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vertical blue pane missing in win xp

Question: vertical blue pane missing in win xp


when i double click on my computer the full screen becomes white and
the icon (local disk c d e f) starts from the left end of the corner
the vertical blue pane which shows the
system task
my network places
and details is missing
please help me in restoring this


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Preferred Solution: vertical blue pane missing in win xp

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: vertical blue pane missing in win xp


I think the option that you are after is called "Common Tasks"

To enable this do the following

Open my computer and select TOOLS | FOLDER OPTIONS

From here look in GENERAL, under "Tasks" ensure that "Show common tasks in folders" is selected.

This should restore the functionality you are after

Mike Bedford

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I have a Qosmio G30, Model No. PQG32C-AV605E with BIOS Version 3.40.
I want to update to 3.90 but I cannot enter Windows.

How do I update BIOS with no Windows available?
Is there a DOS utility?

If so, please send it and I will download it or send me an email on where to download.
The G30 I have has blue vertical lines across the screen when the machine starts up in VGA mode upon entering Windows for the first time.

But the machine can't enter windows, it crashes and dumps and restarts before that.
I replaced the RAM with new RAM but it had no effect.

I ran the diagnostics utility and the hard drives are OPTIMAL in RAID 1 so no errors there.
The reinstall of Windows went smoothly: I just can't get into VGA mode without lines.

I was told by Toshiba tech support that a BIOS upgrade would fix it.

Thanks for any helps.

Answer:Qosmio G30: blue vertical lines and blue screen crash dump

This evening I booted successfully into Windows XP using a utility called BARTPE. I am attempting now to update BIOS via the BARTPE boot menu. I will update this thread as I proceed.

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I have Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 and office 2010.  I have the research feature in Office but do not have the Research pane on my internet explorer toolbar. I have tried to manage add-ons and it is not listed as an add-on. How can I get it?

Answer:Research pane missing

You mean the search box in which you would enter a search word or phrase for an Internet search, right?  It normally appears to the right of the web address box.  Is your web address box displayed?  How much width of your browser window does it use when your browser window is maximized?  What do you see at the right of the web address box?

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My mother-in-laws calls me today with a compter problem. She says it has blue vertical lines on the monitor and won't complete the boot cycle. I told her to power down and wait several minutes for a cool down. Then I had her try and boot in safe mode but it still wouldn't boot. The end result is, as she describes, a fuzzy screen with blue vertical line. What do I do next?


Answer:Blue vertical lines

You're probably going to have to visit Mom. Bring another monitor with you. If it works, the monitor is bad. If not it needs a new video card.

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so my computer freezes with vertical blue lines no idea what the problem is ive tried updating graphics drivers and checking device manager didnt help ive ran a few virus scans with malware bytes with nothing being picked up so im at a loss of what it could be any one know what to do ?

Answer:vertical blue lines

It appears that your video card is failing or there is a loose cable.

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I have just gotten a new computer and i have been installing some programs. When out of the blue, lol, this little blue vertical rectangle ( not much larger than the size of the mouse arrow) shows up on my desk top. I can click on it and move it but it will not respond to right-clicks. It does not show up in the applications of the Task Manager or the toolbar. If i put a window over it, it may disappear but if i move the window over it again it reappears. It comes up on the desktop a little bit after i start-up. You can refresh the desktop but if i click in the spot where it disappeared at it will reappear. I can't find anything about it anywhere, to what it is or how to get rid of it. It's really odd and, obviosouly, annoying. Please help.

Answer:little blue vertical rectangle

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Has any of you ever come across this problem? My preview pane is not displaying anything... I just noticed that the preview pane is not working when a supported file is clicked. When a file is not selected it shows a "No preview available" line but when you select a file, it is blank as you can see from the screenshot.
(I apologize for this I didn't know how else to demonstrate the problem...)
The problem is not with certain file types, like in the screenshot it is MP3s but all the other media files, the preview pane is entirely missing. I think there is a problem with the media player rich preview handler. The image files, such as jpg png etc, are still displayed... For example, if the thumbnails are turned on, you can see the preview of the image in the pane, if the thumbnails are turned off, then you see the enlarged icon of the file type in the pane, which is normal behavior.
Anything else like txt, video, pdf, a file type that would show normally (with rich preview handler thing) shows a blank in the pane. I can double click the blank preview pane and fire up the program to view the media file... I messed with a little utility called Preview Handler Association Editor this weekend, but didn't change much around, first I thought, that messed it up. I had assigned picture file types to media player rich preview handler so I didn't have to turn on the thumbnails to see a preview of pics. I reverted back to normal but that didn't fix the prob... Read more

Answer:Preview Pane gone missing in Windows 7

Just a few random ideas I have which may or may not work.
1. Run System File Checker.
2. Ensure Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > Views > Show Preview Handlers in Preview Pane is checked.
3. Pls see if this app helps you in anyway.
Hope something helps...

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I don't need to access my Contacts list in Office 2010 very often. I just noticed today that the text entry for Contacts was missing from the Navigation pane. Instead, there was a small icon in the lower right corner of the pane for Contacts. On all my other machines the text entry is present. I've no idea when the text was replace by the icon or why -- it could have been weeks ago.

Will someone please tell me how to get the text entry back?

Thank you very much

Answer:Contacts Missing From Navigation Pane


Could you try clicking that small arrow which says Configure buttons and check if contacts is tick marked?

Attachment as reference.

Another thing could be the height was pushed downwards. Drag it up and see if the text comes back.

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Hello, just got Windows 10 Technical Preview and was a little confused by this... For some reason three of my hard drives are visible in the navigation pane as root items down the left, but the other four are not... What makes those three so special? How do I customize this?

Answer:Missing Drives in Navigation Pane?

Are they all Internal Disks? Or are the ones showing on the left External Hard Drives?

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Windows XP. Outlook 2002. Preview Pane is missing from the View tab in the new folders that I created.

I had a personal folder(.pst) created a while ago and I used to be able to view the messages for that folder in the Preview Pane window. The folder got too big and I had to chop it to smaller folders. In doing so, The top folders that I created do not have Preview Pane show up in View tab. But, when I moved the existing sub-folders under the new folders or create sub-folders under the new folders, these sub-folders have Preview Pane.

The BAD solution was to create a TEMP sub-folder under each high level folder and forward all the message to it, but I would rather send all my message to the top folders.

Thanks in advance,

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When I right click on start and select Explore in my Windows ME computer, I get two panes: the left one is COMPLETELY EMPTY OF FOLDERS, while the right pane has "programs, explorerer, etc."
I would like to have the left pane display folders again, but I don't know how. Anyone have any ideas?????


Answer:explorer pane folders missing

Hi, Usually repairing Internet Explorer fixes this issue.

Read the following, all the way down to the bottom!

If you have XP, there is another method: Since XP comes with IE 6, the entry for IE does not show in Add/Remove Programs, and you cannot run the repair utility from> try this:

Read about it first!

Start button>Run

Type in the run line this:[cmd] and hit Enter key once.

Type this next to the cursor in the black box:

sfc /scannow (one space after the c) and hit Enter key once again.

Let the System File Checker run, it will take awhile, then it will NOT give any messages...either it works, or it doesnt.

For other than XP, win2000, etc:

The IE Repair utility is available if you have upgraded Internet Explorer from the original installed version> take a look in Add/Remove Programs, and if you see this:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (someversion) and Internet Tools, just hit Add/Remove> we arent uninstalling anything, you will see 3 options then> hit "Repair this version of IE" and let the utility run to completion. You will see a message that tells you either it fixed something, or that you need to reinstall IE.

