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Installing Windows XP on new Hitachi 250GB drive, won't reboot after SP2

Question: Installing Windows XP on new Hitachi 250GB drive, won't reboot after SP2

We removed old disks from my reliable but sluggish Dell Pentium 4 and installed a new Hitachi 250GB drive. Windows XP installed fine, but the system will not reboot after we install SP2. Tried twice, rolling back to the previous configuration.

Tried installing SP1 (fine) and several critical updates THEN SP2, but same problem; after the "successful" install the system must be restarted, but now it will not boot. Instead we see the message saying Windows cannot start, and giving options for booting in safe mode (this works), booting in safe mode with networking (does NOT work). We have tried F8 at startup & tried Debug mode, but this just took us back the same menu (Safe, Safe w/networking, Last known good, etc.).

We have already checked for BIOS updates, and found none available.

Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Installing Windows XP on new Hitachi 250GB drive, won't reboot after SP2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Installing Windows XP on new Hitachi 250GB drive, won't reboot after SP2

Update on this problem: with the restart on failure disabled we were able to proceed a bit further, and have now disabled our AVG virus s/w, and rolled back again to run a disk check... before trying SP2 again.

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I just bought a Hitachi 250GB HDD 7200rpm, 8MB cache on sale today and have a few questions. Is this HDD any good? The sale was for a 200GB Hdd but they ran out and gave me this one for the same price (149.99-80.00 rebate=69.99). I thought it was a good deal for the price and I want to use it as a storage for my files. What would be the best way to partition this hdd? TIA

Asus P4C800E Deluxe Mother board.
CPU P4/3.0GHz 800M 478P/512K HT RT
1 meg ram.
Windows Professional XP2


Answer:Solved: Hitachi HDD 250GB Partitioning Question

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I bought a hitachi deskstar 250GB HD to use as a slave backup drive. I installed it and it is only showing up as 96 GB. What is the deal?

Answer:hitachi deskstar 250GB only reading 96GB?

Which OS are you using? What program did you use to partition and format the drive (such as FDISK, or a third-party program)? How old is your system? If the BIOS is outdated, it might not recognize the entire harddrive...

Post your answers, and we'll work forward from there...

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Hi there..I have a 250GB SATA HD drive and trying to load XP on to it...all that happens is that the files load from the XP CD onto the HDD but the menu screen does not appear...I can view the files when logged in from a IDE drive but the whole XP software is not on the SATA drive.I have seen other advice which states I require chipset drivers to load onto my system from floppy drive after pressing F6 for RAID drives present?? The drivers downloaded are 7.5 MB...a bit big to go on a floppy!!Any help please would be much appreciated..The system is an HP xw9300 computer.many thanks in advance.

Answer:Installing XP on 250GB SATA drive

You should have a Floppy Disc with the Raid Driver on It to enable XP to see the drive.Setup will ask If you have a disc for the Raid Driver. Take a look on the CD for Raid Drivers & how to create a Floppy Disc, if not have a look on your Motherboard's website.Regards.

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Setup keeps saying hard drive not found, the
HDD is set to master and the hard drive works well but
Is not recognized by setup, what could be
The problem?

Answer:Trouble installing win Xp sp3 on hitachi IDE hard drive

Does the BIOS detect the drive properly? What type of motherboard and drive do you have? It may be that XP needs drivers loaded first before it will recognize the drive.

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Cheers Folks

I suffered heavy lost of data creating a mirroring (!) RAID-1 on two different Silicon Image SiI3112-SATA/150-RAID-PCI-Controllers using a pair of Hitachis 7K250 harddrives (250GB, SATA/150, 7200rpm, 8MB Cache).

The BIOS detects both HDDs without problems, Windows XP Pro can be installed completely without problems but if i copy bigger files (>xxMB) from other drives or via LAN, the files are sometimes damaged.

-> 4 seperately copied WinXP SP2-Files from CD or vianetwork to any partition within the RAID-1 using the cmd "xcopy /v".

-> 2 damaged files while trying to extract the files anywhere i could.

I can run Prime95 24h+ without problems.
Both harddrives are "OK, return code 0x00", tested with the latest version of Hitachis Drive Fitness Test.

Here is the complete config:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ with Swiftech MCX-462-V
EPoX EP-8KHA+ (VIA KT266A-Chipset)
3x 512MB Kingston HyperX, DDR3200
two different SATA/150-Controllers with different BIOS-Rev's (but even the latest one from Silicon Image won't work)

I recognized a tiny difference on the HDD firmware-revisions ... could it be that simple and that strange

Oh please, make it ending ... I spent maybe 50 hours or so on copying files, rebuilding RAIDs and installing Windows XP...

Bye bye and nice to read you, with nice greets to the www,
Kai Schwab aka "WaxMo"

Answer:Silicon Image SATA/150-RAID-Controller + 2x Hitachi 7K250 250GB = Data Corruption?

Which Via Hyperion drivers are you using ? Do you have a creative soundcard installed ?

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I am trying to install an hitachi hard drive into dell 4600 my bios auto detects but when I go into my computer in windows xp the drive doesn't show up... Can any one help me???

Answer:Solved: Installing Hitchi 250gb hard drive in dell 4600

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Hi beautiful people,

Currently im using a 60gb partition for windows 7 32 bits ultimate in a SATA HD (AIHC mode), i've been told in the past that it is not recommended to use the entire HD as one partition cause slows the system (the needle works more), is that still true?

Answer:Windows 7 in a 250GB Hard Drive

To a certain extent yes, It is better to have one partition in the top of your drive to hold your system files (programs, drivers, etc) and another partition to hold your data. This will help your system run faster.

However, you cannot just rely on this alone. You should do regular disk cleanup using a program like CCleaner (don't use the registry cleaner option) and defragment your hard drive regularly as well.

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Hello guys,

My client has 250gb harddisk & it has only 1 drive & there is lot of data i.e about 20gb in it.

PLZ tell me any software which can reduce size of c drive & create new drives without causing loss to windows & without loss of data,

I also need pdf to word converter.I have download many softwares but no one is perfect.Plz tell me that software.

I will be very thankful for your reply


Answer:windows 7 c drive is 250gb.How to make new partition

To reduce the size of the system partition in order to create a new, second partition, there are several third-party solutions for doing that, two of which are:

Free> EaseUS Partition Master: Free Partition Magic alternative. Best Free Partition Manager Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 32 bit & 64 bit - EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition.

Not free > Paragon Partition Manager: Paragon Partition Manager Personal - Overview

As regards a PDF > Word converter, I don't think a perfect one exists. Besides, we don't know which ones you've already tried.

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Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice. Originally got message - Disk read error occurred press ctl alt del to restart. Then tried plugging this drive using a USB connector into my desktop PC to see if I could run some chkdsk. Then my desktop PC displayed messages telling me my firewall and virus software had been turned off and the computer crashed. ROOTKIT? So I was left with 2 drives not working. I re installed windows on desktop but using ISO on flash drive BUT can't on the 500GB Hitachi HTS545050B9SA00 for some reason. Windows setup loaded and Deleted old partitions and formatted. When I tried to install, it froze. It now just boots up with a windows loading screen and I'm also unable to boot from flash drive as it freezes. Any suggestions anyone? This is on a Sony Vaio VPCEB4E4E

Answer:Unable to install windows to Hitachi hard drive

For starting point,
Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
How to use memtest:
RAM - Test with Memtest86+

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There is in regards to my SimpleTech portable hard drive and My new Dell Inspiron N7010 17R which has windows 7. It tells me that it can not recognize the device when I plug it into my USB port. It works great in my Dell Inspiron that has windows XP and my Lenovo at work that also runs windows XP. I have tried another laptop at my place of employment that has windows 7 on it and I get the same error message on that machine also. It has to be a conflict with the SimpleTech 250gb and Windows 7.
Your Help is very much appreciated!!

Answer:simpletech 250gb external hard drive & windows 7

Hi and welcome to TSF please try here to see if there is something at the support site for your drive to work with win 7

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I recently upgrade my PC, and have installed a NEW 250 GB S-ATA Hard drive.
My bios has been upgraded, and when in the BIOS setup it recognizes the drive as what it should be, 250GB, When I was installing XP and creation a partition thru the intall progam it only let me setup a 131GB partition. I set up a 100GB partition and left the rest to play with afterwards. In the Computer management/disk manager in XP I have my 100GB partition and only 30GB of unallocated space to work with.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem?


