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DVD tray sticks closed

Question: DVD tray sticks closed

I have a Lite-On LH-20A1H drive that is 4 years old. The tray sticks and usually requires the manual release to be used to unlock the tray. I took the drive apart and have noticed that without the tray present the motor has no problem moving the mechanism and for awhile the tray will move when reassembled. But if you leave the unit unused for several minutes it starts to stick again.

I was able to find some information on the INTERNET about the motor used for operating the tray. It uses rubber magnets instead of ceramic. My experience with rubber magnets is they weaken over time and I suspect the motor has become too weak to move the mass of the tray and interlocking hardware.

Has anyone else come to this same conclusion? Do you know a source of replacement motors? The one used does not appear on the manufacturers active list. The motor is a RF-300EH-1D390 made by MABUCHI MOTOR.

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Preferred Solution: DVD tray sticks closed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: DVD tray sticks closed

I think your best bet is just to replace the drive, you can get a new one for less than $20.

If you are really set on fixing it you can probably get one out of another drive.

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Hi, i've just been given a DVD-RW, less than 6 months old as far as I know, but when you try to eject the tray, it sticks... It moves forward a few mm, but unless you force it open, it won't open... Any ideas on how to solve this?

Answer:DVD-RW tray sticks?

check screws in the side of the unit are not to long or to tight (screws holding dvd to pc)loosen screws and try operation but chances are it has had it!

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Title says it all.
About once or twice a week, the tray sticks and won't open.
It tries, I can here the initial click of the mechanism. Pushing the open button several times does get it to open and then it functions properly for another 3 or four days.

It's an oem LITE-ON_DVDRW_SHW-160P6S that came as the original drive in an Acer Aspire AST180 tower.

Is there a fix or a point that needs a little lubrication in the mechanism that opens the tray?

Answer:Solved: LiteOn CD/DVD tray sometimes sticks shut

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I had to remove the cd/rw drive as a cd shattered inside & left pieces in there so the tray wouldn't close properly!
After getting all(?) the bits out & re-fitting the drive...Now if you close the tray it imediately re-opens??!

Any help please?

Answer:CD/RW tray won't stay closed!

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My Mom's Toshiba laptop, A15-S127, DVD/CDRW tray won't stay closed. I don't see any latch mechanism that's obvious.
The drive does work if held closed.

Is there an easy/cheap repair?

Answer:DVD tray won't stay closed

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My CD tray opened up overnight, and I can't get it to stay closed.
It will close but just opens back up.
I thought maybe putting a cd in it would help - nope!
I've tried physically holding it in for 30 seconds (yes, I timed it)
I've tried holding it in and clicking the My Computer icon, then selecting the CD drive - and I get the message "please insert a cd"
HP computer - not a tower - the kind that can sit under the monitor.
This would not be such a problem if I was not concerned a pup may step on it and break it off OR if I never needed to load a CD again

Answer:CD Tray won't stay closed

How much trouble is it to get inside the PC? If you pop the cover and pull the ribbon cable off the rear of the CD drive, then power up, will the drawer stay closed? If not, it's time to replace it. If so, something is telling it to open. Some sort of Malware?

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I have a Toshiba SD-M1202 that one day refused to open, then at next boot opened and stayed open. Now it'll close, but re-opens after a few seconds whether there's a DVD in it or not. Is there a simple fix, or should I throw it away and start over?

Answer:dvd-rom tray won't stay closed

Hmmm....the only time I've seen something like this happen is when there's something caught in the tray, stopping it from closing properly. I would suggest that you make sure that isn't the case.

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I just purchased an AOpen DVD burner and am having some issues. I've installed it multiple ways with the jumpers (tried it as Primary, Secondary, etc) so I don't think that is the problem. Also, when I go to "My Computer" I can see it's reading the drive as the "F:" drive. Also, I tried installing drivers from the Nero program that came with it. I updated the Firewire drivers from the AOpen website.

The problem with the drive is that it keeps opening after a few seconds. Its a brand new drive so I'm thinking that maybe its faulty. Anyone ever have this problem or know anything about it? Suggestions?

Answer:DVD Tray won't stay closed, keeps opening

after it opens, does it close? or does it just want to stay open?

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On a older Toshiba Laptop, the CD tray won't stay closed. It is open a inch. When I try to push it closed, it just springs open again. There is no 'click' when it normally would ;latch. This just started to happen out of the blue.
There was and is no disc in the tray when it unlatched by itself, nor was it banged or dropped. This is also when the Laptop is on ot off.

Any ideas? BTW, that release button has no affect. The only related topice I found were software releted which isn't the case here.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop's CD tray doesn't stay closed

Is the eject button stuck?
Try moving it back/forth & up/down to see if it clicks.

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I've just replaced a Phillips DVD+-RW PLAYER with a Sony. The Phillips one day decided that
it wanted to open the media tray and that is where it would stay except when powering down
it would close it and then on powering up it would open it. Ran all the diagnostics on the player per dell tech squad's instructions (twice) except for the diagnostics test where one needs the media tray closed.

Not to long after this started happening the light flickered one last time and that was it so I
changed it to the Sony. The same symptons - media tray open - the computer sees and recognizes new hardware - all the tests that I can run
with the tray open states that thehardware passes the tests.

I'm hoping one of you guys (or gals) may have some advice?

Answer:Solved: DVD+-RW Media tray refuses to stay closed

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Hi folks, this post pertains to a DVD-ROM disc tray that won't stay closed so long as the power is on, if the open/close button is pressed it goes through the motions only to re-open all on its own a few seconds later.

The Details:

This all began today when I put an old but working Toshiba SD-M1202 (DVD-ROM) into my brand new fresh out of the box ME-320 USB 2.0/1394 External Drive Enclosure for CD/RW/DVD Drives .

The problem was first that Windows XP on my IBM ThinkPad T22 wouldn't recognize it or detect it through USB 1.0 (I plan to get a USB 2.0 pcmcia card soon), once I got passed that hurdle (by turning on and off the external enclosure a few times) the disc tray on my Toshiba popped open and stayed open! It won't stay closed, if I force hold the tray to close with my hand and prevent it from opening it then does stay closed but Windows XP won't read it - it'll say to first enter a disc into the drive (even though there is a disc inside...)

Q. Is it possible that turning on and off the external USB enclosure/case with the drive attached might have recreated a power failure and somehow short-circuted my DVD-ROM drive? Or is it much simpler than that?

My concern is not so much for the Toshiba since it is a very old drive, but the fact that it happened inside of the USB/1394 enclosure does worry me since I plan to use it again in the very very near future for my HP DVD Writer 420i and I can't afford to fry my DVD-Burner! Please help!
&... Read more

Answer:ME-320 USB/Firewire Enclosure - Disc tray won't stay closed, it stays open

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Hello folks, simple question here,
I have one note 2007 installed on my pc and want to just make a small tweak to it that is a nuicannce in my opinion more than an atcual problem. What i want to do is when onenote closes (meaning the main application) i want to have its tray application close itself. Trust me, it is useful and i have been reviewing this application and like it for starting college but find it annoying how i have the tray application open even when the program is closed. If someone could tell me how to do this it would be appreciated. And i do know about disabling the icon but i dont want to do that as the tray application i find has plenty of usefull features.

Answer:Close the one note tray icon automatically when one note is closed

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To provide some background information, I will explain what happened to 'cause' the problem in the first place:
I was on vacation with my parents (it's their computer, by the way) and prior to that we took out all the plugs of the computers just in case. When we came back, all that was done was re-plug the computer, and then we tried booting it. It turned on, but the display didn't work.

After some fooling around, it was identified that RAM was the issue, because when I took out a single stick, it suddenly showed video again. However the next boot it didn't, so I took the other stick and tried it, but it didn't work, so I put it in the other port and then it did work.

