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Vista Cannot Share Connection with Xbox 360

Question: Vista Cannot Share Connection with Xbox 360


I'm trying to connect my laptop running on vista to run Xbox Live wirelessly (it can already connect successfully to the internet).

They connect to each other, and i can share files between them, however, to run Xbox Live through the laptop, Internet Connection Sharing must be enabled (I'll refer to it as ICS).

Now for some reason my laptop does not want to allow internet conection sharing, when I try to set it, it loads for about 30 seconds, then comes up with an error message saying "An error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled.", AKA error 761, which is odd because after looking into it on the internet, it should also read sfter that sentence "The specified service does not exist as an installed service", although it does not.

I'd appriciate any help anyone can give me into enabling my laptop to run ICS so I can play on Xbox Live without forking out 60 for an adapter.

Much thanks,

EDIT: I am posting this in the Vista forums because I dont have any problem when I try it on my main computer running on XP, so I thought it should be more specialised.

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Preferred Solution: Vista Cannot Share Connection with Xbox 360

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Vista Cannot Share Connection with Xbox 360

Was having the same problem on a friend's computer and eventually got it to work (maybe).
We disabled the wireless connection then shared it. Make sure the wired connection is enabled when you try this.
The reason I say maybe is because we have not had a chance to test it with the xbox yet (not at home with the laptop now).
I will repost when we test it.

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Hi, Yesterday my xbox live was working fine but today i cant share the internet with the xbox through the cross over cable it says there is an error. Please can anyone help me?

Answer:Share internet connection with xbox

Have you checked your firewall? And have you installed anything (hardware or software) on the pc since yesterday?

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My computer in my room is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable which leads all the way down to the lounge where our router is. I would like to connect my Xbox 360 in my room to the internet and still be able to use my computer as internet as well without having to unplug from one to the other. I would prefer a wired connection, however wouldnt really like to buy another 30ft long ethernet cable just to connect my xbox all the way downstairs to my router.
How can I share the internet?

Answer:How can I share my PC Internet connection with my Xbox 360?

Go wireless... Spend a little on a wireless router and a wireless NIC for your computer. The XBOX should have wireless capability already. Or, you could buy another wired router and set it up in your room. Attach it to the existing internet wire from the lounge and connect the XBOX and your computer to the new router

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I'm with Tiscali, and using a Speedtouch 330 ADSL modem. I've connected the ethernet cable from the 360 to my PC (ie RJ45 port), and I have my PC connected online as per usual. What else do i have to do?According to Tiscali, I have to:-Windows XPTo use ICS to share your Internet connection, the host computer must have one network adapter configured to connect to the internal network, and one network adapter or modem configured to connect to the Internet. 1. Log on to your PC as Administrator or Owner. 2. In Windows XP, ICS is automatically loaded during installation. 3. On the taskbar, click Start, right-click My Network Places, and select Properties. 4. Right-click Local Area Connection. 5. On the shortcut menu, click Properties and click the Advanced tab. 6. Below Internet Connection Sharing, click the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection check box. 7. Click OK. The connection to the Internet is shared to your Xbox console.It doesn't work, though. Has anyone done this before and can guide me through the process?

Answer:PC and Xbox 360 to share my internet connection

Try a method i eventuallly figured out a few month back, hope it helps:PC Setup:*******Connection Method: Xbox to PC via ethernet. PC connected via WIFI USB Adapter to WIFI Router.*************************************************************************----------------------------------------------------------Setting the LAN: (this allows the xbox to connect to the PC)----------------------------------------------------------> Right click Local Area Connection, Properties.> Scroll down to Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), Properties.> Select Use the following IP Address and enter:IP Address: Mask: Gateway: Leave BlankPreferred DNS Server: DNS Server:> Press OK.-------------------Setting the Firewall:-------------------> For Windows XP goto Start, Run type firewall.cpl> Click Exceptions tab, Add Port then add:Name: Xbox TCP 3074Port Number: 3074Type: TCP> Add another port:Name: Xbox UDP 3074 Port Number: 3074Type: UDP> And a final port:Name: Xbox UDP 88Port Number: 88Type: UDP------------------Setting the Router:------------------> Open your internet browser and type> If you need to log in to the router, default password is normally blank, so dont type anything.> Click Virtual Servers, now you need to add 3 new entries, they are:Description: Inbound Port: Type: Private IP Address: Private Port:DNSServer 3074-3074 TCP 3074-3074DNSServer 88-88 UDP 88-88DNSServer 3074-3074 UDP... Read more

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I want get my xbox connected to my home network but I don't have a wireless bridge. The router is too far to connect the xbox directly to the router. But I do have a computer with a wireless adapter thats near the xbox. Is there way I can share my wireless connection to my xbox or at very least connect my xbox to my pc to access my files?

Thanks in advance for any help with this

Answer:share internet from a wireless connection to xbox

This configuration will allow you to connect to your remote computer with a crossover cable.

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Hi um i've got the same or similar problem. When you bridge make sure that the network connection of the xbox and the internet are able to share internet.

This is done by going control panel/network and sharing centre/manage network connections then right clicking on the networks go into properties and there should be two tabs which are network and sharing at the top. Click on sharing and tick the box that enables internet sharing.

I'm not going to put visual prompts of it cause thats not my problem. My problem is i don't have that sharing tab and is otherwise virtually identical to the original post's friend's problem.

Here's that thingy with the CMD and stuff

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Shane Temp>IPCONFIG/ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : ShaneUyen-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : domain_not_set.invalid

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : domain_not_set.invalid
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1A-73-A2-55-89
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::b432:9de3:bca:a815%1... Read more

Answer:Cannot Share Connection to Connect XBOX thru Computer

pls help!! you would save me $130 on xbox wireless adapter. or an excessively long ethernet cord

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Hey guys,

Right need assisiatnce with my Network!

Now its a bit complicated,Ive tried to make it as understanding as i can so please bear with me

I currently have a Virgin media Modem (VMNG300) and a Wireles-N-Router (WNR2000) connected to each other.

The Ethernet cable runs across the room from my Router stright into the back of my Pc...all works great! that i have aquired an Xbox 360 id also like to connect that to my Network,But i want it wired,I dont want to buy one of microsofts overpriced Wireless things,The problem is my Pc and Xbox are the opposite side of the room from the Router/Modem so i cant connect them like that.

I only have one Ethernet cable runing up to my pc where the Pc and Xbox are located.

What do i need to be able to Split an Ethernet connection between the Pc and Xbox? the moment ive been having to unplug the ethernet cable from the pc and put it in the Xbox.

I was wondering,I have another spare Router...can it be used as a HUB/Switch to share one thernet connection between two devices?
The other model of the router i have is -Netgear Wireless-G-Router WGR614 v9.

Answer:Share single Ethernet connection with Pc + Xbox 360

Use a switch - that will solve your issues ..

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I'm so tired of this error that I could I throw my computer down the window. So the thing is I'm trying to share my mobile connection from my computer to my xbox (which has worked before without any problems) but now when I click on properties on my mobile connection on the share tab to check the "allow sharing" box this error: 0x80004005 along with "undefined error" comes up.

Which seems unsolvable, think I've turned google inside out trying to find an solution. I've only found guys that got the exact same problem, but doesn't get any helping answers.

