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Sharing applications between users, power users and admin

Question: Sharing applications between users, power users and admin

What is the best way to share execution priviledges between limited users, power users, and administrators?

Say an application has already been installed by a higher priviledged user type, and a limited user cannot execute it - e.g. an ISP login software, or Spy Sweeper. Note: ISP login software lacks profile, so I suppose I could just create that, however, Spy Sweeper is a head scratcher.

Should the application be uninstalled and reinstall under All Users? How do you install an application to allow All Users to use it?

I have already tried to use the "Run As" right-click Properties w/Shift key approach and that does not work.

Is there an approach with regard to local security policy that would do what I want to do? How is that done? Or, is Access Control List the way to go?

-- Tom

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Preferred Solution: Sharing applications between users, power users and admin

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Sharing applications between users, power users and admin


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Hi guyz,

I am working on the task to take Admin Privileges form the development users in our company. Now there is a problem that some of the applications require the Admin privileges when they need to be installed on the system. And Development people need to install/uninstall these softwares in their daily routine. I have tested that the power user is also not able to install these applications and it requires admin privileges to install these kinds of applications.

Can anyone help me how I can specify a program/or applications to be installed without providing the admin privileges or any other solution for this problem so that I should not be giving the Admin privileges to the developers and at the same time they can install/uninstall those applications.

Plz help me in this regard.

Answer:How to Run Applications which requires Admin Priviliges for Power Users

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I just loaded Kodak Software under my user accoount on my Vista Dell Notebook. I see that it also shows up on the desktop and can be run from other user accounts (Family, daughter, and so on..) How do I change the setting so that it goes away in these other accounts and just stays active within mine?



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We have a new computer in my house running Windows XP Home Edition. My step dad wants to limit each family member to a limited account, but we are having a hard time installing programs so all the users have access to them. I have heard restricing programs is hard, but how do i allow all users to run the same programs with the same save directories and such?

Answer:New Computer: Problems with sharing applications with all users

Not completely sure what your asking, but you need to be a member of the admin group to install programs so that every member of the computer can access them. Limited account can not install software.

If a program does not show up in a limited account then you can create the shortcut to the program in the "all users" program group.
To see all users programs list, click start, run type C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs (assuming C: is the drive windows is on)

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Cannot seem to find the right info on this one. I have been through the GPO settings and have found that nothing really refers to the level of restrictions applied for downloading.How far can the download restrictions go even after choosing the correct user policy?Kind regards

Answer:Power Users vs Restricted Users (for downloads)

I should know the answer to this one ..but my mind has gone blank.... so this will bump it up to the top again.

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I have a buncha users that I have as power users, since the software we use will not work as a normal user... problem is, they can install stuff on the local machine that way. How can I have ONE program run as a poweruser/admin/whatever, but have the rest of the system as a restricted user??

Thanks for your time,

Answer:Want to block users from being power users...

What's up Qwerty.

In XP, you can choose to run a program as a different user. Right-click the shortcut, select Advanced, then check "Run with different credentials". When you execute the program, it will prompt which user to run it as. You may have to read up on how to make it not prompt for a password each time.

MSDN has an in-depth article on the subject.

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There is a user, Dad, with admin privileges on a Windows 7 machine (this is me).

There are other users, kid1 and kid2, with no admin privileges (my kids ;-) )

I want to let kid1 and kid2 access the contents of a directory in my userspace C:\Users\Dad\ . In fact it's not at the top level, let's say it's C:\Users\Dad\ownCloud\photos (because it is). I want to let kid1 have read/write access and kid2 read only access.

I navigated my way to C:\Users\Dad\ownCloud and then right-clicked on photos, clicked on properties, clicked on the sharing tab, and did what looked like the sensible thing (gave the kids the required access).

I then logged in as kid2 and attempted to find my way to C:\Users\Dad\ownCloud\photos. I got there -- but on the way I saw far too much -- kid2 can see a complete list of the names of all files and directories in D:\Users\Dad (not ideal) and also names of all files and directories in C:\Users\Dad\ownCloud (which is not acceptable, because that is my entire life in the cloud).

Is this expected behaviour when sharing directories in Windows? If not, what did I do wrong?

If so then this is no good and I guess I need a workaround. The problem is that I am not at all sure that I can move the directory, because it part of a cloud storage service (like Dropbox, but a different company) and as far as I know that directory ...\ownCloud\photos (the one I want to share with my kids) must be a subdirectory of ...\ownCloud (the one that I really don't want my kids ... Read more

Answer:Admin wants to share a directory with non-admin users

NTFS Folder Permissions

I'm thinking if you create a symbolic link in C:\Users\Public you may be able to let the kids go directly to the shared folder. Perhaps then you can deny Traverse permission to block the parent folder. But I haven't done it myself.

Stoik Joker,who has the NTFS permissions page in the above link, is also a regular poster on You may be able to ask for clarifications there. And of course someone with SysAdmin type experience may chime in here.

If you succeed using external info please post the solution.

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Does anyone know of a way to restrict users from installing applications on their workstations? (Windows XP/Windows 2000)

Via - Group Policy, Reg Hack...ect.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Restrict Users from installing applications?

Well, this is really not a networking question, FWIW.

The easy way to restrict users with 2K and XP is to not allow them admimistrative or power user status.

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i'm using win 2000 with 2 users installed on it me the administrator and another power user group ..

i'm facing some thing that i don't know if there is really a solution for it or not

it's about the default applications ..

for example i'm using Firefox and Thunderbird and the default browser and mail client
yet the other user prefers to use IE with outlook

that is just for example as there is lots of applications that we don't share the interest in with each other image viewer , media type player and even he pdf reader her prefer the adobe reader and i like foxit reader

so each time i open my account i find all the files opened by the applications that i don't like
for example once i open the screen i press the mail bottom on the keyboard to check my mail with my Thunderbird but i find outlook popping on the screen asking for password .
the same for the other user too ..

so is there any way that can separate the default applications for each user ?

hope you got what i mean


Answer:Default applications and windows users

There is a place in the system registry for user-specific associations, but most applications (including Windows itself) do not use it.

You could customize the entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes - these overrride the systemwide stuff and apply only to the current user.

You could also take away the right to edit global file associations from the Power Users group.

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Answer:Help admin users gone?

Serious help needed my comp is useless like this

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I work at a university with computer labs. I am wanting to deploy Windows 8 in my labs. The problem is that it isn't familiar to the average person. I would like to place common tiles on the Metro Start for all users. This is a domain environment. It is simple to place these apps on the desktop for all users, but that does not serve the purpose; being that most users probably won't even figure out how to navigate to the desktop. I have already found out how to place these apps for all users on the "All Apps" page, but not the Start page.

Thank You

Answer:Metro Start Menu Applications for All Users

Everything I have installed on the desktop has placed a tile/icon on the start screen.

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I downloaded windows 10 on my husband's desktop computer. He is the one user. Somehow his stuff is separated into two users - me being the other user. It may be a problem with our google/gmail accounts that messed things up, but I didn't do anything to indicate their would be two users. My husband seems to think that what I do on my desktop PC affects him. Should I see a local specialist on this and if so, who am I looking for? I'm just an average computer user with no tech knowledge.

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i have windows7 on my pc with an admin (me) and a normal user (my brother) part, every time i install a program, win7 don't ask me nothing, and install in both parts, now i want to install some programs only in my admin section, and i want the other users can't see the program i've installed, they can't see, they can't touch, they can't do any damage XD

someone can help me?
thank you

Answer:Windows7 admin & users

Down load the program. Right click on icon go to properties>compatibility> change setting for users >privileges. Then select what you want.

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Here is EXACTLY what it says

Windows could not connect to the system event notification service service.
Please consult your system administrator.

Now I checked the system event log, and all of that stuff means nothing to me.

Talked to the system admin, he doesn't know either.

So please help me out!

Answer:Limited (Non Admin) users cannot log on!?!

