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Intel launches new Broadwell CPUs for performance mobile, socketed desktop

Question: Intel launches new Broadwell CPUs for performance mobile, socketed desktop

Intel has launched a selection of new 5th-generation Core processors based on the company's Broadwell microarchitecture. Five of these new CPUs are designed for performance mobile and IoT devices, while two are socketed desktop CPUs for Intel's LGA 1150 platform,...

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Preferred Solution: Intel launches new Broadwell CPUs for performance mobile, socketed desktop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Intel launches new Broadwell CPUs for performance mobile, socketed desktop

The full list of socketed desktop and performance mobile Broadwell CPUs can be found below.Click to expand...

the two pictures link to only R series (socketed/1364, BGA/soldered to motherboard) and mobile/IOT processors. C series (unlocked, socketed/1150) are not shown in the two pictures but are listed in the article.

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It has been rumored that there will only be a short gap between the launch of Intel's socketed Broadwell and Skylake CPUs for desktop systems, and as such, the company will only launch two LGA 1150 Broadwell-based CPUs onto the...

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Answer:Intel reportedly releasing just two socketed Broadwell CPUs

It often makes you wonder why push Broadwell now, when Haswell has a lot of traction and it's a few months to Skylake. They also included some BGA in the mix for other devices, but pushing a desktop chip seems a bit odd. Given the few months in between them and people unlikely, to drop Haswell unless for lower power systems.

All in all it's negligible power savings, we'd need to obviously see how the integrated graphics fair. It might be a solution for some people, but obviously not everyone is going to see it as a huge importance. It's kinda amusing to me because, I'm looking to replace my mobo / CPU right now. I'd likely sit and wait for Skylake, simply because I'd only be wanting to buy one upgrade. Upgrading is a low priority right now anyways, so there's less inclination to spend right away.

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There's good news and bad news for those of you wanting to purchase a socketed Intel processor with high-end integrated graphics. Let's start with the bad news.

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Answer:Intel: No socketed Skylake CPU with eDRAM, Broadwell not discontinued

So... as we did know already: Intel = stagnation.

Q1'07 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Kentsfield) 65nm cores:4 Cache: 8MB 2.4GHz
Q3'15 Intel Core i7 6700K (Skylake) 14nm cores:4 Cache: 8MB 4.0GHz

real world application performance gain at best +100% ... with a 8 year R&D.

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A leaked Intel roadmap tipped us off in January that desktop versions of Intel's Broadwell CPU would arrive by the middle of this year. We now know that information to be true.

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Answer:Intel: overclocker-friendly 14nm desktop Broadwell CPUs to arrive by mid-year

Sounds exciting, I'll wait for that to hit the shelfs.

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The newer Intel i5/i7 CPUs should support the Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX), see because of a bug these extensions have been disables in the first revision (stepping) of the Broadwell processors. The bug was fixed in F-0 steppings of the vPro-enabled Core M-5Y70 Broadwell CPU in November 2014. See: Now, if I buy a Broadwell Thinkpad (t450s), which processor revision will I get? 

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Integrated graphics solutions won't get you far when it comes to gaming, but they've evolved to the point that you can actually get decent frame rates in relatively modern games with the right graphics settings. Looking to remove some of...

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Answer:Intel launches website to help gamers on integrated graphics get a boost in gaming performance

So they're teaching you how to move all the sliders to the left? ^___^

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Advanced Micro Devices is trying to beat Intel on price with its latest six-core desktop Phenom II X6 processors that were unveiled today.

AMD is shipping two X6 processors that are substantially less pricey than Intel's latest six-core Core i7-980XM desktop processor, which was announced last month. The Phenom II X6 1090T processor runs at 3.2GHz and is priced at $295, while the 1055T, which runs at 2.8GHz, is priced at $199. Intel's Core i7-980XM desktop processor is priced at $999, according to a price list on Intel's Web site.

The X6 chips are targeted at gamers and buyers looking for high-performance desktops, said Adam Kozak, platform marketing manager at AMD. The chips are the fastest yet in AMD's desktop processor lineup.

Source -
AMD launches six-core desktop chip price war with Intel - Computerworld

Answer:AMD launches six-core desktop chip price war with Intel

There we go.....that is typically how AMD competes with Intel on CPU's. It's not usually $50 price differences we are talking about. It's hundreds of dollars. And the Core i7-980x is over $1,000 which is insane Now to start reading the benchmarks.

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Between Intel's NUC lineup, its Compute Stick (plus its many copycats) and the plethora of Chromeboxes, there's never been a better time to buy a computer with a seriously small footprint. Heck, they're even cramming computers into mice these days! ...

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Answer:Intel gives its tiny socketed motherboard a name: 5x5

That may seem a trivial question, but what socket does it support? 1550, 1551, 2011-v3 or something new? Not that it matters much, cause it will be cost prohibitive for most of consumers and limited to few industrial application.

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OK, some more information:

The current installation on the Lenovo T400 (Intel 330 SSD ACHI) was done using the "double install" method using Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack Upgrade. It appears the current installation would allow me to use the Sysprep method (I didn't receive an error message when running sysprep.exe), but my concern is that when I boot up the Intel 330 SSD in my new Intel NUC, the validation won't work because the Family Pack uses an Upgrade key. The key has only been used once, so I still have 2 remaining activations, but I'm not sure if that has any relevance to the situation.

Any other recommendations? I am considering manually uninstalling the drivers, doing the swap, and hoping for the best, due to the fact that the current installation sees itself as a clean install, not an upgrade.

Answer:Move Intel SSD from T400 (Core 2 Duo) to Intel NUC (Broadwell i3)?

How do you know that activation won't work? Did you try? If the bit is already flipped from doing the double upgrade then it should reactivate with the same key since all that is needed for the transfer is to reset the hardware signature in MS Activation servers.

You also have three simultaneous activations at any one time with the Family Pack, and do not forfeit an activation for reinstalling a key to the same or other hardware. If using phone activation because web fails, then when the magic question is asked "How many installs has this copy of Win7 been made" you'd say three instead of one. If rejected again, ask for agent. If agent has problems, talk with MS Customer service who are often more attentive seeing that you get what you pay for.

What's easier than Sysprep is to reimage using a free lightweight app like Macrium Imaging - Windows 7 Help Forums then if Win7 won't boot on the new hardware as expected Adjust Win7 to boot on new hardware with Paragon Adaptive Restore CD.

Let us know how this goes.

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People with knowledge of the matter have hinted that Windows 10 Mobile could launch as soon as today, and now there?s more evidence that this is indeed very likely to happen.

The latest confirmation comes from T-Mobile Croatia, one of the carriers that are gearing up for the release of Windows 10 Mobile. It thus confirms that Microsoft is indeed very close to giving the go-ahead to the operating system for a number of devices.

This is actually the most important bit of information, as not all Windows Phone models would get Windows 10 Mobile as part of the original wave. The plan is to bring the new OS on absolutely all handsets running Windows Phone, but for the moment, the staged rollout will include only a handful of models.

Models getting the upgrade in the first wave
T-Mobile Croatia says the following models will be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile in the original rollout that kicks off today:

Lumia 435 single- and dual-SIM
Lumia 535 single- and dual-SIM
Lumia 635 1GB
Lumia 640
Lumia 640XL
Lumia 735
Lumia 830
Lumia 930
Lumia 1520

Microsoft has also provided its very own list of devices that?ll be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile as part of this first wave, and the big difference is that Lumia 1520 is included in T-Mobile?s version whereas the flagship is nowhere to be found in Microsoft?s.

The super-popular Lumia 520 doesn?t seem to be mentioned in either of the lists, so it?s pretty clear that this model will be left behind at first. A second wave, however, ... Read more

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Is there any ETA (even approximately) when Lenovo might release W series laptop with Intel Broadwell CPU? Thanks.

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Hi all

Yes, that's about it really...

Advice in a previous thread (many thanks) has got me leaning towards Intel.

So sorry for the silly question, but are they excellent with AMDs too?

I have a X4 965 3.4 GHz and it's running great (for me anyway).

Many thanks to all who give advice/opinions.



