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Dont want Vista, Incomplete installation, Vista remains on dual-booting, WANT to remo

Question: Dont want Vista, Incomplete installation, Vista remains on dual-booting, WANT to remo

I want to remove Vista from my dual-boot because i dont like vista now.

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Preferred Solution: Dont want Vista, Incomplete installation, Vista remains on dual-booting, WANT to remo

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dont want Vista, Incomplete installation, Vista remains on dual-booting, WANT to remo

If you're dual-booting from XP then just put the CD in the drive and remove the Vista partition...

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I partitioned hard drive and everything. Then I installed XP Pro and Vista. Then I updated both and whatnot. I was on Vista then I restarted and booted into XP. Now when I try to boot into Vista it gets to the loading screen then it just restarts. I can still boot into XP fine.

Also I have lost all access to my BIOS. Does anybody know how to get that back?

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Just a simple Google gives me hundreds of threads on dual booting Vista and XP, or XP and 98, but I have found none on dual booting Vista and Windows 98SE.

I am currently using a drive with an OS and a Data partition, with Vista as the only OS. I have found that it is a PAIN to run older kid's games in Vista. Many don't work, and many require admin rights to run.

So..I would really like to create a third partition (or use a separate drive) to install Windows 98, and dual boot between Vista and 98. I have the tools to do partitionwork (BootItNG and Partition Magic), but I'd prefer not use these for controlling the dual boot.

Is there a way to install Windows 98 on a third partition or separate drive, next to my existing Vista install, and then use Vista's boot loader to dual boot?

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Alright, this is what's going on.

I installed vista on my harddrive, and then made a partition and installed windows 7 on it.

I no longer want vista, and just want windows 7.

How would I go about deleting vista all together, and just have windows 7?

If I make the windows 7 partition active, it won't boot.


Answer:Dual booting vista and windows 7, want to remove vista all together

The quick and easy would be wiping the Vista primary entirely as well as the reformat of the 7 primary for use as a second storage partition or simply delete that entirely to see one main primary for a clean install of 7 there. The other option is nuking the Vista primary only and leaving an empty partition in front of the inplace repair install option outlined in the tutorial on that. Repair Install

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Ok, I have just purchased a new hp media center pc that came preloaded with Windows Vista. I have come to find out that a lot of my programs that I use on a day to day base are not Vista compatible. I own the Pro version of Windows XP and would like to dual boot from 2 hard drives. Vista is currently located on one and I use the other for data storage. I would like to put XP Pro on my data storage hard drive. I also have a problem. I did not receive a Vista DVD with my computer so a fresh reinstall will not work. How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:dual booting xp and vista on two hardrives with vista installed

I recently purchased a new machine on which I'm running Vista. I salvaged the hard drive from my old machine and I'm using it as an external hard drive. The XP operating system is also still installed on the old hard drive. It's connected as local disk (K). There are a number of programs on the K drive that I'd like to have access to. Of course when I go to start/all programs on the "new" computer (C drive) it's only showing me the programs that are installed on the C drive. How can I get the programs from the K drive to appear in the list? Do I have to move them individually to the C drive? Can I get them to appear selectively?

Thanks for your help and advice, Happy Holidays.

For what it's worth, I bought my new machine from cyberpower pc and I'm very satisfied with the computer and with their technical support. No problems with Vista, either. I kinda like it.

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Im about to build a new PC. Unfortunately my copy of XP is being sold off with the old pc...

So I'm jumping into Vista head first with everything crossed. But if I find some things don't work is difficult to install XP to Dual Boot, having Vista already on the System?

I have a spare drive I could use, rather than partitioning the current drive. I guess once I install XP my computer will boot into it automatically. I think runnign VistaBootPro should then fix this and allow me to dual boot.

Anyone know if this would work without much hassle? Anyone tried it?

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Ok guys I am in a dilemma, I need help. How do I dual boot Vista and XP AFTER I already installed Vista on my C: Drive. I have 3 hard drives, one of which I just bought for dual booting XP. The C: Drive (WD Raptor 74gb) is my primary boot drive with Windows Vista installed on that drive. My D: Drive (WD Caviar 320gb) is my data drive. I just bought a WD Caviar 160gb to install XP on. Is it possible to install XP on this drive if I already upgraded my C: Drive to Vista? When I first installed the Upgrade Vista Ultimate I accdientally wiped my C: Drive before I installed Vista and had to install XP then Vista cus I made the mistake. That is not my problem. My problem is is it possible to install XP on the drive I just bought? BTW all the drives are SATA. Thank guys if you need any more info feel free to ask and I will try to help you guys help me to the best of my ability. I really appreciate the help.

Answer:Dual Booting XP and Vista after Vista is already installed

I could be wrong, so if I am somebody correct me here.

I do not think you can install XP on a system after Vista and have the bootlaoder work correctly.
I would recommend starting over. Install XP first, get it up and running, and then, using the same XP install disk, install it again on your second drive. You can do this legally as far as I know, so that should be no problem. After that's done, install your Vista Ultimate upgrade over your second XP install. I think that should work, unless Vista somehow kills your XP key during the upgrade process, in which case, just forget everything I just said

Again, I'm not 100% sure that I'm right, but I do not know of any way to install XP after Vista and have the bootlaoder work correctly.

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I want to dual boot windows vista and windows xp. I installed windows vista first a few days ago and got everything set up. All the product updates, a few programs installed and all the drivers I needed.

I found this guide a while back to dual boot windows vista with windows xp on Basically this is what it says to do: (it assumes vista is already installed on a partition that takes up 100% of the hard drive)

Shrink the Vista partition down to make room for XP
Install windows xp like normal
Boot off of windows vista install DVD to fix vista MBR
Install and run EasyBCD once back in vista to add XP to the vista boot manager

This is what I tried doing:

I partitioned off my 320 GB HDD into two 150 GB partitions (base 10 vs base 2 thing...)
Installed Vista on the first 150GB partition which was C:
Then I tried install windows XP
Put the XP install disk in my computer (one that I know works, I've used it a lot before)
Setup copied install files on D: and then rebooted
Upon restarting the computer gives me a disk read error press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart which the guide said might happen and then to just use the Vista DVD to fix the MBR (Repair installation) and then use EasyBCD to add the XP entry into the Vista boot loader. So thats exactly what I did.

However when I reboot the machine I get no vista boot loader of any kind, it simply just restarts in windows vista and thats that. Every time I try and reinstall XP it does the same thing over and over I tried 3 tim... Read more

Answer:Dual booting XP with Vista, Vista Installed first

Well, I have a chain bootloader with Vista Ult., XP Pro, and Linux. Bootloaders are very moody and can give you a headache. I have recently had trouble with mine and I will tell you what I did.
I had to remove Vista, the only way I could get things to work is to partition both NTFS, and then install XP FIRST. I tried and tried, and I don't know why, but it just wont work. After XP was fully installed with all updates and drivers, then install Vista.
The BCD is nice to adjust things when they are already there. But wont help you if the boot loader isn't there.
The only other thing you can try is to use the XP disk, recovery console, then into VISTA, when you have the terminal or console up, do the fixmbr, and fixboot. I doubt that will work, but might be worth it since you will have to clear everything and start over.
what I would do is:
zero fill your drive, with a disk eraser, or your hard drive manufacturer diagnosis iso disk.
set up the partitions like you did under XP install
Install XP
Install Vista
Give that a try. Have a good one.

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I downloaded Acronis Disk Director today to make an additional partition and install Windows 7 on it. Everything was working fine, up until it had made the final reboot into Desktop. What happens it even though the active partition is G (Win 7 partition) it still boots up C (Vista partition) and I can't do anything about it. Tried to assign C as active and back again, still doesn't work. This is the first time that I have encountered this and I am not that good with computers at all. It would be really nice to get some help.

Answer:Dual boot with Vista and 7 always booting Vista?!

EasyBCD from NirSoft: EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies

Create an entry for Windows 7 in the bootloader and you'll get a choice of which to boot into.

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New laptop has Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have two business programs that won't run on a 64bit system. Partitioned the hard drive to install Vista Home Premium 32bit to create a dual boot system solely to run these two programs.

Can't get Vista to load. Followed tutorial meticulously. All goes fine until the "Vista will boot for the first time" step. After this first boot, the screen returns to the "completing installation" page. However, the process dies here and the progress bar across the bottom of the screen never moves, even after an hour. Reformatted the partition and started over with same results. Multiple attempts always die after the first boot.

What gives? This is very exasperating. This should not be this hard.

