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blank screen with cursor and 1 continuous beep

Question: blank screen with cursor and 1 continuous beep

Hi, My Acer x3810 went blank screen with cursor and gave 1 continuous beep when I clicked on a file in my usb flash drive. Recovery process finishes when I run the recovery disks, but on restart goes back to beeping with cursor. It powers up and beeps continuously with blank screen. OS is Vista

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Preferred Solution: blank screen with cursor and 1 continuous beep

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: blank screen with cursor and 1 continuous beep

Check the RAM with this memory tester:

Click "Downloads" then click the first link in the list: ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip)

Unzip it and you will see an ISO file which is a CD-image file. Use IMGBURN to create a CD from the ISO file.
IMGBURN is here:

Boot your PC from the CD and run the test for at least five passes.

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My son's PC crashed whilst he was using it the other day and he had to hard shut down (holding in the power button). Now it will not start, it simply gives a continual beep and shows a black screen with a flashing cursor.
The pc has an Intel i3 processor, an ASUS P8H61-M LE motherboard. We have already tried new RAM sticks in case the RAM had failed but that made no difference.
Any ideas - could it be hard drive failure? How can we tell?

Answer:Continuous beep and black screen with cursor

More likely to be a component failure than HDD. Beep codes should point to exact problem, listen carefully, does it match any of those listed below?
One short beep - VGA detected, No keyboard detected
Two short beeps - When using Crashfree to recover BIOS, the new BIOS is successfully recognized.
One continuous beep followed by two short beeps then a pause (repeated) - No memory detected
One continuous beep followed by three short beeps - No VGA detected
One continuous beep followed by four short beeps - Failure of Hardware component

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Hi all, I have bought HP Pavilion G6 about 4 years back. Now while turned on the continuous beep sound is coming but after while the system will open. After turned on the cursor would not , if i press "ESC" key the cursor becomes active and again some error sound will come and it will not work properly. There is a lag while using the touch pad and also  If i delete the file it is not deleting. Please suggest if i can do anything for that problem before carrying to the service center.

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Hi there, I have an ibm thinkpad lenovo which was working fine till yesterday and suddenly today have stoped working. It do not display anything on start button press. It looks the processors are started as fan kind of noises are there, then it give 1 beep then 4 short beeps and the 1 beep and then another 1 ie. 1, 4, 1, 1 and nothing happens. Please sugggest what has happened to it. I dont want to be fooled by the service repair guys. regards,Sidsmart

Answer:R61: blank screen, 1 beep, 4 short beep the 2 more beep.

1-1-4-1 - Cache Error (level 2). You have a problem with the bios, which may require the replacement of the entire motherboard.

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Ok I need help. I am upgrading my dell dimension 4600i and I have a problem.
Here is what I bought......

Also Thermaltake TR2-430W PSU. and I have had an ATI X1300 video card.
Also have 1 Gb of G Skill DDR-400.
After checking and rechecking everything I get nothing no posts no beeps just a blank screen. Need some help please.

Thanks in Advance!


Answer:Blank screen no post, no beep, just a blank.....

When you say you are upgrading your dell dimension 4600i, do you mean that you are replacing it completely or are you using any parts from it?

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When i switch on the pc, battery light turns on, hdd led light blinks and switch off. Screen remains off. Fan is running. Cd drive is working. I removed the battery and pressed the power button for long. Tried to boot by connecting to the main power. No result. When i remove ram, it started beeping. I removed hdd and tested in another pc. Hdd is working fine. Please help me to trouble shoot this issue.

Answer:Blank screen without beep

Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall both memory modules and the hard drive.
Verify that the LED on the AC adapter is ON before you plug in the notebook end.  Try powering up on AC only.  If it will without the battery but not with it installed, the battery is bad -- replace it with a new one.
If it still won't power up, try one memory module at a time until you isolate the bad module (replace that) or bad socket (replace the mainboard in that case).
If you still get nothing, the mainboard is bad.
If  you require further inforomation, please supply the system model (i.e., Inspiron 5571, XPS L701x, etc.).

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I Need help! Blank screen and two short beeps

Motherboard:Asus P5N-E SLI
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo processor
Graphic Card: Geforce 5200 pxi graphic card
Case: Raidmax Smilodon
Ram: Kingston Valueram 512 mb 667 DD2

I recently brought the P5N-E SLI motherboard from newegg. I been having problem getting it to boot or show something on the screen. I'm using a geforce 5200 pci graphic, 500 walt raidmax psu and case, and Kingston valueram of 512 mb that runs at 667 mhz DDR2 ram. Everytime I press the power button the fans would start on the cpu and case. After a few second I would get one short beep. Two seconds later I would get another short beep.

Answer:I Need help! Blank screen and one beep

your Flavor of BIOS on that motherboard shouldn't be making just one beep....

the AMI BIOS with one beep means bad ram.

Hey you edited this since I read it first..... here's beep codes

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Laptop powers up, but the screen is blank and the disk drive runs continuously. The caps key and the pause key flashes, also. I am completely uneducated regarding laptop repair. If a lengthy process will be required, I will be unable to fix it. Thanks!

Answer:My laptop screen is blank and the disk drive runs continuous

Do you ever see anything at all on the screen? If not then it is almost certainly a hardware failure so you might prefer to hand it in for repair.I doubt this will help but at least it's easy to try:Disconnect the computer from the domestic power supply. Remove the main laptop battery. Hold the power off/on button in for about 20 seconds. Put it back together - it has been known to fix hang-ups but this time the symptoms don't really fit. Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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HP Envy 23 AIO has stopped booting into the OS. The fan and HD spin up, but no beeps occur, no screen image, and the keyboard/mouse don't respond (wired and wireless, both tried). I dumped CMOS using the jumper, but that didn't work. I'm not sure if this is meaningful, but when I pull both DIMMs of RAM the computer does produce the long beep cycle. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:HP Envy 23 AIO: No Beep, Screen Blank, No USB

Hello @jeremy224rx, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how your desktop computer shows a blank screen when it boots up, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To further diagnose this issue, I recommend following the steps in this resource on Screen is Blank after Starting the Computer. This should help return the display screen back to functionality If the issue persists, please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. hope this helps!Regards

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Hey everybody. New user here who needs a lil help. I'll tell you exactly what happened.So yesterday, I put my PC on "Sleep" mode as I had to pop out for a bit. After I had come back, the PC won't kick out of it. Well the CPU did, but the screen wouldn't It was still on Standby mode. After trying for 5 minutes I decided to reboot the PC. But this time round, upon switching it on, there was a lengthy beep (5-10 seconds long.) That beep would occur every 10 seconds but the screen won't come on still. After trying a couple of times I decided to try it on a different monitor using different wiring... same problem again. I tried switching it on without it being connected to a monitor and I could still hear the beep of death. I tried to use a different power cable for the CPU and no luck.After having done some research, I realised it could be either my RAM or graphics card. So can anyone hear me advise me well? Where do I go now from here? What is wrong with my PC? How do I go about getting it fixed? Any help will be really appreciated.Here's my specs:Packard Bell iXtremeVista Premium3gb RAM2.4Ghz Intel Quad Core 2768mb nVidia GeForce 9600 GS700gb HDDIf you need any more info then ask.

Answer:PC starts with a lengthy beep, Blank screen too

Remove and refit both ram modules and graphic card and retry to boot.(this is to remake the connections that do work loose overtime due to expansion and contraction).

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A friend of mine gave me a computer to try and fix and this one has me stumped. At first we were thinking his monitor was bad. Once I got the computer to my house and plugged my monitor into it, I realized its much more complicated. The computer turns on, green lights, fans running...but there is no picture on the monitor and the bios never beeps. I also figured this may have been a video card error but I put my card in and still, nothing. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Oh, I dont know if this matters but this is a DFI Lanparty motherboard...not sure about the rest of the specs.

Answer:blank screen on boot and no bios beep

It's either bad RAM, a faulty motherboard, bad PSU, or a dead CPU.

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Hellaw. My lapton dosn't  show any life except power leds and four short beeps after power button. I don't see this beep code in the service manual. Anyone know what he trying to tell me?

Answer:Four beep's after power button. Blank screen. What is it? that is the list of beep code error. 

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I'm bad at computers, so I'm not sure where to put this.

My laptop fell out of my backpack just about a foot above a carpeted floor. I thought it might be OK, but when I turn it on, I hear one longer beep and then two shorter ones. The screen remains black and never displays anything.

"Behind" this black screen I can hear the computer seeming to boot as normal. I hear the chimes when the desktop should come up, and pressing my keyboard volume shortcuts I hear the volume beeps, so the computer itself seems to work, but the screen displays nothing.

I've googled and searched, and it seems like it might be a "video problem" or "video card problem" and I've also seen references to computer memory and motherboards. But honestly, I don't know much about computer maintenance and repair, so I'm lost.

Please help me!

It is a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ680 laptop. I don't know a lot about computers, but I'm good at fixing things and following instructions. I have a copy of the SZ680 repair manual, and would really like to avoid the cost of getting it repaired elsewhere if possible. If anyone knows what needs replacement, etc. that would be awesome.


