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Vostro 1510 Touchpad/Trackpad Freezes Randomly

Question: Vostro 1510 Touchpad/Trackpad Freezes Randomly

I could really use some help with this. I've searched all over the net and there isn't a real solution to this. Most threads are closed or never answered. I have a Dell Vostro 1510 and everything works fine but when doing things fast or under high cpu load my trackpad locks up for a second and if I try to keep using it it will trail slowly until I stop for a second then go and it works again. Something is temporarily locking it up and it can be very annoying during some things.

It is a Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. Using "device driver update" produced no new hardware that matched better than what I have currently. The funny thing I noticed is the device drivers for my model on Dell doesn't match what I have..

None of those 3 under Keyboard/Mouse match what I have. Or do they? I matched the synaptic version and it didn't match anything there. Here is a list of my shipped system specs:

System Summary

Service Tag: 8NWXPJ1 Change Service Tag
System Type: Vostro Notebook 1510
Ship Date: 6/13/2009
Country: United States
Quantity Parts # Part Description

1 F926D Processor, T5670, 1.8, 2MB, 2C Core Merom, M0
1 UY685 Cord, Power, 125V, 2.5A, 1M, C5 Dual, United States
1 F723F GUIDE..., 1510/11, VOSN, ENGLAND/ENGLISH...
1 J483C Keyboard, 84, EN-US, Single Pointing, TS S/M
1 G565C Assembly, Compact Disk Read Write/Digital Video Disk DriveCombo, 24, Ide, Teac, TSSM
1 JX185 Assembly, Camera, 1.3M, Liteon Tsingma
1 G841F HARD DRIVE..., 160GB, S2, 9.5, 5.4K, SGT-CRKT
2 PP102 Dual In-Line Memory Module, 1G 800, 128X64, 8, 200, 1GBIT
1 F681N Assembly, Palmrest, Plastic W/FPR, 6L, TSM
1 J481C Bezel, Liquid Crystal Display Plastic, W/CMRA, TS M
1 JR356 Card, Wireless, Minicard, DW1395 4312BG
1 J229H KIT..., Software, VB32SP1A, Digital Video Disk Drive, Multiple, 5
1 K123H Kit, Software, Powerdvd, 8.1-00 Digital Video Disk Drive
1 K160T Kit, Software, Overpack, WXPPSP3 Compact Diskette W/documentation, english
1 N629D Assembly, Cable, Optical Device Drive, Flexible Printed Circuit, TS S/M
1 G914C Assembly, Base, Discrete, 1510
1 J359C Bracket, Support, Metal, Liquid Crystal Display, R, 1510/1511
1 G852C Assembly, Cover, Back, 15.4LCD 1510/1511
1 R335D Assembly, Cable, Camera 1510/1511
1 G932C Assembly, Cover, Hinge, Plastic 1510
1 H026G Kit, Software, Roxio, Creator 9.0-01, Business
1 J456C Assembly, Heatsink, Notebook Discrete, 1510
1 MT362 Card, Wireless, Bluetooth, 360, 2.1, Storage Processor, World Wide
1 P864X ASSEMBLY..., BATTERY..., PRIMARY..., 2.2, 6C, SONY..., VOS
1 DF315 Assembly, Adapter, Alternating Current, 90W, Mobile 2007 Liteon, 3PIN
1 J358C Bracket, Support, Metal, Liquid Crystal Display, L, 1510/1511
1 J502C Assembly, Cable, Liquid Crystal Display, 1510/1511
1 T635C Liquid Crystal Display 15.4WXGA, LG PHILIPS LCD..., 1510/1511
4 M457D Bumper, Liquid Crystal Display Rubber, TSINGMA S/M
2 M458D Cover, Screw, Liquid Crystal Display, Mylar, TSINGMA
1 T859C Assembly, Cable, Bluetooth 1510/1511

It doesn't happen all the time but it always happens at the worst times which is why I would like to fix it.

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Preferred Solution: Vostro 1510 Touchpad/Trackpad Freezes Randomly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Vostro 1510 Touchpad/Trackpad Freezes Randomly

Ran the Dell diagnostics and using the symptom tree I ran the 2 tests that fit this issue (I guess it's a real common problem for it to be standard in the system tree) and it didn't detect any errors/issues. All passed. By the way, to clarify what I meant by High CPU Load I was speaking of the cylinder light on the keyboard dash. I think that's actually for the HDD not CPU. So again it seems to happen when the hdd is already under load.

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my dell vostro 1510 is new with built in vista. the problem is it freezes after start up note. any solution excent re installing windows?? don't want to lose my data.
plx help

Answer:vista on vostro 1510 freezes after welcome note

Same in safe mode?

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I've been having an issue with my X270 laptop since I bought it. The laptop is running Windows 10. What happens is randomly (this can take weeks, or days) the trackpad and pointing stick completely stops working. The only solution is to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them using an external mouse. I've tried various versions of the drivers, including the latest, and it still continues to happen. Any solutions to fix this?

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Touchpad on Dell Vostro 1015 keeps freezing. Running windows 7 professional.
When the touchpad freezes if i press the pg up or pg dn buttons the touchpad works but for only about 10 seconds and then it freezes again.

Answer:Touchpad freezes on dell vostro 1015

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hello, can someone check out my hijack this log and see what my next step should be: I'm cautiously trying to get my son's laptop (vostro 1510 with win XP) back from a state where only safe mode would work, it froze up at the log-in page. Once I removed the password in safe mode, I got to the desktop but it froze up. By starting in diagnostic start-up, I gradually moved up to selective start-up where I am now (unchecked all programs except for bitdefender total security and all microsoft services). In between all that, I got numerous blue screens (they all had different tech info i.e. 0x0000007a or 8e or f4 or 77 or 7f; a couple had "kernel data inpage error" or "kernel stack inpage error" and the last couple didn't refer to any kernel error), and frozen state always happened when the power shut down after standing idle (I then changed power option to monitor never turning off). I also managed to get it scanned for viruses and spyware using bitdefender, got all that off, I think............ lots of it ! and ran the bitdefender registry cleaner. Right now in the selective startup, nothing is freezing.

hope something obvious shows up here.....thanks for any help.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:46:17 AM, on 2/14/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDO... Read more

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I want to upgrade the CPU of my Vostro 1510, it now has an Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 (1.8GHz). I would like to know what's the best CPU for this laptop, can you tell me? ( I don't know the exact motherboard model)
Also, the laptop has 3GB of RAM,  I would like to know if it will support 4GB of RAM with another CPU? and if it's possibe to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bits ( it has Windows 7 32 bits)

Thank you very much!

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ok would someone please help me, i have a dell Vostro 1510 laptop. Awhile back i downloaded antivirus thinking it would help my computer, come to find out, it destroyed it. After the Antivirus was downloaded, my computer crashed. I couldnt get it to stay on for longer than 2 minutes. Just now i got it to stay on, its been on for almost an hour. The problem is, i dont have a start menu or anything but my background from before. The internet is completely not working either. it is telling me i need to do stuff with my proxy settings? I need a HTTP: a Secure: a FTP: and a Socks: and also with these four things i need a Port for each of them. You must know i know nothing about computers. i really want to fix it though. could someone please help me if anyone knows what is going on with my laptop??? it would really be appreciated!
Thanks so much, Samantha Jo!

Answer:Help with Dell Vostro 1510


Can you try booting into Safe Mode. To get into the Safe mode, as the computer is booting press and hold your "F8 Key" which should bring up the "Windows Options Menu". Use your arrow keys to move to "Safe Mode" and press your Enter key.

This will hopefully bootup into windows with the START menu available amongst other things.

Then I want you to try a Windows System Restore. You did not mention what operating system is running on the Dell laptop. Assuming it is Windows XP try the following:

To use System Restore to restore Windows XP to a previous state, follow these steps:

Log on to Windows as an administrator.
Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Restore.
Collapse this imageExpand this image
On the Welcome to System Restore page, click to select the Restore my computer to an earlier time option, and then click Next.
Collapse this imageExpand this image
On the Select a Restore Point page, click the most recent system restore point in the On this list, click a restore point list, and then click Next.
Note A System Restore message may appear that lists configuration changes that System Restore will make. Click OK.
Collapse this imageExpand this image
On the Confirm Restore Point Selection page, click Next. System Restore restores the previous Windows XP configuration, and then restarts the computer.
Log on to the computer as an Administrator. Then click OK on the Sys... Read more

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I have a Dell Vostro 1510 which came with Vista Home Basic which SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS i want to use a Dell Branded Win 7 Pro 32bit Reinstall Disk to put a clean install of Win 7 Pro on it dell only has the xp and vista drivers on the site will the Pista i mean vista drivers work for win 7 pro install

Answer:Help Installing Win 7 Pro on a Vostro 1510

In most cases the vista drivers will work. But the Dell Branded Win 7 Pro 32bit Reinstall Disk may not work since it's an OEM and can only be used on it's origninal computer. You may need to get a retail copy of Win 7.


