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windows "messes up and freezes" at login screen

Question: windows "messes up and freezes" at login screen

system info: using windows XP service pack 2, MachSpeed MSNV-939 NVIDIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard, 1gig sticks

Hello, and thanks for giving some time to try and help. Yesterday i installed 2 1 gig ram sticks (pc3200) to my existing 2 512mb sticks (pc2700), and everything worked without a hitch. I mention this because it was the only thing i can remember that changed on my computer, hardware/software wise, all day. Late that night i was playing call of duty 4, and my pc froze. Taking this as a sign that it was time to goto bed, i switched off my pc and did just that. Waking up this morning i switched on my pc everything was fine, it geos through the loading screen, then when its suppose to get to the welcome/login screen, nothing comes up, its just a pixelated mess ( it didn't always look exactly like this, as I've tried to fix the problem the screen looks different.) The mouse cursor appears, turns into an hourglass sometimes, and i can even move it around for a little, but then it totally freezes.

Thinking it was the ram, i took out the two new sticks, but the same thing still happens. The computer boots into safe mode/safe mode with networking just fine, and that what I'm actually using to type this.

After booting into safe mode i have tried running ad-aware, spybot s&d, and avast anti-virus all of which have come up with nothing. I removed the password to my login, and disabled the welcome screen to no prevail. Then set it up to bypass the welcome screen all together which also did nothing (only thing it changed is when i got to the pixelated screen i couldn't move my mouse at all.) I also tried to system restore, but at restart it brings me back to the same pixelated screen, then i have to restart into safe mode where it tells me my computer has been successfully restored.

after fooling around with all different combinations of the 4 sticks of ram this is what ive got: (note- slot is paired with 2 and 3 is paired with 4)
1)gig sticks in slot 1 and 2 - the pc wont boot. gives error beeps
2)gig sticks in slot 1 and 2 and 512 stick in slot 3 - pc boots into safe mode but only reads 2 gigs of total ram
3)512 sticks in 1 and 2 - pc boots into safe mode and reads 1 gig of total ram
4)512 sticks in 3 and 4 - pc boots into safe mode but only reads 512 of ram
5)gig sticks in 1 and 2 and 512 in 3 and 4 - pc boots into safe mode but only shows 2.5 gigs of ram

all this leads me to believe that something is wrong with my slot 3 on my mobo. Could this be my problem? It's just odd that my computer did boot when i first installed the new ram, I don't know if all the slots were working correctly at the time though. Maybe slot 3 never worked.

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Preferred Solution: windows "messes up and freezes" at login screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: windows "messes up and freezes" at login screen

So i turned off automatic restart on errors. Then when i booted up windows and got to the "login screen" i let it sit till it froze and then i got a BSOD claiming nv4_disp hit an infinite loop. So then i uninstalled the display drivers, used Driver Sweeper, re-installed the drivers. Now when i get to the "login" screen the pixelation is different, and the computer doesn't freeze up or get the BSOD error. I still cant do anything once i get to that screen. I just move my mouse around till i get tired and restart. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I have a Compaq CQ50-108CA Laptop, running Windows 7 RC 1. Just earlier today this problem started where after I put in my password it kept saying "Welcome" and then it stayed like that for hours and then I just did a hard shutdown and then I went to safe mode to remove the password. So safe mode works but regular mode doesn't. Password or no password. I also have Vista on the HD and that is working with no problems. What can I do to fix this. Thank you very much.

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I tried to rename computer and now there's two entries in log in screen. That new one is set as default and wouldn't accept any password but original (normal) one does. Long in is set on auto but still have to chose between those 2 when starting/restarting.
I can't find that new one anywhere to disable/delete it. Not in Users or any other place for handling accounts.
How to get rid of or where to find it ?

Answer:Reanamed "Computer", now 2 of "Me" at login screen.

Not knowing if this is what happened in your case, but what you describe occasionally happens when Windows is set up to sign in automatically to a user account and then computer name is changed.

The reason is that a full username as long as Windows is concerned is different than username from user's point of view; Mike in your case or Kari in mine are usernames for most we do and need to use a username for but actually they are just user profile names. For Windows the username is ComputerName\UserProfileName.

On laptop I am writing this for instance my full username is AGM-W10LAP01\Kari, even when I am in fact using a Microsoft account. Three different things: my Windows sign-in user account is a Microsoft account [email protected], my user profile name is Kari, my full username is AGM-W10LAP01\Kari.

Long story short, that other you which does not accept your password is doing so because it is user OldComputerName\Mike. That computer name is no longer valid making the username invalid.

I've seen the duplicate using old computer name as part of full username going away when Windows after computer name change is then set to sign in automatically with a local admin account. Restart and remove automatic sign in and see if it works.


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I have a domain joined Surface Pro 2 running 8.1 Pro.
The following GPO settings are in place:

* Assign a default domain for logon

* Do not display last logged on user

* Disable logging in with Microsoft accounts - uses the following registry setting - MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\NoConnectedUser - Value = 3

The end goal is for the machine to boot to the login screen that just displays empty user name and password fields
The problem at the moment is that instead of doing that, the client boots to a screen where the only option is to click on "Other user". Only then does the login screen I want, where they enter their username and password in full, actually appear.
These Surface Pro 2's are to be used by small children, and have the "Other User" screen appear is confusing for them, as well as being very annoying for me. It's completely unnecessary.
I've searched all over the 'net looking for an easy way to get the client to boot straight to the standard domain joined log in screen, but every time it just boots to this "Other User" screen that has to be clicked on in order to get the correct
login screen to come up.
Is there any way I can get this to boot straight to the login screen I want? 

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On my aunts computer (yes again) ive signed in on messenger. Somehow (IDK?!) it became the main email and everytime when you have to select an account to login to you can see how many unread emails there are. How can you remove this? HELP!!!

Answer:How to remove "10 unread messages" from windows xp login screen

sign out of your net passport

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I followed the instructions given here exactly but no luck. Has anyone successfully removed this thing?

Answer:Remove "locked" message on Windows login screen

OK it works now I had to reboot..logging out and back in wasn't enough

Thanks Jerry!

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Hi! I've been getting the above issue where the Windows Login screen displays the string "1 unread mail message" when I click on Log Off Administrator and select Switch User to temporarily log myself out of the system when I'm about to take a break. It appears right above the "...programs running" string and beneath the user name (in this case, Administrator), and I want to know how to get rid of it. It started after I installed Windows Live Messenger. I can't recall what exactly I did to make it appear, but I did uninstall the program, yet the issue remains. Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Answer:"...unread mail message" on Windows Login screen.

Give this a read: How to Turn off xp login screen unread mail count

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My Windows login and logout sounds have stopped working. I went to the control panal and checked in the "sounds" and the login sound worked when I tested it there plus I checked the sound mixer and all sliders are active and pulled up. What could be the problem? All other sounds are working?


Answer:Windows "Login" and "Logout" sound stopped working

line 211 left hand side

211. Restore Startup and Shutdown Sounds

hope it helps


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Hi, being new here. I just discovered having this problem today. First thing this morning I went to my computer. When the login screen came up, I entered in my user and password. Then I saw the "Welcome". Which stayed there for about five minutes before I restarted the computer, which didn't fix my problem. I tried Safe Mode, which didn't make a difference. It didn't take as long, but then I saw the blue screen. It said something like "---- unexpectedly close." Then at the bottom there were memory dumps. I couldn't see what was there because the blue screen was there for five seconds, before the PC restarted itself.

It was working fine last night. Before my six year old sister was playing with the computer despite my attempts to make a password account and full parental controls.

I believe I did manage to log in to another account that's not the administrator, but when I when to modify the user accounts the whole motherboard crashed. Every program, even the desktop. I couldn't do Alt + Tab and the Ctrl +Alt + Delete.

Please help me fix this thing. I need it to do my classwork.

Answer:Windows Vista- I cannot get past the "welcome" login screen

Try waiting longer (30/60 minuits)... If it starts up after that your software messed up, backup ur school work and stuff like that and re-install windows.

If it doesn't I can't help you..

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Hello,I have an issue on a Windows XP Professional laptop, where intermittently, when it is started up from being completely shut down, it starts loading Windows, displays the Windows logo, etc. and then displays the blue background. You can move the mouse around - but the Ctrl Alt Del login prompt doesn't appear.No key combinations I've tried work - it's just stuck there. Usually if I hold the power button down for 10 seconds, it will shut down and when I start it back up again it works normally. I would say it's one out of five times it does this.I have up to date corporate Kaspersky Antivirus, I've run registry cleaners (PC tools Registry Mechanic, CCleaner) I run a lot on my system, but keep it fairly well maintained.It's a Dell Latitude D820, Core 2 Duo @ 2Ghz, 4GB RAM, etc. - and it's running XP Pro, and is part of a Windows server domain.It has me stumped. I've done a fair bit of online research - but haven't found any solutions.Any intelligent help would be appreciated!

Answer:Windows XP Pro "stalls" just before Ctrl Alt Del login screen - sometimes

Have you tried using the ctrl+alt+del sequence?

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This has been frustrating me for the past few hours. I tend to run a minecraft server on my 3 year old toshiba laptop. Now this problem I have encountered a few times before and was resolved by using system restore. However this time there are no restore points. What happened was i turned moved the laptop from my couch to my room and turned it on. It attempted to run startup fix or whatever it is called which i thought was odd but i let it continue. It kept going and i fell asleep. I woke in the morning to find my laptop off (someone else may have shut it off, I'm not sure) and when i attempted to turn it on it took me to the regular screen, booted normally but then hung with nothing but a mouse on black. I restarted a few times to have the same problem. Now it tends to go to the wolcom screen but hangs on the little blue vista loading wheel beside the word "Welcome" Safe mode doesnt work (Lists all the processes its starting then freezes and restarts, leaving it to T, the startup fix doesn't work, I've tried using regedit to fix it, tried to open task manager, tried to run with nothing put the charger plugged in and several other things. I can sometimes get it to go to just a movable cursor on a black screen but i still cant open task manager. I dont have the vista disk but i can wipe it without losing my os (Dont really want to do this as i will lose everything.) The last program i installed was rainmeter but i was able to start the computer several times with it ... Read more

Answer:Windows vista hangs on "welcome" login screen screen

Also it seems to become stuck on the screen with the green loading bar with "(c) Microsoft" below.