Sorry for my English, computer terms are a bit tricky to translate from Swedish.

P.S to avoid any unnecessary discussion about how I could want to share mobile connection to the xbox when it's only going to lag, it will not, it works like a dream when it chooses to work..

Best regards

Answer:Trying to share mobile connection to xbox, error 0x80004005

Check your connection box/modem, restart it, see if that works, if not, then check your xbox connection and your phone connection. If it still dosen't work, then i would consider asking a professional

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Recently i bought an xbox 360, and i am trying to connect it to the internet by using my Vista PC.

my PC is wirelessly connected to the internet, and i am trying to connect the xbox to the internet through an ethenet cable.

When trying to share my internet connection, i get the error message that is in the attachment
Any help is much appriciated, and thank you in advance

Answer:Cannot allow my Vista PC to share connection

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Is it possible to share the internet connection from my desktop (XP) so that my wife's shiny new Vista laptop can use it? If possible, wireless connection would be better. Her laptop is wireless capable, but my current router (provided by AOL - it's a BT Voyager 105) isn't compatible with Vista. Before I go out and buy a new modem/router I'd like to know if this is all possible! I'm a complete novice with networks/sharing internet connections so any advice would be very welcome.


Answer:Share Internet Connection XP/Vista

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Hi all,
this is my first post in this lovely forum,

well i do have a problem,

i have an internet connectionon my desktop with Xp on it, and i have a got a new laptop couple days ago with Vista and im unable to share the connection between them , i tried almost all ways and nothing worked,
so plz if u have any clue for the solution ill be thankfull

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Hi allCan't seem to get these two linked up so the Xbox can access 'Live' via the PC. Have tried static and automatic IP addresses, ensuring all ICS and firewall settings are correct, network detection is on, etc.When the Xbox is turned on, the PC detects the network and sets it up as Local Area Network 2. The Xbox can see my computer and can access shared folders but can't for some reason, access Live via the PC.Any help appreciated...

Answer:Vista Internet Connection Sharing with Xbox...

When you enable ICS on the actual internet connection (modem connection)in the PC, then *WINDOWS* will configure the network adapter with which you connect to the Xbox with the fixed IP address of - you should *NOT* configure the settings yourself. The Xbox will get its IP address in the subnet automatically by DHCP from the PC.

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First, apologies if this is in the wrong bit, couldnt find anything that looked like an area to post this.

OK, so like many im trying to share out my PC at home with my Xbox360 to save paying out the extortion that is the wireless adapter.

Setup is - Standard IBM style PC, built in NIC running Windows Ultimate in 32bit mode. PC has a USB wireless dongle attached which picks up wireless feed from a netgear router situated downstairs. XBox360 is standard, non-chipped etc, settings as per factory.

What I have done - I have connected both using a standard Cat5 ethernet cable, both in straight through and in crossover mode and done the following steps for both.

1. Connected and turned on both PC and XBox360
2. Gone into network sharing centre on the PC
3. PC has found a local network connection and also my wireless connection
4. Wireless connection is set to

Automatic configure IP
Automatic configure DNS

Will not allow me to share, comes up with an error simply stating that

An error occured while tryin to setup connection sharing

5. Local area set to

Automatic configure IP
Automatic configure DNS

I can set ICS on and this then starts altering the IP addressing (here is where it gets messy)

6. At this point my IP address goes from the one assigned by my router to something in the 169 range (meaning dodgy ether connection) and my connection to the internet drops. Reason im told is that there are two pc's with the same IP address in an error message. I do an ipc... Read more

Answer:Using your PC and Vista to share the Internet connection with an Xbox360 - Problems

im not sure if you have to bridge connections or anything however you do have to the pc set to a minimum of standby of sleep mode for your xbox to be able to connect to the internet.... if the pc is fully should down then the network cards are completely turned off and thus no connectin

hmmm not sure how u would go about briding connections in vista when i think about it
may be this link will help
Bridge Network Connections In Vista ~ IT Professionals

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When i had windows XP installed, i never had trouble tranfering from one network share to another... I would at least get roughtly 25MBs.. but with Vista (32 & 64) and Windows 7, transfering between network shares is super slow.. could takes days sometimes...

is this happening to other people??

Answer:vista: Network Share to Local = ~50MB/s | Share to Share = 1MB/s.. Huh?

I believe, this is also caused when I have to transfer files from my ipod. that it has to cache on my computer, and then transfer to the network share / computer, this is my theory, I never tested it ofc, maybe someone with more knowledge could help.

it's like unpacking a rar into a network share.

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hello, i hope someone can help me as i have spent countless hours browsing the web and different forums for an answer, so i am finally posting somewhere hoping someone can help me directly.

i have a laptop connected to my neighbors xfinity wifi hotspot, using my uncles login information. i have a steady 4 bar connection and am able to access the internet, the connection is not the problem. i have an ethernet cable connecting my xbox and laptop and i am using Internet Connection Sharing to get access to xbox live, this works however i am losing connection ALOT and it is very frustrating trying to play multiplayer with my friends. i am guessing that ICS is not as reliable as Bridging the two connections.

i can successfully create the bridge and can still access the internet on the laptop, but cannot connect to xbox live. while running the test to connect i can get it to connect to the network by entering the information manualy, but then it fails to connect to the internet due to 'the dns servers cannot resolve xbox live server names'

please help and i will be happy to provide more information if needed.

Answer:Need help bridging xbox 360 to laptop for xbox live connection.

Try this link out, it show both ways of Connecting....

Connect to Xbox Live by using a a Windows Computer
P.S. Does you neighbor know you're using the Hotspot?

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everytime i set my file sharing for my 360, it work, as long as i don't reboot computer, is there a way to fix this problem ?

Answer:Xbox 360 file share

I think you are saying that connections when rebooting your computer stop, which is pretty normal, as all connections to your computer or from it will close while rebooting

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Is it normal for your XBOX ONE controller to lose its link to the XBOX if you plug it into a PC with a USB cable? I was using the XBOX App on my PC and had to connect my XBOX controller to my PC with a USB cable. When I was done it would not work with the XBOX. I had to relink it? Am I going to have to do that every time I swap it back and forth?

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Is it normal for your XBOX ONE controller to lose its link to the XBOX if you plug it into a PC with a USB cable? I was using the XBOX App on my PC and had to connect my XBOX controller to my PC with a USB cable. When I was done it would not work with the XBOX. I had to relink it? Am I going to have to do that every time I swap it back and forth?

Answer:XBOX ONE controller loses connection to XBOX?

alphanumeric said:

Is it normal for your XBOX ONE controller to lose its link to the XBOX if you plug it into a PC with a USB cable? I was using the XBOX App on my PC and had to connect my XBOX controller to my PC with a USB cable. When I was done it would not work with the XBOX. I had to relink it? Am I going to have to do that every time I swap it back and forth?

It's the same with my DualShock4 (a PS4 controller). I lose connection with the PS4 whenever I use it on PC but good thing I have 2 controllers. I guess these controllers don't support multiple devices.

I just tried the Forza 6 Apex Beta (MS Link) and the DS4 is fully compatible with it.