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Having recently rebuilt Win 2k due to corruption because of using it as Administrator, I now intend to use it as a Standard or Restricted User; but although all of my programs run fine from the Administrator account, some of them will not run from the other account. Have given the other accounts Full Control in Security Properties but still no good. Any suggestions please.
PS I had several 'tech support chats' with MS and was given a phone number to ring which is unobtainable.

Answer:Non admin users in Win 2k cannot run programs

I have found the answer myself! Actually with a little help from Ansys Tech Support.
Log on as Administrator:
You need to use regedt32.exe (regedit.exe will not do) and in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE click Security and Permissions AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN! Click Add, select Everyone in the next top screen, click Add in the middle, and OK at the bottom. Back in the Security screen, Select Everyone in the top screen, and click the READ box in the lower screen to put a tick in it.
This has enabled all of my Restricted users to use any program.

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I downloaded windows 10 on my husband's desktop computer. He is the one user. Somehow his stuff is separated into two users - me being the other user. It may be a problem with our google/gmail accounts that messed things up, but I didn't do anything to indicate their would be two users. My husband seems to think that what I do on my desktop PC affects him. Should I see a local specialist on this and if so, who am I looking for? I'm just an average computer user with no tech knowledge.

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"Could not load or run 'C:\Users\admin\Temp\csrss.exe' specified in the registry. My computer has been doing this for a while, but i was ignoring it, but i need help on what to do...

Answer:"Could not load or run 'C:\Users\admin

Hello, looks like a broken malware file. Lets try this way firstRun TFC by OT (Temp File Cleaner)Please download TFC by Old Timer and save it to your desktop. alternate download linkSave any unsaved work. TFC will close ALL open programs including your browser! Double-click on TFC.exe to run it. If you are using Vista, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator. Click the Start button to begin the cleaning process and let it run uninterrupted to completion. Important! If TFC prompts you to reboot, please do so immediately. If not prompted, manually reboot the machine anyway to ensure a complete clean.

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Today I was adding my first two Win7 client workstations to our Active Directory. We map drives via GPO to WinXP SP3 clients with no problems. Today I joined my first Win7 client with no problem. However, when I log in on the Win7 client (users with local admin priv) , I don't get any drive mappings. If I switch the users to the local users group, then the drive mappings will appear. Also, if I disable the UAC (user access control), a user with local admin rights will get their drive mappings.

I don't want to operate without the extra protection of the UAC, but is there a way to have local admin rights and get your drive mappings (with the UAC enabled)???

Thanks in advance

Answer:Drives won't map for users with Admin rights

There is a way but I believe you need to go into the group policy editor to do so. This procedure is for Vista but it should also work for Windows 7.

To change the elevation prompt behavior for administrators Click Start, click Accessories, click Run, type secpol.msc in the Open box, and then click OK.
From the Local Security Settings console tree, click Local Policies, and then Security Options.
Scroll down to and double-click User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators.
From the drop-down menu, select one of the following settings:Elevate without prompting (tasks requesting elevation will automatically run as elevated without prompting the administrator)
Prompt for credentials (this setting requires user name and password input before an application or task will run as elevated)
Prompt for consent (default setting for administrators)

Click OK.
Close the Local Security Settings window.
To change the elevation prompt behavior for standard users Click Start, click Accessories, click Run, type secpol.msc in the Open box, and then click OK.
From the Local Security Settings console tree, click Local Policies, and then Security Options.
Scroll down to and double-click User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users.
From the drop-down menu, select one of the following settings:Automatically deny elevation requests (standard users will not be able to run programs requiring elevation, and will not be prompted)
Prompt for c... Read more

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Hey all,

I need to allow some of our users to start an application on their workstations, but UAC will only allow admin users to start this application (control software for remote security cameras). The workstations are running Windows 7, and our server architecture is Server 2003. We'd prefer the application to be installed on the local machines rather than run directly from the server. Does anyone know a way to allow a user to start such an app without A) having administrator privileges, and B) completely disabling UAC?


Answer:Allowing access to non-admin users

Hi sqlreid and welcome to Sevenforums!

There's this way: Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User

In short you use the built-in administrator account and store the password in the Credential Manager. But it's not a perfect solution, make sure you read the information in the warning boxes!

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Hi gurus,

I recently have installed windows 8. It works great so far for me. Currently, I have an administrator account and a normal user account.
What i noticed here was, whenever i install a software on the administrator side (for eg: Spotify), it does not go into program files but another folder : C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Roaming or LocalUser...

And on the User side, it will not show the program that I have installed in the administrator side. I tried doing the application search type on the metro, it does not show anything up at all.
Usually when I install software, some application has a setting where it says install for all users, but this time there are software that does not have that options,and I would like whatever I have on the admin end to show up on the user end. Anyway I can do that?

Any ideas how can i do that?


Answer:Application install on Admin not in users

Some programs will do that.
I'm not sure why but Spotify does it.
There is quite a few topics asking very same question. For instance:

I found out that Google Chrome will do very same thing:!topic/chrome/umUC6G8mTkA

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Hi all,

a works laptop has gone screwey (it mainly affects the user account) and i need to get the pop3 mail settings etc off that account.
It lets me log in as admin only, albeit very slow and haphazard. It hangs when trying to log in as the user.
Whilst logged in as admin is there any way i can access the users email and export to a .pst so i can then re-import it onto a working laptop? If i log in to the user in safe mode, then try opening outlook it comes up with an error, asking me to restart the program or reinstall.
Using Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP2 laptop.
Thanks for any help offered

Answer:Exporting users .pst from Admin account

Just browse to the relevant folder in the user's Documents and Settings..

If it denies access, take ownership of the folder and subfolders.

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Windows XP SP22 admin and 4 other users on this PCOther users get two types of error messages during logon:1) You don't have full register permission for Profiler2) Lots of small, simple, "Error" windows. 9 in all.They can do all they need to but closing these messages is a pain. Any ideas?

Answer:Non admin users in XP get 9 error messages

Repair XP by replacing corrupt filesTypesfc /scannowin the run box, press enter and let system file checker find and replace missing / corrupt file in windows and explorer.This will take awhile to complete and you may be asked for the CD to be in the drive if windows is not preinstalled on the hard drive. sfc /scannow problemsclick hereRepair XP by install over the top of existing systm1. Boot the computer using the XP CD. You may need to change the boot order in the system BIOS so the CD boots before the hard drive. Check your system documentation for steps to access the BIOS and change the boot order.2. When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen, you will see This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer:To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3. 3. Press Enter to start the Windows Setup. To setup Windows XP now and Repair Install , press ENTER. DO NOT choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", (you Do Not want to load Recovery Console). 4. Accept the License Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.5. Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press R to start the repair.6. Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot. Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears. Setup will continue as if it w... Read more

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When users with admin privileges have ownership of files and folders, do those files and folders remain, or are they deleted?

This question arises from having tried to copy my primary admin profile to that of a new (backup) admin user. During that tedious and unsuccessful process, I had to change ownership and privileges of a number of folders and files, and now some of my programs are having trouble finding needed files. So rather than wading through everything and changing the settings back, I'd prefer to delete the new admin user -- as long as I won't lose the files.

Does that even make sense? (It's way past my bedtime!)

Answer:Deleting Users With Admin Privileges

Make copys of all the files you want to keep or use an admin account and pull the files onto the account you wish to keep then delete the old one. As long as you have a copy that you have privileges to on the account you are going to keep you should be fine, just make sure to keep a copy of all the files that you can get into.

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After the updates (kb958690, kb905866, kb960225) were installed on the morning of 3/10, sound no longer functions on users that do not have admin privileges. If I log back into an admin account everything works fine. I've rolled back the Windows Mail (kb905866) update, but it has had no effect. Given that the other two are for security updates, I left those in place.

