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Recover Data from slave drive

Question: Recover Data from slave drive

Had to replace the hard drive in my desktop and installed SP3. No problems yet.

Any ideas on how I may be able to pull my files off the old drive? Can't get into it from My Computer although it does show up and shows there is data on the drive.

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Preferred Solution: Recover Data from slave drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Recover Data from slave drive

If you are getting an Access Denied message, you need to follow these steps: How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

If it's something else, you'll need to tells us what the error message is.


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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help me. A couple weeks ago my hp pavilion dv6000 crashed (again). Last time this happened I was able to recover to an old restore point wih my vista recovery disk and save my files, but no luck this time. I'm a writer and I have a decent amount of writing that I'll lose if I can't recover my files. I have a sata USB cable that I'm using to connect the drive to my old working pc (windows xp). When I hook it up, I hear the drive powering up and the computer makes the USB detect sound, but the drive never shows up in my computer. How can I get my pc to detect the drive? Is all lost? thanks so much for any help. I know more than average about computers, but I'm mostly a beginner so please explain in simple terms. Thanks in advance

Answer:Sata USB slave drive to recover crashed drive

the noise you are hearing is a good sign, but maybe windows is assigning the drive a letter that is already in use? if you right click "my computer" and go to manage. then click on disk management, take a screen shot of that and attach it to a post on here..i might be able to help.

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Thank you for reading my tale of woe!

I recently had some malware infections that I simply could not remove, using a huge arsenal of AV scans & removers, so I got a new hard drive ("H"), and attached old one ("C") as a slave. After configuring "H" with new XP Pro OS/Avira AV/Comodo Firewall, I used my original Outlook 2007 CD to install it.

I got the basics done (importing .pst files), but there are a whole lot of details that aren't moving to the new Outlook. I have gone through the Microsoft support pages, which normally I find super helpful, but this time I seem to be going in circles. I am anxious to get the data off C so we can re-format it: I hate having the infected drive around.

If anyone can provide any insights into *any* of the following obstacles, I would be most appreciative.

1. -Install went apparently well, but when I tried to install an Outlook add-on (Calender Print Assistant from Microsoft download center) I got a message that my copy of Outlook could not be validated: "Problem: The validation process could not be completed because a copy of Microsoft Office® on this computer has not been activated." Following the Microsoft instructions led me in circles, warning that my copy might be counterfeit. I purchased it new from Amazon over a year ago. All the Microsoft support pages tell me that I must use the Activation Wizard during installation to enter product key, which I did, and it was accepted. Even th... Read more

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My master hard disk has failed and I have successfully replaced it with a
new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?
Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on
the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one,
but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Answer:Get a drive letter for an old slave hard drive while keeping the existing data

In disk management did you first left click to highlight the drive then right click for assign or change a drive letter option?

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Wasn't sure whether to put this in Hardware or Software, but anyway...

I had the dreaded Reboot loop. Windows does not load. That is, the Windows XP splash screen appears with the scrolling bars on the bottom. After some seconds of that, as the bars continue to scroll, it starts a reboot. Rinse. Repeat. I haven't had any recent installs of hardware or software.

Holding F8 can get me to a choice screen and to the choice of safe mode. But, still, after selecting safe mode or any other option, ultimately a reboot starts. Same for the "Last Good Configuration" choice. When I select Safe Mode, a DOS like scroll begins but it stops with:


Whatever that means? And then the reboot again starts.

I'm tried various solutions after googling the problem and cruising various computer help boards. Ideally, I'd am hoping to fix this and not lose tons of documents and data on my hard drive. [Note to self: You IDIOT! You know you should back things up once in a while. :-o )

BTW, don't bother suggesting going to Control Panel to alter any settings. If I could get to the @^$(@* control panel, it means Windows booted up that far and I wouldn't be begging for help.

I was told that the possible suspects are, of course, hardware (so far I've found suggestions of bad fan on the processor, bad memory chip) and software (corrupted [fill in the blank] ).

The fans are opera... Read more

Answer:Recovering data from a slave drive

You need to take ownership of the files or folders. If you are on an XP Home Edition note that you need to be in safe mode to get the Security tab.

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Hi! I'm new to this message board so bare with me. I will try to be as brief and descriptive of my problem as possible.

I have never had a slave drive on my system and my knowledge of slave drives is pretty much nothing.

I have added a hard drive to my system as a slave drive in hopes to access the data. My system recongizes the slave drive in Bois but not in my computer. how do I access the data on this drive?

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:How to access data on a slave drive?

Check that both harddisks have correct jumper-settings. The original HD must be set as Master, the new one as Slave. On top of the HDs should be a sticker with the jumper-positions. Put Master at the end of the IDE-cable, the Slave in the middle. Make sure the red-line on the flatcable is at pin-1 on both HDs and motherboard.
If the slave is new, it needs to be partitioned and formatted first, using Disk Management

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Any assistance on how to recover data off of my slave drive would be appreciated.

Slave drive not being recognized by the OS when I try to access via Windows Explorer. When I click on D: a window opens stating: "Disk in drive d is not formatted, do you want to format?", so I click NO.

I've checked the BIOS and shows up in Disk Management. Disk Management shows D Drive as Health (Active), but the HDD capacity and free space shows the same, 28.63GB or 100% free space. File system is blank. This particular drive has a FAT32 file system.

Have gone to DOS prompt for D: and get the following message, "The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted."

Called a couple of Data Recovery companies and was told if they could recover any data off of the drive that it would cost between $500 to $1,200. They mentioned the probability that the volume structure could be damaged. I need the data, but cannot afford that kind of money. Had no idea that data recovery would be so expensive.

If anyone has been through this and can assist please advise.


Answer:Data recovery off of slave drive

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I have important data on a hard drive which I want to recover to the new hard drive. I have removed the jumper and slaved it to my new hard drive. However in my computer, right clicking does not show the slave, nor does it appear in windows explorer, but it does show in device manager as being there and in good working order. I have tried it as a slave on both a win2000 prof. and winxp prof. service pack2 but I cannot acces any files. I tried running partition magic, and the drive shows up. I tried copying the partition to the new c drive but upon reboot the computer will not boot. That's not a problem as I can reinstall the operating system but how do I access the data?

Answer:Data recovery from slave drive

Before going into more complex solutions, I assume that you went into the CMOS and checked that your mainboard could "see the drive".Please be aware that the OS relies on the CMOS to "discover" the drives.If you haven't done this step, although quite simple, it could account for the plethora of problems you're encountering.If you have done this AND the drive was detected, then there could be a "clash" if the old drive and the new drive BOTH have active partitions. Use one of your tools - Partition Magic - to ensure that the "slave" drive does not have an active partition.

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I have just gotten a new machine running on Windows XP. I wish to move the slave drive with all my files and some programs that I had on my old machine running under windows 98 to the new machine.

My new machine recognizes that I have the slave drive now installed there (local Disk drive E) but I can not access any of the data on it. When i try to access the E drive I receive a message that the drive is not formatted and am asked if I want to format the drive which i don't if it will erase all my data.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this issue.


Answer:Moving slave drive with data onto a new XP machine

There may be errors in the drive's partition tables. XP is not very forgiving.

The best idea, before attempting to repair the drive and possibly losing your data, is to try to recover it and move it to another location. Then format the drive as requested.

Try some of these apps to recover the contents:

Free recovery applications:

1) DriveRescue
2) PCI File Recovery
3) Restoration
4) Free Undelete (NTFS only)
5) EasyRecovery Pro

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I have a corrupt windows installation that I cannot repair. Before I wipe the drive, I need to get some information from the registry that I can't reproduce otherwise.

If I connect the drive containing the bad installation as a slave drive, can I edit c:\windows\system32\config\software and find the information I'm looking for?

Answer:Extract data from registry on slave drive?

You can't edit it like that, but you can open regedit, and load the hive.

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I know this is an odd request, but in the process of deleting viruses on a computer, I am now left with a computer that only says "Object Not Found: LSASS.EXE" and then reboots. I am unable to boot into standard Windows or Safe Mode.

I did export the keys and folders that I deleted out of the registry before I did it, but I can't import them back in if I can't boot Windows.

I tried the trick of copying files from the System Volume Information folder of the drive, but there are no Restore Points in the folder!