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I have always been able to take a newly purchased track (on my Lumia 1520) and email the track to my laptop (to put onto a USB drive).
However, today I am not. After clicking the "share" option, I get the usual screen of options (ex: Email accounts, OneDrive, messaging, etc). Once I click my usual email account, the screen goes back to the previous screen of options. When I try again, the app freezes.
I am still allowed to go back to the home/start screen. But same happens when I try to share a music track again. After multiple soft and hard resets...still same issue.
Any ideas on why this is suddenly happening?

Answer:Xbox Music share problem

Is the music file DRM protected?

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At the moment I have NTL cable broadband, cable modem, and a wired router, to which I have attached up to 3 pc's and managed to share the internet access successfully.Kids now have Xbox and PSP, and want internet access for these too. How do I do this wirelessly??Simple explanation please, what things do I need to buy? How do I set up wireless internet connection sharing??

Answer:pc, xbox, psp, share broadband wirelessly?

Replace your existing router with a "wireless" one. You could simply plug a Wireless Access Point into one of the existing router's LAN ports, but you will almost certainly find you can buy a wireless router for less than a stand-alone W.A.P.The devices connecting wirelessly then need to have a Wireless Network Adapter installed.Sharing the internet wirelessly is really no different from what you are doing at the moment, except you have to establish the wireless connection between computer and router. This emulates a normal ethernet connection but over a wireless link.

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Hi guys. So far I had gotten my PC (Win XP) to connect with the other PC (wireless network) using crossover cable. But now I wanna be able to connect my xbox too. I want to use my router (Airlink+) to share the wireless network. I don't have a wireless router and am broke so i can't get one. I heard that it can work, I just need to know how to do it. I know there's someone out here that must know what I'm talking about. I really need help. I can't figure out how to make this PC(wireless adapter) -> Router (non-wireless) -> another PC -> XBOX, thing work. I already tried using a crossover cable directly from my PC to the Xbox and the xbox couldn't detect any network. So now I am stuck in this gloomy world with nothing else to try But at least there's still hope here in this forum I hope. (I've searched everywhere for answers but nobody had any case similar to mine). Can someone help me please. Thank you so much. Cheers!

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If I buy a game on my Xbox 360 my Xbox account, my GF can play it with her own account.
Is this not possible in Windows 8?
We have each an Xbox account, but we don't want to buy each game twice.

Answer:Two users on a PC, two Xbox profiles. Share apps?

won't work with windows 8. It will allow you to create multiple profiles and just add whatever profile you want to the store. I think the profiles you create have to be local. You then assign whichever Xbox live account you want to the store and that is the one you will use for store purchases only.

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I have uploaded my music to onedrive. I can play it via groove on Xbox one.
Family members have their own gamertags on Xbox One. When they run groove they cannot see my onedrive?
How do Xbox POne Family members share a onedrive?

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I have a xbox which I sometimes use one of my network cards to connect with and transfer files.
The problem is that everytime I want to connect to the xbox I must disconnect my internet connection.

Is there anyway I can connect to my xbox and at the same time be connected to the internet?

I have of course two network cards and two cables.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:xbox connection and internet connection at the same time

Windows ICS *could* do it, but you really ought to just pick up a home router (Linksys / Netgear / DLink / whatever), as the firewall protection is also nice.

There are plenty of docs available for using ICS. If you've already done PC to Xbox transfers then you're clear on needing a crossover cable.

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I know that generally i need a router and have to plug the TW modem into router/switch combo, setup MAC address cloning, then attach PC's to router/switch ports but was wondering if i can set it up without router..?Telewest BB connection just has the Motorola sb4200 surfboard cable modem plugged straight into PC 01 via installed NIC.Can i add an additional NIC into PC 01, connect it with RJ45 CAT 5 x-over cable to a PCMCIA NIC for the laptop (PC 02) to get an Internet connection using ICS in Windows XP that runs on PC 01, or do i have to go with the router option, any help, alternative solutions (bridging), suggestions, thanks in advance...

Answer:Telewest BB Connection Help (share connection)

Personal opinion would be to go down the router road. However:Why not consider wireless?It's relatively cheap these days.2 wireless pci adapters will allow you to connect both machines for file sharing and pc1 can be used as PC 2's web access. You can buy 2 wireless adapters (802.11b) from ebuyer for 40 delivered and no doubt cheaper from the local PC shop. The only downside to this method is pc1 has to be switched on if PC requires web access.If you go to the blueyonder networking section click here they'll quite happily supply you with netgear products to the tune of 111 for a router, wireless pcmcia card for laptop and usb wireless adapter for PC (802.11b).Definitely consider wireless, especially with the summer coming up and that nice Chardonnay you been saving can be sipped whilst you while away endless hours surfing on the lounger in the garden.Happy hunting

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I read on many forums that it is possible to connect an xbox 360 directly to the pc via an ethernet cable (the one you get with the xbox) and you can get internet access from this and play online. My pc is connected to the internet wirelessly by a linksys router (router installed on a different computer).

The steps are:

Connect the ethernet cord into the xbox and the pc. You then need go to the network connection that you are using and right-clicking on it, then click properties. When you hit the "advanced" tab it is supposed to have an area ("share") where you can select for other computers to have access, something like that. The problem is that I have no such section on my computer.

Any suggestions on how to get this *section to appear?

Answer:Missing "share tab," can't connect xbox

Go to the control panel / administrative tools / services. Scroll down to window firewall/Internet connection sharing ICS. Double click it and set it to automatic and click start. You may have to restart the system to be able to see it.

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So im trying to hook my 360 to my laptop and bridge the connections to use the wireless on my xbox. Ive pulled this off before. Yesterday i tried to do it but when i go under my network connections, the only one thats there is my wireless connection no LAN. Whats going on? Any help?

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I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but its worth a shot.
I want to connect to Xbox Live with my Xbox 360 in my dorm room.
When I try to connect it tells me I have a problem with the ISP Adresss.
Please help me!

Answer:xbox 360 connection

Have you looked around for anyone at the school that is using the XBOX? It's likely that the school may restrict their usage.

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hi can i connect my xbox 360 to my pc monitor which is a hpw19 i would like to keep the pc connected at the same time or would i have to swop over and for sound would i have to buy seperate speakers as the monitor does not have built in ones not to good on the tec side of things so please do not get to complicated but any help would be good thanks

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My wife has bought an xbox 360 and she wants to use Xbox live, and be able to connect it to my PC.She has given me info off the xbox website on connection and want me to connect it to my PC.The xbox will be in one one room, the PC in another.I am on windows xp and have tiscali broadband.I am not too good with computer technology and don't understand too well .I would be grateful if any body has done this or can give me any advise.

Answer:Xbox 360 and PC connection

You need to use your 'Router' (if you have one).Simply either use the 'Wireless Adapter' (sold separately) and follow your Router's manual for instructions on how to link adapters to it.Or, as I have done, attach a ethernet cable linking your router to your 360.From your router, your 360 can access the net and access media from your PC

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Hi, Im trying to get my xbox live to work by connecting it to my computer in same room, with a crossover cable. My computer is connected to a wirelessly with a router downstairs. I have tried using Internet connection sharing on my computer (WinXP) but to no avail, the xbox is saying that i need to get my DNS but i dont know it. The computer recognizes that the cable is connected and so does the xbox. I have seen some packets travel from the xbox to the pc, but nothing else. Any ideas would be very appreciated.