Answer:250GB Hard drive, Windows only allows 131GB partitionable

Since this was a fresh install you need to add SP2. XP came out with a 137G limitation which was addressed with SP1. SP2 has replaced SP1.

If you only want a single 250G partition there are a couple of ways to address it.

1) Install SP2 and then run Partition Magic to resize the primary partition to pick up the extra 150G.

2) Slipstream SP2 into your copy of XP and then start over from scratch with a fresh install.

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I have two 250GB hard drive in my pc and I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro SP2. It's running on an Abit motherboard with Athlon 64 dual core 4400+ CPU. I got the computer from a friend and decided to do a clean install so I deleted the previous partions and made a new one. It went through the whole formatting process fine then went through the windows setup. It then did an automatic reboot but right after POST it gave me an error message. It said Trap followed by 0000005c ==============EXCEPTION=========================== and a series of hexdecimal messages afterworsd. I've done this twice and had the same problem and I just wanted to know if you guys knew anything about this?

Answer:Installing Win XP Pro SP2 on two 250GB HDD

Greetings gfx dude, Welcome to TSF!

Firstly, you only need to install the Operating System one ONE of the HDD's not both of them.
The second HDD can be connected as a "Slave" and can be used to 'save' everything that you download, plus emails and other data, such as music etc.
I suggest that you check the CD for scratches and marks; wipe it very gently from the centre to the edges with a lint free cloth.
To give you the best chance of getting Windows? installed without hassles, such as those you are experiencing, is to completely wipe the HDD with Darik's Boot N Nuke.
Wiping the HDD this way will completely erase everything off the HDD and take it back to a RAW unformatted state, as if it had just come out of the factory.

Just so that you do not forget anything when doing the installation, please read this...

The Windows? XP Installation Check List.

1. The Windows? XP SP2-CD (naturally)

2. Darik's Boot N Nuke (Click the coloured Link).

3. Please read this guide.

4. The Motherboard CD that contains all the necessary Drivers etc.

A couple of tips...
a. Darik's Boot N Nuke will take about 4? hours to completely wipe the Drive; however, this will vary depending on how big the Drive is. (That estimate is for a 80Gb HDD).

b. When you get to Figure 7 in 'The Guide', you can create more than one partition here by simply telling Windows? how big you want it. Should you do decide to create an extra parti... Read more

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I've been getting this "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" error for quite some time. It's strange though, because it seems to be happening totally randomly.

Here's what happens:

I could be using firefox 2 mins after I start up my computer or be playing a game 4 hours after I start my computer and then a delayed write failed error (or several) suddenly appears from the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen, failing to write either a system file of some sort or a file related to whatever program I happen to be using at the time. Then everything becomes extremely choppy and eventually totally freezes up. I then have to manually restart at which point it will either work normally or be slow and then freeze up during startup. For some reason, moving my HDs to different SATA ports (since my mobo has 4 ports) tends to fix the problem for a while before it starts happening again.

Does anyone happen to have any idea how to resolve this problem or what is causing it? Is my HD failing, does it have to do with my drivers/firmware/bios, or is it some sort of software bug or conflict?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(btw there don't seem to be any problems with the disk when I check it with chkdsk or the seagate disk checking utility)

Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200 RPM SATA (Two of them, not in raid)
Windows XP home edition SP2
Intel BOXD975XBX2KR LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz ... Read more

Answer:Windows - Delayed Write Failed error with 250GB SATA internal Seagate drive

Ooh, my task bar and desktop just disappeared and I just got a message saying:

Windows - System Error
Unknown Hard Error

And when I clicked OK, it just reappeared. When I tried to shut down, my computer locked up, so I had to shut down manually.

Restarting failed, but my computer seems to be working again now that I have switched the HDs to different SATA ports again. For now...

This can't be good...

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After running into problems and figuring out My old hard drive was shot I bought and installed a new one. (It is same as old one so not thinking that it is the problem) I placed the recovery disks into the computer as I was told, and the computer says windows is loading files. It does its thing and then says starting windows like it would normally do when you start up the computer and windows loads. Here is where my problems start. The background changes to what it would look like if it was going to start the recovery guide but then an ERROR shows up saying * RecoveryMgr.exe - application error. The instruction at 0x8000cf80 referenced memory at 0x0012abb0. click on ok to terminate the program. * this is all it says and all it will do. click on ok, and it restarts the computer doing to same thing every time.
So then I try running all the checks I can think of and everything comes back OK. I ran all the Bios test, primary hard drive test and memory test. start-up test, run in test and all those things. everying comes back ok.
I even tried to put the old hard drive back in and try the disk AGAIN with it in. When I try that It actually brings up the HP system recovery helper guide screen but since the Hard drive is broken it will not let me install it.

Please help me out if anyone can. I am starting to get very frustrated with this thing.

Sorry My computer is an Hp G71-437ca and i am running windows 7 If you needed to know that

Answer:cant reboot of boot disks after installing new hard drive? HELP PLEASE

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I have just purchased a Hitachi  Travelstar 5K160 160GB 2.5"  Hard driveI have it installed in a Lenovo T43 Laptop and I get the following error from the BIOSERROR 2010The Hard drisk drive that you have installed has not been qualified for use in this computer or does not havelatest firmwareIt allows me to continue <ESC>I have formated the disk and installed the Fedora OS and everything is fine 1:  Do you know what is causing this and how do I fix itor2: How do I turn off the error message ?  

Answer:ERROR 2010 when installing Hitachi Travelstar 160 GB Hard Disk

There is a firmware update utility on the Lenovo Support and downloads site you mite try. I have 2 Hitachi HDD's in my machine one of which needed the firmware update. It worked for me. Cheers, Singtoh

7663-A22,T61 14.1 Wide,T7300 2.0gig processor, 4 gig RAM, 500gig Seagate Hybrid HDD, 200gig Ultra Bay HDD, Ubuntu 64 Bit.

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I was reading threads about installing drivers for Raid.

right now I have a single WD SATA 250GB corsair harddrive.
as of right now I don't plan on installing a 2nd hardrive

so going without a raid set up will Vista recognize my sata harddrive and allow me to install Vista on to it?
I have the driver CD that came with the hardrive. but I didn't plan on installing a (A) drive.

I remember with IDE drives XP PRO used the drivers off the Windows install CD.
then once I was finished installing XP Pro I went back and used the cd that came with my
WD80GB hardrive to update the drivers /utilities .

is it only Raid drivers that are not on the Windows install CD or is it that SATA drivers are not on there either?
do I still need to make a sata driver disket and install a (A)drive?

Answer:installing single WD SATA 250GB with Vista Home Premium?

SATA should be supported by Vista natively, so if you have no RAID set up, it should install normally.

Vista will have drivers for most everything else, but you may still need to download a couple, like graphics, from the manufacturer.

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hello, i have been having trouble installing a new hard drive on my system.
don't laugh but it is a
hp pavilionxt963 (it was free)
CPU:intel celron 1200 mhz
Chipset: Intel 810E (whitney) + 1CH
Video:nVidia GeForce MX 4000
Hard Drive: Samsung SV4002H 40GB

i have a seagate barracuda hd 250gb sata st3250823as
that i am trying to install for storage.
i have a syba 2 channel pci controler card that the drivers are reconized and works properly. but when i reboot after using discwizard, it gives me an error message.
i have even change pci slots and still get this:
-expansion rom not initialized- pci mass storage controller
bios:01, device:0A, funtion:00

Answer:trouble installing seagate barracuda hd 250gb sata with pci controller

That's not necessarily an error message..

Can you see anything that would show the controller recognising the attahced Seagate? Do you see the drive in Windows?