So now I have the drive as slave on my system. What I want to know is is there any way that I can import the *.reg files back into the registry on the corrupt drive while still booting from my system? I know that if I just double click the files, they'll be imported into MY registry and that's not what I want.


Answer:need to import data to registry on slave drive

Open a command window and type in the info. Syntax here;

Just enter the appropriate path info along with the files. (Specify drive:\userfile(s)\whatever.reg)

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My master hard disk failed and I have successfully replaced it with a new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?

Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one, but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Please Help Me, I'm stumped.

Answer:Get drive letter for slave while keeping data This article could hold the answer

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I had a laptop running Vista which stopped working - I had the black screen of death when booting up and no systems would run. I tried booting in safe mode, but the same thing happened. I suspect this was caused by a virus, but am not sure.

I decided to try and salvage my data files by removing the hard drive and hooking it up (via USB adapter) to a laptop running Windows 7. The drive is recognized, but when I click on it, I can only see a .bak file. I ran Scan Disk, which scanned thousands of files, so I know they're in there, but is there a way for me to access them? Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer:Cannot read slave drive to salvage data

Hi and welcome to TSF see this for some ideas The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC - How-To Geek

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Ok, I consider myself to be pretty savy about my computer but this one has me stumped. I got a new desktop pc and I wanted to remove the secondary drive from my old pc and install it as a secondary in my new computer because it has all of my files on it. I removed and installed the drive into my new computer making the orginal hard drive the master and the secondary as a slave. Everything booted up just fine and the secondary drive shows up just fine in device manager. But, when I go into Explorer to access my data this is what I see:The secondary drive has been named to BOOTWORK (D) with the following files listed:I386 FolderATRSBOOT FileNTDETECT.COM MS DOS ApplicationNTLDR FileWINNT.SIF SIF FileWINPE.ISO ISO FileSo then I decided to put my secondary drive back into my old computer and just try and burn everything to a CD and copy it that way. Well when I installed it back into my old computer it tells me the same thing as it did in my new computer! I'm so frusturated I'm about to pull my hair out. What am I doing wrong?Both systems are running Windows XP on the master drives. The secondary drive was for data storage only.  Please tell me I haven't lost all of my data somehow!!  Any advice would be a big help!!  

Answer:Cannot access data on slave hard drive

Welcome to the CH forums.Have you installed Altiris Bootworks on either machine?

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I got a new 160gig HD and when i installed it on to my computer i made it my primary drive, reinstalled my os and all my applications on it, after about a month i realized it was a bad idea so i formated mt first HD (40gig) made it my primary drive again and reistalled my os on it, but now i cant access the data of my 120gig drive, windows sees it, but when i go to explore the hard drive it sais "This drive is not formated/n Would you like to format it now?..Y/N" I have some critical data on that drive and all the backed up data from the 40gig so formating it isint an option for me.


Answer:Cant access data from my slave hard drive

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I installed a second hard drive, from another computer, as the slave in my own. When I booted up I got a blue screen and it started scanning the new drive, indexing files, deleting indexes, recovering orphaned files etc.

When I got into windows I noticed the vast majority of it's picture and video files are corrupt, and possibly other file types too.
I've added a slave drive before and lost a few files, but this amount is really bad. Their filesizes match what they used to be, so the data may still be there.

I ran scandisk and it didn't repair anything, is there any way i can recover these files?


Answer:Corrupt data after adding a hard drive as slave

Hi and Welcome toTSF

What O.S. is installed on the computer and the slave drive?

What information did you get from the BSOD?


When I got into windows I noticed the vast majority of it's picture and video files are corrupt, and possibly other file types too.

What indication gave you this conclusion?

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I have replaced my hard drive am now using the old one as a slave. Due to the way my computer failed, I was not able to create a psd file of my Outlook data, however the hard drive is complete and undamaged. Is there a way to open Outlook on the slave drive and retrieve that data? There is no email account associated with Outlook, I'm looking for contact and appointment info, not emails.

Answer:Solved: Retreive Outlook data from slave drive

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I made a DVD system backup using Nero v6 of my hard drive before it mechanically crashed. There are important data files on the DVD's that I need to transfer to an empty formated slave drive and access. I don't know how to do it. I've tried using Nero restore function, but get nowhere. I can see the folders and data files using W explorer. How do I transfer and access them?

Answer:Transfer data files from DVD backup to empty slave drive

can you just simple open the dvd in my computer, then drag and drop all the files over to your hdd?

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I think my questions pretty simple which makes me think its maybe a little stupid lol but...

My main hard drive is messing up badly and its gonna give out soon but my PC has a secondary internal hard drive, so my question is:

Can I restore my primary hard drive and keep the data on my slave drive or will I lose everything?

Thanks in advance, Alex

Answer:Keep slave drive data whilst returning factory settings?

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I have 2 HDD on my xp computer.  I pulled it out of another computer.  I see it when on my computer as D.Problem is, it only shows 5 gig total space, which it isn't.  I want to set it up so that I can use it to copy the files and programs I need to save, then resotre my C drive to factory specs and hopefully speed up my computer.I have McAfee Security Center, and I am not seeing any virus, spyware etc that would normally slow computer, so I am thinking restore to factory specs will do the trick.How to I make format D drive, and then make it available to save my files etc. so that after I restore C drive to factory specs, I can copy them back to the main drive?  Or just backup what I want from C to D and then restore?Thanks

Answer:2 HDD, primary and slave, want to setup slave to backup data

right-click My Computer, select ManageComputer Management---Disk ManagementYou probably need to delete partitions, then create one large one, then format.Don't do anthing with the C-Drive (probably Disk 0).

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winXP home
Hitachi 2.5" drive 40gig

My 40 gig drive was 99% full and then I put way too many pictures in it, when I shut down it asked me if I would like to compress.
I answered yes and left it overnight.

The next morning it would not boot.

It never booted again, all attempts to view my files from the computer or an external cage are a not.

Is there a way to uncompress?

Answer:Trying To Recover Data From A Drive

Hello Martel,

If the hard drive wont boot and can't be read by an external system then there are severe problems with the drive. Sending it of to data recovery specialists might be the only option. Do you have the original system? If so you could try using a Linux live CD to boot the system.

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i have a 4 gb pen drive, with very important data in it. But suddenly i got a message that ''it need to be formatted before use''.
i understand that pen drive is corrupted, i tried to recover data by many softwares but they cannot recognize the partition as well.
I thought that a format might be solve that issue....
But after format pen drive works and data cannot be seen/recover by any software at all.
I again say that it contains very important data and i dont want to loss it, so kindly show me a way plssssssssss.............

Answer:recover pen drive data

You could try an "unformat" utility. Did you by any chance change the format to/from NTFS and FAT32 with a quick format? I did that on one of mine and it lost data even though there was nothing wrong with it. Those drives are not for permanent important data. It's more like convenience. The electrical connections going in and out of those little chips get funky and your data is gone. Not reliable. In fact I'd trust an old 3 1/2" floppy diskette over a USB pen drive... at least for the first couple of months.

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Earlier today I clean re-installed Windows XP Professional. I backed up alot of useful data on my second hard drive, and proceeded with the reinstallation. Everything went smooth, but when I double clicked my second hard drive in My Computer, it gave the message:

"The disk in drive D is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now?"

If i proceed with this, all the data on that hard drive will be wiped out.

Is there any possible way to recover the date from the hard drive?

Answer:Any way to recover data from this hard drive?!

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does anybody know if i could recover data from a partion on my hard drive its in fat 32 its where my operating system was windows xp many thanks

Answer:can i recover data from a formatted drive

Hi, I would say it is not impossible but very very unlikely. It can be done, by the experts, but is a very very costly business.Cheers.

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I have a desktop PC with a single SATA drive. The disk is on its way out as I get an error message during boot up warning me to backup my data. Unfortunately I can't boot into Windows to recover the data.I have a new drive, I removed the old drive and installed the new one with out any problems. I now want to try and recover some data from the old drive.I tried installing it and thought it would be like the old IDE drives where I could just boot up using the new drive and copy the data across from the old drive. However when I switch on the PC it asks me to set up a raid configuration.How do I get round this?

Answer:How to recover data from a SATA drive

Remove old driveFit new drive in its place (first SATA port)Install windows on new driveIf necessary install SATA raid drivers at the F6 promptFit old drive in second SATA portYour new installation should see both drivesand you can then transfer data to new drive.

