power supply? I have it plugged into a good surge protector and there was no lightning of weather effects today while I was gone. I turn it off every night before sleeping and when ever i'm done with it. Anyways, thats some usage of it. Its usually on for 6 hours a day or so and its rufly 3 weeks old. (just built). Thanks for any help you guys can give!!


Answer:Computer doesn't turn on when pressing power button

Jason - from what you describe (and assuming your power outlet is OK), your computer's power supply may have blown. Thankfully, it is an inexpensive part to replace!

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I have a HP Pavilion 7960 that was used when new for a couple of months, and then stored for a year and a half or so. When I got it out again I have been unable to power it up. The monitor comes on and the little green light at the back of the CPU, but no anything else. I nee HELP....... please.

Answer:(Resolved) power switch doesn't turn on computer

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when i turn on my computer the LED light doesnt turn on so my webcam and my mic think my computer is off so they don't work.

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I just bought a new computer and it was working fine for a couple months. For the last 5 days I haven't turned it off however because I am downloading some stuff. Well last night, I decided I should give my computer a rest. So i turned it off. But this morning, I tried to turn it on but it doesn't do anythign at all, not even a sound. The monitor and speakers can turn on. I've tried hitting the breaker and unplugging it from the outlet. Can somebody please help me?

Answer:Computer won't turn on but monitor does

Time for a call to Tech Support and a Warranty repair.


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Everything inside my new build is put in place and I hooked it up all up today to get ready to install windows and mobo drivers etc...but when I plug everything in, my monitor will not turn on. When I unplug my monitor cable from the back of my video card, the light on my monitor turns green and an image on my screen says "No Signal, Check video cable?" so I go to plug my monitor cable back into my video card and when I do, the light on my monitor turns Orange. At this point, I cannot do anything with my monitor except shut it off. Either way, no image comes up on my screen. All fans inside my computer go on when I push the start button. The fan on my cpu cooler and the fan on my video card both start up. Anyone know the problem? My system specs are as follows

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz

Video Card:

2GB Crucial DDR2 667

Hard Drive:
Western Digital 160GB Serial ATA

MSI Intel 945GC Micro ATX Intel Motherboard LGA 775

500Watt Power supply that came in my case

Answer:Monitor will not turn on with new computer

I have onboard video on that mobo I beleive, so I tried to disable it by hooking my monitor up to the VGA port on my mobo and my monitor did the same thing........

im having some guy come over my house tommorow to look at my comp so i guess its all good

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Please help!!

I just built my first custom computer. Everything turns on and lights up fine, but the monitor doesnt show anything! I think I plugged everything in right, but it seems that I didnt.

Any advice on what to try to do? Anything that I might have missed plugging in?

Thank you for the help!

Answer:Computer Monitor will not turn on

No POST tutorial

Also you post looks suspeciously like this one: new pc monitor won't turn on

Since the threads are so similar you get the short end of the stick. I'm closing this thread.

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I tried to move my computer upstairs and I encountered the following error upon startup. My computer booted it for forty seconds and shut down abruptly. If I booted it up right after shutting down the computer shut down in about eight seconds. In order for my computer to run for about forty seconds before shutting down I had to give it a ten minute break. I ended up cleaning the fans in hope that it might fix the problem. I found a red switch on the interior of the computer located near the power plug which read 115 V (which I assumed is volts). After switching it up so it read 230 V my computer worked! Only to realize my monitor wouldn't respond. I checked all the plugs twice and even tried switching monitors. Nevertheless the problem persisted. While my computer was running I turned the red switch back to 115 V. And my monitor turned on! However, I quickly saw that my computer shut down again and would only start up midway and shut down unless I turned the red switch back to 230 V. Which leads me here asking you kind folks for help.

Answer:Computer Monitor Won't Turn On. Help!!!

Do not use the 230V setting if you are in the USA. That setting is there because in other regions (Such as Europe) their standard home power outlets use 230V. In the USA (and all of north America I think) we use 115V as our standard.
It Seems to me that most likely; your Power supply is bad, or that outlet that you are plugged into is bad. You can check this by moving back to where the computer was originally plugged in and if it works. If not you may need to replace your PSU (this is fairly cheap and easy in most cases).

