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Computer boots but screen is blank

Question: Computer boots but screen is blank

My laptop will boot just fine but nothing comes on the screen. Its a bit older so I figured I had nothing to lose so I took it apart. When I did that, I found a piece (which I am not sure what it is) that was broken, and put it back where it obviously went. I booted the computer and the screen came on. I didn't have any drives in so it said "no drives found. " I thought I had found the culprit, so I put the drives back in, and now it won't work again. I've looked online every where to try and find out what the broken piece was or what it does, but can't find it anywhere. My best explanation of the piece is; its a black square
1" x 1", maybe 1/16" thick. It looks like it may be graphite or something. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Computer boots but screen is blank

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Computer boots but screen is blank

Welcome to TSG...

Can you post a picture? Better yet a picture including where you put the piece to make the display work?

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I have two questions that might be connected.
I wasn't sure about where to post this, because I'm not sure if the problem is my screen, windows 7 drivers, video card, bios or something else.

I used to have two screens connected to my computer, now I only have one (I think it has something to do with the problems).

Problem1: Every time I power my computer, the computer itself turns on, but the screen stays off until windows 7 loads, then the motor turns on.

Problem2: Many of the times I put my computer in sleep mode, and try to turn in back on, I hear the computer turns on, but the screen shows nothing.

The screen itself is fine, if I restart and let windows load properly, the monitor works.
I updated my video card drivers.
And now I don't know what to do, I want to format my computer and reinstall windows 7, but I can't get into BIOS and boot from USB / CD because the screen is blank when booting.

Please, help! :)

Answer:Computer boots with blank screen

It sounds like the splash screen is disabled. In System Configuration, Boot Tab, uncheck No GUI Boot .

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so i have a Dell desktop computer and a toshiba TV so i got a cable to connect the two when i turn the computer on the dell boot screen shows then the xp boot screen shows then there is a small glitch and the screen stays black iv tried connecting the TV to another computer we have and it works fine and also iv tried connecting the dell to the computer monitor we have and it works on there so i think it has something to do with the settings on the dell that don't like the tv

Answer:Computer boots then screen goes blank

Your post is virtually impossible to read. Please use punctuation.

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Hi when i start my computer, everything is fine harddrive, fans and everything, but my monitor stays blinking like if the computer is off and my mouse and keyboard arent lighting up either. I have had this problem happen to me before a couple of times when i was using the computer but i usually just restart and it works again. This time when i restart it gives me the same thing, ive tried switching monitors and still no go . Ive tried to attach my other computer to the same monitor and mouse and it works fine im on windows XP

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Hello everyone. Thanks in advance for reading my post.

When I turn on my computer it boots up to a blank black screen with only the mouse pointer arrow showing.

A little history.....
Yesterday I purchased a DVD writer and installed it and it worked just fine. Today I ran spybot SD update and then ran the immunize feature which also seemed to work fine. At the same time I was updating itunes to Version 9.0 when I got a small windows error. I don't know exactly what it said because I didn't have time to read it but it had something about win32 and that it was malicious software and would shut down windows.

I've tried to boot up with my last known configuration that worked. I've tried safe mode, safe mode with networking. None of these do anything different. All I get is the blank black screen with the white windows mouse cursor (which I can move about the screen). Which does me no good ;) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. I have AVG on my computer but didn't run it last night - unfortunately I was in the middle of downloading some music and when it started the automatic system scan I stopped it (dummy) so that it wouldn't slow down my download. Wish I hadn't did that.


Amil Singh

Answer:Computer Boots Into Blank Black Screen Only - No OS

Take a look...Black Screen (fixmbr) -;en-us;314503.The blinking cursor on black screen typically illustrates a MBR problem which is correctable by running the fixmbr command from the XP Recovery Console.Louis

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I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop.  I have McAfee antivirus software and it is updated regularly and I use Windows XP as my OS.  I had recently dl'ed the Service Pack 3 and needed to reboot my system for the update to take effect.  When I restarted my computer I lost power.  After recharging my battery, I tried to boot my computer and it fired up like normal.  Boot screen, windows XP screen, and then it went blank (Black screen w/ a cursor).  I can move the cursor around the screen but there is nothing to click on.  I tried rebooting and the same thing happened, I have tried restarting in safe mode and still the same thing happens, and I have entered the BIOS (F12 during start-up?) and ran some kind of computer diagnostic which it said everything passed.  Tried rebooting again and still the same problem.  The computer seems to working fine, but everytime I get to the place where windows would ask me to put in my password the screen is black except for  the cursor, or the safe mode message(when attempting to start in safe mode).  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Answer:Computer boots up but blank logon screen

I found this, but I don't think you can do anything if you cannot get into the computer. to make sure, do you think that is the problem?

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Hi,I recently decided to upgrade my nvidia gfx drivers. After installing the drivers, I was presented with a BSOD. I rebooted into safemode and uninstalled the new drivers. Rebooted again and windows installed its default gfx drivers. I then decided to install an older version of my nvidia drivers, same story... i again went into safemode and uninstalled the drivers.After rebooting again, windows was in the process of installing its default windows gfx drivers when it BSOD again. Now when I reboot the screen stays blank. It boots normally as I can hear the windows startup sound, and can even log in as I can hear the log in sound as well.I am unable to get into the bios or safemode as I cannot see anything on the screen at all.The computer was working fine up until the first BSOD after installing the new nvidia drivers.Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do?

Answer:Computer boots fine, blank screen

If this is a laptop (you do not state or what Graphics Card/Chip) then the nVidia Drivers may of been customised by the Laptop Manufacturer..

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Hi,So I have a Windows XP computer from Toshiba, that is 2 years old.  It has been freezing up and so I've been having to push the power button to restart it.  Except this last time when I did that, it restarted to a black screen, and the only thing I could see was the mouse pointer (and I could move it around).  I tried restarting it again several times after that, and Windows would give me 2 options, to start windows normally, or to start it from my last good configuration.  Neither of these work.  Even in the safe mode, it shows only a black screen with safe mode on the corners.  It boots up to the windows page, but does not get as far as the login page before going to the black screen.  Right now I am most concerned with getting my data off of the hard drive, since I have 60gb worth of stuff on it.  I looked up some articles that recommended moving the hard drive to another computer, but I don't know how to do that.  What should I do?  I was planning on using the recovery disk to format the drive anyways, since I just got a new Mac, but not before I got all my important data off!  So my question is, is there a way to get this data?  And how should I go about it, whether it be moving the hard drive or not. Please help!  And thanks a lot!

Answer:Computer crashed, boots only to a blank screen, is data recoverable?

Welcome to the CH forums.Quote from: kay_li13So I have a Windows XP computer from Toshiba, that is 2 years old.Quote from: kay_li13I looked up some articles that recommended moving the hard drive to another computer, but I don't know how to do that.So far we know you have a  Toshiba computer running Win.XP and that you do not know how to remove the hard drive.  We don't know whether you have a desktop computer, a laptop or a notebook and  we can't tell you how to remove the hard drive because the process is different for each one.Please read this and come back with the information.

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This problem happens each time I am powering up from a complete shutdown.  I tried running the system check in the lenovo toolbox and it said everything ok.  I tried booting and holding down F1 to run some diagnostic test(this is a bit beyond me but i read to try it).  I start the test, but it will hang at '0% out of 100 completed'.  Can someone help me troubleshoot this problem.  Thanks in advance.

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The S10 worked fine the few times I used it, maybe a total of 30 hours.  Took it out last night after many months of no usage (I bought it for travel use).  It  seemed to boot up (with loud beeps) the hard drive is humming but the screen is blank.  I tried the unplug, remove battery, hold down power key recommendation 3 times with no success.  It is, of course, out of warranty now.  Suggestions appreciated, otherwise it goes to a computer recycler and gets replaced with an Asus.

Answer:Boots up - Screen is blank

Hi and welcome,
beep signal  is always a warning that something is wrong...
try to start without battery
...think that the battery is deep discharged ...
try to charge over night..
if beep continous here again the S9/10 (e) Beep Code Table
Symptom or error FRU or action, in sequence
One beep and a blank, unreadable, or flashing LCD.1. Reseat the LCD connector.2. LCD assembly.3. External CRT.4. System board.
One long and two short beeps, and a blank or unreadable LCD.1. System board.2. LCD assembly.3. DIMM.
Two short beeps with error codes.Two short beeps and a blank screen.1. System board.2. DIMM.
Three short beeps, pause, three more short beeps, and one short beep.1. DIMM.2. System board
One short beep, pause, three short beeps, pause, three more short beeps, and one shortbeep. Only the cursor appears. Reinstall the operating system.
Four cycles of four short beeps and a blank screen.System board
Five short beeps and a blank screen.System board
sincerely KalvinKlein

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Running 32 bit RC1 on a dual core 4GB box with 250+ GB HD.

Ran a CHKDSK /r because of error messages in Win 7 System log. Windows was operating OK at that point.

Now boots to blank screen with cursor which will move around using the mouse. Indicates some part of windows is loading.

Tried repair function from RC install disk. All results normal with last message indicating windows booted successfully.

