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Dual OS - H/Drive Partition

Question: Dual OS - H/Drive Partition

Hi everyone,

I've just got myself a new 80GB Hard drive and would like to do the following:
-Partition it to 10GB & 70GB, so that the 10GB is only for the OS and the 70GB is for my data (Boot partition)
-In the 10GB of boot partition, I'd like to have a dual boot os system - WinXP and Linux (Kubuntu)

I have no idea of how to go about setting up such a system - should I install Win XP first or Kubuntu, or should I first partition the drive ?

Pls help.


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Preferred Solution: Dual OS - H/Drive Partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dual OS - H/Drive Partition

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Hi. i am a newbie and I think I made a disastrous experimentation when i reformatted my pc. I will try to recall what I did so that you can incarcerate me for being hard headed after reading this thread. so here it goes:

1. reformatted my pc using new installation in windows xp. i have four partitions (C for System, D for Programs, E for music and F for Games). My Hd is 80GB IDE.
2. When I installed XP again and installed the drivers and all I noticed that boot time is too slow even if I configured my PC to boot up in HD. I noticed my boot time became slow when I installed the drivers of the video card. My video card is nvidia AGP. This is my suspicion because I could not install the driver of the video (capture image) and it is all down hill from here.
3. i decided to reformat drive c: again because my friend told me that i may have forgotten to have a clean install.
4. I reformatted xp again in drive c: and on my 2nd try I accidentally created dual boot drives in drive c: using windows xp both at the same time.
5. When I realized that i created two boot drive of xp in the same partition, I tried to redo the steps again but to no avail. i have created a monster and this is because I could not control myself.

How am I to remedy this problem because i don't want to have dual boot systems of xp?
Should I format drive c again and do a clean install all over again?
I tried using windows advanced configuration menu and selected safe mode with command prompt t... Read more

Answer:dual windows xp in drive/partition C: help

If you don't have anything on the drive that you want/need, i'd suggest finding the driver/utility CD that came with your hard drive and using that to wipe the partition so you can do a fresh, clean install with no conflicts.

Basically, get the CD so you have it next to you. Power on the computer, and when the black screen with the white lettering comes up listing your CPU and RAM and whatnot, enter the setup/bios by using whatever key it states. Usually this is DEL, or F1 or similar, it should be on the bottom somewhere. Once in there, go to advanced settings to set your boot order.
1st boot, make it CD Rom
2nd boot make it your hdd
3rd, floppy.

Now, put the cd in that you have for your hard drive, and select "save and exit" from the BIOS. You computer will reboot, and spin up the CD. It should take your to your HDD utility/maintenance menu. Go ahead and choose what partition you want to format, and go for it. Make sure you either have nothing that you want on the parition you want to format!! or you back up everything you need/want, and wipe the entire thing. You will not get this information back!!

The utility will then wipe your drive/partition and make way for a clean install.

Once it's done, pop out the CD, pop in your windows CD and reboot. You'll be then able to set up 1 copy of windows on 1 partition and hopefully be back to normal. Don't forget to set your boot order back to what it was before you did this :)


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I partitioned my OS hard drive in two with 50GB devoted to my OS and the rest to my documents. I also have a couple other HDs attached to my computer. Lately I've noticed that whenever I try to pull up My Computer so I can access the different HDs, the window takes forever to respond with the HD icons. Most of the time it never shows up and just crashes.

What's going on here? This only started about two weeks ago.

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A friend has XP on his new pc but does not get on with it and wants to go back to 98se.Is it possible to partition his 40gb hard drive to say a 10 and a 30 gb each and install 98se onto the 30 gb partition then put all programmes etc onto that.Would XP and all his other files etc on the 10 gb partition just sit there and do nothing and could they be copy and pasted to the bigger partition if neededLastly how would the pc boot up into 98se and not XPHe's got a copy of 98se on cd from his old pc.I have a copy of 'Partition commander 6' from pc plus magazineCan this be it fairly easy...what do we need to watch out for if we tried it ..??Thank you....!!! ; ))

Answer:Partition hard drive for dual boot

This link should get you started. click here;en-us;q306559

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I have a HDD that is partitioned into 2 and each contains a dual boot WIN7 OS (both different ). I have backed up the latest one (that I wish to use) but other than successfully removing the dual boot option at startup I cannot find any way of reusing the older partition as a data partition.
It comes down, it seems, to that unwanted partition being a System partition although no longer the BOOT default.
Even with a external Acronis backup of the desired partition I'm loathe to just wipe the whole HDD and repartiition then recover from the archive. Why? Well.. having once lost everything to a seemingly sound backup I prefer to keep the active one on the HDD if it all possible.. If not I may be able to "test" it on another drive.. paranoid? who, me??
Any ideas? please.

Answer:How to remove a dual boot drive partition.

Could you use the snipping tool and post a screen shot of your computer management screen for us to look at?

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I have a backup copy of my system (Vista Business x64) sitting on a separate and external SATA drive.

Well, my Windows XP Pro partion on my dual-boot system was hoses from a MS "Important" update (blue screen). I have tried everything I know to do to get it working again (previous restore point recovery, repair using original XP OS disk, etc.)

However, it is beyond redemption now.

Is there a way to restore, from the Vista Business Complete System Backup, only the single partition/OS (Win XP Pro)?

Someone please say yes. I need to recover that OS very badly.

Answer:Partition restore on dual-boot drive - please help.

DO you have Vista DVD? Since you have only one partition dual boot is not recommended. If you have Vista DVD install the vista and restore from the backup.

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I have win7 32 on my main partition and just installed 64bit on the smaller. Now it only boots from the new install. how can i get a prompt to start either one or the other? thanks.

Answer:Dual booting on same partition hard drive?


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My brother-in-law purchased a laptop for my wife a last Christmas (2010). The laptop came with Vista and he had Geek Squad "upgrade" to 7. However, instead the did a dual install with Vista and 7. I've had problems ever since. First, the D: Recovery drive filled up rather quickly. I some how managed to fix that. I don't remember what I did, but I managed to free up the space on D: and the C: drive then became 1/2 full. Now the C: only has 1% left. I have nothing installed on the C: except my dj software and the normal adobe, flash, etc. HELP!!! How can I fix this problem so I can actually use my computer. Also, my brother-in-law thought he was going to fix it, and some how deleted access to Vista. I can't access Vista anymore from the boot screen, but Vista still shows up. I was in some kind of diag screen with the "7" upgrade disc, and saw that Vista is still installed on the C:. Can this be fixed or should I just buy a new computer?

Answer:C: drive full. Vista-7 upgrade/dual partition

here is a screen shot of disk management

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I searched for my specific issue but haven't been able to find it.

I've a dual-boot setup with XP Home SP3 and Win7 Pro 32bit on one hard drive, data on the others, and two DVD writers.

After Win7 was installed, the XP partition received the letter D:

This screwed up my optical drive letter assignments.

Shown in the pic is Disk Management in Win7. (In XP, the Win7 partition shows up as I:, which causes no problems)

When I went to change the XP partition letter to X:, so that I could reassign my opticals to the standard D: and E: letters, I got the message shown in the box.

My question is, is it possible to reassign the XP partition's letter, so that I can get D: and E: back as optical drive letter assignements? Will reassigning the XP partition a letter other than D: screw up booting Win7?

Answer:Dual boot Win7 & XP, XP partition drive letter reassignment?

I certainly wouldn't advocate trying to change system drive letters.

I think, quite honestly, your best solution is to allocate new drive letters to your optical drives.

I would suggest K and L so that the two optical drives are unaffected by whichever system you boot into.

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I have a single drive partitioned into 2.

I installed windows 8.1 onto partition C.
I cloned partition C onto partition D using EaseUS Backup.
I used easyBCD to add a boot entry for partition D.

I know if you do two separate installtions through the installer, windows makes the drive letter it boots from into drive letter C. This retains the proper path links and ensures compatibility for all applications.

But with the clone when i boot into drive D, it doesn't rename itself into drive C. How can I get the rename functionality enabled so it works properly?

What I have now is windows starting from drive D, but all the links point to drive C for everything including the desktop.

Answer:Dual Booting Cloned Partition - Incorrect drive letter


I solved it the issue. It was because that the disk lettering was already enumerated for the other partition on the initial installation. You couldn't change it in disk management since it was in use.

I opened the registry on disk d remotely.

Those keys are what gives the drives the letters, but they have to be removed remotely and not within the installation

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I am trying to updgrade a Windows Vista system to Windows 8.1 using the dual boot method.  I created a new partition to enable the 'dual boot' install with Windows 8.1, but when I created the partition using the 'shrink volume' procedure in Disk Management, there were only 4GB available for the new partition.   I ended up deleting the new partition - it is not large enough for Windows 8.1 installation.  The existing C drive (with the Windows Vista system) is 289GB and the recovery drive is 8.4GB.  (System is 32bit with 2.0GB RAM).    The Capacity of Drive C shows as 289GB with 98.3GB used and 190GB free (when I check Properties).   But the 'shrink volume' utility in Disk Management only allows a new partition of just over 4GB.    Is there a way to create a bigger partition to complete the dual boot install with Windows 8.1?   Can I get access to that unused 190GB or a portion of it for the new partition?