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Hello, I recently cloned the sata-II drive of my Thinkpad T400 and replaced it with a new Hitachi Travelstar 5K750 2.5'' 750GB SATA-II, 5400rpm, 8MB Cache, 12ms, running Win7 with all the newest updates, drivers and bios updates. (4gb of ram) After a lot of installing issues (Windows services incl. Windows Update didn't run anymore (solution see below for people with the same problem*)) the new Hitachi drive performs at average rates of 64MB/s but with an access time of 23ms instead of around 12ms. So I tested the drive on my old desktop pc and got rates of at least 17ms witch seems more acceptable to me. I tried bios settings: AHCI and Compatible (on Compatible it runs even worse...)Uninstalled all driversSet up a clean new Win7Bios is at the latest versiondoesn't run in PIOshut down any anti-viruses etc.... but nothing helps. The drive seems fine so it must be something with the thinkpad.. Somebody any idea? Thanks in advance! Marc____*1. Install the KB982018 hotfix on another working machine with the same architecture (in my case x64). This provides the updated esent.dll.2 On the computer with the fix installed, check the version number ofWindows\Sytem32\esent.dll and Windows\SysWOW64\esent.dll. It was 6.1.7600.16592 in my case.3. On the computer with no fix installed, check the version number ofWindows\Sytem32\esent.dll and Windows\SysWOW64\esent.dll. It was 6.1.7600.16385 in my case.4. On the broken computer takeover the ownership of Windows\Syte... Read more

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I have a Hitachi 40gb hard drive setup and ready for an old Compaq laptop (p150) with all my graphics and software for my business unfortunately I just moved and forgot my laptop to desktop IDE adapter so I can't trick Maxblast to install an overlay on the drive. (yes maxblast really wants a maxtor drive these days, can't seem to find the antique version they used to send that works with everything)

Anyway is there any utility that will install EZ-drive or ontrack disk manager so I can use this machine? Sorry XP is not a solution.


Answer:Need drive overlay for Hitachi 40gb laptop IDE drive

Check this download:

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Hello, I'm hoping I can find a solution to my problem here as I couldn't find one elsewhere on the net.
I have a laptop and currently have a 120GB hard drive in an external enclosure. I have just bought a new 250GB hard drive and have installed it in the external enclosure. Though partitioning and formating the 120GB was a breeze, I've had nothing but problems with the new 250GB.
Below are the specs of what I'm working with. In both Partion Magic and in the Win2000 Disk Management, it correctly displays the 250GB drive (233GB). Regardless of which program I use (ie. Partion Magic, Win Disk Management, command line FORMAT) I get problems.
Generally, what will happen is it will partition fine. Then it will begin to the formatting process (VERY slowly) and then either throw an error either during or at the end of the process. And this is when I try to format a very small partition (ie. 100MB). I have successfully formated a 10MB partition. On a large partition (ie. 30GB) the format process will start but will not progress.
The only two things I can think of is that the drive is faulty, or because I am booting my OS from a floppy there is some sort of recognition problem.
I can't run the diagnosis software from Maxtor because that requires the drive to be installed internally.
So any help to this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Additionally, how long should it generally take to format the 250GB drive in its entirety?

Comp: Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201
OS: Win2... Read more

Answer:What's with the 250GB Drive

HHhhhhhmmm...sounds like a bad drive to me. Do you have a desktop computer that you can use to attempt to format the drive??

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So I had a recent problem with a corrupt hal.dll file that I couldn?t fix so I decided to install windows on my second HDD. But my problem is when I install XP it gets a ways in to the installation and says it needs to reboot. So I let it reboot, but when it starts up again it starts at the beginning of the installation.
So again I start installing when it says it needs to reboot and goes into this endless cycle.

Thank you in advance all you Major Geeks out there! Sdawg. :major

Answer:installing windows xp cycle reboot

g'day sdawg27

i once had this same thing happen to me and what i was doing was when it said it needed to reboot and it had the 30 second count down it also gave me the opportunity to press enter to reboot now so i pressed enter when it rebooted it went straight back to the beginning of the installation took me a couple of restarts to figure out to just let it reboot it self and leave the enter button out of it.thus the installation went through successfully.

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I have just finished replacing my windows xp with windows 7 and my computer will not reboot with booting from the windows 7 bootable flash drive I used.
How can i solve this problem

Answer:My System will not reboot after installing windows 7

Can you be more specific and detailed as to how you installed Windows 7 in that computer?

What's the brand name and model name and model number of that computer?


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Hi. I have an external drive Simple Tech, Simple Drive model 96300-41001-011 which i have not used in a while. it should have the drivers built in but when i plug it in it runs but does not appear . Simple Drive does not appear in COmputer. I plug it into my Sony G11VN pc running Vista Business sp2. The usual window pops up “windows needs to install driver software for your Simple Drive” – I click “locate and install driver software” but it does not find it. I have looked for the driver on the site of Simple Tech which is now but I can’t find it.
Have tried to plug into MacBook which also runs windows with no luck.
Any ideas? Where can I find the driver?

Answer:simpletech simple drive 250gb drive

thanks for reply Jock1e.
no it does not appear in my computer and yes there is a yellow ! in devise manager. i have tried updating driver but it can't find the the driver and have tried disabling/enabling and also uninstall/reinstall. no luck. aslo does not appear in Disk Management

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alright, so HITACHI has a bigger #, and WD i know is a better brand... but whats a better brand even mean???

-Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM Serial ATA 150 8MB Cache
-Western Digital 160GB 7200RPM ATA 100 8MB Special Editon

helphelphelp tytyty

Answer:HARD DRIVE! WD or Hitachi

Get seagate..

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Sorry for making another thread about an external hard drive that's stopped working, but I've looked through the other threads and some of the problems they have experienced are similar, but are not the same to mine.

I have a Hitachi 5K500 B-250 250GB external USB hard drive. It's worked fine for a couple of months, but now it appears to have given up the ghost!

Before, when I would plug it into the USB port, the autoplay option would come up, and it would settle itself as Drive J (Device named EHD) and would work perfectly. However, when I plugged it in yesterday, the autoplay menu did not come up. It appeared in my computer as 'Local Disk' in Drive E.

I cannot access the data on the disk whatsoever, and when I plug the EHD in it slows my computer down significantly which it didn't do before. If I try to go into the Local Disk's properties or go into disk management or anything like that my computer slows to a crawl and the window(s) become unresponsive. CHKDSK function doesn't seem to pick it up either.

I downloaded a data recovery tool which was able to pick up the drive and view the data stored within it, however it was very expensive software so i'm hoping to avoid that if I can.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offer any advice!

Thanks again!

Answer:Hitachi Hard Drive Help?

Hello LeonArlott. Welcome to the Forum.

The first thing I would try is to connect that external drive to another computer to see if it behaves the same on anther system. Depending on what happens with that test we can determine the best course of action.

To try and recover the data from that drive you could try the free version of Paragon: Rescue Kit Free Edition | PARAGON Software Group - free partition software, hard disk partitioning , a program recommended by member Gregrocker here.

I would also download and burn a CD with the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test (ISO) and see if you can test the drive with that.

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Question: Hitachi Hard drive

Hi, I have a Hitachi HTS545050B9A300 500gb HDD and was wondering If I am able to use the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test software with my x64 processor? I know that it says it is only compatible with an x86 architecture, but what are my alternatives besides a CHKDSK?


Answer:Hitachi Hard drive

See if this will help.

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Question: Hard Drive Hitachi

hello guys.. i want asking about hitachi hard drive firmware update..where i can find the link download of hitachi hard drive firmware update? my serial number of the harddisk is HTS547564A9E384. Thank you 

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My Hitachi GD 7500 does not read my Civilization 4 or Civilization 4 beyond the sword dvds, although every other dvd and all cds I've tried in it work perfectly.

No error messages are displayed with the civ dvds, the drive is simply displayed as empty in my computer.

I was able to use my civ 4 dvd in my old dvd drive, before that broke.

My OS is XP.


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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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I run win 98se with 2 drives, a 30gb and an 80gb, both work well, but are full. I bought a 250Gb drive to use as a USB external. To try and format the new drive, I replaced the 80 (D Drive) but the new one is only seen as a 65 GB drive. I've tried fdisk and format, Still 65Gb. Anybody any ideas? as always, thanks in advance for any helpCheers

Answer:250Gb drive and win98se

also, if I want to swop it between 2 machines, one win98se, the other XP, will it need to be fat32?

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Computer info:

HP Vectra
VL420 MT
WinXP Home SP2
LBA on
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.00 GHz
HP System board A08
Chipset: Intel i845 Rev: A3
Southbridge: Intel 82801BA (1CH2)
BIOS: American Megatrends, Inc.
Version: JA.01.07US
Graphic Interface Version: AGP version 2.0
Intel(R) 82801BA Bus Master IDE Controller
(did I miss anything?)

I appologize in advance for the long read.

This computer came with only a 10GB Seagate drive. It has less than 300MB left of unused memory, so I tried installing a 250GB Maxtor. It is only recognized as 30GB in the BIOS. I don't understand this because I have WinXP SP2 and LBA is enabled in the BIOS -
Not only that, but I have another 300GB Seagate that I want to install as a slave (I had previously installed this one as a slave to the 10GB but had the same problem with only 64GB being recognized.
I don't understand why my BIOS isn't recognizing it at it's full capacity since I have the latest version of BIOS and LBA is indeed enabled (I thought SP2 was supposed to correct this problem).