See boot screens up until selection of OS. The only OS loaded is Win 7.

Third party utilities allow me to see files on drive.

Cannot get to safe mode.

Short of reloading Win 7 what suggestions would you have?


Answer:Win 7 boots to blank screen

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I was having trouble getting my mic to work so I installed an older nforce sound driver and uninstalled the newer one. Now my pc boots, i see the xp splash and then where the xp profile login should come up its completely screen. What is the safest way to roll this sucker back to safety?I can get it to boot to safe mode, I'm just unsure what to do next  :-?XP ProAsus Board, AMD Processor

Answer:Boots to blank screen

Kelltech:Boot to Safe Mode and use the Windows XP option in Device Manager to roll back the driver.Doc

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hi there this has been happening all week so here go's,soon as i power up the notebook it boots up for 15-20 seconds then the screen goes blank however if i unplug the power cord the screen comes on but soon as i plug the cord back in it still goes blank screen again but if i force a shutdown then everything works again but this happens everytime i unplug the ac adapter to go out with it and the ac adapter is working fine so i think its a internal problem in the notebook,the notebook is still under warranty, any help on this would mean alot thanks 

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Having some problems with my dads desktop, shut it down earlier and now its booting up and asks for the start windows normally prompt, starts up then comes to a blank screen that only shows the mouse. Before it would just take a long time to boot but it would, Its a old sony vaio desktop. Thanks for the help~Baird

Answer:Boots to a blank screen

Try booting in Safe Mode, VGA mode ect... That's as much as I can help and I don't think it's the best diagnostic, but.. Besides, if it works, it should only be temporary...

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Whenever I try to boot my PC, it loads to a blank screen with only the mouse pointer visible. I tried to right click and pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL but nothing happens. I tried booting up up Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configuration as well, but still get the blank screen.

When I load Safe Mode, the words "Safe Mode" still appear on the screen corners. The top of the screen says "Microsoft ® Windows XP ® (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435:Service Pack 3)"

I have an HP system, which did not come with a Windows XP CD for me to try to boot the system. I can press F10 to get into HP System Recovery, but am not even sure if that will solve the problem.

I wasn't doing anything odd the last time I used the PC, so I'm not sure what could have happened. I have a lot of files on my hard-drives that I need access to as soon as possible and don't want to lose anything.

Can someone please help?

Answer:PC Boots up to blank screen

Try to remove all external hardware devices except keyboard and mouse then restart the computer and check the status.
Please check if recovery console installed in the computer, So that you can try to fix the problem from there.

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Hi, I'm having a problem booting into Windows. Whenever I boot regularly the Windows logo screen will show, it'll look normal, then the screen will go black. No sound is played. My monitor on light stays constant. (It doesn't flash like there is no signal.) I've left it in this stage for hours, and there is no change.

If I try to boot into safe mode I'll see a list of system files then it'll hang at gagp30kx.sys. Once again I've left it in this stage for hours and no change.

I've tried to fix this myself. So far I've reinstalled Windows and reformatted then reinstalled. In both cases windows will boot and work normally for roughly eight boots. Then it'll return to the same problem. I've suspected this to be a software problem so I did the reformat and reinstall step three more times. The first time it stopped working after I installed Steam. The second and third time I installed steam successfully and it booted seven and nine times before the problem started. I did not install any new software before the problem started.

I haven't gotten any new hardware for years.

My Computer Specs:
A8V-E SE Motherboard
Athlon64 3700+ Processor
2GB Ram
250GB SATA2 Hard Drive
9800 GT Graphics Card

I also dual boot the computer with Xubuntu. If at all possible I'd like as much help as possible to go through the Terminal.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:XP Boots to a Blank Screen

What about video card updates or other windows updates for your machine?

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On a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, after choosing a user account and providing the password, it boots to a completely blank screen except for the mouse, which can be moved around normally.

Same problem with other user accounts. Same problem booting to Safe Mode.

When I press Alt+Ctrl+Del to try to get into Task Manager, nothing happens.

The screen looks normal when booting up; I see Windows starting, and see the normal screen for choosing a user account. It isn't until after choosing the user account that it goes blank.

This laptop was working normally until this morning.

What can I do to troubleshoot this?

Answer:Boots to blank screen

Update: I tried System Restore and still have the same problem. I tried System Restore twice -- once with the last restore point from when it was working normally, and again with the oldest restore point in the list, which was from about a week and a half ago. Same result in both cases; looks normal until after logging in, and then the screen is blank.

I thought I'd try a repair install but apparently I can't do that because it can only be done from within Windows, and I can't get there.

My wife has files stored in My Documents etc. If I run a clean install of Windows over the old broken Windows, will she lose those files, or lose access to them?

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I'm getting a blank screen when my computer boots up. Not even a Bios screen or anything. But, Win 7 seems to boot up fine in the background. I can hear the welcome chime in the background after a little bit.
I was in the process of putting in a new SSD when this happened. Tried to unplug it and restart, but same problem. Now I have everything else unplugged but the graphics card, and the old hdds. Still nothing but blank screen.
I'm wondering if it's the graphics card or the power supply that are spotty. Fan is spinning on the graphics card, but I'm not sure what to make of that by itself.
Not quite sure what to do now....

Mobo: Gigabyte 870A-UD3 AMD
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 Black Edition
RAM: GSkill DDR3-1600 4GB
Graphics: MSI N460GTX Fermi
Power: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W modular
OS: Win 7 Ultimate OEM - clean install

Answer:Blank Screen, No Bios Screen, Win 7 boots fine, Now What?

You might have the splash turned off in the bios. Have you checked the settings in there. When the computer boots start hitting the button to get you into the bios seeing as you can't see it.

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I was at my girfriends last night installing a program and it said i needed to restart to complete installation. As i restarted and after the windows xp splash screen i was left with a blank screen with no mouse.

I turned off the power and turned the PC back on and i was given the option to start in safe mode etc.

I can open windows in safe mode, but am not sure what to do, however i have a feeling it is something to do with my video driver maybe?

I am not too sharp on things like this so any help will be much apprieciated.

Many Thanks

P.S. i have already tried the option: restart windows with last known good config.

Answer:Windows XP boots to a blank screen.

Hello will1992

Let`s try the easiest option first and see if it helps.

Boot into Safe Mode and try a System Restore.
Restore to before you installed that program.


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I was recently playing CS:S online when the computer froze up entirely. I powered off.

Upon restarting, the computer got through POST and the Windows (XP Pro SP2) loading screen. At this point, the monitor went black, excepting for the mouse cursor, which is responsive. This has been the behavior in restarting since then. I've left it in this state for over an hour without any progress.

Using a Windows boot floppy disk and/or using Safe Mode does not help.

I'd like to retrieve my files at the least, and preferably get this computer back in working condition so that I can enjoy it over Thanksgiving.

Let me know if you've got ideas as to how to fix this.

Answer:Windows boots to blank screen

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Hi - I've had my hp laptop for about 3 years. It has been relatively trouble free but yesterday I booted up normally ... but the screen remained blank throughout. I attempted to reboot with the battery out - to no avail. It still boots up normally but the screen still remains blank throughout ....

Answer:Boots up normally but the screen remains blank throughout,

Hi @jamesmarino?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion dv6-6c36tx Entertainment Notebook and issues with the Notebook not starting.Try performing a hard reset.When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.Plug the power adapter directly into a different wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Do you hear the Fans? If yes, try to connect to a monitor to see what happens.Have you tried reseating Memory and the HDD?Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!.Thanks.

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The user login page never appears after the Windows boot page. All I get is a blank dark blue screen. It was working fine yesterday. I haven't installed or changed anything recently. How do I troubleshoot this? I am new to Windows... Theresa

I have a Dell Dimension. BTW - I am really clueless - I don't know how to boot in "safe mode" or anything.

Answer:After Windows boots, I get a Blank Screen

Hi theresa111, Welcome to TSG!!

You get to safe mode by tapping the F8 key while the machine is booting.

Give that a try and let us know what happens.

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Hi, I am having a problem with my computer. I have scheduled a chkdsk to take place the next time I restart my computer and when I restarted it, the problem started! After the Boot Screen finished booting nothing happens, the screen stays blank. I have left it for hours and still nothing happens. How can I solve this problem? I also wanted to mention that I have changed my boot screen using this tutorial. I didn't really have any problem after following that tutorial but I only wanted to mention that...

Answer:Vista boots to a blank screen!

That's probably why your screen is black because you changed the boot screen. There is a warning near the top of the tutorial. You would have to change it back to normal.

If you wanted to run chkdsk at startup or the Memory Diagnostic Tool and you have changed the default boot screen, then you will need to temporarily change the boot screen back to the default boot screen to be able to see what is happening first to be able to see what is happening when they run at startup.

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I just put together a new decent computer for my old lady so she will stay off mine, well everything boots up and starts but the screen stays blank. What could be the problem? If you need more info just ask.

Amd 4600+ x2
Gigabyte GA-M55plus-S3G (AM2)
Corsair XMS2 DDR2 (2 1024mb)
Maxtor Hard Drive SATA
evga nVidia 7900 GT KO (not installed)
500 watt psu

Answer:Comp Boots; Blank Screen

is your graphics card plugged in?