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I'm trying to get internet to my xbox 360 through the ethernet port on my motherboard... I get internet to my computer by a D-link (PCI) wireless network adapter.

When i try and enable ICS, i get the error message "an error occurred while enabling Internet Connection Sharing."

the ICS problem needs to be fixed...

I'd appreciate it if you could tell me your thoughts on getting internet to this 360, without spending 90$ for the wireless adapter.

I am on a Network, which complicates enabling ICS.


Answer:Xbox 360. ICS connection

Don't you have a router with an integrated switch? ICS is very problematic and not worth the time setting it up.

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Hi All, this is what I would like to do.

Connect to XBox live using a hardwire cat connection from my Xbox to my laptop.

The laptop also has a wireless nic which connects to a wireless router. In turn the wireless router connects to a "central" computer which connects to the internet via usb cable modem.

Other computers (wifi and hard wired) connect to the internet via the central computer. The central computer has 3rd party ICS software.

Everything on the network has a static IP.

Complicated but it works very reliably... can I use my Xbox on this rig and how do I do it?



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Ok this is my current setup:

I have a CAT5 cable from my 1394 ethernet port from my motherboard going to my Linksys router, which is going to my dsl modem, which is going to the wall.

Now, my computer is in another part of the house where I want my xbox as well. My router is opposite my computer, so running a CAT5 from the router to the XBOX is out of the question. Although I have done it, and it works and I can find it on the network and everything.

My question:

Can I somehow hook my XBOX to my PC with one CAT5 cable (crossover or no?)? I don't necessarily need the internet, just the networking ability. I think I still have a Linksys PCI Ethernet card installed (which I am not using), so will hooking my XBOX to that using a crossover cable work? If so, what settings will I need?

Thanks guys and let me know if any of this doesn't make sense.


Answer:PC to XBOX connection

Should work all right with a cross-over cable - just network the two together as though they were both PCs and make sure the internet connection is shared. In XP's Help and Support section, read up about ICS.

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Ok, so I'm trying to figure something out with my Pace att router, and my kids xbox one. I am trying to disable his wifi connectivity, via the router. I am able to put in the mac address and successfully disable with the mac filter, but he is still able to go online live, and then speaking with whoever with the headset.
It's not important as why i'm trying to do this. I just need to know how to do this. I don't understand. Something isn't correct. The unit is not hard wired to the router. It is just wifi and 2.4 htz

Answer:xbox one connection

Hi drmax

There is this Parental Control setting in the router.

Maybe you could download the router manual.
And with computer wired to router to manage.

I do not use this feature so someone may able to assist you.

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Question: Xbox connection

I have recently purchased an acer aspire 3600 and tried connecting my xbox 360 to it via the ethernet ports. I have turned on media sharing but when i try to connect it shows could not get ip address from router i am using a dongle for my internet. It worked before on xp.

Answer:Xbox connection

you will need to enable ICS on the Vista PC, If it worked on XP, then the cable should be OK with the ports, BUT it may need a cross over cable, depends on of the connections are auto sensing, most new connections are

ICS on vista

how to identify a cross over cable

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hi all, I'm a newbie, but have spent some time searching thru prievous posts and upon other forums without finding an answer, so I apologise in advance if this is simpleton stuff.

I've moved into a mates house, who has moved to australia but left me his PC.

His setup is as follows: a 1ghz athlon running winxp home edition and is connected via a vigor2200usb router to a usb external alcatel speedtouch 330 modem, housed in a separate room to his PC. He used to run his PC and multiple xbox's from the router with no problems via his ISP PIPEX adsl account which.. I'm supposed to take over.

I've brought into the mix my own PC : P4 1.5 ghz running WINME which used to connect fine and run smoothly via a dialup 56k modem and ISP freeserve. I notified them I was moving but upon getting here was unable to access the internet from that PC, even if I removed the broadband connections (microfilters) from the house. (v90 modem now removed along with dial up settings)

I began to get "poproxy.exe has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL" messages on bootup which i've traced to my about to expire copy of Norton AV, which is now removed.

In addtition I started to get weird error messages on startup to do with "program X causing an error in KERNEL32.DLL" which I gather can be for "reason X". (I'm looking into one being a possible virus) I've elimnated those errors now,via msconfig running only a bare minimum of starting task... Read more

Answer:2 pc LAN but cant share net connection

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i am wanting to share my wi fi connection with another device with an ethernet cable.can i or how?

Answer:share my connection

dont know how to edit my prev. post , but i read that i could change an option to allow others to use this connection on my laptop but cant find it because im new to vista.

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Hello all,

I have one wireless connection on one pc at home and i am trying to share
it with another two pcs all connected via ethernet (hub) so what is the easiest way to
set this up and i wonder if my connection speed is 256 kb will it be enough for the 3 machines to open messengers and check mail all at the same time ?
I have win xp sp3

I appreciate any help

thank you

Answer:How to share one connection on 3 pcs ?

Well, as long as you're patient it'll probably do.

Is that wireless connection to a wireless router? If so, you simply bridge the wireless and wired connections in the one machine and connect the wired port to that switch. The other machines connected to the switch will have access to the router as long as that wireless machine is running.

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is there any way to setup my imac running mac os 9 and windows xp computer into a network so that they can share the broadband connection? The router only has one slot so I will buy a hub but i just wanted to make sure so i don't waste money

Answer:mac and pc share connection?

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I have a 360 and wanted to connect it to xbox live. The only place i could put the ethernet cable from the xbox is into the back of my computer which i understand is called an ICS connection. It works fine but it is annoying having to have the computer switched on whenever i want to go on xbox live. Is there any way around this problem? i dont have a router, only a "speedtouch" modem which has a connection to the computer via usb and an RJ11 out connection which goes through a microfilter into the phone socket. Is there a way to patch the xbox ethernet cable into the internet without having the computer on?ThanksSteve

Answer:xbox 360 internet connection

No you need a Wireless router

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Howdy all

I am trying to sort out my brothers connection to XBox 360 Live using the connection from his computer. The Xbox he bought came with a Ethernet cable and I checked everywhere on his computer and there was no sign of another ethernet port to plug it into. I looked at the manual that was supplied and most of them showed the cable being plugged into a modem, router or gateway. All my brother has inbetween his computer to the phone socket is a BT Home Network PC Adapter. I believe his computer is on a network connection with the office computer downstairs.

I went to a PC shop today and the guy supplied me with a Mercury 10/100 MBPS Fast Ethernet PCI Card saying it would work with the Xbox. I installed it into the computer and added the driver and I get a ! over the connection saying:

Limited or No Connection

You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources. This problem occured because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

I tried the connection to the xbox and came back with the IP address failed.

Any help on the matter would be great. Cheers in advance.

Answer:Ethernet/xbox 360 Connection

Ok if I understood right your brother has dial-up...

If he wants to use XBOX Live he need broadband...

If he does decide to get broadband you will have a modem... wich will have ethernet cable run to a router (wich is like a fancy splitter) then from the router you will have an ethernet cable that goes to your computer and another that will go to the xbox 360.

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i have a wireless internet conection. i have my xbox and my computer connected together with a crossover cable. i need to know how to share the internet connection with the xbox.

