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Solved: Images showing in wrong color

Question: Solved: Images showing in wrong color

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Images showing in wrong color

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I've got this problem on a Compaq Presario 1500 where in IE6 or Firefox 2 (and even Mozilla 1.7) where certain images and background color isn't showing. for example is completely white, and most javascript pull down menus have no BG color. The laptop has WinXP SP2 updated, DX9.0c, ATI Mobility 7500 32MB using Catalyst 4.4 (as it is reported). Is this a Windows setting problem or do I need to update the video drivers? I am using Avira antivirus, Windows Firewall.

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This isn't stricktly "installation and setup" I don't think, but I can't find anywhere else it fits either, so hopefully it is OK here.

I have made a couple of system images using W7's own native system image creator, but they automatically identify themselves with the wrong time and date. My OS clock is correct and my BIOS clock is correct AFAIK (i.e. going into the pre-boot settings where you can shuffle up the boot order and checking it in there) but my images are created showing that one made at 14.00 was made at 3.40am if using the disc and searching for a system image to restore from, and if I go into the backup and restore centre within W7 it tells me the most recent system image was made at 12.40!

It also puts them all in a folder with today's date, I had a heart attack thinking it had overwritten my previous backup despite saying that would not happen on an external hard drive (but would on a network) but when I go into the startup repair booting from the disc it does indeed offer me both options, albeit with strange times on them. Is that normal and is there a way I can force it to place each image in a separate folder without that complicating the restore process?

Oh, as an aside the "create a system repair disc" thing doesn't work for me, nor did it ever work when I had Vista. I can write the disc, it simply doesn't boot. Not too annoying because the installation DVD has the same tools on it, but just another part of the process that is n... Read more

Answer:Wrong time showing on system images

The image is incrmental. The time should be the time the first image was made.

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I hope this is the correct forum for this. Here it is...I'm unable to see any background page colors through Internet Explorer on the Internet. I've tried resetting my Internet Options to default but, alas, no noticeable improvement. I'm really not that knowledgable about the settings to change them with any confidence. Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: A Lack of Color and some Images on the Web.

Try the following options:

Go to CONTROL PANEL / ACCESSIBITY OPTIONS, then select the DISPLAY tab. Uncheck the USE HIGH CONTRAST checkbox. All background colors and font stability should return immediately. If not, reboot and try again.


Open Internet Explorer Options, under the General tab, click Accessibility.

The following options will show:

Ignore colors specified on Web pages
Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

Format documents using my style sheet (browse...)
Uncheck the top one.


Open Internet Explorer Options, under the General tab you'll see a button towards the bottom for "Colors". Click it and you'll get a little screen with some options.
Make sure that the "Use Windows Colors" checkbox is checked. Click OK a few times and try it.

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I have two (2) HP S2031 Flat Screen Monitors. I had them connected to a WinXP 32-bit system where they worked fine. I had a guy build me a new 64-bit Windows 7 machine with a quality video card. Web pages format fine on the left monitor, but on the right monitor, the image refuses to format to screen size--no scroll bars appear and the sizing buttons on the upper right of the pages are somewhere off screen to the right. With guesswork, I can close pages and find the scroll bar, but it's impossible to find the reduce-down button. I shouldn't have to mess with this. I have tried scaling the image with the on-board monitor menu controls. I have tried using the controls provided by the Nividia video card. Neither of these things make a difference. I've been in contact with HP who guided me through some testing and suggested it could be my KVM. HOWEVER, I have connected the monitor in question directly to the PC, by-passing the KVM and the same condition exists. SO... any ideas?

ALSO...if I cannot get satisfactory color balance using either set of controls, I need to know what the problem or problems might be. I have spent hours trying various things to make these things right. Are there more adjustments somewhere? I wonder if something is wrong with the video card. I downloaded new drivers for the monitors. Am I missing something?

Answer:Solved: Dual Monitor: 2nd won't scale images & color is bad

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I first posted this in, but this seems to be an Office 2000 issue.
I cannot view the text in some images in Word 2000. For example, here's a screen of document in Windows 2000 running Word 2000:
If you look closely, the text shows up as white.
and here's the same document in Windows 2003 running Word 2000:
The strange thing is that when I double clicked on the image, Word converted the image to an editable image where I could edit the text. When I closed the picture window, I could see the text in the image even though some of the lines in the diagram were incomplete. For example:
Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Cannot view text color in images in Word 2000

Found the solution:

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Hi folks. All my images have stopped displaying. I now get this little image instead.
See attached

Answer:Solved: Images not showing

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For some reason now when I log onto my laptop no pictures will show even when I'm on this site all I get is a small red box, blue triangle and a green circle inside of a white box. To view an image I have to right click on the white box and choose "show picture" to see the image. What can I do to get this corrected.

Answer:Solved: No Images Showing at all

Shuwana, Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab and make sure Show Pictures is checkmarked, click Apply/OK.


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When trying to attach images from my computer to a forum thread or reading from my card only the names of the images show, how do I overcome this ?

Also can't save a lot of sites to my 'Favourites' list.


Answer:Solved: Images not showing in Win8

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Just within the past week or so, when viewing pics in windows explorer, only some of the thumbnails will show the image they are representing. Some won't. I tried rebuilding the library and doing Disk Cleanup to delete them so they'd rebuild; I've checked/unchecked the "show icons not thumbs" to see if that would kick it into showing it. Nothing has helped.
Also, maybe related, when opening up any Windows explorer window, the green bar at the top is very slow to load all the way to the right, sometimes never getting to the other side.

Windows Vista, sp2, Home Premium
quad core
64 bit

Answer:Solved: Some Thumbnails not showing images. Help!

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Hi wasnt sure where to post this so i guessed here....

Some images are not being displayed in any of my web browsers (chrome, mozila, ie, opera) its just image previews like in google images when i search somthing none of the little thumbnails show same with some thumbnails on youtube.

Its weird because its happening on both computers connected to my router and even when i have my notebook on the wireless.

thanks in advance

Answer:[SOLVED] HELP All Web Browsers not showing some images

Do you have a dialup connection or broadband connection?

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Guys, I don't know what happened. I was just browsing online - and everything has been fine with my Firefox (version 3.0.11). Then all of a sudden, images on websites stopped loading. ALL images - even tiny .gif icons for this forum. Background images won't load.

Was there an update or something that has caused this? I can load images in Internet Explorer just fine. I have tried clearing all private data (cache, offline content, temp files, cookies) and nothing is helping. I have disabled Adblock Plus and any other Add-ons that I can think would cause this.