Answer:Intel SSDs - Configured for Intel CPUs or Excellent with AMDs too?

A hard drive is a hard drive. They are not "configured" for any one system or processor or computer. They operate on the SATA standard which all computer platforms comply with also (older drives operate on the PATA standard, but that is an old story!). A new hard drive will work perfectly fine in an Intel or AMD system, on Windows, MAC, Linux, and more.

This is not to be confused with formatting. A hard drive can be formatted specially for different operating systems. And typically new hard drives come preformatted NTFS for Windows. But that does not change the fact that the bare, unformatted drive can work in any system using the same connection standard (SATA, PATA, etc.)

Hope that helps.

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Hello Support,please assist with issue for CPU clock ratio stuck on 8x in my Lenovo T450 mt:20BU.CPU Intel i5300U 2.3GHz Broadwell Y is installed.16GB RAM.After manual performance setting in Power Manager (system was running on battery) it stuck.BIOS is the latest one 1.19OS Windows 7 Pro ENG.BIOS re-flashing, downgrade to versions 1.18, 1.17 was done.Full system power off with disconnecting power supply, external battery, internal battery (from BIOS menu).No changes.If there is any other methods to drive ratio besides Power Manager.ThrottleStop 6 is not supporting this CPU.  Regards,Sergey.

Answer:T450 mt:20BU CPU ratio stuck at x8 (798MHz), Intel i5300U 2.3GHz Broadwell Y

UEFI reset to defaults and disabling Speed Step function were done already too.No changes.Does it mean that system board/CPU need to be replaced?  Regards,Sergey

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I try to configure the second monitor, so I can extend my XP desktop to the second monitor (TV). But, it doesn't work.

- MacBook (new as of August 2008)
- I connect external TV using DVI-to-Video (RCA) adapter from MacBook
- TV is on line input. I boot native Windows XP using Boot Camp Assistant.
- My graphic display chipset is: Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
- I have the latest driver ( from 6/27/2008

During XP boot, the "Windows XP starting up" screen flickers on the TV, and does not display at all on the MacBook screen. Then, the XP login screen appears on the MacBook screen, and the TV goes blank/dark. This is odd, but somewhat acceptable as I haven't configured the second monitor yet.

In Display Properties, I select the 2nd monitor and "Extend desktop". I hit Apply or OK, but both result in the same - the 2nd monitor doesn't "stick". I immediately launch Display Properties again, and it always resets back to the 1st monitor.

I click Advanced, and go to Graphic Properties for the Intel chip. It, too, doesn't recognize the 2nd monitor.

I updated the Intel driver to its latest (, 6/27/2008). The Release Notes for this driver seem to acknowledge this Known Issue:

Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
Production Version
Mobile Intel(R) GME965 Express Chipse... Read more

Answer:Mobile Intel 965 (Ref #2554444) - Can't extend XP desktop to external monitor (TV)

This is a tuffy! The messed up thing is that everything else works but what you want to work. Does Mirroring work?

I know it's not for your graphic card but maybe you can use this as a guide???

Look at there links:

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Eyeo, makers of the popular ad-blocking software Adblock Plus, have launched their very first mobile browser. Adblock Browser 1.0 for Android is currently in open beta meaning anyone can take it out for a spin but there are a few...

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Answer:Adblock Plus launches its own mobile browser with baked-in ad blocking

Good! I hope they make one for desktop OS's as well. Ad's have gotten out of control. What angers me the most is the ads that automatically play audio. It makes me want to find the person who thought that was acceptable and pound their face into a pulp.

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I have got two CPUs and Motherboards,
One is Pentium 4 2.4Ghz and Motherboard is Gigabyte with Intel 845D chipsets, this one is the older one
The Second one is Celeron D 3.0Ghz and Motherboard is gigabyte with VIAP4M800 Chipsets

The first one is one with the pins and the celeron is the new type i.e LGA775 package so i cannot interchange the motherboards because the older motherboard only supports Pin-type CPU.

I have a Nvidia Geforce 6600 gt graphics card, 1GB DDR ram and 250Gb hard disk. I mean with every component same i get difference performance on changing the motherboard and CPU.

The problem is that the performance especially of the games is too low on the new celeron D 3.0 ghz, i mean the games which barely reach 20 frames on the Celeron D processor and VIA chipset mobo, run at nearly 50 frames on the older CPU and mobo(P4 2.4 ghz and intel chipset mobo). I cant figure out where the problem lies, is it the chipsets or the motherboard or the cpu. I had made up my mind to buy a new P4 processor but someone told me that chipsets could be the problem, so i got more confused.

So please tell me where the exact fault lies, by the way I cannot use the old P4 cpu and motherboard because with it the computer crashes everytime, that is why i bought a new cpu and mobo. What should i do? buy a new mobo with good chipsets or a new cpu? Please help me with this. Please specify some names too.

Answer:I got 2 CPUs&Mobos,surprisengly performance dif is too much with every component same

Your problem lies with the Celeron D at 3.0GHz. A Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz is a lot faster than a Celeron @ 3 GHz. I reccomend you sell you Celeron cpu and buy a P4 at 3 GHz

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I have a Dell Precision 690 with Dual Zenon 3.0 processors running Windows 8.1 Pro X86. CPU on the Performance tab only shows a single processor. I have the identical computer running Windows 7 Pro X64 and it Task Manager/Performance tab show2s two processors.

I've read of other people having similar presidencies. Is there a fix for this?

Answer:Task Manager Performance not showing both CPUs

Right click on the graph and choose 'Change graph to'►'Logical processors'.

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Question: Intel CPUs

Does anyone know where I can get information on the 'pecking' order of Intel CPUs? Just when I thought that Core 2 was top of the pile, along comes Pentium again (which I thought was defunct) and laptops now have Centrino 2. I assume Celeron is still the budget processor?Any help appreciated.

Answer:Intel CPUs

click hereclick heremight help...

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Question: AMD CPUs v Intel's

I just have a quick question, I know Intel and AMD used to have a different unit for the gigahertz (if you don't understand I mean and intel 3.2 ghz was equal to a amd athlon 64 3200+ 2.2 ghz, thats right isn't it?) Anyways I was wondering if they are equal now that dual cores came out and do you guys in the core 2 duo is better or the amd X2, thats overall. I ahve been looking to get a laptop, so I was just wanted to know if a mobile cpu's ghz is greater than a "regular" cpu and whats the big difference with mobile cpus. Thanks a lot

Answer:AMD CPUs v Intel's

This comparison is meaningless nowadays. While Older AMD athlon XP series numbering systems were used as comparatives to intel, it is not true with the Athlon 64 FX or Athlon X2 series processors. The number in the CPU is simply a model #.

Core 2 duo is by far a better CPU than the AMD series. But you are comparing apples and oranges. For pure speed, Intel has the advantage (usually) in the athlon 64/ x2 / fx to core2 duo matchups. But there are many other things that come into play such as motherboard archtecture L2/L3 memory on the CPU and FSB handling of which intel and AMD greatly differ in design. There are some cases where AMD comes out ahead.

Mobile processors are designed to be unlocked and to step down to save energy and reduce heat output automatically. They also tend to have lower voltage usage.

In laptops, intel definately has a strong edge. Get a core 2 duo. Stay away from celerons, P4s, and core duos. these are low end budget processors. On the AMD side stay away from semprons, athlon XP (outdated) series.

For a real CPU comparison, go to and checkout their CPU charts.

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Question: Intel Cpus


My computer is real old and i want to build a new computer, and im a little low on cash so i wanted to know if this would be enough to keep up with todays games//applications

Intel Celeron D 355
- Processor Speed: 355 / 3.33GHz
- Cache Size: 256KB

1 Gig of memory

ATI RADEON 9250 / 256 DDR

250 gig hard drive

Answer:Intel Cpus

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one quote says "This is like ferrari going to BMW and asking for an engine" yeaaah the hell it is.