My hope is that someone out there can walk me through this step by step (from erasing the disk to installation) because I've been working on this thing all day long and nothing I've tried seems to work. The 10GB drive has to go. I want to install the 250GB drive as my master, copy the 10GB drive to it (I have Casper XP 3.0 for this purpose), and then install the 300GB drive ... Read more

Answer:250GB drive is seen only as 30GB

Did the Maxtor not come with a setup disc .....?
When you go to control panel / admin tools / computer management / disc management and right click on the "free" space of that drive what options do you get?

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Hi I have an Acer T135 -S870 and would like to install a 250 Gb SATA drive but it is not recognised in the Bios or through Linux Mint that is installed at present on my 80Gb drive in the T135-S870 Could you help me please in solving this problem.

Answer:250Gb drive not recognised

Have you tried to connect only the new hdd with the same cable of the old HDD?

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Hello, everyone. First post here and thank you in advance to anyone offering assistance. I'll start with some background information.

I've just recently obtained a computer that was still running Windows XP Pro without any Service Packs installed. I originally had trouble installing the updates because I was receiving an error that said something along the lines of BITS 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1 couldn't be installed. After quite a bit of searching online I fixed the problem by changing the permissions settings in the registry.

After that was fixed I was rather relieved because I figured I would finally be able to update the computer to SP2. After installing several Windows Updates I restarted the computer only to receive a blue screen of death. The exact error was:

*** STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xF7C30C86, 0xA22D9CB0,0x00000000)

I then started searching what could be causing the STOP error. I looked online again and found malware was the cause of the error it seemed. So I followed the advice in the other thread and downloaded Look2Me-Destroyer, F-Secure BlackLight, KillBox, ATF Cleaner and AVG Anti-Spyware. I ran them all, and deleted two high risk trojans with AVG. Next, I scanned with BlackLight and was given the following message from the log:

02/28/08 01:57:15 [Info]: Hidden process: C:\WINDOWS\system32\koos.exe
02/28/08 01:57:52 [Info]: Hidden file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\koos.exe
02/28/08 01:57:52 [Info]: Hidden file: c:\WINDOWS\system32\kprof
02/28/08 0... Read more

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Tried dell system restore after getting blue screen message unmountable boot volume.but not successful.

Answer:cannot reboot dell laptop after installing Windows XP SP3

If no changes have been made to the hardware, try running a chkdsk from the Recovery Console. Do you have the OS Install CDs?

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Hi can anyone please help me, i upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10, it did its thing of gathering the files then it said it had to reboot, and after that the computer is coming on but the monitor is getting no signal! i even went and got an old monitor and its doin the same thing saying no signal, i have and nvidia graphics card installed, so im wondering in thats the problem. should i put the old one back in and restart? its an amd card that came with it. i had made a windows 8.1 restore disc before hand and tried to use that to fix it but the monitor still wont come on so i dont know if that is working or not either. i really hope i didnt just brick my pc for this stupid update.

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How do you prevent windows 10 windows update from installing during a reboot? In fact, I had to stop one that was taking forever longer than 10 minutes, it keep saying updating windows don't turn off. The mysterious update wasn't in the windows update list. I will restore from backup again and ask to notify me before updating but I think that was already selected. I sure would like to know what the mysterious update is. The install should be a lot faster unless it was a release. I am not an insider.

Answer:How do you prevent windows update from installing during a reboot?

Update, notify to schedule is checked. This is making me very . I switched to different operating systems. I don't want to have to wait any longer than 10 minute for windows update to install during a reboot or shutdown. I consider even 10 minutes to long unless they are doing a new release. It should be 5 minutes at the most. I need to know before a new release is downloaded. I still would like to know what that mysterious windows update is.

Here is my updated question.

Is there any command that will force a reboot without updating?
I figured out it some type of build update, the problem is I am not an insider.
Edit-Unless I am wrong again. I found that it is the kb3140768 update that installs during a reboot or shutdown and takes awhile on low high speed connection.

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How do you prevent windows 10 windows update from installing during a reboot? In fact, I had to stop one that was taking forever longer than 10 minutes, it keep saying updating windows don't turn off. The mysterious update wasn't in the windows update list. I will restore from backup again and ask to notify me before updating but I think that was already selected. I sure would like to know what the mysterious update is. The install should be a lot faster unless it was a release. I am not an insider.

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After the fresh install, will boot, but in the System, Hardware Device Mgr, Numerous yellow question marks. They are:
Multimedia Audio Controller
OtherPCI Bridge Device
PCI Memory Controller
SM Bus Controller

I can get rid of them by installing the drivers on the CD which came w/ the MoBo, but it says have to reboot to take effect. When I do,
New MoBo & CPU & video card & mem, so reformatted HD & did complete reinstall. When I reboot, a blue screen pops up before windows loads. It is gone so fast, I cannot read it. The only way can load windows is "Last good config..." Can't even load safe mode.

If I load the drivers & do not reboot, everything appears normal & everthying works. This is the only way I can access internet via Network Interface Card.

There is a note in FAQ's for this MoBo "Why will the system hang or fail to boot after installed the SW IDE Driver when using a dual core CPU under Window XP/2000? " which has updated drivers, which I loaded even though not dual core.

The XP Home I have is pre-SP1, so did slipstream including SP2. Thanks BYTEMAN for pointing me to website w/ info on how to do this.

I've done validation by internet & by telephone to Microsoft & tried reinstall several times.

I have seen no message indicating win is not validated or not working except the reboot not working. Is there any way to find out if XP is fully validated & should be working? Anything else I can look ... Read more

Answer:Reinstalled windows, will not reboot after installing drivers

If no ideas on this, does anyone know how to slow the boot process so I can see what is on the blue screen that flashes just before the win logo that kicks it out to the safe mode, last good config, etc screen?

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I just built a new computer but have always used ATA/IDE drives. I bought a Hitachi SATA drive and intend to migrate my old Seagate ATA drive to it. When I turn on the computer the disk access light comes on full time and the new drive spins but it isn't recognized at all. Can anyone help?

I have an Asus mobo, and a Intel quad core processor with EVGA 8800gts card. The SATA is the new 1TB drive from Hitachi.

Thanks in advance....Nathan

Answer:Solved: Can't detect new Hitachi drive

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This is my second time attempting to convert the drive, both have failed saying there may be inconsistencies on the disk, so im running chkdsk on it now...any ideas?

---EDIT--- im trying to convert to NTFS from FAT32, how stupid of me to not include that information, AND also if its any help the hard drive is 1tb in size.

Answer:External Hitachi drive will not convert.

have a look at this to ensure you are following the correct steps.
not my area really but i found this after a quick google.

How to Convert FAT Disks to NTFS

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Can't boot DFT from CD...

Stop at ""

pls. HElp


Answer:Run Drive Fitness Test for hitachi HDD

Are you using the latest DFT from here:

As an alternative you can try UBCD which also has the Hitachi DFT:

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I just bought this laptop from Fry's Electrinics Yesterday. I have a Hitachi USB 3.0 external drive i need to use to transfer files.. When i connect it to my hp envy I can use it fully.. same with my MacBook Pro. When i connect it to any usb port on my new lenovo it doesn't recognize it and gives me an i/o error in the disk management. This isn't a good first impression at all for me as this is the first Lenovo product I've bought.. and so far looks like my last.

Answer:G780 & Hitachi External Drive

I'd really appreciate some help with this.. Not a good first impression.

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I have a latop that needs to be sent in for service.  I purchased a LAPTOP to IDE Adapter cable to get some data off of the hard drive before I send it off to be repaired (since they may reformat my drive).I inadvertently set my jumpers incorrectly, and according to the Hitachi documentation for my drive, I have grounded PIN C which makes the drive not spin on POR.The drive is a Hitachi 80GN 40GB drive.  Anyone out there know if this is a 'fixable' issue, or am I dead?Thanks much!

Answer:Hitachi Laptop drive issue

You can just move the jumper to where it should be and it'll be OK.

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Used to always use Seagate but their recent press about bad drives and constant posts from users who's drives have died have me spooked to go that route. So two months ago, I decided to try Western Digital. I had always heard nothing but good reports on reliability with them, even though I think they are noisy.

Anyway, diagnostics turned up some errors that could not be fixed on two 640 GB SATA Drives, so I RMA'd them. They sent me two new 750 GB SATA drives, they both had errors on them, so they will be RMA'd. Now I just don't know if i want to trust putting back in a WD when the replacements arrive. And it will take 3-4 weeks to get them anyway.

