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How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Question: How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one?

I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site, any idea?


I had just had this recommended, I wonder is it a safe site, safe program?


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Preferred Solution: How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Yes sourceforge is safe.

That is where I get many programs myself.


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Hi, I have an issue, my main hard drive is about to die, and I need to try to copy it to my other drive so I can take it out and just use my other drive as my main drive and boot windows etc. from it.Is there a way to do this? I already have stuff installed on my second drive which I don't want to lose so I don't want to have to format it in order to install windows onto it.If there any way at all of just copying everything from my dieing drive to my other drive so I can just take my main drive out and use the other as a main drive.My main drive was a temporary replacement for my last hard drive that died, it is only 40GB IDE, and my secondary drive is  a 250GB SATA (if that helps) I am also running windows XP pro SP3.If you need any more info, I will do my best to tell you anything you need to knowThankyou in advance.

Answer:master hard drive dieing, can I copy it to slave drive?

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Hi. As I'm unable to boot up my old computer and need some files off it I removed the hard drive from it and attached it to the 'slave' connection on a working computer's hard drive. The working computer boots up OK but having done this what program do I use to get files from the non working computer's hard drive?

Answer:How to copy from slave hard drive to master hard drive?

You don't need any special program.

Did you set the jumpers on the HDD to slave. If the HDD in your old computer was a master, the jumpers are probably set to master. You'll need to put the jumpers on slave if you are going to add it to an existing IDE cable as a slave. When you restart your PC enter the bios and see if the bios detects this new HDD. IF it does you should be able to enter your OS and it should be detected as a new drive letter.

Then just find your files and copy & paste to master HDD.

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have a maxtor hard drive model #91361u3  how do i make it a slve drive

Answer:how do i make my hard drive a slave

Similar drive:

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Dear all,
I have IBM T22 laptop and now it seems that I will need to take out the harddrive and make it a slave to take out my data before rebuilding the laptop.

When I opened the hard drive, I could not find the proper slot in any other place to make it as slave drive.

Q-1) Can I make the Laptop hard drive as primary and slave ? ( like desktops )
Q-2) If yes, how do I do that ? If no, then is there any other possible way to take out my data from the hard drive ?

Awaiting for your early reply.

Thanks a lot for your time on the issue.
484 919 4133

Answer:How to make laptop hard drive as slave ?

You can only have one hard drive connected at a time on a laptop (internally). To use them both at the same time, you'd need to put one in an external case and connect it via USB or Firewire.

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I am about to do this in a couple of days to help someone out so I would like someone to tell me I have the right idea. Here is what I am going to do.

Friend is buying a new computer with XP Home or XP pro on it.
His old computer is a windows 98

I am going to take out the hard drive on the windows 98 computer and then hook it up on the Windows xp home or pro as a second hard drive and will hook it up as a slave. Then can I drag and drop or cut and paste and files I want from the 98 hard drive to the new xp hard drive and then when done un hook the slave drive and just use the new computer?

When I hook the slave drive up I
turn off the xp computer
hook up the 98 hard drive to the ide cable as a slave
then turn computer on and it should reconize the 98 hard drive in my computer with a drive letter.

Am I right on all of this cause I do not want to ruin a new computer??

Answer:Solved: Windows XP Home or Pro--hooking up hard drive slave-want to make sure I am right??

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Can someone please tell me an EASY way to copy my hard drive to a bootable CD? I think the HDD I have now is dying, and I would like to have a hard drive I can just pop in which has all the information I have now. I have heard horror stories about Norton Ghost, so I'm hesitant there. I also bought a product called Drivecopy...BEFORE I learned that it is not compatible with XP Pro. Ghost and Drivecopy are both PowerQuest products. Hmmm. I have been told that if you simply copy one drive to another it will not be bootable because of some hidden/missing files that Windows uses. I have also heard that most products which are SUPPOSED to do what I want will only work on drives the exact same size and will duplicate my smaller partition if I go to a larger drive. There MUST be an easy way, but I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need To Make A Bootable CD Of Hard Drive Copy

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This is on a Windows 7 i7 950 build. Basically, the 60 Gb SSD is running out of room and I've already done as much cleaning up as I can. If I get a new SSD with a larger capacity, is there a way to make an exact camera-copy of the 60 Gb unit onto the new drive?


Answer:How To Make A Carbon Copy Of A Hard Drive

You can use these programs to make an image of your current drive and when you get the new SSD, transfer it .

The first two are free if you have a Seagate, Maxtor or WD hdd:

The Seagate and WD programs use the Acronis Trueimage.

This program is free for all hdds:

Easeus -

Make sure you decline any offers ( browsers, etc - unless you want them)

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Hi, I would like to make an ISO copy of my hard drive (windows and programs) so that I could possible reformat my hard drive at a later date without having to reload all the software and windows back onto it.

I have tried but my program wants me to add each individual file. That would take my half a year so is there any way to drop whole folders onto the burning program. Failing that is there a burning program that allows this.


Answer:How to make a bootable ISO copy of my hard drive.

What you want to do requires disk imaging software. Here are some choices:

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I have a Dell inspiron 1545 with a pretty measly hard drive of 135gb. I have an old hard drive from another laptop which is 320gb and i'm wanting to upgrade. I have done this before but i just used all the installation disks to reinstall windows and everything onto the new hard drive. This time however, i want to be able to copy the whole contents of my current hard drive onto the new one so that when i swap them over and i boot up the computer it contains the operating system, software and files that are currently on the 135gb hard drive. I presume there is some sort of wires, software and housing that i might need to achieve this. So far i have been pointed in the direction of this software pack (Apricorn EZ Upgrade Universal Hard Drive Upgrade Kit (SATA and PATA 2.5" Notebook Drives) Deals, #EZ-UP-UNIVERSAL - UK) but i was wondering if there was a cheaper way to perform the required task.

I was also wondering if the new hard drive will affect battery life. The new one spins at 7200rpm compared to the old at 5400rpm.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Answer:Upgrading laptop hard drive, wanting to copy all files onto new one

Any USB carriage that can hold a 2.5" SATA drive would work. Then you can use something like Macrium Reflect to clone the internal drive to the external one. Once that process is complete, shut down the laptop and swap the drives.

If the new drive spins at 7200 rpm, than it will reduce the typical battery life of the laptop...but it will offer slightly better performance.

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I have 2 hard drives. My slave drive has been the boot drive. My master drive now has a bad block. I tried to replace it but, when I did my computer wouldn't boot. The replacement has an OS on it but, all I got was a black screen w/ a blinking underscore. Windows never came up. I want my slave drive to stay the boot. How or what can I do to fix it so my slave boots to my OS after replacing my bad drive?

Answer:How do I make my slave drive be the boot drive

there are two thing you can. do the first is make sure the juumpers on the hard drives are in the right place. make sure the new drive is marked as master an the old one is marked as slave.
The second is when you computer first starts press f12, (I think it's f12 key), go into your startup change the boot order so the computer looks for that drive first. These would be the first things I'd try if they don't work hold on someone else will correct me and post another suggestion.

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I recently purchased a new notebook which has Windows 7 HP on it. Because of all the bloatware put on it by the mfg and since I have a spare hard drive I wish to do a clean install of Windows. Since I do not have the drivers anywhere but on the original HD, I need to transfer them to the new HD. I tried using DriverMax and found it to be very unsatisfactory. What are the other options?