For other reference, I run a Sony VIAO media center that was working fine before that update. And after the update, there is one of the standard application services from Sony that is not prompting for an admin password when logging into a non-admin account. Entering the correct information has no effect.

Without rolling back security updates, or opening up all users as admin, are there any ideas on how to get the sound back?

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Hi All,

Windows 7 Professional 64bit

I have used the guide on how to enable and hide the in-built admin account and was successful however I found that after making the account I used to set up Windows 7 from admin to standard user and then disabling the in-built admin account the UAC setting would not correctly work, as it wanted admin privileges but it was not giving me the option to enter the admin password. The ok button would be greyed out.

Has anyone come across this before and if so what is the solution.

Answer:Admin and Standard Account Users

Never happened to me before, however, did you try going into safemode and sorting it out from there?

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One of my users wants to use a different Office Assistant in MS Word. Pain in the *** I say, but it's a simple change so I go to make it.
She can't change it logged on as herself due to access restrictions. I try to map the drive as the admin but can't due to conflicting credentials or something of that nature. Then I log on as admin and make the change, but of course the change isn't propagated into the users account. And this brings me to my point. I'm new to administrating on a corporate level so bear with me...

We have our users locked down, and that won't change. So, when one of them wants a change to their system that requires admin rights, how do I do it and make sure the change happens to the user's account as well. Is there some way I can log on as admin in their account? With the above example what's the solution?


Answer:Admin trying to make changes to users settings

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-Admin users can dialup and access internet without problem
-PowerUsers can dialup, but are not able to transfer data. DNS-Error/ Cannot access the page. The DNS is not the problem. Entering the IP in the browser does not help. Napster did not work either, and probably no other application.

As soon as I give the users admin access, it works fine. Tried to create a new user account, but the same problem.

Tried to reinstall IE5.5. I use win2000 with sp2. It worked fine before. I've resently restored from a crash. Tape restore on top of another basic installation.

Any ideas?


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tonight my mother takes over my admin account and is setting parental controls so it sets a time so i can log on, i have made a user account and still want to get my files from my admin folder, but i cant... is there anyway i can go around this..

its just that i cant be bothered moving files over to the user account...the parental controls are temporary till i control myself on how long i am on my computer, because atm i am not listerning to my perants requests and i end up forgetting what they have asked me, which i get in to trouble if i don't do what i am told

any help would be ace!!!

Answer:trying to get into my admin folder from users account

Hello Harley,

We will not help you bypass your mother's wishes. If you want this resolved, you will need to talk to her to allow you to.

Thread closed.

If you post anymore posts trying to circumvent your mother's Parental Control settings here, you will be permanently banned.

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I'm the administrator for my company but was not around when the original IT here setup the account settings and whatnot.

The issue I'm having is with the UAC. For most users whenever they try to install a file, add a printer, or make and kind of setting changes, the UAC pops up and prompts for a password. But as I work with more employees I'm noticing that some of their accounts won't give me the option to enter my login and thus, not able to make appropriate changes to their computers.

It doesn't seem to have a real pattern as to who it is affecting (e.g it's happening to newly created users as well as long time employees). I feel it prudent to say that I've got no official training in this field and am self taught. That isn't to say I won't be able to answer followup questions or elaborate on the issue.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

Answer:UAC not prompting certain users for admin login

Is that happening on an individual machine that many people share (under their own account each) or across many computers for each one? Are they using domain accounts or locally defined users?
A few things to check beforehand would be, that UAC is really enabled where the problem happens and that the users are really standard without admin rights.

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Hi all new to the forum. My sister has given me her go stream, I'm having trouble figuring out how to delete her account and add my own. Anyone able to help with this?Thanks in advance

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Hi, how can i grant local computer admin rights to the domain users on the same computer? Please help, thanks.

Answer:admin rights for domain users

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Hi all, everytime I install a new program it is available to all other users on my home pc. I am the administrator but not sure how to install for only me. Also for programs already installed how can I remove them from others users but keep them available for me to use. Thanks

Answer:Install new program in admin, not other users

Hello cjrolls

Boot into Safe Mode
Right click on the installation file/Properties /Security.
Click Add /Advanced /Find Now
Select the Users you want to block
then OK again
Under ?Deny for each user? put a check at ?Full Control?

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Can I change users as the administrator?

I have one account (A) as the administrator. I want to change the administrator to a different account (B) and then take away the administrator ability of (A).

Can this be done? I've seen the tutorials on this site but that question wasn't answered that I could tell.

As it is now, I have some important work related documents, financial records, business websites and personal writings on the administrator account and I want them on a non-admin account so if I take the PC in for repair or changes in hardware, prying eyes can't pry.

Thank you

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Can I change users as the administrator?

I have one account (A) as the administrator. I want to change the administrator to a different account (B) and then take away the administrator ability of (A).

Can this be done? I've seen the tutorials on this site but that question wasn't answered that I could tell.

As it is now, I have some important work related documents, financial records, business websites and personal writings on the administrator account and I want them on a non-admin account so if I take the PC in for repair or changes in hardware, prying eyes can't pry.

Thank you

Answer:Can I change users as the administrator? I only want one as admin.

jimmieballgame said:

Can I change users as the administrator?

I have one account (A) as the administrator. I want to change the administrator to a different account (B) and then take away the administrator ability of (A).

Can this be done? I've seen the tutorials on this site but that question wasn't answered that I could tell.

As it is now, I have some important work related documents, financial records, business websites and personal writings on the administrator account and I want them on a non-admin account so if I take the PC in for repair or changes in hardware, prying eyes can't pry.

Thank you

Hello, jimmieballgame. Welcome to TenForums.

The repair shop will need an admin account to have control over any hardware or software changes. By design all admin accounts have essentially unrestricted control over the computer. Whatever access they do not have they can grant themselves. Any change made by one admin can be changed by another. All admin accounts are equal. The built in Administrator account is a little different but not relevant to your issue. Any admin can delete, change the password, and make any other changes to any account without knowing the password to that account. All of this is by design.

However, there is a way to do it via group policy, but even that is not 100% foolproof. Anyone with knowledge, which I'm sure they have, can change that.

Therefore, IMO, you're better off backing up all your files on a exter... Read more

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Hi, how can i grant local computer admin rights to the domain users on the same computer? Please help, thanks.

Answer:admin rights for domain users

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I have a big problem with sharing. If i want to share anything in C:\Users folder, whole C:\users get shared. So if i want to share "C:\Users\Username\Documents\SharedFolder", it will share whole C:\Users folder and not just the one i selected.

I have most of my data inside documents and on the desktop. So i still have to use USB flash drive to transfer data because i don't want to share whole C:\Users

Is there any way to fix that issue?

Answer:Sharing and C:\USers

Right click ..\Users\Username folder.

Select Share With NOBODY

Apply and wait

Right click target folder in ..\Users\Username\whatever

Select Share With

select Everybody or whatever

Apply and wait

Now, only the subfolder should be shared

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Now I have serch high and low to find a simple way to prevent users from installing unauthorize software ( Chat Programs)
and lovely screen savers from the web.
I would like either an example on how to create script so that when they logon this is automatic.
Or I would like to disable the ability on the locale machine.

Unfortunately I can't stop it all but I need to stop some of it because they are childeren in a candy store.

any help would be greatly aprecitated.



Answer:Need to stop Users from Installing and Deleting Applications and Icons on desktop

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Hi Team,

As per our security requirement we need to block C$ share on the network,but we need to enable Admin$ as we are using SCCM to push softwares ,how to achieve this?

TechGUy,System Administrator.

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hello there, just wondering whether anyone could tell me how i could limit a certain user's access to programs in XP Pro. i'm one of the normal admins and know the password to the real administrator account (the one that comes up when u boot in safe mode, dont know what u call it really!). To be specific i dont want this person to play certain games and run certain programs like MS VB etc.
Thanks for ur help people!

oh btw, he's an admin himself too so he can do some other things, but like i say i might be able to overwhelm him with TWO accounts in my arsenal...mwuhaha....

