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Major error opening up a document from my thumb drive

Question: Major error opening up a document from my thumb drive

I have a book review that I put on my thumb drive. Tried to open it up to print it and it opens some wierd characters. Please tell me I can do something to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

Note: I attached the file

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Preferred Solution: Major error opening up a document from my thumb drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Major error opening up a document from my thumb drive

This is due to the file format. You have to open the file with the same program it was created.

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I am getting an error "The Bitlocker Encryption on this drive is not compatible with your version of Windows. Try opening in a newer version of Windows." 

The drive was encrypted on Windows 7 Enterprise.  I am running Windows 10 Pro.  I get this same behavior on another PC running Windows 10 Pro.  The hardware is a Surface 3 upgraded from Home to Pro.  TPM 2.0 is enabled. 

How do I fix this?

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Greetings: when opening a document from email, I get the following message: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close." then, "The following add-on was running when the problem occurred -- file: pdf.ocx. Company Name -- Adobe Systems. Incorporated. Description -- Adobe Acrobat Control for Active X. Protocat -- Hyper Text Transfer Protocal with Privacy. Type -- Com/WAM/MSGATTACHMENT?."

Then a window pops up from Adobe Reader:
"There was a error opening this document. The file is damaged and could bot be repaired."

It seems that when a considerable amount of time passes as the attachment is opening, is when I get the message. I am able to open some pdf files.

I use Windows XP and very much appreciate your time.

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Trying to open a document through Internet Explorer 6.0 and receive the following error:

An error occurred whilst trying to process the requested XML document. The returned error was: <[object Error]>

OS is Windows 2000

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I am running Windows 7 home premium, with school computers the same, and an Android Razr Maxx.

I have Google Drive and it seems to be sharing docs well....I see them at home, at my work, on the Android phone....however I have this continuing problem: at my work, I go to open a doc or mp3 or PP or whatever from GD. It shows up in Google docs right away....but the file - download function doesn't always work; that is, it often won't allow me to access the original document......sometimes it will just time out and i'll get the "IE was unable to load page" or whatever message that you see when you don't have an internet connection....that happens a lot actually.

Also, I have mp3's in there, and when I try to open them, no dice.

I want to be able to simply open any doc or PP or mp3 in its original form. Sometimes I can, usually I can't, so, big source of wasted time and frustration. To be clear: most of the time, I dump these files into GD from my home computer. Any help appreciated!

Answer:Google Drive document-opening problems

To be clear: my work is my classroom, where I have a laptop running Win 7.

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Hey all,

I have an employee that is on windows 2000 that can open most of his adobe files. Some of them will get this error message:

Error Opening Document. Access denied.

The employee was getting the files emailed to him. He opens them and saves them to his C drive. These files are encrypted but he never set them up for that. The adobe files that he can open are not. He is using version 7 and he uninstalled it and reinstalled the most recent version 7. Still has the same problem.

Haha anyone know how to get these files open or why this is occuring?

Answer:Error Opening Document. Access denied.

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Hey all,

I have an employee that is on windows 2000 that can open most of his adobe files. Some of them will get this error message:

Error Opening Document. Access denied.

The employee was getting the files emailed to him. He opens them and saves them to his C drive. These files are encrypted but he never set them up for that. The adobe files that he can open are not. He is using version 7 and he uninstalled it and reinstalled the most recent version 7. Still has the same problem.

Haha anyone know how to get these files open or why this is occuring?

Answer:Error Opening Document. Access denied.

He doesnt have the permissions. Will have to check on how to take ownership of the files in order to be able to access them.

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Question: thumb drive error

computer won't open thumb drives. Says they need to be formatted even though they work fine in other computers.

Answer:thumb drive error

Need more info.Brand and model of thumb drives?How were the drives originally formatted?Specific version of Windows and service pack on the computer that's not working?Versions of Windows (or other OSes) you successfully tested the drives on?Without that information, the only thing I could recommend trying at this point is taking the drive to a computer the drives work on, copying everything off, then taking it back to the problematic computer and letting it format. Then take it back to the original computer, copy the files back on, then try again.

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I have saved a document to my desktop and closed it after saving it. I went to reopen it and I received this error: there was a problem sending the command to the program.

Any suggestions???


Answer:error in opening a office word 7 document from desktop

Hi, welcome to the forum, have you tried Google.
I just did and these links tell a little more.
Excel 7:

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I am having major issues when opening any attachment or word doc. One error msg. reads "navw32 has caused error in ASCOMPBR.DLL navw will now close" . Cannot open Norton and it will not delete from my system. In fact, I get an error page when I try to go to Symantec's website - "The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings." Please help - I'll be your best friend!

Here is my Hijack This log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:28:13 PM, on 8/23/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.ex... Read more

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When I open any word document on my PC, I get a message that a user called Student has the document open, would I like a copy...I am the only user and there is no documents open. I have tried logging off and logging on as another user and still get the same problem. I definately don't have it opened or in use anywhere on my system. I have tried control+alt+delete and checked if something is running and it isn't. I have gone to my administrator tools and checked the services and again, can't see anything. Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this? Thanks

Answer:Error Message Opening Word Document Says that another user has it opened

search for delete all that show up. then try to open word.

