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Razer's new Mamba features 16,000 DPI laser sensor in wired and wireless configurations

Question: Razer's new Mamba features 16,000 DPI laser sensor in wired and wireless configurations

Razer on Tuesday unveiled what it's calling the world's most advanced gaming mouse. Now in its third iteration, the 2015 Razer Mamba features a brand new 5G laser sensor and Adjustable Click Force Technology, among other features.

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Preferred Solution: Razer's new Mamba features 16,000 DPI laser sensor in wired and wireless configurations

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Razer's new Mamba features 16,000 DPI laser sensor in wired and wireless configurations

I'll pass. I don't game on anything that low. :\
Does anyone even go outside the 800-2000dpi range? I keep my mouse at 2000dpi.

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Question: Razer Mamba help

So I just bought the Razer Mamba yesterday and it took me 2 or 3 hours to get it to work (wireless mode). Today I tried to get the (wired) part to work but it doesn't work. I have all the firmware and drivers updated and everytime I plug in the usb to the mouse directly, it asks to download drivers which absalutely do nothing at all. Can some one please help me to get the wired part to work? I'm using Windows vista 32 bit home premium, and when I plugged in the mouse into an xp computer, it worked perfectly with no problems.

Answer:Razer Mamba help

Someone please?

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friends I bought Razer mamba but I have a problem whit quake3 arena game, i try to do a bind with the mouse 5 and it does not work the binds is(bind MOUSE5 +zoom) someone can tell me how can i make than this bind work? thanks for your help

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Hey Guys hopefully you can help I just registered to this site for this one specific problem I'm having and hopefully this is the right area to post this in. And please if there's any trolls or stupid remarks you might have please keep them to yourself.

So here it goes, I bought the Razer Mamba maybe a year ago and haven't had one single issue with it like everyone else has had. This mouse has been absolutely a DREAM until now.

Whenever I'm on my bed playing WoW or any other game or just surfing the net and I plug in my mouse its like a 50/50 chance my computer will recognize the mouse and when it doesn't recognize it the error message pops up saying "Device Not Recognized" and it even pops up even if it does recognize it and the mouse is working, weird right? Also when I have it plugged in wired it will just completely cut power to my mouse and just well not work once again a 50/50 chance it will work. When I plug the cord into the wireless dock and go wireless it WAS doing the same 50/50 chance of working or not working, so I uninstalled all of Razer's software reinstalled ran the firmware updater and the wireless dock has been picking up fine ever since no stupid "Device not recognized" message. I as well did the firmware update to the mouse, now mind you I ONLY have these problems on my bed.
Now when I go to school and there's tables around that I can put my stuff on whether wireless or wired I don't get the error message and the... Read more

Answer:Razer Mamba-Help Please! This Will Blow Your Mind.

I'd think it could be bad wiring/solder on the USB port. I have an issue with my netbook when not used on a steady device due to something like that where I will repeatedly here a connect/disconnect tone until I reposition the laptop.

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im on the hunt for a new mouse, with a high dpi[currently have 2000] ive been looking at either the microsoft x8 or razer mamba.. the mamba is waaaay more expensive tho, if anyone has either of these or any other suggestions please post away!

Answer:New mouse wanted [microsoft x8 or razer mamba?]

May I know why you want a high dpi mouse,gaming?

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I'm an experienced user and tried all solutions found on google, but this problem is really hard to fix.

I just bought a brand new Razer Mamba mouse. The mouse is not faulty, it is working on another computer, but not on mine. I used different logitech mice before trying this one, it is the first time i have a problem installing a mouse in 20 years of working with computers...

The weird thing is that the mouse is detected and working (i can move it) in the BIOS, but not after booting Windows

- The mouse lights up, but is not detected anywhere
- Razer Synapse 2.0 is installed, but it is not detecting the mouse
- In Device Manager "Razer Mamba Dock" is not correctly installed (labeled as Unknown Device)
- I tried installing older drivers, but it's still not detecting the mouse
- I tried updating the firmware, doesn't work

- Tried wireless or wired, same problem
- I tried 6 different USB ports, USB2 and USB3
- All USB ports power settings are configured correctly (Windows is set to NOT turn off USB to save power)
- Old drivers of the old logitech mouse is uninstalled
- I tried using the safe mode, didn't help
- Tried using only 1 mouse at time and booting Windows with only the mouse in USB ports
- Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers countless of times, and also tried without drivers
- Tried forcing windows to manually install the drivers of the Unknown Device, but it won't let me
- Tried with a different Windows user
- All drivers are up to date, same for BIOS
-... Read more

Answer:Razer Mamba not detected (experienced user, tried everything on google

Have you tried using the mouse without Razer Synapse? (I've had nothing but issues with Synapse, I now use Corsair keyboards and mice with no added software)
Make sure the mouse is plugged into a USB2 port.

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Came across a decent review of the Lachesis this evening. The author is very blunt about what he did not like about it, but gives credit where credit is due. If anyone has wondered if the Lachesis is actually worth the price tag, read the review and see.

X-bit labs - Razer Lachesis: First Laser Mouse from the Third Generation

Answer:Razer Lachesis: First Laser Mouse from the Third Generation

i like the look of the lachesis, i may buy a razer mouse, im tired of my mx1000 its nice and all bt is getting quite old, that or i may get a g7. not sure on my opinion about wires yet.

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I've got a regular desktop pc and a laptop. Both are running Windows 7.

If both machines are wired, file and printer sharing works like expected. If the laptop is on the wireless, things go sour...

The machines don't see each other, I can't ping the laptop from the desktop or vice versa. Strangely enough, if I ping the desktop from the laptop by IP address the desktop will reply. At that point the desktop will see the laptop too and sharing (file, printer & media) works fine. But if the connection is idle for a couple of minutes they won't see each other anymore.

I've tried all kinds of things: disabled IPv6 on both, reconfigured file and printer sharing, disabled the firewalls on both. But none of these changes have had any effect whatsoever. I have also tried to give everything the same name (SSID, workgroup and network name on the desktop) but that had no effect either.

More info:
- Wired and wireless clients are on the same subnet.
- The router is a Linksys WRT-350N
- AP isolation is disabled
- uPnP is enabled on the router

Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?

Answer:Solved: wired-wired file sharing works, wired-wireless doesn't

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OS=windows 7 (64) and Laptop is HP dv6t 2000

G500 logitech wired usb mouse was working intermittently for 6+ months and now has stopped altogether. (not receiving power from usb port, no mouse capability, not showing in devices and printers). The lights on the side of the mouse do flicker very occasionally as if it is trying to work.
The mouse does work on another laptop and another usb wired optical mouse will not work on the hp laptop in question. Additionally, of significance (I think) is that a thumb drive in USB and a new wireless mouse works on the laptop. Touch pad works.
Tried to date:
?Uninstalled set point drivers for mouse and installed latest version
?Ran System restore for a time period 30 days prior and mouse started working intermittently again but after a few days it failed
?Deleted hub routes under USB controller in device manager and restarted the laptop (per suggestion on a google search)
?Looked at device manager and noted no errors on any device
?Clicked on update drivers on all devices shown in device manager under headings of: ?Mice and other pointing devices?, ?USB controllers?, and ?Human Interface Devices? and all show latest drivers and working properly
?Shut down and unplugged laptop and removed battery (again google suggestion)

I am hopefully that the brains on this forum might have a suggestion to fix. The google search shows that there are a number of folks reporting this issue but I do not see many suggestions and none ... Read more

Answer:help please ...Wired USB laser mouse not working

Did you reinstall SetPoint? Try the latest version.

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so I have the same situation as the user of the above link

1 PC connected wirelessly via a wireless card and via RJ-45 to a Linksys wireless router. And either:

i) from the wireless router to the wireless printer
ii) or from the PC's wireless card to the wireless printer

everything is working. But I want to "change the order of network protocol binding" as below. To make sure the PC is connected to the network via the RJ-45, NOT by wireless:

If I do this, can the PC still talk to the wireless printer? And if not, how would you connect to the network wired, but to the printer wirelessly?