Answer:Win 7 & Vista Dual Boot Installation - Vista Won't Load

Where did you get Vista? Check if the disk is dirty and clean it. If you burned it yourself, Verify DVD using IMgBurn. Load ISO in to make sure it says "Bootable" in text at left, then load DVD and Verify against ISO. Burn another DVD at 4x speed.

Are you running the Vista installer from Win7 or booting it? Try the other way.

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Hi all,

I have 3 questions.

Here is my situation :

1/ I have a Vista x64 based computer (Vista is installed on C: drive)
2/ I installed XP Pro x64 on the D: drive
3/ My HDD looks like this :

?dell system partition (78mb) ? dell recovery partition (13gb) ? Vista on C: drive (200gb) ? XP Pro on D: drive (250gb) ?

Please note that the dell system partition (78mb) and dell recovery partition (13gb) are hidden and don't really bother me as they are tiny.

Now, XP pro x64 works perfectly, I have no need of Vista anymore, I want to remove it. But, I've done some research and I found this :

source: Windows Vista no longer starts after you install an earlier version of the Windows operating system in a dual-boot configuration

You can only delete the partition where Windows Vista is installed if that partition is the non-active partition on the system. For example, consider the following scenario:

- Windows Vista is installed on drive C. Drive C is partition 1 and is the active partition.
- Windows XP is installed on the drive D. Drive D is partition 2 and is the non-active partition.

In this scenario, you can run the bootsect command, but you cannot delete the partition where Windows Vista is installed. ... Read more

Answer:Removing VISTA from dual Vista/XP installation

Should just be able to do a fixboot and fixmbr command from the XP disc to restore the XP bootloader, and then format the Vista partition. Can wait for Mak (our local Windows guru) to confirm this.

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hey im tryin to help my friend out. he just got a new acer laptop with vista home premium and i was wondering if i could install windows xp over the existing vista installation on another drive partition? and would it cause any problems.


Answer:dual booting with vista

You would need partition Magic to create a partition for XP. Then you would have to boot from the XP CD to isntall it. From there you will have to get EasyBCD so that you can add the Vista bootloader again. In EasyBCD you would have to add the option to boot into XP. If not you will only have the option to boot from XP after the install. Or Vista after adding the Vista Bootloader with EasyBCD.

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So I am going to have to move to Vista 64, and I have many apps that run only on XP, so hes my question, what if any drawbacks of dual booting, I have 1.22 terabytes of space, and currently use about 240. So I should have plenty of space for vista 64. Anything I need to know? Thanks!

Answer:Need to know everything about Dual Booting Vista

Before I even attempt to help this time, how about you post some of those "only works in XP" applications so I can know if that's absolutely accurate or not. We get this type of post on occasion and it typically turns out the software does work with XP - the issue becomes one of it being x64 compatible which doesn't have anything to do with the OS itself, just the version of the OS.

Just toss a few application names out if you will, and if it's really really old software like 16 bit old then you can run it in a VM without noticing it under x64 if necessary. If you're having an interest in running some x64 edition of Vista, you can get stuff to work with some basic planning ahead.

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So i upgraded from XP to Vista RC2 last weekend. Vista broke some openGL 2.0 capabilities I need for a graphics class I am taking. I have heard that setting up a dual boot if your primary OS is already Vista is difficult if not impossible altogether.

Can this be done? It would save me a lot of time. Backing up all my data & reinstalling apps would take me a while.


Answer:Dual booting Vista/XP

i dont think it can be done. usually people dont even upgrade to vista, but do a clean install or just on a separate partition...that way you can keep both OSes.

good luck with your problem.

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Well the title i wrote isn't exactly what i want to do, but its part of the process.

Well heres the problem, my sister is fed up with vista and she wants to install windows XP on it, the only problem is, she has over 8000 songs.

Now my question is...what would be the best way to transfer her music to my computer?

The only ways i could think of doing this was, create a small network sharing folder, then transfer it over to my computer like that.

Second option was use my crossover cable and creating a shared folder and direct transfer.

My last idea was just to partition her last 90 gig off he hard drive to a separate partition then install windows xp and transfer her music over from the virtual drive.

Is partitioning and dual booting with vista as easy as just installing it? Or is there something more to it?

Anyways just curious which one would be the safest way to do this.

Also, i forgot to mention the only reason i didn't create a small network, is because everything is in french, and i know nothing of vista. I'm fluent in french lol, but we never learned computer terms :P


Answer:Dual Booting Vista and XP


It isnt as easy as just installing Vista. the partition tables have to be set up right before you can undertake that task. I would think that just transferring the files to your PC and then formatting hers and installing XP would be your best option.


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After trying (unsuccessfully!) to get a PCI firewire card to function with Vista I have re-installed XP Pro SP2.XP Pro is installed onto a separate IDE drive (primary master) Vista is installed onto a SATA drive (SATA 1).As it was getting late and I had run out of patience I simply unplugged the SATA drive with VIsta installed and booted with XP.Is it possible to dual boot with XP & Vista installed onto 1 IDE & 1 SATA drive and will I have to install any further software to enable this?Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks

Answer:Dual Booting Vista & XP

As long as you install XP first on one drive. After that when you try to install Vista you will be given the opportunity to dual boot it to the second drive. It doesn't matter that the two drives are different and you won't need additional software.

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I have a computer with XP Media Center Edition installed on it already and am wanting to dual boot with Vista x64 Retail. I have already created a new logical partition on my hard drive which I was intending to install Vista to. I was just wanting to make sure before I do this however, if it will give me a boot screen at startup to choose between the two after Vista's installation. Have I gone about this the right way? Or do I need to download a OS booter of some sort? Any help and information on this topic would be appreciated


Answer:Dual Booting (XP and Vista)

Yes, you'll get a coutdown screen that lets you choose which OS to boot. If no choice is made the default OS (whichever is first choice) will begin loading when the time runs out.

As you begin installing, Vista will see you have XP Media Edition already installed and prompt you for what to do next and that's when you point it to the seperate partition.

I think a bootable partition has to be a primary so double checking that beforehand might save you some time if you aren't sure.

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Okay so I had Vista in its own partition. Then I resized that partition and slapped on Windows 7 into a partition in the newly created unallocated space. Anyways, I know that Vista worked fine before. But now Windows 7 automatically boots and I am not given the chance to select Vista, which is essential as I need to be able to access it tomorrow.

Basically, I know that in XP I would simply fire up the boot file and edit it, but Vista and 7 use entirely different files correct? What is the proper way to configure dual booting using Vista and 7? I really have no clue where to start.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Dual booting Vista and 7?

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My wife is getting a new laptop that's coming with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
I was thinking of dual booting it with XP Pro 32-bit. Can this be done or does the XP Pro boot need to be 64-bit as well?

The guy at the store said that some of the hardware on the pachine may be designed to run with 64-bit drivers and won't work on a 32-bit environment.

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Ok im running xp pro sp3, i recently dual booted with vista ultimate 64bit but didnt like that so i deleted by removing partion then fixing the boot loader through xp installation dish and selecting repair. now i want to install vista ultimate 32bit but it only gets as far into the setup where there is the mouse on the vista background but it doesnt load up.

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I have Vista and XP installed on separate drives. What is the easiest way to set them to dual boot?

I want Vista to boot automatically if I just switch my PC on and walk away, but I want the option of selecting XP at startup by simply selecting it with an arrow key or something simple like that.

Right now the only way I can choose which to boot is to hit F12 during boot to enter boot setup and select which drive I want to boot.

Also if I boot XP the root is I: Is there a way for both drives to have the C: root depending on which one is booted?


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I am dualbooting both x64 of Windows 7 Home Premium, and Windows Vista SP2 Home Premium, and dang, I dont understand how anyone can think 7 looks like vista..and speed? has sluggish reactions compared to 7..more jerky graphics as well..

Answer:Now Dual Booting w/ Vista

Might be because 7 is a clean install. May also be your processor.

On my system , there is no noticeable difference in performance or speed between the two.

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Hi,For some reason everyone tells me on different forums that Vista can for sure be on a different drive then C. My opion no it can't. I just tried putting Vista on a different partition and it still took over the C drive. Why is that? XP was never like that. Now Vista took over and forced DOS onto another drive. How can i keep DOS on C? Do i also need a Vista boot loader?

Answer:Dual booting Vista and DOS

XP did in fact do this...every OS Windows wrote to my knowledge has always written certain files to the root of C: no matter which drive/partition you decide to install it on...To do what you want you would need to create a FAT partition and make it wouldn't need to be that large unless you have a ton of DOS games you need to install.Then create your other partitions as needed with one being both large enough for Vista but also formatted NTFS.Install DOS in the first active partition which will be C:Then put the Vista CD in and re-boot to the setup ...choose the appropiate partition to install Vista to and you should be good to go....After finishing the complete process you will now have a boot menu that asks which OS you want to boot third party programs needed at all.What you may see with Vista is if you boot to it it will report Vista as being on C:...this is normal. It is simply ignoring the MSDOS install at boot time.