Long story short, I have tried both RAM sticks together: doesn't work. Tried them individually, and they both work SOMETIMES. Sometimes one of them works in one port, then it works in the other, then it doesn't and the other stick has to be in one port, then the other. It seems completely random, and I haven't been able to identify any other issue.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the right section of the Forums, but since I restarted the PC about a hundred times, it seems like I am.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Realised I forgot to mention that the motherboard is an ASUS M4N78SE and the RAM are 2x2GB 1066 DDR2 Fatal1ty (OCZ).

Answer:Computer won't boot with 2 sticks RAM, though both sticks and slots work

Did you get this fixed?

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I ordered some computer stuff at 4a.m. and I had a major brainfart when doing so.

I ordered some Crucial ram that came in 2GB sticks, sold is in doubles and triple packs, my thought was well, 6GB is better then 4GB when ordering but after doing so I thought, wait, don't you normally run ram in two's for dual channel?

So tomorrow I have 3, 2GB sticks showing up. Should I order a forth? I mean I KNOW I can run just 3 sticks but that puts is out of dual channel mode, correct? Does it REALLY matter when you get upto 6GB of ram? I mean computers are so quick now days, does it really actually matter?

I have this motherboard: - ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

I intend to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 tomorrow on this new motherboard and a Dual-Core CPU.

Answer:RAM... Two sticks, three sticks, dual channel, triple channels, huh?

Most MB's will let you run the 3 sticks in dual channel mode. One channel will have 4GB and one will have 2GB. Check you MB manual and it should show which slots to use.


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I am trying to get my two sticks (2x 2Gb) of Corsair RAM (CM2X2048-6400C5C) to work in my Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo.
Both sticks work perfectly because I have tested them in all slots individually and the computer works flawlessly.
However, the problem that I'm having is when I put both sticks in, be that in A1/B1 or A2/B2.

With both sticks in, the computers powers on, the fans spin up but the computer progresses no further and does not POST - a blank screen.

What could be wrong? Is there a setting to adjust?


Answer:Mobo & RAM: two sticks individually - good, two sticks together - bad

The sticks should be in A1/A2 or B1/B2. Try that configuration.

See page 2-11 of your motherboard manual. If you don't have one, go here:

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So, here's the deal. I recently bought a new XPS 8900.  I have switched out the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD.
Now I want to increase the RAM. It came with 8gb (2 x 4gb sticks). To be absolutely sure I got compatible sticks-I bought 2 x 8gb sticks from Dell.  My machine has 4 slots, so I can have 4 sticks...
My Question is: can I use all 4 sticks ( 2 x 4gb and 2 x 8 gb ), or will mixing sizes screw up something?
Thanks, for any advice!

Answer:Dumb Question? OK to mix 4gb RAM sticks with 8 gb Ram sticks?

Yes  Make sure to keep the matching sticks paired in matching slots. or in other words, put the two 4GB sticks in the white slots and the two 8GB sticks in the black slots. ( or vice versa).
You might consider running the built-in memory diagnostics after installing the memory.

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As the Title says I have 2-2 gig sticks of memory that are only showing up as 2-1 gig sticks. I have had this problem a while, but it is really aggravating. I overlooked the problem because I was running Win XP x32 and it doesn't allow 4 gigs of memory to be accessed. Plus my mobo (Asus M3A) states that no more than 3 gigs should be used with Win XP x32, but that more than 3 gigs will not be a problem, just not used,
So, I updated to Win 7 x64 to see if the memory would kick in but to no avail. Still only 2 gigs.
I ran the Windows Memory Scan program and have run Memtest which both report no problems.
I also reset BIOS to default values and had already downloaded the latest BIOS from ASUS.
Siw tells me BIOS is seeing some kind of error, I am posting that info here.
Property Value
Memory Summary Reported by BIOS
Warning! Wrong values reported by BIOS
Maximum Capacity 8192 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size [unknown]
Memory Slots 4
Error Correction None
DRAM Frequency 260.0 MHz
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)
Device Locator Slot 1
Manufacturer Patriot Memory
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 (PC2-4300)
Speed 266 MHz (DDR2 533)
Supported Frequencies 200.0 MHz, 266.7 MHz
Memory Timings 3-3-3-9-12 at 200.0 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Memory Timings 4-4-4-12-16 at 266.7 MHz, at 1.8 volts (CL-RCD-RP-RAS-RC)
Data Width 64 bits
EPP SPD Support No
XMP SPD Support No
Device Locator Slot 2
Manufacturer Patriot Memory
Capacity 1024 MBytes
Memory Type DDR2 (PC2... Read more

Answer:Ram Error - 2-2 gig sticks show as only 2-1 gig sticks

You can start by making sure that the timings are correct in the BIOS,either 3-3-3-9-12 at 200.0 MHz, at 1.8 volts or 4-4-4-12-16 at 266.7 MHz, at 1.8 volts.

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my dell inspiron when is much time under sleep mode, closed screen, closed laptop, and when is turned back, screen is black with visible light on it, led light, and i can move cursor
if i leave it like that for few minutes i can also notice dim screen, like even that black desktop is going to black again

The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2017‎-‎03‎-‎31T16:23:21.587635000Z Wake Time: ‎2017‎-‎03‎-‎31T19:01:23.725031900Z Wake Source: Power Button

Faulting application name: Explorer.EXE, version: 10.0.14393.953, time stamp: 0x58ba5aa4 Faulting module name: wpnprv.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, time stamp: 0x58258bd8 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000000229e6 Faulting process id: 0x21c4 Faulting application start time: 0x01d2a9ec81b937df Faulting application path: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE

can you tell me this, as im checking my event viewer, if I make laptop go to sleep by Button or Lid, does this means explorer.exe is automaticly closed and reopened after return from sleep? or it still uses before sleep crashed explorer? This would lead me on the right track of fixing this.

i am gonna turn off all sleep hibernate etc things, but, im wondering why explorer crashed. I ask if explorer exe restarts upon laptop wake up from sleep, if it does than it would be probably problem with nvidia driver or something. Like this, I'm not sure if the reason is windows itself as it crashed ex... Read more

Answer:sleep mode, closed screen, closed laptop, and when is turned back, scr

Is wpnprv.dll, Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) ?
It has something to do with cloud, one drive?
One Drive caused explorer crash?

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While the laptop is plugged in, closing the lid works properly (in my case, sleeps) and when the lid is subsequently opened it wakes correctly.
If I close the lid while unplugged, the laptop seems to power off hard - the front LED goes out immediately, and when I open the lid the machine boots from cold. The event viewer shows a critical Kernel Power error.
If I close the lid while plugged in, the front LED blinks - I assume this means going to sleep?, but then if I unplug power the machine powers off hard - same reboot and critical error when I open the lid.
I have 1.2.21 firmware.
Any ideas how to fix this?

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I have an older Socket 478 Intel Motherboard, with DDR memory.

Right now I'm running 512 Megs (256 X 2) and looking to upgrade to a whole Gig.

Now, buying another 512 would be certinaly cheaper, but, I was told that if I do that (buying another two sticks of 256) and take up all four DIMM slots, that it would actually SLOW down the computer instead of making it faster, because of the memory in all four DIMM slots.

Another question, would it work if I just bought a third stick of 512 and put it in say, DIMM slot 2 or 4? Or does it have to be 'balanced'?

Answer:Solved: Two Sticks vs. Four Sticks of RAM

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HP PAVILION DV9292EUWindows Vista Home PremiumTurion 64 X2 Mobile TL-602GB RAMNVIDIA GEFORCE GO 7600 256MB DEDICATED160GB HDDHi,I have noticed that despite closing programs such as Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer, quite a few times even though it won't be in the 'Taskbar', going into processes in the 'Task Manager' shows that the program is still running and using memory. It's annoying because often despite having only a couple of windows open, I can't open any more windows due to memory and then have to go to task manager and manually close the processes (which should already be closed) to free up some space.Has anybody else experienced this problem where a program is still running/open despite being closed and disappearing off the taskbar?Thanks Gary

Answer:STRANGE - Closed Program not actually Closed?????