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A non-technical friend has asked me to look at his Toshiba Satellite Pro C70-A-159.

It was a Christmas present and has functioned perfectly for eight months ? two days ago (in his words) ?it won?t boot?. Actually it does, into a screen with no login but options for shutdown / restart / enable on screen keyboard etc (reading these forums, not an uncommon problem).

Safe mode works fine, even with network. Regressing the last three system restore points (one at a time) makes no difference. CHKDSK (at the DOS prompt) reports no problems. Service Station (in safe mode) won?t start as ?it may be corrupt ? please re-install or reboot?. I don?t know how to do the former (and am not sure it?s a good idea unless I know it will fix the issue), reboot makes no difference. Booting with logging or debug would maybe be helpful if I knew where it logged to!

I suspect he has upgraded to 8.1 from the Microsoft site, not Toshiba. Before I do a complete backup of data, regress to Windows 8 and follow the (quite complex) instructions for upgrading to 8.1 properly, is there anything else I can try?

Answer:Satellite Pro C70-A-159 boots to (almost) blank screen

Hi Adrian

I also think that you should test functionality with original ?factory settings?. Talk with your friend and ask him if there are some important data saved on his machine. Make backup and install original recovery image.

Here is short description -
What you can also do before you start is to create recovery media, just to be sure you had it if something goes wrong. You can create this media using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator.

Reinstall original recovery image and check a bit how it works. Later you can upgrade it to Win8.1.
Here is Toshiba?s page about steps how to do this -

I think your friend will be happy when you do all this and bring him back 100% working machine and Win8.1.

Good luck

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Hello people,
It has been a while since I posted. I have a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop that is giving me fits. It was having an issue with explorer restarting continuously after it was upgraded from windows 7 by the customer. I recommended a clean install and backed up all their data and installed Windows 10. I pulled the latest drivers from and made sure I had them handy. At boot up the machine boots to a blank screen and boot chime plays. no mouse cursor and ctrl, alt, del do nothing. I found that if I press the power button and put it to sleep then wake it up with the power button it works fine. works for the whole time I am messing with it. If I reboot or power down I get the blank screen. I updated the chipset, video and audio drivers one at a time with a reboot each time and still no change. This only occurs during a reboot or cold boot. If the PC goes to sleep it wakes just fine.

I am at a loss as to the cause. There is no blue screen logs and I cant see anything wrong in the event viewer. No programs have been installed yet and Windows is fully updated.

Specs for the machine as follows:
Computer Model
Inspiron N5050

BIOS Vendor
Dell Inc.

BIOS Version

BIOS Date ... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 boots to blank screen

I don't have this Laptop but looking at the BIOS A03 dated in 2011. Google it and the latest version is A05. You might want to update the BIOS first.

In addition, try to boot with one stick of RAM since they are not a matched pair (4GB & 2GB) and might create timing issue on cold boot.

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Hello all, My T61 with NV140M video card was running fine until yesterday when all of a sudden the screen had a strange hue with many red/pinkish dots on it and then the computer completely froze. I held the power button to restart the system only to realize the screen no longer displays ANYTHING at all. Strangely it boots fine into Windows 7 without any beeps (I was able to log in to Windows and hear the startup sound after swiping my finger) but I was not able to see anything at all on screen the entire time. While in Windows, I tried to switch to a connected external monitor with FN+F7 with no avail after many attempts as both screens remained completely blank. Also I realized that I was able to adjust the screen brightness (not sure if this is relevant at all but I thought this rules out problems related to the inverter/screen). I then thought this might have to do with the nvidia display chip that many people had problems with but don't know if this was my case as the laptop boots fine into Windows and that usually rules out hardware issues. The laptop is out of warranty and after speaking to a customer representative, I was quoted a fee of over $500 for repairs without given a cause... Does anyone have any prior experience with what I am experiencing and know what might be the problem? Thanks all and happy holidays.

Answer:t61 blank screen but boots fine?

It might not be a happy holiday for you when I say that it apears that the nVIDIA chip on the motherboard has died.

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This is a somewhat elaborate problem, and I haven't been able to get to the bottom of it. Here's the story"

I'm running Windows XP Pro with SP1.
AMD64 3800+
GIGABYTE Dual BIOS 939 motherboard

About a week ago I powered down my computer via the shutdown option in the start menu. It got hung up, so I shut it down manually. The next day when I turned my computer on, Windows informed me that my C:windows/system32/config/system file had been corrupted. I used the recovery console and replaced each of the five registry files using the method from the Microsoft support website.
Note: For debugging purposes, I took out an old hard drive and and attempted to install XP. It halted about 90% through the installation and reported a Machine Check Exception error. I had a slight overclock on the memory and had the voltages running 0.2V higher than normal. I changed the voltages back and tuned the BUS back to 200 MHz. This error is gone for the time being.
Anyway, when attempted to boot, Windows informs me that it was shutdown improperly and gives me the option of booting from safe mode, normally, from last know configuration. It does not matter what method I choose, Windows boots to a blank black screen with a mouse cursor. At the top and bottom of the screen is says what version of windows I'm running and that I'm running SP1 (and if I boot from safe mode, it says Safe mode too). I can move the mouse around, and theres nothing ... Read more

Answer:Windows XP boots to a blank screen

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i have a few month old e220s and just recently it boots to just a blank screen, it doesnt load to bios, windows 7 doesnt load, any ideas before i send it in for service? thanks in advance for any help =)

Answer:e220s boots only to blank screen

ive tried -connecting to external monitor-reseting the laptop with a paper clip- tried booting with different msata, hhd, usb flash drive amd usb dvd drives-tried holding the fn button-letting the laptop run for over a few hours-let it run out of batteries while its on the blank screen then starting from ac and deplated battery any new ideas would be greatly appreciated thakns

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Thank you ahead of time for taking the time out of your day to help me with my problem.

Laptop information:
HP Pavilion dv2000
AMD 64 Athlon x2
Windows Vista

I am attempting to troubleshoot my laptop, it will not boot past a blank screen. I have tried the following troubleshoots already.

1) Connected external Monitor.
2) Performed a hard reset.
3) Disconnected the battery.
4) Checked the RAM connections
5) Checked the CPU connection.
6) Checked warranty with HP (expired of course!)

So far, the furthest I got was when I started it up ONCE, it said "Operating System Not Found" which was flashing. It never happened again, just once.

I read on a forum that the AMD motherboards in this computer were recalled but I cannot find that forum again, nor can I find any relevant recall information on HP's site. Anywho, just wondering if any of you have any ideas for me to help resolve this issue.

(If possible, I would OBVIOUSLY like to retain the files on my computer. I am a realist and realize this probably is not possible, hahaa)

Thank you ahead of time,

Answer:HP DV2000 boots blank screen

does it use geforce graphics? cause there's been alot of complaints of faulty nvidia cards in hp laptops.

btw, just buy a $20 SATA / IDE to USB converter and you can retain all your data in your notebook, as long as the hard-drive is not defective.


or just buy a cheap 2.5" SATA HDD enclosure and mount your laptop HDD there.

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The other night I was trying to update my nvidia drivers, and half way through the install I got an error and then it shut down my computer. Now when I try to start up windows, I get a blank screen. Just black, nothing on it. However, I can get it to boot in safe mode and show the screen, but then the mouse and keyboard do not work.
Is there any way I can fix this, or do I need to start fresh?

No onboard video btw

Answer:Windows XP Pro boots to blank screen?

Get a PS/2 mouse and keyboard for safe mode. Or turn on legacy USB support in the BIOS, if possible. Boot into safe mode and remove the driver you were attempting to install. Use a driver cleaner if needed. Then you should be able to boot with a VGA driver, and attempt to load a working driver, even if you must go back to the one you had before attempting this.

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Hi, not sure if this is the right board for this, move if not.

Basically my Windows XP SP 3 boots up into a blank blue screen. Safe Mode is a blank black screen with safe mode displayed around it.

A few days ago I was having a problem with AppleMobileDevices.exe preventing programs being opened, so i used System Restore, got Registry Booster, and fixed some registy errors. Then my firefox crashed a day later, I restarted and thats about how it all came about.

Its worth noting that I had XP Proffesional installed over WMC 2005 in April as my computer was crippled by malware.

Now I cannot even get in to attempt to do anything.

Not much else details I can get right now, as i cant get any logs.

Any help would be appreciated


Answer:Windows XP3 boots into a blank screen

Let it fully boot until you see not HD light activity, then hit FN+8 it may just light up. No guarantee but it has bailed me out a couple of times.

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Hi guys I'm very new here and will deeply appreciate it you can help me with this problem.

I have one user in the office, his computer which has windows XP, boots up to a blank screen. It shows the manufacturer logo and windows XP splash screens but after that it just a blank screen. I also noticed that the Hard drive LED is chugging away as if it still is loading windows. But as I said the screen is blank.