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Hi, I've been a happy user of my Windows 7 for about a year but about a week ago I started getting the problem of windows stucknig after loging in. Sometimes I restart the computer for 20 times and yet it doesn't work and most often the problem is temporary. I can use the Safe Mode, I've cleaned my startup list using RegCleaner, scanned the computer with CCleaner and Ad-aware and I've also done chdsk /f

Sadly, nothing seems to work for me.

Answer:Windows stuck at the "Welcome" screen after login

For the registry cleaning:Many of us on the forums actually do not recommend automated optimization tools for Windows 7. Windows 7 does a much better job of handling its own optimization than its predecessors did. We especially do not recommend registry cleaning as an "optimization" step because automated registry cleaning causes more harm to the registry than it actually repairs.

In the future, if you need help optimizing Windows 7, please post a thread in Performance & Maintenance - Windows 7 Forums or follow the tutorial enclosed in that forum to Optimize Windows 7.
Hopefully the damage has not already been done by the registry cleaning. I realize you were trying to repair the system, but you may have made the problem worse. The first step I would recommend is to Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup. It sounds like you may have already cleaned up the startup items, but you probably did not disable all non-Microsoft services.
If you need further help after those steps, please upload your msinfo32.nfo file. To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Save -> Save as msinfo32.nfo and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .nfo file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.

Also, please fill in your system specs in your profile and not... Read more

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(I'm not quite sure exactly which forum to put this in since I don't know what is causing the problem. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong one.)I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on a Gateway LX6810-01.This morning while starting up my computer it froze on the "starting windows" screen. When I restarted I was asked to run startup repair which prompted me to use system restore and I allowed it to do so. The computer restarted and managed to get to the desktop, however nothing seemed to be working correctly. So I restarted again. This time it started up normally and I took the opportunity to run chkdsk on my internal hard drive. To get ckdsk to run I had to restart the computer. Chkdsk ran, but when the computer restarted after running chkdsk it got stuck on the "starting windows" screen again.Another restart and startup repair shows back up. It asks me to do another system restore, but I refuse and let the repair keep running. When it reaches the end of repair routine the repair informs me that startup repair cannot automatically fix my problem. The computer restarts and starts up normally.I am currently on the problem computer and it seems to be behaving normally at the moment.

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I've been working on this problem with people on the BleepingComputer forum for over two months, and while all of their advice has seemed slightly sensible at the time, after replacing EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE COMPUTER save the Seagate-tested, Seagate-passed Seagate hard drive, the CPU, and two of four RAM sticks (which have passed over 80 hours of Memcheck testing)...

...I'm beginning to wonder if the problem isn't at least in part with the advice I've been getting over there.

So, Seven Forums, here's the deal: constant freezing of the "Starting Windows" screen on a relatively fresh install of Windows 7 Pro x64, SP1. "Relatively" fresh in that I've installed all the Windows updates, the newest driver for my graphics card, Chrome, Sublime Text II, Speccy, Dropbox and Keepass.

The BIOS for my motherboard (brand new!) is updated to the latest version.

I have unplugged my Delta 44 sound card on the off chance it is the problem child, but the problem persists, so I'm guessing not.

Here's Speccy:

I used to have hobbies. I'd go for walks with my wife, try to learn to play the banjo, cook stuff. Make small batches of wine.

Now, all I do is work on this infernal box of stinking misery. All I do is run Memtest, run Seagate drive diagnostics, reinstall Windows and occasionally think about taking a sledgehammer to this ******* son of a thousand PETs and just buy a Mac.

So: new forum.... Read more

Answer:Repeated freezes at Starting Windows screen, "Startup Repair" no good

Please check Event viewer to see what is logged there relating to the problem.

Usually freezing is either hardware (ram, etc.) Which you seem to have eliminated or software conflicts.

If you have a BSOD (i know it just freezes) please upload at least one because we can examine the drivers that were loaded leading up to the freezes, etc.

There are several ways to find what the problem is. The best is to go into event viewer (type eventvwr in search). Event viewer (local) >>> look for errors listed in the last day, week, etc. Then go to the windows log>application tab. Finally the windows Logs>system tabs.

You want to look for all errors (they have red in the left column ).

When you find them you want to look for errors that say app hang, app crash, or anything that relates to the problem.

When you find them please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

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Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, boots up and runs fine as long as "Windows Search" is NOT checked in "Services".

When I run msconfig in the Services Tab, that is the Windows Search checkbox that I'm talking about.

If the box is checked, computer will start up, allow me to click on my user icon and load everything as if it's ready to go. The cursor moves with the mouse but does not respond to mouse clicks, also the computer does not response to the keyboard. If I click the start button, I get the spinning round wait icon (or whatever that is called). It also runs fine in Safe Mode.
I tried sfc.exe /scannow I have all the latest windows updates. I have run several different anti-virus, anti-malware programs. I ran chkdsk. Do I need Windows Search checked in Services? What does Window Search do? Is that where you can search from the Start Button area?

Answer:boots up then freezes when "Windows Search" is checked in "Services"

Which flag did you use with chkdsk - /F ?? My first guess is that Search is trying to index and snagging on something - either a file system problem or bad disk sectors. The /F flag deals with the filesystem. If you haven't tried /R, for sectors, do so, but only after backing up important data, and perhaps taking a system image if the system's current state is valuable to you. I prefer to run chkdsk from a WinPE/RE boot disk so I can study its output at leisure.

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Ive just formatted my pc with a copy of windows xp 64 bit to give it a try... for certain reasons ive decided to go back to my copy of xp 32 bit.... but when i boot from CD to format my pc with the 32 bit... i get up to the blue screen saying "windows setup" at the top and "setup is starting windows" at the bottom, and nothing else happens... the cd works fine on other computers just not mine :cry

Answer:screen freezes at "setup is starting windows"

took hard drive out and formatted it on another pc, put the hard drive back into my pc, but if i dont have the windows cd in the drive on start up i get NTLDR missing press ctrl alt del to restart..... now ive read up on the millions of things that could cause this problem, yet if i go to format again, suprise suprise i still cant get past the "setup is starting windows" screen.... is there a way i could sort the NTLDR problem without having to leave the cd in the drive 24/7

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i am new and am having a ridiculously annoying problem with windows xp

every time i click restart my computer, it freezes at blue windows is starting up screen....i hold down the power button turn it off and turn it back on again and it starts up flawlessly

then whenever i click restart basically i have to restart my computer twice every time to get

i have a dell XPS 420, 3gbram, 3.0 core 2, evga 8800GT

i have reformatted and reinstalled windows and it has not helped at all...perhaps its one of the windows updates that is screwing it up??

let me know any other information you guys

Answer:XP MCE freezes every other time at "windows is starting up screen"

Welcome to TSF....

Have you installed a new graphics card in this computer?

If not then try shutting the computer down and remove the cover of the computer and also the display(video) card and clean the traces off, and also use a can of compressed air to clean out the processor heatsink (DO NOT take the heatsink off the processor) also air out the rest of the inside of the enclosure as much as you can, oh to save your life do this outside if possible since you might get shot for making a mess inside the house.<g>

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I tried to access PAYPAL through my usual URL, using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Chrome 48. on February 15th. after pressing ENTER, I got a Green lock, next to the URL, and a blank screen. I could go no further. Clicking on the lock, a small dropdown appeared, showing 2 cookies from Paypal below a message "Your connection to PAYPAL is private" the connections tab showed that PAYPAL was verified, but my connection was encrypted using an obsolete cipher suite". I could not continue. I had been able to access and use PAYPAL on Feb 9, with no problem. Googled everything I could think of with no fix found. I finally reached a live person at PAYPAL Customer support. Who told me that it was something on their end (he did not elaborate) and suggeested I try IE11. I downloaded and installed IE11, tried to access PAYPAL, and got an error message "Access forbidden error 403". I called PAYPAL again and got the tech support line, who told me my account was locked, then he unlocked it, and I was able to get in. The following day, I tried to access PAYPAL again, and it again returned the "forbidden 403" error. I called PAYPAL again, got a support agent who had no clue what to do, and told me to talk to MY ISP provider.
Can anyone on the Forum shed any light on this?

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I am having a problem with my Gateway desktop stopping loading at the "Windows is starting up" screen. The computer seems to be starting up fine but then just stops at this screen. It is not completely frozen as I can still move my mouse. I have tried starting it in Safemode but it still freezes on this screen. I have not recently installed any new hardware or software and am currently running Norton AV. I have Windows XP media edition installed and am completely baffled on what to do next. I am posting this from a friend's computer and would appreciate any help offered.


Answer:XP Freezes at "Windows is starting up" screen

It seems some of the files have become corrupt or you may have contracted a virus. Since you can't do a SFC /Scannow I would suggest doing a repair install. This will keep your files and settings intact. You can find how to do this here

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I tried installing Windows 7 from the Windows 7 64-bit UEFI bootable flash drive, but after it loads the files and I get to the "starting Windows" screen, it freezes up. I have secure boot disabled. Any ideas? Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

At present, I have a problem with my computer. It sometimes hangs when it's booting into Windows(Windows version: Win 7 Pro), but it rarely happens. When it occurs, on the
screen it just shows "Starting Windows" texts without the Windows logo animation. I'd like to figure out what could potentially cause this problem, so I made an experiment, which is setting up the WinDbg on another computer and turning on the debug
mode in my computer, and using a null-modem cable to do com port debugging. Hopefully I can get some clues from that.

