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Solved: Windows XP wont boot at all and recovery disk fails

Question: Solved: Windows XP wont boot at all and recovery disk fails

I'm trying to fix a PC for a relative. The problem is that it wont reboot at all after it got the blue screen at start up. The computer would continuously reboot until you turned it off. It's not possible to boot into safe mode either.

I have tried booting from a Windows XP disc. The CD drive recognises the disc and begins to boot. It will get so far and then get the error message "File sbp2port.sys is corrupted. Press any key to continue"

Doing this only results in the computer rebooting again and being stuck in a loop.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Windows XP wont boot at all and recovery disk fails

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Windows XP wont boot at all and recovery disk fails

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My kids were playing on the PC and low and behold, it now doesn't work!! My own fault , I know!!
I strongly suspect that they have removed a file , root>\system32\hal.dll, so I went to my recovery disks, first time it work, restored windows although all the programs had been wiped, so I powered down with a view to do it the following day, when I powered up again the first page on the screen in the boot process comes on just shows "compaq" with the F options underneath, I cannot go into safe mode, F8 does nothing, it's like the keyboard isn't linked up to the monitor.
I have contacted HP, and they advised me to replace the CMOS battery which I have, still not working, I have also bought another windows reboot disk, nothing works.....any ideas.
I have a Hewlett Packcard Pressario SR1000, with win xp home edition.

The only other thing my laptop is networked through the desktop, the printer won't work, but my internet hub is connected through the desktop and my laptop is working off that....which seems slightly strange??

Any help would be appreciated.

FAb mum

Answer:Solved: Windows XP wont boot from recovery disks

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have a gateway lx6810-01 pc,running vista home premium. my son changed admin password and has forgotten it so im trying to reinstall from recovery disk. i put optical drive as first boot but cumputer wont book from it,anyone have any thoughts to how i can do get it to work. installed a nvidia geforce 9500gt awhile ago(shutting down as with alot of complaints about this pc, there was a sticker causing the problem.)so need instructions as to do this repair if anyone has any ideas. thank you k

Answer:recovery disk wont boot from cd

Create any other bootable CD, like UBCD4Win: and see, if it'll boot.
That will tell you, if you have CD drive problem, or your recovery CD problem.

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Evening all,

I'm having a weird issue concerning Windows 7 Home Premium, running SP-1, 64-Bit Edition. To fully explain what's happening, please note that I will state everything that happened leading up to the issue to better portray my problem.

This morning I woke up and the first thing I always do is switch on my PC to check email and to have a quick chat with my friend who lives In Australia before it get's late over there. My PC was on, running S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat via steam at the time, whilst still talking to my friend in Australia. Whilst typing to him, my system locked up mid sentence.

I left it for 15 minutes, got Coffee to wake up, still froze.. I had no choice to manually switch it off via the Power Button on the Tower. When I switch the tower back on, I had no Display on the screen. Now, this isn't actually the problem, I've fixed this kind of issue on a friends PC before and knew straight away my Memory Modules had just died. I removed the RAM, switched on, waited for the long Beep to confirm my Mobo was still breathing.. Placed one Module back in, black screen, tried the other etc etc.. Simple fix, get my spare RAM that I saved from an older build, stuck them in, powered up.

At this point I had to fix a corrupt winload.exe (Or similar) likely due to me having to turn the power off manually.. I hit the Recovery Console, let Window's do it stuff, corrupt file repaired, hello desktop..Just to confirm it wasn't a o... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 - Cannot Boot Windows/Safe Mode/Recovery/Disk

Hmmm, It seems I've just resolved my own issue.

I didn't realise but I seem to have replaced my 4GB (2x 2GB) with a mixed pair, although they both worked fine at first. I've removed one and replaced It with It's partner, now the PC seems to work fine. I'm typing this post from It, so, so far so good.

It was to my understanding Memory Modules worked fine in a mixed pair, the only downfall being they would be as fast as the slowest module?

Either way, issue resolved.

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pc running on windows xp professional wont boot after disk drive conversion from logical to primary using a partition program. Please help.

Answer:Solved: pc running on windows xp professional wont boot after disk drive conversion..

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I get a message that Windows failed.
Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

It instructs me to insert the windows installation disc, restart, and run "repair your computer".  However, I did not receive an installation disc, only a utilities disk (which does not boot)
What do I do now?

Answer:Inspiron M5030 recovery boot issue. Recovery disk does full restore and starts Win7, which operates fine. But on restart, windows will not boot.

1. Reseat the hard disk drives, reseat the controller and monitor. 2. Perform chkdsk /r on the RAID volume. 3. Run diagnostics on the hard disk drives and controller and replace as necessary.
Additional Information:
Event ID 1001 is logged in the System event log. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting Date: 12.08.2013 11:23:04 Event ID: 1001 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Description: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000f4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa800644ab30, 0xfffffa800644ae10, 0xfffff80001be07b0). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 031214-68266-01 Review of the memory dump files using Debugging Tools for Windows will result in output similar to the following.BugCheck 7A, {fffff6fc40040128, ffffffffc000000e, 6454cbe0, fffff88008025000} Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36c1a ) Debugging Details: ------------------ ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000000e - A device which does not exist was specified. DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardwareBugCheck F4, {3, fffffa8006332b30, fffffa8006332e10, fffff80001b8e7b0} ----- ETW minidump data unavailable----- Probably caused by : csrss.exe CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION (f4)
Look below for more details
Source :

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So I was given this Ideapad and found that it will not boot to the OS. The bios still loads fine. I was suspecting that the HD might be toast. When I hit the recovery button on the side I get the 4 optionsNormal startupBIOS SetupBoot MenuSystem Recovery When I hit the System Recovery menu I end up with a black screen labeled Boot Manager: If you hit enter from this screen you end up with this:   I made a recovery USB stick for windows 8 which will not get reconized unless I change the BIOS to LEGACY mode. When running the repair utility for Windows 8 for Automatic repair I end up with this it never works and says it could not repair my pc. As a latch ditch effort I thought maybe I can wipe out only the main OS partition and reinstall Windows 8 on it however I end up with this message...looks like the HD is now gone lol  I wasnt sure if there was any magic tricks to creating a lenova recovery disk after the fact? I know I can get a new HD and dump on a Windows OS but would be nice to retain the recovery partition. 

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Hi, my daughters laptop stopped booting, I have tried all ways of repairing this but it seems to be on a loop.

It runs repair your computer but after a while I receive the message, this computer cannot repair this fault automatically (or something similar), there is also a message that says - if you have connected a camera or portable music player to this computer, remove it now and reboot.

I have tried running in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt and last know good configuration but still no joy so I eventually ran the recovery disc. Once this had completed I was back to square one.

Does anybody have any idea's of what I can try next - other than throwing it through the nearest window!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A210, stil wont boot after using recovery disk

hi nikd72,
if you wanna throw it out a windows tell me when you gonna do it! ;-) i'll be there!

what you can do/try is:
- check the hdd for errors
- check memory
- check bios and load "setup defaults"
- remove all external components like printer etc, all that is usb
- wipe the hdd and
- make a clean install or recover system to factory default
btw: trying to get back to "last known good" isnt a good idea when you tried to start this system already more than once...

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The PC was running without any issues apart from being very slow, so I decided to restore to factory settings for ease as I only use it now for email. I followed the instructions using the system restore CD-Rom (it was still unopened in its packet from when I bought the laptop) and now the laptop won't boot up. It goes round in circles with the following message appearing:

"We apologise for the inconvenience. Windows did not start succesfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this."

It then gives options for starting windows in safe mode, by command prompt, normally etc. and all of these just take me round to the same message again.

I've looked up my serial number on the toshiba website and it confirms that windows xp professional was preinstalled, so I had expected this to run once I had restored to factory settings.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

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So my co worker asked me to look at her laptop its a toshiba tecra m2. The boot keeps hanging up on the system32 file agp440.sys . I went on the internet and found a windows xp pro disk to try and replace the system32 file using recovery. After a learning how to add SATA drivers to the windows xp boot I was able to detect the hard drive and just before windows setup screen comes up the computer blue screens with a 0x0000007B stop error... I read that the battery could cause this so i carefully took apart the computer and replaced it with no change. I put a windows 7 disk in to see if i could use the recovery console in it and suprisingly it booted no problem, i was able to use command prompt but with no idea what the problem is i have no idea what to do with it. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. Thanks for reading the problem hope someone has an idea. any more info needed just ask


Answer:Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/

Info on 7B STOP errors..., scroll down to 7B in left column.

IMO, you have compounded the situation by using a "downloaded" version of Windows, since I suspect that such may contain embedded malware as part of the package.

Any number of things may have caused the initial hang, as you can see by reading the data at the Aumha website.


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Hello everyone, I am at a loss here. I have Lenovo H520s SFF Desktop and the hard drive failed, under warranty.  Lenovo sent a service tech to my home to replace Hard Drive and Reinstall Windows 8. The service tech started the reinstallation and left, told me to follow the prompts on the screen when prompted.  Well the installation failed.  I called Lenovo, they sent the same tech again and this time he replaced the motherboard too... During the days for this to occur, Lenovo sent me 3 recovery disk sets for installation of Windows 8.  - The install starts, and goes through but does not ever finish. I have tried all 3 recover disks sets and get the same problem. After calling Lenovo again, I was told it was a setting in the BIOS that needed to be changed, but the technician and the supervisor I spoke with could not advise me which settings to change because they were not reading the same BIOS I was when they were trying to walk me through it.  All I want is to reinstall Windows 8 on my Lenovo.  I have sent requests for BIOS updates to make installation easier, but honestly, they had to get it installed on the original hard drive in the first place, how is this so difficult now to reinstall Windows 8 on a clean hard drive.  Any advice will help.... 

Answer:Clean Reinstall of Windows 8 from Lenovo Recovery Disk Set Fails

hi tangatangs,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
From your observation, it looks like there's a problem with the recovery discs. To check, we're there any error messages when the recovery process failed (eg. Recovery process fails at disc #3 with an error preMOPS fail)?
Things that you can try:
1, Download the Windows 8 Enterprise ISO 90 day trial (you will need a microsoft account to get the download link and trial key).
2. Follow this guide on how to create a bootable Windows 8 installer (either via a disc or USB)
3. Boot into the BIOS by pressing F1 and set the following settings (if applicable):
Boot/Startup Tab:
UEFI = Disabled
UEFI Boot = Legacy First
CSM = Enabled
Security Tab
Secure Boot = Disabled
Exit Tab
OS Optimized Defaults = Other OS / Disabled
When done, insert the bootable Windows 8 installer that you have created on Step 2 and press F10 to save and exit. When the machine reboots, press F12 and select the appropriate device for the Windows 8 instaler (either via DVD or USB).
If the Windows 8 Enteprise (90 day trial) installs properly then you may need to contact lenovo one more time on how to go about getting the unit serviced (you most likely need to send the unit to the repair center for re-imaging as another copy of a recovery disc set may produce the same installation problem).
I've sent you a PM regarding informatio... Read more

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Laptop configuration:

Windows 7 64 bit Professional
Linux 11.04 (dual boot)

i7, 2Gb RAM.