There are certain steps to reinstalling depending on what your version of Windows is> and if you have XP with SP2 or not.

Let us know what happens.

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As the title says, all of a sudden i have missing file info in the details pane, i have a lot of digital media and usually when i click on it it shows me every from its name to audio type, date modified etc..all of a sudden it no longer shows me what audio, chapters or subtitles etc..from the screenshot below a lot of info that used to be there now isnt....any help would be appreciated

Answer:missing information in the details pane

How to Customize the Details Pane in Windows 10

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I do have Dell Latitude D620 Computer. 1. When it boots up blue vertical lines are appeared and disappears when starts windows. 2. when my laptop starts, the display is divided into two starting from POST and, you will see two start buttons, MY Computer , etc on the screen. the division is around the bottom of the screen horizontally,Could you please help me

Answer:Blue Vertical lines during startup

have you tried to boot into the boot-menu and select "last know good config"?Press F8 when system starts to boot to get to that menu.Also you can try safe-mode as well...Did you install anything immediately prior to (before the) problem arived?And how olde is the laptop; is it by chance still under warranty?

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I have a Dell XPS M1530 Laptop that I've had for about a few years now. I suddenly notice that there is blue vertical lines. I try closing the laptop monitor and reopening it to see if it goes away. It would work for a short period of time but now the lines are constantly there. I can close the laptop lid down to a certain point and there will be no lines and the display will be fine again. I'm guessing the display wire could possibly damage. Is there anything I could do to replace the wire or fix the problem myself?

Answer:Screen has blue vertical lines

its possible to fix but even i do not like to touch lappys

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I have an Acer Aspire laptop. 2 years old. On start up, blue vertical lines flash on and off the screen. I had just had a new hard drive put in and two days later the lines started to appear. I have taken it to a technician who cant fix it but has seen the problem. Have tried putting it in safe mode, had 2 extra gig of RAM put on yet the lines still appear. Is there any way to get rid of it. I am worried it will get worse until I have no screen at all. Would a new monitor solve the problem? I dont know much about this so any assistance would be appreciated as I have spent a fortune of late on this computer and if it is going to pack it in shortly because of these lines that only flash on and off at the moment but am worried they will stay permanently. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have spent a fortune of late and want to know if I am up for a new computer shortly.

Answer:Vertical blue lines on start up

Hey. Have you visited Acer's website for your particular model to obtain the latest graphics adapter driver for your laptop? If not, that would be beneficial whether it eventually helps or not. It should.

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Hi. I have been tearing my hair out in frustration over my computer problems. Its been screwed up for MONTHS, and Ive given up trying to repair the problem myself because every time I tried a fix, it just seemed to make things worse. I built my own comp somewhere around 2009-2010. Here are specs:

Asus P5ND
intel duo core E8500 3.16Ghz
2 x EVGA 8800 Ultra
4(or 8 megs)megs of ram, depending on if Im running v64 or x32 windows.
850 PSU
Creative X-fi fatality soundcard

When I first built the system, it ran GREAT, it played almost any game I threw at it on full blast. That was up until a couple months ago. I dont remember if it happened right after I tried updating to new drivers (nVidia 280, or somewhere around there). I started getting BSODs. When i could get it working, it wouldnt run in SLI, or it would work, but the device manager wouldnt recognize my vid cards (although I still had some video capability, youtube, watching media player, but no games)

The lines look exactly like the ones in this screencap:

which happens to be from this thread:
BSOD - nvlddmkm.sys error

I read through the thread and I tried some of the fixes in there (updating drivers, not using windows update), but I cant get it to work. Ive seen one or two threads that mentioned a module(?) inside the nVidia drivers wasnt updating with the rest of the software, so the computer was getting confused from that, and that would mak... Read more

Answer:Blue vertical lines, GPU error(?)

To start with stop using the cards in SLI - SLI can be very buggy.

Next, use your PC normally and if you get issues swap the vid card with the one you have spare. If the same error happens on both then something other than the video cards is probably the cause.

Also - what brand/model PSU do you have?

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Hi All,

I’ve recently bought a brand new Samsung T240 24” LCD monitor, and everything was fine when I first connected it to my PC but then about half an hour later a vertical thin bright blue line appeared on the screen.

I checked the cables, trying both VGA and DVI, and I installed and updated software and drivers for the monitor and the computer, but the line stayed put.

The next day, it had disappeared. Then it appeared again at random. THEN for four days, it didn’t appear at all so I hoped it had sorted itself out. But today it is back.

It's not a software problem, as the line appears even at POST, and it's not a cable problem, because the "No Signal Input" message displayed when the cable is disconnected also has the line. It doesn’t appear on screenshot images.

The monitor is running at native resolution (1920x1200) but the line appears on a non-native resolution as well.

I bought it from Amazon, so I’m hoping there’s a simple solution so that I don’t have to go through the hassle of packaging it all back up and arranging for it to be returned. (Lazy, I know)

Any ideas or suggestions would be hugely appreciated! I can’t think of what else to try.

Thanks guys!


Answer:Vertical Blue Line on New LCD Monitor

If the line is appearing in the monitor's built-in menus, the fault is with the monitor's internal electronics. Repair or replacement may be your only choices.

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Hi,   I am writing about a lenovo Y710.  I really like my machine so far, but a bothersome blue vertical line has appeared on my monitor.  I got the additional onsite warranty, and have been on the phone several times today.  Finally after being on hold and 5 calls later, I got a reference and a case number.  I was told a tech would call me by Tuesday afternoon.  I am hoping this difficult day with lenovo over the phone will end and I want to put it  behind me.  I have not dealt with lenovo/IBM onsite service before, if anyone can give me pointers, I would appreciate!   Thanks!!

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OK I have a 22" lcd and for my video card I have nvidia 8600 GTS and on my monitor once in a while there is this thin vertical blue line that sometimes might stay for a few minutes any ideas what may be causing this problem

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My G10 has never left the home it is even been sat on a desk since purchase just last Christmas. I had finishes work one evening and come home. Switched the notebook on and tryed a game for the first time as I used it to send invoices and word mainly. My brother gave me (Doom) and having installed the game I played it for I guess an hour, Before exiting the game. I put some music on it while eating tea usual thing. I noticed that the music had stopped and on inspecting why? the screen was black with the fans on and blue light?. What had happened I had no suspend modes set at all?

I could not do anything using CTRL ALT DELETE. I had to switch it off. I got it to boot up to the Qosmio logo but there was blue vertical double lines from left to right through the logo then the screen went black. I knew it was no virus as we have two PCs an older one which is used with email etc. I have managed to reinstall the recovery CD and Qosmio player as advised, but the problem was the same. But most times it just switches on and stays black screen not even a beep? After a while it switches off It

When I switch the unit on there is black screen and the logo will come up with those lines. The unit can not even boot in safe mode. Why after just a year happen something like that?

I have noticed that some users have similar problems. I have also noticed that this model has been discontinued in many places. why? Is there a known hardware problem?

Tomorrow I will call Toshiba, or ... Read more

Answer:Vertical blue lines on Qosmio G10

Hello Christian

I have found a few topics on this forum with similar content. I presume that there is some known malfunction with graphic card. Please contact your local dealer or Toshiba service partner directly and they will give you more info about that.

I have also read that some Qosmio models will become newer and better graphic card when it must be replaced. I don?t know if this will happen with your unit too but you can read it under

Like I said before contact please Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.

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I have a problem on my desktop. few months ago, i'm browsing at "QUICK TIME" page, then suddenly, a blue vertical line appeared on my desktop.. i tried to close the page, but the blue line is still there.. i tried to restart my computer, but nothing's change. the blue line is still on my desktop. and until now, the line is still there!!!! can anyone tell me how to remove the line!!