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This is just one of those odd quirks I have run into. When I open a new document in Word, then open an older file, the new document closes and only the old one is displayed.Using Microsoft Office 2010, specifically Word.Windows 7 64-bitA bit of explanation, I often do research/writing for school or for fun. This issue has always happened, just one of those small annoyances.Here is the exact thing that is happening:1. I open a new (blank) word document, by clicking on the Word icon or by selecting "Open New Document" in the Word program.2. I open an older (saved) Word document, by clicking on the saved file, not by using the "Open" function in Word.3. The New (empty) document disappears, only the older document is open. I must now open a new empty document to write in. What I want to happen:1. Open new document2. Open old document3. Both new and old document are open (2 windows).Other notes in no particular order:- Word has always operated like this. Just wondering if there is a way to stop it.- I am not using the "Open" function in Word to open the older file, I am opening the older file by double-clicking it in the File explorer. When I use the "Open" function in Word, it does the same (basically "closing" the new file in order to open the old one). - I tried searching through Word's settings but couldn't find anything that seemed to relate to this behavior.- As per regular Word behavior, the new document is auto-na... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word Question (Opening old document closes new empty document)

Yes, you are right. That is normal for MS Word.Do this:Open a new document. Type something. Even a single space. Save it with a name you want. Now open an older document. Both documents can be on the screen or cascaded.If memory is not an issue, you can haven two instances of Word.

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I am running XP on a dual-core AMD processor, 3 Gigs of memory and 320 Gig HD. For the last couple of weeks I have been getting an error message each time I safely remove the SanDisk Cruzer mini (128 meg- USB thumb drive).

I use the standard procedure of clicking on the icon near the clock, selecting the SanDisk choice from the options given, telling it to stop--- The light goes off on the thumb-drive, and I get the message that it is safe to remove the thumb-drive. Within a couple seconds I also get the error message pictured below.
Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated

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My computer had viruses could not get recovery to work so I ordered a thumb drive to bring it back to factory settings.
When I clicked it loaded then ran a error came up it was: Recovery failed - can not find image Path:M:\recovery image\
Does any one know what I need to do. I can't do any hot keys to change anything.
thank you
[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, serial numbers, etc.]

Answer:used thumb drive to recover error restore failed -...

Try this:you need to completly wipe your HDD the .iso filethen use a software to burn CD/DVD and burn the .iso fileonce done, put the CD/DVD on your desktop, boot from CD (maybe you need to boot under Legacy)at the desktopselect your HDDright click on your HDD icon and choose delete all patitions and click on yes and then apply exit partition wizard, boot to BIOS, set UEFI and boot from the erecovery media please report if you still have the same error after wiping your HDD.

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Hey, I've encountered a weird problem when transferring video files from my xp desktop to my vista laptop using my thumb drive. It only happens when I transfer video files. The error message is, windows is encountering a problem. windows explorer is restarting. I've tried formatting the thumb drive in vista and xp, uninstall and reinstall the drivers. format my hard disks, but none of them seems to work. Is there any solution for this or there's a compatability issue between xp and vista?

Many thanks.

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Hey, I am experiencing a weird problem when I wanted to transfer video files from my xp dektop to my vista laptop. Vista is able to detect my thumb drive but whenever I attempt to copy the video files to my hard drive or even try opening the video file from my thumbdrive a pop up message occurs, "windows is encoutering a problem. windows explorer is restarting." I have tried reinstalling the drivers, formatted my laptop harddisk, formatted my thumbdrive using xp and vista but I am unable to solve this problem. Is there any solution for this or this is a compatability issue between xp and vista?

Many thanks.

Answer:Error Transferring Video Files From XP to Vista Using Thumb Drive.

I had the same problem with a 32 Gig flash drive and the advise from this forum was that - for some reason - the capacity of the thumb drive is "layered" meaning that you can't just dump a 5 gig file onto the drive as it gets scattered in the process across the so called layers.

I kind of confirmed this my transferring a very small video - about 1.5 gig - and it went across fine.

Kind of annoying I reckon. Maybe somebody will respond helping us both out on this one!

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For the last few days I have been experiencing a problem. Whenever I open a Text Document my Floppy Drive keeps scanning. I don't have any Floppy Disk in the drive and it scans for about 10 seconds. I have Norton Internet Security 2004 installed and I think it may be that the AntiVirus keeps scanning the Floppy Drive. I am not sure on how to disable scanning the Floppy Drive and if someone knows how to do it could you please instruct me on how to disable it. If there are any other ways to help me with this problem could you please post some suggestions.
Thank You!

Answer:Floppy Drive Keeps Scanning When opening a "Text Document"

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I have a dell 8400 running XP Sp 3. For some time now I have not been able to read my thumb drives. When I plug them in it simply returns "Unknown Device" error. I have deleted the usb ports and let XP rediscover them as well as having reloaded the chipset firmware. Still nothing. The thumb drives work fine on other systems and other usb devices (printers keyboard & mouse) work fine. Any ideas out there?

Answer:USB Thumb Drive -- Returns "Unknown Device" error

I'm assuming you've tested other USB devices in the ports, and the ports do work?

Have you checked the Removable Storage section in Computer Management?

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I wrote this thread in "performance and maintenance section" so I had to create another one here. Sorry.