The computer has been running fine for the last year. I am giving the series of events below:
(Please note that linux is still running fine, so this cant be a hardware problem)

###Today, when I started my laptop, it failed to start. It showed no error, its just that after the windows logo comes, it froze in a black screen with mouse cursor visible.
###I forced restart, and then it gave me the option to repair, because windows was unable to start.
###I chose repair, and the repair program started "detecting problems". Then it gave me the option to either do a system restore or cancel. I chose system restore.
###I let it run for 3 hrs., but it seemed to make no progress, so I forced restart. (It didnt let me cancel also, said that current recovery process cannot be canceled)
###I tried to enter safe mode this time, and was successful. I went to system restore, where it showed me an option to restore to an older point where I hadnt uninstalled a game (Assassin's creed Revelations)
### For some reason, I didnt restore the system. I thought that maybe all this was a temporary problem. So I restarted normally, and tried starting windows the normal way. It failed. After the windows logo comes, there is a black screen with mouse pointer for a few seconds, then it automatically restarts. (this is what happened then, and also happens now)
### I tried enteri... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 startup fails. Recovery disk says -isapnp.sys missing or corrupted

As far as I know you can do both. But preferably try to use command prompt from an installation disk because who knows if the downloaded file is healthy.

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Hi All,

I have the above computer (or should I say my wife) & it has been nothing but a right pain since the first day we got it.
I have had it about 2 years & must have had to reformat the HD at least 6-8 times using the Product Recovery Disc as laptop wouldn't boot.
The laptop runs Vista.

Anyway problem I have now is that once again laptop fails to boot but for some reason Product Recovery disc also fails to work.....
What can I do...

I have read on various forums that it might work if I reformat the HD first using some s/w on a bootable CD but how/ what S/W do I use.....?
The laptop has a 160Gb SATA HD installed. How can I check this is all working.
I have no idea if current problem is S/W or hardware related..

Does Toshiba have a utility I can use...?

Many thanks for any help....


Answer:Satellite U300-13U fails to boot and Recovery disc fails to work too


What happened exactly?
Do you get some error messages using recover disk?

Please check if the HDD is OK! You can check this in BIOS.
If the HDD is listed in BIOS then the BIOS found the HDD and the HDD is not dead.

Usually you could boot the notebook using an Live disk? for example Bart PE
It?s a bootable live windows CD/DVD

This can helps to format the HDD and then to use the recovery disk!

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This issue has just start a couple of days ago were the computer would restart at the point of the boot logo just before the orbs came in, i have tried booting in all safe modes and the computer would restart, tried repair and it restarts before finished loading. I have tried using the os install disk but it also restarts. There is no BSOD. Is there a way to fix this or would i have to replace my motherboard?

Edit: This issue has been fixed, it was a loose card on the motherboard.

Answer:Windows and installation disk fails to boot

Quote: Originally Posted by portalman126

This issue has just start a couple of days ago were the computer would restart at the point of the boot logo just before the orbs came in, i have tried booting in all safe modes and the computer would restart, tried repair and it restarts before finished loading. I have tried using the os install disk but it also restarts. There is no BSOD. Is there a way to fix this or would i have to replace my motherboard?

1: Remove all external peripherals like printer and then reboot.
2: Open the computer, remove and reseat the CMOS battery and then restart your PC.
3: If there is more than 1 RAM card, remove it and let it run on a single chip.

These are the few things you could try before reaching to a conclusion that the mobo is faulty.

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On boot, I have two menus. The first has options for Windows XP Pro and various Linux distros. If you choose Win, the second menu allows you to choose Windows or DriveClone disc/partition back up and recovery software.

1.Virus attack in Windows.
2.Recovered Windows partition (NTFS, C:) from DriveClone back up.
3.Later I had another virus attack.
4.Decided to increase Windows partition size using Partition Magic since I was going to have to recover anyway. (Increased it from 15 GB to 23 GB using the first Linux (Xandros) partition that I wasn't using any more.)
5)This worked. Everything seemed to be fine.
6)Recovered from back up again. (Used the same back up as before, since I did not do another one after changing the partition size.)
7)When the back up was complete and I rebooted, I got to my first menu OK.
8)When I selected Windows, all I got was a blank screen with a blinking cursor. I did not get to the second menu.
9) I can get into Linux.

Any ideas about how to get my second menu back? Any ideas about how to recover my primary Windows partition? Sorry for the lengthy explanation and thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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I've had this laptop (Dell Inspiron 1545) for about 2 years now. I've never really had a serious problem with the OS or anything. But about a week ago the system failed to boot and after awhile I was able to get the Startup Repair to work and restore my computer. However, my system for some reason or another decided to stop creating restore points. So two days ago my computer decides to act up again and wont boot after turning back on. I had shut it down properly but when I started it back up the next day it failed to boot, gave me the blue screen and restarted itself. No matter how long I try to do a Startup repair, nothing shows after the basic blue screen. I've used the Windows 7 Home Premium x64 installation disc to try and restore it and all works well until i get to where I click to get it to restore. The mouse loads and I get to the blue screen and I can see the little wheel working once or twice but after awhile I still do not see any prompts at all. Why isnt anything showing. What do I do from here??? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
(BSOD info cant be uploaded because I cannot even boot the computer)

Answer:Windows 7 fails to boot w/ problems with system recovery.

Hello ma55dr1v3r and welcome to Seven Forums. My usual disclaimer: I'm not an expert at anything.

From what you've described, this sounds like it could be either software related (damaged or corrupt system files, etc) or hardware related (failing hardrive, etc.) It will take time to run various troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem. One of the Forum members has prepared two troubleshooting tutorials that should help.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

A couple of other considerations. Your computer may have a hidden recovery partition that can restore it to factory specs if it's a software probem. Likewise, if it's not a hardware issue you could do a clean install.

How To Restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer | Dell

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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I recently recovered from my hdd crashing but soon after it crashed again this time it wont boot ...the recovery options require my OS but refuses to locate one for me to select... also I tried booting it with windows 7 CD gets as far as the starting windows Logo and then stalls until it Restarts

Answer:Windows 7 Fails To Boot After Crashing recovery Options Not Optional

Unless the DVD is damaged, the system should not reboot when booting from the DVD.

Are you sure this is where you're booting from?

Have you changed the boot priority in your BIOS to boot from CD/DVD?

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Windows has crashed on this computer and it now fails to boot up on the HD. The machine gets as far as allowing choice of which drive to boot up on, but the recovery CD fails to solve the problem, as it crashes out when attempting to review/set partitions. I can get the recovery CD to fire up and to get me to MS-Dos. Then I can look around at the files in the a:, b: (connecting a USB floppy), c:, d: and x: (the recovery cd).

Any ideas on recovery from this apparently not too serious situation?

Answer:Satellite Pro A15 - Recovery CD fails to solve windows boot failure

Hi buddy,

It?s strange that recovery disk doesn?t work because it contains a pretested image of factory settings and normally this should always work.
If not the recovery disk is faulty (scratched) or it?s a hardware malfunction?

I think the easiest way to sort this out is using an original Microsoft disk. With this disk you can also reinstall Windows.

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hi, window will not boot goes to blue screen that says process 1 initizaltion failed and starts dumping, then reboots to reapir, wont repair, tried booting to reapir disc and used bitdefender rescue which showed no virus, then tried booting to my winodws 7 upgrade disc, it says loading files then goes to a windows screen and nothing, tried recovery and it only shows one date may 6th, recovered to that date and does the same boots then goes to blue screen, in advanced i went to promt screen and tried chkdsk c:/f/r and it said failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50, so now dont know what to do if i need a new hard drive or what bios looks the same as always please help mike

Answer:windows 7 wont boot, wont go to safe mode or start on windows 7 disk

Have you followed these steps - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Disk #4 of 7, Vaio Recovery Disk Set fails because corrupted. For model VPCL212FX. Can it be replaced?

Answer:Disk #4 of 7, Vaio Recovery Disk Set fails because corrupted

Some info here which might be useful: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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hi there!

this is my first post. please excuse if i have done it in the wrong place.

using axiomatic software i backedup my system partition of 20 gb to the 80 gb exboot usb external disk.

i enabled, boot from usb in my bios, selected external disk as first boot priority and started the computer.

the external disk boots, reaches the windows splash screen, i can see the moving illuminated squares, but windows fails to load.

the computer reboots and goes to the screen which asks whether to load normally, or safe mode etc?

i tried the options, safe mode etc, but no luck.

could anybody suggest any error on my part?

thanks for reading and for any help in advance.

i am using windows xp with service pack 2.

i use a intel 915 gav motherboard.


Answer:exboot usb external hard disk fails to boot into windows

Can you please post a link to the axiomatic program that you used to back up your hard drive.

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Hi guys,

I recently backed up my Hitachi drive which developed bad sectors and then restored it to a same size Seagate one. The operation was done through Norton Ghost. Both backup and restore operations completed successfully, however, when I tried to boot up with the new drive, Windows 7 failed to boot with the message

autochk not found - skipping AUTOCHECK

and rebooting afterwards.

Can't boot into Safe Mode either.

1. There are two partitions, one is marked as 07 and the other is 27 (VAIO recovery). No hidden partitions.

2. The recovery console says Bad Driver (A recent driver installation may have caused a problem), because I believe the driver for previous hard drive was different (this one is actually a Seagate Momentus XT, so it must have some different driver). Yes, I ran it three times. By the way, recovery runs from the same hard disk.

Guys, any idea how I can get this thing to boot. I really don't want to reinstall tons of programs, even though I can obviously recover all of my docs.




Answer:Windows Fails to Boot after Norton Ghost recovery (autochk not found)

Did you instruct Ghost to copy the MBR?

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I bought a new motherboard and processor. First i had to, do a repair install so that i could even get to windows, then after that without the cd in the cd rom it would ask me to specify a device to load from, basically saying it did not detect a boot loading device. I had changed all my bios settings to boot from ide1 which is where my hd is and detected. Then I put the cd back into the cdrom and when it detects it as a boot able cd it ask if you want to start the setup process press any key. If I dont press any key it boots right up to windows. I was thinking maybe its my ntldr file but highly unlikely. please help I do not want to boot with cd for the rest of my computers life.


Answer:[SOLVED] wont boot to xp without xp disk

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I am a new player here, so excuse me if i make a mess of this. I have a Sony Vaiol laptop and am  running vista.  I haven't used it for a lot other than internet, so data limited and space is problem started suddenly when i turned on pc and a black screen with the error message,"disk read error, press cntrl+alt+del to continuie."didnt do it! Wouldnt do anyuthing.Finally, I acquired legal sony recovery disks. And when the screen to choose operating system comes up, there is none so it says apply drivers and im lost, I have no familiarity with hard disk drivers so....but did bring up command prompt in recovery and through luck and lil else, i happened on chkdsk and found it to all check out but it does say NTFS not fat 32, but found no problems. Now Im dumb completely!!! Help if you can.