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Question: DELL Vostro 1510


Today my laptop was froze I tried to press power button to shut it off but it wasn't working so I removed the battery from the back. Now its not turning on. Can any one please help me out here. Thank You.

Answer:DELL Vostro 1510

When you tried to restart it after removing the battery, did you do so with the battery back in. If you did, try removing the battery and starting it with AC (wall) power only. Also, are you getting any kind of action whatsoever (lights, screen flicker, etc...) before of after you press the power button?

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I'm looking for a new notebook to replace my Inspiron E1505. I'd like under $600 (preferably under $500), for light use (word processing, excel, movies, some file converting). Will mostly stay at home, but does travel from time to time (prefer 14" over 15") I've narrowed it down to the Y430 against Dell's Vostro 1510.  Y430 @ $518 shippedDual Core T3400 processor 2.16GHz (667MHz 1MB)2GB DDR3 (1066MHz memory)320GB 5400rpm storage5.2 lbs Vostro 1510 @ $528 shippedCore 2 Duo T5670 processor 1.8GHz (800MHz 2MB)3GB DDR2 (667MHz memory)250GB 5400rpm storage5.7 lbsDell V305 Printer (Could use in a year or two when I move, or sell on ebay for ~$40) All other specs are the same: X3100 graphics card, 6 cell battery (I could swap the printer for a 9cell on the vostro), DVD RW  At this point I'm waiting for the Y430's price to drop as the new model (Y450) will be realeased in a few weeks. Will the price drop further than the current 15% off? Is the Vostro at this price that great of a deal?  Thanks    

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hi everybody.
i have vostro 1510 laptop with 4gb ram, in that case i install vista 64bit.
but in notebook, there are drivers only for vista 32bit.
can someone help me, to dowloading drivers that work on vista 64bit ?

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I have a Dell Vostro 1510 which came with Vista Home Basic which SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS i want to use a Dell Branded Win 7 Pro 32bit Reinstall Disk to put a clean install of Win 7 Pro on it dell only has the xp and vista drivers on the site will the Pista i mean vista drivers work for win 7 pro install

Answer:Help Installing Win 7 Pro on a Vostro 1510

According to my searches on the internet Vista drivers will work because essentially Windows 7 is a better version of Vista. See here

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Good evening, Every now and then, after using the laptop for a while, or getting it from sleep mode, the touchpad simply quits working as it should. Clicking by simply tapping the pad stops working, and clicking by really pushing in the trackpad itself will only activate either right or left click. Sometimes it even quits working at all. After rebooting the device the issues will be over, which makes me think it is some sort of a software issue. Also every now and then, while working in my student room, my laptop loses its internet connection. While there are many Wi-Fi signals in my student room-complex, it can't detect any of them. Then, after waiting for some time and rebooting the device once or twice, the connection will get restored, and all the other signals are back as well. Both issues aren't very huge, yet very annoying when working on a paper or so. Especially since I bought the laptop a little longer then two months ago, assuming due to it's price and the ThinkPad?s reputation (being able to stop a bullet and yet still work) this is a huge disappointment Anyone who has a solution for me for either one of these problems?Thanks!  

Answer:Lenovo W540 randomly loses Wifi connections and its trackpad/touchpad often doesn't work

I have also noticed some wifi problems on the W540. I have the Intel AC7260, and occassionally, it stops working - reporting a driver problem. When this happens, it is not working at all and cannot scan for available wifi networks - exactly like you report. However, if I do a quick uninstall and scan for hardware changes within device manager, normal operation is restored, without having to reboot repeatedly. After a while, it will stop working again - this is not too frequent, however. I assume it is a dirver problem.

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I've got the Dell Vostro 1510 laptop and I'm having a nightmare trying to switch on the webcam I've tried everything possible but no luck. I'm trying to launch it for Skype.
Any suggetions?

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 no Webcan

What happens when you go to Skype, Tools, Options, Video Settings?

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Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop upgraded from vista to win 7 and win 7 only worked one time. Goes from windows starting to black screen. The cursor shows on screen. Will not boot from Windows 7 disk. Opening in safe mode results in black screen. Any ideas how to fix this?

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop

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Hi guys!!!!
I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop & when it boots up it goes to the windows screen with the bar going from left to right, then it comes up with the blue screen saying" The image kernel32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum".
Then that's it, i turn it off & all happens again.
I've tried to change the boot to CDrom to re-install windows but keeps coming up with this!
Any ideas please.... thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 not booting up

You can try to copy kernel32.dll from the ...\system32\dllcache directory to ...\system32 from the Recovery Console.

If this does not help try to copy kernel32.dll from e.g. a Service Pack CD or something to the ...\system32 directory.

Can you boot into safe mode?

You either changed the boot options in the BIOS...or you didn't...if you changed them and could not boot from the optical drive...let us know. There is no reason for that error message to show when booting from an optical drive.


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xp is not boot. if xp bootablecd is boot, then partition not detected.......please help me.....and me solution on........ [email protected] You,.....,

Answer:how to install xp on laptop vostro 1510

Note that private correspondence is not entered into on this forum. Any help given here may also be useful to someone else.You should never post your email address on a public forum unless you don't mind a lot of spam. In any event your address is incorrectly spelled.Finally you should provide full details of your problem and this link may help:

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I'm writing this post from my iPod. My Dell vostro 1510 will not boot any longer. I have been having problems with random black/random lines on screen requiring a forced shutdown. My battery has also been having problems for a long time. Now when I press the power button I hear the standard noise (hard drive?) and the hard drive icon lights up, afterwards the drive icon disappears, the num lock icon is blinking and the caps lock/scroll lock icons are solid. Nothing shows up (no bios). My research concluded that this is possibly a motherboard problem. I already tried removing the battery, unplugging he laptop and holding the power button (suggested on a couple of forums).

EDIT: I got the laptop to boot. I haven't done anything to the computer yet but I am backing up immediately since I was able to boot to Windows.

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 won't boot

Do you have the same results when you try starting in safe mode?

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Dell Vostro 1510, does not boot??
hey folks.. my vostro 1510 is not booting .. i can see my windows XP boot screen, rite then a blue screen shows up, n system restarts.. i tried to log in through safe mode, pressing f8, tried all options in that, none worked.. i tried to repair through a XP SP2 boot CD, but after it asks "press any key to boot thro CD.." i press "enter" then it shows hardware configuration n all.. then thats it.. the screen is blank n shows nothing.. pls can ANYONE TELL ME WHATS THE PROBLEM?? i have mandriva as another boot .. i can boot in to that, but not into XP..

i even tried to boot through different boot CDs.. none worked.. just shows blank screen after i press key any to boot from CD.. any other option..?

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510, does not boot??

What's the error message on the blue screen?

Do you have restore/recovery CD?

You have a Microsoft XP SP2 CD? Or do you have a disk provided by Dell for installing XP SP2?

Attempting to use CDs which were made for other systems...will usually prove unsatisfactory.


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Our Vostro 1510 looks like it's powered up, minus any display.  The power light is on, as well as the CAPS lock light, scroll lock light, and the NUM lock light is flashing.  I can't seem to find anything that explains what that light configuration is telling me.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Vostro 1510 flashing num lock light

My sister-in-law has the same exact symptoms on her Vostro 1510.  The charging cable is not providing power to the laptop or charging the battery, so it won't boot.  From the research I've done, it could be a bad motherboard, power interface where the cable plugs in, and many others.  I'm hoping someone has had this diagnosed and fixed, and care share the solution with us.

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I am trouble shooting my son's machine.

He has indicated that it actually locks up when it is overheating, usually while watching movies on it.

He has been using it on a board to keep the back off of soft surfaces.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3062 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228434 MB, Free - 181969 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0M277C
Antivirus: Trend Micro Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled​
I am trying to see what we can do to reduce the chance of overheating and killing the CPU.

Mike Elia

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 laptop running hot

There is an opening, most likely on the back, where air is exhausted by the CPU fan after being passed over a heat sink (or maybe it's pulled in over the heat sink, I forget which). If that heat sink gets clogged with dust it will cause overheating. You can download the instructions for disassembling the laptop from Dell (use the service tag number) and getting to that heat sink, it's not very difficult. Some older Dells are known for this, although I haven't seen it in their more recent models. But it won't cost you anything to try this.

Note: before you do this, make sure the opening itself is clear although I suspect you have probably already checked that.

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have 3 yo dell vostro 1510,completely erased hard drive, installed windows XP w/o problem;trying to install drivers and utilities-error message says cannot support format?? How can I install drivers,etc?