Answer:For PC w/ wired & wireless, can it connect wired to internet but wireless to printer

If the wireless printer is connected to the router via wireless, all wired devices can print to it.
I know the Canon at a clients house works like this as that is how I have it set up.

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Hello, I have a Linksys router and Everything is connected right, but if I don't have my wireless adapter in, I can't get any response from the network. There's no other computers I can test anything but when I troubleshoot the issue it says "you may not have a internet adapter" or something like that, I can't remember and it won't come up while the net is activated... Please help.

Answer:Wired not working, wireless is (need wired cause I'm using room mates wireless)

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I'm currently in the research portion of a very large wireless project for a client of mine. The client owns several cabins within a small range of each other and wants to provide internet for all his guests. I won't go into too much detail about the specifics of the wireless network/configurations as it's not important to my question.

The majority of the users will be in town for only a few days/weeks, then leave. With that being said, I was wondering if there was a way that we could write a script/program that could be ran to automatically provide all of the credentials to use on to the wireless network without the guests having to manually configure the wireless NIC for themselves.

For instance, provide the SSID or passphrase for WEP. If possible, we plan on putting the file on a CD and placing one in each cabin with an autorun, that would fill in all of the wireless network credentials. Our client wants it to be as easy as possible for his guests to get on the internet.

Any ideas?

Answer:Wireless Configurations ?

I'ld set up a captive portal. Its kind of like a web portal that they have to login to. This way its an open internet connection but they have to login to a webpage with a have a username and password. The benifits are you can change this at any time or even give different usernames and password per cabin to know which cabins are using the service or not.

This makes the modification on the client side NILL the only thing you may want to do is copy a URL to their desktop for the web authentication.

This way your not worring about EVERY single type of hardware that goes up there and how to have something that installs on ANY OS, ANY, Hardware, and ANY configuration. Never to mind the peopel that take a laptop up that don't have admin rights for whatever reason and can't run an install.

There are a number of places you can get solutions like this so you will have to do extensive looking around to find out whats best or your application of it.

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Hi there,

I've got a desktop with a wired connection to a cable broadband modem (with only one connection on it) and I'd like to have my laptop (which has a wireless card) to share that connection only wireless .... if you know what I mean... anyone tell me what I need to do to get that working? is it possible?


Answer:Get wireless laptop and wired desktop to share wired cable broadband connection?

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Hello.. I am having MAJOR problems with my xbox 360 and connecting to xbox live. I have tried everying that tech support has told me and they have ran out of suggestions. My problem is that when I select my wireless network and run the test it says: Wireless Network: Not connected. I have connected to other wireless networks so its not my network adapter, and its not my ISP because ive connected directly to my modem.
Hardware: Modem connected to my D-Link DI 524 wireless router, which is connected to my computer. I also have a wireless network adapter on my xbox. My xbox detects the network but cant connect to it, so I know its my router and a configuration with it that I need to fix from that website.

Help very much appreciated!

Answer:Wireless Router Configurations for Xbox 360

Personally, I absolutely despise D-Link products, they don't play nice when it comes to a lot of devices like X-boxes, at least that is my experience.

I assume, since it cannot connect at all, that it is not a DHCP or IP related problem but still, make sure DHCP is enabled and working on your router.

What type of encryption are you using (if any) on your wireless network?
I would recommend using a WPA2-personal key if your devices can support it.

In the end, you can always try restoring your router to factory defaults and working your way up, to see what the problem is with the Xbox connecting.

If it doesn't connect when the router has factory defaults enabled (make sure wireless is active though, some factory defaults disable the wireless...) then you need different equipment probably...

I recommend a Linksys WRT600N or similar.
I recommend the ones that support wireless N and dual frequency (5.0GHz and 2.4GHz) because I don't recommend buying out-dated technology, cause it becomes more out-dated quite fast... and besides, the speed of the wireless N routers when used with compatible N adapters is so nice and fast...

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I have a belkin wireless/wired router, and it's really starting to stress me out. I have the wireless part working just fine, all my wireless computers connect to each other/the internet just fine. BUT, my wired computer is not connecting to the internet at all, but the DHCP is still assigning it an IP address and the computer thinks everything is fine. When I click on Internet Explorer, it says that the page cannot be displayed. It's driving me mad, can anyone help?

Answer:Belkin Router, Wireless and Wired... Wired Problems...

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Yesterday I bought a Wireless Internet Keyboard And Wireless Laser Mouse from the Brand:Micro Innovations and I did everything it said but when im about to install the software I leave the non wireless mouse that I used to have plugged in to install the software... so I install it and the wireless keyboard works great but the wireless laser mouse doesnt work... any suggestions....PLEASE HELP

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I had to replace my keyboard after 3 1/2 yrs since the keys were sticking and the letters worn off. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse with the wireless keyboard. It works great with one problem. If I enable "allow this device to bring computer out of Standby" for either the mouse or the keyboard, the computer never goes into a full standby. The fan is always running and so are some other parts of the computer. If I dont configure the mouse or keyboard that way, the computer will go into regular and complete standby but will need to be turned on with the power button to bring it out of standby. The Receiver is USB so Im thinking the reason the computer doesnt completly power down is due to the receiver needing to be active. Is there a work around or do I just stick with using the power button?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard

I'd stick with using the power button

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I wonder if anyone knows if DeathAdder and Tarantula going to function if I install Windows7 64bit?

Answer:Razer DeathAdder and Razer Tarantula Windows7 64bit

Here is an article from Razer. They state they will be offering windows 7 drivers before the Windows 7 launch on the 22nd. So I would have to say that they should work. The models you are inquiring about are on the list. Razer & Windows 7 | Razer - Windows 7 Updates

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I bought a new wireless internet keyboard and laser mouse yesterday but when i install the software in the computer only the wireless keyboard works but not the wireless laser mouse.....when I install software I leave the other mouse in to control you think it is because of that...but if I dont leave the other mouse in how am I going to control things to install software....Could Somebody Please help

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network sequence.

Verizon DSL Modem bridged to Cisco wrt57g router (which handles the wireless) and then a 8 port switch which all but the laptop is plugged into. wired machines can see and interact with laptop, laptop can see wired machines but can not log in to any across network. (network not found)

the wireless shows the name of the network, wired does not.

also, is there just anyway to reset network settings to start fresh? I don't even want to get into this homegroup thing (which I seem to have 4 of and they all have the same name, what ever happened to workgroups you could name?)

Answer:wireless won't see wired. wired sees wireless

Welcome to the forum Avix.

To get out of those Homegroups just leave them all by following this guide. Homegroup network only works with Windows 7 machines.
Homegroup - Leave

If you have other Op systems in your network you have to use either the Work or Public file sharing options. If you need to reset you can either use ipconfig commands or just reset the router and modem then follow the set up procedure for your router.
ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility

Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network

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So far (and this could change too, but..) I've narrowed it down to two mice (linked above): the Logitech Wireless MX1000, or the Razer Diamondback (Plasma Ed.)

I'm buying a new mouse-- I've read the reviews across the board, but none seem to compare the two, OR mention two particular things (comparatively):

I want the best mouse for gaming and advanced graphic editing... what do you think is best? Gaming--the only real requirement is fast (hah), and imaging...just being able to precisely move the mouse. I've heard the MX1000 is a bit bulky for anything but graphics. I saw it in the stores, and it seemed -ok-, but unfortunately, the Razer isn't readily available.

Any help/suggestions welcome--and thanks in advance!


Answer:New Mouse: Logitech Wireless MX1000 -or- Razer Plasma

Im using the mx1000 now and i dont think its blukey, its fast as no lag!

i recomend it, but then again iv never used the razor

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Question: G7 and the Mamba

So apparently the Mamba is not actually a 1ms response time when its wireless, but closer to 10ms. The Logitech g7 claims a 500Hz frequency when its wireless....that's around a 2ms response....way better than the Razer Mamba.