Answer:blue vertical line on my desktop

This could be an issue with your video cable to the monitor (make sure it is secure).

It could also be an indicator that the monitor or video card has issues. Can you hook the monitor to another pc, and try a different monitor on your pc?

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My PC seems to randomly freeze and I get these random vertical blue lines on the screen. I formatted my PC recently but it's been happening before that too. I read a while back that this could be a video card problem? I'm assuming it's close to getting fried?

Answer:PC Freezes with Vertical Blue Lines

Have you tried uninstalling the video drivers via Device Manager...and then reinstalling from either the drivers CD or downloaded video drivers from the system manufacturer's (or motherboard manufacturer's, if custom-built) website?Louis

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While I was using firefox today my computer decided to freeze on me with blue dashed vertical lines appearing, the sound was stuck in millisecond loop and mouse/keyboard did not function, after restarting i reloaded firefox and the same problem occured, thus far thinking it to be a software problem i opened up IE to search for any similar problems other people have been having and found some info on crashes relating to FF update but then the same problem happened again, after yet another resart the computer refused to start so i had to press the restart button several times just to get to BIOS but now the blue lines are on there as well, leading me to conclude it must be a hardware issue, my problem is the graphics is on-board, was wondering whether a new graphics card would solve the problem or whether i need a new MB. I have a picture of the BIOS screen displaying the blue lines if that would help.

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I've posted about this before, but since i've completely reformatted my harddrive and upgraded to XP Pro, i now believe that it's an issue solely of my video card......

The problem is, I get these very miniscule horizontal blue dashes on the monitor, and also large blue streaks when scrolling down pages. Also, in a game, (Neverwinter nights), the textures seem to be convoluded w/ little blue "dots", or groups of blue dashes??

I'm not sure if it has anything to do w/ IRQ #'s, but this is a theory of a friend of mine. Or, perhaps my card is not configured properly or the drivers installed incorrectly or just incorrect drivers altogether??

Where do i go from here?
thanks a bunch.,,

Answer:Solved: Blue streaks, vertical

Do you have another video card you could try or maybe you have an integrated video adapter in the mobo that you could test with.

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Hello and thank you for any help given.
We are cross-browser testing on a site (ess .la/v5) and have a glitch that seems to only show up in IE8, possibly only with the XP OS... but that is what our client is using (btw, 1024x768) , so we have to try to solve it.
The browser's vertical scroll bar is MIA... I have tried checking the css rules, but can't seem to make the right change.
Again, we do get the vertical scroll bar in IE9 and all of the other browsers... but not in IE8... here's a link to a longer (temporary) order form ess .la/v5/orderform.php (there should NOT be a space after "ess" but I'm not able to post urls yet... the client needs to be able to scroll to see the whole thing and he has no scroll bar, unless he switches to Chrome, etc.
THANK you!

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I have a terrific HP Laptop which I purchased back in 2007 or 2008 and I rarely use it until last month, probably only once or twice a week with only a few hours.

Recently, I started to use HP Laptop on daily basis and found 'Search' at the left side of the pane/screen is missing/lost when clicking on 'Search' at the top. 'Search' at the address bar is perfectly OK tho'.

Is this issue related to not use it for a while, .... or how did it disappear?

Only seen is 'Google' ad. popping up upon clicking at 'Search' on the tool-bar of the top.

How can I rescue 'Search' at the left pane of screen?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Answer:Missing 'Search' at the left pane of the screen

Are you talking about Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or what?

Do you mean the "Search" option is missing when you (for example) right-click on your "C:" drive?

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Hi, one day I started windows, and noticed that the common task pane was missing.
I clicked on folder options to check if it was disabled, but to my amazement it is enabled!
I do not understand what is happening.
Does someone know what may be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Common task pane activated but missing

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I have this problem with the vista details pane and I have not been able to find any solution. I have Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium version. The problem is that:
1. My details pane is missing a lot of properties/tags . Only ones that are appearing are file date, file name, dated created.
2. When I go into a MP3 folder, same thing happens as I described in 1. Just the 4 tags appear and I don?t get any other tags that used to be there like artist name, rating, title, etc.
3. I cannot edit any Tag in the details pane. When everthing was working fine, I could go in the MP3 folder , I could edit the title, ratings etc. and Save it. But now I can?t do anything, the save button does not appear and the tags don?t go in edit mode.
Up till now I have tried the following solutions:
1. I have reset all the folder options in Vista by going to Folders/tools/reset defaults. (did not work)
2. After resetting the folders, I have also turned on the details pane option under Organize/Layout and the details under the Views. (did not work)
3. Under View, in the tool bar, I went to Customize This Folder and chose the Music Folder Option, All Items etc. (did not work)
4. Then on the Microsoft site, I found this solution ? Open Documents by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Documents., and click a file to apply properties. Then In the Details pane at the bottom of the folder window, click the property that you want to change, type the new property in the Tags.? But it did not work ei... Read more

Answer:Missing Properties/Tags in Details Pane


Is this only for mp3 files?

You said "when everything was working fine" what happened? did you download a new program? (itunes,vlc)

If it wasn't that long ago, you could try system restore.

Did you use a "registry cleaner" or an "optimizer"?

On the properties window, general tab, what is it set to "open with"?

good luck

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I'm using windows xp home and when i open windows explorer there is no left pane for the folder tree. even when i click on the folder icon there is still only one pane no split screen.

Answer:folder pane in windows explorer missing

Hi DJ -First open Windows Explorer - Next -On the top line look to see if the item in - View > Explorer Bar > Folders is ticked -If the item is unticked you will not see the left pane -Hope this helps Thank You

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apparently windows explorer in vista is suppose to have options to view classic menus, reading pane and others based on articles i've found around the net -"+"missing"&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=8&gl=us

the only options i have under Layout is menu bar and navigation pane

how do i like vista you say? gee, it feels exactly like this:

Answer:Missing reading pane, classic menus?

You just want the classic look of windows? is that right?
You can turn off the UAC thing, I did.
hit "windows key"-r and type in msconfig. go to tools and scroll down to select disable UAC. click launch. now just restart the computer.

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In Regedit right hand pane I have only the Name column. Type and Data columns are missing. All data is stacked at left hand side under the Name column.

Answer:Missing columng in Regedit Right Hand Pane

Maybe the dividing line between the Left and Right hand panes is too farto the right. Move it to the left to give more space in the right pane.

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My hp 2511x display has developed a blue vertical line passing through a dead pixel.  Have updated drivers and restored to factory defaults but no help.Is this a monitor or AV card problem?  Using a NVDIA Geoforce gt630 card.

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How can i get that indented line (eg . the line u get when using AOL) to indent msg using MS Outlook????

Thanks a mil u guys...know i can depend on you.

Answer:Vertical blue line -indent using M-Outlook

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Okay, I bought a Geforce 8400 GS for a old gaming pc, anyway after a week of use, I got blue thick vertical lines on me screen, its nothing to do with the drivers, because the lines show in the BIOS. I have done the "baking" trick where you put your GFX card in the oven and cook it for 8 minutes and set the temperature for 385 F. Anyway it fixed it for about 13 hours and then it started again. I also removed the fan after all of that happend, and I'm hoping a new fan will fix it. -Sam

Answer:Geforce 8400 GS Blue Vertical Lines.

Hi It sounds to me the card will need to be replaced. I dought replacing fan going fix your problem.