Possibly faulty ram but more than likely some spyware/malware if not hardware failure.Run your antispyware programs.Can you look in Task manager and tell us what is hogging the system resources.

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Hi everyone, Over the years this forum has proven invaluable to me, and I try hard not to burden it with questions already asked or requests for information easily discovered elsewhere. However, although I've read similar questions here, and looked extensively elsewhere, I can't find the answer to my question. Apologies in advance if I've overlooked something. I have a W530 (shipped originally with a 7mm HDD, and changed years ago to a 830 SSD), and I've just installed a new 840 EVO 1TB SSD in the primary bay. In doing so I discovered that the 830 SSD previously installed was installed only with the rubber rails, and without any drive tray (long story). God only knows where that drive tray (terminology question: tray or caddy?) is, and presumably he's getting more urgent requests for information. I've looked in various places for a replacement from the manufacturer (Lenovo Parts Lookup, FRU/CRU listings, Specs) and from aftermarket suppliers (newmodeus) for a tray represented as compatible with the W530 primary drive bay. So, I have two questions: Is it safe to use ONLY the rubber rails to operate a 7mm 840 EVO SSD? Granted, the 830 SSD ran for years without noticeable issues with only the rubber rails, but that's a study with sample size n=1. Are there heat or other issues (stability in port) for which the tray is intended to provide a solution for a SSD? I noticed some slight swelling in the cover of the 830 SSD when I removed it, which is conc... Read more

Answer:W530 Drive Tray (Caddy?) for Primary Bay - Necessary, Prudent, or How to Purchase New Tray

The W530 doesn't use a tray like the older thinkpads did. I only use the rubber rails.  Make sure that you use the right rails, there are 2 sizes, one fot 9.5 mm and one ofr 7 mm drives. I have two W530's and the rails work fine in both, they hold the drive firmly and I've never had a drive lossen up.

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hi. im new here.

i need help with Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer. maybe i screwed up or something just went wrong and now i cant restore and no audio and network icon display on tray. its display "could not find file 'C:\Windows\system32\SndVolSSo.dll'" and this...

Image "captured.png"


************** Start **************

See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Windows\system32\SndVolSSO.dll'.
File name: 'C:\Windows\system32\SndVolSSO.dll'
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.FileSystem.CopyOrMoveFile(CopyOrMove operation, String sourceFileName, String destinationFileName, Boolean overwrite, UIOptionInternal showUI, UICancelOption onUserCancel)
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.MyServices.FileSystemProxy.CopyFile(String sourceFileName, String destinationFileName)
at W7TIC.Main.Main_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.EventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl()
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd... Read more

Answer:How to restore missing tray icon? Windows 7 Tray Icons Changer

Hello bageraz and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'd uninstall the Tray Icon Changer using the forced uninstall option from Revo Uninstaller (they have a 30 day free trial.) Hopefully this will also remove unwanted bits and pieces from the registry.

Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall

Then I'd try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two) to see if any system files were damaged or corrupted by the TIC. If any problems are noted run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I am havig some system tray icon problems after installing anti-virus and spyware software. Looking for a fix for the disappearing system tray icons at initial start-up. Quick fix--log off and on again--icons reappear where they should. I am told that this disappearing activity is due to a Windows XP "BUG". What a problem! Any ideas for a secure, lasting fix out there? After the spyware and antivirus software installation, the computer star-up time is now really SLOW too. The software launches seems to be in conflict with each other, or something. Have emachine--T3406, Windows XP Home 2002, Service Pack 2. 1.23 GB RAM.

Thanks, ComputerMaven

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Windows Tray Icons Creator is a free portable tool that allows you to create tray icons with mouse click action in Windows. For example, create a tray icon and click it to open Registry Editor or your desired tool. How to use: Run the tool. It will now sit in the system tray: . Click its icon to open the Settings window.Select the icon for the first tray icon available.Type the Mouse Hover Tooltip text for the first tray icon available.Type the Mouse Click Action for the first tray icon available.If you want the tool to run everytime Windows starts up then select Run Everytime Windows Starts Up.Click Hide to send the tool back to the system tray.
Now the tray icons you created will be visible. To remove a tray icon, just leave the Mouse Hover Tooltip & Mouse Click Action textboxes blank. Download Link

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Need help here. I now have two sticks of PC3200 (400MHz) 512MB DDR from Apacer - problem is they don't seem to work well together when playing games - 10 minutes max before a BSOD (other tasks don't seem to cause this). If I take out one (doesn't matter which), the problem does not occur. I've tried disabling and enabling bank interleave to no effect. The two sticks are not identical, but I thought identical is only necessary if one wants to enable bank interleave i.e. dual channel operation. The BSOD during games occur even with Bank interleave disabled.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

Answer:2 RAM sticks: One or the other but not both

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Question: RAM Sticks

I have just replaced two 128 Ram sticks for two 256 Ram sticks but PC is still showing 256 Ram.I also tried one 128 and one 256 but the same result. The PC is rated upto 512.
Win xp+sp2

Answer:RAM Sticks

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Hello folks, I just took advantage of a deal at my local Best Buy and went and purchased two packages of Kingston ValuRAM PC2- 4200 512MB. This is the same kind of RAM that I had already put on my board.

My computer does recognize that I now have 2G of RAM. One thing threw me a little off on it though. When I opened the packages for the RAM, I found that the 2nd stick looked very different from the first.

I'm about to sound like a completely computer illiterate person here, but the difference was that on one stick it had the rectangular chips on one side and some square chips on the other (same as the other two 512 sticks I had in there). However, the 2nd stick only had the square chips on one side and was blank on the other. I was comparing the stickers on the chips themselves and all the numbers seemed to match up. Is the 2nd stick just a newer design or something? Is this anything to worry about?

On a related note, i've tried researching Hyperthreading on the web and on Wikipedia but can't find the answers i'm looking for. Does Hyperthreading have anything to do with the RAM sticks? One of my friends was telling me that these sticks might not run Hyperthreading and it had to do with the sticks being identical or from the same batch. What is required to run it and how do you turn it on or make sure it is working? My processor is a Pent D 3.4 dual core and my motherboard (ASUS P5NSLI) says it supports it as well.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Two RAM sticks and one is different

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Question: tv usb sticks

hi have a k world dvb-t usb stick can anyone tell me if wireless network equipment interferes with the operation or ability for these usb tv sticks to function ie tune in channels.the reason i ask is earlier today i ran the system scan at home where i have a wireless network set up and it picked up no channels whatsover.However tonight i have re scanned in a remote location and picked up 17 channels? i dont know if im barking up the wrong tree but it was just a thought as the video sender/reciever at home crackles like mad if the laptop is switched on connected to the wireless network ie same frequencey

Answer:tv usb sticks

If like me, you are in a poor reception area, you will sometimes have difficulty scanning for programs especially during hot weather.I use a wireless modem/router and this is nowhere near the frequency of the tv signals, so won't cause any problem.Make sure you have a good antenna feeding the stick, preferably a feed from your main aerial. The set top ones are not good enough, unless you are very close to transmitter..Also make sure when you scan for new programs, you do it at the time when the channels are actually transmitting,This is because unlike normal set top boxes, the DVB sticks don't take any notice of the actual tranmitter site, and rely soley on what it receives. Set top boxes normally read the transmitter name, location etc, and know what channels should be available, even if they are not transmitting at the time..Hope this helps.

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Question: New ram sticks.