Steps taken:

I have already unistalled the video driver. (Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT) and it works fine.
I re-installed the driver again using the CD that came with the video card and the same happens.
I uninstalled again the video driver and downloaded the newest driver for that graphics card from the Nvidia website, installed it and the same thing happens.
Right now I temporarily unistalled the video driver and the computer is working fine, but I need to install the video driver for this because the user has some applications that require that the driver be installed.

Please help?

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I hope this is a softeware problem but I don't know.    I am using a HP pavilion  dv9009nt laptop, with windows XP.  It is about one year old.  Sometimes when I turn it on,  ,it seems to boot up but the screen remains totally blank.  The hard drive is busy doing something, according to the indicator, but who knows what?  Turning it off and then on again has no effect.  The only thing that seems to work is to shut it off, disconnect the power cord,  remove the battery, wait 30 seconds then replace the battery and try again.  This usually works, not always.   One time it was doing that and i walked away for about an hour.  When I came back to it, it was working perfectly.   Does any one have any ideas re this problem. ??  Thanks in advance.    JIM

Answer:XP boots up but has a blank (black) screen.

It's not a software problem, with the symptoms you describe it is definitely a hardware problem.From your description it could sound like a problem with the screen or the graphics card.If you got one, you can try connecting the laptop to an external monitor and see if it will give you a picture when the laptop screen is blank. But the laptop will need to be serviced in order to fix this problem. Is it still under warranty?

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dropped an ac adaptor on the lower right of the keyboard. Worked great prior to mishap.

Answer:windows boots up, but blank screen

sorry, these new posts are real confusing with their new setup.;If you dropped something on a laptop keyboard I would say you may have damaged the motherboard. It most likely didn't hurt the keyboard.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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the pc boots but the power light doesn't come on and nor does the screen ive had this problem before because i installed two incompatible ram sticks, however there is only the original ram stick signal is being recieved by the monitor but doesn't show the NO SIGNAL message and it acts as though the pc is turned off.

Answer:pc boots but screen stays blank

The monitor is either not turn onor you have lost the connection[bent pin?]The non Signal is generated in the monitor when it does not get a signal - so no 'No Signal' suggests the monitor is powered off.

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Hello people,
It has been a while since I posted. I have a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop that is giving me fits. It was having an issue with explorer restarting continuously after it was upgraded from windows 7 by the customer. I recommended a clean install and backed up all their data and installed Windows 10. I pulled the latest drivers from and made sure I had them handy. At boot up the machine boots to a blank screen and boot chime plays. no mouse cursor and ctrl, alt, del do nothing. I found that if I press the power button and put it to sleep then wake it up with the power button it works fine. works for the whole time I am messing with it. If I reboot or power down I get the blank screen. I updated the chipset, video and audio drivers one at a time with a reboot each time and still no change. This only occurs during a reboot or cold boot. If the PC goes to sleep it wakes just fine.

I am at a loss as to the cause. There is no blue screen logs and I cant see anything wrong in the event viewer. No programs have been installed yet and Windows is fully updated.

Specs for the machine as follows:
Computer Model
Inspiron N5050

BIOS Vendor
Dell Inc.

BIOS Version

BIOS Date ... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 boots to blank screen

I don't have this Laptop but looking at the BIOS A03 dated in 2011. Google it and the latest version is A05. You might want to update the BIOS first.

In addition, try to boot with one stick of RAM since they are not a matched pair (4GB & 2GB) and might create timing issue on cold boot.

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Hello people,
It has been a while since I posted. I have a Dell Inspiron N5050 laptop that is giving me fits. It was having an issue with explorer restarting continuously after it was upgraded from windows 7 by the customer. I recommended a clean install and backed up all their data and installed Windows 10. I pulled the latest drivers from and made sure I had them handy. At boot up the machine boots to a blank screen and boot chime plays. no mouse cursor and ctrl, alt, del do nothing. I found that if I press the power button and put it to sleep then wake it up with the power button it works fine. works for the whole time I am messing with it. If I reboot or power down I get the blank screen. I updated the chipset, video and audio drivers one at a time with a reboot each time and still no change. This only occurs during a reboot or cold boot. If the PC goes to sleep it wakes just fine.

I am at a loss as to the cause. There is no blue screen logs and I cant see anything wrong in the event viewer. No programs have been installed yet and Windows is fully updated.

Specs for the machine as follows:
Computer Model
Inspiron N5050

BIOS Vendor
Dell Inc.

BIOS Version

BIOS Date ... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 boots to blank screen

I don't have this Laptop but looking at the BIOS A03 dated in 2011. Google it and the latest version is A05. You might want to update the BIOS first.

In addition, try to boot with one stick of RAM since they are not a matched pair (4GB & 2GB) and might create timing issue on cold boot.

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Alright so after about 3 years of using my windows 7, I was about ready or thinking if I wanted to upgrade to windows 10; I didn't want to. But the problem is, now I can't use my computer at all randomly! I don't know what caused the problem and all I know is that it happened when my dad brought the computer out of town and he didn't even have admin rights.

Here is an image of what it looks like. This is bad, because most boot options have diss appeared also, like safe mode, or fixes. But I still have f2 and f10 so I can boot up my Ubuntu disk. After a while of using my Ubuntu disk and struggling to find a fix, I've learned that my RECOVERY is C:/ and my local disk is D:/ as shown here: when I attempted to reinstall windows 7. Keep in mind NO drivers showed up and I had to browse and see that. On further search this also happened: when I tried to find a system restore point... My local disk is 0 mb!?!?? I'm in desperate need of help. My Ubuntu disk cannot mount my hard drive either, so I don't know what to do. It can mount the recovery and all other parts of the computer, though if that helps. But I need help urgently. I've been working about a week on this with no luck.

Myles R

Answer:Computer boots up blank like never before!

What are the F2, F10 options, do you have a 8GB usb stick.


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Hp laptop taking to long to boot up and monitor remains blank

Answer:Hp pavillion boots up but screen remains blank

Need help

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XP Home Boots Blank (White) Screen. I have tried repairing windows (using boot disk) and it hasnt worked. I have tried a system restore and that didnt work.

(Its not the hardware because it booted fine with linux from a cd)

Answer:XP Home Boots Blank (White) Screen

Open your Control Panel/Display/Desktop tab/click on the Customize Desktop button.
Now click on the Web tab/uncheck the box next to My Current Home Page and any other listed web items. Make sure the box next to "Lock desktop items" is unchecked.
Apply and OK

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I switched on my laptop, it was booting normally but the screen was blank. I have restarted it several times but still same result

Answer:Toshiba laptop boots with blank screen

Do you know for sure that it is still booting even though you can't see the screen? A lot of times, if the laptops memory goes bad, when you press the power button, the lights will turn on, but the computer will just sit there and run with a black screen (however, in rare occasions, the onboard graphics card can go out.) If you have some similar ram laying around, try switching it out. Most of the time, that will fix that problem. If it doesn't, you may have bigger problems.I guess you could also try connecting an external monitor to see if that gets any video. (You may have to use the function-F8 or whatever your keyboard says to make the video go to the VGA port.) If you don't get video on the monitor, I think it would be safe to assume that it is your memory.

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I was having trouble with XP booting to a blank or black screen after the XP splash screen is displayed. Since there was nothing of importance on the hardrive I decided to do a clean install including the formatting of the hard drive. I am able to boot into safe mode without any issues. I have followed some of the support articles from Microsoft in one of the articles it states tha while in safe mode to stop explorer.exe and see if it restarts automatically. I tried this as part of the trouble shooting and explorer.exe will not restart.

So at this point I am at a loss especially since this is a clean install. The machine is a Dell Demension 2350.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:XP professional boots to black/blank screen

Hello firemarshal98

Disconnect all peripherals and remove all cards except the video card and see if that helps.

If that does not help try running the Dell Diagnostics

I think it is safe to assume the hard drive is OK


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Hi,I'm having a strange problem; after going through the BIOS, my computer shows a blank screen for 30 seconds before the Windows loading screen appears.It's custom built with the following components:Shuttle XPC SN95G5 bareboneAMD 3500+ processor2gb OCZ RAMGeForce 6200 256mb gfxUp until now I had assumed it was a problem with the graphics card. But I replaced my old graphics card yesterday, and the problem is still occuring. So it's not the graphics card...Furthermore, as far as I noticed it doesn't seem to happen when I have Vista RC1/RC2 installed. Does this point to it being a problem with my copy of XP?Thanks in advance for any advice,Michael

Answer:Blank screen for 30 seconds before Windows boots

Set back whatever you changed in the BIOS.

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 Ubuntu 1604 live cd  boot blank screen-SECURE BOOT OFF.Ubuntu Mate boots ,screen lasts 6 mins.

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I am trying to fix my brothers dell computer. He was having problems with it so I reinstalled Windows XP home edition and it fixed his problems. I left
his apartment and after he shut it off and was trying to replud his monitor
back in, he turned it back on and it was broken again. I had shut it off
multiple times after I installed it to update XP with the downloadable

Anyways, the problem is: I turn on the computer, does the Dell screen, then Windows XP, then it goes to a blank screen.

