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Need instructions: How to setup a hard drive that has been wiped clean

Question: Need instructions: How to setup a hard drive that has been wiped clean

My laptop had a hard drive crash and I lost the entire drive. It has been replaced with a new drive, and now I need to set it up for use. Would you please point me to some directions as to how to do this, how to determine what driver(s) I need to download and install and how how to configure settings. Should the drive be partitioned? After it has been set up, I then need to install Windows XP and MS Office. Thanks very much for any help.

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Preferred Solution: Need instructions: How to setup a hard drive that has been wiped clean

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need instructions: How to setup a hard drive that has been wiped clean

Below are the steps to format and reinstall XP.

Formatting The Hard Drive In XP

There are several ways to format in XP:

1 During install

2. Using Disk management under administrative tools

3. Using the recovery console

4. Using start run cmd then the format command.

5. Right click on the drive in explorer and select format.

6. Using a Win98 boot disk

Note: WinXP will not let you mess with the boot partition or system partition since both contain items required to boot and run winXP. Thus, you should use the install process to format system and boot drive.

Here is the easiest way to perform a "Clean Install" of XP:

Using Windows XP CD:

1. Insert your XP CD in the drive upon booting computer.

2. You will be given some options here. You can select:

· Clean Install

· New Installation

· Advanced ...and others I believe. But since this tutorial teaches a Clean Installation of XP, select "Clean Install".

3. Put a checkmark in the box to "designate where you want to install XP" (or some such dialog). Typically, you will choose to install XP on your C: drive.

4. Next, you will need to select the file system you wish to use. I recommend selecting NTFS as it is more secure than the FAT32 system.

5. Setup will then format the partition you chose and then you can install XP clean on that partition. Be sure that if you have more than one partition, you select the correct one.

6. Install your Windows XP Operating System. Using Windows 98 Boot Disk:

Get yourself a Windows 98 boot-diskette with fdisk. Delete all partitions and THEN boot from the CD. If XP's setup finds formatted partitions, it proceeds without user intervention. If it doesn't find any, setup will prompt you for partitioning and formatting. Using Floppy Drive:

If you are not able to boot from your CD-ROM, try changing the boot order in your BIOS so that your CD-ROM boots first. If you happen to have a machine that doesn't offer a bootable CD-ROM, you can create the 6 boot discs (below) to allow booting from your Floppy drive. Windows XP Professional Utility:

Setup Disks for floppy boot install (requires 6 floppies)

Windows XP Home Edition Utility: Setup Disks for floppy boot install

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pleeease help me someone, i have come home to find my computer back to day 1, have no recovery cd, getting message windows cannot install,before this happened could get in to see that all files...and i mean all, including software,had been wiped off computer completely,

not sure but i think its reset to factory settings, have i lost everything?
took me 2 yrs to get the thing how i wanted it now everythings gone

...when i swithch on it says windows cannot install then it auto restarts to show same message then...yep u guessed restarts again..someone help me please????:cry

Answer:hard drive wiped clean...heeeeeelp!

Hello Maria, welcome to Major Geeks.

This must be very worrying but let's back up a bit and take things calmly.

Firstly I think you probably have a slightly different error message so try this.

When you first power up the pc, start tapping the F8 key.
If it transfers to a screen which offers start options choose the first one, called safe mode and see what happens.
If it still won't boot, repeat and look down the list for an option
'last known good configuration.'

If this does not help post exactly whatever error message you get.

If you get it working you will need still need some remedial work so come back for more.

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Hi all, I am a newbie to the forum and believe I am in the right forum.
I truly need your help on this one.
My computer is a sony vaio I refurbished 5 years ago. I use primarily for my business (QB's) and gaming and internet. Nothing has ever happened to my computer, ever. I have Verizon and chose fiber optics, along with Verizon security and firewall. I do not use Outlook and view my email online at
A few months ago, this pesky pop-up (AIM (AOL) security message)relentlesly showed up every few minutes and I clicked it off. Just pesky and I could never seem to get rid of it and never opened it up; and my computer never showed signs of intervention.
Last night my 12 and 13 year old boys were checking out MY Space (for kids) and shut down the computer.
This morning when I started my computer, the Welcome to Sony page appeared. When I tried to start in Safe mode, the computer wanted a disk in the A/drive. ?????
I then proceeded without enabling the drive and it wanted to begin as though I had just purchased the computer and took me through the entire set-up process. Nothing is there. All my files are gone. All my programs have been deleted. What is going on and what happened? Can that virus do this? Or did someone hit a few buttons that made my system go back to "System Recovery"? Can anyone shed some light on what happened?
I truly appreciate your feedback.

Answer:Security challenge for me...hard drive wiped clean

This information won't help you, other than to confirm your findings. My daughter was at a relatives house & using myspace last week and their hard drive was completely wiped clean, same as what you experienced.

Yesterday she was on my computer - again, on myspace, and my hard drive was totally wiped. I lost EVERYTHING. 2 hard drives in 2 weeks, both after visiting myspace.

Anyone know anything about what is going on? Can I repartition this drive & use it, or is there a virus that will still reside on the drive & I should just junk it? We need help!

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I just got a wiped clean hard drive. How do I down load windows vista on the hard drive?

Answer:wiped clean hard drive (moved from Programming)

and welcome to the Forum

Start the pc with the Vista installation DVD in the DVD drive and follow the prompts

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Hey everyone, I'm curious if any of you can help me with an issue I am dealing with. So earlier today my laptop was working perfectly, I was using it to do a PowerPoint presentation for my class. After it was done, I closed it and did not open until I got home later to work on homework. Except when I opened it, everything was gone. It looked like it was restored to factory setting, but had a plain black background.

So naturally I restarted my computer in hopes that would fix the problem, but it didn't. I am very worried cause I have a lot of music, files, and sentimental photos I do not want to lose. I do have a back up disc, but it's from 2011 so it does not have most of the files that i need back.

I am sorry for the lack of information, but I ain't that knowledgeable in computers. So if anyone can help and tell me what the possible reasons this happened and ways to fix it would be great!

Thanks everyone and if you need any questions answered, I'll try to ask them the best that I can.

Answer:Laptop hard drive wiped clean randomly

First off have you tried to boot up in Safe Mode?
Start your computer in safe mode - Microsoft Windows Help

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My friend has an AIO desktop computer that came with Win 8 and updated to 8.1 and finally Windows 10.
She had many problems with Windows 10 and her daughter wiped the hard drive clean and the computer has been sitting there doing nothing since Dec 2016

I suspect she can do a Win10 fresh install onto the computer on that same hard drive even if she doesn?t know the product ID#.
She has a Windows 8.1 laptop: she does not know if she has 32-bit or 64-bit.

Can she use her laptop and use:
Option One: To Download Windows 10 Home or Pro ISO using Media Creation Tool
How to Download a Windows 10 ISO File
--- Then take the ISO that has been burned to DVD and bring the DVD to the AIO and proceed from there to do a fresh install?
--- On the DVD, does it matter whether it?s a DVD-R or DVD-RW?
i know she and her daughter want to try it themselves but I don?t expect them to be successful from the way they?ve done things and I?d like to be ready when I get a chance to do what needs to be done.

I saw that this process uses sources\install.esd which is a compressed version of install.wim, but cannot be used as a source image for DISM. I?ve never used DISM ? what is the drawback to not being able to be used as a source image?

Is there a different Win10 install procedure I should consider?

In the end, I know I can help them use Windows 10 as I like it and I have 2 Windows 10 computers and both of them run excellent... Read more

Answer:Fresh Win10 install onto a wiped wiped hard drive

Just download the media creation tool iso burn to dvd boot from it and install if it asks for serial number just skip it then it will activete when she logs in

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wiped entire hard drive clean 750GB, nothing on hdd, no windows 7 operating system.......helpSystemDell Inspiron 1545, 4 gb ram,  64 bit system, naturally no windows 7 install disks, it was on the drive , exchanged my clean hdd with another hdd, 320gb, same computer, works fine with this hdd.I have tried to make a recovery disk from the 329gb hdd to use on the 750gb but there is no windows operating system.  Looked on the Dell support site for a purchase of the install disks but not found.  Is there any solution to complete a reinstall?I have a Vista operating system install disk and tried to install this to get some partitions.  System installs but no boot only Microsoft sliding bar appears but is moving.   the Vista is only 32bit, i'm sure the 64 bit conflicts.Any resolution to this problem....I would to use the 750gb hard drive but there is no operating system. Thanks for the  help.Bob

Answer:Wiped hard drive "clean" no partitions by mistake need help

Quote from: obupiperb on December 18, 2011, 10:14:43 AMwiped entire hard drive clean 750GB, nothing on hdd, no windows 7 operating system.......helpLet's start with this. EXACTLY what did you do?

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Finally decided to wipe my drive and reinstall windows.   PC has been working good but lately started acting strange with intermittent connectivity and the just yesterday all connected wifi devices lost their log info so that was odd.  Today when I rebooted this PC, I saw the original windows start up screen you'd see if during a fresh install or a restore and that's not right.  Finally I took at look at event viewer and saw a new NT user was added and I didn't do that so here we go again.   This time I suspect the vectors is a compromised Gateway which I have reset but will need to replace with better quality equipment than the junk Comcast is renting me.  This prompted me to run Farbar and come back to the forum for help.
2nd issue-  I need help with my Norton firewall settings.   I want to lock this pc down except for approved programs.
​Here is the log and thanks in advance again.  Farbar and addition below
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 26-12-2017
Ran by Ronin Asus (administrator) on DESKTOP-O7VPJFK (26-12-2017 17:33:55)
Running from C:\Users\Ronin Asus\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: Ronin Asus (Available Profiles: Ronin Asus)
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1709 16299.125 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Edge)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: Read more

Answer:Clean Windows Install on Wiped Drive- Am I still Clean?