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I have a Dell XPS 8700. I have been having problems with a blue or orange screen with white or dark vertical Lines popping up at different times.  When this comes up you cannot do anything; you have to reboot. All drivers have been updated to my computer.  When it starts, the monitor will flicker (sometimes) and the screen turns into vertical lines (cannot see your desktop).  I have contacted Microsoft and went through a long procedure to see what could be causing this. It is not the Microsoft Operation System 10 that is the problem; they stated it could be in BIOS.  Is anyone else having the same problem? This is annoying.  Does anyone know who to fix this?  There is a youtube video about this. I do not know anything about Bit Locker or how it works. Thanks

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every time when i start a programme with something moving, the display shows heavy graphic failure. then, if i start any normal programme as word etc i get blue stripes (vertical) even in the system-message boxes. if i try an extrenal monitor, the problems are the same.
so the display should be ok. i habe the latest ati-driver and direct x 9c.
what can i do?

Answer:Satellite M40x: Vertical blue lines


It?s not easy to say what the problem can be. Sometimes this fault appears if the ?color palette? in ?Display properties? is set to 16 bit. Please change the settings to 32 bit color.

Hope this issue can solve the problem.

Best regards

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Hey guys this is my first post. I'm new here as a member but in the past for years I've always googled help for my computer problems and this site was often my only answer. Now that I have a question that there are no known answers for on the internet in all my searches tonight, I'm writing my first post; so let's get down to it.

I just got Civ 5 for the PC and was playing it fine for 3 hours. I did 1 campaign, and got so far into it that I was bored because I was the only one on my little island, and decided to start a new game.

When I started the second one, this is where it went bad. Both campaigns I did the exact same options, except for one. On the first round I chose 8 comps, and whatever the default city-states are - game ran fine.

Second game, I chose the Huge Map option - which is like 12 comps I think and again whatever default city-states (I dont think C-Ss matter but mentioned anyway). That's the only thing I did different. So the game's loading Hiawatha's (Iroquios leader) screen just like the first game, but when it says Play Game once it's done loading, the game crashes to desktop and says it stopped working. This happened twice as I tried to play the same options again, and the game crashed again. The third time it actually loaded, and my settler and warrior were there and all of a sudden the screen gets this little dashed grainy lines going across the screen. The computer freezes and TM wont come up.. had to hard boo... Read more

Answer:Game Crash and Blue Vertical Lines

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A few minutes ago i was surfing in the web and coming from nowhere a blue vertical line apperead on the screen.
A blue vertical line near the midle of the screen and crosses the all screen up to down.

If I'm watching an a white background the line is undetectable but if it's colored she comes right thru.

Please don't tell me that this are dead pixels...hoooo.. I'm now living far way from any toshiba repair shop and will i get any warranty..
I think i bought it 3 years ago. Need help urgent

Answer:Blue vertical line on the screen of Qosmio G20

Hi Susana

I would not say it?s a dead pixel fault but for me it looks like a bigger problem.
It looks like a graphic card malfunction. But to be sure you should try to connect the external monitor to the notebook and check if the same vertical line will appear on the second display.

If you will see the same line on the external monitor then I presume the vertical blue line issue could be related to the GPU fault.
This could be the worth case because the graphic card chip cannot be replaced. You will need to replace the whole motherboard :(

So as you see it?s not easy to solve this problem and I would really recommend contacting a technician who has more experience with such notebook problems.

Good luck

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Hey there,

Today my laptop started doing some weird things,
It's started freezing with blue vertical lines when playing WoW or Dragon Age: Origins.
Then i had to hard reboot it but blue vertical lines appeared everywhere... It now refuses to bootup properly, without being in safe mode, always getting stuck at "Starting windows" with the logo that shines. (Still has the vertical blue stripes at this point) but even not in safe mode the black background with blue verical stripes are present...

Any clues? Ive tried the Startup Repair tool, last known good config, nothing seems to work...

One last thing is that my laptop's CD reader is broken so I can't even try formatting!

Thanks for any replies recieved!

Answer:Blue vertical lines everywhere and bootup problem

Since no Windows DVD, use the on-board recovery partition to re-install. Press F10 during boot-up (for most systems).

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My laptop (around 2.5 years old lol) overheated, and then shut down. When I tried to restart it, I'm getting blue and green vertical stripes running through the screen (instead of the Login part showing up) and then the display turns black.

It works fine in Safe Mode, and when I tried running a Ubuntu Live CD it booted and the colors were fine and there were no weird stripes. It seems I only get the stripes when I try to start it up in Windows, in normal mode.

I hooked it up to another monitor and got the same lines running through the screen, so I guess it's not a screen problem...I tried reinstalling the nvidia driver which I redownloaded from the Toshiba site while I was in Safe Mode but it's still not working.

Can anyone help me, please?

Answer:Blue and green vertical stripes on the screen

>I hooked it up to another monitor and got the same lines running through the screen, so I guess it's not a screen problem
It is obviously graphic card problem and it must be exchanged. :(

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Got a 19" gateway LCD monitor with a thin blue vertical line on the very right edge of the screen. However, when I open another window, or log on to the internet, it's gone! It is only there on my desktop display.

Any thoughts or answers on what it may be?

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The line appears on the left had side of my Thinkpad Yoga, which was purchased about two months ago. I saw some similar posts here. So this is likely LCD panel issue and have to send back for repair? 

Answer:Permanent vertical blue line on screen

I have the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi, Can anyone help me , I have a thin blue vertical line on my thinkpad t22 screen, how can i remove it

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Here is my problem:

Happened shortly after installing some windows updates although I have no idea if it is related.

Basically the screen has a number of vertical blue lines, when you move the mouse around you can see the individual dots changing.

However it comes on randomly and dissapears when I install / uninstall anything. It does come back though randomly a bit later.

It dissapears when you reboot but can come back within 10mins to several hours.

Have updated gfx card drivers etc no luck.

Is this a problem with the monitor (tried changing phase and clock) or the graphics card?

Thanks for your time!


Windows xp pro sp2
Radeon 9500 Pro (Yes the card is old but it has served me very well and I have no need for high end video card)
Hanns G 19" LCD (~ 1 year old)

Answer:Gfx Card or Monitor? (vertical blue lines)

Definitely the graphics card if it shows up in a screenshot. If it's a separate card, try removing it and reseating it. If reseating it doesn't work, and you have tried a different driver (that is, actually updated it instead of reinstalling the same version), then it probably just needs to be replaced. That screenshot looks like a textbook failure.

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Hi There A few days ago I started to have this issue. I usually keep my laptop on and lift the screen to login quickly but the other day I went to use my Aspire R14 laptop and as soon as I opened, there is a full screen of vertical/bluish stripes on the screen and the mouse cursor is a square block. I can't login or anything. the only way is to hard shutdown and restart and the laptop goes to the windows login screen and works fine. Theres something wrong with the sleep mode on this laptop and fails to wakup. Is anyone having the same problem - it's frustrating to not have the option to use sleep mode. Please note, I only have the intergrated graphics that comes with this model, no special graphics card - Also, I went to the intel website and did a scan and the graphic driver is fully up to date. Thanksthis happens upon opening the screen - when its already turned on and coming out of sleep modeclose up

Answer:Aspire R14 - white/blue vertical stripes when I op...

I just started to have a similar problem today on my AspireR. Not sure how to fix it, but am also looking for an answer.

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As shown below there are 2 drives missing from the Navigation Pane (vertical bar on the left of the File Explorer).
How do I show them up there?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Drives missing from File Explorer's Navigation Pane

Expand the This PC menu?

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I have 3 computers :
DeLL DIMENSION 4600 running Windows XP.
DeLL DIMENSION E510 running Windows XP.
DeLL DIMENSION E310 running Windows XP.

This problem relates to the E510 machine.