I have a text file on my portable hard disk (WD 250 GB) named urgenttttttttttt.txt
you would have already assumed how important this file would be and it is updated daily. The size of the file is 545 kb which is HUGE for a notepad. I opened the file 3 days ago and it gives me an error:

"cannot open the K:\Mainnnnnnnnnnn\usb\urgenttttttttttt.txt file
make sure a disk is in the drive you specified"

There are many text documents in my hard disk and many even in the same folder but every document is fine but there is a problem in this particular file. I recovered this file using shadow explorer but the recovered file is 518kb in size and many new things i wrote in the notepad are GONE. I have some private text in the document or i would have uploaded it on some site for you. I am unable to copy or move this file to other folders.

There is another error related to this, I deleted an iso file that was in the same portable hard disk by mistake (even from recycle bin) and tried to recover it using "disk digger" (best recovery software for huge files!!). But I get an error which I have never seen before..

"There was an error while reading from the disk: Data error (Cyclic Redundancy error). How would you like to proceed" and no option works out.

I searched google for this error and i came to know that it c... Read more

Answer:Text document error: make sure a disk is in the drive you specified

I assume that you were trying to read the file directly from the external drive. What happens if you copy the file to an internal drive first? If Explorer won't let you copy, try dropping to a command prompt (Win+R, run cmd.exe) and running "xcopy K:\Mainnnnnnnnnnn\usb\urgenttttttttttt.txt c:\ /C". Replace c:\ with another destination if you wish. The /C switch tells it to ignore errors.

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Dear Major Attitude,

I am new to the forum, but I am trying to help my Mom out with her PC and spyware/adware/viruses she has.

I was looking at your READ ME FIRST BEFORE ASKING FOR SUPPORT document and I am a little confused.

Under the Scanning And Cleaning Steps section, Item 3, you suggest two online virus scanners.

The confusion I have is that your previous 2 steps are talking about tasks while being booted in Safe Mode.

Then you talk about running McAfee AVERT Stinger, followed by performing an online scan.

Then you later say (between item 6 & 7) that the final 2 Optional steps require you to reboot back to Normal Mode.

Don't you need to be in Normal Mode to connect online and run one of the online virus scanners?

Answer:Msg for major attitude, re: README FIRST document

With Windows 2000 and Windows XP there is a safe mode with Networking option that allows you to have network access even in safe mode.

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Hi i was just wondering if i sent my friend a word document or even excel created in office 2000, is there a way for them to view it even though they dont have word or office 2000 they do however have microsoft works 7 they run win/xp.Thanx in advance.

Answer:Opening a document?

Both types of document have "viewers" available as free downloads from MS - have a search on

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I have data log files of one of my trucks PCM (2003 Chevy S10 ZR2) that I recorded with my new Autoenginuity scan tool v10.0.3 . I just purchased this scanner software ($263.95) 2-6-2012 and added the GM enhanced interface ($229.95) 2-21-2012, and I haven't had much time to familiarize myself with some of the functions. Right now - ASAP, I need to convert some data log files recorded in xml format to be viewed in Internet Explorer or Firefox. The limited instructions for doing this are on page 61-69 of the user guide specifically page 67, where the xsl style sheet location is listed within the program is given (ProgramFiles/Common Files/AutoEnginuity). That stylesheet is displayed in attachment 1 and 2.How do I work with this xsl stylesheet and xml file to make it viewable with a browser? (Please be simple with me, I'm no computer guru like most of you are  ).Also, suggestions for a website to host these files. My photobucket site will only upload media files.Thanks,MikeEDIT: correct attatchment location[year+ old attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:opening xml document with IE9


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Question: opening a document

when trying to open a docoment message comes up "preparing to install" and docoment wont. open.  Tried restoring to previous date but wont restore

Answer:opening a document

What type of document is it, right click and go to properties It should say .doc  .xsl  etc Try opening it in Internet explorerWord 98-97-00 etcAdobe 

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Can anyone suggest me is there a way to open pdf format document without Adobe Acrobat Reader?


Answer:Help with opening a document

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HELP...whenever i use windows explorer to open up my secondary hard drive i get a error message saying this

any advice guys i think its a spyware but i can't get it removed....

Answer:error opening drive in XP

First: I have no experience with this!

Second: A search on Google shows references to this and "AUTORUN EATER" being the solution.

Third: You must take responsibility of using AUTORUN EATER. As I said, I have no experience with either the problem, or the solution.

Good luck

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dear sir, when i try to open my e drive it shows : access is denied. there are no password or restrictinons on the drive, plz tel me the solution

Answer:drive opening error

xp access is denied

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not a laptop (12-18"), not a net book (7-10"), but a life book, 5". 1.3ghz 40gb hd. very impressive for just over a pound.

he's having trouble getting any usb device to work. I plugged in my thumb and it lit up, but no drive showed up. I plugged in my printer, nothing. there's no audio alert when you plug or unplug anything either.

I tried system restore (just a shot in the dark), no luck.

I'm thinking it's hardware related, anybody want to confirm my suspicions or shoot out some ideas as to what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:usb device (thumb drive) lights up but no sound or drive found

Try taking out the battery from the life book and have it unplugged for a few minutes.