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i recently formatted my 250gb maxtor slave hard drive by accident. It was formatted using the NTFS file system. It had a lot of important data on it and i would like to retrieve it. Does anyone know of a program that would be able to find and recover my files for free? I have tried PC Inspector file recovery and it doesn't recognise my 250 gb hard drive. I looked for the files using Virtuallab, which found the files alright, although, you have to pay to get your files back... which i don't wanna do .
So if any of you know a program I could download for free that would work, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyways....cheers:

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OK, here's my setup:

Athlon XP 2200
20GB Primary IDE master - C: (with OS installed)
80GB Primary IDE slave - D: (no OS - data and other stuff)
CD/CDRW Secondary IDE

Everything has been working fine for about a year now and then suddenly, this weekend I hit some problems. While my computer was sitting idle I noticed it suddenly went to a blue screen that said something like "error writing to C: drive". So, I rebooted and then the BIOS (Phoenix) started hanging on the "Detecting IDE drives..." POST message. It hung for about 10 seconds and then couldn't find either drive on the Primary IDE channel.

So, my first impression was that the master drive was at fault. Through some trial and error testing, I found that actually, the slave drive (80 GB) is the problem. The master works fine without the slave attached, but as soon as the slave is there, it freezes on the POST message. Sometimes the 80GB drive is detected by the BIOS, sometimes not. It seems to be fairly random when the BIOS can detect it. Even when it is detected by the BIOS, Windows/DOS cannot read from the drive (gets a "cannot read from media" or some such error).

I've narrowed it down to definitely being the slave drive because the same symptoms show up when it is plugged into a different system altogether. As a sanity check I have also tried different IDE channels, different cables, different jumper settings, and making the drive settings in th... Read more

Answer:Can I recover my data from my hard drive?

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Earlier today I clean re-installed Windows XP Professional. I backed up alot of useful data on my second hard drive, and proceeded with the reinstallation. Everything went smooth, but when I double clicked my second hard drive in My Computer, it gave the message:

"The disk in drive D is not formatted.

Do you want to format it now?"

If i proceed with this, all the data on that hard drive will be wiped out.

Is there any possible way to recover the date from the hard drive?

Answer:Is there any way to recover data from this hard drive?!

what File System are you using? ie: Fat32 or NTFS?
Make sure that both hd's have the same file system, otherwise you're going to have to reinstall on the same fs.

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I am having windows 7 ultimate and i installed windows xp sp 2. I m able to use both windows 7 and windows xp and i even have a backup of my bcd by easybcd. But foolishly i changed the active drive from windows 7 (in C) to other drive where xp is installed. But suddenly after that my other logical drive became unpartitioned. It happened suddenly in seconds. Now i don't know how to recover my data from my unpartitioned drive. In disk management it shows to create new simple volume.
I haven't repartitioned or formatted the drive till now.
Please someone help me.

Answer:Recover data from unpartitioned drive

I don't know any free software that could do the job, I use StellarPhoenix Data recovery and more then satisfied with results in cases like this.

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I have to face a problem with my hard disk.My computer worked well yesterday and while I was using nero for copying one file to CD,my computer hanged.So I restarted it again.But windows xp cannot load and I got boot disk failure error.So,I tried to boot from CD.Windows setup CD start normally and it cannot continue after a while and I got this error stop:c0000221 unknown Hare Error/SystemRoot/System 32/ntdll.dll.I am sure that my CD is good.
So I restart my computer and checked my hard disk at bios setup.There,my drive is not detected.I have checked my jumper setting and cable setting, but, bios setup does not know my disk.I have checked my hard disk at another good computer ,but at this computer ,my drive is not detected.
I think that all my bios setup setting for my hard disk is correct .I have set my hard disk to auto at setup.I need to say one thing that I have heard strange noice from my disk when I restart my computer.I think that my drive is physically damage.Is it right or not?I would like to know that how can I test to my disk that it is damaged or not and how can I recover my data if it is physically damaged.

I really appreciate to your help.

Yin Minn Pa Pa

Answer:how can I recover data from damaged drive

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Hi all,
I had about four years worth of pictures on a USB drive that I was using to transfer stuff from one computer to another. Unfortunately, I sort of lagged on completing the transfer so they stayed on the USB drive for quite awhile. As of about two weeks ago, everything was still there. A couple of days ago I put my drive into the computer and it said that the last time I used it, I didn't eject it safely (this is entirely possible). And now ... nada. Everything's gone. I know there are programs that can be used to attempt to recover data, but does anyone have any experience with any (hopefully free) programs? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Recover Data From USB Drive

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Installed Norton System works had a major problem,( go back sucks ) had to install new hard drive.....But I am trying to recover my old data from hard drive via a sata external hard drive kit.

Used one before and plugged old drive in, recognized it fine. I was able to get the data out. Now I have a fresh operating system and tried to use the usb connection for the drive, PC recognized it installed it, but its nowhere to be found in my computer.I looked in disk management it recognized it says ACTIVE, only gives me delete partition option. I am stuck, I really need the data off of that drive. Can anyone offer any suggestions??

Please help.



Answer:Solved: Need Help To Try Data Recover From Old Drive!

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how do you recover data from your hard drive

Answer:how to recover data from hard drive

what's happened to it?

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The hard drive is made by a company called "BSE Data Storage" 40 gigabyte IDE. When i try to boot to it, it says S.M.A.R.T Command Failed.

Not sure on jumper settings but when i boot to slave (guessing with jumpers although pretty sure it is correct), windows detects the drive in the device manager but no where else.

I want to extract a few imporant files off the hard drive.

The hard drive makes no ticking or scratching noises, other than the normal noise it should make.

This occured when i was trying to install a printer driver, other than that computer ran fine.

Im running Win XP on the computer and the bad hard drive.

Please Help.


Answer:Recover Data from bad Hard Drive?

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G'day Folks,

I have a situation whereby my Mother's work computer has completely died and she has of course not been performing backups. Please also note that there is no driver Cd's or anything of the kind. Now she needs the data off the internal Hard drive of this machine (work documents etc). Unfortunately I have not got a clue about Hardware, I was thinking maybe if I plugged the HDD into an external hard drive caddy and extracted the data that way. I don't know allot about but you can get kits or something that you can plug the HDD into then this gets plugged into your computer via USB cable. I was watching some tutorials on youtube but I don't really understand too much about it. I've also looked on Google and that has only served to confuse me further...

Can someone enlighten me or give me some guidance perhaps?



Answer:Best way to recover Data off a hard drive

Assuming that the hard drive is not the part of the system that died, then yes it will be easy to get the data off. You can either, as you said, plug it into an external HDD caddy, however the easier way would probably be to plug it in in another computer internally and copy the data using that computer.

The easiest but more expensive (in that there is a cost) way is to get a hard drive docking station such as this one ( - Rosewill RX-DU101 Plastic 2.5" & 3.5" Black USB 2.0 Docking Station) which plugs in via USB. But I'd recommend the connecting-it-internally route since assuming you have cables that will be free (and inexpensive if not).

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Hi everyone, I had a NTLDR missing message on my XP system. I used the XP disk to recover/repair the file. However it looks like it has done a fresh install and I have lost all my desktop/programs/folders etc...The hard drive is still showing I have 40GB of data however I cannot seem to find it anywhere!!!Any ideas would be amazing....Thanks

Answer:Cant recover data off hard drive

Have a look in your "My Documents" area its worth a look let us know how you get on.

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I have HP G42 laptop ...recently it showed up a msg called bootmgr is corrupted n was redirecting to ctrl+alt+del to i didnt format the drive but just installed windows again in the same drive ...but i didnt find the other data previously i had stored...please help me recovering from this......Now i am going to try with I care Recovery tool....any alternatives..??

Answer:How to Recover Data from Re installed Drive

Did you find a Windows.old folder on the drive? It might be a hidden folder, I can't remember, but if it is, you will need to set the folder view options to show hidden files and folders.

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I have just installed a new hard drive, Samsung Spinpoint F3, after my old one failed to boot and had been noisy previously. I have reinstalled Vista on the new drive and all is well.

I now want to try and recover some data from my old drive Maxtor 6V200OE. There are various freeware programme recommended but the question is how to I physically connect and power up the drive to get at the data?