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Hello Windows Seven Forums,

I have to hard drives in my desktop. One drive has Windows 7 which I'm going to back up to the second hard drive of other partition. The second hard drive have dual boot OS its default is Windows 8.1 and second is Windows 7. This Windows 7 is the same with the other one I'm going to back up but not the installed apps. When the time the back up is done, I want to replace the second Windows 7 of dual boot drive completely. The result will have 1T bytes hard dive run in my desktop only with dual boot Windows 8.1 still is my default and a new replaced Windows 7.

In my view, the same windows back up tutorial provided in this forum to take its way.


Answer:Restored Windows Back Up To Another Partition Of Dual Boot Drive

It's done for back up but I'm having a problem the partition. It will restore the back up in Local Disk C which I don't want to place there. I haven't seen Local Disk D in repair disc I created when loaded from BIOS set up went on. Does anyone knows how can I restore it in Local Disk D only?

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Hi all

I have formatted my hard drive

C ? main OS NTFS
E- Data NTFS
F- Used for Boot Magic (50MB)Fat 32
G- Second OS NTFS (obviously this will be hidden and unhidden & will be C when active)

I have a known good image of a C drive. I would like to restore this to the G drive & then use boot magic to switch between the two.

I can?t seem to get the second boot to work. Is there something wrong with restoring an image that was created from the C drive & restoring it to the G drive ?

When I tried to boot into the second OS the boot was unsuccessful & hangs sometime during booting XP.

I am at work so that is my initial question. I can post back with exact error messages when I am at home.

I have also got in a bit of a mess by doing the following.

I made an image of C. Installed Bootmagic afterwards. I then restored the C image.
Bootmagic is now no longer installed in add/remove programmes but when I try to install it I get an error, ?please uninstall any previous versions of Bootmagic before proceeding?. Thinking about it maybe formatting the F drive will erase the old install & cure this problem?

I would really appreciate a bit of help with this.

Thanks & sorry for the initial lack of detail

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I have a Sandisk Cruzer 64GB USB 2.0 thumb drive and I was wondering if it's possible to create 2 disk partitions and install some boot menu to allow me to choose either the Win10 ISO partition or Surface Book Recovery Image when I boot to USB in UEFI?

Answer:dual partition USB drive for Win10ISO and Surface Recovery Image?

Yes, partitioning a USB is possible. Formatting the USB in NTFS format first might be preferable. You'll need some additional third party tools like EaseUS partition manager to do it. These tools let you easily partition your drives. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to show you how to use these tools. Then next steps are pretty easy and straightforward. Burn the ISOs to the USB partitions (may be just copy-pasting the contents of the ISOs to the partitions might work). You may also take a look at this article at makeuseof:-
After that you need to enable legacy boot menu by executing the following command in the command prompt with admin rights. This will enable the Windows 7 style grey-black boot menu which will detect the number of bootable partitions and let you chose one to boot into. You may boot from your USB and be able to select which partition you want to boot into.
1.) For enabling legacy boot menu:-
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy
2.) For disabling it:-
bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard
After that plug your USB into your PC and on the OEM logo splash screen, see which key is to be used to access multiboot menu. It may be F12 but still. Or go into your PCs BIOS setup by pressing F2 or Del. continuously till the OEM logo appears. There you can set the boot order as you wish. Move USB FDD/HDD or both above the SATA or whatever HDD your PC has, save this configuration and exit the BIOS... Read more

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I had Windows XP Pro installed on my laptop, then I used Partition Magic to convert some free space into a new partition. I installed Linspire on the new partition, allowing it to configure GRUB for dual-booting. This worked fine, but I decided that I didn't want Linspire anymore, so I formatted that partition from within Windows and rebooted. I used the recovery console on the WinXP cd to run fixboot and fixmbr, then restarted. This worked in my testing of other various Linux distros, but this time I got an error: "NTLDR is missing"

I did some Googling and searching here, but I found nothing that helped with my situation. After some looking around I discovered that the driver letters for the two partitions had been switched somehow. In Windows, before I restarted, the Windows partition was C: and the newly reformatted smaller partition was E:. When I log into the recovery console the Windows install partition is shown as E:/ and the new, empty partition is C:/. Buh?

I've looked everywhere for a way to change the drive letters back to what they should be, but I haven't had any luck. The DISKPART command seemed the most likely solution, but the description in Microsoft's support documentation is apparently for a completely different program, since almost none of the features listed are available from the recovery console.

Does anyone know how I can fix the drive letters? Thanks.

Answer:Drive letters wrong after removing Linux dual-boot partition

Never had the need to do it, but have you tried
Control panel->admin tools->computer management->disk management, right-click the partition and select "Change drive letters and path" option?

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Hello there!

I am trying to dual boot Windows 8 release preview along side my present Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I understand that windows 7 only lets four partitions at once. My PC came in with four partitions, namely:


So when I try to shrink the space in the C drive and go through the new simple volume wizard in the Disk Management, a message comes up saying the disk will be converted to dynamic if I proceed. I was a little confused and stopped there. I read a few threads online and downloaded the minitool partition wizard but I am really lost as to what to do. To summarize it all up, I am trying to dual boot windows 8 release preview but I have four partitions already so is there anyway I can delete one of them or create an extended partition? I also included screenshots of my partitions. Please help! Thank you in advance.

Answer:Hard drive partition problem in Windows 7 on a HP laptop for dual boot

You don't need the HP Tools partition, delete it and then shrink C to create unallocated space to create a new partition, then, when u install 8, use the setup.exe in the Sources folder, this allows for a custom install where u designate the partition. ...and welcome to the forum sneakymode!

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I installed Ubuntu on a older Toshiba laptop. When I boot up it asks me to select either Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I want to get rid of the Ubuntu disk partition and give that 2.9 GB space to my primary hard drive. I go into compmgmt.msc but I can't execute any commands on that disk partition. Any ideas?

Answer:delete dual boot Ubuntu partition and convert to primary hard drive c:

So you wanna get rid of ubuntu totally?
first tap F8 multiple times to enter recovery environment
select "command prompt"
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

-now the default MBR has been restored (don't know if ubuntu did change that)

list disk
sel disk 0 (or 1 or 2)
list part (note the number of ubuntu partition)
sel part X (if X is number of ubuntu partition. be very sure to select right partition!!!)
delete part

try to boot. post output of "disk management" afterwards

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Sorry, not sure where this item should be posted?
I have a 500 gb drive, Dual booted to Windows 10 (day to day work) and Windows 7 (Flight sim), there is no further capacity for expansion. I would like to copy/transfer the window 7 partition on to a new 1T Internal Drive, expand the Windows 10 partition into the newly formed space and keep the Dual Boot facility, How is this best achieved?

Answer:Copy/transfer a full 'partition' to a new Internal Drive, and still maintaining Dual Boot facility


One of our experts will be with you ASAP..

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I'm a long-time reader but new poster. I am currently running Windows 7. I want to install Windows XP onto another disc and have a dual-boot setup. I keep Windows 7 up to date and secure, but for the XP partition, I would rather not have antivirus running or even installed, in order to limit background processes. I will not be logging into any place or making any credit card purchases when booted into Windows XP. It will just be used for surfing, games, etc. Further, if and when XP becomes compromised or buggy, I will simply overwrite the partition with a backup image.

If I use Bitlocker to lock down the Windows 7 partition (with the encryption key on a thumb drive) and boot into Windows XP, am I correct in thinking the XP installation see or can't access the Windows 7 partition? If XP gets compromised, can a virus access or write to the Windows 7 partition?

Is there any other reason why this would not be secure? Can a virus write to the BIOS?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Answer:Can OS partition access a dual boot partition if encrypted w/Bitlocker

Please, any response would be greatly appreciated.

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I would like to create a bootable partition from an existing Win 7 partition. I have two partitions bootable now. Both Win 7- one with dragon dictate and various software I am trying out (on a 1.5 TB drive) and the other is my regular boot partition on an SSD with the system reserved partition.

I would like to create an exact image of the regular SSD boot partition on the 1.5 TB drive with the existing win7 dragon partition (and other data drives) to do an upgrade to win 8 (avoiding reinstall of lots of additional software).

I have read lots of threads on related topics but haven't seen one that can help with this problem.

I have tried acronis DD 2011 copying the partition but it isn't bootable and easyBCD adds it but it always defaults to the dragon partition when selecting it from the boot menu.

I do have acronis 2011, 2012, and 2013 plus versions as well as 2011 disk director.
Also just downloaded partition wizard but thought I might try a question first. If there is a thread I missed that has the solution, please point me there.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:create dual boot partition from exisiting W7 partition on existing HDD

After re-imaging the partition to HD choosing Auto drive letter selection, Active partition and include MBR and Track0, unplug all other HDs, set target HDD first HD to boot in BIOS (after DVD drive), confirm partition is still marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times until Win7 starts with the System Active flags onboard.

If you are including the 100mb System Reserved partition then all of these things should be done choosing it, so that it remains bootable and starts Win7. Otherwise the steps applied to C will cut out the 100mb System Reserved as boot partition.