Is this right?

Answer:G7 and the Mamba

Care to cite your source(s)? That's definitely not what I have been reading.

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Looking for a low cost implementation to post ambient temperature readings from a sensor to servers via a COTS router.
1) Have a temperature sensor connected to a micro controller which sends data via a Wifi Module with a TCP/IP Stack to servers 2) Have a temperature sensor communicated via Zigbee to a coordinator that is plugged into a router and communicates with the servers.
Would like to keep the cost of the solution below $20. Another constraint is the battery life. Wifi modules with TCP/IP consume more power and cost more.
What particular devices/chips/microcontrollers would you recommend to solve my data communication problem and fit within my budget?And I found some at ,are they suitable?

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Stupid, probably easy, little question. Can't seem to get my computer to recognize the desktop receiver 3.1. I've downloaded (and installed) the intellitype and intellimouse 8.0 software that MS says is the correct software, but still nothing. When I plug in the receiver, all 3 lights flash, but don't light when I try and sync. When I reboot (while plugged in), I get a message that it's an unknown usb device. It came with a comfort keyboard 4000 and laser mouse 5000. I am using the mouse with my old receiver, but would like to be able to use the new keyboard as well. Previous configuration was wired keyboard and wireless optical MS mouse (explorer 2.0) with Explorer receiver 2.0. Do I need to uninstall something before installing the new receiver? Thanks in advance, any help appreciated.

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Several minutes, and sometimes less, after boot-up, the mouse becomes erratic, sometimes coming to a complete halt. Thinking it was either the interference of an outside signal or a build-up of static electricity, I have tried several things, including 1) rebooting, 2) disconnecting the power sources, 3) moving my external hard drive away from the mouse, 4) using different keypads to limit potential static build-up, 5) moving my entire system to a somewhat different location (fortunately, it's all on wheels) -- absolutely none of this works! Disconnecting the main power source and reconnecting it solves the problem sometimes, but only temporarily.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Its an MX™ Revolution

The world’s most advanced mouse.

Highlights: Cordless, Hyper-Fast Scrolling, Laser Sensor, MicroGear™ Scroll Wheel, One-Touch Search

Answer:Logitech Wireless Laser Mouse

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Just installed software and driver forWireless Laser Comfort Mouse - Product Number XA965AA#Abb When I go to the HP Mouse Control Center it says "No device found" All the basic functions of the mouse work, left / right clicks and scroll but i can not configure any of the other buttons. I've look up the support for this mouse on the hp site and it's was less than helpful, only gave me the chance to download a quick start up leaflet, very useful! Any help anyone?????????

Answer:Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse

Just purchased the same mouse, installed on HP PC running windows 7 as per instructions but am having same issue. Have you had any joy rectifying?

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I believe I'm having some sort of signal problem with my wireless mouse. I play an online game in which you can hold down the right mouse button to look around. Occasionally it will get locked like that, and I have to click the button for it to fix itself.

I surmise that for whatever reason, I click and hold down the button, but when I release it, it is not registering that I have done so, so it just acts as if I am still holding the mouse button down. Clicking it once gets the signal sent that I have released it.

My friend reports having the same problem with his wireless mouse, yet far less frequently.

I've always had little annoying problems like this with wireless mice, and I'm beginning to think they are inferior in overall design to something much less complicated, like a wired mouse. Does anyone know what my problem might be?

Answer:Problems With Wireless Laser Mouse

Well, the connection between a wireless mouse and its receiver occasionally drops, sometimes for a millisecond or so, sometimes for longer. In your case... It'd seem a bit odd for it to only do that kind of errors.. Anyways, if you want to get rid of this problem, start by testing with a decent wired mouse... The wire is always there, whereas the wireless link isn't.

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I have one around 6 moths old. Recently it started sticking. Not just where my wife spilt something on the keys (she said she didn't but, you know....) but also the spacebar, backspace keys too. I often have to hit them three times before they type.

Are these things safely cleanable? Or should I just dump it and get another (keyboard, that is ; not wife,. Mind you...........)


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My hp wirless laser comfort mouse scrolls horizontally and vertically but exhibits strange behavior. By strange I mean the pointer does not respond when it hovers over minimize, maximize or exit buttons on opened windows of applications. Also, when I remove it, this behavior persists in my laptop using its touchpad and so I have to reboot and omit the use of the comfort mouse entirely. What causes this?

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I have an Epson Acculaser C900 laser printer. I'd like to make this wireless either WLAN or Bluetooth, is this possible and what would I need and where can I get it?

Answer:Wireless an Epson Laser Printer?

Not easy unless it is wireless enabled from manufacture.

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I set up everything and if I have it wired it works fine but wireless it says can't find page when you try to get on the internet. I have set up networks before and never had a problem. first time I have used a Belkin router G+ I guess one of my question is this. I was reading on the Belkin site that it is already set for dynamic and that is for a cable modem and sounds like I should change it to pppoe for a DSL modem. would that make the difference. It is a brand new laptop and the wireless card is on and it sees the network and works when wired, it says it is connected wirelessly but wont get on the internet when not wired. Would the pppoe thing make a differnce? Please give me some help here. Thanks

Answer:Belkin wireless router with vista-wired works wireless doesn't

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I've read several posts here that come close to my issue but don't describe it exactly.

Yesterday on my personal laptop (Dell E1505 running XP SP3), I got a message box saying something about port forwarding and that I wouldn't be able to get to my website, or something like that. Unfortunately, I didn't pay much attention to the message and dismissed it. Now, I can't get to the internet using wireless. Here are some details:
Another laptop connects to my wireless network and the internet just fine
All was working fine on the Dell until I got that message
I've checked the event log and can't find anything relevant around the time of the message
Connecting to the network/internet with ethernet cable works fine.
I'm definitely connected to my wireless network because I was able to open shared files on another PC
Other, likely non-related issues:

I'm having a little problem with the hard drive and will need to run chkdsk
Sometimes I get an error regarding the display adapter driver.

Answer:Solved: Wireless networking works but not internet; wired & wireless from other lapto

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have a T500  (Intel WiFi 5100), and 2 computers on an existing wired LAN network (LinkSys cable modem, and ethernet LinkSys router).  I would like to connect this laptop wirelessly. After some reading, it seems the easier solution is to get a combo-wireless&wired router, like the LinkSys WRTU54G.  Has anyone had success with this unit, or any other wired+wireless combination? My cable b/w is less than 10Mbps, so even wireless b alone should be as fast as I can use.  I'm looking for whatever is functional and least expensive   

Answer:Wireless Access Point / Wireless&Wired Router - for ThinkPad T500

I have one and it works fine with various, up to 4, Thinkpads connected wirelessly, one connected wired, plus a wireless print server and Tivo on the network. 

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I have recently sorted out the wireless connection of a child's laptop to a wireless printer. It works perfectly. Howver, the parent's, wired, desktop computer does not now print. No changes were made to the desktop , which was working fine before this.. I am not at the location now but are there any ideas why this should suddenly occur. Both computers are running XP.

Answer:Wireless printer not printing from wired computer after connection by wireless lapto

Wireless printers can be connected both by USB and wireless simultaneously. However, I have come across many that say they should but don't do so easily. Sometimes they have to be setup wireless first then USB and others vice versa..
In my opinion, it is probably the best option to add the printer to the desktop through the network. Then there should be no problems with setup. Hope that helps..

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I read a few threads about the wireless mouse problem with KVM switch. I was thinking of using another wireless mouse remote with the same model number but when I tried my son's who has the same wireless mouse as I have: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 2 model # 1007, it did not work. It has a different CMIll number and color. Is there any way to get the mouse to recognize another remote.

Answer:Wireless optical mouse remote sensor

It's interesting that when I found the same exact mouse with the same CMll number that it still would not recognize the different remote. So if you somehow misplaced your remote it would not work with any other mouse. You wonder why that is so?

