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Sandisk Cruzer issue

Question: Sandisk Cruzer issue

I have a 4gb cruzer thumb drive I labeled as "4gb drive". I also have a printer which I connect via usb when I need to print something. I labeled the printer as "printer". The thumb drive is the J-drive and the printer is the H-drive. The problem is somehow my laptop has confused the two. It calls the printer "4gb drive" and the thumb drive as "printer". Both items function without issue. I just can't rename them.
How do I rename each item? When I right click the icon, then rename the icon it goes back to the wrong name.

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Preferred Solution: Sandisk Cruzer issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have a 4gb cruzer thumb drive I labeled as "4gb drive". I also have a printer which I connect via usb when I need to print something. I labeled the printer as "printer". The thumb drive is the J-drive and the printer is the H-drive. The problem is somehow my laptop has confused the two. It calls the printer "4gb drive" and the thumb drive as "printer". Both items function without issue. I just can't rename them.
How do I rename each item? When I right click the icon, then rename the icon it goes back to the wrong name.

Answer:Sandisk cruzer issue

Sounds like maybe your mount manager is confusing them, have you tried re- setting up the printer to see if that fixes the problem?

I do wan't to point out this is probably not where you want to post this question, you would have better luck if you posted this in the , "Other Software" or "Hardware" section of the site, as this is not a development question...

Wish you the best with your problem..


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Hello there.
I have a Sandisk Cruzer usb and I accidentally erased the file that came on the usb itself and now the device is unreadable to some of my other devices (DVD Player, media players, ect.). I tried looking at the sandisk website for help, I tried google for about an hour and still can't find any thing thats even relevant to this matter. So if anyone knows how to fix this please help, I really need the usb to work again.


Answer:Solved: Sandisk Cruzer 8GB missing sandisk files.

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I have a buddy who handed me what a flashdrive, a Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 2 GB with U3, that he said no longer worked for him. Well several hours later, I can't make it work either. When the flash drive is plugged into multiple computers (XP x 4, Vista x 1 even though Vista is NOT supported), the light on the drive flashes and the computer attempts to find the "cruzer mini" driver, which will eventually fail (the light on the drive will remain on indefinately, however). I look in Windows Explorer and Disk Management and the drive is not recognized. I look in the device manager and there is an exclamation point next to exactly one "USB Mass Storage Device." I said screw this and brought out my big gun Recover It All software for data recovery and *IT* doesn't see the device. Interestingly, when the device is plugged in the Safely Remove Software button becomes available, but when I click on it, there is nothing to select (which tells me, "yes I see something but I don't recognize it"). I've attempted to install Sandisk's WONDERFUL drivers but they won't install UNLESS IT CAN SEE THE DAMNED DRIVE, which it can't. Bottom line: u3 drives suck. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I wanted that to be excrutiatingly clear!

So here's my quesiton: I'm looking for suggestions on how I can force the recognition of a USB device that is not natively recognized by the Device Manager or Disk Management. Any ... Read more

Answer:Cannot see Sandisk Cruzer 2GB with U3

Bump. I'm finding it hard to believe that PnP cannot be worked around in XP re: hardware recognition. Anyone have any ideas? Or is this hardware DOA?


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Hi there, I have a flash drive which I intentionally removed the U3 software from and was just wondering if there was any site or method to restore it.
Any help would be appreciated... Operating system(s), Wondows XP PRO SP3, Windows XP SP1

Answer:4Gb 'U3' Sandisk Cruzer

You should be able to find tools to install and remove U3 Launchpad on the Sandisk support website.

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Question: sandisk cruzer 32G

My testing of Windows 10 shows that the Sandisk Cruzer has no driver
in Windows 10 for it.
I have no idea how to send feedback to Microsoft so this can be added.

Answer:sandisk cruzer 32G

Hello jack, use the link in this post to see how

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Question: SanDisk Cruzer

I bought 2 SanDisk 8 gig Cruzers and when I check them in property I get a reading that they are only 4 gig, What goes?

Bob Bigart

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer

Perhaps you removed U3 incorrectly.
You may want to ask for help in the U3 forum

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i just got a sandisc cruzer titanium, and have already screwed up. i have windows ME, which i thought was supposed to have the driver already loaded. so when i plugged in the cruzer, it said it recognized new hardware, and then a new dialogue box flashed up saying that i needed to reinsert my millenium cd. while my husband went to look for that, i unfortunately clicked OK on the dialogue box, then "cancel", and now i will not even recognize the new hardware. I don't know what to do next. anyone familiar with this scenario?

Answer:i need help with my Sandisk cruzer

Go into Control Panel/System/Device Manager, and UNinstall anything to do with that Cruzer.
Reboot and insert it again, but this time don't interrupt!

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Question: sandisk cruzer 32G

My testing of Windows 10 shows that the Sandisk Cruzer has no driver
in Windows 10 for it.
I have no idea how to send feedback to Microsoft so this can be added.

Answer:sandisk cruzer 32G

Hello jack, use the link in this post to see how

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My Sandisk cruzer profile, does not work at all with my windows vista laptop can anyone help me?

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Hi...I've seen this error in several places along the forum, so here goes:

-Running Windows ME
-Got a new U3 Sandisk Cruzer Micro 512 Megs
-Plugged it into the computer according to the instructions
-Got an error involving CMDNINST.EXE and KRNL386.EXE.
-Shut down and restart.
-Tried again, got same error message.
-Went to Microsoft Online for help.
-Pulled up an article on the problem.
-Printed it out, followed instructions
-Included disabling various hardware in safe mode and re-enabling one by one
-Restarted computer
-After it boots up, same error appears and computer won't do anything. No icons, no taskbar, nothing.
-Shut down and restart.
-Rinse, lather, repeat.

Apperently this is a problem with the drivers in ME, or so I've read.

Weird Part: Even after unplugging the USB and my USB wireless optical mouse/keyboard, I get the same error.

The computer will only boot correctly in Safe Mode.



Answer:U3 Sandisk Cruzer Problems

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I bought a 128MB USB Cruzer Mini recently which is supposed to run on XP and Win98SE computers. I installed it successfully on two XP computers (no driver required) and one WIN98SE computer (required a driver download). It appears to install ok on two other WIN98SE machines, but they cannot find the drive. I have installed and uninstalled it several times without success. The Sandisk site gives a procedure which requires a lot of hacking of the registry. The instructions are really not too precise, and I am afraid to mess with it without better instructions. Also, I don't have any confidence that it will solve the problem. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Mini

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I plugged in my USB drive and I get notification USB device not recognized. In This PC it shows but it looks like this:

When I right click to try and format it, nothing happens. I also tried renaming the drive letter, nothing. I tried many USB fix tools, such as, USB drive defender, Flobo, mUSB Fixer, USB Refresh, USBFix 2016, and most of them didn't even see the device in the list. I am running out of ideas. If it is of any help, it's SanDisk Cruzer 16GB.

Edit: Just tried HP USB Disk Storage Tool. This is what it shows:

And of course, it does not want to run format...

Answer:Is my SanDisk Cruzer destroyed?

Sorry to bring you the bad news, but usually when a disk is detected as having 0 capacity, it is dead. Just hope you didn't have anything important inside that you don't have it elsewhere.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site after searching forums for some help with the Cruzer 1Gb micro.