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..Hey gang..built my daughter a system for Xmas which is not going to be 100% I guess, but close..I built a dual-hard drive system one for the kids and one for her to do graphics work..I installed a spinner sata with Win 7 for kids and an SSD with Win 8.1 for her..installed 7 first and then 8 and things were fine, Win 8 would give me a nice screen asking me which OS I wanted to boot to.. but then the spinner started blue screening and grinding so I changed the hd and of course it screwed my boot up and I don't know alot about mbr's and that kind of thing but downloaded EasyBCD and was able to fumble my way through it to luckily get Win 8 back but here's my problem..When I shut down in Win 7 everything is fine as when I start it up I get a bios like screen asking me which OS I want to boot to..but when I shut down in Win 8 it automatically boots back to Win 8 without asking...I have to "restart" to get to the OS choice screen..I don't want to go messing around much further here without some direction as googling my way around miraculously saved me the first time but this problem is a little too convoluted to try and research on my own...Any suggestions greatly appreciated..merry xmas all!

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So tonight I booted my systems system up with OEM XP Pro CD and saw 2 partitions discovered. Thinking that they were both on the HD I deleted both of them. Problem is that the Thumb drive was detected by windows installed as a HD even though connected thru USB.Checked with wife and she has of course work saved on it and nowhere else. Anyone have tool suggestions to recreate that partition. I am guessing that since it hasnt been formatted that the data should still be there? And upon fixing the deleted partition and not creating a new partition I should be able to have all her data back?Seriously cant believe that her thumb drive was detected by Windows XP as a 512MB Hard Drive! I guess the motherboard that is a year old and supports bootable USB devices may be why XP saw it as a HD... GREAT  Lesson learned... make sure all USB drive devices are not connected when going thru a Windows clean installation process!!! 

Answer:Accidental thumb drive partition deleted ...tool suggestions to repair partition

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I'm not too sure what to do as of now, the free partition that is worth 66gb is just there. I right clicked my Primary Cdrive partition to try extend it but it was greyed out and so i couldnt merge the two..

Help is greatly appreciated!

Answer:How do i Merge a free space partition to my Primary C drive partition? IN VISTA

You can't modify the partition that has Windows installed on it because doing so would destroy your Windows installation.

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Win XP home ed.:
What are the steps needed to access one of my partitions, delete it, then use 1/2 the space and apply to system drive and the other 1/2 to another partition?

Answer:remove partition & add space to system drive & a diff partition

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currently I am using vista ultimate. I have only one partition (C:)

i want to install vista home premium onto (C:) but my dvd/cd drive does not work. I do not have (or want to use) a portable DVD/CD drive to reformat.

Im thinking of creating another partition (D:) and then transfering the "bootable folder for home premium", from another computer to (D:) via usb drive.

Can I boot from this new partition (D:) and reformat (C:)?


Answer:HELP! No CD Drive, want to make recovery partition to format main partition

Hi -

Shrink the HDD -->

However, Vista must be installed from DVD.

Regards. . .



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I loaded a hard disk formatted as a Windows Primary Disk onto my SATA controller. The BIOS sees the disk. In this case I want to load the new disk as a secondary drive (of course I have booted with a different hard disk). I load the Partition Manager and inside I find that the partition manger does not see the new disk. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the new disk being a Windows 7 primary boot partition as well. I was hoping to get a drive letter mapped to it so I could extract some data from that disk. What should I be doing when this occurs?

Thank you...

Answer:Partition Manager. Primary Boot Partition as Secondary Drive.

Have you tried Disk Management? Right click computer and select manage, in the left column select disk management. In the lower portion of the window you will see each hard drive with drive letters. If you see one with no drive letter, right click it and select 'change drive letter or path, next screen select add, and pick whatever drive letter you would like from the drop down list. Once it gives it a drive letter, you will be able to see it in explorer. If you have data on the drive you would like to keep, Do Not format it, if Disk Management wants to.

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OTG is not supported in my lumia 535 dual sim hand set, what about this hybrid dual pen drive will support ????

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After looking through several posts on this and other forums it seems that everybody that operates with two hard drives has they smaller drive as the master and the larger as the slave. Is there any reasoning behind this?I have two hard drives, but I have the larger as the master with three partitions separating the operating system (XP pro, Sp2 etc) from the installed program files and my files and folders (documents, media etc.), while using my smaller, slave as a backup for my files.Can anyone advise me which arrangement, if any, is better and why?Thanks

Answer:Dual dual hard drive, master/slave arrangement

No, entirely up to you how you arrange them. Many people start off with just one drive then buy a larger drive at a later date. This will explain why the O/S is on the smaller of the two drives, but of course there will be other reasons as well.If I was to reformat a system with two drives, I think I would separate the smaller drive into two partitions, anything upto 10Gb for the operating system and drivers required for hardware then a similar or slightly larger partition for all the applications such as Office etc.Second or slave drive would be in two or three partitions, first one for a backup of everything on the C: drive then two partitions for all my data.There are no hard and fast rules for this and many members will have their own preference, some with the opinion that with modern machines and operating systems there is no need to partition a large drive and in fact better not to. You can also mix drives of different speeds on the same IDE channel and the IDE controller will let each drive run at its respective speed.So, some people will have their master hard drive and one optical drive on one channel then their second or slave drive on the other channel with another optical drive.

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I upgraded to Win 7 (Home Premium) from XP by adding a new physical drive, not by inserting a new partition into the original boot drive. As a result, files essential to the booting of Win 7 are stuck on the XP drive. The XP drive cannot be removed or reformated because doing so would make it impossible to boot Win 7 from its drive, at least as is.

I have already added a great number of files to the Win 7 drive, and there is no space left on the XP drive to reinstall Win 7 there either. If possible, I need a solution that will make the Win 7 drive bootable so I can remove the XP drive completely, or reformat it.

As currently configured, XP is on drive C:, Win 7 was added to drive E:, and the system is currently run as a dual boot. Attempting to boot without the XP drive present will yield a "NTLDR is missing" error very early in the boot process.

I have already tried the following:
(1) I moved the hidden Windows Boot Manager files (bootmgr as well as the associated Boot folder) from the XP drive root to the Win 7 drive root.
(2) After physically removing the XP drive, I rebooted to the Win 7 installation DVD, and used the "Repair Your Computer" option to pull up the "Recovery Tools". Then, using the command prompt utility, ...
(3) I attempted to write a new boot sector to the Windows 7 disk using the command: Bootrec /fixboot, - that yields an error though. The Bootrec /fixmbr claimed success, but ultimately did not make Win 7 drive bootable. ... Read more

Answer:How do I remove XP from a dual-boot on dual-drive system, leaving the Win 7?

I found a solution. It's convoluted but it works. I will present it here in detail in case anyone else runs into this problem. I also found a Microsoft support article related to it, although it's discussing this problem for an older version of Windows:

Changing Active Partition Can Make Your System Unbootable

The article points out the boot-up error symptomatic of having multiple active partitions ahead of the actual partition with the OS: "NTLDR is missing". That is exactly what I experienced. Since most people use drive C: to boot from, they may never see be aware of this idiosyncratic problem, as active partitions after the first won't cause the problem. Microsoft blames an Intel's design for this oversight.

I first disconnected all other hard drives except my chosen boot drive, - this allowed Win 7 to boot properly, if only from that one drive. Here's the way in which I finally was able to reconnect all the drives and boot from my Win 7 drive:

(1) Once Win 7 was able to boot from the single drive remaining, I deleted the unnecessary boot menu left over from the dual boot by running the command prompt utility in the administrator mode, (right-click on command prompt program icon, select Run as administrator), and used the following command to delete the menu: BCDEdit /delete {ntldr} /f

(2) I then reconnected all the drives I previously removed. Consistent with what I'd expect if the Microsoft article was true, Windows 7 no lon... Read more

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Need some help. I recently bought Acer Aspire 5560G. It comes with 500GB HDD with only one partition which is drive C. There are 2 hidden partitions as well. I would like to split my drive C in 2 partitions without effecting my Recovery partition. Is it possible??? if yes than what's the best way?? Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hard Drive Partition Without Effecting Recovery Partition

I think the easiest way to accomplish that is to shrink your C: partition. That will create unallocated space. And the unallocated space can be used to create a new partition.

Partition or Volume - Shrink

Partition or Volume - Create New

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I accidently deleted :

- Drive C partition
- System partition (100mb)
- MBR partition

when i was trying to install fresh windows 7.

now i only have :

- Disk 0 Unallocated Space
- Disk 0 Partition 1: Data (Drive D)

when i try to make new partition in Unallocated Space, it says

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."

Please, can anyone help me to fix this?
And i need my Drive D untouchable. (not to be deleted)

Answer:Deleted C drive, system and MBR partition. Can't make new partition

Try to define a primary active partition in the allocated space. Use the bootable CD of Partition Wizard - it is the last box on the website. Burn that .iso to CD and boot with the CD. Here are How To tutorials.

Technical Support of free partition magic, partition manager servre, partition software and partition magic server - Partition Wizard

Then you should be able to install into that partition.