Do I need to put it back in the computer, and if so how do I stop the computer trying to use or boot from the old disk, it still has Vista installed? I think I read somewhere that I need to allocate a primary drive Is this in the BIOS or can I do it with jumper switches. Both drives are SAT 11.

I am aware that there are IDE/USb adapters available, but this is likely to be a one off transfer of data, so does not justify the cost.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:How to Connect Old Drive to Recover Data

What type of drives are these? is the maxtor IDE or PATA, or is it SATA? same with the samsung. If they are IDE, then you will need to set the jumpers properly, have the samsung be the Master (check your documentation on how to do it) and the Maxtor as slave. If only the maxtor is IDE, then you probably wont have to do anything. just install it, and you might have to go into the bios to select which drive to boot from, but I suspect that it will boot from the new drive. It will come up as a 2nd drive in your computer, then you can copy things from it. (you might need to run some recovery software to get to things that may have become corrupt)

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On my system I have a 120gig and a 40 gig hard drives. (I run dual boot with 98se and XP pro). I was reinstalling both operating systems and my 40gig (which is my documents drive) got messed up by win 98 setup. . I formatted the 120gig and ran win 98 setup. When win 98 setup ran scandisk it found errors on drive E (my documents drive) and I accidently hit "fix the errors" instead of "don't fix the errors" which now makes it show up as unformatted. Is there anything I can do to recover the data?

Answer:Help!! Must recover data on hard drive

Do a "recovery" search on the forum, this subject came up recently.

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I am trying to recover data from a laptop hard drive that was running Windows Home Premium 64 bit.

When I tried booting I received message "disk read failure press ctrl alt delete".

I wanted to preserve the data so I removed the hard drive and connected it via USB to another Windows 7 computer. When I connected it and tried to access the drive I get a message that I need to format the disk which I do not want to do.

So I still have it connected to a working computer and am hoping someone can help me try to recover the data off this hard drive.

Thank you!

Answer:Trying to recover data from hard drive

Here is one thing to try!

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My T-41 died from a coffee spill on the keyboard. I removed the hard drive and connected it to another computer. I can see the data files but cannot open them. My computer was protected by a password. What can I do to open the files so that I can save them to a flash drive or burn a CD? Thank-you, Philip Greenberg

Answer:Recover data from hard drive

you would need to attach it to a similar class Thinkpad's main hdd bay, i.e. T40, T41, T42, R51, R52, etc.

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Okay, i'm guessing that this will be an easy one. I have four drives from a dead NAS that I want to recover data from. The drives are all okay from what I can see. I have one mounted here in an enclosure and I can see it in the Control Panel. All four discs appear the same way when I connect them. The NAS was set up as JBOD.

Now, as I said I can see the first drive (I know which is which from the NAS), and it looks like this

(see attachment)
You'll see the partitions all show, but I can't attach the drive an assign a drive letter. Can anyone help me with that? I do have Disk Internals recovery software, but if I can simply attach the drive and access the file system without running a recovery session, then that will save me lots of time.

Is there a way to do that?

I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The drive is sitting in a USB3 SATA docking Station. I have 16Gb RAM and enough space to transfer the data from each of the four discs.


Answer:How do I mount a drive that I want to recover data from?

I gather the JBOD Array in the WDSharespace is actually Linux. That's what Disk Internals Raid Recovery is telling me anyway. I'll struggle along with it unless someone has a quick simple solution (he says hopefully )

Looks like about three or four days recovering using DI.

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somehow when i was playing with VMware and a Linux live cd instead of it formatting a small 20gb partition i had set aside for it. The dang thing wiped my whole hard drive instead.. i have about 90% of it backed up already but stuff form the other day is missing now.. Is there any good software for recovering the data? As far as i can tell it only partitioned the drive.. the partitions still show unformatted space to windows and knoppix. I would not be to worried but there are pictures on there from my dog that we had to get put down recently so id like to get them if i can..

thanks in advanced

Answer:I need to recover data from my hard drive...

If you can take that drive and place it in another machine or even better in an external drive housing and hook it up, you can try Recuva as long as that machine is running Windows. I've had great success lately using Recuva on many machines and different hard drives, and it's totally free.

However, if the drive is currently showing a Linux filesystem on it (doesn't matter which one) then things get a little more dicey. Recuva will only work with FAT/FAT32/NTFS partitions/filesystems in my experience. If that's the case then you need to move up to something a bit more capable of the task, and that might be EasyRecovery from Ontrack Systems, or perhaps GetDataBack which a lot of people have great experiences with. Even R-Studio, which is my end-all-be-all-must-get-it-back recovery software, but I paid out the nose for that years ago and keep it updated as required.

As for totally free solutions, there's not a lot out there that will do a lot of stuff (they're very limited, basically just undelete apps for the most part), so to get involved with some partitioning/filesystem situations, you're going to need something a bit "stronger" meaning something commercial like one of the 3 applications I just mentioned.

Obviously, stop using that drive/partition until you can figure out how to proceed, and don't use it at all if possible until you're absolutely sure you're ready to get started on the data recovery.

Good luck.... Read more

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hi,Please if anybody can help me.I lost my document files as my Operating System WIN XP is reinstalled. Is there any chance of recovering them? I would be really really grateful !Thanks in advance !

Answer:Can I recover my data ,if drive is formated?

Akshay Kulkarni.......One word answer is NO......however there are companies out there that do hard drive recovery.......its very expensive and from what I understand not 100 % sure.   When your hard drive was formatted ...was it scrubbed as part of the formatting procedure . Hope this helps you .dl65

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I am not being able to get the data off my external HD without formatting it. I downloaded knoppix and burned it as instructed. Then I booted my computer with it and had my external HD on and plugged into the usb port. However, the only thing on the screen is the My Documents folder. It is not showing the external HD at all. I am using a Western Digital external HD. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:How do I recover data from external hard drive

Is the external drive USB powered or powered separately from the mains electricity?

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My HP Pavilion dv2000 went crazy and started beeping when I turned it on and there's no display. I don't have the knowldge or cash to fix it but I do need some stuff from the hard drive

Some specs

Samsung HM120JI
2.5 inch HD
Serial ATA (?)
DC+5V 0.85A

I tried putting a SATA or SATA II (not sure) cable from my desktop into it but it didn't fit anywhere.

what's the quickest and cheapest way to get the data off of it?


Answer:Need to recover data from a laptop's hard drive

Are you sure the laptop drive is sata?
If its a few years old, and has several small pins, it is probably e(ide)
Get an external caddy for the laptop hard drive, I have these -(fl 'ebay, is one source)- and that will connect via a usb port on your pc.
I will see if I can find your laptop details, and come back.

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A while ago I installed a DVD writer onto my machine and left the Master/Slave configuration
that the unit was set up for from the store. After installing, my D drive wasn't recognized by my computer.
It's a 250 G hard drive with stuff I want to recover.

When I click on the drive I get "Do you want to format it now?"
When I right click it and click properties I get "File System RAW"

I haven't written or erased any files to the drive. File system is NTFS.

Any help is appreciated. If you need more info, let me know.

Answer:Drive D-> File System = RAW, I want to recover data

There are all sorts of data-recovery programs, I only have links for two.Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File Recovery - Home - GetDataBack - Data Recovery Software - Louis

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A friend has a dell dimension, think it is an 8300 or 8400 which is 5 month's old, and is covered by a 3 year business warranty.The computer slowed down, taking 1/2 an hour to reach the logon page and the same again to get to the xp page.Dell have been and replaced the hard drive, the computer is OK but he has ton's of photos on the old drive he did not back up! Dell have left him with the maxtor sata drive for 5 days only to try and recover his data.Anyone know where to start, I am 40 miles away from him, my PC has a sata enabled motherboard but I don't think I have a spare sata power or data connector.

Answer:Faulty hard drive - recover data?

Putting the old drive in as a slave is about all that I can think of as a possible solution; if windows explorer will not recognise it, then try a disk checking tool.

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I got a two hard drives in my PC.(160GB & 500GB)Windows is running on 160GB HDD.I try to install Linux to 500GB HDD.At first, Linux asked to change HDD file format (NTFS to Linux format).I click on first option and it's done.then I stop installing Linux & went to MyComputer. The computer doesn't show the 500GB HDD now. When I go to the disk management, It shows 500GB HDD & indicate, It's totally has free space.So I want to know how to recover my data on 500GB HDD.I think It's formatted. Please help here. I gotta necessary files on that 500GB HDD.