Answer:unable to install drivers on vostro 1510

Did you download the correct drivers from Dell?

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     Hi dear all,
  Recently my little son changed my old laptop BIOS password so i can't login to it.
  i already copied my data from hard drive inserting to another pc .So main problem is resolved(huh).
 But I just want to use my laptop too.
  Pls help me
 Thank you in advance.

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Hello all,I am hoping someone can help.  I have a Dell laptop that will not boot up.  This is the message that I get.A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.  UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUMEIf this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer.  If this screen appears again, follow these steps:Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed.  If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software mfg. for any windows updates you might need.If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software.  Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.  If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode.Technical information:STOP: oxooooooED  (ox89B19658,0x00000000,0x0000000)I am not able to start in safe mode.  It keeps coming back to the message above.I am running Windows XPAnybody have any ideas?

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop problem

are you sure you have everything plugged in correctly you can have some things in backwardsI never heard of anything like this before i don't see why they wouldn't let you bypass this at your own riskmaybe it's a virusi never seen my computer tell me so much before on how to fix a problemit will just show me the problem error when i start it

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My friend has a Dell Vostro 1510 i recently formatted it to install windows 7 but when trying to boot from DVD/USB laptop stucks at the screen with white cursor blinking.I get "Press any key to boot from DVD/CD"than after doing so the above problem appears.I checked the DVD and USB and both of them are booting other laptops but not in Vostro 1510.the strange thing is, the laptop boots all distros of Linux but windwos.I tried Windows XP,Windows 7 & windows 8.1 but all of them are stuck at black screen and blinking cursor.Mine while i installed ubuntu in laptop and its working with no problem but my friend is not at all familiar with linux UI.I have no idea why all the version of windows are having this problem, maybe bad BIOS?Thanks!!Why be born again when you can just grow up?message edited by manthan

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 not booting windows.

Nicely explained manthan.As you seem to know your way around comps, I would one way or another remove all the partitions without using Linux.Then format to NTFS.

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I recently had to re install Vista on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop. I followed the process as setout on the dell support site i.e
Install OS
Notebook System Software (NSS)
Intel Chipset
Video Card
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Sound Card
Wireless Network Card
All works fine apart from the fact that the audio hardware is not recognised and consequently there is no sound.

There is nothing in the phoenix bios to disable / enable sound and I have looked on the www to see if there is anything there that can help but to no avail.

It's no the case of check cables its more the case of somehow the onboard card has been disabled.

Any thoughts from the online guru's

Answer:No audio Hardware found on Vostro 1510

Go into the Device Manager and advise what's listed in these headings:

Other Devices (if this heading is present)

Sound Video And Game Controllers


What's the 7-character service tag number on the sticker?


It possibly has Realtek ALC268 High Definition Audio.

If that's what it has, here is the most current driver( for Windows Vista/7.

Download and save the driver, then close all open windows, then install the driver, then restart the computer, then install the driver again, then restart the computer again.


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HI. Im looking to get a laptop and have decided to get either a Dell inspiron or Vostro (in small business section of site.) Basically I've run into this snag:

Do I get the inspiron with integrated graphics (intel X3100), or the vostro with nvidia 8400M 256mb.

At first it seems like an obvious choice to take the nvidia, but reading through some stuff im now not sure how much of an advantage it would be. I can get fairly similar spec for everything else on each, although if i get vostro i can get 3Gb ram same price. Here are the main specs, both laptops at roughly the same price

Inspiron: 449

Core 2 duo T5550 1.83GHz processor (667MHz bus, 2MB cache)
2Gb DDR2 ram
250 Gb Hard drive
15.4" widescreen with true life and integrated webcam
Intergrated graphics (X3100 i think)


Vostro: 469

Core 2 duo T5670 1.8GHz processor (800MHz bus, 2MB cache)
3Gb DDR2 ram
250 Gb Hard drive
15.4" widescreen
256 Mb Nvidia 8400M GS (64 bit) graphics

So Basically, vostro has superior graphics (i think??), and for only 20 more I can get an extra 1Gb ram, at expense of webcam and truelife.

What do you think?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1525 or Vostro 1510?

I would go for the vostro

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Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help. I have a Dell laptop that will not boot up. This is the message that I get.

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME

If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software mfg. for any windows updates you might need.

If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press f8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode.

Technical information:

STOP: oxooooooED (ox89B19658,0x00000000,0x0000000)
I am not able to start in safe mode. It keeps coming back to the message above.

I am running Windows XP

Anybody have any ideas?

Answer:Problem with Dell Vostro 1510 Laptop

Hi .Take a look at Unmountable Boot Volume - normal fix for this is to run the chkdsk /r command (or equivalent).To run the equivalent:Go to Explorer view, right-click the partition/drive in Properties.Click on Tools tab...push Check Now button (Error checking).Select both options (automatically fix and scan for) and click Start/Enter.A screen will open and inform you that chkdsk cannot be run now, etc...type Y and hit Enter.Reboot the system, command will execute. The system will boot into XP when command has completed.Louis

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Howdy all,
I have a laptop - Vostro 1510 purchased 21 Sep '08  - which is affected by the NVIDIA GPU problem Lionel has posted about multiple times - most recently here. The symptoms describe are a perfect match for what I've experienced. The laptop still starts up and runs just without any of the convenience of being able to see I'm doing, ie. no video.I originally purchased the laptop in Australia but now live in the UK and have done an International Ownership Transfer with no problems.However when I contact Dell here in the UK the only department I end up speaking to is the "Out Of Warranty" department as my service tag immediately identifies my laptop as out of warranty - was 1Yr NBD.No one in the warranty departments seems to be aware of the NVIDIA GPU issue or willing to acknowledgment it even exists stating that I can pay for an out of warranty repair, that' it, end of discussion.I have also tried contacting Lionel both via these forums and email but have not had a response to either.
Can anybody here offer some advice possibly there own experience if they have suffered the same problem or who I can contact at Dell in the UK and how?

Answer:Vostro 1510 Failed NVIDIA GPU Warranty?

If you would like to PM me some more information (service tag, contact information, etc) I'll see if I can get your information to the correct group.  I must have the case number where you were told you were not eligible for support though.

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Hi Guys

I have a user who just upgraded his windows operating system to Windows 7 from Vista.

Everything is working fine, except his Graphics drivers for Windows 7 doesn't work.

I've checked drivers on Dell website but id cannot find anything and now the user cannot use external screen.

please advice which drivers i can install to fix the problem.


Answer:VGA drivers-Dell Vostro 1510 win7

If it is an Intel Graphics chip

32bit drivers
64 bit

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i am a novice when it comes to computers. my dell laptop vostro 1510 while booting black screen says corrupted windows or missing file, repair it. so i gave to a comp guy to format it, he put xp sp3, while initially it was xp sp2. and it worked for 5 years with out any problem, but since i formatted it from this guy.. it is hanging a lot.. and microsoft silverlight is not getting installed. and now again the same while booting it says OS corrupted or missing.
i have taken a windows xp sp2 from my friend, and i wanna format it myself can anybody tell me step by step how to format it.. cause i dont know absolutely anything.
i got this cd with my laptop 'FreeDOS operating System ,Install CD and Source Code'. what is this for..?
would really love it, if anyone of u computer genius help me out..

Answer:[SOLVED] how to format dell vostro 1510.

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here:


This is a site that walks you thru a simulated XP installation:

This is a good guide to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print it for reference during the install.

XP Clean Install

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hello everyone i`m new on here looking for advice and help with a problem iv`e got with my laptop iv`e got a dell vostro 1510 but im wanting to a full reinstall with vista 32bit but i don`t have the disks for it ive contacted dell but got no where .
ive tryed doing all dells ways of reinstall image restore system restore etc but didnt work ive got the coa number on the laptop im just looking to do a full reinstall but windows don`t let you download vista anymore does anyone know where i can get dell disks from or how i could go about downloading vista or getting it from somewhere to do a restore thanks .

Answer:need help reinstall vista into dell laptop vostro 1510

You can download windows vista legally from HERE ( originally from Digital River ) and then follow the instruction to create a bootable DVD. You need your own license key to activate it.

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I used Crucial PC26400-800 2gb & Elpida PC2-6400-666 2gb modules, Vostro 1510, A15 bios
I did the following:
1. Extracted old 1GB RAM from both banks.
2. Inserted new memory to both banks.
3. Turn on computer.
4.  After i rebooted the display was black and Lock leds were blinking. Num Lock fast blinking, Scroll and Caps Lock where solid green.
5. Computer didn't boot up.
6. Tried each new module by itself, tried 1 old module and 1 new module, same result, tried every combination of modules & banks
7. Confirmed with Crucial that the memory module was indeed compatible.  CT2566AC800.M16FM
8. Tried unsuccessfully to contact Dell Tech support to verify the exact parameters for the memory as the Dell Claimed Support of 4GB for this model is in question! [ got the big run around from support ]
9. All Memory works fine in a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

Answer:Dell Vostro 1510 memory upgrade issues

Blinking num/solid caps+scroll lock is a processor initialization error.
Did you do this with the battery removed and the system unplugged?
Unplug, remove battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the CPU.  
Then try the RAM again.
If you still can't get the system to power up correctly, chances are the system board is fried.