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I backed it up using thinkpad rescue & recovery, then copied the backup to the hard drive, again using rescue and recovery. Is it normal that backing up my hard drive to an external USB wiped it?  i imagine it reformatted it.   A few questions: Can i use the hard drive for other files now? or will they be re-wiped with a scheduled backup?are there built-in tools to recover? (any recommendations?)can i put the backup in a directory off the root folder?  it is all a mess straight off the drive. any other advice appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:X200s - Backup to USB hard drive wiped the hard drive. help needed, a few questions

When you back up to a USB hard drive for the 1st time the disk will be prepared to make it bootable and it will delete other files that are on it. You should be able to recover your files using application like the one at, I used that one in the past and it worked a treat. If you want to back up to a USB hard I would not suggest you add other files on that drive manually but use it only for the thinkvantage backup.

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I got a computer from my work that they wanted to get rid of. They wiped the drives clean and when i tryed to re-install windows I couldnt get it to read any of the discs that I have. I have cd and floppy discs.It is a Dell computer. I wanted to give it to the kids so that they will have a computer and leave my laptop alone.All i need it to do is let them play games....   Can anyone help???

Answer:Used computer..... drive wiped clean...cant re-install windows.... HELP

What o/s are you trying to install? - if trying to start from CD should probably start with the BIOS reset to "Boot from CDROM".

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I screwed up my desktop installation and had to do a factory reset. All my apps were in the primary drive and non-apps such as photos, music, documents were in my secondary harddisk. As a precaution I unplugged the secondary drive before I did the factory reset. After the factory reset the desktop successfully booted up. Then I shut it down and plugged back the secondary drive but to my horror on 2nd boot up my secondary drive had been wiped clean and all my non-apps disappeared. I don't understand.What have I done wrong?

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Reposting as previous was deleted. I'm guessing because of a link I inserted... link was removed... If there is any other issue that breaks the rules please let me know and I will remove it.

Looking for some help as to why this might have happened and how to prevent it in the future.
The system is a Windows XP box with an Intel MB. It is used for video editing only. The system had 4 HDDs, two 500 GB, and two 1 TB. Since we were running out of space and wanted a solution for inexpensive archiving I opted to install a Trayless hot swap mobile rack and bought a WD 2TB hard drive to offload some of the old video. Installation went pretty well though I was out of SATA power cable so bought an adapter. Also the MB didn't have any free SATA connectors left due to a couple eSATA ports. So I removed one of the 1TB drives and connected the mobile rack to the MB where it was connected. I also swapped the new SATA power adapter to the system disk (a 500GB) so I could use a proper SATA power supply line (with 3.3v orange wire) on the new mobile rack.
I fired up the system and all was well. With the 2TB drive in the mobile rack I initalized the drive and performed a quick format, also named the drive "Green 2TB A" as it was a WD green drive (intended to sit on a shelf for archiving). So far so good.
What happened next is the problem.
The 2TB drive was removed and the previously removed 1TB drive was put into the mobile rack. Windows now showed the drive in the ... Read more

Answer:Hard Drive wiped out...

did you reboot the system?

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Had an error message pop up, "not authenitcate boot image" after Windows installed an update. Prior to finding the helpful thread I had taken the laptop to a computer repair shop, that was  3 weeks ago. (Had only attempted to hard reboot twice prior to taking it to repair shop.) Left laptop with specific instructions to diagnose and call. Told shop if it could not be repaired for $100 to do nothing. Returned a week later to find that "tech guy" had diagnosed Corrupt OS. Told guy to bring it back and I'd pick it up and pay the diagnosis fee.  Returned on the day of pick up was told laptop had not been brought back as it had to be re-assembled. The hard drive had not been put back in yet. Asked why hard drive was removed, was told it was the only way to repair it. (I know better) Told guy that I'd be back the next day to pick it up. Again not ready. I picked it up the following week. Diagnosis fee was waived. Was told it should have the same error screen as when it was delivered. Tech software was still up, ran through the diagnosis and no issues, got into BIOS, everything but CD rom disabled. Found your suggestions, followed same but  no help. Laptop appears to be empty. Did these guys wipe my drive in anticipation of repairing what they didn't have to?

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Hello,i accidently wiped my hard drive with my OS on and i wanted to format my external drive instead of that one.I now don't have a OS on my  laptop.I can't do it myself because they never provided me with a serial number/key for windows 8.

Answer:Wiped OS off hard drive

Hello @BenMills6? Not sure I understand you correctly.Are you saying you want to replace the existing SATA drive in the computer by taking another SATA drive from an external case and putting it in the PC? If so, that would work.I assume you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 from 8 already, correct? If so, the word out now is that you can clean install 8.1 without installing 8 first. If asked for a key at the beginning of the install, choose Skip. It will register with the MS servers after completion, when you update the system and it will use the embedded key info from the bios. You can grab the drivers directly from HP here...HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and More | HP® Customer Support You sill need to create the installer with this...Create media Windows 8.1 If it doesnt work, you would have to contact HP Support directly for the recovery media.Contact HP Worldwide | HP® Official Site Let me know what happens.

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I think the hard drive on my Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7825 is gone. When I reboot it, it says No bootable device-insert boot disk and press any key. So I put the recovery disk in and tried all the things that came up and it looks like there is no hard drive. I know nothing about computers obviously so I was hoping someone could tell me what I have to do. It would be SO appreciated.

Answer:Please help! Hard drive has been wiped out!

and welcome to the Forum

You can run diagnostics on the hard drive by downloading the diagnostic tool for the hard drive brand and making a bootable disc.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd:

How to Burn a Bootable ISO File

If the drive has failed, you will have to replace it and reinstall the operating system and all applications

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I wiped my hard drive because I am selling my laptop so I downloaded Windows 10 onto a USB to load on after and now that I wiped my hard drive it just loads a blank screen with a flashing "_". I hit enter to interrupt the loading process to try and go to the USB thats plugged in to load the OS but it says bad gateway. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E531 if that helps.

Please help!



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Hi guys,

I'm new to these forums and have a very minimal tech level, so hopefully I am asking an original question unique to my case. My laptop has a weird partitioning scheme where there's a 45 GB (C: Drive) that contains the OS and a 181 GB (D: Drive) for data. Anyway, I had downloaded Partition Magic because I wanted to somehow combine these two drives into one, so I decided to run Partition Magic, but the program wouldn't start because of compatibility issues.

So I decided to delete Partition Magic and this is when my computer froze up, and after i restarted my comp, the next thing you know my entire D: Drive for storing data is MISSING! I had not touched or executed any command in the partitioning software which would warrant this end result. When I checked the system manager, the 181 GB was still there, but the D: drive doesn't exist at all. Its like it never existed... Luckily, my C: Drive is still intact, but my D: Drive is nowhere to be found. I just want one hard drive and not two, So my question is: How can I transfer that lingering 181 GB into my C: Drive which currently is only 45 GB? I just want a single partition..

Thank you for the help.

Answer:Hard Drive Wiped Out

You should backup all data, then use Gparted to combine both partitions. Then reinstall the OS on that one large partition.

There is nothing wrong with having two partitions on one drive. In fact most people would probably prefer it that way - i know i would. Reason being is virus's and malware usually just infect the OS files and directories of a system. So lets say for whatever reason you have to reinstall your OS because of a virus, want to change the OS, or possibly a windows file just became corrupt. With the OS on one partition and your data on the other all you have to do is reinstall the OS w/o every touching your data. This is a much better setup then having your OS and data all on one partition. Because then what happens when you have to reinstall the OS? You'll either have to backup your data or you'll lose all of your data. See the benefit?

Since somehow the allocation table is messed up on the data partition you'll probably have to reformat that partition in order for the OS to see it. If you have the option i would keep the partitions separate. Do this by using Gparted, format the 181 GB. This will obviously erase all data on that drive, but if you can't restore the drive table with a recovery software you're out of luck and will just have to reformat the partition.

Edit: whoops flash was right, i got the drives messed up, i've updated my info.

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Question: hard drive wiped

hello all i need help
my son has wiped his hard drive from his pc and i havent got a clue how to get it up and running again. all that happens when we start it up is it goes onto a screen with the cmos settings and bios settings on and i havent got any installation cds as i bought pre-used i have heard from some people that you can reboot xp with floppy disc set
but from others that you need additional programs any ideas anyone
thanks mick

Answer:hard drive wiped

If he formatted the drive then you need an installation disk. The floppy disk set would be if the os was damaged and you needed to recover it, but it sounds like this isn't the case.

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Question: Wiped Hard drive

I seem to have wiped my operating system from my old laptop. it is windows vista. when i start the pc up it says it cannot detect the operating system or it is missing is there any way to fix this without a recovery disc?

Answer:Wiped Hard drive

and welcome to the Forum

Did you wipe the drive or are you just getting that message? I would run diagnostics on the hard drive by downloading the diagnostic tool for the hard drive brand and making a bootable disc.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

See this for how to make a bootable cd:

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I think my hard drive is wiped. I have an HP Pavilion DV5 laptop. The screen is cracked. I tried to plug in a monitor thru the VGA connection. The monitor said no signal, then went blank.I turned laptop off and rebooted using FN F4 for the external monitor, Still no luck again. Can anyone help me on what I can do next?

Answer:hard drive may be wiped out

Hi Jonce,

If it got dropped hard enough to crack the display then it could have damaged the hard drive.

Good Luck, Jim

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Question: Hard drive wiped.