My cruzer works just fine on my desktop running Windows 2000, loading "U3" beautifully, however when I plug the cruzer into "newer" desktop and laptop running XP I get an error message sthat says "one of the usb devices connected to this computer has malfunctioned and is not recognized by Windows"

The USB ports on both machines work well with other devises including cruzer mini and an old 64Mb stick.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions that anyone might have.



Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1 Gb.

How is the Sandisk formatted? Are your XP systems fully updated using Windows Update?

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I have a Sandisk 512mb Cruzer that is driving me nuts. Some pcs recognise it instantly, some refuse. Sandisk have a driver, which XP refuses to load, saying that XP needs no extra drivers. Aaargh! Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer not recognised by XP

Try another USB port
Your USB is enabled in BIOS?

I've never had to load any drivers for mine, I too use XP

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I have been writing before in a different forum that had kind of died out. I just bought a Cruzer Blade USB flash drive, 8 gb, to back up my computer - windows 7.
It still doesn't like it. I cannot get an external hard drive and this wasn't that expensive. It says to please insert a d/dvd/or usb drive. Well I did that and it gives me an error to insert a dvd. Why wouldln't I be able to back up on an 8 gb back drive.
All I want to back up is my data anyway and not sure how to get just that.

Answer:Backing up to a sandisk 8 gb cruzer

The computer see's the inserted usb drive correct? Remember what drive letter it's assigned and copy and paste the data you want directly to it, if needed create a folder in the usb for the data.

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I just picked up a SanDisk Cruzer 1GB flash drive at Staples for $20. I get home and connect it to my PC and this annoying U3 crap keeps coming up. I want to get rid of it and just use it as a regular flash drive.
I have deleted the files and formated the flash drive. The very next time I connect it that U3 crap keeps coming back and all the files are back too. WTF??!!

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer U3 how do I format to get rid of U3?

i had to get on a mac to delete it.
you could probably do it through ubuntu.

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It will show the formatting window, and it will start formatting but it always says right at the and Window cannot format this device. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:I can't format my 8GB SanDisk Cruzer.

Has it got a write protect switch?

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My 16 GB has some how screwed up

I plugged it in today, and as usual, the password request came for security.
As usual, I put in the normal password.

"Wrong password"

I tried multiple times, with caps and no caps, it some how screwed up.

So I pressed forgot password, clear disk.

I have no access to it now, cant format, can't login, help?

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Hi, i have a sandisk cruzer micro 2.0gb i had it previously installed on another computer but that computer is broke so i got another computer i tried to use my ub on this new computer but the u3 launchpad didnt install or show up on this new computer i went to the sandisk website to install the launchpad again when it started to install a message popped up and said that the usb was password protected an for me to log in and install the application after i log in, i know my password but when i plug in my usb no u3 program comes up for me to log in and when i got to my computer and click on the usb it tells me to insert a disk into drive e can some one help me get to the log in page for my u3 so i can get to my files.... srry for the long explanation..

Answer:U3 sandisk cruzer micro !HELP!

After you connect the drive, go into My Computer and double-click on the driver letter corresponding to the U3 application and not the drive letter associated with the flash drive itself. You'll then be prompted to enter the password, and then you can browse the drive's contents or apply any U3 updates.

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I recently purchased a Sandisk Micro Cruzer 4G with U3 formatting. I downloaded a lot of information of it and used it for several days before the device stopped working all together. It has a light that indicates power on it and while using it one day the folder closed and the light turned off. Since that moment I haven't been able to re-open the flashdrive.

I've only used it in my laptop- which runs Windows XP Service Pack2. My laptop still recognizes other flashdrives and the usb ports seem to be functioning normally.

There were a couple of things out of the ordinary though, when I used the cruzer. The flashdrive overheats and our AVG virus protection kept detecting a threat on the flashdrive itself. It only popped up when the stick was plugged in.

I have already browsed the forums and looked at other people's answers and tried all the suggestions. The stick does not show up using Device Management, re-booting the computer doesn't work, and it isn't listed under My Computer. So if anyone else knows how to make this stupid thing work--- PLEASE help me!!!! I would really like my files back since I cannot replace them.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer 4G U3 won't work.

Hmmm . . . No backup. Must not have been anything important on it.

Best hope: Contact the manufacturer and see if they offer a data recovery service.

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I purchased a SanDisk Cruzer micro 1g the other day. I have been taking it to class and storing documents that I have been doing in class on it with no problem. Then this morning I go to plug it into my computer for the first time and I discover a problem. It lights up and shows up as a removeable storeage under my computer, but when I click to open it up there is nothing in it when i know there is. Then if i try to save a file to it on my computer I get an error saying "system cannot recognize specified file". So I went and plugged it into my roomates computer and it pops up right away and every thing works fine and all the files i have on it show up. It works fine with every computer except mine. Anyone have any ideas of how to go about this??

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer problem please help

Have you tried searching this site for information on that drive? There have been MANY threads from people with issues with the SanDisk drives.

(although my SanDisk MiniCruzer has not given me any problems, guess I have been far.)

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Friday, March 23, 2007
I was started to save a document to my san disk and when I did it would just keep on saving and so I clicked on the cancel and when
I did not it has messed up my disk and now it has lost all my work on it and will not open at all and I tried to re format and it want even do that.

So can you help me please?
Thank you

Answer:cruzer sandisk problem

So you only tried saving your important work to the flash drive, and when that failed, you didn't save it anywhere else? Then your work is gone.

As for the drive, are you not able to create any new documents on it at all? Do you get any errors? Has it ever worked?

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My two sandisk cruzer micro 4gb used to work in my computer but ever since getting my desk top back from the computer store they don't. They both work in all other computers and other sandisks work in my desk top just not these ones ever since getting it back from the store. the tech at the store isn't there anymore and besides it's been months and I'd like to fix it myself if possible. I have Windows XP if that helps. A little window appears when I plug in my sandisk which gives me choices to view, play ect but no longer do I see the sandisk logo in the bottom right corner. Which I used to click on to open the files within. Plus it doesn't take long for the whole computer to freeze. The only way to unfreeze it is to just pull out (I know, bad) but nothing else works.


Answer:Sandisk cruzer micro 4gb

Right click on it, once it has been inserted and settled down. Then reformat it using the FAT32 format, not NTFS

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I purchsed a couple of SanDisk flash drives not realizing that they encrypt all files. While I got that problem solved by formating the flash drives, now my MS Works files all become encrypted when I transfer them via email, etc. My MS Works program is from MS Office 2000 which is not encryptable per MS. Somehow I believe the SanDisk drives had something to do with this as I've been using Works for many years w/o any encrypting. Of course SanDisk techs say it's a Works problem since their drives are no longer encrypting files. Anyone know how to fix this?

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Problem

Jud149 said:

I purchsed a couple of SanDisk flash drives not realizing that they encrypt all files. While I got that problem solved by formating the flash drives, now my MS Works files all become encrypted when I transfer them via email, etc. My MS Works program is from MS Office 2000 which is not encryptable per MS. Somehow I believe the SanDisk drives had something to do with this as I've been using Works for many years w/o any encrypting. Of course SanDisk techs say it's a Works problem since their drives are no longer encrypting files. Anyone know how to fix this?Click to expand...

Operating system is Win 7.

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Found my old Sandisk Cruzer Mini flash drive, 256mb.

When I plug it in, it doesn't seem to work, doesn't light up like its supposed to, computer doesn't see it. What could be wrong with it? Corrupted or something?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Mini

can you try it in another computer? It could be the card itself or the USB port.