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Is there a way to make my current box (which is an XP box) a dual boot, without having to wipe out my XP box?

I bought a new hard drive. I'm wondering is it possible to install the new drive and lay down Vista while keeping my XP drive as a slave and making the PC somehow Dual Boot?

I've never done a dual boot system before, so I was wondering if this is possible.
Thank you all in advance.

Answer:Dual booting Vista and XP - on an XP box

Just install your new drive, leave the XP drive connected, and boot from your Vista disc. Have Vista format your new drive, and install there. BE SURE TO FORMAT THE CORRECT DRIVE!!! If you select your XP drive by accident, your screwed, and it happens more often than you would think... hence the warning

Vista will install your bootloader for you and your good to go, reboot, select which OS you want to boot, and your done. Pretty simple, really....

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Ive installed Vista Beta 2 and now Pre-RC1 and I am still unable to dual-boot with XP on a separate physical hard drive. The Vista OS menu has "previous OS", when I select that I get an error stating that XP is unable to load. Something like NTLDR missing and I even saw Winload.exe problem. Has anyone else been able to successfully boot Vista and XP properly? I ended up doing a "fixboot" on my XP install and that seemed to fix things. Not the first time I have done this either. But now to load Vista Pre-RC1 I have to unplug my first hard drive which has XP on it so Vista will load.

Here is how I installed Vista. I booted off the DVD that I burned from the ISO download and then selected for Vista to be installed on my 3rd drive. My XP drive was still plugged in at the time. All 3 drives said primary beside them. Did I do something wrong at that point?


Answer:Dual Booting with XP and!

With XP installed first, then Vista installed after to a different drive but not changing the hard drives boot order (still initially booting the XP drive), the boot menu will be altered by Vista to support booting both OS's.
I dont know if XP can setup dual boot correctly when installed after Vista as I have never tried it but I cant see any reason why not.

If you have installed Vista and XP on separate hard drives so each one booted off its own hard drive, you will need to change the boot drive in the CMOS to boot the different OS's.

Sorry I'm not much more help but thats what should work.
I'm interested to see if others have had the same problem.

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i know its possible to start with mac and boot a 32 bit version of xp or vista but is there any way to do it in the other direction as to avoid having to buy an entire mac computer.

Answer:dual booting vista and mac


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I have a system with Vista on it but i can't get it to dual boot properly with DOS. I have MS-DOS 6.22 and i set that on partition C then i installed Vista on another partition. No what what partition i set Vista to be on it automatically takes over the C drive and it puts DOS on the partitions i set for Vista. Another thing is there is no boot loader picking up them two OS's. Is there a way around this?

Answer:Dual Booting Vista And Ms-dos?

You'll likely have to edit the boot files manually to get it to recognize DOS. 2 good free programs for this are Vista Boot Pro and EasyBCD:Vista Boot Pro:'s a link to a document (direct download) from Microsoft on how to manually edit the files:

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hello all, i'm going to be tossing vista on a spare 80gb drive in my gaming rig and dual booting with xp. i plan to use it for a few weeks as my main os and compare gaming performance in my games to see if the extra features are worth it. i just recently installed a fresh copy of xp sp3 on my system and for some crazy reason windows decided to remap all my drive letters. it ended up being a pain in the ass to fix, but now i have everything installed just right and i'd like to move on. i'd like to use windows xp's boot loader so when i decide to unplug the vista disk it will be like it wasn't even there. i don't want to have to start changing drive letters and reinstalling boot loaders. lol

Answer:Dual Booting w/ Vista and XP

Newer motherboards have an option to boot from any boot-able device by pressing a function key (usually F8 or F11). Simply disconnect your already installed XP HDD and install Vista to the 80GB HDD. After that is all done you can reconnect the XP HDD and simply press the function key to boot to OS HDD of choice. By default it will boot to the HDD you have set it to boot to in the bios so only need to press the function key when wanting to boot to the other HDD. This will keep each OS mbr intact from each other.

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I recently got an upgrade copy of Vista and was wondering by using something similar to this method:
1. Boot with the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD.

2. Click "Install Now."

3. Do not enter a Product Key When prompted.

4. When prompted, select the Vista product edition that you do have.

6. Install Vista normally.

7. Once the install is complete, restart the DVD-based Setup from within Windows Vista. Perform an in-place upgrade.

8. Enter your Product Key when prompted.Click to expand...

be able to dual boot xp and vista. I have a copy of xp and could clean install vista then xp, but would have to redo all my xp stuff.. anyone have any ideas? possible/not?

Answer:Dual Booting XP and Vista

i just made a new partition for vista, started the vista installation from my xp and then selected the new partition for the vista install. worked like a charm

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Question: Dual Booting vista

Hi I have a system which had been running fine. I dual boot one 64bit version of vista and a 32bit version on a different partion. I then had a problem with the 64 bit version and had to reinstall. This is where my problems started. I used to get a boot option at startup but since I reinstalled that's gone. I knew how to do this in XP but I'm not sure how I can get my options back.

I presume i'm not going to have to reinstall the 32bit version?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Dual Booting vista

Just download EasyBCD and it makes working with the bcd files easy. I'm pretty sure it should work fine with all versions of Vista.

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Last night I decided to try and finally set this up, as I've been meaning too for a while now. I installed XP Pro x64 first, on an 100gb partition on my 320gb SATA. Then I installed Vista Ultimate x64 on another 100gb partition.

Vista by default takes priority when booting the computer. I know there is the screen that allows me to choose "An earlier version of Windows", but that rarely comes up. And when it does actually come up, it appears for less than a second, so I don't even have time to choose.

Is there anyway I can make the screen appear for longer? Because I miss it every time.

Thanks, Ben.

EDIT: I actually figured out my problem. My monitor, when the computer is booting up, switches itself off when it thinks the computer isn't displaying anything. And it takes about 6 seconds to turn back on. So in that time I've missed the screen, but I can sort of guess when the menu is showing.

Still, is there any way to prolong the appearance of the boot screen?

Answer:Dual Booting with XP And Vista


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Question: Dual Booting Vista

I have a question. Recently my mother bought a computer that had Vista pre-installed. Now I plan to upgrade the crappy 3D card thats on it I will probably send it back to HP-Compaq because it's still under warranty. However I want to dual boot Vista with XP because Vista has atrocious compatibility with pre Vista applications and I'll be damned and in my grave before being limited to ONLY Vista applications. Vista's compatibility mode is terrible it might as well not exist for me. In anycase I wish to Dual Boot but I remember from earlier college classes that you need to be careful the order you install the Operating Systems in because it rewrites the registry and MBR everytime a OS is installed. Now since Vista is already installed on the system I can't dictate what order the OSs are installed. I was wondering what is needed to properly work around this situation and what I need to do in order that both OSs work together with no problems. Note The Vista partition came formatted with NTFS and when I install XP I plan to format it with NTFS as well. Vista is on the main partition of C:, there is a Recovery partition on D: and there is also a DVD RW already assigned the E: designation. I planned on getting a external USB hard drive to avoid voiding the warranty my mother has on the computer.

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Had some questions yesterday click here now I have problems! I have Vista on 'C' and XP on 'D'. I have the option on startup which one I want to go into. It loads Vista fine but when I select XP it won't go past the blue welcome screen. Any ideas please?

Answer:Dual Booting Vista And XP

Ignore the above!! Now when I try going into XP it says /ntldr is missing. Whats so bloody difficult in choosing which OS I want to boot into!! I am in Vista now with no problems. It seems I need some sort of boot manager that will say 'hey you have 2 OS here which one do you want to use?'!!Please help!! Thanks.

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So, I realized that, until Vista gets the updates and fixes that I need, I'm going to be keeping XP in reserve, currently for KotOR. I've already gone through the hassle of installing both operating systems on separate drives, and configuring the Vista bootloader (with EasyBCD) to look to C: for Vista and E: for XP. The problem is that XP uses a different bootloader than Vista and cannot boot from the new Vista bootloader. The best I can do, apparently, is have the Vista bootloader point to an XP bootloader when I choose the Windows XP option.

As of right now, I'm getting a missing ntoskrnl.exe error whenever I select the XP option. I've tried pointing the XP choice to drive C:, where the bootloading options might have been and all the sort. Basically, I need to get XP booting again, by installing an XP bootloader under the Vista one or just fixing the boot files on the E: drive.