Answer:How to recover data from formatted hard drive?

click here is free and is well regarded.G

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So i have a USB drive that has a Red Bar when im viewing it from computer, it says 17.7 MB free of 3.73 but when i open it theres no files on it, ive tried Softorbits and Wondershare file recovery but it cannot find any of the files on the Drive, is there any way i can retrieve the files off of the drive? they are very important, its also a FAT32 Format and has always been that, i think it may be a corrupt drive

Answer:How to recover data from Corrupt Flash Drive

What I'd do is try a Disk Check or if it won't see it try Partition Wizard Check File System followed by Partition Wizard Partition surface test to check stick's condition. I've had PW File check bring USB's back to life - the Autoplay pops up while its running.

I doubt the partition got deleted if its showing content, but you can still try Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard Video Help.

I've never used file recovery on flash stick but you can also try Recuva - Features.

This is a good reminder that flash sticks need backup too. I've going to copy mine to Skydrive right now.

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Hi, My HP G42 - 356TU Laptop's internal Hard Disk (Seagate) has crashed Suddenly and it is not getting detected by system. This hard disk contains some of my important documents and study materials which I want to recover. When I contacted a service center, I was told that it can be recovered by some expert professionals but that is a bit costly affair. Can anyone suggest, how the data can be recovered from the hard disk.? Thanks in advance for help. Regards,

Answer:to recover data from dead hard drive

Whether data can be recovered without heroic means depends on whether it spins up when connected to another computer with a usb to SATA adapter. You definitely want to remove it from the old machine as trying to boot from it will continue to damage whatever data is on there. I like to try to recover data from a Linux environment as Linux reads disks a bit differently than Windows and often the drive will mount and files will be visible in Linux that are not in Windows. There is also software that can read the drive "raw" even if the partition table is so messed up that files and folders are not visible. Post back with any more questions. 

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This evening I did a very stupid thing. When I plugged in my external hard drive, I got a message saying that I needed to reformat it. Without thinking, I clicked yes and allowed the darn computer to start erasing my data. As soon as I realized what I had idiotically done, I had another lapse of judgment and unplugged the external hard drive in the middle of the process.

Now I have a hard drive that is still 80% full and no way of reaching the data… Anytime I try to open the drive, I get a message saying it’s inaccessible.

Is there any way for me to recover some of the data still on the drive????

Any advice y'all could give would be muchly appreciated.

Answer:recover data external hard drive

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I have a 320 GB Hitachi HDD Media Player which I use to store a number of media files and the other day whilst trying to add files to it from my pc it found an error and ever since then I haven't been able to access the drive on my pc as it says it needs to be formatted (I know this means deleting everything on there). I do not wish to format the drive as I wish to keep the files that are on the drive. I know the files are still on there because I can hook the drive up to my TV and view them, I am only restricted access on pcs. Is there anyway of taking the files off the HD so I can format it and then put them back on together with any new files I wish to add? or am I screwed and have to resort to getting a new HD simply using the original HD for viewing through the TV?

Please advise.

Thank you

Answer:Recover data from external hard drive


Which Windows Version?

What error did it find?

Try a different USB port to plug it into and remove any other none needed USB hardware ( printer, USB Pens and any other USB HD ), also check Disk Managment in Computer Managment for it being listed, if it is it may just have lost a drive letter as its taken by another storage hardware device, so right click and choose Chaneg Drive Letter and Path, and choose XYor Z as the letter.

If you are using any tweaking apps like TweakUI check they are not hiding drive letters, its a tweak in hiding them to give a minor gain to the speed of a system.

Try hooking it back up to your PC and hopefully if the drive is recognised in My Computer try this free recovery app, Recuva

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I must have been lapsing in concentration on Friday. I was restoring an image from a backup drive partition and stupidly pulled the power supply for that drive thinking it was the printer. (I know - don't grin like that!)
The upshot is that the NTFS partition became unallocated. About 350Gb. Any tried and tested solutions or am I resigned to reconstructing the backups as best I can? It's impossible to replicate some of the material on there anyway.
I have tried Recuva which is hopelessy inadequate although it found some picture files and reported that the they had not been overwritten.

Answer:Recover data from Unallocated Backup Drive

Have a look at Testdisk I have used it in the past to recover data from a wrongly formatted partition.

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HelloI just reinstalled windows xp on a computer which was having problems with win xp installation. I do not remember how I reinstalled it but I somehow forgot to save a few data files I would like to have kept. Does anyone know of any utilities including freeware and non freeware to try to scan the hard disk and recover the files in case they still exist and the problem is that they are just not indexed by the file system?Thankshttp://www.arreglaordenador.comIn-home technical services for computers to individuals and small companies. Arganda, Madrid, Spain

Answer:recover data files from PC'S hard drive

Try using recuva. Get it at the link below.

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Hello, hope I come to the right place! Honestly, my Toshiba flash drive has been used for saving some videos, photos and files for several years. But, last night, I just formatted it by mistake and lost all my stored information. Honestly, I did have another copy of these files on my computer, but, some of the newly edited videos and several school documents have not been backed up yet. Is there any data recovery software that can help me take them all back? I did have searched a lot of the related problems over the internet and all of them recommend me to apply the related data recovery tools. But, I am not sure whether the related data recovery tool is really necessary? Do you have any similar experience? What am I supposed to do now? Thanks!

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Ok so the other night my laptop came up with a message stating that there was a hard drive failure detected and to back up immediately. I did so but took hours and not sure it backed up properly as the largest file in the folder is only about 5 GB
Anyhow I have pulled the hard drive out the laptop and put it in an external hard drive enclosure. Unfortunately it is not being picked up or recognised. Are there any tools that I can download to retrieve the data or any other suggestions. I have alot of work on there that is important along with photos of my kids growing up.
Please please help.

Answer:Hard Drive has died HELP! Can I recover the data?

"Unfortunately it is not being picked up or recognised"
Is that in Windows Explorer? (will only show if a drive letter has been automatically assigned)
Have a look in Disk Management and see if it is recognised there but with no Drive Letter assigned. If it is there tell us what info there is about the drive.

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Ok, so a little while ago, i was using linux and wanted to copy a file to my shared fat32 partition, but it was mounted as read only, so i forced it to copy. after it was done, all the filenames were messed up and stuff, and after i restartedd, the drive didnt not appear anymore

so the gist of it is, i think somehow doing that made that drive get corrupted or something. No operating system can read it, but they do detect the partition

so... im wanting to see if there is some way to recover my information off this drive. I havent written anything to the drive since, most likely cause nothing can write to it. But i downloaded a program called PC Inspector that says it can recover lost files, but every time i tell it to search the partiton, the program crashes

any suggestions on how to possibly recover the files on this partiton?

Answer:borked fat32 drive, how to recover data?

bump... does no one have any ideas on how to recover my data? or is it gone forever?

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I have two Seagate 7200 hard drives than are no longer recognized by the desktop or by my laptop via a usb/EDI/SATA adapter. These were my backup drives and have all my photos, itunes, and doc files. Rather than speed $1,000 to have the files extracted by a recovery firm I wondered if its possible to remove the storage media from one drive and install it in a new drive box. Say buy a $60 internal drive open it up and remove the disks, take the disks out of the non-working drive and install it in the new internal drive. Is that even possible? Would the circuitry on the new drive even recognize the replacement disks? Would the drives need to be the same GB? Inquiring minds want to know!

Answer:Can I rebuild a hard drive to recover data

I've heard of people buying the exact same drive (needs to be exact so the PCB is the same) and then swapping those out. I've never heard of people removing the platters and putting in a new drive - I think that would be highly risky if not impossible. Try to find a working drive with the same PCB on ebay, then swap the boards.

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Hi all,
Where/What software is the best for recovering data from a crashed hard drive. The drive that crashed was running Win98, but I've got WinXP machines that I can slap that drive into. I don't know much more than that because I have not had a chance to get my hands on the crashed drive, but the data is super important.

Thanks In Advance!!


Answer:Recover Crashed Hard Drive Data???