Answer:hard disk`??? wont reboot even with recovery disk yet all disk checks say fine.

Sony Vaiol laptop.Has problems of its own. It is not piratical to give you guidelines on this laptop. There have been many issues about how to repair and maintain it. The recovery discs should have everything you need.Here is a bit of advice, not really my own, try to sell the unit to somebody that thinks they know how to fix it. Then go buy a new or used laptop that will suit hour needs.The cost of ownership of any laptop is higher that many new users expect. Some more than others.This  may sound like a rant to put down Sony. It is not. Sony has made their own bed of nails. Look at this article from last year:Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Everything You Need To KnowRead the article. You decide.

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Hello BleepingComputer
I have a problem with my laptop.
I'm sorry, but this thing problem has a history, so I will have to tell it too:
2 months ago, my HDD got the "click of death" and I replaced it with another one and installed the same windows 7 (the one on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop) with it. Thing is, even after I got the new one, messages still appeared saying that the HDD is about to fail and needs to be replaced, so I shut off these warning manually through some Administrative steps (guided by a friend ). I tested my new HDD using all available tools and made sure it was flawless, just to clear that out.
I ignored the problem and everything was fine till yesterday... my computer got infected from a friend's USB disk, and I think it messed up the windows installation, so whenever I boot up the laptop, it says "loading windows" and the windows logo shows up and finishes loading, then it disappears, then instead of getting to the welcome screen, it gives a very fast BSOD and reboots.
I tried to boot into safe mode, but that gives the same result.
After a couple of fail trials, the laptop gave me the option to enter system recovery, so I did. It says also "loading operating system" then it gets me to a black screen with the mouse pointer in the screen. I can move the pointer, but nothing else shows up.
I tried using the windows installation disk from one of my friends, and it gives the same result as the previous. (black ... Read more

Answer:Laptop wont open windows recovery disk

Welcome to BC !
Two things
(1)  You say you can back up your data to an external HD - do so !  Once you have backed it up you can always check the data for any malware or such on another computer, just scan the drive.
(2)  You say you got infected via a USB drive. The best thing you can do is post in the 'Am I infected ?' section on BC, include the make and model of your laptop and anything you have tried to resolve the problem. You may have to wait a day or two - these people are both busy and all volunteers - but someone will get back to you. When they do, the best thing to do is follow their instructions carefully, and if you don't understand what you are being asked to do, post back and ask for guidance.
Chris Cosgrove

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There is no application or .exe setup file in the XP disc I have. Autoplay does not have any relevant options when I insert the disc. My CD-ROM group is set to boot with priority over the HDD, and I am given the option to boot the recovery disc at startup, but when I press 'R' to continue like it says, it launches an HP system recovery to recover vista, like I don't even need the disc.

I've already followed countless online guides and forum advice. A lot of the information I've been reading deals with the BIOS setup screen and changing some crap on that, but I usually run into some instruction that doesn't match up with my BIOS options. I have a partition setup and ready to go, but at no point during any recovery setup I'm able to get into do I get any kind of option to install anything on the partition, and XP is not mentioned anywhere.

I've also tried downloading another ISO XP setup disk, and it did have an executable file in it, but at the install menu the "Install Windows XP" option was transparent so I couldn't click it. I was also not able to make my virtual drive startup before Vista. I no longer have the ISO file now, because I've already gone ahead with the stupid HP recovery thing in hopes that I would eventually get an option for my partition.

I'm running Vista Home Edition on a brand new desktop PC. Here's my other related thread about disabling DEP, one of the major instigators of this entire problem: Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't Boot XP recovery disk in Vista

you cannot use a xp recovery disk if your system is setup for vista
you will have to buy a retail xp disk to install xp
we offer no support for illegally d/loaded xp or any other illeagal d/loads

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Hi a couple of months ago my system crashed, windows 7 wouldnt boot, and I misplaced my installation disk. I had the problems several times since obtaining the computer several years ago. (Lenovo IDeaPad y450). I attributed the problem to what I believed was a bad hard disk, so I replaced it with a refurbished model.
I installed Ubungu 13.10, and it worked well ever since. I later located my win 7 disk and created a dual boot. Windows worked very well for several months until it stopped starting up last week. It would get to the black windows screen, where it says starting, and usually get stuck there. I would get fed up and turn it off after half an hour. Once it was as the screen and it later started the checkdisk program and found no errors. Another time it finally got into windows after a very long loading time, and it seemed to work fine, until the next time I restarted windows. It just went back to the loading windows screen.
I formatted the windows partition through GParted in Ubuntu, and tried the installation disk, and it would get stuck at 0% in the "expanding files" sequence. After an hour of hoping something would happen I got fed up and forced it off again.
Not sure what to do from this point. I have read other posts and it has led me to think that the issue could possibly be bad RAM or an issue with BIOS. But, Ubuntu has been working fine, while Windows has simply been freezing at any attempt of a startup.

Answer:Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help

It could be that the HDD has a bad sector in the Windows partition, or that the drive is actually failing. If there is a utility in Linux that tests memory, I would run it.

You could also use Memtest86+. It runs from a CD/DVD. Let it run for several passes to rule out bad RAM.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Is there some way to make a recovery disk (1.44 floppy) in case of a crash ?I do not have my CD rom for win98 se as it was lost at a computer repair shop. Therefore I would like to make a manual recovery disk and if possible what files do I have to add to the floppy in order to reboot and have access to my CD Rom Drive to add all my files back to the hard drive.

i have an amd athlon 800 128 m win98 se 10mb hard drive with plenty of room left.

Answer:[SOLVED] Need a recovery disk in case of emergency boot up.

You can download the program to create a bootdisk(and use it for troubleshooting). Download the exe file, insert a floppy into the Floppy Drive. Run the program(exe), the files should be extracted to the floppy. Thats it, you've the bootdisk ready!

Download the Windows 98 SE(better than other versions) OEM bootdisk program from this link -

Windows Boot Disks

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brand new laptop. HP. 17e UEFI +GPT etc.
upgraded to 8.1 from 8, first thing.
then clicked on the MS, create recovery. (in blind hope of a clean 8.1 restore)
inserted (32gb stick) (later found out is illegal windows 8 version, that is not removable.) SD-extreme, 32gb. list on toms HW, as winner of all, (and is useless for this app)
so i pull out my very old SD cruiser glide, 32gb (old , slow and not win 8 cert (a good thing)
yes all 32gb extremes are mapped as HDD not removable media and is doomed. (known on all forums)
but same error. (humm) the cruiser shows up i device manager under removable media....btw
but i want to find out why the missing files error.
i have a HDD and SSD, with latter mirrored. both the orig, HDD fails and SSD fails. same way.
i parked the HDD , and run only SSD. but both fail... (my guess is , upgrades 8.0 to windows 8.1 is cause)

now the screen,

my simple questions, how can i find the log of these errors, it's not in event viewer.. oddly
sfc/ scannow works. as does chkdsk, and restore (create) works,. and system is Fast a lightning.
all HP apps works, cept there version of create disk for same reasons,

please help me. thanks for reading.
ps, my HP create recovery now works on the GLIDE. (old very old 32gb stick i had laying about)
so now im thinking HP? blocks the MS create so you will use theirs?

but id love to know this, what files are missing....

Answer:windows "create recovery disk" fails.

How can you have a brand new laptop with an "illegal" 8 ?

You may be right about HP affecting the recovery drive process. Possible they have linked to their own version of recovery drive creator or similar.

Also possible your winre.wim isn't registered.

Try running reagentc /enable at an elevated command.

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Hi,I created a recovery USB and when pressing f12 at start it does show me the USB as boot option. But when I select it nothing happens and it again shows me boot option.THe space consumed by recovery media is 10.1 GB and it wont let  me create it again . Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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During the recovery disk process on my Flex 15 with new, blank unused SSD installed, the install fails, giving an error that module ISG failed during DOWORK.CMD.The only things I can think of that may be different in my confit from a factory default are BIOS setting, and perhaps I need to get to CMD prompt and use Diskpart to make my new SSD drive a GPT drive. But I don't know how to enter cmd prompt after booting from recovery disk. Can anyone help?Any other ideas? Thank you
Mod's Edit: System model added to Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

Answer:Flex 15 - Recovery Disk Fails

hi widmark,
Welcome to the Forums.
If the SSD that you're using is smaller than the stock HDD then this is likely the problem.
During re-imaging process, the drive is partitioned according to the pre-installed image on the machine (i.e., If a system has 1TB HDD (750GB partitioned on C:\, 25GB on D:\, etc.) and is preloaded with Win8.1 in UEFI mode)  the recovery media will automatically convert the drive to GPT and apply the OS configuration and partition structure respectively.
If you use a 256GB SSD, the partition structure will not be applied, thus causing the reimaging error. This also occurs if you use a recovery drive (see Nath-PC's post in this thread)
In addition, the recovery disc is not bootable if UEFI is enabled in the BIOS, thus the need to set it to legacy mode when booting a recovery disc. Once the recovery image is loaded, you will need to undo the changes that you've made in the BIOS for the machine to boot in UEFI mode.
Things that you can try:
1. Follow this guide on how to download and create a bootable Windows 8.1 USB Installer (see Option 1 & select USB flashdrive on Step 4).
Alternatively, you can also create an ISO file (see Option 1, Step 4) and follow this guide to manually create a UEFI Installer.
2. After creating the installer above, set these settings in the BIOS (if applicable):
Security Tab:
Secure Boot = Disabled
Boot Tab:
Boot Mod... Read more

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I am trying to install Windows XP Pro.
I am currently running Windows Vista Ultimate SP2
But i also have a Windows 7 RC Partition.
I want to install XP over the windows 7, and at some point perhaps over the vista too (i just have too much stuff on there i dont want to loose at the minute)

So anyway, i already know i cant install XP through windows vista as you cant "downgrade".

But i put the disk in and restart my computer, i have set it to boot from CD but it doesn't even give me the option to press any key to boot from CD, its just goes straight ahead and carries on with booting Vista / Windows 7.

But when i put my Ubuntu Disk In It Boots From CD, so im doing that bit correct.

Can anyone help??

My Computer Spec Is:

Motherboard: Gigabyte M61SME-s2, which can be seen here:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.30 Ghz
RAM: 2GB Kingston DDR2
Graphics Card: nVidia Geforce 8400 GS

If there is anything else you need to know, please ask.

Thanks to all that help :)

Answer:Windows XP Pro Wont Boot From Disk

and welcome to the Forum

Is the install CD you are using an original or a copy?