Have just installed 4 x 1gb sticks into my machine,4096mb is showing in bios but only 3145200k showing in task manager (performance tab,physical memory).The mother board is an Asus A8N-SLI deluxe and should support up to 4gb of ram.OS is XP service pack 3.Any ideas .

Many thanks.

Answer:New ram sticks.

Ever heard of the Search function? Or G-O-O-G-L-E?

The amount is because of the 32-bit OS memory limits. 4 GB of physical memory can be used, that includes RAM and the onboard memory of your graphics card. Some of the RAM may be allocated to other things, too, so you'll get 3-3.35ish GB of usable physical memory.
ps, don't take it too hard, you're really not the only one asking this, 3-14 times a week...

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Question: RAM Sticks

Hey Guys.

I've got a Toshiba M40 Laptop, and i recently bought a new stick of ram for it. 1GB PC3200 DDR. Would it be better to put the faster ram (the 1gig stick as opposed to a 512 PC2700 stick) in the 1st ram slot that way it accesses the faster ram first?



Answer:RAM Sticks

I would put the larger ram in the first slot. On my computer i have 2 512 sticks in the 1st slots and 2 256 in the second. Works fine.

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P50 20ENCTO1WW 8gb is one or two sticks?

Go to Solution.

Answer:8GB on p50 is one or two sticks?

The 20ENCTO1WW is customized-to-order and doesn't specify a specific configuration. However, there are no part numbers for other than 8 GB and 16 GB modules. So if the 20ENCTO1WW is built with 8 GB, it will be 8 GB in a single stick.

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Question: joy sticks

This is the question- I have 4 different joysticks-i'm running win98 so I should be able to add more than 1 joystick so it works-nogo/I first loaded a thrustmaster tm wheel & peddle controller- worked great/then I loaded a sidewinder game pad that came with it's own sw-worked great but thrustmaster will no longer be recognised by the sys/I removed both and joysticks from dev mgr & add remove programs & loaded a pc mission throttle-works great-i put anything else in joysticks in control panel it shows up not connected-can I add these other devices seperately so that they all work if they are plugged in before the sys starts. This is driving me crazy-you need different joysticks for diff games.

Answer:joy sticks

This isn't a tip or trick.

Moving to Hardware forum.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
(4/29 free $5 added - free computer headset ends 4/30!):

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I currently have 2gb of ram in my machine running 7hp, im looking to upgrade to 4gb but not sure if I should use 4 sticks of 1gb or 2 sticks of 2gb? Will it make a difference?

Answer:Is 4 sticks better than 2?

no difference if you are running at stock speeds.
Only disadvantage is if you want to go with more ram in the future, you will have to remove 2 sticks.
Also, DDR2 is pricier than DDR3 right now so you might just want to go with 2x1GB to keep the price down.
$30 for 2x1GB and $52 for 2x2GB for DDR2 800
$24 and $38 for the DDR3 equivalent.

EDIT: I just looked at some G.Skill Ram and the 2x1GB kits that might be the same as yours are $37 and $53 at newegg,

I recommend getting the same brand/model of ram for all the slots but if you have the $53 kit, then I would recommend getting a 2x2GB kit so if you need to upgrade to more ram in the future, you don't throw away too much money.

I've been running 4 sticks of ram in my machines for the past 10 years with no issues, and some were mixed brands.

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Question: USB sticks

are they pretty generic? i.e. can i buy this one click hereand use it in my acer notebook?sorry to be such a thicko but i really haven't much of a clue when it comes to computers! Also if i want to save something onto it, is that in the 'save' options on the computer? So if i want to save a document to be read on another PC i save it to the usb and then how do i pick it up?Many many thanks for anyones help...!

Answer:USB sticks

Yes they are generic. Probably helps if your notbeook has USB2 on it for that one.Some of them behave differently but generally it will appear as a new drive when you plug it in e.g. you will see say an "E:" in explorer/word/excel etc. In that sense it will behave similarly to your C drive on your laptop already. You just open up from it in the same way.

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Question: USB Sticks

I recently copied everything on my 2 hard drivesto a number of USB pen drives. One of them, containing my registered copies of anti-virus and anti-malware, is being a little difficult to transfer to a new Hard Drive. Everything else went smoothly, including my OS, IE8, and photos.Have I done something wrong, all I'd like is to do the transfer without having to re-register. Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:USB Sticks

You cannot "transfer" installed programs on to a new drive - you have to reinstall them from the original executable programs. There shouldn't be a problem to keep/transfer your registration.

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Question: USB Sticks

I have a number of usb sticks which are FAT32.Can they be converted to NTFS and if so are there any advantages/disadvantages ?

Answer:USB Sticks

This may help you decide - click here

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Question: 4 sticks or 2


Just had a question if I only plan on going to 1gig of dual ddr am I better to go with 2 sticks of 512 dual pc3200 or 4 sticks of 256. I know they have to be mactched pairs but also could I run two of 512 matched and two of 256. This is the mobo

Thanks in advance


Answer:4 sticks or 2

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hello i have a quick question, i have two sets of ram. with different cas and speed. now what would be the better ram to use. the one with lower cas and slower speed or faster ram and higher cas... i have listed the info of each memory i have..

i have 6GB of crucial
Part Number: BL25664TG1337 Module Size: 2GB
Package: Ballistix Tracer 240-pin DIMM (with LEDs)
Feature: DDR3 PC3-10600
Specs: DDR3 PC3-10600 ? 7-7-7-24 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR3-1333 ? 1.65V ? 256Meg x 64 ?
Or the one listed below in my link... right now i am using the 16gb, but was told the lower Cas is better....

16GB of Corsair vengance
Model: CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B

Answer:which of these ram sticks is the better one to use

If it was me, I would stick with using the 1600mhz stuff, although the timings are tighter on the Crucial, you will be hard pressed to notice any difference at all.

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Question: HELP! USB Sticks

Hi need help, i am looking to buy a usb stick that is made for macs, can take more then 4gb and is made for transporting artwork

Answer:HELP! USB Sticks

I believe any stick you get will work as Mac's also support USB.

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Question: ram sticks

Can i use different ram sticks from different pc? I have a dell and a hp. both ram sticks look identical just made by different companies. Thanks.

Answer:ram sticks

only if the motherboard supports it.

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Hi, I have recently decided to buy some more RAM for my PC except I have one question. Firstly, here are my specs:

Memory Installed 1 GB
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1 GB)

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC2-4200 MB/sec
Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM

Board: Asus A8M2N-LA
Processor: MD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core (3800+ 2.0 GHz)
and I have 4 DDR2 RAM slots.

Question is, if it indicates (4 x 1 GB) and the maximum allowed is 4GB does that mean I can only use 1GB sticks in the slots? Or can I use 2GB as well? (as long as I keep it at 4GB)

Answer:Do I HAVE to use 1GB RAM sticks?

It would help knowing the exact model of your board to give a more precise answer.

But off the top of my head, you should be fine using (2x2GB)

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Product Name: HP Pavilion Media center a1210n OS: Windows XP Added 1GB of RAM. Question: Can I start my computer with just 3 RAM sticks? 2=256MB; 1=1GB Note: I bought two 1GB of RAM sticks, but i want to see if i installed the ram stick correctly and also to find out if I killed it or if it was DOA.

Answer:Can I run my xp with only 3 sticks of RAM?

Yes, you can run with with 256X2 sticks plus the 1GB Stick. But it will run smoother with 2 matched sticks of RAM (ex) 2 x 1GB. You should have no problem as long as you got the same kind of RAM speed (ex) DDR2, as the old RAM and youre motherboard supports it.

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Question: Sticks of RAM

Hey Everyone, I have about 20 sticks of RAM ranging anywhere from 32 MB to 256 MB that came out of older computer thats we didnt need any more at work. I want to try them and see which are any good and which are trash.

