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Common task pane activated but missing

Question: Common task pane activated but missing

Hi, one day I started windows, and noticed that the common task pane was missing.
I clicked on folder options to check if it was disabled, but to my amazement it is enabled!
I do not understand what is happening.
Does someone know what may be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Common task pane activated but missing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Common task pane activated but missing

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Recently my the common task pane that normally appears in the left side of the explorer window has dissapeared.

I tried tools=>folder options=>show common tasks in folders but this doesn't seem to work. Also i have the 'use common task in folders' ticked in visual performance.

I have tried various other solutions but none seem to work. I need help please.

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Question: Task Pane

I have Microsoft Office 2003. How can I get rid (permenently) of the pesky Task Pane that shows up on the right side when I open Excell, etc?

Answer:Task Pane

Tools - Option - View - Uncheck "Startup Task Pane"?

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I have recently installed adobe acrobat professional, and now my task pane which comes on at start up no longer appears. I have looked in the options and selected for the task pane to appear, and have the START AT STARTUP option in the task pane itslef but it still dioesn;t appear.Any ideas anyone?stuj77

Answer:where is my task pane?

Try starting in safe-mode and then restart in normal mode. That often sorts it out.(Forgive me if I have gone wrong on this...)

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I using Word in Office XP and everytime I start the program, the task pane appears on the right hand side. I go into VIEW/TOOLBARS and uncheck task pane. The task pane closes, but the next time I start Word the task pane is back. How do I stop the task pane from reappearing? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can' get rid of task pane

1. From the Tools menu, select Options
2. Click on the View tab
3. Under the Show section check the Startup Task Pane to display it every time Word starts; deselect it if you do not want it to appear when Word starts
4. Click OK

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Question: task pane

I'm in Network Connections in Windows XP, and need to turn the task pane on. How do I do this?

Answer:task pane

Ctrl,Alt + Delete, then select task manager.

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I've used other software from door2windows but even after reading the description I'm not sure what a "task pane" is and what will look different if I change it with this tool:

Windows 7 Task Pane Changer : Change Windows 7 Task Pane With One Click | door2windows

I'm just curious since I noticed it on Softpedia

Answer:What's a Task Pane and why change it?

Quote: Originally Posted by MilesAhead

I've used other software from door2windows but even after reading the description I'm not sure what a "task pane" is and what will look different if I change it with this tool:

Windows 7 Task Pane Changer : Change Windows 7 Task Pane With One Click | door2windows

I'm just curious since I noticed it on Softpedia

What is Task Pane :
How to get the Blue task pane in windows 7 ?

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Question: Explorer Task Pane


At work we have Compaq D510 short forms with Windows XP Pro, SP3. One of my coworkers wants to be able to e-mail pictures from her 'My Pictures' folder by selecting the files and then clicking the 'email this file' in the Common Task Pane, when you do this Outlook Express comes up with the attached files but it won't send. It says it cant because of a socket error 11001 and that it cant find the SMTP server. I am thinking I need to reset the File properties in Tools>Folder Options >File types but I am not sure which one Explorer is invoking to Send Mail, I have looked in Google, no luck yet. My machine does this just fine but uses MS Outlook 2007 , which is why I think a File Type association is goofed up.


PS I have tried resetting the common task pain in My Computer >Properties.

Answer:Explorer Task Pane

She needs to be using Outlook to send email make sure its setup as her default email program.

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Is there a way I can create a new folder in the task pane to the right? The one I am talking about is the one where you click the start button and it's in the upper right hand corner.

Answer:New folder in Task pane to the right

Hallo Dragonpoet, I am not sure i have understood you correctly but in saying you want the start button in the top RH corner i would assume this is the tutorial you are after;

Taskbar - Move Location on Desktop Screen

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Question: task pane issue

Hi, It's been a while I hope everyone is well. Here's my issue.
In windows Vista
right click computer

in their to the left side theres the task s like device manager, remote settings, system protection...

problem is when i click on device manager nothing opens up, its like the link is dead, when i click on remote settings or anything else in the list it works. I can find other wways to open thte device manager i just wanted this link issue fixed, thanks !!

Answer:task pane issue

Maybe this will get you on the right path:

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In WORD I am trying to do a print screen but I get the message that the clipboard is full and that that I should delete some or all of its contents, but I can't find out how!I find frequent references to Task Pane but I don't know how to access that either.All suggestions gratefully received.ernieernie

Answer:can't find task pane

Not sure about the clipboard problem but Task Pane can be found in the View menu under Toolbars.

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I understand that in XP Home when opening My Computer or an explorer window, the task pane should be shown on the left hand side by default. By clicking the "folders" button on top you can toggle from folders on the left to the task pane on the left. My problem is that on my computer, it is the opposite. The folders view is the default and I have to click the "folders" button to toggle to the task pane. It is really annoying. Now, I have tried to set it to the task pane and then go to tools/folder options/view/ folder views and click apply to all folders but that does not work. Any suggestions on how to get the task pane back as the default?

Answer:Task Pane is not default

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I am a total newb when it comes to networking. I want to setup a legal torrent uploading and downloading box out of my backup system (since my main system consumes way too much power power to idle on utorrent). I want to accomplish this remotely, without a need for a monitor or at least minimal input interface hardware. If it's possible, I even want to automate its program's download and upload tasks. Can someone point me to a guide that can help me accomplish what I want to do. Since I am a total newb, it would be preferable if the guide had a list of materials I need in addition to a thorough walkthrough.

So far I have my backup sytem, a copy of xp, and an 8 port ethernet hub.

Answer:Need help with relatively common network task

A vpn is used to connect to a network over the net as if it were your local
network so it's unrelated. You should check out Utorrent, It has a feature that lets
you admin the torrents through a web browser.

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How do I stop the task pane opening every time I open MS Word? In fact I wd like to disable it completely as I never use it. I have continually to untick it in the customise options when I open Word.

Answer:MS WORD task pane - pain

Tools > Options, View tab. Untick it.

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- It's there any way to change a windows 7 task pane from build 7601, to build 7000(beta), like a in this post: How to get the Blue task pane in windows 7 ?. So thank you very much if you can help me to do this, because i like it so much this task pane

Answer:How can i change windows 7 task pane?

Welcome to the Seven Forums
You will need to changes some images in
& if 64 bit
I think the #s are 632, 633, 634, 635
You will need a Resource Editor to do it

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I have created a spreadsheet by altering a template. The only problem is that each time it starts up the task pane appears. How can I get it to start without the task pane appearing automatically. I have tied unticking show task pane on View.

Answer:EXCELL Task Pane removal

go to "Tools" then options. and under the "View" tab in the show section un-tick the "Startup Task Pane"

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I have moved My Videos folder from My Documents on my 'C' Disk to a new folder (same name) on my 'D' Disk but seem to have lost the 'Video Tasks' Pane. What do I have to do to make my new folder show the Video Tasks ??

Answer:My Videos Task Pane - Windows XP

is there not a option to tick in control panel,performance,adjust visual effects,use common tasks in folders,see if thats ticked.