That's got me thinking about alternatives. I mean I'd like to think that I'm the kind of person that doesn't always have to follow the trends of using brand names, so I've done some research and am now leaning to a Hitachi Deskstar 750 GB SATA.. I also slightly considered going the Samsung route, becuase I had one long ago, but I just don't know.

Feedback welcome,

Answer:Hitachi hard drive feedback

janlafata said:

Used to always use Seagate but their recent press about bad drives and constant posts from users who's drives have died have me spooked to go that route. So two months ago, I decided to try Western Digital. I had always heard nothing but good reports on reliability with them, even though I think they are noisy.

Anyway, diagnostics turned up some errors that could not be fixed on two 640 GB SATA Drives, so I RMA'd them. They sent me two new 750 GB SATA drives, they both had errors on them, so they will be RMA'd. Now I just don't know if i want to trust putting back in a WD when the replacements arrive. And it will take 3-4 weeks to get them anyway.

That's got me thinking about alternatives. I mean I'd like to think that I'm the kind of person that doesn't always have to follow the trends of using brand names, so I've done some research and am now leaning to a Hitachi Deskstar 750 GB SATA.. I also slightly considered going the Samsung route, becuase I had one long ago, but I just don't know.

Feedback welcome,Click to expand...

Hitachi makes a good hd.
Seagate has some better performance numbers on paper
Wd is right behind it
Hitachi while it doesnt hold the top spots in different benchmark tests is does have good scores.
The resulting balance of these scores for whats its worth does let hitachi win one benchmark..and that is the ability to boot xp the fastest compared to other 7200 rpm drives.
you wil... Read more

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Model HTS541612J9SA00

Only few weeks old dropped to the floor now not even registering on computer, is there any thing I can do.
Using windows 8 zoostorm computer

Answer:hitachi external hard drive

Hard drives are fragile devices, you cannot drop them.

If you are lucky you may have only damaged the USB enclosure. You can try disassembling the device and removing the hard drive. Then try installing it internally in your PC to see if it get detected or trying it with another external USB enclosure.

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I am on vista ultimate and i have just purchased a 500gb hitachi hard drive, it is the T7K500 and the model number is HDT725050VLA360.

The problem im having is that it wont install the drives when its connected, vista asks me to search for them and i do but it doesnt find anything.

Any help would be great.

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Hi, just got a hitachi 400gb ide hard drive. It is set as a secondary master, along with a slave dvd writer.
I tried burning a dvd disk from this drive and instead of burning at 8x , it started at 4x then got slower and slower down to 1.9.
I checked to see if it's running udma and at first it was at 6. Then after a burn it would switch to PIO mode. Even transfering files to another hard drive would take a very long time in udma 6 mode, and of course it switches to PIO eventually.

The drive i replaced it with was a maxtor 160gb which is now an external usb drive. Just to test this out, i burned 2 dvds at the same time off of the usb drive and it burned at normal speeds. If i try to burn 2 disks off of the hitachi it triples in burn time.

I'm coming to my on conlusino that this hard drive sucks.
Maybe someone can change my mind. please =P

System specs
Celery 2.8 running at 3.1
512 ddr 3200
some asus mobo
windows xp service pack 2
120 gb western digital
400 gb hitachi
160 external usb maxtor
nec 1300 dvd burner
nec 2500 dvd burner

Answer:Hitachi 400gb drive is slow

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I have two PC's running on Windows XP - one is a spare.
I use a plug and play Hitachi 1.0tb Simpledrive external drive to back them up.
The spare PC will boot up and deliver scheduled backups but my operational PC will not boot up when the External drive is left connected.
To use the External drive on the operational unit I need to disconnect the Hitachi unit, start up the PC and then plug in the External Drive.
All most inconvenient. I hope it is just a setup problem - what do you think???

Answer:Solved: Incompatability between PC and Hitachi Ext drive

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Does anyone know how long the standard warranty is with Hitachi Hard Drives.My reason for asking is, I have an 120Gb Hard Drive (manufactured Oct 2003) and an 160Gb Hard drive (Manufactured July 2004).Having been on the Hitachi website and done a warranty check, the 160Gb hard drive warranty expires in July 2006 (a full 2 years) yet the 120Gb hard drive warranmty expired Jan 2004 (which is only 15 months) and seems a strange length of warranty.I have contacted Hitachi and am awaiting a reply.

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Hi all,

I want to find a utility that I can run on my sata 2.5 drive, to test the drive and clear errors.
Basically the Equivalent of Seagate tools which is available for Maxtor/Seagate drives.

But for a hitachi drive?

Answer:Sata Hitachi drive utility

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just want an opinion but since ive had this hitachi 320gb hard drive it operates nowhere near any of my other pata hdd's (seagate barracuda 80gb, 7200rpm, 2mb buffer + another seagate barracuda 5400rpm, 2mb buffer 80gb).

My games stutter on it, windows xp sp2 when booting would pause for 4 - 8 seconds before recommencing loading to desktop, diskeeper 10 would take forever to analyse and defrag the hdd (above 40 mins) and would take a similar amount of time even when defragging a second or third time straight after a previous defrag.

Searching for files would take a long time and would, if say during gameplay, would make my pc freeze so id have to reset it.

My other hdd's are way better despite being 4 years older than this hitachi which i bought 2 months ago.

I downloaded their dos based hdd tester but their tests suggest the drive is fine.

Is it better to return this drive and swap for a new one or is there something i am missing ?

Answer:Hitachi 320gb pata drive

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Hitachi released a 1 TB SATA hard drive with a 32 MB cache some time ago, and the price is getting pretty reasonable. Currently it is at about $350, and I have my 300 GB Seagate lined up to sell to someone for $90 which really puts my price at about $260 which I think is more than reasonable. I know that in regard to buying 1 TB, buying two 500 GB drives is more economical, but I like the 32 MB cache...

Anyway, as I get time tonight (if I get time I guess) I'm going to read through some reviews, but I was wondering if anyone has bought this drive. I don't like that the warranty is only 3 years, but I would be interested in hearing about the noise levels...


Mods: feel free to move this to reviews...

Answer:Hitachi's new 1 TB SATA Hard Drive

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I down loaded this executible file from to my doc. When I try to put it on a diskette, get write error (can't write to the target diskette) I've tried more then 3 disk, & I know the A:drive is good. It installs with Installshield. I want to copy it to a cd so I can check the HDD on my laytop. I need DFT bad!

Please Help,Thanks

Answer:Hitachi drive fitness test

I know that the Ultimate Boot CD has that utility on it.(along with many other useful utilities)Ultimate Boot CDHope that helps,

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I am hoping to get some answers or information in regards to this hard drive.

I am just recently bought a new system and while installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64, I noticed that the hard drive was only using 2tb's of space. After some checking I found out the window's will only be able to use 2tb's unless I use the Hitachi's disk management tool to open the additional 1tb.

Now the problem I am having is that the tool notes I need to convert the drive from MBR Disk to GPT Disk. I was found several ways of doing this but none give me any information on how to do this if the drive itself is the primary boot drive for the PC.

Unfortunately I don't have another hard drive or PC to throw the new one in just for the time being (I am assuming that this is one way to resolve this).

Basically it doesn't let me convert the hard drive to GPT unless it is empty (again, I am assuming the OS needs to be gone as well).

Any help or suggestions in this situation would be awesome.

Answer:Hitachi Deskstar 7k3000 3tb drive.....

I've never used a drive that large, but it leads to issues:

Above 2TB

Short version: drives larger than 2TB must use GPT. Windows 7 can only boot from a GPT drive if you have a 64 bit version (as you do), and your motherboard uses uEFI rather than a traditional BIOS.

Some 3TB drives I've seen sold with controller cards that may allow these limitations to be worked around, but I've not used one.

I don't know how this affects the Win7 installation process.

If you have an Asus motherboard, you may wish to try their Disk Unlocker:

ASUS Motherboard Disk Unlocker - Unearth the Missing Space

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Erlier i booted my PC up into Xp to see a strange warning box come up. I can't remember what it said now but my mouse and keyboard didn't work.

I then pull the plug and fire it back up into XP again. only it get about 2 bars into the loading screen and a BSOD loads fo about a second and the machine restarts.

I booted into Vista to ask for help, i go into my computer and look a my other HDD it is still there but according to properties have 0 bytes space. I tried error checking it but windows said it could not access the drive.

I really need to get my SATA drive up and running again, if its possible.