For one of the users on that machine a vertical blue bar appears (there appears to be a red line in the middle of the bar) when the Internet Explorer starts, and the program does not respond to any commands. The bar is only about 1/8" thick and about 2" long. The bar can be relocated by pointing the mouse at the top end but after closing ie and restarting it returns to the middle of the page. The Yahoo page that loads appears to be current, i.e., it shows today’s date and current stories. The only thing that actually responds is to end the program using task manager. This problem occurs for only one of the users on that computer. I have run various spyware and malware removers and the only file that is reported as malicious and I cannot seem to remove is MSWBAR.dll under MyWebSearch. I am also unable to remove Search2 in the same directory but that is not reported as a problem file.

I am totally perplexed as to what could cause this as the other users on the machine seem to have no problem with the browser.

Answer:Solved: Internet Explorer Freezes With Blue Vertical Bar

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When I receive forwarded emails, often there's a blue vertical line to the left of the forwarded message (sometimes 2 or 3). Since I always clean up emails before I forward them (strip them of forward addresses, advertising at bottom, etc.) how can I get rid of that blue line to the left of the message? I can eliminate the horizontal ones...but that one refuses to go! Would appreciate help on this!

Answer:Eliminate blue vertical lines in forwarded email

When your reading the email high light and copy it and then in the replay or forward delete the message and paste what you copy and it should show up without the forward blue line.

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Ok guys i recently bought a preowned toshiba satellite p25 s520. The display is f***ing with me, first it wouldnt let me boot windows normally(bsod after load screen, but not a normal bsod, it was flashing from bsod to blue screen and back and forth), so i went into safe mode and uninstalled the nvidia geforce fx go5200 video card. it works!! with the vgasave service running i get these blue vertical lines (that stay on the screen no matter what, changing color from time to time)and it will only allow me to change resolution other than from 640x480 and 800x600. after the bios loads up, before winodows loading screen starts, the screen becomes filled with zeros.

HERE IS THE MOST BIZZARR PART this is what the boot menu looks like

Windogs Advanced Options Menu
Please select an option :
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Nedworking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable VGA Mode
Last Known Good Configuradion (yoer most becent settings dhat worked)
Direcdory Serficec Rectore Mode (Gindows domain controllebs only)
Debugging Mode

Sdart Windows Normalli
Return to OS Choices Menu

Uce the u' and dogn abrow keyc to move the highlight do your choice.

no i didnt make any typos, thats exactly how it is

in my Phoenix BIOS all spelling and everything looks fine, but those blue vertical lines i was talking about now they are kind of brown looking like this from top to bottom of my screen(... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite: Blue Vertical Lines And Other Messed Up

definately you have a driver issue and potentially an LCD issue.
I would do a clean install of the OS.
If you still have issues, your screen is damaged. Lines running thrugh an LCD screen are a sign of dead pixels/columns. You can get screen replacements for laptops via a kit or servicing.

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has anyone experienced this? A single blue vertical line running the length of the screen.
I purchased in June 2010 , the toshiba warranty is finished. I did purchase an extended 2 year warranty with Lumley.. very annoying as now I have to send my laptop away and be without for weeks or months.

Whats the story Toshiba?? Is this a fault with the X500-00X??

Any comments? Has anyone else had their screen play up??


Answer:Re: Qosmio X500 - Vertical blue line on screen

I don?t think the repair time will be so long. Service guys will check what the problem is (GPU I think) and what they must do is to order new mainboard and replace it.

How long you must wait depends on service guys. Two years ago I had mainboard damage on my old Satellite A300 and, you will not believe me, in 7 days I got my notebook back.

My advice for you is to contact service provider as soon as possible. Be nice and explain that you need your notebook soon so maybe they will fix it pretty quickly.

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Hello everyone, I have bought a Y700 Lenovo notebook one month ago.Yesterday one blue vertical line appeared out of nowhere on my screen as you can see in the image attached.I have tried to reinstall both my graphic card drivers ( intel and nvidia) and the problem still there.I noticed that the line even show up in the notebook`s setup which lead me to wonder that is not a problem regards to software but hardware instead.Anyone can help me please ?Vertical blue line  

Answer:Y700-17ISK - Vertical blue line on screen

Hi thiagombzrr,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
If the same like appears on the BIOS but not on an external monitor, then LCD assembly may be having the issue.
Update us after checking.

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i've restarted my computer but everytime i always see a thin vertical blue line on my computer that shows up all the time even if there is an application up. It's bizare and annoying. I'll post a screen shot in a while.

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Hello Folks,  I just bought my T530 in July/August. I have been loving it so far.While I was working on my laptop this morning, a sudden thin blue pixel line showed up (left corner of my screen).What should I do?  I have the regular insurance packet that came with it nothing extra... I have never shipped back a laptop. How does this process work, and what are my next steps. Thank you people.I am pretty nervous about this issue. I am a student, and can't afford losing this laptop for a long long time. Jonathan

Answer:Problem T530 (Vertical thin blue line) HELP!

yout first is to call Service.
phone #s:
USA ThinkPad, specifically: 1-800-426-7378, 24 hours / 7 days
after verifying your warranty, they'll likely step through some troubleshooting and problem confirmation steps. if your pc needs to go to depot for repairs, they'll dispatch a prepaid shipping box to you. i believe it's still overnight shipping both ways. you can also ask them if there's a carry-in center near you.

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My gateway lap crashes sometimes. Im using vista and sometimes it will just crash a I see a blue screen with a bunch of flashing vertical white lines. Im a little concerned I might be doing something Important when this happens. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Crashes with Blue sreen and flicking vertical lines

Please post your Laptops system specs so we can help you identify the problem.

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I have blue-green vertical lines on my laptop monitor.
They only seem to be present when I have a white background (such as a web page).

The lines go away when I move my mouse over the screen and reappear when the cursor moves. I have no lines on video or pictures, just white backgrounds.
It's really annoying, please help.

I am using Win XP SP3.
I have a Nvidia geforce 6600 128M vid card.

Answer:Vertical blue green lines on Tecra M display


Did you notice the same issue on external monitor or TV?
Check this?

It?s really strange that you have this lines ONLY with which background? maybe it?s just a software issue but usually such issues are related either to display or GPU malfunction?

So before you would consider contacting the ASP in your country for a hardware check I recommend recovering the notebook to the factory settings and to check if the behavior would still persist..

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I get a vertical blue line to the left of some of the e-mails I receive.

Some I like to forward/cut and paste. I use an e-mail cleaner but it will not get this line. This line stays on the screen with the e-mail. How can I get get this line to go away?

It's not causing a problem that I am aware of, just don't like it.


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When returning to my PC after sleep mode initiates my monitor appears as the picture below. The monitor is a 24 inch Manufactured by AOC, model E2460Sw and is recognized as an AOC 2460 by Windows 10. It is an analog monitor so I am using a converter from the PC's HDMI output to a 15 Pin VGA monitor cable. The small square (lower right of center) in the attached is the mouse pointer.  I have not tried any remedies thus far. 

Answer:Vertical Blue & Pink Lines After Sleep Mode

Did the experts all go to sleep? 

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I have got a blue vertical line appear on my screen its about inch thick and is there from boot up, can anyone tell me if I can get rid of it? thanks.

Answer:Blue vertical line appear on screen of Satellite M series


If this blue line is present from the first second after switching the notebook On than I presume it is because of defective graphic card. To be sure try to connect external display to see it the same will happen. If yes, it is evidence that this line occurs because of defective hardware.

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Hi - I turned on my laptop the other day (I have a A 500-15M) and noticed a very thin dotted vertical blue line running through the centre right of my computer screen, all the way from top to bottom.