After rebooting for about 900 times, it hung again and from the WinDbg, it revealed the last loaded driver was CLASSPNP.sys and the previous loaded driver was disk.sys. The
computer is equipped with two hard drives and the capacity for each is 500G. For some reason, I made these two hard drives totally reveal the capacity of 250G in the system by hard drive clipping. In addtion to that, this motherboard has RAID chips on it,
and its connecting way is through soc PCH sata port -> raid chip->hard drive. Another questionable point is that there is a PCIE to UART adapter card on the motherboard. I have a few questions : 

1. What do CLASSPNP.sys and disk.sys do while Windows is being loaded? Does it hang because it keeps waiting for devices' responses but somehow those devices just don't talk
back to the driver? If so, what can cause these devices to fail to respond to this driver?

2. Has anyone r... Read more

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

Answer:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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Hey guys, I've been trying to fix this myself but with no luck. Maybe you can give me some tips? I think it is a hardware issue which I have little to no experience with.

It all started when I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 x64 from my Vista x64. I had nothing of importance on the computer, so why not do a clean install and start fresh? It installed fine and rebooted several times until the computer had the Setup Is Checking Video Performance, it froze on that screen. I had to reboot it and now here is my current issue.....

Installation is going fine, goes to Completing Installation and then reboots..Then shows a black screen with blinking cursor for 5 minutes. Then restarts itself and has Windows Recovery Error. I chose Start Windows Normally and it goes to Starting Windows screen with the logo. I've tried letting it sit there for 30 minutes until it restarts itself and states..Windows failed to start. A recent software or hardware change may be the cause..etc etc..

...So basically it's just a constant cycle of Starting Windows screen and Windows Recovery Error screen Unless I press f10 to go into the Boot Options.

If anybody could give any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I already installed Windows 7 on my laptop so I know it's my desktop which is causing the issues..

Gateway FX4710
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 / 2.5 GHz
6GB Ram / 667.0 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT / 512.0 MB

Answer:Windows 7 Clean Install: Freezes on "Starting Windows" screen

Hello mshannahnv, welcome to Seven Forums!

As you have nothing to lose on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have a look at the info below; be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.


After you have made backups of everything you care to save and you want to do a real wipe "secure erase" to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) have a look at this tutorial at the link below, it over-writes everything, all the old Windows code including the old Windows drivers, everything all data, giving you the best possible space to install Windows 7 to; it goes hand-in-hand with a clean install.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7

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Hello guys, I'm a new one here.
So.. here's the thing:
Every time I start the computer, it freezes on the screen: "Windows is starting up..." for like 1:30 minutes and then comes the: "Loading your personal settings" screen, which is on for 8 seconds or so. And then it goes to desktop. Programs are opening at normal speeds, but why does it freeze on that screen, I have no idea. Even my another computer, with Celeron processor boots much faster than my Quad processor.
Of course I've checked "msconfig", here are the screens:
Services: (I'm not sure about the Microsoft Services, that's why I've ticked it, maybe you guys can help me with that. Maybe there's some sort of Microsoft Service, that's slowing my boot?)
I've also scanned my computer for viruses, trojans etc.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - Full Scan: didn't find nothing
SuperAntiSpyware - Complete Scan - found 1 cookie
Spybot S&D - found 2 cookies
ESET NOD32 v4 - found 2 false positives
I also used CCleaner to clean temporary files and registry and Advanced SystemCare v3 to optimize my PC. It all did speeded up my computer, but it didn't solve the boot lag. You can see my computer specs, when you click on the computer icon after my nickname.
I know that my English isn't perfect, but I'm trying my best hehe

Thanks in advance,

&nbs... Read more

Answer:Windows XP freezes at: "Windows is starting up..." screen for a minute and a half

I strongly advise you to stay away from registry clean/optimize/boost/tuneup type programs. They do little to nothing to improve speed and performance. What they can do is break programs and damage the operating system.


You shouldn't uncheck service entries in the System Configuration Utility "Services" tab. They should all remain checked.

If you want to change the "startup type" to any of them to Automatic or Manual or Disabled, you should do it in Start - Run - SERVICES.MSC - OK.

NVIDIA Display Driver Service can be set on Manual.


In the System Configuration Utility "Startup" tab, these entries can be unchecked.


Set the above service entry to Manual first before you uncheck these startup entries. After you're done, restart the computer.


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Hello forum,

This is my first post here on your fine forum.

I'm having a problem finishing the installation process of Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate x86-64 on a 2010 MacBook Pro 13' baseline model via Bootcamp 3.0.2.

I have tried several installs, using two different discs. (Burned at 4x using Disc Utility.)

The initial install works just fine, and I can reach the desktop and am able to use the operating system just fine. The actual problem occurs the first time I try to reboot Windows. It shuts down normally, and everything appears normal on boot-up, until I hit the welcome screen. The loading animation goes around a few times, then just freezes completely. I don't hear the processor going or the disk spinning, and my computer gets very hot. The only way I can shut down the computer is by pressing and holding the power button. It happens regardless of if I use the Bootcamp driver installation CD or not, and if I restart or shut down.

I have tried all safe mode options, starting Windows normally, and recovering the OS with both the original installation disc and a NeoSmart specialized recovery/repair disc. THe installation disc reports that it isn't compatible with the installed version of Windows, even though it is the same disc I installed Windows with in the first place. The NeoSmart specialized recovery/repair CD refuses to boot up for some reason.

Please help me resolve my issue.

Thanks in Advance,


Answer:Windows freezes at the "Welcome" screen.


(Went to the second page after 13 hours.)

Sorry if it's too early to bump my topic.

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

Answer:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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Hello, I've been noticing this over the years. When Daylight Saving Time occurs (whichever one, moving the clock forward 1 hour or moving it backward 1 hour), ALL my files' "Date Modified" detail move forward or backward 1 hour.

For example, I have a document file called asdf.docx and its Date Modified detail is: 9/26/2015 4:00 PM
When Daylight Saving Time comes around to move the clock forward 1 hour, that file's Date Modified is now 9/26/2015 5:00 PM. That's not correct, it should stay at 4:00 PM. What the hell is happening?

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I think that I may have used a corrupted exe file in my laptop and now I am unable to get past the log-in screen using any of my past logins. just hitting enter  as I did before this problem, will not work. I have alot of files that I do not have copies of that I can not loose, if I were to reload windows xp pro again. I can get to the drive by hooking it up to another computer, but I cannot get into any files under "user". I can go into "all users" and one other user shown in the list. But when I try to go into "user" file, it says that I do not have permission to access this file. That is the mode I was in for all of my work to be saved in. It is the same situation in safe mode when I boot in safe mode. Can anyone help or suggest what to do? Dimarrco   

Answer:HELP!! I am stuck on the windows "login to windows" screen...

Try This...

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I will divide my statement by sections so it would be easier to read.

Section 1: The problem - description of it.
Section 2: How I manage the problem.
Section 3: Things and methods that I have tried - all unsuccessfully.
Section 4: My own findings to help with further analysis.

So here we go

Section 1

Whenever I start windows it will boot normally up until Windows logo screen(where 4 balls meet to form windows 7 logo) at this logo screen I can already notice slow pace as it stays in it for a good minute. Afterwards it will be just black screen for a minute. Then mouse cursor will appear(with faster sensitivity than my usual) and it will transform into a loading wheel cursor after another minute. And now it reached state in which it can stay for hours. Only black screen and loading mouse wheel(note that it is always spinning and I can always move it, it is not frozen).

Section 2

So the only way for me to login is to leave it be for at least about 5 hours and it will start itself. Usually I do this overnight and in the morning it is already at the desktop and works like nothing ever happened. I can do whatever then, everything will work perfectly fine. Crysys 3 works fine, YouTube works fine - no trace of any problem. So while I can always just Hibernate and sleep my PC, I need to restart it sometimes.

EDIT: Now after those 5 hours or more, it will simply display ordinary mouse pointer on a black screen and act as if I am in login screen. F... Read more

Answer:Black screen with "loading cursor" and no login screen on Boot.

It sounds like something is trying to load and run in the background.
Download DDS from one of these links:
DDS.pifDisable any script blocking protection
Double click the dds icon to run the tool.
When done, DDS will open two (2) logs: DDS.txt
Attach.txt <--- will be minimized in the task tray

Save both reports to your desktop.
Include the contents of both logs in your next post.
The scan will instruct you to post Attach.txt as an attachment. You can post both logs as attachments.

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Total novice here: I am hoping someone can give me some guidance. My brother-in-law was my computer man and he passed away recently. I may have just messed everything up and I have no one to help. My notebook, an Acer E1 series running Windows 10 without issue until today, slapped me with a black screen with a cursor and nothing else. (This happened while trying to close out of pretty heavy video game for the first time.) Restarting, the Acer logo came up, but then it went back to the black screen with cursor. Control+alt+delete did nothing. Sticky keys did nothing. I tried all diagnostics in the start screens. Automatic repair did nothing. I searched around and read that I could try running chkdsk and that brought up a lot of bad clusters. After that, I moved past the black screen to the login screen. Now, instead of having my username, it simply said Other User and had a blank login screen with "Sign in to: MYCOMPUTERNAME" below it. When I tried to log in using my username, I get stuck in a reboot loop. I could open in safe mode, but nothing else. I did a system refresh. Nothing changed. I mean, my programs are all gone, but outside of safe mode, it's still acting the same. I get to the login screen, OTHER USER, enter my username and password, hit enter, computer reboots. I just discovered if I don't enter my username, it eventually reboots anyway. Rinse. Repeat. Safe mode still works. Does anyone have any idea if I can do anything to fix it? I am moving... Read more

Answer:Restart Loop and "Other User" On Login Screen After System Refresh

When the"Other User" login comes up have you tried just hitting Enter instead of your User info ? ?

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Is there any way to load the "Screen Saver Settings" dialog/ control panel at boot-up/ login in a similar fashion to applications?

If not, then would I need to write a software program of some type via OS-specific commands (I presume) for opening this dialog to be executed at boot-up/ login e.g., VB, C, or C++?

Thanks for your replies! :-)

Answer:Load "Screen Saver Settings" Dialog at Boot-up/ Login?