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This started a couple weeks ago: All the time, the lights on the stop, reverse and pause/go buttons blink... mostly it is the stop button.

If I try to play a you tube, it stops and starts the you tube many times a second, making it impossible to watch the you tube.

If I open I tunes, it gets weirder: it is impossible to play a song. the cursor seems to jump from song to song and highlights different columns

I have run PC Tools registry Mechanic and have a current version of PC Tools Spyware Dr. I have also done a "disk clean up". I tried uninstalling Itunes and reinstalling.

I hope someone can help.

Answer:dell vostro 1510 video stop and start

My guess is the buttons have gone bad and it is not a software problem.

It looks like Ubuntu recognizes the media buttons. You could try downloading Ubuntu as a Live CD or use a program to create a Live USB from the Ubuntu iso file. Then you could run Ubuntu off the CD or USB and see if you can reproduce the problem with the media buttons flashing. If they still flash then you know the button hardware has gone bad. [You don't want to Install Ubuntu you are just running the Operating System off the CD or USB for testing purposes]

If you determine the buttons have gone bad it looks like the part is not that expensive. It is a matter of whether or not you feel competent to try to replace it.

Maybe someone else has another idea that could be helpful for troubleshooting.

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I have a DELL vostro 1510 with 6 cell battery. the battery needs a replacement now cos it is dead and i want a 9cell battery . i visited dell website to get an OEM battery but it is too expensive for me. At ebay however, i found many sellers with cheaper prices (a third of original dell) and 1-3 years warranty which i can afford but they are replacement batteries and i am not sure if they are good and they can last long. Anyone with any advise and specific one to buy on ebay. help is needed urgently!!!

Answer:URGENT!!! buying a 9 cell battery forDELL vostro 1510

I would rather trust Amazon. dell vostro 1510 battery

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Hi all,
i have a dell vostro 1510 and when i turn it on it doesnt start up and the blue lock symbol with the no9 in it above the keypad is flashing rapidly and the other two lock symbols beside it are also lit up.Thats as far as it goes i have a black screen and nothing works...does anybody know what the problem is,if so please help.
Thank you

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Hey all,

So my girlfriends laptop is rather incompetent and decides to not open up any recently installed programs. All older programs that were on the computer work fine. I have tried un/re install of all programs mulitple times, tried system restore quite a few times as well, and nothing seem to work. The laptop has only had one other problem as well, were a CD was stuck in the dvd drive, causing the laptop to constantly try and read the disc.

How can I fix this problem of the programs?

Answer:Windows Vista home Premium/ Dell vostro 1510

Hi try using a paper clip to open the drive ther is usually a small hole right of the drive that you can insert the straightend paper clip into,which programs are you try to use or install

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Hi people,
I hope to find some expert advice here from you.

I have a Dell Vostro 1510. Two weeks ago my sound card Realtek ALC268 stopped working. I have been trying to find a solution ever since.

I think it is this sound card: Realtek ALC268 as that is the driver that was on the Cd-rom provide with purchase.
I have tried:
- to reinstall the drivers from the reinstall CD-rom and from the Dell website.
- to reinstall Vista home basic
- to reinstall the laptop to dell factory settings.
- my device manager doesn't even find the sound card.
- I have tried several simular programs, none seem to find the card.
- Diagnostics doesn't find it either.

What can I do?
I assume it is a sound card on the motherboard?
I am not prepared to buy a entire new motherboard, so any other solutions I'm happy to hear from you!


Answer:Sound card problem: Dell Vostro 1510 with Realtek ALC268

I discovered Everest. It sais:

[ On-Board Devices / Realtek HDA-00 ]

On-Board Device Properties:
Description Realtek HDA-00
Type Sound

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I have a G780 with Windows 8 and ever since I got it, the mouse cursor will randomly stop moving for about 5-20 seconds. The keyboard still works during this time. I downloaded the latest Synaptics touchpad drivers and it still happens.

Answer:G780 touchpad freezes randomly

Hi hamburglar,
Thanks for posting in the Lenovo Community,
I?d like to ask you to make sure that the Touchpad is not disabled from the function keys Fn and F6,
And kindly check the below link for the driver for the Touchpad I?d like to ask you to uninstall the driver and reinstall it back from the below:
Hope the information helps. Let us know.


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My computer ran fine under Windows 8 but is having issues with the cursor hanging since I installed Windows 10.  Since the original post for this was for the Windows 8 upgrade, I am wondering if the drivers have changed under Windows 10?

Answer:G780 touchpad freezes randomly - is there a new driver to run under Windows 10?

Hi Kellycnumber1,  
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with touchpad in your Lenovo G780 laptop.
Connect an external mouse and check if the mouse hangs? also boot the system into safe mode and check if the touchpad freezes.
Let us know the result.
Best regards,         

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Hello,I need an advice.
Dell Vostro 1510 (version nVidia) does not function LCD - very little light.External monitor works OK.LCD - brightness up and down works. Closing cover notebook to sleep - works OK.
Test another inverter and LCD.It's the same :(
Please, give me an advice.Thank You.

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Dear Support,
I have a Dell VOSTRO 3560 laptop that has an Elan Tech SmartPad touchpad. I like its responsiveness very much.
Unfortunately, I recently spilled a bit of coffee and some of that went under the touch pad left and right buttons. The buttons stopped functioning but the touch pad itself is still very good.
Even before the spill I rarely used the buttons. I always used the touch pad to tap to click and two finger tap to right-click.Strangely though, after the spill when the hardware buttons stopped working, the tapping on the touch pad also stopped working. I made sure that the touch pad still can do tap clicking by uninstalling the Dell TouchPad driver and reverting to the Microsoft Mouse PS2 driver. In that case I can use the tap to click feature but only for 1 finger tap. I do not get any other feature as the driver is the simple generic MS one.
My question is would it be possible to still use the Elan tech provided (Dell TouchPad) driver and somehow configure it to accept the tap to click and two finger tap to right-click? This in addition to all the remaining scrolling and gesture support that the driver implements? I tried all the Dell Touchpad settings applet but nothing changed. Perhaps a registry value setting in the section for the elantech?
What seems to be happening now is that the driver is doing some hardware diagnostics, determining that the hardware buttons left and right are not working, and consequently completely disabling left and right click comm... Read more

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I have a Lenovo x220tablet, alltough it took some time to adjust. But now i'm happy with it. But there's something wrong with the trackpad. I allready taught myself to use it without the pysical buttons in the bottom, and now make fully use of al that synaptics has to offer.But sometimes I have to use the buttons, because it comes handy when dragging something or whatever. At first, I did not like the buttons, but the where usable, but with time, they got worse. It is very hard to explain this for me in English, but, thats why I made a little movie which is linked below. Anyone suggestions what to do about it?Of course I've used google, and found many many topics about the trackpad, but that were mostly driver problems. The click is so loud, it seems to get stuck somewhere and I have to push very hard. Almost like there's something stuck, like sand between it. But it's perfectly clean.Any advise (besides; do not use it) is welcome. And apologies for my English  


Go to Solution.

Answer:X220t trackpad/touchpad

Hi, timpel_800
From the looks, sounds, and general functionality of the TrackPad, I would guess that there is a hardware issue of sorts. In the video, you say that the click function works, but only if you do it twice, correct? And the noise was far louder than a TrackPad is supposed to be, I think. With all this in mind, I would contact support and see if you can get this repaired. The number for support in the Netherlands is +31 (0)20 513 3939 and is open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.
Best of luck,

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I dunno if it's a touchpad or a trackpad I have but there was a program along with it called like Apoint or something that would run and allowed me to change the settings on the touchpad. I have looked and can find no other way of accessing the touchpad settings. Well the last time I remember it working was before I updated Windows Vista, well now the program no longer runs I had it set to disable the touchpad when an external mouse was detected and it no longer does that. I went into its folder located at C:\Program Files\DellTpad\Apoint.exe and double clicked it and nothing happened. It use to run at startup but no longer does and I checked and it is still set to run at startup but does not, any clues as to what is going on? I believe I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.
I managed to fix it by going to Device Manager in the control panel uninstalling Dell Touchpad and rebooting.

Answer:Alps Touchpad/trackpad


And thanks for letting us know.