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MSDN member.
Primary OS is Windows 8.1 but I need to install a Windows 7 partition for testing. I've followed threads dealing with others also having problems but they've not solved mine.
I've several SATA and one SSD HDD. Windows 8.1 is installed on SSD. I'm trying to install W7 + update 1 from msdn supplied ISO burned to DVD onto an empty 2TB HDD. I've unplugged a couple of USB flash drives. Checked that AHPI (or whatever it's called) for my SATA drives is turned on. Had safe boot off and on. Checked it's MBR partition and not GPT. I've also run through the installation problems thread.
When I get to the pictured screen, I select the empty disk and attempt to set it up but nothing happens when I press Apply and I get the following message when I press the next button. I've never had problems like this before and don't know what else I can try to fix it.

Answer:W7 won't install on partition. Disk drive partition problems

If the 2TB drive is empty (not used) then delete all the partitions until it's just unallocated space, then click Next to start the install. The installer will create the partitions it needs then do the install.

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Has anyone recovered a boot partition on a drive using Active Partition? I never have but need to try. I did a deep scan and it found the boot partition ok and it says 'recoverable' by it. When I tried to recover it tells me some partition is overlapped on it and it fails so this is a clue I'm sure. Then it also says to delete the overlapped partition first but I'm not sure what partition is the good one. So now I want to be sure I do the next steps right to get it to work again. What happened was that I had tried to install windows XP on a unpartitioned part of the HD but in the process it must've overwrote the original boot partition some. I didn't proceed fully with the XP install but did go back in and delete the partition I was going to install it on thinking that would fix it but it didn't. I have high hopes in restoring it but want to proceed with caution. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Answer:Trying to recover boot partition on drive using Active Partition

Boot with your XP CD in...hit R to load the Recovery Console.At the prompt type fixboot and hit Enter.Remove the XP CD and re-boot.If there's still no change repeat the procedure but type in fixmbr.

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G'day all!

I have an oldish seagate 10.2 gig Hard drive installed as slave, and a seagate 60 gig as master. The slave has WinME and the master has WinXP. How can I choose which drive/OS to boot from. I've gone into bios, but the slave (10.2gig) isn't listed as an option in the boot order list. Should they both be master? At the moment it boots only from the 60 gig WinXP.

Answer:dual hard drive/ dual boot problem

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HelloFirst time posting a technical question/issue.Here are my comp basics:Asus P5E WS Pro 4 GB RAM (w/+4GB ready to install)Intel Quad Core 2.4GHz ProcessorRAID (x2 Western Digital SATA drives) C:2 each IDE hard drives (storage only) F:/G:XP ProMy PC is about 2.5 years old (custom build) and is still operating on the original format. I have been extremely careful about infections (running Nortons 360 AV). The computer is still more than adequate for my use (graphics, general). This is what I want to do, but I am not really that savvy with hardware upgrading/reformatting and such:I would like to install Windows 7, but maintain the current boot of XP Pro without losing any data.1. Can/how do I partition C: and install Windows 7 allowing to boot up to either OS?2. I would also like to acquire and use a program that can restore a drive from a storage media (one use to be called Drive Image years ago). Essentially, I would like to be able to "save" a drive to an external source and "flash" it back if I should ever have any problems, without having to re-install all the software, updates, etc... Is this a possibility? 3. One concern I know nothing about is the RAID. There is a Marvell RAID monitor that runs in my system tray (System Information also says there is an Intel RAID monitor). I don't even know what it is for - is this a significant thing for reformatting/installing new OS?Best regards and thanks for any guidance. I learned that I know just enoug... Read more

Answer:Partition PC/Dual boot? +

You can use Partition Logic to add a second partition. There are instructions in the manual.Acronis True Image is good software for maintaining a drive image.My personal opinion is that RAID is really that much of an advantage in most home user computers.

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I have dual booted my PC so I have windows 8 and windows 7. When I am on Windows 8 I can see my Windows 7 Partition listed in Computer and I can access it and all the files. But when I am in Windows 7 I can't see the Windows 8 Partition. Sometimes I need to access the other to get certain things.

Can anyone help me with this?

Answer:Dual Boot Partition

For everyone else who as a problem similar to this or you have a drive not showing up. Open the disk manager and assign the drive a letter.

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Dear All

I am due a crash very soon - every 6 months or so and I want this time to prevent having to re-install all my program files.

My master hdd is divided in 2 partitions and some space that is unused.

Windows (xp) is installed in C and all program files are in D. These are the two partitions I am most concerned about - if I can back these up - I won't have to re-install all my apps and software.

In my second hdd I have music, films etc - these can easily be backed up to DVDs (thats my weekend sorted).

so how do I backup (whether through copy or image) my C and D partitions so that the links will not be lost? make sense? any suggestions would be most welcome.

they are both about 8 Gbs - each using about 3 gbs.


Answer:Dual Partition Backup


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I had xp pro installed on 2 partitions on the same hard drive-I formatted one and reinstalled th os- now i can only boot into the new partition though the other one is intact....the partitions are c and d and on startup i used to have a choice, now , the names changed but have 2 choices only the new one works---how do i fix this while maintaining all the settings in the other partition--it seems that the solution is simple but my brain is old and fragmented--thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:booting dual xp partition

Copy and paste your boot.ini file so we can have a look at it please.

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Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice on how best to set up & partition the HDDs on my PC. Lenovo M90p 5864

The original drive has Windows 7 64bit os pre installed & is Western Digital 150GB. I then have an additional Seagate 500GB which I fitted in place of the DVD drive using the power source & Sata cables. I bought an external DVD drive which is connected via USB.

I will mainly use the PC for business with design software like Photoshop / Illustrator CS / FlexiSign Pro. Also Office software for accounting etc.

I will also use it for storing photos & music files.

My intention is to keep the PC offline if at all possible & to do all program updates via pendrive (32GB Kingston Data Traveler) I have wsus but not sure how realistic this actually is.

I had downloaded Macrium Reflect initially as I had just intended to swap the original HD for the larger one until I decided to use both. I am not sure if it may still be a good idea to make a copy of the os as a backup on a bootable disk.

I am also not sure of what order I need to approach this all in, i.e. after partitioning, do I install antivirus first or windows updates etc.

All advice greatly appreciated as have never done anything like this.

Answer:How best to partition dual HDDs

You do realize that Windows 7 still gets security patches until January 2020. And Office 2007 and above is still being patched. (I have an XP computer with Office 2007 installed so I update that every Patch Tuesday as well as keeping MS Security Essentials and Malwarebytes updated).
Keeping it off line and missing more than 4 years of security patches doesn't seem like the best idea to me.

We have 4 computers in the house and I keep them patched, including flash which also gets updated every Patch Tuesday and sometimes in between if a bad security hole is discovered.

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I installed Win2K on an old PC and selected new install from the install menu, and now my HD has even less room on it than it did before the install and it asks me if want to run Windows or Windows 2000 Professional at start up. Did it install the new one and is waiting for me to uninstall the original? How can I reclaim my HD? It is a 6GB HD and Win2K should not use much of that, so my old junk must still be there somewhere, right?


Answer:Why am I dual booting on only one partition!?

This can sometime happen when you install Win2k/XP from the DOS prompt. Edit your boot.ini file and remove the option of booting to the copy of Windows you don't want. Then, since you installed Win2k, it should be in the C:\WINNT directory, so you can safely delete C:\WINDOWS which contains your old version. This is why its really better to do a fresh format.

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I recently purchased an older Dell Lattitude Laptop, 300Mhz, 64MB Ram, not too powerful, just using it in for web surfing and Usenet. I have a problem. The machine originally had 95 installed and I formatted the hard drive using a Win 98 startup disk, then I installed Win 2000. The installation went fine and everything works fine but there is one problem. The drive is broken down into two partitions. (The drive is a 4 GB HD), the primary C: partition is only a few hundred MB while the rest of the drive is used under the second E: partition. I cannot load anything onto the second partition, cannot use anything on that partition, which is most of the drive. I cannot even download long Usenet strings to the primary partition due to the size. Question: How can I combine the two partitions into one without reformatting and reloading everything? Thanks for all answers in advance.

Answer:Dual partition problem

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I am currently running XP and want to retain it as a dual boot when I install Win7 (still phobic about leaving XP behind )

I currently have Disk 0 partitioned into C: (40 Gb) and F: (40 Gb)

XP is installed on F.

Disk management calls the c: partition a system partition (It once had 2000 installed on) and f: a boot partition.

My intention is to delete everything from c: and put Windows 7 on that.

Does that sound the right / sensible way to do it, and should it be straightforward if I follow the dual boot Win7 / XP guide from this site?

Any advice appreciated.

Answer:Partition / disk for dual XP/ 7

Hello Bobthebass, welcome to Seven Forums!

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a maximized snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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I had a pretty bad virus Kaspersky didn't catch and had to reinstall Windows Vista on my laptop. Afterward, I had two partitions, RECOVERY C: and OS D:. I can't delete the D: and merge the two through disk management, it won't allow it. and C: is full. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Dual partition after reinstall

Those i believe are normal, if you have an OEM computer then the recovery parttion is for automated reinstall and the OS is well just that it is the OS. Odd though that windows would letter them that way. You should be ok.