Hi, a family member has a corrupted windows, he does not have a recovery disk and the recovery partiton is corrupted aswell. Is there a way I can purchase windows vista without buying a new product key? I can still use the product key that is on the side of the case.

Answer:Hard drive wiped.

If you are going to purchase a copy of the OS, why wouldn't you want the product key that it comes with?

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I just wiped my hard drive completely after moving my files ... I want to start over with a fresh install of Windows XP but when I load it from an external cd drive it says "No operating system". What do i do?

Answer:Wiped Hard Drive .... Now what?

Do you have an internal CD/DVD drive ? ?If so try it in that...if not you may need one if your system doesn't support booting to a USB device.

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My windows wasnt booting up so i reinstalled windows and basicly wiped my hard drive now the comp works but evrything is gone. drivers internet connection and pretty much everything. Can someone give me step by step help re set these things up and get my comp working again please

Answer:Hard drive wiped out?

To get your drivers back all you need to do is go to whatever site manufactured your computer. Dell, Toshiba, Hp, etc...

When you go to the site search around for the link on drivers. Then you'll have a list that comes up with all the computer made by that manufacturer and you find yours then it should simply lead you to your drivers.

Example mine is a Dell E510 so i search on the drivers list click that and then it will pull up my drivers.

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Just found this site. Can someone please help. I'm not that technically adept, when it comes to PC's but manage to get by ok, however, a few months ago everything was working fine with my 'D Drive', I went to bed, then switched on my PC the next day and my entire 80 gig Hard Drive (which was FULL to 76 gig with ALL my music) had disappeared. I am gutted. I tried looking in it, but it says the file system is now RAW (whatever that is) instead of NTFS. I had literally just bought 100 blank disks the day before to transfer everything. I rang a local PC shop and they said they could repair this for me but it would cost about ?180, which I can't afford. I'm sickened. Is there ANYTHING at all I can do to rectify this situation? Anyone? PLEASE help. Thanks: Skinno xxxP.S: If I win the Lottery, I promise to take whoever can solve this problem on any holiday of their choice- LOL  

Answer:HARD DRIVE WIPED - Please Help  :-(

The RAW message is not a good one. WHat kind of drive is it? YOu can download free diagnostics from the manufacturer's web site to see if it has departed this world. Any warranty left? Many drives have a 3 year warranty and Seagate has a 5 yr. on many of their drives?A replacement is the next best thing. The music can be reburned, but as you see, hard drives are not the place for backups. They all die sometime.  

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I wiped my hard drive because I am selling my laptop so I downloaded Windows 10 onto a USB to load on after and now that I wiped my hard drive it just loads a blank screen with a flashing "_". I hit enter to interrupt the loading process to try and go to the USB thats plugged in to load the OS but it says bad gateway. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E531 if that helps.

Please help!



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Please please help,
I turned my laptop on yesterday and it said a windows file was corrupt or lost and I needed to re install that file.
I found my windows disc and reloaded the software in doing so it appears to have completely removed all the data on my C drive, the D drive has remained intact with all files and folders still there.
Is there any way I can find the documents I have lost. I don't mind about about the software it's my word documents I need (fortunately all my photos and music was on the D Drive!)
Please help
Thanks in advance

Answer:Help Hard Drive Wiped

Did you use a Recovery Disc, which would take your computer back to factory settings? Or did you format reinstall Windows? If you used a Windows XP disc, it would search for previous versions of Windows and ask if you want to overwrite your previous install or you can install to a different directory. If you used a Recovery Disc, or Reinstalled Windows then you have lost all your files. You can try Recuva Recovery, but the OS has probably over written your files.

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Question: Wiped hard drive

A work collegue gave his new HP Vista laptop to a so called "expert " in an effort to speed up boot times....although the laptop is now much faster regretably he has lost everything including irreplaceble photos and some documents. No he did NOT have a back up!

Please can any body suggest a reputable company or person that could possibly restore these momentoes?

Thanks for your interest.


Answer:Wiped hard drive

Sorry to hear of that particular type of problem. You might try writing Symantec and asking if they have a program that will help recover the files, one that comes with a free trial period perhaps. They used to be very good at this (beginning with the Norton Utilities) but with all the changes in operating systems, I'm not sure how it is being handled these days. Please post back if you find good tools for this. Good luck!

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Question: Wiped hard drive!!

A friend of mine called me for help. He booted up his computer this morning and got a message saying (operatingsystem not found!!) I knew from him that he downloaded something from a site called (Lime Wire) think it's some free sharing site :S well!! I don't what he got but he got it!! next morning nothing was there!! I tried to boot it in the evening and I got no error... just a black screen.

I took his PC and my main goal was to get his data back. I hooked up the HDD to a USB-to-IDE. It made a lot of funny noises mainly spinning the disks but no clicking and clanging. It hardly got read by a vista OS. but there was nothing there! absolutly nothing. I opened computer > manage > storage and it showed me that both partitions in the HDD are healthy but a 100% free space for both. I think the HDD is fried and I have to get a new HDD but the main issue is to get the data Back. I tried to plug the HDD to another XP machine this time. made the funny noises again, it was recognized for a second but then it failed to read it.

I know the things he downloaded might have caused the issue but I'm curious to know what exactly might have happened to zip all every single bit of it!

The second thing, is there anyway I can get the data back? I heard "Final Data" is a good program to retrieve lost data but I've never used it before. Can anyone advice if this is a good software or if there is a better recommendation before I go out and purchase it?

Any he... Read more

Answer:Wiped hard drive!!

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I think my Hard drive is completely wiped out! When I do DOS dir on my C drive it only has 2 items-chkdsk with 0 bytes & MEDIC which I have in my D drive! Am I wrong? I originally get a NTDLR is missing error. Can someone please help me with this-I was on a STATE OF MO website right before I got These errors. I am trying to take a course & I'm going to fail because I cant get my computer running!!!

Answer:wiped out hard drive!

NTLDR IS MISSING errors can be fixed by following these instructions:

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The recovery partition is intact, but the primary partion has been formatted.  I don't have a docking station or USB CD-ROM drive, and have been attempting to GRUB/U3 bootload XP via a thumb drive with no luck.  Some variations I can get Setup to copy files but as soon as the install starts I get BSOD. I've also been trying to use a thumbdrive as a floppy, if I can restore the IBM bootloader to the MBR I can use the restore partition.  Which is what I'd like to do.  Any assistance would be great, thanks in advance! Joseph

--There is no mechanical problem so difficult that it cannot be solved by brute strength and ignorance.

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Hey all, somehow my 1TB hard drive was wiped out and I've lost 930GB worth of files from the past 8 years. I don't have any backups (stupid me). My hard drive contains lots of family vacation photos and videos, old school projects I'll need in the future, and loads of other really important stuff. Here's what happened.

-This hard drive (lets call it Drive A) was Truecrypt encrypted. It contains all of my files.

- I had to send back my SSD (that contained my operating system) for warranty. No big deal, I simply wiped that out and mailed it back.

- I had a spare 500GB hard drive (lets call it Drive B) that I decided to install my operating system on. I launched the Windows 7 installer, clicked on the few partitions this drive had, and hit "delete" to wipe them out. I clicked on the unallocated space, and installed the operating system on it.

- When I went to boot my computer, it worked fine. I went to mount Drive A, when it gave me an error; "Cannot mount volume. The host file/device is already in use." I checked in Disk Management, and saw that the drive appeared to be completely empty (apart from about 100MB). I used a 3rd party file explorer to see that the drive contained a bunch of weird files like "$upcase", "$badclus", "$boot", and dozens of other files all being named something with "bootmgr" in the name. This made me become extremely concerned.

- I immediately shut off my computer and removed Dr... Read more

Answer:Hard drive appears wiped after installing Windows 7 to another drive

Danny I don't know if I can help but lets see if we can get a little more information.
It is possible that you did wipe the hard drive with your saved things if you had that hard drive hooked up when you installed Windows 7.

It's also possible the information is still there but you are no longer able to decrypt it or get access to the encrypted drive.

Post one of these so other members can see what is what.
Please use this method to do so.

BY Golden:
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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i wiped my pb eastnote TE (didnt really know what i was doing) i was restoring it to factory settings, i thought id just have put in my usb and it would reinstall everything for me, but it hasnt.. ive no idea what to do, error mes im getting it ;there was a problem while resetting your pc, all im getting is a blue screen, but the options they are giving me are not working

thanks for looking

Answer:help, wiped my hard drive and cant reinstall from my usb

It would help if you explained exactly what you did, and what kind of USB media you have.

For instance, when you say "I wiped", what exactly did you do? And is the USB a Recovery Drive that had the Factory Image on it, or something else?