I have even restarted Firefox numerous times and NO images are loading. Help please! Is this happening to anyone else?

Answer:[SOLVED] Help! Images Stopped Showing Up!

Hey guys - never mind. I don't know why, but for some reason, the option to 'Load Images Automatically' was turned off in my browser. Even though I have had it selected and haven't touched it. That's very strange. Maybe due to an update?

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forums and recently bought parts to build my very first computer. So i rarely have any knowledge about this whole thing other then putting it together and installing the softwares. (Built April 28 Thursday, not to long ago)

Now as for the problem I am having is after installing all the drives and such my monitor suddenly show pink (sometimes green or gray) horizontal lines or vertical lines across the whole screen. At first i thought i connected something wrong but everything was connected firmly and correctly. Then a few more times (so far 3 times) it happend again, all within 1hr of turning it on. For some reason if im playing games or, watching videos/movies nothing occurs (Have not tried more then 3hrs).
Also when my monitor does change I am able to move the mouse but i cant click on anything (USB Mouse).

Here are my computer specs:
ASUS P7H55-M PRO Intel i3 i5 H55 1156 Motherboard
Windows 7 64bit
LG W2240T 21.5 Monitor
630W Raidmax PSU

Thats pretty much what i beleive that should matter. Oh and another thing I bought all my parts 1 week berfore putting it together, so everything is completely new.

Some test that ill be doing is if it happens on another monitor and stuff. Anyways, if anyone can help that would be really great.

Answer:Solved: Monitor Showing different color Lines and more

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I know that AOL is frowned upon around here but I've been using it for years and now that it's free it's even a better deal for the price. I have however run into a problem with AOL not showing images in email. This showed up after install the latest release of IE7. It was fine with the beta version but now it's not working. What I get is the image box with a red x. I've looked around and can not find any setting that make a difference. Anyone have any ideas? (besides not using AOL)


Answer:Solved: AOL Mail Not Showing Images After IE7 Installed

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I have no idea what happened, but it seems any images that should be in programs, or email aren't showing. When I pull up a program it opens fines and seems to work, but alot of the images (buttons) are not there.

I've check my security settings, and they seem to be correct as far as allowing for downloading of images, but no dice.

I've tried all my security settings in Outlook as well to allow to view images... nothing.

I'm at a loss...

Answer:Solved: Images not Showing in email, or programs

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My brother has a very weird problem with certain web images not displaying on his PC in IE7. He's running Win XP (Home edition I think).

This is going to take some explaining, and also to run through what we've checked so far, so many apologies for such a long first post! Do hope you can bear with me and wade through it...

I'm the one writing for now, being a little more familiar with where to look for clues and stuff to check -- but I've never come across anything like this before and I'm completely stumped. It's tricky with it not being my PC, and I don't have ready access to his. Also I'm still using IE6, and there are differences between that and his IE7 which I'm not used to. He'll need to check anything you suggest before we can say if it's worked or not.

The images not displaying are on his own site, though I make the pages for him. The URLs are irrelevant as it's clear the problem's specific to his PC only. The images he can't see load online for me, as they also do for everyone else who's checked.

It's especially odd because it only applies to one particular sub-set of pages. Everything else on the site (with all images) displays fine for him, AND images on these pages also did till he hit this problem towards the end of November; so something must have changed round about then.

The site's divided up into different sections with a subfolder for each section; then typically each ... Read more

Answer:Solved: PC with IE7, certain images on specific pages not showing online

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Hi All! I'm trying to edit a joomla theme but have been completely stuck on 1 color block. I had this bright idea of using an editing tool (notepad-style replacement)to assit me in tracking down the elusive color, but I can't find one that will how me the hex colors "actual" color. I've been back and forth through the index.php code and the CSS style sheet, so I figured a program like this would make it pop out.

Does such a text editor exist?

If you know Joomla or are just curious, the offending website is . It's the block on the left, not the green pics on the right I haven't replaced.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Answer:Solved: Anyone Know of PHHP (or TXT) software showing real-time Hex Color?

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With Windows 8.1, I am now having problems displaying and importing jpegs.   They show in odd colors, with a lot of black in them.    This wasn't the case early on, but now jpegs are impossible to work with for me.   I
only use -- Windows Photo Viewer, and place them in WORD documents.  Nothing fancy.   I cannot find a resolution here or anywhere.  Can you help?
This is crazy.  When I try to save the BAD image, it looks horrible (blue, purple, heavy black frame) on my screen in PHoto Viewer, but I import it here and it looks fine.  Please, help.

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I have a really weird situation here. I have two audio devices, speakers and headphones, both connected to my computer. The headphones use a usb and a audio slot and the speakers use only a audio slot. When I go in properties, they show up backwards. If audio is playing through my headphones, it says they are playing through the speakers. This really hasn't been much of an issue because it hasn't really effected anything but now I'm trying to optimize the settings of these devices. If I try to enable higher bass quality for my headphones under "headphones" in the audio section, it enhances it for the speakers. But for both devices there are different options to enable or disable so I can't use them on the correct device. I know what I'm saying probably doesn't make sense but let me put it like this. Under my headphones there is an option for optimizing "Headphone virtualization," but I can't actually put it to effect because it applies for my speakers (which seems to do nothing), and under my speakers I don't get that option. So basically what I'm saying is I can't optimize my audio devices because there is some sort of weird error.

Answer:Solved: Audio devices showing up wrong in properties.

Desktop or laptop? Which ports are each device using?

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when i do an image search on google, all the images appear and then all of a sudden, most of them turn into tiny blue squares...anyone have a clue whats going on?

Answer:images on google images arent showing

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I am running Windows 7 64bit on a Toshiba laptop.
As you see in the attached photo, the connections information icon shows "wireless connections are available" status even though I am connected! I am connected via hotspot (with a program called Connectify) to another laptop which has wired connection. I have no problems with the connection itself, but only with that status icon's wrong display.

This happend after I installed software for a bluetooth usb adapter. I have searched the web for the same problem and tried the suggested fixes: uninstalled the software, uninstalled the network adapters (wired and wireless), deleted iconchache.db file but none worked for me.
This problem is really driving me nuts so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it!


Answer:Solved: connections tray icon showing wrong status

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Any help to correct this problem would be appreciated.
I don't know if this is a hardware issue or a software issue. Whenever I press certain letters I get a numeric stroke. For example:


The only reason I'm able to type this is because I've connected another keyboard up to the laptop.