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Hi 1) I just bought the Y580 online. The trackpad is terrible. - How do I make the right-side and bottom touch scrolling to work ? just like a normal laptop ?? - I changed the sensitivity settings and inspite of that the motion of the cursor is not uniform. When the right side of my finger is contact with it, the cursor stops moving a little and it is okay with the center of my finger.Do any of you experience this? If not, I need to get this looked into. I don't think the problem is with the software, it's just the material with which the trackpad is made, does not have a right coefficient of friction. - The two finger scrolling does not start. When I do the two finger scroll, the cursor change is seen almost 10 seconds later and even after that, it is almost impossible to scroll through my pages. Is that the case for everyone?  - The left/right click on the trackpad is noisy 2) Made the mistake a buying a lower resolution screen.How do I return this thing? When I talked to sales they are asking for a 15% "restocking" fee. That is terrible as well. I never should have gone with Lenovo.  

Answer:Y580 Trackpad (or Touchpad) Help

- Not sure if there is a right side and bottom touch scrolling, will test it tonight- not uniform? Means if you place your finger on the right side of the touchpad then move to the center compared to the center move to the left, the distance is different?- 2 finger scrolling not tested, will check it tonight- I am not sure how to help you with the touchpad being noisy when clicking. Do note that this is a 1 piece touchpad compared to the conventional touchpad with 2 buttons below which is different. Use double tap on touchpad to do a left click but right click is unavoidable. - low res screen... can check with sales if you can top-up for upgrade?hope this helps.

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Today my x201 has lost all trackpad and touch pad function.   Hard disk constantly running.   No restore points listed to help remove the problem.   Everything works okay in Safe Mode.   Rebooting several times has not helped. Could this be related to the Microsoft Bad KB.......69 update? I have not installed any new software recently. I can only use the pen to access menus.    How can I remove recent KB installations using just the pen? Hope someone can help me soon Update:   I have managed to remove the bad MS update but to improvement.   Next I added a new user (also set as administrator) and the trackpad and touch pad function is now working normally but only with the new user account. Would someone tell me if I can remove my own Administrator Account and what effect this will have,  i.e. what data might I lose?   Can I save data and reinstall it to a new account?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Trackpad and touchpad not working

Hi Beemer,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that trackpad and touchpad is not working properly in your Lenovo ThinkPad X201.
Since the devices work fine in safe mode, probably a corrupted driver is causing the issue. Go to control panel -> Device manager, uninstall the drivers listed under Mice and other pointing devices. Restart the system and let Windows install the generic drivers for the device. Check if the trackpad and touchpad works fine now. Later, you may download the drivers from Lenovo Support page and install them. If you have any difficulties in finding the driver, please share the MTM number of your device.
Click here to understand how to transfer files and settings from one user account to another with administrator rights.
Hope this helps!
Best regards,

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Hello everyone,  I am having to send my Lenovo ThinkPad P50 to the service depot to have the touchpad and perhaps more replaced due to the trackpad not performing properly. The right click works intermittently both on the bottom and top right click button. The scroll feature at times stops working and the left click usually starts performing right click operations randomly. I knew it wasn't the driver after uninstalling and reinstalling it a few times including the keyboard driver. Has anyone here ever had to have their touchpad replaced?

Answer:Replacing Touchpad/Trackpad

Hi RegEdit1 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
As the touchpad and buttons may have erratic behavior but not when using a USB mouse, then best that you have your warranty coverage work for you as the entire upper case that includes the touchpad mechanism to be checked.
Reviewing the hardware disassembly guide would take several screws needed to be worked at for the repair.
Sending it over could be a good option in terms of hardware issue for full functionality check.

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Hello all Since 2 days my touchpad (inclusive the buttons) and my trackpad aren't workinig anymore. They are enabled and in the device manager under "mice and other pointers", there is no touchpad to be found. Do you have any idea what could have caused this problem? Thank you very much!

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MY FREINDS my problem withe trackpad it is do voice every where and i hope if some one help me how fix it without maybe withoute open back cover ( it is working perfect but this voice it is Annoying )pleas look the video

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The right Click of touch Pad of my dell vostro is not working.I am currently using linux Ubantu OS. I have brough this laptop online a week back from flipKart.Please help in this case.

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I have some weird problem. When i try to boot - BIOS began to beep. From manual i found that 2 beeps mean problem with the RAM. I replaced it with new RAM but the problem still exist. So i try to disconnect other parts of laptop. And find that with disconnected touchpad laptop starts fine and BIOS doesn't beep anymore.So i try to plug-in touchpad during Windows booting - and it WORK!!! Yes - in Windows it work pretty fine.
So I have no idea what problem. May be someone have any suggestion?

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I have tried everything. Control Panel/Dell Touchpad (off). Control Panel/Mouse (Touchpad off). Fn/F3 (0ff) but NOTHING will turn it off. The light is on saying it is off but it is still on. Very annoying because when I'm trying to type I touch the touchpad by accident and I'm somewhere else.  
Selling this laptop so appreciate any help. 

Answer:Vostro 3560 touchpad can't be turned off

Thank you for writing to us!
Since you have tried turning off the touchpad from the control panel (off) and from Fn/ F3 key. We would suggest you to disable the touch pad driver in device manage and then check.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Hi, I would like to turn on my Vostro 3750 touchpad but can't find how to.
I have searched extensively to how to do this but cannot find.
I'm using windows 7
In control panel there is NO Hardware & Sound option.

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On occasion, for no apparent reason, my screen will rotate to any orientation. I have to put it into, and out of, sleep mode in order to get the orientation back to where needed. Also, on occasion, for no apparent reason, I lose the ability to use my touchpad and keyboard, and need to use the touchscreen in order to do anything. I also need to put it into, and out of, sleep mode in order to regain use of the touchpad and keyboard.  I've updated all software and drivers out of frustration, but nothing has helped. Help!! 

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The Trackpad on this laptop is become really unusable. The cursor is jumping around when you lift your finger from the trackpad. I am finding it very difficult to use Photoshop and cannot do anything precise which is ironic as this is a precision touchpad. There is nothing precision about it.
Please Dell fix this. For me this is the only thing holding back the best Ultrabook ever made.

Answer:Please fix the XPS 13 (2015) 9343 touchpad / trackpad

The Trackpad on this laptop is become really unusable. The cursor is jumping around when you lift your finger from the trackpad. I am finding it very difficult to use Photoshop and cannot do anything precise which is ironic as this is a precision touchpad. There is nothing precision about it.
Please Dell fix this. For me this is the only thing holding back the best Ultrabook ever made.

I just got this laptop today and immediately noticed the same exact thing.  It's driving me nuts and really creating problems navigating.  I am really hoping this can be fixed with a software update and it's not hardware related.  I'm also wondering if this is just a flaw on certain units or all of them act like this.

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Scrolling in chrome is giving me a headache.  And I can't for the life of me find the touchpad settings for my new Yoga 910.  I searched both the control panel and metro settings with no luck.  I even went into the device manager and no touchpad to be found.  Usually there's a tab in the mouse properties but for some odd reason it doesn't exist on this computer.  Any direction would be much appreciated.  

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Hi all,  Having puchased a X1 Carbon few days ago, I realised that my trackpad and touchpad are acting erractically when I use the mouse at the same time. I detected these erractic movements due to some accidental touching of the trackpad and touchpad.  For example; my trackpad cursor would display a vertical and horizontal scrolling icons when I move the trackpad and I could not scroll my document using my mouse and touchpad. The scrolling icons would disappear after a short while and I would no longer move the cursor with the trackpad. However, the trackpad and mouse are able to move the cursor. However, scrolling remain unresponsive. I restart the machine and all is fine again till I tried to control the cursor with the trackpad again. I tried to disable the trackpad and touchpad since I have a mouse connected but only the trackpad can be disable.  This is my first Thinkpad and I assume users will disable both the trackpad and touchpad with a connected mouse. I do not know if these problem exist out of the box since I connect the mouse to it on my 3rd day of usage and I found them due to the accidental touching of the trackpad last night. Further trial and error confirmed their erratic movements. I tried to re-install the drivers and navipoint but the issue remained.  Is my trackpad and mousepad having problem for these erratic movements and by default, both the trackpad and touchpad cannot be disabled in Thinkpad? 

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If I press any of the trackpad keys the cursor is unresponsive for ~2 seconds. The problems occurs a while after booting. If I restart the machine it doesn't happen. What should I do?

