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The connector can't connect to Windows Home Server

Question: The connector can't connect to Windows Home Server

Hi all,
I've just installed an evaluation copy of Windows Home Server, and it looks great! Slight problem though; When using the connecter (either through the CD or through the shared space) it gives the error:
Unable to connect to your home server
The following issues may cause this problem:
-Your home server is not powered on
-A firewall on this computer is blocking the connection
-A proxy server is configured on this computer for the network connection
-My WHS is powered on
-I have tried disabling AVG
-I never have used a proxy, and don't see the need to.

I have tried this on two computers, both Laptops, Samsungs (one X50, one X60), running Vista Home Premium.
UPDATE: I can also confirm it didn't work for my XP laptop either (Samsung Q35)


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Preferred Solution: The connector can't connect to Windows Home Server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Does anybody know where we can actually download software to do this???

I have seen 1 method to do it whereby you login to your server with a special adress that is supposed to work; HOWEVER, the address on the site is - http/servername:55000

The problem is that the typical login MUST use https://

So not sure if that is a typo of what. Neither one works anyway.
The other way I found was using the command line witha long string that seems to start but ultimately errors out.

Ideas? Someone must be running WHS with 64bit cleint.

Answer:Windows Home Server Connector 64bit

There must be someone who is having trouble with 64 bit and WHS.


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hi i have a e-machine EL1200-6H that i am converting from Vista home to WHS and all is fine but the NVIDIA NForce Networking Controller and i tried to find the compatible drivers online and had no success. If you know more of the compatibility of the network adapter pls let me know if ther is a way to fix.

P.S. its a on board adapter

Answer:Windows Home Server Network Connector Issues PLS HELP!!!!!!

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Hello all,

I've looked around the forums and haven't found a decent answer to this...

Does anyone know a specific date for the release of the x64 version of the connector software for Windows Home Server?

I believe MS said in the first quarter of 2008, but I was hoping that someone had a more specific date than that... perhaps someone from MSDN or the WHS team can answer this question in greater depth???


Answer:Windows Home Server connector software (x64) release date?


The x64 Connector will be bundled in with Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 which Microsoft have slated (somewhat vaguely) as shipping in the first half of 2008.

My hunch is that we won't see this in Q1. As soon as a date is released we'll announce it over at We Got Served (We Got Served - The Windows Home Server Site)

Terry Walsh
MVP - Windows Home Server

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Hey guys, After doing lots of research on these forums I am not able to find a solution to my issue. When I power on the server the blue system status indicator will not stop blinking. I can leave it all night and it still blinks in the morning. The lan activity light seems to be constantly blinking. I tried to change drive bays but still nothing. I have also attempted to do system recovery to factory reset, it goes through the whole setup up until it tries to locate the server but then fails. Im left scratching my head here.. I just purchased this item used so I am not sure whether it has worked or not.  Anyone out there has any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Oh yeah, one more thing when I go to my router setup, I do not see the lenovo listed on my DHCP list. But when I do the server factory reset it finds the server. Seems little odd but Im sure it has something to do with my issue.

Answer:Home Server Connector cannot find home server

what server is it?

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Ok so my original computer was a Windows 7 Home Premium and that's the PC I used to work. I had REMOTE DESKTOP on it, it worked fine and yes it was a Windows 7 Home Premium..but yesterday my original pc got fried and smoke came out of it so I am afraid to turn it on.

I am now using my back pc, it is also a windows 7 home premium build 7600, and I remember I use to have remote desktop on it but I right clicked disabled one day a long time ago and after that I was never ever able to get it back. Ive been reading online that Windows 7 home premium does not have the remote desktop option, odd because my other pc had it. Point is.. I need to connect to my job's server asaaap, but I am unable to find a way to connect to their server, I have their ip address and a special login/pass the same way you do in windows remote desktop.

I have tried downloading those rdp patches and stuff and it just does not work! I cannot find the remote desktop anywhere even have the install said "listening" and "remote desktop successfully" etc etc.

Is there a program I can use to connect to my work's boss uses windows 7 remote desktop,,,

I tried using teamviewer and added the ip address but it doesnt work idk if you have to both be using the same program..please in need of help here :/

Answer:I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem

My last option is to upgrade to windows 7 pro and pay the $80 above for it JUST to get remote desktop
I'm trying everything possible though before that.. but I really need this to work in order to start my job

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I just recently re-installed Windows 7. Before I had done so I used to access my Windows Home Server through Windows Explorer by typing And right at the point where I was getting ready to uninstall, instead of showing the files in
Windows Explorer, like it should, it automatically opened up Google Chrome and tried opening it up through there unsuccessfully. Now, after re-installing Windows 7, it still does this. I have no idea why. On my router I have ports 80, 443,4125 and 21 forwarded. So please let me know how I can fix this.

Answer:Can't connect to Windows Home Server via FTP

Check to make sure that your Home server webpage is active and that your user is authorized to access.

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I have an office of three computers and new file server running Windows Home Server 2011.
Two of the three computers are running windows 7 64bit Home Premium, and connected to the server dashboard hassle-free.
However, the last computer, running Windows 7 64bit Professional, displays an error message after I enter the server password.
"cannot connect this computer to the network"

I can clearly see the server on the network map, and I can successfully ping it.
I cannot however access its website at http://servername/connect

I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed here

I have also disable the antivirus, and opened ports 55000, 56000, 1138 and 8192 for inbound and outbound traffic.

Whatever it is, its definitely isolated to the client, because I have two other machines running windows 7, on the same network, that have connected fine.
All clients and server are also a part of a home-group, in which i can clearly see other computers and server folders from the troublesome client.

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--I wasn't sure if home server was more based on XP or Vista, so i put it here--

hi all,
I have a router and a wireless internet connection, and i recently installed windows home server on an old desktop (something i've been meaning to do for quite some time). However, on the first bootup (when it had completely finished installation), It automatically loaded up an internet explorer page with a microsoft url. It said the page could not be displayed - great - No internet (sort of needed for a server).

I went to new network connection, and chose "always on", and it said it should already be working... chose repair. Well the thing is i don't know where the icon is that's usually in the system tray on XP and vista to connect to a wireless network.

How do i connect via to a wireless network?
Does it need to be plugged in directly via ethernet to my router?


Answer:How do i connect Windows Home Server to a wireless network?

home server was not designed to work wirelessly, this is explained within it's documentation. you do need to hard wire (cable) your home-server computer back to your network switch or router for it to log on and receive the internet. hope this helps

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Last I heard the Windows Home Server connect software was not available for 64bit. Has this changed yet?

Answer:Windows Home Server 64bit Connect software?

No it's not as MS said they don't have the resources right now to support x64 (Odd but whatever). There is a work around that I can't seem to get work but maybe you can have some success.

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I've been running a WHS v1 box for 7 years and it has run perfectly up until this morning. There was an update done last night. After this update I can no longer connect via the home server console or remote desktop. The server does appear on my network. I can ping it and it returns the following:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ping familyserver

Pinging familyserver [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

Any ideas?

Mods - please move if this belongs in another forum.

Answer:Unable to connect to Windows Home Server after update

Can't connect via domain name or IP address?