If it helps:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.6GHz @ 3.0GHz
500GB SATA Hard Drive (C
120GB IDE Hard Drive (E
ASUS P5N-D nForce 750i SLI ATX Motherboard
Geforce 7950GX2 1GB GDDR3 PCI-Express Video card
Sound Blaster Audigy 4
750W Quad-rail power supply

Answer:Dual booting Vista and XP

Since you are using EasyBCD why didnt you just ask for support in their forums?

You need to get the files NTDETECT, NTLDR and boot.ini files on to the boot drive. From there add a entry for XP.

Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Troubleshooting Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

All the info Available form NeoSmart the creators of EasyBCD. Should help you on the way.

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Hello all,

I am creating a dual boot with vista/xp.
I have created a bootable xp disc.
But when i try to boot from the dvd i get an error.
it says there is something wrong with my hard drive and that i should scan with chkdsk
or virus protection.It also says i should remove my hard drive or drivers.
Even when i do scan with anti virus /chkdsk i still get error.

Any idea's are welcomed.

That's for any help.

Answer:Dual booting with vista

Welcome to the forum,

I'm going to suggest having a look at this tutorial, Dual Boot Installation with Windows Vista and XP

Scroll down to method two, and take note of the "note" at the top, you may need to load some drivers first.

If this doesn't solve it, post back and we'll take it from there.

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Ok I finally got a new HD and installed my copy of Vista on it (32bit Business). I unplugged my XP HD and installed vista then plugged my other HD back in (didn't have time to backup everything and didn't want to install on it on accident).

Once it was installed I plugged my XP HD back in, but whenever I try to select XP as a boot option it just restarts. If I change my bios to boot from the XP HD first it loads up great though.

I downloaded VistaBootPro and on the middle screen added a new OS and set it to drive F, as that was what my XP HD shows up as in Vista. When I tried it as drive C it errored instead of just rebooting as I think it was trying to look for XP boot commands off the vista HD or something

Anyway, what settings should I use in VistaBootPro/some other software so I can select between Vista and XP on boot?

I tried searching but almost everything I found had them both on one HD not two.

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I manage a small computer training centre. Currently everything is XP orientated and there is no need for immediate panic but, as more of my clients buy new PCs, they will be experiencing Vista, and I forsee a need for a period of being able to offer the choice of both operating systems. I cannot afford (certainly from a accommodation point of view) to double up on PCs, so would I be able to install Vista and XP on the existing PCs and dual boot?ThanksMike

Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista

Yes, if the PC passes the compatibility test (and even if not, you can still install as a dual boot).

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As an alternative to re-installing all my programmes etc. I have recently considered installing Windows 7.0 on one of my three harddrives. I understand that this is perfectly feasible, however, my main aim is to be able to address more ram, hence W 7.0 64 bit. Would Vista 32 still run happily with 8GB or more of memory in the mobo?
The hd is 500 Gig.

Answer:Dual booting Vista 32 and W 7 64

Vista 32Bit would still just use just under 4GB and when you were using the Windows 7 64BIT as your OS then it would use the full 8GB.
You do realise that it will be necessary to install your program's on Windows 7 I have yet to have any problems with any program or game and I have the 64BIT variety.

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i know its possible and not that hard to dual boot them if you start with xp. but is it harder/more complicated to do if you start with vista and then install xp

Answer:dual booting vista and xp.

No. That is how i got my system Dual Booted.

Install XP. Use EasyBCD. Reinstall the boot loader. From within XP get all the details of your boot. Under the msconfig>Boot.ini tab.

Go into the EasyBCD setup and edit your boot loader. Add the XP details and you should be all set.

I make it sound easy cause it is. The only issue i had was both XP and Vista thought they were the C:\ drive which confused the EasyBCD application. Which i was still able to get around.

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Hi all,

This is strange wonder. 4 sometime now, I've been
installing Win XP and Vista on pcs (dual booting).
I use shrink command, after booting with
Vista CD, to shrink a partition for space.

Now, using EasyBCD, we ought to provide the drive letters
4 xp and vista appropriately but 4 (virtually) almost
all of the cases I had (with the exception of one, in which
case, I used partition magic instead of the SHRINK method),
this didn't work. On start-up, selecting the second O.S. installed won't
load it. Pointing Win XP and Vista with EASYBCD
to same partition now works beating my imagination.

Well, I've been quite puzzled and am sharing this out. Why
is this so? Can someone explain?

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Alright, I made a mistake and I need your help! I've been using windows vista for a while now and I just got a new hard drive and windows XP. So I thought that I could dual boot. However, I wasn't aware that I had to have windows XP installed first. Now I installed windows XP, It seems that I can't access windows vista at all. I even tried booting manually into the vista drive, but it just loads win XP. So my question is. Is it possible to get windows vista back and make it dual bootable. Or do I have to format the drive Vista was on and completely re-install the damn thing? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Dual Booting XP with vista.

To access the Vista hard drive, try turning on the pc and tapping ESC, then when the boot menu comes up, select the Vista drive. I hope this helps.

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I would like to make a dual boot of Vista and XP, with vista installed first. I found many step by step guides, but there vista dvd instalation disk is required. What if I don't have it, I've got vista installed on my pc when I bought it. How do I repair vista's MBR without that disk?

thank you

Answer:Dual booting Vista and XP

The freeware "VistaBootPro" has an MBR repair option, I think.

It's better to install Vista after XP. It's boot manager will manage XP just fine, but I don't think the reverse is true.

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Question: Dual Vista Booting

I have come across a problem I need help with. I am trying to fix my bosses laptop. When I start up the computer, it goes to windows boot manager with two different vistas. One is labeled Microsoft Windows Vista the other is Windows Vista. The first vista comes with no network drives installed, the second vista is the one that accesses the internet and everything. So my boss wants the first one gone. I searched for the boot.ini, which I later found out that vista no longer uses. So this is where I am lost, I have never used vista. I still use XP on my home computer. So can anyone tell me whats going on and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dual Vista Booting

The easiest thing to do is just tell the OS which one to use. Right click Computer and select Properties. Go to Advanced Settings and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery. Select the OS you want under Default operating system and then uncheck the box for Time to display list of operating systems. It won't ask anymore.

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I have a single drive with two partitions. The C: has Vista (ok, not really Vista, but Win 2K8, same thing). I want to install XP on the second partition but it always uses another drive letlter, like D: or H: (card readers start at E: ).

How can I make XP see itself as C: but on the 2nd partition? The last time, it installed as H: being the system volume and it was causing issues when installing stuff because installers defaulted to the C: (the win 2k8 partition). I tried flip-flopping the drive labels in XP using the registry but it caused it to freeze while booting the XP partition.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Answer:Dual booting Vista/XP - need XP to use C:

You should be able to right click it in windows and change the drive letter right? -.^

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I'm going to setup a dual boot machine with Vista and XP from a clean formatted drive.

I plan on making 2 partitions, installing XP, and then Vista.

Does anyone have any tips or advice that's done it?

Should I do XP first and then Vista? From what I've read Vista's boot manager takes over so I'm thinking I should do the XP install first

Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista

Yep, install XP first and then Vista. Makes life much easier.

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Salutations! This is my virgin thread and post here at Tech Support Forums, and I'm looking forward to getting some real, honest support unlike my last tech support forum (which I had been visiting for over 2 years rarely ever got a single solution from).

Anyway, onto my problem: To save you from reading a long, boring story I'll just give you my system's current state. The remnants of a botched Linux install still exists as a Grub Error 22, which I've put off fixing for now by keeping my Vista DVD in the drive during boot. After bypassing grub, I get to my Vista bootloader, which has Vista and XP as options. Vista works fine, but the XP option goes to the XP bootloader, which is decidedly broken. Some random missing file, which I know the recovery option in the XP CD will not work (Oh, okay, you copied over file1 that was missing, now I need file2 and probably file 3 and 4, but I won't tell you until you copy each one at a time).

McGuyver, for your use:A broken grub loader on C:
A working Vista bootloader on C:
A working Windows Vista on C:
A broken Windows XP on E:
EasyBCD in Vista
My guess is that I can use EasyBCD to erase the Vista bootloader, rewrite the XP bootloader, then rewrite the Vista bootloader over it. Can someone walk me through this, or suggest some other ideas?

Answer:Dual booting with Vista/XP

Do you have any Linux partitions on your hard disk? If not, the simplest way may be to overwrite GRUB with Vista's MBR.
Boot from the Vista DVD, then pick repair, and pick startup repair.


Originally Posted by Kj?len

After bypassing grub, I get to my Vista bootloader, which has Vista and XP as options. Vista works fine, but the XP option goes to the XP bootloader, which is decidedly broken.