Answer:Apple to use Intel CPUs


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Whilst farting around the interweb this morning, I came across this step-by-step guide to overclocking the newer Intel i5 CPUs. There aren't any screen shots to accompany the steps, I REALLY think the guide would have benefit greatly from some screen shots. The guide is what I'd call "quick-n-dirty" as it just gets right to the point without any "fluff" which is probably what I should have done with this post. LOL

Here's the link:


Answer:Overclocking Intel i5 CPUs

If you've got a decent MB from the likes of Gigabyte or MSI and have a decent cooler then it's really easy.

Go into BIOS, set the FSB to 200, multi to 20, Vcore to 1.3750, Disable speed step, C1E etc, make sure RAM is at specified timings, speed.

Done, 4Ghz overclock in seconds.

However a 4.4Ghz overclock takes a little bit longer

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Hello, I dont mean to spark a mean debate. But I am looking to upgrade my P42.0ghz Intel to this little guy...
What would be a similiar INTEL proc?? I already have an ASROCK 939Dual SATA2(what the hell is SATA anyway??)<---anyone point me to a guide for sata and sata2, raid0, raid1...etc. thats all new to me but since this board supports it I should look into it!! Thanks for your thoughts.

Answer:Thoughts on AMD vs. INTEL CPUs

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Question: Latest Intel CPUs

I love keeping up on the latest and greatest, and Intel is at it again! Say hello to the 10 core, 20 thread i7-6950x:

Obviously between the fact that very few if any of us need 10 cores, and that almost 2,000$ price tag, most of us would probably be more interested in these not as crazy but still really good looking chips:

Personally I had planned my next build around the 6700k but due to other more important bills and whatnot combined with some microcode issues that came about after it's release, I think I may choose one of these bad boys instead

Answer:Latest Intel CPUs

Interesting article about them Intel's Broadwell-E gaming CPU is a stunner, offering 10 cores for a whopping $1,723 | PCWorld

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Question: Latest Intel CPUs

I love keeping up on the latest and greatest, and Intel is at it again! Say hello to the 10 core, 20 thread i7-6950x:

Obviously between the fact that very few if any of us need 10 cores, and that almost 2,000$ price tag, most of us would probably be more interested in these not as crazy but still really good looking chips:

Personally I had planned my next build around the 6700k but due to other more important bills and whatnot combined with some microcode issues that came about after it's release, I think I may choose one of these bad boys instead

Answer:Latest Intel CPUs

Interesting article about them Intel's Broadwell-E gaming CPU is a stunner, offering 10 cores for a whopping $1,723 | PCWorld

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I tried looking it up but I can't find the info I'm looking for.

Is it true that in order to use Vista 64-bit with an Intel CPU, you need a motherboard with certain Intel chipsets ?

For example, a Nvidia chipset with an Intel CPU wouldn't be 64-bit compatible.

Can anyone enlighten me ?

Thanks !

Answer:Vista 64-bit and Intel CPUs

Nah, thats not true, maybe you're thinking of Drivers? You need 64bit Drivers for things to work with 64bit

but you only need a 64bit CPU (Athlon64 and Up and Intel Pentium 4 HT and up)

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looking at dxdiag what does the 2 cpu's mean? I did want to install 2 monitors on this machine but ony have a plug for 1. the 2 cpus makes me wonder....

Answer:intel pentium 4 cpu 3.4 ghz (2 cpus)

Most likely referring to a technology called 'Hyperthreading'. Made by Intel, and introduced into some of their P4 processors, Hyperthreading or HT is essentially a 'virtual' dual-core CPU. The way the processor functions is designed to mimic two separate processors inside a single core processor. If your processor has HT, some system diagnostics will report it as 2 processors, when you only have one. Do not confuse HT with the new Core 2 Duo processors by Intel, as these new chips are true dual-core processors.

In order to install two monitors, your video card needs to support multiple monitors. Does your video card have two monitor connectors on it or just one?

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Processors built on Intel's new Skylake architecture officially launched on August 5 but that doesn't mean you can actively fork over your hard-earned money for one today. If you live in North America or Latin America, you're going to have...

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Answer:Intel says Skylake, Broadwell CPU shortages will be remedied "soon"

A good thing this doesn't affect me but I hope Intel has their 'stock shortage' woes sorted out in about three years time or else I will be affected.

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AMD has officially unveiled the Radeon R9 Nano today, the company's new performance graphics card that's just six inches long. Featuring a fully-unlocked Fiji GPU, the R9 Nano might just be the perfect card for small form factor and mini-ITX...

Read more

Answer:AMD launches the compact Radeon R9 Nano with high-end performance

Sorry AMD! I really really really wanted to buy this card for my new Skylake ITX build. But your performance/price is not nearly good enough. I would have bought this card for +20% (maybe even up to +30% if your hyped performance over 970 were been actually true) of nvidia GTX 970 price, but this +100% now... is just absurd. Sorry.

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Choose One:
a) 98% likely
b) 99% likely
c) 100% likely

Answer:Odds that Windows 10 Mobile not being ready delays all related product launches...

D) Almost 101 %

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I think this information is incorrect.

Quote from lipe
"All CPU manufacturers make the same silicon wafer for an entire family of cpu's and then just disable some features to sell them for the value market. It's much to expensive to reconfigure the assembly line/process for each different model of CPU in a series of chips.

What Intel is doing here is actually great because instead of leaving the turned off features disabled for good they now will allow you to just pay a small extra for the upgrade rather than forcing you to buy a NEW cpu and lose the money for the old one."

If this is true it would cost them more money to make a dumb downed cpu, of course a dumbed down cpus sell for less, but costs more to make?

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What is the 4G WiMAX Wireless Technology said to be available here?  Is this a built in 4G modem for the sim card slot?

Answer:Intel 4G WiMaX built into CPUs

Welcome To Lenovo Community
4G WiMAX Wireless Technology provides broadband Internet access at speeds up to four times faster than 3G.
Yes it is built in modem to use 4G enabled Sims,2817,2371867,00.asp
Hope This Helps

WW Social Media Important Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

English Community   Deutsche Community   Comunidad en Español

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I could of sworn I read somewhere that in order to get MS's virtualization mode working integrated with Win7 it absolutely requires your CPU to have this technology built into it. I believe almost all AMDs have this but the Intels are iffy, as in every other chipset line. Now I've cheated and just looked at Sun's Virtual Box icons on the bottom and have noticed this lit up on my desktop (Intel Q6600 OCed to 3.2Ghz) but not on my laptop (Whatever Intel CPU Acer stuck in their Aspire 8930G)

Am I right to believe that I am SOL to get this working on my laptop?

Answer:Win7 and XP Mode: Intel CPUs...
Your looking for it to say supports Intel VT technology. Most of them have this.

It looks to me like even the mobile ones have it. Which is surprising considering they usually have a lot of features stripped for lower power consumption.

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How can you measure the speed between Intel and AMD?

i always wondered.

intel uses GIGs to say the speed. whole i have no idea what the numbers means with AMD cpus

is there a single way to compare them without doing benchmarks ?

so what do these numbers in AMD processors mean eg 3000, 3500

Answer:How can you measure the speed between Intel and AMD CPUs?

a 3000+ is roughly equivalent to a 3GHZ Intel
a 2500+ is roughly equivalent to an Intel 2.5GHZ
and so on

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I'm just starting plans for a DIY PC for racing games, my first build. I don't demand cutting edge performance; a reliable 40 fps on a singe 24-inch display would be fine. But I want at least that in TDU2, GRID/GRID2 (if it's ever released), SHIFT and pCARS (SMS). And this probably won't be built with parts purchased all at once. I expect to buy a few parts each month or so: CPU next month, mobo the month after, etc. But I do want a build flexible enough for future expansions.

My old Vista machine works fine for home office and non-game entertainment and I plan to keep it. So, I presume I need to choose a CPU and mobo to start, graphics card, etc. to follow. What about the rivalry between AMD and Intel? Are there still problems with modern games and AMD CPUs? It seems like mobo swaps are required more often with Intel CPU upgrades than with AMD. Is that still true? Would an AMD-based machine be easier to upgrade in the future?

Would like to keep total cost, less the peripherals, at or below $1,200. Thanks for your help, folks.


Answer:CPUs for racing games: AMD or Intel?