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The recovery partition is intact, but the primary partion has been formatted.  I don't have a docking station or USB CD-ROM drive, and have been attempting to GRUB/U3 bootload XP via a thumb drive with no luck.  Some variations I can get Setup to copy files but as soon as the install starts I get BSOD. I've also been trying to use a thumbdrive as a floppy, if I can restore the IBM bootloader to the MBR I can use the restore partition.  Which is what I'd like to do.  Any assistance would be great, thanks in advance! Joseph

--There is no mechanical problem so difficult that it cannot be solved by brute strength and ignorance.

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I had a document on the computer (Windows XP) and put a password on it to open it.

It has been a long time since i have done so, and don't remember the password.
Is there a way to open it w/out the password?

Answer:Opening a document with password...

does anybody know because it's an important document

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To illustrate my question go to

Click on the link labelled "pdf format". The pdf document opens, in Reader 8 on my PC.

Now, with the pdf document still open, click on the link "pdf format" again.

I get a pop-up

File Download

Do you want to save this file?

Name: SuccessinMath.pdf
Type: Adobe Acrobat Document, 14.7KB

Save Cancel

The file you are downloading cannot be opened by the default program. It is either corrupted or it has an incorrect file type. As a security precaution, it is recommended that you cancel the download. How can I decide what software to open?

I do not want the user to get this pop-up if they have opened the pdf document and clicked on the link a second time. I want nothing to happen.

Is there some way I can achieve this? Maybe the problem is with Reader 8. Does anybody know?


Answer:irrelevant pop-up if opening pdf document.

when you first click on the pdf do you open it or save it?

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I recently, maybe after installing exp. 9, but I'm not sure, started opening pdf's and they were very small. On my job I receive multiple pdf's per day, so it is a pain enlarging everyone. Does anyone have an answer for this?

Answer:small document when opening pdf

What is your operating system and are you using Adobe to view pdf files?

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Have a .doc file on desktop. When I double click to open, word app opens but not the document. As I recall, it used to open the application and the document together. If I have and excel file on the desktop and double click it, it opens both the Excel app and the file. Thanks for the help...

[email protected]

Answer:Opening word document

try re-associating the word document with Word.
1. Right-click the file you want to open [your case would be the .doc file on your desktop]
2. Point to Open With, and then click Choose Program.
3. Click Microsoft Word.
4. Click to select the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file check box, and then click OK.

let me know if this helps!

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i need to open a wordperfect document but can't through Word. Can anyone help?

Answer:opening wordperfect document

Use OpenOffice

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I use Word Templates. If I open a previously saved document, created using a template, it changes the merged information to the last merged information i was working with. Anyone heard of this? I would be very appreciative of any thoughts! Thanks

Answer:opening document changes information

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Sure I've opened lots of these before, for some reason won't let me. Needs a file association I think. Only have .docm and docx in control panel. The .doc is an attachment in an e-mail.Dell inspiron, windows vista, microsoft works, windows mail. TIA TR

Answer:Problem opening .doc document

What office suite have you got? It may be that you have an older version and someone is sending you something from a newer version and you need a compatibilty pack

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all my Wordpad 'rich txt' documents open smoothly in the blink of an eye except for one i've called my  'Writeups' doc, I paste articles and items from around the net into it.
As I've added more items to it over the months, it's got slower to open and clunkier to scroll through, and is almost on the point of freezing.
I've tried juggling the 'Wordwrap to window/ no wrap/ wrap to ruler' settings but they have no effect in speeding it up.
Here's a typical section from it, do you think it's the clickable links in it  (blue text) that are slowing things down? There are dozens in there-

I save it in Wordpad 'rich txt' format just like my other docs, and like I said they work fine.
Shall I try a different format for 'Writeups'? The other format options are-
Office open XML
Open docu text
Plain text docu
Other formats
but I know nothing about them.
I'm Win 7, any suggestions?

Answer:A document is opening slower and s-l-o-w-e-r

I've got about 30 various documents in my Docs folder on my system, most are less than 100KB, and a couple are around 17,000 KB, but amazingly my 'Writeups' doc is a gigantic 2,130,011KB. Yes two million!
But it's not physically bigger than some of my other docs so I can't understand why it's so huge KB-wise? 

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I am having another peoblem with opening a word document. When I trey to open a document all of the folders are in reverse alphabetic order (Z-A) Instead of regular alphabetic order (A-Z). I have been everywhere in Tools-Options and I haven't seen anything obvious. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Opening a Word Document

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Attached is a wps doc that i cannot get to open without it being nothing but symbols. I have Office 200, but it is not coming out correctly. Can anyone make sense of this?
OK, the forum will not allow the file to be uploaded, it doesn't support .wps documents, if anyone has an idea, I can e-mail the document to them.
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Answer:Having trouble opening a document

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I am producing a school fete programme and one company have sent me an ad in .ppt form. I do have powerpoint 2007 but when i try to open the document i get this error message,"Powerpoint cannot read the outline from text converter is installed for this file type".Since receiving it I have managed to view the ad (possibly on a different computer or in my mailbox) so i'm somewhat confused and as I'm hurtling towards a deadline I'd be very grateful if anybody could help! thanks!

Answer:Problem opening .ppt document

This error usually occurs when a file has been created in Office 2007 and saved in a format that allows older versions of Office to open them. click herethe prog in the link should help...