Answer:Solved: Fujitsu laptop keyboard showing wrong characters

Most likely you have some kind of number lock feature on. It's so you can use the letters as you would a number pad on a standard keyboard.

Try to find a key on your keyboard labeled "Num Lock" and press it (you may have to hold down something like an "Fn" key while pushing the Num Lock button).

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Ok i've never had this problem before.
Yesterday i tried to play Batman Asylum and i was unable to play it because it says i need a better graphic card.I've played the game with no problem 2 days ago with my graphic card nvidia 8600 GT.

So i checked the device manager and dxdiag and it is showing the wrong graphic card which is NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 43. The one attached to my computer is actually 8600 GT.

So someone help me please ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Wrong Graphic Card Showing On Dxdiag and Device Manager.

For some ODD reason, your computer is confused... and is referring the GF6150 as your primary display adapter.

You should disable it in BIOS, if possible.

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 This is the correct color form Google Image: This is the color from Windows Photo Gallery:    It looks like it is a issue of Windows Photo Gallery bcause if the same image is opened in another program(Photoshop, paint, etc), the color stays same, the thumbnail color is correct as well. However, it is different in Windows Photo Gallery.Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________W520 4276-23U | Intel i7-2920 XM CPU | 16 GB RAM | Nvidia Quardo 2000M | 1920x1080 Display | Intel Advanced- N 6205 | Color Sensor | Finger Print Reader | BIOS1.34

Answer:The image color in Windows Photo Gallery is wrong, same image in other program color is correct.

Windows photo gallery is not colour profile aware, so assumes your monitor is sRGB.  The same is true of the desktop wallpaper.  There is nothing you can do about this, other than use a different default picture viewing application as default, or convert your images to the ICC profile of your monitor (which you can do in photoshop).  I would only recommend this for wallpapers though.  

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When I look for an image in "google image", nothing shows but blank pictures with an "x" on the upper left corner of the blank images in google image. This just occured recently, then the images came back for a while, then this same problem occured again, can't figure this one out. I even reset the internet settings and all, but no help. Can someone here tell me what the problem is?


Answer:No images showing in Google images???

Now the images such as jpg, gif and other images are now showing, however they take a while to come into picture! Does anyone know what I am talking about here?

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Hi everyone,
I'm having an issue with Personalization options.
On the desktop, when i right-click and select 'Personalize' from the menu, a window briefly pops up for fraction of a second and then disappears. I simply can't get to the Personalization options.
Working around this, i tried to access it through Control Panel > Personalization and Appearance and selecting it from there.

In the menu, I find that the Personalization icon has been replaced with a generic folder icon and it's renamed to 'Personalization CPL Provider'.
I also cannot select 'Change desktop background' or 'Customize colors' as it pops up and error window with the following respectively:
Windows cannot find


Windows cannot find


Is there any way to fix this at all? I've looked around but the only solutions are to "upgrade" my Windows installation to fix the missing files.

I've already run "sfc /scannow" twice and there were still errors it couldn't fix.

I would appreciate any help at all, thanks.


Read more

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Im on my moms computer and she seems to have a problem. Im not sure what to search for about this problem. I already ran combofix and it removed problems which it wouldnt let flash players play on youtube. I also ran malwatebytes and superantispyware. It had A lot of problems but i think i fixed a majority of them doing all that. Im just not sure what to do about this. Here is an image of what it looks like.

Answer:Images and color missing on all websites

We'll have to run couple of checks to start with...Does the same issue happen in Internet Explorer?Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.==========================================================================Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=========================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log ... Read more

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I've got two hp clj 3600dn printers that print lines thru images (head shots of people - horizontal line right thru their faces) , but only from this one application that we use. All other images are fine. We've tried every driver that HP has out for this model, but no luck. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? We even asked the owners of the app we're trying to print from, but they haven't come across this either.

The problem started after our network team installed a new server and we had to go to 64bit drivers, BUT, we tried the 32bit and it happens with them as well...........

Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

Answer:HP Color LaserJet 3600dn - line thru images

What is the name of the application that you mentioned you all are using?

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When I try to watch a video on MSN, the image is just a bunch of different colors. You can kind of tell what is being shown but it is all just different colors. I have high speed internet with Comcast and I use MSN. Everything works fine if I play a movie.

Answer:Blurry images in color watching video

Hello-oo-o-o-o-o-o-oo-o--is anyone out there?

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So how much do you want to bet the solution is so ridiculously easy that this whole thread is going to be silly?

Basically im about to go bald by how much im pulling my hair out. Needless to say, my adobe cs5 color settings are inverting because of windows seven.

I know its because of seven because its also affecting other programs such as iTunes by inverting the cover art imagery as well.

In terms of my adobe software I made sure it wasnt preferences or color settings by deleting my preferences folder and resetting the color settings back to RGB 1998. Sadly though, after rebooting a few times, i am still getting the color invertion of doom.

I've tried doing a master invert by pressing alt, shift print screen, to invert everything and then click it over to normal and that seemed to work for lightroom but not adobe photoshop or itunes.

I mean is this something deeper? Or is this something really stupid that im overlooking?
Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
PS. Everything else is normal. Such as display, internet etc... its only when im dealing with software. I've never had this problem before, being that when i first downloaded the programs they appeared normally.

Answer:Help! Windows Seven inverting program color settings/images

Try getting the latest version of your Adobe CS5 or run it in Compatibility Mode

Try running it in compatibility for Windows XP, maybe it can lessen the color issue.

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When I print my Microsoft Publisher file to the color printer, I can print everything but the images, but when I print the same file om B/W printer, everything included the images are printed.
Why are the images not printed on color printer. Is it that I have to convert the default RGB color spectrum to CMYB spectrum. Publisher doesn't support all color spectrums. Why and How? Please advise

Answer:can't print images to color printer from microsoft publisher

Perhaps you could supply a bit of supporting information, as otherwise the guesses will be a bit wild.

Make/model of printer?
Version of Windows (if, indeed you are even using Windows?)
Version of Publisher?

Do the graphics show on "print preview"?
Have you got the latest driver loaded for the printer?

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Question: wrong color

When I click on a line in a web site on a link in an e-mail it turns a bright yellow. It makes it very hard to read. How can I chance the color?