Answer:Long beep, two short, blank screen HELP!

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I understand that this means there is a system board error.  I have a very good reason to believe that the BIOS had an issue (when I checked it before this happened, it had 75 boot options listed and said the volitale memory was almost full). Question: can I somehow force the BIOS to reset itself?  Is there a pin short I can use for this? Of course I am 2 weeks out of warranty :/  I assume if I sent it in they would just charge for a boarsd swap... likely $500-$600 dollars. Thanks for any help!

Answer:X230 1 beep, 3 beep, 3 beep, 1 beep, no screen: can I reset the BIOS?

1-3-3-1 means no memory. If you have 2 DIMMs, try with just one, then just the other. When you try with just one DIMM, it needs to go into slot-0. When you have the machine sitting lid-down and the battery compartment away from you, slot-0 is the one on the right.

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So i was watching a youtube video and suddenly my screen goes black and my monitor says 'pc not found' and the audio from the video started to stutter,and my GPU fan starts working overdrive and sound like its about to take off. I then turned my pc off and back on and the bios made a long beep, here is a video to it:
a week later my computer started to work fine again, just the other day it happened, the exact same thing but the GPU fan didn't go nuts this time. I have taken the gpu out and the beep still happens, i then put the gpu back in and took the ram out, still happened, i have no idea whats wrong could someone help please, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask
Case: NZXT Phantom Enthusiast edition with usb 3.0 port

CPU: AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 1GB

CPU FAN: Corsair H55 Liquid Cooler

Memory: 8GB Ram (2x 4Gb)

Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3

Answer:Screen Blank, Motherboard sends out a beep, More info below.

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So I will just be on the internet or not even doing anything at all, and the computer will just give one long beep, and i am forced to restart. I can play games fine, no problems. I did a memory test with a boot-cd test and it said the ram was fine. I don't know why it has this started just about one week ago and has done it three or four times now. I have had my computer the same way as it is now since fall of last year.

8800 gts 640 version
e6850 c2d
4gb ocz ram 800mhz
arctic cooling freezer 7
650i ultra mobo
ocz gamexstream 700w psu

any ideas?

Answer:computer screen goes blank, long beep, restart

Try running memtest overnight for 8 hours. Also, prime on the Ultimate BootCD (google) for 8 hours. If your pc is stable outside Windows, then it's Windows.

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Hi everyone.I tried to find out what my error beep code is. But it doesn't seem to fit my problem.ProblemMy computer freezes so i'd no choice but to switch off the power. Then when i turned it back on, my monitor screen is blank (the on/off button blinks a few times then it stopped) and continuous error beeps occured. beep ... pause ... beep ... pause ... continuously. I have Phoenix-Award BIOS ROM. motherboard: Chaintech CT-SK8T800I also used a 2nd monitor to test - still have the beep code. the power LED is on.What hardware problem is it? Hopefully someone can help me so that I can hop down to the IT fair this Saturday to buy the neccessary components. Thanks much!

Answer:Error beep code & blank monitor screen

What hardware have you added recently ? ?Power down and re-seat everything including RAM; vid card and any other cards...Double check all drive connections...Post back with more info on the machine ...

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Hello guys,
I've done a extensive search on the internet and couldn't find any answer to my problem. I have a Dell XPS15z for quite a while. Last year my battery stoped working, and since I already had a new PC, I left it alone.
Well, I've decided to give the old friend a new shot at, so I bought a new battery, installed it and did the first 8h charge that the manual indicated. However when I first got to use it, after I pressed the power button the laptop would show signs of activity (power button led on, HD spinning, fans working), but the screen stays blank and no matter wich key I press the laptop emits a beep. If I leave it like that, after a while there are no changes at all.
So, can anyone please help me with this predicament?
Thanks in advance.
Raphael Carlos

Answer:XPS15z L511z won't boot (blank screen ) and beep at any key stroke.

 " but the screen stays blank and no matter wich key I press the laptop emits a beep ".

Please listen to the beeps again and then click on the link below. Report back your findings.
EDIT/ Beep Codes and PSA Diagnostic Chart
If an error occurs during startup that cannot be reported on the monitor, your computer may emit a beep code that identifies the problem. The beep code is a pattern of sounds: for example, one beep, followed by a second beep, and then a burst of three beeps (code 1-1-3) means that.....
Read More.....>>>>

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I was not sure where to post this because I'm not sure if it is a hardware or software issue. When my computer is turned off and I turn it back on, the first couple screens flash by (looks pretty normal), then the windows XP splash screen (I think thats what it's called), the one with the big 'Windows XP' and the bar with the sliding blue bars in it, that screen appears, then the screen flashes to black, then the splash screen appears again, then the screen goes black, but you can tell it's still illuminated, then it goes off, then back on to black, then off, and the green LED on the monitor starts flashing like the computer is off. I have to hold the power button until it shuts off, and repeat this process at least 3-4 times before the login screen appears and I can start windows.
I have tried changing my video drivers and reinstalling windows and chkdsk, and it does stat in safe mode (as far as I can remember), and the reason I suspect a hardware problem is that the mobo does not beep upon startup...ANy thoughts? I don't recall if the mobo ever did beep, and I don't know if every single mobo beeps. If somebody could offer some tips or a solution I'd be very appreciative! This is annoying the crap out of me, and I know it can't be good for the computer to keep starting up/shutting down manually so often.

Dell 4700
P4 520 2.8 GHz
512 Mb PC-3200 DDR2 (2x256)
Radeon X700 Pro PCE-e
MicroAdvantage DVD +-RW
Windows... Read more

Answer:Mobo doesn't beep and monitor goes blank when the welcome/login screen should appear

How old is your Dell?looks pretty new check your warranty.

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Hi there,

I have a toshiba tecra s1 and it's not working anymore, and I don't know why.

When I want to start the notebook there's nothing wrong, but after 3 minutes or so the screen isn't responding anymore. Then I tried to restart, it gives a black screen and several beeps. The beeps are:
short, short, long, pause, short, short, shorter.

And this it repeates itself. When I wait for several days it will start again and then after 3 minutes it will "crash" again.

What is the matter with my laptop? Why does it work, and after 3 minutes doesn't work anymore?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards!

Answer:Tecra S1: Blank screen and beep error code appears


Does the notebook boot correctly into the Windows OS???

Usually the strange beep error code appears because there is a hardware problem on the S1 and the POST (power on self test) cannot be passed correctly.
If the computer fails the POST, the computer then returns a beep code indicating what is causing the computer not to pass the POST.

The problem is that all different BIOS systems support different code meanings.
As far as I know Toshiba Tecra S1 uses Toshiba BIOS and only the ASP can read this code and know what it means. I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a help!

PS: Check this interesting page about additional information on computer POST / Beep codes

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I was using the laptop as usual when i think there may have been some virus activity - reason i say this is that my virus scanner closed down unexpectedly. I could not restart it from program files.

I restarted the laptop.

After the bios menu goes i get a blank screen with a flashing cursor - windows will not start.

I have done the following:
1)Create a bootable USB drive with Window XP recovery Console - on booting with this i can see three drives C:, D: as SDA? I can see the content of these drives so it appears as though my HD is working. I ran a fixmbr and fixboot but this did not resolve the issue.
2)Create a bootable USB Kaspersky virus scan - ran this without issue - it found a few issue (non on the disk boot sector) which i fixed.

One option was to copy off files from the laptop and then start it in recovery mode - So Itried to run the the laptop into recovery mode by hold down the 0 key on startup - the bottom of the screen then displays ***HDD Recovery mode *** and nothing happens.

Any help - further options would be greatly appreciated.

My 1 year Warranty expired a few month back so cannot send it in for repair.


Answer:NB200 Won't start post bios screen - blank screen with flashing cursor

I would try to scan for virus & malware with more than one virus canner, not just Kaspersky but also perhaps 2-3 more. Try Malwarebytes' antivirus and "superantispyware ". Sometimes even the best scanners miss trojans and stuff, but when you combine them you can get better results.

You can also try booting with Knoppix USB and copy files that way.

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I had my laptop stacked away in my closet for about a month after I moved.  I finally took it out, but when I pressed the power button, the laptop started, got to the hp splash screen, stayed on it for a while (5 seconds) and then the display went blank and ended up with a cursor appearing at the top left of the lcd.  Thought it was the hard drive, that the OS has gotten corrupt, so I took out the hard drive and swapped it with a good booting hard drive from another hp laptop.  But still the same thing happened.  after starting I get the splash screen for five seconds and then the display ends up with a blinking cursor at the top left.  By the way, when I tried the original hard drive of the non bootable laptop in my other hp, it booted up without problem.  So it wasnt the hard drive.  Next I took the hard drive out of the non booting laptop. and started the laptop without a hard drive.  Same thing happened, splashed screen followed by blinking cursor.  So the laptop never got around to reading the hard drive, and it was apparent the problem was with the hardware. Is this something that can be fixed and in any case what could be causing this behavior

Answer:compaq presario cq60 stops at a blank screen with a cursor after splash screen

First unplug the battery from the laptop and let the laptop sit for 10 min. Then reintroduce the battery to the laptop and see if it boots further.Also remove and reseat the RAM stick(s) carefully, with battery removed. Then reconnect battery and try it out.I'd look in the BIOS if you can get into it and see if it actually detects the hard drive or not. This will tell us if the HDD controller is good and the drive is seen or that the HDD controller is bad.Lastly you can try to boot off a USB flash drive that has a linux distro on it that is proven a good bootable flash stick by testing on other computer that it will be created from.