Answer:250GB SATA2 Drive Not working! Please Help!

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i recently bought an internal seagate 250gb hard drive and when i installed it it is only finding 232gb i was wondering how i can access the other 18gbs if that is possible. i have seen the 137gb barrier but not something like this. all help would be appreciated.

Answer:250gb hard drive not full 250

its the way that windows reports space compared to the hdd manufactures. the hd manufactures report a meg as 1000 KB, while windows reports it as 1024 KB. no over a large amount of storage (say 80gb) the number will shrink, but the space is still there (will be reported as 74.5GB in windows). so what you have is normal.

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Hello guys.. newbie here.. just want to seek help regarding HARD Drive replacement , for some reason my laptop wont boot upit only does lights (LED) but will not continue to boot or show the logo/ BIOS so we suspected probably HArdisk problem - in that sense we decided just to BUY a new hard drive and replace the existing 160GB with a 250GB.. Now im not sure if this is compatible enough with the MoBO..and the bios..MODEL : LENOVO 3000 G430 just bought it 4months ago here in Hong Kong.. Advice & tips is appreciated.

Answer:is it ok to put a 250GB Hard drive replacement?

You probably can't update the bios in the machine's current condition and if it's only 4 months old that's probaly unwarranted.Check the size to make sure it slot 1, 2 or 3 ( Different thickness) and bring the old HD with you to the store.Also check to see if the HD is IDE, SATA or PATA. It should say on the HD. If not then check out the spec sheets for your machine. Didn't save them? Try doing a search on here. Good luck with that though, I've seen rubber duckies drown with the level of support that Lenovo offers.Ensure that you have the recovery disks or make them any way you can.Good luck to ya bro.

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Hi all, hopefully someone can help?Approx 2 years ago i bought a Medion portable hard drive from my local Aldi. Everything has been fine until today when the connection seems loose. If i connect the hard drive to the cable and plug it into my laptop the hard drive turns on, but the laptop doesn't recognise it, and says its malfunctioned.How do i go about fixing it if at all, and have i lost everything on my portable hard drive.Many thanks,Chris

Answer:Medion 250gb Hard Drive

You could probably disconnect the drive and use it in another external caddy.Before buying another caddy you need to know whether the drive is a SATA or PATA (IDE) probably a SATA if only two years old.

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If I attach my 250gb hard drive to a 6 yr old mobo, should it recogise it?I purely want to be able to run the maxtor powermax dos util software and won't be booting into windows at all.thanks.

Answer:250gb hard drive and 6yr old mobo

Only way to find out is try it.

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Hey guys, i need some help, i am trying to get my 250GB sata drive to work on a MS-7061 board so i can install Windows Xp, ive tried going into the BIOS but have had no luck, i have a IDE Drive connected as well as somebody said you can configure it with an IDE drive installed, any help is appreciated greatly, Mark

Answer:Configuring a 250GB Sata Drive As IDE

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I am new to this forum and have a question.

I have a new computer with Windows 7 home basic on it and all works well. Except the external harddrive of Iomega 250GB USB 2.0. The computer doesn?t see the drive. On this drive is are the backups of files that I want to install on this new computer.
How can I solve this problem? I googled for drivers but cannot find anything.

Answer:Iomega 250GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

it shows nothing at all in computer? what if you unplug the usb then plug it back in again while windows is running? does anything happen?

and please fill in your system specs it may help if someone else sees this thread

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I attempted to add a 250 GB hard drive to my PC, 3.0 Ghz, GA-8S648FX MB with 1 Gig DDR Ram. When I boot my PC and go into the bios, it sees the PC, however when the PC boots it doesn't show it in control panel or in "My Computer". I am running Windows XP Pro 2nd Edition and am frustrated. I have the most current bios for my motherboard and Gigabyte says it should be no problem on their end. So what am I doing wrong? I have tried both setting drives as Cable Select and also Master/Slave. I have tried setting it up with the original Windows XP Pro disk but it only sees 137MB. Any ideas? I got a real good deal so I bought 2 of these 250 GB drives for my PCs, too bad they can't see the. BTW, both PCs are the same motherboard only difference is that one of the PCs is a 2.8 Ghz CPU (INTEL). Thanks

Answer:PC won't format 250GB hard drive

Try going to the drive manufacturers website and download their tools and use this to format. There is an issue with drives above 137mb but I thought this was solved with XP.

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This may be a total noob question, but honestly I didn't have any idea what I should search for to find out if this is a known problem. Here it is:

Just put my new system together and in the BIOS it recognizes the drive for what it is, 250GB, but when I went to install XP, it saw it as 130GB. Is there a known reason for this or am I stuck using half of my drive? It's an SATA drive, does this have anything to do with it?

system specs:

Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Asus A8n-e
XFX 7800GT
2GB Corsair valueselect

Answer:XP only sees 130GB of 250GB drive

You need to see about slipstreaming a copy of Service pack 2 into your install CD. That might be a service pack 2 thing.

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Hello, We have a customer who has an R40 that we replaced the drive with at their request for more drive space. The biggest drive we could go with was a 250GB drive. Since we installed the drive, the R40 has found it way back to the shop a couple times for a bad hard drive. We use only NEW drives. The drives have been WD 250 ide notebook drives. The original drive was a 40GB in size. In talking with a colleague form another shop, he suggested that the power supply and battery could play some role in this problem. The laptop battery does not hold a charge. The OS is XP Pro with SP2, the computer does see the entire 250GB when installed, this is seen in My Computer and in the BIOS. Can anyone give a suggestion as to what might be causing the larger drives to not last in the R40. The R40 isa Type 2723-LU2. I would appreciate any advice in troubleshooting this. It could be time for her to move to a new laptop. Thanks, Peter

Answer:R40 on it's third 250GB hard drive in four months

well i don't think the R40 has the shock protection system that came in the later T and R series. This means if the laptop experience constant shocks of some magnitude, this may cause faults to develop in the larger hdd, as the fault tolerance level of these new drives are slightly less than the smaller capacity drives. Usually bad sectors or other mechanical faults may develop, if the the drive head routinely crashes into the platter.   

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I use W7 Home Premium and would like to make a backup of my entire system. I will use the image method and the combination of my C and D discs are about 125GB total. It appears to me that this Seagate will do the job, however, I would like some opinions before I purchase it. Thanks

Answer:Seagate 250GB USB External Drive

You can get a 1TB external hd for $75. Why limit yourself. You can store an image of your hd, as well as back it up. Will the 250GB be ok? Yes. But go ahead and get the larger drive.
**GO 82nd - All the way! **

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Thermaltake SharkDFI Lan party NF4 SLI-DRAMD 64 X2 4800OCZ 2g ram(X2) 74G Raptor SATA  RAID 0EVGA GeForce 7800 GTX 256mbWindows XP Pro (automatic updates / SPs)I just bought the overpriced Saitek X52 Pro joystick, since I had to replace the older X52 which was a great stick. I put the installation CD in, plug in the sticks when instructed, and finish the installation instructions and procedures without a hitch. Everything showed on the control panel, but the rudder was acting funny (jerky and ill responsive on the left side). I figure maybe I can just isolate it with an adjustment to its deadzone margin, or it may fix itself with a reboot or something. I go to reboot and my $3000 + computer rig is now caught in a perpetual rebooting cycle. The last stick had a maddening mouse pointer drift problem, and tech support was HORRIBLE. Looks like this time is going to be the same, as they have yet to get back with me. All while I wait without a computer.I have tried booting in safe mode, last known good configuration, etc. and can not get my machine to boot. For a split second before it starts the cycle all over, it displays a blue screen with the following error message:Stop error: This application failed to start because msvcrt.dll was not found. Re-installing this application may fix this problem. After displaying this error message for about a half a second, it tries to re-boot. I have tried the XP disk for the Repair Console, but no real luck. I'm very limited in my c... Read more

Answer:Perpetual Reboot after Windows screen after installing joystick.

(A chkdsk command returns "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems.)Try go to run-cmd-chkdsk /renterhave you try system restore?Did you un-install the old driver before installing the new driver?search for the latest driver, and update you pc anti virus / spyware.uninstall mcaffee,try avira anti virus & full scan,download ccleaner try to copy that missing .dll again

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Hi, I tried to install windows as i experienced frequent freeze. I thought it as mouse freeze. I formatted c drive leaving other drives. i formatted, i installed the windows after just erasing first. It was a kind of failure. I tried another time to reinstall after formatting. I could see some more drives allocated 1 mb other than the usual c: and E only. I reinstalled the windows, it was installing and on reboot, the computer hangs at mobo logo.I tried to power off and power on. but it would not pass it.
after replacing the cmos battery and disconnecting the hard drive, and reconnecting, the logo pass and then failed. i tried to use seagate dos tool, but it would not boot.
Now i am getting the proper error and when i entered it repeates itself continuously .
The fix by the sevenfourm could be performed only if it finds the hard drive. My hard drive is not having any problem whatsoever. i also looked at bios and i could not find hdd in sata 0 port, as usual.
would somebody guide me..