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I cannot boot my y50-70 laptop anymore. On normal startup I get a bluescreen telling me an important device is not connected or cannot be acessed. I can enter the UEFI setings (I dont know how to use them sadly) but when I try to enter the boot settings or retry to startup from there I get another screen telling me that an important file "winload.efi" is not there or damaged.Error Code "0xc0000225"(using the recovery button instead of power button gives the same result) The Error happened when I tried to split my main harddrive into two partitions. Sadly during this process my laptop crashed and that corrupted the system to what it is now. My question: is there a way to fix this without disassembling the laptop? I know it should be possible to take out the harddrive and connect it to another system to use a recovery medium on it. However, I dont have enough detail knowledge to actually do that so I would have to send it somewhere to repair and I thought I'd just ask before taking any...well..more expensive steps. I dont have a recovery medium, also my laptop doesnt have a disk drive. I do have backup images on an external harddrive, but no "clean" recovery image with only windos on it.


Go to Solution.

Answer:y50-70, windows 8.1 and recovery menu wont boot

Hi Benita_Stärke , 
Welcome to the Community Forums ,
Apparently based on the error message 0xc0000225 , system files got corrupted and unable to access specific device location and files to properly  continue with the booting process . 
Likewise , repartitioning of the harddrive can corrupt the Factory Restore hidden partition even if using tools .
Same reason why it is recommended to to create a Restore Image before changes would be done. 
Since it was already changed , same reason why Novo restore via One key recovery would now fail to work. 
To fix this boot issue. 
Method 1  : similar repair option
Boot from a Windows 8 Recovery Media.  
Trouble Shoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt            CMD> bootrec /scanos            CMD> bootrec /rebuildbcd            CMD> bootrec /fixmbr            CMD> bootrec /fixboot  
Method 2: Order the Recovery CD / USB to reinstall WIndows back  by calling tech support  
or send out the machine for re image. 
Hope you find this helpful on your step. 

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So i got a new PC a few weeks ago and it came with Windows 8.1 x64 pre-installed, first thing i did was make a USB recovery stick which works fine as i tested it after my PC wouldn't boot from its own recovery partition. The message i get is "windows cannot find the recovery environment" so i did some searching and noticed i had 2 recovery partitions, is this my problem and if so is there a way to fix it as i would like to have the option to recover from my PC and not rely on my USB. Below are some screenshots i thought you guys would ask for. Thanx

Answer:Windows 8.1 wont boot from recovery partition


type> reagentc /enable

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Hello All,

My laptop for some strange reason decided to stop working. The login screen failed to appear and it said something about there being a login visualization error - in short this error message seemed to appear in place of the login screen. It wouldn't go away.

So I thought I would just use the recovery disks? But two thirds of the way along the process, it grinds to a halt with the computer saying that it cannot recover either the 4th or 5th partition possibly due to corrupt elements (CRS or something similar). Obviously now the computer hard drive has been wiped.

I have various recovery disks which I have tried and none of them seem to work. Can anyone suggest something to help?



Answer:Recovery disk fails due corrupt elements

Hi Ben,

One important information I miss in your posting... What notebook model you have exactly?

And I?m wondering why you have various recovery disks. Normally you need only one recovery disk for each notebook.

Anyway, what happens if you install Windows from a Microsoft disk? Maybe your recovery disk is scratched?

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Hi all,

I have with me a computer having Windows XP SP3 on it. It's not booting at the moment.

Motherboard: Consistent ZX-I945LM4

The computer was running fine till this afternoon, and I had recently installed SP3 on it. Earlier it had SP2.

I had installed Avast Antivirus free on the PC. However, since the computer has only 512 MB of RAM, the computer was running too slow. So, I decided to uninstall Avast. After uninstalling successfully from Add/Remove, I then decided to run the Avast Removal Tool, which completely removes traces of Avast from the PC, and is available officially from Avast.

Since the removal tool only works in Safe Mode, I decided to boot to Safe Mode. However, when I tried to boot into Safe Mode, every time it shows a list of files, and then it would just reboot. I tried different options for safe mode, like simple, with networking, and command prompt. None works.

If you run the Avast Removal Tool from normal mode, what it does is, it gives the message that the tool has to run in Safe Mode, and it gives the option to run in Safe Mode and to do that, you have to click on Yes, after which it reboots the computer in Safe Mode. I have done that in Windows 8.1 (my computer) successfully, and it works. I decided to try this here too. That's the mistake I made. When I did that, the computer just rebooted, and then tried to boot to safe mode, but couldn't and rebooted again.

And after that, the PC does not boot even in normal mode. It just sho... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows XP fails to boot

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A friends laptop wont turn on.

Keeps going to boot menu when starting (safe mode options with black screen)

Managed to get recovery menu open but nothing works?

Got CMD open but at top it says "Administrator: C:\" or something like that (see attachment)

Tried to access C drive for the rstrui.exe to roll it back and it only shows 2 folders?

Any idea's from pictures?


Answer:Windows 7 Wont boot - Showing recovery box - Administrator X: CMD

Anybody got any idea's with it showing..
X:/windows/system32 ?

Is they anyway I can run restore or something?

Whats happening to it ?

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I was trying to restore my Toshiba Sattelite L645-S4056 to factory default and reinstall windows 7 by inbuilt recovery system. While i was formatting the computer swtiched off itself. Then i couldnot access inbuilt recovery during booting. The computer wont boot with any windwos cd. It said something like "Cannot boot.Enter a bootable disc". I then installed a linux distero by booting with a USB device.The linux system works fine but i need windows 7. It shows that my hardisk is totally empty. There is no reserved part previously occupied by recovery system.I didn't get a recovery disc with my laptop. Any other dvd wont boot. How can i install back my Windows 7 ?? What is wrong with the system ?? Is there any way to get windows 7 back ?? Please Help ASAP...
Thank You in advance

Answer:Windows 7 wont boot. I lost recovery partition.

You need to access the system bios and tell it to boot from cd under boot options.
Some laptops also have a 'boot menu' feature that can be accessed by pressing a key.

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just built a new computer, and cannot get windows to install. I keep getting disk boot error, insert system disk and press enter. With windows xp disk in drive I press enter then a blank screen appears, except for a cursor in top left corner, and stays that way. My copy of windows is 2 yrs old at least, dont know if lack of service packs make a difference. Boot order in bios is correct, cd rom drive works, have tried with other drive. So basically cant boot from cd.

Answer:can't install windows xp (wont boot from disk)

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I have a emachine and the monitor would show (no signal input) and shut down. after removeing some files it now show windows will not start because windows\system\vgaoem.fon is corrupt or missing. I put the disk in and it still wont boot up. what am i doing wrong?

Answer:I have Bootsuite disk and windows wont boot u

vgaoem.fon missing or corrupt

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i am trying to reinstall windows in a laptop and it loads up to the login screen but the password got changed from a virus and now i cant install windows when i insert the disk it does nothing please help its a newer hp compaq nc6320

Answer:reeinstalling windows disk wont boot

To reinstall, you need to boot from the XP Installation disc . . to do that, enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM.

Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete any or all partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you are installing on SATA drive, there is an additional step:

For help entering BIOS:

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I just put together my first home-assembled PC. Everything went more or less smoothly (as smoothly as could be expected), and Windows installed fine. However, after installing Forceware and some other drivers and utilities (all of which came with the hardware) and rebooting, the system does not boot of the hard disk, saying "Disk boot error. Please insert boot disk and try again." Once I reboot with the XP CD in the drive, it says "Press any key to boot off CD..." While I dont press a key, it still boots. So it boots off the hard disk only when the cd is in?
Help please! I dont want to have to put the XP CD in my computer every time I want to boot.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo 1GHz HT Socket 939
ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD
Antec TRUEPOWERII TPII-550 ATX12V 550W Power Supply
CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin SDRAM
SAMSUNG SpinPoint 250GB Hard Drive
SEAGATE Barracuda 120GB Hard Drive
SAPPHIRE Radeon X1900XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16
LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE
COOLER MASTER Wave Master Case
ViewSonic VX924 LCD Monitor

Answer:Windows wont boot off hard disk

Do you have your BIOS set to boot from your HD? Maybe it is trying to boot from your CD ROM at all times and not your HD at all. Check your BIOS settings and make sure your hard drive is on the boot sequence.

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Okay My Prob Started Yesterday When I Restarted My Windows 7.. It Wouldn't Boot And Said Boot-mgr Is Missing. In Tennessee I Have An Instillation Disk To Fix This But I'm In Atlanta (Which Is Really Irrelevant Because My CD Drive Is A Useless Piece Of Crap And Doesn't Work) . All I Have Is My 4GB Usb. So I Was Wondering How Can I Install Win 7 Recovery, Or Anything To My Usb To Fix Boot-mgr While Using Sabayon (KDE) ..

Extra Stuff That Might Help.. I've Used This Usb To Install Both Win 7 and Sabayon, I Am Dual Booting My Sabayon And Win 7 (Using Grub), I've Already Tried To Download A Boot-mgr File For Win 7 But Cant Find One, I've Already Tried To Directly Boot The Win 7 Partition In Grub Using - root (hd0,1), makeactive, chainloader +1, boot - But It Gives Me The Same Boot-mgr Missing Error..

Anything At This Point Will Help Me Because I'm A Total Linux Newbie And Dont Know Pretty Much About Using It So I Dont Know How To Use It To Fix My Win 7!

Answer:Windows 7 Wont Boot-No Installation Disk..

Sure, try this tutorial: System Repair Disc - Create

At the bottom of the tutorial, it shows how to burn it to a USB drive.

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My hard drive in my ENVY dv7 died for the second time in two years (it was under warranty last time and I was able to send it in to be fixed). I bought the exact same hard drive (Samsung, 1TB), tested it in BIOS, passed everything. When I try to do the image recovery with the HP Recovery Disks I received last time my hard drive died, I get an error while at 58% on recovery disk two that says: Reducer Copy File Fails From: d:\preload\base24.SWMTo: c:\RM\Image\BASE24.SWM Press OK to retry. I press OK and it does the same thing over and over again. The folks who have asked about this same type of error seem to get nowhere in here, but what choice do I have?! The hard drive is the same size, same manufacturer, same model, so it should have the issue of reimaging the system on a smaller hard drive, right? I am just out of luck on this? So frustrated.

View Solution.

Answer:copy file fails error on HP recovery disk 2 at 58%

englejas Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about problems doing recovery and wanted to help.Here is the link to the win8.1 media creation tool:  Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help Understand, though, that you might run into a problem installing using the media created from this tool. You have an HP OEM version of Win8 installed on your PC and that means that the product key embedded in the UEFI firmware of your motherboard is OEM, not retail. While the media created from this tool SHOULD activate using that key, there is no guarantee that it will do that.  If it does not, you can use this tool to retrieve your product key and try entering it manually:  Download Windows OEM Product Key Tool - MajorGeeks IF that still does not work, then your only recourse would be to order a new set of recovery disks from HP. You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entty and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US... Read more

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Hi, Hope someone can help.