Can any sticks of RAM be tried in any computer? Is there any way to damage the computer by trying out RAM? Can someone help me with what to check out with the computers before installing the RAM? Thanks!

Answer:Sticks of RAM

All of the RAM is probably good, but you need to get one of those old computers running and test each stick one at a time. The RAM is probably SDRAM and will not fit a newer computer, which uses DDR Ram. However you might find some low density chips - they would sell at a higher than usual price on the old computer market...

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Front USB ports do not regoginze or work at all with 3.1 USB sticks.  They see and work with 3.0, but say they are 2.0 sticks.  Back ports are fine.  Reloaded drivers, no change.  And yes, the ports are 3.0 (blue).  Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm new to the forums, found it through google.

I bought a PC yesterday, with a Thunder K8SD Pro S2882-D Motherboard. Which has two physical processors, and a total of 8 Dimm slots. 4 for each processor. The problem is I can only get it to boot if there is only memory in dimm1 of each channel. If I put it in dimm 1 and 3 all I get is a black screen. No combination works. Any ideas on how I could get all my Dimm slots working?

Sorry, there is no edit button, but I've been tinkering with it all morning. After resetting the CMOS jumper, instead of just getting a black screen I get the mega-trends Bios screen, it says
Press F12 to boot from the network
Press F11 for BBS POPUP
checking NVRAM
3 MB OK!

but it wont move past that screen. It doesn't give me an option to go into the bios options, And nothing happens when I press F!! or F12

Answer:Why can't I use more then two sticks of RAM?

I am not really sure, But with my board, The memory has to be in pairs, Say I was running 3 gigs, My board would only work with 2- 1 gig of memory sticks 2-512 memory sticks. All four of my memory slots had to be filled. Now if I upgraded it had to be It had to be in pairs of the same kind of memory. Persay I wanted to add 4 gigs .I had to run 2-2gig sticks. and so forth.

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Question: Ram Sticks

i have a 2gb ram stick and a 1gb ram stick and was thinking of upgrading the 1gb to 2gb but wasnt sure would i have to get 2 matching 2gb sticks or could i just buy 1 2gb stick and it work with the original 2gb one... if that makes sence

Answer:Ram Sticks

Depends on whether your computer requires matched pairs.

I suggest you go to Crucial web site, click there System Scanner Tool and that will tell you what RAM you have, the maximum RAM, and what your system requirements.

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Question: USB sticks

Hi- I have a USB stick which has save some photos/files on but now will not let me open photos/files which i have tried to save ????? I am copying them onto USB stick -safly removing stick then as I go back into it-it wont let me view photos and saying file empty????please help.....

Answer:USB sticks

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Question: "B" Key sticks

Have 2 T61s and both have issues with keys sticking... most frequent is the "B" key.... will type and no character appears... is this related to the mouse "pointer"... any fixes?

Answer:"B" Key sticks

Did you ever resolve this problem, and if so, how? I have an T60p and the "M" key has started to do the same thing.  Intermittently no letter appears until I press it a couple times.  Yesterday I couldn't figure out why my password to a frequently used site did not work.  Finally figured out today it was the "M" key not printing that caused the problem.

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Question: how many sticks

I have a motherboard in an old P3 that will take a maximum of PC133  512MB SDRAM. I now have (1) 128MB stick and (1)256MB. It has 3 slots. When I went to the scan they advised that I get (2) new 256MB sticks and use the existing 256MB stick as well. If the maximum amount of RAM I can use is 512 MB, Why would they suggest (3) sticks of 256MB instead of just (2) ? 

Answer:how many sticks

Check your MBoard manual for RAM capacity...Crucial although extremely good are not always 100% correct as they do the spec compilations in house...You may be able to use more but the manuf. is the definitive source...

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I am running 8gb of ram on Vista ultimate X 64bit
but the sticks are in two pairs of different value so will the system run at the speed of the slowest????


Answer:ram sticks different value

yes. i'm almost positive they will.

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Sometimes when I restart my system, it sometimes stalls and freezes on the loading your personal settings page.

Any idea on how to solve this problem.

Answer:Pc Sometimes Sticks

If you do not get an error message, you can:
1. Check to see what applications launch on boot and delete unneeded ones.
2. Run checkdisk, then defrag your hard drive.

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I have an HP Desktop computer, with Windows XP. It's probably about 3-4 years old.For some reason, when I turn the computer on, the fan sticks on. The fan always turns on, for about 10 sec or? but then turns off and the computer continues to start up. Instead, the fan stays running, and the light on the monitor turns orange/yellow. I've read through the troubleshooting book, and it said something about the computer being in Hibernation mode, but I don't know how that can be, because I'm just turning the computer on.Any idea how I can fix this? I've unplugged the computer, let it sit, then tried again over and over, probably at least 10 times, but it does the samething everytime.Please help!Thanks,-Jack

Answer:Fan Sticks On.... Need Help

The computer could be overheating...or there may be another hardware issue.Are the vents and case free of dust and debris?It would help if we knew the model of your HP.  Also, have you made any recent hardware or software changes?Please post back...

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Question: CPU Sticks At 100%

Until a few days ago my CPU usage has been stuck at 100% and is slowing my computer and my browser by a tremendous amount and I'm pretty sure it is a virus or spyware problem. I booted into safe mode, CPU usage was at lik 5%, and I ran AVG, MBAM, and Spybot. I had trojans and other things that I cannot remember. I did MBAM twice and eve non the 2nd scan I still had some problems. I restarted back into safemode. Ran MBAM a few more times and still have the problem.

Answer:CPU Sticks At 100%

check out some programs such as rkill; to at least kill the process when it does spike the cpu... What have you added to your system recently.

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My system Specs are

TWIN2X2048-6400C4 and TWIN2X2048-6400
5600+ Amd X2

That's 2 x 1Gb and another 2 x 1Gb sticks with a bit different timings.

when i put 2 Sticks it works fine.
When i put 3 Sticks it works fine

But when i put the 4'th stick in the System either doesnt boot at all or just simply crashes when i start an appplication and is extremely unstable.


Increasing the timings to the most stable timings possible....
Reduces ram speeds to the lowest speeds...
Tried all the rams one by one. They are fine no problems with the rams.

All i've got left is to Update my Bios but i doubt that will work.

So anyone had any similar experience?

Answer:Can run 3 Sticks of Ram but not 4

Did you try different combinations of RAM in different slots? It could just be that one of the modules is bad.

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Question: 4gb ram sticks?

I see that the ASUS P5N32SLI will support 16 gb of ram. Can you even get a 4gb stick?  I couldn't find one anywhere.Thanks,Hoop2077

Answer:4gb ram sticks?

AFAIK, you can't get one now.But they will be available soon.

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I have an Asus P5n32 sli motherboard, q6600 processer and 4gig (4x 1gig) of Crucial ballistix ram. bl12864AA804
For some reason my computer wants to crash if I put all four sticks in. Runs fine with 2 or three in any slot configuration but anytime I put all four in it wants to give me the bsod.
I've raised the NB voltage and the Mem voltage but it doesn't seem to help. I can switch out 2 for 2 on the ram and it works the same so that's telling me it's not that I have a bad stick.
I have NOTHING overclocked or overvoltaged now. OV didn't seem to make a difference so why run my stuff hot if it wasn't going to help? I would like to OC everything but I'll worry about that after I get this memory thing licked.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

Answer:Can't run 4 sticks. :(

try each stick at a time and run memtest86 and see if any of them are defective or in rare cases the motherboard's ram slot may be defective but i doubt that.

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Question: Two Sticks or One?

I am building a new computer and have most of the parts. I want to be able to fill all the RAM slots with 1GB each maxing at 4GB eventually, and the motherboard will support it, I've checked, but I've heard that I may need two RAM sticks to get anything running. I just thought that you needed two for dual-channel. I don't think I'm an idiot but correct me if I'm wrong.