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I use Windows XP I am unable to open Document Folders such as emails with or wihout attachments

Answer:opening Document Folders

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Under XP Media Center
I have two internal HDs two CD drives, one ext. HD and Windows has assigned drive letters to all and all have been stable over the years the very weird thing , and I can't figure out why, is that for my USB thumb drive - which I always plug into the same USB port it changes letters after an extended period - say about 8 months, it will go from "G" to "I" and then back. It is bothersome only because I use the "Send To" command for many files. is there a way to stabilize this or is it just another XP annoyance I must put up with.

Answer:windows XP keeps alternating drive letter for thumb drive

goto control panel
Admin tools
computer management
disk management
in the right hand side you should see all the drives
go to the the drive that you want to change the letter ID
right click - then choose "change drive letter" a box will appear with the current letter
choose a new letter and click ok then its all done same letter every time

I often set to X, Y, Z for external and any mapped drives

have a read here

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I want to have Macrium Rescue and windows backup in one pendrive. If I create two partition in my pendrive, first for rescue and other for keeping backup, is it possible. Because windows only recognize the first primary partition of the pendrive.

Sorry found the answer in my earlier threads. So this is closed now

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I have tried installing Anti-virus software on a flash drive. However, the Avti-virus will only run from the flash drive on the machine that I installed it from. Indicating a registry association.I need anti-virus software that will run from a flash drive on any machine running windows. Preferably, not bloatware like McAfee. Anybody know of any?
Thanks for help. PS. McAfee won't

Answer:I need Anti-Virus that will run from a Flash drive aka: Thumb drive

Stinger.exe will run from a flash drive an will seek out and find most of the more recent worms and viruses. You can find it here:

I would think for any full fledged av program you could put the exe. file on the flash drive and then install it on most any computer. Such programs as Avast, Antivir, and AVG should work in that manner.

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I hear that it's possible to open word documents in excel. I have lots of long tables in word that I need to transfer to spreadsheets and it'll take me forever to cut and paste them. What can you suggest? My laptop uses windows xp. Thanks.

Answer:Opening word document in excel

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in the last couple of days when i try to open an excel document, i get this installation message which informs me that

"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not availabel.

Insert the "microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage' disk and click OK.

why did this happen all of a sudden, a few days back everything was working perfectly. i have misplaced my office xp, is there some sort of patch available on the net which will fix this problem?

Answer:problems opening excel document

Seems like you either haven't installed Excel XP, or somebody deleted it.

If you don't have the install disk, use OpenOffice. It works the same as MS Office, it's just free! No differences between them except for designers.

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Hi! Iím new in this site. Is anyone can help me regarding my problem about my laptop? The problem is all of a sudden when I open the document and settings in drive C it took awhile before it open and when I already open documents and setting and already finished looking some files when I go back to drive C again it also took awhile. I really donít know what happen.

And have drwatson32 appear and it says that have error and I need to close my internet explorer or even my documents. Thank you so much and waiting for your reply.


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Hi all could anyone through some light on this each time my son opens word instead of opening a new blanc document it opens the last one that was opened/saved in word nothing major just an irratating problem.I think he uses word 2003 not sure on this as he is out so cannot check this.

Answer:Word keeps opening the last saved document

Create a new blank templateThen just click on save not save-as {template}If you get what I meanIs he saving it as a template all the time He should not be.

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my boss is using windows 7 microsoft 2010 and sending me attachments I cannot open on my xp windows laptop - what can I do?

Answer:opening a 2010 document on a xp windows

What sort of attachments are they? If you are talking about Microsoft Office documents they are probably .docx or .xlsx, i which case you need to download & install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack which lets earlier versions of Office open them."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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I am constantly adding details to a document which is now several pages in length. When I open the document, it always opens at page one.
How can I make the doc open at the last page to save scrolling down through all the previous pages?
It's bound to be simple, but I can't find how to do it!

Answer:opening a document in Word 2010

time-saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Word 2010
Ctrl+End / Ctrl+Home Jump to end / to beginning of document

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First I want to say thank you so much for this forum. I've spent the entire day trying to open a training document with no luck. I didn't even think of asking for help but when I was ready to give up I thought of this forum. I hope someone can help me and I think there is. So thank you to the Tecnical people who take their own time to help newbies like me.

I have been trying to open a training document which is an html document but I can't open it in Firefox, Google Chrome or IE. The error message I get with Firefox is that it is "%1 is not a valid Win32 application (193)". Does this make sense to anyone? I would greatly appreciate a response.

Thank you,

Barbara Goodman

Answer:Opening an html document (video)

Have you tried right clicking the file, select open with, then select choose default program and then at the bottom of that window select look for the appropriate program on the web. Also do you have office installed?

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I have a windows 7, HP laptop and each time I open a document, it's in "print" layout instead of in "draft." Normally this would not bother me except that I open so many documents over the course of a day that it's become quite a nuisance. How do I change the default so the document will openn in "draft" form.

Answer:how to change document opening default

What program do you use to edit the doc?Why did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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Hey, my sister had just completed her coursework for school and when saved the document now opens up blank. I've tried looking for backup copies but everything i've found opens up blank. However the file shows as 13kb and when opened on wordpad it comes up with a load of random symbols and stuff.

Is there anything I can do to save it or is it gone for good? I've got Word 2010 installed on my computer.


