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Windows XP Searching Within A Document (Networked Drive)

Question: Windows XP Searching Within A Document (Networked Drive)

I have a worker that is not able to use windows search to find a specific text located in a file, the file is on a networked drive. They are able to get it to work on other computers just not that particular one. She has even set windows search to the correct folder the file is located on the network drive. So far I've reinstalled windows, made sure the index service was running and checked the sub folders and hidden files options in advanced search just in case, not sure what else to do, any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Windows XP Searching Within A Document (Networked Drive)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hope someone could help - we have two Windows 7 PCs fully networked. We can access the folders without any issue when drilling down. We have put shortcuts on desktops which takes us to the folders we cross reference.

The problem is that when we access the client folders (via the above shortcuts) and search for a name etc it always gives us nothing, zilch, nana - to get round this we have to do the following - we really would like to find a less laborious way of doing this.
Enter the search key on the appropriate searchbox, then enter/return.
click on custom, then click on network, then on the PC we wish to search, then the shared folder, then any sub-folders if necessary, then search again we then find the files we wish to access. A pretty chronic process!!!!!!

Answer:searching networked folders

My suggestion would be a 3rd party app like total commander or free commander. you can use the shortcut or link directly to the drive as a mapped network drive and search from anywhere:

Total Commander is shareware and has a pop-up at the begining, but I prefer it
Total Commander - home

Free Commander is totally free
FreeCommander - freeware file manager

I dont know if these will solve your problem sorry

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Hi Guys,

I have got a very very lengthy PDF document. I usually search particular word in the document by using the enter key by hitting one by one. But it takes a very very long time to search and give its results. Is there any FREE software to search the word and give its results fast?

Answer:Searching Pdf Document

One free solution might be Adobe Reader. It seems to have several word search features. the MG link for it is here:

Here is a discussion about using the Adobe Reader search features:

I hope its faster than what you have now

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I find that the "Search" function doesn't always work for me in a scanned (.PDF) document. I have both Adobe Acrobat 6 and Adobe Reader 7 on my computer. Sometimes I get a result and sometimes I don't (and this is when I know for certain that the word appears at least once in the document). Any ideas why?

Answer:Searching for words in a PDF document

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We have several new windows 7 machines. On 1st time startup we were seeing (in "My Computer") Drive C, Drive D, 5 Removable drives. We joined to our domain...all good. I could now see Drive O on our domain.

Here is the problem. Now I don't see the 5 removable drives (SD card slots) or my Drive O.

I know I'm connected to the O drive because I have the ability to edit files and the SD card slots are working.

I tried changing the folder options to show empty folders etc...but nothing is working. I tried re-booting a few times but nada.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:New Windows 7 Pro system not showing SD card drives & Networked Drive

have you checked your GPO's? There may be a GPO that is causing this.

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I am having a problem with windows trying to access a networked drive. There is video/media on the WD mycloud that I want to access, but sadly I can't get it set up to connect.

The problem I believe has to do with the workgroup.I tried setting up kodi through my tablet and the menu/interface goes through a workgroup folder to get to the media content, but that is where Windows stops being able to go forward. So I need to fix my windows install somehow to get it setup, I just got no idea how and would like some help.

Answer:Windows 7 unable to access networked drive though windows.

Can you get to the share via Network (Windows Explorer left pane)?
Map network drive and try setting up Kodi through that?

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I have 2 computers that I have completely reformatted & Clean Installed Windows 7 on them both. I Have 2 Seperate win 7 disk for them. 1 is a desktop, Other is Dell Inspiron 1545. (Labtop) is the one im working on right now, (testing) I Have Done This Many Times In The Past With No Problems. now im having problems with both getting any more upgrades after windows update installs its version "Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320". After This They Both Hung Up. So For The Labtop, I Have Totally Reformatted Twice From Disk trying to fix this with no success. im stuck on internet explorer 8 and it wont let me go to almost none of the microsoft support pages to be able to run-try other fixes.
I have managed to run the sfc /scannow and it did not find any violations/problems.
I Have Also Downloaded The Stand Alone/Rediness Tool and ran it. It Still Just Says Searching For Updates. Not Sure What Else I Need To Do, Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Logs are attached.

Answer:windows updates searching, give error 80080005, back to searching

Hi Marie318 & welcome to SevenForums. I'll try to help you.
How long did you let windows update run? It sometimes takes hours usually 3-4 for the updates to appear. some reports of 24-48, but rare. SURT takes a while to complete, depending on the issues it finds.

I usually set my computer to sleep never, start windows update & call it a night. when I check in the morning, 200+ updates are ready to install. If you have 4gb of ram, choose about 100 or so & they should install, for the most-part. Trying to install all of them at once will most likely produce "out of memory" error. WU doesn't choose them in any particular order even though some are prerequisites for others. SP1 is a major one.

If you start task manager under the performance tab, while downloading updates, you will see the ram load. all updates are temporarily stored in ram until Windows verifies each update is complete & digital signature is valid.

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Hello Microsoft Universe,

I was wondering if anyone ran into the issues with the Search feature in Windows 7 enterprise.
It seems to be hit and miss for me depending on PC and a few other factors.

MY problem is that explorer won't search a network drive I have connected. I have verified that Indexing is enabled for the drive and have rebuilt the index to include all files on the local PC but  it still doesn't work.
Conversely when I open up a previously saved version of the files by Opening "properties>Previously Saved Versions>Yesterdays version" it will search no problem for my queries. Something to do with Yesterdays indexing??
This has happened on 2 of my computers one being a windows 8.1 and the other Windows 7 ent. Connect to the share with all proper permissions assigned and can traverse and modify files with my users who have Full permissions. I tried doing a search from another
Windows 7 PC and it did work, only difference I can see was that I was logged in as a domain admin on that one.

Searches from the Server side work as well no problems. Any Ideas on why Windows 7 explorer doesn't run a search at all on the network drive except for on a previous version?
Thanks for any advice.

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Recently I have been trying out Windows 10 preview and instead of dedicating one of my computers to try it I made a VM in VMware 10.2 ( I think it's .2 ) and created it on my laptop ( windows 8.1 ) all was running fine and just updated it too, only problem was it seemed a bit slow so I decided to clone it and put it on the the second hard drive of a Windows 7 pro 32 bit computer ( first drive is C: and second drive is D: d: is not a partition it's a western digital 500 gig drive ). I shared the folder with my laptop over a gigabit lan card ( both machines are gigabit ) and now it actually seems to be running just as fast as if I were running it as a dedicated computer would be. I was just wondering if anyone else here does the same thing or similar and what their luck was .

Also if you know of any links that describes the best ways to set this up

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I am a user of a networked computer at work. We use the server to store our community files. The other day I got a write error when I tried to save a new file. I checked the drive I was saving to and discovered that it was full.
When I mentioned this to my boss, he checked on his computer only to discover that there was plenty of room. When I double checked at my computer, it still showed the drive to be full.
A comparison revealed that my computer shows the drive to be 1 Gig in size, with 648k free. All other computers show the drive to be much bigger with plenty of available space (I don't remember how much, exactly).
Our admin is at a loss to explain why, it was nothing she (knowingly) did.

Any ideas?

Answer:Networked Drive Help

Have you confirmed that you really are mapped to the same drive as the others?

Can you or the admin unmap and then map again the drive on your computer?

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Question: Networked drive

Hello all, I am quite new to all this so please be gentle with me! recently given a laptop which was networked in an office. Nice little machine but....... the operating system has been taken off!! Have tried to reload, have tried to format, tried the fdisk thingy but to no avail, PLEASE can anybody help me - Thank you in advance

Answer:Networked drive

What sort of a laptop? What exactly do you want to do? What have you exactly tried to do? How exactly does it fail?