Those games you mentioned aren't that taxing so you should be able to easily get a smooth 60fps for $1200. You can use this as a baseline, the components come to $1500 so to meet your budget I'd say get the ASRock Extreme4 mobo instead of the Extreme6, ditch the sound card and BR drive and get the Corsair 400R case instead. The Samsung 830 is only $5 more than the Crucial m4 so I'd get that instead.

The most important part for gaming is the GPU. While the GTX 670 is an excellent card it will be overkill for the games you're running (not sure about Grid 2 obviously), something like a 7850 for $240 or the GTX 570 for $260 will easily run all your games.

I wouldn't worry about upgrade paths, the i5 3570K will last you 3-4 years at least.

Not sure why you're purchasing parts separately but if it's because of cashflow issues, I'd recommend saving up and buying everything together because components usually only ever decrease in price, especially GPUs. But if you're really keen to upgrade something I'd recommend getting an SSD first.

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I was wondering if there were any clues or news about the new intel haswell prices and variety range any clue on if the prices will be cheaper then those steep prices of sandy and ivy bridge in the begining which were hell alot

Answer:Any pricing info on Intel's Haswell CPUs?

I very much doubt Intel will change their pricing structure, expect Haswell to come in at similar price points but with IPC improvements, lower power consumption and better integrated GPU.

I wouldn't call SB/IB expensive, given their performance they are reasonably priced compared to the competition. The i7 chips with Hyperthreading and the six core SB-E ones are a bit pricier but normal computer users and gamers won't need that sort of power. 1155 motherboard are around the same price as AM3+ ones too.

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Since there doesn't seem to be a great deal of concrete information around on the X58/LGA1366 successor, I thought I'd repost this from VR-Zone.

X68 is supposedly looking at a three year lifecycle -around the same lifespan as the chipset it is replacing:
Note that the chipset is called Romley - this is the server version for the LGA2011 socket as opposed to the desktop part.
Salient details are:
-Quad channel memory DDR3-1333 (8 DIMMS, 256Gb max). Desktop parts are expected to conform to quad-channel DDR3-1600/4DIMM presumeably 4x8Gb max.
Lane assignments:
2 x PCI-Ex16 Gen 3.0 @ 1 @16 x or [email protected]
1 x PCI-Ex16 Gen 3.0 @ 4x
+ 8 PCI-E 2.0 lanes split between PCI/PCI-E x1 and I/O (14 x USB2.0, 4 x SATA 3Gb, 2 x SATA 6Gb, ONFi, GbLAN and HD Audio)
The main difference between LGA2011 and LGA1155 are obviously the quad channel memory (as opposed to dual channel) and the use of PCI-E 3.0 spec over 2.0 in LGA1155. Effectively double the bandwidth (97% greater)

Servers will exchange the four lane DMI PCIe 2.0 interface for PCIe 3.0 spec. SATA 6Gb increased to 4 or 8 ports and SAS 6Gb compatible. PCI-E lanes increased from 24 to 40 -Utilised as: 2 x PCIe x16 3.0 (@ x16), 1 x PCIe x16 3.0 (@ x4), 1 x PCIe x8 3.0 (@ x4) in the Fujitsu board outlined, in addition to 1 x PCIe x16 2.0 (@x4) and 2 x PCI

TDP for desktop parts is <80 - 130w, and <80 to 150w for server (Xeon).
And some fuzzed out shots of an MSI board showing the DIMM configuration of two either side of the ... Read more

Answer:Intel Patsburg (X68) info for LGA2011 CPUs

PCIE 3.0 power delivery specs are still 150/300w....this may be a problem for the big 2. well one of them anyway.

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Just what is Intel trying to prove with their current CPU pricing?

Like we got the INTEL: 530J-PENTIUM 4 3.0GHZ 800FSB LGA775
and the INTEL: 531-PENTIUM 4 3.0GHZ 800FSB LGA775

Both come with 800FSB,
Both come with 1Mb Cache
Both come with the same Heatsink (non of this BTX business)
Both currently avalable on the market.
However the 530J comes with about a $100 more price tag than the 531.

And again, things are confusing with Dual Core
945 - PENTIUM D 3.4GHZ 800FSB
950 - PENTIUM D 3.4GHZ 800FSB
Again $100 difference

Now to the joe average computer user's eyes, what the advantage of having simulare CPUs with totally different price tags?

Like sure, there might be some difference like Cache, FSB, Core Revision or some other new technology wank word that suppose to make it better. But how does this all helps out with Joe Average that just wants a computer.

Answer:Intel CPUs Numbers and Pricing -- Confusing

The difference in L2 cache increases performance by as much as 10%. Users will notice slightly faster speeds in the acces of programs, but nothing that will dramatically increase performance. Joe Average can be told that the difference in Cache will increase the speed seen with the naked eye just slightly, and increase performance by a small margin.

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At Computex 2015, Intel has announced Thunderbolt 3, a new iteration of the company's high bandwidth hardware interface. And for the first time, Intel has ditched Thunderbolt's proprietary connector, instead opting to funnel everything through the soon-to-be-ubiquitous USB Type-C connector.

Read more

Answer:Intel launches Thunderbolt 3, will use USB Type-C connector

Can I mention this is f*cking epic!

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Intel has officially unveiled their full line-up of Skylake sixth-generation Core processors today, spanning a range of product categories from performance desktops to low-power compute sticks.

Read more

Answer:Intel launches new Skylake processors for laptops, desktops and more

specifically the HD Graphics 520, which Intel claims will deliver 30x the graphics performance of their equivalent mobile CPUs from five years agoClick to expand...

They should have compared it to 20-year old graphics, so they could claim x1000 times the performance, from the standard VGA cards, which by the way already could play DOOM, and quite well.

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Source: Intel launches new chip logos, rating system | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News


Intel has revamped its processor badging and rating system. Consumers are the main target, though business systems will get new badging too.

The new badges include a die (the chip minus the packaging) accent in the upper right hand corner, a prominent main brand (e.g., "Core"), and the modifier (e.g., "i7").

Intel has also instituted a star system that rates chips from five stars (best performance in class) to one star (lowest performance). "So when a consumer goes into a Best Buy store they can distinguish between Centrino, Core, Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad," said Intel spokesman Bill Calder.

That may be a little easier said than done, however. Some consumers (but not including "tech savvy" Giampaolo, of course) will still need help from the sales person to decipher the badging. A daunting challenge in the case of consumer laptops, which are typically plastered with a hodgepodge of stickers from Intel, Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, AMD's ATI graphics chip unit, and other companies.

Intel is in the process of moving to a "pretty aggressive brand simplification plan," Calder said. "When we launched Core i7, we said we're moving to a single primary client brand, which is Core. We're moving in that direction," he said.

The Atom processor will not get a modifier. In the future, the Ne... Read more

Answer:Intel launches new chip logos, rating system

They look kinda nifty.

So they're all going to be called Core now? I guess it's kinda...almost the same as they were doing before...

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Hi All,

I would like to know more about Windows 7 support for the Intel Kaby lake/Skylake CPUs. What will happen when I deploy windows 7 OS onto a new laptop/desktop with that CPU?

My understanding is that one of the follow two scenarios will occur.
1)Windows updates will be downloaded and installed as per normal but they won't be tested for that platform/OS combination. So MS won't provide any support if the behavior of some software changes.
2)There might be some logic built into the updates so that when it detects windows 7 with kaby/skylake, the updates will simply not be installed.

Also, to add to the above - Will deploying the patches via SCCM/WSUS influence the above behavior?

I have already conducted some research, but couldn't get to the answer.


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Dear all,
On Intel official page there is newer version than for display driver! I download it but it fails to be installed saying it is not allowed for Toshiba computers! Why?

Answer:Cannot install Mobile Intel 945 GM driver from Intel page on Tecra A series

The message says everything -> the driver is not allowed for Toshiba notebooks.
The Toshiba graphic drivers are a little bit modified and not the same like the original graphic driver from graphic chip manufacture.

Try the one from Toshiba page!