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Hi, my mothers laptop (HP-2133 *Large Battery*) just stopped working.
There have happened a couple of things, so I'll tell it one by one:

- My mother turned on (From hibernation) her laptop one day, and the screen was green.
:My thoughts: I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up, so I just turned it off and on again. Then it ran like it used to.

- A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes, which made "Force-shutdown" the only possible way of rebooting.
:My thoughts: I thought that this was perhaps a virus, but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus (Kaspersky Antivirus PRO)

- Now (two days later), when she/I tries/try to turn on the laptop, nothing happens... The laptop powers on, but doesn't actually run the HDD, or even the motherboard for that matter (Doesn't run the BIOS).
:My thoughts: I noticed that the only light that's on, is the power-light, (The HDD doesn't even blink). I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on, but the fans actually run (Most likely because the laptop is powered on)

So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead, and in these couple of days, it's shown me that this is it's last days to live.

But before I rip it apart and save the value parts, and scrap the rest, I would like to ask you guys for your opinion.... Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance xD

Answer:Computer doesn't even turn on BIOS! Afraid motherboard is dead!

Quote: Originally Posted by suuunly

Hi, my mothers laptop (HP-2133 *Large Battery*) just stopped working.
There have happened a couple of things, so I'll tell it one by one:

- My mother turned on (From hibernation) her laptop one day, and the screen was green.
:My thoughts: I thought that it might be the graphics card that had some kind of error on start up, so I just turned it off and on again. Then it ran like it used to.

- A few hours later the laptop had these random freezes, which made "Force-shutdown" the only possible way of rebooting.
:My thoughts: I thought that this was perhaps a virus, but I never got the chance to run our Anti-virus (Kaspersky Antivirus PRO)

- Now (two days later), when she/I tries/try to turn on the laptop, nothing happens... The laptop powers on, but doesn't actually run the HDD, or even the motherboard for that matter (Doesn't run the BIOS).
:My thoughts: I noticed that the only light that's on, is the power-light, (The HDD doesn't even blink). I also noticed that the screen doesn't even turn on, but the fans actually run (Most likely because the laptop is powered on)

So I can imagine that the motherboard is dead, and in these couple of days, it's shown me that this is it's last days to live.

But before I rip it apart and save the value parts, and scrap the rest, I would like to ask you guys for your opinion.... Do you guys have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance xD

If it is a ... Read more

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When I turn on my computer it doesn't even begin to load. This is immediately on the screen:
R423SE P/N 113-A32102-104 BR#9174 Rel9.4.1.26
When I googled it this came up:
I tried taking the bios battery out but that didn't do anything. I also checked out the old card out for damage or dust and reinserted just to make sure it was snug but nothing happened. This isn't the actually the main problem I was having at first but I can't fix the main problem without getting past this.

This is how it all started:

Well originally it wouldn't load past the Windows XP Logo Screen. It would freeze up and was I forced to hold the power button down until it shut off. I tried safe mode, last known working configuration, even VGA mode and it still hung every time. Well I did some research and the symptoms seemed to point to either bad memory, a bad video card or a dying PSU. Well I tried switching out the memory and that didn't do anything. The PSU is actually in it's own case under the motherboad and all the drives, so I figured it would be easier to check the graphics card first. So I took out the ATI Radeon X800 and tried putting in an ATI Radeon X1150 (I think). Well after did that it wouldn't even get past the Dell startup screen so I took it out and put the other back in. That's when I started getting this funky message. At one point it said there had been previous failed attempts to boot and there w... Read more

Answer:Solved: When I turn on my computer it doesn't even begin to load (BIOS?)

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why does monitor of computer turn itseft off and computer is still on?

Answer:why does monitor of computer turn itseft off

Anh Bon, many have a 'sleep' or 'hibernate' function that shuts the monitor off after so long (usually several minutes) a period of inactivity to save juice. Yours? Those that 'sleep' can usually be 'wakened' by simply moving the mouse. If so, it's a setting (could be either 'puter or monitor) that can usually be adjusted to suit your preferences or turned 'off' completely.HTHEd in Texas

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I wanted to build a computer from scratch. So I figured I'd order a mess of parts from newegg and assemble - easy as pie. Here's what I bought:

ASRock P43 Twins1600 Motherboard
EVGA 9800 GT
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
Western Digital 160 GB HDD
G.SKILL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)
Linkworld ATX Mid Tower that came with some generic psu

Now, I'm pretty sure I put everything together right. The computer turns on, the cpu is running, dvd drive light is on, the graphics card is humming, and everything seems OK. But I've got a monitor plugged in and it's not working. And without a monitor, I have no idea if it's booting to the Vista dvd i have in the drive.