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Question: Networked CD drive

I have networked my laptop with my PC. I have put the CDRW on my PC as 'Shared'. Is it possible to be able to burn CDs on my laptop, while it is networked?I have tried it on Easy CD Creator 5, and cannot find a drive...Thankstom

Answer:Networked CD drive

Thanks for the info L .I might try downloading the Nero Network Software - click here - and see if that workstom

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Hi, I have a desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and I connect to it via the built in vpn client with Windows 7 Home Premium. I can access shared files a folders but, I have it set up where I can access flash drives and CD drives over VPN. Just tonight this has stopped working. I have all the right permissions set up and it still says network resource not accessible. This morining, I did not log on to the server I just started it up. Could me not able to access shared flash drives and CD drives because I am not logged in on the server end? I will try to logon later tonight when I go back to the server.

Answer:Networked CD and flash drive

Hi there
I assume you have set the CD Drives and flash usb drives sharing privileges properly. Sometimes after re-booting these "get lost" -- don't know why but they seem to.

Can you access these from your "client" computer if you use say RDP to connect instead of a VPN - or if the computer is on the same LAN just via simple network sharing.

If these work then the VPN needs to be looked at -- in general a VPN shouldn't muck about with sharing levels however unless there's a new firewall involved.


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I have two W7-64 computers on ethernet. The other computer has four physical hard drives, one partition each, C, D, E & F, all shared, and with "Everyone" given full access on the Security settings.

I can write files from my computer to that computer's drives C, E & F with no problem, but whenever I try to write a file to that computer's D drive, I get a popup window titled "Destination Folder Access Denied", with an error stating, "You need permission to perform this action". (I get analogous messages if I try to delete a folder, etc.)

I can read from that drive fine, and I can transfer files to it using UltraVNC.

I've gone through all the sharing and security properties of that drive, and I believe they're all identical to the other drives that cause no problems when I write to them.

What else can be causing this problem???

Answer:Can't access only one networked drive out of four.

Hmm...tried changing the drive letter of the offending drive, and resharing it...still couldn't write to it over the network. Then tried changing it back to "D", reshared it in an identical fashion, and now I can write to it fine.

I hate Windows networking.

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I am running Windows 2000 on my laptop and Windows XP Prof on my Desktop. They are both connected to a Linksys Router. I can ping each machine. I am trying to map the C drive on my desktop in Windows Explorer on my Laptop. In "Map Network Drive", I am specifiying "\\<ip address> .
I select "Connect using a different user name", and enter the XP user and password that is on my desktop. When I click "Finish", I get the message "The network path \\<ip address> could not be found."
How to I map the desktop C drive?

Another note: If I select Start/Run/<\\ip address> , I get the Enter Network Password screen. When I enter the XP user and password, I get "Incorrect password or unknown username for <\\ip address>"

Please help!

Answer:Solved: Can't map drive on networked PC

have you actually specified a shaename ??

so you are connecting to \\computername\sharename ?

otherwise your computer has a remote computer to conenct to but no shared resource to access.

at the username/password screen you have to specify a valid username and password for the remote machine.

you also have to make sure the remote machines share allows access to that (remote) username

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Can it be done? Specifically, an external CD/DVD drive?


Answer:Boot from networked drive?

No you can't boot "from" a networked drive. You can do network booting to a shared drive by creating a network bootdisk for your PC. But its not a simple as seting network drive in bios and inserting a CD into a remote CD player. DO a google search on network booting theres a ton of information out there.

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I've tried all ways to get around this but have come to a halt.Using the boot disk to format c: returns the message as titled above and inserting the Windows XP CDROM to format won't work either as it won't format the drive due to "temporary installation files" being needed to install ?Can anyone direct me to a thread that can help please or can reply directly ?I'm running a quite new system, 2.8mhz processor, 120gig HDD,256 DDR, replacing XP home with XP Pro.

Answer:Unable to format a networked drive ?

Have you tried to boot with a floppy disk from, say, click here and give it a go?

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I am able to see my networked computer, but only the C: boot drive. How can I see the contents of other HDDs on that computer?

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hello chaps - just replaced my router (a DLink DSL G624T) and it won't see my LaCie networked drive which is connected to it via ethernet cable. The IP configurator hangs (though it sees an IP address) and I can't connect to it via a browser).Any ideas? On the old Belkin router it was configured as a mapped network drive.

Answer:New router can't see networked hard drive

Try to connect to other port or use other network cable (maybe there is problem on cable).

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MS Skydrive allows for remote access of the files on 'my' computer. I'd like to be able to view certain files on my wife's networked machine coming in through my computer in a crunch. Is there such an app that's safe (good security), solid and reasonable?


Answer:Remote access--networked drive?

Install Skydrive on your wife's computer too?

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I have a shared DVD/CD drive with permissions for everyone in computer #1

I can't load or play any music files from that Drive from another computer even though I can see the files from other computer via the network . I cannot load the .cda files into Foobar or VLC player for playback. I tried to open a file directly but that does not work . When I tried to open the CD within Foobar, I get a message "no CD found"

I have no problem playing the CD with Foobar or VLC in the same computer that the drive is on. It just wont work as a networked drive.

Any ideas ? Tks

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I have a Netgear router (WNR3500L), which has a USB port for a shared drive.

In Windows 7 I can access this USB drive just fine, but in Windows 8/8.1 it's not visible.
I can reproduce the issue on two completely different PCs. It works fine with Windows 7, but not in Windows 8.1.

There was a post here suggesting that disabling Homegroup can fix it, but for me it doesn't (I didn't have Homegroup enabled in the first place).

Answer:Networked router USB drive not visible

As long as the router is setup correctly for sharing that drive publicly on the Network, you then just need to access the drive share through regular Network shares, not Homegroup.

Just keep Home Group disabled, and then just map the folders you wish to share between machines on each machine.

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We want to move our VM's from being stored on the local servers drives to our SAN. Our reasoning behind this is if the server has a hardware failure and goes down, we can just import the VM from vmwares console on another server and simply start the VM again.

If this correct? Does anyone run their VM's this way? Do you see any performance issues with it being on a SAN (enterprise level, no soho) vs. the locally attached drive?

Also, I know when the VM's are running they "lock" the files, but if the VM goes down by means of a hardware failure, and I try and import the VM files into another server will I have any problems with corruption of the files or issues with them being locked?

I just dont want to try the import only to be told something stupid like "Your VM is in use on another machine" because the previous machine didn't fully release the files before it crashed.

Answer:Storing VM's on networked drive .. ever any issues?

I wouldn't see why it would cause a problem. Possibly performance wise depending on your SAN setup.

Why not try a real world test, setup a VM and manually crash the connection and see what happens.

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Dear All
We have 5 computers running off one main pc and would like to swap the email to be dealt with from the 'c' drive to an external hard drive. What is the best way to do this with minimal disruption to the other pc users.
thank you for your time.
Mrs Bear

Answer:email - change drive on networked pc

Not sure that you have described what you want to do very well. Could you provide a few more details. which email service do you use for instance?

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I have a western digital my book world drive and I backed my data up to it form my lasptop into a directory called "data".I then continued to do a system restore on my hp vista laptop and after the formatting and image loading had finished, I installed the software to access my network drive to create this directory as a share, so anyone could access it.I called the share 'data' and it called it 'DATA' in the wd access software, but now when I go to the drive there are 2 data directories, one called 'data' the other called 'DATA'.The really wierd thing is BOTH DIRECTOIES AER EMPTY!where has my 50GB of data gone?Please could someone help - I know these drives/boxes have some sort of linux setup in the drive box, but I don't know anything about linux.If I delete the share, will I be able to see my files I orginally backed up to the physical directory 'data'?Please help, this had all my college work on it for assignments due soon and I can't duplicate them because there's not enough time.