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1 gb.
When I plugged it into my computer (first time, win xp) it got completely stuck, so i had to press reset.
Found this topic:
But the only windows I have (apart from xp) is 98, not SE. So I can't make my computer recognise the disc.

First of all, can anyone explain why does my computer (xp) gets completly stuck?
Second, can anyone suggest what to do about win 98?


Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro

There are alternative methods to fixing flash drives. Read the reference thread again thoroughly.

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I cannot access this backup device, when I look at it in Devices under Troubleshoot it reported as follows:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
Can this problem be resolved in Registry if so how WINDOWS 8

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Micro 4GB

If you want to open the Registry Editor in Windows 8, you must first go to the “Apps” screen. You can get to the “Apps” screen even if you are on the Metro UI Start Screen or the Windows 8 desktop.
Step 1
If you are on the Windows 8 desktop, point the cursor at the lower right corner of the screen. Click the “Search” option as soon as it pops up on the left-side of the screen. If you are on the Metro UI Start Screen, point the cursor at the lower left corner of the screen and click the right mouse button. Now select the “Search” option on the context menu.
Step 2
When you perform either of the above actions, Windows 8 will load the “Apps” screen. Type “regedit” into the search bar located on the right side of the “Apps” screen.
Step 3
Click the “regedit” search result on the left side of the “Apps” screen. If you see a UAC dialog box, click “Yes” to open the Windows 8 Registry Editor.
Run regedit and navigate to registry key
HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
Highlight it and in the right pane, find the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values.
Highlight each one in turn, right click and delete them.
Close regedit and restart the computer.
If in doubt make a restore point before making changes.

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i download some films on my sandisk cruzer blade .when i come to delette them it wont let me

Answer:nt delette items off my sandisk 4gb cruzer bl

could try formating the drive but, then you lose everything.larry

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SO I got a 2GB drive. I removed the u3 software that came with it and formatted it to FAT32 for both mac and windows support. That was like 6+ months ago when I got the drive. I deleted everything on the folder and 1gb of it is used. Anyone know what the problem is?

Answer:Sandisk Micro Cruzer USB drive

ahh...never mind. I finally found the Format button. I formatted and it appears to be back to normal. Still pretty weird for a gb to disappear though.

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I've got some data stored on a 4GB Sandisk Flash drive I've had for a couple of years. Nothing critical, but I'd like to get it back. One day it was working and then it wasn't. I didn't drop it or damage it in any way I'm aware of. When I plug it into the USB port, no light on the device nor any indication of the usual systray icon that an external device has been connected. Just to be complete, I checked in Windows Explorer and sure enough, it's not there.

Any ideas/thoughts?


Sorry, I thought I was in the Hardware forum... Moderator, please move it if you so desire.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive

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I recently bought a SanDisk Cruzer Micro, when it arrived I opened it, inserted it into my laptop and what dya know, it doesn't work.

When I insert it, the wizard comes on and starts searching for drivers, however the wizard fails to find any.

The flash drive does not appear in the explorer or on the disk management, it appears on the 'Other devices' section in the Device management but does not recognize it as a Removable disk thus rendering it utterly useless!

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Also I am using a Dell laptop with XP.


Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1GB Problems

Did you test it on another computer?

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Yea Yea I know "another SanDisk question" but.......

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2.0 GB. I read ALL of the advice that was given in ALL the threads (2 weeks to read) and nothing seems to help me. Here is where I am, so please tell me what else I could do.

U3 has been removed and is no longer on the drive.

I have formatted the drive 10+ times in FAT32 as instructed.

My BIOS is fully updated and all USB ports are "Enabled."

I have changed the letter of all my drives multiple times in different combo's.

All my USB?s are 2.0, and fully functional (all my other USB stuff work in all of them).

I do not have any DVD or any other hardcore programs that might interfere with the flash drive.

My flash drive works on ALL XP computers at work, at school and even on my laptop.

I do not have access to WIN98, a computer with WIN98 and all the "HP Softpaq", and "X-format" links in ALL the threads for "drivers" are dead.

The problem I have is that I have tried EVERYTHING! And when I stick the Cruzer in my desktop, it lights up, stays lit and everything but my computer does not know it exists! Even when my comp is restarted with the drive plugged in, it never shows up in my computer, or in DiskManagement. Nothing pops up, not even a sand timer. Formatting was done on my work computers, where the drive actually showed itself.

How are you supposed to fix something that your computer does not kno... Read more

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Micro Problem

I'm sure this has been posted in all the other Sandisk threads, but I do not remember them all.

Have you looked for it in Disk Management? Right click on My Computer and choose Manage... Does it show up in there?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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Hi all,
I recently bought a cruzer Profile. The first time I used it I added fingerprints, Username and Password. Today I logged in (with a fingerprint) and deleted all the fingerprints, thinking I would be able to use it on my MP3 player. Now I canít log in at all (or set up new fingerprints). The moment I insert my cruzer profile, it prompts me to run the software (unlock Cruzer Profile), and then it asks for a fingerprint. I've tried all ten and they all fail. I can't see how it will allow you to delete all ten and then ask you for one as you try to log back in.
I have tried formatting it, but it keeps coming up with "Windows was unable to complete the format".
My Computer and Device Manager shows 2 drives, one shows the Profile logo (Local Disk) and the other one Removable Disk. I can brose the Local Disk. There are several files (autorun, CruzerLoginSetup, CruzerProfile, CruzerProfileHelp, gdiplus.dll, tfm.dll, and movie clips). I ran the CruzerLoginSetup, witch installs the software and asks for a reboot, after that there is no way of accessing the software without a fingerprint, witch it keeps asking me. If I run CruzerProfile it directly asks for my fingerprint. I think I have tried just about everything.
There is no way that I can access the Cruzer Profile or software so that I can enter new fingerprints.
Has anyone had similar problems?
Is there any way to forcibly format the device and start from scratch?

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer Micro, running XP, and up until recently I had no problems. Now, whenever I insert the drive into a working USB port, the orange light on the drive just flashes 3 times, then a short pause, then flashes three more times, instead of usually always being on. I think it could be a hardware problem (concerning the drive itself) because while it was in the front USB port of my computer, it got knocked around back and forth a little bit. I looked inside the device, and none of the pins seem to be damaged or displaced, and when I opened up the plastic casing itself, all still seems well. Is there any thing else I can do to access the data on the drive? If it means resorting to soldering a new USB male head then by all means I'll do it!

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro problem

Sandisk Cruzer has had a high failure rate for 18 months. But SanDisk will send you a replacement with very little argument. Just contact their tech support.

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I recently bought a cruzer Profile. The first time I used it I added fingerprints, Username and Password. Today I logged in (with a fingerprint) and deleted all the fingerprints, thinking I would be able to use it on my MP3 player. Now I can?t log in at all (or set up new fingerprints). The moment I insert my cruzer profile, it prompts me to run the software (unlock Cruzer Profile), and then it asks for a fingerprint. I've tried all ten and they all fail. I can't see how it will allow you to delete all ten and then ask you for one as you try to log back in.
I have tried formatting it, but it keeps coming up with "Windows was unable to complete the format".
My Computer and Device Manager shows 2 drives, one shows the Profile logo (Local Disk) and the other one Removable Disk. I can brose the Local Disk. There are several files (autorun, CruzerLoginSetup, CruzerProfile, CruzerProfileHelp, gdiplus.dll, tfm.dll, and movie clips). I ran the CruzerLoginSetup, witch installs the software and asks for a reboot, after that there is no way of accessing the software without a fingerprint, witch it keeps asking me. If I run CruzerProfile it directly asks for my fingerprint. I think I have tried just about everything.
There is no way that I can access the Cruzer Profile or software so that I can enter new fingerprints.
Has anyone had similar problems?
Is there any way to forcibly format the device and start from scratch?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Profile problems.