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I know this not exactly PC related but i am sure someone in this forum will know something about Xbox LIVE!I have Virgin ADSL broadband at the moment with Speedtouch ADSL modem but i need to know what else i need or have to do to connect my Xbox up to the broadband?I have looked at some sites but they seem a bit vague to me and when it comes down to spending money on hardware i need to know that what i am getting is right for the job or i could lose money on it.Can anyone at all helpregards Graham

Answer:Xbox LIVE! connection help

i think if you have an ethernet card you should be here click here

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So my son just got xbox 360 and wants to connect to xbox live. From reading the information on and the instruction manual it seems the best way is to get a separate modem for the xbox as it?s in a different room to the PC. So first question: 1) Which modem would you recommend (good value)It says you?ll need to enter ISP info in the system area, so I hope that?s straightforward our ISP is 2) When he?s on xbox live assuming we get it all working, will it affect the PC?s internet connection (different telephone extension point, same line).Sorry for such basic questions but I know you guys will cut through all the confusing stuff and tell me the facts, thanks.

Answer:xbox live connection

"Which modem would you recommend (good value)"I would say Netgear."It says you?ll need to enter ISP info in the system area, so I hope that?s straightforward our ISP is"I know when I set my PS3 up, it was just a matter of connecting the Ethernet cable from the PS3 and into the Modem/router, I basically went into the settings on the PS3, it then detected my connection method etc and that was it."When he?s on xbox live assuming we get it all working, will it affect the PC?s internet connection (different telephone extension point, same line)."You would notice a slight slowdown on both the Xbox and the PC when both were online at the same time, you would notice it more so if you were downloading something, i.e. It would take longer to download, also if you stream video from BBC Iplayer for example you may find that the video playback would be choppy. :-)

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Got to set-up a Xbox using one of the Wireless XBox adpater things but unsure if the following is possible. So as follows, I Have described it.PC winXP downstairs with a Netgear Wireless router, another pc upstairs in room going to connect a wirless Netgear Adapter to make wireless connection.My problem is the Xbox Console, if using a Xbox Wireless adapter, can the Xbox stay in sons bedroom, plug in the XBox Wireless adapter to the upstairs pc and the Xbox console picks up the adapter from the uptairs pc. Is their a built in wirsless adapter inside the Xbox console or do I need 2 XBox Adapters ?Also can the Netgear Wireless USB adapter & the XBox Wireless adpater both be fitted to one pc or have I lodt the plot and got it all wrong.Help please cos I need tomake sure it all works for xmas. Thank u

Answer:Xbox and wireless connection set-up help

Hard to decipher what you wrote, But I think I got the gist of it."My problem is the Xbox Console, if using a Xbox Wireless adapter, can the Xbox stay in sons bedroom" = Yes (Connects Wirelessly to your Router)."Also can the Netgear Wireless USB adapter & the XBox Wireless adpater both be fitted to one pc or have I lodt the plot and got it all wrong."I think you have lost the plot [JOKE ;o) ].Just connect the Xbox Wireless adapter to XBox(360) and connect through router.Has the xbox got a hard drive fitted ?

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you tube via xbox
sony surround system with blu ray
how do play thru surround system
at present it comes thru tv

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Basically, I'm having problems getting the box to appear when replying to messages, which allows me to physically type instead of using the onscreen keyboard with my XBOX One controller. After doing some quick testing, for me, it seems like the box does not come up when my XBOX One is set to Instant On. When it's set to Energy Saving Mode, the streaming app works correctly, thus when replying to messages, the box appears in the XBOX app stream, allowing me to use my keyboard to type replies.

With Instant On set on my XBOX One, am I not able to type message replies via Windows 10's XBOX app?

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Hi there

when i go to

media,music, music source, computer it comes up with this

Network Adapter Wired
Ip address Confirmed
Pc Selected Failed

How can i fix this

p.s sorry if in wrong place its computer xp related kind off

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So I have an xbox 360 in my living room which I play alot on and the most problem ive faced over the past 2 years is constant disconnection or Low Connect Idk what is effecting my Internet.

a router which is in the middle of the house which gives wifi to the whole house

The xbox connection is always full bars but the thing is it keeps constantly disconnecting me or when im playing on Black ops 2 It constantly has from Full bars down to 1 bar internet which is totally unplayable until 2 minutes after that im disconnected from xbox live again

If anyone knows the problem of this any help would be thankful

Could this be because of the internets strenght Like Mbps

is 2.2mbps even good enough these days

and the whole rip off is for just half an hour calling the company tech costs 15 Euros cant feed the company with more money can I

Is 4mb-12mbps even suppose to give me 2.2mbps only I suppose it should be somewere near middle

Answer:Xbox connection keeps disconnecting

What router do you have?

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Hi,So I could have my laptop connected to the net as well as my xbox 360 I recently purchased an ethernet coupler, ethernet splitter and two ethernet 3 metre cables. There is a 30 m cable that runs along the outside of my house to the router. This cable comes into my room through the wall. I then attached the coupler and I plugged the splitter into the other end of that. Then I attached the two cables to the splitter, one going into my laptop and the other into my xbox. My laptop connection is working fine but my xbox one isn't, why?Thanks

Answer:Xbox Ethernet Connection

I thought we'd already had this discussion in another thread click here

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Pre-ordered so wont be too long now (I hope) & need to connect to BB. Have a BT voyager 100 to USB. What ADSL router do I need?I can probably hard wire the xbox but may consider wireless router for other applications.Cheers

Answer:Xbox 360 connection to Internet


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Hey, I was recommended to ask for help on this forum so here goes.

I recently moved into a new house and got a new sky router and wireless adapter. Anyway, when I'm playing on xbox live I randomly get disconnected and can immediately reconnect. Its so annoying now and I've tried a few things with no luck.

My connection is perfectly fine and then it suddenly disconnects every half an hour or so. There's no reauthentication timer on this sky router (as far as I know). I've tried opening the various ports and I thought that'd sort the problem, but still no luck.

I haven't tried changing to WEP, if I do this will I need to change my other devices aswell to connect? (since I live in a shared house btw this happens even when I'm the only one in)

I've also deleted and recovered my GT and cleared my cache.

Please help, this problem is slowly driving me insane.

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I have a wired router right now. My pc connects to it with a cat 5 cord. My Xbox uses a cat 6 cord. I need a splitter that can run both my pc and my Xbox at the same time. I have been told that I need a 10/100 switch. All of these switches seem to require a wireless network. I need to know if I need a 10/100 switch that would connect to my router and run the pc, cat 5, and Xbox, cat 6, at the same time. Also, if you know of any 10/100 switches that could connect to my router, that would be great.

Answer:Xbox live Connection

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hi all im having trouble bridging my ethernet to my internet im using vister home on a home pc not laptop! withy no wireless. everytime i try it comes up with TO CREATE A NETWORK BRIDGE YOU MUST SELECT AT LEAST TWO LAN OR HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONECTIONS THAT ARE NOT BEING USED BY INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING; can anyone help as i have tried everything would i be better of getting windows 7 or does someone have the anwser or had the same problem plz help as i cannot use my xbox on live thanks i have put the eternet from my xbox in the back of my pc!!!