I tried things like changing the desktop theme, settings, updating the intel screen drivers but to no avail, it is not going away. Does anyone have a similar problem or solution? I purchased an extended 3 year warranty so could still call Toshiba up and ask them about this but wanted to see if there was a quick fix here from someone.

I tried restoring to an earlier Windows restore point but to no avail.

Help please, as it is very annoying!

Many thanks!

Answer:Re: Satellite A500-15M - Blue vertical line appeared on LCD

Hi bilal1982,

Hmm? It seems to be a hardware malfunction with your notebook?

I mean if you already tried updating the display driver and restored Windows to an earlier point but without luck, it seems that graphic card or LCD is malfunctioning.
You can connect an external monitor to check if it?s the graphic card or internal LCD.

But in both cases you should contact an authroized service provider in your country. The guys can repair your notebook under warranty, so it?s free for you.

Here is a list of ASPs where you can search: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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I constantly have two lines running down either side of my screen, one is yellow and one is blue, both are transparent. They can sometimes be temporarily removed if I press down on the top of display case of the laptop but they always return. I wonder if anyone else has a similar problem, knows what causes it and/or knows how it can be fixed. Thanks all.

Answer:Transparent Yellow and Blue Vertical line on Screen1 - Equium L20


Sorry but something like that is not usual and there must be a hardware malfunction.
I?m not sure if there is only a connection problem but everything sounds like a display problem.
Did you try to connect the notebook to external monitor to check if the same lines will appear on the external display???
Please check it.
Then we could localize the malfunction.

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I have Toshiba M40 laptop, as of yesterday there is a vertical blue line appeared on the right side of the lcd screen. If I move the screen back and forth, line disappears. But when I close the lid and open it again, it?s there again.

How do I know if it?s the lcd screen I have to replace or mayby it?s a contact problem?

Answer:Satellite M40: Vertical blue line appeares on the right side of the LCD screen


I would hook the laptop up to an external monitor first, to see if you see the blue line. If you do, then it's most likely a hardware problem (video card ect). If you don't then it's either the LCD screen or a loose connection. Unfortunately, you wont be able to tell if it's the screen or a loose video cable connection without opening the screen and finding out.

Here is a link that may help you open your laptop to see if the cable is loose. If you are under warranty, don't do this - just send it in for service. Otherwise:

This company also sells LCD screens if you do need one.

good luck

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I have a customer of mine who has an advent desktop with vista 32 bit home premium. The startup repair cannot repair the computer automatically. When you try to launch startup repair recommended, it keeps producing a blue screen with this error code nvlddmkm.sys. It has something to do with the NVIDIA graphics card installed. This could be linked to why vertical blue lines appear when windows vista 32 bit home premium is loading. Safe mode, safe mode with command prompt etc,etc work OK. I have already done a checkdisk scan, which corrected the errors. I also did a system file check and it found a file that it could not repair ie mshwjpnr.dll. I did some research on this DLL and found it has something to do with printing software! I did a registry tweak, based on this you tube video here, to help get rid of the nvlddmkm.sys blue screen of death, and used Spyhunter (a malware removal tool) to help repair the mshwjpnr.dll file as advised by a website. The customer has just replied to my email, saying that the vertical blue lines are still there when windows loads, even after doing all of this. In safe mode etc, the vertical lines are white. and the icons are all very blurry ie google chrome, norton etc,etc. I did update the nvidia graphics driver 307.83 that i found on the programs menu, but I did not update the nvidia geforce 7300 LE driver that is found under the display adapters in device manager! I went onto nvidia's website to fin... Read more

Answer:vertical blue lines on vista home premium 32 bit version

I need a quick reply, if possible, please. I am assuming that the graphics card has gone and will need to be replaced! Windows cannot be loaded at all by the way! It only works in safe mode etc,etc?

Will updating the above geforce 7300 LE driver, help to get rid of the vertical blue lines when windows loads, after this driver has been correctly updated from nvidia's website?

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I've got the latest Catalyst Drivers (13.4) from the AMD website, along with a Radeon HD 7950 from Sapphire.

As of right now, what happens is that if I launch into a game or anything graphically intensive, it will work initially. However, shortly thereafter, the screen starts to glitch/bug out, eventually crashing to either a screen with blue/brown vertical stripes, or a blank screen (that's been either brown or blue or white).

FurMark seems to bring it down fastest, and it seems to conk out @ ~52-54 degrees Celsius.

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Hi all.

Last night I was watching a video on YouTube and also using Google Earth, when out of the blue, my screen changed to these white and light blue vertical stripes running down it, I'd say about an inch in width. These stripes took up the whole screen. The Caps Lock light did not turn on when I pressed Caps Lock, which meant my computer had crashed. Can anyone tell me why this happened?


Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop
120 GB HDD
ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 graphics card
AMD Turion 64 X2 1.8 Ghz processor

I haven't had much luck with finding anyone else with the same problem

Answer:White and Light Blue vertical stripes?[moved fromxp]

Welcome to TSF....

I would try first removing the video display drivers from device manager and then rebooting the computer to see if windows will re-install them.

Also downloading the drivers from the manufacturers web site for the video card might also be a good idea and try updating the drivers thru device manager.

Another thing is if you have another video card you might want to give installing that one to see if it fixes the problem...

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I have that blue vertical line that appears only on dark pixels, it's about 80% screen height starting from the bottom,My monitor is Samsung syncmaster 300 LED, and I'm running windows 7 64bit.

I've connected my laptop into the monitor and the line persists, it's probably a screen problem, but I wonder if there's anything to try on my part.also the mouse pointer covers that blue line but I guess that's only because my pointer is white and that line does not appear in the dark pixels.

any help would be appreciated.thanks

Answer:Solved: A pixel wide blue vertical line on my monitor

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Hello,I recently purchased a Dell U2414h monitor and I think this is faulty.
When it shows blue and orange colors, they are shown with a few vertical stripes of darker colors.It is the second monitor that I buy from the same model and that presents the same problem.
He leido que es un problema que tienen algunos modelos del 2016 con el panel LG.
Is there any way to fix it?regards

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Hello. I'm using Windows 7 Home Pro. 64-bit, and Firefox browser. When I want to save an image from the Internet, and right click on an image, it opens up what looks just like Windows Explorer. The problem is, the 'preview pane' button is missing, and I can therefore not get a large preview when using the details view, which I must use, because I have folders with many files to look through quickly. The images do show up properly in icons view. If I open up Windows Explorer by itself, it works properly, and I get the preview pane button.

I saw a similar thread, and it recommended making sure Windows Photo Viewer, is set as the default program. I set it to be the default, but it didn't help.

On my older Windows XP computer, I had xplorer2lite open up when right-clicking on an image. That was a more convenient program for me to use. Is it possible to do that in Windows 7?

Also, is to possible to get the panes in Windows Explorer to 'hold' their position.

Thank you.

Answer:‘preview pane’ button missing in Windows Explorer for ‘save image as'

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'd try another browser to confirm it's not browser or a website site issue.

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I googled the problem and NOTHING!!!!! many information NO LONGER is displayed in my details pane in Windows Explorer!!!!!! song length is one of them gone missing (& total length if multiple files are selected) and I use that frequently!!!!! it ONLY shows basic information now such as artist, title, album, and genre!!! but total length is GONE!!! also MANY UNRELATED INFORMATION is now in the details pane for media files!!!!!!! mood of music has been added (never heard of that tag), song rating, and composer now have been added!!!! it even displays ALL THIS SAME INFORMATION for WAV files when it used to be ONLY file size and length for WAV files!!!!!!! WAV is NOT capable of tags so I don't know why Windows Explorer shows this information for WAV files!!!!!!