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I want to control the display of the task pane in Publisher 2007 from the View menu. In earlier versions (I have been using Publisher 2002), unchecking the Task Pane item from the View menu prevents it from displaying when opening Publisher.

That does not work in the 2007 version. I have unchecked the item from the View menu, but if I close and then reopen the file, the task pane is displayed. I have looked under the Tools/Options, but there is no reference to the task pane. I have looked under Tools/Customize, but that only affects the toolbar, as does right clicking on the task pane itself.

It seems that display of the task pane is a default that cannot be changed, except while a file is open.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to change that default?

I have searched this forum, the Microsoft knowledgebase, and the Microsoft Publisher "Discussion Group," all without success.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a 1.4 Ghz Pentium processor, 2 GB of RAM, and Win XP/Pro SP 2.

Answer:Publisher 2007 task pane

I think you're stuck with it unless you want to use Visual Studio 2005 (SE) and create an add-in for it, which is, to say the least, quite a bit of work.

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some how the task pane words in Word are showing yellow.
very hard to read. I don't know what I did to change the
colors on only those words and nothing else, but would
appreciate any help on how to get them back to black.

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When viewing the "Task Pane" can someone tell me how you can remove some of the listed documents that are "hyperlinked" (with the templates etc). The documents that have since been removed from the system.


Answer:Excel 2002 Task Pane Question?

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I purchased software that integrates into Excel and makes use of the custom task pane. Unfortunately, the software doesn't give the option to hide the custom task pane, which would be really useful. I have pulled the .dll specific to the task pane and referenced it in my vb 2008 project, but am pretty new to programming and was wondering if there was a way to write code to hide the custom task pane then make it visible again when needed. I can see the visible property in the .dll but am not sure how to set it up so that it works or if it's even possible. Can someone please help?

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How can I get this to work? I have ticked the right box under tools/option/view

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I lost my task pane in Word 2002. I have task pane checked in View and in Toolbars. Any ideas how do I get it back? The Microsoft Forum says I have to install Service Pack 3 - I'm sure there is something simpler than that.

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theres a task pane on my desktop and i didnt even open a folder. I restart and its still in my deskstop. I attached a file showing a pic on wuts wrong with it. Can guys tell me wuts going on, cuz i dunno if this is a bug on sp2 or sumthing. Hopefully u guys experienced this too. So can u guys help me get rid of it?

Answer:weird, task pane on desktop problem

The registry entry exists in:
Find the entry starting with {00021400-

Go down to the shellex entry and left click the + sign

Look at the ExtShellFolderViews and highlight the entry under that

In the right window, you will see an entry for PersistMoniker.

The data should be: file://%userappdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop.htt


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    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how I can permanently hide the Publisher Task Pane.

    I've used Tools/Customize/Toolbars and unclicked Task Pane.

    The Task Pane disappears - Yippie

    BUT as soon as I open another file, it re-appears.

    If anyone could help I would be grateful.

    I'm using Windows XP and SP2 (I think)



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    When I open Word or Excel in Office 2003, I get a Column on the right headed by a task pane "Getting Started" I can eliminate on a per case basis but want to eliminate it for all documents when opened. Is there a way to do this?

    Answer:Word 2003 Task Pane Question

    Word 2003

    Tools / Options / View / uncheck 'Startup Task Pane'

    Same procedure for Excel.

    If that doesn't work, (it does on mine) there is a registry edit, but you will have to Google for that,
    and you should backup your registry first, if you go that route.

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    Hi there,

    I think my laptop is infected with Trojan. My Common Prompt, Task Bar, Regedit Disable and host file is changed to prevent me for going to:

    I have to use the below in "Run" to enable my common prompt and also regedit before running gmer.exe
    REG add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

    REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

    I have tried my best to follow exactly in

    Hope that I do it right. Below is the DDS.txt. Hope that someone can point me to the right direction. Thank You.


    DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
    Run by Admin at 0:37:20.01 on Thu 07/15/2010
    Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_20
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.1015.538 [GMT 8:00]

    AV: avast! Antivirus *On-access scanning disabled* (Updated) {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}

    ============== Running Processes ===============

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
    C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
    C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
    C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe ... Read more

    Answer:Common Prompt, Task Bar, Regedit Disable

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    Please note that these fixes are not instantaneous. Most infections require more than one round to properly eradicate.

    Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

    Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


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    Please re-enable your antivirus before posting the ComboFix.txt log.


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    When I open for example 'My Documents' from the start menu - everything works ok but when I click a link in the left-hand panel - say 'Desktop' nothing appears in the right-hand window and then it stops responding ? Computer works fine otehrwise. When opening a folder, I can navigate through the folder structure no problem but as soon as I click a link on the left it crashes. Any ideas anyone ?

    Answer:Common file and folder task panel in xp

    Your first possible solution is to type sfc/scannow in the Run box and see if any system files are corrupt, missing or incorrect. It will replace from your XP CD as required. It won't have any adverse effect on your Windows Hotfixes and Updates.

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    Just a little word question; if someone knows the answer. I am using office xp.
    When I open word, the task pane does not appear. After going to view > task pane it appears, I have made sure that show at startup is checked. If I close word and reopen it the task pane is gone again. What really puzzles me is that if outlook is loaded, the task pane will appear when word is opened.

    Answer:Solved: Word XP doesn't show task pane

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    Word 2003
    Is it possible to change the default view in the taskpane to a view of Styles & Formatting, such that when I open a document, the taskpane shows the styles and formatting instead?

    Answer:Solved: Change default view of task pane?

    Open Word.
    Hit Alt + F11.
    Click the folders on the left until you see ThisDocument under Normal.
    Double-click ThisDocument so you see a window at right.
    Paste the following code:
    Option Explicit

    Private Sub Document_New()
    Application.TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneFormatting).Visible = True
    End Sub

    Private Sub Document_Open()
    Application.TaskPanes(wdTaskPaneFormatting).Visible = True
    End Sub
    Hit the SAVE diskette.
    Close the VB Editor window.
    Close Word.
    Launch Word or open a document.... to test.

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    My picture Folder now Lists the Wrong Task Pane. I believe Windows XP placed a customized music task pane in my pictures folder leaving me to only be able to arrange anything in the folder by artist, year, track, etc. I would like to know how to fix this for it is getting very frustrating

    Answer:Windows XP places the wrong task pane in a folder

    Hello kidhero99

    Try this and see if it works for you.

    1.Right-click the folder?s icon or, if you have the folder already open, in a blank space within the folder, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.

    2.Click the Customize tab.

    3.Select the appropriate template from the Use This Folder Type As A Template drop-down list and click OK.


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    Hi,When viewing a folder in XP and selecting a saved web page I used to get a preview of the page in the details section of the task pane on the left of the folder window. This isn't working anymore but still works for jpegs etc.Any help on how I can restore this function would be much appreciated.Cheers.

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    I seem to have woken up in a nightmare world where this is no-longer possible on my copy of Word (2000).