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---> Microsoft Suspends Windows 7/8.1 Updates For Intel Kaby Lake & AMD Ryzen CPUs

Carey Frisch

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Hi  I have lenovo z580 for one year now , Since I bought it the performance was very bad I was unstaisfied with it . from one week ago i go to bios setting and then I tried to change the vga setting from Optimus to UMA only ( it means intel vga card only ) After this i was surpriesd that performance became very good and boot time became 40 second instead of 170 second ) . So I think there is a problem with my nVIDIA card . I update the driver from NVIDIA website but still the same slowness So now I am using only the intel card Is there is any idea about this issue ? I think the PC will be more faster if nVIDIA card work probably . My PC Details  Lenovo Z580  Model 20135 , Intel i7 -3612QM CPU @ 2.1 GHz , Windows 7 64bit Home Ram was 4 GB and I incresed it to 12 GB enhance the performance but no effect HDD : 500 GB 

Answer:Z580 , I have good performance with Intel VGA and bad performance with nVIDIA VGA

I have the same problem until now I don't have any ideathe laptop performance is perfect when the memory is 8G or less with Intel and Nvidia enabledbut when I increase the memory to 10G , 12G or 16 the performance of Booting, loading windows and normal working is very very very slow when you disable the Nvidia Card and chose UMA only from the Bios the performance is perfect with Intel graphic card only

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terran219 wanted a modified Intel Series 4 graphics driver for his Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
So, I'm going to just leave this here for those who want it. Enjoy.

I've Also uploaded the Intel HD First Generation Driver for windows 8. It's a modified windows 7 driver.
If you have one of these devices and can't install leave a post with your computer model and Hardware ID's.

Install This First: The Custom Certificate Installer
To install the signed drivers run the custom certificate installer I made which is based off of barcher's Post.

I've recently updated my certificate installer to v3.0. This include 2 certificates which allows the updated Mobile series 4 and has some handy options for your pleasures. A WaterMark Removal option has been added for Windows 8 Pro.
~WATERMARK REMOVAL IS BETA. Use at your own risk~

-Custom Certificate Installer- Chrome users may experience a malicious warning. It is false. Virus Total

-Make sure to download the correct driver for your device.
Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation

-Version SIGNED MediaFire
This is the Windows 7 Driver, but modified to install on 8
64bit Intel HD First Gen x64_2827.exe
32bit Intel HD First Gen x86_2827.exe

-Version 15.​22.​54.​2622- SIGNED Google Drive old version
64bit Intel HD First Gen x64_2622.exe
32bit Intel HD First Gen x86_2622.exe

Mobile Intel Series 4 Driver

-Version ​v2- S... Read more

Answer:Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation

Works Great to me. ! Now I can run minecraft ! =)
Intel GMA 4500MHD

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Leaked specifications from a pair of upcoming Intel Skylake processors have hit the web. If accurate, we could see Intel pumping out CPUs with high clock rates on par with the company's existing Devil's Canyon offering.

Read more

Answer:Leaked specs for upcoming Intel Skylake CPUs reveal high clock rates, 95W TDP and more

I read that the performance jump between Broadwell and Skylake will be like what we saw with Prescott to Conroe. Do you believe this is possible with the unlocked Skylake-S parts? Have you heard this rumour?

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or is this feature on in laptops, i notice that when converting a dvd to mp4 handbrake will use 100% of both cores, this soon sends my laptop too getting on to 100C it then drops the cpu from 2.83ghz down, [still working 100%] to a slower speedand it will go up and down as temperature allowsis this a feature present on desktop cpus, or is there cooling powerful enough not to require it?

Answer:Do desktop CPUs throttle down if they get too hot?

AMD's do (Cool'n'Quiet), Intels do when they're close to or actually overheating.

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In last night before went to zzz was going to check emails and some game news with my Desktop Pc from Pc Gamer website,but browser didn't get connection to net even Steam was Online and Laptop next to me online as well. Laptop is connected to Modem with Ethernet Cable and was working so went to zzz and hoped that it's similar when only browser can't connect,but Steam can. Today when launched my Desktop Rig it seems that browser still can't connect and Steam notifies about launching as admin,but doesn't go to phase where u put username & pw,but Rig just loads for a moment and then nothing.

Raptr client also doesn't even go to login screen & would inform that can't connect to net,but instead gives pop up window about raptrstub log file for details. This is so weird and never happened before..At 1st i thought that my Desktop Pc's integrated network card is blown cause still after 8hrs of zzz can't connect and espesially weird and scary now when applications don't even go to login phase "client showing on screen".

This scary problem came now just before i've got rest of the components together for building new Rig. I'm only missing Cpu & Motherboard & get them in early next month. I wonder if could even use Vlc to watch videos..Haven't tried it yet. My Windows 7 Home Premium is Legit and bought from good store. Might not upgrade to Win 10 even it's offered as free. Naturally checking review's from good sources 1st. There have been too man... Read more

Answer:Nothing launches anymore in my desktop Pc :o

Did you run the network troubleshooter from right clicking the network icon in System tray?

Go over your install closely using the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 which will uncover most problems.

Do you have a wireless adapter you can try to compare? Change the ethernet cable? Try another ethernet port?

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I have a new Asus Transformer Book T100 running win 8.1 (not RT). Whenever I launch IE from the Tile screen it switches to desktop then IE launches in desktop version. Some setting I need to adjust? First experience with Win 8 & touchscreen.


Answer:IE always launches in desktop mode

Hello Sam,

The tutorial below can help show you how to restore the modern Internet Explorer. Most likely you will just need to make sure that the desktop IE is set as the default program to do so.

Internet Explorer Modern - Restore in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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While Intel has dominated the high-performance CPU market for years, AMD continues to provide value to those on a budget with their reasonably attractive range of APUs. Today, the company has announced a new APU, the A8-7670K, that slots into...

Read more

Answer:AMD launches another desktop APU, the A8-7670K

This is so ho-hum. When are AMD gonna release some real boy racer stuff?

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I'm looking into buying an Asus G53JW laptop. When I was customizing it I noticed that it included an Intel? Core? i7-940XM Extreme processor. While this is still a high-end processor that I think I could live with I would rather have an i7-990x instead. The reason being, the extra 2 cores. While it looks like the two should be interchangeable and I will post the specs for each below, I would like to know if it is actually possible and a smart decision before I go ahead and purchase it.Intel? Core? i7-940XM Processor Extreme Edition (8M Cache, 2.13 GHz)SPECIFICATIONSEssentials Status Launched Launch Date Q3'10 Processor Number i7-940XM # of Cores 4 # of Threads 8 Clock Speed 2.13 GHz Max Turbo Frequency 3.33 GHz Intel? Smart Cache 8 MB Bus/Core Ratio 16 DMI 2.5 GT/s Instruction Set 64-bit Instruction Set Extensions SSE4.2 Embedded Options Available No Lithography 45 nm Max TDP 55 W Tray 1ku Budgetary Price $1096.00 Memory Specifications Max Memory Size(dependent on memory type) 8 GB Memory Types DDR3-1066/1333 # of Memory Channels 2 Max Memory Bandwidth 21 GB/s Physical Address Extensions 36-bit ECC Memory Supported No Graphics Specifications Integrated Graphics No Expansion Options PCI Express Revision 2 PCI Express Configurations 1x16, 2x8 # of PCI Express Ports 1 Package Specifications Max CPU Configuration 1 TJUNCTION 100?C Package Size 37.5mm x 37.5mm Processing Die Size 296 mm2 # of Processing Die Transistors 774 million Sockets Supported PGA988 Halogen Free O... Read more

Answer:Interchanging Laptop and Desktop CPUs

Laptop (mobile) & desktop processors are not interchangeable.

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I have two computers at a business in another town that I frequently need to get into. I have the main computer set up with remote desktop, that way I can log in and make changes updates and so on from time to time. We just installed another new computer with winxp pro on it. I would like to be able to access either computer when I want to. They are connected by a linksys router, and is connected to the new by dsl. The router does have a fire wall built into it, and I have enabled the main computer to be accessed by remote desktop, by opening port 3389.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Remote desktop on 2 cpus one network

I know that tightVNC will handle multiple computers behind a firewall without difficulty, but I don't know about Remote Desktop. You'll have to be able to change the port it listens on to get it to work, since you can only translate a port behind the NAT to one destination.