What do you see after you pick XP from the Vista boot menu? Do you get another menu? Have you tried pressing F8 to get into safe mode?


Originally Posted by Kj?len

Some random missing file, which I know the recovery option in the XP CD will not work (Oh, okay, you copied over file1 that was missing, now I need file2 and probably file 3 and 4, but I won't tell you until you copy each one at a time).

I kind of got lost there. If I may ask, how was XP installed, how was Vista installed (order matters), and what's the setup of the drives/partitions?

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Hello! I have been running a dual-boot XP Pro/Vista Ultimate machine for many months, having uninstalled/reinstalled countless times with no problems. I have just assembled a new PC (all new) and am unable to boot into Vista using the same method that worked for me before. The main difference is now I have a 4 disk RAID0. I went through the motions as if it were my old single disk, partitioned. XP loads fine. I boot with the Vista DVD, install to the unallocated space, the system reboots...into XP. No OS select screen.

I ran a repair install using the Vista DVD and it finds startup errors and says it needs to reboot to fix them...straight into XP again.

This has happened exactly like I've described 3 times now. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Intel D975XBX2
Core 2 Extreme QX6800
1GB (256MB x 4) PC6400
XFX GeForce 7950GT 512MB
RAID0 (160GB SATA x 4) using Matrix

Answer:Dual-booting Vista and XP

First, u have to divide (partition) ur drive into at least 2 in order to multiboot. then u have to know that u can't downgrade to xp from a higher version and if the ram is 512, i think it will lagg hard, i mean a like a whole bunch

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After reading numerous guides, etc, i'm fairly sure that i can do this, but i just want to make sure as i have no way of backing up my data before attempting this... I already have XP installed, and i want to install Vista to my other hard drive. Assuming i select the correct drive for installation, will Vista leave the other drive untouched? I read something about Vista editing the boot files of XP, so that a menu appears with the option to boot from either disk. Is this correct, or have i misread something?



Answer:Dual booting XP with Vista

Other drive will remain the same. Vista bootloader takes over XP's but that's no biggie.

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Well hopefully when my machine gets up and running after solving the problem in THIS thread, I am going to put both on there.

My question is which should I install first and why?

Also is it possible to have an option as far as which OS drive I wish to select every time I want to boot into an OS?

Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista

You always install the odest first. The older one obviously can't detect something that didn't exist when it was made.

It will then create a dual-boot menu.

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Hey there, i have finally made my mind up that i dont like vista.

My PC came with Vista pre-installed and now i would like xp back. i have an XP disc, but i only got a recovery disc with my PC for vista. I read in a forum that some new computers that come with vista have problems with drivers in XP. My problem with Vista is the constant "Windows Explorer has stopped working" everytime i open a program i get this msg, i have tryed updates, fixes, patches, SP1, recovery disks ect. ect. and now XP is my only hope. i cant open windows media player or windows media centre because it encounters a problem. Also Windows Sync error messages apears now and then.

Can anyone tell me if i will run into any problems as i want to dual boot Vista and XP because i have 300GB of files that i really need to keep. I have partitioned my HDD and im ready to dual boot XP and Vista.

Here is the details of my PC that i think may have problems with drivers. I just dont want to risk losing everything or even messing up my PC. Thanks
OS Name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium
Version 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer System manufacturer
System Model System Product Name
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Genuine Intel(R) CPU 2160 @ 1.80GHz, 1800 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0903, 06/06/2007
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
... Read more

Answer:Dual booting Vista and XP?

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Well, I am going to install Windows 7 on a drive I have, but I want to know if it will come up with a boot menu for 7/Vista. I have a boot menu right now for Ubuntu/Vista, because I used WUBI, but will Windows 7 show up in that, or what?

Answer:Dual Booting 7 and Vista

Windows 7?? Where are you getting that from

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Okay so recently I bought a new laptop (Leveno 3000 N100, 0678-FPG) and it came preinstalled with Vista, I didn't get a drivers disc or a Vista disc.

With that known, I decided to install XP since it was more comfortable for me to use with, plus, Vista slows down the computer, So I went ahead and installed XP on a different partition (We had 2) since I figured I'd better have Vista just incase, so Windows XP comes up, I use my USB Flash drive to transfer drivers that I've downloaded from my other computer and it all seems fine though the sound driver didn't work at all, So I figured there might be something wrong, so I wanted to log back into Vista to see the name of my Sound card, it took quite a while though here I am using Vista.

Now I logged back into Vista using EasyBCD though it seems like it doesn't recognize XP at all, so here's my problem, I don't have the Vista DVD/Disc, how do I log back into XP and if possible, have both Vista and XP bootable just incase.

Answer:Dual booting Vista and XP

give vistabootpro a try and see if it sees both.

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I partitioned the blank hard drive on my desktop computer into C:/ and left about half of it unpartitioned to install XP on later. I installed Vista on C:/, and a while later installed XP. Once XP installed, I couldn't dual-boot back into Vista, so I tried microsoft's commandline hack

and after that Vista ran fine but XP will no longer load (When I select the "Older Version of Windows" from the boot menu it returns an error immediately saying that a vital file can't be found). I think the problem may have something to do with how Vista thinks the drive that XP is on is F:/ and Vista is on C:/, but XP thinks the drive it is on is E:/ and Vista is still on C:/.

Is there any way to clear this up?


Answer:Dual-booting XP with Vista

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I currently have XP Pro as my primary OS on drive C: and Vista Business as a dual boot on a separate hard drive, drive D:.

I want to upgrade the Vista installation to Win7; however I want to do a clean install upgrade so I can upgrade to 7 64 bit from the Vista 32 bit.

What do I have to do to do this successfully so that after installing the 7 64 bit I still have a dual boot option with XP/7? I want XP to be my primary OS with 7 as a secondary OS.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Answer:Changing Dual Booting from XP/Vista to XP/7

Quote: Originally Posted by abrucewebb

I currently have XP Pro as my primary OS on drive C: and Vista Business as a dual boot on a separate hard drive, drive D:.

I want to upgrade the Vista installation to Win7; however I want to do a clean install upgrade so I can upgrade to 7 64 bit from the Vista 32 bit.

What do I have to do to do this successfully so that after installing the 7 64 bit I still have a dual boot option with XP/7? I want XP to be my primary OS with 7 as a secondary OS.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi,can you post a screen shot using the snipping tool of your disc management?

You can find disc management via Control panel (small icon view)>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management

Then we can go from there.

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Is it Possible to dual boot XP and Vista just using the upgrade disk, or do I need to have full versions of both? I just finished building a computer and was wondering this because I intend to game, and apparently, Vista is kinda bad at that. I want to dual boot the OS's, but I want to be cost effective at the same time. (I have already partitioned my HDD).

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Ok, I got some questions about Vista and heres my story.

I had gotten a 30 day trial of Ultimate that had all the versions of the disc before it was officially released. I installed the x64 version of Ultimate and everything I had ran fine with it. When vista came out I went and bought a full retail version of home premium x86. Before I opened the package I remembered that I forgot to hook up my printer and scanner with the trial version of I installed it again and ran the Home Premium. Sure enough the drivers werent supported and my scanner and printer dont work. It also says there is an issue with my sound driver but the sound works fine. There was also a device on my mb that was unrecognized but i dont recall what it was - not a big deal.

I figured that I would run the trial for the 30 days and if the drivers didnt come out by then I would just return the software and get it at a later time. If I was to keep it then how do I go about dual booting? Can I just partition my primary drive and install XP and Vista on it...or should I install Vista on the primary and XP on my secondary (storage) drive? Also, which order is preferred - vista first and xp second?

Answer:Questions about Vista - Dual booting and more

I started out on XP and then installed Vista. I just used PartitionMagic to create a new primary partition, which I installed Vista on. Really easy. I'm guessing you'd be able to do the same thing in reverse order with the same ease.

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I'm currently downlaoding the new Ubuntu, I have vista premium installed at the moment and I want to dual boot to see what linux is like. Am I correct in thinking that to do this all i have to do is.

1. Download Ubunto
2. Burn it to disc as ISO
3. Use partition magic to create a partition on my harddrive
4. Restart PC with ubunto disc in drive and with bios set to read cd drive first
5. Installation will begin.

This is my first time dual-booting and don't want anything to go wrong!

Answer:Dual Booting Linux/Vista

Looks good. Make sure to defrag your Vista partition first before repartitioning. Then when you install Ubuntu, make sure you install it to the correct empty partition. Ubuntu will put in the GRUB bootloader so that when you start up your computer you will be given a choice between Vista and Ubuntu. Welcome to Ubuntu! You'll love it! Install Beryl! I'm starting to sour on Vista Home Premium.