First thing I'd try doing is a ipconfig /flushdns

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I have read most of the posts on this issue. I am trying to help my friend who has a Gateway desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium and has encountered this connection problem in both Internet Explorer and Chrome. The internet signal is strong and her LAN is connected. Her Outlook 2007 is working fine to receive and send E-mail. I have tried most of the problem-solving suggestions found, including spending 10 minutes on a "paid" tech support site (Just Ask-waste of money). The problem seems to be centered in the LAN connection, but I cannot even uncheck the proxy server box, it just keeps reverting to the same setting. If you have any general suggestions I would appreciate it. I will be in front of her computer later today and will have my laptop connection so will be able to copy and past info to send you if needed. By the way, her laptop connects to the network as does this laptop, so it is just the one Gateway that has developed the blockage within the last couple of weeks I believe. Thanks for any guidance on this issue you can provide. I should have made a donation to this forum instead of agreeing to pay the other tech guy, and will do so after resolving this issue. MM

Answer:Solved: Cannot connect to proxy server in Windows 7 Home Premium

Is anyone out there? I need help or at least sympathy! MM

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I just got the Lenovo Ideacentre D400 Windows Home Server this week. After getting it setup, my computer connected to it fine and I transferred my files over (photos, music, videos).  It was time to test out the media sharing. Alas try as I might I was not able to get the PS3 (Playstation 3) to connect or even find the D400. Any thoughts ? I searched the net and forums where i can usually find answers but found no mention of this device which I guess is not suprising since it is new. Let me know if anyone else has this and if they have any issues ED

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I have a small home network with a server called //server. My old Win2k pc
can see ther server but my new XP home laptop cannot.

Anyone got any clues?

Many thanks

Answer:How to connect XP home to my server?

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I have a friend that has 25 PCs running a mix of XP Pro & XP Home and wants to connect them to a PC running Windows Server 2003. Can this be done, and if so, exactly how? Also, can the current networked Internet connections stay physically separate from the server for this same setup? He just wants to connect to the server to share local files/programs. Thanks - I am not really a brand new poster, just lost my log-in to my old account (quicksilver)...Thanks in advance for any tips.

Answer:Can I connect XP Home PCs to Server 2003?

Peer to peer, yes, via a domain, no.

Really, that many PCs, peer to peer isnt really designed for such a large network.

Also keep in mind, depending on the version of 2003, he may run into a connection limit.

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I just installed a windows home server 2011 box on the network, all the other systems on my network are Win7 64 Ultimate, with Kaspersky KIS 2011 as the AV/FW.

The only thing I have done to the home server 2011 is all of the MS updates and added one user name (so I would be able to connect to it)


No matter what browser I use I always am getting a 404. Ive tried both firefox and IE9. the syntax i am using to try to connect is http://servername/connect

I should note that I have tried TWO installs at this point with no luck, any ideas?

Answer:Home Server 2011 help! cant connect

also tried doing a http://IPADDRESS/connect to no avail, trying to rule out the DNS

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Download Windows 10 Client Connector Update for Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 as it now available at Microsoft.

Windows Server Essentials Connector is software that helps you connect your PC or Mac client to Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Windows Server Essentials Experience server role enabled. It also enables and manages key client-side functionality of Windows Server Essentials Experience. On a PC, it provides client backup, a tray icon and the Launchpad, the Dashboard for management of remote servers, and a VPN profile with the capability of auto-dialing and monitoring client health from the server side. On a Mac, it provides health monitoring and the Launchpad.

Get it from Microsoft here.

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I am currently installing a Win 7 box. When I first set things up I was able to get onto my Linux server in Network -> [server name], by logging in to Win 7 using the same user name and password set up on the Linux box.

A short while later I am unable to connect - I get a dialog prompting me to enter a user name and password and a message "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password". If I re-enter my user name and password the dialog comes back again.

I had a similar problem with a win 7 box about a year, but I've never had problems with XP.

Any clues out there?

Answer:Win 7 Home - unable to connect to samba server

I've fixed this by putting the following in \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts: myserver
.. where myserver is the name of my samba server.

I've had to do this on all my win7 and one vista machine.

Why should this be necessary?

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We have previously had different wireless laptops connecting to internet via our Home Gateway box and each had access to its own local Printer.
The Gateway has a USB port which I presume is a print server port.
Can I connect in some way these printers to that USB print server port.
What extra hardware might i need
is the real answer to put a router off a free LAN port with the printers connected to router ports via Ethernet-Usb connectors

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I have received a new windows 7 pro computer to replace my old windows xp computer. I have used the Windows easy transfer tool to move the files from my old computer to the new one. The old computer is still connected for the time being. I named the computer the same name and have the same password. I did an update from xp to windows 7 on another computer and it seemed to work fine using the same process. It connected to the server automatically. I would really like to have it where the computer is just a workstation on the network and anyone can sign in with any name and password. How do I do it?

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I have install the administration toolpack on Windows 7 and enabled remote connections on my server 2008 box, When i try and connect with my Windows 7 server manager it does not work.

I see stuff on google about enabling a trustedhost with winrm but can't find a way to do this.

this seem more difficult than it should be?

this is what I keep getting

Answer:Can't connect to Server 2008 via Windows 7 Administration tools/Server Manager

Check Technet for the WinRM reference and or make sure that WinRM is enabled on the servers you are trying to access.

Use group policy to enable it if you need to do a bunch of machines at once. I'm using this with no problems.

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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?


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I run a home server on OEM 2003 Standard Server. I have seen that Home Server allows you to schedule a Hibernate / wake cycle. Is there any free software that can do this for 2003 Server?


From 2:00am until 12:00pm I want the server to be in Hibernate mode.

Answer:Windows Home Server Schedule Hibernate / Wake on 2003 Server?

I've always just used a scheduled shutdown command, and the BIOS power on at a certain time feature available on most motherboards to do that.

That's what I do with my media PCs.

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I am not able to connect to OPC server for non admin user in windows server 2003.

I get Runtime error '-536608665(e0040067)':
Failed to connect OPC server.
The system returned the following error message:
Access is denied

But i can connect non admin user to opc server in Windows xp

Is it possible for non admin user to connect OPC server in windows server 2003?

OPC server and client are on same system

Please give me your feedback


Answer:Non Admin not able to connect OPC server in Windows Server 2003

From what I've read on this thread, you'll need to set computer-wide DCOM security permissions. You'll want to peruse that thread.

On another note, this isn't really the best spot for this question. An error message isn't a crash, hang or bsod, and the situation is more relevant to specifically the Windows Server section (even though OPC servers can and often do exist in many client versions of Windows). You'll be able to receive more help there, as it's pertinent to your needs.

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I have install the administration toolpack on Windows 7 and enabled remote connections on my server 2008 box, When i try and connect with my Windows 7 server manager it does not work.

I see stuff on google about enabling a trustedhost with winrm but can't find a way to do this.

this seem more difficult than it should be?

this is what I keep getting

Answer:Can't connect to Server 2008 via Server Manager on Windows 7?

edit, I was wrong. https requires a non self signed cert
do the following in powershell, this is for powershell remoteing but it does the winrm stuff as well:

on the server:

Enable-PSRemoting &#8211;force
on the client:


Start-Service WinRM
Set-ItemProperty &#8211;Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System &#8211;Name LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy &#8211;Value 1 &#8211;Type DWord
Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts &#8211;Value <ServerName> -Force -Concatenate

Be warned that this is very insecure.