Answer:wrong color

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Question: color wrong

what do i do when the colors on my laptop are all wrong. tried color management, and set the default settings. Nothing changed it

Answer:color wrong

is this in a particular application on just in normal use

can you give an example -

what windows version

it may need the graphics driver reloaded
it maybe the properties of the display colour setting

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Hi ,
actually my laptop got affected from some virus or spyware or malware and at first it started affect images with some sparkling red dots on the dark black pixels then it started all window with blue flickering lines and dots . when i scan my laptop from spyware and malware remover the blue flickering lines get disappeared but the problem of red dots are still there and those blue lines also comes back frequently. please tell me what is it , any virus or spyware or malware and also teel me how to remove it

Answer:some spyware or malware which starts affecting images then screen color

Hello Vishumishra and welcome -

actually my laptop got affected from some virus or spyware or malware

Do you know if the computer was infected, or is this just an idea of yours.
The last time I had a computer go as you describe, it was due to PSU (not infection)
Power Supply Unit failure can show in several ways, and you have described one of them.
I will not be able to re check this post for about 8 to 10 hours, but please do this.
There are many helpers in this area, and they may have new ideas.
List your computer Make and (if known) Model.
Please post a snapshot with Speccy for more system details -How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<-- Full Directions Here (only post the link)
Then please Copy and Paste this log.
Download Security Check by Screen317 from HERE
* Save it to your Desktop.
* Double-click SecurityCheck.exe
* Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
* A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please Copy/Paste the contents of that document.Note: If a security program requests permission to access the Internet, allow it to do so.

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This mornings email included four images of scanned documents.
Ttrying to read them on the tablet was very small.So moved to larger screen laptop to see if they improved.
Here is the mysyery- those attachments are no longer those documents- iinstead are 4 random images from a previous mail from another sender, with a sequence of 20 or images.
How come?

Answer:Wrong images how come?

Start again and do it properly this time ;-)

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Trying to reinstall my dsl program after a system crash where my hd was completely wiped.  Have reinstalled Win98 and checked the hd for errors, etc. and reinstalled the basic programs I need (ie. MSOffice), but when I load up the CD for my dsl program, the colors on the logo are wrong, and some parts of pages are missing, such as pictures and places where you make choices.  I cannot complete the installation because of missing parts.Any clues?  Checked the CD itself on my laptop, its fine.

Answer:Wrong color in dsl program.

Have you installed & updated your video drivers?

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My Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop's screen is displaying colors improporly...white appears pink. What are some ways i can fix this?

Answer:Screen color wrong how do i fix it?

You're going to have to play around with the driver settings for a laptop...unfortunately, laptop screens don't usually have an OSD to play around with.

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When I go to pages on the internet that have images (mostly on myspace or facebook) not all the images show up. There isnt even a box in their space. Is there some way to fix this? All the images have shown up in the past but then one day they stopped showing up. If anyone knows anything about this PLEASE let me know!
Thank you!

Answer:Images are not showing up

Hi and welcome to TSG!!!

The problem is that maybe the pictures were disabled acidentally. To re-enable them from internet explorer select tools internet options and and the press the Advanced tab. Then scroll down through that list until you come accross the Multimedia section. Ensure that the option Show Pictures is checked.

Hope this helps

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DAMMIT NOT showng up.

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.

Answer:Help with images now showing up

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.

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Hi all,
I am trying to write a .net program, I have good experience with the language but this has me stumped. I have placed in image boxes and put images in them but when in the browser none of the images show, they all just have the dreaded red cross lol. Any help with this would be greatly appreicated. I'm using visual studio 2005 if that helps.

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certain images arent' showing up for me. it says failed to connect. under tools i have show images auto already checked so that's not the is a screen shot

Answer:certain images not showing up

What does McAffee site advisor do, will it block certian sites? may want to check there, also check your host file to see if is blocked.
in XP it is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

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I've just recently came across some problems with my web browser. When I open up only a certain couple sites, pictures aren't loading. They don't show they're broken links, and others can see them so I know it's not the server, but has to be me. I don't think I've changed any settings for this to just happen out of the blue.
I run on Windows XP Pro, and using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. My ISP is cable. Not sure what other info you may need.

Thanks in advance for any help you may give.

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Hello, I'm trying to write a slideshow program with Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition. My Operating system is Windows Millenium. I'm working out of a book called SAMS teach yourself game programming and when I run the code from the cd it works fine. I can't see where the difference is between my code and that on the cd.
The problem is this:

I've written a bitmap class file which contains three constructors plus the default. The first constructor is supposed to take a device context and the name of the file as parameters. I don't know why but this way of displaying a bit map doesn't work at all. here's the code for the bitmap:


BOOL Bitmap::Create(HDC hDC, LPTSTR szFileName)
// Free any previous bitmap info

// Open the bitmap file
return FALSE;

// Read the bitmap file header
DWORD dwBytesRead;
BOOL bOK = ReadFile(hFile, &bmfHeader, sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER),
&dwBytesRead, NULL);
if ((!bOK) || (dwBytesRead != sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER)) ||
(bmfHeader.bfType != 0x4D42))
return FALSE;

if (pBitmapInfo != NULL)
// Read the bitmap info header
bOK = ReadFile... Read more

Answer:Showing images with C++

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For about two or three weeks now I have been having issues with images on websites disappearing or not showing up when I know they should be there .. I use a graphics program called Paintshop Pro and I belong to a few forums for people with the same hobby. I use Fotki as my online storage and I have a few hundred tags stored there but of late when I browse forums or image sites I am either getting no image where I know there should be one (just a blank space) or in forums a red x or the word [image] like that .. it is driving me bonkers!! I have to reload the browser over and over and sometimes it will load the images other times I just have to give up and try again later on.

I reinstalled my windows system thinking it could be a issues with my files being corrupt (a little drastic I know but I was desperate) I mainly use Firefox browser because IE is bothersome because I absolutely abhor advertising and the add ons come in handy - BUT - I now have IE v8 and it does the same thing - either will or won't load images and I did not import browser settings.

Oh I use to be a frequent member of Facebook but now I can't even sign in I get a DNS error - not sure if this is relevant but I will throw it out there anyway.

Anyone got a clue as to what I can do please?????


Answer:Images Not Showing Up ???

A couple of screen shots to show what I am talking about the top one is of my Fotki and the second is from another forum. ​

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Hi all, I have recently reinstalled my computer because of a popup problem, I have reinstalled many times before and never had a problem like this:

Say if I am viewing ebay, none of the centre section loads, all I get is page cannot be displayed.

Pictures from this location will load up, but pictures from will not show up making the page display badly, none of the images show in my ebay,

I have save.exe on my computer but have disabled that, I have mcafee 9 firewall and antivirus and have disabled them, I have even tried installing firefox and it still does it,

Is there a setting somewhere I have missed, if you cannot understand this, I will install a screen capture program and post screenshots.