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I tried to remove Grub/Ubuntu and ended up deleting Win 7. At least it will not boot. And if I use my repair disk it does not retore my Win 7. I get errors the the hard drive is bad, or the MBR needs to be reset. I did that today. When I insurt my Repair disc, it takes me back toSystem Recovery Opens. I've tired the Startup repair, no change. I've tried the Command Prompt to reset the MBR. Unknown if changed or reset. Can not boot the 4 recovery discs, and if I use the Recovery management it does not take me to a click on any key. But back to the System Recovery Options page.
I've tried everything I know short of taking the computer back to where I bought it and see if they can fix it. I am not sure what else to try from here. I suspect that I've made things worse as I've gone forward with trying to remove Ubuntu and Grub, and install win 7 back. I am not sure if I have bunded out the Hard drive, or just wipped it clean of all hidden and non hidden information.
Can anybody suggest how I might return to just using Win 7. Some have suggested doing a full format of the hard drive. But I can't get to the hard drive to do that. And I am not sure if my Win 7 repair and or recovery discs will boot in any case. In order to get to the system recovery option I have to open the boot menu and click on the DVD/ROM. The repair disc nor the recovery discs will boot nor do I get a press any key page prior to opening the repair disc, and the recovery discs will not even... Read more

Answer:I wiped my hard drive and can not reciver Win 7

if you have your windows recovery disk available and a Ubuntu live CD, boot from Ubuntu, open gparted and completly wipe your HDD. then power off, insert your windows recovery disk, boot pressing F12 and choose to boot form DVD and try to install; the recovery disk need a completly wiped HDD to work (only simple raw data)

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And now I have another problem. It seems after completely erasing your hard drive on an old computer you're wanting to sell, certain things need to be done in order to reload an OS. To complicate matters, I accidentally unplugged my floppy drive and now after re-plugging it, it shows fail on reboot. The reason for the un plug was, I have two cd drives, one a DVD burner and the original CD drive that had quit working. I thought by unplugging the defunct one, the computer would only see the one that was plugged in. I accidentally unplugged the floppy and now upon booting even after hooking it back up I get a floppy drive failure 40 message. What to do?

Answer:Wiped my hard drive with Killdisk

Quote from: The Bubba on September 26, 2010, 12:59:52 PM...I accidentally unplugged the floppy and now upon booting even after hooking it back up I get a floppy drive failure 40 message. What to do?You've hooked it up wrong, look again.

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I turn the computer on an nothing happens... black screen. CD rom will not even open to load reinstallation cd for OS. CPU powers up and green light on system board comes on. I disconnected the ribbon cable to the cd drive and the thing worked (ie tray opened and excepted the cd). then reattached the ribbon cable and it quit working until i disconnected the ribbon cable, then it opened up. Do I have a bad cable? Everything was working before I wiped the drive with "Drive Wipe". Made 3 passes with that and then boom...I've tried to think, but nothing happened!! Any thoughts or suggestions?Thanks

Answer:wiped my hard drive and can't install os

"Do I have a bad cable?"No, you either have it plugged in upside-down or you have the jumper set incorrectly."I wiped the drive with "Drive Wipe". Made 3 passes with that and then boom"Why? You can wipe the drive using the XP disc before installing the OS.

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Hi I have an old PC the hard drive has been wiped so how do I get started with installing a new version of ME. Switching on the PC it puts up the name and model. Also diskette drive 0 seek failure error loading Operating system failure.I tried a straight install and it came to life showd a loading bar and loaded about 80% and then back to the above.Ex

Answer:Installing ME on old PC (Hard drive wiped)

start with a winme floppy and cd support. Copy the winme cd to a folder on the hard drive and run setup from there. In dos you will need to change to the c drive and then md winme [make directory windows ME]then go to your cd drive lets assume d cd win9x [change to directory win9x] and then type setup.

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I just recently wiped the hard drive and reinstalled xp home. The first time I did it we got everything up and running and before we had adequate virus protection we were just flooded with viruses so decided that we had nothing to lose in wiping the hard drive again and reinstalling xp.

This time once we had done it the computer was considerably slower and now is just incredibly slower. When we start up the computer the icons don't load up right away it takes a minute for them to come up or the screen will load then go black and then load up again. When we were downloading the Windows XP service pack 2 it took forever to download and the last time we did that it took no time at all. I have no idea why this is happening. All we have done since wiping the hardrive is download AVG Anti-virus and Spyware, Comodo firewall, Mozilla Firefox and drivers from for the video card. The only websites we have been on is this one, the one previously mentioned, google, the AVG website and we downloaded the windows updates fore the windows site.

Have we done something wrong could we have a virus that the programs haven't picked up? Is there something that can be done to speed this thing up?


Answer:Wiped hard drive now having other problems...

Welcome to TSG....

Might be that you will have to install the special drivers for the computer like the chipset, buss, network, audio, video and some others. They can be found in one of the following places

The special driver disk that usually arrives with thie recovery disk set

From the manufacturer of the copmputer

From the manufacturer of the motherboard.

Start downloading them and burn to a CD-R and install as they were typed above.

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A silly mistake; I wiped a hard drive on a new E50-00, thus removing the recovery partition.
I want to restore the Win 8.1 install that came with the computer, but I'm not sure if it's possible.
From this page, it seems like I can buy the recovery media but there are 2 problems
(i) Most importantly, the FAQ on that page says that "Please, be informed that Windows 8 does not have product key sticker ? the product key for Windows 8 is directly injected on the motherboard of your machine."
Since there is no sticker on my computer with the license key and since I don't have a record of it, it seems like the recovery media will not work even if I purchase the DVD.
(ii) The 'type' for my model is not listed on the dropdown.  When I query the BIOS for the type, it says 90BX004FMH, but that option is not on the drop down.
Has anyone here successfully navigated this route?  What should I try next?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity. Post moved as the E50-00 (Type 90BX) is not a ThinkCentre desktop.

Answer:E50-00 - Any way to get a Win 8.1 Product Key; wiped hard drive.

You do know that you can just install Windows 10 right? Download and run the Windows 10 Media creation tool. Choose the ISO option and burn it to a disk or use a flash drive to install windows 10 on your PC.  Anytime you are aksed to input the key skip it and when setup is done connect the computer to the internet and the computer will activate automatically by reading the key that is stored in the bios.   TIP: Make sure you choose the right version of Windows 10 for your PC when running through the setup or the automatic activation won't work. Ex:  Windows 8 Pro > Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8 > Windows

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Hi,At home i have 2 hard drives, 1 is the main windows drive and all the programs go on there, the other is for files and things, its a backup drive.There were some problems with the windows drive that i couldnt repair so i decided to format the drive and start over.Id lablelled the drives, main and backup so when the option came up to format etc.. i wiped the main drive.Windows installed, and then when i finally got into windows, the backup drive also appears to have been wiped, but i never formatted it or anything?? anyone got any ideas, i cant figure out why this has happened, thanks

Answer:Hard drive appears wiped

You may need to activate the drive again in disk managment.

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hi i own a sony vaio VGN-NS20E and i have user profiles set to myself, my brother and my mum, so anyway i come home from work one day and log on and everything and i do mean everythng on my user is gone, all my pictures, music, videos and windows live messenger are just gone, they arent in the recycle bin either and im at wits end trying to figure out what has happend as my brothers profile and my mums are still intact with their files still there


Answer:Hard Drive Mysteriously Wiped

I moved this to the windows area for you as this is a windows issue and you will get a answer faster here than in the original section.

Just a few quick questions, has there been any other issues with the computer, are other users missing files? Was any one doing anything to the computer while you where at work?

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I wanted a new laptop but I can't afford one right now, so, I figured the next best thing to a new computer was to just wipe the hard drive clean and reload the software that came with it and bingo, just like it was fresh out of the box 4 years ago. Unfortunately, I'm not a computer expert and I must have missed an important step somewhere along the line. I have a 4-year old Dell laptop that was running really slow and was just loaded with too many programs, etc. And, I think it was infected with someone because Outlook kept crashing and loosing my data.

Here's what I did after I backed up my documents and pictures:

1. Downloaded Disk Kill, burned the CD and ran it (probably my first mistake) : )

2. Popped in my Reinstallation DVD with the OS on it that came with the computer. So far everything is running smoothly.
I had the desktop back everything fine and looking good except the display and fonts looked kinda off and blurry.

3. This is where I think I goofed. I popped in the "Drivers and Utilities" reinstallation DVD and loaded it to the same
partition of the disk where I had just installed the OS. Was I suppose to create a separate partition for the drivers?

Before I cleaned the HD, it looked like this:

* DellUtility(1)
* Primary Unknown (2)
* Dell Restore (2)
* Unallocated

Now I just have a large "C" hard drive (100,000) with a small unallocated of about 14,000.
I seem to recall that there ... Read more

Answer:Wiped hard drive and reinstalled OS now nothing...

System model?

Did you read your owner's manual...before embarking on your adventure?


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      :-?I have a separate hard drive for my music and videos. My son decided that he wanted to watch a film while i was in the bath!! he of course thought he didn't need to ask!  I now cannot open the drive. It says that it needs formatting and do i want to do it now, i click no.His version of what happened is that he tried to turn the volume up, then turned it off and tried to start the film again and as he has no patience probably clicked it lots of times. He says that windows shut down. I cant obtain any further info from him except that he did see a window with a red cross on it! He says that he didn't see the format box.When i start the pc it says something along the lines of........F drive type is NTFSOne of your disks needs checkingFixing critical master file table (MFT) with MFT mirrorUnable to read MFTAborting!I'm running windows XP home on my c drive and the f drive doesn't have an operating system on it. Any help would be really appreciated! The c drive is workin fine and it is still showing that the f drive is still there.

Answer:8 year old wiped hard drive

Try Last Known Good Configuration at startup. hit F8 before windows sign...You should have a password if you have such a kid at home

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I am trying to fix my granddaughters computer. A Pavillion 21.  On startup it goes to blue window. "Hard disk error" Please run Hard disk test in System Diagnostics. When I do it tells me nothing is installed. They may have deleted the partition? Is there anyway to fix this myself?

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Answer:Restore O/S to wiped hard drive.

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ok so i had a virus on my living room computer and decided to reinstall windows, but at the partition select screen i accidetaly formatted the wrong drive not partition is there any softwarw to recover my data or do i have to send it in to the data recovery guys

Answer:accidentally wiped out hard drive

There are tons of programs - PC Inspector is one of the most popular.