    Note: Reveal Formatting is a specific option that opens a task pane (like view document map) but what it shows is all the formatting such as line spacing font etc.. it also shows style content as found in templates or created manually.

    I am absolutly positive that I have used this function before at the this computer with this copy of word and in fact the same document that I am working with now but the option no-longer appears in my menu.

    I've tried Shift-F1 but I only get a little bubble telling me the style and formatting of the text I clicked on. I've tried resetting the toolbars and menus and I've spent a lot of time googling to find out that this feature was apparently introduced in the 2002 version...

    I am feeling very very confused now.

    Answer:Solved: Word: Reveal Formatting Task Pane

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    Hi, I have a problem in office 2003. In the creating new document tab in task pane the hyperlinks have changed color in green instead of blue and I don't know how to reverse it. 1. I did an office repair, 2. re-install office, 3. changed the style in hyperlinks.  But nothing happened.and that happen only in the creating new document tab in task pane of all office programms.Does anyone know any other solution?Thnx in advance.

    Answer:Microsoft Office 2003 task pane formating

    Sounds like an orphan registry key that is not reinitialized when office is uninstalled and reinstalled. But generally you can go in and change the color to whatever you want similar to seen here: get rid of the issue you can manually uninstall office 2003 and then search for the orphan registry key for office 2003 and remove it, and then reinstall clean..... or perform a clean installation of the OS and Office 2003 in which it would definately be the default of blue because no orphan data would carry back over from previous install.

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    Hi all and Happy New Year...

    I was wondering if there's a way to eliminate the common task pane in individual folders only. As of now I can either have ALL my folders display it, or have NONE of my folders display it.

    Answer:[XP] Removing Common Task View From Individual Folders

    Sorry .. This Is Not Possible

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    I am now learning the first steps to build a website with FP2003. To my dismay the list of layouts to choose from at the bottom of the task pane (Layout Table & Cells) though visible is unavailable to me because this portion of the pane is inactive.Thus I cannot use any layout at all. Is it a mistake with the program or can it be activated/corrected by clicking somewhere?

    Answer:FP 2003 - Layout Table & Cells task pane impaired


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    The Stock Actions for the Research Task Pane download allows you to insert stock quote information from the MSN Money Stock Quotes service into Microsoft Office 2003 documents and spreadsheets.

    System Requirements
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows XP

    This download works with the following Office applications:
    Microsoft Office Word 2003
    Microsoft Office Excel 2003



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    My search term skills are failing me. I hope someone has the time to help me or send me in the right direction.

    I have XP SP2

    I discovered after using "classic folder view" for a while and switching back to the task pane that a number of windows are wrongly displayed. I found a possible answer to the task pane template problem at;
    Special Folders

    A number of my problems were not addressed in the help.

    Firstly, my C drive is one of the affected folders.

    None of my affected folders has a "customize" option in "properties". They are all in my personal folder rather than "all users" so I don't know if the directions still strictly apply to me.

    With many of the folders in question, when I add "\desktop.ini" and hit enter I'm asked whether I want to connect to the internet or work offline. I'm guessing, but I may have tried the desktop.ini trick while online(?). I have no idea how to deal with this.

    I have hardly any experience with command prompt and have no confidence in my ability to back out of a fix should I screw up. I do, however, have TuneUp Utilities 2006 which gives me a registry editor and a "Rescue Center" which supposedly allows me to roll back from mistakes (haven't tried it yet). Maybe this is an altenative avenue.

    I'm sure I've left things out but, if someone choses to respond, maybe I... Read more

    Answer:(desperate ungeek) confused about wrong task pane template fix

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    Hello, I have a friend who is starting to lose his sight, and is having trouble reading the text on the sidebar in Windows Explorer. Is there any way to increase the font displayed, other than decreasing the resolution?

    Here is what I am referring to



    Answer:Increase font size Windows Explorer Folder Task pane

    Have you thought about increasing font size globally? Right click anywhere on the desktop, pick properties, then go to the appearances tab. For font size pick large or extra-large. You may have to reboot.
    Also you can use the magnifier tool in Windows to see parts of the screen. Go to start, program, accessories, accessiblity, magnifier. If your friend ends up using it often, go to that same spot in the start menu, right click on magnifier and pick copy. Then go to the desktop, right click, and pick paste.

    P.S: Just a technicality: your screenshot shows the "common tasks bar" aka "places bar". The "Windows sidebar" is actually a feature in Windows Vista, which you can see here (it's on the right; it's transparent, so you can't see it, but it's definitely a bar).

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    I really need a help here. About two days ago I was trying to improve the speed of my system. I think I have delete an important file. My curent problem is that
    1) When I rightclick a desktop icons I only get an hour glass, the system stops responding to any thing. The only way out of it it to either log off or shut down and restart.
    2) When I open the recycle bin though it appears full on the desktop icon I could not see any item on it.
    3) If I try do delete, move this folder or any of the command on the left file/folder task pane I only get hour glass. The only way out of it is ctrl+alt+del, task manager (program not responding) end task.
    However, this problems do not occur on Internet Exp. pages
    The following is my system info:-
    OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Name XP
    System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
    System Model S1800-752S
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~1095 Mhz
    BIOS Version/Date TOSHIBA Version 1.80, 20/02/2002
    SMBIOS Version 2.3
    Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
    System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    Locale United Kingdom
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"
    User Name XP\X P
    Time Zone GMT Daylight Time
    Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory 157.23 MB
    Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
    Page File Space... Read more

    Answer:right click desktop icon, recycle bin, left file/folder task pane not responding

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    I have Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 and office 2010.  I have the research feature in Office but do not have the Research pane on my internet explorer toolbar. I have tried to manage add-ons and it is not listed as an add-on. How can I get it?

    Answer:Research pane missing

    You mean the search box in which you would enter a search word or phrase for an Internet search, right?  It normally appears to the right of the web address box.  Is your web address box displayed?  How much width of your browser window does it use when your browser window is maximized?  What do you see at the right of the web address box?

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    Has any of you ever come across this problem? My preview pane is not displaying anything... I just noticed that the preview pane is not working when a supported file is clicked. When a file is not selected it shows a "No preview available" line but when you select a file, it is blank as you can see from the screenshot.
    (I apologize for this I didn't know how else to demonstrate the problem...)
    The problem is not with certain file types, like in the screenshot it is MP3s but all the other media files, the preview pane is entirely missing. I think there is a problem with the media player rich preview handler. The image files, such as jpg png etc, are still displayed... For example, if the thumbnails are turned on, you can see the preview of the image in the pane, if the thumbnails are turned off, then you see the enlarged icon of the file type in the pane, which is normal behavior.
    Anything else like txt, video, pdf, a file type that would show normally (with rich preview handler thing) shows a blank in the pane. I can double click the blank preview pane and fire up the program to view the media file... I messed with a little utility called Preview Handler Association Editor this weekend, but didn't change much around, first I thought, that messed it up. I had assigned picture file types to media player rich preview handler so I didn't have to turn on the thumbnails to see a preview of pics. I reverted back to normal but that didn't fix the prob... Read more

    Answer:Preview Pane gone missing in Windows 7

    Just a few random ideas I have which may or may not work.
    1. Run System File Checker.
    2. Ensure Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > Views > Show Preview Handlers in Preview Pane is checked.
    3. Pls see if this app helps you in anyway.
    Hope something helps...