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Hello, i am looking for some help. I am a beginner at webdisgning and i have just recently got my first webhost. Problem is i have up loaded all the files for my website:Images Folder [containing all images i need]Index [Home Page]gallery [Secondary Page]The problem im getting is that no images are showing up, all i have is the text, background and the boxes where the images should be! If someone could please point me in the right direction then it will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Images Not Showing Up

So we can see the problem? It is probably that the images are either not uploaded onto your webserver or else the path to them has been incorrectly named - it will be a quick thing to solve if we could see a link

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I have an image viewing problem. My system is Win XP Corp SP2
and I use Microsoft Oulook 2007.
Some images show as Small square with little red X. I think these images are gif format.

It happened suddenly, I cannot think of what could be the problem.
Oh yes I use Fire fox 3.5 browser.
Any ideas ???

Appreciated. :

Answer:Images showing as Red X

welcome to TSF

Look over this link, see if it helps

Also, Test your Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Players

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Hi All

Im having a really annoying problem with my pc, on some websites images are not showing up ( for example). i am running win xp sp2 with all updates, i use zonealarm and norton antivirus and have checked both for settings blocking images and cant find any thing. I have tried using both Firefox and IE6 with no success so it appears not to be a browser issue. I have accessed these sites on a different computer and the websites have been fine. I have checked the forum and tried all the obvious solutions (ticking java and images), installing java 1.4sdk but nothing seems to help !!!!

If some one has any idea of how to solve this i will be very appriciative.



Answer:Images not Showing up on Web

Hi and welcome to TSF

Did this issue just start without explanation?

Have you tried clearing temporary files and cookies from IE - TOOLS>Internet Options>Delete both ? Some sites will not render in Firefox anyway - maybe the two issues overlap.

Have you tried switching your file wall off just to test out that possibility?

I would try uninstalling and re-installing zone-alarm.

Also, an additional check for malware might be worthwhile:-


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Hi all..

I have this web site HERE and I think that somin is wrong with my IE settings or something else. I mean when I go to a web site and it dont mean just the one above but most, some of the images dont show. I have to right click on them and hit show image. Its been doing it for months now but I thought I should do somin about it.

I wondered is there somin I have to check to make sure all images show first time..

I thought may be my Temp Internet folder was too small but its 600 kb. Any ideas people..Im using Windows XP home and IE 6...

Thx inadvance..

Answer:Help images not showing up on my end..

Take a look at this MS KB article.

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Hi all,

I have windows 7 and IE8 is playing up for me. I go to some sites and the images will not load, it ust show the red x in the box.

I have tried it with no add-ons, cleared cache and all browser history.
I have even like removed it and put it back on as well and still nothing.

I have googled this trying to find a fix but nothing helps..
I just can't figure it out, can someone please help me...

Thank You Heaps

Answer:IE8 not showing images

the red x usually indicates a missing pluggin have you installed adobe flash player and shockwave player if not installing these may help

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Hi Guys,
I hope im in the right forum .
I have a friend who im trying to help remotly with browser issues and images.

1PC cant se images in any browser for example if you typed into the browser 1 pc shows the image and one doesnt as with the images on the site itself

The pc that wont show images has Win XP with IE8 and the latest Firefox and when you put the image address into the bar it recals it and when you go back and type it again it says its a 1X1 pixel image?

This is a problem as she cant view the website and I thought it was my coding but if you type the images addres into the address bar and you dont see it thats outwith the website aint it?

I realy would appreciate any assistance, I only have remote access to her pc but can check most things. Ive ripped out all the google tool bars etc and just cant seem to get to whats up?

The images are in the server and they addresses for them are on the pages as if you use the consoles in the browser to lok at the code you see its all OK?

Any and all suggestions are welcome
Thanks Tag..

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Hello ? I am having a problem with images not rendering on my website. This very same issue was raised by a user named ?Sajeev?, whose thread (question/answers) is viewable by typing that username into the search bar.Specs: Dreamweaver 8 to design my webpages, Fireworks (bundled companion to D/W) to optimize the images (including the problematic image), Windows XP is my operating system (local testing environment), my host (HostGator) uses Linux as an OS, and Cpanel to manage my files on my remote server.I tried every single solution proposed to Sanjeev, including changing names of files to all lowercase, ensuring proper file structure on remote server so as to mirror local testing server, and even deleting all files/folders on my remote server, re-creating the proper structure by hand (i.e. adding folders for ?images?, ?includes?, etc.), and then uploading the various pages by means of Cpanel (not from w/n D/W).Alas, none of the above has solved my problem. To anyone out there willing to spend some time trying to help me troubleshoot this problem, thank you so much, and God bless you.Ana´s body> div id="wrapper"> div id="titlebar"> img src="images/topimage.jpg" width="738" height="185" /> /div> div id="maincontent">Local testing server:c:\htdocs\sbs\images\topimage.jpg Remote server:?./public_html/images/topimage.jpg

Answer:I beg for your help - images not showing on web

Thank you for your response. Strangely, this morning, when I turned on the computer and tested my home page, everything appeared correctly. I can't imagine what happened overnight, except that maybe the ghost fled the machine.. :) I am sure I will be confronted with myriad additional problems as I take on this arduous task of building my website. Incidentally, if you want to access the home page (click here)please use "visitor" and "visiting" as username and password, respectively. Until I have everything ready to launch, I don't want anyone seeing a half-built site with links that don't work and forms that aren't scripted.

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Hi All,

Back to pick your collective brains once again ......

I've been using my computer for several months now, with little or no problems.

I've installed no new software, made no new changes ( at least not consciously ) but today i started experiencing problems with IE7

When i load a web page, it loads text only and no images or graphics.

It doesnt seem to be a problem for flash content, but rather static images, logo's and the likes.

If i right click on the image, and select " display picture " it loads it fine, but i cant figure out why this would be happening.

Anyone else come across this problem and have any solutions ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:IE7 Not Showing Images

Hi carnivalofsorts,Have you tried loading the default settings back into IE7?

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All other web page images are showing, but not gif - any ideas? Running Windows Home XP SP2 installed. Tried IE repair - no luck.

Answer:Gif Images not showing

have you got show pictures ticked in tools,advanced?

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I'm using Windows XP home (with SP2), and Internet Explorer 6, on my laptop, which is not connected to the internet.However, I do some work on my website on the laptop when I'm away from my home pc.Just recently, whenever I preview my site in IE, none of the png images will display-just the box with the name of the image, and a red X. The site will show properly in Firefox.Also any program that uses a cut-down version of IE to display that program's helpfile, behaves in the same way: ie: any png images in the helpfile won't display.Has my IE 6 gone wrong?