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When I opened IE tonight it seemed to go directly to a spam/virus site, so I closed the window. Then an icon with an "x" in a red circle appeared on my Desktop. I tried to open my Trend Micro program to check it out but then a Disk Restore window popped up and started scanning my computer. It came up with 14 errors and listed many of them as critical. I was not sure if this was legit or part of a virus so I rebooted my computer. Now the hard drive appears to be wiped out. There are no icons on my Desktop, but my wallpaper is still there and I did a search for IE and that's how I reached this forum.

The only thing I've done lately that is 'unusual' is I tried to remote into my work PC from home yesterday. It seemed to work so I closed out. When I sat down tonight, there was a message saying there was a network porblem with Citrex. But I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Please help.


Answer:Virus? Wiped Out My Hard Drive?

Hello and welcomePlease follow our Removal Guide here Remove Data Restore (Uninstall Guide) .After reading how the malware is misleading you ...You will move to the Automated Removal InstructionsAfter you completed that, post your scan log here,let me know how things are.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to include the top portion which shows MBAM's database version and your operating system.

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i installed win xp on the c partition and all the users data on the e partition was still there and working anyway i went to updat win xp and it told me it had to restart so i did and when it did the computert just kept rebooting so i took the hd out and put it in a differnet machine and it says the hd is clear like the free space is at 100%
how is it possible for this to happen while it restarts

Answer:hard drive got wiped out while restarting

is it possible that the 2nd machine is win 98 and the drive from the XP machine was formatted in NTFS?

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I was having some problem with one of my boot drives. It was Windows 7 and it needed to be replaced.

Anyway an unrelated storage drive that was connected to my PC that had two partitions on it was taken out and was put back in. When it was put it back in it showed up in the bios but not in the OS.

I examined it closer discovered it was showing up in the device manager. It was also showing up in Administrative Tools, Computer management, Storage Devices. But it was show up as "unallocated"

Does this mean my drive was wiped clean or is there some tool I can use to say restore a bad partition that might help me?

I had the drive separated into two partitions. I don't know what I did to it to make it act this way but I obviously did something.

Is there a particular product I can download or need to buy that can help me that is better than others?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:I don't know if my hard drive is wiped or if it just has a bad partition.

"unallocated" means there are no partitions in that space (or on that drive if the whole drive shows as unallocated).
TestDisk may be able to recover the partitions that it used to show:

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Hi, I bought a Dell B130 laptop with a wiped hard-drive, and I am trying to install XP Pro. When I install the XP cd nothing happens. All the screen says is; 'No boot sector on internal hard drive' then it beeps twice and this comes up, 'No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility' Of course I did the F1 and F2 with no success. F2 works but I don't know what to do with the information given.

I'm trying to load it for my daughter's b-day gift. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Trying to install XP on a wiped hard-drive.

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I completely wiped and reformatted my hard drive on a gateway desktop that is running win xp. I had to manually install drivers for sound and such but I am totally stumped as to why i cant get an internet connection. I run this comp of a cable modem through Time Warner Road Runner. I have tried everything short of getting on the phone and being left on hold forever. Any ideas out there?

Answer:wiped hard drive cant connect to the internet

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:cry I need HELP my hard drive was wiped out and all of my pictures of my kids from the past year are lost.......can I recover these?:cry HELP!!!! Anyone who knows what I can do to recover these pictures please reply

Answer:Hard Drive Wiped Out Pictures LOST

ouch. wiped out how? did it completely die or ?????

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I'm pretty desperate right now. My computer has been really stable for the past two months, so I've been getting quite comfortable. However, last night I had a BSOD while Windows was updating and now my desktop is screwed.

I shut it down, but it wanted to install some updates before it turned off. So, I turned off my monitors and waited, like I usually do. A few minutes in, I heard the hard drive stop spinning. I thought, "Huh. That sounds suspiciously familiar." I turned my main monitor on again and, what do you know, BSOD! Stop code 0x3B (I think), or "System Service exception."
My computer was acting funny before I shut it off. After I closed all programs except iTunes, I tried to eject my ipod and it told me that it was in use by another application. Opened task manager, nada. I decided to power off and remove it. When I closed iTunes, an error message flickered on the screen. It was only present for a brief moment; all I was able to recognize was a smallish square box that said something about an "error" or a "virus".

This morning, I turned my computer back on, and up to the startup screen everything was normal. Clicked on my icon, typed my password, and instead of saying what it usually says while loading the desktop it said "Preparing desktop". When it finally loaded, my secondary monitor stayed black, and my primary monitor displayed a black background, windows classic grey 2-D theme, and only one icon (Recycl... Read more

Answer:BSOD during update, hard drive wiped?

Okay. Good and bad news; mostly good. I guess the whole black desktop deal was a misleading coincidence, as I installed the service packs (Interesting how I was able to download them without my internet adapter application running?) and restarted, and everything loaded up okay. However, I just got another BSOD that said "Driver_IRQL_Not_less_or_equal." I hate BSODS.

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when I bought my toshiba satellite A105-S4034 system unit, I burnt the recovery cd, well, I just recently had to use the recovery cdand it erased everything off my hard drive and didn't put anything back on it. I need a FREE FACTORY RECOVERY CD DOWNLOAD.

Answer:recovery cd wiped my hard drive empty

Try running the CD again.Please let us know if you found someone's advice to be helpful.

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i got an old pc, with a 20gb ide drive (wd200eb). the drive has been binary wiped and now i want to install a new os. in the process of doing so, windows setup said it could not install on this drive. i then took a hard drive out of another computer and connected it with the wd200eb the pc was able to boot from it. then when i went into my computer, the wd200eb was not visible. i went into disk management, hoping to format it, but it was not there, but it is visible in device manager. what is the problem??


Answer:Binary Wiped Hard Drive Not Visible

The boot sectors are probably corrupted. Try regularly formatting it as an external drive. Then reformat it and reinstall the OS as an internal drive.

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I wiped the hard drive of one of my old desktops. I reinstalled xp and it said everything was successful. I cannot create an intenet connection. I am just plugging it directly into the modem/router. I still cannot create one. I check device manager and i have 5 yellow "?"s. I cannot update any drivers without internet. This is the first time I have reinstalled xp, without help. I guess I didn't remember everything. Please help!!!


Answer:[SOLVED] XP reinstall on wiped hard drive

Hi dfields78 and welcome to TSF !

This is a forum not a chat and as such it's not unusual to wait 24h or more before getting an answer. You waited exactly 15 minutes before sending me a PM... you're new so I'll be lenient but please refrain from doing so in the future. If you feel one of your threads has been overlooked reply with the word bump after 48 hours. I hope you haven't sent this PM to other staff members...

You need to reinstall the network drivers, in most cases they'll be on the motherboard CD. If you don't have the motherboard CD then without an internet connection you'll have to use another computer to download them and copy them to your computer with a CD or external drive.

What's the brand and model of your computer ? If it's a custom build then what are your complete system specs (check the "posting system specs" link in my sig). All drivers will be available from the manufacturer's website.

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A few months ago, i bought a new Seagate Barracuda 40gb hard drive, and installed xp on it. I copied over all my old files, and it was working great. I got a virus, and it refused to start up, so I reloaded Windows. All my files were still there, and it worked great. I forgot to restore my internet security for 2 days, because i didn't even realize it had been erased until then. I got another virus, so i tried to do the same thing. the windows xp cd refused to acknowledge the existence of both the hard drive and the actual cd i was booting from. so i hooked up my old hard drive as master and the newer one as a slave, and the old hard drive with win98 also refuses to acknowledge the existence of the newer hard drive, even though i've checked twice and its hooked up perfectly. can someone help me with this? because i'm missing some important files on the newer hard drive, and i want to retrieve them.

Answer:infected/possibly wiped hard drive

Hi and Welcome to TSF

It sounds as if you didnt format the drive and only did a repair install which would explain why all your files were still intact.
Are you not using an anti-virus program?

Does the BIOS reconize the drive?

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Hello a couple days ago i lent my pc to a friend.. He got me a virus all my shorcuts got deleted everything was messend up programs didnt open it took ages to do anything. So i decided to wipe my hard drive i used HD shredder (DBAN did not work) now when i turn on the laptop it puts this
Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
For Qualcomm Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.1.1.5(03/15/13)
CLIENT MAC ADDR:44 8A 5B F0 A2 0D GUID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-448A5BF0A20D
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
Reboot and select proper boot device
or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

I a pretty new laptop by MSI

Answer:Trying to install windows 8 on a wiped hard drive.

do you have windows install disk? does computer have a dvd drive?

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I urgently need help with my pc whose hard drive 'appears' to have been wiped. I know virtually nothing about computers' inner workings so please be patient with me. My gut instinct tells me that this is a trojan which is pretending that my hard drive is wiped (mcafee detected and quarantined one shortly before the system crashed) - I have tried system restore and it claims that some of the critical issues cannot be fixed and is trying to get me to pay for a better version of the programme. I don't even know where to start in resolving this? I did read a similar post in which the issue seemed to have been resolved so thought it worth posting. Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Trojan detected - Hard Drive Wiped!

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


We want all our members to perform the steps outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post/attach the logs in your next reply.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.


If necessary, download and run the tools in Safe Mode with Networking: Restart your computer.
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, start pressing the F8 key.
In some systems, this may be the F5 key.
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu should appear.
Use the up arrow key to highlight Safe Mode with Networking and press 'Enter'.
Login on your usual account.

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I recently had my hard drive wiped, (don't worry all files were stored on an external)
I figured this was a chance for a fresh start i will raise multiple questions in this thread but i shall start with this one :

From experience how affective is Avast! antivirus?

Answer:Hard drive wiped, a fresh start

Still here waiting for any reply ...