Answer:Networked External hard drive - 1TB

Ok, no one got this?Well, after many days of stress and waiting for deliveries, I have resolved this now.If anyone is interested I had to buy another drive that could hold and store all of my data on the 1TB drive, plug it into the existing drive and copy everything across.While I was checking the drive, for some as yet unknown reason all my data was sudenly there!Myonly cunclusion is that I used a idfferent pc to access both drives, but also a different account setup.Apart from that, it's all fixed now. phew!

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Ok, So, i have four computers one is XP Pro, two are windows 7 and one is Vista. In my XP machine i have a master drive and I also have a slave drive. I would like to share my slave drive (as i have always done) so i can access it from any computer on my LAN. Now, I can map the drive with the windows 7 machines so i know it works and i know its shared correctly with the correct permissions and double click to access it.

When I map this drive in Vista it does add the drive under "network locations" section under my computer. However, i cannot double click to open it. The only way i can open it is to right click and hit explore/open and it works. I would like to create a desktop shortcut to this. When i double click it does not give me any errors, it just sits there; helplessly.

Now, for just fun and games. I created another folder on this XP machine and shared it, and i was able to map to it AND double click to open it. So... i don't know what the difference is other than one is a folder on the C: and the other is an actual HDD.

I have done quite a bit of research and most said to look for autorun.ini (and inf, .exe) in the root folder of the slave drive. Non there. I have ran malware and viral scans on the slave drive and both primary drives. (xp and vista machine). I have disconnected and reconnected this network drive probably 200 times. I have tried to manually make a shortcut (right click > shortcut > path > etc) and it does the same. I have no othe... Read more

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Long story short, I want to link 'My Documents' to a directory on a drive in our NAS box, Windows 7 tells me quite sternly NO - that I can't do this unless the linked destination is indexed. How can I accomplish this, fine [H] brethren?

The NAS box is running FreeNAS, the filesystems on the NAS drives are standard UFS, and the drives are mounted and shared using FreeNAS' built in CIFS/SMB server.

Any ideas?

Answer:Linking 'My Documents' to a networked drive?

You may want to have a look at this

Personally I don't have any experience with doing this as most times I am setting something like this up it is in a windows server 2008 or 08 R2 environment and the server handles the indexing.

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I am able to see my networked computer, but only the C: boot drive. How can I see the contents of other HDDs on that computer?

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I have mapped drives on a Windows 7 box. The server is running 2008 Standard.

We scan files into a mapped drive, but they don't immediately show up on other computers when opening the mapped drive. Is there a refresh rate?

If so, how can it be changed? It usually works if I have the user do a F5 or right click and click refresh.


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Hey folks, Dave here kalkaskageek technician inshop. I quiet often visit the local FragFest, and i would like to setup a shared folder on my Western Digital 500gb HDD. I have this drive partitioned into Drograms E:ubuntu install F:Storage ZRASLAX. I would like to have the Z: shared accros the networks. I have share this folder checked under advance sharing and everyone is set to access the folder. Password protected sharing off. File and Folder sharing is on. Now on the windows xp sp3 pc CAN see the folder but is getting access denied.

What am I doing wrong?

kalkaskageek:You know i am only seeing
authentcated users
on the right click z: properties and security...

This thread is comming from experts-exchange also.. My boss is a member

Answer:Networked drive (partion really) access denied

Are there any real user accounts that people are connecting through, such as from a domain or a strict one-to-one local machine user account creation? Assuming that the answer is no, then you've opened the flood gates with "Everyone" permissions -- then how would you expect to track user- or machine-based information anyways?

If this is a one-off situation or shared access as anonymous or a single user account, then one approach would be to setup a local FTP server with unique accounts; then you could use the FTP logs to later audit what was pulled.

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I connected two computers using a switch. I can access the 2nd computer by typing \\ipaddress. I login as the primary user (admin access) of the other machine and the root folder is users. I can drill down and view all files. Problem is that I wish to be able to navigate to D drive of that machine but I can't because highest folder level is users ?

Answer:Accessing 2nd hard drive of networked computer

Quote: Originally Posted by jmsnyc

I connected two computers using a switch. I can access the 2nd computer by typing \\ipaddress. I login as the primary user (admin access) of the other machine and the root folder is users. I can drill down and view all files. Problem is that I wish to be able to navigate to D drive of that machine but I can't because highest folder level is users ?

To access the root of the drive you would need to go into D: >properties> Security tab> Edit button > Add check marks for the required permissions for the Authenticated User, Apply, OK etc.

You would also need to allow for sharing of the D drive through the Sharing tab> Advanced Sharing button, click the box to share the drive then hit the Permissions button, add check marks to the Everyone share, hit apply etc.

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I want to index a portable USB drive on a networked computer. Currently the index is on. The option isn't available in the index options (drive or network pc doesn't show in list) but I can search mp3s in My Music Library - but similar to Golden, results only display as date modified: Album, Track, Year etc etc are greyed out.

Question: Can I hard link the 80Gb of mps onto my C drive and have "arrange by" options?
(On the help file it says right click -> make available ofline, but I guess this is only for pofessional or +)


Answer:I want to index a portable USB drive on a networked computer

I haven't tried it but what happens if you go to Computer, click C: drive, then open Program files, open Windows Media Player, then select the files you want to download to your USB drive. (click on this icon in the media player folder)

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I have an XP Laptop that is used to record video for our high school football team. When we are donw using the video on the laptop we store it on a TerraStation 2TB server in the office. It is always on and connected to a hub that the laptop is hooked to when on.

My problem is this.... when the laptop is turned on, the network drive I set up shows "disconnected", and consequently, the application for transferring the video to the server doesn't show the network drive to select... after I click on the network drive in "my computer", the application will then see the network drive.

My question is how to make this automatically connect when the computer boots. I set it up to "reconnect at logon", but it does not without me opening the drive 1st...

Thanks for your help in advance!


Answer:Networked Drive not Auto reconnecting ay logon

Reconnect at Logon not working

Me, too; I have XP Pro SP2 with automatic updates on 5 systems, and just this one fails: after most reboots, if I launch an application that was last working on a file in the mapped network drive, it comes up "unavailable" or "file not found" unless I visit Windows Explorer first.

I even tried putting batch files with shortcuts "n:\dummy.txt" and "m:\dummy.txt" in my Startup group, to force references to my M: and N: drives, and that isn't even enough!

No domains, just workgroup peer networking here. Like I say, works on all my other systems, has for years, just my latest Gateway Profile 6 acts different.

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I have an external hard drive that is connected through my router USB. I have formatted two partitions, one for use with Time Machine in OSX Journaled and one partition in FAT 32. I have an IMac and a PC and I'd like to use this external hard drive for storage as well as for the Time Machine.

Time Machine will not recognize the partition I have formatted for it. I have no trouble seeing the partition that contains the storage in either computer. I can also mount both partitions on my Mac, but I cannot get Time Machine to select that partition in it's available choices. What am I doing wrong?

I know it can be done, but all the articles I have read thus far have helped me only to a point.


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I've never had this problem in the past. Today, it started searching the E: external drive when doing a search on the C: drive. Is there a parameter i can configure in XP that will make it search ONLY the C: drive? Please advise. Thank you!

Answer:XP Search includes E: drive when searching C: drive

Usually the search window on XP shows where it will search. If you have the C: drive showing, then it should only search the C: drive.