Answer:admin stuff: Users' access to programs

There's a couple of ways to do this.

1) You can set up policies to deny the application the access to run.

2) You can deny the user access to the application or its folder(s)

The policies are invisible, the app just won't run. The deny on the application is very visible, with a nice big Access Denied flag being waved. The deny will override his administrator access for that particular application.

Hope this helps.

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As the subject indicates, I've installed 3Com ADSL software on a W2K machine as the administrator. When logged on as the admin I have internet access. However, when I log on as a user I receive an error as soon as I log on refering to the modem software. The error reads 'Cannot read registry'. It seems obvious enough that I have a permissions issue but I haven't the slightest how to work it out.
Any ideas?


Answer:Installed ADSL services as Admin but Users don't have it?

You can use regedt32 to set registry permissions.

Go to start - run and type in regedt32.

Find the key that ADSL is installed to, probably in the hkey_local_machine\software.

Click on the registry entry that you need and then on the menu go into security -- permissions. They are almost like setting file permissions.

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Hi guys, i have a problem, i'm not sure if this issue has been raised or what but here is my problem.My environment:2003 Domain controllerFile and Print server WSUS ServerSQL ServerWindows XP wks2 new Windows 7 wksWhat happens is that when i try to logon to the domain on  the win7 machine as a std user i get error"You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer"If i logon with the domain admin account i'm able to logon and also if i make users members of domain admins they are able to logon to the domain. I realy do not believe that this is the way to go because it compromises my network security. Any help will be gladly appreciated.Thanks

Answer:Non admin users cannot logon to the domain on Windows 7 wks

Symptom: When trying to logon a computer using non administrator ID, you may receive this message: "You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer. Please see you network administrator for more details."
Case 1: Group Policy' "Allow log on locally" was not setup to allow users or domain users. To setup allow users or domain users to logon the computer or domain, you need to add the users or domain users to the "Allow log on locally". Please follow these steps to add the users.
1. Run gpedit.msc.2. Expand Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies3. Click on User Rights Assignment4. Ensure that "Allow log on locally" includes Administrators, BackupOperators, Domain Users or Users.
Case 2: Group Policy' "Deny log on locally"  was setup to deny users or domain users. To setup allow users or domain users to logon the computer or domain locally, "Deny log on locally" should be empty or no users or domain users in the list. Please follow these steps to remove the users or domain users from the "Deny log on locally".
1. Run gpedit.msc.2. Expand Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies3. Click on User Rights Assignment4. Ensure that "Deny log on locally" is empty.
Case 3: The local group policy allow user to logon. However, domain group policy which overrides local policy doesn't allow users to logon locally. The re... Read more

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Our computer network was Windows XP Pro. We upgraded the computers to Windows 7 Pro.

Under XP, users were allowed to update without any problems.

With Windows 7, it prompts for an administrator account.

The computers already have checked "Allow all users to install updates on this computer". However it does indicate on that same screen at the top "Some settings are managed by your system Administrator".

Currently it's wanting to install the monthly malware tool, but is unable to do so without domain admin's credentials.

What I'm baffled with is that this worked under the WinXP systems, but not Win7 systems.

Server did not change anything (Win2003 Server) w/ active directory.

Might there be some group policy on the server that wouldn't allow Win7 computers, when WinXP computers worked? Or is there something beyond the "Who can install updates" option on the computers locally?

All computers on the network experience this same problem.

Thank you for any suggestions and taking the time to read this!

Answer:Windows 7 Domain Users Cannot Update w/o Admin

There's an option switch in WU which allows standard users to install updates - it sounds as if it's not been correctly toggled. Check the GPs and see if you can find it in there somewhere.

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I was trying to figure out a way to block admin share access over windows domain network.
These are my requirements:

Desktop Support Engineers should have administrator privileges on all domain joined windows workstation machines. Domain Users should not have administrator privileges on their workstations.Desktop support engineers should not be able to access admin share over the network.Domain Admin must have full access on Admin Share.
So I have added NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE as a member of Buit-In administrators group and I have added Desktop Support Group as a member of NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE.
Which actually blocked admin share access over network for Desktop support engineers. however I was not able to control Domain Users getting Administrative privileges on domain joined PCs from above settings.

How can I control this admin share access?   

Thanks in advance.

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My Hp Pavilion has been a clean machine (due to your expert advise in the past),
until my adult son brought his comp to my business and logged onto the internet via my connection. Not sure where his comp. has been.

Now I have no Desktop. I cannot access any thing to try and see what has happened. I have blue fractal screen. Cannot access internet except thru. hp button on keyboard or thru another user acct.

I know you guys have the answer, and it's probably very simple.

I would like to send a HiJack This Log for you, but under circumstances not sure how.

My business (florist) is sorta shut down till I get this fixed.

Thanks a bunch!! Wow has this forum changed in just a few years!

NewGirl (but now not so new)

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In XP I used to be able to right click the Start button as a way to check if the logged on user had admin rights. If I saw "Explore All Users" and "Open All Users" rather than just "Explore" and "Open" I knew admin rights were present. In Windows 7 this no longer works.Is there an easy alternative?

Answer:Check for Windows 7 users with admin rights

Easy...Click the Start orb & simply click the User Account picture.Windows 7 News!

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I have a win2k term server running with about 25 users. I've noticed that most users have administrator rights even though the administrator group is not in their properties. What causes this? Nothing shows up in adaware or AVG antivirus.

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Hey all,

I have recently installed Windows 7 on my development machine at work primarily in order to test it and get a feel for it and all the little things that can go wrong before the IT department I work for roll it out to all the other employees at the company. (They're still on XP SP 3).

Unfortunately, I'm experiencing several crippling issues caused by the stricter administration model used in Windows 7 (and Vista, for that matter) compared to Windows XP. We have programs crashing or refusing to install or run because they were designed for XP and require admin rights. So when they're unable to acquire them from Windows 7, the programs throw exceptions. An example of this is Trend Micro OfficeScan, a popular antivirus program used in many companies. This program is caused to install by start-up scripts that are run when you log on to your computer using your domain username and credentials, but the installer crashes, because the domain user is not a local super admin.

And that's the core of this question. I want my domain user to have full administrative privileges. I've done a lot of research on this particular problem and I realize it's possible to activate a special super admin-account that has full access to everything on the computer, but that workaround doesn't cut it for me, because the only thing that accomplishes is to make the super admin account available for login, but the super admin account is not a domain user at my company's network, it is a local us... Read more

Answer:Domain users and the super admin account

Due to the Dual token design of the security model in use you will have issues with applications designed for the older model.

The solution to this need not be an all or nothing one however, It should be possible to give the required installer rights to the user group(s) concerned, directly.

This may be done universally to the complete program files folder(s) or more usefully to individual folders for the older problem apps.

I have seen situations where a non working older program can be made to work/Install by the granting a standard user full access rights to a single settings file or to the installation folder.

Depending on what you desire as a company you can make some groups allowed to install some software or not just by the application of the correct rights, In a domain environment this is of course a lot easier than a peer to peer set up.

Unfortunately due to the developers taking the easy way out with regards to administrative rights with XP there will be some re-thinking required by those tasked with moving to a more secure modern OS. This is quite possible though there will be a learning curve.

The main issue with application installation is not the need for a "super" admin but the "trusted user" used by UAC to protect the Program store. by taking ownership of the role of this "User" most if not all issues may be resolved.

Full information on the Trusted Installer scenario is available from Microsoft on technet - or of course ... Read more

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"Could not load or run 'C:\Users\admin\Temp\csrss.exe' specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on you computer or remove the reference to it in the registry." At first, I ignored it, but Internet Explorer only opens Https:// and Https:// (right now I am using my laptop not my computer). What should I do?

Answer:"Could not load or run 'C:\Users\admin\Temp\csrss.exe'

Welcome aboard You're surely infected.Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log can also be found her... Read more

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Hello All!