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I recently had a major problem with my pc and ended up having to use the reload cd that came with my pc, restoring the pc to "out of the box" condition.
As I was unable to access any of my saved files before doing this I assumed I had lost them
I then found out that there was a possibility that I might be able to retrieve some of my files and downloaded a trial version of R-Studio.
As a complete pc novice I am totally baffled by the jargon relating to file retrieval. I have scanned my hard drive using R-Studio and it would appear that many of my lost files are still on the hard drive. Does anyone know how I actually go about retrieving them and is there an easy way of getting back one type of file, eg JPEGs without having to sift through the thousands of files there appear to be.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,

Answer:Retrieving files from wiped hard drive

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i'm having this very strange problem with my brothers laptop.

it's a dell latitude, 1 year old.

his laptop suddenly crashed and when the laptop booted it said: "no boot sector on internal hard drive"
i tried repairing the boot sector with the windows repair function, but the hard drive is just empty... nothing to repair.

then i tried to boot off a ubuntu live cd. which worked. and showed me an empty hard drive with the_maximum_capacity_of_the_drive_GB of unallocated space.

since that i reinstalled windows 7 two times, and stopped working after an hour or so. i installed ubuntu, which worked for several days. then i tried windows 7 again (clean install).

and then i kept working on the laptop for a couple of hours until the "crash" happened. all the programs stopped working suddenly. when i opened anything i was shown this error:

illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion

after that everything is lost if i turn the computer off. and i'm back at an empty unformatted hard drive.

it's really weird. i changed the sata operation mode in the bios to different options before every installation of windows.

didn't try xp, because i don't have dell-xp cd's .
has anybody encountered anything similar to this? is the hard drive broken? i guess not because ubuntu works. and windows 7 also, but it just goes away suddenly...

here's a video (shot in portraitmode) of the event...

http://dl.dr... Read more

Answer:weird error and then wiped hard drive

Run a Dell diagnostic to make sure all the hardware is functioning properly; but by the sounds of it you may be looking at a failing HDD.

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I have bought a new Laptop - Dell Inspiron 5520 . It had Windows 8 64-bit. I want, at best, to install Windows XP, if that's possible. However, I have a feeling that I've made a stupid mistake somewhere without doing the necessary research.
I have wiped the hard drive by using Copywipe from the Ultimate Boot CD that I have. Now I have no Operating System. Here's the situation:
I have a Windows XP Pro (Service Pack 3) ISO that I have made bootable using a small program called WBICreator.
I also have the extracted files as a backup.
I have PowerISO - but my bootable ISO doesn' work even on VirtualBox - it always says that "it cannot load BootMgr" so maybe I'm not using PowerISO properly, I guess.
When I attempt to boot the wiped hard drive, it says "No Boot Device found. Press any key to reboot the machine"...
Please guide me in installing this operating system on my laptop and ask me what details I should provide so that you can help me easily.

Answer:Installing Windows XP Pro (SP3) on wiped hard drive

Dell drivers for system, .
I see no XP drivers.
To install a different O/S on that would require a different license also, since your license only applies to the Win 8 preinstalled O/S.

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I just recently used Kill Disk to wipe clean my 80 GB Hitachi hard drive on my Dell Optiplex 755 computer. I am now trying to reload Windows XP Pro but am not having very good luck. After a couple of minutes of downloading I receive the following error message: ?Stop. 0x0000007B (0XF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0X00000000, 0x00000000)?. I have tried reloading several times but keep receiving this same message. Should I have reformatted the hard drive after wiping it clean with Kill Disk before trying to reload Windows Xp? If so what program could I use that would boot itself from a CD /DVD drive so I could carry out the reformatting?
Thank You

Answer:Wiped Hard Drive....Can't reload Windows XP

After a couple of minutes of downloading I receive the following error message: "Stop. 0x0000007B (0XF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0X00000000, 0x00000000)".What are you downloading and from where?The Stop error is for an inaccessible boot device.Do you have the installation disk for this operating system? Should I have reformatted the hard drive after wiping it clean with Kill Disk before trying to reload Windows Xp? If so what program could I use that would boot itself from a CD /DVD drive so I could carry out the reformatting?If you are installing the operating system from the installation disk partitioning and formatting the hdd is part of the installation, in that order.

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I bought a wiped hard drive for my Samsung With windows 7.where is the best place to get a operating system disk .also can I change it to windows 8.

Answer:I bought a wiped hard drive for my Samsung.

IMO skip 8 and go to 10 or stay with 7, you will be better off in the long run.  Wasting $ on 8 does not make sense when you can redo you 7 free as long as you have a valid COA sticker or jump to 10 and use the $ a little more wisely.

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I used to DBAN the other day the wipe my hard drive, completely forgetting that I needed a driver for it before I can install Windows. But I'm not particularly sure if I need the original driver, or if I can just use another program to partition the drive. I'm currently in the process of trying to get GParted to run on my bootable Linux (which is proving to be a real problem) so I wanted to know if it's even worth wasting my time if it's not what needs to be done. What's the best way to get a hard drive back into working order?

Answer:Wiped the hard drive, now I'm kinda stuck

Your question is vague and leaves open many assumptions. Let's try to clarify what you are asking...

Is this drive you wiped the main drive in your computer?!? Windows Xp and newer allows partitioning during the windows install process, so gparted may not be needed.
Why do you need Gparted?? Gparted should boot if you have a bootable linux disk with the application on it. Simply make sure the CD rom is the first in the boot order and it should boot to the disk.
The best way to get a drive back in working order is the format it. I recommend NTFS if it's windows, HFS+ if it's a Mac, and let linux partition however it wants to - different flavors of linux will partition & format as they see fit.

if you need a drive to install windows, generally the manufacturer has the necessary drivers on their web site to download to a floppy or a usb key & then during the install of windows it will prompt you to put in the "3rd party RAID or Controller drivers"

Hope this helps, please reply so we can help you out further.

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Hi Guys, (new member)

A couple of months ago a virus came and wiped ou my HD, got the blue screen and said couldn't find the drive. So I couldn't re-install XP, could not do anything. Dell came and exchanged the HD.
Now I still have the old one with a LOT of documents on it that I lost. I can't afford to go to have it retrieved with some techie so I'm wondering:
Any ways I can do a virus sweep from DOS? And try to recover my HD? Even if I lose all the data can I recover my HD to use it as a 2nd drive?
thank you,

Answer:Virus wiped out hard drive-can i recover

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Hello all. I have a dell laptop that was just infested with viruses, and decided to completely wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows xp pro. It was home but I decided to upgrade. Now I wiped the computer clean, but it crashes everytime I put in the Windows XP Pro cd, it gives me the pci.sys - address f85480bf base at f8541000 error and I can't figure out how to get past it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Wiped hard drive, can't reinstall windows!

Hello & welcome to TSF ,

first i need some info

what program did you use to wipe the hard drive ??

how old is this laptop ?

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I've been trying to downgrade from Vista to XP on a Sony Vaio, VGN-NR385E/W. When I began this process I would get the message that "Windows cannot find a hard drive". I tried a boot and nuke after I couldnt' find the right driver to change to IDE. Now I can't install XP or Vista. Desperately need help/advice on the installation process!

Answer:Installing XP on Wiped Hard Drive, formerly Vista.

and welcome to the Forum

You are likely trying to install on a SATA drive . . Vista has SATA drivers, XP Does not.

With XP, there is an additional step:

Some BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting, change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP

Have you confirmed that you can find XP drivers for that pc?

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Hi,I had a virus on my pc last night & my antvirus deleted trojan. When I went to open my c/ drive it prompted me to format the drive. I done a system restore but it never corrected problem.Any advice would be most appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Virus has wiped files on hard drive

the oldest restore point that you can find?

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dont know how to take information from one computer to another . is there instructions on how to or what to do

Answer:any instructions on how to use hard drive

Can someone please delete all this Spam.Stuart

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I bought an IBM hard drive from UBID. It was sealed but it comes with no instructions and no cables. What am I supposed to do with this? Can I feel my way around the machine once I open it? Is it that simple?
There are no cables at all. Do I need a power cord or something?
What about settings on the pins? Is there something to look out for>?

Any advice for a novice?

Thanks gang!


Answer:IBM Hard Drive- No Instructions

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Yesterday I went to make a new partition on my hard drive because i was going to put ubuntu on it but the program crashed before it was done. I forgot about it and this morning when i started up my computer it wouldn't boot. I tried making it boot from my HDD and from a windows 7 installation disc. When it boots from the hard drive it says it cant find an OS. Can someone help me fix this? I have a lot of stuff on my hard drive that i dont want to lose.
If you guys need more info to help feel free to ask. Thanks guys.
Im on win7 x64.

Answer:Made new partition - windows wiped from hard drive

Boot into the Win7 disk to look for your files and then rescue them to external flash via Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console.

If you find your files intact alongside a Windows folder on a partition which might not be lettered C because you are in Windows Recovery Console, then there is still hope to repair it following Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

Otherwise once you have your files all backed up you can delete all partitions to Clean Reinstall Windows 7

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I'm working on a Gateway LX 6810-01 and he completley reformatted his hard drive. He ordered some factory discs to restore to factory settings but when it loads it up it just hangs.

I made a vista 64 recovery disc and it loads up.. When it does it asks for the Dvd/cd Rom driver.

The device is a HL - DT - ST DVDRAM GH15F SCSI Cdrom Device

It lets me serach for it and flash drive is an option and I have one handy, however I can't just find the driver I need and put it on this flash drive for the computer I'm working on.

What can I do to get this going?

Answer:Vista 64 bit recovery disc on a wiped hard drive.

it should load it from the dvd, i have looked only but can't find a driver for yeah sorry.