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Hello all,

I have Windows 7 64 bit on one of my hard drives.
Randomly it wouldnt boot anymore (got stuck in bios startup, wouldnt boot in safe mode or anything else)

I installed windows 7 32 bit on a different hard drive, and want to know how to repair my older version.

If this is the wrong section i appologize but it seemed like it fit.

Any ideas on where to start or how to fix my issues on the 64 bit hard drvie.

Answer:Windows 7 dual partition help

dillonster, Welcome to sevenforums. Have you looked at this tutorial and gave start up repair a try...
Startup Repair

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Hi im trying to install windows 7 to dual boot with xp already on the same hard drive but have 2 partitions, im getting an error along the lines of unable to create partition when installing windows 7, been looking on internet for fix but nothing seems to work so is this possible?, i have a seperate 80gb ide drive aswell but that means copying 70gb of date back to the spare partition which would take a while so id prefer to have them both on one partition, i need win 7 for new games and have to much stuff on xp partition to save elsewhere

Answer:Dual boot same partition

Hi how much space is free on the xp drive have you read through this Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP - Windows 7 Forums

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ok guys i have a dell latitude (dino) laptop and i bought it off my dad and he swears that their is more than one operating system on ive been building and playing around with computers for a lot of years now and i havent found it yet. he said this thing has windows 2000 profesinal and windows xp home. now normaly if a computer has 2 operating systems it gives u a choice at boot.....well not this one it goes straight into xp. i have dune every thing short of slapping in a windows disk and getting to the partition set up just to see is it has a seprate partition. but i dont want to loose any thing on either os if it even has another os b/c he wants the pics of the two towers and the statue of liberty that he took two days befor nine elevin. so can u help me out and tell mke if their is another way to go about all this????? thanks for your time and have a wonderfull day guys.:confused

Answer:need some help with this laptop dual partition

You can look at the partition structure in XP Home without risking anything or booting to the CD.

Start > Run, type diskmgmt.msc, OK

If it has more than one Primary partition your dad might be right.

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I want to try Linux, so I need a way to dual boot. It is my understanding that the easiest way to dual boot is to have both OSs on different partitions of the same drive. This way the BIOS will ask which OS you want to boot to.

Question 1: Can I partition my C: drive which has WinXP on it without reformatting or losing my dataso I will have another partition on which to put Linux? I went to the help utility where I was directed to select Disk Management and right click etc. etc. etc. and then select New Partition. However, there was no new partition choice. Can I partition a hard drive without reformatting it?

Question 2: Alternatively, I have a 20GB hard drive lying around I could put in for my Linux, but I saw on another thread it would have to be set up as a slave and a slave is not bootable. How would I set up 2 bootable hard drives?

Answer:Partition for dual boot

If you want to try out Linux, in the first instance there is no need to go for a full install on a separate partition. You can use the bootable Linux versions. They fit onto a 700Mb CDR and you will be a able to get a flavour.

There are also several different kinds of Linux and one may well be more suited to you. My best advise to you at this stage is download the bootable ones first and have a go.

Alternatively, there is a Linux version DSL which is only 50Mb and which can be run inside windows just like any other program. I have been testing these versions and I would say that Linux is quite different.

In respect of paritioning your hard drive. yes you could repartition your hard drive and make your current bootable partition smaller (always risks to this) and create another primary partition and install Linux on that.

You would need a boot manager to select which o/s you want to boot to. Also o/s install on a hard disk must be ordered so XP would be first and Linux second (in that particular instance).

Good Luck

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Hi All,

I get the following error when starting Partition Magic in XP. Partitions drive letter cannot be identified. I went to the Norton website and the KB suggested the the drive may have windows protection enabled on it. I checked it and it did not have it on. How can I partition this drive with third party s/w so that I can dual boot with a fresh install of Vista? Should I run check disc again?
I also get the following errors when running PartitionInfo:

Error #105: Partition didn't begin on head boundary.
ucBeginHead expected to be 0 or 1, not 2.
Error #106: Partition didn't begin on head boundary.
ucBeginSector expected to be 1, not 60.
Error #108: Partition didn't end on cylinder boundary.
ucEndHead expected to be 254, not 109.
Error #108: Partition didn't end on cylinder boundary.
ucEndSector expected to be 63, not 13.
Error #105: Partition didn't begin on head boundary.
ucBeginHead expected to be 0 or 1, not 109.
Error #106: Partition didn't begin on head boundary.
ucBeginSector expected to be 1, not 14.
Error #109: Partition ends after end of disk.
ucEndCylinder (60801) must be less than 60801.
Error #108: Partition didn't end on cylinder boundary.
ucEndHead expected to be 254, not 47.
Error #108: Partition didn't end on cylinder boundary.
ucEndSector expected to be 63, not 46.

Any help would be great!


Answer:Can't Partition in XP for dual boot

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Hi all,

Would it be possible to install Windows 7 on my windows XP partition? I have Ubuntu installed this way and it seems to run fine, but how would I go about installing Windows 7 on the same partition? The Ubuntu install disc I had did it automatically, and how would I be able to add Windows 7 to the boot sequence?


Answer:Dual boot on one partition?

It is possible to do this, but the programs that you use may defeat this. For example, you'll need 2 "Windows" folders - which you can force a rename of.

But how will your programs know which Windows folder to use?

I'd suggest changing the size of the partition with a 3rd party tool.

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Dual Boot Dilemma

I have dual boot XP on one single partition. Duh- I know a second OS should be put on a separate partition, but the damage is done. How can I get back to one OS?

Answer:Dual boot from one partition

Delete the folder of one of the Windows copies? Your program files and user profiles are most likely FUBAR though. Better format and reinstall.

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is it possible to install dual os on dynamic disk 
plz answer me guys

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This is my first time here so if I need to elaborate on anything or provide more information I'll be happy to. I'm trying to set up a dual boot environment on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I've done this one other systems in the past enough to where it had become pretty routine. Trying to accomplish that this time has me at a complete loss of how to proceed.

This is my current system:
Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i3-3217U
PNY 480Gb SSD (this was swapped in as the original HDD was going bad)

I went about how I had done in the past and went into Computer Management > Disk Management to partition off a significant amount of free space for the second OS.

Seeing only ~38Gb available when the drive has ~267Gb of free space sent me searching the internet to find out where the extra space was going.

This lead to several sources that suggested where Windows was storing pagefile.sys was the issue that kept the full amount of free space from being available during volume shrinking. Several sources again suggested that turning off virtual memory, removing restore points, and deleting pagefile.sys would free up this space. It turned out not freeing up the space. So I reverted those changes.

I thought well maybe I could backup the drive and use Windows restoration feature to force it to reformat to the size I'd like (while retaining enough space to fit the data). I backed up and made a system image using "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)". I then used Microsof... Read more

Answer:What is the best way to partition a SSD for dual boot?

johnson pw said:

After this I'm really at a loss for how to proceed to get the SSD in the state that I'd like.

Stop trying to use Windows disk management and use MiniTool Partition Wizard instead:
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free
That will solve your problem.

Adjusting the boot partition (partition that contains the OS that was booted into) will probably cause MiniTool to ask you to restart the computer to perform the actions. That's fine - it's never failed me. Do forget to click the Apply button though.

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I am running Windows XP and would like to run Linux on my computer as a dual boot system. I only have one hardrive so I know I have to partition it to make room for Linux, but I have not yet come across a tutorial that explains this process in enough detail. I am downloading the files needed to boot Linux, but I would like help when it comes to the partitioning. If anyone could help me or link me to a top notch tutorial it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Partition HDD for Dual Boot?

boot to a 98 boot disk and prform FDISK

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the story

i installed acronis OS manager , didnt think i was actually going to need it, ended up it made my system hang at right before booting winxp home. so i have winxp pro at home and installing it was the only thing to get my system to finally boot. so i have both winxp home and pro on the same partition, which i did NOT want, and my acronis os manaager will not uninstall (or maybe it is but my boot.ini is messed up?!) . how can i get xp pro off and make another partition successfully? i tried partitino magic to make a new partition before this junk happened and it gave me an error , so someone suggested acronis? move this if necessary and thanks for your help!

Answer:Dual OS on same partition problems

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This is my first time here so if I need to elaborate on anything or provide more information I'll be happy to. I'm trying to set up a dual boot environment on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I've done this one other systems in the past enough to where it had become pretty routine. Trying to accomplish that this time has me at a complete loss of how to proceed.

This is my current system:
Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i3-3217U
PNY 480Gb SSD (this was swapped in as the original HDD was going bad)

I went about how I had done in the past and went into Computer Management > Disk Management to partition off a significant amount of free space for the second OS.

Seeing only ~38Gb available when the drive has ~267Gb of free space sent me searching the internet to find out where the extra space was going.

This lead to several sources that suggested where Windows was storing pagefile.sys was the issue that kept the full amount of free space from being available during volume shrinking. Several sources again suggested that turning off virtual memory, removing restore points, and deleting pagefile.sys would free up this space. It turned out not freeing up the space. So I reverted those changes.

I thought well maybe I could backup the drive and use Windows restoration feature to force it to reformat to the size I'd like (while retaining enough space to fit the data). I backed up and made a system image using "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)". I then used Microsof... Read more

Answer:What is the best way to partition a SSD for dual boot?