I have posted on other boards and so far this is what I have tried:

1) Put the XP disc in and tried to boot from that, won't work comes up with
press f1 to reboot or f2 for utilites,
2) tried using the 6 Floppy disc bootup, same result as the above,

3) Booted in:
Safemode - goes back to a blank screen

Safemode w/ Networking - stops at \System32\Drivers\Mup.sys

Last Known Good Config-goes back to a blank screen

Safemode w/ Command Prompt-goes back to a blank screen

Enable Boot Logging -goes back to a blank screen

Enable VGA Mode -goes back to a blank screen

Directory Services Restore Mode - checked the C drive, then it stated:
checking file system on C: The volume is clean. Windows has finished checking
the Disc, it stayed on that and would not change screens, so I restarted the

Debugging Mode-goes back to a blank screen

Disable auto restart on system failure -goes back to a blank screen
4) Someone gave me this link: How I solved Mup.sys problem
> h... Read more

Answer:Blank Screen After XP Boots.. Have tried many things nothing works

Wanted to add that I did it w/ my xp disc, which was not the original that was installed on his puter when he bought it.

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My laptop boots & the screen appears. I make it to the point where Windows asks for the login password & then shortly after that the screen goes blank. The laptop stays on & there are no blinking lights anywhere on the keyboard, but the screen is dark. When it first boots, it seems like there is an orange hue to the diplay. I just replaced the CPU fan. Before that, it would boot but then die shortly after. The screen would go blank then, too, but the power would also shut off. I feel like there may have been some overheating before the fan finally died. Now that it has a new fan, the power stays on, but the screen still goes dark. I used an HDMI cable to hook it to my TV & the display is fine on the TV. It doesn't disappear like it does on the laptop. When I set it so that the display is supposed to appear on both screens, it appears on the TV & stays, but it flashes on the laptop for a second & then disappears.

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My laptop boots & the screen appears. I make it to the point where Windows asks for the login password & then shortly after that the screen goes blank. The laptop stays on & there are no blinking lights anywhere on the keyboard, but the screen is dark. When it first boots, it seems like there is an orange hue to the diplay. I just replaced the CPU fan. Before that, it would boot but then die shortly after. The screen would go blank then, too, but the power would also shut off. I feel like there may have been some overheating before the fan finally died. Now that it has a new fan, the power stays on, but the screen still goes dark. I used an HDMI cable to hook it to my TV & the display is fine on the TV. It doesn't disappear like it does on the laptop. When I set it so that the display is supposed to appear on both screens, it appears on the TV & stays, but it flashes on the laptop for a second & then disappears.

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Okay I LOVE my T400, except for... when I bootup without it plugged it... it'll get to a windows, then become a blank screen?!? I press fn+F3, but nothing.  I have to turn off, plug in and boot up.  What is causing this?  My Lenovo power manger, or maybe my dual type graphics card?  Thanks!

Answer:My T400 boots a windows then...a blank screen !?!

Um, anyone have an answer? It odd, I booted up recently without it plugged and it was okay, the only difference is I did plug in my USB wireless mouse before bootup

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Hello, my laptop won't boot correctly. Everything loads but instead of the home login screen showing up, I get a blank screen with a cursor. I tried booting in safe mode and restoring but I still get a blank screen. Tried booting a recovery cd, but still get the blank screen. This happened right when I was watching a video, the computer just went black and restarted itself to a blank screen. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

Answer:Laptop boots to blank screen and cursor. Help.

See if you can boot to a safe mode command prompt. Then run

sfc /scannow

Let us know how that goes.

If nothing unusual, then create a bootable puppy linux cd.

Puppy live-CD

See if that runs without problem. Trying to determine if this is a hardware or operating system/driver problem.

By the way, are your notebook vents clear and fan running?

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After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I started experiencing a weird boot issue. When I boot Windows I only get a black, empty screen. As soon as the BIOS splash disappears the computer stops booting. No disk activity, nothing. My first instinct was to run bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot from the Windows 8 install/recovery DVD. This temporarily solves my issue, but the problem returns on next boot. Any idea as to what could be happening here?

I already had this issue before the 8.1 update, but it only occurred sporadically. I would usually work around this issue by rebooting.

Answer:Windows 8 boots to blank screen. MBR corrupt?

You get a flashing blinking cursor up in the left corner?

What you did was correct, but you have to boot from the drive that had the Bootloader for 8 on it, and sometimes that's not the same drive as the System is on. Also, UEFI computers need to be booted from UEFI, it'll show up in the Boot Order in the BIOS.

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No Joy in Safe Mode - same screen

Tried chkdsk /r on many occasions with a Vista Boot CD

Also sfc /scannow offbootdir yada yada - this said corrupt files, fixed them and put results put in CBS file - reboot the same blank screen

Files can be seen via Linux Live disc, so there doesn't seem to be a read problem

There is something I am not doing...

Answer:Laptop Boots only to Mouse and Blank Screen

From the linux live cd access the Windows partition go to Windows\logs\cbs.log

copy it to the desktop save it as a .txt file post it here. You should have access to the internet from the linux live cd if you use a wired connection.

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Hey. First post on the site.
So I was attempting to boot windows 8.1 in safe mode through msconfig. When it booted up, it did everything normally and shows the window logo. However when windows finally pops up, it gives me a blank grey screen with the power button on the bottom right and the handicap button on the bottom left, with no available login to click and log into my account. So I'm unable to get into windows and change anything. 
Thanks for any info.

Answer:Windows 8.1 boots up to blank grey screen

Hello and Welcome,
When you activated Safe Mode with Msconfig, it added a registry setting. You can change this setting in order to revert back to normal mode if it is there. See this post. If you have Windows 7 you can burn the Kaspersky Rescue Disk by double clicking the iso file without having to download Imgburn. In order for it to boot on your computer, you should disable Safeboot and Fastboot in BIOS if you can access it. Hopefully you can access BIOS. Then browse to the registry key using the Registry Editor of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk in the above link and change the Dvalue. Reboot.

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Vista boots to a blank black screen but the screen saver is visible when it kicks in.

This is a friends PC so don't have any other details. It appears as if Vista boots OK and that his screen saver is set to about ten minutes. The fact the bios boot checks and screen saver are visible rules out a monitor or graphics card problem I'd have thought.

Answer:Vista boots to a blank black screen

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I put my laptop in sleep mode every night and when I started it today the screen was blocked off on the right side about 2 inches. I could see the whole screen but it was squeezed up. So I decided to re-boot and when I did it re-booted with everything working but the screen. It is not in hibernation mode. I tried removing battery and holding down the "on" switch for a minute and that does not work. Is it the back light or just the screen itself is malfunctioning? I hooked the laptop to a TV with the s-video cable and there was monitor on the TV. Please help!

Answer:HP Laptop DV6700 boots up with blank screen

Have you tried reinstalling or updating the graphics driver?


What's the product number(P/N) and/or model number(M/N) on the sticker so we can determine the exact dv6700 model number that your HP Pavilion laptop is?


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I never saw this before. Brand new M900 out of the box connected to a Dell monitor, Windows 10. Boots up and does not make a connection to the monitor. Monitor says no input source. Changed monitors, cables, different connections (HDMI, etc). Multiple reboots of each of the different setups. Monitor(s) remain black. Connected to the internet, reboot with Dell monitor and monitor displays comes to life. I thought it just needed to find it's drivers. Registered the machine and powered down. Later, booted up the M900 ? monitor black again. Retried changing everything out again - no monitor. So I purchased a new Lenovo monitor. No luck, still a black monitor. I would appreciate any ideas.

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Win7 home edition, boots through the POST then to a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

Have tried the repeair disk, tried to roll back from the last restore point and it won't accept, tried repair boot and nothing. Did the bootrec /fixMBR nada.
cannot get to the option of choosing to boot to safemode <F8> it will not go there.

what else can I try? the puter is still under warranty (dell insperion).

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Did a search but nothing came up.

I just installed a new 1TB WD Black Caviar and successfully loaded the OS. I was enjoying Prototype and all for a while. Then I decided I needed to get adaware and after installation induced a restart my machine wouldn't boot up on my TV. So I hooked up an old CRT monitor I had with a DVI adapter and what came up was a blank screen with just a cursor.

please help...

(thanks for any comments in advance)

Answer:win7 pro boots to blank screen with cursor. Please.. he

Nevermind Guys!. hehe... I unpluged the TV and used just the monitor and for some reason it booted up fine. If there is a way to delete this thread that'd be nice...