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    I don't need to access my Contacts list in Office 2010 very often. I just noticed today that the text entry for Contacts was missing from the Navigation pane. Instead, there was a small icon in the lower right corner of the pane for Contacts. On all my other machines the text entry is present. I've no idea when the text was replace by the icon or why -- it could have been weeks ago.

    Will someone please tell me how to get the text entry back?

    Thank you very much

    Answer:Contacts Missing From Navigation Pane


    Could you try clicking that small arrow which says Configure buttons and check if contacts is tick marked?

    Attachment as reference.

    Another thing could be the height was pushed downwards. Drag it up and see if the text comes back.

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    when i double click on my computer the full screen becomes white and
    the icon (local disk c d e f) starts from the left end of the corner
    the vertical blue pane which shows the
    system task
    my network places
    and details is missing
    please help me in restoring this


    Answer:vertical blue pane missing in win xp


    I think the option that you are after is called "Common Tasks"

    To enable this do the following

    Open my computer and select TOOLS | FOLDER OPTIONS

    From here look in GENERAL, under "Tasks" ensure that "Show common tasks in folders" is selected.

    This should restore the functionality you are after

    Mike Bedford

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    Windows XP. Outlook 2002. Preview Pane is missing from the View tab in the new folders that I created.

    I had a personal folder(.pst) created a while ago and I used to be able to view the messages for that folder in the Preview Pane window. The folder got too big and I had to chop it to smaller folders. In doing so, The top folders that I created do not have Preview Pane show up in View tab. But, when I moved the existing sub-folders under the new folders or create sub-folders under the new folders, these sub-folders have Preview Pane.

    The BAD solution was to create a TEMP sub-folder under each high level folder and forward all the message to it, but I would rather send all my message to the top folders.

    Thanks in advance,

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    When I right click on start and select Explore in my Windows ME computer, I get two panes: the left one is COMPLETELY EMPTY OF FOLDERS, while the right pane has "programs, explorerer, etc."
    I would like to have the left pane display folders again, but I don't know how. Anyone have any ideas?????


    Answer:explorer pane folders missing

    Hi, Usually repairing Internet Explorer fixes this issue.

    Read the following, all the way down to the bottom!

    If you have XP, there is another method: Since XP comes with IE 6, the entry for IE does not show in Add/Remove Programs, and you cannot run the repair utility from> try this:

    Read about it first!

    Start button>Run

    Type in the run line this:[cmd] and hit Enter key once.

    Type this next to the cursor in the black box:

    sfc /scannow (one space after the c) and hit Enter key once again.

    Let the System File Checker run, it will take awhile, then it will NOT give any messages...either it works, or it doesnt.

    For other than XP, win2000, etc:

    The IE Repair utility is available if you have upgraded Internet Explorer from the original installed version> take a look in Add/Remove Programs, and if you see this:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (someversion) and Internet Tools, just hit Add/Remove> we arent uninstalling anything, you will see 3 options then> hit "Repair this version of IE" and let the utility run to completion. You will see a message that tells you either it fixed something, or that you need to reinstall IE.

    There are certain steps to reinstalling depending on what your version of Windows is> and if you have XP with SP2 or not.

    Let us know what happens.

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    Hello, just got Windows 10 Technical Preview and was a little confused by this... For some reason three of my hard drives are visible in the navigation pane as root items down the left, but the other four are not... What makes those three so special? How do I customize this?

    Answer:Missing Drives in Navigation Pane?

    Are they all Internal Disks? Or are the ones showing on the left External Hard Drives?

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    As the title says, all of a sudden i have missing file info in the details pane, i have a lot of digital media and usually when i click on it it shows me every from its name to audio type, date modified etc..all of a sudden it no longer shows me what audio, chapters or subtitles etc..from the screenshot below a lot of info that used to be there now isnt....any help would be appreciated

    Answer:missing information in the details pane

    How to Customize the Details Pane in Windows 10

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    Hey, no games I install on my computer work.
    Its pretty stupid.
    Starcraft says I should update driver/get Directx (which i have), Warcraft III says the same thing, Oblivion (Elder scrolls IV i think) says it cannot enable shaders. World of warcraft is giving me the horrid Error #132 (Its bad for me, the second I press play on the pop-up window- it crashes. I haven't even downloaded the patches because I cant get to the game. Sad, huh?) Stronghold 2 experiences a error and closes, (Blah blah has encountered a serious error and needs to close), Age of Mythology, The Titans starts up, but the menu/startup screen is no visible, (Just the cursor, black backround. The buttons and stuff work, but I cannot see them. Or anything else.) And Finally Galactic Civalizations II, The Dreadlords crashes frequently.
    THE VERY ANNOYING POINT- Is that ALL these games have worked just fine previously on my computer. WoW Worked like a dream, (3-20 ms lag, 30 fps, i loved it), Oblivion needs a better graphics card, it never worked, Warcraft III worked almost too well, considering it's never frozen up. Starcraft never crashed except on making maps, Galactic Civ. Dread Lords worked, but it was laggy, (graphics intensive) Stronghold 2 always worked, AOM The Titans only lagged when we were doing a huge online battle and there was 200 something guys on the screen.

    So, Basically, ive got a couple options. I was thinking I should just simply...
    Do a hard drive wipe and revert the comp... Read more

    Answer:Common game crashes, am i missing something?

    sounds like you've got some sort of directx problem. Run dxdiag, each section should report no errors. Also remove your graphics driver, clean your registry then reinstall the driver.

    Might be that there's a problem with the graphics card itself, check the temperatures, do you get any artifacts?

    make sure you have all windows updates too.

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    After last week's Windows updates my Windows Common Controls 5.0 went missing. I can no longer see it in Excel VBA Available References list. I see that comctl32.dll file is still there in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 . What happened and how can I restore
    these controls? I know that one can replace version 5.0 with version 6.0, but I have commercial installations on PCs that can not be upgraded to ver 6.0.

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    I'm running WinXP64 and lately, it's been having problems recognizing devices like a new HDD, flash drive and optical drive. I have a new HDD connected along with an optical drive and every time during start up, I get a dialog box for each indicating new hardware and needs driver installation. If I click install, it always fails to find one so I usually cancel it. However, I can fully use said HDD and optical drive. I also have other HDDs connected prior to this and they're not causing any problems.

    I've also plugged a flash drive recently and windows fail to recognize it. In fact, it's listed as "Other devices" in the hardware manager. Correct me if I'm wrong but I assume that WinXP should have these drivers built-in. So I'm guessing I need to repair it and if so how? If not, what's my next course of action? Btw, I'm also running Nod32 and in the past it has recommended that I delete some files which I usually comply. I can't recall but I might have deleted some system files along the way.

    Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

    Answer:Missing drivers for common devices

    i too have the exact same problem, however it also fails to automaticall install the driver for my adapater (it sucks)

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    i've been having an annoying problem for a few days now.
    The problem is that my hitachi stereo doesn't work like it used to do.
    Usually i plug ply stereo in to my laptop using an aux cable, and it should automaticly work. But now i hear the cruchy noises (so i know its still working) but my sound still comes trough my laptop speakers, and my stereo doesn't show up in my playback devices. I looked trough the disabled devices and it's not in there either.
    I think this is a really strange problem because my stereo does work with my android phone (connected with the aux cable).
    Is there a way to get my stereo working again on my laptop?

    Answer:Missing Playback Devince (not common)

    When i skype call someone while the stereo is plugged in, the sound comes through the stereo speakers. So i know they are working perfectly, i just can't use it to listen to music on my laptop trough those speakers.

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    I had to do a clean install on my eMachine Model T3418. Installed IE8sp3 and all updates. I have tried to connect to our network router, the light is on when I plug into the network port but no connection gets established. Currently using WiFi to connect to internet. My Device Manager is showing yellow question marks for all of the above listed components.
    1. PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_02698SUBSYS_60061509&REV_A1\3&2411E6FF&0&AD
    2. PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F20&SUBSYS_200114F1&REV_00\48DC268A3&0&3880
    3. PCI_VEN_10E&DEV_0264&SUBSYS_60061509&REV_A2\3&2411E6FE&0&51

    I know the last is an nVidia driver. I found a software program called Driver Finder that identifies my drivers and will give me the drivers to update and download but not how to do it. Can anyone please help?

    Answer:Missing Pc Bridge Device-PCI Simple Common Controller and missing SM Bus Controller D


    Start with downloading and installing the Chipset drivers from here:
    Downloads & Support Documents - Desktop / T Series / T3418

    Once done let us know if there are anymore yellow question marks in Device Manager (as well as their VEN and DEV IDs).

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    In Regedit right hand pane I have only the Name column. Type and Data columns are missing. All data is stacked at left hand side under the Name column.

    Answer:Missing columng in Regedit Right Hand Pane

    Maybe the dividing line between the Left and Right hand panes is too farto the right. Move it to the left to give more space in the right pane.

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    I have this problem with the vista details pane and I have not been able to find any solution. I have Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium version. The problem is that:
    1. My details pane is missing a lot of properties/tags . Only ones that are appearing are file date, file name, dated created.
    2. When I go into a MP3 folder, same thing happens as I described in 1. Just the 4 tags appear and I don?t get any other tags that used to be there like artist name, rating, title, etc.
    3. I cannot edit any Tag in the details pane. When everthing was working fine, I could go in the MP3 folder , I could edit the title, ratings etc. and Save it. But now I can?t do anything, the save button does not appear and the tags don?t go in edit mode.
    Up till now I have tried the following solutions:
    1. I have reset all the folder options in Vista by going to Folders/tools/reset defaults. (did not work)
    2. After resetting the folders, I have also turned on the details pane option under Organize/Layout and the details under the Views. (did not work)
    3. Under View, in the tool bar, I went to Customize This Folder and chose the Music Folder Option, All Items etc. (did not work)
    4. Then on the Microsoft site, I found this solution ? Open Documents by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Documents., and click a file to apply properties. Then In the Details pane at the bottom of the folder window, click the property that you want to change, type the new property in the Tags.? But it did not work ei... Read more

    Answer:Missing Properties/Tags in Details Pane


    Is this only for mp3 files?

    You said "when everything was working fine" what happened? did you download a new program? (itunes,vlc)

    If it wasn't that long ago, you could try system restore.

    Did you use a "registry cleaner" or an "optimizer"?

    On the properties window, general tab, what is it set to "open with"?

    good luck

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    I'm using windows xp home and when i open windows explorer there is no left pane for the folder tree. even when i click on the folder icon there is still only one pane no split screen.

    Answer:folder pane in windows explorer missing

    Hi DJ -First open Windows Explorer - Next -On the top line look to see if the item in - View > Explorer Bar > Folders is ticked -If the item is unticked you will not see the left pane -Hope this helps Thank You

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    apparently windows explorer in vista is suppose to have options to view classic menus, reading pane and others based on articles i've found around the net -"+"missing"&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=8&gl=us

    the only options i have under Layout is menu bar and navigation pane

    how do i like vista you say? gee, it feels exactly like this:

    Answer:Missing reading pane, classic menus?

    You just want the classic look of windows? is that right?
    You can turn off the UAC thing, I did.
    hit "windows key"-r and type in msconfig. go to tools and scroll down to select disable UAC. click launch. now just restart the computer.

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    I have a terrific HP Laptop which I purchased back in 2007 or 2008 and I rarely use it until last month, probably only once or twice a week with only a few hours.

    Recently, I started to use HP Laptop on daily basis and found 'Search' at the left side of the pane/screen is missing/lost when clicking on 'Search' at the top. 'Search' at the address bar is perfectly OK tho'.

    Is this issue related to not use it for a while, .... or how did it disappear?

    Only seen is 'Google' ad. popping up upon clicking at 'Search' on the tool-bar of the top.

    How can I rescue 'Search' at the left pane of screen?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Answer:Missing 'Search' at the left pane of the screen

    Are you talking about Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or what?

    Do you mean the "Search" option is missing when you (for example) right-click on your "C:" drive?

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    Per the title -
    I have the a fully keyed & Activated Windows 10 Pro (x64), but I am missing the Storage Settings feature.
    Any clues?

    Thanks in advance,

    (btw, this is from my Windows Insider Program since August of last year. I've had Windows 10 Tech Preview from builds 9926 all the way through to 10240, which converted to the RTM and current version, including the recent 1 GB patch.)

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    so today i try to use snipping tool and its just not there.
    tablet pc optional files doesnt even show up in programs and features (possibly because this comptuer as vista home basic?)

    i the ONLY thing i changed at all since i last used it was that i changed from windows classic style to vista home basic (not vista standard) style

    Answer:the common issue of missing snipping tool!

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    Hello everyone,

    I received my Satellite Pro A200 (PSAE7) laptop with a Vista OS.
    I have made a fresh & clean XP installation on it using the Toshiba's installation instructions document.
    Everything is working fine except my Fn+F6 Fn+F7 Fn+F8 hotkeys for Wireless and screen brightness.

    I have made a few search over the internet and I found that page :

    Looks like that I need to setup "common module" installer in order to make work those hotkeys.
    But the problem is that the "common module" is not available on the driver page for XP ....
    If I change the OS type to Vista there is "Value Added Package" available but it's not compatible on XP ...
    I tried to download and setup a "common module" for Sat Pro A120 model but i got an "TVALZ" error during the installation ....

    Did Toshiba support forget to put online a "common module" installer for XP for Sat Pro A200 ??
    How can I make work my Fn+F6 Fn+F7 Fn+F8 hotkeys ?

    Any help will be really appreciated !