Answer:missing information in details pane for media files (such as song length)

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

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Hi, I just took delivery of a new Y560 (i5 with ATI 5730 GPU) - right out of the box on windows start up there was a vertical stripe of bright blue pixels about two inches from the left edge of the screen. When display is switched to a separate LCD monitor the stripe is not there, and when I Alt-printscreen and paste into paint there is no stripe. I updated the bios and GPU drivers as I have read here that the Y560 has a lot of driver issues out of the box but since the line hasn't gone away I am thinking it is a hardware defect in the screen. Any ideas?  Should I send it back as a defective screen or has anyone else had (and fixed) this problem? Thanks

Answer:New Y560 - Vertical stripe of bright blue pixels - hardware or software?

"Should I send it back as a defective screen..." Yes.

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I'm almost positive it's not a driver issue, as I have updated, rolled back and reupdated the GPU and monitor's drivers.

Recently, blue lines start to appear a few pixels to the right of thin black areas (more often than not, text and the mouse cursor), but only if white is the background. I'd demonstrate with a screen shot, but the monitor itself does this, not the software. I might take a picture with my cell phone to post it up if need be.

It happens randomly and it stops on its own as well, but I have not been able to find the cause. It's not as if I've been doing heavy gaming lately that my GPU would react harshly. Does anyone have some thoughts?

Answer:Solved: G50VT-X1 Laptop: vertical blue lines appear randomly over white spaces

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Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help or advice (I'm currently compiling my zip).

I don't know what the cause of the problem is, but I have some ideas. I will start by explaining the problem, and how it arose.

Playing Minecraft, I mined some dirt and horizontal blue lines / squigglies appeared on my screen. Moments computer went to BSOD, but then rebooted normally. Tried again, and the same problem occurred. I've played Minecraft before; but it could have something to do with the new update.

I recently installed windows recommended updates, the problem had not occurred before this. I also recently installed Daemon Tools Lite. I don't think it's a software conflict...

I got the blue lines, but my computer did not shut its self off. After a few moments I manually powered down. After waiting I attempted to reboot: The screen turned on, but displayed only black. I took out my battery, rams, hd, and unplugged for a while. After replacing, it booted up and the screen worked.

Prompted to initialize windows repair prior to bootup, I accepted. Not long into the diagnostic vertical green/brown lines appear. Computer did not crash... Diagnosis found no problem. Started it up, ran some freeware diagnostic tool, and it crashed halfway through. Boot up = black screen. Took out hd, let it cool down, replaced, pc boots up.


I read that it could be a power supply problem causing this. Is it possible? To me it doesn't make much sense, but the DC adapter did fail to w... Read more

Answer:Blue Horizontal / Green Vertical lines = BSOD / Blank Screen Bootup.

A registry scan indicates many errors. Fixing these help or cause more problems? I've never done it before.
Running sfc scans now [picked up nothing, ran 2x], then will update graphics card. Will post results.

Sorry if this thread was jumping the gun on an easy solution... but when it didn't want to start up the first few times, I became quite concerned.

After uninstalling my my nvidia drivers, before re-installing, the blue lines popped up again after the required reboot. This time they didn't cause the computer to crash, so I shut it down. I'm going to wait a while, as this seemed to be a temporary fix for the problem last time, and then install the new driver.

After waiting a boot resulted in the all-too familiar Black Screen (no splash, dos writing, or mouse pointer. But light is emitting from screen). I'm going to shut it down, and leave it off for a few hours (give it proper time to cool off).

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Any ideas on what could cause a thin blue vertical line on side of screen? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?  I have  a Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop.  New to forum, thanks for any help on this!

Answer:Thin Blue Vertical Line on Screen on Laptop Dell Inspiron 2200

I have the same laptop and have a thin green horizontal line on my screen.  Hope you get an answer here that will help me too.

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I'm trying to determine the likely cause of a (minor, for now) laptop display problem that has recently started on my Compaq Presario M2000 notebook running Win XP SP2.

A few weeks ago a single, vertical (extending the entire height of visible screen), blue-green, one-pixel-wide line appeared on my 3 year old (out of warranty) laptop. It is about 3 inches from the left edge of the screen.

Doing a 'print screen' screenshot does NOT capture the line in the image.

It went away once briefly, but has been there at all times since and seems like it is now a permanent fixture across my screen.

Do you think the cause of the problem is the **LCD screen** beginning to fail?
Or is there a way to troubleshoot my **graphics drivers/cards** to see if they are the culprit?

A second line about 1/8 inch away has now appeared.
Is this growing problem an indication that my display will completely die soon, or is this problem not a precursor to anything more serious and I should not be concerned if I can liv with the tiny lines?

Thanks for any advice you have on this.

Answer:Laptop screen has developed two, vertical, blue/green, one-pixel-wide lines

The fact that a printscreen did not capture the line would indicate to me that it's a hardware problem.
Is the graphics card driver up to date?
I am guessing here, but could the battery on this machine be failing?

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I've never in my life owned laptop that had such limited touchpad function settings!  Does anyone have a reg or driver hack to enable uninverted touchpad scrolling?  Other than not having this one setting, this laptop is great.

Answer:Ideapad s210 touchpad - invert vertical scroll functionality missing

Hello! Here's a link that will help you. I've followed the instructions and it works now! It's much more better's lenovo official support  

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I had to manually find all related files to OE6 to delete it so it would reinstall. Then the updates. Now nothing shows up on the preview pane or when I open the email. I can use Outlook instead but what is wrong? The only view of the message is in properties: details: message source.

Answer:Solved: OE has empty preview pane, open pane

1. With Outlook Express closed, go to Start>Run
2. Type in: regsvr32 inetcomm.dll (with the space after "regsvr32")
3. Click OK (or press the Enter key)
4. Open OE and see if things are fixed

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When I open an instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane show little or nothing (no drives, folders, etc.). Also the preview pane does not show a preview for any selected files (See Capture1.JPG).
If I open a second (or higher) instance of windows explorer, the navigation pane functions properly (the preview still does not show) (See Capture2.JPG).
I have previews set to show (See Capture3.JPG).
Also occasionally, the file icons will be blank instead of showing the file type specific icon. When this happens, the address bar also seems to take a long time to load. The load bar will stop before reaching the end and won't finish (See Capture4.JPG).

Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?

FYI I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Pro.

Answer:Windows Explorer: Navigation Pane and Preview Pane Bug

Try Explorer++ and see if you get the same problem.

Need to enable "Folders" view.
If it works then you can rule out problems with system files and it's probably a buggy shell extension.

It's portable and runs without installation.

Let us know if navigation pane works using Explorer++

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emachines model E728 2 years oldWindows 7 updates regularlyYellow vertical line appeared yesterday now turned to pink will not go away

Answer:LCD & Vertical Lines Yellow vertical yesterday now pink

That model appears to be a laptop. Try connecting an external monitor to see if the lines appear there.

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Hello. I know this is a pc forum, but i thought at crt monitor would classify the same as a standard domestic tv.I have an intermittent horizontal line across my screen. i still have sound, but the rest of the screen is black, bar this thin horizontal line. if i bang or even walk past the tv and knock it, the picture can either come back on or go bcak to this line. loud noises from the tv can set it off aswell. i have taken the back off, and been careful not to electrocute myself. I'm not sure what i'm looking for, but the main board situated on the base of the set seems to be the culprit. if i tilt it up and down i ge thte symptoms i'm explining. seems like a weak solder or something completley different. any advice would be great. i can't afford to get it fixed at the mo. panasonic tx-29ad2dp/mthanks.