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Happy New Year ! Everyone. My friend upgraded his Touchsmart 610-1210a to Win10 recently, and now it boots into blank screen after HP logo and Windows 10 icon with spinning circle. The screen is totally black except the white mouse cursor, which is movable. Have done following troubleshoot, still no luck. Has anyone had the similar issue on Touchsmart ? Can anyone tell me how to get into safe mode for this Touchsmart 610 at least ?  Thanks a lot. 1. Hard reset, unplug power cable from wall, hold power button for 15 seconds. 2. F10 into Computer Setup (BIOS), Apply Default and Exit. 3. F11 into System recovery, Recovery Manager wondows shows up       ---no restore point to do System Restore.       ---Startup repair cannot repair the computer.       ---System recovery --> Back your file first (my friend doesn't want to lose the files, 50G), plug in a 150G blank USB drive, formated as exFAT and NTFS, ----> Recevery Manager could not back up your files. 4. I got into "Choose an Option" screen once only, couldn't remember how now. Tried F8 on starting, or Shift on starting, or Shft + F8 on starting, all these keys doesn't bring up "Choose an Option" screen. When I was in  "Choose an Option" screen, Advanced options --> Start up --> F4 to safe mode, still black screen with ... Read more

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A friend installed some device driver utility yesterday and used it to remove two drivers he thought were unnecessary. Today his mouse does not work. He tried Safe Mode with no luck. Then he tried to repair the OS using the WinXp Pro CD. Half way through it failed, so he brought it to me.

This computer is an Intel P4 2.8GHz running Win XP Pro with 1GB of dual-channel Ram.
It has two serial ATA hard drives.

I am sure a complete reinstall of the OS will work, but he doesn't want to lose any of his installed apps or documents.

It boots to a blank screen with the cursor in the middle of the screen. Nothing seems to work at this screen. Not even Ctrl-Alt-Del.

In safe mode the same thing happens except you see the "Safe Mode" text at the four corners of the screen, with cursor still stuck mid-screen.

I ran a diagnostic app on it in DOS and the mouse functions fine there, so it is not a hardware issue.

I have his computer connected to my home network but can not access it from the other computers as it never finishes booting up plus nothing is shared on it anyway.

Is there some way for me to access System Restore to go back to yesterday morning?

Or any other ideas on what else I could do?

Answer:Solved: XP boots to a Blank Screen with cursor only!

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No Joy in Safe Mode - same screen

Tried chkdsk /r on many occasions with a Vista Boot CD

Also sfc /scannow offbootdir yada yada - this said corrupt files, fixed them and put results put in CBS file - reboot the same blank screen

Files can be seen via Linux Live disc, so there doesn't seem to be a read problem

There is something I am not doing...

Answer:Laptop Boots only to Mouse and Blank Screen

Did you try the Startup Repair from the Vista DVD ?

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I got a laptop and stopped using my desktop pc. When i came to use it one day the Dell Screen would boot and then it would go blank. I pressed F8 and then selected safe mode then I got a list of html starting with:multi(0)disk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exeand this is followed with more htmlI thought I had all of my son's baby pictures saved to a cd but the cd only has other files that mean nothing to me. I need to save the baby pictures!!! Any help would be awesome!

Answer:Dell screen boots then screen goes blank

I have found one of the best way to get info off of a windows computer that won't boot, is with a Linux live cd. Mount the windows hard drive, insert flash drive, transfer pictures or whateverto your flash drive.

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My computer boots up fine but the monitor is blank and goes into stand by mode

Answer:computer boots up but monitor is blank

Have you tried another monitor?Black Screen on Boot

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First I would like to thank your team for all the work you do in resolving peoples issues. Although this is my first post I've used this site well over a 100 times fixing systems for friends and family. I always find the forums not only helpful but very concise. I only post now because after looking I've not found a solution.System informationDell Insprion laptopWindows XP Home (sp3)Used in an office environment by approx 3 usersPrimary software usedThunderbird, Excel 2003, Word 2003, IE 8 / Firefox (current)The issue I am having is intermittent. During start-up directly after the Windows splash screen Windows will boot to a blank screen. It appears as though the operating system completes the start up process but no matter how long you wait it will stay blank. Sometimes it can happen twice a day sometimes it will happen once a week however, once it starts booting to a blank screen it will continue to do so over and over until corrected. The only way I've found to correct it is to boot to safe mode (which has never failed) and delete the pre-fetch catch through killbox. I am not happy with doing this because it is causing the machine to run sluggish but it is the only fix that seems to work.Things I've attemptedcompared hijack this scan with original log I have saved from known good configuration of machine (no changes)ran ESet antivirus - found a few cookies minimal threat (I allowed them to be deleted)updated/ran Spybot Search & Destroy (nothing maliciou... Read more

Answer:Windows XP Home boots to blank screen (intermitant)

Hi zerpft, you seem to have checked your system with 'anti Malware' software, fiddled with Safe Mode; I'd suggest you test your hardware using a Hardware analysis programme.

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I was all good working on my computer when I decided to restart my computer because "rocketdock" (a dock program) didn't open a folder and gave me the "open with" dialog instead.

I've installed a lot of updates recently, including SP1.
The windows is customized i.e. some files are edited.
I used tune up registry cleaner, which caused a problem in Chrome, so I used a command found on the Internet, it made tons of errors (which was mentioned by the one who suggested the command) and the computer CPU was fully loaded, the command was replacing files, or something like that. When I remember the command I'll post.

PS: "Ctrl+Alt+Delete", "Ctrl+Shift+Esc", and "Ctrl+L" don't do anything.
PS2: Safe Mode loads into the same screen.

Answer:Windows (7 Ultimate x64) boots into a blank screen with a cursor

I found it, here is the full command mentioned in the above post: FOR /R C:\ %G IN (*.dll) DO "%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe" /s "%G"

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Our school just purchased 60 of the Acer c720's and all is good except one. It boots to a blank grey screen. I was wonderingif there is a way to 'flush' or reset it to get it to boot normally. Any help is appreciated -A

Answer:My new Acer c720 boots to a blank grey screen

Do you ever see anything on the display, or is it just completely grey? If you don't ever see anything, it may require repair. If it displays other screens before turning grey, you can try to reload the OS.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.

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So my Asus boots to this screen after crashing. I can enter the setup with F2 and all that. this is a Laptop btw. the G60J model.

now asus has a recovery hard disk or something that resets it to factory settings and reinstalls all of the drivers and whatnot.

However since I have so m uch crap on my PC Im always deleteing things out of the hard drive from windows 7. I didnt think it was possible to delete this factory restore thing like that. Im not sure If I did, all I know is that its not working when I hit F9 at the boot screen. I fear my OS is broken. I downloaded a windows 7 64 bit Iso and used it to see If i could et my OS working but not a thing happend.

Im wondering if there is anyway I can get a recovery disk, or even a ISO of the disk to boot my PC bacck up. Im real short on cash and cannot afford best buys diagnostics along with repair.

any tips on recovering windows 7 or anything that anyone knows about tthis would be really appreciated.

thanks tech dudes

Answer:Asus boots with blank screen with flashing cursor

Hi -

Try pressing the F9 key during boot-up to access the recovery partition.

If no-go, contact Asus support about purchasing a set of recovery discs. HP, Dell, most others charge about $25 for replacement media.

Regards. . .



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Hey everyone.  I am using an HP Touchsmart 300-1020.  It was working fine, one morning when turning it on the fans powered up, they were clearly spinning to fast as they were really loud, but the screen was black.  No logo, no bios no beeps.  I do not know what has cause this problem as we have never had a single problem with this computer.  I would like to know if it is an issue with the CPU, Video card, or the motherboard?  What can be done to fix this? 

Answer:HP Touchsmart 300-1020 Powers up, blank screen, never boots

Exact same thing happened to me in May...just 1 month out of warranty. The computer repair people found that my hard drive had burnt out and had to replace it completely. And the hard drive was completely gone so there was no way to recover anything, so I lost all of my files, including my client files. The worst part was that he told me that it was common among 'the new hp' and how hp was getting a lot of their parts made in china now and that it is widely known that they are only good for around a year. I don't know how true that is, but I do know that I know how you are feeling right now, and I hope that your outcome is better than mine was.  

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The Dell 4550 all of a sudden will not boot.It worked fine one day next day I get either a black blank screen after XP splash screen or a weird Login screen that does not show any users, and says to shut down click here on the left. If I ctl alt del once nothing , if I ctrl alt del twice I get a windows login screen I never had to log in before so I dont have a password, It wont login without a password, or if I leave it blank. If I log in with administrator I need no password but it goes in with a guest account...I have no access to change anything, or do a restore.I cannot log into any of the recovery screens even from the xp cd. It either goes blank or reboots.I thought it was an xp problem but now I think it is a virus locking me out of my PC, because of the strange things it is doing.If I could do a store I think it would be OKbut I cant get a dos prompt with admin rightsI did repair it twice with the cd and that is when I was able to log in with that weird admin/guest accountDoes this sound like a virus?thanksJAnEdit: Moved topic from AntiVirus, Firewall and Privacy Products and Protection Methods to the more appropriate forum. ~ AnimalI cannot get to a dos screen to run anything or to my desktop the computer screen blanks out.I just took out the hard drive and put it on another computer as a slave....what is the best way to clean it now I downloaded unhide and malwarebytes to the new computeralso ccleaner

Answer:Computer boots but windows XP desktop is blank

I ran malwarebytes and it did not find anything
unhide seemed to run on the c drive not e and no way of changing it?

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I have been asked by friends of mine to help them fix their L300D. Their son got to it and they are not sure what he did, but now when it loads into VIsta, all they get is a Black Screen with a mouse cursor in the middle. The cursor looks as if it is at a lower resolution than the normal display.