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My laptop can't connect to my router, everyone else can but mine just wont connect. It has connected to the internet through the router a couple of times but it will only last for a minute or so and then the connection would be lost.

I have a windows XP laptop, my router is a Netgear Wireless-G Router WGR614 v9, and is connected to a modem.

My wireless card detects the connection but it just can't connect to it. When I tried to set up the router using the provided installation CD, it detected said that the modem wasn't being detected.

I appreciate any help I can get on this!

Answer:Laptop can't connect to wireless router (hard-wired or wireless neither)

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Ok, so I got a Alienware M17 R4 that is about 1yr old. It has the Killer 1535 in it. I have Gigabit service at home and lately my wireless is only getting between 175Mb and 250Mb. So I tried with brand new cat 6 cable and it will only get those speeds also.

Only in safe mode with networking can i get 850 Mb's.

I reinstalled windows and newest drivers. No change in network speeds for the laptop.

Same speeds for wife's desktop with Intel 7260 wireless.

My plex server though is getting 850 Mb's on cat 6 100' cord.

Router is a Linksys max stream AC 1900 (ea7500) only a year old but on warranty still. Thinking of taking it back for a Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200.

I did order 30 min ago a Intel 9260. Hopefully that will fix my wireless but why would hardwired be showing the same speeds.

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I've recently installed the software (Protector Suite QL) on my Tecra A8 laptop. It worked fine for a day! Then I get an error saying "Biometric sensor is not calibrated, Please use the calibration tool to rememdy it" when I try to enroll some more prints. I cant seem to find this tool and I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and it doesnt work. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Answer:Tecra A8: Fingerprint Sensor - 1080 Biometric Sensor is not calibrated

Hi Rainer

Did you check if this option is located in the Protector Suite QL application?
Possibly it?s a part of this software.

Where did you find this program and was this application preinstalled on the Toshiba recovery image?

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HI,I have a T500 (LENOVO 2081CTO ThinkPad T500) running W7 32 bit.  Been working fine since September 10.  Today when simply trying to logon the fingerprint sensor has stopped working.  Laptop had not even been moved, simply resting on desk and then switched on from powered off.A few times since have received message that "USB device is being installed"  with finally "USB Device could not be installed.  There is a problem with your device."  Device Manager showed a problem with "USB Composite device"Powered off/on gave same symptom.Downloaded & installed latest fingerprint software 7wf162ww.exe.  Installed OK.  USB device appeared to then automatically pick up and reinstall correctly.  BUT still unable to use fingerprint to logon or for with Thinkvantage Client Security.Using Thinkvantage Lenovo Fingerprint Software gives error "Cannot communicate with sensor.  Please confirm the sensor is ready."   I've also noticed the keyboard around the fingerprint sensor is very warm, almost hot.  As if it is being constantly turned on? Fingerprint sensor is AuthenTec Inc. AES2810Help?  What hardware tests are there and how do I get this working again?Thanks,Les


Go to Solution.

Answer:T500 fingerprint sensor stopped working "Cannot communicate with sensor"

Reset the fingerprint reader in BIOS.  Logged on and re-enrolled fingerprints (using Thinkvantage Client Security Fingerprint software).  Tried to use fingerprint reader for browser site yet said there were no fingerprints enrolled. Shutdowdn/restart, fingerprints completed enrolment and then all ok.  Problem solved. Now left wondering why the fingerprint reader stopped working...

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I am really desperate, really hope someone can help.The LX710 uses a USB mini RF receiver that enables both keyboard & mouse to function. I have lost mine during a move, and cannot get a replacement. Logitech will not do it.Has anyone by chance know where I might be able to get one ? Pete.

Answer:logitech LX710 wireless laser Desktop

Have you tried ebay?

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Hi People, very simple question. Maybe I could get an answer to my question that I should had asked when I was buying. This wireless mouse uses two "AA" batteries or rechargeable batteries. Question: What about turning it off for the night or whenever I leave my computer? So that I don?t change them every two-three days. Thank you for your help with such a stupid question.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

The mouse should go into a low power mode so it doesn't use that much battery power.

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Hoping this is a simple fix.....
the scrolling on my mouse is choppy, when I scroll an IE page it has like a delay? Its not a smooth scroll. I have been all over my manual and support for it and cannot find anything that will change this. The settings offer up slow-fast options but it only causes the page to flip faster or slower duh lol sorry I am at a loss as to how to describe this. Let me know if I can tell you anything that would be of help.

Answer:MFST wireless laser mouse 6000

No one familiar? I have been digging but cannot find a solution. This really seems to be a simple fix with-in the controls but there is not any option that corrects this. You scroll and the page moves with a delay and a line as if going page by page. I had first thought it was a setting within IE but it also does this in notebook and other software programs. Even sliding the sidebar vs. scroll is choppy. Any suggestion would be nice thank you.

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As title. This mouse is still available in the official HP store Uruguay in two versions (HP# LB423AA, HP# LB425AA) but I have not been able to find it anymore in Europe. Any advice on a place where this can still be purchased would be very appreciated!

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I am considering purchasing the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 as the Logitech MX Revolution I have had replaced twice since I initially purchased it in Feb 2008 has developed the same fault again, i.e. The Freespin wheel has begun to wear out and as such intermittently the Freespin feature stops working, the last MX Revolution suffered the same fault and eventually the fault got worse. Very disappointed as otherwise I find the mouse to be goodAnyway that's beside the point:I was wondering if anyone uses the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, and the Intellipoint V6.2 software and could tell me if it is possible to set the mouse up with the Intellipoint software to allow the two buttons where your thumb goes to go back and forward a page on IE7 & Firefox?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

I think you will find the software is upto v6.3 well thats what im using at this time with a 5000 and yes the buttons can be configured.The two buttons on the left side (thumbside) have been set to lower button (magnifier) top button (Back button)

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Hi all,

I recently bought a Trust MI-7770C laser mouse and I installed the drivers and everything worked fine.

A few days ago I ran Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D and now the mouse doesn't work.

I've tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, but nothing works.

Any ideas?


Answer:Trust MI-7770C Wireless Laser Mouse

Does the mouse light up, show up in the device manager?

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Hi all,

Looking for the above at the best price possible (with consideration towards the toner costs too), colour would be nice but isn't essential as I'll probably buy a dedicated photo printer for these - would be REALLY handy if the recommendations included wireless options too...

I've spent what feels like days reading up on these on the Internet, and am even more confused that I was when I began

Thanks for any help

Answer:Recommendations for a Wireless Laser printer with Duplexing


Since nobody has any suggestions, what about one that isn't wireless - would that help?

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New Years Greetings!
I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 (March 2007) with Vista.

I just installed the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000...several times in fact!
First time it worked. Then after rebooting, it came up with a message with 3 choices:
- install driver (had already done that)
- don't ask again
- (I forget what this said)
So I said "don't ask again" and that's when the mouse went dead! Argh!
After uninstalling and installing from the disk TWICE, (pressing all the correct buttons on the transmitter and mouse and unconnecting the USB before this)
I finally downloaded the driver from online just in case it was the driver that came on the disc. It is Driver Version
Finally got it to work, HOURS LATER! but not on my mouse USB port which is the PS/2 Port that says IRQ 0x0000000C (12)

I had to move the USB connector to another port.
I spent [email protected]! trying to install and uninstall this and am coming to the conclusion that VISTA is the problem. Am I right?
I went to all the help features and did all the right things.
Device Manager says this new mouse is there. Says it is working properly.
But then nothing happened until I moved it to another port.
I would like to plug the USB into the normal mouse port. But it probably won't work. Why?
Am seriously considering a Mac for the first time since I started using a computer in 1980s! Thanks for any and all suggestions. Cheers!