Well it depends on what went wrong with it. IF the drive is totally dead - ie does not spin up then there is no software to recover the data - you would need to replace the circuit board or electronics in the drive. If the heads are continually crashing then the same thing goes. If it just has bad sectors or Windows is messed up then you may be able to just copy the data off or use Spinrite.

There are companies that recover data from dead hard drives but they can charge from several hundred to several thousand for recover. This is where backing up your data comes in - it avoids these problems.

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Is it possible to recover data from corrupted hard-drive?

Answer:Recover Data From Corrupt Hard-Drive

Sometimes, yes

Depends on the corruption cause as to mechanical or electronic.
If the data is critical, then there are data recovery companies specialising in that field, but they are not cheap. Think in figures around $1,000 or so

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Hello Guru's,
My systemwas suddenly crashed and I askedone of my company person to helpme in recovering the data on my hard drive and he said that his system is not registering(recognising) my hard drive due to which is he unable to restore the data. he suggested to contact one strore who will chargefrom 2000 to 5000 $ and I don't have that much money to recover my valueble data.
Please help me by telling how to recover my data on my hard drive.

Thanks in Advance.


Answer:Want to recover data from crashed hard drive

Hi Bobby and welcome to TSG.

If the hard drive is not getting detected by the computer BIOS at power up, then it is probably beyond any kind of inexpensive do-it-yourself solution.

If the hard drive is detected by the BIOS but Windows cannot access it, you may have a possibility of recovering all or some of its contents. You connect it as a slave drive in a working computer and then use commercial recovery software. Some recovery software that you can download has a free test mode that will test the drive's contents and gives you a report of what it can recover. You then have to pay for the program before it will actually recover the data.

You say your data is valuable but do not want to spend $2000 to get it back. How much are you willing to spend?

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I have 3 hard drives in my computer case; some month ago, a clicking noise came from the case on startup causing blue screen, and advice on here was to disconnect the hard drive which was trying to boot. That worked fine in that another hard drive already had XP on it and boots properly!If I wish to extract some data off 'failed' drive how do I set about it? It had several partitions on it so I am hopeful something can be salvaged!

Answer:Recover data from failing hard drive

Connect the failing drive, then boot into BIOS. Set the good drive as first boot device.When restarted, you should be able to drag and drop the files onto another drive.

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I got a friend calling me because he made a program for this Doctor using MS Access 2003, the program was running on a external hard drive since september last year. Suddenly all the data was missing, he checked and the software created was intact and working perfectly. The one thing he found strange was the date. The hard drive said that the data was last updated at September 2007, which is weird because this data was constantly changing until last week.

If someone out there knows a way of getting that data back, please leave a respond.

Any help will be much appreciated!!!

PD: The backup is no where to be found.

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Ok so my computer has 2 hard drives. First one is the C and is used for windows, program files ect. My second hard drive i use to store my music, pictures, videos, documents etc. So i had both hard drives in there running fine, and i decided i would reformat the C drive and put windows on it again (figuring all the data on the second drive would be fine) I was using XP and i put XP on it again, but when everything was installed it said that my second hard drive was unformatted.
So ive tried a bunch of programs to recover the data, with no luck. I can see that all the data is physicly still on the drive, i just think that the partition information or whatever got screwed up somehow. My friend told me that i would most likely need to recover the data to another hard drive, which shouldnt be too much of a problem, i just cant figure out how to do this. (i am looking at about 60gigs worth of data i need to recover, and the only program i was able to find that would recover the data charged something like 100$ a gig, and theres no way im paying 6000$ for my hardrive back)
If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Recover data on unpartitioned hard drive

"I can see that all the data is physicly still on the drive"
How do you see this?

Try some partition recovery programs:

Partition Repair:

<--(Bootable floppy image)

or file recovery:

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Okay not really very good at this but my laptop stopped working so I took hd out and connected it to anotherlaptop through usb lead it appears in my disk management (although it shows up grey instead of black or blue if that makes sense to anyone) but it wont show in my computer I have a load od family photos on this drive and would really love some help and will send out good karma to all who try to help me many thanks in advance

Answer:Trying to recover data from crashed hard drive

Hi techmichellenot. When you say it stopped working,is there anything on the screen when you power up, or any indication that the system passed it's POST procedure (Power On Self Test), usually indicated by a beep before Windows itself tries to boot up?. Any error messages seen?. Sounds like you put the drive in an external case that can connect via USB. If there is indeed a problem with the disk drive and it's not a physical problem with the drive (maybe a corrupted Windows boot file,etc),your system may have a Recovery procedure that will reinstall your OS without erasing your data files (called a non destructive OS reinstall) as opposed to a destructive which erases everything and reinstalls the OS. I would check your documentation to see if your laptop has such a procedure.

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I run XP pro. Went to turn on machine ,it gives me three options, safe mode, safe mode with net work and normal mode.

What ever one I choose it will start the boot up from the beginning and come back to this orignal promt as above stated.

I tried to make the drive a slave but the systems keeps telling me "do you want to format?

For some reason the drive cant be accesed? Is there a program to extract info that I want to save? If so please advise.

Thank you

Answer:How can I recover data from drive that wont boot?

Have you tried reloading your last saved settings?

Start / Programs / assesories / think its restore settings ... it will or should give you the option of going back to a previouse setting ..... and think you can do it from safe mode.good luck !

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I must have been lapsing in concentration on Friday. I was restoring an image from a backup drive partition and stupidly pulled the power supply for that drive thinking it was the printer. (I know - don't grin like that!)
The upshot is that the NTFS partition became unallocated. About 350Gb. Any tried and tested solutions or am I resigned to reconstructing the backups as best I can? It's impossible to replicate some of the material on there anyway.
I have tried Recuva which is hopelessy inadequate although it found some picture files and reported that the they had not been overwritten.

Answer:Recover data from Unallocated Backup Drive

Ignore this one - an inadvertent double post.

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A friend's XBox took a major :crap the other day and he gave me the hard drive saying "try to save my stuff". I'm not 100% sure what his "stuff" is, but is it even possible to recover data from an XBox hard drive if it's plugged into a PC? I hooked it up thru a USB port, and all that Windows tells me is that it's an unrecognized format. And that's only in Computer Management > Disk Management. I can't even access it thru My Computer. So, I'm assuming that it's a totally different filing system. I even tried running some data recovery apps on it. Easy Recovery Pro didn't even recognize that a drive was connected, and PCInspector reports the drive as 0.00mb in size, and therefore says that no data can be recovered. I haven't done any research yet, this is my first stop.... so, any ideas out there??

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It's a long story, but the latest is that I removed my hard drive and bought a $20 external USB enclosure in the hopes of recovering my photo data from the second partition. Seemed simple. Plug in power cord and 40 pin wire, secure all, start up and plug usb into other computer right? Well it worked great for 3 minutes and my wife and I were elated to see last years christmas video again.

Then the devil came in and the drive stopped working. It wasn't making any sounds and I smelled the bad electronic smell. Upon opening up the enclosure nothing appeared out of place, but when I looked around, I noticed on the underside of the large flat wire that there was a burn spot between two wires and that there is an area on the hard drive board that gets burning hot if you turn the unit on. I believe that the enclusre unit is defective and has fried my previously working drive (I was having trouble reinstalling my XP OS on the C: partition)

I think it's cooked, but is there a way for someone to recover my data from this drive? You can guess I forgot to back it up!!!


Answer:Hard drive Cooked? How to recover data

Most likely the board is fried. There are some services who will recover stuff from HDs but they are quite expensive. Google on "data recovery" If you can't slave the drive in another PC (with correct jumper settings), you have probably lost the data.

Chances are the enclosure may have hastened the demise of the drive (less cooling there) but was the drive not already bad when you put it in there?

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well, here's my situation:

i had three audio files saved on my harddrive. these were original recording i wrote myself (one was a midi file, the other two were .wav files). my computer crashed, i reformatted my harddrive, and i reinstalled all software. i have been using my computer for several months.

my question is: are these files lost forever, or is there some way (other than having the surface of the harddrive scanned with an electron microscope) that i can recover these files?


Answer:recover lost data from hard drive

Now that you've re-formatted your hard drive, those files are gone. A data recovery service (very expensive!!) might be able to recover them, if the areas they were written to weren't overwritten when you re-installed your OS and software.

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I have lost smart on my hard drive and can not gt it to be located on my Pc's, I disable smart in Bios and it finds it but does not allow me to access this, is there any one out there who can advise on how to recover my files from this hard drive. Have tried to re install XP but hard drive not found.