Answer:Move or copy drivers to a new hard drive

go to the manufacturer's website, support section, and they should have drivers for all models they sell, download the right ones to an external drive.

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I've got two hard drives. Both are 40GB, with one being the master and the other being the slave (obliviously). Both are kinda small. Since I lost my Windows boot CD and can't reinstall Windows, I've decide to just swap out the slave for a massive (500GB+) drive instead. My question.

1 - Can I just leave the first drive intact, and not need to reinstall Windows?
2 - What is a good way to image my slave's current contents and transfer them to my new drive?
3 - I have a parition with Linux installed on my slave drive. If Linux ISN'T on my system, the GRUB boot loader I have doesn't work very well, so I'd like to keep my paritions and Linux OS on my new drive.

Answer:Upgrading My "Slave" Hard Drive

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I get intermittent file corruption when copying files, e.g. I copied a directory of photos from one drive to another then did a binary comparison of the files and 5 - 10 % of the copied files differed from the source and had bit errors.

I have the latest bios and drivers, I?ve run chkdisk, reformatted drives, run Norton disk doctor and Checkit diagnostics and everything is reported healthy.

Here are my system specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 300+ S939 rev E
Memory: 2 x 512MB OCZ Tech DDR PC3200
Cooling: Stock CPU fan, case fan
Power supply: 400W
Hard Drives: 1 x Samsung SP0812C SATA 80GB (boot drive, 2 partitions c:\ & e:\), 2 x Hitachi HDS728080PLA380 SATA II 80 GB w/RAID 1 (1 partition f:\)
OS: Windows XP Home SP2

I?ve seen file corruption when copying in either direction between drives, when copying from other computers on my LAN, when downloading files from the web.

Is the problem with hard drives, controller, motherboard, drivers, os? Any suggestions for how to fix?


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My master hard disk has failed and I have successfully replaced it with a
new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?
Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on
the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one,
but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Answer:Get a drive letter for an old slave hard drive while keeping the existing data

In disk management did you first left click to highlight the drive then right click for assign or change a drive letter option?

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

Answer:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!


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hi guys. the external hard drive, here at work, cannot be detected by any of the computers. my thoughts are that the data was wiped clean. i've removed the hard drive from the case and installed it onto my computer as a slave drive. a) how can i view if these files still exist. and b) if they are missing, can you recommend a software recovery program?

Answer:Solved: external hard drive/slave drive recovery

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I have a completely new amd 950 soyo pc with windows 98se (clean install) with a 60 gig drive that I cannot get it to see my other 60 gig drive. I am strying to slave it to save my files on the 2nd drive but my system isn't picking up the drive. I tried slaving it to my master but didn't work. I set it up as my secondary master but it's still not picking it up. The cmos see's it but the os doesn't. What happening here? I need to get my files off the second drive. I plan on using easy recovery to get my files from the second drive.



Answer:cannot slave drive to copy files

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My original pc broke so i put the Hdd in my sons pc as slave it has xp installed on it,is there i can boot from this drive?.

Answer:How to make pc boot from slave drive

Yes put your sons HDD to "slave" and yours to Master

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Can you make a Slave Drive bootable? I want to install a slave drive with a different O.S. on my computer. I now you can have two OS on the same hard Drive with different Partitions but I don't now if you can have two different hard Drives with one different O.S. on each drive.

If so how can I do that.
Than you for your time and knowledge

Answer:Can you make a Slave Drive bootable?

I think that depends on your BIOS. If it lists IDE0 to IDE3 etc then you are in.

You are going to need a bootloader to handle the 2 systems or do it the long way by switching with the BIOS.

What is the objection of putting them together in the same disk with different partitions?

I run a disk with 43 partitions and 29 of them are filled.

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My PC is currently playing up bigtime (when I switch on XP Pro loads as normal, but when it gets to the desktop, only my selected background photo displays - there are no icons nor Task Bar!!), so ......If I physically remove the troublesome C: drive then fit a new replacement HDD, which I'll format and reload Windows, can I susequently fit the old C: drive as a slave? The idea behind this is to copy across data from the old HDD to the new one, which seems a quicker way to backup stuff without having to burn loads of DVDs.Am only able to run in Safe Mode at the moment - Windows can't even restore successfully!

Answer:Can I make my current C: drive a slave?

Short answer...yes!

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Hey guys, kinda new here, hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum section.
I'm not that super oriented with computers, I'll give it my best shot to explain what's going on here.
In short my PC just won't start. The light turns on, it boots up, and then I get a black screen with text referring to either "Start Up Repair (recommended)"
"Start windows normally"
If I choose start windows normally, it brings me to the black booting screen with the windows flag, then it proceeds to go back and restart the system, going back to the black screen. OR More likely it just stays stuck on the glowing windows flag.
This also occurs if I press F8 and go into safe mode. After listing all the components before going into safe mode, it simply restarts itself and goes right back to the black screen of the two choices.
If I select Start up repair, a grey loading bar appears below that on occasion freezes. If I manually reset the computer try it again, I get to a blue windows default background screen and the message
"Startup Repair
Your computer was unable to start
Startup repair is checking your system for problems...
If problems are found, Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times during this process.
No changes will be made to your personal files or information. This might take several minutes.
Searching for problems.. (this is beneath a blue bar that has been going on for at least an hour)
There's also a Dos window... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 won't boot past possible broken Hard drive attempting to recover/clone/copy hard drive

It sounds to me as if your Operating System has been damaged beyond repair, and that you only option would be to re-install your system using the 'Return to Factory Settings' facility provided. Unfortunately, this would mean you would lose all you data, and, from what I can tell from your posting, you have not taken a back-up so you cannot repair your PC at present.
You first need to remove your heard drive and connect it to a working PC either as slave or in a caddy, and use this to copy all your data onto a new external device.
Once connected to another device, you could partition your Hard drive and copy your data into a second partition.
Once you have your data copied, return the HHD to your own PC and re-install your system from scratch.

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I Have Sony Vaio VGC-RB34G Running Windows XP Media Edition. My computer came with No XP CD just the Cheap Recovery System From the Control Panel That I had to Make using Two DVDS. My Original Hard Drive Has a Currupt File that will not Load Windows So I bought another Hard drive of same Make and Model I Installed and Now when I go to boot Windows I have to Press F5 to Run windows from the Second hard drive. When In BIOS it shows both HD And I dont know How to Slave the Original so When I start It runs The New Hard drive and Shows The Original as a x: drive  so I can Copy THE system File I need to the Currupt Hard drive.. This sony is giving me trouble from day one.. Please Help

Answer:Slave Drive SATA hard drive

There should be a setting in BIOS under Boot in which you chose which order it boots up each hard drive. If that doesn't work, you made need to take the original out and replace it with the new one to make it the primary drive....

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Hi! I need to reformat my computer and I have 2 seperate hard drives. If I reformat my C drive, will everything on my H drive still be safe? I had to reformat once before and went to the trouble of saving everything and backing it up to my other computers on my home network, only to find after the reformat that my entire H drive was totally intact. I don't want to *assume* that it will always be that way and then lose everything in a reformat. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Answer:Reformat hard drive with XP and slave drive

yes, H will be safe

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Hi! I have this hard drive, which was put in a pc that didn't work due to power supply failure. The OS is windows 7 ultimate (with password).
And I want to install this into a different pc (OS: windows xp) as a slave drive, I just need to take out the data from drive D and E.. How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in this pc which has different OS too? my hard drive is a SATA, and the PC does have SATA port..