Answer:cannot bridge my connection for xbox 360

can anyone help at alll!!!!!!!!

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when i try to connect to xbox live with my 360 it never passes the ip test and i have the following error status report:

i use a dial up usb modem and i connect my xbox to my laptop(vista) with the ethernet cable and my modem is connected too and working, internet sharing is enabled but it still doesn't work...i have visited lots of sites and forums but they only talk of wireless connection or direct modem connection or modem and router connection..i have tried rebooting and everything said on xbox support but it still doesn't work...HELP ME PLEASE!

Answer:Xbox 360 connection problems

Hi viktordoo :wave:

Welcome to :grinthumb
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Before posting you should read all the Posting Guidelines.

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And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

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Okay so i don't know what happened, but about a week and a half ago my xbox connected with my computer no problem, now my computer wont stream anything, nor will my xbox even pick up that its on the network anymore, though it pick up another PC on my network just fine. Help?

Answer:Connection problems with PC to Xbox.

Hi CoreyLowe,

Are you trying to use Internet Connection Sharing to share your PC's internet with your Xbox? Or are you trying to connect your Xbox to Windows Media Center for media streaming?


Windows Outreach Team

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i have a 360 i have a wireless connection to a router and i have a motherboard with an eithernet cable i connected the cable to the pc and xbox and followed the instructions and downloaded the media software thing from the site and installed it and when i try to connect it says wired then failes at the ip ardress and cant get further than there ...please help.

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My pc is not listed when I test connection on the 360. When I try to view a map via my laptop i get the message "windows cannot discover any computer or device." In homegroup my 360 is allowed, well all devices are allowed and I checked in services my windows network sharing or something like that is started. I cannot stream a thing!!!

Answer:Xbox 360 Connection Issues

Quote: Originally Posted by ashtonhz8907

My pc is not listed when I test connection on the 360. When I try to view a map via my laptop i get the message "windows cannot discover any computer or device." In homegroup my 360 is allowed, well all devices are allowed and I checked in services my windows network sharing or something like that is started. I cannot stream a thing!!!

make sure that all your ports are open on your router and also via your windows media player sharing options
what i found is that i had to set up Window Media Center to find myself stuff
if you don't have windows media center you can get a free ones
windows 7 has alot of issues...well not issue just alot of protection this time

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A mate of mine has got a Xbox 360, he has bought a wireless connector that plugs into the back of the Xbox, he wants to get a wireless connection through the PC, am I right in saying that he needs a PCI card that establishes a home network so that the Xbox and Pc can be connected without cables?Many thanks for any help,Baskerville.

Answer:Wireless connection with Xbox ? through the PC.

What setup does he have?Does have ADSL broadband or cable?Does he have a USB modem or a router? If he has a router, is it wireless?If he does have a wireless router then the best way to do it is to connect to the router rather than going through the PC.If not he can share his internet connection via his PC in an "ad hoc" setup, he would need a wireless device attached to his computer, USB or PCI, and his computer would need to remain switched on.

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My nephew's XBox (he's an on line gamer, and quite a serious one for that matter...) seems to boot him off line when someone uses the phone or goes on line on another computer. The house is quite far from the exchange so the average down speed is only 1.75-2 Mbps. This connection is through a BT Infinity R/S/F and I wanted to know if we could just add another R/S/F device and subnet the games console into it's own DMZ with full bandwidth access and then the normal broadband & phone on a different subnet also with full bandwidth access???

Thanks in advance,


Answer:XBox keeps loosing connection

Probably a filter issue. Does all the phones/modem have a filter?

Is it a wireless connection? If so is teh phone also cordless and close to the modem/router?

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So about 5 mins ago an icon with an "!" popped up in the corner and said a new 360 was detected and click to connect.

I have a 360 but its not on and I dont even use it online. I googled this and people say its somebody stealing your Wi-Fi. I checked my connection it appears to have a password so I dont know.

Could it be virus? What should I do about it?

EDIT: Also my connections been changed. It wont let me use mine (Actiontec). Now its Linksys and very low mpbs. Are my files in danger?

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Ok we recently got a new NETGEAR modem to replace our old one that didn't have enough power to support all the devices we had that were connecting to it. Ever since then, my Xbox LIVE Connection has been extremely slow.

Here's the details:
All the computers, including my brother's Xbox which is directly connected to the modem, have perfect internet, except when my sister is being an idiot and using a torrent to download movies. My Xbox is connected to my computer via ethernet cable and my computer has a wireless connection to the modem. The modem is on the upstairs floor and I am on the ground floor. I have tryed using both the eternet cable connected to my computer and our wireless adapter.

I can stay connected to Xbox LIVE for a while and do small things like check the marketplace and download things. However, whenever I play a game like Halo on matchmaking or playing a game with my friends the connection either A. goes incredibly slow, B. Disconnects, or C. works for 5-10 minutes, then does either A or B.

I have already checked support and could not find anything to help, so I thought I'd ask here. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them, thank you. If you need anymore information feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Answer:Xbox Connection Issues, can anyone help?

Is your wired connection more or less stable than your wireless, or is it the other way around? Pick one of them, preferably the more reliable one, and we'll start working on that one. Switching back and forth between the two won't help you get a steady connection to Live.

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I did everything I was supposed to do. (made a network bridge between my xbox and my laptops wifi) My computer says it is succesfull but my xbox and my bros xbox will not connect. why is it doing this? any advise?

Answer:Can't bridge connection to xbox 360? :(

Quote: Originally Posted by Erminar

I did everything I was supposed to do. (made a network bridge between my xbox and my laptops wifi) My computer says it is succesfull but my xbox and my bros xbox will not connect. why is it doing this? any advise?

Can you please post a screenshot of your Network Connections folder? Type this into Explorer to get there: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections


Windows Outreach Team

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First of, I'm a noob when it comes to networking.
with that out of the way, I'm about to set up my house to become wireless. i have a computer upstairs (with no Internet) , and a computer downstairs (with cable Internet).
If i buy a router, and set it up my upstairs computer to connect with it, would i then be able to connect my Xbox 360 to the upstairs computer (via Ethernet Cable), and play on Xbox live?
I think it should work, but i would like to know if I'm wrong (if so, what can i do?).
As always, I'm hope I'm clear, and I wish you all a great day!

Answer:Setting up an XBOX 360 connection

Well, you'll have two NAT layers, so the better bet would be to either have a wireless adapter for the XBOX or use a wireless bridge to connect both devices. Connecting through the computer will cause a lot more configuration issues.

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I have a Win XP Pro SP1 box and Win NT 4 box. The XP box is connected directly to an ISDN connection. Both boxes have ethernet cards.

Can I share the internet connection by connecting both boxes to a router, establish the internet connection from the xp box, then connect the NT box somehow?


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I have 3 computers in 3 separate rooms. When my daughter comes home from college she will have a notebook computer. Without having to disconnect the ethernet cable from the back of her Desktop PC is there a way to split the male end to 2 female ends. This would allow me to connect 2 short male to male ends. One to the PC and one to the notebook. Does such an inexpensive splitter exist. I was able to split my phone lines like this and that splitter was about 2 bucks. Do they make them for RJ45 ends?