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Can anyone please explain how to backup my Windows Home Server onto a network Drive?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011---Server Backups over Network

First you need to have a location where your backing up to. Do you have another server or network location (NAS?) that you are backing up to?

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I have a file server at home with a Quad core, 4gb ram, and a 3tb of storage. It is running Ubuntu Desktop and sharing video files primarily. From my school I have access to a free copy of Windows Server 2008 R2. Other than the server I have 2 Windows 7 desktops, 1 Windows 7 laptop and 1 Windows Vista laptop.

I am interested in moving to a Windows setup as I am done with the ?Ubuntu? experiment. WHS looks like what I need, but I have a free copy of WS 2008 and I would miss the $50 for WHS. My goals can be described best as:

Need to Haves:
? File/media server (local network)
? Dedicated game server for various games for friends.
? Print server

Nice to Haves:
? Music/Video Streaming over the internet
? Automatic backup server
? File server over the internet
? Ability to manager other PC?s from the server

My ability as an admin:
? No experience
? Willing to learn and put forth initial effort to get setup
? Don?t have time to really spend more than 1 day moving from Ubuntu to the new setup.
? Don?t want to be stuck constantly screwing with things to get it right or keep it running.

What is going to be best option for my situation?

Answer:Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

Honestly, I use both in their proper settings, and unless you have a domain at home with multiple users, Windows Server 2008 R2 is overkill...and would require much more tweaking and add-in apps to do what you want. Given your write-up, WHS 2011 is the way to go. It does much of what you want out of the box, and is designed for people who don't want to become server admins (or at least not be forced to).

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Windows Updates have been a real thorn in my side since moving to the country where I have limited bandwidth ISP. I have 6-7 Windows PCs I (try to) keep updated, both XP and W7. I've tried downloading updates just ONCE using the Microsoft Update Catalog, but then I still have to note what pc needs what updates and install them manually.

Newegg's sale on Windows Home Server today has me wondering whether I might dedicate a PC to WSUS just to manage updates.

Can folks here with WSUS experience suggest whether this is worth doing? Or might be more trouble than it's worth vs. the manual "Update Catalog" method? Or tried w/WHS and that's a problem in itself? TIA for any feedback...

Answer:Windows Server Update Services and Windows Home Server -- worth doing?

I manage the WSUS implementation where I work. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward product. The only hassle will be going through the list of "all updates" for Windows 7 and for XP and declining the ones that don't pertain to your systems. The good news is that WSUS will determine for you, which are needed and which aren't and will place an icon next to the ones which you need.

I don't have experience with running WSUS on WHS myself....but I'm guessing it would be pretty much the same as doing it on a straight up Windows server.

As far as getting the clients to use your WSUS server, that's a simply registry change.

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According to Maximum PC, this is the best OS to use when creating a media/file server. I am considering getting a license, but I need to know the following:

I hear its a real task to set up. Anybody know any good guides?
Will it accept the WinTV PVR 150 (non-MCE)? To make it simpler: Will it accept the hardware I have that works with Windows XP Professional?


Answer:Windows Server 2003 for my home's media server

It was no harder than XP to install. Now, setting up could be a different story as that wasn't my job.

Be aware, though, that a lot of software will not install on that OS. It recognizes it as a "server" os and aborts the installation.

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Is there an iTunes Server for WHS 2011 available?

Answer:iTunes Server for Windows Home Server 2011 ?

Other than installing iTunes?

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from my MSDN subscription i can get a copy of server 2008. (x86 or x64)

but i was toying with the idea of windows home server.

it will be going onto a 3600X2 on a k9agm2 with 2 gig of ram in my sig (which you cant see!) as i retire the old fileserver and upgrade the development box.

It will need to run SQL server 2008 (low load) and a couple of websites. as well as the families Media sharing, Document sharing and backups

i like the simplicity of WHS buti'm not bothered about the configuration of server 2008 either,

i really like the idea as hard drives appearing as one pool.

question is is the simplicity wortth the 100 for WHS and can i do everything i need to on WHS

Answer:windows home server or Server 2008

It is insane how much system requirements for Windows servers are now. I setup a 266mzh overclocked Nslug for a client office. They only have five users. It runs Debian like a champ. Another Nslug is handling OpenVPN at 266mhz. They only eat 5 watts each.

If Windows is only option, I would go with 2008. Windows Home servers have so many issues.

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So, I really like Windows Home Server a lot, but I want to use a domain with Windows Server 2008. What kind of software could I use (third party, Microsoft) to get the functionality of WHS? I'm looking at the media streaming and easy backups for all client users. I can do remote access using VNC, so that's not a problem. And I know of software that can make the library online (as a web server).

Would my best option to make the Server 2008 a web server and just put a page on there to stream the music that way (as well as shared folders for the XBox)? And what software can do effecient backups similar to WHS?


Answer:Server 2008 -> Windows Home Server

Why not just use 2008 server as a file server
- shares for the Xbox
- web page for the music (although you can use shares as well)

theres all sorts of backups you can do.
Acronis backing up to the server autmatically
NTBackup backing up files/folders to the server
- all those should work fine on server 2008

Are the computers going to be part of the domain too?
XBox would probably need some sort of user/pass to access a domain server

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I have an old ACER EasyStore H340, which figured out it should crash on me the other day.
In the unit I have 4 HD's, 1 for OS and 3 for DATA.

I have done restore (not factory reset) on the unit earlier, and that has been successfull. However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now.
So in a mildly panicked state, I need to restore again.

I started with that yesterday, and restore seems to be OK, but when the WHS v1 connector software shows after restore, it's just hanging and do not continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit.

So my questions are:
1) Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows 10 Technical Preview version?
2) Does it make sense to remove data disks, restore and put in data disk when done? If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards
3) Am I screwed?
tl;dr - Server recovery WHSv1 doesnt complete, and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer.


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I'm trying to decide between Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 R2 for my home server PC. Ordinarily it would be a clear cut choice, but I've got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 through my academic MSDN subscription. I'd like to avoid spending extra money if Server 2008 R2 would do the job. But I'm willing to buy Home Server should it prove necesary. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Windows home server vs Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2 is a more fully functional product. You will be able to do similar things, but it might be a little more involved getting it set up and working. Plus, if you are interested in IT, you could use the Server 2008 R2 experience....but you won't get hired for your knowledge on Windows Home Server.

My vote is Server 2008 R2 without a doubt.

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I've been running here at home Server 2003 Enterprise 180-Day Trial for about 3 years now. I received 2 cds/keys from my MCSE books I bought in college.
I can re-install this O/S as many times as I want and fully patch it no problem - must be MOL or something :shrugs:

However the only annoyance is every 180-days I need to take the time to re-install the O/S and whatever programs I run on it, set up the file and print, re-write permissions, etc....
It takes a good 3-4 days for it get to back up and running how I want it, or a wasted weekend.

Can I assume though Windows Home Server does not do FSMO roles?
As well are there any major features that would be lost? I havn't found any comparison charts......