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I have an external hard drive I've networked at home and would like to run scandisk on it. That option is not provided when I right click-properties on the drive. Only the general tab appears.

Answer:Running ScanDisk or similar on a networked external drive?

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I tried to run a system image to the "Backup" folder of my Iomega external hard drive three times, without success. The error message asked me to run chkdsk on both the source (my desktop) hard drive and the destination (Iomega) drive.

How can I run chkdsk on this external drive? I am willing to buy third-party software if necessary.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I did manage to create a system image in a different folder of the external drive, but am curious about the one that failed. It contains no data and has never been used.

Answer:How to run chkdsk on Iomega networked external hard drive

if you right click on your iomega in "computer" select properties and select the tools tab, there is an option to check the disc for errors.

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Hello everyone,

For those who do not need more info, why is my transfer speed at 20% of the wireless cards' maximums with a workgroup mapped external HD connected to 1 computer?

For more info, continue reading.

I have a WD MyBook 320GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive (7200 RPM) connected to my main desktop computer. That computer has a USB 2.0 wireless adapter (54Mb/s). I have a laptop (5400 RPM) with an internal 54 Mb/s wireless card and the external hard drive is mapped as a network drive on my laptop for ease of access, sharing, storage, etc. My question is about transfer rates:

If I am doing my math right, a 261 megabyte file (~2088 megabits) should be transferring from my external HD to my laptop in about 40 seconds (2088 mbps / 54 mbps = 38 2/3 s). The reality is it takes closer to more than 4 minutes. I checked task managers inbuilt network monitor, and of the 54 mb per second, both computers show usage hovering around 19-20%.

So...why is my transfer speed at 20% of the wireless cards' maximums? Is this a HD i/o bottleneck? I hardly think it's THAT slow...again, if my math is right, I'm moving at about 10.8 mb/s, 1.3 MB/s? Wheres the bottleneck if I can connect my hard drive via USB to my laptop and get much faster transfer speeds? The same file transfers in about 10 seconds, or 208.8 mb/s (26.1MB/s) when connected through USB 2.0. So, it's 2000% faster through USB than my 54mb/s wireless connection which is actually running at about 11mb/s.

So the b... Read more

Answer:External Networked Hard Drive Transfer Speeds

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After I upgraded my hard drive in my PC I used Windows Easy transfer and a system image to restore my settings. This imported my iDisk network drive (I: ) but for some reason when accessed via Computer when you click on iDisk it infact takes you to my external hard disk (which doesn't show up in the local drive section but instead inplace of where my iDisk should be). I have restarted my computer twice with no success. The hardware setup I am using is identical to my previous one except with more RAM and a larger hard drive and that never expierienced this problem. What is the way forward from here?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Local USB hard drive apearing as networked iDisk

osholt, have you checked what the drive letters are in Disk Management (right click on computer, Manage)? Please post a picture of that here.

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After a failed clone job I have an HD with some content showing but want to access the
content normally available to my homenet.

Can this HD with the OS that completely fails and cannot be repaired without a disk wipe (I tried a few things and that was in a different thread which ended)?

How can I point to-- what would be the command? -- to network it as being on the homenet to make whatever shared folder (mine is simply the Public one) visible on to boot drive to retrieve the content files?

The path is normally Network >Lon-PC > Users > Public

My architecture is fine. This is just a ' can this work through Windows 7' question.

I will see if I can get a screen shot made of the content which is visible.

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I have an application (webpage) consisting of pure HTML/CSS that is server from a companys server through a shared drive. However after a recent update, Internet Explorer is not serving these pages correctly. Unfortunately i am not sure which update has
done this, but as far as i can narrow down, it was a update in the first 3-4 months of this year.
The problem manifests itself in wrong CSS being loaded. The page uses a local version of Bootstrap, which we alter to change colors and small things like that. However somehow even though we changed the color scheme in bootstrap.css and it seems to work
locally with IE, it reverts back to standard colors. Also buttons that are embedded in an anchor (<a><button></button></a>) no longer works. i realise this is not valid HTML, but still it works locally, and through shared drives with
other browsers.
The pages is served in a iframe, however this does not seem to be the cause of the problem.

I hope that you guys can help, please let me know if you need more details.

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Question: Searching drive D:

Hi, My hard drive is partitioned, I have moved all my music to D: drive, now when I click start and use the search, it only searches C: drive, is there a way to set this so it searches both drives ?

Answer:Searching drive D:

"To fine tune the search engine, start off by entering the phrase Indexing Options in the search box on the Start menu. When you do, Windows will open the Indexing Options dialog box, shown in Figure A."
That's from Part 2 of a great three part article on Win7 search.

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I am thinking of purchasing a NAS drive for my wireless network at home. Already have a Seagate 1TB Sata hard drive ready to connect to it. I cant find a good quality case that will do everything i need. I was looking at the d-link DNS-313.
If will be connected to a d-link DIR-635.

I will be using it for work as well as home so it would be great if i could connect to the NAS from other places to access some folders on the drive.

I will also be using it to store media for my laptop, pc and PS3.

Has anyone purchased a NAS recently and has some ideas for me.


Answer:Searching for NAS drive

DO NOT USE WIRELESS TO NAS! you're just begging to corrupt the data.
As it's not important where it gets installed, just plug it into the router with RJ45 ethernet cable.

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I'm in a small office with 4 networked computers running windows 7. We are all hooked to a nas drive which we nee to be abl to search from our individual computers.

I've spent considerable time searcing for answers on how to d this butI am not very experienced with the non-basic workings of windows.

I gather the drive needs to be indexed somehow, just not sure how to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and please be as detailed as possible.


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I went to search files and folders and typed in c drive, at the end of the search I got a bunch of files from 2004 and 2005. What exatly are these files and should i delete them or keep them?

Answer:I Was Just Searching My C Drive And

Can you be more descriptive?

Was your operating system installed when you got the computer, or did you install it yourself?

Can you take screen shots and post them?

Post back with some more information, because they could very well be just regular files.

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I have 3 hd`s in my computer but I only want the c drive to be searched! How? TIA

Answer:Searching the c: drive.

File Explorer search searches the current view. If you type a search term when File Explorer is open showing This PC, all internal and external drives and all folders in them are searched.

To search only the drive C:, double click the drive C: in File Explorer > This PC view to open the C: drive and type your search term. Windows will now search only the current drive C: and all its folders.

Rule: Windows Search when used in File Explorer searches the current drive or folder and all its subfolders, nowhere else. To search only in your user profile folder and its subfolders, open C:\Users\Your_Username in File Explorer and do the search. To search only in external drive X:, open X: in File Explorer and search.


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Hello all. This is my first post here. How is everybody doing this morning?

I have a question regarding setting up an external hard drive to my existing home network.