Do I need to set the BIOS too? and How?

Help needed! Please include the steps, I'm a newbie.. Thank you!

Answer:How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in a different system?

This link might help you.


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I am replacing a dual core computer (motherboard die) with a new pc. My question is: I would like to connect the main hard drive from the old PC as a slave or secondary drive to the new PC. So beside physical connection, what else I need to do?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:Old hard drive to new computer as slave drive

You left out some important information.

Is the new PC a factory-brand one or a self-built one?

Is the hard drive in the new PC an IDE or SATA model, and does it contain a Windows operating system?

Is the hard drive in the old PC an IDE or SATA model, and does it contain a Windows operating system?


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Quick question...I have a 2 hard drives, one with windows installed, on its own IDE cable and another hard drive, with Linux installed that shares the IDE port with a CD Drive.The question is, does it matter which of the devices that are sharing the IDE port (ie. the CD Drive and the Second Hard Disk) are set to master or slave?Thanks.

Answer:Hard Drive and CD Drive - Master or Slave?

the sensible thing would be to have the linux hard drive as the slave on the primary channel so both operating systems can communicate at an optimum with the cd-rom. check your drives wouldnt be better with an 80 conductor cable and the jumpers set to cable select.

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My loaded xp computer is worth keeping but I am currently having intermittent problems with the C drive: After running error checking on the system drive, when it restarts I get a file missing message and the system wont boot. It is then that I have to run the original xp dvd and boot from that
and quit by pressing F3 and restarting. Then, the system boots.
Sometimes a different file is missing and I have to resort to the same routine.
I cant use the "R"epair option because it wants the administrator password
that I have lost somewhere. Is there some way to get around that?
If not I would like to know how to copy my "C" drive with all its' system files, programs and data (an exact copy) to a new hard drive so I can use the new hard drive as a replacement for the old drive if the old drive should fail (it is old and I need something with a larger capacity).
Can you recomend a utility program that will let me copy the old drive to the new one? Can it be done in the same computer with just one ide connecter from the board or does it need two (both) seperate connectors on the board?
I just bought a new hard drive so I am looking for CHEAP software to accomp-lish this.

Answer:I want to make exact copy of C drive on a new drive

It sounds like your old HDD is beginning to Fail. We suggest backing up all your User files to an external HDD, or CD/DVD. After you have backed up, You can diagnose your C: drive by going to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /R in the command prompt type a Y for Yes and restart. Check Disk will run at next bootup. It may take a long while. This will try to fix Bad sectors
You can clone your whole HDD to another HDD making a mirror copy, but if files are corrupted because of bad sectors, then it wouldn't work very well.
We suggest backing up your user files (eg) C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName] to an external device, replacing the HDD and installing XP fresh. Then restoring your User files to the new HDD.

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I have installed an extra HDD in my comp.It was an external labeled G with nothing on it.I hooked it up through a PCI card.It is recognized in My Computer as New volume G:.I renamed it slave c but now it just reads as slave c(G
It doesn't show up in bios as a slave.How do I get it to be a slave to C or will it automatically just start filling up the new drive when the original is full?

Answer:Solved: Make an internal HDD a slave drive,configure?

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Hey. I'm sure this was answered elsewhere, but I didn't see any posts on moving a secondary drive over to be another computer's secondary.

I have an old Pentium 3 with two hard drives on it (a 18GB and a 120GB) on Windows 2000.

Now I just bought a computer that is running Windows XP and I intend to move the 120GB hard drive over to be the secondary drive.

The 120GB was the secondary/slave drive, so I'm wondering: do I still need to follow all the steps including formating it to be current with the new OS or can I just plug it in and it works automatically?

In a less wordy way: does it have system files on it that need to be deleted or will it work perfectly from the start?

I used Seagate's DiscWizard to install the slave drive on my old computer, which was easy enough, but that was a empty hard drive.

Answer:moving a slave drive to be a slave drive on another computer (two operating systems)

Re: moving a slave drive to be a slave drive on another computer (two operating syste

Win XP will just auto detect it and away you go. You won't need to install anything. It will perform better if you formatted it NTFS previously but if it's still FAT32 it will still work fine. Start using it.

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I've seen a similar problem in this forum, but I can't find the identical problem or a solution.

Simply stated, I made a copy of my w2k hard drive using ghost and when I try to boot to it, I get an error to the effect that the page file is missing or too small. Safe mode doesn't work either.

Read on for more details. I have also posted this to Western Digital and am awaiting an answer from them.

I want to install my new drive as my master because I believe I am having errors with my existing drive.

I have a master drive (C: ) and a slave (F: ). Most of the data on the slave got there by running the drive to drive copy (not the install new drive) selection from data lifeguard (Western Digital utility).

Because I learned in the past that I cannot successfully boot from the copy made by data lifeguard, I used Norton Ghost (version 10.0) to copy from my old master to the new drive. Ghost has an option that says it can be used to install a new drive.

I'm pretty sure I kept the jumpers and physical drive locations straight through all of this. Here is where I am at. I was careful.

If I try to boot from the new drive as master with no slave, the boot fails. It tells me the paging file is missing or too small. I do not have this problem booting from my old master with no slave. In both cases the slave is physically disconnected. If I attempt safe mode with the new drive, I have the same problem.

If I boot from the new drive with the existing F: (created by... Read more

Answer:Can't boot to hard drive copy - no pagefile & drive letters confused

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A week ago, a strange clicking noise befalled us whenever we attempted to boot the system. The BIOS welcome screen would run for much longer than usual, and then a message "No internal hard drive found." would display. We thought it would be a hard drive error and replaced it.

Now, however, placing in a bootable OS installation CD does not work! Whenever we try, the computer acts like there is no CD (although sometimes the CD does begin to spin), and says there is no boot device available.

I have tried a Ubuntu CD, a Windows Vista CD, a Windows XP CD, and none of them work. It does not matter what CD you put in; it does not work.

So what is the problem? Is it fixable? Was it the hard drive that broke?

The system is a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop.

Answer:Solved: After upgrading hard drive for Inspiron 5150 laptop, CD drive does not work

Never mind, everyone! It turns out, after I took it out and put it back in, it worked again. Maybe a connection problem... who knows.

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I need help. I was trying to clone my laptop drive to my new drive using Copy commander but when I had the new drive partitioned, it will not allow me to clone my drive. But if I do not partition it, it works. Any input would be appreciated......!!

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My Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop has been reaching full capacity (80gb) for a while so I decided to get a new hard drive.

I've updated the RAM from 1gb to 2gb with no problem.

My hard drive has arrived but with no cables, instructions etc. and searching the web has proved just as unfruitful as most sites refer to external hard drives.

I don't have an external disc so was wondering if there's any way of copying everything over. I've heard of temporarily taking the CD drive out to have the two drives at once but wouldn't know where to start.

Any help/ instructions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Answer:Replacing Fujitsu hard drive - how to copy without external drive?

Obviously you did not build a Recovery Disc originally?