Answer:Trackpad keys freezing touchpad

I noticed exactly the same behaviour after upgrading the driver to version Also when i use the trackpoint, the touchpad freezes 2 seconds..... Somehow the UltraNav driver always seems to give some kind of problems... :-( With the buttons it only happens with the red lined buttons above the touchpad. Not with the two buttons below it. --jan

--- Lenovo Thinkpad t440p (20AN-CT01WW) + SAMSUNG MZ7TD512HAGM-000L1 SSD + 16G SDRAM + 14.0FHD 1920x1080 ---

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Hi Lenovo & all, I use the trackpoint most of the time, but recently after updating the drivers for a number of times from Lenovo update manager I found out that the touchpad on my T60 is not working right. Symptom is that whenever my T60 is tilted forward or backward (i.e. not sitting horizontally flat), then there will be great difficult trying to control the pointer with the touchpad (not responding, etc). Did somebody encounter similar problem?

Answer:Weird Touchpad / TrackPad problem on T60

I found that the problem can be due to the palm rest region being pressed down my my palm:If I press the palm region up on the edge (as it flex a little bit when I use force), then the touchpad works fine even when the laptop is tilted. However, when I stop pressing up on the edge, especially after I have put my palms onto the palm rest to type again, then the touchpad stop behaving normally again It is a design fault of T60, or is it just my T60? Can I have it fixed?

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Touchpad  replacing  Trackpad  in Laptops

Users of the laptops are feeling difficult to use the touchscreen facility in the recent laptops, because the screen is perpendicular to the hand and fingers. In most of the laptops, the trackpad and the area left and right of it are vacant.  This area can be used as touchpad replacing trackpad,  as shown in the following figures.  This new touchpad is parallel to the hand and so easy to write, scribble, select, swipe and do digital signatures.


The touchpad can be enabled to function as trackpad using special key combination(s).  Many app and program icons can be displayed on this touchpad similar to those in tablets and smartphones.  
Additional modifications can be included in this idea to make this feature very useful in laptops, desktops, All in one computers.
 The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro.
This Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is very small, difficult to view and difficult to reach by fingers for digital signatures and other actions as mentioned in the following weblink.
 - voxmu

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Guys I see hundreds of posts on this old and aggravating topic with totally guesswork "answers" from Microsoft, help forums, including this one. There has to be an answer, right?

BTW this seems common on all types of laptops irrespective of make. I have tried this with both the vendor [lenovo] driver and with standard MS provided "mouse" driver. No diff in this regard though the packages are very different [lenovo very complex]
Also, this is a new phenomenon on this particular unit. In the past, no issues. Windows power-plan update?

as title says. Use laptop. Leave laptop [plugged in or not does not matter]. Return to use laptop after hours. Laptop awakes by normal means but no touchpad/trackpad etc function. Logoff, logon, still no touchpad cursor movement [frozen in centered position].

There is no Power Plan setting for "mouse" or touchpad or trackpad.
There is no Advanced Tab in Device Manager for same
There is no sleep/power/etc settings anywhere in Device Manager for same
There is no Windows error related to the problem
Full reboot required to gain coherency

Something in Power Mgmt, I guess, is offing the touchpad but the parameter is not obvious.

Someone somewhere knows this answer, right??

Answer:Touchpad Trackpad inoperable after sleep

Other then the button to disable the trackpad being somehow accidentally pushed, A lot of the times this problem is reported, And I keep going through all the options. If you have done all the fixes, the problem is most likely with the touchpad itself on the laptop. It is usually a hardware issue. I would call the laptop company and go through their troubleshooting steps (even though forums usually cover all those angles well). But it is usually hardware if all the fixes that are suggested are applied.

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 Hey guys, I'm having problems with the touchpad buttons: the system can't distinguish a left click from a right click. Whenever I click one of the two buttons the system reads it as if I'm clicking on both and keep pressing. I tried also to disable them and use the trackpad but also those buttons are not working well. They just work for a couple of minutes and then they stop. However if I run the Thinkvantage suite they seem to work fine and the system reads the click properly.What do you think is wrong?Thanks

Answer:Touchpad and Trackpad Buttons not Working

Today I noticed both my touchpad and joystick stopped working.  I could move the cursor but the clicks would not register.  I restarted and it worked again.  I recall a couple of days ago I updated the drivers, one of them I think was for the touchpad.

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Hi Everybody.

I have a problem with touchpad driver on my Laptop - Dell Vostro A860
Dell supports only Vista32 drivers - so i was thinking that i can use Compatibility Mode in Windows7. Negative !

Compatibility mode don't work and my touchpad is not installed.
Dell put on board (ALPS touchpads).
Is there anyone who have similar problem and fixe it ?

Sorry for my english !

Answer:Dell Vostro A860 - touchpad driver

Unless Dell decides to OFFICIALY support 64 bit on the A860 you will have to try alternatives.

Dell likes to re-use things/designs/spec between models to save costs.

I would try this one first (reported to work on Latutude D830)

Drivers and Downloads

I have not tried it yet on a Latitude I will be upgrading.

I strongly suggest you do an image backup or at least a restore point before the install.

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Hi all,
I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on this laptop model. Drivers for the touchpad I have not found. What are the ways to disable the touchpad? Can be in UEFI ? Or you can find a compatible driver?
Vostro 5568-9982SSD 256Core i5 7200UWindows 7 Ultimate x64

Answer:Vostro 5568-9982, How to disable touchpad?

Here is the rub, we never tested/validated Windows 7 on this laptop. So finding compatible Windows 7 drivers will be an issue that we cannot support. You state, "How to disable touchpad?", "What are the ways to disable the touchpad?". That implies that the touchpad is currently working without the Dell Touchpad Utility and driver. But, without the specific Touchpad Utility, you cannot disable it. You will need to search for a registry hack to accomplish this.

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Hello, I posted as a part of another thread before but decided to make my own thread for this. I have lost my lenovo partition and reinstalled windows 10 on a fresh install.  This has resulted in my trackpad being rendered unfunctional. I have tried all sorts of drivers to try and get it working but alas nothing has worked. I contacted the live support and they just told me to install the Lenovo companion and give that a go with the drivers from that, but it did nothing to help and ended up downloading the same drivers I tried before.   I have the same issues in Ubuntu also and there is no activity when it comes to the pad, the buttons dont work nor does the motion.  I have looked around on the internet and found next to no solutions for the problem I have.    On my device manager I have however one single unknown device, which I have tried to install drivers onto and that doesnt work also, so I have no idea what that could be.   I would like any advice at this point becuase its driving me mad and I am unable to return the laptop due to being currently in another country.   Thanks in advance.

Answer:Ideapad 320-15AST, touchpad/trackpad unfunctional

Try the F6 button, it worked for me!

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The trackpad and touchpad of my Yoga stops working: the cursor freezes and after a while disappears from screen. Once the cursor is gone it does not appear again, even after a clean reboot. I have tried to enable it via the Control Panel Mouse settings or Input section of ?Lenovo Settings? application but had no success.
The problem has happened several times so far, always after the laptop sleeps due to inactivity. The only way I have found so far to bring the trackpad and touchpad back is by going to the BIOS settings and restoring the default configurations (I have never changed the BIOS settings on this PC, so I can?t figure out why this solves momentarily the problem).
Any ideas on why this problem is happening, and how to solve it without messing with the BIOS settings?
This is becoming really annoying, it has happened three times since yesterday (10/23/15).
My BIOS version when this first happened was 1.26 (GQET46WW), my current BIOS version is 1.27 (GQET47WW). My laptop runs Windows 10 Pro (automatically updated from the Windows 8.1 version delivered with the laptop).
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
1/20/16 EDIT: Not a ThinkPad Product

Answer:Yoga - Trackpad and touchpad stops working

Hi jrojasledesma Can you post the model of you Thinkpad Yoga? You can try updating the mouse driver of your Thinkpad, but it is important to know the model to see if it has a ELAN, ALPS or Synaptics mouse. Regards

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Hi, Since i've upgraded my laptop (T440s) to win10 (fromwin8.2) the trackpad and the touchpad have been disabled. I've tried to downgrade my touchpad driver and it works approximately (just the click and the trackpad and i can't access to the configuration panel: ultranav). I've already tried to find the last driver on Lenovo website but it didn?t fix it. Is there a driver that works propely with win10 ?  If not, is there another way to fix touch/trackpad? If not how can I force my computer to stay on the previous driver after reboot (win10 automatically update my drivers at each reboot)? Many thankstd

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I recently got this new Thinkpad T460p and installed Windows and Ubuntu in dual boot. Even after 3 Days there was no error. But today I noticed a quite annoying behaviour. When I boot into Windows (Start up --> Grub, select Windows Loader --> Windows 10 starts) there appears the loading cycle (those white points) and for a short moment, even before the locked Windows screen appears, I can see the cursor. But immediately after that (when the locked home screen appears) the laptop won't recognize any input via touchpad, buttons or trackpad andthere won't appear a cursor at all. I need to login and wait for about a minute (Whatever I do, the laptop won't recognize anything but the normal keyboard), thats the moment in which my Laptop realizes that there are more possibilities to input data then just the keyboard and recognizes everything (touchpad, buttons and trackpad).I already deinstalled the synaptic driver and reinstalled the latest update and even tried the one before that one just to be sure. Nothing fixed my problem yet.PS.: When I start into Ubuntu there is no Problem at all.PPS.: When I started into Windows a day ago It worked fine as well.