Laptop stopped working - keeps trying to fix problem via windows on start-up but this just hangs for hours so I ordered a recovery disc to start a fresh as I believe the original problems were caused by a virus. I have no important data to keep so am OK with clearing everything and restarting. Today. I have just received my Product Recovery disc that I ordered from Toshiba. I follow the instructions; load disc, power on holding C. Then it just continues as if the Recovery CD wasnt in the drive. The CD drive doesnt spin. Its as if the laptop doesnt recognize the disc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - Recovery disk fails at start


Well, either i?s something wrong with recovery disk itself or the drive doesn?t detect the disk properly?

What happens if you access the BIOS boot menu (F12 key) and select CD/DVD drive as boot device?
If it doesn?t work try another bootable disk to make sure the drive is working properly.

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A friend has given me her laptop to to repair an issue. Initially it was only a 90B fan not working, which I repaired by removing fluff in her fan. Laptop now shows a collection of HDD errors - I/O error, and NTOSKRNL.EXE kernel corruption (0XC00000E9) on the blue screen and drive 303 in BIOS diskcheck. When the system attempts repair the screen goes blocky/glitchy. She has lost her windows disk in a house move and Microsoft won't let me download a new one to attempt reinstall suggesting I contact HP for it instead, but HP's website won't let me do that either as the product is out of warrantee and just bounces me all over the place.Any help appreciated!ThanksSoph.

Answer:Boot Error - Need Windows 7 recovery disk ISO

Hi: What is the full model number or product number of your PC? The product number can be found on the same sticker as the serial number.

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My laptop is a Medion Erazer x6816, it has worked great for two years, and then today it decided not to boot. I did not install anything or changed anything yesterday, just used my computer as usual. I just put it on hibernation mode before going to bed, and this morning it wouldn't start, so I turned it off pressing the "on" button... and since then it has not worked.
When I start the laptop, it will tell me to choose between repair mode, or start windows normally. No matter what I choose, the same happens: A message and a white loading bar appears indicating that "windows is loading files" (Which usually does not appear when booting it) and then the usual green loading windows bar and the words "microsoft corporation" appear on screen, but just for a second as it suddenly becomes a completely black screen and does nothing else.
I have waited on this black screen for about 4 hours and it did not change. Nevertheless, about 2 or 3 times (I have tried booting it all over again about 30 times) I have got a black screen with a white computer mouse I can move around, but do nothing else.
If I boot from the recovery disk, or windows 7 disk, I get the same result. Windows is loading files, green bar for a sec, black screen and nothing else.

I unplugged every USB device, tried with no success "safe mode" and also "last working windows configuration", and I don't know what else to do.

I just burnt an Ubuntu DVD a... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 will not boot, Recovery Disk will also not work

Windows 7 doesn't have a green bar while booting up, maybe you are talking about Vista ?

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I need to use a Windows 10 recovery disk on a Acer Travelmate 5740. I've got a working Windows 10 64-bit desktop PC which I've created two recovery disks onto CD-ROM. In both cases, the CD-ROM disks do not boot into a recovery environment on either the desktop or the Acer Travelmate 5740. Each time, the Windows 10 logo will display, but nothing else happens. I've been told I need to disable UEFI mode, but can't find this in the BIOS, and the system information displays too quickly during preboot to read properly.

Answer:windows 10 recovery disk on cd-rom doesn't boot

i strongly suggest you to have an USB flash drive to create a bootable windows 10 media (recovery too) Probably your Desktop is newer than your Travelmate, so your CD-roms were created using UEFI but your Travelmate is Legacy BIOS. i suggest you to download windows 10 from microsoft servers (iso format) and then use Rufus to create a bootable USB flash drive: it as Legacy BIOS on partition scheme and FAT32 as format 

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So currently I am running a Lenovo ThinkPad T540P with Windows 7 installed. Unfortunately, I'm caught in a blue screen loop and I've been trying to factory reset the computer. I do have access to the files through a Ubuntu live CD, and I have a partition called "SYSTEM_DRV." This partition contains folders such as "Recovery" and "Boot." Is there any way I could manually make a recovery usb media using SYSTEM_DRV and the tools of Ubuntu? (dd, gparted, etc.) And yes, my files have been backed up.

Answer:How can I create a recovery disk when Windows won't boot?

Have you tried booting it in Safe Mode?

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Windows XP Pro SP1
Sempron 2800
768 MB

Things worked well until I connected a USB 2.0 Sony DVD burner [ owned by an associate ]. With PC & Sony burner turned off, I connected the Sony burner. Booted to Windows. Turned on Sony. Windows identified mass storage device & Sony burner. I re-started, and can't get beyond the Win XP Startup menu.

Suggestions other than FFR [ fdisk, format, re-install ] and booting with the CD [ yes, I have an official Microsoft Win XP SP1 disk ] to run the repair will be appreciated.

Also, I'm not interested in Linux, MAC or any other OS at this time. Soon, perhaps, but not tonight.


Answer:Solved: Argh! Boot to Windows Fails

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Hello everyone,

I have been reciently getting STOP errors while booting into XP...for the life of me, I can't seem to remember the exact error quote, but sufficive to say, I know that it's a RAM issue.

Now, before everyone pounces on me for asking this in thw wrong forum, I wanted to know if there is a way to keep XP from accessing a certain address range ( 1E000000 to 1FFFFFFF )on my RAM. I know it's a quick fix, until I get some replacement, but my laptop is through Gateway, and I tried to access the RAM area and I can't seem to find the second RAM module that seems to have the problem.

Again, I apologize for possibly putting this in the wrong forum, and I'm going straight to the hardware part after I post this, but I seem to remember that a person could change the OS to do what I'm wanting it to do...or maybe it's the I/O portion...anyway, thanks for all your help.

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Well my Toshiba Satellite A205-S5814 Laptop was running very slow and I was getting very frustrated with it, so I decided to pop in the "Toshiba Applications/Drvers" CD to maybe restore my laptop to factory settings and make it run perfect again.

Well as I was doing this operation and tried fixing it, the thing finished and turned the laptop off. And when I turned it back on, Windows will now boot up and give me the Windows Boot Manager screen. My laptop had Vista on it and I even tried installing Windows XP Home on it with a Disc I had. But every time it goes to do it, it says it can?t find any hard drive? But there is for sure a hard drive!

I do not understand what happened and why this Toshiba disc ruined my laptop. Before I used this disc my laptop was still functioning and working OK, it was slow but Vista still booted and stuff ran. Can someone please help me or tell me what to do, I feel that Toshiba messed up my laptop with there disc, and I do not think it would be right to have to pay for it to get fixed.
Please Help Me.

Answer:Windows wont boot after using "Toshiba Recovery and Applications/Drivers"CD


I don?t think that the Toshiba recovery disk ruined your notebook.

If I heard right on the recovery disk is Vista and it was installed before. I think during the installation goes something wrong.
When you get the Windows Boot Manager can you choose repair your computer? You can reinstall Vista without the recovery disk when you choose this option and then ?Toshiba product recovery?.

When you install Windows XP, you need a SATA driver. If you don?t use one, you will get this error that can?t find any HDDs.
You can download it on the Toshiba website and after you boot from the XP CD, you must press F6 to load the drivers from an external FDD or you use nLite to create an disc with drivers.


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I registered my windows 7 starter asus netbook for windows 10 upgrade, and then cloned the 250GB slow 5400rpm hard disk to a 240GB SSD ( about 80GB was left on the C drive, nothing on the D drive, and the 80 MB and 10 MB partitions I thought were the dual
boot linux partitions-but they werent, that is actually on the motherboard!). So the new SSD contains a single 220 GB window 7 partition which paragon assigned the letter H, and the two tiny partitions are there I
suspect the 80MB partition might be the ASUS repair partition. When I put this disk in and tried to boot it refused. It did boot into the splash screen (a very limited Linux OS thast just web browses, skypes and looks at photos) then I was able to
use the windows repair disk I made and it corrected the boot error and when I logged in I got the black screen with mouse cursor. I was able tyo use ctrl alt del to start the task amanger and start explorer.exe. That allowed me to boot to a "temporoary"profile
which it said would disappear when I logged off. a few programs worked but control panel office etc didnt. I could only start google earth, adobe reader and a couple of other things. A little message in the corner said "this copy of windows is not genuine".
I am hopeing not to do a complete reinstall, is there a way to get it to boot eg by changing the drive letter from H to C? if I boot into the windows repair copnsole and command prompt wil that let me use eg diskpart to change the dri... Read more

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So my computer as shown in my Sig is setup a little funky. In the first sata slot on the mobo technically is the 80 gig, and the second slot is the 640. However the 640 is the C: drive, and has windows installed on it. The 80 gig was just a cheap HDD to have extra space for.

Now however i am trying to swap out my empty 80gig HDD for my new 1TB HDD. I am having a problem though. So i pulled out the 80 gig hard drive (which i made sure was empty BTW) and put in the 1TB drive. When i restarted my computer, it said "Hard disk error, wont boot". I went into the bios, and put in the boot list my 640gb in first place (hard disk boot priority) so it should see the 640gb first when trying to boot a Hard drive. Same error, wouldnt boot.

I used Ubuntu Live USB to boot into ubuntu and i looked at the Hard drives, it shows the 1TB , and it shows the 640gb, which when i open has everything in it like it should, including windows.

Whats going on? How do i fix this? Is it bad to correct my original mistake and pull out both Hard drives, and plug in the 640gb into the first SATA slot so its seen as the first HDD? Or thats not good to do once you have a established computer?

Just to be clear, what i want it to be working as: 640gb C: drive with windows on it so it boots into windows. E: drive will be a 1TB hard drive.

Answer:disk boot error..wont load into windows HELP!

First off, pull the 1tb drive - leaving only the 640. Will the computer boot off of that one by itself? If you put the 80 back in, does it work again?

My guess is that the 80gb drive actually had the boot manager on it - and just pointed to your 640 to boot windows. If this is the case, you just need to get that onto your 640...

I'll go digging for instructions - I haven't had to repair something like this in awhile. I think the "recovery" built into windows can repair it (if you boot off of the dvd).... don't quote me on it yet though....

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Hey I have a

Notebook Model : HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC
Product Number: FS086UA#ABA
System board iD: 30fb
Processor: AMD TURION X2 Ultra Dual Core Mobile ZM-82
Bios Version: F.22
with Factory Installed OS: Vista

A couple Days ago while browsing and chatting my computer froze up and just shut down.

My computer has done this before so i do frequent virus checks, but don't seem to have ever had anything too serious.

When I tried to start my computer up again I recieve this message

"Boot Disk Failure"

I cannot get past the loading windows screen.

I am actually out of the country for the next week or so, so i Can't head right

over to Best buy

This is a used computer and i don't have the system DISC anymore,

I have alot of music (work) and files that I need on this computer.