Answer:how to share one ethernet connection

What you need is a router, and I'd recommend a wireless one so anyone with a laptop can connect without cabling.

Here's an Open Box router and wireless adapter for $23:
The modem connects to the router, and the router shares the connection with any and all computers connecting to it. So you can all be on the internet at the same, and even sahre files amongst yourselves.

A simple splitter won't work.

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im using an old pc directly connected to the internet, and other pcs are using the internet connection share to get online (all with xp pro)

now for a while, i have the problem, that i cant connect to some pages from the clients, but from the server (like ebay, amazon ...)
no error msgs, the browser just loading nothing!

EDIT: no router, firewall or virus scanner resulting the problem

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Hello everybody.I registered to forum to find a way to share my internet connection to my other computer with the xp installed.Should I open a new topic? Or can someone direct me if there is a open topic about this already.

note:English is not my native lanaguage so I apologise for any mistakes in writing or if something is unreadable

Answer:Way to share my internet connection?

Here's a checklist of things for ICS and file sharing for 2 croslinked computers (This is what works for Win 7 and XP):

- both computers set to the same workgroup
- restarts
- advanced sharing settings - all things turned on (network discovery etc.) except for password protected sharing
- bridged the connection with the internet
- turned on Internet Connection Sharing for the internet connection - this forced an ip to the other connection ( and gave an option to select which connection should have access to the ICS (the second connection or the bridge - you choose the second / crosslinked cable connection)
- shared some folders on both computers
- worked instantly (the other pc aquired a correct ip and internet)

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Hi Folks

I have BT broadband to my house.

I have two PC's a work laptop and a desktop. I currently have both setup up to use the broadband access but only one at a time.

What I am wondering is if there is any way to share the connection between the two PC's so that both can be connected to the web at the same time?

If this is possible what hardware would I need?


Answer:Can I share my broadband connection?

You would need to install a router, probably a 4 port as I have not seen a 2 port router. The router would be installed after the modem. The cable from the modem (that connects to the computer now) gets plugged into the WAN port on the router and the two computers woul be connected through the LAN ports on the router. You will probably have to purchase those cables seperately. Radio Shack is one source for all those components. Or you could go wireless. It depends on what fits your budget.

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win 2000 on seven machines one upgrade 98 to 2000 is isdn connected server.
How do I connect the lan is set to use dns.
regards Alan

Answer:how do I share dialup connection

You'll hate me before this is all over!

Please don't post your questions twice, it's against TSG policy.

Here's the original question:

I'm closing this one.

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i have just installed a speedtouch pc modem in my computer instead of usb and it is much more stable.however i have internet connection sharing and it no longer works.when i switch the second pc on it disconnects the modem and when i turn it off it reconnects.the second pc sees the first and vice versa but modem goes offline.any ideas.darren

Answer:cant share internet connection please help

When replacing the USB modem, did you disable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the old connection and then enable it on the new connection in the Network Connections Folder?

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I have two small offices in different location the far between each other around 5Km each office. What the diagram will be look like of the hardware and layout that you suggest for each location and if there is any choices could you explain why especially for the devices we will use and what brands and do i need a server or network printer if i need where it shuold be. thank you

Answer:How Do I Share An Internet Connection?

You want to share an internet connection between two small offices 5Km apart? 5Km as in 3+ miles? Contact your local telecommunication companies and see what they can offer.

I hope you have other reasons for wanting your own private network between these offices as any solution is going to be far more expensive than two internet connections.

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Hello. I got 2 computers at work and only one has internet connection.
So I have one with winxp sp1 installed and one with win98. Internet connection is on winxp on USB (PPP0E), and I cannot share (or I don't know what settings should make on win98). Can you help me?

Answer:how to share PPP0E connection ?

you would need to purchase a router to make the pppoe connection if you wish to share with both pcs at the same time. Or if your fine with only one having acces at anygiven time you would need to get a pppoe connection manager thats 98 compatible as win98 doesn't natively do pppoe like xp.

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Dear all
i know there is atopic with the same name but it doesn't solve my problem
any how i want to do the same work by sharing a printer with a vpn in connection but
when i ping it its giving me a message
requested time out
if i disable the VPN it connects normally
i don't know what to do really

Answer:Share printer over VPN connection?

Where is the printer located? On a Domain or Workgroup?
Is the Printer Shared already? If not that needs to be done at the location.
Do you have permission to use such shared printer?
Are you at work or at home?
Are you trying to use a printer on your Workgroup at the same time you connect to your company domain via VPN?
Are you on your company laptop?
Do you have permission granting you access to change administration functions on your company laptop.

The last one is very important because it would allow you to add your home printer to your laptop and you could use this printer any time you're connected over the VPN tunnel. If you can't get admin rights, then you need to bring the printer CD/DVD or have a support tech add your printer to your laptop. Ticket would need to be generated though? If required by your companies policies?

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I have recently had NTL broadband installed and connect through USP Port. Now I want to share connection with 2 other computers in the house.Can anyone advise the easiest way for me to do this would be much appreciated. Somebody recommended a belkin 4 port dsl router with cat 5 cable but this involves buying 3 network cards. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:best way to share broadband connection

Do you mean USB?Otherwise thats the only way u can share...all the pc's are going to need networks cards. The one with the connection needs a network card too...

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Hello all,

Okay hear is the problem that I am faced with... I have a Virgin Mobile MC760 3G broadband device, I want to share that 3G internet connection with my D-Link DIR-615 router so that I can connect to the 3G over WiFi on my other devices.

The host computer that the 3G device would be plugged into is running Windows XP version 2002 Service Pack 2.

I realize that they do sell 3G routers but I would like to use the D-Link DIR-615 that I already have to avoid buying another router. I also realize that it may be easier to share the connection by creating a wireless network on the host computer and then enable internet sharing, I don't want to do this I need to share the connection through the router.

I don't know if it is possible to do this but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Is it possible to share a 3G connection through a router?

You will need a second network card on the PC so that you can connect it to the router and use Internet Connection Sharing.

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My sister has a desktop and a laptop. she has a standard 512kb aol internet connection and two modems. what is the best (cheapest and easiest) way to enable her to share the internet connection with both machines and will it enable her to use both computers to brouse the interweb at the same time? Is a network required or is there some way opf utilising both modems to save doing that?Thanks in advance!

Answer:How do I share an internet connection between 2 pc

is to use 1 modem and link the two computers with a crossover network cable

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If I linked two PC's together with a basic ethernet connection, would both be able to access the net (cable bb) or just the PC with the cable connection?

Answer:2 PC's - 1 Internet connection - Will it share?

click here - there is a guide here which may help. Posted in this thread: click here

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My parents have a Dell desktop running windows XP and a new HP 64bit desktop running Windows 7 64bit. They have an actiontec wireless modem/router. I can connect the modem to the Dell computer and get an internet connection. I can move the modem to the other roon and connect it to the new computer and get an internet connection. I cannot get it to work on both.

I connected the modem to the HP computer using ethernet port 1 on the modem and the Dell on ethernet port 2 via a long ethernet cable. I cannot enable ICS on Win 7 because it doesn't see anything else connected. The Dell says nothing is connected to the LAN. Not sure what is going on unless the ethernet cable is bad or possibly too long. Any ideas?