Answer:Word Document Opening Up Blank...

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Did you try to copy the file to another computer?

Does the document show blank? As in no spaces.

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I am trying to resolve a problem with a Word 2000 document I've been given (it's my step-daughter's college project and is very important!). It's a large document (38 Meg!!!) that contains a lot of pictures. It was created in Word 2000 and that's what I'm trying to open it in, but when I do so I get an error message telling me that the path or file name is invalid. The dialog box suggests renaming the file and checking the permissions, which I've done, but to no avail. Any suggestions?Many thanks...

Answer:Problems opening Word document

How are you trying to open it - from File|Open in Word or by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer?

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I have MS Word 2003 and have been having trouble with it the last few months. If I do not have MS Word open, and I double click on a specific MS word document on my computer, one of two things happens:
1) MS Word opens up, but not that specific document
2) I get an error message saying that MS word can't find that specific document

In either case, I double click on the specific MS document again, and it opens up fine the 2nd time. It's just frustrating.

Any thoughts? If MS Word is already opened, any specific document I try to open works fine.
I'm not sure if it is interrelated, but also, when my outlook is open and I try to click on a web link from an email, if my web browser (firefox) is not already open, I get an error message as well, and I have to open my web browser first and then go back and click on the link again. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case there was some connection.

I appreciate the help!

Answer:Trouble opening MS word document

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how can I open it, just get a message "in the set associations control panel create an association"

Anyone please

Answer:Solved: Opening a Word document..

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HiI have a sharepoint page with a hyperlink created in publisher which opens a document in Word. It opens the document but creates a new blank page in IE - the user has to close Word and then click on the back arrow to return to the SharePoint site. I want it to go back to the SharePoint page that contains the initial link.ThanksRenee

Answer:opening a word document from SharePoint

Hi Renee, have you found a solution for this? I am also seeing this problem.Thanks!Melissa

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Please see attached document
A lot of these types of word documents get sent to a company and users are experiencing the document taking sometimes many minutes to open, sometimes causing word to hang. Does not take to long for me to open but if someone could help/advise with this issue?
Thinking perhaps doc should be in pdf format? (created and viewed in 2003)

Answer:problem opening a word document?

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I have some documents from last year that I could use rather than reinvent the wheel but for some reason when i try to open them it flashes on the screen like its opening and then NOTHING. I dont know what its doing or whether the failure is in the program or my computer or me.Any suggestions for solution or what the problem is? Thanks.

Answer:opening/downloading a document failure

Where are these documents stored, and what are you using to open them?

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And now they're all messed up. Boy I was doing so well as far as not making stupid mistakes on PC for a long time. Guess I was overdue for a screw-up! I run Vista Home Basic x64 and I have about 20-30 Word 2003 document files.

I just through reformatting and loading windows, but it was before I installed Microsoft Office 2003 and I had to get a serial number from one of the document files. Of course, as you know, it's not a complete Microsoft Word document until I install Office 2003, so I opened it it Wordpad (ughh!). Anyway the wording was all messed up and there were all kinds of strange characters in there, but the information that I needed was in there.

So I closed the document, and of course, then the icon changed to wordpad or something strange. Anyway, I didn't think much of it. I've done that before, but when I installed Office, everything would automatically turn into an official word document and the word icon would show and all. But not this time.

This time I opened up the folder where I keep all of my word dcouments and all of them now have this strange icon showing and when I try to open them I get a message that says bla bla bla, is not a valid win32 application. But I didn't panic. I went into defaults and checked to see what was associated with .doc and it's the Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper (Not quite sure what that is)

Anyway I changed the default to Word, though the icon looked all weird. You know the type (see attached scr... Read more

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Sometimes, when browsing the internet, I need to go through my documents for references to other things. Lately however the document screen doesn't open in the foreground. It just opens in the background and won't come to the foreground. Solutions?

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I had an important document I made a while ago on Notepad. I put a password on it to be able to open the document. It's been a while and I don't remember the password. Is there any way to open the Notepad document without the password?!

I have Windows XP if that helps...


Answer:I Need Help Opening a Document that requires password

there are a few password recovery apps out there that you can use, but most of them (if not all) you have to pay for. Some of them have demo's you can d/l and try for free that might help your immediate problem. do a search in google on password recovery and try a few out; I can't access them myself to give you a link as they're classed as 'hacker' sites and blocked by my work's firewall

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Okay, when I go to open up some of my word documents the icon seems almost see through, and the first letter of the document has been replaced with a ~$. There are a few files like this and they are all 1kb in size. When I open the file all that appears are little boxes and random symbols.
Sometimes it says I need to use a converter to see these and that my office 2003 is corrupt. So I go and download some Microsoft viewers and converters but it doesn't seen to help. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

Answer:Problems opening up a word document

Those are usually temp files. If they are in the same folder as the correct filename, without the see-through icon, then you can just delete these temp files.

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I made a letter heading and saved it to floppy for safe keeping.I have tried to open it but think I have chosen the wrong program to open it to,and all I am seeing is a lot of what I can call hieroglyphics....dont know the correct term..sorry.But as I have chosen that program to open the do I revert back to the correct one...that should recognise it and display it now when accessing it it always opens in the incorrect program.Think I made the heading in Star Office and am trying to open it in Roughdraft.Hope this makes sense...Thanks for any help.Geoff47

Answer:Problem opening document from floppy

you havent mentioned what the file type is or your OS, in windows you can use "open with" in the right clck context 98 hold the shift (or mybe control) when you right click

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Hello everyone, I've been having some issues with Word 97 lately and I'm absolutely stumped. Any help would be wonderful...