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Hey everyone.

I did a bit of research and this seems to have been an issue for a while, or has been in the past. Was upgrading to windows 10, I first had to restart my pc cause it was initially stuck on that preparing to install problem with the green bar being stuck around 25%.

It then got through that and began the installation process with the big circle and rebooting process. However around 91% when I last looked at it it was just black screen, this stayed this way for about 3-4 hours. I then decided to reboot the pc and it has now booted to the login screen. Is this a known bug or could there be a possible issue?

The problem seems a bit different as some people I saw have had to fall back on PC restore points etc. So not sure if it installed or what could be the problem.

Also side note, I upgraded my pc when windows 10 first publically released, but rolled back because I had about 5min shutdown times. So not sure what is going on and any info would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Black Screen of Doom but Booted to login screen (no cursor just blank)

I never had a problem upgrading like you've experienced but I experiencing Windows 10 upgrading process is the longest time taken ever compared to previous versions. It took me 1 hour+ to finished.

Play around a little bit to get used to it then did a clean install. No problem arise, seems working fine.

The point is, problems always happen after upgrading, to solve it just perform installation from scratch (clean install).

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Hey everyone.

I did a bit of research and this seems to have been an issue for a while, or has been in the past. Was upgrading to windows 10, I first had to restart my pc cause it was initially stuck on that preparing to install problem with the green bar being stuck around 25%.

It then got through that and began the installation process with the big circle and rebooting process. However around 91% when I last looked at it it was just black screen, this stayed this way for about 3-4 hours. I then decided to reboot the pc and it has now booted to the login screen. Is this a known bug or could there be a possible issue?

The problem seems a bit different as some people I saw have had to fall back on PC restore points etc. So not sure if it installed or what could be the problem.

Also side note, I upgraded my pc when windows 10 first publically released, but rolled back because I had about 5min shutdown times. So not sure what is going on and any info would be greatly appreciated!


Answer:Black Screen of Doom but Booted to login screen (no cursor just blank)

I never had a problem upgrading like you've experienced but I experiencing Windows 10 upgrading process is the longest time taken ever compared to previous versions. It took me 1 hour+ to finished.

Play around a little bit to get used to it then did a clean install. No problem arise, seems working fine.

The point is, problems always happen after upgrading, to solve it just perform installation from scratch (clean install).

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I have an issue with startup, every now and again my startup initiates what sounds like 2 long beeps followed by 3 short ones - 'beep-beep' + 'beep+beep+beep' - but from what I've seen, throughout online discussion, it is only 1 long beep followed by 3 short ones. After this tune is played my screen remains blank, and on another attempt of start up the PC runs fine. Any ideas?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo H330 Beep Code: 1 long 3 short and blank screen

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I haven't come across any documentation for your model that will explain that beep code.  A 3 beep code is related to memory.  Just to be safe you might want to try reseating the memory modules to insure they are making good contact. Just remove the memory module and then re-insert.  Page #36 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to remove the memory modules for your reference.  The link below is for your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual. When working inside your system please follow all precautions and recommendations that are noted in the manual.
If the problem continues, I would suggest testing the memory with the free MemTest program I have linked below...

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My PC worked for a few days on vista ultimate, then for no apparent reason all I see is a blank screen and a cursor which i can move around, also the screensaver comes on and the windows loading bar but nothing else. I have put my disk in to reinstall but theres no option to boot from disk when I restart which is unusual because I have never not been able to before. I have also tried with windows xp and windows 7 but neither of those have an option to boot either. Ive waited over an hour for the screen to do something but nothing happens. It wont even work in any of the safe modes.
Please help me, I hate my laptop I want my PC back :(

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Guys, I think I have deleted my computer from it's own memory if that is possible. After a virus fix and a system restore I was checking file sharing and network and I think I deleted the computer I was using from it's own network?????? Now just booting to a blank screen with flashing cursor, constant speed with no code sequence etc. Only get option of F2 and F12 (setup and boot order) which I have altered to no effect. Now back to normal boot setup and at a loss for a fix. Thinking of getting Windows on a USB and booting from there but is there another way without losing everything?

Answer:Blank screen with cursor

Hello and welcome to TSG.

When you see the Acer logo onscreen, press Alt + F10 to bring up the recovery menu and follow onscreen instructions to reset it to factory defaults.

Assuming it hasn`t been overwritten or deleted, a small partition on the hard drive holds the recovery solution that you need.


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  Using Vista Home Premium 32bit on a Dell. Shortly after a power outage we find a completely blank screen with a cursor at the top left. We do a control-alt-delete then at the dell screen tap on F12 then use the arrow keys to choose the working hard drive (which is the designated boot drive) hit enter and then choose "start win normally" and system loads properly and all is well till next time. AVG says we have no virus, and went back 2 wks for a system restore, also tried the last known good. Nothing has improved. Googled this and tried suggestions none of which has worked. Any ideas will be tried. Left on overnight almost every morning we are looking at a blank screen again.                                                         Thanks   R C

Answer:Blank screen w/cursor

QuoteLeft on overnight almost every morning we are looking at a blank screen againYou may be using a power saving option or using either hibernate or sleep mode...

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I have a PC which when booted appears to load windows - passes the Windows XP screen - I don't see the welcome screen but the screen eventually goes black with only the cursor showing. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. When boot in safe mode I get the same as above with safe mode in each corner. I'm currently running chkdsk/r through the recovery console.
Also during boot - occasionally the screen flashes repeatedly on the text part of bootup before eventually booting as above?? Any ideas?

Answer:Blank screen with cursor

UPDATE - I have had all sorts of problems including loads of corrupted files when chkdsk/r done. Have just tried a windows repair but when machine re-boots during the repair I get an error window lsass.exe component not found - when this is clicked the machine re-boots. Now in a cycle of re-boots.
Any ideas would be great. (Don't think this is a sasser - but can't be certain?!)

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Shortly after upgrading my nVidia drivers to a Windows 10 version (about a week ago), I've been getting the now famous blank screen with a cursor. I can bring up the "Projectors" menu (Winkey + P) but nothing else.

I can get into the Troubleshooting boot mode, however all forms of Safe Mode yield the same result. I've tried the Restore option to no avail, and none of my restore points are working either.

If anyone has any sort of idea besides totally reformatting, it'd be great. Thanks,

Answer:Help w/ blank screen/cursor

Hello, I can sympathise having had a black screen on first upgrade attempt but for a very different reason, then a peculiarity until my Nvidia driver was installed.

I assume your aim would be to roll the driver back, and it seems you can log in.

'Easy' option:
You've said System Restore isn't helpful here.
Do you use disk imaging, and if so, do you have a suitable image? (Very very strongly recommended - e.g. Macrium Reflect, Aomei Backupper...)

Otherwise, as you mentioned Win key + P, what happens if you use Win key + X, Win key + R?

If you can get to the control panel, device manager, you could roll the driver back.

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I am a pastor and one of the youth that are in our ministry gave their labtop to me to try and fix. I've tried t fix it but....

It is an Acer 5720z. It turns on but goes to a blank screen with a cursor on the top left of the screen. F2 will bring me to another screen with some start-up options and info about the cpu. I tried booting it with the other two options but it does the same thing (black blank screen with cursor on left) or comes with a message that says media error (with black blank screen and message on upper left hand corner) and doesn't move. I have no clue how to fix it. If someone could tell me how or if it's just not workable - either way, just need resolution. Thanks and God bless!

Answer:Blank screen with a cursor

Remove the hard drive and see if the laptop responds with trying to POST normally. A black screen with a blinking cursor means that the POST has been interrupted or it is waiting for a device to become ready. The CPU is ok

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Using Vista Home Premium 32bit on a Dell. Shortly after a power outage we find a completely blank screen with a cursor at the top left. We do a control-alt-delete then at the dell screen tap on F12 then use the arrow keys to choose the working hard drive (which is the designated boot drive) hit enter and then choose "start win normally" and system loads properly and all is well till next time. AVG says we have no virus, and went back 2 wks for a system restore, also tried the last known good. Nothing has improved. Googled this and tried suggestions none of which has worked. Any ideas will be tried. Left on overnight almost every morning we are looking at a blank screen again. Thanks....R C

Answer:Blank screen w/cursor

You seem to be having better luck than me. I have HP only I can't get it to do squat...problem started when hard drive crashed. Bought new hd and cloned the old to the new, had to perform a repair on the mbr but that finally got me back to the blank screen with a mouse (ctrl-alt-del & ctrl-alt-esc do not work either). I do not have a recovery disk so I tried to download one from neo...something or the other. That gets me to a command prompt & all but still no luck. Oh & when I try to do an install with this after I put in the product key it just errors out & say that it can't locate install.wim (at least I think the end is wim). I to have tried everything I can find on google to end up back at the blank screen. :(
one question I have been pondering over is this, I have another HP I could make a recovery disk from however the 2 have different specs. (ie. amd & intel...etc), think it would work? Last option would be to order the recovery disk from HP but I was hoping to get something quicker & easier.
Oh & good luck RC!