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Big Problem

Hello all,

I have run into a very big problem. I have Windows Vista Home Premuim 64bit, and some of my games don't work in it so I tried to download a free parttion program so that I can put XP on one parttion and have Vista on the other however I was unable to find a free program to do this. So I have another Hard drive in my pc, I formatted this one and installed Windows XP on to it. But I am unable to get the computer to boot up from the vista drive anymore I have checked BIOS setttings and removed the XP hard drive and when the computer trys to boot from the Vista drive I gat Disk boot faulure. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get back into Vista with out the need to format everything and start all over again? I have even removed the XP drive and the computer still wont boot from the Vista drive.

I would be most grateful for any support that you can offer me to sort this problem out.

Many Thanks,


Answer:Dual Booting Vista and XP Problem

Have you verified that your Vista files are still intact? You should try booting from the Vista installation CD and then run the repair tool to see that your MBR is ok:

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Hi, I have 2 hard drives, one is a 1TB SATA-II with Vista x64 installed, the other is a 320GB IDE and only has a few files on it.

I understand you can create a separate partition on your existing Vista partition but what if I wanted Windows 7 installed on my 320GB hard drive? Do I just tell the installation to install there? Will I be asked what windows I want to run when I boot my computer? If this is so, is it possible to install the image via a virtual drive rather than burning it to DVD? Also, will I have to backup the files on my 320gb hard drive, or will Windows 7 leave them alone?

Answer:Question about Dual Booting (Vista and 7)

deadman_uk said:

Hi, I have 2 hard drives, one is a 1TB SATA-II with Vista x64 installed, the other is a 320GB IDE and only has a few files on it.

I understand you can create a separate partition on your existing Vista partition but what if I wanted Windows 7 installed on my 320GB hard drive? Do I just tell the installation to install there? Will I be asked what windows I want to run when I boot my computer? If this is so, is it possible to install the image via a virtual drive rather than burning it to DVD? Also, will I have to backup the files on my 320gb hard drive, or will Windows 7 leave them alone?Click to expand...

No, you cannot use a virtual drive. You need to use an iso burner to burn to the DVD.

Since you only have a few files on the 320GB drive, back them up temporarily on a DVD or on another hard drive.

Right click "Computer" under the "Start" menu and click on "Manage".
In the left plane, click on "Disk management".
This part is dangerous and you must be very careful and you may want to ask questions about it before doing it.
In the right pane, right click on the partition on your 320GB drive and delete it. This is why you backed up the data so that you can restore later.

Now, you have a choice to make:

Choice 1 (my choice): Dual booting using the motherboard boot menu
Advantage: The two OS will be completely independent.
Disadvantage: You will not get a boot menu at start up. Instead, you need to press F12 a... Read more

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I am planning on dual booting W7 on a spare HD. Question is, in order to completely remove W7, do I just have to format the drive and remove the W7 boot up from startup options, or is there another method to fully remove the second OS?

Answer:Dual booting Vista and W7 - Removing W7

What OS are you dual-booting with?

If it's XP or earlier, you'll have to restore the old bootloader since Win7 will overwrite it with the newer one.

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hey guys
Here's the deal - I'm a gamer. I want to upgrade my Vista HP 32bit to a 7 Professional 64bit. I've been doing a bit of research, and I think that I'd be better off by dual-booting one of each. 64bit can handle extra RAM, so it would be good for Crysis and other resource hogs. Vista, being 32bit, can handle games which have issues with 64bit/7.

Now, Win7 is an upgrade edition. That means that it will get rid of my installation of Vista, which I don't want. What I want to is to dual-boot 2 versions of Vista, so that way the new installation can be upgraded to 7. Is that possible? I don't know. My experience with OS installations is limited.

When doing an upgrade from Vista to 7, does the copy of Vista need to be activated first?

What advice do you guys have? Moreover, what do you think of this setup? I'm keeping an open mind and am up for suggestions.

Answer:Solved: Dual-booting Vista and 7

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Hi this is my first post. I look forward to helping and being helped. ok my first question...

Do dual boot XP and Vista, do I create a partition for each operating system?? Or simply install XP, and then install Vista to a different directory other than C:\windows ?

Thanks so much.

Answer:First Post - Dual Booting XP and Vista

hi and welcome to TSF read this it should help

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I was wanting to know if anyone could explain to me how I can dual boot xp if my computer came with Vista when i bought it. I tried doing a clean install but I have the upgrade version of windows xp, not the full version, which may be the problem. Every time i put in the xp disc the "Install Windows XP" is grayed out and i cannot choose it. I have tried putting the disc in and restarting my computer, I got it to boot up from the disc drive but then it told me to insert the full version of windows xp (which I don't have). I hear a lot about "repartitioning the drive", but honestly I get lost right about there. Someone please help!

Answer:Uninstalling Vista/Dual-Booting XP

You wont be able to install it without the full XP disc. I'm not sure what this upgrade disc is, never heard of one before. As for Vista/XP boot, you'd need two partitions, and one would contain Vista and XP then would be install on the next partition, but without a full copy of XP you wont be able to do it.

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I do not know how to dual boot Vista and XP from two different hard drives other than using my BIOS to select the default boot drive. Here is my situation:

I have two hard drives in my computer. One is a 250 GB hard drive and the other is a 500GB. Both are SATA. I did a clean install of XP on the 250 GB hard drive. Then I unplugged the 250 GB and started the Vista installer with the 500 GB hard drive. I have partitioned the hard drive into two partitions. The primary partition is a 100GB and Vista is installed on it. The other is a 400GB partition. Once the install completed I plugged back in the 250 GB drive that XP is on and can boot both Vista and XP. The only problem is I have to change the boot order in my bios to choose which OS I want. Each drive is master on its own SATA controller.

Here is my question: Is there some way to just have an option when I boot to choose either Vista or XP so I don't have change the boot order in the bios.

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I wasn't sure in which forum to post this, so I hope this one is suitable.

I've recently ordered a laptop with Vista preloaded, and wanted to be able to boot XP as well. Originally, when I attempted to install XP on its partition I received a blue screen with a stop error (0x7b). I solved this by disabling the Flash Cache Module and changing SATA operation from AHCI to ATA. After XP was installed, I attempted to boot into Vista and got the same problem, which was bypassed by reversing what I did to get XP to install.

Is there anything I can do to be able to load from Vista to XP (and vice versa) without having to change BIOS settings each time?


Answer:Dual-booting Vista and XP issue

Hello Anonymity

I don`t think there is anything you can do to the present setup to fix this.

The problem is that XP has no Sata drivers included. Hence you have to disable Sata in the BIOS to make XP work.

The way round it would be to slipstream Sata drivers into your XP installation CD and then reinstall XP

This article will show you how to do it.


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I'm upgrading to Vista from XP, but there are a few older programs that just work better in XP (and I need), so I've decided to dual-boot XP and Vista. I've got Vista running right now and have not yet installed XP, but in any case I'm wondering if there's any way to have one program installed on both XP and Vista.

In other words, I've got Adobe Premiere installed in Vista and I need it installed in XP. Premiere is a pretty big program, so I don't want to install it on two different partitions and waste space. Is there any way I can use the installation on the Vista partition and just somehow use it in XP?

Hopefully that makes sense. Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is to install it in both Vista and XP, but install one in the same directory as the other, but I don't know if that might cause problems. What's the best way to do this?


Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista: Using programs in both OSs

There is a sneaky, but very experimental way of doing this sort of thing, and I do it with some programs on on of my machines, just for the hell of it.

What you do, is put your program folder on a common partition that is available to both.
You then install it from XP into this folder, and then install it again from Vista.
This way, you update both registries, but only have one copy of the files.

HOWEVER, you must NOT update the program in any way from one OS without being able to make the identical update from the other as well.

Be aware it is risky.

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Hi guys .  . . .  I was wondering if i download the windows 7 beta  , is it possible to install it off a usb memory key or maybe even install it from a virtual drive  IE daemon tools  ? I only ask because i can't burn to disk at the moment . . cheers

Answer:dual booting vista and windows 7

A few good links out there, such as this one:

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I followed the instructions from this thread:, but the problem I am getting is that when I attempt to do this step:
crjdriver said:

Insert your vista dvd into the drive; cancel window that may autorun. Type this in
Drive:\boot\Bootset.exe /NT60 All hit enter
In this command drive is the drive where the Vista install DVD is located.Click to expand...

It says that my os in not x64 bit compatible. Also, the executable is called bootsect.exe on the Vista disk.
I already installed Vista Ultimate x64 (C:\), I resized the partition, I installed XP Pro x86 (D:\) on the secondary partition.