I've been on the bleepingcomputer site for some time but finally created an account

Because of the nature of the software we use at work all workstation users have to be a member of the Administrator group to use it. As a result, the guys in the back have a nack for downloading bad stuff and removing the sunshine from my day

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can limit what they can do (prevent malware, spyware, downloading of bs...ect) while they have the Admin rights?

The workstations are all custom built with Windows XP Pro SP2

There is the main Admin account and they log in with a user account thats part of the Admin group.

Answer:Any Suggestions For Securing Users With Admin Rights?

Hi jr, so are they admins on there own PCs or admins on the Domain? What is the software that requires a admin account?

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I recently installed a new webcam on our new desktop which is running Vista, it's a family PC and I'm the Administrator.My problem is that it appears that the Webcam program need admin rights to run so hence when a standard user runs this program they are prompted for an admin password by the user account control .Is it possible to give Standard Users temporary admin rights for this program ? or any other suggestions to get to a point where I do not need to enter my admin password every time a standard user runs this webcam program.

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I just want to delete my User account "David". When I initially installed Windows I provided the name David so I was the main and only User account.

Now is it possible to delete that account, leaving me back at a user account screen to create a new main and only account?

Note: I do not wan't to just create a new Admin account (like you can in control panel) as I tried that (and then deleted the "David" account) but it left behind Users/David and the machine was still called David-PC. I want the new account to have No access to my old account.

Windows 7 Professional 32bit
Thanks for reading!

Answer:Advice about Admin users and if I can delete account or not?

Well 1st you need to Add your new account then after that you need to delete inc all content of the account then goto "My Computer" and change name in the Advanced propertys.

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I have encountered a curious problem at work. All clients use limited users and in this case there's a Windows 7 on x64 on which I don't have privileged access at all. The normal behaviour, as far as I know, is that when I try to access something that needs administrator privileges, a window shows up and asks me for a privileged user's password. There are two users on the machine (a user called "Admin", the other one being the limited user) and I expect this behaviour (the password windows popping up) when trying access something that needs privileges - this is what happens at home, for instance, as I don't use a privileged user for security reasons.
Any suggestions on how to make that window pop up?


Answer:no admin privileges with password for limited users

Are you the admin? Did you set up the limited user account? Just want to make sure you didn't lock yourself out.

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Hi all. I'm a fairly new guy to the whole Active Directory thing and GPO paradigm, so forgive me if the question seems droll - but I can't for the life of me figure out how to grant Local Admin rights to users on their laptops while logging into the domain. I've looked evrywhere - books, forums, websites - but there's not much information on the topic. I usually hear the typcal security arguments, IE - "you're inviting malware," and "That's a bad idea." Well, when the bossguy can't get AOL to intall, he's kinda pissy at having to call me over. Ditto for every other software installation, update, etc.

I know one solution is to have the user log onto the local machine and have "local admin rights," but that requires that he log on, intall, log off, log onto domain, etc. Too much, too complicated.

The long and short of it is I'm looking for a way to grant admin rights for their local machine while logged onto the domain. Would I do this through groups, GPO, or a combanation?

Thanks so much for any information you could give me.


Answer:My Kingdom for Local Admin Rights for My Users

The way to do it is to login to the computer with domain admin permissions (that's often the administrator account on the domain controller), manage local computer, local users and groups, administrators group, add, and choose the user that's supposed to have local admin privileges. Click OK for everything and you're good. A method I've used before is to create a group for each computer, add that group to the local administrators group, then you can add or remove a user from the groups as necessary. You can find out how to do it with group policy here --> which is the top result in a google search for "how to grant local admin domain". I can't say I'm impressed with your searching skills unless this doesn't answer your question.


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Some programs I installed using my "Admin" account are not accessible to my other "Standard" user accounts. Examples are Spotify and uTorrent. I checked and they are installed in appdata/roaming of my admin account, so I guess they were installed only for that specific account (tried reinstalling but it doesn't have the option to install for all users i.e. program files folder). I've tried copying the shortcuts to my start menu/programs folder and it appears in the start menu of my other users but it shows up as a generic application icon and I still can't access it.

Is there any way I can share them with my other user accounts, or should I just reinstall for each of my other users?

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

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Have just migrated (sic. "down graded") from XP to Win7
I am on Win7 training wheels and I still fall of !

As a single user PC the new "Administrator" + "Owner" etc is driving me insane.
In the process of trying to get a grasp on Win7 and its foibles I am getting more frstrated with Win7.
My four other WinXp PRO machines are just a dream to use.
Thay are all standalone PCs -- stable and they let me "in".

My Toshiba laptop came with Win7 Home preloaded.

Is there such a thing as a single user install ?
If so would I have to buy a Win7 Disc ?
(I am seriously thinking of buying a full retail version of Win7, so that when/if my XP machines fall over, I wont have the agony of Win8, because hopefully I will be familiar with Win7 tweaks.

As a Autocad programmer I mostly work in VBA and scripts.
I think I am developing a crush on Linux, and we haven't even met !

I would appreciate any informative help

Answer:Single user PC why do I need Admin + Owner + Users ?

I can appreciate your frustration, Russell. The learning curve from XP to 7 can be kinda steep. One of the issues many people first have is the increased security offered by Windows 7. As you said in your post about your XP machines, "They are all standalone PCs -- stable and they let me "in"." That was one of XP's major problems ... lots of malware was able to get in as well as the authorized user(s).

When a new 7 computer is first set up, the initial account created is an administrator account so you can make required changes to the computer (like choosing language of choice, setting computer time zone, etc.) So there always has to be at least one administrator account on a 7 machine.

But to add to the confusion, this is an "unelevated" administrator account. In other words, there are some tasks (such as running a system file checker scan [sfc /scannow] from a command prompt), that cannot be done without jumping through one more hoop. If you open a command prompt in 7 (either by typing cmd in the start menu search box or using the long way start > all programs > accessories > command prompt) you have to right-click the command prompt icon and select "Run as administrator". It's just another security feature to make it more difficult for malware to get in.

A lot of people who are the only ones using the computer leave things as is ... running with that administrator account. Nothing wrong with that if you're careful an... Read more

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A work computer presented this message when trying to open Internet Explorer. 
"1 or more parts of this message could not be displayed.  
there was an error opening this message there is not enough memory.
file download
do you want to save this file
Google was no help.  I put 2 flash drives into the computer to access some info and later took them home and put one of them in my home computer.  Now both computers are infected (and maybe 4 more at work).    I am unable to open most of the administrative tools.  I cannot access the users folder and internet explorer will not open.  Both computers are running Windows XP.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
I see that dds.exe has found a rootkit  I want to run it but I will wait for someone to show up.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702  BrowserJavaVersion: 11.20.2
Run by Urge at 10:44:39 on 2014-11-20
Microsoft Windows XP Professional  5.1.2600.3.1252.61.1033.18.3062.2043 [GMT -5:00]
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}
FW: avast! Antivirus *Enabled*
============== Running Processes ================
D:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
D:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\afwServ.exe
C:... Read more

Answer:No access to admin tools, users folder and i.e.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of t... Read more

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If xp is setup in admin how do I give users access to the internet, outlook, and browsing. Thanks


Answer:xp setup in admin how do I give users access to

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Im new to Xp Pro, I installed a game in Admin mode, but want it to be accessable in user mode, how do i do that? How do i add it to the start menu?

I tried logging in user mode, went to my computer , then went to the folder the program was stored in and tried running it from there and I got an error. Went back to admin mode and ran it with no error.

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Admin installs programs... how do users access them?


you need to access the all users folder (in the Documents and settings folder) and place the application shortcuts either on the desktop or in the start menu. with the shortcuts in that folder all users who log in will have access to them. You can also place different application shortcuts in each users profile so they only have access to them.