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AMD is today launching the A10-7870K, a new, high-end desktop APU that provides minor spec bumps over the company's previous desktop APU flagship at a similarly competitive price point.

Read more

Answer:AMD launches the A10-7870K, a new high-end desktop APU

The pricing is what kicks Intel in the nuts, which is great if you going for a low budget computer and don't mind not having a dedicated video card.

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I'm not using insider builds. Just asking.

Answer:Can you switch between desktop and mobile version of web on Windows 10 mobile?


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Question: socketed bios

im looking for a mobo with a socketed bios. cheap would be nice, but i cant seem to get any luck through google. suggestions would be thanked

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Hi,When i try to left click and drag an icon on my desktop to move to a different position the program launches instead.
Grateful for any help with this problem.

Answer:Can't move desktop icons, program launches instead

Quote: Originally Posted by tommytinkroom

Hi,When i try to left click and drag an icon on my desktop to move to a different position the program launches instead.
Grateful for any help with this problem.

Hey tommytinkroom....The only solution that comes in my mind for your issue...try a different mouse. Left click might be broken. Try it and let us know.

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WinXP Pro - chkdsk runs EVERY time I boot this PC. Initially, it reported that the "voleme is dirty". I found some info about how to disable the "dirty" switch, but it still said the volume was dirty, and still runs chkdsk every boot and the desktop never appears. It generally either reboots after chkdsk finishes (and then goes right back to chkdsk), or it occasionally errors out to a blue screen error (0xc0000005 I think?) and some info about a corrupt registry hive (system32\config\system I think?). It seems that all the info I've found on how to fix this requires the PC to boot to a desktop, and that is simply not happening. The data on this PC is of utmost importance to the client, so that presents another level of problems....

Answer:chkdsk launches at each reboot - desktop never appears

Does Last Known Good Configuration work?

You may have to do some offline registry edits:

Go all the way to step 4 of the above link then edit these registry keys to have these values.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]


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i had installed internet download manager 6.16 and after few days i uninstalled it using advanced uninstaller. but icon is still in desktop and launches too on double click with some error message. i checked it in installed software list but it is not there, the i deleted all the files from its installation directory in c drive program folder and nothing remaining there, so please help how to get rid of this.....from where it is working if nothing is left over there. help me to remove it

Answer:software uninstalled but icon is on desktop and launches too.why?

Can't you just delete this icon? If not, then reboot.

Also, for the future, always use the Programs and Features control panel (the installed software list) to uninstall programs. Failing that,check to see if the program itself has its own uninstaller. Failing that, then turn to alternative methods.

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Microsoft has got its groove back -- at least when it comes to designing an operating system that really delivers. By comparison, Apple's most recent product launch -- a multitouch mouse -- looks almost laughable. Still, Microsoft could definitely learn a few things from Apple's product presentations. Redmond needs to match its marketing prowess to its engineering. Technology News: Tech Buzz: Microsoft Launches a Revolution, Apple Launches a Mouse

Answer:Microsoft Launches a Revolution, Apple Launches a Mouse

Agree with you completely

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Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser

Browsers have gotten boring. After a flurry of innovation, especially around the time Google launched Chrome, things slowed down over the last few years. We?ve seen a few interesting experiments, mostly from smaller players like Yandex, Brave and Vivaldi, but the largest players have pretty much stuck to their script. Opera, which was sold to a consortium of Chinese companies last year, is now doing its part to mix things up with the launch of Opera Neon, an experimental desktop browser for Windows and Mac that tries to reimagine what a modern browser should look like.

The moment you open Neon, you?ll notice that this is not your average browser. There is no task bar or bookmarks bar (though the team kept the concept of the URL bar alive). Instead of having tabs at the top, you get round bubbles on the right. It automatically grabs your desktop?s background image and uses that as the background image of your new tabs page.

There is also a sidebar on the left that lets you control audio and video playback (which you can also pop out so you can watch it even while you?re surfing in other tabs). This same sidebar also features a screenshotting tool and access to your recent downloads.

For those of you with very large and wide screens, Opera Neon also allows you to place two browser tabs side-by-side within the same window (similar to the split-screen view on iOS or Android).

I spent the last day or so pl... Read more

Answer:Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser

Now this looks cool! I am going to try this out now!

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I consider myself a fairly tech savvy person, but I have a few problems that have got me pulling my short and curlies out in utter feverish frustration
Problem 1:

I was playing AD&D and other table top RPGs online in IRC chat, and utilized several programs in order to do so. I stopped over six months ago and have since removed and deleted all those programs and data. I not only used a removal tool, but also went individually into the Program Files directories where they were installed and made sure everything is gone. I've run several current up to date malware and virus checks as well. No programs are in my startup menu that would do this.

A mysterious, empty folder named "AD&D 2nd edition" appears on my desktop. If I delete it, it reappears within a few minutes, without fail.

Similarly, after every boot, a C:\ explorer window opens. Nothing in my startup menu should be doing this.
Problem 2:

Despite full virus and malware scans, Google analytics windows open by themselves while I'm browsing with Firefox. Not a multitude of them, just one, and every now again, maybe after an hour since the last one was shut down.

Thank you for your assistance, I've got this msg on instant e-mail notify so I'll get back right away.

Answer:Folder reappears on desktop, Google webpage launches by itself

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This is very weird! I'm running XP Pro SP3, and, all of a sudden, every time I try to copy or move a folder on the desktop, an application installer runs!

The explorer operation works fine, but the installer always runs too.

I'm not sure it matters, but in this case the installer it tries to run every time is the Windows version of Smith Micro StuffIt 2009. That app is already installed (I installed it a year ago), and both the app and the installer are reported to be malware-free.

Naturally, it seemed to me that this must be a malware infection of some kind, so I ran everything at my disposal with maximum settings and the latest updates: Avira AntiVir 2010 Premium, SuperAntiSpyware Pro, and Spyware Doctor on every file on every disk. I turned OFF any settings that limited their scans just to the standard executables and archives so that they'd all scan every single file, no matter what it's extension. None of them found any infections of any kind (I'm careful to try to keep my systems clean).

But it also seems to me that an infection would attempt to do something harmful to my system, not merely try to re-install an already installed app. But I realize there are bugs even in malware, so who knows?

I didn't install anything recently or even knowingly download any new files. All I've been doing for the last few days is browsing and using email.

I looked at the explorer.exe registry settings and nothing looked as if ther... Read more

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I just now installed an Intel 520 240GB SSD. Measuring the performance, got strange results. First it did not at all perform close to my expectations and Intels promises:

Above is the HD Tune benchmark, but Crystal Disk Mark showed similar performance.

The next day I turned on the machine and using AS SSD I suddenly measured roughly double the performance. And just to be sure, I also benchmarked with HD Tune:

I ran AS SSD several times and got approximately the same results (but I also got an error message on the Acc Time measurement, saying that "Could not open device \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2". Does anyone know what that is about? I read somewhere on the web that it could have something to do with my RAM drive...)

Happy with this I installed the 520 permanently in the computer. But I decided to run a final measurement before going to bed. And suddenly, now again I got the low performance!

This is measured just 2 hours later than the one above.

I haven't the faintest clue what's going on. Could it be broken? Any ideas?

Answer:Intel 520 SSD, low performance, high performance, then low again...?

The alignment looks OK if I read that picture correctly.

Intel's don't necessarily have the highest specs, but most of the specs don't mean much for most users.

If you had not benchmarked it, would you still be disappointed? Does it feel snappy, boot fast, open apps quickly, run virus scans quickly, etc?

I don't know if RAM disk might affect it.

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I was just wondering if 64bit cpus show as 2 cpus in a 32bit os why does a dual core 64 bit cpu not show as 4?

Answer:64bit cpus show as 2 cpus in 32bit os's, but?