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My name is Alison, I was trying to fix my laptop and ended up making things a lot worse!!

I ran DBAN and during the process i realized i have no way to reinstall Vista OS so i aborted the wipe after 10 or 15 mins into it.

Its a Compaq Presario CQ61. On the back of the L/T i have a sticker with a product key but when i purchased it i never got a CD for Vista. I dont have recovery discs either.

So like i said i stopped DBAN from completing the wipe however now when i turn the L/T on it says,


I tried doing System Recovery but the same message comes up... i also found a Vista Recovery online and burnt to cd-r but it stills says, "NO BOOTABLE DEVICE -- INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY"

Im not sure what to do to fix this issue... any help or advice welcome but please explain in details.

Is there a way to copy a different version of windows OS from a different PC and make that a 'boot disc' I dont really understand what a boot disc is...

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Wiped the hard drive now i have no OS (Compaq Presario CQ61)

Hi, Alison.

A boot disk is the hard drive which your PC boots from and starts Windows, but your hard drive has had the boot files and Windows (or some of it) wiped off it with DBAN. DBAN is used to securely wipe all data from a hard drive prior to selling it or otherwise disposing of it -- this prevents any data from getting into the wrong hands.

You will have to contact HP/Compaq and ask them if they can send you a set of Recovery CDs for your model.

Contact information for the USA: Contact HP - Phone Assist | HP

For the UK: Contact HP - Phone Assist | HP

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Hi, my PC was completely messed up and i think it was just software and files related and not hardware. So i backed up all my stuff, formatted HDD and started installing XP from the official disc, It formatted the hard drive OK, and went on to copy files to install XP, but after a while of copying files it came up with "could not copy xxxx" and it asked me if i wanted to retry or skip, so i tried retry, and again but it kept coming up, then a blue screen with white writing came up about "is this the first time your computer has done this if so restart the computer" etc. so i restarted and now when loading up it says could not find file xxxx and i have to restart it. I dont know what to do? is it a hard drive prob or RAM or something? please help. thanks

Answer:Wiped Hard drive + tried to install XPbut not work

No its a XP disk or drive reading problem.Clean the disk thoroughly and run a lens cleaner through your CD / DVD drive.Sometimes copying the i386 folder from the CD to the harddrive and then running setup from the folder on the hard drive overcomes this problem.

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I am helping my neighbor who is very much a newbie to the computer world. They called me because their computer won't boot up. I went over to look and found that the computer couldn't find a version of Windows to boot to. I looked a little deeper and saw that the hard drive appears to be practically empty. I'd like some help understanding what in the world happened? Was it a virus? Here are some more details...

The hard drive partitions remain. It still has the FACTORY_IMAGE partition which appears to be unaffected by whatever happened. Also, the 100MB partition that Windows 7 creates was there as well. However, the main parition where Windows (and all their files) used to sit is practically empty. It only has 3 folders:

1. [(^_^)]
2. ProgramData
a. Recovery
3. RMTemp

In folders 1 and 2a, there are two files:

1. RecoveryMgrDump.txt
2. RecoveryMgrDumpNew.txt

Folder 3 is empty. Everything else that used to be in this partition, such as Windows 7, Users, Program Files, etc. is all gone.

Has anyone out there seen this before? Does anyone know what would have caused this to happen? I've certainly never seen a virus do anything like this before, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'd be happy to post the contents of the txt files if it helps. Any help or insight would be appreciated!

Answer:Hard Drive Wiped, Left Behind a Folder Named: [(^_^)]

Whats in the contents of the 2 text files?

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Hi all,  I had an issue with the hard drive on my laptop and it ended up wiped clean, including the OS.The laptop, Acer V5-573, came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, but no recovery disk or anything.Luckily I used a program to find the product key in the registry before the hard drive got wiped, so I've got my 8.1 key, but it also says something about it linking to a cd key on there, and I'm seeing that there can be an issue installing from scratch as it needs to be the exact installation that's linked with this key.So if I'm seeing correctly I can't just download 8.1 using the Microsoft tool and put in my key and it work.Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Hard Drive Wiped - Need Fresh 8.1 install - Issue?

Do you know if the erecovery partition was wiped as well? If not, try the Alt+F10 erecovery as in this video. Jack E/NJ

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Setup: P3 600Mhz, 256Mb PC100 RAM, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2
Software: IIS 6.0, PHP5, .Net 2.0, MySql 5.0, Sql Server 2000 SP4
HD1: Samsung 40Gb
HD2: Quantum Fireball 6Gb

This has happened twice in the last month. I have been trying to setup a stable environment for my personal hosting needs for a while and I thought I had got it until...

Note: This happened twice, exactly the same symptons/cause both times.

Everything runs smooth with backups of HD1 (zip files of wwwroot and phpMyAdmin exports) being stored on HD2. When I setup the server initially I make sure it is up-to-date on Service Packs and all windows updates (this is with a fresh install) then I setup up PHP/MySql, etc, etc. Everything is fine for a while with good performance and no signs of trouble. Then when the first Windows Update (after setup is fully completed) is installed it installs fine but when I reboot I get a blue memory dump screen saying the harddrive has been coruptted.

I then uplug HD2 just to ensure nothing can happen to it during the reformat of HD1. When reinstall of OS is complete I plug HD2 back in but when I try to access it from My Computer I get an error saying it has not been formatted yet and it shows that it is compoletely empty (I tried putting it in other PCs too with same error).

The first time I had this happened I suspected some bad memory and put in completely new memory but then the same thing happened a second time.

My question is what could be the cause of ... Read more

Answer:Both Hard drive wiped out in a single Windows Update :(

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I sent my pc back to Mesh to have the motherboard replaced. When the PC was returned they had wiped out everything on my hard disk. I have sent a complaint to Mesh via [email protected], but I still want to get some advice on if it was necessary to wipe my hard drive just to replace the motherboard? Mesh never informed me of what they had done, something which makes me even more p...ed off. Any comments regarding what Mesh should have done is most welcome..

Answer:Mesh wiped hard drive after replacing motherboard

Probably not "necessary" strictly speaking but it could be done for a number of reasons: diagnostics, for example.

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I followed the directions from Gateway about creating recovery CDs before wiping the hard drive. Unfortunately some thing did not work. I now have NO drivers and keep getting an error at Windows start up.

Windows error: it is asking me to select operating system to start and give me "Windows XP Media Center Edition" (list this twice).

Drivers: I've gone to Gateway (on another computer) and tried to download to a cd the modem driver so I can access the internet and Internet Explorer. I keep trying to install the modem driver and Internet Explorer with no luc

System and other info:
Windows XP Professional
version 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3 build 2600
System: Gateway
Model: MX6453
System Type: x86-based PC

Please help!


Answer:Help - wiped hard drive, problem with recovery disks

You should wipe the drive with killdisk, do a google. I suspect that
remnants of the old os are still on the hdd. The drive is dirty....

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Hi, I just recently got an IdeaPad S12 netbook. Last night I tried using the OneKey Recovery System to restore the hard drive to the original factory configuration.Unfortunately, the restored process did not work and I had to shut down the system. Now, on boot up, I just get a blank screen with this message:"Remove disks or other media.  Press any key to restart"I cannot boot up in to Windows, or even run the OneKey process again. I know there has been a documented problem (on forums, not in actual documentation!) that the OneKey system cannot run after hard drive partitions have been resized.  However, it is truly a defect in the software to corrupt the entire drive, instead of providing a warning and blocking the process from continuing. Today is my last day in the 21 day period to get an RMA.  I called customer support and they will only issue an RMA with restocking fee.  They say I have to go through tech support and have the case documented and approved, including physical inspection (if necessary I think), in order to waive the restocking fee.  Considering the OneKey software can produce such disastrous results, I should not have to pay the restocking fee.  It seems like a waste of everyone's time and money to send the laptop to tech support, instead of just allowing me to do the return right now. I'm hoping someone from Lenovo can help me get this RMA approved today and not deal with tech support or restocking fee.... Read more

Answer:OneKey Recovery System wiped out my hard drive - Please Help with RMA

George, welcome to the forum,
I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. My suggestion would be to call service asap for the following reasons; they may have a quick and easy solution for you, and, this is a peer to peer forum; there is no guarantee of direct asistance from a Lenovo employee in the time window you have.
I'm sure other members will help if they can, but I suggest you make that call.
edit; grammar

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I had a hard drive crash 2 weeks after the warranty on my HP Elite Pavilion Desktop ran out in September last year. I replaced the hard drive with a WD 1 TB (was a Seagate I think 500GB). Now, 9 months later the new hard drive is acting up. I do not have extensive technical computer experience, but I did run the diagnostics on it (the one that came with HP - PC Doctor or similar) and got "Passed" on the hard drive on one occasion and "Failed" on another. I decided to just use the CDs to do a complete restore to factory settings. I am running Windows Home Premiums Vista 64 bit, I believe.

Anyway, I have gotten through the process twice now but the computer seems to get hung up after it says the reset is complete using the discs I ordered from HP. When it reboots, it goes through the normal blue screen, then Windows green bar thingy, and then it gets to and stays on a white screen with two folder icons with a little sheet of paper "flying over" from one to the next. It seems to stay here forever. The first time, I turned off the PC after several hours and when I turned it back on, it said BOOTMGR was missing. I have just done it the second time and am wondering how long I should let it stay on while on this white screen with the two folders before I give up again.

Hope this makes sense and that I am providing enough information to receive some assistance!