Answer:Server 2003 Ent. or Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server is not gonna be your solution. It does the same thing as your Server 2003 and there is a flaw with Home Server. You MUST format your ENTIRE Hard drive. If you have more then one you must format all of them.

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Hi All
i search other threads but no joy. My flatmate has a server with files on it he shares with others in the house. It is a wireless connection. My laptop detects the wireless network no problem and i connect to the internet and get my email fine. It is password protected but i have that saved to speed connection.

The issue is i cannot see his computter - others connect straight away when they type the server name - and they can see it on windows explorer ok as well. to connect he tells me just type \\scribe to get to it from windows explorer address tool bar( no the real name BTW - by way of example )

i saw in another thread to haev windows firewall / exceptions file share ticked - which it is by default

any clues would be gratefully received.i am running XP2

thanks Andy

Answer:Can't connect to home "server" to share files

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First off how much power does a typical laptop consume with a P-M 1.5ghz processor?

Anyways in my quest for a low powered home server I have been debating between a Via C3 and an Intel Atom system, then it dawned on me that a laptop does not draw that much power either and that would not require me purchasing more equipment.

The systems I am looking at are:

Home built C3 system:
2 gigs of DDR 533 ram
1TB HDD (desktop HDD)
no optical

Intel Atom system:
Asus Eee Box
1gb RAM DD2
160 gig HDD (laptop HDD)
no optical

HP Pavilion DV1040 Laptop:
1 gig DDR RAM
160 gig HDD (obviously laptop hard drive)
Intel Pentium-M 1.6ghz
DVD/CD-RW drive

What would be my best option for a LOW POWER home media server? My main concern is power consumption because this thing is going to be on 24/7 and I am not a fan of paying more to the electric company than I have to, and the cost of energy is just going to keep going up.

Anyways what do you think? Ill be running Ubuntu on which ever system I decide on, so any advice would be great! Thanks!

Answer:Ever use a laptop for a home server? And question on low powered home server...

Your biggest downfall for a laptop media server is your limitation to expand your storage.

You can build a low power server box fairly cheaply plus have to expandability later on.

My advice is to just use one of those systems above. When the time comes to upgrade build a system that doesn't use much power. Also would recommend using some kind of spin down for hard drives so they don't consume as much power when they are not access. (Might notice a performance difference. doubtful)

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Hi guys. I just received a PC a bought online. The motherboard is a "ASUS 1155 P8H61-M". The thing is that I ordered an extra fan apart with the one that comes with the case, and the thing is that this extra fan they gave me has a 3-pin female connector (see first image).
My motherboard only has 1 male 3-pin connector, and its reserved for the cpu fan. It also
has 1 male 4-pin connector but its occupied but the fan that comes with the case...
There is a weird series of 7 pin connectors in which my fan connector would fit, but I'm not sure if those are meant for fans 'cause to those 7-pin connectors my HDMI audio and USB connectors are connected....

My psu has no 3-pin male connectors, just more female 3-pin ones or some weird 4-big pin ones (see second pic).... what should I do?? Is there some kind of attachment I need to buy?

Answer:can't connect 3-pin fan connector to mobo

sorry not 7-pin connectors.. they have 9 pins

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i have the antec neopower 480W psu and it comes with a "PCI-E" connector with 6 pins and i was wondering where i should connect this on a dfi lanparty ut ultra-d mobo ( the manual doesn't say )

Answer:Need help again - where to connect 6pin PCI-E connector?

I think that would be for SLI. if you don't have 2 cards, then don't worry

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Hi, I am trying to connect to 32" LCD TV 1080P from T61 with a VGA connector. When I do (Fn+Ctrl+F7) I can see the T61's output on my TV if I set T61's display setting as 1280x768. Then If I increase the resolution on the TV the screen becomes black. I want to change the display setting to 1920x1080 so that I can see output as full screen on my TV. Notebook setting as follows Color Quality - 32 bitRefresh Rate - 60 Hertz How can I change the screen resolution?

Answer:Connect to 32" LCD TV from Lenovo T61 with a VGA connector

Most likely the TV won't support higher resolutions via the VGA connector. But there is a workaround. After spending several hours at a TV store last October, we found an obscure reference in the TV's manual stating this limitation. We also discovered that HDMI will support the max resolution. The T61p docking station has a DVI port that outputs a signal that can be converted to HDMI. We bought a DVI-to-HDMI conversion plug ($75) and took the docking station, conversion plug and an HDMI cable back to the store. Worked great so we bought the 65" LCD for trade shows. There are some settings to play with on both the T61p and the TV that will increase the image clarity significantly. The image is stunning at full res.

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I was intending to use a Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 cooling fan on my Asus M2NPV-VM board. However the CPU fan connector on the motherboard is 4 pin, with the Zalman being 3 pin. There are 2 chassis fan connectors which are three pin. Can I use one of these, or is it essential I use the dedicated CPU fan 4 pin connector

Answer:Connect CPU fan to chassis fan connector?

dont worry you get a device called fan mate that slots onto the four pin fan connecter.this is so you can control the fans speed and not the cool n quiet technology tht is on amd faster or whisper quiet pop over to zalman site n all the info is there on the product

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I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop - 1080p. The PC adapter will not connect with the TV Adapter.  The PC adapter will flash and the TV adapter says it is linking but never does and the light goes out on the  PC Adapter.  I am using the USB 2.0.

Answer:HP Wirless TV connector will not connect

The adapter that connects to the PC requires both USB and HDMI ports. Do you have both wires plugged into laptop?

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I recently decided to play with the Server OS's again, I have been mostly using XP Pro for these functions, since its a local server, and mostly just used for file sharing, and as a download box (anti virus updates, etc).

Should I look into Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2008.

I have access to both OS's, just need to choose one.

Also will my legacy Windows XP Apps, work on either one? Thanks.

Answer:Windows Home Server or Windows 2008 Server

Same situation here. I decided to go with Server 2k3. HS is based on SMS and I absolutely hate the concept. 2k3 is blazing fast and easy to config for most uses.

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Hello I have T42 type 2373 - when I connect the VGA cable that connected to a plasma TV I can not see clearly on the screen,only dots and lines. There is the display card - ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500 I try to upgrade the driver but nothing change.Can anybody know this problem - I need it urgent today - we have a presentation. Liora

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I have an ASUS A8N-E motherboard.My chassis has a built-in adaptor for video cameras etc. which has an internal cable with "1394" printed on the connector end.The motherboard user guide warns never to connect a 1394 cable to the USB connectors as doing so will damage the motherboard.There are no available connectors on the motherboard other than USB connectors.What do I do?

Answer:connect 1394 cable to a USB connector

You must not try to put the firewire ( 1394 ) cable to any usb connection. If you want to use the internal connection for firewire, you will need to buy an internal pci firewire card, like click here. This will fit into one of your 3 large PCI slots and you connect the header cable to the internal connection on the card. Make sure the internal connection ( end of wire ) and the connection on the card match. Some take the 6 pin lead straight to a camera, some are like the header pins on a motherboard. e.g. pins sticking up.