Answer:reboot and select proper while installing windows after formattking

Always disconnect all other drives when installing windows. (just disconnect its power cable)

If the bios does not see the hard drive, then you do not have it connected properly, try again.

There is no reason to remove the battery.

Clean Install Windows 7

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Hi all,

I recently bought a friend's computer parts (he is upgrading) and I just hooked everything up to see if it worked. BIOS reported everything correctly so I decided to go ahead and do a clean install of windows 8.1 pro.

I've got 8.1 Pro on bootable usb so I load from that and everything goes fine. It restarts into the HDD and I do the final setup stuff and get into 8.1 fine.

At this point I decided to download and install nvidia drivers for the card (because with the generic ones I'm getting like a 1280x720 box on my monitor. The nvidia installation automatically restarts the machine which I assume is normal. It gets back to the Windows logo and little loading circle and then straight afterwards I get a black screen with green artefacts all over it and then after leaving it like this for about 10-15 minutes the HDD makes a bit of a noise and the monitor goes onto standby.

So thinking it was the nvidia driver problems I've been hearing about I started the whole process again, reformatted the drive, reinstalled windows 8.1 pro etc.

BUT This time I didn't download or install nvidia drivers, I decided to just manually restart the from inside windows as you normally would, it gets to the windows logo and circle loading icon again and yup there's the black screen with green artefacts.

So now I'm confused, it isn't the nvidia drivers not playing nice with windows 8.1 because on this second time I didn't install them I just res... Read more

Answer:Getting strange artefacts on first reboot after installing windows 8 (never get into windows 8)


I've reformatted the drive and now tried with a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit disk I've got to see if it was a win8 specific problem.

After installing win7 fine I then downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers from the EVGA website and after rebooting I get the same problem: it does the win7 loading screen and then (instead of green artefacts) it gives me a garbled BSOD screen then reboots in a cycle.

So I guess it's not a win8 specific problem but I still think it's something to do with driver conflict between the windows display drivers and nvidia drivers.

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I have a GA-P35-DS3R rev1.0 and I installed vista ultimate x64 and after the first reboot in the installation, it would go back in the installation. But then it would automatically restart the computer and then it would go back to the windows install and tells me that I have to restart the installation process from beginning.

I tried only using 1 ram to install, still doesn't work. I tried reseting the cmos and using default optimum setting and still it would act this way.

Now I can't install vista, how do i fix it?

I am using SATA dvd player to install it on a SATA hard drive.

Note: I was messing with the bios setting with ACPI setting before. But I disabled it and also put SATA to IDE.

Answer:Installing Vista, Auto Reboot after first reboot

It'd keep booting back to the start of the Windows install if you've somehow ended up with BIOS configured to only have the optical drive as a boot device. System can't boot from hard drive after the install if you have no hard drive configured as a boot device.

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i have a hitachi hdd in my laptop ..
i feel like it's got some problems so i wanted to check it out using the drive fitness test hitachi gives itself ..
I downloaded the hitachi bootable CD image.Burned it on a blank cd ...
booted it up ... If i use AHCI or normal ATA, it stops at "Loading DFT..." for every controller i select
what should i do ?

Answer:Hitachi DFT(Drive Fitness Test) won't load

Can you pull the laptop hard drive and install it into a desktop PC as a slave to run the check? It's easy with a SATA drive but older ATA/IDE/EIDE drives will need an adapter.

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I have a Hitachi Deskstar 200GB hard drive (model: HDS722525VLAT80) that for some reason not boot up. It was working fine until I unplugged it and replugged it. Now it doesn't boot up XP and when it is on I hear a continuous clicking noise. I don't know what happened or what is wrong but I have information on there that I need to retrieve but I can't b/c it won't boot up. I tried changing computers and it does the same thing. Please someone help!

Answer:Hitachi Deskstar hard drive not booting

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my internal Hitachi HDD was working yesterday till i removed and attached it to another pc. when it didn't appear on that computer i put it back in its original place. where it did not work.
it is detected by the BIOS it appears in computer management but in 4 partition(i originally only had one)
and i cant assign a drive letter to it. it is healthy but wont appear in my computer and i cannot access the data on it.
i have the same problem with my external buffalo HDD which i removed at the same time as the Hitachi

Answer:Hitachi Drive wont appear in my computer and not accessible.

pull all yer usb leads/dongles out except mouse/keyboard

Then go to device manager scroll down to usb section and delete as many of the hubs and controllers as you can before mouse is cut off

restart pc will 'rediscover' all hubs/controllers and load fresh drivers

start plugging back your usb peripherals one by one as they are rediscovered

might do the trick

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I have an Hitachi Deskstar hdt725050vlat80 hard drive from a now defunct PC
and wondered if it could be fitted into a Packard Bell UTOW-BEN? I notice the PB's existing hard drive is SATA and the Deskstar is PATA; are they compatible alongside each other (Deskstar as slave)? The PB has leads which look like power etc. connections for periferals (labelled P3 & P4)and the motherboard has ports which are grouped with the existing hard drive and DVD data ribbon ports (I would need to obtain another ribbon for the Deskstar??), so on the face of it, it might be possible????
The Deskstar works well because I currently run the disk in an external housing connected via USB, but this takes up a port and I would rather have the drive safely stowed away from the risk of being pulled off the desk by the family (this includes me!).

Answer:Hitachi hard drive into a Packard Bell PC?

Yes it will work (no slave using sata) just plug into the next available port (p3) with a new data and a power cable attached to the psu.
Just check what sort of spare power cable is available if no spares then a splitter cable will do.

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Howdy......well, have been having problems with cdrw dvd combo...tried to update firmware and that helped alittle with drop out sound and locking up computer.....thought i'd peek at insides to see if lazer was covered with smoke or mud dobber nest.....was careful taking case cover off...needed to open tray to get cover off...used paper clip trick...but, tray would only come out about 1/2 inch....i did not force it..

now, tray will not go back in all the way or come is caught in a 1/2inch travel mode....

how do i remove tray? looks like the only thing that it won't do, open out, is what i need to get to inorder to remove tray....

i powered it up, but tray will not eject out....

what is trick to remove tray?.....thanks!!!

Answer:hitachi GCC-4481B combo drive tray

hello...anybody ever successfully remove and reinstall a tray?


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When I connect my Hitachi EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE to Toshiba Satellite/windows 7, the drive is visible, has a letter assigned and is classified in Disk Management as Basic/Healthy, but is INACESSIBLE. The drive works fine on my desktop pc running windows vista. I tried using different usb ports and changing the drive letter from E to K. That did not help. Toshiba tech support followed these steps taking cntl of laptop: Check the device manager for drive detection. Uninstall and reinstall usb roothubs. Check the plug and play services. Tried another user account same issue. Guide cx to run recovery.After recovery to out of box state, I still have the same issue. HDD contains much data so formatting is not an option. What must I do to get the HDD to open? Flash drives and other usb devices work fine.

Answer:Hitachi EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE inacessible

hitachi external hard drive not accessible

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For about two years, I have been using a Hitachi 1 terabyte external hard drive to carry out my various regular backup runs. Generally it gives me no problems, but recently I have noticed that its icon sometimes does not appear when I look in Windows Explorer. I then disconnect it, wait a short while and then re-connect, when all is back to normal. This does not worry me too much if I miss the odd day, as I can soon catch up, but if I should omit to look for a few days I would be missing the required backups. Has anyone any ideas how I can correct this, or is it likely simply to be a hardware problem with the unit itself?

Answer:Solved: Hitachi External Drive keeps disappearing

Check the Power Plan and make sure the HD isn't set to disconnect after 20 minutes or something. Perhaps updates have cause the a default setting to change.

The other thing that's hard to troubleshoot is the USB interface. Determining if its the HD or PC is the challenge. Try the HD on different PC ports, different USB cables, and different PC and see if same occurs. It could be time for a new HD. Good luck.