Can anyone help? I'd be glad to give more details on what I did but I'm not sure what you need to know. I'm way over my head here.

Answer:Just built a new computer, monitor won't turn on

I had this problem recently. Was in the same situation I think (PC turns on, fans whizzing round, lights twinkling, nothing on monitor ... also Numlock didn't work on the keyboard, and the PC pretty definitely wasn't booting up).

The answer was that I had only plugged the motherboard in once, but it needed two different power cables in different locations. I kicked myself for wasting a day so stupidly. Sorry if this is an insult to your (probably greater) intelligence, but check to make sure.

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Hello all. I was hoping to get some information on what could be wrong with my computer when turning on. When i booted up this morning i got a weird looking frozen interpretation of my windows log on page
When i turn the computer on the monitor does not boot up. I unplugged everthing and plugged it all back in and tried again. same thing.

I did notice that with the computer completely unplugged, when i connect the monitor, the no-signal box goes away. I would think that the computer would need to be on for it to recieve a signal?

This only happend this morning, so I took the case off, cleaned a little bit and started checking all of the connections. Unfortunately i do not have another monitor to try. I am going to try again in another 2 hours. Anything else i should try?

Thanks in advance

Answer:monitor/computer turn on issue

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Sometimes if you re-seat everything video, sound, ram, it can sort out things.
If this is p4 system check the power connectors on the motherboard.
Could you tell us more abou this system?

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hi iam building a computer for my friend and i plugged in everything got everything right.. All that good stuff . And the monitor will not show. I hear the hardrive starting and everything seems good. But when i hit the restart button a beep goes on and on. Iam wondering whether it can be the wrong ram he baught or graphics card? its really frustrating please if anybody can be any of help it would greatly be appreciated . thanks

Answer:new built computer monitor will not turn on!

It's not that the "monitor will not turn on", it's that the computer itself will not boot, and until it does there can be no display on the monitor from the PC.

The continuous beep you here is the motherboard telling you something is wrong. Consult the manual for an interpretation, as we have no idea what the motherboard is.

It could be a large number of possibilites, but check that everyting is plugged into its slot or socket correctly.

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My monitor says no signal when I turn my computer on, it was working last time I used it? The monitor works I tested it on another device.

Answer:My monitor says no signal when I turn my computer on? It was

Do you have another connection for the monitor cable, at the back of the PC?

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I recently bought a GeForce2 graphics card from PNY. After I installed it I turned on my computer and nothing comes up on my monitor. I have another computer that I used to test the monitor and it works fine. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Answer:Solved: I need help!! My computer won't turn on my monitor!!

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I recently came upon this problem. A couple months back my family purchased a new computer and monitor. I unplugged everything from the old computer and placed it in my room. The problem is that when i plugged everything in and tried turning it on the computer would power on but the monitor wouldn't. the green light would just blink.

However when i unplugged the monitor-computer connection the monitor menu would pop up and say there was no connection, so the connection is fine.

After unplugging everthing and replugging it back in in different outlets(surge protector) everythign would work fine. It would work fine for a couple more months until now. Out of the blue the same problem started occuring. However this time the monitor would power on and once the desktop appeared it would power off and the light would start blinking again.

I tried unplugging and replugging again but it only made it worse. Now the monitor wont start with the computer at all, it just blinks as soon as i turn it on.

Answer:Monitor wont turn on with computer

The first thing I'd troubleshoot is the monitor itself.

Do you have another computer in your house? Attach the monitor to another computer to see if it has any problems. If the monitor is not the problem, then we'll take it from there.

Welcome to techspot!

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New wrinkle.
Let's say I have some background programs running, maybe Defrag or somesuch. Maybe I want to keep the computer awake for a TV show I'm recording an hour from now.
I turn off my monitor and walk away.

APPARENTLY my computer then enters sleep mode, or some other hybrid power option setting and ALSO disconnects from the internet. When I re-start the monitor, I have no internet connection, SKYPE has to re-connect and the background programs I mentioned have stopped.

All this from turning the monitor off?