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I am currently trying to use my flash drive with my computer and it isn't working. It is a plug and play hardware that when plugged in, loads a progam (launchpad) to install the U3 program which is used by the flash drive to manage the programs and files within it. I am currently running Windows 2000 operating system and wasn't sure if the two just might not be compatable.

Answer:sandisk cruzer flash drive

It would appear that it should work with 2K. I just took mine in and plugged it into a 2K system, and I couldn't run LaunchPad, so maybe it's hit or miss.

I just tried another 2K system, and it loaded up fine. Don't know what was wrong with the first one, but it appears to work on 2K and XP here.

What minimum system requirements do I need to use a U3 smart drive?

Pentium III processor
Low-end graphics accelerator card.

The U3 smart drive Launchpad only runs on computers running Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and later, Windows XP (all editions and service packs), and Windows Server 2003.Click to expand...

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I am having this problem with my 8 gb sandisk cruzer when transfering files using windows me. When I connect my sandisk cruzer to a usb port it recognizes it but only shows that 615 mb is used . Then I try to transfer something it says write protected cannot transfer file. I am 100% sure that there is enough space on the flash drive. When I connect it to windows vista it worked fine. I also reformatted the flash drive.  Also when I try to transfer the same information on a cd it says the same error.

Answer:Problem With 8b sandisk cruzer windows me

Is there a lock-switch on the device?What Format is the filesystem of the USB drive?

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I have a SanDisk Cruzer Mini USB Device (256 MB) but it shows up as only having 244 MB. Why is this? At first I thought hat by 1MB SanDisk meant 256 * 1000 * 1000 bytes but windows explorer says that the device has 256,598,016 bytes which invalidates that theroy. Can anyone explain this? Is this USB drive defective?

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I'm locked out of my sandisk 4gb cruzer, by failing 3 password permanently inaccessible.. (HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!!!)anybody out there that can recover my data...please its really valuable....10 yrs worth of memoriesss......!!!

Answer:Locked out of Sandisk 4GB cruzer drive

Unfortunately they were designed that so once the tries are up, the data is gone forever. Very bad design flaw in my opinion.

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This seems to be a fairly common problem......
I have bought a Sandisk Cruzer 1.0Gb memory stick. It works fine on other computers, but when I plug it into my laptop (Acer Aspire 1520), the Computer recognizes the drive (ie a found new hardware balloon appears) and then opens the found new hardware wizard. This ultimatley says "unable to install hardware"

The drive does not appear in windows explorer, but does show up in device manager, with a yellow exclamation mark over it. Clicking on properties displays the message:

This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work??

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer 1.0gb Memory stick

First step, Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Create a restore point and name it something like "Before USB Fix". This is to bail you out if something goes wrong during the following process and makes things worse.

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- Use text after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- Use text before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard and/or mouse, you'll have to modify the instructions and leave enough parts for those to function. I don't have one yet, so I haven't had time to modify th... Read more

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My cruzer appears to work - the lights blink on the drive when you try to access it. But it can't really find the files. Still says the drive ISN'T FORMATTED.
Based on one post, I changed the drive letter away from the default F: to an unused letter. So far, so good.

But... No matter what I have tried, when I format it in a variety of ways, the info window works up to 99% complete and then tells me it can't format the disk. But won't say Why... So I have an unformatted Cruzer.

Answer:Related SanDisk Cruzer problem

Try formatting from a different OS or Computer or both. Then never format again, its flash memory not a hard drive. Fragmentation is essentially a non issue, and I don't see anything you are gaining from formatting over just deleting the file.

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When I try to use my SkanDisk Cruzer 16GB on my Toshiba Laptop with Windows XP it says it cannot find a driver for it.

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Driver not Found

Sandisk has a support page dealing with your issue.

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i have a sandisk cruzer micro 8gb flashdrive and it won't launch the firefox browser i installed on it. i click on the u3 icon>other programs>mozilla firefox for u3 and nothing happens. i checked the task manager and it doesn't show firefox.exe is even running. i've deleted it and reinstalled it but get the same results. i also have opera loaded and it works just fine - please help.

Answer:Sandisk cruzer won't launch firefox

Please remove Firefox from your USB drive
Then download and install again:

You may also need to default any firewall or live protecting apps like Spybots S&D
Or just uninstall them
Test the Firefox portable again
Then re-install your Firewall etc

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I was using windows easy transfer on my toshiba satellite a-205 and somehow my dvd/cd drive was placed on the flash drive launch pad. rolleyes
The flash drive launch will not let me do ANYTHING with it. Anyone who has a clue let me know.
I am running Windows 7 ultimate for my os.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer stole my dvd drive!

This is the cruzer websit and may give you more info.
I have 2 16gb sandisk but have not had any problems.

NOTE: If you don't have U3 installed, only a removable drive will appear. flash drive/r_id/101834

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Hi, Could anyone tell me any ideas on trying to get my usb device to work again. Not recognizing on my computer. Went into device managers and can see unknown device. I have tried uninstalled it and pluged it back in but all it says is successful installed unknown device. The computer doesnt even know what it is. Is it possible to try and install a driver for it and tell it that its a usb device?

Thank you

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer unknown device

Sometimes the drives just die. This shouldn't be a driver issue, do other flash drives work in the computer? Have you tried this drive in a different computer?

You could open up disk management and see if you can delete the partition and create a new one, or simply format the existing one as NTFS or exfat. WARNING: Doing this will cause you to lose any data you may have on the drive.

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Hello all, i have here a Scadisk Micro Cruzer 1.0GB That does not want to cooperate with my computer. everytime i try to add a simple folder with word documents on it, it says that there is an I/O device error. I have already tried to format it but same error pops up. I dont know wether this is a Computer problem or just the Flash drive. any suggestions on making this Piece of **** work?

Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:SanDisk Micro Cruzer 1.0GB Problem

What error do you get?

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Hi - I know there are some people using these memory sticks with U3 (click here(1904)-SDCZ7-2048-A10-Cruzer_Titanium_2GB.aspx) as I checked the Seach facility, but can't find the answer to my question, so can someone help, please?They are advertised as letting you take your applications to another PC and you can open something on that PC even though the software which created it may not be present. At the same time, it says that you can only load U3-created programmes on to the drive. Furthermore, it says you can sync your Outlook files and take them with you. I did the sync bit and it copied all my emails, calendar etc, but can't see how to open the file on another machine.Am I being totally thick here? Outlook isn't compatible with U3. I know that I can use it just as a normal memory stick to drag and drop stuff onto it, but wouldn't opening them be dependent on for example, Excel being on the 'other'PC?I can't find the answers on the SanDisk site anywhere.

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer flash drive

I bought a memory stick which had U3. I had nothing but trouble with it. I suggest you forget about U3 and consider trying click here instead. I find this arrangement provides just about everything I might want to use when away from my main pc. You can have an office suite (open office), Firefox browser, mail, messenger etc.