[Invalid script - for other completely separate topic - removed]

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After a clean install of Windows 7 and installing both current NVidia (GeForce 7800GS AGP) drivers and monitor driver (ACER W223X) I was able to get Windows & to run in my monitor's native resolution (1680x1050) but no matter what resolution I run in I get some weird effects. When in the 'Login Screen' I get short black lines scattered about the screen and the controls are all corrupted. Once logged in and on the desktop the graphics are all good with no issues at all. That is until I try to do something that requires Windows to toss me the "User Account Control" dialog.
The dialog is corrupted (see attached) except for the "No" button which is obviously the default and therefore has focus. As I move the mouse over the "Yes" button it gains focus and it becomes clear and visible. The background, although dimmed, displays just fine. If I drag the dialog around the screen, the "No" button leaves copies of itself like mousetracks. When I click yes or no and the dialog closes, the display goes back to normal. This occured both during Windows installation and after it was completed. I just assumed that once the updated drivers were installed it would go away. NOT!
I am guessing Windows is changing the display resolution when dimming the screen or in the login screen. ?? I have exhausted myself trying Vista drivers, XP drivers, Windows default drivers... I have tried about 10 different versions and still no change. Suggestions. Is this an... Read more

Answer:Login screen and "User Account Control" Dialog Corrupted

Video card memory gone bad maybe? Overlap conflict between video and system memory. Possibly need a updated video driver?

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Hi All,

Whenever someone in my family walks away from using the computer with Windows Vista, after the Screen Saver, I'm always taken to a screen that allows only the last user to log back in, but when someone else wants to log in, they need to hit the "Switch User" button to choose a different name.

My question is... Can I have the computer just go back to showing all the users' names (so I don't have to click the "Switch User" button to login as me). I would like this to work, just as XP did... so if the last person who used the computer has to log back in, s/he would just have to click their name again...just like XP did.

Thanks so much!

Answer:How do I bypass "Switch User" screen, after ScreenSaver to login as another in Vista?

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Hi there,

My problem started occurring shortly after i started to use a friend's projector with my computer.

My Current Config.

Dual Os Linux Mint 13 (grub version 1.99) / Win 7 x64
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.71GHz
2GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 6800 GS 256MB

Now, I am able to boot into Linux and Windows7 SAFE MODE without a problem, however when i try to boot into Win7 NORMAL MODE my monitor works up until i get to the login screen (i hear the login screen sound) but then hits me with "Analog Power Saving Mode" and switches off (blue light on monitor turns orange). At this point i am still able to type in my password (blindly) and log in to windows (i know this thanks to the login sound) but cannot do anything to revive my monitor.

As this problem doesn't occur when using the projector (SANYO Pro-X) i am led to believe that there is an issue with the projector affecting the resolution / refresh rate settings and those washing over to the monitor.
Note that i am only able to connect one device (monitor or projector) at a time.

If anyone has any familiarity with this issue or knows of a solution please let me (and the TF general public) know.

Thanks in advance! =)


Answer:Win 7 "Analog Power Saving Mode" at Login Screen

it sounds like your screen settings are wrong and its trying to send an output to the projector. Can you take a screen shot of your screen settings when the projector is plugged in and post it here for review?

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I have a Microsoft account set up with a pin. Every time I boot my computer up, I am greeted with the login screen and my photo, with the message below it, "We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later." And it's asking for my password, not my pin. For some reason, I see my username twice on the lower left corner. One is the password log-in, the other is the pin. I can successfully log in with either. I just want to know, what is with the error message? I've got a connection, so I can't figure out why.

Answer:Error message "We are unable to connect right now" on login screen

GuyInDogSuit said:

I have a Microsoft account set up with a pin. Every time I boot my computer up, I am greeted with the login screen and my photo, with the message below it, "We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later." And it's asking for my password, not my pin. For some reason, I see my username twice on the lower left corner. One is the password log-in, the other is the pin. I can successfully log in with either. I just want to know, what is with the error message? I've got a connection, so I can't figure out why.

Hi, I am having the same error message when setting up auto login. So did you managed to resolve this issue? Anyone here with any advise? Thanks ...

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I'm sorry is this has been posted about before, but I did look for it. Well, basically I signed in to MSN Messenger into my sister's username (Windows computer) and now next to her name it comes up with "190 unread messages." (mostly junk mail) and she asked me to get rid of it. I can't think of a quicker way than deleting them one by one. I wondered if anyone knew how to get rid of it. Thanks.

Answer:how do you get rid of "# unread mail messages." on user/login screen?

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I have a Microsoft account set up with a pin. Every time I boot my computer up, I am greeted with the login screen and my photo, with the message below it, "We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later." And it's asking for my password, not my pin. For some reason, I see my username twice on the lower left corner. One is the password log-in, the other is the pin. I can successfully log in with either. I just want to know, what is with the error message? I've got a connection, so I can't figure out why.

Answer:Error message "We are unable to connect right now" on login screen

Originally Posted by GuyInDogSuit

I have a Microsoft account set up with a pin. Every time I boot my computer up, I am greeted with the login screen and my photo, with the message below it, "We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later." And it's asking for my password, not my pin. For some reason, I see my username twice on the lower left corner. One is the password log-in, the other is the pin. I can successfully log in with either. I just want to know, what is with the error message? I've got a connection, so I can't figure out why.

Hi, I am having the same error message when setting up auto login. So did you managed to resolve this issue? Anyone here with any advise? Thanks ...

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I have an extra account showing on my login screen called "Please logon and initialize your device". I don't know how it got there and when I click on it a smaller message under this account name says 'Press ESC for the Welcome Screen. However it actually just returns to the main logon screen. Also it does not show up on the Manage User Accounts screen so I can't remove it that way. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this account (error).

The problem is solved. It turns out that my laptop has a fingerprint scanner and it needs to be activated when more than one user accounts exist.It allows a user to login in by fingerprint scan. Way cool!

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Hi All,

Whenever someone in my family walks away from using the computer with Windows Vista, after the Screen Saver, I'm always taken to a screen that allows only the last user to log back in, but when someone else wants to log in, they need to hit the "Switch User" button to go back to the regular login screen.

My question is... Can I have the computer just go back to showing all the user's names (so I don't have to click the "Switch User" button to login as me). I would like this to work, just as XP did... so if the last person who used the computer has to log back in, s/he would just have to click their name again...just like XP did.

Thanks so much!

Answer:How do I bypass "Switch User" screen to login as another in Vista?

Is this after the screen goes to a screensaver, or just anytime you switch users?

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I have a machine with Vista Ultimate x64 on it (more specs at the end). It is joined to a Windows SBS 2003 domain.

When I log in to either my domain account or the local administrator account, I get "Welcome," then "Preparing your desktop," then a blank blue screen with just mouse cursor.

Ctrl-Shift-Esc does not invoke task manager. Win-R does not bring up the Run dialog. Ctrl-Alt-Delete provides security screen, but Task Manager can't be invoked there.

I can boot into safe-mode or safe-mode with networking and successfully log into both accounts. (WTF?)

Things I've tried:
* Done Vista startup repair. It claims there is no problem (and it's sorta right - I *can* startup a normal windows startup, I just can't properly log in)
* Logged in with safe mode and done chkdsk /f on all relevant volumes
* Done sfc /scannow - nothing interesting
* Changing HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon\Shell to "Explorer.exe" (it used to b cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe)
* Deleted the HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices key and allowed it to be regenerated. No effect.
* Removing the machine from the domain, and adding it back
* Using net user Administrator /active:yes to activate the machine\Administrator account. I can log in (to a normal windows startup) on that account and get a desktop. But...then what.

No ghosting, drive letter shenanigans, etc. have been carried out.

Running out of ideas. Thanks in advance for any advice.


ABit IP35... Read more

Answer:Vista Ult x64: on domain login "Preparing desktop," blank blue screen

***** UPDATE *****
I booted to safe-mode with networking and logged in with my domain account. I ran msconfig and disabled UAC there. Then restarted.
After that I was able to log in to my domain account from a normal windows startup.


Things are very askew.

* If I try to do Properties on Computer, no properties appear
* Start > Control Panels is empty
* The Event Log service is not running, and when I try to start it, I get Access Denied.
* Same with the ISA Firewall Client. (not running, access denied trying to start)
* Windows defender wants to get new definitions but gets 0x8024402c trying.
* Internet access doesn't seem to work (dns errors), even though ipconfig looks ok and DNS service is running
* My Antivirus software is running (Computer Associates eTrust) and does not seem to be upset
* Mamutu anti-Malware is running and doesn't seem to be upset about anything

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This is XP pro and some how the text next to the shut down button got changed. Anyone know how I can fix that?

See the attached image to see what I mean.

Answer:Solved: On login screen "Turn off other stuff"

Welcome to TSG!

Right click My Computer, click Properties
Click the Computer Name tab.
Delete the text in the Computer Description: box, which has extra stuff in it right now.

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Laptops on Windows 10 Pro seems to show this useless "Other User" option which is defaulted. This requires people to click "Local or domain account password" in the lower left in order to be presented with fields for their username and password. Is there a way to eliminate "Other User" or at least have the system present username and password fields under this option? My desktop on Windows 10 Pro seems to show username and password fields under the "Other User" text, much like it does in this how to: Sign in Screen - Do Not Display User Name in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums Not sure what makes a laptop different or how I can make the behavior match.

The only special options we have configured via Group Policies are these:
Default Domain GPO elements regarding login:
Computer > Windows > Security > Security Options > Local Policies
Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name - Enabled
Interactive Logon: Message text for users attempting to log on - Defined with our AUP/Disclaimer
Interactive Logon: Message title for users attempting to log on - Defined with our company name.
Computer > Administrative Templates > System > Logon
Assign a default domain for logon - Enabled and defined with our domain name
Always wait for the network and computer startup and logon - Enabled
Hide entry points for Fast User Switching - Enabled (via local policy because I am testing if this makes a difference or not).
I noticed I ... Read more

Answer:What is the purpose of "Other User" on the login screen (Domain Env)

This is not exclusively a Windows 10 issue. It used to happen in earlier versions as well.
Check here: Group Policy \Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Exclude credential providers
Disable the MS account credential provider (you need to check which entry it is).