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Where I made one of my mistakes was here:[/url]4.2 and 5.3 where it says to write down where the cable connectors go. I didn't think it would take as long as it ended up taking to get another problem taken care of (ended up getting a new power on button) and now I don't remember where they go. I believe the one cable runs from the cdrom to the (?) and the other from the sound card to the (?)maybe motherboard?Can someone please help me?????? Thank you

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Hey everyone. I have an interesting situation.

My boss (the owner of the company) has been using AOL for all of his email communication for as long as we've been around, going on 4 years now. I just implemented a server with SBS2003 and Exchange 2003 a few months ago. I'm in the process of converting everyone over from their personal POP accounts to the Exchange server.

He's the big stick in the mud. He refuses to completely abandon AOL (since so many people have his address) but he likes the functionality of Outlook.

Here's the question. I was wondering if anyone had any success or knew of any IMAP connectors for Exchange server. I know MS includes a POP3 connector which connects every so often and downloads POP messages into the user's mailbox. This works great except (as far as I know) AOL only offers IMAP access, not POP3.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Google searches yielded commercial products designed to be run client-side.

Thanks for any help!

Answer:Server-side IMAP connector for Exchange?

Just set up outlook to DL the AOL mail, it has an IMAP client.

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If you are running both Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 and Novell GroupWise 4.x or 5.x, the GroupWise Connector performs directory synchronization between Exchange and GroupWise. The connector requires the Novell GroupWise API Gateway (NLM version) to be installed on the bridgehead GroupWise server.

Under certain conditions, it may be possible for the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise to delete users in the GroupWise system. For more information, please see ;222186]Knowledge Base article 222186.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows NT

Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 (Enterprise edition) with Service Pack 2 on the Intel or Alpha platforms



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I'm hoping this is the proper forum for this issue...

I've got a Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials setup that is functioning well except for one Win7 Pro 64bit client computer (the one shown in my system specs) --4 other computers connect to the server and are working fine.

My problem: Something happened to one Win7 Pro client computer that messed up it's connector software and its not fully functioning and I'd like to uninstall it, reboot, then reinstall it--but I can't.

The connector shows up under Programs & Features as "Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Connector". However when I go to control panel and try to uninstall the connector on this client, I get a message pops up in a box titled "Windows Server Connector" that says:

"There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run..."

And attempts to reinstall the connector tell me that the connector is already installed.

So, I'm in a mode where I can't uninstall the connector in order to re-install, which is what I feel will fix the problem with this client PC.

As mentioned above, the connector appears in the programs/features list but oddly, doesn't appear in a Revo Uninstaller list.

Can someone tell me what I have to do to clear the existing installation so I can attempt a new installation of the connector? I'm thinking I probably need the Regedit entries affected by a connector install?

Thanks in adv... Read more

Answer:Win7 Pro botched Storage Server Connector installation


Have you tried going into program files and then running the setup/un-installer from in there? (Run it as Administrator).

Sometimes Programs have trouble un-installing from the control panel for whatever reason.


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So I have noticed my pc would shut off randomly and its because the 24 volt connector wasn't in all the way so when the pc would move slightly the connector would disconnect itself. When I go to push the 24 volt in all the way it wont clip onto the clip on the motherboard. It will stay in but it wont fully go in and I can easily just pull it out or it will just fall out from movement. Any ideas how to fix this?

Answer:24 Volt connector wont fully connect to Motherboard

I think it is not 24 volts. it is a 24-pin(also labelled as 20+4pin) , 12volts main power connector.
the slots are designed so that the power connector will slide into the slot to form like a 'lock and key'. to remove it.
see to it that the power connector is inserted in the right direction as shown in the pics (towards the side):

edit, any moderator: please delete this post.
(my second post to this thread is more 'presentable')

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My motherboard has 3 IDE channel/ports. One is for the floppy disk, the other for the CD drive and the 3rd one is for the hard drive. I plan on upgrading my hard disk, and I plan on cloning my old drive. For this I need to install the new drive as a slave drive. However on recent inspection I've noticed that the cable connecting my hard drive cable to the IDE port has no extra connector where the slave hard drive can be connected. However on the CD drive cable there is a spare connector.

Am i supposed to get a new cable with a spare connector for my hard drive cable, or can i place the slave hard drive on the spare connector for the CD cable. Really need advice, thanks.

P.S. can the ide cable suffer from ESD?

Answer:No spare connector on HDD cable - where am i to connect the slave drive?

If you're buying a retail package it will probably come with a cable that you can replace your single port cable with. If not, you can make the new drive the slave and plug it into the second connector on the cable with the CD. Then after you clone it change the jumper to master and replace the old drive with the new one on the existing cable.

OR, swap the two cables in there now, so that the CD has the single connector cable and the HD has the dual connector cable, plug the new drive in as a slave and clone away.

Not sure is the IDE cable can suffer from ESD but the other components you'll be working near can, so I would have on a wrist strap anyway and that would eliminate the possibility.

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Hi all,

I have a new Windows 8 pc and I need to connect to our website's remote SQL Server database. Everything works fine on our older Windows 7 pc's, but on Windows 8 I get a "The server was not found or was not accessible..." error.

Our hosting company has us use a VPN in order to connect to SQL Server and the VPN shows that it is connecting fine so that should not be causing this problem. We have a MS Access front end application that we use to view and edit data and I have tried using that and also tried using SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and they both return the same above error. Both of these options work fine on my Windows 7 laptop.

We have Norton Internet Security installed on all of our machines here and I also tried disabling that, but I still got the same above error so I don't think Norton is causing this problem either.

I've been researching this online and I tried to ping our server and it worked from a Windows 7 pc right next to me and timed out on my Windows 8 pc. Unfortunately, I don't really know what that means.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Cannot Connect to SQL Server from Windows 8 PC

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   Dear Team
       I have windows 2012 R2 domain server. It is connected domain perfectly windows 7 pro .
      But if i connected domain windows 7 ultimate . It is showing DNS error. I am joining same process win7 pro.
      please help me how to join windows 7 ultimate in domain.

   Note. I give my client PC windows 7 ultimate network proper DNS.

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As the topic implies, can I use a 6-pin graphic card when I only have 4 pins on my motherboard? I want to upgrade to a gtx 550 ti, and my motherboard is Asus P5KPL AM-SE. Can I use this card?

P.S. Sorry, I am still a noob at computers.;3

Answer:Can I connect a graphics card with 6pin power connector, to a 4pin?

Planning to upgrade your Graphics Card? Read First...

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Hi all. I'm hoping somebody can point in the right direction, or walk me through steps to troubleshoot this issue.

I set up an FTP server on a windows 10 desktop using the built-in Windows FTP service capabilities.
Everything was working fine.

Today I attempted to access the FTP Server, both through a web browser and through file explorer, but without success.
Through a web browser it times out, and through file explorer it prompts me for authentication but shows an empty root folder.

So far I have done the following:

*Reset all network settings using NetAdapterRepair1.2
*Checked Windows Firewall settings - FTP allow option is checked
*Checked that ESET firewall is NOT activated
*Re-assigned the same static IP address from before running NetAdapterRepair
*Checked port-forwarding rule on modem-router - set to FTP service with port 21
*Checked system file integrity - SFC /scannow - no integrity violations
*Checked the Windows 10 image - DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth - completed successfully
*Checked the FTP settings through IIS manager - can't find anything wrong
*Attempted to connect to the FTP server with all security apps turned off - ESET Smart Security, MBAM, MBAE, Windows and ESET Firewall -all turned off. Previously when all these were running I had no issue connecting to the server.