Answer:png images not showing

IE6 was never right in the first place. Upgrading to IE7 will probably be the easiest solution. click hereclick here

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And i can't figure out what to do.

Answer:Color display not showing red.

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I really don't know what to do. I need it for some images and such, but the color does not work.

Answer:Color Red on monitor not showing

Right click on desktop ....settings ...advanced...color management and add a profile ....
Or ...on the monitor itself, should be a button for menu ...where you can adjust the gamma (if that is not one of the folders in your control panel).

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When trying to open a digital image to copy it the error message comes up wrong parameters. who do I change that.

Answer:Wrong parameters on images

What's the file type ???
What Viewer/Editor are you trying to open it in ???
Can you put it in a zipped folder and attach it here ???

And welcome to the TSG Forum

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Ok so recently I purchased a gtx 460 hawk and have been having major problems in my games. I have flickering during different effects in SC2, and major color issues in Rift. Essentially, any game I play has an issue. Here is a rundown of my system

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard
AMD Phenom II x2 555 CPU (Overclocked to 4.1Ghz and 3 cores as 4th was unstable)
4GB G.Skill Ripjaws DD3 1600 Ram (9-9-9-24 timings)
MSI GTX 460 Hawk
Antec Eco Neo 520W PSU
WD Caviar blue 500GB HDD
Windows XP SP3 32-Bit

Ok so heres the wierd part, the issue is temporarily solved whenever I reinstall the graphics drivers but the issue returns after a bit. I would be playing starcraft II and all of a sudden the game crashes and when I open it back up, the issue has returned and I have to reinstall the graphics drivers. My graphics card is not overheating as it is in a very well ventilated case and is running at stock speeds and I have also monitored the temps and they remain very low. I am fairly certain the card is not defective as I have already RMAed one and they simply replaced it with a new one

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Answer:Wrong color fills with GTX 460 on WoW and Rift

I realize now I probably did not give enough information so I am going to add specs and a picture of what the error looks like

G. Skill DDR3 1600 4gigs RAM
MSI Hawk Talon Attack GTX 460 1GB Video Card
Western digital caviar blue 500gb HDD
Windows XP 32bit OS

the error will usually go away if i reboot the game but will occasionally progress and cause BSODs

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Running XP on Medion 2.6 ghz. On startup, or on re-boot, when selecting my account name from initial screen (have 3 account names for family members), the color quality is reverting to 8 bit from 32 bit. I have gone into the properties menu for the Display properties, changed the quality back to 32 bit under Settings tab and saved as the desktop theme...but it still reverts to 8 bit with each new startup or reboot. This does not occur when starting under the other two account names. Where should I look-or to what function do I go to-to correct this annoying glitch. I am always able to change to 32 bit once started up and it stays as 32 bit until I either reboot or shut down and start again

Answer:Color Quality wrong default

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I use IE by Yahoo and my wife uses Mozella.
some websites ,when I use them are layed out wrong and colors are wrong.
BUT on Mozella they are as the site should look.
What settings went wrong in IE (by Yahoo)



Answer:get wrong website layout and color

IE and Mozilla use different rendering engines. IE is by far the least standards compliant browser of the main browsers out there. Sites are making a shift to be more standards compliant and IE makes it difficult to make sites work in both.

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An Excel sheet is created in MS Excel 2007 having some cells colored in Green. When the file is viewed in Excel 2003, the color of the cells are shown in yellow. How to correct this problem ?With regards,N C Sudhakar

Answer:Wrong color display in Excel

EDIT Please follow Humar's advice in Solution 2 first.Sounds like you have two different colour profiles.I have no idea how that happens.Try this macro:
Sub ResetColours()


End Sub
I haven't tested it, so I don't know if it will help.If it doesn't work...My Excel 2003 will randomly switch to another colour profile.It seems to happen when I open any file based on an old template.I use the following macro to reset my colour profile.Please Note:This is for Excel 2003 only.
Sub SetColourProfile()

' SetColourProfile Macro
' This Macro will reset the Colour Profile on the Active Workbook.

' ***************************************************************

' I ran into an odd problem.
' The Colour Profile of the Active Workbook will change.

' For instance:
' Black will be White.
' Pink will be Grey.
' Red is completely gone.

' I have no idea what caused it.
' Or why/how it happens.
' The change happen while I am busy with the Workbook.
' It always change to the same Profile.

' ***************************************************************

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
' Hides the "Screen-Flickering" while the Macro is busy.

ActiveWorkbook.Colors(1) = RGB(0, 0, 0)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(2) = RGB(255, 255, 255)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(3) = RGB(255, 0, 0)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(4) = RGB(0, 255, 0)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(5) = RGB(0, 0, 255)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(6) = RGB(255, 255, 0)
ActiveWorkbook... Read more

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I just bought Inspiron 17 (5748) but after I setup it and login in to window a message error appeared  say
"True Color failed to apply the requested settings. Please try again. if the error continues, please re-install the application.
please advise .


Answer:Something wrong with true color Program

I have the exact same Inspiron which I just bought for Christmas and it happens to me as well.  
TrueColor is in the program list::   Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
 I've selected it and choose to change/repair it.  It requires a reboot and I'll do that later... I hope the message goes away because it's annoying.

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This is the 3rd time I reinstalled windows 10 FCU and as you can see in the attached image my search area in the taskbar is white when it should be light gray.


Answer:Taskbar search wrong color

Several threads on this e.g.
Cortana/Search field color changing from default gray to white - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums

Cortana `Ask me anything` is always white as of 11/3/17 on Fall Creato - Windows 10 Forums

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My computer is running Windows 2000. I installed a game (Scrabble) that is incompatible with Windows 2000. When I tried to run it, my computer switched into a different video mode (color depth, resolution, etc.). I manually switched it back, and uninstalled the game. Now, however, all my icons appear in 256 color mode even though my display properties are set to 32-bit color mode.

I've tried changing the color mode back to 256 and then back again to 32-bit. I've tried reinstalling my video card drivers, and also tried updating them to the latest ones. I've reinstalled the drivers for my monitor. I've also upgraded to DirectX 8.1 (up from 7). I also deleted the file ShellIconCache and rebooted to recreate it. Nothing has worked. Everything else displays correctly including pictures, wallpaper, screen savers, web pages, etc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Icons Appear in Wrong Color Mode

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My images are currently being displayed like this, on both the internet and desktop.