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Our office is growing fast, and I am having an issue with rogue users. The main software we use (AutoDesk Building Design Suite) requires users to be admins on their machines. However, we are having users install software on their own...including personal programs, educational licensed software, bootleg software, etc. In the process, several users have installed spyware/malware, leading to bigger issues.
Without strict support from management to enforce policy, but with pressure from management to stop this from happening, I am looking for a way to stop user accounts from installing software. I would like to keep my admin account capable of doing this, of course. We are running Win7 Pro 64 on all machines.
I am not too familiar with modifying policies in Win7. If you can tell me where to look, I have no issue doing the reading; I just cannot seem to find the correct info with the searches I have done.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Remove install ability for admin users

You can use the Group Policy Editor to create a Software Restriction Policy. You can also use it to Whitelist applications. You can start with the following.

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Hey Guys,

If you are using Kaspersky on Windows XP, and your Blue Shift is not working, I may have a solution for you. If you go into Kapersky, go to My Security Zone and then application activity. Go to Category and then click all. Scroll down until you find everything to do with Blue Shift ( Half Life Launcher, installation etc). Right click on each of these and change the status to Trusted. The game should work now. I hope this helps I've had the problem for a while and it was driving me nuts. I'd also like to thank the user "fragger" for giving me the idea to look at Kaspersky. If your reading this, hope it helps you out buddy.

Answer:Half Life Blue Shift Problem for XP Users: Solution for Kaspersky users

I'd also like to add the game only works when I have Safari open. Absolutely no idea why, but this seems to be a requirement.

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Is it possible to share a folder with a certain user on another computer, like if I only wanted the user bob to have access to the shared folder and not everyone? Or maybe just a certain computer to have access to the shared folder?

Right now I'm sharing drives on my desktop and laptop with everyone with read and write access but I was wondering if there is a more secure way to do this other than selecting everyone when sharing a folder. Just in case somehow a neighbor or someone got access to my network. The way I'm sharing folders right now is to go to the folder properties > advanced sharing > share this folder and then allow permissions to everyone. Thanks.

Answer:Sharing folders with certain users only?

Quote: Originally Posted by FernE97

Is it possible to share a folder with a certain user on another computer, like if I only wanted the user bob to have access to the shared folder and not everyone? Or maybe just a certain computer to have access to the shared folder?

Right now I'm sharing drives on my desktop and laptop with everyone with read and write access but I was wondering if there is a more secure way to do this other than selecting everyone when sharing a folder. Just in case somehow a neighbor or someone got access to my network. The way I'm sharing folders right now is to go to the folder properties > advanced sharing > share this folder and then allow permissions to everyone. Thanks.

Sure there is. Create a group with bob as the only user. then make that group the owner of the shared folder. Only Bob will have access. If you want the admin (you) to have access as well add him to the group too.


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My roommates and I decided to set up sharing between the computers on the wireless network. So I managed to stumble my way through it and get the correct setup using a user profile with the same name and password. Everything works fine on other computers, but I managed to click something to the effect of "Remember my credentials" on my computer while trying to access the other computer with my normal user details (hadn't figured out all of the sharing at this point). I don't particularly want to log into that profile anytime I want to see what is shared, it defeats the purpose of setting up the network. So how do I get it to stop remembering my credentials?
Using Windows 7 Home btw.

Answer:Sharing between users on different computers

Are you asking that you want to break the automatic connection to other computers? And have it request a password? If so open Windows Explorer find the connection to the other computer(s) and highlight it right mouse click and select disconnect. Then make new connections as you did on the other computers, without the remember credentials.

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Howdy, I have Office 2010 installed and I just added another user to my computer. Most of my installed programs are available to the other user but for some reason Office hasn't carried over. It's for my daughter and I want her to have access to Word for homework, etc. Does anyone know a way that I can share office with her user profile? Any help is most appreciated.

Answer:Sharing MS Office with other users

Have you tried right-clicking on the Start Screen, accessing the all apps view, then finding the specific app in question and right-clicking that and selecting "pin to start"? Alternatively, you could try a repair (or full) install and see if you get the "install for all users" prompt but I don't use Office 2010 so I can't say for sure. Anyway, good luck.

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Not sure if this is the correct forum but...we run XP Home and have 3 user log-ons. Each has Outlook as the e-mail programme and we all use the same e-mail address...unfortunately if one user logs on and opens the e-mail it is then not available to other users...likewise the Contacts list in Outlook is not shared between users. I know you can share contacts between users on a Network but how do you do it on one PC?

Answer:XP Users sharing e-mail

Is this with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

I am not familiar with Outlook, so hate to post and answer reflecting OE, when you are using Outlook

Other option would be to just create 3 seperate email accounts with your ISP or whoever you have email with and use them independantly with each user.

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I am looking for a way to share about 650 files to about 500 users over the internet.

There is a number of private files, about the same number as the user number and the rest (150 ish files) are public.

I am thinking to get a dedicated box, create the 500 users with a batch file and send them the credentials by email.

Also creating another script to move the private files to their home folder.

It would be a simple php website and people could log in to acces the files...Is there any other solutions ?


Answer:Sharing a lot of files to 500 users

FTP? Public Folder + User folders?

You don't say how big the files are...but Dropbox and GoogleDrive can share files...

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I have two computers running XP Pro on a home network. I have disabled simple file sharing.
On computer one I have users John and Joe. On computer two I have Brian and Betty.
Is it possible for John to allow Brian access to certain folders and Betty with other certain folders? If so, what is the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you for looking.

Answer:Sharing folders with different users w/ XP Pro

You do that with account permissions on the machines. Make sure that all of the users have accounts on each of the machines, then adjust the folder permissions to allow or not allow the specific users to access them.

Note: Do NOT use the Deny option, just add users with specific permissions and make sure that Everybody does not have permission.

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Is there a way on XP for different users to share the same desktop with all of the same Icons, background, etc.? I'm not referring to remote desktop usage.

Answer:Sharing Same Desktop Among Users

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I want to be able to have all users on my PC be able to have access to programs installed, such as iTunes, Office, games, etc. I don't want my files accessible to all users, so I only selected to share the printer and music and movies in the home sharing options. But when I log in as another user that I have created, none of those programs are installed. I don't have to reinstall them do I? I have Admin rights, and I created another user account for my brother as Limited. I just want him to be able to use my pc when he comes over to do homework, surf the net, listen to iTunes, play games, but not have access to any documents or be able to make any changes to setting or programs. Is this possible? Thanks.

Answer:Sharing Programs with All Users on Same PC

sounds like you just need to copy the program shortcuts to the All Users\Start Menu folder.

by default, a lot of times the Start Menu shortcuts created by the installation, only creates the shortcuts in that particular user's Start Menu folder.

if that makes sense.

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Hi everybody!I've just upgraded from a desktop to laptop which comes with Vista. I have created user accounts for me, the missus and the kiddies. However, if a user opens Outlook and receives email, the mail is not visible to other users when they log on. Can you help me so I can share the same Outlook profile with everyone as the majority of our emails are of interest to all of us. Many thanks

Answer:Sharing Outlook with users

Played around with it myself for a week and got it sorted

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My daughter has a programme on her account on our computer. How can I have that programme running on my user account please?

Answer:sharing programmes with other users win xp

create a shortcut to the program and place on your desktop.To find the location of the program log in her account and on the start menu right click on the name of the program. Properties will tell you the location of the program.Log in as yourself and create a shortcut on the task bar or desk top using the same path details i.e. c:\adobe\photoshop.exe

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HiIs it possible once I log onto the internet to change users in xp and keep the connection running. At present when I change users the internet gets disconnected, and the new user has to connect again

Answer:sharing internet with xp users

I use aol bb and can do it np. are you using dial-up?

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I've managed to figure out how to share files with the guest account on my XP pro. I can't, however, figure out how to share programs such as winamp, real player, etc. It doesn't work when I put them in the same folder, the same way, as the files I've moved. Someone have a solution?