Twice now, I've had Word 97 tell me that it cannot open select documents; a few weeks ago I tried to open a doc and it gave me this message:

Word cannot open the document.
Try one or more of the following:
* On the File menu, click Open to open the document.
* Make sure the file has a .DOC extension

I did both; it would not open from the File menu and it DID have a .doc extension. I tried everything I could think of to get it back, including moving it to another computer and trying to open in there, renaming the document, everything. The closest I got to getting it back was opening it in WordPad - even then, it ate certain paragraphs up and lost the last page completely.

After having no luck at getting it back, I decided that since the document was only 3 pages long, I could stand to retype it and deleted the document. I had no problems opening up any of my many other documents; and so I figured, somehow that one file got corrupted and I just needed to cut it as a loss.

But now, it has happened again with another, much longer document. Again, I can get some of it back with WordPad/RTF, but not all of it. As before, all other documents are fine and openable, just not this one. I have scanned for viruses and the like - my computer seems to be clean. I have moved all my other documents to a removable flash drive so that they don't... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word 97 document not opening

It strongly suggests that your problems stem from using Word 97 on Vista.

It is not a recommended activity to do so and many others have problems with trying to operate Office 97 on Vista.

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How can I do this? I need to open it to grade a student's paper.

Answer:Opening WPS document in MS WORD 2003?

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I'm locked out of my own document and have the password which I set up for protection. Two of us have this password and now I can not get into it to, even copy onto a template.

Answer:Locked out of my own document after opening file.

have the password Not to be smart, but is your Caps Lock on, or was your Caps Lock on when you created the password. MIKE

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Can anyone help with a problem that i have trying to open attachments that i send from my works computer to my own PC. They are created in micosoft works word processor and sent as a attchement via e mail. When i get them on my own PC they have changed to wordpad documents, if i open them in wordpad nothing is there, if i try to open them using word processor i get the message i do not have enought memory to open file, close your document, close other programs and try again. When i click okay a blank word processor documents appears. What is causing this ? i do not have the problem if i create the document on my own PC. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Answer:opening word document attachments

The "not enough memory" error message rarely has anything to do with memory. What usuallyhappens is that a program reads some data that it assumes to be the data size and findssome ridiculous value.If it's with a specific document (or documents), the document is most likely corrupted.If it's with all documents, the problem is likely a corrupted works installation. Couldbe a DLL file or some registry settings.Try uninstalling your works suite, reinstall and try again...

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Hi.I have scanned in an excel spreadsheet and now want to send it to people who only have MS office. What sould I save it as to allow this?Thanks all

Answer:opening scanned spreadsheet with another document

Um, if they have Office why not just send them the Excel file?Otherwise if you save it as a jpg then they should be able to open it in Paint.

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Is there another way to open a Microsoft Works document (.wps) without the Microsoft Works software?

Answer:Opening a Microsoft Works document

right click and choose open with Word. then change it to a doc file

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if i can sent word document, it may not print at end user. macro i want. while opening the document, macro has to rund print disable.

Answer:print disable while opening document

Kesavaraom,Your question doesnt quite make much sense. Could you please try and explain with a little more detail what you want to achieve?What does 'rund print disable' mean?Please clarify and we will try to help

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I'm having trouble opening a word document that I edited at home and brought back to work. Everytime I try to open the document I get this message:
Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried to install it by clicking yes but nothing happens and no just closes the program. Please make answers specific to Microsoft Word 2007 Thanks

Answer:Problem opening Word document


Below is a link to information about Information Rights Management, but I suspect that you are going to have to talk to your company's IT department to help install the appropriate software on your system.

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Is there a work-a-round for opening a Microsoft Word 2000 Document in Wordpad. I only have wordpad and keep getting the error in the image below. I found some help topics but none worked.

Answer:Opening MS Word Document In Wordpad

This is a free download program that may work for you here's the site

It is very similar to MS office suites which should allow you to open your .doc files and many others. I used it only once, and I can't remeber how user friendly it is.
There's also viewers provided by Microsoft that should allow you to open MS files even if you don't have the programs. They're located here

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Every time I open word 2000 it automatically opens a document. Does anyone know how to stop it. I went to the MS knowledge base and it said it was either a macro or a command line but I checked both and neither was the case. Any thoughts???

Answer:word opening document at startup

If you want to open Word with no document showing, not even a blank one, make a shortcut to "winword.exe" wherever you want it or use one you already have. I discovered that you can do this with a shortcut already on the Start Menu under Programs or one on the desktop but you cannot do this with a Word shortcut that's "pinned" to the Start Menu. You can either use an existing shortcut or make a new one, add the change below and then pin it if you like.

Right click on the shortcut and go to Properties. In the "Target" field, at the end of the path add one space and /n. Click OK.

When you click on that shortcut, Word will open "blank," that is, no document showing.