You can just order a Recovery Disc from HERE

If your machine is not supported, then then sometimes the Fujitsu forum members will help, at Their Forum

That's 3 ways of getting your Recovery media. I hope it helps

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Hello all. I have a technical background (hardware control systems), but am by no means a threat to any IT guy who actually understands DOS (Greek), or different OS platforms. In that regard, I will claim ignorance with a smidgen of knowledge---just so you know who you are dealing with and will correspondingly, dumb down your answers to my level (slightly smarter than a pile of rocks when it comes to absorbing this type of information).

I have a Dell GX630, 3.2 GHz computer with Windows XP Pro SP3 that is replacing my older 700MHz machine. I have painfully copied all programs, files, and added the peripheral hardware (printer, scanner, modems) to make this a duplicate replacement computer system with an addition monitor.

I have read all the posts for making a bootable flash drive (stick) and made both a Hirens bootable stick (three different sticks, Sandisk 4GB, Kingston 1 GB, and a generic 16GB) and a BartPE bootable CD disk?.my eyes bled, and the hammering base drum in my head has subsided. I?m Scotch/Irish/German with no desire to conquer the world, drink every Pub dry, and do it for little or no money, but I am stubborn, hard-headed, and tenacious to a fault.

My goal is to make a stand-a-lone Seagate FreeAgent USB (self powered) external drive, a working replacement "main drive (0)" for my computer with it?s own operating system
(XP Pro SP3). I used the Seagate software to clone the C SATA drive to this USB drive (NTFS). The reality is to have a cloned... Read more

Answer:Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive


not sure what you are trying to acheive, from what ive read you cant get windows to boot from an exteranl usb hdd no matter what you do.

if its just for disaster recovery then do what i do.

you can ,make flash sticks bootable but i never could make a HDD bootable using windows, so i took the drive out of the enclosure and put it in my laptop, i booted from a win98 cd and fdisked and formatted the drive then sys'd it to make it bootable, i copied ghost onto it and wrote a small autoexec.bat file to set ghost running at boot up.

i then booted from it with it plugged into the laptop and ran a disk clone to a file onto the USB HDD.

when i want to restore it i just image the drive in from the USB HDD and im done.

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I'm running Win XP Pro on this box:

I connected a hard drive I had in my other computer as a slave drive, and set the jumpers accordingly. When I booted the computer up, it got to the memory test, and hung. So I rebooted the computer, and it did the same thing. Then I disconnected the new hard drive, rebooted, same thing happened. I let it sit off for a few mins, booted it up, and it worked fine. Any idea what's going on, and how I would go about fixing it?

Also, another problem im having is this:

I just set this computer up today, and when I installed the nVIDIA nForce 2 audio drivers, it worked fine. I hooked up my new 5.1 speakers, and everything was good. Then, after I hooked up that slave drive I mentioned above, got that error, disconnected it, etc.. I got back into windows, and all of those audio drivers were corrupt. I went to run the installer to get the drivers and control panel working, and it just closes itself each time I run it. I rebooted, tried again, same thing.

Somethings going on here, hopefully somebody can help. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Problem with slave drive and audio drivers in XP Pro

check the jumpers on your primary drive,some have different settings when you attach a slave

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My hard drive started making funny clicking noises and the pc pitstop checkup gave me a response time of 77ms and a warning that it could expire shortly. So i bought a new 80 gb hard drive, installed it, partitioned it no problem, but i now want to swap all the data from my old hard drive to my new one (os and all), and then junk the old drive.
How can i do this without spending money on software that i will probably only use once or twice.
Any advice would be appreciated.


the pipster

Answer:How can i copy my failing 8gb hard drive to my new 80gb hard drive?

For free:

HDClone (free edition only smaller to larger)
PCI CloneMaxx

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i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

Answer:Os hard drive and local disk hard drive how can i make them into one?

Quote: Originally Posted by CraziReaper

i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

First, if at all unsure backup

Parigon disk suite (free trial)

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I have an internal hard disk not in use ,and I would like to make it as external disk !
I looked on the net and I found I should have the " encelsure " butt I think I wont find it here in my city .
So is there another way ? like usb -esata cable ?

Answer:how to make your internal hard drive into and external hard drive ?

Firstly, where are you based (Which country)? I would get the part of the internet, I trust we are talking about a 3.5" drive? Do you have an esata port on your pc? I would get something similar to this, I think: - Buy CiT 35M17SEF 3.5 inch SATA / USB / Firewire / eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!

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My daughter's PC has an 8.4GB HDD which is almost full, I have bought a 20GB disk, which I have set up as the slave, to replace it, as I want to transfer everything across to that disk. Having studied this forum it seemed that Drive Image 7.0 would be the easiest solution, but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE but it's all a bit beyond me! I have loaded XP PRO on to the new HDD, can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? All advice appreciated.

Answer:Best way to copy full hard drive to larger drive?

but I don't seem to be having much success as the PC now won't boot - something to do with the PQRE - Give some more details?can I just drag across the programmes that I want and load any programmes that I have the disks for, or is it not that simple? - you would to reinstall programs.

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I have a Dell Latitude laptop, 4 gb hard drive, 128 mb memory, I have no back up disks to restore the laptop. Can anyone tell me how to copy a drive image of the hard drive laptop to my external 40gb hard drive please?

Answer:copy drive image to external hard drive?

You need software that can create a snapshot image of your laptop hard drive.Acronis "True Image", Norton "Ghost" are betterknown ones. Try EBay or Amazon for deals.

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Can anyone tell me how to copy the entire contents of my 3gb UDMA hard drive, including XP home- to my new 80gb SATA hard drive.

Answer:How do I Copy UDMA Hard Drive to new Sata Drive

Save all your documents to a CD or DVD and re-install XP

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I want to copy an access database from a zip drive to a hard drive. Can I simply just select the database and do a copy and paste or is there anything else involved? Also, what would be the easist way to make changes to the database on the hard drive and have them update on the zip drive and vice versa?

Answer:copy access database from zip drive to hard drive

That should do it.
Copy/paste or click and drag.

To "back up" the database regularly?
Copy and paste over.
There is no EASIER way without getting very involved.
Since the drive is just for a simple backup, I would keep it simple.

Please make sure you're compacting your Access DB on close (Tools-Options, General tab, in 2000 and above), so that it doesn't unnecessarily get bigger and bigger.

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I have 3 hard drives and boot options of windows 7 64bit or Vista 32bit.
Drive 1.
E: 74gb
Windows 7 64bit bootable.
Drive 2.
D: 186gb
Only used for documents.
Drive 3.
232gb Partitioned into C: 64.45gb and K: 168.43gb
C: Vista 32 bit bootable.
K: is just for documents.

I want to copy my E: drive (windows 7) to my C: partition (wiping out Vista) and keep my K: partition intact.
If successful I will boot from C: then format my E: drive.

Can I do this using windows 7 backup?

Answer:Want to copy a system hard drive to one partition on another drive.

You can use the "create a system image" feature in Backup and Restore to make an image of your drive 1, but first you would need to shrink the size of the drive , because it is larger than the partition with Vista on it and to restore the image the partition has to be equal or greater than the Windows 7 installation. Before attempting to move Windows 7 to your Vista partition, I would back up all your data on the K partition as a precaution. If you do that, then you wouldn't have to resize the Windows 7 partition. Then after restoring the image to your Drive 3, you can always recreate the K partition and move your data back to. Either way, back up that data on the K drive first, before doing anything. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Title says it all. I'm trying to get The Windows 7 installation software to boot off of this hard drive. This has to be faster than the CD Rom, and this thing is just collecting dust.