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I've spent several hours attempting to get Vista (Ultimate) to recognize my Sandisk Cruzer (2Gb, U3, SDCZ6-2048, BE0608A1B). The flash drive works fine on my XP Pro notebook and worked on my Vista desktop before I upgraded to Vista.

This is the message I get after plugging the drive in (the light comes on for 3-4 seconds):
"USB devise not recognized. One of the USB devises attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message".

When I click the message I get a new window up which shows a list of USB Root Hub (8 ports), and one is listed as "Unknown USB devise".

I contacted Sandisk tech support three times and got three different answers:
1) Use the U3 uninstall tool from their website to uninstall and reformat the flash drive. I did that, but Vista still does not recognize the drive.
2) You are out of luck. Buy a new flash drive. The version I have (v 2.18) supposedly would NEVER work with Vista regardless of uninstalling and reformatting.
3) It is a driver issue. I was told to search for a Vista driver that would enable Vista to recognize my flash drive. After 2 hrs searching, I can't find anything.

I understand that the U3 software may not be compatible with Vista, but a formatted flash drive should not be a problem. It's a "dumb" drive. Or, so I thought.

Please, anyone, help me with a solution soon. I've got presentations I need off of... Read more

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer 2Gb not compatible with Vista

Is this what you have?

I have what I believe is this model; plug it in and you should get a prompt to use "ready boost" on it.

It also says that on the drive case.

In fact, as a check on your issue, I just decided to enable readyboost on it -- and sheesh, it DOES make a difference!

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First off I have read a lot of the previous threads and cannot find one that fits my problems. I recently bought a sandisk Cruzer micro 1G and I put it into my laptop and it worked great. then I tried to move a document from my laptop to my desktop (Dell Dimension 2400) and I actually got it to work (I don't know how) but now everytime I put it in my desktop my entire computer freezes until I remove the Cruzer Micro. But it still works fine on the laptop (has worked on 2 different laptops) so I don't know if it is my computer or the flash drive.Help Please!

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro gone wild

When the computer freezes, is the Hard Disk Access light on? Sometimes on my computer it just takes a while (1-2 minutes) searching for the driver for my USB stick. Try just leaving it in there for a while and seeing what happens.

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hi i have a Compaq SRJ1705UK with xp and a sandisk cruzer blade these two used to work perfectly together but recently I installed vista and found out it was a useless piece of junk so I downgraded back to xp but now my computer wont recognise my usb any more when I plug it in it in the notification area there is a pop up that says usb device not recognized I don't know what to do. I have tried to look for drivers but I cant find any.any help would be appreciated

Answer:sandisk cruzer blade not recognized

I have three Sandisk Cruzers and all work perfectly with Win 7 and Xp.You might need to format the stick.

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Hey, I recently got a sandisk cruzer micro from a friend, and tried to re-install the U3 software on it, (Which failed) and left the stick useless, eventually I managed to re-format it, and it worked for a day or so. But firstly it still showed the CD rom drive partition (which it says is corrupt).

Now, it simply doesn't show up on my computer, and instead of the light going on then off, it stays on. How best should I remedy the problems?

Much thanks, Louis.

Answer:Sandisk cruzer micro problems

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Well, I'm new and this is my first post on Techspot, so please bear with me...
My problem is that whenever I plug this cruzer, it reads fine and I can see it in the my computer window, then the U3 software loads up and says "an error occured while initializing U3 launchpad: drive is unavailable or unformatted. Launchpad will close now, please format the drive, disconnect the device and try again." I tried but windows cannot complete the format for some reason...I've tried using kill_disk to erase the drive so I can then format it, but It closes up with an error report afterwards...every recovery software I've used keeps saying "bad sectors" and such...My last hope was to use the HP USB Disk storage format tool, and it finds the disk and starts, but then displays a message saying:"device media is write protected" anyone know how I can bypass this? or have any ways of solving this problem?or some software I haven't tried? please help ASAP!

Answer:Help with Sandisk U3 cruzer micro usb 512MB

Umm...Okay, just a little update...I managed to rid myself of that stupid U3 software on the flash that write protection crap is reads the drive as (E but when I try to open it it says"please insert a disk into drive E:." when I try to format now it says..."no disk in drive E:. Plase insert a disk and then try again." Any suggestions?

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Hi Could someone please give me some advice. I have a 8gb sandisk cruzer which is great apart from it contains U3 software which I do not want. Does anyone know how i can get rid of it. My wife tried a format but it remained. I really do not need or want this software on my drive. Any help will be greatly appreciated.RegardsChris

Answer:Delete u3 software from Sandisk Cruzer

Straight from their website:

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Hi this is my first post on this forum I have a cruzer micro 2gb and it only fills with 1 gb of data the rest remains free and the device refuses to copy any other data even though that the flash is 50% free space i tried formatting it but no luck it copies the data from it to the pc like a charm but when U try to exceed the 1 gb barrier on that flash it says no way

Answer:Sandisk micro cruzer 2gb problem

Probably a fake. Where'd you buy it?

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I am not able to copy files to my new drive, because it says it's read-only, but I can't find anywhere to correct that, except a mention on an "uninstall" option.

Am I missing something here? Thanks, JP

Answer:U3 Cruzer SanDIsk read only message

You are not trying to write to the "CD-ROM" part of your U3 drive, are you?

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I accidentally put my key through the washing machine and in the meanwhile, I am waiting for it to dry out so I won't short it out when I plug it in. Do the internal components of this product oxidize, so that I need to speed up the drying process somehow, or is it fine for me to leave to dry slowly?

Answer:sandisk cruzer mini 512MB

It should be OK if it dries slowly. Just be 150% sure that it's 200% dry before you plug it in. A friend was helping a guy clean some junk out of a back yard and in this junk he found an old Pentium2 IBM tower. The case hadn't been closed up properly and it had been sitting out in the elements for over 18 months: leaves in the power supply, mud, etc... He took it home, actually WASHED IT OUT with a garden hose, took it apart and let it dry in the summer shade for about 4 days. He hooked up a new power supply (the old one was a lost cause) and the darn thing WORKED, well, it posted. The hard drive was dead. Anyway, had an old 8gb HD laying around and he still has this PC running Win2000 to this day as an Office PC for Word, Excel, and internet business transactions. Runs like a champ!
(sorry for the long, drawn out story, but I was making a point )

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My SanDisk 4Gb Cruzer Flash Drive works in my home HP desktop, but does not show up in my office Fujitsu XP laptop. So, I can't transfer my work from home to office. Strangely, it works in my colleagues' laptops - we are issued the same model.

Please advise as to how I could get it to work on my laptop. Thanks a lot!


Answer:Problem with SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive

Welcome to TSG shansg!! Hope this helps...

At work you probably have a network drive mapped to the Letter the FlashDr wants to use. On the work PC disconnect the network drives (or remove the laptop from the network connection then login) for the letter that shows up at home (probably F:\). Insert the FlashDr and the pc should now see it. Go to Computer Management (my computer, right click, select management, go to storage, disk management right click and select 'change drive letter'. Pick a letter that doesn't map.

You'll have to reconnect network drive, easist to logoff and back on or reboot. But that computer should now recognize your FlashDr as the new letter.

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When I plug in brand new sandisk cruzer blade it takes ages to show in my computer, then when I try to open it, it hangs until I get the message - computer(not responding), it works perfectly well in my old computer running windows xp.