Answer:Two Sticks or One?

You only need 1.

However, 4gb at this point is a waste. XP doesn't support it correctly, and it shows up as 3gb.

This is fixed in XP64 though.

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Hi guys,

I recently bought 3 more sticks of RAM (6GB) from Newegg to upgrade onto my computer. When I put one stick of RAM next to my currently installed stick, the computer won't display anything on the monitor and there is no beep from the internal speakers. So I mixed the RAM sticks up a bit, trying to see if any combination would work, and the finally I got it to work in the first and third RAM slot. I need help as to why I can't seem to add more RAM.

System Specs:
Mobo: ASUS M4A7TD-M evo
RAM: Crucial XMS 2GB DDR3 (X4)
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Can't add more than two sticks of RAM

This motherboard runs dual channel memory, and some motherboards require either 1, 2 or 4 sticks of RAM to operate at all -> because manufacturers sometimes lock the dual channel function to all sticks (of reasons I'm unfamiliar of).

Still, the first and third slots on your motherboard (the blue ones): that's the first memory channel, and would indeed be the correct combination for just 2 sticks. Placing 2 sticks in the second channel (black ones) before filling the first channel can sometimes not work.

As for 3 sticks, it might just be the case that you must fill the first channel before populating the second channel - and also copy the first channel on the second one. In other words - three sticks of RAM means that 1 stick is unusable until you get another one, so that you can populate all four memory slots. If it doesn't work then, well then something's broken. But for now, it simply seems that you need another stick of RAM in order for the "third" stick to work in the second channel.

In case I mis-understood something, for instance if you actually have 4 slots populated, then some other TechSpot hero will have to fill you in on this one.

OR: (as I didn't find much information about the RAM configuration on this particular motherboard) in some cases, only 1 or 2 slots are usable at the same time, some motherboards have two "different memory frequency" slots in order to maintain some compability against other memory ... Read more

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None of 'em. They show in Disk management (Admin tools) where I can access files and format them, but not in Explorer.

I've turned off the power saver options in Device Manager > USB Root Hub and have rebooted several times but still no luck. The USB sticks were recognised in Win 10 at one point but no more.

I've just thought this may be a Kaspersky thing - possible?

And while I'm having a pop at Windows 10 my Gears Of War 4 game no longer works. It did do at one stage but it doesn't any more. It's meant to be playable both on Win 10 and Xbox One S. I did get to one point where it appeared to be downloading an update but after three days of seeming to download in an endless loop and constantly resetting to zero and starting again, I gave up.

Any ideas appreciated.

Answer:Win 10 not seeing USB sticks

Does Disk Management show a drive letter next to the USB volume name? If not, can you right click the volume and then go to "change drive letter and paths" - it just may not be automatically assigning a drive letter. A screenshot may give some more info .

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What is the difference between DIMM and SIMM memory, I'm looking to but two 256mb sticks in a new comp I'm buying but I'm not sure which memory to buy and it says nothing about them, can you help me?

Answer:Need help on memory sticks!

Simms are older memory technology, 72 pin
Dimms are newer memory technology, most motherboards now days use DIMMS, 168 pin module's.

If the system is relatively new it won't have simms, seems like four or five years at least since everything changed to dimms.

little info here

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I'm trying to reinstall XP on a friend's machine. It always hangs at 11%. I tried taking his c drive out and running an install on another machine and it was perfect.I reset all the BIOS defaults.Does this ring any bells?

Answer:XP reinstall sticks at 11%

Could be the CD drive is being pedantictry swapping that on your friends machine

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Question: RAM/Memory sticks.

Hey,I need to buy a new RAM/Memory stick2100 DDRBut is there a difference with "low profile" sticks and normal ones?Could someone tell me the size(height/width) of a normal RAM stick please...Thanks in advance.

Answer:RAM/Memory sticks.

Its Chip density but I wouldn't think about it, I would just go to and either select the machine in the list by brand & Model OR Motherboard by Brand & Model or use the online advisor toolPC2100 is fairly rare nowadays but good thing is PC3200 or PC2700 is backward compatible with your machine. Also the more the better, you will get a better running system also by adding matched pairs and in size like 2x 512MB = 1GB and not 256MB + 512MB

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Folks,My audio system packed up over Xmas and I have intentionally purchased a new one without cassette playing capability.I have a few cassettes that I would like to get into mp3 files so that I can keep them ... mainly family events, kids, and stuff .. irreplaceable really.I have tried to use the applications that come with the PC, etc, but I can't seem to find aything that will allow attachment from an old Sony Walkman (line out) to PC (line in) and save as an mp3 ready for transfer to a USB memory stick.I am sure that there are many ways of doing something like this, but after 4 hours of looking, I have come nowhere near.Any ideas please?

Answer:From cassettes to UBS sticks?

Have you tried iTunes? click here

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Anyone seen / bought / use a U3 USB Memory stick?
Seems like they have been out for 2 years but have slipped under my radar.

I read somewhere that U3 have a special partition for security password, plus other features.

A couple of links.

Any info on these will be appreciated. Bazza

Answer:U3 USB Memory sticks


U3 Info

One flash drive line w/U3
SanDisk Cruzer® Titanium USB Flash Drive

That should get you started.

Happy trailz,

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so i was tlakingto a windows support specialist and they said my laptop can take up to 128 gb og ram then they pointed me the the hp website that said it could take up to that much but i wanted more insight are there certain types of ram sticks that only the hp can take and if so where can i buy it i want a trusted website.

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I have read that Vista can use additional RAM, taken from a USB stick, to increase the memory available to Vista.

Can anyone provide make and models of USB sticks that will work in this way in Vista?

I realise that all 32 bit versions of Vista are limited to 4 gigs anyhow, but as I have 2 gigs in my laptop, I could theoretically allocate 2 gigs from an appropriate USB stick to increase Vista "RAM" to 4 gigs very cheaply.

Does the speed of USB RAM rate somewhere between installed RAM, and Hard drive swap file access speed, or is it slower than HD access speeds?

I don't have Vista yet, just doing lots of reading. Bazza

Answer:Vista and USB RAM sticks


See this page and use the link to the Compatibility Chart.

I've used these sticks and know them to be compatible.

This is one of their flash drives they state to be ReadyBoost compatible.
It works with ReadyBoost.
Flash Voyager GT 8GB (Red) CMFUSB2.0-8GBGT

These 2 models are not advertised as ReadyBoost compatible but on
plugging them in I was prompted to enable ReadyBoost and they work just fine.

Flash Voyager 8GB (Blue) CMFUSB2.0-8GB
Flash Voyager 16GB (Blue) CMFUSB2.0-16GB

When you first plug one of these into Vista, a dialog box pops up and asks you how much (up to 4GB) of RAM you would like to allocate to ReadyBoost.

I had my doubts on how much ReadyBoost would help me:
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual Core S939 Toledo
RAM: 2GB (Corsair XMS-3500LL PRO 2GB kit) PC3500 CL2/1T
HDDs: 2 x 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA 3Gb/s 7200RPM 16MB
Vista RC2

From the light on the sticks, Vista seems to be accessing them quite a bit so I assume it is helping.

See also:

Happy trailz,

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Installed two sticks - one Gig each - for a total of 2GigMade sure that it was installed correctly but still doesn't work. Tried both seperatly in each slot and it will work fine. But both of them together no luck E-Machine w6409 3.0 Ghz/800 Mhz/fsb/1M l2 cacheprocessor is 531 That is pretty much all I know. I could find out more if you need me to. PLEASE HELP.Thanks

Answer:two new sticks of RAM - now my XP shuts down

Are both of the memory stick exacly the same because that could be a reason or if your mother board doesn't support any more than 1gb of ram?Have a read of your mother board manual and see what it says on ram installation.Tan_Za

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I've looked on ebay for 16 gb memory sticks but been put off by warnings of scams involving 16gb memory sticks only being 4 gb etc. Is there a reputable UK site on the net or a high street retailer selling reasonable priced memory? Thanks for any help.