Answer:How do you make a drive bootable with a Hard drive dock?

your motherboard bios needs a boot from usb device option too

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I have a 160gb hard drive on my laptop which i want to upgrade to a 750gb. I have no windows disc and no restore disc. is there any way to clone the entire contents of the 160gb (including windows vista) to the new drive.....

Answer:upgrading hard drive, how do i move windows to new drive

Almost every company offers the user some way to create disks. Make the disks now for protection or consider ordering them if you need to.Generally companies that sell laptop hard drives also offer some way to clone the old one over. You may have received a usb to sata adapter or you may need to get one. You also may need to download the software from the hard drive makers site if it didn't come in box. A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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Has anyone undertaken an upgrade of the hard drive in a Libretto U100 to a SSD? This would surely improve performance significantly. What dimension is the hard drive in the U100 and what connector is used to attach the drive? Can anyone advise if this mod is possible?


Answer:Upgrading hard drive in Libretto U100 to SSD Drive

So, I have a machine with an SSD drive (Tecra M5) and it works like a charm. Unfortunately the drives are too expensive at the moment but you can gain some real performance.

Regarding your question: Should be possible. You have a 1.8" inch drive installed and there are SSD drives which have almost the same form factor. Usually the U100 was shipped with MK6006GAH or MK3006GAL drives.

Here?s a site which could help you, since the drive has the same connector like the drive in your machine:

Just check it out and I hope you can use my hint for further research on SSD drives.. :)


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Question: Slave Hard Drive

I have a Pentium III 500 running win 98. I want to install a secondary IDE slave hard drive. I changed the pins to the slave configuration and set my bios to auto detect (i think). Anyway, when I boot my system it shows that it recognizes the drive but then it gives me an unable to read c: drive. If I remove the drive and only leave my c: drive it works. I want to run Norton Ghost to make a duplicate of a failing hard drive. Can anyone give me some pointers?


Answer:Slave Hard Drive

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I wish to fit a new hard drive in my iMedia 4605 and have been told it is easier to install it as a slave to my original hard drive but I don't know where to put it as the HDD bay on my computer has only space for one. All external bays are in use.

Answer:Where to put new slave hard drive

If you've got a spare 5" drivae bay you should be able to pick up a spacer or a caddy and fit it in there, if your cables will reach. You may need to juggle things a bit.I've seen a drive mount made from a couple of elastic bands and 2 pencils so that's an option if you get stuck.

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I recently bought a Seagate hard drive (160 gigs) model # ST3160023A and have installed it into my computer. Computer has apparently formatted the drive and it shows up on the device manager of my Windows XP platform, but despite running through a ton of programs that all say that the drive is present and working perfectly, I can't access it to use it. It doesn't show up on my Windowss explorer function.

I have used Seagate's software to try and remedy this, but to no avail and using the add hardware function of Windows XP doesn't work (it says that another installation is underway and two installations cannot occur simultaneously; this is a problem that has existed for a year on my computer).

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Need help with new slave hard drive

Sounds like it aint been assigned a Letter, try going to Disk management in Computer mangement and assign it a letter , also if you have a copy of Powerquest partition magic you can use that to assign ...

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Question: slave hard drive

Windows XP HOME. I want to instal a second hard drive as a slave. I intend to partition the slave drive. As it will be a slave, should all the partitions be made secondary ones, or does the new drive have to have one primary partition? I have no intention of ever loading an additional OS. Is there a recommended formatting utility other than Fdisk please?

Answer:slave hard drive

Go to Start-run-type in diskmgmt.mscYour slave drive should show up here,you can then partion and format here.If you then click on the Help tab then help topics and have a look through.

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Right now, I'm running a 120GB NTFS drive and a 60GB NTFS for windows usage.

I have an 80GB for Linux.

I'd like to add another 12GB FAT32 drive, that can be used on both Windows and Linux, but I don't want to give up my 60GB NTFS slave for windows usage. I'd like to add the 12GB to my two NTFS drives, and when I boot up Linux from that 80GB I can use the 12GB on there as well as it's secondary.

Is it possible to run two slaves? I was considering putting the second slave on my slave slot of my Secondary Channel (CD-ROM drives)...but when I did this, my primary channel was not found!

Does anyone know how to do this? Run XP with 3 Hard Drives (non-RAID).

Really, it's not an XP issue, more, a motherboard issue....can my motherboard use 3 hdd at one time.....

thanks guys.

Answer:Can I have a 2nd Slave Hard Drive?

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This is a complicated question and I will try to get it right.  Background: My old hard drive was acting up-rebooting over and over again.  My computer was a few years old so I decided to buy a new computer and then take my old hard drive out of the old computer, put it in the new computer as a slave, and then retrieve all of my important data from the old one simply by copying to the new computer's hard drive.  I would then reformat the old drive and use it for storage, etc.  I got the new computer, an HP with XP pro, a dvd burner, media slots, usb 2, IEEE 1394, and a 150 gb  hard drive.  It works fine.  I tried to put the old hard drive in the computer jumpered as a slave and in the slave position on the cable with the DVD as master.  when I try to boot the computer it goes to my old drive first to look for an operating system and starts rebooting over and over again as it did before when I had  the drive in my old computer.  I tried putting the drive on a seperate flat cable as slave but it was looked at first for a system there too.  I have verified that the jumper is in the right place on the drive but it won't act as a slave.  the computer keeps going to it for a system before going to the good hard drive in the new computer.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I make my old drive into a second drive without erasing it and losing all my data?

Answer:Getting my old hard drive to act as a slave.

Is the hard drive in the new computer a SATA drive? Run Everest Home and post the report you can run so we will know detrails about all of the hardware. That is the best way to get an intelligent response.

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HiyasOld pc... 96MB RAM :-( 40GB pentium 166 Win98SENew(ish) pc... 512MB RAM 40GB intel celeron 1.8Ghz WinXP HomeI've just acquired the 'new' pcIs it possible to somehow remove win98se from my old hard drive then use it as a slave to the newer one, keeping all my documents/programs/stuff etc. intact?Or is WIN98 uninstall unnecessary?Or is there a far easier way to go about things?Anyone got any clues?Much appreciation & thanks in advance.I'm going out now, but I'll check back tomorrowCheersSkulk

Answer:Old hard drive as "slave"?

No probs - just slap it in.Done the same with a donated P11 for my daughter.Took the drive from her old P1 and slapped it inNow a slave with all her suff on it.Dont forget to change the jumper thoughj

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I?ve two hd?s in my dell 8300, a 60gb that came with the machine and a IBM deskstar 82.3gb. I?ve put them both on the primary ide channel with the 60gb as device 0 and the 82.3gb as device 1.I cant set device 1 to dma which is really impacting the disk and machine performance. Device 0 shows ?device type auto detection, transfer mode dma if available? and the ?current transfer mode as ?ultra dma mode 2?. Device 1 shows ?device type auto detection, transfer mode dma if available? and the ?current transfer mode as ?pio mode?.I?ve looked around in the bios and cant find anything - what should I be doing?Any info would be great,Cheers, Jake

Answer:Cant set to dma on slave hard drive

Have a look here, it may help click here DMA availablity is somewhere in bios, but as 1 hd is enabled I don't think it's a bios issue.