I live in a house with 3 persons, each connected (hard-wired) to the network. The network access is a modem/router from Rogers. What I want to do is setup a 3TB External Hard Drive, and assign 1TB to a folder within the drive. The structure I want to follow is something like this: \\NetworkDriveName\Users\$FamilyMemberName$. To elaborate and to be more clear, I want to have the 3TB divided up (equally) into 1TB folders. I will name the folders to the corresponding person's name, as well. I want to map the drives, so that all each person sees for the drive is \\NetworkDriveName\Users\$FamilyMemberName$. The reason why is so that they only have access to their folder. Nobody will have access (except the Administrator) to that users personal folder except the user of that folder. I hope I am making sense so far. I want to set it up so that ONLY the pc's with the appropriate username can access their designated folder on the drive. So if person A logs into his/her PC, person A should see \\NetworkDriveName\Users\personA\. person A should not be allowed to manually type the drive to person B (ex. person A types in the Windows Explorer \\NetworkDriveName\Users\personB\). However, the administrator may access any folder. I have a bit of experience with Active Directory and Domains. Is Active Directory usefu... Read more

Answer:Solved: Networked External Hard Drive Setup Questions

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I have this computer from which I took various parts from other broken down computers and made this piece of crap. However it works and is better than nothing. Right now I have an old Western Digital hd around 10 GB. I have another Western Digital hd around the same size from which I would like to search it. However, the latter Western Digital is known to be corrupt. Is there any way I can search this hd without causing Microsoft XP to crash?
Here's a little info: 4.5 X 100 MHz AMD proccessor, 192 MB RAM, CD-Rom and HD running as primary devices, graphics card, sound card, and a wireless internet card.
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Searching old Hard Drive

MS-DOS disk. Try that.

Unless its NTFS... dont know what to do then.

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My computer has Windows 7 on it and I was just wonder how you can search for all the files to see internet activity. Someone please help me!

Answer:searching hard drive

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Ok. Got windows 7 professional, 64 bit system here.
Installed it on a new drive.
Have xp installed on a seperate drive, NOT hooked up to computer.
XP had a second drive, I used for file storage.

My system under windows 7 has 2 HD's and 2 DVD drives (for copying stuff from one to another).
C drive is my windows 7 boot drive. Formatted by win 7 when I installed it.
D and E drives are the CD DVD drives.
F drive is the file storage drive. xp NTFS formatted, a 1 TB drive.

When I do a "search" for a file, Windows 7 does not see any file, even when I clearly spell it properly and am looking at it in another window.

Any ideas why, or how I can make windows 7 search the F drive?


Answer:Solved: win 7 not searching F drive

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So this morning I did a search on yahoo for ?USB flash drive? and I?m just overwhelmed. With the exception of one company doing a paid survey, I?m bombarded with offers to buy anything that?ll plug into my USB port ? from a 16MB pen drive to an 8GB 2.0 USB drive. I bought my laptop back in 2001, so I probably don?t have USB 2.0. Could I still use a 2.0 drive though? I suppose I could spend a week, pouring over countless reviews and such, but I was hoping to hear back from a few of you who?ve already taken that journey, and see if you had any advice for me. Thanks for any input!

Answer:searching for a USB flash drive

flashgordon! said:

So this morning I did a search on yahoo for ?USB flash drive? and I?m just overwhelmed. With the exception of one company doing a paid survey, I?m bombarded with offers to buy anything that?ll plug into my USB port ? from a 16MB pen drive to an 8GB 2.0 USB drive. I bought my laptop back in 2001, so I probably don?t have USB 2.0. Could I still use a 2.0 drive though? I suppose I could spend a week, pouring over countless reviews and such, but I was hoping to hear back from a few of you who?ve already taken that journey, and see if you had any advice for me. Thanks for any input!Click to expand...

what do you mean so I probably don?t have USB 2.0. :knock:

I like your name.

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I everyone, this is one that's been frustrating me for some time: Windows 7 search.
I've searched the forums and skimmed several threads regarding Win7 search, with opinions ranging from "great" to "grrrr" (story of Windows' life, eh? ).

Anyway, to the point: search works fine on the local C:, I can search for *.* and get all the files (I'm assuming, wasn't really searching for anything, just testing).

On my 1 TB ext. HDD, though, I do the same search, and get 7 documents.
I'm trying to consolidate the contents of 3 hard drives, and several flash drives, that have all become quite fragmented and out of sync (oops). Basically I've just copied everything onto this large drive, and started sorting everything on it.

On XP, I could search *.* and get every stinkin' file there was, in every sub-folder there. Made it easy to grab all the music files and put them in a folder, all the documents, and so on.

Finding it very difficult to get that functionality here. I *could* copy all 400+ GB to the local drive and do it there, I guess - would be faster, I know, but I have limited space on this drive.

I've tried several of the suggestions I found, such as changing Index settings, but no luck.

Has anyone figured out anything on this? Or ever encountered this issue on external drives? The drive is formatted FAT32, because I also use it on a Linux machine and a couple of OSX machines.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!

Answer:Searching an external hard drive

Hi there
It *Might* be as simple as this (If it's wromg -- OK - but I'm taking a Blind guess here)/

In your Folders option in the control panel do you still have Hide extensions for known file types unchecked. The Search when you say look for *.* won't find many files named xxx.yyy because it will think the files are called xxx
so set the option to DISPLAY the file extensions.

Simple to try and see if this cures the problem.

(On W8 CP and my XP / W2K3 server VM's the search works just fine -- so in any case this must be a W7 only problem).

Note I also checked with an external 2TB drive just to make sure the size of the drive or the number of files on it wasn't causing a problem. On the 2TB I have zillions of music files so a good test.


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Hi all,

I am using windows xp. My explorer.exe is getting hang when i am searching any of files are folders in D: "drive". But it is not happening in C: "drive". It is searching. Only Particular D: drive only is getting hang. I can minimize that, then I can continue with my other work. Please give me the solution for this.

thanks and regards,

Answer:D Drive is getting hang when i m searching any of files

Does it hang permanently or for a short period of time? If the D: is a second physical disk and is in sleep mode it could take a few seconds to wake up.

Does the drive work as normal in other situations?

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Windows XP machine keeps dropping connection to network drive on Windows Server 2003 when completing a search of that drive, any ideas??!

Answer:Network Drive Drops when searching

Does the server have a gigabit NIC?

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I replaced my Seagate 320GB C/D partioned drive with a new WD 500GB C/D partioned drive. (I used HD Clone to copy the old drive to the new drive.) The 'old C drive' (F) is now a single partition used just a secondary storage. CD R/W drive is (E). There is no floppy drive. However, now when booting up, I get a halt saying cant find the floppy drive; the msg say F1 to Continue, F2 to Use Config Utility, and CNTL-I for something else (CNTL-I does nothing). I do not see anywhere I can tell the system there is no floppy. Maybe the system is confused because my external Seagate Flash and WD Book drives are muddying the water! I must also say using Disk Management tools shows phantom drives and CD ROMs that do not exist.
I've not messed with Disk Managment tools much and this config seems to be messed up. Any ideas? Win 7 Home Prem, Dell Dimension E520. And the system seems to be running normally! But I do not like having loose ends. Many thanx, Bob

Answer:Searching for a Floppy Drive during boot up

Hello skimer. You will need to enter the BIOS setup using F2.

The user manual advises:

"Entering System Setup
1 Turn on (or restart) your computer.
2 When the blue DELL? logo is displayed, you must watch for the F2 prompt to appear.
3 Once this F2 prompt appears, press <F2> immediately.

The F2 prompt indicates that the keyboard has initialized. This prompt can appear very quickly, so you must
watch for it to display, and then press <F2>. If you press <F2> before you are prompted, this keystroke will be lost.
4 If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the
Microsoft? Windows? desktop. Then, shut down your computer and try again."

On the setup screen, you can use the up/down arrows to select Diskette Drive, Enter to modify the setting to Off (the default is Internal). Esc exits the setup.

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My wife is running Window XP Home Edition on an IBM TP600E, with a very small hard drive (4GB), of which there's about 600MB of space available. I'm not sure it's worth updating to a larger drive for a computer this old, but I guess I'm open to that option.