    Answer:"Common module" missing for XP on Satellite Pro A200

    Hm, did you already a BIOS update? I guess you know that you need the XP Bios when installing XP on your machine?
    Usually these keys should work since machine is powered on (or to explain it better: The keys should be available from BIOS and not OS) which depends from the BIOS, so please update your BIOS to the XP version if not already did and give some feedback.


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    Hello, I'm using windows 7, 64 bit.
    after a big mistake of trying to use an old version of partition magic and let her do some "bug fix" - my comp can't load windows.

    I am writing this message after 9 hours of reading forums, trying many things..

    I am opening a new thread for a probably known problem because i have already tried everything i have found: bootsect, bootrec, startup recovery several times.

    I really don't know what kind of details is important because while trying to fix it i saw many errors and messages so just ask and i will write everything that is needed.

    I will tell you that first the problem that the startup recovery has found was: boot configuration is corrupt (error 0x490). after a few solutions (?) it now shows: system volume on disk is corrupt (error 0x3).

    note: I cant even install windows again. first he didnt recognized my harddrive - only a small partition of 102mb (what is it?) or he found a win7 installation but he wrote that the partition size is 0mb.

    should i try to rebuild the MGR again?
    Is my winPE disk can help here?

    I will appreciate any advice!

    Answer:BootMGR is missing - windows 7 (after trying the common solutions)

    and if it's not the right forum just tell me where to post it or how to move this message. thanks!

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    Hello. I've seen now in Windows 8 quite often the reparse point/junctions found along with missing services more common. Is this a security issue, and what would be the best way to address this? I can't even attach the 5 MB rkill report! Here below are some of the services and junctions:

    Checking Windows Service Integrity:
     * MsKeyboardFilter [Missing Service]
     * CSC [Missing Service]
     * E1G60 [Missing Service]
     * HdAudAddService [Missing Service]
     * kbldfltr [Missing Service]
     * storvsp [Missing Service]
     * Vid [Missing Service]
     * vmbusr [Missing Service]
     * vpcivsp [Missing Service]
    * Reparse Point/Junctions Found (Most likely legitimate)!
         * C:\WINDOWS\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.IE5 => C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\ [Dir]
         * C:\WINDOWS\Temp\135b591b-3751-4a33-8442-af03979a5c3f\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ink\en-us\boxed-correct.avi => <Unknown Target> [File]
         * C:\WINDOWS\Temp\135b591b-3751-4a33-8442-af03979a5c3f\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ink\en-us\boxed-delete.avi => <Unknown Target> [File]
     * C:\WINDOWS\Temp\135b591b-3751-4a33-8442-af03979a5c3f\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-rastls_31bf3856ad364e35_6.3.9600.16384_none_5d238bf9241ae6c1\rastlsext.dll => <Unknow... Read more

    Answer:Junctions Found and Services missing more common

    Run sfc /scannow from the Elevated Command Prompt.
    The sfc /scannow command scans all protected system files and replaces corrupted and incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.
    To run sfc /scannow in Windows 8 you will need to open the Elevated Command Prompt.  The easiest way to do this is to press the Windows key and the X key at the same time.
    You will see a window similar to the one below.

    When the Elevated Command Prompt opens type in sfc /scannow (please note the space between sfc and /scannow), then press Enter.
    If the scan finds no integrity  problems in the first portion of the scan it should stop, to be sure that the scan has stopped wait five minutes, then type in exit and press Enter to stop the scan.
    If it does find integrity problems the scan will continue.  This will take a while, please have patience and allow it finish.  
    When the scan is finished please post the log of this scan.
    To find sfc /scannow log, type cmd in the Search programs and files box, 
    cmd will appear above the search box under Apps., right click on it and choose Run as administrator, this will open the Elevated Command Prompt.  This will look simlare to the image below.

    copy and paste the following, then press Enter.  
    findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt
    This will place a new icon on the desktop tit... Read more

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    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for the help.


    Reformatting a HP Network with original CD. Delete both the C: partition and the partition on the disk [mbr] (something I'm not used to seeing) and reformat with NTFS. Windows copies files for installation and reboots.

    Upon reboot I get the following error:

    Windows could not start because of the following file is missing or corrupt:
    Windows Root\system32\hal.dll
    Please reinstall a copy of the above file

    So I do a google search and try the following fixes:

    copy hal.dll from windows xp cd
    delete boot.ini files and rebuild it
    chkdsk -r

    and after all the didn't work, I just reinstalled Windows fresh again... which produced the same result.

    I feel bad because this is my friends computer and it just had a virus and I figured a quick reformat would be the answer...

    I even did a drive fitness test to make sure the drive is in healthy.

    If you need any other info please let me know!

    Answer:Missing hal.dll error; common fixes do not work

    Try this:

    Boot to the install cd and start a Repair Install

    When the prompt for Press F6 to install thrid party drivers appears, press F5 instead.

    You will be offered a scroll-down mini-window of HAL choices - select what you have.

    Continue with the Repair Install.

    Should now have the correct HAL.

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    As shown below there are 2 drives missing from the Navigation Pane (vertical bar on the left of the File Explorer).
    How do I show them up there?
    Thanks in advance.

    Answer:Drives missing from File Explorer's Navigation Pane

    Expand the This PC menu?

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    Hello. I'm using Windows 7 Home Pro. 64-bit, and Firefox browser. When I want to save an image from the Internet, and right click on an image, it opens up what looks just like Windows Explorer. The problem is, the 'preview pane' button is missing, and I can therefore not get a large preview when using the details view, which I must use, because I have folders with many files to look through quickly. The images do show up properly in icons view. If I open up Windows Explorer by itself, it works properly, and I get the preview pane button.

    I saw a similar thread, and it recommended making sure Windows Photo Viewer, is set as the default program. I set it to be the default, but it didn't help.

    On my older Windows XP computer, I had xplorer2lite open up when right-clicking on an image. That was a more convenient program for me to use. Is it possible to do that in Windows 7?

    Also, is to possible to get the panes in Windows Explorer to 'hold' their position.

    Thank you.

    Answer:‘preview pane’ button missing in Windows Explorer for ‘save image as'

    Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
    I'd try another browser to confirm it's not browser or a website site issue.

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    I googled the problem and NOTHING!!!!! many information NO LONGER is displayed in my details pane in Windows Explorer!!!!!! song length is one of them gone missing (& total length if multiple files are selected) and I use that frequently!!!!! it ONLY shows basic information now such as artist, title, album, and genre!!! but total length is GONE!!! also MANY UNRELATED INFORMATION is now in the details pane for media files!!!!!!! mood of music has been added (never heard of that tag), song rating, and composer now have been added!!!! it even displays ALL THIS SAME INFORMATION for WAV files when it used to be ONLY file size and length for WAV files!!!!!!! WAV is NOT capable of tags so I don't know why Windows Explorer shows this information for WAV files!!!!!!

    Answer:missing information in details pane for media files (such as song length)

    Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

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    When you start either of the above.The Task Pane flashes Briefly and then disappears. Microsoft was supposed to have a fix for this problem can anyone inform me if this is so.