Because the number of cores in a CPU and the bit width of the data bus are two completely and unrelated aspects of a CPU.Stuart

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I had purchased a Dell XPS 13 9350 with the Intel Iris 540 in March 2016 (core i7, 256GB, 8GB DDR3). After a few rounds of online technical support, it was sent to the repair depot twice to fix a static/buzzing noise made by the speakers.  On the second trip to the repair depot the laptop was determined to be "beyond economical repair" due to a motherboard issue.
Dell notified me that I would be getting a new XPS 13.  When I asked whether or not I would receive an Intel Iris 540 in the laptop, the systems exchange analyst Sandeep_Kumar29 stated:
"We have checked and found that Intel IRIS 540 is equal to intel HD graphics which we are offering. Both deliver same performance."
On the Dell website, it's stated that the New XPS 13s would have the Intel HD Graphics 620 chip. I went online and found a few graphics comparison websites that state the IRIS 540 is better performing chip but I'm unsure.   
Can someone on the forum confirm the system exchange analysts claim that the performance is equal and give advice whether or not I should accept the exchange? 
I appreciate any and all assistance.  

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I have noted the above news item.  One of the links is here.
I would be grateful if someone could advise if  this affects Dell computers and, if so, how and when will a fix be issued.
Any information would be appreciated.

Answer:News item "Major Hyper-Threading Flaw Destabilizes Intel Kaby Lake, Skylake CPUs"

If your Dell computer has a Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU it is affected. I am also interested in how this issue will be addressed whether through a Windows 10 microcode update or a BIOS/UEFI update. IF you have a Kaby Lake CPU and the update is a microcode update to Windows you may be out of luck if you don't have Windows 10.

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Just want to see how windows 10 is running on the Lumia 640.

Answer:Anybody running windows mobile 10 on the 640? If so hows the performance?

Something to remember is that it can be highly variable between devices and people.
I installed 10 on my 920 multiple times (bounced between 8.1 and 10) and sometimes the upgrade's performance was terrible before a hard reset while another upgrade worked fine.
I just threw it on my 830, which has the same internals as the 640, and it seems to be perfectly usable (I'm often picky about responsiveness so its a good sign) save for some very minor twitchiness.

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Is anyone using Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 525? If yes then which build and what is the performance? I want answer in detail like battery usage,apps lag,etc.

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Question: Intel Mobile...?

What is the difference between intel mobile I'm hearing about, and a regular intel processor?

Answer:Intel Mobile...?

have a look here

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Does anyone knows the part number for replacing Intel Desktop Board VC820 in an IBM Aptiva desktop chassis. I have upgraded all the peripherals except for the motherboard. Also, I have upgraded the OS to win xp professional. Everything is working fine except for the processing power just don't cut it anymore. What I would like to do is purchase an Intel motherboard this is most current and powerful, and fit into existing Aptiva chassis. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hi, I want to know about the performance , battery life of Lumia 720 on Windows 10 Mobile and any issues ( apart from UI inconsistencies and known issue ) that you are facing because of 512GB Ram and any thing that are related to India specific features such as network selection etc.
Since i love my 2 and half year old Lumia 720 which is my daily driver i can't take the risks of having major issues because i have a very bad Internet connection which will make me spend a full day to recover back to WP8.1.
Thank u ?

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Hi Friends:

Yesterday, I installed my new computer and it has the following:

- Intel DX58SO Extreme Series X58
- Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
- Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB
- EVGA 02G-P3-1185-AR GeForce GTX285
- Western Digital 300GB Sata HDD 10K RPM
- WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0
- Samsung CD/DVD Super WriteMaster
- Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850-Watt
- Cooler Master HAF 932
- OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

but I would like to ask you if I need to install the new Intel? Chipset Device Software for Intel? Desktop Boards are the advantages and disadvantages?....Can you help me please?


Answer:Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO & Intel® Chipset Device Sof

Their should be ( on the site where you found the update) information as to what issues it specifically addresses.Most of the time it is advisable to update chipset drivers. They control all the way everything your MB does, from the Ethernet to NB to Sb and ram communication. Where as a bios update should only be done if it specifically addresses issues you are experiencing, or new support for your CPU. This is of course my opinion. There'll be others I'm sure.Fabe

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I've got a HP Omnibook XE2laptop which came with an Intel 600 Cpu (SL443) which specs at 6 X 100I replaced it with an Intel SL53T which should be a 900 (9X 100) but only registers as a 700 in the bios& by windows XP and sisoft sandra all are saying 7 X 100 assuming the FSB is right and fixed at 100mhz I assumed the multiplier would also be locked at 9 and therefore run at 900 Does anyone know if the SL53T is locked or why its only running at 700? B.T.W there is a bank of 6 DIP switches by the CPU but I don't want to alter thes without knowing what they set as they are unmarked as to what they do

Answer:intel mobile pentium3

You need the motherboard manual. as the switches will get it running at the correct speed. It sounds like a gigabyte board

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Trying to find an update for this graphics card, operating system is vista 32 bit.  Been all over the net and can't find anything - are there no updates available for this or am I just looking in the wrong places?Id appreciate some help here - cheers.feenix

Answer:Mobile intel gma 4500m

They should be on the driver CD that shipped with the laptop   If not visit the site and try the chipset drivers 1st.

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I have always wondered what I could do to improve graphic performance for mostly gaming but also overall.

My notebook's graphic card is a Intel GMA X3100 (GM965 Express/384MB), Windows Vista would use 128MB, but Windows 7 uses only 64MB for AERO. My driver is (June 2009) and I want to know if I can change the settings in OpenGL to improve stuff:

The options provided are as follows:

1: Asynchronous Flip: Off [Off/On]
2: Triple Buffering: Default [Default/Off/On]
3: Flipping Policy: Flip [Flip/Blit]
4: Depth Buffer Bit Depth: Default [Default/16 Bit Depth Buffer/24 Bit Depth Buffer]
5: Force S3TC Texture Compression: Off [Off/On]
6: Force FXT1 Texture Compression: Off [Off/On]
7: Driver Memory Footprint: Normal [Normal/Low/High]
8: Texture Color Depth: Desktop Color Depth [Desktop Color Depth/16 Bits per Texel/32 Bits per Texel]
9: Anisotropic Filtering: Application Control [Application Control/Off/On]

Could someone please point me in the right direction.

Answer:Intel GMA f/ Mobile Settings?

Intel settings guide

3.Apparently if you run fullscreen flip is your only choice.
8.Desktop Color Depth

Do you even have any games that use OpenGL?.

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Does AMD offer a Duo Core mobile processor? And what exactly is Duo Core processing? I know two seperate processors but didn't know much else. Also can anyone explain to me Hypermemory and is it wise to buy a system with Hypermemory compaired to straight dedicated video card? Or does it go to hypermemory automatically.

Answer:Intel Duo Core Mobile vs. AMD's ?

ok your post was a little confusing but i think i'll try and break down some misconceptions you have.

As far as i am aware, I dont believe AMD offer a dual core laptop solution, or at least it isnt as readily available as their single core solutions.

Hypermemory i have never heard of. There is hyperthreading on CPU's which makes one physical processor and one physical core behave like it is 2 cores.

PS Dual core is 1 physical chip, 2 processing cores.

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I was just curious about something and consider it more of just a since of curiosity do you think the chipset can aid in displaying in 1080p.  Maybe one day someone gets bored and wants to watch their bluray on their think pad and they switch out the screens.  Can the gm45 hack it?

Answer:mobile intel gm45 chipset

you mean whether the intel 4500 mhd can decode the 1080p blu-ray, the short answer is yes. The Intel 4500 MHD was designed from ground up for 1080p decoding without assistance from CPU.

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I'm trying to run multiple displays. I had it working originally but now it's refusing to work again. My hardware can cope with multiple displays, as I said - I had it working. When I plug in my VGA cable and go to set the intel software to multiple desktop it crashes and I'm left with nothing to do but to just restart. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium, with a VGA cable and a 19" HDTV/Monitor.

I'm tearing my hair out here, please help!!

PS. Where can I find the windows program that asks if you want to mirror your displays or extended etc...

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Hi,i have big problem with Lenovo R400 with Mobile Intel 45 chipsetfamily with this graphics, i try original drivers from WU or originalfrom lenovo but text and icons are very bad reading when i click toicon icon are good ... look to screenshot, i have win7 RC build7100thanks for anyhelp

Answer:Mobile Intel 45 chipset family

Are you facing the problem only with Windows 7?