It is important to note 2 things:
1) Along with the FTP issue I can no longer connect to the computer in mention through windows RDP
2) This all seems to have started af... Read more

Answer:Unable to connect to Windows FTP Server

I don't see where you pinged the FTP machine remotely. Also, when you turned off the ESET Firewall, is there a chance the Windows firewall is now active?

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I have finished doing the anniversary updates and all went ok. However yesterday being Tuesday I went to the Windows Update section to do any updates that were available and kept of getting a reply could not connect to the update server.

All of my other computers that had the anniversary update can still connect to the update server, but this one computer for some strange reason will not connect to the update server.

I have disabled Windows Defender as well as Malwarebytes and still it will not connect to the update server. The internet is working just fine, so that can't be the problem.

Any idea's what could be going on here...

Answer:Can't connect to Windows Update Server

Hi, try the troubleshooter at the bottom. Please post back with the outcome. Thanks.

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just about every time i turn my computer on i get a message that says that i couldn't connect to windows server, than i have to reset my computer a few times sometimes until it connects. any help?

Answer:Can't connect to windows server problem

Maybe there is some delay in the system (i.e. ARP table updates) and your machine is trying to connect before the network has stabilised.

Have you checked the various network settings for typos?

Next time you can't connect:
Open the "Command Prompt"
Can you "ping" your server's IP address? (without the quotes).
Does you machine's IP address appear if you execute "arp -a" (without the quotes)?
Are the settings correct, if you execute "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes)?

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Hi all. I'm hoping somebody can point in the right direction, or walk me through steps to troubleshoot this issue.

I set up an FTP server on a windows 10 desktop using the built-in Windows FTP service capabilities.
Everything was working fine.

Today I attempted to access the FTP Server, both through a web browser and through file explorer, but without success.
Through a web browser it times out, and through file explorer it prompts me for authentication but shows an empty root folder.

So far I have done the following:

*Reset all network settings using NetAdapterRepair1.2
*Checked Windows Firewall settings - FTP allow option is checked
*Checked that ESET firewall is NOT activated
*Re-assigned the same static IP address from before running NetAdapterRepair
*Checked port-forwarding rule on modem-router - set to FTP service with port 21
*Checked system file integrity - SFC /scannow - no integrity violations
*Checked the Windows 10 image - DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth - completed successfully
*Checked the FTP settings through IIS manager - can't find anything wrong
*Attempted to connect to the FTP server with all security apps turned off - ESET Smart Security, MBAM, MBAE, Windows and ESET Firewall -all turned off. Previously when all these were running I had no issue connecting to the server.

It is important to note 2 things:
1) Along with the FTP issue I can no longer connect to the computer in mention through windows RDP
2) This all seems to have started af... Read more

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I would like to use my Lumia 925 with Windows Phone 8.1 connect to VDI Server in my company for testing purpose, but no software in the Windows Store for connect to VDI Server. I tried to use Remote Desktop but no URL field.
Anybody have the experience with this issue or any suggestion ?
Thank you very much.

Answer:How to use Windows Phone 8.1 connect to VDI Server ?

Please see the following links: Receiver for Windows Phone 8. Can it be? | Citrix BlogsCitrix Receiver | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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On 3/15/15 a normal windows 7 update dwnladed. next time I opened the computer, IE says it can't connect to the server. No other browsers (crome or safari) work either. Other programs (Skype, outlook) do work and connect to the interent .Please help

Answer:IE can'r connect to server after a windows 7 update

Could be coincidence, if you know which update caused this it could be worth uninstalling it - it can always be downloaded again.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Ok so we're running Windows XP SP3 on a machine. I run Microsoft update and install all available updates (-Windows Live). After the updates it will not connect to the SQL 2005 server (database connections, explorer browsing, RDP, ...nothing) I can ping it's IP and hostname, but thats all. Everything worked fine before the updates.

Windows Firewall is turned off. Computers are part of a domain. Admin rights make no difference. I can connect to the server from other computers. I can connect to other servers from that XP machine.

I just can't connect to that server from that computer.

Has anyone experienced this or have any input on it?

Answer:Updated Windows, Cant Connect To Server

Forgot to mention SQL Server 2k5 is SP2

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when I try to connect to my network directorys I get this.

the Local device name already in use.

what happened and what exactly does this mean?

thanks big time for help


Answer:what does this mean in windows xp trying to connect to a 2003 server

Is the workstation using the IP of your DC as its one and only DNS server?

Did you manually map drives? Or doing so through login script?

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I have finished doing the anniversary updates and all went ok. However yesterday being Tuesday I went to the Windows Update section to do any updates that were available and kept of getting a reply could not connect to the update server.

All of my other computers that had the anniversary update can still connect to the update server, but this one computer for some strange reason will not connect to the update server.

I have disabled Windows Defender as well as Malwarebytes and still it will not connect to the update server. The internet is working just fine, so that can't be the problem.

Any idea's what could be going on here...

Answer:Can't connect to Windows Update Server

Hi, try the troubleshooter at the bottom. Please post back with the outcome. Thanks.

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wiundows update says can t connect to server also spydoc i suspect some changed server address but no idea what it should be internet explorer?? using xp you can email thx

Answer:windows update won t connect to server

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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me.

A few days ago I was on my computer doing various things and I started getting internet problems. My browser and Skype suddenly stopped working. Soon the only thing that was still working (internetwise) was Steam (chat) and uTorrent. I rebooted in the hope to get everything working again but nothing worked anymore.

1) Windows says it cannot connect to the primary DNS server anymore.
2) There is a yellow caution sign at my internet connection.
3) I am still connected to my router (I don't have the ip address handy, using ikea hotspot)
4) I tried pinging, it didn't work.

I tried resetting internet protocol.

I tried putting the router off and on again.

I'm already using google's public DNS server ( and

I uninstalled Hamachi, didn't help.

I tried running spybot. Found and erased some malware, didn't help.

Tried changing cables (didn't help, this was before I checked whether I could connect to my router)

I don't know what else I can try. I will try and post my ipconfig as soon as possible, but I left it at home. Currently at Ikea using their wifi and my tablet.

Please help me. I do volenteer work online for people who have Autism but, I can't spend all day at Ikea. the people are already looking at me a bit funny and sometimes it requires Skyping if they're suffering from anxiety and need to be talked down

Answer:Windows cannot connect to primary DNS server

Back again, my I'm currently using my wireless dongle so thankfully I can post from home but, I hope you can get my cable internet to work again. Here are the results from ipconfig /all:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Omen2-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : net

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : net
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 94-44-52-E8-29-C9
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::94d1:d7b:1d7a:21d5%13(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Sunday, November 10, 2013 1:15:03 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Monday, November 11, 2013 1:15:04 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 362038354
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-14-CD-9D-8F-E0-CB-4E-83-D3-D2

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabl... Read more

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I have a server with 6x500 GB SATA HDDs in software RAID5 which I am currently in the process of backing up and preparing to reformat. It's currently running Ubuntu, and I'm planning to go to Gentoo.