Can someone help me with this?

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I just built my first computer with 64bit Vista Home Premium. Specs here.

My new computer with Vista installed on it is going to replace an old Dell one with windows 2000 (on an IDE drive). I would like to keep all the data on the windows 2000 hard drive.

What would be the best way to keep that data? Dual boot? (if so how would I do that since both OSes are already installed on their respective hard drives)?

My motherboard, Abit IP35 pro can support an IDE drive and there's space to support another harddrive in my p182 case. I don't have any disc imaging software (though I might purchase some if persuaded). I searched google for a bit and found this thread about grub4dos but i found it pretty hard to follow.

Any tips or links on what I should do will be greatly appreaciated.

Answer:Need Help Dual Booting Vista and 2000

I personally would just put the ide drive in an enclosure and pull all the data I needed off of it onto the new system and then use it as a backup for my files.

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I downloaded EasyBCD and follow some tutorials on how to dual boot, wasn't hard and the info in EasyBCD looks correct, but I can't get both XP and Vista to work at once

When I installed XP I used EasyBCD to reinstall the vista boot loader, and then I could get into vista, but then when I tried to select XP it said NTLDR was missing or corrupt, I don't know why, so I ran repair install of XP on same paritition, then after that XP would work and when I tried to boot Vista it said some file was missing I don't even remember the file, sorry but any clue what's going on?

Edit: Retract that problem, I made a noob mistake, I feel ashamed I didn't disable the Vista Bootloader first lol

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Hi all,

I had Windows XP and Vista installed on a machine working as dual OS. Today I installed a third OS which was Windows XP 64-bit which booted fine but I experienced problems getting onto my orginal 32 XP (which was my default at the time). I managed to fix this problem in the Boot.ini and now both XPs are booting fine but I can't seem to get into Vista.

I know that Vista doesn't use Boot.ini but I couldn't get bcdedit.exe to run either and I think the MDR is thrashed or something. Is there a way I can fix this problem?

Thanks any help is appreciated.

Answer:Problems booting into Vista with dual OS

have you tried using a vista dvd and try a start up repair?
I dont know what will happen works when a dual boot is installed with xp being last on...i dont know what will happen with this triple boot.
Its worth a shot...i seen it do miracles before.
I used it to fix a drive whos recovery partition was C and the os was D
This showed with disk management as well
I finally booted a g parted disk and marked the vista install with the boot flag....did a start up repair with the vista dvd and all was well.

Also you can move a partition with g parted...copy and paste etc.
if you can free up some space on your disk you can copy the paste last install of xp and put it before vista..then delete the one you copied from
you would then have xp,xp vista...the windows bootloader will handle everything fine as vista will be the last on.
This is the method I would use as all the drive letters should remain happy,

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So, I've never dual booted before, or even used a linux related os extensively.

I'm getting a new hard drive and I will have to format it for Vista, how should I partition drive space to make acessing my data between both operating systems as smoothly as possible? How big should the ubuntu partition be?

At what point should I install ubuntu? I've heard that it has better free partitioning programs, would there be an advantage to install ubuntu first and then vista?


Answer:Dual Booting Ubuntu/Vista

If you are new to Linux, as am I, you'll probably want to go about this another way. I hate dual boot setups because the OSes aren't independent of each other. I end up rebuilding a Linux box often because I mess something up. Get VirtualBox and load ubuntu up in a VM. It will run plenty fast enough to use and try out, and if you mess something up, you can simply restore a good copy of the VM and boot right back up.

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Okay I currently had Windows 7 and Windows Vista on two separate partitions right. I decided to uninsyall windows vista which went fine, then I formatted the separate drive which was an extra slave drive. So as of now only windows 7 is installed right. I start the computer and the vista bootloader still loads as an existing dual boot menu asking which OS you want to choose. Vista obviously does not work but this bootloader still exists. I already changed boot.ini files and cannot change vista boot options because I formatted the drive. How do I edit or fix the MBR? or go to an origional boot?

Answer:Dual booting - vista bootloader

Search and download EasyBCD, which is a simple and free tool to edit the MBR.

Just go into the settings and remove the Vistabootloader and repair it.
There should be a tut on their site.


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Hey Folks,

Currently, I'm using XP-Pro 32-bit with SP3. I'm considering a dual-boot option with Vista Ultimate 64 using the directions here:

Achieving dual-boot capability is easy enough with G-Parted. And ...

Using EasyBCD (, I can remove Vista's Boot Manager and revert back to a XP-only system, if I run into serious problems with Vista.

However, what if I want to migrate everything into the Vista O/S and remove XP?

This won't be my first experience with Vista. Previous attempts at a fresh-install with Vista (32 or 64) failed in numerous BSOD's. My hope is that by updating my motherboard's BIOS, those issues will be gone. Plus, at the time, I was running a MSDN debug version, and who knows what problems were buried within.

Now, I have a fully legit 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate and want to play it safe.

Any takers on this one?

Thanks in advance!

System Specs

Intel Core2-Duo 6600
4 GB Corsair XMS
XFX 8800 GT 512MB
MSI 975x Platinum Power-Up Edition Motherboard
Creative Soundblaster XtremeMusic
(2) Western Digital 320GB SATA HD's

Answer:Dual Booting XP Pro 32-bit and Vista Ultimate 64-bit

I'd probably set up a standard dual boot system, without using any 3rd party software. Then, in about a month or so, I'd back up my data, blow it all away, and then install Vista x64 as the only OS, and then run XP in a VM going forward.

We've long since passed the point where people had to be weary of installing Vista. If you want Vista, install it and be done with it. Being afraid of it because you, for some reason, were using the debug checked build, isn't a good reason to be afraid of the proper, final version. The debug version of any OS was never meant to be a stable, everyday OS.

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Hi, i have one computer and does anyone recommend installing windwos vista to dual boot with windows xp. last time i tried it i had massive system error and couldnt even boot, the vista install may have been buggy. but does anyone recommend this and can someone give step byt step instructions on how to reduce risk and ensure i will not have the same probelm.

Answer:Recommendation for dual booting xp and vista

Well since you are installing a Beta OS there are no guarentee's that can be made for this.

I have done it many times but i also have had my fair share of problems.

Unless you are completely cofident in your skillz as a PC users and know how to fix boot errors and partition problems then i would suggest against it.

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my computer came with vista home premium installed at the factory. I have tried everythind to dual boot xp over the top either in the partitionrd c drive or to an external drive with no luck. Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:anyone having trouble dual booting xp on top of vista?

Heres a good guide for ya:  How to dual boot Vista and XP

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Ok here's my situation, my friend has vista installed on his main IDE drive and Leopard patched and working with his PC on a separate SATA HD, when he needs to use vista he takes out the leopard drive and uses the vista drive alone and vice-versa when he needs to use leopard.
Now that got me to thinking, "Cant he just dual boot them both?" even tho i thought it was a good idea, i had no idea how to do it, thats the reason i'm posting this. Can it be done at all? If so... How can i do it? What programs do i need?

Answer:Dual booting Vista & Leopard

Sorry but according to the rules:


5) Keep Things Legal
Any discussion, links, or information on hacking, cracking, serial numbers, pirating, warez, or any other illegal matters is not allowed.

Since Leopard is not made to run on a PC this can not be discussed here. Use Google. You will find a place to get your answers.


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I really didnt want to harm my computer or have all my files deleted so after spending hours googling it, I thought I'd make my own thread and ask here.

My cousin basically gave me my laptop, 40gb hard drive and dual booting windows xp and windows vista.

I've never ever used xp and always use vista, but recently I noticed that I'm running out of diskspace. After a lot of research I realised it was my windows folder that was taking up 50% of my drive!

So I'm guessing I need to uninstall XP. I have no idea how to do it and I am a complete PC novice. I'll try to provide any information you guys need to help me and will appreciate the help lots.

Many thanks.

EDIT: Can't edit the title, but it should be "Uninstall" instead of reinstall. Sorry, if a mod/admin can change that, that'd be great!

Answer:Dual booting w/Vista and need to remove XP

40GB Hard drive in a laptop seems a bit old these days. But anyway, since you mentioned that the laptop is dual boot with XP and Windows Vista. That means that the hard drive is partitioned and you cannot simply just uninstall XP.

You need to back up all your files, then reformat the whole hard drive. When you run the Vista installer CD, it will give you the option to remove all partitions.

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Hi all.

I have a dilema. Seriously considering getting Win 8 upgrade. I have a Core i5 setup with a 120Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD. Been using Win 7 Pro for a couple of years on a 64Gb SSD (recently upgraded to the 120Gb model). I need to use a couple of old 16 bit (DOS) and 32 bit progs. [I] was doing this on Win 7 using Win XP mode.