Answer:New Sandisk cruzer blade USB drive opens in XP but not win 8

Derek, Sandisk have solved the problem!!!!!Its because I have the Samsung Kies program on the computer!Now that I`ve disabled it both sandisks work!I am sure lots of people will be puzzled by this because it certainly isn`t something I`d have thought of. Many thanks for your help. Frank

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I saw what was available in search on the Sandisk Cruzer.

My question is: What is the latest if anything on formating these thumb drives?

My install of Hirens to the Cruzer boots but issues a file not found error.

The format routine used was a tool from Hirens which invokes Grub4dos-- the Linux loader program.

How can I start over with this?

Erase Hirens which doesn't load

Reformat and put on the Raw Copy tool from HDD Guru to use as my
clone program. (I may have others to add.)

The cruzer boots but has a script to take it to Hirens and the Hirens issues
that file not found which-- Lon cannot find.

Answer:Format a Sandisk Cruzer thumb drive

Erf. Forgot....

Am running Win XP on the computer.

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It now reports itself as a Sandisk Firebird with 64Mb total and it is reported by Win7 Home Premium x64 as of type RAW, when I know it should be either VFAT or FAT32. Have scanned drive with Easeus Partition Manager (nada, except same report) and Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition (also, same result). Still trying to figure out how to rebuild the MBR (which appears to have been corrupted by a badly-written Broadcom update!) but so far, no joy.

Since this drive was bought for me in March 2014, I think you can see the drive itself is not the issue. Anyone have any ideas what I can do? I am a computer professional, but this one has me puzzled. Badly.

Answer:Error with nearly-new 32Gb Sandisk Cruzer Glide

Here's another tool you might try. Highly regarded, but I have no experience with it.

TestDisk - CGSecurity

In my experience, USB drives are pretty flimsy and can just go bad for no apparent reason and aren't necessarily fixable. I had one suddenly show as "RAW" a few months back and could never get it fixed. Returned for RMA.

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How do you password protect a Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive & how do you use the U3 & what is U3?

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Password protect.
U3 flash drives have an extra piece of hardware on the drive to enable U3.
U3 is a portable application platform where you can install and run
programs from the flash drive.
U3 description.
U3 software.

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I just got a sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive. When I try transferring files to it, i get the same error message: cannot copy_____ Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.
I tried it on another computer and it works fine. This is on xp. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:sandisk cruzer usb flash drive problems

There are lots of problems with the Cruzer drives. The 4th READ at the top of this forum deals with how to address the problems. If you try each of those and it still doesn't work, but the drive still works on other computers, then I'd look for reinstalling the USB drivers for your USB controller.

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Unlike various threads I looked at, I want to reformat my SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Titanium Plus flash drive. It came with USB3 stuff that I don't want, and which hassles me every time. I just want 4GB that looks and acts like a single unrestricted USB drive when plugged into a WINXP or Vista PC. I would prefer NTFS, but I could easily live with FAT32. There's no data of significance on the Cruzer to worry about saving first.

I have a WINXP Pro SP3 machine, and a Vista SP1 machine. I could use either to do the reformatting once I learn how.

So far everything I've tried to accomplish this reformating has been thwarted, including using the DOS Format command. Can anyone point me to the procedure or other secret that will let me do this? Would appreciate any words of wisdom.

Answer:How do I reformat a SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive?

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I've updated my U3 drive to the newest version. When I plug in it occupies J: (the "CD Drive") and K:. When I try to run the U3 launcher it tells me Windows has mounted it on a drive that was already occupied and that I can't start it.

Disk management won't let me change the drive letter of the CD portion of it, but it will let me change the other one.

Any thoughts?

Answer:Sandisk U3 Cruzer Micro won't load U3 software

The SanDisk drive you are seeing is a virtual cd drive not one generally available for use. That's part of the SanDisk builtin software package. Simply ignore that and look in the disk management tool at the 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, or 16gb actually less for each like 1.75gb, 3.75gb, 7.75, or 15gb roughly available depending the size.

With a reformat of the drive space will then become readily available in Windows where you can change the drive letter at any time. The screen here shows a SanDisk made into a usb key for the 64bit RC along with another one right above while the 96mb UI drive is actually only 96mb for the SanDisk program itself separate from the usable space.

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Here's the problem. I have a Win. 98 in the other room and I have my MP3 player on it. I wanted to use my Cruzer Mini 512 to transfer files but it won't work. I've installed drivers directly from, but it still doesn't work. I've done it about three times (reinstalling that is), and the thing doesn't work. I don't have internet on it so I can't like scan the web for a driver or something like that. If anyone has a solution or has had this problem I could use some help. :suspiciou

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Mini Driver and Installation

are you running windows 98 se or just plain windows 98?

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please help me with my problem. i borrrowed 512mb SANDISK Cruze mini USB from my classmate. Then ive been using it for so many times but then the last time i used it Windows XP didnt detect the device anymore. I even used it to other WINDOWS but still the computers didnt detect it . What im going to do? Is there anyway i can fix the USB? Can you give me an advice? Please help me... Please help... Im very desperate because i can't afford to pay for it or buy another USB.

Answer:Problem on the 512mb SANDISK Cruzer Mini USB

never post in all bold or all caps, it is against forum guidelines and a moderator will likely delete your thread.

USB drives are destroyed accidentally by static discharge all the time, it is not uncommon...

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Hi guys. I bought a Sandisk mini cruzer 512 pendrive 3 months ago. It was OK but 2 weeks ago it stopped working in any computer I plugged it in. The light would come on for 3 seconds or so and then it would turn off and it's not recognized by the PC at all. I suspect a pendrive hardware problem. I have read a lot of posts giving instructions to reformat, reboot and so on but none of these solutions work if your PC doesn't physically detect the pendrive. Before I throw the pen into the garbage can (and with it the 67$ it took from my pocket!), does anyone know if the pendrive could be brought back to life in any way?

Answer:Sandisk mini cruzer USB pendrive not working

W98SE computers are quite good for reformatting them in FAT32.
Get the W98SE driver from the Sandisk website.

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Hi, I borrowed a sandisk usb storage (what ever it is called) from my husband. It has some files saved in it. It was working fine, I had copied and pasted some pictures and videos from my laptop to this mini device. Suddenly, there was an error saying that the transfer is not complete so I clicked okay. I checked on it and there are some pictures that were transferred successfully, although not all of them. Anyways, when I used it to the other laptop where I am planning to work on the pictures, I can not open it anymore, saying that I needed to format it before I can use it. I thought maybe it was just my laptop so i went back to the other laptop where i originally took the files from and it says the same thing. Now I can not open it or view files whatsoever...and it is not mine...hellppppp, what could have i done wrong, how can i recover those files. thank you for your help

Answer:Sandisk micro cruzer huuugge problem

did you STOP the drive before removing it?
NEVER hot swap. ALWAYS stop flash drives before removing them.

If not, your data is corrupt. Also flash drives should NOT be used for essential data that is NOT backed up. Flash drives by their very nature are volatile.

You can download file recovery programs to try and recover some of your data - it may or may not be possible to recover all or some of it. The longer you wait and the more the stick gets written to - the less of a chance you will get your stuff back.

try recuva:

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Got a 16 GB SanDisk Cruizer flash drive and it did well - until I swapped my hard drive for an SSD.