What I'm really wondering is, that when the laptop is idle or when you first launch a program, the laptop just seems to be "furiously searching" the hard drive, and is consequently very slow to respond initially. Granted, there's not a lot of hard disk space available, and I have de-fragmented the hard drive recently, but is there anything I need to be doing (or can do), to make the laptop more immediately responsive on demand - and reduce that constant hard drive "searching". I'll concede that the hard drive "searching" and the laptop initial responsiveness may be unrelated, but my spider sense is tingling - and tells me that they are.

Answer:Constantly Running Hard Drive - Searching, But For What?

I'd think first step should be pulling up the Task Manager and attempting to see what uses most CPU. If that doesn't help, in Task Manager go to View > Select Columns > check the checkboxes with names I/O Reads, I/O Writes, I/O Read Bytes and I/O Write Bytes and click OK. You'll get four more columns. Sort each column by highest value and see which process uses the HDD most.

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Hey guys, I have a problem opening files on my second hard drive when searching for a file.

Example, I search "blablabla" and a several files show and I find the file I want. When I double click, an error pops up saying that the file cannot be found. Even if I see it in the folder I'm searching for.

I can open the file no problem when not in search mode but not when I am in it.

Any help?

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My 3-year old Dell desktop is running Win 10 Professional 64 bit. The original hard drive finally failed and I was able to switch to a backup hard drive I'd earlier installed with Win 7 with the F12 key on boot. I then tried to replace the faulty drive by removing it and installing a new Hitachi drive in its place (original was a Seagate). However, having done so, the drive/computer beeps at regular internals and the new drive appears to be searching....
I suspect it may be necessary to erase the old Seagate from the operating system before installing a new drive in its slot....
But I am not an expert and I would appreciate any tips that can be offered....

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Can anyone tell me how I find Outlook files on an external hard drive? I am accessing the hard drive of an old Windows 7 all-in-one PC via a new Windows 8.1 all-in-one PC and I am trying to find a specific email attachment received about 4 months ago but without success. I have searched program files and documents and also done a generic search of the whole hard drive, but nothing comes up. The Outlook program is on the external hard drive, but as far as I can see, none of the emails.

Answer:Searching for Outlook on an External Hard Drive

What happens when you open Outlook itself? Is it not associated with .pst file somewhere? If you install Outlook on a C: drive, the default location for your .pst files is C:\Documents and Settings\user_id\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. But note: I think I'm right in saying that, if the email was originally sent by, or received by, Outlook, you'll never find it as a separate entity - the only way to get to it is to open Outlook and associate it (if it's not associate already) with the .pst file where you think the email is. The .pst file is typically just one very large file that only Outlook can make sense of.

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My 3-year old Dell desktop is running Win 10 Professional 64 bit. The original hard drive finally failed and I was able to switch to a backup hard drive I'd earlier installed with Win 7 with the F12 key on boot. I then tried to replace the faulty drive by removing it and installing a new Hitachi drive in its place (original was a Seagate). However, having done so, the drive/computer beeps at regular internals and the new drive appears to be searching....
I suspect it may be necessary to erase the old Seagate from the operating system before installing a new drive in its slot....
But I am not an expert and I would appreciate any tips that can be offered....

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I just built this computer and it is about 2 weeks old. About 3 days ago, the hard drive began to constantly through out the day, search/write on it's disc. I can hear it. It happens in intervals. It happens when I am playing games, etc. The mouse cursor has also begun to jump around to different locations on the screen. This happens on the desk top, in applications, and in games. While playing games (playing New Vegas at the moment) the game has begun to stutter and freeze and the mouse/cursor hangs up.

I down loaded AVG Free and installed it as soon as I gained access to the internet. I also have Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D installed. I have ran them and they have found nothing. What could be my problem?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953859 MB, Free - 911750 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M4A87TD/USB3, Rev 1.xx, 108760440003157
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 3:19:59 PM, on 8/4/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\... Read more

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When, for example, browsing files in Windows explorer at home & the network is disconnected, the system tends to freeze for half a minute as it is waiting for the network share to respond. No processes are active in the Task manager (idle only), but the computer is irresponsive. This happens on any PC, not just laptops. Does someone know how to get rid of this behaviour or at least shorten the waiting period?
There is a workaround to disconnect the network drives, but I wish to find something simpler.

Answer:System frozen for a minute while searching for a missing network drive


1. Check it the CPU by the Problem
2. Make a new manual Hardware Identification
3. Make a Driver Update
4. Check the Netware Card in the Device Manager


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Windows 8.1PRo x64

Have several drives, however, the E drive where I store data is reporting the wrong drive location (see jpeg).

Attempting to open the item location after doing a wildcard search *.* of any directory and sub directory results in an error.

Some of the folders, when searching wildcard *.*, return no results for either files or subfolders, even though these are contained within.

Hmm just spotted this could it be the tick box below "Allow this file contents to be indexed....."?

This drive has been the same pc but did have windows xp, 7 then windows 8 to 8.1

All other drives do not have this issue.

I have serched regarding indexing but I am not confident that's necessarily the issue and as usual need the Gurus' of this forum to help (I hope).

Any questions bleep me and I'll do what I can to answer them.

The data was originally on an older drive and got transfered to this new drive approximately 12 months plus ago.

I have had the issue for a while but not really addressed it.

Have tried relabelling the volume in diskmanagemer to M and back again (no luck).

I dont really have the hard drive capacity to transfer and back, but I dont believe it's the drive I believe it's the data markings...I am sure you all know the technical term, not sure how to define it myself.

Look forward to your help and resolve.

Thanks people

...and seasonal greetings, merry christmas and cheer

Answer:File location - searching directories - Drive label error

Have you checked the drive's health with any HDD monitoring programs? If not I would suggest doing so with Hard Disk Sentinel.
Download Hard Disk Sentinel (just download the version on the top)
Also it can tell you if any of your other hard drives are having issues
Please report back.

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I am searching for an internal hard drive for Dell Optiplex GX110. Can I use any hard drive or do I need to buy a Dell specific one? Also does it have to be specifically for that year and model of computer?


Answer:Searching for an internal hard drive for Dell Optiplex GX110

You can use any hard drive from any manufacturer thats IDE(ATA/PATA) up to 120GB in size.

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wanted to recheck local C for faster searching..after last month, i decided to turn off this program..hmmm

Answer:Error : Unable to select Index this drive for faster searching

^That error always appears when you to that task.Just click Ignore.No need to worry about that error.
By the way,Happy New Year to all members once again

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We recently got a computer with XP connected to AT&T DSL. My son said I should replace our other ME computer with 2000 or XP before hooking it to the other computer because ME is known to cause problems like changing or stealing IP addresses. Is this true and should I find a way to upgrade this computer before networking them?

Thanks for the help.

Answer:DSL Windows XP networked with ME

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I recently have put together a computer using windows 2k, and would like to network it to a Windows Xp comp. I was wondering how I would go about this seeing as the network disk on my XP wont work on a windows 2000 computer.

Answer:Windows 2k networked

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Yesterday I put in a second hard drive so I could keep all of my media separate from my OS hard drive. After formatting, I tried to do a Cortana search for a specific TV show on the new drive. Searching with cortana from the task bar won't find anything on the second drive.
I did a little research and saw that you need to index the drive. I right clicked on the drive and went into properties, then I made sure I had this box checked
'Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties'
Then i went into indexing options and selected the whole new drive and let windows rebuild the index. After around 4 or 5 hours the rebuild finished and I still can't find any of my files when searching from the start menu.
I can open up file explorer and search from there fine, but that's not what I want. It's an extra step I shouldn't have to do. I could also download "Search Everything" or a similar third party search application, which is another thing I don't want to do. Searching from the start menu is ingrained in my head like typing in the home position is.
Has anyone with multiple hard drives in a single PC had this issue? Would merging the two hard drives into one partition get it working? I'd rather not do that, but if it's the only way I can search my entire PC from the taskbar I might have to.
Never had this issue with Windows 7..
Not sure how much system specs matter in this scenario, but here they are.