I thought this would easily be fixed by running a restore, but it does the same thing when I load the restore function (via holding 0 on boot), and even the copy of Windows 7 I tried to install as well.

I think it might be a hardware issue, but before getting them to contact Toshiba Service for a warranty repair, I thought I would post here and see if anyone has any suggestions on what it could be.

Answer:Satellite L300D boots into a blank screen with mouse cursor


Well buddy, if the same issue appears if you load the restore function and also with Windows 7 I think it?s a hardware issue.
You can try to load the default settings in BIOS? Maybe it works.

To be honest I think the best way is you contact the nearest authorized service provider. The technicians can check the notebook and exchange the hardware if there is a hardware problem.


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I have a Dell Vostro 3460 purchased several years ago. It shows the exact same issue and behavior as described in
If the machine starts up, everything is fine. But it takes a reasonable numer of power-cycles until POST comes up. The problems arised several months ago and the effect seemed to increase over time. At first, the machine was occasionally not booting. Currently, it is the other way round. It occasionally boots up only.
At one time beeing lucky and getting the machine through POST I ran the diagnostics with Fn+POWER. No issues found except that it complained about the missing battery, which indeed wasn't installed at this time.
I also tried
- Disconnecting the hard drive -> no change
- Replacing the RAM -> no change
- Removing the RAM -> beep code (as expected)
- pressing D+POWER -> display test runs (I see colors) -> no POST
I would very much appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

Answer:Vostro 3460: Blank screen and no POST, boots occasionally only

mv150,Run the ePSA Diagnostics by following the information below. If nothings fails you may consider formatting and reinstalling Windows and Drivers. Dell Vostro 3460 Drivers, Downloads and  Manuals

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I have been having problems with my Dell Dimension 5000 since this morning, basically I switch it on and all I get is a blank blank screen with a white dash blinking in the top left corner.

I can't access safe mode or bios settings using the function keys and I can't get further then this blank black creen with flashing dash.

I have taken out my gfx card and cleaned the dust out of the fan, checked all the cable connections inside and out. I also checked other posts for solutions but could not find any that related to mine as I can't access anything. I have also checked the Dell Diagnostic lights which indicate:

Other failure has occurred.
Ensure that the cables are properly connected to the system board from the hard drive, CD drive, and DVD drive.
Check the computer message that appears on your monitor screen.
If the problem persists, contact Dell.

Dell don't seem helpful as the computer is out of warrenty and I even get passed around or hung up on. Only thing I can think of is that my hard drive might of gone as it makes a reading noise about five times then I hear nothing even though I replaced the HD about two months ago.

Sorry for the essay, hope I can sort it out!!

Answer:[SOLVED] Windows XP boots up with blank screen with flashing dash

Good morning Mikey, well buddy your at the right place, just the wrong section. We have some great techs in our hardware section that will be able to help you straighten this out. You have not done anything wrong, I just want you to get the proper help that you need. Here's what you do:

Mark this thread solved using the quick tools option located at the top of this thread and selecting solved from the drop down menu. So you are in compliance with forum rules that state that you cannnot have more than one thread open at a time.

Post your problem at the link below.

This will get you the help you need to resolve this issue. Take care and good luck.

I will monitor you to make sure your getting the help you need.

Thank you

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First of all thanks for your time.

Well, the thing is my computer boots up fine and am able to log into my user account, but then the screen stays blank.
Am only able to access my computer if i press ctrl, Alt delete and where it give me an option to open a new task.

Does anybody know how to trouble shoot this problem, cos am not sure whether its a hardware or software problem.

Thanks in advance for your help

Answer:Computer boots fine, blank sreen( using vista)

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

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We have a Windows 7 computer, fairly new Acer Inspire laptop. Recently, when it had turned itself off for power reasons, when we entered the login it first said 'not found' and then dropped to a screen that looks like the login background but without the login box. Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work, you have to force hard boot. On rebooting, it recognizes that startup failed and offers an attempt to repair. I ran this about 40 times, I think it's clear that isn't fixing it. It boots to that plain screen, so it starts windows, but then just sits there.

I'm told the Windows 7 disk has a more detailed startup repair option that might allow us to solve this without losing a lot of critical data on the hard drive. However we cannot find the dang thing, we had a whole stack of info/disks/etc. I thought was in the box it came in, but when we got it down from the closet, box was empty, and we can't find any trace of any of the original materials. I don't know what to do. Is there some way just to get that repair-startup utility without having to purchase a whole new windows 7 disk? We are afraid to send it for warranty repair to Acer because the default 'repair' appears to be reverting back to default settings which would wipe out all our data.

Do you have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Answer:Win7 boots to blank screen (no login box), startup repair not working

Can you boot in safe mode?

Safe Mode

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My sat pro 4030, funning W98SE, boots to a blank, white screen. When I press the lid closer or use Fn/F5 it goes black. It works OK on an external monitor.

Answer:Satellite Pro 4030 boots with blank screen - works OK on an external monitor

Hi Robert,

If your display appears correctly on an external monitor then it indicates that your graohics chip is still working correctly, so you problem must lie with the LCD panel itself, the FL Inverter, or the connection cable to the main board. I would recommend that you contact an Authorised Service Partner who can carry out further tests to diagnose the fault.


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I have an HP G72 laptop running windows 7 home premium. yesterday when i was on the computer all of a sudden screen turned white and the only button that would work was power button. i held it down and shut off computer. when i turned it back on it goes through the usual boot process up to where i have to enter password for user profile. when i hit enter it will start showing my desktop icons like normal and then just go blank again. when i try to boot in safe mode it goes through the same process except when it starts displaying desktop icons it stops and automatically shuts back down and trys to boot up again in normal mode. if i try to restore it back to a restore point it says there are none available. Any input on what might be causing these problems will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:laptop boots to blank screen, safe mode wont work

You HDD may be failing. On another computer download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature. Burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the Short and Long tests on the drive. If either tests fails, the HDD needs to be replaced.

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I have a Shuttle SB61G2 and I wanted to upgrade the hard drive to one of a higher capacity. I wasn't prepared to reinstall Windows so I decided to clone the hard drive. I used DriveClone XML and backed up the current drive image and restored it onto the new drive. All was successful so far.

OS-Windows 7 Enterprise
Current drive-Maxtor 300GB BANC1B10
New drive-Seagate 500GB ST3500320AS

I then plugged the new drive with the restored image on into the Shuttle and turned it on. I was met with the following error message:

"Windows failed to start. A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your langugae settings, and then click next
3. Click "repair your computer."

Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

Naturally I inserted the repair disk and it reported saying there were errors and it would automatically repair them. When it restarted it booted up normally until it reached 'preparing your desktop', it stayed on this screen for a good 3mins before producing a blank blue screen with a mouse and text in the bottom right corner of the screen saying:

"Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine"

I was confused by this so I inserted the original hard drive and it worked fine, and its activated.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in ad... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Enterprise Boots to Blank Blue Screen after Hard Drive Clone

Something similar had happened to me a while back with Win XP. Windows recognizes the new hard drive as a new computer. Since your copy of windows is already registered to your old PC configuration when it checks for authenticity it appears that this is a new PC using your activation code. Call Windows support and have your activation number ready. They fixed it for me with instructions over the phone. I hope this is the issue and that this would help. Good luck!

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So This has been happening over the last few weeks.. A bit of background on the situation.

I have 2 AMD Radeon 6850's. Last week I noticed that the lifespan of that the GPU that im currently using (the one thats plugged into the monitor) is coming the end of its life. On boot up the splash screen had various colored lines and dashes and once booted into windows I was presented with this (
I rebooted the pc and from this point I was never able to get visuals past the initial splash screen. It would go past the boot logo then just a blank screen.

I then plugged the monitor into the second card which then I was presented with a different problem. There are no visuals whatsoever until the W7 "Welcome" screen. Im unable to press f12/f8 to go into the boot options/bios to change settings.

The parts in my pc is nearly 6 years old which doesn't really help and im beginning to think I should upgrade when I have the funds.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation? Is this happening just b/c my graphics cards are dying?

Here's PC specs if needed:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8175 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb x2
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50004 MB, Free - 18568 MB; D: Total - 903761 MB, Free - 99852 MB; F: Total - 1907725 MB, Free - 1905177 MB;
Motherb... Read more

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from the taskbar on my desktop. The upgrade was successful and I was able to use my computer normally. Today, when I started my computer, a disk check was started. After a long time of being stuck at 10%, I force booted the computer off. Now, the computer boots past the Windows 10 logo and goes to a black screen with the cursor. This screen appears before the login screen does. I am able to move the mouse but that is the limit of my control. The mouse is also showing the little blue loading circle next to it blinking over and over.

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Last night I downloaded a file from a Torrent site - Blackberry stuff (I'm pretty sure most or all was freeware stuff). I just noticed that that file has been removed. Kinda unfortunately because I did leave a comment on what happened to me and I asked if anyone else had the same issue. I'm guessing maybe they did because it is gone now.