I already tried checking to see if there is anything in the disc or floppy drive,

Pressing ESC as my computer starts up leads me to a menu, system info, diagnostics, bios system, boot disk options, and system restore, and from there i can press f8 for even more controls... I'm hoping Ill be able to use these options to save my computer

The system restore options does nothing at all, begins loading up windows, then just brings me to a black screen

I'm willing to try and listen to anything...

Answer:BOOT DISK ERROR! windows wont start

i would find a working PC with Internet, cd writer and a spare CD-R or RW
and download the ISO
create a bootable CD from the ISO
Now put that onto the HP Machine and boot it up (DO NOT INSTALL) run from the CD
see if you can see the harddrive - if so - you should be able to copy all your music and files off onto a USB harddrive

That will also show if its a harddrive or PC issue

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Please can anyone help. I tried using my recovery disks to restore my notebook when it kept failing to start properly. The disks did not work so I purchased a set of disc from Toshiba on this website. I still have the same problem.

Is it the hard drive failing or something else?

If I purchase a new hard drive will the recovery disks work if the hard drive is not exactly the same as the one that came out?

Answer:Satellite C660 - recovery disk fails error 1117


Did you think about the HDD?
It could be a HDD malfunction that does not allow you to install the system.

I recommend checking the HDD for some possible issues.

There is a nice tool called Drive Fitness Test. You can use it for HDD check.
Google simply to get the software.

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I've got a L30-101 which was becoming slow to power up. Another forum suggested going into ms config to ensure max memory being used for boot up and to uncheck some start items. When I restarted, windows icons were enlarged and slightly blurry, so I undid the changes I made but windows is still not clear. The laptop is working fine otherwise, so I saved what data I needed and tried a system restore, but the computer cant find any restore points.

As a last resort I tried the Toshiba Product Recovery disk which I had never used before. It starts reading it ok, then asks for language choice English. About 10mins later it stops with the error message "Could not get a language entry from INI file! Section :[Commom] Key InstallCMD File D:\Setenv.ini.
When I hit OK to clear the message the Administrator page states Failed to initiate the raid class No RAID-continue normally.

When I restart the laptop it takes me back to my previous state with slightly blurry icons, an otherwise working laptop and all my old data is still there.

I've since bought a new Satellite L450D laptop which I am posting this from, but I am keen to try and get my L30 up and running again as a spare. I contacted Toshiba UK in case there was a fault with the recovery disk, but due licensing issues they can only redirect me to the toshiba eu backup media website to purchase a new recovery disk. As I already have a recovery disk, I dont want to buy another one to have the same results. Does anyo... Read more

Answer:Satellite L30 Recovery disk fails : Could not get language entry error

At first I must say that you should back up all your important data to external device like external HD or USB stick. When you use recovery installations disc all partition will be deleted.

I don't know why you cannot use delivered recovery disc but only thing you can do is to visit nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and show the problem. If they can confirm recovery DVD is defective I presume you will get new one for free.

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Fitted a new SSD and now get a boot mgr error on start up despite SSD not being primary boot drive, that's still the HDD and then the CD / DVD drive. Inserted W7 install disk to undertake a repair but after loading the initial files, the PC just shuts down when starting windows. If I just go into the bios on start up to check settings, the PC also shuts down after a few seconds. So right now I can't perform a repair or check anything without the PC shutting down.

Answer:Windows 7 64bit Professional won't boot from recovery disk

If PC is shutting down quickly this suggest the CPU fan is not running and the cpu is overheating.
You may have disturb something while swapping drive around.

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So I installed a new version of windows 10 and have been having some serious issues getting anthing working.

I finally made a system image with everything installed and had more errors.

My problem now is:
- When I load the USB disk with the Windows image and recovery software it says, "Secure Boot Violation"

If I reflash the 6GB Windows disk I can boot from the USB drive, however if I try it 3 boots later, I receive the secure boot violation again. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Answer:Security Boot Violation from Windows USB recovery disk

turn secure boot off in bios or update the bios?

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I'll keep this short.

1. Vista full installation ISO disc created

2. Disc boots up fine in an XP computer (so disc is fine)

3. Disc does NOT boot up in the Vista computer (my dilemma)

4. XP disc boots up fine in the Vista computer (so CD-ROM is fine)
What could possibly be wrong here? The only remote thing I can think about is that this is a 32-bit install as opposed to 64-bit. I am not sure which bit is in this computer and I am not even sure that really matters. It is a Toshiba A205-s5801 which came from factory with Windows Vista.

Answer:Arrrrgh!!! Vista ISO boot disk FAILS to boot


<<1. Vista full installation ISO disc created>>

Created from what?

That system seems to have come with a recovery partition and recovery mechanism which is the only option provided by manufacturer for any Windows repair/installation.


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Hey Bleeping Computer, How is everyone tonight? So I am working on a Samsung Laptop ( MOdel Number=Series 3 NP300E5C - A0AUS) My friend in my Math class just bought it literally 3 days ago from Best Buy and they told her they would install any software she needed when she paid for it, but when she picked it up they wouldnt without charging her extra (so they flat out lied to make a sale) Anyways thats besides the point, so it has Windows 8 installed and she absolutely hates Windows 8!!! So I told her I could install Windows 7 for her and all the software she needs, (thats easy) But here is my problem.... PROBLEM: The Samsung Laptop WILL NOT boot from disk, it will not boot from any disk, I have tried Windows 7 (obviously) but I have also tried Puppy Linux, Parted Magic, Mem Soft (various other bootable disks that Bleeping Computer has given me over the years... I have gone into BIOS and changed the boot priority to CD drive, I have messed around with the BIOS trying to get it to boot from a disk and it wont. Windows 8 boots up so damn quick, I can enter Bios by hitting F2 at the Samsung splash screen and I can enter BIOS but I can not find a boot menu like hitting F8, F6, F12, F11 other ones I have used in the past on other machines, none of them seem to work. I can not get it to boot from disk, It looks like I can install windows 7 from the desktop but if it will not boot from Disk then when it restarts during install I am worried about. She Hates Windows 8 She ... Read more

Answer:Windows 8 Installed LAPTOP WONT BOOT off windows 7 disk

Hey just to let you guys know the BIOS is Phoenix SecureCore Tiano. There is a setting called Secure Boot (not sure what it does exactly) but I have not changed it, the only thing I have changed is the Boot Priority menu. If this Laptop wont boot from disk I am going to tell her to return it, and then in the future boycott samsung or any laptop maker that does not give you the option to boot from disk, This does make me angry with the future of computers I am hoping for an easy fix. My poor friend, she is totally computer illiterate(does not know how to install software at all) so I am trying to be a good friend and help her out!!

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Hi,I have an old IBM ThinkPad R50e (1834-PTG). When I originally bought it back in 2003, I have created a set of 6 recovery CDs. I kept this set in a safe place and today have decided to recover the factory settings of the laptop. The problem is the computer doesn't want to boot any of the 6 recovery CDs (it does boot from other bootable CDs with no problem). The CDs are not empty and contain a directory named "RECOVERY" with a bunch of files in it. I tried to use specify the CD drive as the first boot device, to use F12 in order to specify the device, nothing helped. How can I use these CDs? I have found a Ghost image that was taken from a brand new R51. WIll I be able to use it in order to recover my system? Will the Windows key that is provided with my computer work with this image?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Recovery CD fails to boot

Well, It turns out there was another disk names (surprise) "Recovery boot CD". Now the recovery process starts with no problems.

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My dell optiplex 740 will open windows ,so before this happened,i install windows 7 home premium instead of windows 7 professional.When it didn't install properly,my windows will not open after i restart my PC it keeps saying  The computer restart unexpectedly  or encountered an error.Windows installation cannot proceed.To install windows,click "OK"to restart the computer,and then restart the installation.this message keeps repeating itself every time i boot my pc up.I try to reset my PC factory settings,but it wouldn't work,do i need  to buy a Dell recovery disk to get my PC running?

Answer:My Dell optiplex 740 mini tower wont open windows.It wonnt install keeps repeating the same thing.Do i need to buy a Dell recovery disk?

Sounds like a faulty hard drive is the cause - F12 at powerup.  Boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test (not just the quick test) on the hard drive -- you'll likely find it fails, in which case - replace the drive and reload.

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Ok so here's the story: one of my handsome roommates has a computer problem. His computer tells him it's done automatically downloading some updates, asks him to restart his computer, he does, then BAM a message that pretty much says "eff you" windows has failed to boot, please insert windows vista dvd whatever. Problem is he does not have a Windows Vista dvd. Says his computer just came preinstalled with all the software and may or may not have included a disc. There's an option that allows him to restore the computer to factory settings but he doesn't want to do that cause he'll lose a lot of stuff.

Now here's what I've done so far: I googled the error (0xc000000f) and most of the websites tell me its an error with a system32 file called winload.exe that probably is missing or corrupted. He doesn't have a Windows Vista boot disk so I have a crazy idea to make one on my computer, burn it onto a cd, then pop it into his retarded computer.

Now here's what I'm curious about: My computer is a windows xp, if I back up all my files into a boot disk on my computer, will it be compatible with his windows vista? Is it even possible to create a windows vista boot disk with my windows xp computer? Anyone have any ideas on how to do it? Should I just laugh at my roommate mercilessly or is there an easier way to fix this problem?

Thank you for whoever has read this far. You rock.

Answer:Solved: Windows Vista fails to boot, I have crazy idea

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I have an Inspiron 1545 (circa 2008) and have used their recovery software to create a rescue DVD and it fails to boot with the following:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
Status: 0xc0000001
Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because tyhe application is missing or corrupt

Nothing changed, since I immediately tried to test the DVD just after making it. I'm concerned about a hard disk failure making the system inaccessible. I should add that the winload.exe file does not exist on the DVD.

Answer:Rescue/Recovery DVD fails to boot

Work through the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

What do you mean by a "rescue disk?" Is this the Win7 System Repair Disk or the Dell Recovery disks that reinstall all the crapware that comes with the PC.

Dell is normally willing to provide for shipping cost a clean copy Win7 Reinstallation DVD with only self-activation added so I'd inquire with them about that and consider doing a Clean Reinstall Windows 7

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I made a recovery/repair DVD and booted up from it. It located my Windows OS on drive C:. Then it gave me a strange menu: Recovery disk Repair Windows Boot Manager Add startup option: Windows Recovery Environment (repaired) These were my only choices. I could not get to the Recovery Console or other menu without accepting the repair. Right now, nothing is broken. Windows boots normally every day. I am afraid if I let the new disk make a &quot;repair,&quot; it may really give me a problem. What to do? Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I had not made a repair disk before because I had installed Acronis backup, which prevented it. It was only yesterday that I found the registry edits needed after uninstalling Acronis so that Windows Backup would run.

Answer:Recovery disk says Repair Windows Boot Manager but OS is booting fine

I wouldn't be afraid of running an offered Repair, and would probably after reboot go back to run a couple more Startup Repairs to see if it finds anything else. It isn't going to harm anything and may find more to correct as it already has.