Still with me? Good.

Okay, here's the thing. I am considering two options.

One is to use MS Virtual PC in Win 8 where I can install a spare copy of Win XP I have.

The other is to dual boot Win 8 with Win Vista 32 bit. I can install Vista on the 64 Gb SSD.

Never dual booted before though! Is installing on seperate HDD's a good idea? Also if I were to do so, how easy would it be to cut and paste info betwen Win Vista and Win 8 Pro?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Dual booting Win 8 with Vista OR using virtual PC with XP

Hello imatt,
Windows 8 will not support MS Virtual PC as did Win 7. An alternative is to use Virtual Box but you will need your own copy of WinXP. As for dual booting..yes it can be done.

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I just bought A200-S01-PC and I want to dual boot with WXP, Vista is pre installed and I want to install WXP onto my second drive so I can use it for college next year.

I have tried booting from the CD but I get an error say that it cannot find any drives installed.

Plz I need help?

Answer:Dual booting with Vista-XP on two Drives


I do not believe you can install second OS on second HDD and I really do not know if this second HDD can be used as bootable device. I really do not know but you can check it alone. My A200 has one HDD only.

But what you can do for sure is to install WXP on second partition of the first HDD. There is no problem and I have done the same on my notebook.

So back to invisible HDD. This issue has nothing to do with dual boot. Plese check this thread. There you can find nice discussion how to install WXP when HDD is not visible.

Bye and good luck!

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So I've recently installed Vista 64-bit on a separate harddrive than my current windows xp installation. However, the Vista bootloader never added the XP installation to it as an option. I have tried adding it via programs like EasyBCD and VistaBootPro but none will work. The only way to boot into xp is to change the boot drive to xp.

Answer:Vista, XP dual booting issues

"The only way to boot into xp is to change the boot drive to xp"

That method, IMO, is the better way to do it anyway. Your mb should have a function key that you can press during boot up so you can select any bootable device so you don't have to go into the bios to change it. It's a better method because the boot sector of each HDD is kept intact from each other so if one goes down you still have access to the other.

Why Vista didn't see XP and add it to the boot menu I don't know.

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i formatted my single drive (sata 500mb) and installed xp onto it from the install disc.
Using partition magic, i split the drive as 2x 250mb partitions, with xp on partition (c). i rebooted from my vista cd, installed vista onto 2nd partition (D). This all worked a treat at first, offering both systems on boot as follows: 1) Windows vista 2) Earlier version of windows
please select and press enter. However after a few reboots, my system has changed how it boots up. Instead, It now offers only the following: 1) Windows Xp 2) Windows xp/2003
When i select either of the above, partition (c) windows xp loads up.
IE- windows vista has disappeared. i still see the vista partition in 'MY COMPUTER' ... and ive not deleted it. Im obviously doing something wrong, although im baffled as it was all working fine originally. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:HELP, dual booting xp and vista on 1 drive

Hello Danny,
I believe you have to edit the Vista boot loader. Your situation is described here:

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Is it a viable option to partition off 20 GB of my current partition to install Vista, so that I can boot it to play games that support DX10?

I know it's possible, but are there any complications? Will I be able to just run the DX10 games off the already-existing XP partition? Do I need to install drivers while in Vista, and will that interfere with XP?

Answer:Dual-Booting Vista with XP for gaming

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Are any clones of Vista such as WinVista Eternity discussed on these forums?

Answer:Vista Eternity Dual Booting

Hello Archp, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but since this is an unofficial illegal modified version of Vista that is not being sold by Microsoft, it is considered a pirated version that is not allowed to be discussed in this forum.


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Hey my brother just got a new PC Q6600,DX10 video card3850 and 6Gb's of Ram (two sticks of 2Gb's of ram and two sticks with 1 GB's of ram) and I'm curious would there be a problem dual booting XP 32bit and Vista 64 bit?

Possibly partitioning a 500Gb hard drive and putting both OS's on that or use one hard drive for XP and a different hard drive for Vista.?

Would I have any driver issues and would my XP programs like alcohol still work in XP?

Answer:Dual booting XP and Vista....should I have any problems?

should have no problems.

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Hey guys, I just installed the Windows 7 64-bit release candidate alongside my Vista partition. Everything went smoothly and I'm in the process of setting up Windows 7 specifically for gaming.

I'm having a weird problem with dual booting the two OS's that I didn't have when I was dual booting WinXP and Vista.

If I have the Win7 install DVD in the drive and my DVD drive selected as my primary boot device, I can skip the boot from DVD option and my system brings me to the proper selection screen for Win7 or Win Vista. Great. However, I don't want to have to do this. When I change my boot order back how I want it, HDD first, I don't get any option for my OS choice. It just boots automatically into Vista. Both Vista and 7 are on the same 500gb drive on seperate partitions, of course. Like I mentioned, everything works as it should when I have the actual Win7 install disc in the drive and the boot order set to try DVD first.

Any idea what's up here?

Answer:Dual Booting Win7 and Vista

When you installed Windows 7, you must have given boot priority to the wrong hard drive. You should have placed the drive with Vista on it first in the list right after your optical drive. You probably had a data drive ahead and now your Windows 7 system partition is on it.
To confirm this do the following.

Run the Windows 7 disk manager.
See which one of your hard drives has your Windows 7 system partition on it. It is identified by "System".

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I have XP running on my main computer. Can I install vista as a dual boot O.S. ?

Answer:dual booting vista on an XP machine

If you have a separate partition (or disk section) for it. There is only one free application to do this, GParted. It should not delete anything, but make sure you backup before you try it, as there can be problems with partitioners. Then, install Vista on the new partition.

A much more detailed guide.

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Hello folks

I want to dual boot my windows vista machine with XP. iT IS AN ACER LAPTOP and I need XP to install a program that does not run on vista. I have already downloaded xp from the internet and currently it resides on the hard drive of the same machine. My hard disk is already paritioned for dual booting.

I now need to burn XP to an emppty cd/dvd so i can boot my laptop from it. I understand that I need to configure my BIOS so I can be able to boot from cd/dvd. What is the exact procedure of doing this?

Meanwhile, I have also downloaded a program called Pro/Engineer wildfire and have tried installing it (not necessarily on XP). I immediately get a message saying "parameter is incorrect" after double clicking on the executable file for installation.
What is the cause and how can I remedy it? I have already tried lessening directory strcture by relocating the program to a folder in my desktop.

I understand i installing kernel can help, how does it work?


Answer:Dual booting vista with xp on ACER


Where did you download Windows XP from. You won't get any help on this forum using

pirated software. It is against forum rules. Please see the rules.

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I wanted to install vista with dual-boot and was wondering what's the best way to go about doing it.

-I have 3 partitions currently(2 hard-drives). My windows partition has 17 gigs on it total and backup partition(both on same harddrive) has 131 gigs. My second hard-drive(which I use for backup also) has 75 gigs on it total. How do I create another partition on one of those harddrives on the empty space without formatting the whole harddrive? Somebody said partition magic does it so I can prolly figure out how to do it myself but the next question is more important and I am not sure if partition magic does anything about it.

-Perhaps there is a way to create 2 small 10 gig partitions on each hard-drive and combining them so I don't have to delete stuff from any of the partitions? (Don't have any full 20-25 gigs empty on any of my partitions atm). I searched on google for this and didn't get much helpful information.

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I've just gotten Vista Ult. I have trusty old xp pro on my 150 Raptor. I have installed vista on another H.D. I'd like the option of booting one or the other with ease. No partitions. Can one of you techies help a noob?:freak:

Answer:Dual booting xp and vista ult. on 2 drives.

I have seen software for sell, boot pro. And tons of info on dual booting on one drive. I understand that this option tends to have more pitfalls. Is there a way to dual boot, easily with two drives?

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I know this is old stuff, but I cannot seem to get my Vista's SATA drive to download my WinXP. I have original WinXP w/sp1. Have used NLite and made a CD, have all the drivers I believe for graphic card and IEEE 1394 Bus controller, but I have no floppy drive. I have attempted to use EasyBCD and ISO Buster also.

I have partitioned my harddrive into two NTFS drives and the new "WinXP" does take files.

My HP Pavilion a6528p will go so far and that's it, when I attempt to load my 'special CD".

There must be a way I down get the %(*&%(*& WinXp on my Vista drive. I would even consider buying a commercial program! I have some older peripherals I am trying use. At the moment I still use my old WinXP for talking to my palms and Hp 720's.


Answer:Dual Booting- Vista & WinXP

Check this link out

Or for the same drive.

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