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Hey guys,

I tried booting up my PC which has Windows 8 installed and it was working fine until yesterday.

It has a "Enter Password" screen upon start-up and I think it's a virus because it only lets me enter 10 characters and even though, I do put in the correct password, it still says it's incorrect. The computer also shuts down after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

I have attached a picture of the screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:"Enter Password" black screen login

I found out the issue is a BIOS password. I'm looking into making a HirensBootCD to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

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Laptops on Windows 10 Pro seems to show this useless "Other User" option which is defaulted. This requires people to click "Local or domain account password" in the lower left in order to be presented with fields for their username and password. Is there a way to eliminate "Other User" or at least have the system present username and password fields under this option? My desktop on Windows 10 Pro seems to show username and password fields under the "Other User" text, much like it does in this how to: Sign in Screen - Do Not Display User Name in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums Not sure what makes a laptop different or how I can make the behavior match.

The only special options we have configured via Group Policies are these:
Default Domain GPO elements regarding login:
Computer > Windows > Security > Security Options > Local Policies
Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name - Enabled
Interactive Logon: Message text for users attempting to log on - Defined with our AUP/Disclaimer
Interactive Logon: Message title for users attempting to log on - Defined with our company name.
Computer > Administrative Templates > System > Logon
Assign a default domain for logon - Enabled and defined with our domain name
Always wait for the network and computer startup and logon - Enabled
Hide entry points for Fast User Switching - Enabled (via local policy because I am testing if this makes a difference or not).
I noticed I ... Read more

Answer:What is the purpose of "Other User" on the login screen (Domain Env)

This is not exclusively a Windows 10 issue. It used to happen in earlier versions as well.
Check here: Group Policy \Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Exclude credential providers
Disable the MS account credential provider (you need to check which entry it is).

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When i turn on my computer, in the step when windows ask you for choose one User to login... the option "Other User" to introduce my domain user account and pass is not showing.

Also, the witch option is not showing after log in with another account, i have to use the sig out option, this is not a big problem, in fact i dont care, i just mention this because maybe have relation with the first problem.
I need the option Other User... Anyone knows how to fix this?
Windows 8.1
Im connected to the network and the domain is showing up

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Hi I want to ask if it is possible to edit maybe the authui.dll or the explorer.exe to remove the "locked" message that appears above the password box whenever I lock my computer.
I have already managed to remove the user picture, the "enter" button and the watermark by fiddeling with both those files, but the "locked" mesage is damn near impossible to get rid of :P

EDIT: My endgame is to have a totaly clear login screen, except for the password box in the middle

Answer:Help with removing the "Locked" message at login screen

If it's just the word that you want removed I'm not 100% sure but I found it in the authui.dll.mui in the String folder in both C:\Windows\System32\en-US and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\en-US folders, yours may be in a different folder then the en-US check your language folder.


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I would like to remove the "Other Credentials" button from the login screen for aesthetic reasons (I've already removed almost everything else). I run a .reg on startup to make sure that the password dialog is always open on the login screen and not the fingerprint reader dialog; since the fingerprint reader works even when the password dialog is open, there's no reason why I would ever switch to it. I use the fingerprint reader regularly to log on, so disabling it isn't an option.

Surely it must be somewhere in authui.dll, but I cannot determine what or where the "Other Credentials" button is encoded.

(Also helpful would be removing the username, "Locked" text when the computer is locked, and the momentary "Welcome" text after logging on)

Answer:Remove "Other Credentials" button from login screen

Could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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i want to move the press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on to little above or down below so that i can view my background image nicely.
"currently it is located in the center" i want the writing to be on top or down
thanks in advance.

Answer:How do I move " press Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on " in login screen

im having a dell pc. and i dont think it will have any settings in the bios related to what i want.

attached 2 pictures, one is the original and the other one is the way i want

thank you

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I have just purchased a new computer and it is running XP. It is a Dell Vostro 1500; nice machine. I allowed my sister to download the Windows Live Messanger onto it to use one day (no Sign-in Assistant, or anything extra, just the messanger), and now, under my name on the welcome screen, it has a message that says "9 Unread Messages" under it! Very annoying!

I uninstalled the Messanger, took it off the startup and still! It shows up before I log on to my computer! I want to disable this feature so that I don't have to look at it! It is not my email, and I don't need this anyway.


Answer:Can't remove "Unread Messages" from login screen

Hi elendili7,

You can turn off the mail count. To do so, do the following:

Download this file to you desktop:

Double click on it to run it, and choose Yes when asked to merge with the registry.

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I manage the Networks for several companies remotely and not all users are computer friendly enough to know both their username and password, only their Password. So, when doing maintenance and I log on to a PC as an administrator or other user I will often
get a call the next day that their "password is not working" because it is using the last logged on user, which this time is me.

Is it possible in any way to set either a default domain user, or set it to a most often logged on model instead of the current last user or the alternative of prompting for user name every time?


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I got my dell few days ago. Installed it with Samsung EVO 850 SSD 500 Gb and Kingston 8GB PC3L - 12800 SODIMM.The Windows 10 Home OEM home is installed on HDD 1TB so I decided to use Samsung Data Migration software to clone the data to SSD. However, the OS crashed and decided to install a fresh Windows 10 Enterprise to SSD and deleted the previous OS on HDD using diskpart.Now after Installing Windows 10 Ent OS files. Every after BIOS run, I got BSOD errors "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" + "Page Fault it non paged area" + "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" 

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Hi Guys

Installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64 onto an old PC of mine and have hit a problem never experienced before;

The install process goes as expected but just after ending my username (and PC name) and get to the login screen I get a strange error. Excuse me for not making a note of the error but it related to the Group policy login service being unable to start and it would do something related to a "Universal.... service" I think the abbreviation would have been UUS or UUUS? Currently doing the install again so if it happens a second time ill make a note and edit the post.

The HD is a reconditioned one I have bought so my suspicions are with it however and cdkdsk didnt turn up any errors. I am doing the install onto an old PATA drive now just to check it out though.

So the error message is Ok to a degree but after the error the PC shuts down and after the BIOS stuff I just have a black screen with a flashing underscore "_". Almost as if the Windows install cannot boot. Done all standard stuff checked the boot priority, tried manual boot and it failed. I booted into Ubuntu Live and it worked OK so I know the BIOS is OK.

I assume that at the user creation stage Windows is running from my HD and not the disc? Or is it all disc until a final reboot? Ive not checked the RAM (yet) but since its not even booting after the error it seems more like a Windows related thing?

Any suggestions?


Answer:Windows 7 Install, crashes at login screen (after "install")

Unplug all other HD's and peripherals,

Boot into BIOS setup, reset to defaults, save changes. (If an EFI BIOS you'll need to decide if you want UEFI BIOS vs. Legacy BIOS. If UEFI follow these special steps for Install, otherwise enable Legacy BIOS or Compatibility Support Module to proceed with normal install.) Set DVD drive first to boot, HD second, set SATA controller to AHCI, Save changes and Exit.

Then boot into Windows 7 installer DVD or flash stick burned or written using tool and latest ISO for your licensed OS version here.

At first installer screen Press Shift + F10, or enter System Recovery Options to open a Command Box, type:

SELECT DISK 0 (after confirming Windows 7 target HD #)

Next click Install Now, then Custom install to Clean Install Windows 7 to the partition you created. If it fails then report back at which step and the verbatim error message.

In addition read over these steps to understand the tools and methods which work best to get and maintain a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps are the same for retail.

After install you can adjust partition size or Create new partitions for data, etc. in Disk Mgmt. You are creating the partition here for the purpose of wiping the HD and marking Active which overcomes certain install failures.

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After install a program called DigitalPersona which is used to login to Windows by fingerprint ID
it has created an extra user on the logon screen.

This user has no name and is not listed in the Local Users and Groups > Users

I have since uninstall the software, but the user still remains on my logon screen.

How to remove it?

IF anyone wants to test this software, to replicate the problem

HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP? Customer Support

Click software - security
Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Software

Answer:Remove "no name" user from login screen

Give this tutorial a try.
User Account - Delete

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I have one big problem. yesterday i was having problems with my laptop, Dell XPS 14z. It was going way slow. Dont know why. I did a complete restore to the date that i but it. Everything went fine. But instead of setup screen where i can create username, it shows login screen. where only "Other User" with a blank icon is. I cant login to it. I did the restore 3 times, but the problem is still there. Im stuck. I have read serveral threads on different forums, but they arent for any help because peoples screens it shows Other user and last user loged in. But in my case it only show Other user. please help...

Answer:problems login screen - "Other User"

Boot to the Advanced Options Boot menu by pressing F8 during startup.
Select Safe Mode, see if you can login there.

When you say I did a complete restore to the date that i but it do you mean you used the built in System Recovery to put it back to factory new state?

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My specs are:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945, 4x 3000 MHz
Mainboard: MSI 760GM-P23 (FX), Sc3+, AMD 760G Chipset
HDD: 1000 GB, Seagate®/Western Digital®, SATA
GPU: AMD R9 380
PSU: COOLER MASTER G550M, 550 Watt, ATX 2.31

Monitor: AOC e2243Fws
OS: Win 10 64bit
My problem:
When I boot up my PC, it will do so normally until i get to the login screen. There the picture freezes and the monitor goes black, showing "no signal". The PC and fans run. Turning the monitor off an on or unplugging the hdmi cable and putting it in again won't help, so I have to shut down my PC by force.
When I start the PC again, everything works fine. Even if I shut down the PC and boot up again after 1 hour or so, there is mo problem. If I wait several hours or to the next day though, the same happens again. Normal boot, loading screen, freeze, no signal.
As GPU and PSU are new and the problem persists for several months, I started to think, if it could be my motherboard. I also thought of my RAM, but Memtest didn't show problems.
So, is it possible that my motherboard is the problem?
If yes, what can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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First of all, thanks for this space and for the help.