Answer:16 gb memory sticks

click hereI have had 120Gb version for over a year. Fits in your shirt pocket. Can't go wrong for £50!

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I have a PC running Win XP SP2. All USB devices are recognised and work absolutely fine. Until recently this included USB memory sticks but for some reason they have appeared to stop working. I have tried various different memory sticks and tried them in different PCs so I know that is not the issue.Any ideas why my PC would all of a sudden just refuse to recognise the memory sticks??

Answer:USB sticks won't work!

Refresh USB PortsUse Drive clean up to remove USB device drive info from the registryclick hereorIn device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB, reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.Your equipment should now be recognised.

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Hello- i figured this topic would be discussed elsewhere but i searched forum and found nothing..anyways, the swivel sticks and makes a popping noise every now and then when i am opening and closing or repositioning the computer screen vertically..(so it must not involve the rotational swivel..only the vertical hinge..? i am just scared i am going to break something..does anyone know what is the best lube to use for this..?i think i read something about a silicone lube...after i order it, how the heck do you apply it and is there any type of tools needed as well as instructions?  THANKS!-ps- does anyone know how to shutup a squealing charger--im guessing it just gets overheated..oh yeah- i have an x60 if that makes any differenceMessage Edited by coffeeman23 on 09-27-2008 11:47 AM


Go to Solution.


1.  There is a great chance that your hinge is going to sheer off.  The popping noise that you hear is not a good noise.  You should send in your X60 to have it repaired soon. 2.  Call the help desk and discuss this issue with them.  Your charger should be replaced to fix this.  The squealing does come from heat, which some X60 chargers have an issue with.  I believe that this is a known issue by Lenovo, for the X60 Tablets.

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Question: memory sticks

Has anyone used the memory sticks that are password protected. Are they efficient and easy to use ?I need to order a couple of sticks and wasn't aware that they are avail.but can see the benefits if they actually workTony

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Question: Memory Sticks

I put about a 100 pictures(holiday snaps) to show a friend and he couldn't open 2 of them. When I got them back I naturally deleted them but when I came to use the stick again the 2 he couldn't open were back again. I deleted again,stick reading as empty, removed and then replaced the stick and they are back again. Can anyone help or will I have to buy another stick? Ole.H

Answer:Memory Sticks

Right click on Computer then open then right click on the memory stick and format fat32 and see if that works

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Question: memory sticks

Hi,Currently using a Pc with two 512mb PC3200 DDR 400mhz cards. I have access to two 1 gig PC6400 DDR2 800 cards. Would these work or even fit into my old machine. The current motherboard is a ASUS A7N8X Deluxe nVidia nForce 2.Many thanks

Answer:memory sticks

Hi, run the scan on here herethis will tell you all you need to know about your own pc/memory.

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Question: USB Memory Sticks

Hi There FolksA good friend of mine has recently developed an infatuation for USB memory sticks, (don't ask!) saying that it was a "Good Idea" for extended communications between our two PCs'.Falling for her blandishments I duly purchased a 1GB specimen, plugged it into one of my USB sockets and "hey presto", NOTHING happened!Reading around the subject brought me to the conclusion that the problem was my use of Windows 98SE, my friend is using XP Professional. Tentatively approaching my mysoginistic local computer dealer resulted in a shower of rather inappropriate remarks, such as "...£40 to just look at it ... £60 an hour plus cost of any parts ....", etc. - WOWMembers of this Forum have always come up trumps in my previous PC escapades, so here goes:-I now understand that a Driver is needed for these memory sticks to work under Windows 98SE, is there one generic driver for any type or size of Stick? - Or are there several different drivers? - Does the make of mother board make any difference? etc.As you can see lads, I'm rather in a bit of a quandry here - any suggestions as to what, where and how to get the necessary driver(s)?All ideas to solve this problem will be appreciated.My motherboard is one of the MSI KT4V series - MS-6712 (v1.X) ATX Mainboard.Halfpenny

Answer:USB Memory Sticks

Is the memory stick a branded one, I assume it came without a disk. If you know the make of it you might be able to download the driver from the manufacturers website.

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I have a Asus A7n8x mobo and have 1 stick of 512mb of 3200 ddr memory. I was thinking of getting more memory to use dual channel mode. But should i buy 2x256mb to fill up the other 2 slots or buy 1 stick of 512?

Answer:More Memory ? & how many sticks?

If one fails its cheaper to replace.

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Question: memory sticks

im looking for a memory stick preferably 128mb that plugs straight into my usb ports does what it has to do then goes back into my pocket? whenever i search for one all i seem to get is smart media cards etc etc etc. I am am actually considering putting my fist thru my screen.please help as that could be painfull and expensive.cheers

Answer:memory sticks

100's to choose from at click here . You are looking for a USB Flash Memory 'Hard Drive'.

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Question: memory sticks

the memory stick you use in a usb port. any recomendations as to type .and using them to save pics and files .would it be possible to send from a floppy disk say .the 98 start up . and use to fdisk etc .if you move to another computer .would the files download ..say from 98 to xp .anyone tried them out .cheers for your comments

Answer:memory sticks

I use a 128mb stick from click here, it works a treat in all OS's but you will need a downloadable driver for Win98, all the others recognize it straight away. It is used just like any other drive and stores any files you want. If I understand your question correctlty you are asking if it can be used as a start up disk, this is not possible as USB does not start until windows has loaded.

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having problems with usb sticks. I have a sandisk 16gb cruzer blade which i use to copy media files onto so i can play them on a netbook when i'm away. I copy from a W7 laptop using a usb 2.0 port. This works fine.
recently i bought 2 more usb sticks, a toshiba 64GB and a Sandisk 32GB. Both these have the same problem. When i copy media files to them (audio or video), files i can read on my laptop from the copies i have made to the laptop, i can't read them from the usb stick even though the copies complete without errors. I can copy these same files to my 16GB usb stick and they work fine.
All these sticks have FAT32 file organisation. Does anyone know what is causing this problem? I know there are issues formatting drives above a certain size in FAT32 but these are preformatted and brand new. I bought them from supposedly reliable EBAY sellers - could it be a formatting issue, or might there be some doubts as to whether they are genuine articles? Or what??

Answer:windows 7 & USB sticks

Windows 7 will read and write FAT32 files to your external hard drive or any other FAT32 external device.
But I still think that your problem is the FAT32 file formation,I would format them using the NTFS file system structure.

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Question: Memory sticks ?

I have several memory sticks (TDK & PNY)Vista says that I need drivers for them but it cant find them.They can be used on XP no problem.Any Thoughts ?Thanks

Answer:Memory sticks ?

Maybe click here click here but my guess is you do not need drivers in Vista.Check PNP is enabled in the bios.

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Question: USB Memory Sticks

Has anyone noticed that when you upload a large file to a memory stick (USB) it takes a few minutes, but when you delete the same file off the stick, it only takes a few seconds? Is this a Vista issue, or a Lenovo issue? Any Thoughts?

MightyTribyLenovo 3000 C200, 8922-A61. 3GB Ram.Vista home BasicThunderbird, Openoffice, Mozilla, Songbird, AVI Player, Any Video Convertor, Ashampoo Burning Studio

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Question: Memory Sticks

I have a problem of a memory stick that has no manual write protect switch, but is being reported as write protected by Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates. I can still read from the stick but cannot delete anything or replace anything. This pretty much renders it useless. I have tried to locate the vendor of this stick but cannot get any positive search results in Google using the device Id. Please help !

Answer:Memory Sticks

What are the first two four digit numbers (PCI vendor and device ID)?