Since the SSD conversion, the ReadyBoost file on it does not work - Windows won't use it because I have an SSD - that' fine. The real problem is the SanDisk became write protected - can't format, can't delete.

Don't have a problem with a 1 GB flash drive - a SanDisk problem?

Already tried rededit, going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies and entering WriteProtect = 0

Answer:16 GB SanDisk Cruzer suddenly becomes write protected!

Well try to use a boot partition manager. This allows you to boot from a CD to manage partitions. You can use this to format your flash drive. Search google for boot partition manager.

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My memory stick was working fine, and all of a sudden it is telling me that it is either passworded or not found, I really do not want to format it again as I need to get at the documents that are on it. Please can anyone advise me what to do - is there anyway I can get the information off and even transfer elsewhere? Also, why did this happen as I always ensure that I ensure that it is safe to remove the stick from the computer before doing so.

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Ok, so I've got a new 4 GB flash drive to move all my pics/MP3's, doc's and what not over to, so I can do some formatting. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron B130. I plugged it into my USB port (and I tried both E: and F:, and had the same problem on both) and was able to move my MP3's and pics to it with Windows Media Player. However, I can't see it under "My Computer" so I can move my doc's and games to it. I was able to see it under "Safely Remove Hardware", and it showed up as already installed under "Add Hardware" (which it should! It's Plug and Play, no disc came with it). However, I can't find it anywhere that I can drag and drop files. I've tried right-clicking a file and checking "Send to..." and also "Move Selected Files" but it never gives me the F: or E: option. In trying to see if I could back the rest up on CD, I started up Sonic DLA. It couldn't read that I had a disc drive at all (which I obviously, do). I've spent 7 hours straight on this, and I'm at the point of wiping the whole 'puter and giving up all my addresses/programs/files. Can anybody give me any advice? Please?

EDIT to add: I forgot to mention that in my device manager, it says the device is working properly

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive... Where is my F: ????

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anybody knows if it would work to replace the NAND chip from another U3? Does controller have ties to the NAND chip?
My problem is that the flash drive full of info is dead. The LED blinks few times and PC doesn't recognize it as a USB device. Seems the controller is broken. If I take a new drive and replace the NAND chip, hopefully I'll see my data (unless San Disk implemented some security features here).


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Bought one of these from Amazon and worked fine initially,was able to backup stuff to it OK. Tried it today and shows as drive G on desktop PC but when I try to access it it says 'insert disk in drive G'. Same thing on laptop (drive E)I had deleted some SanDisk software that was on the drive when I got it to make more room but sure it has been working since then. Does not need drivers for Win XP. SanDisk tech support say it is faulty but any ideas before I return it?

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Mico 1Gb usb flash drive

In my experience USB flash drives either work or they don't as under XP no drivers are needed.

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This is really starting to annoy me. No matter what, this thing will not eject. It was working fine earlier today and just stopped ejecting properly. Even when using the LaunchPad ejection method, it still does not work. The drives show up in my computer even after hitting eject but they say not accesible. I have tried using unlocker, but it says nothing is locking the drives. So as you can guess I just unplug it, but whenever I try plugging it back in, the LED flashes for a second but goes out (as if it were disabled). This means I require a reboot. Forget rebooting normally, after an ejection ordeal, my computer hangs on shutdown/restart... So I have to use the reset button on my computer. After that I can plug in the drive and it works fine untill you want to eject... Please help.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer U3 Micro 4GB eject problems... Please help

Wrong forum...

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When I plug in my Cruzer, and perform any function that has to do with the flash drive, my computer freezes until i remove the device. For instance, opening my computer, updating or uninstalling the device driver.

Is my flash drive broken?

Answer:SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2gb U3 Freezing Computer

Is this a new flash drive? Has it worked before and just started having issues?

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer memory stick plugged into my laptop as usual and no problems. I removed it and plugged in my Freecom Tough Drive and all is OK. Then, I plug my Cruzer back in and laptop can't see the Cruzer. So, I remove Freecom but laptop still can't see Cruzer. I remove both and reboot and laptop sees the Freecom but not the Cruzer. I try another USB stick in my laptop and it sees it OK. So, I try my Cruzer in another PC and it sees the Cruzer with no problems. I plug the Freecom into another PC, no problems there either. I'm baffled - any ideas?

Answer:Conflict with a Ext Hard drive and Sandisk Cruzer

Could be a conflict with two devices trying to use the same drive letters.Open Explorer, right click on "My Computer" and select Manage then Storage then Disc management. This will show the discs available on the computer. If you right click on a drive you will see an option to change drive letter.Make sure you use a different drive letter for each device.Note than some discs may have more than one partition, each of which needs a drive letter.

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Brand new Flashdrive no longer working because of physical damage and yet I was told by a company they could retrieve the super important files for me for $375.

Here is a pic of the disk.

So I put into the computer USB port and it was working fine. I accidentally kneed it and the red back of the flashdrive cracked off but the green part stayed intact except that I do notice these sort of whitish cracks in the green part at the bottom of the chip. Does anyone...know how I can retrieve the data off this? Or even if it's possible. Although this company did assure me it's possible and they are pushed by Sandisk company.

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Edge 32 Gig Flashdrive Bent

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When I go to My Computer to access my memory stick (which shows up as Removable Disk [G:] ) I get a message that says "Please insert disk into drive G:".

I can't format the memory stick (don't know if you are supposed to format a memory stick).

When I click on Properties, it says 0 available space, 0 used space.

I am running XP with SP2 on a Compaq.

Please help!

Answer:Memory Stick (Sandisk Cruzer Mini) HELP NEEDED

SanDisk Cruzer 512mb Mini - Needs to be formatted somehow?????

So, it appears that you are having the same problem that I am having. Here is how my problem happened. I had it plugged into a computer that I was about to Fdisk and format. I thought that there was a small partition on this hard drive of 512mb, so I removed the partition, only to realize that the partition I removed was my SanDisk 512mb memory stick....So, any luck getting yours back. Essentially, you should be able to fdisk or create a partition and format again, but it doesn't work like a hard drive. It keeps asking me to insert a disk into my Drive E (the drive letter that is designated). On yours it could be E or F or whatever....Can't seem to get any help from SanDisk on line, so I am searching around the net. My e-mail address is [email protected] if anyone can help. Thanks. JT

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I have a SanDisk Cruzer micro 2.0 GB drive that has about 5 MB of files on it. I have no use for those files and would like to delete them and just use it as a bare drive but I cannot figure out how to delete those program files. Can anybody help?

Answer:Solved: SanDisk Cruzer--delete program files?

See if this helps.
U3 removal tool.

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as I was putting music on my USB stick, and tried to plug it into another computer it totally stopped working on me. My computer recognizes it as hardware, but I can only "safely remove" it. It doesn't get a driver assigned, or no window pops up with my files. How can I get it to work again?

Answer:USB Stick (SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1.0 GB) Doesn't Work

By the way, I've tried to work it on 4 different computers and it doesn't work. So it's not my computers fault.

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Had used this to transfer info from an XP Pro machine to a 98/SE machine.
Worked fine for several weeks.

I wasn't aware of the USB Removal tool on the XP machine, so was
unplugging it hot.

Now it's quit accepting files (says the file cannot be created on the drive).
Properties shows it to be full, but the drive file window doesn't show any files.

Have tried to reformat, but maybe I'm not doing something right?

Appreciate any suggestions!

Answer:Sandisk micro cruzer won't accept files but says it's empty!??