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Hi, first of all I am not tech savvy and I really need help. I am using an ASUS X553S and windows 10. 2 days ago my laptop automatically updated early in the morning when I woke up I can only see a blue screen saying "making sure your apps are ready to go. Do not turn off your pc". I waited for an hour but still on the same screen so I decided to let it be until evening since I have to go to work. When I came back around 8PM it is still the same. So I thought it crashed since it is taking too long and I restarted my PC. I was able to pass the log and then it goes to a black screen with cursor. I tried to search on the internet how to solve tgis issue like trying to remove the battery pack but my laptop doesn't have a removable battery pack. I also tried using CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE or CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the "task manager" as instructed in the internet but it is not working. Also I cannot access the "SAFE MODE" they said I should try pressing F8 or F9 after the ASUS logo but the advance boot up selection is not showing. I might be doing something wrong please correct me and help me.

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Using Vista Home Premium 32bit on a Dell. Shortly after a power outage we find a completely blank screen with a cursor at the top left. We do a control-alt-delete then at the dell screen tap on F12 then use the arrow keys to choose the working hard drive (which is the designated boot drive) hit enter and then choose "start win normally" and system loads properly and all is well till next time. AVG says we have no virus, and went back 2 wks for a system restore, also tried the last known good. Nothing has improved. Googled this and tried suggestions none of which has worked. Any ideas will be tried. Left on overnight almost every morning we are looking at a blank screen again.

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Hi I have been at this problem for a day and have no idea what to do.

I boot my system and I just get an alarm sound beep. No pauses no pattern just a beep which doesn't stop. I am still able to use the PC (on it now) as for the beep I just removed the motherboard speaker lol.

I have checked loads of Forums but can no find anything helpful. Looking at My Computer temperature they all seem average for my system plus the beep happens straight away during the system post.

I have taken my Ram and Graphics card out and both are fine. I have also taken my CPU out where I had a little problem. When taking the Heat sync off it pulled the CPU with it stuck to the heat sync like concrete. This in turn bent about 5 of the pins VERY VERY slightly like 0.01 degree angle. How ever the beep happened long before that. I have re-pasted the heat sync and the pins are back in place and be evidnce type right here right now all seems fine apart from the beeping.

I could just ignore it but I am big time gamer and I don't feel combatable playing any game right now till the beep goes away and leaving the motherboard speck out means I lose overheat warning.

It did beep about a month ago it did it for a minute and stopped I had it last week and a reboot sorted it however this does not work no more.

I have made 6 systems and non of them have had any problem's. This system I made about 4 Months ago and is my latest all new hardware (sept for the hard drive which is a month older) My... Read more

Answer:One Continuous beep

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I have read many other post on this subject but none fit my exact problem,

Intel i5 2500k quad core 3.3GHz
8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM
NVIDIDA GTX 570 Graphics card
Asus P8P67 LE Motherboard
Windows 7 64 bit
60GB SSD/1TB Data hard drive
700 W Xigmatec power supply
Zalman Z9 plus case (In case that becomes relevant)
The problem began slightly more than a month after i bought my pc,

I was playing a game (Team fortress 2) when the graphics began to act odd, for instance when something moved past me it would seam blocky and out of line for a second,

i have checked two other games since,

when i start one (Killing floor) the moment i reach the main menu my pc makes a continuous beeping noise and when i exit the game the beeping noise becomes lower pitch while exiting, then stops once the game has closed.

When i start the other game (Counter strike: source) there is no beeping noise but i get the same graphics problem as i did when playing the first game (Team fortress 2)

The temperature displayed on my case is usually between 22C and 25C and was at 24C at the time when the graphics problem began.


Answer:Continuous beep from pc during use

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Had new PC for a week, MaxData Athlon1800 XP, installed an anti- virus, couple of games and an old hard drive to get some files, I've since disconnected this in case it was the problem, when on Sunday I switched on and I get this constant tone from the tower. Someone told me to go into BIOS and choose optimum settings but this hasn't cured it.I have used system restore to jump back a couple of days and I've reinstalled XP but it is still there. It did stop for about an hour when my daughter was playing music on it but it was still there come start up later.

Answer:Continuous Beep from PC

Bleeping usually means that the Bios/MotherBoard has detected a problem in POST, usually memory. try setting Default settings and/or test the memory and make sure all your connections are secure.

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Have a Model # HP 245 G4 Notebook.SN# 5CG62560FV Computer starts up and finally gets to the log in screen.Once password is entered and it accepts the screen goes blank with moving cursor

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Just today I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. This was a problem I had a few months ago with Vista on this same laptop, and I was hoping it would be fixed with Windows 7, but apparently it hasn't.
I just finished the installation and final reboot and everything, and I logged in, only to have the Welcome spinning circle on the screen for about 30-45 seconds, and then a blank screen with a moving cursor, but nothing else. After using Ctrl-Alt-Del to log out, I logged back in, and this time after 25-30 seconds of the Welcome spinning circle it logged me in.
Like I said, this was an occasional problem I had with Vista as well, but if possible, now that I'm using Windows 7 I'd like for it to not be a problem at all.
I'm running a 5 month old HP G60 laptop. During the upgrade process today I had to update my BIOS and everything else, so I think those should be fine. I just thought this would be the best place to ask if others have had the same problems and if so, what they did to fix it. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Windows 7 goes to blank screen with cursor after log-in

I have a HP desktop which also does this.

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Hi, been reading the forum and now I've joined because i can't fix my gf's brother's computer.

They totally messed it up and when you boot up regularly, after the windows load screen and you enter in the user password, it freezes at a black screen with the mouse still movable.

Currently they just boot up in the windows recovery mode (domain controller services) to play games and surf the internet >.<
I ran the new ewido that got rid of 331 spyware, avg got rid of 8 virus', reg mech, and cleaned up the autostart stuff and checked the event viewer and it doesn't show a whole lot except something about wincom32 which google search showed i should post a hijack this.

THanks for all your help in advance.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 11:02:46 AM, on 5/24/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Phi Nguyen\Desktop\Hi... Read more

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I just did a Windows 7 Anytime upgrade from Professional x64 to Ultimate x64. Now, when I log in under my primary user, I get a blank white screen. I can access the system by hitting shift 5 times and opening explorer. When I log in to a different user, I do not get this issue.

To troubleshoot, I tried going into msconfig and disabling all non-microsoft services, with no success. I believe this issue may have occurred during a windows update of just a language display.

I tried doing a system restore, but still have the same issue...

Answer:Blank screen with cursor only one user?

Looks like a corrupted user profile
Take a look here and if there is anything, you don't understand, ask

Fix a corrupted user profile


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I have an acer extensa with windows vista OEM which I think is home edition. Last week I got a message saying that my computer had a trojan, so I opened up malware to scan for it. I came back about 2 hours later and my computer screen was blank with blinking cursor at top of the page. Over the past several weeks I have been getting those viruses that fake people out into thinking they have to buy a software online to clean up. I was aware of this so when I would get one I would have to use restore point to get my computer back up and running. The problem is that if I try to go to the F8 screen to start in safe mode it will not birng up that screen it just goes back to blank page with cursor. I am able to press F2 and get system settings screen and also F12 to get boot screen. Is there a different way to get to the screen that F8 brings up? WHen i bought my laptop it did not come with recovery disk or windows vista disk. Also, I am not sure if my vista was 32 bit or 64 bit and am not able to find this out since I cannot load windows. Is there a way to find this out. Also, I had windows vista SP1. Since I cannot get a command prompt I cannot get into DOS to at least do a disk check. I had someone suggest that I download ubuntu which will boot up my computer. Is this a good idea? Any help would be appreciatied.

Answer:can only get blank screen with flashing cursor

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Windows xp. Turn on computer. Everything happens as expected. But screen is blank and there is no cursor. Can't open safe mode by tapping f8. Please help. Thank you.

Answer:Blank screen - no cursor - windows xp.


Everything happens as expected.

What exactly does that mean? Do you see the computer logo? Or do you see the Black DOS like POST section where all the hardware is listed? Can you enter Setup (Bios)?

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It said there was a problem and then went blank. I rebooted and it didn't help

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Blank screen on my compaq laptop at startup. Blinking Cursor. Help

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I was surfing online the other day and my comp screen went completely white and froze up. After restarting the computer all I can get is a blank screen and a flashing cursor. I tried to enter safe mode but it will not let me. I believe this may be some kind of horrible maleware. If anyone has any ideas how to fix this please let me know. Thanks

Answer:blank screen/flashing cursor

What happens when you try to enter Safe-Mode?