I've updating Adobe Flash graphics card, all windows updates and HP updates, still not solved. It's been like it for a few days now and I didn't install anything in the mean time. I'm stumped.

Answer:Images not showing correctly...

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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I am a beginner. Designed a website in DW Mx and it ran well for 4 months. Then redesigned it in DW 8 and added some Flash 8 features. Uploaded it using DW. Now the pages, text and flash features are working okay but none of the images are showing up. The remote view shows the images folder with all the images inside. The website address is The home page is index.html and has been uploaded to the public_html folder. Have spent days trying to fix the problem. The path to the site on my computer is C:Documents and Settings/Sajeev/My documents/local sites 2.Strangely everythng (pages, images, links) works fine when tested on Preview! Am stumped --please helpSajeev

Answer:Images not showing on my website

Try asking in the Webdesign forumclick here

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I am a beginner. Designed a website in DW Mx and it ran well for 4 months. Then redesigned it in DW 8 and added some Flash 8 features. Uploaded it using DW. Now the pages, text and flash features are working okay but none of the images are showing up. The remote view shows the images folder with all the images inside. The website address is The home page is index.html and has been uploaded to the public_html folder. Have spent days trying to fix the problem. The path to the site on my computer is C:Documents and Settings/Sajeev/My documents/local sites 2.Strangely everythng (pages, images, links) works fine when tested on Preview! Am stumped --please helpSajeev

Answer:images not showing on my website

Thank you for your suggestion.However, the image "Kidsbtn.gif" and similarly named buttons are loading okay and functioning okay both on preview and on the site. It is images like "images/mchomepage2.png" and "images/eyehomepage2.png" etc (as shown in the source code of the index.html page)that are not loading.When you refer to spaces in file names, what exactly do you mean? Is it the space for example in between "Fireworks" and "content" in "Fireworks content/Kidsbtn.gif"? "Fireworks content" is a folder where I have put the images I have made in Fireworks.Please advise.ThanksSajeev

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Found this thread : Images not displaying properly in any browser (The image in the first post I get occasionally, particularly long images).
I also sometimes get images similar to that displayed in post #12 in that same thread.
Most of the time when the images don't display, I just see the place holder. Although sometimes I don't even get the placeholder (Although rarely)
This happens on numerous sites.
If I right click on the place holder and select "View Image" sometimes it shows the image, other times it shows no image but says "<filename here> can't display because it has errors (Or words to that effect).
But I can got on another computer in the house, on the same network, (running Windows 8.1) and using Firefox and it displays the image fine. Both computers are wireless.
And followed all the tips listed in the above URL
I've run my AV (ZoneAlarm), Anti Malware (Anti malwarebytes), Spybot, CCCleaner, Refreshed Firefox, cleared cache, deleted temp files, did SFC /scannow (Which did not report any problems), I don't have ASC either.
I had Adbot Plus (?), and thought that may be causing problems, but disabled it to no avail.
But since the refresh, its no longer installed and the problem still remains.

This happens on Firefox, Chrome, and IE.


Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium
Gateway NV55C
Intel HD Graphics
All drivers up to date

I get these occasionally too:
Pictures aren't loading in any browser
Images won't be shown proper... Read more

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I work for a business portal site and am always saving images from the original web site, putting them into Photoshop, prettying them up and posting onto the portal pages. I am right clicking on the image and saving them onto my desktop, and they don't show up. If I do a search to find them, it says they're there on the desktop..... but I can't see them. Help would be much appreciated. 

Answer:Saved Images not showing.

Do you have some empty space on your desktop?  Based on what you've said, I can imagine you completely filling your desktop.  If that happens and you continue to save images to the desktop, I'm not sure what happens.  Perhaps they are saved but are not visible due to your desktop space being full.  In addition to files, do you have folders on your desktop?

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Well I use to use IE on my destop but since I got a laptop ive started to use firefox and I love it !!

Now, I use forums and everything and people post screenshots, with firefox it chooses to show them when it wants. Sometimes it just leaves a blank space and other time it loads them. Most of the time it doesnt load it though.

Ive tried using IE and sometimes it doesnt even show pictures. I searched it and saw a guy fixed it because he had a prob with Zone Alarm, I have zone alarm but I set my cookies to low so it would accept everything.

I really would like it to load pictures, anyone know wut the problem is?

Answer:Images not showing up on forums

What version are you using,1.5 being the latest.You've just reminded me that I had the same problem,which I haven't noticed for a while,whether it's the new version or a changed setting,I don't know.

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Hello,I have two laptops and a desktop all sharing the same Blueyonder BB connection. None of my computers displays a particular image on a particular webpage (either in IE 6 or IE &). All other images are fine, it's just one in particular (actually, it's an animated gif - but other animated gifs are running OK elsewhere on the same web page).However, when I ask others to check it out on THEIR PCs, they can see the image perfectly. Something to do with my web connection through the wireless network? But why should it only affect one image?Help please....

Answer:Images not showing on web page

In IE try Tools; Internet Options.Under 'Security' and 'Privacy' are your settings set as Default'?Just out of interest, this IE & you refer to, is that the latest version of IE7?? ;-))

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Product:HP ENVY - 15t-as100 CTO Issue: 1 month old computer. Had to do a complete system restore when 2 viruses slipped through the pre-installed anti-virus software. I was guided through this by support. Uninstalled the pre-installed anti-virus software because it essentially proved itself useless to me, and began receiving error messages about missing .dll files. (mfc120u.dll was one of them) Remote support cleared out all residual anti-virus software detritus. I haven't re-installed the new antivirus, yet.  Restart several times doesn't bring up any missing files prompting me to reinstall something. However, Images are showing as broken icons across all browsers (Chrome, Firefix, Comodo).  It isn't ALL of the images, nor are they related to advertisements. There is no firewall in place blocking them. I checked settings to allow images on the sites.  Checked for any Windows Updates to see if it would be able to identify files in drivers that may have been removed. I'm wondering if this is related to a driver that may need to be reinstalled to show images on regularly used (and trusted) sites. Or, if it just makes sense again for me to go to remote support to check this out. Any guidance is really appreicated. I'm really beyond nervous by now, and I don't want to start all over again with a restore on a 1month old computer, and just run in circles with the pre-installed McAffee LiveSafe anymore.  (And yes, I find it iron... Read more

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When I'm on Facebook in IE (mobile site version) images show, but half of the image is outside of the screen. Anyone else having this problem?