Answer:TV vertical deflector. vertical line across scre

I wouldn't mess about inside with either a monitor or a TV CRT - some of the often high voltages can either give you a very nasty shock or possibly kill you.Try a local independent TV shop with a repair workshop as they should be able to sort it out.Remember you can't see electricity coming...:-)

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Is it possible to have no Nav Pane when opening a Desktop folder, but have Nav Pane when opening Win Explorer? Like it was in WinXp/Win98/Win95?
When I disable Nav Pane, it disappears for Desktop folders and Windows Explorer.

I think the answer was 'no' for Win7.

I installed Classic Start Menu hoping one of it's features could do it. If it does, I've not been able to enable it. Other than that, Classic Start Menu is a super improvement.

You all take care,


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My Favorites Folders are no longer visible in the Favorites Center pane, to the left of my Homepage window? Individual favorites are still visible but none of the folders with their contents. I can find all my Favorites Folders under my username but want to return them to the pane so I can access them easily from my Homepage? I did click on a option earlier today that asked about also saving your Favorites in the Cloud?

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We have enable the preview pane for Windows Explorer within the Local Group Policy Editor, however no preview pane is showing in Windows Explorer. What other setting do we need to look for?

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I have done a Lenovo Critical Update, Since that I have that done, as i reboot the laptop, it will take me to the Blue screen showing the below Error Your PC/Device need to be repaired  The Boot Configuration Data File is missing some required information. File:\BCDError Code: 0xc0000034 once i ESC, it will take me to BIOS, i have arranged to place my HDD as the booting source but still it does the same, once I reboot the Laptop, and press F12 it will take me to a booting option menu as I need to choose mt HDD to get to Windows

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Can anyone help with this one please?

When you click on a page to load there is normally a blue bar on the task bar which shows the page loading.

All of a sudden mine is missing, where has it gone?


Answer:Blue Bar Missing!!!!!

From the View menu on the toolbar select Status Bar.

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Sometimes my text will turn blue or vanish completely.

Anyone have any idea why? I have included a screenshot however it doesn't just happen on Twitter, it can be anywhere.


Answer:Text missing / blue tinted

Could be your monitor, try with a different monitor if you can, also check the VGA cable has any pins damaged, could be worth updating your display drivers too.

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The laptop i own is a LENOVO G560 purchased from new york.I currently reside in mumbai,India. When i was about to set up my laptop to my surprise the bluetooth device was not detected..After several calls to the customer care and installing and reinstalling the drivers several times, I was told that there is a hardware issue.After exchanging emails and several calls to customer care again, i was told to visit the service center.Now this is just the start of my horrifying experience. When i visit the service center , they open up the laptop and i was told that the blue tooth device is missing.And they refuse to order any part and fix it, because this is a case of manufacturing defect as there was no device present in the first place.So i was told to call up the customer care from the service center, as they do not communicate with the customer care themselves.And the customer care refused to help me with it saying it was the technical department and they do not handle such cases.So i was told to write an email asking for a replacement of the laptop.Now i have written an email, but have got no reply yet. I don't know what i am supposed to do!

Answer:Blue tooth device missing.

Hi roshanp25,

Oh my, i'm so sorry for all the troubles you are having. Something should be missing that caused the miscommunication.
Let me see what i can do for you. Do you mind to send me a private message with some details below?

Full Name
Machine Type Model (e.g.2005, or 7660-14A)
Machine Serial Number
Phone Contact
Email Address
Reference number with call centre(the customer you've mentioned) and service centre

Thank you.

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Hallo.Recently i made system restore of my laptop lenovo with windows 7 pro SP1 and after the completion of the process when the pc restart it went in a loop of restarts and cant even start save mode.My antivirus is Trend Micro.I runned from flash the FRST utility.If you have any advice how to repair the boot process i'll be grateful.

Answer:Blue screen %sh missing on startup

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding.Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one.If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem.Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me.Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts.If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed.Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean.My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.  Search for files with FRST (Recovery Environment)In Vista or Windows 7: Boot to System Recovery Options and run FRST.In Windows XP: Please boot to BartPe and run FRST.Type the following in the edit box after "Search:"LPK.dllClick Search button and post the log (Search.txt) it makes to your rep... Read more

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Probably a simple answer to this one, but I have just installed Avast on my second computer (downloaded and got new licence key) I've updated, but dont have the little blue ball in the bottom right hand corner.Can anyone please advise how I can get this blue ball to show up.

Answer:Missing Avast Blue Ball

Run Avast and right click the console, settings, apperance and tick the boxes.

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Two keyboard functions have mysteriously disappeared from my Z60t. One is the blue ThinkVantage button, which no longer brings up the Productivity Center menu, although the button still functions during startup. The other is the Fn-F5 combination, which should turn the wireless on and off. It no longer does anything, although other Fn- combinations still work. I can still get these functions to work by using a Productivity Center desktop icon.Is there a Settings area where I can enable these keyboard functions again?

Answer:Missing Blue Button and Fn-F5 Functions

Check Lenovo System Update there is one or more Hotkey-Stuff you need to have installed sothat these functions work under windows next to the utilities iteself (like presentation manager or access connections).Maybe you disabled windows services to speed up boot or such?

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Hy There,

tried to tune my system to be able to play Longbow 2 in 3dfx, installed some glide wrapper recomended in another forum. I dunno if this was the direct reason, cause I didn't try WMP for long time, but now when I try to play ANY video format on WMP, the blue color is completely missing from the video. Blue looks gray, green looks yellow, red looks rather pink. LCD is fine, no such thing in other application. Tried DivX , same result.

Tried reinstall WMP, installer couldn't finish after 2-3 attempt.

Now what?

THX: razor18

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I have a Dell Dimension, XP SP2, 2g ram. Raid hardrive combo 2 drives of 180GB each. One day out of the blue I restart my pc and get an error ntoskrnl.exe missing. Booting in safe mode brings same thing. I then tried to reboot of the Windows XP disc and I get the blue screen of death just after all the files are loaded and just before the setup should begin. I tried a 2nd XP disc and got the same. I ran the bios hardware check which takes over 24 hours and it turned up no hardware problems. I disconnected floppy and 3rd harddrive and made no difference. I then removed the 2 raid array drives and tried to load a fresh copy of XP onto the 3rd hard drive and I get the blue screen again. I did the same with a vista disc and it freezes half 20% into file transfer. So basically I've tried a combination of different HD's and Windows discs and can't get it to boot. Any ideas what could be causing this? I am running out of ideas here!

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Well here we go....I bought all my hardware and software, built my system. works like a charm. Then this afternoon, I can choose at start up which hard drive to boot from. So I chose to boot from my Sata drive, then few minutes later, a blue screen....said corrupt file or missing file. but operating disk in cd/ dvd drive and run repair...So I rebooted again, through the boot up I could see that my sata drive wasn't being recognized, so into the bios I seagate drive there.... just my ide drive was put the vista 64 bit oem op disk in dvd drive, rebooted.....chose to boot from sata drive, loaded up operating disk, then stopped, went to blue screen again. So I shut down my computer, open ed the case, checked connections, all is good, so i unplugged my ide see if the sata will boot up, no luck...shut down computer again, opened case, switched sata connections on mother board, started up again, same thing, blue i figured my sata drive is pooched....took out sata drive, computer works great on ide drive....Can someone tell me what is the real problem? I had checked bios, would not recognize my sata II drive...but my Sata DVD drive works great....All I can think is my SATA II drive bit the bullet....can anyone confirm this ?

Answer:THe Blue screen says missing files or damaged

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