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K I bought this 250GB (YAHOO) HDD drive... it's western digital... I wanna install it so that it's a slave drive..... so then I followed the instructions... I was provided with a jumper which I placed on the HDD Western Digital drive in the "slave position".... then I used the cable/ribbon they provided me (it was 3 thingy heads... the things that you place into a HDD... sry dun know name)... anywayz the middle one according to the manuel was to be connected to the slave... and the one side to the master and the other side to the motherboard..... next I rebooted my computer... but this is what I got: "Disk Boot Failure... Insert System Disk and Press Enter".... so I placed the CD ROM provided by western digital... pressed enter... took a while to read... chickened out and shut off my computer... now here's the thing... I believe my computer should have recognized the drive so I shouldn't get this error... and as for the CD ROM western digital provided I should only use that to install the drive right... that's after my system has detected the new drive right... so hmm what's wrong lol?
Ciao o_O

Answer:Slave Hard Drive Help!

Sounds to me like you did everything right (even the chickening out part).

Your original drive might not have had it's jumper set to master, even though that sounds kinda far-fetched. Or, the slave jump wasn't right. (I kid you not, I've sworn I did it right, only to find I was off to one side or the other)

I say that because that message seems like the computer read the unformatted western digital and thought "hey, no can boot to this!"

Your new hard drive is not formatted yet.
The CD is used for that, but other ways exist also.

If, for instance you were to unplug the original drive ...
Use just the new WD 250MB hard drive.

The OS is gone, and so you'd have to load it on.
To do that, you'd have to format it. partition it, and then you could
load the windows onto it.

If you have a windows CD, then all that could be done.
A fresh load.
If you think ahead, you make three partitions at the point in the "pre-loading"
that asks you what you want.
You say:
A primary partition of 20GB.
It does it, and then you are back to that screen to make another decision.
An extended partition, this time.
Say, 30GB. It does it.
(You also had to say to those DOS questions, use the large drive option, since 250GB is more than the 30GB max for "small drives", but you only say that once)

One more time, and you make the rest of the drive (about 200GB) the second extended partition.

Not exact in my examples, but close.

Now, you have a ... Read more

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Question: slave hard drive..

How do you install a programme (paint shop pro x)on to a second hard drive(slave) on x.p. and any future programmes???

Answer:slave hard drive..

Install on the Slave drive.

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Question: Slave Hard Drive

I was recently trying to recover files from my buddies hard drive that i believed to be corrupted by attaching it to my pc as a slave. I unplugged my current slave and was able to recover some files from his hard drive. Although when i rebooted and plugged my slave back in and booted up the OS didnt see the hard drive; but the bios did. I can also see the hard drive in the device manager just not My Computer. How could would i fix this. my os is XP.


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I have two hard drives on my computer. the primary hard drive is almost full, but my slave hard drive has a lot of space left. All the stuff (like pictures and new programs) automatically save to the primary hard drive. Is there a way i can make the slave hard drive to save all stuff and have the primary hard drive just for the OS. I already tried making the slave primary, but the computer don't recognize it (maybe it doesn't have windows xp). Also... if i cut folders (like installed games) from "program files" folder from my primary hard drive and paste on the "program files" of my slave hard drive.. will that affect the program? if you all need more details let me know..thank you!

Answer:Need help with slave hard drive

in windows explorer move the files over

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Can see my Slave Hard DriveGuys,I also need help with a similar situation.I just change my primary HD to a new SATA hard drive. I always had a slave in my computer. This slave is a regular 30gb IDE HD.I loaded Win XP Pro on the new SATA hard drive and it works great. The issue that I have is that Windows does not see the old IDE HD. I do see it in the bios and it is enabled but looking in Disc Management or My Computer does not show up.Is there anything that I did wrong or is there anything that I should do?Please Help!!

Answer:Can see my Slave Hard Drive

How is the slave connected to the motherboard? You may have to connect the slave to any CD/DVD IDE cables.

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I have an HP Pavilion 7936 PC & have run out of hard drive space. Can I put a larger hard drive in it as a slave? It has 40 GB & I want to put in a 250 GB Seagate. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me!

Answer:hard drive as slave

Yes, actually the less data you store on your C: drive the faster it will be, move your data to the larger drive, and have a more useful pc. Just be sure your 40gig is at the end of the ribbon, and the slave is the second on the ribbon, be sure to set jumpers on new drive to slave. ed

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Question: slave hard drive

Ok i put all my old things on a 4gig hard drive then i put windows 98SE on a 80gig and i tried to hook the 4gig up as a slave. It won't show up on my computer or it won't find it when i run find hardware I know i got the jumper set right and the ribbion works fine

Answer:slave hard drive

IF you're sure on your jumper settings with the boot drive as master and the 4 gig as slave and have changed the data cable, then are both drives recognized in BIOS? If yes do they show up in device manager? Where did the 4GB drive come from?

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I just bought a new hard drive for my pc, seagate 80 gig, to slave off my master hard drive.

I have my jumper settings correct and have installed. I am running Windows XP Pro. I have never done this before, but was expecting to see my new drive under My Computer and be able to format it here. When I go into My Computer I do not see my new drive, but I can see it under Drives in Device Manager as the model number, ST380011A. Windows says this device is working properly.

I guess I should have looked into this a little before actually doing, but is there any information out there that will tell me how to format, acess and begin using this new drive?


Answer:New Slave Hard Drive

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I had a dual boot Fedora/XP machine using GRUB. I installed PCI Card recently. Then restarting I go to a screen with GRUB on it no cursor and no options. So I download and use Super GRUB. Since I wasn't using Fedora I decided to boot only Windows XP. XP came up but I can't get to my second hard drive which use to work just fine. I checked the BIOS and the BIOS isn't seeing it and checked Disk Management and didn't see it there.

Any recommendations?


Answer:Not Seeing Second/Slave Hard Drive

If you right click on "My Computer" and then select properties, you'll see the system properties window. Under Advanced settings->Start up and Recovery, click on the Settings button. From there you can modify the text file that lists your OS to see the aditional partitions/drives. Try not to mess it up!

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Question: Slave Hard Drive

I have a small issue guys..

I have a Seagate 40 GB HDD and i wanted to install a WD hard drive (40G)..
so i set both drives to the Cable Select Jumper (please give me suggestions for this) and install the drive as the slave on the same IDE cable...
I boot the comp up and i check the BIOS.. everything seems good as the IDE config saw that the WD drive was installed as the slave..
WIndows boots up.. and it doesnt recognize that there is a drive there.. so i right click on My computer and use the disk management thingy.. which doesnt see it either.. i dunno what to do.. lol its killin me
I also tried switching the jumpers (i put the seagate as cable select and the WD drive as Slave vice versa and more lol)

Im pretty sure its not damaged cos BIOS recognizes it (i dunno if this means that)

another question.. if installing ram... like i have RDRAM and if i have two samsung 64 MB modules.. will it matter if the 2 new 128 sticks are simpletech? like is there an issue with brands and stuff? im matching the Non-ECC so yea..

THanks guys.. any help and tips will be much appreciated

Answer:Slave Hard Drive

set the hdd with your OS as master and the new hdd as slave and see if that works

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Question: Slave hard drive

Hi all,

Can anyone please help?

I have an 80GB slave hard drive in my Windows 2000 system were all files are visible.

I remove that hard drive and slave it onto a Windows Pro system.

Can anyone tell me why it is that the drive is identified but cannot be read?Message reads this drive needs formatting. The files are important so this cannot be done.