Would I gain anything by moving to Windows Home Server?

Answer:Windows Home Server

Ease of use among other things.

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I apologize now if this is the wrong are to post this. Did not see anywhere better for it. I'm attempting to install Windows Home Server. I downloaded the demo from Microsoft to try it out before spending the money on it if I didn't like it. However after the initial windows is loading files screen, it comes up with the loading screen with the green bouncing bars. after that goes away it just sits there with a blank screen.

If anyone has any ideas on why this might be, please let me know.

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So i am looking into building a Windows Home Server. I have the following components:

INtel Dg33TL
1gb ram
300gb hd
BFG 88600gts oc

All i need is the OS. Since most of the above was laying around, I really don't want to throw $170 at the software if I don't have to.

I would LIEK to use WHS, but are there alternatives that do similar things (auto backup of attached pc's etc)?

Answer:Windows Home Server

There are ways to accomplish everything that WHS does, without actually using WHS. However, do the work as well, work as well with each other, and are combined in a nice, easy to use interface? Probably not.

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Today we are announcing the availability of the Windows Home Server SDK. (download below)

As I stated in my Channel 9 video interview in January, enabling developers to build on Windows Home Server is an important goal for us. We include all sorts of developers in our definition, including pros doing it to make a living, hobbyists doing it for others just for the gratification, and makers who just do it for themselves.

Our little set of APIs let you integrate your Add-in into the Home Server Console and interact with some of the elements behind the solutions we provide. But all the interesting work that great Windows Home Server Add-ins will do will be done using the standard "Windows API".

Download: Windows Home Server SDK

News Source: Windows Home Server Blog

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Hi guys,
One quick question about your servers, are you running the HP server or did you build your own? Reason im wondering is I have a old PC Chips setup that was a folding box that has no Sata and would beed a ram upgrade and hard drive. After the OS, hard drive, Sata card and ram im at a little over $425 and for under $200 more I can just get the HP setup and have no worrys.

Any input guys?

Answer:Windows home server, add to a box that I own or buy new?

WHS is the most futile invention ever. If you need a fileserver at home, get some cheap network hardware/NAS box to do the job. You'll save a lot of money on electricity as well.

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With the release of Home server RC the other day I though it was time I loaded it up and put it through its paces.

Although still unsure if I actualy need a home server I thought I would install it on the right kit from the start.

IBM xSeries206
P4 3gig
1gig Memory
300gig SATA Western Digital Drive

So with a very lighter wallet, I start the installation.

The setup took around 40mins and used the same type of installer as Vista, so far so good. After the installation was completed it promts me for a supidly strong password, reboots and its ready to go

I spend the next half hour adding drivers and setting up my nework shares though the very simple "Windows Home server console"

Now it is finaly time to run the Home server connector software on my PC, I connect in to the servers network shares and go to the software folder then run the setup.......

Oh dear, none of the PC's in my house have a 32bit OS and havent for the past few years

Just WTF are microsoft thinking, their new flagship product stuck in the 32bit past. Very disapointing Microsoft very disapointing.

Answer:Windows Home Server

In many post in the official Windows Home Server forum, Microsoft employees have announced that Windows Vista 64 bit support could be something in v1, but don't expect this to be actually released until v2.

Source : Home Server

Very disappointing indeed

Dual boot XP with Vista and then connect

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Somebody tell me why I need it?

For the life of me, I can't think of a single thing it can do that a regular OS like XP or Vista can't. I've poked around in it and don't see anything particularly useful. So what exact can on do with it that justifies the expense?


Answer:Windows Home server

Why not try it and see for yourself.

There's a 180 day trial. Best way to find out!

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Theres been some talk about Windows Home Server(ive heard a simplified ws2003 for home backup/etc). Anone got any info other than CES stuff?

Answer:Windows Home Server?

I know there is a beta you can download, if you sign up. I haven't done it yet. I was actually thinking about it as well. Since I know nothing about Linux, and assuming here that you cannot control power things like hibernation & standby (again, this is just an assumption on my part), I figured the home server might be interesting to try.

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I was wondering if I could get Windows Home Server for my T61 Laptop.

Answer:Windows Home Server for T61

Any of the windows server versions should run fine on a T61, as long as you meet the min required specs.   ps. there is no need to post your question twice, it only clutters up the forum.

ThinkPad W-510 i7-820QM(1.73-3.06GHz) Quad Core... ThinkPad T500, T9900, 8gb SSD...FrankNpad T-60p/61p (X9000 2.8ghz) 8gb SSD ips FlexView...ThinkPad T-61p (T9300 2.5ghz) 8gb ram...Thinkpad X-61 Tablet 8gb ram.

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I was a beta tester of home server (used it for a couple weeks, but didn't really have anything to keep it running on) but I never thought to try this... Can you run VMWARE on it? I'm assuming you can but I figured I would ask before reinstalling everything.

Answer:Windows Home Server

Persumably you'd be able to run it IN VMWARE or other virtual hardware apps, but wouldn't bank on having VMWARE installed onto home server. were you able to install any apps in home server? if so, look at the installers, if they are made for home server, and not xp/vista I wouldn't get any hopes up.

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I have read a couple things about this lately, and being on the front page finally made me break down and ask. What in the heck is the difference between this and server 2k3?

I need something for my media server and while its working for now just sharing folders from Win XP to this computer, its not the smoothest for everything.

What are the major benifits? Everything i have read so far is mostly marketing and none of it really gives me a real world perspective. (example....."it will make share media easier" HOW??)

Answer:windows home server

essentially, easy integration of your file server w/ windows
easier backups, all of your media is in one shared folder (i.e. the 'My Music' on one PC maps to the same location as 'My Music' on another PC - therefore you can share easier), etc. it's really a great idea, my only gripe is that it needs a 1ghz CPU to run so much for this BP6 w/ 2 366mhz Celerons....

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Anyone else install the beta version of this yet?

I installed this under my Virtual PC 2007 Beta, and had a few problems with the installation.

Besides being a toned down version of Small Business Server 2003 (as shown during the setup!), it also attempts to activate the software (why it does this on a BETA I don't know) during the installation, and makes several attempts to make me realize that it will be formatting my drive and I will lose all data.

Uh, I would not have chosen "new installation" if I wanted to keep my data... plus this is a VPC, so it never really got rid of all my data.

Your thoughts?

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I just read about this new OS on Digg. Apparently Windows Home Server is available on Newegg for sale. My first thought on this is WOW, just wow. $180 for ANOTHER windows OS. I will agree that it appears VERY user friendly, as it should with such a price tag. Now, I posted this for two reasons. One, I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about this. And two, my first thoughts upon seeing this were; what are all the capabilities of Ubuntu Server and FreeNAS? Since I've been tinkering with open source for a long time but have always remained a noob (I've never really had an extensive experience) I'm not completely aware of all the possibilities of the open source servers and if they have the ability to automate windows backups. So what does everyone think about this new WinHoSo (Windows Home Server)? (doesn't Windows 2003 Server, etc have these abilities as well?) Could FreeNAS or Ubuntu Server be setup to handle these tasks easily (without expert open source installation experience)?