Answer:Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

use an adaptor

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Bought a Wireless desktop 7000 just after New Years Because I had issues with my Microsoft bluetooth desktop in Vista. I Had one hickup in windows 7 with this bluetooth set and found a driver updated and just had to roll it back and has been fine. So to avoid problems I went to regular wireless in the hopes to eliminate any issue. Well after using the new keyboard and mouse the mouse started to freeze and got progressively worse till it became unuseable. When it freezes the keyboard would stop as well but no disconect sound just freeze then come back. I figured bad desktop set so i put the bluetooth set back on and no problems. I put the other set on a laptop running XP and have been useing it without an issue all day so the set must be fine. I know My PC is way outdated but it actually runs 7 perfectly even with dreamscene on. My usb is the SiS 7001 controller and i've tried drivers new and old, switching ports, resyncing, new batteries, every power save option is off, still the same issue. Funny is that the bluetooth receiver requires 400mA of power and the regular wireless receiver says only 100mA, so it can't be a power issue. I'm lost, i got a brand new keyboard that i can't use. Any help is greatly appriciated.

Answer:Microsoft Wireless laser desktop 7000

Hello CuzzinChris, Welcome to the Forum.

If I understand your post correctly, there are 2 sets of wireless input devices involved here.

First you had a MS Bluetooth set. Then you replaced that with a MS wireless set. Is that correct?

If so, did you completely uninstall the old Bluetooth devices from the Device Manager before you disconnected them from the computer? This sounds a lot like conflicting drivers.

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I am new to this forum and please forgive me if i didn't do something by the rules.
Here is my problem, i'll try to be as concise as possible.

Just yesterday i bought Wireless Keyboard/Mouse (laser) combo from Sweex (product code KB225US).

After two hrs of work the mouse pointer stopped responding. This happened after i rebooted my machine because of system freeze while playing with keyboard costumisation and copying files into the external HDD . I recall killing two or three processes, don't remember which one.
Receiver works ok on whichever USB port i put it into.
Mouse buttons work ok
Keyboard works ok
Pointer reacts (a little) only when exposed to direct light.
Batteries are new

Went back to the store this morning for replacement but it worked fine on their newer comps that were for sale. But same problem occurred with two older comps at work this evening.

My actions wereSwitched USB ports several times
Swithced off WiFi/ changed channel (to prevent interference)
Driver uninstall/reinstall several times (from CD/website)
Mouse uninstall/install (device manager)
Uninstall Wacom Intuos3 Ddriver

Nothing worked

I am willing to fight to the death for this mouse
Please help me. Should i go safe mode or registry or whatever? Just don't tell me to format, i have so many softwares installed. However, no other mouse software.

WinXP Pro
Version 2002
AMD Athlon 64x2

Thanks in advance

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I am having problems with installing this mouse on Windows XP. I tried all the suggestions mentioned above by DAI and while the computer recognizes the new hardware, the mouse does not work.

My husband got it to work for a bit, but it stopped working again. Can anyone help me?


Answer:Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

check the batteries are ok
reinstall the drivers
reset the mouse with on the mouse reset button on the bottom of the mouse and on the receiver

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I have 3 computers (XP, Vista 32 bit, and a W7 64 bit). All have a Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000 Mouse and all work great.

Recently I purchased 2 new Laser 5000's through Amazon. One for a gift and one spare. When I tried installing the gift mouse on an XP machine, it didn't work. The light on the adapter was on but the mouse cursor didn't move. It's like no software is installed. I brought it back home and tried it on one of my computers that has a Laser 5000 already on it and still nothing. Then I opened the new spare mouse and it has the same problem.

I've uninstalled and installed the software several times. My old original Laser 5000 still works. I've tried drivers from the CD that came with it and also from the Microsoft Web site. I checked the batteries and they're good. I've pushed the reset buttons. Device Manager says the devices are working. My old original mouse will not work with either of the new adapters and neither of the new mice will work with my old original working adapter.

The new mice were manufactured 3 months apart so I find it highly unlikely that it's a bad batch and 2 new mice with exactly the same problem is also highly unusual.

I'm open to any suggestions. I've installed a lot of wireless mice and had no problems, but now, two at the same time makes me think I must be overlooking something.

Answer:Solved: Two new MS Wireless Laser Mice with the same problem?

Are they on the right channels? Press the button on the receiver, than the reset button on the mouse so it can detect the receiver's channel.

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Ok I am at my wit's end. Please can someone help me set up my printer! I have a Samsung ML-2525W wireless laser printer and I'm trying to set it up so that I can print wirelessly from multiple computers at home. I've spent over 2 hours so far without any luck, all the stuff I'm getting from Samsung is no help at all. Please help walk me through this setup! thank you.

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Dear Technical staff-member,

Can you help me out? I have read the forum on a few topics (if my english is not so good, i'm from Belgium, thats in Western-Europe) of removing a malware program with fixwareout and hijackthis. (the origin of the source is a bad download 'shoot em up' divx)
In that topic no hijackthis tool was mentioned so i downloaded a free trend micro hijackthis tool. I will submit you the logs of first the fixwareout, next the log of hijackthis.
If you could help me, i would really appreciate it.
So here it goes:

Username "Rob" - 16-10-2007 18:49:33 [Fixwareout edited 9/01/2007]

~~~~~ Prerun check
HKLM\SOFTWARE\~\Winlogon\ "System"="kdxnh.exe"

"nameserver"="" <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\syste... Read more

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HelloI have a W541 running Windows 7 (64bit). I've found 'Sierra Wireless GNSS Sensor EM7345 4G LTE' appearing with exclamation mark icon in the device manager. Lenovo solution center also shows it as disabled device. I have downloaded and installed latest driver (2.17.10870.4454). After installation the device seems fine in device manager but as soon as I restart the notebook the device appears again disabled in the device manager. I?ve just found in the README file the W541 is not listed as supported model by Windows 7. According to this file W541 is supported by W8 or W10 but unfortunately I?m not able to install any other OS on the laptop.Can I expect to have support for W541 with W7 in a future software release? ThanksZoltan

Answer:W541 Sierra wireless EM7345 GNSS Sensor

I'm having the same problem with my Sierra Wireless 7345 on a W550s running Windows 10. It came with the laptop, so I'm sure it's supposed to be compatibile. I think it's a driver compatibility problem. Unfortunately, I've just chalked it up to the "Windows/Lenovo" tax - some things work, others just don't. I've gotten no reponse from Lenovo.

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Here is my question, My roommate has a wireless network installed in the apartment we share. It is actually set up nicely, very rarely any problems getting on-line and browsing and such. The router is a Netgear WNDA 3700 and cable service is thru Comcast. I play a lot of on-line games and sometimes the connection will drop and I get a lot of lag and sometimes die (no fun). I was wondering if it is possible to run a Cat 5 cable from the back of the router straight to my computer, there is 1 connection available on the router, and If this is possible I want to make sure it won't interfere with him getting on the internet and doing whatever he does while I'm on-line. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

Answer:Solved: Wireless and Wired connection thru Wireless Router

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So i have a Linksys WRT110 when connected to it both wireless and wired i get "local only" both times. can anyone help me out?

Answer:Connected to Wireless router both wireless and wired no internet

Hi -

Is the system new?
Do you have an Internet Security app installed, e.g., NIS, N360, KIS, McAfee, etc. . .?

Regards. . .



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I have a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router, model WRT54G. I have a PC and a Mac hard-wired to the router, with a desktop and laptop PC wirelessly connected. Until this week, all has been well.

My hard-wired computers are having no issues. My wireless laptop PC is doing fine as well.

My wireless desktop PC will not connect through the router. The odd bit is that it will connect to the router. I can ping it and even get to the router's web interface to configure it from the wireless desktop. I don't understand what is happening, any tips of suggestions? I can't connect to anything past the router; Internet, other computers' shared resources...

Answer:HELP: Linksys Wireless Router, wired and wireless networking

Try giving it a static IP within the range of your network. sounds crazy but I had the same problem and that solved it for me. It would see my wireless and connect but i couldnt do anything with it. It would ping and see the router too.

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I have a Think Centre 8086-34 U.  We installed a new ASUS RT N56U wireless router in the house and the newer Lenovo laptops are doing well.  The older Think Centre connects to the router and the internet only via a cable.  It detects it and connects to it wirelessly but we do not have an internet connection.  I have also noticed that the laptops correctly identify the source as ASUS 5 G or 2G, the Think Centre does not.  It calls it an unidentified network. Goal is to get a wireless connection to the Internet, we have a wireless connection now but no internet.  Diagnostics state that  "The default gateway is not available"   What does this mean or more importantly how do i get an internet connection?  Could the computer be too old for this router? Thanks!

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Someone asked me about hooking up there xbox to the internet. Their home is wireless and the xbox is across the room. Is there something I can get that receives the wireless signal from the network then transmits it through the wire plugged into it? Basically, the opposite of a wireless access point. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Wireless network - need something that does wireless to wired for xbox

The device you want is called a wireless bridge; e.g., see

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Hey, I recently bought a Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2, and when I put the install CD in, it says it is not compatible with my version of windows which is Windows 7. So I went online to look for the software on Microsofts website, and I found it. So everything installed ok, and the mouse was working. Only problem is whenever I try to open the Control Panel for the mouse, to change my buttons or something, nothing happens. It shows a loading cursor and than stops. I've tried reinstalling the program, and I dunno whats wrong. Thanks.

Answer:Problem with Intellipoint Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0

why isn't anyone replying?

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Hello. I have a Samsung M2070FW that supports a wireless connection. This worked when I had Midco internet. I have since disconnected my internet service and use either my phone or my laptop at the library with free internet.

Since discontinuing my internet service I have a router which I use so my local devices such as my server, media center, laptop, desktop and Epson printer. These all work.

I have tried to connect the Samsung wirelessly to this "local" network (the router) but it either fails when trying the WPS or it fails when just trying to connect. The IP address seems to always be defaulting back to the one provided by Samsung no matter how I try to update it. I thought maybe it wasn't connecting because of that.

I've read an article on the web that mentions a setting to turn off, but that setting is only updateable via the web interface to the printer. I connected the printer to my laptop with a network cable and can see the printer on the network. I can http to it, but can't get the control panel page. It is acting like it needs to access the internet to download something to do this.

Does anyone know of any way to get to this setup web page locally when you don't have internet service?


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Hello all-

I bought this wireless bundle awhile ago from (woot link here, MS link here) and I'm trying to install it on my laptop.

So far it's a no go - I'm not getting any response out of either unit. I'm using a Dell Latitude D610 connected to a dock at work so I can use my monitor. The mouse connector on the wireless receiver goes to a USB connection, the keyboard connector goes to the older, standard purple connector on the dock.

When I plug the receiver in it turns on and it went through the add new hardware balloons in the system tray. When I try to turn the mouse or keyboard on, though, nothing seems to happen. I hit the connect button on the receiver, then on the mouse/keyboard and I don't seem to get any response. I installed the software for each device from the MS link posted above, turned the computer off, plugged the receiver in, rebooted and it still wouldn't work.

I'm using XP Pro SP2, everything else is pretty standard except for the fact that I'm using a docking station - could the dock be causing the problem? I tried installing the mouse when undocked (my laptop doesn't have the keyboard connection) but it still didn't work so I don't know if that's the issue.

Any suggestions or pointers? I'd really like to use this new combo instead my the crappy keyboard/mouse I'm on now. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answer:MS Wireless Laser 6000 Desktop Bundle not working


anybody have any clues?

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I'm used to periodic lapses when Windows forgets that I have a Bluetooth mouse & keyboard but today's behaviour was really weird.
Fortunately I keep a wired mouse and keyboard strategically hidden just in case.

I just booted into W7 and noticed on the log-on screen that the mouse was behaving erratically - would judder around the screen rather than glide.

Anyway I uninstalled it once I'd booted up and went to reinstall it. It worked but Windows asked for a restart. This had never ever happened before. It even asked for the WEI to be refreshed! I've checked and I can't see anything different driver-wise. I've gone through the motions of uninstalling/reinstalling mouse and keyboard dozens of times but never had this happen.

Comments anyone?

Answer:W7 Bizarre Behaviour w/Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

Have you updated anything lately? How about installing anything new?

Perhaps your mouse is running low on batteries?


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Does anyone know of a Wireless Print Server ( can be either USB, Parallel or both) that is compatible for a Minolta QMS 2300W Color laser printer.Have checked products made by Belkin, D-Link, and this particular model is not compatiblem with their wireless print servers.

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I ordered a new MS wireless laser mouse 5000 because after several yrs my old one went bad. Well, I have retained the MS wireless comfort keyboard 4000. Now, when I try to install software through CD MS intellipoint 6.3, I essentially have the following
msg.:  I'm told that that this cd is blocked because it is not compatible w/ windows 7. Another problem is that with the new mouse I can not type anything. This, of course, could be the result of not being able to install the CD that came w/ the mouse.
Now, I've tried about everything---all the downloads which  I could find, and apparently, I'm current w/ the software/drivers.  I just don't know what next to do; I'm not very experienced w/ these things.
Does anyone have any answers; those laser mice are expensive.

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I have one of these and every so often it the mouse pointer sticks for several seconds which is annoying when gaming etc. I've only had it a few months of which its been for the last 2 to 3.

I haven't got the software installed as I see no reason why it would prevent it sticking + sucks up system resources.

It does it both on my desk which is a plastic surface with a bubbly effect and a mouse mat, both clean.

Is there anything else which could be causing this or is it just due to wireless-ness?


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I ordered a new MS wireless laser mouse 5000 because after several yrs my old one went bad. Well, I have retained the MS wireless comfort keyboard 4000. Now, when I try to install software through CD MS intellipoint 6.3, I essentially have the following
msg.:  I'm told that that this cd is blocked because it is not compatible w/ windows 7. Another problem is that with the new mouse I can not type anything. This, of course, could be the result of not being able to install the CD that came w/ the mouse.
Now, I've tried about everything---all the downloads which  I could find, and apparently, I'm current w/ the software/drivers.  I just don't know what next to do; I'm not very experienced w/ these things.