    Answer:Excel 2002 And Word 2002 Task Pane problems

    Word click hereExcel click here

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    I logged into my computer this morning and the screen was blue, although I could still see my house and move it around. I can also do Ctrl Alt Delete to access the Task Manager when I don't see the explorer.exe. I know its supposed to be there but its not, I tried to manually start it by going to file new task and running it but it only runs for maybe 10 seconds? enough to see the icons on the desktop and the task bar, then they disappear. I searched online for a few answers but no real help. Im using another PC because I cant access the internet with my laptop that is have the problems. I was able to run hijackthis and put it on a thumb drive so I could post it here.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks

    I have ran ad aware and avast and both found something but didn't fix it.
    I also posted this on Thanks.
    Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
    Scan saved at 8:13:10 PM, on 5/16/2008
    Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
    MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2900.2180)
    Boot mode: Normal

    Running processes:
    C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
    C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device... Read more

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    I had to manually find all related files to OE6 to delete it so it would reinstall. Then the updates. Now nothing shows up on the preview pane or when I open the email. I can use Outlook instead but what is wrong? The only view of the message is in properties: details: message source.

    Answer:Solved: OE has empty preview pane, open pane

    1. With Outlook Express closed, go to Start>Run
    2. Type in: regsvr32 inetcomm.dll (with the space after "regsvr32")
    3. Click OK (or press the Enter key)
    4. Open OE and see if things are fixed

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    When I open an instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane show little or nothing (no drives, folders, etc.). Also the preview pane does not show a preview for any selected files (See Capture1.JPG).
    If I open a second (or higher) instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane functions properly (the preview still does not show) (See Capture2.JPG).
    I have previews set to show (See Capture3.JPG).
    Also occasionally, the file icons will be blank instead of showing the file type specific icon. When this happens, the address bar also seems to take a long time to load. The load bar will stop before reaching the end and won't finish (See Capture4.JPG).

    Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?

    FYI I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Pro.

    Answer:Windows Explorer: Navigation Pane and Preview Pane Bug

    Try Explorer++ and see if you get the same problem.

    Need to enable "Folders" view.
    If it works then you can rule out problems with system files and it's probably a buggy shell extension.

    It's portable and runs without installation.

    Let us know if navigation pane works using Explorer++

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    Hi all.
    So here is a interesting problem that gets my head spinning. Connection established trough Checkpoint VPN towards our domain.
    IP address and DNS with Gateway provided. Through CMD you can ping with reply to your server using the common network name, (server1T). You can RTSC to your server using the common name. But once you open windows file explorer and go "\\common server
    name"(\\server1T), you get your destination unreachable. Then you use the FQDN (\\, it works fine.
    What has been done:
    Checked All SLL, Radius, DNS config and replications, DHCP scopes, LDAP, WPAD, IPCONFIG, and Policy settings. No changes was made. The problem only started about 4 weeks ago, and its random.
    Any one perhaps with an idea or who shares my problem.
    Kind regards

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    Relevance 47.97%

    I like the aesthetic of Windows XP's Task Pane, and would like to have it on Windows 7. I've Googled for awhile, but can't find it. I'd like something that goes over the tree section like it does on XP, and has an toggle button like XP's "Explore" pane did so I can still access the tree. I'd like it to be smart like the Windows XP pane and change based on which type of folder I'm in/selected, and incorporate the details pane in it as well.

    Answer:Replace Windows 7 Task Pane with Windows XP's

    Use organize-layout navigation pane.

    Then under folder options in control panel, check show all folders and automatically expand to current folder.

    You might also like 3rd party program file managers better:

    Windows Explore alternative for Windows 7 (file browser like XP) - Super User

    Explorer++ - A small and fast file manager for Windows

    Making 7 look and act more like XP:

    Right click the taskbar on a blank area. Choose properties. Under taskbar, choose use small icons. Under taskbar buttons, choose never combine. Click ok.

    Bring quick launch back to windows 7:

    Guided Help: Enable the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7
    There are other ways to customize your pc. See here: Personalizing your computer - Microsoft Windows Help

    Also read up on the help and support option in the start menu. It is actually quite good now and is great to get more information on windows 7 and all the new features. You can also read up on UAC and how it protects your pc.

    You may also be interested in this:

    (This option will cause a slight drop in performance-results may vary)

    Convert to Windows XP Style

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    When i start oblivion i get this:

    AppName: oblivion.exe AppVer: ModName: oblivion.exe

    ModVer: Offset: 000912a6

    Most people who get this error do not have sufficient hardware... my copy is legit, and i have updated drivers.

    PC specs:
    amd 64x2 2.7 Ghz dual core
    2GB ram
    8800GTS 320MB
    WinXP MCE 2005

    it HAS worked before, i played it recently but now i get this warning, any help is great.
    thanks, nate

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    I upgraded for free from windows 7 pro. The download went fine and it rebooted. Did the install and then gave me an =( face and said my install encountered an error. It kept rebooting and nothing would work. I tried f8 but nothing. Followed instructions to do a customer install and everything worked great, but now windows isn't activated. I have had no hardware upgrades.

    Answer:Windows 10 pro is not activated and I need to know how to get it activated without purchasing a key?

    Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I upgraded for free from windows 7 pro. The download went fine and it rebooted. Did the install and then gave me an =( face and said my install encountered an error. It kept rebooting and nothing would work. I tried f8 but nothing. Followed instructions to do a customer install and everything worked great, but now windows isn't activated. I have had no hardware upgrades.
    So you are saying your copy of Windows 7 wasn't genuine?

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    Ok so mid day sunday my computer rebooted for windows updates and all was fine. About 3 hours later I started having issues with my computer. My wifi wouldn't work properly, it wasn't retrieving a IP address from my router and when I would hit the button on my laptop to toggle it on and off it wouldn't come back on at all even after several reboots, and it starting popping up asking me to activate windows. When I would click activate under the pc settings after hard wiring my laptop a circle would spin for a second and then nothing.

    So earlier today I "refreshed" my laptop and my wifi problems were fixed. But it's still pestering me about activation and I have the watermark on my desktop.

    I've tried using slui 3 and slui 4 to no avail. When entering my key under slui 3. I'd get the access denied 0xC0000022 error and with slui 4 I get the same with no activation id.

    Here's a log that NoelDP asked for:

    <TotalGraceDays>0</TotalGrace... Read more

    Answer:Went from activated to non activated with error 0xC0000022

    Thanks for reposting (welcome to the forums, by the way!)
    It does look like your problem is identical to the other - and LicensingDiag is its usual useless self in terms of diagnostics

    We'll use the same initial diagnostics...
    Please post the Application and System Event Logs...

    Please open Event Viewer

    In the left pane, navigate to the Windows Logs

    right-click on Applications and select 'Save all events as...' save as Apps.evtx

    repeat for the System logs - save as Sys.evtx

    Compress both files, and attach to your reply.