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Hello. I wonder if there are any solutions for the following problem I am having with my touchpad. The touchpad mouse is extremly glitchy Please help, as this is a really basic requirement for any touchpad. I am currently a little disappointed as this is the most expensive laptop i have ever purchased. The touchpad/ imagepad has many functions, but the simple ability to be unable to point to exactly where you need to 20% of the time, is making this almost unusable. Notebook details: HP Envy 17 - Windows 7 - Model - 17-3270NR I look forward to your help guys! Thank you.

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Whenever I wake my chromebook from sleep the trackpad function is inoperable. There is no cursor displayed and using the trackpad does not appear to have any effect (i.e. no "invisible" cursor either). Upon reboot all trackpad function is restored. This started happening after I had been using my chromebook for a few months, so I'm guessing there was a software update associated with it, but I have no idea which one. Anyone else experienced this? TIA

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Hello all, 3 days ago, on June 14, the touchpad on my Twist s230u stopped working. No apparent reason for this (tried to undo windows updates / system restore but did not help). The trackpad is not working also. Another thing - when the computer does a full shutdown and restart from the beginning (i.e. with the possibility of accessing the BIOS with Enter at the first screen), the keyboard is not working. I have to power the computer down once more and restart it. I'm running Windows 8.1, 64 bit. I tried to reinstall the new synaptic drivers but it did not help. Thank you in advance for your ansers. Cy

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HI All I am in need of help please i have a X1 Carbon that was Recently purchased for a user at our office. But as you can tell from the subject of this topic the touchpad and trackpad stops working working after a few minutes of working on the machine.  I used Lenovo System Update to update all the drivers to the latest version and this was not successfull, I then tried a reinstall  of windows and the manually downloaded the driver from lenovo website and installed it but still no luck. I have checked and they are not disabled in the Bios and they are not and the Bios is on the latest version I have also tried to let it run on the windows driver that downloads from windows but also it stops working. from what it looks like the trackpoint and touchpad disable cause when i go into the mouse properties the option to enable them both is greyed out i then log on as the local admin to see if it is a permission thing but it is also greyed out. This happens regardless if the machine is on battery or plugged inThis user travels  alot and needs them both to be working.  I came across the below forum but i dont see much of a response from lenovo. 

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Unfortunately, the trackpad and touchpad of my T460p stop working intermittently. The problem seems to occur after the laptop is going into hibernation. When it boots up afterwards, neither the trackpad nor the touchpad or the mouse buttons work, and the device manager shows the Synaptics device having a hardware issue. The problem persists when rebooting the system and even when using a different operation system (e.g. Ubuntu via a Live USB). I tried upgrading the Synaptics drivers (v19.0.19.1), which does not solve the problem though. I also tried different driver versions (e.g. the ones offered on the Lenovo site), without success. I encountered this problem both on Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, as well as various Linux flavors (Ubuntu, Fedora). The only workaround that I found is to shut down the laptop, remove the battery and reboot it afterwards, which seems to reset the faulty state the touchpad is in. I strongly suspect that this is a problem with the firmware of either the mainboard or the Synpatics device itself, which puts it into an invalid state when going into hibernation. For now, I disabled hibernation mode, which avoids the problem but is not ideal of course. Did someone else run into this problem? Any ideas how to permanently fix this? I'm very happy with the T460p otherwise but this problem just drives me crazy as it's impossible to use a laptop without touchpad/trackpad when traveling.

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Whenever I wake my chromebook from sleep the trackpad function is inoperable. There is no cursor displayed and using the trackpad does not appear to have any effect (i.e. no "invisible" cursor either). Upon reboot all trackpad function is restored. This started happening after I had been using my chromebook for a few months, so I'm guessing there was a software update associated with it, but I have no idea which one. Anyone else experienced this? TIA

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Received my new X1 Carbon 2014 this week. After only two minutes of use, the trackpad and toucphpad stopped working. I hade to use an external mouse, and even after all driver updates it still didn`t work. If I restart the machine, sometimes the track-touchpad will work, but suddenly it freezes up again (after only minutes of use), and I will have to restart to fix the problem. Have used it for 5 hrs now, and how probably restarted about 30-40 times.  Anyone know what is causing this problem and/or how I can fix it?     //alex

Answer:X1 Carbon touchpad and trackpad stops working.

does the same problem manifest itself in the BIOS menu?have you tried doing all the updates through ThinkVantage System Update.

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Hi, I just unpacked and set up my new computer (u310) last night.  Both last night and today I have had some issues where the two-finger scroll on the function just randomly stops working.  It seems to work again after rebooting.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Thanks!

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I have a friend with a Vostro 230 desktop. The display will randomly go to sleep. She has tried several monitors with the same result. The PC is running Windows 10 (I know that Dell has not tested the 230 for compatibility). Is this a driver issue, or is the video circuitry on the mobo starting to go? Is there a recommended in-stock video card I can have her purchase?Thanks.

Answer:Vostro 230 - display randomly goes to sleep

Hi sydbarrett74,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Press the windows + I key, it would open settings. Select Power & Sleep, change the settings accordingly.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.

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I've had an issue that has become more frequent over the last month or so with the laptop, when regularly browsing the trackpad cursor will freeze for a couple of seconds and then be fine again. Could the trackpad be failing? I still have complete care warranty on the laptop if that is the issue.
I'm just wondering are there any diagnostic tests I can do to check if this is a software/hardware problem? 
I don't think it's a system resource problem, i've looked at the tast manager and CPU/RAM/Hard Drive usage rarely goes above 50%. 

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Hello, I am installing Windows 7 on Vostro 3459 and I could find all drivers for the laptop, except this one :

Field Value
Device Properties
Driver Description Unknown
Hardware ID ACPI\DLLA6C2
PnP Device Dell Touchpad

Device Resources
IRQ 51
The Touchpad driver listed here does not install for this device :
Product Support | Dell US

But I can use the touchpad normally, but it shows on Device Manager that this device with the Hardware ID does not have driver installed.

Any solutions ?

Answer:Unknown Dell Touchpad Driver for Vostro 3459

Hi welcome to the forum

did you install all the chipset drivers? do you get any errors when trying to install the touchpad driver?

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I am running XP SP2 on a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop.

When I connect an external hard drive using a USB SATA/IDE adapter, my touchpad mouse seems to reluctant to move. It is if I am fighting for control. I can eventually drag it to where I want it, if it does not overshoot my intended target.

The moment I unplug the USB drive, the mouse activity returns to normal.

It is almost as if there were an IRQ conflict.

Any ideas?

Answer:Vostro 1000, touchpad control and external USB drive

I have seen issues where a knockoff power adapter caused a Dell touchpad to act flaky, but I haven't seen this particular issue. I suspect that if it isn't an IRQ conflict then it might be a power issue. Is the USB adapter powered and does the same effect occur when you use a different USB port?

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Just got the Yoga Pro 2 this week. I'm noticing a small movement in my clickpad (or whatever its calls) when I lightly tap on it. It feels like there is a 2 to 3 millimeter pocket of space under it before it provides resistance for the actual click motion. If you take your finger and just lightly tap your finger on the touchpad do you hear and feel a slight vibration, like it might be loose? I know it has to move downwards motion to activate the mouse click buttons, but I feel like there is movement in the pad before I get resitance for the click motion. I'm wondering if this is the design or I just got a slightly off designed one. Does it feel solid on your Yoga Pro 2? 

Answer:Yoga 2 Pro Clickpad Touchpad Trackpad movement and vibrations

I had the same problem with mine.  Every time I'd just lightly tap the pad in order to "click", I'd actually hear a click.  Very annoying.  Some odd movement under the pad that just didn't seem right. I ended up exchanging it at Best Buy (where I bought it).  The best buy guy tried to claim it was normal, but didn't mind at all when I insisted that I wanted to exchange.  The replacement has no issues.

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I have two issues and would appreciate any help.  In a nutshell: Bluetooth module is in place, but doesn't appear in Device Manager. What is the part no. for the cable that connects the bluetooth module?Touchpad/trackpad stopped working after disconnecting/reconnecting its ribbon cable (while checking the bluetooth module) - I can see the little gold fingers at the motherboard end are now messed up. What is the part no. for this trackpad ribbon cable?In more detail:1) On my T430S I replaced the bluetooth daughter board because I thought it might be faulty - but I can still not see any bluetooth hardware in device manager, and no driver installation seems to get it to show. Can someone please tell me the part no. of the ribbon cable and small board 'Bluetooth Wireless Radio Switch FPC' (see After messing around with the bluetooth module (see above), thetrackpad/touchpad and trackpoint no longer work. I can see now that the ribbon cable's small gold fingers are damaged (the cable poking straight up from the trackpad and connecting to the motherboard. This is the more serious problem - but I can't work out what the part number is for this ribbon cable. My keyboard bezel does not have a fingerprint reader.Thank-you again for any help

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Hi all,

I've basically spent the whole day looking for a solution (which I still don't think I have), so figured I'd try my luck here.