Answer:Slave hard drive

Are your jumpers properly set so that your main drive is Master or Cable Select on the first plug, and your slave drive is Slave or cable select on the second plug?
Are you using Windows 2000 Service Pack 4?
Your "Windows Pro system" is what? Windows XP Professional, or Windows 2000 Professional?

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I have installed a new SATA hdd (WD) to act as a slave. It is seen in the Bios but once in XP it is not seen.

Wonder if anyone has any ideas??


Answer:Not seeing slave hard drive

Is it seen in Computer Management, Disk Management. This is in Control Panel, Administrative functions.
If it is seen there, but not in My Computer then you will have to follow the procedure in Disk Management.
See this
If Windows is recognizing the drive, there will be an entry for it - and it will show up in Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Disk Management.
If the drive is not partitioned and formatted yet it will not show up in My Computer and Windows Explorer - you can do that in Disk Mangement

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Question: slave hard drive

I have a hard drive that I have partitioned into C,D,E,F. I installed a slave HD and it became the D drive, which of course is causing problems for my shortcuts. Is there anyway to make the slave become the G drive? Thanks for any assistance.

Answer:slave hard drive

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I have 2 PC's with two seperate hard drives both with a lot of data on them. Can I set one as a slave and install it in the first machine.
So when I boot the machine the second hard drive will show up as an extra drive and I can retrieve docs from it and store them back to there??? Basically what I want to do is use the one PC but keep the data on the 2 hard drives seperate.
Or will I have some issue with programs working using the second drive?

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I'm trying to set up an old hard drive from a 486 computer onto a pentium 4 as a slave to retreive old data. How do I go about this?

Answer:hard drive as slave

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Question: Slave Hard Drive

I am trying to connect a hard drive (as a slave) that is damaged in order to run some data recovery software on it. I haven't done this before so please excuse any stupidity. I connected the drive to the middle plug on the IDE cable (between the original drive and the motherboard) but when I start the computer nothing much happens. All I get is a message that the CD drives have been renumbered (from 2 and 3 to 3 and 4, so the new drive must be detected in some way) but then it says that there is no operating system found.

Could it be that the computer is trying to boot from the new drive instead of the original? Is there something other than the placement on the cable that controls this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Slave Hard Drive

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Hi all,  In an old Dimension 2350 with Win 2000, the machine wouldn't start.  It seemed to hang at the Dell Screen.   With a little more prodding I managed to get the machine to go to Windows Recovery Console, but unfortunately, it was the end of the day - so I shut it down with plans to do some data retrieval in the morning.  No luck.  In the morning, I kept getting a 'Primary hard Drive not detected' or some error of that nature.  I went back to the Recovery Console, but this time got a message that Windows couldn't recognize the hard drive.  So, I grabbed another perfectly working Dimension 2350 and tried to set the bad drive up as a slave.  As far as I can see, the jumper settings are correct, the cables are secured.  If i remove the slave drive (remember, this is the drive that the first pc was not recognizing), from the BIOS settings, the machine boots fine with only the master.  When I set the BIOS to AUTO detect a secondary drive, the machine does not recognize either drive.   That's right, I get a message that says it could not detect Primary 0 or Primary 1.  I go into the BIOS and find 'Unknown' in both slots.   What about the bad drive, when BIOS is enabled to detect it, would be causing the detection of both drives to fail?  What could I be doing wrong?  The good drive in the good Dimension is a Maxtor.  The bad drive coming out of the other... Read more

Answer:Trying to Slave Hard Drive that other PC won't recognize

remove the jumper and see what happens

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I am trying to hook up a slave drive to a computer. My problem is I can't hook up both the cable from the main drive and the power supply at the same time. They don't reach. I can't believe this won't work, but I have tried it and can't get both of them hooked at the same time. I was going to use the power supply connector from the CD, but I need the CD because I am trying to repair Windows on the slave drive.

Can I hook the slave drive to the cable the CD drive is hooked too? It is a 40 pin cable and my hard drive cable is 80.

I am lost, but don't know how to fix this. Ideas?



Answer:Slave Hard drive hook up

If you put the second HD just above, or below, the main HD - and the cables reach the main - then why won't they reach the second?
If you have too, buy a longer cable. We are talking what - 1 1/2 - 2 inches!
And as far as connecting to the CD it will probably work but I hear it isn't a very good idea.

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I have 1 hard drive in my Gateway computer.  I want to add a 2nd hard drive.  Does anyone know where the jumpers should go on the Master and the Slave?Thanks

Answer:Setting Up a Slave Hard Drive

I donot believe I can be of much help here, so far I have installed about three hard disks and that's been a while ago. On each harddisk, there should be a sticker on top telling you how to set the jumpers in order to set them to Slave, Master or Automatic. (If there are no stickers on top of them, you might want to stop by at the manufacturer's website to check for manuals) I donot quite recall what I have done, but I believe I set them both to Automatic and set everything straight in the BIOS. Telling what disk should be the master and what disk should be the slave.

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i have 2 hd 1 of which is the slave ...this 1 is the problem...itS there in MY COMPUTER but when i try to access it it says that there is nothing there can help ..i tried the testdisk but nothing but at 1 stage i did get this..application failed to start because bnts.dll was not found

Answer:slave hard drive not working

right click my computer>properties>hardware>device manager> look in there for your hard drive. do you see it in the list??? if not it should of come with a CD to install it. or u can try and do actions>scan for new hardware changes? that might find

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I have bought a new hard drive and installed xp on it just to recover the data from my old crashed hard drive.Old hard drive also had a xp on it but were crashed with blue screen of death.After I have transffered most of the data and left window or program files untouched noticed that some of my programs still works if opened from progam folder.Just as if they are freshly installed in drive C of the new hard drive.Is it going to create any problems for me?Also the old hard drive (I have made it a slave one)is recoginzed by a master hard drive's OS as a seperate hard drive.So is it going to create any problem for my new drive if I run programs from the old drive that was crashed?I mean the OS was the same xp but with different key.It worried me bit as I don't want the present OS crash again.please note that the programs that are opening didn't cause any crash but it was the damaged adopter of the video capture card.
Please advise.Or should I just delete all the window and program folders from the slave drive or leave it as it is and keep on useing the working programs?Please help

Answer:something weird about the slave old hard drive.


It's not a good idea, if you are able to reinstall fresh programs on the new, good hard drive, why would you need the old progams on the old, probably damaged, hard drive?

Often, during setup to install a program, it will "see" the other copy and refuse to install at all.... or, you would be breaking the License agreement, for some by installing it twice.

Some software will only work correctly or install at all, on Drive C on the main hard drive, or drive where Windows is located....since you are not booting up from the old copy of XP, probably that is how these programs seem to or do work....they are on a drive with Windows, just the drive is not the one booting up

Sounds like there was not all that much "broken" on the old drive....usually, XP boot files get corrupted or something, and users think there is no way to repair the problem...

You will find that only some programs will run anyhow...and, eventually you will get errors.

Getting updates for some software, could be a problem...and I am sure there are other reasons why it's not a good idea to run the way you are right now.

If there were programs that you cannot find the installer package for, perhaps we could help if you post the names of those programs, there are places that keep older versions, for freeware programs.