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    Is it possible to have no Nav Pane when opening a Desktop folder, but have Nav Pane when opening Win Explorer? Like it was in WinXp/Win98/Win95?
    When I disable Nav Pane, it disappears for Desktop folders and Windows Explorer.

    I think the answer was 'no' for Win7.

    I installed Classic Start Menu hoping one of it's features could do it. If it does, I've not been able to enable it. Other than that, Classic Start Menu is a super improvement.

    You all take care,


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    My Favorites Folders are no longer visible in the Favorites Center pane, to the left of my Homepage window? Individual favorites are still visible but none of the folders with their contents. I can find all my Favorites Folders under my username but want to return them to the pane so I can access them easily from my Homepage? I did click on a option earlier today that asked about also saving your Favorites in the Cloud?

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    Somehow I managed to remove the "Desktop" item on the shortcut pane in Explorer - which also affects Common Dialog boxes. It is incredibly annoying as I use this shortcut all the time. How do I get it back? I've looked all over but no where has answers! Thanks!

    Answer:Desktop "shortcut" missing from Explorer and Common Dialogs

    Hello Lynxy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

    I believe that you will just need to right click on a empty space in the navigation pane and click on Show All Folders to see it again.

    Hope this helps,

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    I have a Compaq Presario about 3 years old with Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2.

    In the last 2 days, when I turn it on, a folder comes up with the start up programs. It is called Common. Inside the folder are 3 other folders called com_os, win2k_xp and win9x_me.

    It wouldn't be something I would pay attention to except that at the same time as this started happening, my computer started slowing down, programs don't shut down and it takes over 10 minutes and a lot of "cycling" before the computer shuts down. It also "cycles" a lot while it is on.

    I use NOD 32 by ESET as my virus control program, it is up-to-date and it isn't showing any problem with the system.

    What could be wrong and how do I fix it?

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    We have enable the preview pane for Windows Explorer within the Local Group Policy Editor, however no preview pane is showing in Windows Explorer. What other setting do we need to look for?

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    Question: Missing Task Bar.

    I know there's a simple answer - but I can't recall what it is.My task bar disappeared while I was updating my BT do I recover it, please?Tristar

    Answer:Missing Task Bar.

    It may have been set to 'Autohide'. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and if the task bar appears then right click and select Properties and take the tick out of the Autohide box.

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    Question: Task bar missing

    I am using Windows XP Media Center and I had a message pop up saying to run chkdskutility. So I restarted my computer, it ran a check, then when it restarted in Windows, my Taskbar was missing. I don't know how to get it back. Also, my Verizon Security Suite says it cannot start. I would like to try a system restore, but don't know how to get to it without the taskbar and the Startup button.

    Thank you for your help.

    Answer:Task bar missing

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    I put a new graphic card into my pc today and it's running fine.Just one problem when i rebooted my pc my task bar and some shortcuts are missing from my desktop.Any ideas please?

    Answer:Missing Task Bar???????

    If your running XP. go to control panel, select taskbar and start menu, and see if you can configure it.Otherwise try running at a different resolution to establish whether your missing pieces are off screen. in which case double check monitor.

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    I have a system in which the Task Bar is missing - but the start button is there - only the bar is missing - or you can say i cannot see it.
    What will be the Fix for it.

    Answer:Task Bar is missing

    Did you happen to enable the taskbar auto-hide feature?

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    Question: missing task bar

    I have lost my task bar. I cannot see the time, what programs are running, or anything on the bottom of my screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Answer:missing task bar

    I wonder if you have accidentally auto hidden it.
    Take you mouse right down to the bottom, or beyond that if needed, and see if the taskbar pops up again. If it does, right click it and select properties, then, in the start menu, untick the box "auto-hide the taskbar"

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    Question: Missing Task Bar

    I gave my old Windows 98 computer to my mother, and somehow she lost the taskbar and start button. She's been shutting down by using cntrl/alt/delete or by pushing in the on-button on column for 5 seconds. I know this is not good for the system, but I've had no luck finding her taskbar & start button. I've gone into my computer icon on desktop and clicked on control panel, but there's no taskbar folder that I can find. I've checked in display properties, resolution is 800/600. Raising the resolution hasn't helped either. It just makes the desktop picture and print too small for her to read. Still no taskbar/start button.
    I don't know what she did to have this happen, but I'd sure like to help her get it back. She's 78 yrs. old and was having so much fun with the computer. Now she's totally stressed, thinking she broke it.
    Any suggestions?

    Answer:Missing Task Bar

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    Question: Missing task bar..

    My cousin's on the phone w/ me now, and she's had a major problem with the internet task bar.

    up at top (if it were a regular task bar) there should be a
    A bar for "File/Edit/View/Favorites/Tools/Help"
    and a second one for the "Back/Forward/Stop/Refresh/Home/Search/Favorites/History...well etch..
    and one for the address/go/links

    But she just called me and told me that for the past few days it's been missing, gone, caput..

    I was wondering if there's anything I could do to help her out? cause her dad's freaking out.


    Please somebody respond ASAP

    Answer:Missing task bar..

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    Question: Missing Task Bar

    I use Win XP Media Center. At times my task bar vanishes. I click on all borders and nothing. I put a taskbar short cut on my desktop and when this happens I open it , check Keep the task bar on top of windows ( actually I uncheck and recheck because it is already checked) and still no task bar. the only way I can get the task bar back is to manually shut down and then restart. It always comes back after I shut down. Any ideas? Thanks.


    Answer:Missing Task Bar

    yellow57, Go to the link below and scroll down to line 195 (right column)and download the "Restore Desktop Icons and Taskbar" .vbs file. Save it to your hard drive (you may want to right click and use Save Target As). Double
    click the vbs file. You will be prompted when the script is done.
    "NOTE: If your anti-virus software warns you of a "malicious" script, this is normal if you have "Script Safe" or similar technology enabled. These scripts are not malicious, but they do make changes to the System Registry".

    If that doesn't work try the line 117 (left column) " Restore Taskbar and Start Menu" .reg file. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

    Your problem is many times virus/malware related.


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    I bought this computer 2 years ago brand new from best buy with Windows 8 already installed. Haven't had any issues at all up until today. Installed updates from windows update, restarted, and was told it failed to configure the updates. Now the action center is displaying "Activate Windows now (Important)". I'm still using Windows 8, I haven't upgraded to 8.1 or anything. If I click on the message in action center it just brings me to another screen saying "Windows isn't activated" with "Enter a new product key to activate Windows." underneath the previous message, from there options are "Activate with a new key" or "Buy a new key". Says current edition is Windows 8, and Current product key not available. However, under Control Panel, System and Security, System, Windows activation section at the bottom says "Windows is activated". I wouldn't know how to find my product key, and I'm not very tech savvy but any help with this is appreciated. Thanks.

    Answer:Windows 8 activated but not activated?

    Alright it seems I've solved the issue, after doing a bit of research I stumbled across a program known as "Belarc Advisor" which allowed me to find my product key, after inputting it, the action center message went away. It is now saying Windows 8 is activated, displaying my product key and telling me the date I initially activated it - 1/2/2013.

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