Answer:Help - Wiped Hard Drive and Returned to Factory Settings

Hi Kelli, if you could fill out you System Specs so we can get a better look at your system. Have you run CHKDSK from an elevated command prompt on the drives? Are you trying to recover from the recovery disc you made when you 1st purchased the PC are these the same disc you used to installed vista on the new drive? Are you able to check the recovery discs to see if the discs are ok? Do you have any back ups?

Check Disk - chkdsk

You can also run the Disk Management.
At the Start Search type diskmgmt.msc or diskpart

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i couldn't boot to Windows. X230T had reported some kind of corruption. from the recovery partition, nothing had worked. via DOS i could see my files were intact. tech support told me there was absolutely no way to erase the drive without an optical drive, and to go ahead and restore from the recovery screen. it took a very long time, but he kept reassuring me my data was fine. now everything's gone and i'm stunned. why in the world aren't they trained better.

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I have used the system recovery disk to wipe all data on my laptop and re-install Windows Vista a-fresh. I used to have two hard drives (C and E) but now when I have restored I only have one.

Should I just stick with it like this, or can I re-create the division?



Answer:Have wiped laptop using recovery disk but now only see 1 hard drive, not 2


What notebook model do you have?
With 2 hard drives do you mean 2 HDDs or 2 partitions on one HDD???

The point is that recovery disk formats the HDD and erases the partitions created on the HDD? so if you had a partition then a recovery disk could erase it from HDD.

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Hi. My computer's picked up a trojan virus. I had one about a year ago and people were very helpful about it on here. But this one seems to be a lot more disruptive and i'm not sure how many helpful details i'm going to be able to give you. At the moment, i can't even run a scan on the system or provide any error logs as the whole hard drive seems to have been wiped out by something claiming to be 'windows xp recovery', who want to charge me a premium for them to 'fix' the problem. Except i'm pretty sure everything's still there really as when i tried to run a scan - which eventually got disrupted - it was still going through all my normal files. I can only guess this virus has essentially hidden my real hard drive and want money to bring it back, under the guise of 'fixing' a problem it has in fact created? It reminds me of the mob asking for protection money! Anyway, like i say, the information i can give you is scant, but the error messages are telling me- there's a problem with the 'ide/sata hard disks', that there's a 'bad sector on the hard drive which may cause data corruption and loss, hard drive inaccessability, system errors and failures' and that 'windows was unable to save the file \\system32\\496a8300'. I have combofix installed from the last time this happened, but it looks empty! I'm not sure i can get onto the web to download anything. And i can boot up windows recovery mode, but not sure what best to do with it. Does anyone have any advice, or is it time to i... Read more

Answer:Trojan virus 'appears' to have wiped out whole hard drive

The malware help forum is here: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum

Copy the text from your above post and paste it into a new post on the above forum.

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My name is Alison, I was trying to fix my laptop and ended up making things a lot worse!!

I ran DBAN and during the process i realized i have no way to reinstall Vista Home Basic OS so i aborted the wipe after 10 or 15 mins into it.

Its a Compaq Presario CQ61. On the back of the L/T i have a sticker with a product key but when i purchased it i never got a CD for Vista. I dont have recovery discs either.

So like i said i stopped DBAN from completing the wipe however now when i turn the L/T on it says,


I tried doing System Recovery but the same message comes up... i also found a Vista Recovery online and burnt to cd-r but it stills says, "NO BOOTABLE DEVICE -- INSERT BOOT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY"

Is there a way to copy a different version of windows OS from a different PC and make that a 'boot disc' I dont really understand what a boot disc is...

Im not sure what to do to fix this issue... any help or advice is appreciated if you could please explain with details that would be a big help to me.

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Wiped the hard drive now i have no OS (Compaq Presario CQ61)

Please do not post more then one thread about the same problem.
Wiped the hard drive now i have no OS (Compaq Presario CQ61)


I ran DBAN

DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) is a low level format utility. Once you start this, it begins to wipe the drive of your OS. Stopping it in the middle is too late. If you had just run System Recovery would have set your system back to Factory Defaults, but DBAN deleted that too. You cannot copy an installed OS and put it on a different computer. An OS has to be installed from a boot disc (a disc that boots the computer if the OS can't)
What is the Vista recovery disc that you have? Boot into Setup (Bios) and change the Boot order to be CD/DVD rom drive First Boot Device, Save and Exit. Restart the computer with the disc in and you should see the message Press Any Key to Boot From CD/DVD.If it is a Vista install DVD then you can reinstall your OS. If not a Windows disc, you can try contacting your computer manufacturer and see if you can get a Recovery DVD for your computer manufacturer Or get a Vista DVD from Ebay or Craigslist.

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My sister called earlier in a panic cause her laptop was showing "error loading operating system". She said she received a "Win32 Generic Host error" while online so she closed out tht error, ran Microsoft Security Essentials which found a problem and prompted her for a reboot and after she rebooted, the error loading operating system appeared.

She brought me her laptop and I popped in the XP Pro installation CD and tried to run a recovery but it never asked for the installation I wanted to repair which I thought was odd. Instead, it brought up the c prompt. I tried checking the contents of the c drive (using DIR) and it returned "An error occured during directory enumeration".

So, I removed her hard drive and slaved it in a desktop using a USB/SATA adapter. When I tried to browse the drive, it said the drive wasn't formatted.

Has anyone seen this before? It's hard to believe that a virus scan and reboot would wipe out a drive. I've seen a system file get quaranted off and cause an invalid system file error when rebooting but never anything like this.

Answer:Wiped out hard drive after Win32 Generic Host Problem

I think your premises...are awry.

Error loading operating system...can mean various things. It's an indication that something is wrong with the partition, the drive, the boot structure, or the boot option settings (generally speaking).

When a hard drive which has been seen as a drive which is not formatted...that's usually an indication that the file system (NTFS) has a problem. The problem could be caused by the structure of the hard drive or the file system could be damaged or other key system files could be damaged...the result is that the partition can no longer be recognized by the system. Hence, a user may receive messages indicating that the hard drive needs to be formatted and has no recognized partition.

All of this has nothing to do with a virus happens routinely enough that it's well documented, if not understood.

You can try data-recovery software to see if it is able to see files on the drive. If so, I suggest moving any value files...before attempting any trouble-shooting on the drive.


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Upon installing windows 7 on a hp pavilion elite from a wiped hard drive I encountered a few issues. First I loaded everything as usual and when it came to partitioning I assumed it would have selected the correct one automatically. There were a few there two primary an u allocated space and one labeled hp. I believe the hp one was selected initially. It went on and completed the first step and was restarting. When it booted it up it went to a black screen with a _. I tried to troubleshoot using forums for similar issues no luck. So I reloaded windows seven and hit repair computer. It told me it recognized an error and asked to repair and restart. I did so. No change. Restarted computer with windows disc and reloaded install setup. This time I used a YouTube video to select proper partition. This video had no previous partitions so fed up I deleted all partitions that it would allow me too. It continued to the screen where it saves files then expands then load features etc. this time the computer froze at 28% expanding files. I left it for a while and no change the cursor wouldn't even move. So I shut off computer. Now when I turn computer on the monitor displays no signal. I have checked and rechecked cables it's all right and proper. The go symbol lights up on coy and I can hear fan but no matter how many times I restart it it still displays no signal. Please advise

Answer:Hp pavilion elite installing windows seven from wiped hard drive


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Yesterday, I ran a .exe file which I shouldn't have and it suddenly wiped out my files. I got a black desktop with only the Recycle Bin left. My files are nowhere to be found and I started to restore my computernto a previpus restore point, it still did not work. My computer also starts to notify me about RAM problems and hard drive errors. I performed scanning my computer for errors, some of the errors were fixed but somehow some of them weren't because it says I have to buy a full version. I don't know much of these technical stuff, please be patient with me. I really need your help. Thank you.

Answer:Virus wiped my hardware, it also says hard drive error in windows 7

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If you have trouble running DDS, please try running it in Safe Mode using the following instructions:

Restart your computer and boot into Safe Mode by hitting the F8 key repeatedly until a menu shows up (and choose Safe Mode from the list). In some systems, this may be the F5 key, so try that if F8 doesn't work. Login on your usual account.

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Used KillDisk software to wipe hard drive and installed Vista. I'm now having disk space issues. Windows can not update, "Code 80070070 Free up disk space and try again."

When I pull up Computer Management and there are two partitions. It is now showing 2 local disks: "Local Disk (C:) which has 281 MB free of 6.83 GB" and "Local Disk (D:) which has 139 GB free of 142 GB".

Everything is on the C: which is now full. I tried deleting the D: by right clicking on the D: but "Delete volume" is greyed out. How can I delete this partition and have my entire hard drive back?

System info:
Windows Vista
System: Gateway
Model: MX6453
System Type: x86-based PC

Please help!


Answer:Wiped hard drive, now 2 disks and can't access free space.

Try this

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I was experiencing multiple problems with my PC running Windows XP (my Administrator privileges were lost, I kept losing internet connection, CD/DVD burner wouldn't burn, kept getting various error messages) and I felt I didn't have time to come here to try to resolve them, so I brought it in to a local computer repair place.

They replaced the CD/DVD drive completely, then wiped the hard drive and replaced Windows XP, but several of the problems have returned anyway: I still keep losing the internet (it comes back when I reboot), CD/DVD burner software keeps giving me errors and won't burn, firewall keeps turning itself off, and I keep getting a message that new software was installed even when I haven't installed anything.

So I ran through all the "Read & Run Me First" scans here and I am attaching them here in hopes someone can help me get to the bottom of this so I won't have to wipe the hard drive again.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Hard drive was wiped and Windows re-installed, but problems returned

Forgot to attach logs Re: Hard drive was wiped and problems returned

Sorry, I forgot; I am attaching the logs below.

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