I'm eager to hear everyone's opinions..

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slightly off forum topic but hey

Just built my home server and installed a copy of Windows server 2008 i had.

Now i dont like it, and never have, as its the full fat version, even turning it off is a mission.

Is it worth getting Server 2011, or shall i just install windows 7?
As im only using it for file backups and as a media streamer to my home cinema system.

Answer:Windows home server over 7?

Do you have a copy of Technet where you get Windows licenses? If not, why not install a linux distro on the device and use that instead as it won't cost you anything?

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Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post ths topic. Acer Easy store home server is on order - delivery imminent. It uses Windows Home Server which has a useful feature for back up and HD failure called Drive Extender. Microsoft has announded that it is cancelling this feature in the next version of WHS, due out in 2011. Does this have implications for me, considering I have bought the current version of WHS; in other words, I won't upgade. The reason I ask is that people seem to suggest a dark future since Microsoft "won't support" the current version in the future. Thanks! Daniel

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Anyone else get an invite to beta test this product? After reading about it in Max PC and applying online to beta test Im now able to download it and will prolly install on my server this weekend or following weekend. Just from the short articles and such Ive read it sounds like it will have alot of features that will be useful.

Answer:Windows Home Server

I just got my invitation and am downloading the package now. I'll probably mess with it this weekend. I've got a spare box lying around. It has on-board Gigabit, and a 10/100 PCI card. I may spring for a gigabit PCI card as well. I've got my main rig and an Apple Powerbook in the house, and am using a D-Link DGL-4300 gigabit wireless router. I'll need to figure out the optimal hook-up for the server. Maybe router > server > PC, and leave the Powerbook wireless.

I'm also contemplating sticking my PVR card in there and loading some PVR software and make this thing an HTPC/media server. Don't know yet.... It'll be cool to try this thing though.

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I recently bought a PC with Windows Home Server installed, but cannot get on with the server console.I wanted a PC to run my e-mail client so multiple PC's can access. Also, I want to use it to store files as a network storage. I could have done this with XP.Can I use WHS without the console i.e. as a normal operating system? The PC has two drives. Disk 0 is automatically partitioned into two, and disk 1 I think is used as a backup (doesn't appear in explorer). There seems to be a few shares mixed up between these disks. Can I delete these?

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Can this be used as a standard desktop OS?

Answer:windows home server

I suppose you could if you wanted to. It is essentially a stripped down Windows Server 2003 OS with a few added home use features. It all depends on what you use your "standard desktop OS" for.

I just installed a 30 day trial of WHS, and it is pretty incredible. I think I'm going to buy it after my next round of paychecks. The automatic setup of a dynamic dns through windows live is pretty cool. Everything is dialog based so you can't really mess it up. Adding hard drives and removing them is super easy, and it offers software raid functionality that works quite well from what I hear. I tried the Windows Home Server Connect for backing up my other PC's, and it literally takes 5 minutes to get up and running. It backs up all the data from the computers on your network and allows you to restore it incase of a failure.

I suggest you give it a try before you buy it. You'll probably be impressed.

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I recently purchased a Tranquil PC to use as a computer which I can leave on for outside connection and not use much power doing so. It came with Windows Home Server installed. I have been trying to phathom out what this OS has over just installing XP. Not too bothered about the network backup facilities, as I have a reasonable backup setup already. What does the windows console do, apart from setting up the backup?Can anyone give me any pluses that this OS has?What does it have that makes it a server?I take it I can run an e-mail proggy on it and VPN to it?

Answer:Windows Home Server

click here+

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I'm planning on putting together a home server, mainly for media sharing. I was just thinking about a NAS but then I came across Windows Home Server (I had never seen it till now).Has anyone had experience with it? It sounds like it's good for backing up, but what are the media sharing and other features like? I know there's reviews and blurb on the net about WHS but its always nice to hear some first hand experiences.

Answer:Do you have Windows Home Server?

i am currently using windows server 2003 and it has options to use it for windows media server and a file server. these are just two of many options and with windows sever, you can have loads of machines around the house and be able to log into any of them and get all of my documents just by logging in. I have used it to stream videos to other machines around my home.

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How come I can't find Windows Home Server even for sale somewhere? Microsoft has a demo of it... but it's not a fully functioning trial version or anything. Whats the deal?

Answer:Windows Home Server?
Don't think it has ever been sold in a B&M store.

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I do not know if it is here where I should post this if not please move to correct location.

I have WHS andone of the drives crashed so I replaced it but WHS is still looking for the crashed drive I removed it from the Disk Management by right clicking and Remove but as the drive was not found it said files not moved and removed the drive. But not I have a
Staus: Critical
Backup Service is not Running.
Backup Service is not Running on server. How do I correct the problem?

the link take you to have tried all and nothing but whem I goto Settings> Backup the only thing I can do is Repair but when I do that about 75% of the way the Console crashes and closes even when I login directly onto the server and try it that way.

Any suggestions?

Thank You

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I do not know where to put this beacuse it doesn't fit all that well anywhere else, so I put it here.
The question is, does anyone know if you can install WHS on a custom machine.
It kind of says yes in the specifications, but I just want to be sure
I see it here, but don't know if I can install it on a machine I build.

Answer:Windows Home Server

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Hi All,
After patching the updates of an existing Windows 8.1pro Client, I'm unable to connect to shared folder of Windows 2003 Server...But, you can connect by typing the IP of the Server....Eg: \\ but not by the Server \\Tac-Server...
Please note that the Windows update went smoothly without any error and now it's showing no more windows update but directly upgrade to Windows 10.
Can you please help me to sort out this issue.

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OS: xp pro sp2 all critical hotfixes
system: IBM t42 - 1.7 GHz processor - 512 MB RAM
level of ability: intermediate
There is no graceful way to explain this, so excuse me if the sentences sound a little stunted. I have a home network that has the name of pimp. I have several laptops, but we'll focus on two of them - one that i use at work and at home, and one that is just used at home.

The work laptop was working just fine last week, and then I went out of town and took the ltop with me. I connected to a best western network just fine. When i got home, i am now unable to connect to my home network. It says that I am connected to the pimp network, but when i try to surf or check email i get no love. I did an ipconfig and instead of pulling an ip address that is assigned by my verizon fios router (192.168.x.x) I get a 169.254.x.x address. What's strange is that my other laptops work just fine, so i'm assuming the router is fine. What's stranger still is that I can take my work laptop to work and, without adjusting ANY settings, i can connect to my work network without any problems at all.

Troubleshooting so far:

I have tried a release/renew
I have deleted and recreated all network connections
I have done a flushdns
i have tried assigning a static IP address that corresponds with my home network

that's kind of where I'm at on this. I just think it's weird that I can't connect at home from this ltop, but i can at work. any suggestion... Read more

Answer:can connect at work, not at home, but other ltop can connect at home

Try this - at home on the T42, open a web brower, I'm assuming IE. Either wait until the screen times out or just click stop. Click tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN settings, then look at the Proxy Server box. If it's checked, uncheck it and uncheck any other boxes in that window, then close everything and open a browser again and let me know what happens.

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