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Hi guys, Need help!!! I would like to upgrade my Thinkpad Z61T 9442 and I'm looking to replace the CPU from Core Duo 2400 to Core 2 Duo T7600. Can anybody help find where to buy this processor, here in the US??? I have checked out www.spare[ and I got a reply that they don't have it on stock... Thanks in advance.

Answer:Where to buy Mobile Intel Processor T7600

if you don't mind it costing a lot of money, then you can get it through IBM parts.
Otherwise, ebay or craiglist is the best source for these CPU. 

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I want to install bluestack on windows 8 ,in its installation it comes up with the error that your graphic card driver is not determind, I have search and found out the software needs openGL2, I checked in intel website and it seems that my graphic card (Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)supports
openGL2. but when I run openGL2 test, it does not work,
I have installed the latest driver for my graphic card which is dated on 10/1/2012.

Can anyone help me?

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Hope this of interest... Just noticed this article over at Van's Hardware:

ZDNet has reviewed two of the latest top of the range Intel 1.7GHz P4-M notebooks from Sony and Dell and has found performance to be disappointing for both models when running mainstream productivity applications. Business Winstone 2001 was used to obtain these results. What was really surprising in this test was that both machines were slower than an earlier Dell model that was running an Intel 1.13GHz PIII-M processor. That's a 570MHz difference! Shouldn't Intel be advertising a performance degradation warning? Performance with content-creation applications was better than the PIII-M machine, but not compelling. With the latest mobile graphics processors, both models gave excellent graphics performance.

Other speed grades will be available at 1.4GHz, 1.5GHz and 1.6GHz. It should be obvious why Intel launched its P4-M at 1.7GHz. If Intel had launched with the 1.4GHz model, business productivity performance would have deteriorated from being merely disappointing to very poor which would have tarnished its launch. Those who buy notebooks for business productivity performance should give these products a wide birth.Click to expand...

Full article:

All they did was bench MP4-M against the P3-M. Wonder how the Athlon Mobile will perform against those CPUs..

Answer:Intel's Expensive Mobile P4-M Disappoints

I wonder if we could get Unc's top of the line Cyrix processor in a laptop

It would probably burn through the thing

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* Intel is set to introduce 5 new processors for the Montevina platform on Dec 28th. Core 2 Quad Q9000 (2.0GHz), Core 2 Duo T9800 (2.93GHz), T9550 (2.66GHz), P9600 (2.66GHz), P8700 (2.53GHz) are priced at $348, $530, $316, $348, $241 respectively. Q9000 is set to be the cheapest quad core processor for the mobile platform.

* There will be 2 higher speed Core 2 Duo processors, the T9900 (3.06GHz) and P8800 (2.66GHz) for ?Montevina Refresh? Platform in Q2?09 before Nehalem-based Clarksfield processors, part of the Calpella Platform comes along in Q3 '09.

* Two 65nm Merom based Celeron processors, T1700 and T1600 is slated for launch on Dec 7th at a price of $86 and $80 respectively. Celeron processors based on 45nm Penryn for 'Montevina Refresh' Platform will be available from Q3 '09 onwards.

* Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz) and Celeron 585 will have their price lowered by $32 and $37 respectively on Jan 18th '09


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Hi When I open up the graphics media accelerator dialog box (control panel -> Intel(R) GMA Driver for Mobile, or right click on desktop -> Graphics Properties...), the dialog box looks distorted, like there's a resolution problem, and at the top of the box it says "Can't find requested string. And can't find requested string". All the drop down lists are empty. I'm asking about it because the screen sometimes becomes completely distorted after hibernation, and there's some other problems with audio that I'm wondering if it might be linked to this. The PC is an R400, P8600 2.4 GHz, Windows 7 32 bit. I've updated to the latest drivers from the intel site, and done all the updates from the Lenovo update tool too. Any ideas on this one? Thanks,James

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i have a T400, 7417CTO, i have tried, but failed to find information on my question.does the T400's bios support the intel Quad mobile? and does the power delivery system have enough juice to power these 45Wtdp Chips? i know that the highest cpu supported by the t400 is the p8800 and the T9900, the T9900 is a 35wtdp chip, and has been released Q2 09. (these are options offered during customization by lenovo) i ask because i can get a QX9100 (or a Q9100 ES) for relatively cheap and i wanted to know if i could have the ultimate T400 by installing such a chip in it.  -  Q9100 from intel Thanks.Message Edited by dragon-fly on 07-08-2009 12:10 PM

Answer:Intel Quad Mobile in a T400

I compared the specifications between the Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor P8400 and the Intel® Core?2 Quad Processor Q9100 What differs, apart from the amount of cores/transistors ofc, is as you've already mentioned the thermal design power and the die size. Theoretically this implies that everything will work except the the cooling of the processor. I don't know how big the contact surface on the T400's cooling unit is, since I haven't opened it. But some modifications to the cooling unit is probably needed. I found a similar thread with some speculations/answers: Message Edited by Aiwi on 07-09-2009 07:02 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering what the equivalent of my laptop's Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset would be. And would it be able to run games such as The Movies and Age of Empires 3? Thanks in advance. (I know integrated cards are not for game...)


Answer:Mobile Intel Integrated Video
Pretty bad for gaming...
Even a super basic fx5200 64bit blows it away in some cases. In others it's a little faster.

It might run those games, but they likely will be very slow, possibly unplayably slow.

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Hi, I recently installed windows 8 release preview on a dell inspiron b130 and everything works fine, except when I press windows + p or go to screen resolutions to hookup my tv. It says to reinstall or check my video card driver. This driver ( for intel mobile (r) 910/915 express chipset series) has not been update since 07, and I can't find any downloads for windows 8 online. Please help me get an updated driver or a workaround to get my monitor projecting onto my tv.

Answer:Intel mobile (r) 910/915 drivers for windows 8

I don't know whether it'll be possible.

The latest drivers from Intel for those graphics are for XP (XDDM). Windows 7 could use XDDM drivers, but without Aero Glass support. Win8 requires WDDM drivers (1.0 is Vista, 1.1 Win7, 1.2 Win8). They don't exist for those graphics. They probably will never exist.

Unless there's some way to get the generic VGA drivers to give you the features you need, you may be out of luck.

One of the drawbacks to the Release Preview is that it doesn't include the compatibility check that you get with the Upgrade Assistant from the RTM (final) version. I suggest that you download and run that. Bad news is expected.

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Windows 7, just bought an HP laptop two months ago and I love it. The machine came with the same Intel display driver that my old Dell had. Everything worked fine until I updated the driver with a Windows 7 'optional' update.

Now, every time I unplug my machine, the screen will flicker after about a second. I figured out that it is changing the refresh rate from 60hz to 40hz. When I plug it back in, back to 60 it goes. It's very frustrating for the screen to flash black like this, is there a way to fix it?

I've tried setting it to 60hz (In the Intel program) while it's unplugged. It changes it, then I plug in and it works like normal. But as soon as I unplug it again BOOM back to 40hz.

What am I doing wrong, and how in the world can I get it to always stay on 60hz, or even 40 if I must? It's so annoying to have to wait for the screen to flash whenever I unplug or plug it in.

I still haven't been able to find info in Win7 about what specific graphics driver I I can't give specific info in that area. By the way how do I do that?


Answer:Intel GMA Display Driver for Mobile

roll back the drivers. If that fails install from Intel site. Windows 7 display drivers always suck. I never use the update ones as they never seem to be the latest.

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I need your opinion. Which one of these Intel processors would be better?

Intel® Pentium® M Processor at 1.6 GHz
Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology† at 3.33 GHz

I am having a difficult time deciding. Dell is telling me that the first one is the more advanced. And are no longer offering the second choice.

Any info would be great!!!

Answer:Intel Mobile Processor Question????

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trying to run second life is terrible with this graphics chip set.  Is lenovo going to update this driver?  the Intel site has newer versions that cannot be loaded here (running XP pro) 

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