Enter your BIOS and make sure that your computer is booting from hard drive before any other device.

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I am helping my cousin with her computer and when she brought it to me there was a blank screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. It is a HP Pavillion with AMD Turion 64X2 processor and looks to have dual HD's.

I can access the bios and tried booting from a boot disk with no luck. I also tried disabiling the sleep C4 also.

I took the hard drive out and put it into a USB sleeve and it is in the process of starting vista (it has been hung up for a few hours).

Any thoughts on what this could be? mobo?

Oh, i also ran the bios test on the HDD and the memory and they came back ok.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Blank Screen With Flashing Cursor

Oh...and I just rebooted the computer because it stalled for so long and it now has a black screen with "Err1Err3" instead of a blank cursor.

I thought it was a HDD problem, but i plugged it into my other computer via a USB sleeve and i can see all of the files ok.

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an old friend has phoned me up in a panic and will phone back later for advice. Her 4-year old laptop, running Windows 10 is just showing a black screen at start up, with active cursor. We have a Windows 10 laptop here, but I do not use it and am not familiar with the system. I am asking, is there a combination of keys that will refresh the system and which will keep her files? She has all her pics of her late husband on there.

If you cannot help we will have to go get the laptop, take the drive out, recover the pics, and then attempt to reinstall W10, and that too is unchartered territory. Please help if you can.

I have been on the web while waiting for this to be accepted and have learned that pressing Ctrl and then entering password, even though you cannot see anything on the screen, and then pressing Enter, might fix it, for now. I shall pass this info on when she phones me later, but it still isn't a 'proper' solution. I shall also strongly advise her to get an external to copy her pics to....

Ok, that worked, and she is going to get an external. I think it must be a graphics driver problem, so I will probably have the machine here before too long, but for the moment, all is back to where it should be.

Answer:blank screen, active cursor

Windows icon + I opens Settings.....assuming it appears will give many options.

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This problem just started a few hours ago. I've been reading through similar posts, but tapping on F8 does nothing. Help please.

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This is a Compaq Presario SR5130NX, AMD Athlon 64, 1024 M RAM. Running Vista Home Premium. Was working fine a week ago. My niece took it to college and said it started “acting up”, then it wouldn’t start up at all.
When I took a look at it I found that it now boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.
Things I have tried so far:
Open case, checked cable connections. Unplugged and reseated hard drive power and SATA cables.
Tried booting into Safe Mode, same thing happens (blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner).
Booted from Vista DVD (I only have a Vista 32 bit DVD, so I don’t know if these tests are valid or not, since this is a 64 bit edition of Vista).
Tried startup repair. It said that no problems were found.
Tried system restore, and it said that there were no restore points (which is pretty weird, I’m pretty sure that when I looked at this computer last week I created a restore point).
I checked the BIOS and it is recognizing the hard drive, although it list the hard drive as the 3rd drive, and the dvd rom as the 4th dirve (the first and second drives say “None”.).
I verified that the boot order in the BIOS is correct.
Not sure what could be going on. I don’t believe that any new hardware or software has been installed, but who knows.
Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Answer:Blank Screen with Blinking Cursor

I have found a partial solution. I went to HP’s website and found that Recovery Console Command Prompt commands are available in Vista.
I booted from the Vista dvd, system repair, command prompt, and ran the following:
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
and the system booted up to a Windows update screen that said “Configuring update 3 of 3”. I suspected that this may have had something to do with recent Windows Updates, as I found references to this problem when Googling. I suspect perhaps the system was shutdown during the update?
Anyways I thought I was home free. The login screen came up, I logged on, much to my dismay the system hung for a minute or two at the Welcome screen, then faded to a black screen with only the mouse pointer showing. Strangely enough Ctrl-Alt-Del brings up the screen with “Switch User, Task Manager, Log Off, etc”, but the normal desktop is just black. I cannot get to Task Manager. I can however boot in Safe Mode. No Restore Points are available. I uninstalled the 3 most recent MS updates, no change. I downloaded the latest video driver from NVIDIA’s website, no difference. Last known Good doesn’t work either. At this point I’m at a loss other that trying a complete System Recovery. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated.
Since this is a somewhat different problem, perhaps I should start a new thread?

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For a while now, I've not been able to log in properly. After log in, everything seems to load but the desktop/ explorer.exe. To clarify, what I see is a black screen with my cursor, and I can hear stuff in the background load normally. I am still able to access task manager, and my weird temp solution so far has been to end explorer.exe under processes, and restart it under new task. Doing this loads the desktop up normally. But my problem persists every time I reboot. I would like help on a fix for this weird issue.

Answer:Blank screen with cursor after log in problem?

What happens if you start to boot in safemode? Have you tried creating a new account to check the difference?Try downloading Speccy and then install the program.  To post and publish a snapshot of your PC.. In the Menu bar, click File -> Publish Snapshot. Click Yes > then Copy to Clipboard. On your next reply, right-click on a empty space and click Paste on reply box then click Post. Download MiniToolBox and run the program. SelectList Last 10 Event Viewers, List Installed Programs and List Users, Partitions and Memory Size then click Go.A notepad will open then copy-paste the report on your next reply. 

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This is a Compaq Presario SR5130NX, AMD Athlon 64, 1024 M RAM. Running Vista Home Premium. Was working fine a week ago. My niece took it to college and said it started ?acting up?, then it wouldn?t start up at all.
When I took a look at it I found that it boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.
Things I have tried so far:
Open case, checked cable connections. Unplugged and reseated hard drive power and SATA cables.
Tried booting into Safe Mode, same thing happens (blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner).
Booted from Vista DVD (I only have a Vista 32 bit DVD, so I don?t know if these tests are valid or not, since this is a 64 bit edition of Vista).
Tried startup repair. It said that no problems were found.
Tried system restore, and it said that there were no restore points (which is pretty weird, I?m pretty sure that when I looked at this computer last week I created a restore point).
I checked the BIOS and it is recognizing the hard drive, although it list the hard drive as the 3rd drive, and the dvd rom as the 4th dirve (the first and second drives say ?None?.).
I verified that the boot order in the BIOS is correct.
Not sure what could be going on. I don?t believe that any new hardware or software has been installed, but who knows.
Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Answer:Blank Screen with Blinking Cursor

If the PC was powered up or restarted with an external storage device plugged in to a USB port (like a flash drive or external hard drive; even some printers have media slots for digital camera cards) it may have assigned these devices as hard drives ahead of the hard drive and CD/DVD drive(s). If it was started up several times, it may have moved the system devices even further down the list and may have tried to boot to these devices. This would explain both the boot up problem, and the drives being listed 3rd and 4th. Power down the PC and unplug the power cord. Open the case and clear the BIOS by using the jumper on the motherboard. Then move the jumper back, close the case, plug in and power up. You should get an error about the settings not being correct or something similar. Even if you don't get the error message, enter the BIOS and press the key to install defaults. It's usually F9 or F10, just look around and it should tell you somewhere what to press to install system defaults. Then set the date and time, save the settings, and reboot. Hopefully that will solve the problem. :-D
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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My hp laptop blank screen with a cursor. I tried booting in safe mode and restoring but I still get a blank screen. Tried booting a windiws 7 dvd ,windows loding after blank screen. please help me Thanks

Answer:hp laptop blank screen with a cursor

Is the Hard Drive detected in BIOS setup when you boot into it? Look under storage drives and the Boot order.

If not reinstall the HD. Test the HDD with maker's HD Diagnostic to see if it is detected and can be repaired. If you can't get it detected, replace it.

If the HD is detected, do the RAM test and then proceed with Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

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Yesterday I upgraded to Windows XP SP3 and changed the way users login to the computer and took off the welcome screen expecting the Ctrl-Alt-Del method of bringing up the login menu would work. I rebooted and Windows now boots only to a blank screen with a working cursor and nothing else. There is no administrator account, only my name but I have not set a password at all for myself either.

Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work, Alt-F4 doesn't work, I can't do anything at all. I've tried two different keyboards as well.

This is the same for regular windows, safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, vga mode, last known configuration etc. There is no way to get any sort of access to anything I can actually use. It's just a blank screen with a cursor with no users, no login interface, keyboard commands do nothing, etc.

I am not going to do a windows repair from the CD (it's not going to work from experience) but I am willing to try recovery console for a chkdsk, fixmbr, or a bootcfg, but I doubt that will solve my issue.

I've gone into my dual boot that does work and replaced the lsass.exe from system32 because I recalled Malwarebytes detecting a trojan form of lsass.exe and I thought that perhaps it had deleted the genuine article but that wasn't the case and I still only get the blank, blue empty screen with only a cursor and nothing else.

I'm not going to format, I'm adamant about recovering this install of windows because there a... Read more

Answer:Windows = Blank Welcome Screen with only Cursor

Try last known good configuration. Not much you can do on that screen.