Originally Posted by johnson pw

After this I'm really at a loss for how to proceed to get the SSD in the state that I'd like.

Stop trying to use Windows disk management and use MiniTool Partition Wizard instead:
Best Free Partition Manager for Windows | MiniTool Partition Free
That will solve your problem.

Adjusting the boot partition (partition that contains the OS that was booted into) will probably cause MiniTool to ask you to restart the computer to perform the actions. That's fine - it's never failed me. Do forget to click the Apply button though.

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What would be the easiest way to do a dual boot? Would it be:

1)Use a second hard drive, one with XP one with Windows 7? If I did this would I be able to plug the XP drive in and see it as my D:\ drive? What if I went and switched it back in the bios to the XP hard would I see windows 7 stuff in D:\? I’d like to do this since I have two hard drives one that is brand new.

2) Just partition my current hard drive and dual boot. If I did this would I be able to switch back and forth and see files on both boots? Also what about if I added my other new hard drive would both see it easily?

I don’t know much about dual boots so please fill me in and answer my questions.

Answer:Dual booting, two hds vs partition?

I put my W7 in a separate HDD ....
Didn't want to take a chance and break a perfectly good XP system.

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Whenever my niece stays over for the weekend she messes up my wifes computer.
I would like to create our nieces her own partition that way WHEN she messes it up I can just reload that partition and not interfere with my wifes stuff.
She plays a kids game online with block shaped people and she downloads all types of crap without us knowing,maybe two OS's??

Or maybe some one could help me figure out how to not let her d-load all this crap.

I'm thinking,Vista will stay with my wifes machine and have our niece with XP. That way when she is here we just load XP and everything will be good.

Any thought????


Answer:Partition help/dual boot?

Here is a great option, and probably the easiest.

Deep Freeze - Absolute Workstation Integrity 100% Restore on every reboot

My question to you is, why are you letting her download anything, tell her either stop or no pc

You could setup a very restricted user account for her.

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My 1TB HDD is partitioned like this:
Link to image
In there, I can see two (2) partitions described in their Status as "Recovery Partition": One is 1GB (1000MB)  and the other is 15.56GB.
What is the difference between the two? That is,

Why not only one recovery partition?
Why do we need two?
What do they contain?

Also, what is the difference between the 15.56GB Recoery partition and the 25GB D: drive partition?
I have seen reference to the 25GB D: drive partition as a recovery partition. Is this true? If so, why do we need another recovery partition?
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

Answer:What is the difference between the D: drive partition and the Recovery partition(s)?

I don't have the answers to all of your questions but according to this reply: The D: Partition is there if you want a fresh install and you need the drivers. The recovery partition is there if something went wrong (program destroyed the file system) and can be restored to the last working state.You may also want to read the OneKey Recovery - Hot Topics page (found it through the Solutions page). 

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Hey,I have 3 partitions on my system.C: Windows 98 Second EditionD: Windows XP Professional EditionE: Storage (Largest of the 3)Now, after i got my PC back from my friend, it had:C: Windows 98 Second EditionD: (Blank/Storage Partition)E: StorageAnd i proceeded to install XP on partition D:I believe that C: would be my primary partition. But i want to format it, as 98 is not working properly and i would like Linux in its place. I have been told i cant just format C: as it could mess up the booting process, and i need to keep some files on there.I want to format C:, could anyone tell me if the problem stated above is true, and how i can get around it.Note:C+D: FAT32E: NTFSThis screenshot should help:click hereThankyou,Peter Oconnell

Answer:Formatting first partition, Dual booting 98 + XP

Yes, you will have to proceed very carefully otherwise you will end up with a PC that will not boot. Firstly, backup those files you need to keep from 'C' before doing anything. Secondly, it would probably be easiest if you installed XP on your first 'C' partition, afterwards you can consider installing Linux on your second partition (hda2 in Linux terms), if it is a modern distribution of Linux, it should be a fairly straightforward install, although you will have to be careful as to where Linux wants to install to as it usually defaults to the first partition (hda1), also, unless you are using a third party boot manager like Bootmagic, make sure that the Linux bootloader (usually LILO) installs to a floppy disk and NOT to your MBR (master boot record) which is on your first partition. Failure to do this could make Windows unbootable!

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I hope this post is in the right place.

Can I safely dual boot Linux and windows XP on a HP media center (m260n)? When I get to the partitioning screen for Ubuntu it looks like it will format the recovery partition along with the windows partition. It's a 120G drive with a 20G recovery partition, and Ubuntu wants to format 120G not just the 100G currently used by windows. Any suggestions?



Answer:Dual Booting on an HP with a recovery partition.

i don't think the recovery partition is necessary, but don't take my word for it. generally a linux dual boot with windows will work best if you make the windows partition first, install windows, then partition and format the remaining space for linux and install.

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I've just installed Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop PC as it worked so well for the past month on my laptop I shrunk my Vista 64 partition and installed Win 7 x64 build 7000 on the new partition. All went smooth and well!

As I wanted to transfer some files and settings from my Vista install to my new Win7 I assigned a drive letter to my hidden Vista drive in the "Disk Management" utility and went on with my business. Now, as I'm done I'd like to hide my Vista partition again but I can't get it to work

When I select my Vista partition and select the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and then press the "Remove" button I get the following error box:

"Windows cannot remove the drive letter of your volume. This may happen if your volume is a system or boot volume, or has page files."

My Vista volume is the first volume of the physical drive, the boot files is there but I don't have any page file on it. How come this drive could be hidden and revealed in the first place but not hidden again?

All and any advice is most welcomed!

Answer:Need help with dual boot, hiding a partition


You may need to use a 3rd party app.

I haven't tried to do exactly what you're after, but a lot of use Paragon Partition Manager 9, it works really well on Win 7 x64.

Paragon Partition Manager – resize partitions, partitioning software

Easeus partition manager also works ( Pro version or higher - the home version only works on x86 ).

Norton Partition Magic alternative - EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition

Acronis Disk Director does not:

Hope it helps


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I have first install shown as D:\ drive = win7 32bit
second install (dual boot) as C:\ drive = win7 64bit

I want to move the system files to the C:\ drive and change to active. then delete D:\ drive and expand C:\ back to full size

I tried to copy the system files to the C drive which fails to copy. maybe because of the different 32bit vs 64bit? so i am afraid to change the "active" to C drive as there are no system on it (shown in the manager).

any advice on doing this? i really dont want to reinstall programs (games, photoshop etc.)

I want to go to 1 partition of win7 64bit because it is AWESOME!

*i dont see how to show an image here*

Answer:remove 1st partition dual boot

Hello lorddog, welcome to Seven Forums!

If C: is a primary partition it will work; start by having a look at this tutorial at the link below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

Partition : Recover Space Used by an Older OS

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I made a dual boot system about a month and a half ago and I now no longer have need of Windows XP. Windows 7 is my primary OS, so how do I go about removing the XP partition?

Answer:Remove XP Partition From Dual Boot

Please post back here a screenshot of your full Disk Management map, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attaching file using paper clip in reply box.

While we are looking it over to advise you better, you can download and burn to CD the best tool for this job, free Partition Wizard:

You will also need your bootable Win7 installer or Repair disk.

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6 months ago I installed Linux Mint as a dual boot with Windows 7. When I installed Mint, I setup 30 GB for it's partition. When I look at what I think might be the Linux volume, it listed it at 33 GB. I want to install Linux Zorin to replace Mint. Hopefully, I can just delete the Mint partition and re-do the whole dual boot set up, then install Zorin. When I look at my hard drive in disk management (see attached) I see a partition (without a drive letter) that is 31.79 GB. Can I just right click, delete and Mint is gone? My concern is that there are other partitions, one that's a 25.7 GB OEM partition.

Answer:Remove dual boot partition

You do know you don`t have to install Linux to run it, right ?

I use Linux mint right off a flash drive.

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I have a Windows 7 laptop that has 3 partitions on it with only one booting Operating System on the Hard Drive. One of the partitions contains a previous version of Win7 on it that became corrupted and I had to install my current version of Win7 on a newer primary partition which Windows boots straight into.

I no longer need to use the previous O/S and it takes up 17.6GB which I think is now unnecessary to retain (and is hogging up valuable Gigs that I could really make use of due to nagging pop-up that tells me that disk [partition] is running out of space) and would like to know if I can safely remove the old O/S from the partition and still retain the other data on the partition and how I can best go about removing the old O/S?

Answer:Removing non-dual boot O/S from partition....

Hi and welcome.

Please post a screen shot of your Disk Management window so that we can better understand what you have.

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I have successfully installed Windows 7 and Windows XP in a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 on a separate partition. As a space-saving measure, I have forced programs such as MSOffice 2003, Nero Burning ROM, Acrobat 9 Pro and many other programs to install into the same Program Files folder that Windows XP uses and this has worked well so far.

My question is what is the best way to install Windows XP and Windows 7 onto the same partition.
Has anyone here done this yet?
Did you use a third-party boot loader and if so, which one?
Are there any gotcha's that I need to look out for?
Do you have any pointers for me?


Answer:Best Way to Dual-boot Win7 and XP in Same Partition?