Answer:recover data without smart on hard drive

Can you see the drive in the BIOS?

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Hi. I'm from latin america so excuse my bad writing. I'll try to be the clearest I can.

It's about a Hitachi SATA 1TB hard drive.

What happened was that I had my CPU laid on one side and opened. I had the hard drive
laid over the DVD unit compartment because I was trying to fix up another hard drives
and had to be continuously connecting and disconnecting. Then I accidentally hit the CPU
with my foot, lifting it a little and getting hit against the floor, the PC turned off,
then I turned it on again but Windows did not started. So I set BIOS to start with
another hard drive that has Windows too and let the HItachi connected. Like this Windows
initialized very slow. Then I check on " My PC" and Windows did not recognized de
Hitachi hd, I rebooted and checked in BIOS and there the Hitachi was not recognized
neither. I tried in another PC and with other cables and nothing changes.


-When the PC is turn on the Hitachi HD feels to start but past 15 seconds it stops.
(Sometimes, when the PC turns on the Hitcachi starts to beep intermittently, with a 2
seconds interval, it is not a mechanic sound and after every beep it's heard a little
crack from the HD, and the HD remains like this until I turn off the PC. Remeber, this
happens SOMETIMES).

Please guys, help me, so I could repair the drive and recover my data.

Cheers and thanx.

Answer:Help: Repair hard drive and recover data.

It sounds like you're done with that drive. I guess you will need to use your backups.

Recovery services can almost certainly get the data back, but they can cost into the $1000's.

The hard drive in your computer is in one of two states right now. It's
either going to fail or it already failed. Hard drives are inherently
fragile things with no built in redundancy.
-Chris PirilloClick to expand...

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Hi all!I've done some search on the net but didn't find the solution for this problem.I have 2 Maxtor HDD's 30 GB each, in raid0. And now I added a 120 GB HDD alone so out of the raids. But when I configured the raid setup, i accidentally said yes to 'Do you want to erase old data for the new array' or something like that. I was stupid, I know. I thought it's just the usual confirmation thing.And now I'm here with a 60 GB not initialized, unallocated drive.I thought its best not to do anything until I'm really sure about what I do.The problem is that there were some very important files and digital photos on that drive...Please, can you think of any possible free solutions to this? No matter how hard it is, or long it will take, I would even sit here for the whole night if I had to.Thank you very much for any advice on what to do.

Answer:Recover data from Hard Drive not initialized

This is the same blunder I did and you knows what? I almost lost my data. I was so tensed caz all data was lost (I thought ) But My friend suggested me a lab something called Salvage Recovery Lab or something similar to that. When I contacted I got my problem was solved. They solved the bug and got my 90% of the data back. I don?t know how but they managed to got it back. I was extremely  happy that I got my maximum data. If you want you can call at 1 203-973-0242 get your problem  solved. All the best.

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I am trying to recover data from a laptop hard drive I have removed from a clients Vista based laptop. The system board appears to be bad, but the hard disk appears to be ok. I am using a SATA to USB adapter to look at the hardrive using another computer (running Windows 7) .
There is an icon with a lock on a couple of the directories. One being the Documents and Settings directory. I can't see files in the directory. I have taken ownership of the directory and I see a subdirectory with my name , as if a subdirectory was created because my computer took ownership , but I don't see other files.
How do I recover the data ?

Answer:Reading Hard Drive to recover data

From reading your post, it appears that you are trying to recover the stuff that is on the HD, documents, pics etc.
I think you may want to start with this software. Download and look around. Your stuff may be able to be viewed.
I think going into doucments and settings will lead to a dead end.
Documents and Settings in Vista and Windows 7 - 4sysops

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I recently had my laptop motherboard die and need to recover data from the hard drive. The laptop hard drive had windows 7 installed on it. I would like to hook this drive up to my desktop, which has windows XP, and run the laptop drive as a slave. The laptop also has security passwords set so I will need to take control of the drive in order to access any files. Will this work?

I've done this process several times where both drives were running XP and I had no problems but I'm a little concerned it may not work since my primary drive (desktop with XP) is the older of the two operating systems.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer:Recover data from hard drive (win 7) using desktop with XP?

Hi speedracer993,
Welcome to Seven Forums.

There should be no issues in slaving the drive in an XP machine, you will then be able to access your data.
What do you mean by "The laptop also has security passwords set"??


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I am trying to help someone over the phone who has some technical ability with his 2 WIN98 (???SE) PC's. Unfortunately I have not used WIN 98 for a
very long time. His problem is that his Logitech PS2 mouse has stopped working on PC #1. It works on other machines and it appears that the computer's PS2 connector is damaged. Both machines have a single hard drive
(IDE interface).
He needs to recover valuable data on PC #1. (Of cource he has no backup!!). Can he simply remove the hard drive from PC#1 and put it in PC#2 (configured as a slave on IDE1 or a master on IDE2)?
Are there any problems with this solution?

Answer:Move hard drive to recover data

No problems.. If there are multiple partitions on the system drive, then the drive letters may get shifted around, but otherwise everything should Just Work.

Mind you, he could just attach a serial mouse to the broken system..

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I had a problem last week with my system, which I posted in this forum. Turns out one of my hard drives was the culprit.
I have (had) two internal hard drives on my desktop. I removed the faulty one, and my system now runs properly, but I need the data off of that faulty drive. (I need the data added since the last back up.)

I purchased a SATA to USB adapter kit, but of course it isn't that easy. The drive is not showing up in My Computer.

When I go to Disk Management, it is there... but I can't click on it. (Listed as Disk 1 Removable O: in screen cap)

Can anyone tell me (dumb it down, please) how I can recover my data?

(the drive in question is a Seagate that was partitioned into sections.)

thanks in advance

Answer:how do I recover data from a non responsive hard drive?

Here's the rule of thumb I've seen.

If the partition is seen and appears to be intact, try to recover the files with a file recovery application such as Recuva.

If the partition is not seen and appears to be gone or damaged, try to recover the partition first using a tool such as Partition Wizard. If that is successful, the files may then be visible and not need recovery.

I'm no expert on either application.

In any case, don't write anything new to the drive.

Hook the drive up in the normal manner and determine if you can see the partition. If no, try Partition Wizard. If yes, try Recuva.

Based on your picture, it looks like the partition is not seen.

You say this is an internal drive, so I'm not clear why you are using that cable instead of just connecting the drive internally.

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I have a IBM 60G-IDE hard drive that just died. It's
making spinning noises. After rebooting the computer
twice, the noise will not go away, and now the hard
drive does not come up in the system BIOS.
All the cables are fine.
- I tried the HD in the freezer trick
(1 hour) still nothing.
- I did a swap of master/slave.
- I tried it on different and other systems.
- I've lightly tapped it a few times

I was wondering is there anything else I can try?
Does the freezer trick have to be longer, like
8 hours as someone suggested, can that length of
time in the freezer cause ANY or even MORE damage?

How many times can a hard drive be put into a freeze?

Does the freezer trick only work if the hard drive
is still recognized in the BIOS?

Can anyone help or suggest any other safe method
for accessing or recovering my data? I'm not skilled
with opening hard drives up / swapping parts so that's
out to.

I'd like to recover as much data as possible!

Answer:Noisy Hard drive: Need to recover data

Welcome to TechSpot

Have you tried the IBM utilities in the Sticky at the top of this forum?

Surf to and check out their utils. They also have a TuffTest-Lite for free to try. It creates a bootup-floppy which will then disect your system and its components.

Do a search in this forum on IBM Deskstar (or rather Deathstar), to see what others have come up with.