Answer:Why are images on FB in IE on WP8.1 not showing correctly?

Yup all of us i guess... At least those friends of mine too who are around me

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Hi Gang, I have had a problem last couple of days with images not displaying in any of my browsers. I read something about this some time ago, but can't remember the fix for it. All I have is an outline of where the image should be say between some text and a small icon or logo within the outline normally in the top left hand corner. As always any help is greatfully received and thanks in advance.

Answer:Images Not Showing in Browser

click herethis may help...

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Basically on websites such as facebook, myspace and Imdb, half of the images do not show up.
I have a laptop and a standard computer that both use the same LAN network.
It is not a firewall problem because the laptop uses MacAfee and the other computer uses Norton.
It is the same on any internet browser as well.
It also can't be spyware or a virus because it is unlikely they would be on both machines.
I'm thinking it is a network problem but I don't know how or why, or how to fix this.

Here is an example of what the problem is:
please can somebody help? I have had this problem for a long time now.

Answer:Some images are not showing on some websites!



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I've recently upgraded to Dreamweaver CS3 on my PC.

This is the first time I've had this problem, but I've just pulled in an image that I sliced up and saved for web using Photoshop. All of the src links start ".." (two periods) as if it doesn't know the root folder. so all of my src links are as follows:

img src="../dw/resume/images/sample_08.jpg

I've set the graphics folder and the the other pages are working fine. Is there a setting I'm missing or something?


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IE8 wont show images when Im on a forum, only a link. Anyway to fix that?

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When I go to youtube only some of the little thumbnail images next to the list of video's arn't showing up.I don't know what wnet wrong everythink was working fine but for some strage reason they won't show up now. The video's work correctly,I reinstalled flash but it didn't fix i.

I'm using firefox 3 it works correctly in IE.

Do I try reinstalling firefox?

Answer:images in youtube arn't showing up...

Something to try: right-click on the blank Flash and go to Settings and disable Hardware Acceleration.

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hi thanks for reading this. iam running a pc on windows xp home. while iam surfing my pc doesn'tshow any images only text it just says in the bottom task bar "downloading images" and doesn't do anything it just freezes. ive tried refreshing but that doesn't do anything is there anythig i can do.many thanks in advance for your help ozzy

Answer:no images showing up when i surf please help

In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet options>advanced tab and under the multimedia section tick the box that says "show pictures"Click apply

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Hi,can anyone helpwith this problem...i just recently removed WINREANIMATOR from my computer and now no images show up on any web pages

Answer:No Images Are Showing Up On Any Web Pages

WinSock XP Fix can can cure the problem of lost connections after the removal of Adware components or modifications of the Winsock settings. Sometimes your Internet connectivity will get corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries.Or you can try WinSock2 Fix, if that fix didn't work.When you run it, click on ReG-Backup button first to backup the registry, and then click on the Fix button.OR Try resetting the IP address:Go to Start/ Run and type: cmdPress Okay or Hit Enter. A dos Window will appear.At the command prompt type or copy/paste: ipconfig /releaseHit Enter.When the prompt comes back, type: ipconfig /renewHit Enter.Close the command box and and see if that fixes the connection. No reboot needed.

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gif images not showing in AOL email

Answer:gif images not showing in AOL emails

Windows Vista cannot open gif images natively except in Internet Explorer but that has severe limitations as a local file viewer so you need to install a third-party picture viewer that can open gif files. Like this one:

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hi thanks for reading this. iam running a pc on windows xp home. while iam surfing my pc doesn'tshow any images only text it just says in the bottom task bar "downloading images" and doesn't do anything it just freezes. ive tried refreshing but that doesn't do anything is there anythig i can do.many thanks in advance for your help ozzy

Answer:no images showing up when i surf please help

click here

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Hi FolksOn about a quater of the websites I visit the image(s) that should be there are displayed as a red cross. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be arreciated.I'm running XP Pro and Intenet explorer.PS This has only been happening since a total reformt.Andy

Answer:Images not showing on some websites

Try tools, internet options, advanced, restore defaults (in case some images are blocked).

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To make a long story short. I can no longer look at anything Java, flash, or any images at all. Only Text( on firefox, IE is fine ). I have to use IE to post this thread now. I have reinstalled Firefox many times but with no results.

Help please i really dont want to use IE as my main browser again...

Answer:Firefox not showing images

g'day disk00

firstly open Firefox and in tools options select the content tab make sure that load images automatically and enable java are tick.
when you reinstalled the program did you uninstall then delete all program folders from the programs folder and from documents and settings=computer name=local settings= application data,once these are deleted run ccleaner and scan for issues then reinstall firefox from scratch.
hope this helps

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I got a new Samsung laptop because my other laptop was slow and old. However, there is something strange in this laptop the images on firefox don't appear all the time.

I followed their guide: Cleared cache and cookies, it worked for few hours then images are not loading.
- I deleted my ESET smart security: It didn't do anything.
- I installed Panda free antivitus and still the same problem. So it's not from the antivirus program I'm using.

I checked my other laptop and images are showing without any problem, so it can't be from my connection.

What else can I do? I think I exhausted my laptop uninstall and Install a lot of programs and it's still new.

Thank you very much!

Answer:Firefox is not showing images

You might want to try the Nightly beta version of FF, which is for Windows 8. I don't like the Metro behavior, but you might.

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Just reformatted my computer the other day, and now at certain times after I restart most of the icons aren't showing their image. They work fine, but it is still annoying. Here is a ss, anyone know why it's doing this?

Answer:Icon Images not showing up

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Are you using an internet accelerator?Turn it off.

Answer:Re: images not showing correctly in ie

hi,a couple of days ago i uploaded my site Gamers Online using browser fpt at first and then smartftp. somthin happened and now my browser doen't display images correctly. i see blurr images that can be hardly figured out. i think it happened becaus eof the browser upload because it somehow was fixed but wen i again uploaded using it the images becam blur and anigifs stoped the animation etc. plz i need help in fixing this problem...

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I have a problem with my t61 running Vista Ultimate where all of a sudden my screen images appear like a color negative.  The greens are blue and the reds are yellow and white is black.. and so on.  Has anyone experienced this and found a way to correct the problem? 

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With msn explorer when you go to the log-in screen, the screen Isn't it's original color.after logging in the color is still white. I don't even see pictures...well most of them. All I see is an "X" where the picture is. I tried everything even re-installing msn explorer and it still doesn't work...I just get a white screen and no color....HELP ME!!!![email protected]

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