I am experiencing two kinds of BSODs on my Win7 64. They are System Service Exception and Memory Management. Also I am getting complete freezes, of the kind where keyboard stop working, mouse too, everything, and you have to turn of CPU to restart.

These problems occur mostly when using Google Chrome (Youtube often) and playing games, such as Need Ford Speed Carbon, Sid Meiers Railroads, Grid, Left 4 Dead and others. Also when streaming music.

This machine of mine is brand new, has around 3 months of use, and has been assembled from several parts bought separatedly. The freezes and BSODs happen since the purchase and installation of Chrome and games.

I never installed other operating systems on this PC, Windows 7 64 bits is the first. It is a top class machine, with grade 7,2 on most items, except disks.

OS - Windows 7
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? This one
? OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version? Full retail
? Age of system 3 months
? Age of OS installation 3 months also
? CPU - Athlon II X4 620
? Video Card - ATI Radeon HD 5750
? MotherBoard - Ecs Black Series A790gxm-Ad3 Am3 Ddr3 790GX /SB75
? Power Supply - brand & wattage - OCZ 500SXS, 500 watts
? Memory - 4GB DDR3 Corsair
? Disks - WDC WD5000AACS 500 GB and MAXTOR STM3160211AS 160 GB

The required ZIP files are attached. Thanks.

Answer:BSODs "SystemServiceException" and "MemoryManagement", also total freezes in Win7 64

Hi -

As you know, the files are in Portuguese, but the dumps are in the universal language of hexadecimal and I did find a few things which may help.

The bugchecks on the 8 mini kernel memory dump files -

(4) 0x3b (0xc0000005,,,) = system service exception, 0xc0000005 = memory access violation

(4) 0x1a (0x41790,,,) = memory management error

Both could be caused by rogue 3rd party drivers. Daemon Tool/ Alcohol/ other CD emulation software is undoubted involved and needs to be removed.

Update the first two drivers. Remove Daemon/ Alcohol and the burning app containing the pcouffin.sys driver -


netr7364.sys Thu Mar 12 23:13:08 2009 (49B9CF44) - RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card

RTKVHD64.sys Fri May 22 14:04:20 2009 (4A16E924) - Realtek HD audio

sptd.sys Sun Oct 11 16:55:14 2009 (4AD24632) - CD emulation

a0omnhk0.SYS Fri Aug 07 09:30:20 2009 (4A7C2C6C) - unknown; dynamically allocated by CD emulation software

pcouffin.sys Tue Dec 05 09:39:30 2006 (457584A2) - CD/ DVD burning driver
Your wifi is probably either Linksys or Ralink. Try both sites.
Linksys -->
Ralink -->

Realtek -->

Remove Daemon/Alcohol, update the wifi driver and the Realtek audio driver and see if BSODs persist.

Regards. . .





Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
De... Read more

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When attempting to save a document or browse to open a file from within an ap, the dialogue box freezes for 10 secs or so when trying to browse to preferred save location. The ap shows as not responding. I don't have any mapped network drives and can't seem to find any other solution. This seems to be fairly common, as I've seen this problem on a couple other forums, but never found an answer that actually works. Any Ideas?
System is:
ASUS Crosshair AM2 board, X2 4000+, 2 GB DDR2-800 (OCZ), 7950GT, 5 SATA HDDs and a couple of DVD-RW drives (1 SATA, 2 PATA). Vista x64 (clean install)

Answer:Vista x64 "Save as..." and "Open." window OFTEN freezes when trying to browse

I've seen this happen on 32 bit systems running MS Office and have a printer with a memory card slot which creates a drive letter on the computer. If this is the case remove the drive letter for the memory card.

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Anyone know how to get Corel Paint Shop Pro X to work on Windows 10? The installation completed without any errors, but when I try to start it, it keeps getting stuck on the splash screen at "Starting up...", and I even tried setting compatibility to Windows 7, but it still doesn't work. Here's where it gets stuck:
How do I get it to work?

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Today I have installed a firewall software - ProtectStar Mobile Firewall for Mobile. After successfully finishing of the installation it requires reboot, I pressed "OK".
After rebooting (and by every following attempting to start), the phone freezes on the "Unlock device" screen. The keyboard for enetering of unlock code appears, but is not responding. Hardware buttons also don't like to respond. The phone is heating, and after a minute I have to remove the battery because this is the only way to stop it. Soft resets didn't help.
The phone is Samsung Omnia SGH i900, bought in 2008, with the official Samsung ROM last updated in 2009.
If somebody have ideas, please help.

Answer:Samsung Omnia i900 freezes on startup "unlock" screen, please help

You need to hard reset your phone to do yhis when the phone is on press and hold the send and end buttons then use the Stylus to reset the phone. Your phone needs to be fully charged to do this.
Sent from my Lumia 520 via the Windows Phone Central app

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Vista freezes with "pink screen," unless in safe mode. Problem persists after factory image recovery.

Windows Vista freezes with a "pink screen" and horizontal dashed lines. Sometimes after freezing, I'll get the BSOD and my PC will restart. The freezes used to happen about 3-5 minutes right after I logged in to my user account, but nothing happened up to about 5 hours yesterday.

Today, I wasn't even able to get past the login screen without freezing, so I went into safe mode, where I spent 2+ hours transferring the files I wanted onto a hard drive. My PC didn't freeze once. After I moved my files, I went and reformatted my windows partition of my hard disk drive with the HP factory image recovery.

But as soon as I finished that, before I could even set up my first account, my computer freezes (with the pink again). I tried going into safe mode, but it won't let me do that unless I have an account set up.

Help please! Thank you in advance.

Answer:Vista freezes with "pink screen," unless in safe mode. Problem persists after factory

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My Window 10 is getting stuck rebooting. It gets to the blue screen that says "Restarting" and then freezes.
Clue: Windows has just tried to install a "Cumulative update" and claimed to have completed it successfully.

- Any thoughts?


EDIT: I have attached the results of running "SFC /scannow" in a Command prompt with admin

Answer:PC freezes at "Restarting" (on a blue screen) during re-boot

Im going to say something got botched and that is causing your issue.

Try a system restore if you are able. It sound like you are at least able to get into safe mode.

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Hi there, I took a hard drive outta my Pentium 3 computer and put it in my Pentium 4 computer. When I try to boot the Pentium 4 up though, it freezes at the first screen that shows - the "Intel Pentium 4" screen.

My friend tells me that you can't expect a Pentium 3 hard drive to boot after you stick it in a Pentium 4 computer, but he says it should at least get to another screen and tell you that that OS doesn't load. Because of this, he doesn't think that it's a problem with the hard drive.

Can anyone please help me? Thanks.

Answer:Computer freezes at "Intel Pentium 4" screen. Please help!

I agree with your friend. It might not be detecting the drive at all. Check the jumper settings.

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Hello everyone,
First of all, im sorry for my english not being perfect.
I hope you could help me with my Problem.

My main problem is wherever im playing games or im surfing the internet (Or sometimes when im IDLE) my computer randomly "freezing", and by freezing i mean i cant move the mouse, or press ctrl+alt+del.
And my USB powered keyboard is lost his power supply. (All lights tured off)
and i cant use it at all.
The whole system is FROZEN.
Additionally, In the moment it freeze, Its looping the last tone played before the crash, And the only solution for this is to reset the machine.
And one time when i reseted the computer i had a screen that says:

CMOS Checksum error - Defult loaded

And option that says to load "Last known good"

I hope you guys can help me.

Here is my computer specs:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 7600 build

Cores 4
Name Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Code Name Yorkfield
Package-Socket 775 LGA
Specification-Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz
Extended Family-6
Model 7
Extended Model-17
Instructions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, EM64T
Bus Speed-333.3 MHz
Rated Bus Speed-1333.1 MHz
Stock Core Speed-2666 MHz
Stock Bus Speed-333 MHz

Ram Memory:
Size-4096 MBytes

Manufacturer-Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model X48T-DQ6
Chipset Vendor-Intel
Chipset Model-X48
Ch... Read more

Answer:Win 7 unexplainable Random "Freezes" And Blue Screen.

Hi and welcome to TSF please try to follow the instructions here and attach the info to your next post, this will allow a analyst to debug the files and try to assist you

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I'm configuring a Windows 7 laptop for another person who will be the prime user.

I'd like to maintain my login ID on the computer, but not have it visible on the "regular" welcome screen.

I'd also like to be able to login, using my own ID, through the XP-style screen where I enter my login ID and password (because my account wouldn't be visible on the regular welcome screen).

Is all of this possible? And how do I do it?

Answer:Possible to "hide" a login ID on the welcome screen?

I'm not entirely happy with the question, but here's how you restore the old-style login screen:

1. Open Group Policy Editor.

2. Go to : Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options.

3. Find "Interactive logon: Do not display last user name". Change the setting to "Enabled".

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So I do a lot of DVR's and I have a school that is giving us RDP access so we can login to our DVR for maintenance. Thats great. But problem is whenever we login via RDP, the end-users screen goes to that "locked" screen so they can't see anything. Then once we logout, the end-users screen is at the login screen.

Not exactly a good scenario for a DVR. The end-user must be able to

1) see what we are doing on the DVR while we're in it (this way they can still see their cameras)
2) Once we logout, it should be left like it was when we logged in, meaning back in windows, without a user-login screen

Anybody know how to fix this? I don't use RDP a lot because it makes me log-in... this causes issues when im logging into SOME server software (where the server itself is logged on, running a database tool, but when we rdp in, it basically logs us in as that user again, and the database software doesnt run... and it won't re-run until we log back in at the terminal, after the RDP sesssion is over)

Answer:How to disable RDP "Login" screen

You'll have to use some 3rd party software like ultravnc

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Hello, after installing Windows 10, I got this error message "Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied." I checked around and found that this is ownership problem. So, I changed the ownership of C: to the default Administrator which, and System also, has full access to everything on C:.

After that, I reboot the computer. The screen showed "Please wait". And I have waited for hours.

Because drives on this computer are shared, I went to another computer and was able to see the files. It is just that I cannot log in from this problematic computer. I think maybe I should have set the owner to System instead of Administrator. But now, how do I fix it?