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I have two Vista partitions. The OS selection screen shows both as "Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium".Is there a way to rename these to more easily identify which partition is which?

Answer:Dual partition naming convention

I found the partition name in boot.ini

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Had a quick question, I was hoping someone a little more experienced with the process could help me out with.

Basically what I want to do is:

> Partition my drive to allow for a small partition to run xp on as well as 1 or 2 games (thinking something like a 20-40 gig partition) (Currently using a 80 gig WDC 7200RPM HDD)

> However, I do not wish to format my current drive (win2k with NTFS), that simply is not an option.

> I have researched this process a little and found out that there are a few options available to me, so that I can do this.

a) win2k has to be on the drive first (np, it already is)
b) I can use a couple of different linux tools, or partition magic in order to create the partition (none of those programs mentioned anything about the boot process however. I do know that partition magic is supposed to work with BootMagic to accomplish this though.) (any software suggestions to do this based on experience would be great!)

Now basically what I am looking for is any tips from someone that has done this before, what I will need to get ready to do this, any tips for any problems that might arise, what sort of software is recommended to make the partition as well as any software I might need in order to control the boot process (ie: which OS boots).

As well as what I might expect after it's done. Things I will have to do, etc.

I will be adding Winxp Pro with SP2.

Some people might be wondering why I would dual boot winxp and 2k consideri... Read more

Answer:Dual Boot / Partition Question - 2k/XP

Would really be cool if someone could help out...

I'll check back later when I wake up.

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i have a toshiba a350 laptop. I have bought 64-bit windows 7 premium. But the problem with my university is that their internet does not support 64-bit. So instead of buying a windows 7 32-bit, i have a recovery disk from this toshiba computer that i'm using which has windows vista premium both 32 and 64 bit. So i want to create two partition so i can boot in windows vista 32 bit and windows 7 64 bit and making the windows 7 my deafult operating system.

I have followed everything on this tutorial.
Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista

So everything was good, i've put in the partition and stuf.

when it comes to putting the disk in the cd/dvd drive, it starts up normally.

There are a few thigns i have to click on in the toshiba recovery disk.

at first, i chose toshiba recovery wizard, then windows vista 32-bit version.

Then it ask to either
recover factory default software or erase the harddisk, so its obvious that i choose recovery to factory default software.

Then after that it asks
Recover to out of box state
Recover without changing harddrive partitions
recover to a custom size partition

Since i have already made a partition i chose recover without changing harddrive partitions. So i then click next but my problem is that it says this after

'The first partition will be deleted and you will loose all data on partition'

This statement shows whether i choose any of the 3 above.

I don't want to go on further since it might delete this windows 7 O/S tha... Read more

Answer:Dual partition with a toshiba laptop

Hello CaptainBri.

The recovery program may only be able to "work with" the factory set configurations and seeing that you have added an additional partition to the mix that may be "confusing" the reinstall setup program and it may not work as it was designed. I have no experience with Toshiba so I'd wait to see if anyone else has any input for you.

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OS: Windows 7
So prior to dual boot I had my C drive, with windows installed, programs, etc. and I had another NTFS partition( E: ) (approx 250GB) for just data. Using my unallocated space (approx 50GB) I created another partition and used it to dual boot with. Upon booting back into Windows 7 I realized that my second partition for data ( E: ) had disappeared completely and gone back to unallocated space. How did it go back to being unallocated? Why? What is the best tool recommended for partition/data recovery? Please help. Thanks!

Answer:Partition disapeared after dual boot

This is my favorite freebie.

It will at least verify that the drive is still present and give you the ability to recover the files.

However, have you right clicked my computer>manage and checked disk management? Sure you have, but there's a possibility something went nutty with the second install and you need to remount/initialize/whatever.

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I've reformatted my hard drive and I want to install Ubuntu along with my already installed Windows XP, could I just partition the hard drive from the windows boot CD or do I have to reformat again and do it when I install Windows the first time? Or could I just use a program to partion the hard drive?

Answer:Dual boot partition question

Normally done when installing Windows originally

But I have used the licenced Partition Magic to do this

Some more info on dual boot setup:

By the way uBuntu is a live BootCD. You could just leave it as that

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I have a 40 GB HD with XP Home on one partition and XP Pro on the other. I am trying to take an image of the XP Pro partition, put it on a 120 GB HD and put it back in the box as the sole HD.

Each time I've tried to move the image over (using Ghost, Acronis or Driveimage XML) and make the XP Pro image the primary OS, I get the old "NTLDR is missing" error.

I've tried copying over the NTLDR and NTDETECT files, Windows Recovery console and suggestions on, but no luck.

I'm pretty sure it's related to the MBR but not sure how to fix it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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My operating system is Windows 7 Home.
What I would like to do is create a partition and install XP. I would like to do this so I can refer to XP every once in a while. Plus creating a dual boot partition is uncharted territory for me and I want to see if I can do it correctly and not wreck my laptop. (Just in case, everything will be backed up before I do anything)
I've researched and have found references to clicking on unallocated space and choosing New Simple Volume. I have no unallocated space.
I will assume that shrinking my drive will create unallocated space. My problem is that I have no clue how much I should shrink it.
What I need is guidance with this. I am also open to the idea of using 3rd party tools to accomplish the same thing.
XP will be used only for reference purposes. I will not have music, pictures, documents or a bunch of installed programs on it. I will set it up to use the Windows firewall and install an antivirus.
If it helps here are screenshots of what I see when I did some poking around. Can what I want to do be done based on what the following information?



Answer:Dual Boot Partition Questions

Before trying to shrink and create a new partition for XP there is an important thing to check - How many partitions do you already have ?
As you probably know, MBR based partitioning scheme only allows 4 primary partitions in a HDD (which includes extended partition with logical drives). That is up to 3 primary partition and a extended partition.
This are the typical scenarios :
1 ) A clean install with 1 or 2 partition
In a clean install, typically there will be at least 2 partitions. A 100 MB system partition and OS Partition or the C drive. If you created an additional volume  (D drive), there will be 3 partition in total. There is still room for one partition. So we can split the C drive in to 2 and  install XP in to the new partition. There will be additional steps to be performed to restore Win 7 boot loader and setup the sual boot.
If the disk is already filled with 4 partitions (a 100 MB system, C drive and 2 extra volumes for data storage)  we can install XP to the D drive. Move any data from D drive to E drive.
2 ) Laptop with preinstalled OS
This will be difficult as different OEM use different partitioning style. Some already came with 4 partitions, one of theme will be a hidden partition with recovery image. OEM like SONY and DELL usually use a 3 volume partition style. A System partition first followed by OS drive and t... Read more

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I have set up my machine so Windows 7 is the second OS on the dual boot and within the first OS i'm also able to open the windows 7 partition via VM software.

The problem i have is the VM software looks like different hardware to the Laptop so when i go from Physical windows to VM windows it asks me to re-register my copy of windows and vice-versa.

Has any one got any suggestions how i get windows to except that both hardware set-ups are the same machine? or any other way around my problem?

I do have the retail version so thought this would be ok.

Any help would be great.

Many thanks

Answer:windows 7 partition as Dual Boot and VM

Hello prldoyle,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

I was just wondering about this while answering another post. The problem is that the hardware in the VM is virtual hardware and not the hardware on your machine. Windows recognizes it as a different computer. I don't know of any way to convince it otherwise. What is the other OS in the dual boot? I believe the EULA says one copy on one machine if I remember correctly. Someone please correct me on this if memory fails.

Hope this helps.


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So I made a new NTFS partition with the help of some tutorials & even tried Partition Wizard. But when I restart to boot from the CD I only get my C:\ drive that is in use.

I am using the H:\ for the new one. Why will it now show?

Answer:Dual Boot 7/XP Partition Not Showing

First check for all the Win XP drivers for your hardware on the manufacturer's web site.
If your Win XP CD, does not support your Sata Controller, you will need to load drivers to uses at F6.
Load Sata Controller drivers with a floppy disk is the best way.
SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot
SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

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I am dual booted with windows98 SE and windowsXP. I want to add more drive space to the XP partition (since I'm finding myself use XP way more than 98). What is the best way to do this? Thanks in advance for the help.

Answer:I am dual booted but want more space on 2nd partition.

Hi ecpool,
Try Partition Magic. It works perfectly for what you want to do. Otherwize you would have to reformat and start over. Partition Magic lets you do it without reformating

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I installed DOS into 2GB FAT 16, then installed Windows 7 Ultimate expecting W7 to install itself in a partition with a drive letter other than C (just as XP had done in a previous dual-boot setting with DOS) But no, W7 has hijacked the C drive letter for itself.
How can I stop W7 from "stealing" from DOS, the drive letter C, for itself?

Answer:How keep DOS as partition C with dual-boot DOS & Windows 7 ?

I have to ask! Why do you need or want DOS? If it's for some apps then there is Oracle Virtual Box which runs under Windows 7 or even DOSBOX.

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well i had a spare HD so i wanted to try vistax64 before i fully did the change over ,

so... one HD is runing XP , now everytime i wanna load x64 i have to change the load order in bios to load vista... and change it to load xp..
my question is .. how do i or can i make a dual boot on this? if so care to explain.. i have tryed several ways with no luck... so please help

yes i have done search after search .