Answer:Sharing programs w/ other users

It is not possible to share applications. (ok there are a few specialist applications which can be shared but generally speaking it is not possible.)

Each pc needs to have the application installed in its own right. That done the applications files can be shared but even then only one PC at a time can access the file.

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I'm thinking of upgrading my wireless network routers and one of the things we have figured we'd be happy to have is if we had user access to all the computers on the network. also, if it matters to anyone we have 6 computers in our home network.

The question might not be clear so I thought I should clerify what I want.
What should I look for? Or, what routers would work for this objective?

Thanks alot Yurielnam

Answer:Sharing users in the network

Just make sure you are not running XP Home or Vista Home basic. You will be limited to a 5 machine network.

Some links and info here:

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User 1 logs in and works does whatever... Doesn't log out but screensaver goes back to user screen. 
User 2 logs in (switching users - not logging out user 1) and gets to work. 
Sometime later (ie. not right away) and not at a prescribed time, the network stops working.  
I try to disable / enable the network adapter and the machine freezes.   Reboot fixes problem.
If user 1 or user 2 is the only one logged in then never a problem.
Anyone heard of this? 
Thanks for any help!

Answer:Multiple Windows 7 Users-Switch between Users-network stops working

When switching users, it's always a good idea to have User 1 close out any applications and documents they have open and then log out before User 2 logs in. It sounds like you have fast user switching enabled, but I'm not aware of that causing any network issues -- unless User 1 was doing something that required a network connect.
Check the Event Viewer for error logs from the time it froze when you tried to disable and enable the network adapter. Post the event ID and description here if you need help diagnosing the issue from the log files. Perhaps another fix is to disable fast user switching, so that users are always forced to log out before someone else can log in.

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hi guys,

really need some help on this one cause i cant seem to get how something that sounds so simple is so hard to do.

i got a client with a workstation that has a local user account on it.
they also have a domain which he has another account on there.

so i have local account joe1 and domain account joe2. now i need to get joe 1 to combind and merge outlook and my docs with joe2. and then get joe2 to stay on the server so that it remains a account that can be accesses on any computer on the domain network. with this in mind the user profile needs to be saved on the server and the profile can be copied to the computer that his sitting at when he loggs on.

anyway i can figure out how to move the local (joe1) account to the server (joe2)i have tried a command moveuser but i keep getting a parameter error on there (error 87) .

i typed it like this

moveuser joe1 (company doamin)\joe2 /c:\\(client machine)

please can anyone help me one this

Answer:migrating local users on xp to domain users on a windows 2003 server.

prob best n easiest way to do it would be to FAST the local profile to the server then log in with the domain profile and FAST it back

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Can anyone help me regain Security Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder which I lost while looking at the access rights. I mistakenly closed the box while playing with the access rights and lost any access to the file.
I pulled the access rights to the file using icacls they are below.

application data

I am thinking I can change the information in the file and restore it. Not sure exactly what to change?

I was also thinking I could pull the info from another computer running with the same operating system and reapply them to this file? Would this work?

I looked at Previous Versions of the upper level folder. Can I restore a previous version of this whole folder? Will it restore the Application Data folder with the prior permissions?

Answer:Lost Access Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder

Are you asking about the Application Data or Appdata folder?

If Application Data, this is not a real folder but a junction used to allow interface with legacy programs. No access is necessary since it is pointing to the Appdata folder.

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How can I setup 2 networks so that my wireless users can't access wired users?

All of my computers are wired... but, I would like to give my retired neighbor (he's 64 years old) wireless access. But, I don't want him or anyone else access to my shared files b/w desktop/laptop. So, should I put it on a different subnet? Do I need a 2nd router? Right now, I have the BEFSR41 with a WAP11 AP on with the router on (both are subnet).


Answer:How can I setup 2 networks so that my wireless users can't access wired users?

I would setup a DMZ, you can do this by using two physical routers or something like smooth wall with multiple nics. If I were you I would setup smooth wall on a crap old box and install 3 network cards into the old computer. Hooking your cable modem to one of the network cards in the smoothwall box will be like pluggin in your cable modem to the wan port on the back of your router. I would plug your wireless router into to the next nic on your smooth wall box. If your neighbor is the only one using the wireless do the following. Enable WEP, don't broadcast your ssid, filter by mac address, and limit the total number of connections to 1. That should keep your wireless rather secure. With the final network card in the smooth wall box attach either a standard switch or even another router. Smooth wall has built in DHCP support and it will allow you to set a range of ips.Hard wire all your home computer to the switch and your in business.

check out

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Hi everyone,

I am the web masters of a local snowmobile club and our new website is having a few problems with printing. Please take a look at the site,

As you can see it has a black background which when printed on my Mac OS X has no problems with printing (it leaves out black background and keeps the text and images) and prints everything.

The problem is that one of our members are ticked that they can not print the site because of the black showing up above the text and images and I really don't want to change the background because it look good the way it is, so is there any way to change to printer settings or some ideas for him to help him out with this problem.

Second problem is that out of 4 pages, 2 are blank with nothing on it and there is suppose to be text and images on those pages, anyway how to fix this too?

Thanks Guys

Answer:Website printing??? (backgrounds causing problems with PC users but not Mac users)

I only have one suggestion. Do they have this unchecked?
Print background colors and images.

IE->Tools->Internet Options->Advance Tab-> scroll down
to the Printing headline. Make sure it is unchecked.

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working with vista homeprem sp2 32bit here. ran a quick avast scan a few minutes ago, it caught some small-time junk in the temporary internet files (which were purged easily enough), but it also pointed out C:\users\all users as "the system cannot find the path specified". so I open up windows explorer and try to go there. cue the "refers to a location that is unavailable" error message. now, I don't usually need to prod around in there so I'm not familiar with what normally happens, but I know vista loves to have a bunch of directories displayed that are shortcuts it uses for people who leave "hide protected OS files" checked (I don't, I want to see what's where) which really ought to not be shown when you're not hiding stuff but I digress, that's for MS to be groused at after win8 flops.

SO. should I panic that I've had another thing sneak past the security screens (mvp hosts file, spyware blaster, avast's shields, mbam scans)? nothing else seems out of sorts, but one man's paranoia is another man's preparation, and all.

Answer:C:\Users\All Users refers to a location that is unavailable *error message*

This is normal.All users folder points to c:\programdata folder.These are called symbolic links.

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I don't remember when, but I availed myself of the free Windows 10 upgrade sometime back. I was using 8.1 and I had, at some point, moved C:\Users and all its associated folders to E:. Everything has worked fine and Win10 didn't have a problem. I did notice that there was still a C:\Users, but the only folder it contains is Administrator.

This was probably not a good move to make. Moving data folders, like Pictures, Documents, etc., is fine, but moving the actual User Profiles was not such a good idea. My E: drive is no longer large enough to hold all my photos and other data. I bought a replacement drive large enough, but having my Users Profiles on E: is now a problem and I want to move them back to C:, only without the data folders.

I can delete all the existing data files from those default folders (I have backed them all up), so now I need to find a way to restore the Users folder and contents to C:. I've tried researching the problem, but found nothing that specifically applies to my situation. The TenForums article, "Relocating Users folder on an existing Windows installation" Seems to be as close as I can get. Unfortunately, this part has made me take pause and ask you all for help:

Kari said:

Be sure that the drive into which you are relocating the Users folder is empty or at least does not contain any Windows system folders, especially Users folder or parts of it from any current or previous Windows install... Read more

Answer:Restore Users Profiles back to C:\Users without data folders

Jim McClain said:

Do you know what I should do? Maybe Kari's still around and can reply? Any guidance would be appreciated.

If you used the Sysprep method to relocate the Users folder to E: drive, you can use the same method to relocate it back to C: drive. The warning you quoted is when doing this in a clean install, it does not apply when moving Users folder back to C: drive which will always be accepted and OK for Windows.