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So, after paying STAPLES to install the new ram onto my Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 laptop and them screwing it up with a faulty stick, I've received a new stick of ram and am waiting to get home to my laptop with a new hard-drive.

Here is my question,

How do I install it?

Stock: 2X1GB DDR2 RAM
Upgrade: 1X1GB DDR2 Stock RAM & 1X2GB DDR2 Upgrade Ram

The upgrade is from a totally different company but it is confirmed it is compatible.

How do I install this? I know so far I need to install it on the bottom slot and un-plug the notebook, remove the battery. However, I'm wondering if I should hold in the power button for a little bit to dis-charge any remaining power from the PSU's?

Got any other tips or suggestions?



Answer:Swapping ram sticks...

Originally Posted by Presario


So, after paying STAPLES to install the new ram onto my Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 laptop and them screwing it up with a faulty stick, I've received a new stick of ram and am waiting to get home to my laptop with a new hard-drive.

Here is my question,

How do I install it?

Stock: 2X1GB DDR2 RAM
Upgrade: 1X1GB DDR2 Stock RAM & 1X2GB DDR2 Upgrade Ram

The upgrade is from a totally different company but it is confirmed it is compatible.

How do I install this? I know so far I need to install it on the bottom slot and un-plug the notebook, remove the battery. However, I'm wondering if I should hold in the power button for a little bit to dis-charge any remaining power from the PSU's?

Got any other tips or suggestions?



Removing the battery would me enough.

To actually install the new module, just note carefully how the old one is mounted before removing it, then mount the new one the same way.

And remember the golden rule: If you need to use force to install it, you are either installing it wrong, or you have the wrong type. Be gentle.

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I have recently installed vista ultimate x64 on a new machine:
Athlon X64 5400+
4 GB kingston 1066

Everything is perfect except a terrible problem with my
usb2 sticks. I cant copy large files ( > 500 MB) to any of them.
All the sticks are formatted to FAT32 and working perfectly to
other machines with xp installed. Never had any problem with them.

Vista starts copying the file to the usb. After a while (40 - 50%) it stops for a
minute or two and then an error displays saying something like
file c:\documents ....\filename no longer exists. The led on my usb
stick continues to blink like crazy and it stops blinking only if i remove it
no matter how long I wait (hours).

This does not happen with small files. Also in event log I see something
about an error during a caching operation.

I have tried the following:
I reformatted my sticks to ntfs. Same problem
I have checked "optimize for performance". Same problem

I have installed all updates from microsoft. I also googled a lot
and I have found similar problems but no solution.
Any help please? I dont want to go back to XP since I loved this new OS.

Answer:problem with usb sticks

Reformat to FAT32 system which supports up to 4 GB. The file system will fully support the whole system, and then you should try it again. Also check if your USB stick has one of those special programs, which limits the size of each file.

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I have 3 usb sticks in my laptop 2x16gb and 1x32gb.I noticed that my laptop now and then reboots when the sticks are placed in the laptopI updated the usb driver but no help.I red in the forum that the wifi driver can cause the problem too updated that too not solvedIs there a solution?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Reboot with usb sticks

hi Remmert1972,
May I know the model and the OS of the Lenovo machine?
Also, Just to verify: 
1. Do you get a bluescreen before the machine restarts?
2. Are you trying to read/write from USB flashdrive\ when the machine suddenly restarts?
Things that you can try:
1. Boot the machine in Safe Mode and observe.
2. If you get a BSOD before the machine reboots, consider using BlueScreenView or WhoCrashed to see what file caused the crash.
Let me know how it goes.

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Okay so im thinking about buying more Ram for my PC since i currently only have 2GB of ram ( 32 - bit )

I had Crucial scanner scan my PC to see what kind of Memory i have and what i can upgrade to.
Memory upgrades from - Determine My Memory Needs

If the link above works for you guys, you will see the two peace kits that they recommend for me. They both have the same price so what's the difference?

this is the first kit:
2GB kit (1GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 memory module

Part Number: CT700736 Module Size: 2GB kit (1GBx2)
Package: 240-pin DIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-5300
Specs: DDR2 PC2-5300 ? CL=5 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR2-667 ? 1.8V ? 128Meg x 64 ?

Second kit:
2GB kit (1GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400 memory module

Part Number: CT764974 Module Size: 2GB kit (1GBx2)
Package: 240-pin DIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-6400
Specs: DDR2 PC2-6400 ? CL=6 ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR2-800 ? 1.8V ? 128Meg x 64 ?
So which one is better? or are they the same? both cost $33.39.

Which one should i buy? Hope to hear back from you guys soon, thanks

Answer:Question about Ram sticks.

Either is fine, I would personally go for the 2nd one as it provides better performance, but overall you wont really notice much of a difference between the two sets.

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at present i use some 40 floppy disks for all my work - for security and convenience - but these are now 12 years old and becoming full and unreliablei want to replace them with 10 or 12 reliable memory sticks holding about 250 Mb eachthe question is - which should i go for and where will i find best value on line ? please - jarani

Answer:which memory sticks

Might be a good idea to burn your work to a removable media like DvD, A. you will only need ONE B. you can password protect your files..

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Question: Memory sticks

Is there a memory stick larger than 4GBs available can any one reccommend a good make ?

Answer:Memory sticks

click here

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All -I can't understand it but I have a huge problem with USB devices and my T60.EVERY USB device works 100% fine - despite of USB memory/HDD/other memory devices.Neither USB HDD or USB Sticks nor a SD drive via USB - no media is accecpted.I always get back: "Media not formatted".If I do format everthing works - but only with this notebook.So I am not able to share data with other computer - or not able to get my pics from my cam... Please can you help?Thank you very much in advance,iBigfoot Message Edited by ibigfoot2008 on 09-05-2008 10:04 AMMessage Edited by ibigfoot2008 on 09-05-2008 10:05 AMMessage Edited by ibigfoot2008 on 09-05-2008 10:05 AM

Answer:Problem with T60 and USB Sticks

I'm having the exact same problem.  I've posted this issue here before and was not able to get any responses.  My system is still under warranty for defects and I believe this to be a defect. On top of this issue, my system also has a problem with recognizing media in the DVD-RW drive.  I get power to all devices but that's it.  No recognition of any storage type media except for the internal HDD. One other grip.. my laptop completely powers off while the battery is charging.  Happened three times so far while plugged in with battery at 34%.  I've lost so much work because of this issue I'm really getting a bad taste in the mouth for IBM/Lenovo.  My company started moving away from IBM/Lenovo products as well to other alternatives like Dell/HP. 

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Question: cmos sticks at

on boot up cmos stays at verifying dmi pool datacan not do a thing help

Answer:cmos sticks at

click herethis may help...

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I am getting problems with a couple of memory stick that refurse to be reconized on my sons PC.They work OK and other PC's. I think it is an issue with USB 2.0 support as USB 1.1 devices seem to work.I have reloaded Windows XP Service Pack two.What am I doing wrong?

Answer:USB 2.0 and Memory Sticks

It sounds as if you have the original XP CD, which has been updated with XP2 & other updates.I would suggest you use the repair option on XP , however this is not straightforward using an old (original) CD.Go to the microsoft site and download the XP boot file for your version of XP.You will need 6 floppy disks.Follow instructions to create floppy boot disks.Set your machine to boot from floppy, insert floppy 1 into the drive and your XP CD in the CD drive. Re-start machine and follow instructions.Ignore the first repair option.All going well you will come to a blue 'Terms and Conditions' screen -Press F8 to continue, the press ESC for advanced options. Select the R for repair, and allow XP to check your system-remove and re-install files as required (Automatic). You will need the XP Code, and you will have to re-load your XP SP2 and all updates, however all other programs on your system should (no guarantee) be ok, with the exception of any EMails, addresses etc which will be lost. This will repair your system.

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