You can also post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image which will tell us if it's correctly configured.

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I have a HP dv6 that I force shutdown. Upon reboot, it asks me to do a Windows diagnostic and if I select that option, all I see is a blue screen (not the blue screen of death) and nothing else happens.

No progress bar, nothing...a DOS window did appear and disappear in a flash at the beginning.

Now, I had installed Ubuntu (through wubi, I think), and if I choose that OS option while booting, it boots up just fine. I can even see my Windows folders, files, etc., through Ubuntu file manager, though I can't copy, open of course.

Now, I have my 5 CD-R system recovery disks that I'd burned at the beginning.

I changed the boot order to CD in the BIOS, popped in recovery disk 1 and I see the two progress bars "Windows loading files" and then the blue screen appears again and nothing else does.

Thinking my recovery disks were corrupt, I plugged disk 1 into an Acer with the same Windows 7 Home Premium OS. When I attempted to boot my Acer from the HP recovery disk, I got a nice window with a message saying that this laptop is not supported by the recovery disk and to contact HP support.

So, the recovery disks are fine.

I'm not sure what else to do.

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Unable to boot Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit dv6 using recovery disk

Try running chkdsk from a booted Win 7 install DVD or flash drive.

How to run chkdsk or System File Checker (SFC) from the Recovery Console
Boot your Vista or Windows 7 installation DVD
When you see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press Enter
At the "Install Windows" screen, click on Repair your computer at lower left
At the System Recovery Options screen, make note of the drive letter assigned to your boot drive (normally C and click Next
At the Chose a Recovery Tool window, click on Command Prompt. You will be sitting at X:\Sources directory
Run chkdsk or SFC
If you did not note the drive letter of your boot disk, you can enter bcdedit and look at the osdevice line to see what it is.
For chkdsk, type chkdsk c: /r and press Enter (use the letter from above if not C.
For sfc, type sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows and press Enter (use the letter from above)

Let either run to completion undisturbed.

Vista or Windows 7: If you don't have a install DVD, you can download a legal copy here:
Windows 7 Direct Download Links
Windows Vista Direct Download Links

Make sure you get the same version you have installed: 32 or 64 bit; Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate.

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I just got a new Windows 8.1 PC and it works fine. As a recovery precaution I made a Windows 8.1 recovery disk on a brand new PNY USB 2.0 flash thumb drive (32GB drive) using the Windows 8.1 Control Panel Advanced Recovery tools "Create a Recovery drive" selection. I also indicated to copy the recovery partition from the PC when making this (but I don't delete this partition on the PC). So I thought I would test this recovery drive to see if I can boot from it. I insert the USB flash drive into a USB 2.0 port on the PC and restart the PC. I hit F12 during the PC boot process and select this disk as the temporary boot disk and hit return. The PC then gives me an error message screen basically saying
"Boot Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer." If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

So I'm a little confused as to why the successfully just created recovery drive is giving me this error. I'll try another USB thumb drive to see if that makes a difference but I'm guessing it won't so thought I'd ask about this... Read more

Answer:Just created Windows 8.1 recovery disk (usb) gives Boot config data error

You are going to have to make the thumb drive bootable BEFORE you add any files to it... Try using these instructions:

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Hi first time poster

Full specs: MSI Z68a-GD80 i5 2500k Gtx680 Asus Hitachi Deskstar 1tb (boot) KingstonSSD120gb (games)

So last night I shrunk my HDD partition by 100gb, intending to dual boot W8. Never got round to installing it, but when I turned on my PC tjis morning it won't boot. It shows the manufacturer logo then goes to a black.screen with a blinking underscore

I decided to try putting in my W7 disk in to repair, but it starts loading windows filesthen givesme an error about not bring able to communicate with a device.0xc0000009 I think. I thought my HDD might be the issue, but it does it also when my HDD is unplugged and just my SSDpluggedin

Worried my PC is bricked at this point cause I can't boot or repair from disk. Advice appreciated!

Answer:Need Help. W7 wont boot after resizing partition. Recovery wont work.

Try a linux boot disc and see if you can change the partition size a tiny bit with that. Gparted is your best bet:

GParted -- Download

If you can, that may fix the error.

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Hello All

Please Help if you can. I have an amilo L/T l series 512mb, it had xp sp2 on it. Someone was using my laptop and ignored 4 trojans and although i could go into safe mode, this has also stopped working. So far these are the problems I am having, no partition found, xp recovery disk will start but fail after first step, cant repair and cant go futher with installation. I am a relative novice and laptop is out of warranty. I dont have a floppy drive and how do i access dos to run chkdsk??? Please any help will be appreciated


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Ref: 8 month old Acer laptop (64bit)
My 8 month old (64 bit) Acer laptop will not come up to a menu screen. I turn it on and it goes to Startup Repair screen. It searchs for problems, but then tells me it cant repair computer automatically
I know very little about computers, but after a little research I am sharing the information below in hopes that some kind person can provide insight. Stupidly I had not Backed Up in quite a while and I cant get to a recovery point. Any and all help appreciated. While computer dumb, I am pretty good at following tutorials

The type of the file system is NTFS
The volume is in use by another process. Chkdsk
Might report errors when no corruption is present
Volume label is PQSERVICE

WARNING: F parameter not specified.
Running CHKDSK in read-only mode.

CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)…
9 percent complete (8180 of 9088 file records processed)
Attribute list entry with type code 128 in file 8872 is corrupt
Deleted corrupt attribute list entry
With type 128 in file 8872
Attribute record (128.’’’) from file record segment 8938 is corrupt
Attribute record (128.’’’) from file record segment 8942 is corrupt
Attribute record (128.’’’) from file record segment 8958 is corrupt
Attribute record (128.’’’) from file record segment 8972 is corrupt
Attribute record (128.’’’) from file record segment 8992 is corrupt
Attr... Read more

Answer:Startup Repair fails.... wont boot...

I hate to be the barer of bad news but the easiest and quixkest way waould be to do a clean re0install


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I have a HP Slate 21 Pro, product number F7U54AA.  Manfactured in April 2014. It will no longer boot.  Does HP have a recovery method for this computer?

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I originally posted this here on March 24, but it got moved to the Malware section by one of the Admins, now the person helping me has told me to post a new topic here, again. I don't really want to bore you with the entire details, but I'll condense the story so far.
the original (moved) thread can be found here ->
The story so far...
(March 24)
After doing a Windows Update the other day, Windows 7 won't start and all efforts at recovery have failed, including the numerous suggestions I've read on various websites, such as FixMbr and FixBoot etc.
When booted normally, it reaches a certain point after the start screeen and then gives me a black screen with mouse functionality and little else. The HDD activity LED indicates some sort of activity going on, but the flashing is random and not constant. I left it overnight last night to see if it would eventually resolve itself, but this morning it was still in the same situation. Booting in Safe mode goes through installing the drivers etc, and then produces the same effect as normal mode. Recovery tells me that it could not repair the problem, with a Locale ID of 1033.
(March 26)
After executing the frst script given to me, little  changed and it was the same situation as before. Wouldn't boot into Windows in normal mode or in safe mode. Goes through the "Welcome to Windows" scree... Read more

Answer:Boot failure - Startup Recovery Fails - Win 7

Have you tried last known good configuration from the boot options menu? After powering the system on start tapping F8, from the boot options menu select "Last Known Good Configuration" hit enter, it is worth a shot.
When you are at the black screen with a mouse, can you bring up task manager by using Ctrl + Alt + Delete?

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Hello I run windows XP I am getting a windows-No Disk error Exception processing message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c when starting my computer. It was fine last night and now it wont go away I Down Loaded Hijackthis and here is what it shows on the log

ANy help to get it to stop showing this error please? I am not exactly a computer wiz but i think i can follow along with some help from someone to fix it.
Thanks Oneheart
Sorry posted this in wrong forum

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 One Key Recovery 7.0 button and disk freeze at picture of leafs- Cannot boot Windows 7 for G570 laptop. Please help with options to fix. Trying to install Factory Default Recovery Disk, but freeze at picture of a plant.

Answer:One Key Recovery 7.0 button and disk freeze at picture of leafs- Cannot boot in Windows 7 for G570

hi GChai
Welcome to the Forums.
Your problem might be similar to this thread.
If you don't get the OneKey Recovery options stated in this article and just hangs on the background wallpaper then it's likely that you have a bad hard drive.
If you haven't created a recovery disc using this method then you will to do one of the following:
1 .Order a recovery disc from lenovo (fees may apply)
Support phone list
2. If the machine is preloaded with Win7 Home Premium 64bit SP1, you will need to obtain a Win7 ISO and follow this guide on how to make it bootable. From there, you can use the WIn7 product key on the G570 (bottom sticker) to activate Windows.

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Hello everyone I'm new here, I've had my B570 for over a year now with no problems what so ever, until last night my computer completely  froze and I was forced to power it down using the power button. I powered it back up and an error came on. It' said it was an unexpected error I/O error and it said something about a usb not being unplugged right, but a usb was never plugged into my laptop. So I was trying different boot options but none were working , I tried pressing f8 to do a safe reboot but f8 was not working. So I tried doing a factory reset by pressing f11 and nothing happened, I even tried plugging in a usb keyboard and once again nothing happened. Than I tried using the recovery key when the computer was turned off and it started up but it just would go straight to the error message. Anyone have any advice?

Answer:B570 wont boot recovery key and f11 wont work.

Hi mrhoppp,
Thank you for posting and Welcome to Lenovo Community,
I?d like to ask you to turn off the machine and then turn on and during the boot please keep pressing on F2 to enter BIOS (setup utility) and then please make sure that the Hard Disk Drive is detected and then press on F9 to get the BIOS to default settings and then press on F10 to save and Exit,
After that please try the recovery one more time by connecting the charger and the battery and then press on the OKR recovery button and then select one key recovery if the error didn?t come up again with you and then restore from initial backup.
Hope the information helps. Let us know.


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hi guys,

We have a 6 new desktops here in our office and using a windows 7 starter Operating System. Do I need to make a Recovery Disk for each desktop computers?

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows 7 System Recovery Disk

I would suggest that you do so.

You are allowed to burn 1 set of recovery discs per system manufacturer's instructions.

Regards. . .