Later this morning I am going to take a multimeter over and do a continuity check on the ethernet cable (I crimped the ends on) and make sure it is good. Am I correct is saying that it should be a "straight through" ethernet cable? Just wondering if there's any other setting I should check while I'm there.

Answer:Cannot share internet connection

Is it a router you've connected your computer to? If it is, make sure you've enabled NAT in the router...
Often you can access those settings by opening either:, or
username: admin
password: 1234 (or none)

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Hi, I have a new computer the wife wants to use my old pc and use my broadband connection I have a modem for my broadband connection how can we use the same modem to connect to the internet the modem only has one usb connection to my pc

Answer:share broadband connection

You need to network the two, either with a cable between the two or with a wireless router.

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In the room where my PC is, I also have my xbox. I do not have a wireless adaptor (yet) for my 360 and the cat cable coming into the room is just long enough to reach the pc. So if I want to go on live, I have to move the xbox near the cable and pull the cable from the back of the pc (which sucks if I need it while on live).

The motherboard that I have has 2 onboard NICs, is it possible to use one for an incoming network connection/to the router and use the other to connect my xbox to provide Internet access to it? How would one go about dong this? Thanks

Answer:Is it possible to share my pc's network connection w/ my 360?

Might be better to just pickup a cheap switch, and hook the PC and xbox up to it?

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Hi there,

I am currently trying to set up some internet sharing action, and am having a bit of difficulty. Ok, so there is a wireless network in the house I am in, my laptop has wireless in built, but my desktop has no wireless card so as I am in the attic of the house, I am unable to just use an ethernet cable to connect it to the internet. I DO, however, have a cat 5 crossover cable, and was just wondering if it is possible to go from wireless router to wireless laptop, then through a WIRED connection to the desktop?

I've been trying for about half an hour now, but no joy. Am I just being stupid, or do I just create a connection between the desktop and the laptop and then bridge it with the wireless connection? is there something that I need to activate that I've missed?

I have just bought a wireless card, and it should be arriving next week, but I just thought it might be interesting to someone to solve this question.

thanks guys

Answer:Trying to share an internet connection

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 I connect to the internet on my computer but can't seem to share it so another computer connect to mine on like a small home network can use it. Please help. I would like ot know how to do this with dial up and broadband please

Answer:I can't seem to share my internet connection?

Insufficient information. At what part of creating a LAN are you?

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I have my main computer connected to sbc dsl running windows XP. I have two other computers.....1 with windows 98 and the other with windows 98se. I want to be able to share the dsl connection with these other computers.....what do I need to make this happen? By the way my dsl modem is an old speedstream external usb. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:want to share dsl connection with 3 computers

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I was going to reformat my sister computer so she wanted me to transfer some files on my computer so she can keep those file after reformatting and move it back to her computer, but for some reason my LAN connection is not sharing any files with all of my computer (4 computers) but I can still get internet connections... can anyone help me out ASAP please!!!

Answer:unable to share my lan connection

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My ISP disbled my router to only allow 2 devices to connect through router (PC and Laptop). I want to connect Iphone too but since Iphone doesn't support PPPoE I cannot log in to internet. I tried to share pppoe connection in my laptop but it doesn't work....Is there any other way (besides buying other router) to let iphone connect to internet. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Answer:Share PPPoE connection?

Quote: Originally Posted by liks

My ISP disbled my router to only allow 2 devices to connect through router (PC and Laptop). I want to connect Iphone too but since Iphone doesn't support PPPoE I cannot log in to internet. I tried to share pppoe connection in my laptop but it doesn't work....Is there any other way (besides buying other router) to let iphone connect to internet. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

As long as one of your PCs has a WiFi card it can create its own wireless hot spot using Connectify.

I use it to connect my own iPhone to the internet when I'm too far from my router and it works a treat.

It allows you to be both connected to a router wirelessly and to be acting as a WiFi access point at the same time.

It is one of the most versatile networking apps out there.


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I am trying to set up an internet connection share. I cant share files because the host pc is XP Pro with NTFS and the network pc is Windows 98 Fat32. When I did the setup the Wizard said I could use the XP disk in the 98 system to complete the task. I also followed the directions from this note,

From: Daniel <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, March 07, 2004 3:05 PM

Try this:
"Just plug the Crossover cable into the two computers. To set it up go to Control Panel/Network.

If there is and entry there for TCP/IP fine. If not you need to add it. Click Add the Protocal/Add. Select Microsoft and select TCP/IP and OK.

Once you have TCP/IP install highlight it and click properties. Click specifiy IP address and insert Enter sub net mask of

You may get asked if you want to re-boot at this stage. Decline as there is more to do.

Click File and Printer sharing and tick both boxes. Now you can re-boot.

Do the same on the other computer but this time enter an IP address if with the same mask. Install file and printer sharing as well and reboot.

Once the computers have re-booted you need to set up sharing. Right click on any drive or folder in Windows Explorer and clcik Sharing. Click shared as: Either axcept the name offered or enter one of your own. In access type I would suggest Full if you are the only one to be using these computers, otherwise enter passwords if required.

Do this for every Dri... Read more

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I need some help in establishing Internet connection sharing. I've got 2 laptops. Both are WiFi and Ethernet enabled. The 3rd piece of hardware is a WiFi router (I call it a "modem"), which acts as a bridge basically at this point. It's this one here:
HUAWEI wireless home gateway HG 530 (its official title)
The Internet connection to the ISP is a wired PPPoE one. There's RJ-45 cable that enters our apartment from the outside (I assume that there's a major router that serves the whole building with Fiber Optic all the way down to ISP itself, but I'm not sure and it's irrelevant to my issue here). I used to connect that RJ-45 cable into an appropriate jack on one of the laptops and I have a PPPoE W7 connection (called a High Speed Connection in Windows environment). So I just "dial" that Internet connection with username and password provided to me by my ISP. It's a regular Ethernet connection as far as HG530 is concerned. Then I started using laptop's WiFi to reach the HG530. I still use the same Windows PPPoE connection for dialing. It saves me having a cable on the floor which (the cable) was reachable by my cat who likes to chew stuff. So that's what I have right now.
I want to make it clear that it's NOT a WiFi Internet connection (there're zillions of threads all over the Net how to share it -- I wouldn't be asking it AGAIN here!). Internet connection is still a wired one. It's the... Read more

Answer:Need help to share Internet connection

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Hi there,
My LAN is using 192.168.xx.xx network. but I have a small office in Indonesia which all 4 users connects their notebook and retrieve email using SecurID(VPN). They are always connected and my VPN gives a 10.10.xx.xx IP address. my printer is network enabled and is plugged to the router(print server enabled). How do i share this printer with the users always connected to VPN. ?? pls help..

Answer:How to share printer over VPN connection?

well, if you have a print server on the network, and your outside users are VPN'd in, they should be able to ping to the address of that print server. If they can, you can direct them through the Add Printer Wizard, have them manually configure a new Standard TCP/IP port, and then add the print drivers. After that you should be good to go.

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can I share an internet connetion betwenn a mac and pcMac is OS X and PC is win 98 SEthey are connected via a crossover cable and already share filesISP is bt broadband through an ADSL modem

Answer:share an internet connection

Look at this :click here

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