Follow these simple steps (looks more complicated than it in reality is!):

Create a new, temporary local user account, name it as you wish like "Dummy" or such (tutorial)Change Dummy's account type to administrator (tutorial)Sign out from all other user accounts, sign in to DummyDisable all other user accounts except Dummy, the one you are currently signed in (tutorial). No worries, accounts and their data will remain intact, deactivating (disabling) them temporarily is done because sometimes Sysprep causes existing user accounts to lose Start and Search / Cortana functionality. When we are ready we will again activate (enable) all old user accountsWhen done, open an elevated Notepad (right click and select Run as Administrator) copy the following code and paste it to a new text document]:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend">
<settings pass="oobeSystem">
<component name=&q... Read more

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My sister has an android, I have a windows, She connects through facebook, but I have to use the gamertags. Is there anyway we can be neighbors?

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Got a problem here with a classroom full of Windows XP Pro PCs, where if I put new shortcuts into All Users\Desktop, when a user logs on they can only see the shortcut as an unknown file type which does not run. Any existing shortcuts in All Users\Desktop work ok, just not any new ones!

The PC's are on a Windows 2003 Server network (with AD) and have local user profiles.

Answer:Network users cannot run shortcut items placed into All Users Desktop folder

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I was wondering if there is a soulution to this issue, if anybody has any ideas please let me know thank you

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COmputer is extremely slow lately with everything, especially shutting down, logging on and off a computer user, and loading internet explorer and other applications. It was never this slow.. I dont think its cause of any memory clogging cause I do have around 200gb free. Everything used to run MUCH faster, I ran Norton AV, and Spysweeper, nothing finds anything.


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:14:12 PM, on 1/1/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\Giga Pocket\shwserv.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\VAIO Entertainment\VzCdb\VzFw.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\vaio media integrated server\VMISrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\vaio media integrated server\Video\GPVSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\vaio media integrated server\Platform\SV_Httpd.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\vaio media integrated serv... Read more

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At work we have this new application for Materials Control that require the installation of Oracle, now the problem is that the application is not working when the users are given Limited User windows account , we have to give them all an Administrator account on order for the application to work wish ends up with peaple messing with the PCs configuration and creating problems.

I am stating that the problem is with Oracle database itself because there is another different application that requires Oracle and the result is the same.

Any ideas?
Anyone faced an issue like this one?
Any hint how to go around it?

PS: We contacted the application provider and each time they say they are looking for a solution...


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Keep getting this and certain applications dont run properly anymore. Help please

Answer:C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\\nengine. dll

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Scan Date: 2/26/2015
Scan Time: 8:03:08 PM
Logfile: bites scan.txt
Administrator: Yes

Malware Database: v2015.02.26.02
Rootkit Database: v2015.02.25.01
License: Trial
Malware Protection: Enabled
Malicious Website Protection: Enabled
Self-protection: Disabled

OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
CPU: x64
File System: NTFS
User: admin

Scan Type: Threat Scan
Result: Completed
Objects Scanned: 332982
Time Elapsed: 11 min, 4 sec

Memory: Enabled
Startup: Enabled
Filesystem: Enabled
Archives: Enabled
Rootkits: Disabled
Heuristics: Enabled
PUP: Enabled
PUM: Enabled

Processes: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Modules: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Values: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Folders: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Files: 3
PUP.Optional.MySearch.A, C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\qr44xpuw.default\user.js, Good: (), Bad: (user_pref("", "2XzuyEtN2Y1L1QzutAtDzzyD0AzytA0CyC0EtD0D0EyD0A0AtN0D0Tzu0SzzyCtBtN1L2XzutBtFtBtDtFzytFtBtN1L1CzutCyEtDtAtDyD1V1TtN1L1G1B1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2StDyByE0FyEyD0DtCtGyB0EtAtDtGyE0E0AyEtG0E0A0BtBtGyD0CtDtAyDzz0CyCtCtDtByB2QtN1M1F1B2Z1V1N2Y1L1Qzu2SyEtB0E0CzyzyyB0DtGtC0ByBtDtG0A0CtDyCtGtDzyyBtAtGtAzz0CyCtAtBtByEtDyD0B0B2Q"), Replaced,[fd0d68bb503a84b233f9f11d54b22ed2]
PUP.Optional.MySearch.A, C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roa... Read more

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I'm running Ultimate 64bit. In my older XP installation I never used to use the admin account on a daily basis. I created a Power User for myself, and any administrative tasks I had to run I'd just use the 'Run as' function, so I almost never needed to logon as admin.

Tried it in Vista, and it didn't work (in my Power User account). I mean, I would select 'Run as Administrator', but I wasn't prompted for my admin password and didn't get the admin privs. So my question is - how do I do it?

Another question - when logged in as admin in Vista, why is there still an option to run stuff as admin? Does it mean anything?

I guess a link to some in-depth articles about Vista account management would be best for me : )


Answer:A couple of questions about users and admin Priviledges in Vista

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and now I'm stuck. I cant install some programs or drivers because the Admin user is disable.

How I did it?
I changed my user in the "control panel"to a "Standart User" and I used the "Local users and groups" to disable the Administrator account. How can I now get administration?

Answer:I made my user to be a Standard Users but admin disable

Hello Jiddisch, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Usually when you do not have an administrator account available to log in with, you can boot into Safe Mode through the Advanced Boot Options screen to use the built-in Administrator account to then change your account back to an administrator account type instead.

Hope this helps,

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I want to be able to share Administrator documents and files with user acoounts on the same computer.... without having access to the internet.

I only have one computer. But I have 7 different user accounts on that one computer. I want each of my users to have access to the Administrators documents (files and folders etc)

I went to Administrator Documents, then I Right clicked on a folder, then I clicked on Share With>specific people> I click on the user account and then I get a box saying my folder was succcessfully shared, and now I need to email a link to the specific user account.

I do all this and then switch user. I go to the users email and try to click on the link and it wont click. I try to copy and paste into the users documents, but it will not copy and paste.

I go to the user's Documents and try to see if there is a link there....but nothing is there.

What am I doing wrong?

Answer:one computer, 7 users accounts need to share admin documents

I looked thru HELP, but I have only a single computer. I am not trying to interact with other computers, so I cant belong to a domain, workgroup or homegroup, because all these seem to involve multiple computers.

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When I am on a limited user and I try to set permissions of its folders I need to provide the admin password to proceed, why?
Now the problem with User Account Control.
When I click on advanced sharing, or try to do any activity that requires admin priviliges, User Account Control window pops up, you know, that window asks for the password and it somehow blocks the desktop and anything else so I cant take a picture of it.

Anyway after I provide the admin's password, the pop up closes but the process hangs/freezes does not respond for eternity.

If it is an app, it does not run.
If it is a folder, the explorer thread(is it thread?) related to that folder is not responding for eternity and it is stuck, hangs. however you want to call it.

Answer:Allowing limited users Admin priviliges problem

Well 21 hours ago your post.
TWO problems; allowing a limited user access to an admin folder
Who's computer is it.
Ask the administrator for help is my suggestion.

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I have a desktop on windows xp sp2 32b that has two hdd partition (C: & D:)

Is there anyway I can set permission so that only people with Admin access can access my D Drive? I tried creating more than 1 user account (Admin, Guest) which keeps the guest account out of the admin's document folder on the C drive but the guest account can still access the D Drive.

Nothing on my D Drive but personal files. I don't use my desktop anymore except as a backup PC or to backup files. I'm too cheap to buy a Flash Drive when I have a available HDD. More than 4GB of data so burning it to a DVD is out. Don't use DVD/Burner enough to buy the newer DVDs that can hold 8GB either.

Scared to just delete them cos I know I'll need it as soon as I do (That is how my luck always is)

Answer:[SOLVED] Limited access to D Drive for non-admin users

First setup Limited User accounts for any other users other then you. Then make your files or folders Private: How to make files and folders private in Windows XP so that only you have access to them

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