Operating... Read more

Answer:Searching from Start Menu won't find files on separate hard drive

Hi, it may depend on what you're searching for.
Cortana search boxes, as you know, only search what's indexed as far as files/folders are concerned.
But executables are not found (exe, bat, cmd...).

Further, you may need to click the file category (Documents, Photos, Videos... ) in Cortana's window.

I just tried this. I added aardvark.txt to a flash drive, added it to be indexed, which is was.
Typing aardvark in the search box found nothing. Clicking Documents did.

Clearly having to wait for an external drive (which could appear with a different drive letter when next it's plugged in) to be indexed before you can search it hardly makes sense.

Cortana's limitations are not encouraging me to use it at all.

Notwithstanding your distaste for 3rd party programs, when I added 'files' to Classic Shell's configurable search, simply typing aardvark into the search box found that file and a previously created test file on my internal disk whose contents were aardvark.

Rational, functional - and unlike the disaster the Win 10 menu is for start menus with subfolders, where it ignores the subfolders, and lists all shortcuts under the main folder in alpha order, resulting sometimes in (e.g.)
in the start menu (Help from different programs) Classic Shell just works.

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Ok I had to put windows 2000 on my moms PC, which is part of a network, and now EVERY computer on the Network sees an "Internet Gateway". WHY???? The only computer that can see shared files is my moms with the windows 2000. theres 3 more computers all running windows xp. how do i fix this? File sharing is now available, but I myself believe the internet is being slowed down. THe Internet gateway that windows XP is picking up is reading 8.0 mbps. My connection has gotten as high as like almost 2, but it should not read that.

Answer:Solved: No more windows file sharing after windows 2000 computer networked!?


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A friend runs a small business with 8 pcs networked using Windows XP Home Edition. There is no dedicated server (main pc acts as the server) and applications are loaded on individual workstations.Would an upgrade to XP professional be advisable on the pc which acts as a server, or would ALL pcs need to be upgraded?

Answer:8 pcs networked using Windows XP Home?

Not sure how friend is running a network of 8 PCs under XP Home Edition, as it only supports a maximum network size of 5. Presumably, each PC cannot see the entire network?XP Professional doesn't have this restriction in overall network size, although the maximum number of *simultaneous* connections to it is ten. If XP Pro is used as the "server", its "clients" don't also need to run XP Pro, they can be running any operating system.

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I need some help with my Windows XP Professional computer. The computer is networked in a small office. I have given up on any one program to keep my computer clean. I have run multiple free virus programs to no avail. They all say they find multiple virus, malware, spyware, etc. But it never seems to fix the problem. Right now the computer runs slow and is redirecting the browser. I have IE8 installed and running. I followed the steps listed in the problem forum. I could not get the dds scan to run right. I deleted all anti whatever programs I could. I am not sure if I have any script blocking programs that would interfere with the dds scan. I was able to get the GMER scan completed and it is attached.

I know there are quite a few files which could be deleted to free space on the hard drive but I have deleted everything that I know of which is safe to delete. I regularly clean disk and defrag. Any help would be most appreciated.


Answer:Windows XP Professional (Networked)

Hello ,I moved this to the Am I Infecred forumWe need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9 which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.Include the GMER log you posted earlier.Let me know if that went well.

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I have a PC that was on a network that no longer exists.  I intend to reuse the pc on a new network after making some changes and upgrades.  I first want to get rid of all of the old network components (I think it was originally on Windows 2008
server) but seem to be stuck in a loop.  I can't change the computer name to remove the old domain name because the Workstation service is not started.  Seems reasonable that the workstation service would not be started on a pc that is not connected
to a network.  Can anyone shed light?  I have read previous posts on same subject but still don't see the simple explanation - or suggestion to fix.
I have already gone through the "LocalSystem" vs "LocalService" changes and am now stuck on "Error 1079, the account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process".
Any suggestions?

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I have two pc's that are networked using XP Home. I can share my printer etc fine, broadband internet connection. The only problem I have is I can't get into either program Files, Windows, & My Docs from one PC into another. Is there a way to remove the security that blocks this, I have the relevant hard drives shared. There would be no associated problems as both PC's are used by me or trusted people. Thank You.

Answer:Entering Windows Etc From a Networked PC

Have had this problem with networked 2000 & XP machines. The solve is to make sure that both computers are using the same login password. sounds strange I know, but it worked for me. I don't use a login password so just set both of them to blank.

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Well...when I put an MMC or SD card in the slot after a long wait the autoplay dialog box comes up with the flashlight doing it's searching thing but nothing ever really happens. bummer! task manager tells me that "my computer" is not responding. This is a virtually new pc, about 2 months ago we got DSL, 2 weeks after that we got trojan.vundo and I am thinking that during the exorcism we might have lost something we needed. We have used the cards with the pc in the cameras previously with no problems. I am hoping this is a no-brainer quick fixer!!! Thanks a bunch.

Answer:MMC/SD autoplay searching and searching and searching...

How about a boost?

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i saved my writing in local C, and this file is Not in "document" in libraries.
will you explain why?

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Ok here is the story the wife's computer croaked and she needs to get an important college paper off the hard drive. I moved the hd to my comp and got it up and running. The problem is I am unable to acess her folder in the my docs on her drive says the drive may be full or write protected I cant copy anything or rename it. PLease help I need to get this and yes she did not make a back up.

Answer:Help please need to get a document off drive

XP's built in security has probably restricted access to her data unless logged in as herself on the original machine.
You probably only need to take ownership of the folder.

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I have a desktop and a laptop computer both running Windows XP Professional. They are currently networked as P2P using the same workgroup. Both have the same user name and password setup on them. When I use Windows Explorer, and navigate to My Network Places, Entire Network, workgroup name, PC name, then enter the same user name and password to access the other computer (doesn't matter which way), I only see the SHARED folders on the other computer. How do I gain access to ALL the folders on the C: drive?

Answer:Sharing folders on Windows XP networked PCs

You have to share the entire drive. Go to My Computer and right click on the Harddrive and select Sharing and Security.

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I am having troubles getting a Windows 2000 system to add a Canon S450 printer which is shared by an XP system. Specifically, I am not able to find a compatible printer driver either on the XP system or for the 2000 system.

Both systems are current with Windows Update.

Thanks for any help, harmon

Answer:Windows 2000 use of networked S450

Use a BJC-6200 driver. It will work.

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I've been banging my head on the wall for several days on this one. I did a lot of searches and tried numerous suggestions, but have had no luck as of yet.

My Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machine recently stopped being able to communicate with any other machines on the network. It can ping them by name, but can't browse to any shared folders or use any shared services. I do have one networked printer, but access was via http so it seems to work. The big problem is that I have some Windows XP machines that have shared folders and shared printers and I can not access them.

Here are the details of my setup.

- Linksys WRT54G router drives the internet (updated to latest firmware)
- Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machine plugged directly into WRT54G ethernet port
- Epson Workforce printer plugged into ethernet port
- 2 Windows XP machines connected via wireless
- 1 Windows 7 32-bit laptop connected via wireless

Since the Epson worked fine I thought may it is a wireless issue or maybe an issue connecting from Windows 7 to Windows XP. I went through hundreds of forum posts about people with issues connecting to XP with no luck (i.e. network discovery is on, file/print sharing is enabled, all machines on the same Workgroup, etc.). All of the various XP machines can see each other, ping each other, and browse each other's shared folders. In fact, all of said machines are capable of browsing the Windows 7 64-bit machine's shared folders, but it can't browse theirs.