Does anyone have any answers; those laser mice are expensive.

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Hello all,

I am having an issue here and I am not quite sure how to resolve it. I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 and I also have a wireless home network using a D-Link WBR-2310 wireless router. I am using Windows Vista, and when I am using the mouse with my computer and the wireless network enabled the mouse pointer moves very erratically and does not move smoothly at all. The computer is plugged in directly into the router with an ethernet cable, it is not using a wireless NIC card.

I am fairly certain this is from interference from the wireless router, i have tried different channels to see if I would get less interference but none of that seems to help any. There does not seem to be any settings for my mouse where i can choose what channel it is running on, it runs on Bluetooth. The wireless router is running 802.11g and as far as I know, this and Bluetooth both run at 2.4ghz.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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I just received an MX3200 keyboard/MX600 mouse combination and installed it on my Vista 32 machine. (I had previously used a no-name wireless combo that ultimately wore out.) I installed the latest Logitech drivers, made sure batteries were fresh, that it was properly connected. However, the mouse is not behaving properly. It acts like a regular roller ball mouse does when the ball is jammed or on the wrong surface--the cursor doesn't track the mouse motions. I have to repeatedly swipe the mouse on the pad to just get it to move a little. In fact, I had to turn my pad over (i have a stiff pad designed for laser/optical mice) to get even lousy responsiveness. I've tried the mouse on soft pads, on the table, on a piece of white paper, to no avail. I made sure the BIOS enabled USB mice. I"ve checked control panel settings, the logitech utility, but nothing there improves the situation. Any advice?

(I used my wired mouse to create this note).

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I have a new Packard Bell Imedia A5518 UK computer with AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor, 4.00.GB Ram, 32 bit Operating System, running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

I installed my Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Keyboard 5000 and Wireless Desktop Receiver 3.1, with a USB connection (a Xmas present from my wife!), instead of the wired mouse and keyboard which came with the computer. The wireless mouse works perfectly but the keyboard doesn't work at all. I have tried to find information of conflicts with Vista on Microsoft Maze, but no luck, although there are many, many other conflicts shown on their website. I have also looked for any updated drivers, again with no success.

I am having to use the wired keyboard and mouse, but want to use the wireless set if possible. I would be grateful if anyone resolve this problem for me.

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ERROR message on my Brother 2270-DW wireless laser printer. Previous actions included uninstall of driver with reinstall and configuration to my network.. Printer then functioned wirelessly, but again getting ERROR message. Any suggestions??

Answer:ERROR state on Brother 2270-DW Wireless Laser Printer

Printer dialog for this device merely says 'ERROR'. No code given. An email to Brother's solution center advised the action I previously took. Thought it was fixed but problem recurred.

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So I'm currently having an issue with my Wireless Laser 8000 (Bluetooth) and hoping someone here might have some insight on it as my googlefu is not getting any results and I really don't want to replace the mouse as I'm using it in combo with the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard and pretty much love this setup right now.

As of late my mouse has decided to basically throw itself in to sleep mode after about 3-5 seconds of no activity. This doesn't happen all the time but it's getting kind of insane as bringing it out of sleep causes some serious mouse lag and/or quite a bit of moving or a click to reactivate it.

Anyone with this mouse ever run in to a problem like this or in general? The keyboard isn't running in to any issues in regards to losing signal and/or sleeping and not kicking in right.

Unfortunately the Wireless Laser 8000 has been discontinued so I can't even get a proper replacement for it and have to get one of the new bluetrack mice, but none of them are rechargeable .

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Wireless Laser 8000 - Mouse sleeps after a couple of seconds

Frist thing comes to mind for me is; have you checked the battery status to see if it needs replaced. On rechargable batteries, there is a set number of recharges it can have and they do go bad from time to time. I would start there first, replace the battery. Here's a link to the mouse if you have not already checked it out.

Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

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formatted to no avail trying to solve this problem and found out unplugging this from the USB port made the Screensaver and all come on.

but I have yet to find a fix for it when it is plugged in, the HID Filter or whatever update did not fix this issue, if nothing else was probably responsible for it more then anything.

I even went into device manager power settings to disable them to wake up the computer and it didnt fix the problem either.

anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Screensaver dont come on with MS Wireless laser Mouse and Keyboard 5000

You could try taking the mouse batteries out. This will rule out that it is making tiny detections of movement even if unintended, while away. If the screensaver comes on, then you know it's doing this. Then, you can try lowering the dpi it uses, if it has that ability. Basically, test it out like this for a minute.

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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone has some suggestions for my new problem.

The problem:

My new Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 installs on my laptop the way any normal mouse should. I have since decided to use this new mouse on my desktop PC instead, which was successfully using a wired mouse. When plugging the new mouse in, the New Hardware Wizard could not install the mouse. On top of all this, when I reverted back to my old "wired" mouse, the wizard could not install this mouth either. Something has gone wrong and now I can't install any mice. I have tried all three mice that I own, and it seems that my computer is just having trouble installing mice in general. All the mice install fine on other computer.

-wizard says, "cannot install this hardware"
-mouse is listed in DEVICE MANAGER as "other device" with a yellow exclamation mark
-pointer arrow remains in the middle of screen, mouse doesn't work to move it around.
-USB ports work fine for my other USB devices. I've tried them all
-Microsoft Intellipoint software is up to date, installed and seemingly ok when I open it in control panel

Already done:
-tried replacing DRIVER.CAB from WinXP installation disc
-tried uninstalling the mouse in DEVICE MANAGER, unistalling Intellipoint, and starting the whole process over again.
-tried changing channels from the mouse to the receiver, but that isn't relevant to the problem anyways since I know the mouse w... Read more

Answer:Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 refuses to install... looking for suggestions.

Have you tried system restore?

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Components involved in network
Dell Dimension 3000 Tower OS Win XP SP 2
Dynex Wireless G Router
HP Laserjet 4050 TN
What I'm trying to do.

Get the wireless router to recognize the Laserjet and assign it an IP address though DCHP.
The laser jet was originally configured on a physical Net Gear Route, thus it has RJ45 ehternet connection. When I connect the laser jet, Dell PC and the Dynex Wireless Router. The wireless network works fine as far as a laptop accessing the network, BUT the router does not recognize the laserjet and does not assign it an ip address. The laser jet had an static address with its old configuration. How do I get the router's DHCP to recognize the laserjet and assigne it an IP address? Any ideas or ways to configure the Laserjet to accept an IP assignment or lease?

Answer:Solved: HP Laser Jet 4050 configuration with Dynex wireless G Router

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I am getting a color multifunction wireless laser printer primarily for a soon-to-be university student, although I am told submitted coursework is now paperless. I am not sure. Still, I might need one for resumes and job applications.
One that is the most economical on consumables, that is, toner: spend more on the printer, less on the consumables, right?
Color: I can do the screen-to-paper color calibration, if necessary
Multifunction: only really need the scanner, not so much the copier (which can be done by scanning and printing, right?) or the fax (21st century and all....maybe I should get JUST the printer, and buy a cheap scanner separately?
wireless: and it's probably not convenient to connect a Cat 5 UTP cable to a wireless router
if I am going to have the scanner, ought to have the document's really convenient
small footprint and not needing a crane to lift it would be nice too
doesn't need its own display...after all, it can be controlled through the desktop/laptop
speed not a factor

Answer:Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

Replying to my own post:

I found a Consumer Reports 2013 Buying Guide, and in the section on printers, they said to stay away from color lasers...that they were not ready for prime time.

So I went with a color inkjet.

Stay intellectually curious, my friends.

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I set up the printer (HL-2270DW) following all instructions. It is listed under Devices and Printers with my other printers, but not under Printers. I cannot set it as default printer in Devices and Printers.

When I go to printers -> add new printer -> wireless printer it is found, but it says installation failed when I try to install it. I got no errors following brother's instructions, can connect to the printer settings wirelessly but cannot print.

Any ideas?

Answer:Brother Wireless Laser Printer - Installed, connected but cannot print

Interestingly, I just found that my windows 8 tablet can see and print from it fine. I configured it from my windows 7 desktop though, and this is where the problems are happening.

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I recently replaced my old keyboard and mouse with this Microsoft system. I am having a problem with the volume control buttons on the keyboard not working. The Mute button works fine, as do all of the other Special function buttons. Pressing the Volume Control buttons does nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times. Trouble Shooting the system says everything is working properly. I have checked everything I can think of, but the problem persists. It does seem strange to me that the Mute Button works, but the Volume buttons don't. Can any one suggest something to check or a setting I may have missed? Or do you think I've got a bad keyboard that I need to take back for another one. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

BTW I am using Windows XP Professional.


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I found this site because this thread showed up in google search . This is what I'm having problem with.