Is it in read only mode ?

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I have a sandisk cruzer micro usb flash drive (256mb) that is becoming truly problematic, strike that, nonfunctional. Ive tried this on mutliple machines and operating systems, so i know its a problem witht he flash drive.

The drive is old, about 3 years, and my impression was that these things hardly ever malfuntioned, until mine did, today. When i plug it in, i will usually get, ahrdware need to be installed, then, "there was a problem installing your necesssary hardware..blah bl;ah blah". It basically wont mount as a drive on the system so that i can access the files/drive. It wont function or turn on, anything. I had a feeling it was a problem with the actuall connection to the female USB port. The actual connection part of the drive has had some wear and tear over the years and isnt the most perfectly fitting usb socket anymore, kinda deformed. So when i plug the thing in, (ive done this in the past and it works fine), a little jiggle of the drive, adjustment and careful insertion into the usb port will ensure that the four little copper connectors make contact and the drive is able to turn on/mount so that i can access it on the desktop.

But now its harder and harder to get the thing to work, and when i can get it to mount, the drrive shows that its completely clean, nothing on it, and that there is no room for storage, a filled yet blank drive

ALL i want to do is get the files that were saved on the drive, off of it so i can go buy a new one and transfer t... Read more

Answer:Sandisk Cruzer Micro Flash drive dying?????

Its is unlikely in the extreme that surgery will be useful.

What whould you do once inside the unit? There is a surface mounted memory chip or chips, a clock interface and pratically nothing else.

The chips have a MTBF (mean time before failure) just as any electronic device does, they are not eternal and some will have premature failures.

While opening it up and using a maginifying glass to look for circuit board fractures would be the only possibility, the chances of seeing them and then the chances of being able to repair the hair-like tracks would be a challenge, if that indeed was the fault.

In short, you have nothing to lose if it will not mount (unless it mounts no data recovery software can find it) but you may be disappointed in the possibilities that result from disassembly. From your description a mechanical issue may indeed be the problem, but the warnings were there and you should have recovered all at the first sign of a problem.

FWIW I have one here that still works after a trip through the washing machine...

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I need to find a driver for a sandisk cruzer mini 256mb. I am running windows 95. I do have 2 USB ports and they are working correctly now.

Answer:drivers for windows 95 for a sandisk cruzer mini 256mb

A Windows 95 driver does not exist for this device.

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I am running windows 7 on a laptop at work. I would like to use my cruzer micro 16GB but when I put it in it wants me to format. I have information on it that I want kept. My question is will it be wiped out if I format? What can I do? I originally formatted it on a windows vista laptop a couple of years ago.

Answer:If I format my Sandisk Cruzer 16GB will I lose all of the information on it?

It sounds like something is wrong with your USB drive. To answer your first question: YES, if you format your drive everything will be wiped out.
I found a similar post,, it's about an external usb hard drive, but I guess the answer applies to your problem too.

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I have similar problem recognizing Sandisk 16 Gb micro cruzer in windows 7 computer. I can see it in disk management but it will not let me format it. I can read other sandisk cruzer drives in this windows 7 computer and the one micro cruzer I can't read in windows 7, I can read in vista and xp computers. I was able to reformat the drive in an xp machine and then I could read it in the windows 7 computer and I could also write to it. However, that only lasted a few days and once again I can no longer read the micro cruzer in windows 7 computer although I can read it in other computers ( vista and xp). Any thoughts or suggestions. Oh yes I have other sandisk micro cruzers that read and write fine in my windows 7 computer. I am running the release candidate version 7100 of windows 7 from May 5th and it does update fine.

Answer:Problems formatting/reading Sandisk Cruzer 16GB in Win 7

The only reason you should be formatting a flash drive is to change the filesystem type.

It seems odd that the drive works fine in other OSes, so I don't have any real advice. I wouldn't get too stressed about it since the problem is happening only in a OS that is really still a beta.

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to keep things sweet and short , my sandisk cruzer orbit 32 usb is write protected , i bought this way back so no warranties or what so ever, also the usb doesnt have any kind or any sort of switch or lock icon or what so ever, ive tried the following method and they DONT WORK for me

cmd diskpart
regedit adding writeprotection key etc. and setting the
value to zero
rmbusb tool
Uninstalling and Reinstalling the driver

the usb is no longer "write protected: as stated in cmd.exe disk part , attributes disk etc. however it is marked as YES in "currently read only" something like that can;t remember it.
im okay with formatting the usb , cause i needed the space more than its content so yeah .. any solution would do aside from destroying it ofcourse

Answer:[HELP] SanDisk Cruzer Orbit 32gb Write Protected

I found this hope it helps,sorry for the long link but i don't know any other way to put it in this box.Just copy and paste it.
click here

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It appears people continue to have problems with these drives. Sometimes the drive just goes dead, but many times they can be fixed.

Here is one way that I know fixed mine, and its fixed several others throughout this forum, but the continued posting the same problem and the lack of people posting this as a solution has made it apparent we need a sticky on it.

1. Find a computer with Windows98 (I think First Edition will work, but I used SE) and then download and install the driver for it (Windows98 requires a driver to read the drive).
2. Plug in the your Sandisk Cruzer.
2b. The drive should appear, try and open it and get all your data off, if the drive doesn't appear there may still be hope (details later).
3. Format the drive as FAT32.
4. Recopy your data back, and plug it into an XP machine, its fixed.

Now if 98 didn't see the drive, there is an HP utility for formatting USB flash drives, do a search on these forums for HP and Sandisk and Format and it will probably come up. Try that, if that doesn't work, I'd say there is a 90% chance your drive is hosed.

Answer:Before Posting Sandisk Cruzer Micro/Mini Problems

an alternate solution for XP users is to go into

Control panel , admin tools, computer management, disk management

and right click on the letter of the flash drive that is not working

format it. (this will low level format the drive.) XP views the drive as a hard disk.

then go to my computer
right click on your flash drive, format, and high level format. Now your directory information will be loaded.
You may be able to use some recovery software to retrieve files if you haven't written anything else to the flash drive, but data recovery is not guaranteed.

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HiI never really knew what size of sectors to choose when formatting it. Aslo theres an option in properties called ready boost don't know if it actually works.So i you know a little bit about that subject please tell me.I have a SDCZ36-032G model, it is currently formatted in ntfs, i don't recall the sector size i put, and it has 4 versions of windows and many tools to reboot in dos with xboot.

Answer:How do I unleash a Sandisk Cruzer 32GB Usb Drive's speed

A similar question was on the ScanDisk forum a few years back.Poor write speed ob 16GB cruzerThe thread did not provide a sure answer. If you really need more speed, you have to buy a premium device.Like hacker just published a review of the new USB 3.0 flash drives.Five Best USB 3.0 Flash DrivesThey review the SanDisk Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive and give it good marks. With a price of $33 it better be good!

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i am using the sandisk 16GB micro cruzer with the U3 launchpad and i want to store music and video on it but it says drive full after only 4GB of video. properties says there is still at least 10 GB of free space. any idea why?



Answer:Solved: Sandisk 16GB cruzer micro only allows 4 GB of files

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new hardware found but cant install. it works on other computers.ive tryed everything on the support page and its the same thing over and over. says it needs the drivers and it wants the disk that came with it and i dont have a update dont pull anything up

Answer:sandisk cruzer edge wont install on vista

See this Sandisk support page:

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