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My son has a Toshiba Satellite 1.67ghz intel Core 2 Duo with 2038Ram.When he runs it with power cord on it freezes. If he starts it up on just battery it runs fine.Then if he plugs up the power cord it freezes again. So he can run the machine until the batteries run down. He then charges the machine with pc off. OK ,now there is another anomaly! He plays a game called "World of Warcraft" If he starts the pc on battery then starts the game AND plugs in the power cord the game plays and the screen DOES NOT FREEZE.Whats up? I have tried taking out the battery then pressing Power-on switch for thirty seconds .Still gives the same result .I have tried completely draining the battery then charging it to full capacity ,Same result ................................THANKS........Have a good productive day

Answer:Solved: Laptop Screen"Freezes"

Bad Mobo

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So, my laptop which has the 64-bit version of vista, freezes up after a few minutes of start up. Then the screen/display messes up and there are bars of colors everywhere. It might just be the display issue that's causing the freezing, but I'm really unsure. I might be able to post a picture of what's wrong, but I can't seem to find my camera atm.

Edit: My laptop's an HP Pavillion, I have Avast! and Commodo installed for protection, and my graphic card's an ATI Radeion (I can't remember what type, sorry.)

Answer:Windows Vista freezes up after a few minutes of start up, and then the screen/display messes up

I'm currently facing three chronic Vista problems, so I decided to combine them into one thread.

1. System Restore gives me an incorrect parameter error when I launch it, when I click OK (the only option, it quits). I don't know the exact error message.

2. Windows update gives me error 8007002 when I go and check for updates; all my update history has also been wiped. (The check runs for a while, then stops and gives me 8007002.

3. My internet stops working after resuming from sleep.

Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP2z

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Hi all,

So I'm kind of stuck.. I currently have the problem where I am in an endless cycle of "loading files" -> "Windows Boot Manager" (see: How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 8 (The Easy Way)).
I have tried to load all of the options -- and none successfully load.
I also end up at a OneKey Recovery as well.. unfortunately, the laptop does not have initial backup or user backup images.
I have a Windows 8 CD for repairing purposes.. however, I cannot load the BIOS/UEFI to change the boot order to load the optical drives first. I have also tried to remove the CMOS battery to fix it.. did not work. .
Also - Windows Boot Manager:
Windows Setup [EMS Enabled] -- does not load properly (leads to OneKey Recovery) Safe Mode (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Networking (does not load properly) Safe Mode with Command Prompt (doesn't load - tries to boot and load all files onto partition that is too small.. can't change partition?)
Enable Boot Logging Enable Low-Resolution Video Debugging MOde Disable automatic restart on system failure Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Display Early Launch Anti-Malware Driver
Start Windows Normally
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I am running Windows 8 64 bit

Apparently I scanned my system using full system scan (AVAST) and left my computer on thinking it would take for many hours. When I came back, my computer automatically shutdown because it was left standby for about 4 hours. I don't know if the scan was finished. When I try to boot, the screen gets stuck on "please wait" screen or "configuring windows. Do not turn off your computer".

I already tried going to System Recovery Options screen, then going to Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, but I tried everything there and still the issue persists even when I tried to boot in safe mode. I tried going to command prompt, and type sfc/ scannow but it says it can't scan right now. I also tried chkdsk / R but it says the same. I don't know how to run cmd as administrator from the System Recovery Options.

So now I tried to use system restore but I am stuck to the windows logo for about 1 and half hour. I don't know if I should wait for this or it is already stuck. In other forums I read, they used system restore with only the "C:" disk group connected. Should I also do this?

I am thinking to remove AVAST or somehow disable it.

Please help me.

Answer:[SOLVED] Stuck on &quot;Please wait&quot; screen or &quot;Configuring windows. Do not turn off your

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you have your Windows 8 CD?

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Hi guys,

Long story short broke bootloader and mbr, but got it sorted eventually after a couple of hours reading and playing with various tools. Machine boots back into XP fine with no user interaction. However when logging in logs me straight back out. I suspect this is because my D: partition (separate hdd) seems to have lost its allocation while I've been playing with the problem (probably should have physically disconnected it first. Lesson learnt) This drive however, as well as storing about 1TB of data (of which I haven't even had time to fully back up before problem occured! I know, it's ultimately my fault) was the location for some of XP's special folders, specifically My Documents; My Music; My Pictures (I think they were the only Special Folders I relocated.) Could their disappearance be causing this issue or will I have other problems somewhere? It's the only thing I can think of right now.

Partition Wizard Home Edition's Partition Recovery Wizard tool is able to find this lost partition but gives a warning when attempting to recover (see image). I don't know if it plans to copy the data which could of course potentially overwrite itself (since I don't have another drive big enough to copy to, which I don't want to waste time doing anyway) or if it just overwrites/rebuilds the partitioning section at the start of the drive. Is this operation going to be relatively safe?
Or is there a generally safer option/tool for ... Read more

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I'm currently using TeamViewer 10, though this happened with TeamViewer 9 too.
This error message pops up appears when I log into Windows 7, but not does appear again after hitting OK.
This is still problematic because TeamViewer does not start until the error is clicked, so I cannot remotely restart my computer.

I've attached a jpg with the error, which reads:

"TeamViwer: TeamViewer.exe - Bad Image

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\api-ms-win-downlevel-shell32-l1-1-0.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support."

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling TeamViewer, but it does not resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help!

Answer:"Teamviewer.exe - Bad Image" error upon Windows 7 startup/login

Run option two in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I have a problem using Windows Live Mail, downloaded and installed separately. As others have described, it is possible to launch WINMAIL (using wlmail.exe) and despite NOT entering a password, the program opens AND displays current emails. This surely is not right. I have cleared all cookies and made sure I have not saved this password anywhere. IF I go to and login I can see my emails. I logout. I go to Live Mail using the wlmail.exe shortcut on my desktop. I enter NO password and again I access my email...

And on a separate issue with Windows Live Mail, I use it to browse newsgroups, but for the life of me I cannot see how to download additional headers. For example, I subscribe to a Springsteen newsgroup. It displays 584 headers and tells me there are an additional 3500 for download, BUT I CAN'T SEE how to "force" an additonal download of any of these further topics.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Windows Live Mail for NEWSGROUPS and Login "problem"


I have a lot of experience with newsgroups, but I used Windows Mail for only a month or so last spring and don't recall its details.

Newsreaders often have a setting that can limit the number of headers to be downloaded. All I can suggest is to pull down every menu you see and look it for anything that remotely looks like that choice.

Have you tried unsubscribing from the Springsteen group and then resubscribing?

For what it's worth, I have switched to Thunderbird for email and newsgroups and am not having any issues on Windows 7.

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When using IE8 and navigating to a site that requires authentication, a dialog is poped up requesting the username and password. On Windows versions prior to 7, this would not default the Domain to the name of the computer (assuming the computer is not part of an AD Domain), in fact there was no default domain name used as part of the username.

On Windows 7, the Domain defaults to the user's computer, if the username does not contain a domain specification ex not like: "MYDOMAIN\myusername". If you just type in "myusername", then the default domain is explicitly passed. If the site assumes that just the username will be passed, and infers the domain, the way Windows 7 always passes an explicit domain name (either typed as part of the username, or the default computer name) causes the login to not work. In my particular case, we're no quite sure what domain name the web site is expecting (since it expects just a username and infers the domain for us).

In Windows 7, when the "Windows Security" login dialog pops up, how do you tell it to just pass the username, excluding the default domain name?

Answer:Default Domain in "Windows Security" login dialog

I just started using Windows 7 and I am experiencing the same issue with the default domain in "Windows Security" login dialog? I've been searching, but no solution so far.

Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a laptop with a fingerprint reader on it, got it enrolled with Windows Hello, everything I read tells me I should have an option to login with my fingerprint.  Nothing on the login screen.  My "login-options" are recovery questions, password, one time password.  I can find nothing on where to reset the security questions, I assume I filled these out when I set up the system but I despise them and generally ignore what I put in there.  Password works.  Where is my fingerprint option, and where do I either get rid of or reset the "recovery questions"?

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Alright so
I noticed that I had a virus called "svcvmx" in my pc and i tried everything safe mode ,changing permission , anti virus (this resource is already in use)
I've tried everything to remove this virus nothing worked
Then I open "msconifg" and I picked "diganostics" for boot up now whenever I open my pc the login page is blank(can't enter password nothing is showing only the power button and internet which isn't connected) I've tried
"Shift+restart" and that didn't work I honestly tried everything even the diganostics option when clicking "f12"
I have dell window vista
Any solution ?

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Well, I have a big problem. I have a laptop that was manufacturer by TOSHIBA with Vista Home Premium OS. And I haven't used it in awhile, so I kinda forgot the Windows Login Password. It's only one account on it, the "Administrator" account. So the problem is I need to login on that laptop, but sadly, I didn't make a "reset disk" for the password on it. Is there anyway I can ever log back onto it? Please Help.


Answer:Windows Vista Login Password Forgotten - No Reset Disk Was Made: "Needs Help"

Originally Posted by KenzCM

Well, I have a big problem. I have a laptop that was manufacturer by TOSHIBA with Vista Home Premium OS. And I haven't used it in awhile, so I kinda forgot the Windows Login Password. It's only one account on it, the "Administrator" account. So the problem is I need to login on that laptop, but sadly, I didn't make a "reset disk" for the password on it. Is there anyway I can ever log back onto it? Please Help.



Do you have the vista DVD? If so you can boot from the dvd and during the setup there is a key combo (shift-F10) that varies from mfr to mfr. That will get you to the command prompt. You may not need to run as admin but just in case this is how>>>> ( right click the top bar and run as admin) type net user administrator /active:true

that will enable the built in hidden admin account. reboot logon change password.

Let us know if this doesn't work


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I'm trying to fix my brother's computer after he opened a trojan attached to an email. The email was the one saying your credit card had been charged for airline tickets.

The computer is a Dell Dimension 3100 running Windows XP SP2.