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Hi there people. First post so sorry if it's in the wrong place or anything. I've had as much of a search as I can and haven't found anyone with quite the same situation as me. The questions come at the end of the rambling background to my problem!!! Hope you can make it through to the end! My E520 recently just went beyond it's warranty and surprise surprise fairly soon after that I got a warning through ThinkVantage that there was a problem with my internal hard drive. When I googled the problem it said that the hard drive was going to fail and to replace it immediately.  As I (like an idiot) hadn't got round to backing up my computer properly (I'd saved all music, photos and videos to a seperate hard drive but hadn't done a Rescue and Recovery or Windows back up) I went out and bought a seperate hard drive to back up the computer and some disks to create the recovery boot disks.  When I went to the Q drive to do this I misunderstood the question about do I want to create a data back up disk. I thought this meant all my media so I said no and created just the boot recovery disks.  So my question (told you I'd get there) is this. When I replace the internal hard drive and use the boot disks to install windows will I then be able to use the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery to restore my computer to it's former glory? Or will the fact that I'm not restoring the Lenovo skin (sorry if my terminology is wrong here. Not sure what to call it) ... Read more

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I've read through the forums but can't find anything that will help me out. Seems like this is a very specific case.
I have an HP HPE 450t windows 7 PC. It has 2 mirrored hard drives.
During normal boot the "Starting Windows" screen flashes on for a few seconds, them the screen goes black and the PC reboots.
On reboot it asks to go into repair mode. I've tried all of the system recovery options except reinstall widows but still cant boot. Startup repair reports it can't fix the problem. None of the 7 system restore points will actually complete the restore procedure.
I can't boot in any of the safe modes.
Boot logging does not produce the ntbtlog.txt file.
I've run chkdsk
I can boot an ubuntu live CD and read the windows files.
From ubuntu I replaced the registery files with the backed up versions from a few days before the problem started but still can't boot or make use of the system recovery options.
The last thing I did prior to the problem was an adobe update.  I had some malware a few weeks earlier but I thought I cleaned it out.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Win 7 won't boot, normally or in safe mode, system recovery fails

Have you tried booting into "Last known Good Configuration" ?
If you don't know how, just tap the F8 button a bunch of times when your computer starts (generally after you see your computers logo ) until the menu comes up with all the different options.

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Need command prompts I can follow to reboot in xp recovery console with partitioned drive/
Message is bad shutdown or harware,due to me trying to remove trojan from startup in msconfig/access deniedfrom trojan IS 2010

Answer:need command prompts in windows recovery console to regain boot without disk on partioned drive with xp

Need more info pepperonione1

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I have downloaded windows 7 home premium upgrade ISO from the microsoft store. The burned the iso to disk using the image burner in windows.

My problem is that the disk will boot, and a "windows is loading" screen appears which only takes a minute. Then a windows background appears on screen with a cursor. That is all. No setup at all. What might be wrong here. I would like to make a bootable disk that works.

I can run setup from an OS, but that is not what I want to be able to do.
Help please,

Answer:Install disk fails to boot into setup

As far as I know, 1 most likely problem

Burn a new ISO at slowest speed

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Hey guys,

At the minute Windows 7 is completely failing to boot on my PC. I reach the Windows logo (with the loading animation) and it freezes after roughly half a second before restarting my computer. The machine also fails to boot into safe mode and recovery mode.

Before I rebooted my computer (which is when the problem arrived), I did two things. First I ran Disk Clean-Up to free up some space. In Disk Clean-Up I was able to free a lot of space by deleting temporary update files. After this, I unistalled AVG Antivirus in preparation to change to a different AV. During the uninstallation, my keyboard starting behaving strangely, and so when the installer asked if I wished to reboot I said yes. As my computer was shutting down, it displayed the 'Installing updates' message, but only very briefly. After that, my computer was unable to start.

I have two theories:
1. My computer was host to some sort of dormant virus (I don't actually know if this is a thing) that was activated once it detected my antivirus was gone. I don't know whether my keyboard behaviour was anomalous or a strange symptom of the infection. I ran the AVG rescue CD with a completely up to date definition library and it returned no results. I'm hoping someone can debunk this theory...

2. Running Disk Clean-up deleted files that were necessary for a scheduled update. When the update attempted to run, it failed due to the files missing, leaving my Windows installation in a broken state.

Personally, I ... Read more

Answer:Computer fails to boot after using Disk Cleanup.

Two things come to mind.
1. Did you use the official AVG removal tool from their website?

2. You could run sfc /scannow to check Windows 7 files.

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Greetinngs,This morning when I booted up my computer I received a “disk read error, press ctrl-alt-del to restart.” I tried to use the Win 7 disk to repair the start up part of Win 7, it said there were no problems, but it still does not boot up. I can boot from my XP disk but no into my Win 7 disk. I can read files and stuff from my Win 7 disk and I did a chkdsk on it but cannot get it to boot. Thanks.

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Hello more knowledgeable person than myself. I've been having trouble trying to get my computer to boot; I'd noticed a drop in performance (still unsure why) so decided to boot up in safe mode and poke around - it was not my original intention to install Advanced SystemCare 5.3.0 but somehow it happened. I ran the 'deep-care' utility and everything was working fine, my computer rebooted and performed a disk check: there weren't any errors that I can remember apart from [something along the lines of] 60 reparse files. Following this my computer restarted and Windows failed to load, restarting to show my startup repair - this isn't the first time this has happened, a similar thing occurred following previous attempts at boosting speed, though before I was able to get Windows up and running using an Ubuntu installation disk, although I still don't understand why - no need to say that it didn't work this time.
Startup repair refuses to work and my system restore points have vanished; I would try doing a repair install if I had a copy of the disk. I built the computer myself a few months back, borrowing a Windows 7 installation disk from a friend (who has now lost said disk), startup repair does tell me something about 'Problem Signatures' which are included below:
Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16.385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16.385
Problem Signature 03: Unknown
Problem Signature ... Read more

Answer:Windows fails to boot, startup repair fails to fix

Quote: Originally Posted by nomtree

Hello more knowledgeable person than myself. I've been having trouble trying to get my computer to boot; I'd noticed a drop in performance (still unsure why) so decided to boot up in safe mode and poke around - it was not my original intention to install Advanced SystemCare 5.3.0 but somehow it happened. I ran the 'deep-care' utility and everything was working fine, my computer rebooted and performed a disk check: there weren't any errors that I can remember apart from [something along the lines of] 60 reparse files. Following this my computer restarted and Windows failed to load, restarting to show my startup repair - this isn't the first time this has happened, a similar thing occurred following previous attempts at boosting speed, though before I was able to get Windows up and running using an Ubuntu installation disk, although I still don't understand why - no need to say that it didn't work this time.
Startup repair refuses to work and my system restore points have vanished; I would try doing a repair install if I had a copy of the disk. I built the computer myself a few months back, borrowing a Windows 7 installation disk from a friend (who has now lost said disk), startup repair does tell me something about 'Problem Signatures' which are included below:
Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16.385
Problem Signa... Read more

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my hp dv6443 laptop harddrive was erased by killdisk to get rid of scripts or whatever was causing the sluggish performance. The windows version was Vista home. When trying to reboot from the original disk recovery cd to get the maching working again, the err2err3 displayed at start up. I have read about creating a bootable cd with partition recovery, but have been unable to figure out how to create one. I can drop the free partition builder programs onto a cd, but I don't know how to make it "bootable". But I may be going down the wrong path. Any ideas? Is this problem fixable, or should I just throw the computer away. Thanks!

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Hi, I have just recently gotten a new computer which came with Vista. Previously what I have done with any new operating system I got was installed it into my old computer. However, I came to find out you can only have one computer assigned to each cd, unless I wanna buy another one, which is unecessary.

I wanted to get rid of Vista and return to XP but the XP disc would not install because of multiple errors, such as missing ntldr.

So I decided to use deriks boot and nuke to clear the hard drive, and that went smoothly.

Now, here is my problem... When I insert the XP cd it spins for a while and eventually comes to an error screen with:

"no boot sector on hard disk"
"CARDBUS NIC boot failed"

30 seconds or so later I also get this message

"No bootable devices"
Also, when I just start the computer normally, it does go to a screen that says no operating system found, which makes sense.

The weird thing is that the Windows Vista CD still starts up and goes to the installation area when I boot from CD drive, So I know my CD drive is working properly.

I have tried the XP CD in another computer and it works fine.

The computer with the problems is a Dell Inspiron 8500.

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere but I grew tired of reading through threads only to come to a very general solution of booting from the XP disc, which wont work.

Since I used deriks boot and nuke, I have not formatted and repartitioned the drive ( I don't know i... Read more

Answer:Solved: Windows XP Disc won't boot - no boot sector on hard disk..

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My pc has been working fine for a while, only this morning I performed a shutdown & restart. The pc shutdown OK, but on restart at the first boot up screen, it displays boot from CD ROM...

I can't get any further than this.

The OS is Windows XP with SP2.

I think the MBR has become corrupt, only I don't know how to fix this without loosing my filles stored on the HD.

Appreciate if anyone can advise on what this problem is and how to fix.


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Hi there,

i have set the boot sequence to boot from cd, but the message reads: non bootable disk.

I have tried to open it with ghost but it wants a password.

Toshiba Satellite A60.

Answer:Satellite A60 - Recovery disk will not boot - error non bootable disk


First of all you will be not able to extract the ghost image file because it?s secured as you could see.

I don?t know why you cannot boot from the Toshiba Recovery CD. But a reason could be:
- The CD is faulty (scratch, not more readable)
- You used a wrong CD
- The CD/DVD drive cannot handle this CD due to the old and faulty drive laser lens.

So you should firstly check if you can boot from other Microsoft Windows CD to find out if the CD/DVD drive is ok.
If this is ok then there is a issue with your CD!!!

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Hi, Yesterday I received my Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge E73 and the first thing I did was update my Windows 7 professional. However, after it had rebooted about 3 times it froze on the 'loading windows' screen.After a reboot, the startup repair launched and was restoring to a previous state. Ok, I thought this will get fixed. The pc rebooted and tried to do a CHKDSK but it failed and loaded the welcomescreen but froze with the message that winload.exe was damaged. Knowing about the system recovery partition I booted it at start and selected the option to restore the whole pc to factory state. Unfortunately, this happened.I tried using a retail windows 7 pro-disc to repair the computer. However, it didn't even recognize that the old windows was there, untill I looked at the partition manager.It seems the recovery partition is still intact but I can't boot to it anymore. Will it work if i delete the old windows7_os partition or do I have to do anything else? The bios is setup to start from the harddisk.Thanks in advance,Joeri

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Hi everyone

I have a Equium L350 after a crash I could not restart my pc. I tried to fix using the f8 restore menu and it did not work so I contacted Toshiba and got a restore disc. I reinstalled from the disc but after instalation it says installation complete but visa fails to boot.
I get: Windows cannot repair this computer automaticaly click finish to shut down your pc

After a format and reinstall is my pc broken? It's 13 month old there for out of warrenty

Answer:Equium L350 - Vista fails to boot after recovery installation


Normally after the recovery installation your notebook should work properly again.

In my opinion it could be a hardware malfunction. Have you tested the HDD for defective sectors? You can do this with Drive Fitness Test:
Download the ISO image and burn it onto a disk. Then you can boot from it and test your HDD for errors.

I would also recommend checking the RAM for errors:
Memtest is good diagnostic tool for the RAM.

I hope I could help you a little bit. :)

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