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Hi all, hope I can find some help, though Im not sure Im in the right forum. Im running Windows XP on a Compaq Presario. Was browsing the internet yesterday when my screen went black and the system rebooted. Error msg- Windows cannot start/ boot time error (something to that effect), tried to restart and got "sys32\hal.dll" is missing or corrupt" Fine, dealt with that n anther computer not too log ago. Went to do a repair from the OS disk, but it's not showing that drive in order for me to choose it to repair. I booted on an older drive (original "C" drive, intact OS, still operable just bogged down with programs, so I installed new HD with XP about a year ago), opened "My Computer" to look at the "E" drive (new drive) and it said the drive needed formatting (which I didnt do, my heart dropped thinking all those files are now lost). Im hoping I can recover files from it, but in order to do that I need to get on some kind of forum to ask how. My old drive is just to slow to maneuver enough to make any repairs from there, so I added another HD ("F") and a clean XP install. Problem here is that it doesnt see my nVidia nForce networking adapter so I cant connect to my home network or the internet. Ive tried getting the drivers from the internet, but all Ive found redirect me to the nVidia website which then says I have the most up to date drivers already (because Im accessing it from the original C drive).
Ok, so any... Read more

Answer:HD crashed, new drive cant connect/and how to recover data?

I get drivers...from either the website of the system manufacturer or that of the motherboard manufacturer, depending on whether the system is custom-built or store-bought.Any drivers which are downloadable can be burned to CD...and then used on a different system. I've never seen drivers which are not downloadable at a website existing (in part) for that purpose.As for data might try Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File Recovery - Home -

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Hi, I suppose you get this all the time but I have searched the internet and have only found one method of recovery.

Basically A virus has destroyed my operating system and I need a method of getting the data my laptop's hard drive. I have tried to install a new operating system using Ubuntu however once trying to install it says that there is not enough room on the hard drive which is understandable as it was pretty much full and when I installed ubuntu onto a USB stick It loaded through however I don't know how to access the original hard drive data when it loads through.

I wanted to know whether if there was an external method of taking the data off using another computer. The laptop is a Satellite A210 - 1C0.

Any Information would be great. Thanks.

Answer:How To Recover My Data Off My Laptop Hard Drive

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HiIs there a relatively simple way of recovering data from an external, usb, drive?I can view the contents (as icons) but cannot actually open them (cannot find path) nor write to the drive (same error message).

Answer:Recover data from a failing/failed usb drive

Hi, maybe something among these from Google, not exactly cheap though here

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Last night after my upgrade i went to install windows and well the install went wrong:cry and windows formated my backup drive so i lost all my back up data i had for the new install. Is there any free software that will recover data off a formated hard drive?

Answer:Recover data off formated hard drive
It's not real fast, but it works. I've recovered data from a formatted drive using this before.

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I had a drive fail giving me a " read error" on boot. I had a password set up in windows. I installed a new drive and set up the failed drive as a slave. I can see my data on the old drive, but it will not allow me to open or copy my main folder in the "document and settings" area because of the windows password. Is there any way to get to the data in "My documents" and my "desktop" on the windows password protected disk? I would really appreciate anyone's input that can help. I my using xp home.



Answer:How to recover data from a windows protected drive

The password only has importance when trying to boot into that O/S installed.Since you are not trying to do that, you can access any/all data files...normally.The exception occurs with the Documents & Settings folders, due to the way that they are set up. It's easily overcome by a procedure known as "taking ownership" of the files in question.How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP -

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I accidentally reformatted the wrong hard drive, I lost all my information on D. I was wondering if there was any solid method of recovering some if not all of the lost files on that drive. Thank you.

Answer:How to recover lost data from hard drive?

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My laptop one day decided that it no longer wanted to boot up Windows.. Normally this wouldn't be a problem and I'd format and forget about it but the drive has some important stuff on it I was stupid enough to not back up.

When I plug the drive into my PC it won't boot so I got a USB hard drive caddy. The hard drive shows up in device manager as it should, it's a 640GB Seagate drive so under device manager it says STXXXXXXXXX or whatever but under Computer it just says "H:" and nothing else. When I double click it explorer ceases to respond. I've tried using 'Recuva' but that too stops responding when I select to recover files from it. At a bit of a loss as to what to so any help is greatly appreciated!


Answer:Trying to recover data from Laptop hard drive

Try booting off of a linux LiveCD and see if you can pull the data off that way. Some of the data might be on bad sectors and trying to be accessed.

After doing that, run a Chkdsk /f /r on it the drive from Windows.

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I have the 40GB Lap Top Hard Drive (Toshiba MK-4019 GAXB) that was corrupted and all partitions disappeared. Look like that it was resulted from the installation of Win XP Service Pack 2 since I swapped another known to be in good order hard drive and all partitions disappeared. I have no other way but format the hard drive and reinstall Win XP Service Pack 1.

Somebody recommended that I should try to recover the data after reinstallation the O/S. I have formatted and only install new OS but not other programs. Is there anyway that I can try to recover the datas? If there is, which method or program that is efficient in doing so? I used to download some recovery programs but most of them could not recover the large files or cost too much to purchase. I just need the simple program that can do the job.


Answer:Can we recover data from formatted hard drive?

First you will need a data recovery program. But that might not fully recover your stuff. Since you have already formatted not all end applicaitons can find the info. You might need a more professional grade applicaiton.

Even then it still might not find it all cause you install a OS which could ahve overwritten some of the info upon install. It is always best to backup your info first. Then re-install. If that isnt a option there are other things that can be done. Repair installs, or trying to fix the problem.

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On My XP MCE I wanted to print an interesting file and started the CTRL and P. When it was taking a very long time to load the data I realized there would be a multitude of pages to print and the only way I could interrupt the process was to power off. Upon reboot, it kept cycling offering a screen with choices -- Safe, Last known normal, etc. It did not matter which I selected it would cycle and return to that screen. Giving up, I replaced the HD and now I would like to recover the data. I have the failed drive in an external case and when I try to access it I get, "Corrupted file -- cannot access". The HD with the corrupted file is a WD SATA 250G. Is there software that will allow me to gain access to the data? I have the files backed up on another drive but the last back up was two months ago. Thank you for considering my question.

Answer:Solved: Recover Hard Drive Data

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Can somebody please help?
My C:\ is a WD300BB (Western Digital 30gb). I ran Disk Defragmentation and when i finished I ran Scan Disk. Scan Disk wanted me to restart first. With the Restart it never loaded my XP, instead I recieved a message to start up in "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode With Networklng" or "Safe Mode with Comand Prompt" or "Normal Windows".
No matter which one I choose, my Computer starts up, up to the black screen with the XP logo and blue bar showing progress. The next moment it just restarts again.
I think my partition table is broken.
I've tried fixing the problem by booting with XP cd and restore/fix, with no success. It wants me to format the HDD and re-install XP.
There is no software tool from hard drive manufacturer that I can find.
I've even made a old 20gb HDD as my C:\ (master) and installed XP on it, then connected my 30gb HDD as slave to try and recover the data. My 30gb is displayed in explorer and Disk Management, but it is not accessable.

How can I retrieve/save my data from that HDD? Or how can I fix my HDD?

I will apreciate all help.

Answer:Solved: Recover data on hard drive

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I have a hard drive that came with my Dell notebook.   The drive is formatted as a data drive (it doesn't have an OS installed on it).  The Dell's motherboard died.  I took the data hard drive out and put it into an external drive enclosure and attached it to a working computer via USB.    Windows 7 on two different working computers cannot read the drive.  
My goal is to get this drive back in working order and to retrieve the data from it.
More details:

Laptop driveHitachi 7K200-160 7200 RPM 160GBModel HTS722016K9A300Physical hard drive.This drive was the secondary data drive from a dual-drive notebook that had a motherboard failure. Prior to the motherboard failure, the drive worked fine. It's formatted for data only, there's no OS installed.I removed the drive and put it into an external enclosure.• When I attach this drive to a computer via USB, the computer does not recognize the drive. Windows Explorer doesn't display a new drive after attaching it via USB.• The light on the enclosure lights up and you can feel the drive spinning inside.• The Windows 7 Systray displays the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon when the drive is attached.• In Disk Management, the faulty Hitachi external drive appears as "Disk 2" Dynamic, Invalid. (When removed from USB that Disk 2 does not appear.)• In Disk Management Properties, General: NSI External USB Device; Device type: Disk... Read more

Answer:Repair / Recover Data hard drive

Before you try anything, decide how valuable the data is -- if it's worth enough to consider professional data recovery, realize that anything you do to the drive may make it that much harder (and more costly) to recover the data.  Professional data recovery costs well over $1,000 to start.
If it's not worth that (and you're willing to take the risk), give Ontrack's Easy Recovery software a try - it will tell you whether you can recover anything, free of charge.  If it looks like you can get the data back, you have to buy the program, but it's a small fraction of the cost of professional data recovery.

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