Answer:Vista in a 2nd partition dual boot?

A simple Google search "how to dual boot Visat and XP" will point you to several guides..... but anyhow....

Use a disc partitioning tool (GParted is free and works well) to make a second primary partition (20g min, imo) on the end of your XP disc, format that partition in NTFS and install Vista on that partition. The Vista install will configure your boot loader, and your done.

Be aware that Vista will re-name itself to C: when your running it, it's a little annoying, but no big deal.

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My computer right now is running windows XP. It has two partitions; a smaller one with XP installed on it, and a larger one with just files and music and stuff.
I want to dual boot windows vista and install vista on the big part partition. If i did this would it delete all my files on the big partition when i install vista, or will everything stay?
Hope I'm being clear,
Any comments welcome.


Answer:dual booting vista with XP on different partition

Yes it will destroy the files.
Back-up your data, defrag the "big" partition, and split that partition again.

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I am thinking of having dual boot to 7 and 10, i have 10 now can i install 7 on another partition and have dual boot ?

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I was doing some tidying up of my files today, and cleared out the XP partition as i was no longer using this system. I formatted the XP partition, completely forgetting it would stop me from being able to boot into windows 7 on reboot.

How do i go about repairing this? when i run the repair from Windows 7 DVD, it doesn't list any OS's to be repaired, but on load drivers, i can see all my drives, only thing different is the Windows 7 partition is no longer C:\. C:\ is the XP partition i formatted (although it could not complete format so it is an inaccesible volume at the minute.

Any advice guys?

Answer:XP/Win 7 Dual Boot - Formatted XP partition

never mind, startup repair worked!

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I have my PC dual Booted (Vista Pre-installed) with XP and Vista. Vista is my C drive and XP is my D drive. I used Vista's built in Disk Management to shrink the volume in D, which freed up some unallocated space. I want to take that Unallocated space and use it to increase my Vista partition C drive. I wasn't able to extend the volume in the C drive Using the Vista D.Mamagement as it is greyed out. I tried to install Norton's Partition Magic, but got an error 117 with something saying can't recognize disk drives(couldn't install). I tried using Parted Magic, but had the same problem. It will allow me to extend the D drive volume by using the unallocated space, but not the C Drive. I know there must be a way to do this. Please help. Thanks

Answer:Extending a Partition after dual Booting!

I am sorry if this does not make sense, but here goes:I think the partition called "D" is inside an extended partition. (Starting with Win 98, I think, you cannot have two primary partitions that are bootable with Windows installs on them, regardless of the boot manager used. That is why I say this.) Now that you have shrunk D:, move it towards the end of the disk (or towards the end of the extended partition), then move the extended partition's beginning point away from the Vista partition. Now you should be able to expand the Vista partition into the empty space you just created.If this is not correct, or you are still having problems, I recommend GParted, found on the System Rescue CD. Burn the ISO, set the BIOS boot order to boot from CD first, and hit enter. You can try parted, but it is command line (I'm comfortable with the command line and even I had problems). Instead, type "wizard" or "startx" to get to the GUI version, GParted. It will be one of the icons at the lower left of the screen.Partition Magic 8.01 is starting to show its age. GParted is free software, and is more likely to continue to be updated for new filesystems, any bugs found in new BIOS chips, and whatnot.Please back up any important files first, including *.wpa (google "XP Activation"), and let us know how it turns out!

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I've got a 64Bit Home Prem. Vista laptop that I'm considering creating a 2nd boot partition.  My XP Desktop is set up that way because I have a scaled down, streamlined OS for high-end DAW work. What are my pros and cons? Please keep in mind the 2nd partition is not your stnd garden party use of resources.Thanks,KC

Answer:Dual Boot Vista Partition?

No pros or cons - personal choice.

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Is it possible to mount Linux and Vista on a dual partition and if so what are the compatibility issues?


Answer:Vista And Linux - Dual Partition?

Yes it's possible - but I don't know of any compatibility issues. The only one that I can imagine is if you're trying to access Windows partitions from Linux. There appear to be slight differences in the way that Vista and XP treat file systems - but it's not documented anywhere that I've seen.

If this is true, then the Linux would have to be updated to reflect this when addressing the Windows file system. But, as a practical matter I don't expect that it would cause any serious issues.

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I have a Windows 7 laptop that has 3 partitions on it with only one booting Operating System on the Hard Drive. One of the partitions contains a previous version of Win7 on it that became corrupted and I had to install my current version of Win7 on a newer primary partition which Windows boots straight into.

I no longer need to use the previous O/S and it takes up 17.6GB which I think is now unnecessary to retain (and is hogging up valuable Gigs that I could really make use of due to nagging pop-up that tells me that disk [partition] is running out of space) and would like to know if I can safely remove the old O/S from the partition and still retain the other data on the partition and how I can best go about removing the old O/S?

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I was wondering if i can install Vista Ultimate on a partition w/ another partition w/ XP. I heard there were issues with this so i was wondering if i have to buy a 2nd drive.

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Hi all,
I have a dual installation windows 7 - xp in a single hard drive, 2 partitions. (there was xp installed first, then i created the dual boot to add w7)
Now I dont use xp anymore and I want to completely delete that partition, but Im really confused after reading a lot of other similar posts.
apparently, w7 partition is marked as boot, but xp partition is marked as system...

this is a screenshot of my disk management tool:

any help?

Answer:dual boot - remove xp partition. help please

Quickest way:

open an admin command prompt, type:

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:


sel vol c



Close cmd prompt, then restart pc.

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I have got a new P4 D 3.0 GHz system with 250 GB hard disk & 2 GB DDR2.

It has only one 20 GB primary partition with XP Pro.

I would like to make it a dual boot with at least 7 partitions.

Currrently I would like to use Win XP Pro as my primary OS but also would like to keep an extra partition for the new OS Vista when it is available as a Beta or Final version.

I have Partition Magic V.8.0 software.

Is it possible to do this ? How should I format & partition this drive ?

If I don't set it up for Vista now, then can I do it later & if yes how ?


Answer:How To Partition for Dual Boot with Vista ?

mike2op said:

I have got a new P4 D 3.0 GHz system with 250 GB hard disk & 2 GB DDR2.

It has only one 20 GB primary partition with XP Pro.

I would like to make it a dual boot with at least 7 partitions.

Currrently I would like to use Win XP Pro as my primary OS but also would like to keep an extra partition for the new OS Vista when it is available as a Beta or Final version.

I have Partition Magic V.8.0 software.

Is it possible to do this ? How should I format & partition this drive ?

If I don't set it up for Vista now, then can I do it later & if yes how ?

ThanksClick to expand...

Yes it is possible; but I wouldn't use Partition Magic to do what you want.

Download 'Knoppix Live'; use QtParted to reduce the size of the XP partiton, then create any additional partitions.

From personal experience there is a very high probabilty that Partiton Magic will corrupt the Partion Table of the boot partition. Which, is your XP partition.

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Hey there, I'm currently running Windows 7 and I'm trying to partition my hard drive so I can dual boot Mac os x Leopard. I have 133 GB free on my 230 GB internal hard drive, but when I partition the drive the computer will only let me open about 5 GB of space. I have defragged the drive and nothing changed. I am new to dual booting and I am really only doing this as an experiment. If anyone can give me any advice as to how I can partition more space or how much is needed I would be very grateful. Thanks.

Answer:Harddrive won't partition for dual boot.

Vista/7 Disk management will only allow you to shrink till it meets a system file on the hd.

3rd party partition managers will move those files and allow you to shrink further.

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I set up my computer to dual boot windows 7 (c and windows xp (d. I want it to set it up so that when im on one os the other one is disable or not visable. I don't want one os to be able to modify anything on the other partition. Is there anyone to do it? Thanks you very much. Your input is highly appreciated.

Answer:Dual Boot Disable other partition from being use.

In Win7 Disk Management, remove the drive letter for XP.

In XP Disk Mgmt, removed the drive letter for Win7.

See if that works as you want it to.

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I am an XP/SP2 user at the moment and have also been a long time user of Partition Magic (although I have not used it much recently).After some time my XP installation has become very 'dirty' and would need a clean installation so I am thinking of moving to Vista at the same time. However I want to be cautious to ensure that all the drivers work correctly.I remember that, when I moved to XP, I had a real fight on my hands with dual boot. I wanted to use the PM dual boot where each partition could boot indipendantly but I had to fight the XP feature that wanted to boot the XP partition first and then point to which partition should be active. OK unless the XP partition gets damaged and you need to restore it. I managed it in the end but have forgotton most of what I did and I want to minimise the learning curve this time round.So, thats the background, heres the question :-Is there a Vista compatible version of Partition Magic and is this the best option (I an not a great fan of Norton/Symantic)?I have seen that both Paragon & Acronis have equivalents that claim to be Vista compatible. Has anyone any views on the relative merits of these (or other) products?The level prices being advertised for these products are not an issue and I would prefer to have a supported product (rather than freeware) for something so fundamental.

Answer:Which partition manager / dual boot

Is there a Vista compatible version of Partition Magic?No.Dual boot Vista and XP click here

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