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I've got two Hitachi HDS72101 1TB external drives that my new Dell XPS 8900 running Windows 10 won't recognize. The device manager shows the drives to be working properly and having current drivers.

My computer recognizes my new Seagate 5TB drive and my old Lacie drives (older than the Hitachis). I am able to see the Hitachi drives when I plug them back into my old Vista machine, an XPS 420, and thankfully I was able to copy files from the Hitachi to the Seagate. However, I still want to use the Hitachi drives as back-ups.

Is this a Windows 10 problem or a Hitachi problem, and is there anything I can do to work around it either way and get these drives working on my new machine? (I was unable to figure out how to contact Hitachi support.)

Answer:Hitachi HDS72101 external drive not recognized

JohnSF said:

I've got two Hitachi HDS72101 1TB external drives that my new Dell XPS 8900 running Windows 10 won't recognize. The device manager shows the drives to be working properly and having current drivers.

My computer recognizes my new Seagate 5TB drive and my old Lacie drives (older than the Hitachis). I am able to see the Hitachi drives when I plug them back into my old Vista machine, an XPS 420, and thankfully I was able to copy files from the Hitachi to the Seagate. However, I still want to use the Hitachi drives as back-ups.

Is this a Windows 10 problem or a Hitachi problem, and is there anything I can do to work around it either way and get these drives working on my new machine? (I was unable to figure out how to contact Hitachi support.)

Hi JohnSF and welcome to Tenforums.

There could be a number of things going on with the Hitachi drives (although it's odd that this would happen to both, at the same time). Some things to try:
1. a different/better USB cable
2. check the USB ports for looseness/movement
3. Look in Device Manager Disk Management and see if they have drive letters assigned; if not, try assigning
4. it's possible the internal PCBs are going bad; removing the drives and replacing them in new cases may solve the problem (using a SATA2USB adapter would prove this true/false)

Contact Us : Hitachi America, Ltd.

Glad you were able to get your data backed up!

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Im in need of a Hitachi Travelstar C4K60: HTC426030G7CE00 harddrive to replace the one in my Dell DJ Generation2. It has a ZIF? connector

I searched and the picutres for alot of the drives that say they have ZIF connectors show pins, i dont know if its a generic picture or what:

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I have a gateway laptop and need the hitachi sata hard drive driver for xp does anyone know where i can get this

Answer:Hitachi sata hard drive drivers

insufficient info. you need to know your motherboard make and model, which you can get from the gateway site (or running e.g. belarc advisor). Then visit the motherboard m/f site for drivers for the O.S. you have (also incompletely specified). How on earth you think your details percolate automatically over the internet, I have no idea.

For all I know, everything you want could be on the Gatway site.

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I've got two Hitachi HDS72101 1TB external drives that my new Dell XPS 8900 running Windows 10 won't recognize. The device manager shows the drives to be working properly and having current drivers.

My computer recognizes my new Seagate 5TB drive and my old Lacie drives (older than the Hitachis). I am able to see the Hitachi drives when I plug them back into my old Vista machine, an XPS 420, and thankfully I was able to copy files from the Hitachi to the Seagate. However, I still want to use the Hitachi drives as back-ups.

Is this a Windows 10 problem or a Hitachi problem, and is there anything I can do to work around it either way and get these drives working on my new machine? (I was unable to figure out how to contact Hitachi support.)

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I am interested in upgrading my HDD to a 200 Gig Hitachi 7K model; 0A53070 This drive should support the BIOS password / encryption feature, but I don't know if the drive ROM will need to be updated?  Can anyone tell me if this drive will require a DMI update to work with my x61 Tablet? Thanks in advance... Dan"pcpro" 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Upgrading SATA 2.5 drive to 200 Gig Hitachi (0A53070)

I think this utility--Hard drive firmware update utility (Bootable CD ISO)--will determine whether the hard drive needs to be updated or not. Hope this help

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Hi,i have a T61, 7665-A56 model, and i have a drive bay adapter. my 2nd hard disk which i use with the bay is Hitachi, HTS54332L9A300 5400 RPM or HDD : 5K320-320its 320GB when i plugin the bay, and start my vista 64 bit it is able to detect the hard disk, but if i try to work on it in the first few mins, the drive just dissapears. i need to plugout my drive bay adapter and plug it back in for the OS to detect again. i downloaded the latest bios and installed onto the rom  :Version: 7LETB9WW (2.19-1.08) Release Date: 2008/06/11Anyone have similar issues?

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Hey all...So I decided per another thread here not to use Vista's BitLocker, but rather to go with Hitachi's FDE (Full Disk Encryption). Do I need some kind of software? I got all of my drives from Lenovo, and they didn't ship any software along with it. I was on Hitachi's site for a while and also tried to google it, but at the end of the day, I'm still unsure as to the procedure as far as performing the actual encryption. What do I need? Can I also encrypt only individual parts of the drive?

Thanks all!!!

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Hi all,

A friend of mine is having problems with a 250GB Seagate Hard drive.

It was bought from a computer shop and they fitted it for him. When he took it home the computer didnít recognise it. It then recognised it as 250gb, but his Windows OS wouldnít work properly (it would some times work and other times wouldnít).

He had the drive refreshed, re-formatted and had the partitions removed and rebuilt. Its then that 130GB disappeared.

Does anyone know what may have caused this (sorry I havenít given much info, but this is all I know) and if so, whether itís fixable. I have suggested that the drive be taken back to the shop that it was bought from, under warranty.

If you need any more info, please ask, and I will try and find out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:250GB Hard drive only shows 120GB.

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I have recently fitted a Hitachi Deskstar 250gb Hard drive(model:HDS722525VLAT80) to my computer.

After Re-instaling windows (xp) the drive was showing as 125gb.

I have been told this is because windows xp will only support 125gb without service pack 2.

I have now downloaded SP2. but it still shows as 125gb.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this????????????

Answer:250gb Hard drive shows as 125gb

When you partitioned and formatted the drive, it didn't have any service packs, so it limited the format to what you see. If you go into Disk Management, you'll find that you now have about half the drive listed as "Unallocated". You can create a partition on this section and format it, then it will be available for use as a new drive letter.

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I have been helping neighbour with their Lenovo-b50-80. It originally came with Windows 8.1 and I have upgraded it to Windows 10 and after a few hiccups is working perfectly.
The next stage of upgrading this laptop is to clone the 500GB original drive to a 250GB Samsung SSD using Aomei Backupper Standard 3.2 and Aomei Partition Assistant 6.0

When I go to Disk Management I find that the disk has 6 partitions. Most of which are probably linked to recovering the OS back to Win 8.1
I would like to get rid of all unessential disk space and so I thought I would ask for your suggestions.
At this moment all the files including Windows.old are located on the C: drive.
Many thanks,


Answer:Resizing Hard-drive To Clone To 250gb Ssd

So I found Towards the end of the page is this image;

Which is 2 partitions short of the Lenovo in #1. The 2 missing 1. Lenovo D: drive NTFS partition and 2. 1000MB partition.
Maybe I should keep them all...

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I have just bought this external drive and am trying to download the driver onto my laptop from the WD website, as I am running Windows 98SE. I have found the WD Essentials USB 2.0 driver and when I click the DOWNLOAD button a small screen appears with a blue line across the top and the words "File Download". However this box just flashes on and off all the time and locks up the computer. The only way to get rid of it is to switch the power off. I have enabled pop-ups as requested, and have also disabled Norton Antivirus 2005. I have no firewall. I have tried a number of times without success. Can you please help? Many thanks.

Answer:Western Digital USB 2.0 250GB external drive

I have just downloaded it without problems, aristo, if you wish I can email it to you, it's a 2MB zip file.

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I previously used windows xp and just went and bought a new hard drive and windows 10 usb. Im confused. I installed the hard drive along with my old master drive, using it as slave i presume. Will it auto partition the new hard drive

Answer:Clean install on a new 250gb hard drive/

no instructions came with the hard drive

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pls. help. my dell dimension 8200 desktop is not detecting i/o magic 250gb external drive. i plug it in to the USB and nothing happens. the device is on, my USB is working with other devices. but when i plug in the external drive nothing happens.

i've tried to get help from the manufacturer but everything that they've told me to do is not working.
- downloaded the drivers and still nothing.

i'm in dire need of assistance.

Answer:i/o magic 250gb external drive - not being detected

You may want to check the drive on another computer because it should just be plug and play.

I guess there's a chance the drive is not partitioned or formated, If you you go to Disk Management does it show the drive? How about in Device Manager, is it listed there or are there any errors showing?

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