Of course, if they were ones you had to pay for, what often happens is they are no longer being supported or available anywhere- that does happen. Which is w... Read more

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how do i set two hard drives one master, one slave and what do i install on this ?would the computer be faster ?what do i put on the master drive ? what do i put on the slave drive ?i got xp home, pIII with 1 ghz 384ramcan this be done, with a 30 gb & 80 gb

Answer:hard drive master/slave set up

Quote from: hmsam on September 09, 2007, 03:19:46 PMhow do i set two hard drives one master, one slave and what do i install on this ?would the computer be faster ?what do i put on the master drive ? what do i put on the slave drive ?i got xp home, pIII with 1 ghz 384ramcan this be done, with a 30 gb & 80 gb1)  Set the jumpers on the set to to Slave.2)  No...the computer won't be faster.3)  Anything your heart desires.4)  Wow!5)  Yes, it can be done.

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Previously, I was able to a seperate cable for each device since I was using an Serial ATA hard drive. I had the following set up:

+ DVD Rom through IDE
+ DVD Burner through a seperate different IDE (not master slave)
+ Hard drive through Serial ATA

I had a hard drive failure. I sent my old hard drive back to seagate, and it doesn't look like I will be getting my new one for a while. I bought an IDE (ATA) hard drive to keep me occupied. So... I must now put the DVD Rom and DVD Burner on master/slave.

How should I do this???

I was thinking of the following:

+ Hard drive through IDE cable #1 on its own
+ DVD Rom through IDE cable #2 as a master
+ DVD Burner through IDE cable #2 as a slave
+ (Second hard drive through SATA once it gets back).

Does this seem to be good enough?

Answer:Hard drive master/ Slave Set up

You have to set the hard drive as master/single as well even though it is on it's very own cable.

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my slave hard drive shows at startup but in the bios it says not installed and does not appear in disc management in xp

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so i just did a fresh install on a brand new hard drive. formatted and everything. now i have my old hard drive that I would like to transfer the files over from. but for some reason when it's hooked up and set to slave windows asks me for a boot disk. any suggestions?

Answer:slave hard drive problems

Check the BIOS boot ordrer. Make sure your OS HD Drive is first.

Check the MOBO Sata ports, Make sure your OS HD Drive is plugged to the first Sata port.

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I just did a fresh re-install of XP and for some reason I'm having trouble with my second hard drive. Its already formatted and contains 2 partitions which were working fine before the re-install. I have the jumpers set correctly. In the disk management section of the device manager, the disk shows up as health (active) and online. It has not been assigned a letter and XP won't let me assign one. Before I re-installed the OS, I reformatted my C drive but I didn't reformat the slave drive. Any ideas?


Answer:XP doesn't see slave hard drive

HI, This happens quite often and I do not know the answer. On this computer it has happened twice, once when I bought it and all the shop could do was reformat the drive. The second time I did an install and the same thing happened and I also reformatted the drive.

Do a search as this question has come up umpteen times or if it does not matter reformat the drive and see if this helps. Sometimes PM is blamed. Peace Mal

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I set the jumpers to slave. I connected the drive to the ribbon cable and power. When I booted the machine, the config screen came up saying there was a second drive. I saved the settings and exited. When Windows 98 booted, the drive could not be found in either my computer or explorer. But, when I go to control panel, system, there is the drive with the comment "this drive is working fine". Whats going on???

thanks dan

Answer:adding a hard drive as a slave

Did you FDISK to create a partition, then FORMAT the drive? Until you do that, it won't appear in My Computer.

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Hi folks, First excuse my spelling.I am the proud owner of a Packard Bell imedia 1601 home pc. The pc came with an 80 GB hard drive and i decided to upgrade with a second hard drive, Samsung SP0802N 80 GB 7200 ultra ata 133. I have fitted the drive and my computer finds it and recognises it but i cant use it. The second drives shows up on my device manager but when i click on MY COMPUTER it is not there. click here have a free device manager download, this is no good as it requires that you make a boot disk in floppy format. I dont have a floppy drive on this computer. What can i do, do i have to go out and buy a floppy drive in order to start my hard drive?Please help me, Russ Davies...

Answer:Can't get my slave hard drive to work.

Have you formatted the new drive?

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I have a hard drive that I pulled from another computer and set it up as a slave drive in my computer. I have it configured correctly as it shows up and I can access it from My Computer. The problem is, I can't format it or check it for errors. When I go to format the computer, it says "Windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disk utilities or other programs using this drive, and make sure no window is displaying the contents of the drive, then try formatting again". When I try to check the drive for errors, it say that Window was unable to complete the disk check. This was the C drive for another computer and still has all files and folders on it. I placed jumpers in the right places on both drives and like I said, the drive is accessable. What have I done?

Answer:Cannot format slave hard drive in XP

When you pull a drive from one machine to put in another and there is no data that you want to save it is a good idea to zero fill the drive, then format the drive.

If the drive manufacturer doesn't have a zero fill (low level format utility) available for download on their website you can use Active Killdisk to zero fill the drive or DBAN

After the drive is zero filled Windows should find the drive as "new-unformatted" then you can format the drive with Windows the same as if it were a new drive. Active Killdisk is an easier more user friendly program to use than is DBAN.

Before you use either program be sure to disconnect your other drive so you don't accidently zero fill the wrong drive.

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I have a Pentium 3 600mhz, 448mb RAM and 10gb HD on Win ME.
I recently added a second 10gb hard disk and booted up, but the hard drive was not in My Computer.
So i ran FDISK, and set up a primary DOS partition and then a an extended partition, which i dont really understand, but it works.
The problem is that in order to use up all the space on the new hard drive, i had to create FOUR partitions!!
Is it not possible to just have the new hard drive as one without any partitions at all?

Answer:Partitioning a slave hard drive

When you fdisked it did you answer Y to the question about using LBA. You should be able to refdisk the drive, delete all partitons, then create a new partition with lba enabled for the whole size of the drive. If you can't your bios don't support it and you would need to use the drive manufacturers utility to install an overlay program to allow you to use the whole drive.

You should be able to set the primary dos partition to 100% of the drives capacity if your bios allow it with LBA enabled.

If you decide to redo the drive you will lose any data on it. I believe you have to go in and delete the logical partitions first, then the extended dos, and finally the primary dos but I could be wrong.

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Just got a new HD and I dunno how to set it as slave so that my PC recognizes both so that i can format it. How do I do that?

Answer:Hard drive slave making

Try the the tutorial at this site :,,5+26+36038+82+23520+11297,00.html

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Here is my problem: I have a PC with a ATA hard drive with Windows 2003 Server. This
setup is fine. Recently I got a 160GB Seagate Barracuda Ultra ATA hard drive.
When I open up the case to install, I notice that the old HD is configured as a master on the primary controller.
So I put my new Seagate into one of the slot and choose the 'Cable Select' setting. Both HD's jumper
setting is on neither master or slave. So their desgination is now dictated by the ATA ribbon cable connection.
I plug the master (black) plug into the Seagate and the slave plug into the old HD. My question is:
now that my OS is on the slave drive, how do I boot the OS from. I don't see an option
on the boot sequence to boot from the slave HD. I can only select the HD drive letter which is C.
Obviosuly I get an error because it is now booting from the Seagate drive which is freshly formatted. But
it won't try to boot from the slave HD. Can someone please advise on how to boot from the slave drive
or do I have to switch the HD around? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:How to boot from Slave Hard Drive

I woulden't use cable select on eather drive, Just set your old drive to master and the new one to slave..

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