Can you get into safe mode

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I have a dell 1525 laptop, worked perfectly until tonight. When I power up, after about 2 seconds the screen goes blank with a flashing cursor in the upper left corner. I cannot boot in safe mode, no response to my hitting the f8 key. Any advice would be welcome, my first thought is failed hard drive, but let me know what youthink.D

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Specs: Dell Inspiron 1520 Model # PP22L, input 19>5V,Dell LBL P/N RU042 A00, service tag 8HWM83J Bios version A03, Service tag 8HWM83J. Intel Celeron processor,
clock speed 1.86 GHz, Memory Technology DDR2 SDRAM, Primary Hard Drive
80 GB HDD, Fixed bay device DVD +/-RW, Video Controller-Intel Crestline Graphics-BIOS 1466, Windows Vista Home Basic OEMAct I don't know how to get the temp from BIOS.
Also don't know how to get video card info.

When the computer is turned on, Dell Logo comes on, goes off right away and goes to 'windows error recovery'. If 'launch startup repair' is started, it will go to the blank screen with the white cursor. a few days ago there was an error- "DLL Initialization Failed STOP:C0000142 Initialization of the dynamic WINSRV failed." However, that error is
not coming up anymore. I have tried to start it in Safe Mode, and Safe Mode with Networking-still comes up with a blank screen w/white arrow.

This problem started a few days ago out of nowhere, no odd behavior before this.
(This is not my computer but my boyfriends)

Any ideas at all?
Thank you

Answer:blank screen w/cursor, can't run even in safemode.

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When I boot, I get a blank screen (w/o cursor). I tried booting into safe mode without success. Computer is Windows 10 originally. I tried using sfc command. Nothing found. Monitor is working. I removed ssd and replaced with another. I could only restore image with one two months old. (I know, I screwed up.) I would really like to get it back working since I have some crucial work on it. Any ideas?

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My DELL PC Dimension will not boot up. It brings up the "Dell Screen" and then goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor at the top left. Can not get it to not do this even when using F8 or F2 or F12 keys. Still does the same when I try and load with XP Media Center disk. Has my hard drive crashed or is there something I can do to get ti to load. Any help would be appreciated or point me to the right forum.



Answer:Blank Screen with blinking cursor

If you have recovery CD,try to repair the windows.And run check disk.

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When computer starts is says windows is starting and then just get blank screen with cursor.

Answer:Windows 7 blank screen with cursor

Hello and Welcome,
Could you please provide more information regarding your issue?
Did you make any recent software or even hardware changes in your computer? Also, you can try booting as Safe Mode (Press F8 before Windows 7 boots).

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Help! Running Windows Vista on Dell Computer (tried to talk to our India buddies, but no help) & HP w 2207 monitor. Monitor was been without color for a long time on the home screen (gray tones only even though you can see color screens as it's powering up), trying to figure that out by troubleshooting and loaded the new version of Norton 360 vs Norton Internet Security because Norton had expired and didn't want a virus. Norton seemed to be working fine, got the updates, did a quick virus scan, then played with the monitor plugs to see if I could hook up a different monitor to see if it was the monitor or hardware/software in the computer. Then the computer locked up and so hit the power button to rebooted it and it asked to repair a problem. Tried to repair it, but now it just powers up with a blank screen and white blinking cursor. I've tried to launch it every possible way, safe mode, F2, F8, repair says no problem found, etc.. Won't launch it even is safe mode, can't even get to a task bar, no restore points. All it does is return it to the dreaded blank screen. I have spent hours looking for answers on the Internet & lots of threads with a blank screen but nothing I tried work. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.f

Answer:blank screen w blinking cursor

Greetings, karine.

Do you have the original Vista disk and/or Dell recovery disks?

Can you access BIOS, change the boot order to 'CD first', and boot to a disk?

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I'm working on a Windows XP Home computer that was having problems with the USB ports not working. I tried several things like reinstalling drivers, removing/adding USB items in device manager, and resetting/updating the BIOS. After looking around on the web, I found a suggestion to try an OS repair.

When I did that, I ran into problems with the installation not finding some files (even though I could clearly see them listed on the installation disk). There ended up being a couple dozen files 'not found'. Not knowing better, I just hit the 'Cancel' button to get through the installation procedure, figuring I could install them later. That's when I started getting nothing but a blank blue screen with nothing but my mouse pointer showing. It seems that the explorer.exe shell isn't working to show my desktop, I think. All of the following ideas were tried with no change in the result:

repairing using the original I386 files off the c: drive when needed
repairing using different memory
repairing using the I386 files copied to the c: drive from the installation disk
using a different installation disk
performing chkdsk & scandisk - found & fixed some errors
running virus scans by removing the disk & connecting to a different PC - none found
using system restore (via Safe Mode) going back to a time before all this happened

Each time I ran the OS repair procedure, it called for the same files. I managed to find ... Read more

Answer:blank blue screen, cursor only

After much anguish & frustration, I decided to reinstall the OS. This seems to be a problem with Windows from time to time, but with no way to fix it outside of a full reinstall. Occasionally it turns out to be a virus or rootkit but not always. Damn. Hopefully, someone will discover a fix for this soon.

:cry :confused

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I have a Presario laptop windows vista home. I opened an e mail I thought was from my daughter; clicked on a link and to make a long story short after clearing windows ok and run, my screen went blank with a cursor blinking in upper left corner.

Tried rebooting in safe mode and will not allow. Just ran Primary Hard Disk self test in Bios setup utility and got a test status #2- 07 Fail..


Answer:screen blank with blinking cursor

Here is the link I clicked that caused the screen to go blank on minus me2u.exe so it won't work. Anyone heard of this link?

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Hey all,

I recently just got back from a trip out of the country and turned my computer on, and realized it was broken, my girlfriend just decided not to tell me she broke it hoping I would think I did it myself (thanks a bundle).

Anyway, I had 2 XP versions and a linux distro on my hd0, but was using a windows boot loader so just had the 2 xp versions on a list, if I picked any it would reboot the computer. Eventually I got into one of the versions after resorting to the "last known good config" option. I shut it down, and the next day I turned it on and before bios I just got a message on the screen saying something like "AVP569 something something 400e/500m" and then a flashing cursor. After some googling it looked like it might have been a problem with my video card. So I swapped the ATI x1650 out and replaced it with the card the computer came with, some low-end nVidia card. Now when I turn on the computer it doesnt load the bios either, but there is no error message, just a blank screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left corner.

I tried taking the mobo battery out to reset the bios config or whatever, and that didn't seem to work either. I've never encountered anything like this before and was just wondering if anyone knows what the problem might be, or how to go about solving it. At the very least it would be nice to be able to get into bios so I can at least take a look at things.

My girlfriend said something abo... Read more

Answer:Blank screen w/ cursor before bios

Check all connections, inside (with power off), if no start after that, check for beep, or , beeps as it goes to start.
As you have removed, and replaced battery, it should go to default setup, and if that old original card is in there, it should beep, unless something is loose- next point of check, remove and replace ram stick/sticks, (try one at a time,if more than one)to see if that gets it beeping.
Once you have a beep. or, beeps we can see more to help - just tell us if/what they are.

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I know this topic has been posted before and I did read through it. Heres the situation though...whenever I boot up my computer, all I get is a blinking cursor on a blank screen. Absolutely NOTHING else. It doesn't show my motherboard screen before or anything, so I'm not even able to go into the BIOS.

Windows 7 64-bit
ASUS Motherboard
AMD Phenom II x4
4 gigs of RAM
(I will be more specific if needed?)

I built this computer in it's only a few months old.

I was playing a game and it crashed to desktop. I tried to get back into the game and it started to load, then crashed to desktop again. I restarted my computer, tried to get in again, loaded a little while longer, crashed to desktop. I noticed that when I was on the main screen, it was kind of I thought it might be something with my graphics card.

Tried to download and reinstall the driver, it gave me an error (don't remember what it said). I tried to research this on Firefox, and it eventually crashed and I believe it gave me some kind of memory error. Anyways...I decided to reformat and reinstall Windows 7. I got the reinstallation going after reformatting the hard drive, but the reinstallation froze at 9%. I thought it might just take a while so I left it going for an hour or more and it made no progress. This is when I noticed it completely froze.

I restarted the computer and tried to run the Windows 7 reinstallation again and it gave me an Kernel error, saying ... Read more

Answer:Blank Screen, Blinking Cursor, Nothing Else

Hi and welcome to TSF tis may help you with testing the ram

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My computer froze and I restarted it. When it was restarting, it just got to a blank blue screen and never went further. The cursor shows but that is all. Tried restarting again but am only getting the same results.

Im pretty illiterate with computers so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Blank Blue Screen with cursor

Hi oldirty,

Can you boot into safe mode by tapping on the F8 key during the boot sequence? If not, please post that here. If you can get to the alternate menu, choose safe mode and go into an account with administrative rights. Then try going back to a restore point from before this problem started.