The first problem is that after normal login there is a blue screen with a yellow window in the window with the message

"Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or spyware remover to clean your computer."

There are no icons visible. The only action I can perform is CTL-ALT-DEL to bring up the Windows Task Manager. I told my brother to start in Safe Mode from which he scanned the computer using AVG Free Edition which was installed before the infection. This did not fix the problem.

Starting Safe Mode I now get a black screen with Safe Mode in the corners and the operating system name at top. The blue login screen then comes up with Administrator and my brothers account. I click on Administrator and I get the same black screen as before with Safe Mode in the corners and the writing at top. My brothers account does the same. There are no icons or Start button visible.

Again, the only program I can bring up is the Windows Task Manager. Using that, I managed to install and run SmitfraudFix which was given as a solution to "Spyware detected" screen. After rebooting this did not fix the problem. I also installed SpyHunter 3.5.11 which found Zlob.Trojan, Rogue.AntivirusXP 2008 plus some other ... Read more

Answer:Safe Mode "Black Screen" and "Spyware detected" screen

Anyone want to answer this?

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Hello MS community! I was curious as to 1. whether or not anyone has had this issue, and 2. if anyone knows how to address this problem:
Ever since I've had Win 8-8.1 installed on my new laptops, I always get the same bug- that is, a false notification of my password being incorrect upon login attempt #1. On my 2nd login attempt, (pressing 'enter', clearing the notification) I can always
login. This has always happened after about 4-10x of flawless logins on a fresh OS installation and it stays permanent as a bug afterwards.

I mostly stayed quiet because it was just a minor nuisance for me, but I'm curious if this is a known bug and if there's a solution (because we all chase the flawless execution of an OS). For reference, I use a local user account to sign in, but have also
had this issue when I used an MS account in the past.

Being as I've had Win 8 and Win 8.1 installed on my past 3 laptops, which all had the same issue- I
highly doubt this is an isolated event. I know for some people they can't even login when presented with this message, but this small hiccup in the OS is rather persistent. I really just want to get some community advice/wisdom on this matter.

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Hi. I've been experiencing a very bizarre problem for the last couple of days. After restarting Win7 it gets to the login screen (the one that says "Windows 7" at the bottom) that is supposed to show the available profiles. But no profiles are shown. After about 30 seconds an error message pops up that appears to be in the "Wingdings" or some similar font. It's gibberish. I can't find any info on this anywhere. If anyone has any clue I'd appreciate it.

I'll try to post a photo tomorrow morning.

It does the same with "safe mode" (minus the error message) and even with "last know good...".

Here's a pic for you native Wingdings speakers out there Also, the cursors stays on screen and can be moved, plus every few seconds the screen flashes black very quickly. Does the error message look familiar to anyone (except for the font used of course). Note that going into the repair disc and using start-up repair did nothing.

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HARD! I get prompted with "the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" on almost a quarter of my fleet of laptops at this point, and I've only been able to fix the issue with one of them. I ran a series of commands in the command prompt and a n equal amount of work within Active Directory, so i'm not sure exactly what fix did it. The only work around for the laptops still affected is to login while disconnected from the internet (I run wifi and ether), log in (which works, given the prior step), then to enable the internet access again once you're in. Only then will the damned things recognize the network, albeit over an "unauthenticated" connection. If anyone has experienced something similar and might know of a perma fix, i'd be extremely gracious and all ears.

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GPO startup scripts (for basic administrator accounts without a password) which used to work on Windows 7 don't work on Windows 8. From what I have seen and read, such scripts no longer run with elevated privileges by default.

I would appreciate some suggestions on running these scripts successfully.

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"";"C:\Windows\System32\services.exe";"Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.MMI";"Object is white-listed (critical/system file that should not be removed)"

There are a lot of other trojan horse walkthroughs, if someone can point in the right direction more specific to my horse droppings... :cry

Brand new computer... and AV wasnt the first thing to get downloaded... doh!

Answer:C:\Windows\System32\services.exe";"Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.MMI"";"Object is

Re: C:\Windows\System32\services.exe";"Trojan horse Dropper.Generic_c.MMI"";"Object i

Welcome to MajorGeeks, thernbear

Delete items using RogueKiller.

Double-click RogueKiller.exe to run. (Vista/7 right-click and select Run as Administrator)
When it opens, press the Scan button
Now press the Delete button.
When it is finished, there will be a log on your desktop called: RKreport[3].txt
Attach RKreport[3].txt to your next message. (How to attach)


- Rescan with HitmanPro, when it finds services.exe - Virus, allow it to Replace by clicking the down arrow next to the detection and choosing Replace.
If Desktop.ini - Trojan if detected again, you can allow HitmanPro to Delete this but Ignore any other detections from the time being.
Afterwards, click the Next button.
HitmanPro may want to reboot the PC in order for the changes to take affect, please do so.


Once you are back in Windows, run another scan with HitmanPro and then attach the latest log. (How to attach)


Completely delete these two folders manually using Windows Explorer:

Let me know if you were successful or not.

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Howdy everybody!
When I hit the Windows & Print Screen keys, it is supposed to generate a picture of my Desktop into a Folder, within Pictures, labelled “Screenshots.”
But there is no such "ScreenShots" folder there!
What should I do? If I simply create a new folder, and label it “Screenshots,” will do that do the trick?  Or is there a more complicated fix?
Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Howdy everybody! I have a new XPS 8910 with Windows 10.  When I hit the Windows & Print Screen keys, it is supposed to generate a picture of my Desktop into a Folder, within Pictures, labelled “Screenshots.” But there is no such "ScreenShots" folder there! What should I do? If I simply create a new folder, and label it “Screenshots,” will do that do the trick? Or is there a more complicated fix? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:No "ScreenShots" Folder in Pictures To Hold " Print Screen" Images!

Is it just saving the screenshots somewhere else or is it just not taking screenshots at all? Don't know about your specific system, but on my Win 10 lappy, the screen blinks (dims) when the screenshot is taken.  
Did you look in all the subfolders in Pictures to see if Screenshots folder is buried in one of them?
Win 10 also has a Snipping Tool which will allow you to put a box around the part of the screen you want to capture and then you can save it wherever you want. Maybe that's easier, and you can pin the Snipping Tool to the Start menu so it's easy to find.

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I get this message every now and again when I start up and log in. This was in the details of the report:


Any ideas, or is windows just being, well, windows?

Answer:"Windows has recovered from a serious error" at login

typically that only happens the first time you boot up after a blue screen. is your machine shutting down properly?

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My computer blue screen crashed several times in a row, and wouldn't get to the OS because of it. I then preformed a quick restore, and can get to the login screen now, but after my password is entered the screen says preparing windows for about 15 minutes, after which I get sent to a black screen with a mouse. Once I was given the notification that "ChangeIcon MFC Application has stopped working," though that only happened one of the times. What can I do?

Answer:Login stuck at "Preparing Windows"

Some how via safe mode you have to uninstall this update listed below
that is if you cant get to control panel on main window

1. Access Control Panel (I use Small Icons view)
2. Click on Windows Update
3. Click on Installed Windows Updates
4. Look for Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2984006) and double click to uninstall it.
5. Reboot when prompted and issue is fixed.

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In OS X you can set up a list of login items that will be launched when a user logs in. These can be applications, documents, or folders (that will just open a window of the folder view). I am trying to do the same for a folder in Windows 7. I have a folder that I would like to have accessed and opened by the system whenever a user logs in (it can be just for one user, but preferably for all users on the system).

I'd like to have some way of just specifying the path and having the system manage the rest.


Answer:Windows 7 "Login Items" equivalent?


No problem. Open the Startup folder, found in the start menu, and paste a shortcut to the folder or app you want to open.

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Hello all, sorry to be such a newbie. I did try to research this but way too many conflicting answers and do not want to make things worse. Bought a PC from eBay and it ran fine. Did not give me any disks with purchase. Put it away as a back up and now will not go past "system is starting" "to interrupt normal startup, press enter" screen. The keyboard num lock will go off if pressed. I tried a different cloned HD and same result. I have a boot disk in CD drive. I can get into BIOS by  holding F1 and changed/saved start sequence to 1- IDE CD   2- IDE HDD   without any success as reboot goes back to same frozen screen.  Any ideas and thank you for your help!

Answer:Thinkcentre freezes at "system is starting" "to interrupt normal startup, pre tutorials also apply to Win7.

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This may turn into a double post for which I will apologize in advance.

Ok. I formatted my computer and created a dual boot with Windows ME and XP on separate partitions on the same hard drive. As soon as I had each OS installed I used the Windows Update CD and then went to the Windows Update site to finish up. Everything went without a hitch when I go to this site I have to login everytime and not only that, but when I click on anything within the site itself it "forgets" that I'm already logged on and I have to re-login every time I click on a thread or subforum or anything. This is when I'm running under Windows ME only. (I'm on XP right now and everything seems fine). I have tried resetting my IE settings back to default with no luck, and I downloaded Firefox and it does the same thing. I'm not registered with any other sites of this type so I don't know if it's just this site I can't stay logged into or if there's a bigger problem lurking somewhere.
One more thing, my father had this same problem with a similar site he was registered with and it happened to him after using the Windows Security Update cd. He fixed his problem by uninstalling and reinstalling WalMart Connect. My ISP doesn't have any software to uninstall. I just type the settings into Dial-Up-Networking and that's it. My Windows ME disk is just a set of dreaded "recovery" cds from hp. Would I be able to uninstall Dial... Read more

Answer:"Welcome, gracie34" changes to "please login" with every click

the above link fixed my particular problem. I went ahead and posted it in case anybody else was experiencing the same problem

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So got windows 8 Dev installed so far so good, I thought I would like the left screen bump to go to last app or program used feature till I installed some games and tried to play them suddenly my left side of my screen is no good if needing to scroll to the side say in a game like Starcraft II, Civilization, ect. Anyone know how to disable it?

Answer:Disabling the left screen "Bump" or "quick switch"

I want to know how to activate it, sometimes my quick switch is unavailable

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