Answer:Computer goes to sleep when I turn the monitor off

Well, when turning a monitor off, there is no activity on the hard drive. Causing it to go into sleep mode to preserve energy. If, you use a battery that is. And yes, that can happen if the monitor is turned off. You shouldn't turn a monitor off if you are doing something. I don't know about the internet problem but I'll look for a solution.

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I have a ABIT Siluro 64 meg video card and I got an
error saying something along the lines of IFSMGR(01) + 00000036
ERROR : OE : 0028 : C0033586. Iam running Windows ME and
now when I power up my computer I get No Signal flashing all over the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:When I turn on my computer the monitor says No Signal

The No Signal message is normal if you have a loose cable from the v-card or at the monitor. I would check cable connections and if that does not solve the problem, open the case and reseat the v-card. The isfmgr(installable file system manager) message may mean that file related to your v-card some how were corupted or damaged and thus no siginal. If the motherboard has an onboard video controler, you may need to connect to that, delete and then reinstall the drivers for the Abit video card.

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I just built my first PC and put it together, I believe everything is connected correctly as I followed the manuals.

The computer turns on, all fans are going, powersupply, graphics card, optical drive, hard drive, they are all running. I connected my monitor to with the blue monitor cables but the monitor light just keeps blinking meaning its in stand-by mode. I have a usb keuyboard connected, the keyboard was turned on for a bit because the keys light up, then when i pressed keys nothing happened on the monitor. Now the keyboard doesnt go on.

I also dont have anything plugged into the back of my graphics card, I dont know what those two red connectors do.

Any ideas?

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
CPU: AMD Phenom ii X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaw Series 4GB DDR3 RAM 1600
Video Card: XFX HD-585X-ZAFC Radeon HD 5850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
Power Supply: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black WD6402AAEX 640GB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6
OS: Windows 7 - Home Premium 64BIT.0Gb

Answer:Computer Starts up, monitor won't turn on.

Do you have your monitor PLUGGED into the graphics card?? There are 2 DVI ports, 1 hdmi and 1 DisplayPort

Do you have the 2 x 6pin power cords attached?

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Last night I turned my computer on when it first came up it looked normal but my mouse and keyboard were unresponsive. So I had to manually shut down. Upon restarting I am now getting a no signal message on the monitor. I have tried using a different monitor and checked all the cables to no avail. A friend told me I might need to replace the video card, I read on another post that someone who had a similar problem to reset the video card. How would I reset it ? The operating system is a Dell Dimension 4300s

Answer:When I turn my computer on the monitor says no signal

What's your OS, windows 98, xp, vista? which one?

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hey guys i got a slight problem.

a couple hrs ago i reformatted my computer and everything was done right.Then my friend was putting everything back together and he unplugged the harddrive. after that nothing would turn on but i could still hear the computer. i cannot get any sound keyboard monitor or mouse to work.But before when i unplugged the harddrive and plugged it back in everything was fine and now the second time i did it nothing will turn on. can anyone help me please?

Answer:Computer monitor wont turn on

Recheck all your cables are plugged in properly. When you say you could still hear the computer do you mean the fans? or the windows boot up chimes?

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more often then not if i boot up the computer, with the monitor on and turn it off, then back on.... regardless of time in between; i end up with a blue screen.
simple as the title says.

minidumps appear to say
problem caused by ati2mtag.sys ( ati2mtag+1a8279

this seems to refer to the video card... seeing as i have an ATI card.

however do you think software is causing it or is the card taking a poop?

Answer:computer gives BSOD when i turn on monitor

Have you updated the driver to the latest available on ATI's website?

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I just built this computer And when I turn it off monitor goes crazy on/off/on/off repiditly non stop. when it's on it's working fine. Could it possibly be jumpers on the board which is PC Chips 922LR with P4 2.4 CPU. or the power suply? I put different vidio card thinking that's the problem but, same thig happend. even if I turn off power supply and put it back on it still does the same thing monitor on and off repidetly. so what you guys think? or suggest I do. I apriciate any help. thanks

Answer:when I turn off computer monitor repidetly goes on and off

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i have a computer that has a hard drive problem, software related i believe or maybe a bad sector on disk but i can't run scandisk and you can't really install new programs b/c you get read memory error or save mem error etc...

anyways this was a month ago and the computer had not been turned on since and just recently i turned it on to look something up on it and the computer won't turn the monitor on. everytime before it always booted up and had no problems except that read mem error every so often.

i replaced the video card and that didn't help, i put in a serial to pci card and plugged the monitor in that way and that didn't help. i plugged the monitor into a number of other computers and it turns on and works fine. it's just this one computer that won't turn it on. computer has winxp pro sp2 the motherboard is brand new but i'm wondering if maybe the sockets on the board went bad, but how? it's sat there for a month with a dust cover on it and haven't had any surges or anything, it has not been moved or dropped or anything, just a big paper weight. any ideas or suggestions? btw no hardware/software changes on the computer so that would not be a factor. anything to help is appreciated.

tia - Tag.