So here is my situation. I got a ubee router down stairs. I'm in the attic on my gaming/workstation/media server. I have all the cables and equipment to run GigE but this house was built over a 100 years ago and running much cable wont be easy.My signal in the attic isnt great but its fair *according to windows. I used the ethernet port on my motherboard upstairs and my netgear GigE hub to make a small lan for my extra gaming computer and file server. Now when I did a bridge i thought the DHCP on the router would find and give ip's to the stuff upstairs "behind the bridge" but it didnt and manual forwarding was hit and miss. So I tried ICS but that didnt work either. Then I realized I had to change the router to hand out 192.168.1 address instead of 192.168.0 but when I retried thebridge that didnt work but the ICS did. The DNS was really slow for the computers behind the ics host. My main problems is I'm notliking the ICS firewall. Stuff "in front of the host" cant see services behind it and vice versa.

For example my server behind the ICS host (gettings its IP from the win7 host) is running a bf1942 dedicated server. Every thing upstairs thats on ICS including the host can see it and connect. But nothing downstairs regardless of the OS. Now if I... Read more

Answer:Win7 wireless bridge between wired and wireless

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what is the best way to network up a house with 2 wireless desktops and 1 wired desktop and 1 wireless laptop
need help fast

thanks laura

Answer:2 wireless desktops and 1 wired desktop and 1 wireless

linksys 54g wireless router, which can be used for the wired machine also.

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I generally don't have a need to network computers together. In fact if I do network in my home it will be for only one purpose and would prefer to have the network down 99.99% of the time.

I can run the lines needed to connect these two computers but wireless would be easier to get going.

I am just wondering if wireless is secure enough.

If I do connect two computers together I would want to set it up so I have a link on the desktop's where I can connect the network and disconnect it even if it requires me to hire out custom coding.

I guess what I am saying is would want the computers connected about once a week for a few minutes and then break the connection as easy as possible but also securely.

Answer:Wired vs Wireless network, is wireless safe.

I'm not sure about the others, but i have tried this and its safe.

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I am looking to add a wireless n router to my current network setup. I have looked T the small net builder link in the router sticky, but have a few specific questions. I will be using this to stream video to a WD TV Live Streaming device from a NAS that I am also working on building.

1. How important is it to have a Gb switch in the wireless router?

2. How important is the 5ghz radio?

Answer:Wireless router features

if you expect to get the full bandwidth from your wireless N device then you would need a 1Gbps switch otherwise you are limited to 100Mbps.

as for the importance of a 5ghz radio, depends on how many other devices are in your area. could be very important or it could not matter. if you have a lot of cordless phones in the 2.4Ghz range that would cause problems, 10+ other wireless devices all around your would cause issues....

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I need about 70 off small flyers intermittently.Too small a run for commercial print and content changes so would be high wastage if say 500 off.Old B/W laser on last legs.So:Purchase and Lasercolour print or Inkjet original and buy and run Laser colour copier??Regards........Tonbridge

Answer:Laser Printing v Laser Copying Costs

Weigh up the cost of quality over price. Will producing a good quality flier pay for the expensive colour laser printer? Or if just printed off a b/w printer do just as good a job?

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ok here is what i have.
main desk top is and has this
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 447 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 23954 MB;
Motherboard: First International Computer, Inc., AU31, PCB 1.x, C0E4B02720
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
it also has a belkin usbwifi
alltel 3g air card.

what i need help with is want to conect and share the internet and files this comp though a
linksys wrt54g2 router that is wired to the ps3 and a d-link hub.
the d-link hub is wire to 2 desk tops and a laptop and a hp printer.

where do i start for some reson i can only have ether my 2 desktops and my main on net or my ps3.
if ps3 is on and i want to start net on a comp i have to shut off ps3 and restart all comps what am i doing wrong

Answer:help networking 3 comps wired one wifi and a wired printer and a ps3 wired

lets see an ipconfig /all

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste

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As mentioned in the title, I've got a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 v2.0.
I want to assign a string of 14 characters (13 digits + 1 carriage return) to one of the 5 favorites buttons.
I wasn't able to find any direct of indrect way, so any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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A very specific issue, I can't seem to find any evidence of other people having this problem online.

The problem started a few weeks ago. When connected to the internet using a wireless connection, there are several things I am unable to do:

-Download/send emails on Outlook (I receive an error message:
Task '*****@*****.com - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0D) : 'Cannot find the e-mail server. Verify the server information in your account properties.')
-Connect to game servers (namely Tibia)
-Connect to online webcam servers e.g. chatroulette.

Connecting to webpages etc. is no problem at all. I'm assuming these issues are all related.

When I'm connected to the internet using a cable, I AM able to access these services. The problem only occurs when using a wireless connection. I have the same issue at home and at work.

I'm guessing the issue lies within my connection settings? This problem seemed to appear out of thin air, I don't recall changing any settings in my computer.

Some help would be much appreciated (I'm a tech noob, so might need instructions for dummies )

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I have three PCs that connect to my home network wireless and two others that connect wired through a hub. Periodically one of the wireless PCs will see the other wireless devices but not the wired ones. This morning I installed some Win 7 updates and after the restart my laptop can't see the wired devices. My wife's Win 7 laptop sees everything. So the problem is intermittent. I have fiddled with Advanced Settings in Network Sharing, such as turning Network Discovery off and back on again. I can't seem to find the silver bullet that will cure this problem when it occurs. Any help would be appreciated.

The hub is cabled off of my wireless router. The two PCs that are cabled to the hub are a laptop running XP and a Windows Home Server. I have one share on the WHS mapped and can access all files there. I can also map another share if I type in the server name, but can't browse for it.

Answer:Wireless laptop can see other wireless PCs but not wired ones

Hi tukatz,

What happens if you manually try and browse to the wired machines in explorer? For instance by typing \\<IP address>\<shared folder> into the address bar in Explorer?

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Still trying to get this network working right again. Everything, wired or wireless can see each other and connect to each other EXCEPT a Dell Mini 10 (w/ Windows 7 Starter). Now the Mini can see any other wireless laptop, but can't see or connect to a wired computer.

I can get the IP address on the mini and ping it from any wired computer and get a timeout. If you ping it with the computer name, it gives path not found error.

Running Windows Firewall and MSE AV. Checked all the advanced setting, tried all the IPV6 fixes, double checked all the sharing settings. VTW, the other wireless laptop (Vista Prem) can see the wired computers.

Anyone know why it would see anotehr wireless computer, but not the wired ones? I keep thinking something in Windows 7 Starter is the culprit, but that is what came on it.

Answer:Wireless sees Wireless, does not see Wired

Quote: Originally Posted by dnelms

Still trying to get this network working right again. Everything, wired or wireless can see each other and connect to each other EXCEPT a Dell Mini 10 (w/ Windows 7 Starter). Now the Mini can see any other wireless laptop, but can't see or connect to a wired computer.

I can get the IP address on the mini and ping it from any wired computer and get a timeout. If you ping it with the computer name, it gives path not found error.

Running Windows Firewall and MSE AV. Checked all the advanced setting, tried all the IPV6 fixes, double checked all the sharing settings. VTW, the other wireless laptop (Vista Prem) can see the wired computers.

Anyone know why it would see anotehr wireless computer, but not the wired ones? I keep thinking something in Windows 7 Starter is the culprit, but that is what came on it.

Are the IP's assigned from the router? Not static IP?
Are you using homegroup?

Ken J

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I got my thinkpad W530 yesterday, and found it had no color sensor. A lady in technical support department told me W530 should have the color sensor. But when I called the Lenovo Sales Department, I was told W520 has the color sensor, but W530 does not. Will the color sensor be important  when color calibration is being done?Any input is greatly appreciated.

Answer:W530 has no color sensor. Is the sensor very useful?

It is useful, especially if you use your computer for Photoshop, etc.  You can also buy an external color sensor. More at: PS: Some W530 models will have the"Pantone® color calibrator by X-Rite® color calibration sensor in palm rest, LED indicator"

_______________________________________________________________________W520 4270CTO i7-2820QM Quadro2000M 1920x1080 Display 16GB RAM 2x240GB Intel 510 SSDs (RAID 0) - BIOS 1.42 - PCMark7:4,568Samsung Series 9 15-inch NP900X4C-A03US - PCMark7: 4674

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I have tried a few different windows images, windows troubleshooting feature, and the latest versions of the drivers.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, disabling and re-enabling, re-imaging, updating windows. None have had the effect of actually making it work. I'm running win 10.0.10240, on dell latitude 5285 and 5289. This is affecting the entire Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver and all the included sensors, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope GPS and ambient light.

hardware id: HID\Vid_8087&Pid_0AC2
I would like to resolve this so that we can order tablets and have them work right in our org.

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hey guys first of all i know this may not make sence but. im gona ask anyways. i was looking at a pc with both wireless internet and and a wired connectiong going at the same time. but the internet creeps and times out. if you disable wireless it seems to work fine.

doe that make sence. with the two types enabled would they conflict.. never really heard anything about it on if it would or wouldnt but i figured id ask.

Answer:wired and wireless on pc

Are they connected to the same Internet source or different networks?

Let's see this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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