If you've never done this before, Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore
check the box to Restore my computer to an earlier time and click on Next. You'll see a calendar with highlighted dates. Choose one of the dates just preceeding these problems and allow your system to return to that date.


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When I boot, I get a blank screen (w/o cursor). I tried booting into safe mode without success. Computer is Windows 10 originally. I tried using sfc command. Nothing found. Monitor is working. I removed ssd and replaced with another. I could only restore image with one two months old. (I know, I screwed up.) I would really like to get it back working since I have some crucial work on it. Any ideas?

Answer:Screen blank at boot no cursor

Hi Nedrod and welcome to Tenforums.

I assume you get the HP splash screen, no beeps at POST, and it appears to begin booting into Windows, then hangs? You could download the W10 ISO and boot to it, then, instead of installing Windows, there's an option that says "Repair your computer."
See option #5 here:
Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums


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After I turn on my laptop Dell starts and it says her resuming windows and then goes to a blank screen with my cursor. I removed the battery and held the power button but don't know what else to do. I don't have a restore disk. I'm running windows 7. Please help!

Answer:Solved: Blank screen with cursor

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All of a sudden the computer had a problem and when I restarted the thinkpad screen will show up and then blank screen with cursor shows up.the screen turn blank with cursor after the initial screen.I can enter BIOS setup utility by pressing Thinkvantage button (blue) and then F1.I did run the HDD diagnostic program and no error message was shown.I have another lenovo T61 and I took the harddrive from that and inserted in the R61i laptop. It worked fine. Brings me to the conclusion that the HD on the R61i is the problem. What to do next? Is there any way to save the HD or do I need to reformat. The computer is Thinkpad R61i with Type: 8932CTO Please help!

Answer:Screen blank with cursor on startup

Hi,Sounds like an OS crash rather than a bad drive to me. Since you can enter RnR on the original drive, hence you should be able to save important files on an external drive through "Rescue files" option in rescue and recovery, do this first. Afterwards, you can try restoring your system to factory settings, choose this route if you didn't create recovery discs. Alternatively, you can use respective version (which was installed on your thinkpad) of Windows disc to repair the OS, this option will overwrite the MBR and you will lose the ability to use ThinkVantage button at boot, so use this only if you had made recovery discs in advance.Hope this helps.

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I'm beginning to think this lies outside of a software issue. While watching a racing video the other day, everything on the screen got HUGE and froze the computer. Thereafter it wouldn't boot XP. I got it to now boot into XP and I can login by deleting the display adapter. However, after I've been in Windows for 30 seconds or so it goes to a blank black screen with a blinking cursor. No keyboard or mouse commands work. The CDROM still opens.

What are some likely scenarios? This is on a Dell Dimension 8250. It has old RDRAM in it. I tried taking a stick out to test it but the computer just started beeping without it. There are 4 sticks. I'd rather it be the video card than the RAM if anything at all hardware related.

Answer:XP: Blank Screen with Blinking Cursor

I just tried to reinstall XP and while at the Installing screen it went to a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

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i ran a game setup called topgun, and after that my laptop hungup, the setup ran but jst as it was about 2 run, my laptop restarted and then after that it is stuck at the blank screen with a white blinking cursor at the top left. ma laptop is presario V6000, i was running windows vista, i have tried running the battery dry nad then running it on direct power, kindly help me on it, if sum one kan help me 2 save ma data as well, i have ma projects saved in my documents, plz help

Answer:blank screen with blinking cursor

im a real beginner when i comes to computer language, so plz be very specific, please, im stuck up real bad.....

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flashing cursor black screen. The pc is set to restart to a previous state so nothing can be saved. Would this mean the next day it should be fine. What can I do. It's an xp, optimium or w/e. Thanks for the help!!!

Answer:flashing cursor blank screen

do you have anything in the floppy or the optical drive? If so, remove it and then try booting upSome HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I recently tried to install the SP2. The downloading was completed but the installation screen did not pop up. I wait for a long while before I decided to manually close the application.

It didn't go wrong at that point.

The same night I noticed my "internet connection" was having some unusually busy activities (even with no browser or instant messaging software of any kind in operation, the lights just kept blinking). So I decided to operate a system restore to bring my machine back to a point which I feel safe about.

The restore couldn't be completed. The screen froze at a blank screen (that was several hours later that I found out after that, I left home before I operated the system restore). With no choice I tried to reboot my computer, thinking that things will be "ok" even if nothing is fixed.

Here's my problem: The monitors showed "COMPAQ", then the usual "WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL" screen, then...instead of the screen which asks me to key-in my password, it went into a blank screen with a white little cursor...

I could still turn on and off the cap-lock, num-lock and so forth on my keyboard, but those won't bring anything onto the screen as expected. I tried most of the function keys, ctrl-alt-del and none worked. The screen remained blank - with the white arrow cursor. One funny thing is, I did put a CD into the CD-rom to see how the machine will react. The CD icon showed up right next to the white arrow... Read more

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I tried to log onto my pc and the hdd wouldn't load. I don't know if I have a hardware problem or a virus. When I turn on my pc the dell logo comes up then you hear a beep and a blank sreen with a blinking cursor. I read up on this and thought it might be window xp that need to be repaired so I tried that with the cd and entered fixmbr, but it didn't work. The BIOS screen recognizes the hdd and everything else seems to be correct. I'm nowing using that hdd as a slave and put in my old hdd which is pretty much dying. I have a bunch of microsoft updates that keep failing so there must be something on this hdd too. Is there a way to tell if I have a hardeware problem or a virus? I just bought the new hdd a year ago so if it's bad I still have about 20 days till warranty is up. Ant help would be greatfully appreciated. By the way these are the KB updates that are failing on my old hdd.


Answer:blank screen with blinking cursor

does anyone have any thoughts on this? Does anyone know if a bootable XP CD will get me to this drive? I really don't want to wipe it out and start again if I don't have to.

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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if someone can help. I keep having this annoying problem where my PC randomly just freezes up and emits this ongoing beep until I manually have to power it down.

My system specs are:
Model: Packard Bell IXTREME X6617 UK
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz
OS: Win7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1)
Memory: 6GB
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5670
I have ran a full Memtest on bootup which reported no problems with the RAM cards. I'm at bit of loss here now though and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Answer:PC freeze then continuous beep

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when i tried to boot up my pc all i get now is 1 long continous beep what does this mean it is a aopen mobo

Answer:continuous beep from motherboard

Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem

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I have A7V600x mother board with a Athlon XP 3800+...its been working find and all the sudden the computer does not turn on at all with a long contentious beep....we always had a problem with the video card so we thought it was the video card problem but replacing did not solve the problem....we still get the continuous beep like beeeeeeeep beeeeeeep each beep is about 2 sec....I try looking online but nothing really helped...wat could be the problem??

Answer:A7V mobo continuous beep

Athlon XP's only went as far as 3200+

a beep like that is usually memory or cpu, at least that is what is the listed cause for the code. it can however be caused by a number of things which could cause the motherboard to stall early in it's POST (Power On Self Test). if it's not CPU or memory i would guess it's related to the power supply, either the power supply itself or it's connection to the motherboard

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I have been running Windows 2000 Pro for a little over 5 months now. Just recently I have been having a problem with the default beep (or any sound) on the computer. If I restart I do not hear anything until I open a program or click on something that makes the default beep sound. Then my computer goes haywire. All I hear is the beep over and over and over again, really really fast. This is very confusing and very frustrating since I can't hear music anymore and I have over 40 gigs of MP3 files. I can turn off the sound by MUTING the volume control, but this is not the correct fix, it just shuts up the computer. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Continuous Default Beep...

Open media player, click view,options, playback tab, take the check out of repeat forever and see if that helps. Don't know if it will but I don't know where else to tell you to look either.

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Hello There, I have lenovo B450. My laptop is makeing continuos beep noise while booting. So i used to shut down it. After that when i start, it doesnot make any noise. What it reason for this??? Please help me...

Answer:Continuous Beep while booting

Welcome To Lenovo Community
You may please try changing the speaker settings > level > PC Beep ? It should be at  kept at 0
Hope This Helps
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I have to keep my laptop on "mute" because it lets out this ear piercing sound (almost like a smoke alarm). This started a few days ago. I had just turned the laptop (Vaio) on for like a half hour when it started. I took the battery out and waited a good half hour before reinstalling it and it did it again. Everything else is running smoothly.

I am a novice when it comes to computers so I called the Vaio 1-800 number and they said to reinstall the sound card. Does this sound right? (no pun intended). I haven't done anything yet. Just can't listen to music, etc. anymore till I get this all worked out. The laptop is about 18 mos old.

Thank you for anybody's help.

Answer:loud continuous beep

Hi bjelliott51 and welcome to TSF !

Sounds like some overheating warning signal to me... I'll ask someone to move this thread to the laptop support section where you'll have better advices.

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I posted this elsewhere and have since discovered that place was inappropriate; sorry.