The trackpad/touchpad (mouse cursor) on the Dell XPS 13 (9343) will randomly freeze-up, stop scrolling, stop being able to mouse click, start randomly resizing/scrolling or will cease to do anything at all after a while. This is a known issue apparently and commonly experienced by most owners.

Does anyone know of an actual solution for this? Dell released a firmware update that supposedly addressed the issue however unfortunately mine started doing it again today to the point where I had to literally power the machine off and reboot.

From what I've read here:

YES!!! A SOLUTION/ACTUAL WORKING FIX! XPS Laptop's - Touchpad / Touch pad / Mouse issue. Windows 8/10 need apply. Scrolling in Chrome mirrors that of Edge. Now THIS is Precision. Scrolling you're actually used to seeing on a laptop. : Dell

It sounds like my next move might be to try installing the windows 10 PS/2 generic driver from Synaptics?

Any advice/help on this would be greatly appreciated! I can't really find any solutions or updates past 2015..

Between this and trying to update my sound driver, I'm losing my hair, FAST.

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Hi I have an X100e (dual core turion ybased) which appears to have developed a problem with the left most key at the foot of the touchpad. Specifically, it has developed an annoying clicking sound periodically when in use. I believe the click may be something to do with a bar that may be sitting under the key to ensure that the whole key moves parallel to the keyboard when pressed (much like other wide keys such as the space bar, the shift or enter kes). What I would like to know is whether there is a way to reseat the key to resolve the clicking sound or whether rectification of the problem lies in returning the product to a service centre for the palm rest (part code: 60Y5284) to be changed. Roger

Answer:X100e Touchpad / Trackpad button sticking / clicking

Roger- I just discovered a similar clicking/sticking problem for the "m" key on my x200s.  Did you ever find a solution to your problem? Thanks. Greg

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I've tried everything. No one had ever had this problem, except me. Searching online and Youtube proved to be no help. I beg all of you who have experience with issues like this to please read.

When I first brought my laptop (ASUS Q304UA) , it was perfectly fine and no problems. However, up until 7 months into using it, the trackpad suddenly became unresponsive out of no where. It would jump around and fly everywhere when using it. The multi touch gestures would make the screen go crazy and do all sorts of zooms, multitasking, etc when just trying to scroll down. It was definitely unusable.

This prompted me to RMA it to ASUS, which took them one month to repair it. They had apparently replaced only the hard drive claiming it was a "bad sector" or whatever... Upon several hours of use after repairs, the problem was back.

I then RMA'd it a second time which made them replace the motherboard and trackpad. Unfortunately, the problem did come back, except it took a little longer (5 days/ 1week).

Now I know that this is NOT hardware because I encountered that restarts, restores, etc all solve the problem temporarily and then comes back. When messing with programs and devices, I feel the mouse gets a little better for a couple minutes but then resumes to its terrible and erratic behavior, rendering my laptop COMPLETELY useless.

I cannot do ANYTHING with this trackpad as it constantly jumps around and teleport making it EXTREMELY difficult to click on the ... Read more

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Hi all,

I've basically spent the whole day looking for a solution (which I still don't think I have), so figured I'd try my luck here.

The trackpad/touchpad (mouse cursor) on the Dell XPS 13 (9343) will randomly freeze-up, stop scrolling, stop being able to mouse click, start randomly resizing/scrolling or will cease to do anything at all after a while. This is a known issue apparently and commonly experienced by most owners.

Does anyone know of an actual solution for this? Dell released a firmware update that supposedly addressed the issue however unfortunately mine started doing it again today to the point where I had to literally power the machine off and reboot.

From what I've read here:

YES!!! A SOLUTION/ACTUAL WORKING FIX! XPS Laptop's - Touchpad / Touch pad / Mouse issue. Windows 8/10 need apply. Scrolling in Chrome mirrors that of Edge. Now THIS is Precision. Scrolling you're actually used to seeing on a laptop. : Dell

It sounds like my next move might be to try installing the windows 10 PS/2 generic driver from Synaptics?

Any advice/help on this would be greatly appreciated! I can't really find any solutions or updates past 2015..

Between this and trying to update my sound driver, I'm losing my hair, FAST.

Answer:Dell XPS 13 (9343) touchpad/trackpad mouse issue help


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The cursor is jumping around when you lift your finger from the trackpad. I am finding it very difficult to use Photoshop and cannot do anything precise which is ironic as this is a precision touchpad. There is nothing precision about it.
In this post someone found a firmware Dell for XPS13, Is there something similar for 5559?
Thank Very Much

Answer:Problem in 5559 (series 5000) touchpad / trackpad

You can update the System Setup(BIOS)and see if that make an difference. Please click on the link below:

Just making sure I'm reading your post correctly, you do have the precision touchpad on the Inspiron 5559 ? Correct ? If you don't know for sure, go to device manager, stroll down to "Mice And Other Pointed Devices, and then expand it. Hopefully, you'll see touchpad driver.

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Hello all,

I unboxed this laptop today and the touchpad does not respond very well often requiring a few seconds of "wiggling" before it will work. It is also quite jumpy.

I have tried changing various settings including the sensitivity and the plam prevention, but to no avail.

I have tried this with multiple operating systems, including launching directly from a disc, and the problem persists.

Has anyone else had this experience, or any advice to share regarding this matter?

Thank you all very much for your time.

Answer:Qosmio X870-119 - Trackpad/Touchpad is extremely unresponsive


I, too, have just unboxed a Qosmio X870-119 and have the same problem with the touchpad.

I noticed that the "unresponsiveness" happens most often when I leave the touchpad idle and untouched for a few seconds. When I do that, it then takes a couple seconds of wiggling for the cursor to start moving.

I've also toyed with all the options in the provided software, but to no avail. Maybe there's a fault with the driver ?

Thanks in advance for any help with this matter.

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Following some extremely helpful posts here, I've succeeded in installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my HP Pavilion 15-n228us. I can't figure out how to adjust any settings on the touch pad / track pad, however. It's overly sensitive right now and interferes with typing. I assume I'm missing a driver that will enable me to control it?


View Solution.

Answer:Touchpad / trackpad drivers for Windows 7 64 Home Premium on...

Look in Control Panel, change View by: Small icons at top right. Now you should see Synaptics icon.Open it to configure Synaptics. If you don't have Synaptics or don't have settings needed, try this Synaptics driver:

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I have a Vostro 3458 laptop that will randomly start beeping while in Windows. No messages appear on screen, and sound is muted. I ran Dell Diagnostics and it found no problem... Really wondering what this could be.
Here's a video of it:

Answer:Vostro 3458 laptop beeping randomly

Corrected my post, it's actually a Vostro 3458 laptop, not Latitude. The user said his CD drive had also opened by itself when it started beeping.

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I think I found a new one... While testing an X1C, I've had users report, and witnessed myself, a strange issue. Documents will randomly zoom in/out, the user can be not touching anything, and whatever the active window is will start zooming (if capable). After thinking about it for a bit, I disabled the Pinch-to-Zoom touchpad feature through the UltraNav settings. This stopped the random zooms. Next began random rotations (another gesture feature of the X1C's touchpad). All this occured while the laptop lid was closed and the user was using external monitors, and mouse and keyboard. The exact setup is:X1 CarbonLenovo USB 3.0 Dock2 Monitors connected to dock via DVI1 Monitor connected to dock via USB using an EVGA UV+ 39 adapter This issue has occurred twice now, with two different X1C's, only for users who are using the 3 monitor setup outlined above. I believe it to be a conflict between the EVGA Display Link driver and the UltraNav driver. How that exactly works out, I don't know. But when those 2 factors are thrown into the setup the touchpads gesture features gain a mind of their own. I just updated the UltraNav driver from to The EVGA device is running the 8.1 Preview driver.  We will see if that nets any results. I know I have the option of eliminating the EVGA device and instead using the mini Displayport to VGA adapater, however I'd like to cut down the amount of external devices the user has to plug in ... Read more

Answer:X1 Carbon - Trackpad randomly zooms/rotates

Driver update did not resolve issue. Currently the only work around I have found is to disable trackpad gestures all together (if you just disable pinch to zoom it starts randomly doing a different gesture). Going to contact Lenovo directly and hopefully find a different solution, or at least make them aware of the issue.

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