I ran my AVG scan on it before opening it. It didn't find anything so I ran the executable. It locked up at one point after I started getting virus warnings from some new program (I did not write down what any of it was :-( ).

I had to do a hard shutdown. When it came up to my choices window, i.e. choose Safe Mode, Last Know, etc. I was unable to make any selections with my keyboard so it continued to boot Windows normally. The XP splash screen comes on and then the screen turns black with nothing further happening.

I can do a hard reboot but I can't get into Safe Mode because the keyboard isn't working and normal windows isn't working either.

Got any suggestions? Do I have some serious funk? Did some piece of hardware decide to stop functioning properly (power supply)?

I have been Googling this issue without any success. Sometimes it feels like you are the only one to ever have a particular issue.

This happened very late last night and now I am at work so I'm not able to touch it for the next 5 hours or so. The only two things that I can do right now is go into the BIOS settings or watch it go into Windows and then get the... Read more

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I've gone into safe mode and uninstalled any video card drivers, and it boots up fine into windows normally. Then I install both drivers for the ati HIS 9250 (PCI) and then the 7600 GS PCI-E. Reboot. When it gets past the windows loading screen, it just comes to a blank screen, and it doesn't go any further. Pressing keys does nothing.

Has anyone experienced this? Am I SOL with trying to do this in vista? I'm building this for my Dad and this is his request as he wants quad screens (does a lot of spreadsheet/video/image editing) .

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Yesterday my friend called me over to fix her computer, an HP.Windows XP2.6 ghz P4512mb DDRgeforce4 MX 440 64mb (now geforce fx5500 256mb)When turned on, the hard drive spun and the motherboard made the regular POST beep, but there was nothing on the monitor. I switched out the video card for one of my old ones, and it worked perfectly. The next day, she tells me the same problem came up so I took home the video card and her monitor and tested them on my machine, and they worked fine.I'm truly stumped on this one, anyone have any ideas?Thanks for any help.

Answer:Computer boots, but nothing on screen

Another slot for video card available?

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Hi all,

This is my specs for my comp

AMD Phenom II X3 710 CPU
Gigabyte GA MA770-UD3
Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 1GB
Corsair DDR 2 2x2GB
OCZ stealthXstream 600W

Okay i built everything on June 23 and everything worked COMPLETELY fine. I played GTA 4, Left4Dead etc, i do the usuals surf the web yeah

Two nights ago i left the comp on overnight, next morning i turned it off and went to work for 5 hours, and came back and turned it on, it was COMPLETELY fine.

Last night i turned it off and went to sleep
This morning i turned it on and all teh fans were running full speed and CPU fan as well, but NO SCREEN

I checked the Video Card and the BACK 3 LIGHTS which are REALLY close together are FLASHING RED.

I tried to unplug the PCI power connectors etc etc and plug everything back.


What do you guys think is the problem? Could it be NOT ENOUGH POWER? but isnt 600 watts pretty **** good already?


PS: The labels on the video card are too small so i cant really read what the labels are for the lights, but they are the ones near the BACK and all 3 are REALLY close togeter


Answer:Computer boots but no screen

Try one stick of RAM on it's own, and then the other. If it works fine with one of them then the other is likely dead.

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OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series Secondary (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM), 2 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76216 MB, Free - 27670 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FJ030
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Win 7 boots to blue screen then boots to dell splash screen

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x64 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series Secondary (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM), 2 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76216 MB, Free - 27670 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FJ030
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
Click to expand...

You appear to have a 2005-2006 era Dell Dimension 9150/XPS 400 desktop.

What's the "service tag" and/or "express service code" number on it?

How long ago was Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit installed in it?


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Hey all I need some help, I had this problem with my USB Jack
my cat rubEd against a USB cord that was plugged in and It caused the computer to shutdown. Now I can't get my screen to kick in , the computer boots but the screen won't. can someone help pls!

Answer:My computer boots but my screen won't kick in?

How do you know that the computer boots if the monitor stays blank?

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When i turn on my computer, it just goes to a black screen, no sign of the bio's screen or windows xp screen. No flickering or anything, no indication its connected except for the fact when i unplug the monitor the screen saying there is no cable on the monitor shows up. i tried a different monitor on it, same thing happens. It is connected to the on-board graphics card. I tried removing the hard drive to see if that was the problem, no luck. Shouldn't it at least show the bios screen? I tried removing the battery without any luck hoping it would reset any bios, I tried removing the ram, no luck. The power supply works, fans spinning on CPU and HD. I tried connecting my PCI GeForce fx5200 128mb graphics card to see if it was the intergrated graphics with the problem, but same thing, just a black screen. I also tried connecting another HD to it, no luck. I also tried connect this HD to another computer and it just comes up showing a recent hardware change made the computer start like this asking me to boot into safe mode or normally, but neither of them work, just freeze the computer once clicked on. Any ideas on what is wrong with it?
System Specs:
Widows XP Home
HP Pavilion a804n
Intel Celeron D Processor 335 (2.8GHz)
512mb pc 2700 DDR SDRAM
80GB Hard Drive IDE
CD-RW Drive
Intel Exteeme Integrated Graphics 64mb

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:HELP!!! Computer boots to a black screen!

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Win XP:
This horrible blue screen pops up when the computer is booted or restarted. Continuously have to restart until it goes away. It gives error codes about a driver and this:
0x000000c4 (0x00000081, 0x82756090, 0x00000082, 0x00000000)

I have looked up the 0x000000c4 on MSKB and followed the instruction about the driver verifier, but then I don't guess I understand how to tell which driver has the problem, or if I am even on the right track! I can't get it to stop, been haggling with this for two weeks and it's enough to make me lose my hair!

Answer:Blue Screen when the computer boots

It should give you the name of the driver either before or after those numbers. Most likely it is "xxxxx.sys" for example. Check again.

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I have an A7v400 MX I was surfing on and it started to shutdown automatically. I changed the power supply and it does not shutdown anymore but when I try to boot the computer up it passes the boot up screen and will not load Windows XP. I cannot go to the bios setup either. I will have the option to load windows in safe mode or safe mode with networking or load windows at its last working settings;However, it will just stay black and then my monitor will automatically go into sleep mode. Any information to help resolve is greatly appreciated.
PC Info:
Asus A7V400-MX
1gb pc3200 ram
diamondmax plus 9 80gb
antec 250 power supply

Answer:Computer Boots To A Black Screen

Was curios if anyone could comment on the BIOS settings causing the above issue? I tried numerous times to access the menu and the screen will stay black just the same as when the computer runs post. I do not have the CD for it so I will try to search on line.

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I have a samsung laptop running windows 8.1 and it will only boot to  setup utility screen. I cannot get it to boot correctly. I don't have a boot disk for it. what can I do? 

Answer:my computer boots to set up utilty screen

Do you have a Windows Startup Repair disk?
If not, go to a Windows 8.1 machine with a 512 mB or larger flash drive
At the Start Screen type in "recoverydrive" (without the quotes) and press Enter
When the dialog opens, click your way through it.  UNCHECK the option to copy the recovery partition.
Then take the resulting drive back to your Samsung and boot from it to try the various repair options.
More info here:

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Computer boots up with white screen! Please help!I'm 99% sure this is a virus. I was STUPID and accidentally installed something.Here's the story:1) I was trying to watch a video, not on youtube. 2) I ended up on "" or something like that. I hadn't read it thoroughly and thought it was MegaVideo.3) I clicked on play and it opened another window, where it said I needed a plugin.4) Like an idiot, I clicked on it, of course. 5) It started downloading "xvid," but it OBVIOUSLY wasn't XVid. It also said to install these other add-on things.6) I REALIZED IT WAS A SCAM. The entire webpage was basically a photo.... Uhg.7) I opened task manager and closed the installation, which I didn't even know had started.8) I pretty much knew it already installed some 'stuff' on my computer and went on to Malwarebytes, to do a scan. 9) EXCEPT, Malwarebyes needed an update. So I got the update. Which you need to restart at the end to use it. 10) I clicked 'restart later', and continued using my computer normally for a while. It worked totally fine.11) After a while I was worried and decided it was time to restart and scan. I closed everything I had open and chose Restart. When I did, though, it said something was still running and prevented it from shutting down. I don't know if that was because of the virus or because I clicked restart twice or something....12) Anyways, it just shut down and then booted backup.13) It DID show me the log-in screen. I logged into my account.14) BUT i... Read more

Answer:Computer boots up with white screen! Please help!

There is a virus on your computer :(. What it is doing is ending explorer.exe when you boot up your computer, preventing access to your desktop. Safe Mode will let you scan, its entire purpose is to be an emergency solution to a problem like this, so you can access your files and programs to fix the issue. To access Safe Mode:1. During the BIOS Screen (where the Computer Maker's logo is shown), press F8 repeatedly until a black screen with white text appears. 2. You can then select "Safe Mode" as an option and then your computer will boot into Safe Mode.3. Try logging in to your regular account. If the desktop still doesn't appear, then repeat these steps, but instead login to the "Administrator Account" (you will need to know that password if you setup one).4. Once you reach the desktop, you can run your scans.Mouse could not be found. Click OK to continue.What to do now?

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