Fixing an old machine, p3 phoenix bois, and it boots with a single beep, and seems fine until it initialises the keyboard. What transpires i can only describe as an angry successive beeping that develops into a seemingly continuous beep. The background is bizare, at least as far as i understand it, a client brought in 2 machines, the first had swolen caps on the board, which we replaced, and ran successfully for some time. However, the keyboard began to stutter with beeps after post and after re aligning the pins also worked fine. Subsequently, the client brought the first back, the keyboard had begun beeping again, only with more intensity and irregularity, simmilar to a stuck key but more erratic. I sent the client away with a new keyboard and success. However, the client returned again, reporting that the beeps had begun again 4 or 5 days later. Again I replaced the keyboard with, and no beeps. Subsequently the client brought in a second machine reporting that the first had persisted with its beeping issue, and that he had chosen to use another machine at his disposal. As it turns out the second computer had the same issue, solved at least initially with the replacement of the keyboard. The problem still persists however, and seems to have gradually worsend over time. In both cases the same original keyboard may have been used by the client, in the case of the first machine the keyboa... Read more

Answer:Continuous Beep After Post

You sure this client isn't messing with you and has somehow caused this? Are there any *.bat files or something similar that have some code in them to cause this? I guess last but not least, is this an error code that the bios is throwing you due to heat problems or something of the sort.

Just seems a little suspicious.

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Greetings all,      I have acquired (a friend found it next to a dumpster while taking out his trash) a self built computer case contents include: MSI P6N MOBO,  Geforce 8800GTS graphics card,  Enermax 500watt PSU, Lightscribe DVD RW and 2 OCZ  PC2 ram sticks (no HDD).  The front panel button was not connected to the MOBO.  Upon connecting the switch and turning it on the fans come on but the MOBO emmits a continuous beep.  I have downloaded the manual for the MOBO but Have yet to find any information on what this means.  I assume the owner (who is likely a gammer and more knowledgeable than I) felt it wasn't worth fixing, but I thought it might be a (fun ?) project if it's feasible.  Thx in advance for any feedback.

Answer:MOBO continuous beep

Quote from: glathem40 on March 03, 2013, 08:48:33 PM...(who is likely a gammer and more knowledgeable than I)...Most gamers know nothing about hardware; too focused on the games.Continuous beep could be anything.  Remove the CMOS battery & short the terminals, if it has any.In order to POST, you need 1 RAM stick & keyboard.  Connect monitor to see if anything is there.MSI P6N is Intel Socket 775, not the latest, but still in use today.  RAM is DDR2 which is getting expensive compared to the newer DDR3.This looks like it.

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A couple of days ago my installation of Vista started to go nuclear, e.g Windows Explorer crash every 3 seconds, total freeze up and then BScOD. Obviously it was time to resinstall windows.

But when I went to boot from the installation disk, it was hanging and giving problems. After a few reboot i get to where I am now...

On startup I get a constant series of beeps.

I've done some reading on the net and found this is a BIOS warning for the hardware, and I'm 99% sure im on an AWARD BIOS. So the beeps are most likely the memory or the CPU.

We'll I know for a start its not the memory as I had some spare stick lying around, so after changing them over, it still didn't change.

After looking round the house, I discovered an older machine I had with the same socket and spec processor, although this system stopped working with no indication why, I swapped the CPUs over and the problem continues, but the CPU may or may not be working.

Someone told me it could be a loose gfx card, so I've refitted that, and still nothing...

So I'm out of ideas, can anyone help me?

Answer:Continuous Beep on startup

While I seriously doubt that you have a defective processor, define "same socket and spec processor". What was the EXACT memory that was installed, and what was the EXACT memory you installed to check the memory?

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My PC base unit makes a deafening continuous beep once in awhile.The only way to stop it is to reboot but even then it can reacur after awhile.Some days it'll work without any problem.I've noticed some programs can sometimes trigger the noise such as defraging and Norton Antivirus.Anyone else had this problem ?

Answer:Continuous Ear-Piercing Beep???

When you reboot does the beep continue after a short while if you immediately use CPU intensive programs?This sounds like your CPU is overheating and your BIOS is shutting down the PC.Please provide more information- make, model, operating system, BIOS etc.

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I have this computer running xp pro that is giving me a strange error. Back in the shop where the computer has been sitting for 8 monthes and running fine up until today,

On startup while still loading BIOS I get this alarm sound. It is a contiuous alarm. No error messages, the Bios just stops loading and stays in one place.

What is weird is I bring it into the office plug it in and it works fine.

I have tried multiple outlets back in the shop but still to no avail.

Does anybody know what the continous alarm sound might mean when starting up the Bios?

Answer:Continuous beep on start up

Please have a look at the Power On Self Test Beep Codes,
and post back which beep sequence best represents your own issue.

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Hi there, first off, Im running Windows xp OS. I recently got Rosetta stone software and I've installed it and everything. It has voice recognition capabilities and when I get to the point where I set up the mic, each time I try it says that it was unsuccessful. I am using the usb headset that came with the software. So, I pull up 'ol Windows sound recorder to see if the mic is picking anything up, and it is, except that when playing the recording back, along with whatever I said into the mic, there is a loud continuous beep. It is only present while playing back what has been recorded from the microphone. I am assuming that this is why I can't get the mic setup in Rosetta stone to complete successfully, because not only is it picking up my voice, but also the loud high pitched continuous beep.

I have speakers connected to a Sound Blaster Audigy card, but the beep is still present if I disconnect the speakers. I've also tried the usb headset in multiple different ports and the beep is still present whenever i record something and play it back.

Any ideas? Much appreciated

Answer:Continuous beep when using a microphone

I wonder if the microphone volume is set too high. Have a look at:

Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Voice tab

and click on Test Hardware.

In there, the microphone volume will be set automatically (I'm pretty sure that's how it works), and it might be a good place to visit anyway, just to make sure everything is OK.

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The PC speaker just beeps when I power on my computer. Nothing happens just one long continuous beep. HELP!

Answer:One long continuous beep

Usually memory or video card.
Try reseating your memory or trying just one module at a time.
Try your video card in another slot.

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Help me out... I'm working on a friend's computer. I was in the process of installing more ram, 128k pc100, and upon installation, the computer will no longer boot up, will only give me a very anoying continuous beep. I'm not sure what type of bios it is. I'm going to attempt reseting the bios by removing the battery. If there are other solutions, please enlighten me. I'm at a lose and need guidance....thank you very much....

Answer:continuous beep, no bootup

Welcome to TSG! Continuous beeps usually mean bad ram. Will the machine boot if you remove the upgrade and put in just the old ram?

Let us know

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Hi all,

I've caused a problem which is proving to be difficult for me to fix.

My laptop experienced a BSOD which resulted in me being able to log in only to be met with a blank screen with a movable cursor, which I resolved using a System Restore.

Following this I tried to identify the cause for another issue caused by the BSOD which was the replacement of icons on the log in screen by square-shaped outlines. I ended up opening Device Manager and then Display Adapters, where I disabled one of the graphics processors (GT 610M). I restarted the laptop after doing this and since then it has been able to progress past the teal Windows logo and spinning circle but not to the log in screen as a blank screen with a cursor appears instead.

I've tried using refreshing, System Restore, Startup Repair and enabling Safe Mode but none of these have been able to work or in the case of Safe Mode the blank screen still appears.

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The problem is:

-Computer boots up
-Shows green Windows loading bar
-Goes to black screen, and all I can see is the mouse cursor.

I can not ctrl+alt+dlt, and when I try "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" or any kind of safe mode, it will not work, and goes to the same black screen. Also the task manager is NOT available (normal & safe mode)
I have tried the "Last Known Good Configuration", but this has not worked either.

The machine is sealed using sysprep and deployed using Novell ZCM Imaging.
It comes up the first time, then it renames the computer using ziswin and then it is stuck in the black screen/white mouse cursor mode

Anyone?? I'm desperate....

Answer:Blank screen, White cursor after sysprep

Is this an enterprise computer? You should consult your IT dept.

If not then explain what you've done as these are not consumer methods. How is it sealed?

To check that the boot configuration is correct, confirm that WIn7 or it's 100mb System Reserved boot partition is marked Active, then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to repair or rewrite the System boot files to the Active partition. Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

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hey ! I have dell studio 1555 windows 7.
Today I activated my windows after formating. It asked for rebooting i pressed yes and it got forced shut downed. Since den wenever i m pressing power switch i get dell logo and after dat a blank screen is coming with a cursor blinking at the top. What is wrong with my lappy please help!!

Answer:getting blank screen with a cursor after dell logo

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Can you boot to Safe Mode?

Put your Windows installation CD into the PC and see if you can launch startup repair.

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My Windows XP (SP2) computer boots without any errors to black screen with the mouse pointer. No start button, icons or task bar. The pointer moves but I can't get any menus or windows up. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work.

This is the same in safe mode (any of them!) with the exception of the safe mode text in each corner.

I've started up recovery console and run a chkdsk /p and all is OK

Any ideas what to try next?


Answer:XP start to blank screen and mouse cursor

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