From the Windows 7 mac... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 computer can't see other networked computers

Sorry to hear about your problems, I recently had a problem with this especially trying to communicate Windows XP Home 32 to Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. IT sounds like you have all your bases covered but I would recommend disabling your firewall(s) temporarily and seeing if you can communicate. Lemme know how this goes for you.

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Hi, i have a windows 10 system, my fiance has xp still. I installed the printer to the network only, without it being connected via usb to my computer. All the computers, even my phone can see it on the network except the xp computer. Is this common? Is there a fix? What did i miss? Thanks in advance for any help on this topic.

Answer:Windows xp and networked wireless printers

Is your fiance's system on the same network?

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Hi all Hope everyone is Well

My problem is that I had to remove a few comps from a newtork which the company no longer wanted and intalled new comps, but I am now having problems in saving the bios and getting into
the xp user as their is no network connection nore other computers connected.

I can't use my password recvorery cd due to I cant save it as the cd rom boot, I thought about trying to get it boot from disk but then I have the same problem the comouter loads up and comes up
with the windows XP scren for user log on and where I want to log onto i chose the computer name
but Im not connected to the network etc.. and can't connect to the network with these old machines
I am unable to save the bios changes for it to boot from cd or floppy so If anyone has any idears
let me know tar

Answer:Getting Into Windows Xp Off A Newtoworked Pc No Longer Networked

So you are saying you cant save the CMOS settings in the bios?

Can you access the bios settings at all?

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Long story short, I have a Asus CG5270 desktop with a cdrom that DOES NOT work and a hard drive that is totally wiped clean of any operating system. I also have a router and a perfectly working laptop with Windows 7 64bit home premium on it. I do not have a crossover cable or external hard drive. I have the recovery disk for the desktop which is Vista 64bit home premium SP1.

Can I or can I not use the laptop to reinstall Vista on my desktop?

I've found this question asked countless times in countless forums but also countless answers that do not answer the question for a person that is not a computer engineer.

My apologies if I sound frustrated but I am LOL. Can someone please give me a simple answer and if it is possible can you please provide if there is one a step by step walk-through for dummies?

Much thanks!

Answer:Can I install windows from networked computer?

Get another CD-ROM, that would be the easiest solution. You cannot install Windows the way you are attempting to do it. There are ways to install an OS over a LAN, but the configuration and particulars to get it to work would be far more difficult than getting a replacement CD-ROM.

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The system that is giving me fits is running Windows 7 32bit.

Greetings everybody:

I have a problem with a computer that can't access \\computername. When I attempt to access computername I get the following message:

Windows cannot access \\computername
Check the spelling...

The details say "Error code 0x80070035, the network path was not found"

This computer is the only computer on the network that can't access this resource.

Things I've tried:

\\itself this worked OK

ping computername, I get echos

I found an article that talked about the possibility of that the TCP/IP NetBIOS configuration might be a problem. Sure enough, the service was stopped.

I tried to start it and I'm getting this error:

Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.
So looking through the system logs I see the following errors when the system boots:
1. The TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service depends on the following service: NetBT. This service might not be installed.
(Looking in the services console, I don't see this service listed)

2. The NTRU TSS v1.2.1.29 TCS service depends on the TPM Base Services service which faled to start because of the following error: the operation completed successfully.

3. Event 7023, Service Control Manager: The netwareWorkstation service terminated with the following error: The specified module could not be found.

4. Event 1012, DNS Client Events: There... Read more

Answer:Windows cannot access other networked computers

Worth a look, AND .


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Our Public Library is having some problems with their network and I know some about computers so with a town of 600 of course I volenteered to help. Here is what they have and the problem.

They have DSL > Modem>Router>switch> they have they have 7 computers and a printer they want all to work on the network. Years ago they had that gates thing where they set up a network and I think they have like two 2000 computers as servers each one having some computers on it. Since they had the gates over the years they added two Dell XP computers and just lately add another Dell. When they got the xp computers I guess no one new they had to have the same workgroup names to be on the network to share files etc. So here is what I want to do if someone could help me.

They have 3 Dell XP Computers two XP Home and One XP Pro
they also have two Windows 2000 computers that were the gates computers that we would like to just use as regular computers on the network.
they have one Windows 98SE and one Mac computer.

What I would like to do is set up a windows network using one of the Windows XP computers as a host and then network the rest of them so they can all share files and the printer. They have a HP Laserjet 4200 printer and it is also hooked into the network. There arer enough ports in the switch for all the computers and the printer. If I wanted to set them all up as one network where all could share files and the printer and this is 3 XP computers two home and one pro and ... Read more

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I've recently installed a Linux file server... My windows xp pc used to be the file server...

Ever since I switched over to the server, it caches the contents of the shared folders. So if I rename a file, create a new folder, anything, it doesn't show until you refresh the folder.

Is this a windows xp thing or is it the linux server? If it is windows xp, how do you disable caching?

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hi everyone,
I have DC controller 2012 and windows 10 pro test:

I tried the following:
1. create a brand new windows 10 installation on a test machine; and join it to the domain
2. logon as local admin and customized the desktop background and menu
3. copy that default profile to netlogon shared on dc
4. create a user with its profile path point to \\myDC\netlogon\default user.v6 (which is the one copied from step 3)
5. on the test machine, logon as a test user (error say: cannot logon / logon as a temp profile only)
6. when I remove that profile path from step 4 above then the logon is ok; but it does not apply the networked profile.

can anyone give me some hint?

thanks in advance!!!

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I have four computers in my network. One is connected via cable to the router. Two are wireless, and the fourth one connects through ICS on one of the wireless computers. All of the computers but the ICS(Win ME) one are running Windows XP Home.

The problem is with the wireless computer sharing it's internet connection. Whenever I enable Windows Firewall the other computers cannot access it. If I click on it in the workgroup (on one of the other computers) it says network path not found. If I disable windows firewall, everything works fine. It can access the other computers fine either way.

How do I configure Windows Firewall to allow access by the other computers? I figure it has something to do with the ICS because I didn't have this problem until I set that up. Does Windows Firewall just not work with ICS? I think I provided all the information, but let me know if something else will help. Thanks

Answer:Windows Firewall Blocks Networked Computers

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I started hitting this problem last week. My PC just freezes. Can't do anything. I have to do a hard reset with the power button to reboot. Once I've rebooted and logged in I have a few minutes at best before things will freeze up again. This is consistent. It is not always consistent that I can power up. Sometimes I also get the "Not a genuine version of Windows" message in the lower right corner. Getting this message also started last week with the freezing. I suspect some corruption has occurred. This IS a legitimate version of Windows. A friend who worked for Microsoft bought it for me from the company store. I tried running in Safe Mode with Networking but it also freezes. If I run in Safe Mode without networking then I can run just fine. Any help is much appreciated. If I can provide any debug data to help I'll be glad to but I need to know what to run and how to capture it. Luckily I have a 2nd PC in my study also running Windows 7 but the wife wants it back. Thanks!

Answer:Windows 7 hanging AND getting Not a genuine version if networked

Try doing a System Restore to a date before you had the problem. If this does not solve your problem, let us know.

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I have a home wireless network consisting of a XP pc, a Vista laptop and a new Windows 7 laptop. The two laptops are networked wirelessly. The printer is a Canon i560 that is connected via usb to the XP pc. I can print from the Vista but not from the Windows 7. The problem is that the Windows 7 is unable to find the driver even though there appears to be one on Live Update. Suggestions? I have been unable to find help on several Microsoft forums or from Canon.

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 can't print on networked printer

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