Answer:Solved: Monitor won't turn on with this computer

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Hello TechSpot! Very helpful forums you have here so I thought I'd join and see if anyone could help me out, as well as help out others while I'm here. Anyways, I'm writing this As I drive over to a friends house who's computer won't display anything on the monitor when he starts it. Everything is new. I will check to see if it even beeps but he says it does. Any ideas to get me started? He has tried different monitors and video cards and still no luck.

Answer:Monitor won't turn on when computer starts

might just be a dodgy VGA/HTMI cable or power cable plugged in at the wall, try the screen on another computer or laptop

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Should I turn off/hibernate my laptop before connecting a VGA external monitor, or can I just plug it in? Or would it be a good idea at least to suspend before I connect?

Answer:Turn off computer before connecting VGA monitor?

No, just plug it in.

But if you want to be very safe (ie power issues on the data) Then turn off first
Anyway, I've noticed some laptops require you to have the Monitor plugged in before starting, so it will turn on (without pressing any function keys)

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Hello i have a acer aspire running windows 7 with 500gb hdd and 4 gigs of ram on board graphics card. The computer turns on everything initiates like normal but the monitor wont turn on, im not getting any signal. There are no beep codes etc, also ive tried removing the little lithium battery to reset the bios and still nothing. Ive tried using a different monitor and its saying no signal. I have another computer which is having the same problem its a acer something 1 gig of ram 250 hdd and a readeon graphics card...cant remember the exact name. With this computer i was attempting to add more ram to the extra ram slots and the computer booted up and worked but i only had 2.50 gigs of ram rather than 5? So i turned it off and repositioned the ram....which now i wished i hadnt, i now get no signal from either of the computers. If anyone could get me going in the right direction id much appreciate it.


Answer:Computer Monitor wont turn on?

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so i went to turn my computer on and it turned on but it didnt sound like is was running right, and the monitor didnt turn on with it. also when it turned on there were two beeps that came out of the speakers, one long and one short, and every 10 seconds or so after there is another short beep.

what does this mean?

Answer:monitor wont turn on with computer

Check the keyboard, mouse and monitor cables, and make sure none are loose.

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Hi, I've the following problem: My laptop (Acer Aspire S3, Windows 8.1) doesn't see my external screen anymore (Samsung P2370, connected with HDMI->DVI). It used to be fine, with plugging in and out when needed, copied or shared screens and all. Now, the computer doesn't see that there's an external monitor connected - when I try to switch between them (Function + F5), I only get the laptop's screen as a choice. No plug&play dingaling when I plug the cable in or out.

The external monitor does see a difference, though: when the cable's plugged in, it's black, and when it's out, I get the floating "check signal cable".

Sometimes, very rarely, it does work without any problems. Sometimes, also rather rarely, the laptop shuts down when I plug the thing in (or out? forgot).

I updated the graphics driver through the device manager and there actually was an update, no difference.

All of this might (!) have started around the time of the latest Windows update, but this could be a coincidence only.

Where could the problem be - cable/plug, socket, Windows...? (I'll see if I can try another cable and screen somewhere.)

Answer:computer doesn't see monitor

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Hi, my new pc does a strange thing, at least I find it strange because it's new: when the pc is on standby and I turn on the monitor, the pc wakes up.

Now I don't mind this behavior, it is useful even, but I was wondering if it is documented somewhere because I had no idea this was possible and I hope there's no strange electric contact or whatever.

The monitor also has a usb hub, but none of the devices connected to it are enabled to wake up the pc...

Answer:Computer waking up from Sleep when I turn on monitor

Sounds like an either or thing. Take your pick which it is waking up the computer, the monitor or the USB hub. Don't forget that there is a signal going both ways on those connections and it is likely one of them that is waking it up (my vote goes to the USB hub).

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