On the other hand, if you do want it to open with a blank document but it's opening one with data in it, it's likely that the file that's opening is a document that accidently got saved as "" To save that document and return normal dot to it's blank state, open Word, click on Save As, make sure that "Word document (.doc)" (without the quotes) is showing in the Save As Type field, and save it wherever you like. Close Word.

Then search the harddrive for ""'s a hidden file so make sure in Folder Options>View that "Show hidden files and folders is checked...and delete it.

One or the other of these solutions should work...unless I've completely misunderstood the question.

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My applications like acess, excel, outlook,etc. when I close a document after I make a few changes or exiting a program. the display says" would you like to save"
"cancel Yes OK" How do I get this back to "yes no". When you hit cancel it saves the changes, meaning yes, and then yes means no, OK doesn't do anything. Do I need to reload programs. It does this in all my windows based programs

Answer:Opening, saving document prompts

Replace the Mso97.dll and Mso7enu.dll files and run the Office 97 SR-1 Patch Setup again.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Close the MS Office Shortcut Bar if it is running.

2. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to display the Close Program dialog box.

Click the OSA item and click End Task.

3. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to display the Close Program dialog box.

Click the Findfast item and click End Task. Another dialog is displayed, click End Task again.

4. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to display the Close Program dialog box.

Verify that Findfast and OSA do not appear in the list. If they do, click the item and click End Task.

5. Insert the Office 97 disc into your CD-ROM drive.

6. Using Windows Explorer, open the following folder on the CD-ROM drive:
<CD-ROM Drive>:\Office where <CD-ROM Drive> is the drive letter for your CD-ROM drive (usually drive D). For example, if your CD-ROM drive letter is D, open the following folder: D:\Office

7. On the View menu, click Options. Click the View tab. Click to select Show All Files. Click OK.

8. Right-click the Mso97.dll file. On the shortcut menu, click Copy.

9. Using Windows Explorer, open the following folder on your hard disk:
Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office

10. On the Edit menu, click Paste.

11. Repeat steps 3 through 7. In step 5, copy the Mso7enu.dll file instead of the Mso97.dll file.

12. In Windows Explorer or File Manager, run the patch by double-clicking the Sr1off97.exe file.
* If the Office 97 disc has SR-1 on th... Read more

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For unknown reasons, I might have carelessly deleted the a file in my XP Pro system using CCleaner, currently causing me unable to open a hard drive folder.

Now when I double-click the C drive or a inserted USB flash drive, a "Open With" window pops up and asks me to choose a program to open this hard drive. It's weird and I kind of know that a file(maybe something like auto.inf file) is missing. usually when I click that drive, it opens the drive. Right now I have to click windows explorer to view the documents inside the drive.

Can anyone give me a hand of solving this problem? Thank you very much!!

Answer:Solved: Error at Opening a Hard Drive

It is due to the corrupted autorun.inf created by the virus is remain on the drive, hidden as system file.

Deletion is the simplest way to fix it. First, we need to enable the view of the file.
On My Computer, click the menu Options -> Folder Options
On View Tab -> Advanced Setting textbox, untick &#8220;Hide protected operation system files (Recommended)&#8220;, and click Yes for the pop up warming.
On all infected drive, delete the file autorun.inf

Since the autorun.inf(s) have been loaded into system memory upon booting, you need restart the PC to get the work done!

Of course, after the reboot, don&#8217;t forget to tick back &#8220;Hide protected operation system files (Recommended)&#8221; checkbox on Options menu -> Options -> Advanced Setting textbox. You won&#8217;t want to see a lot of annoying system files floating around your folders and taking the risk of deleting them accidentally in the future, these consequences may worth re-installing the OS and all applications!!

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I am using Win XP SP2 on an Athlon dual core processor machine. When I open My Computer and then open the C: folder I get a Data Excecution Prevention error listing Windows Explorer as the program it wants to close. This happens even though I have just booted the system and have not yet started Windows Explorer.
This error is preventing me from accessing any of the folders on my main drive (C:). I can access all other hard drives on the system with no problem. Drive C: is the only drive affected. When I access the Security folder under the control panel, I do not see DEP listed so am unable to try to turn it on or off to see if that has any affect. This problem appeared about a month ago and I don't remember what I might have done to cause the problem. Could Memory modules cause this? I might have swapped the two modules that I have. I understand that DEP is only available on Win XP SP2 and that I should be able to turn it on or off if my hardware processor supports this feature. Because I do not see DEP under the Security Option of the control panel, it seems to me that DEP should not even be active on my machine.

Answer:DEP Error when opening My Computer Drive C: folder

Hello again,

Look these over please

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Just lately when I click on one of my Word templates or documents to open it, a blank document opens (Document 1) and then the selected document opens - very annoying. Suggestions to solve it would be much appreciated.

Answer:Word 07 opening additional blank document

I to have had this happen. I found that I am clicking to many times.

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I have received a document created by Clarisworks which i think is an apple can I view tis document in Word. I am running Word 2003.

Answer:Opening claris .cmk document in Microsoft word

Can't the sender save it as a .rtf or .txt file and send it?

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I produced and save a document in Word Vista - it opens correctly when I send it to myself at a second email address.  However, when sending to someone else it opens as gooblety **bleep**.  As it is a resume I need to fix the problem - help!

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My company requires me to open their program which then will generate a document using my Word program. This document has to open within their platform. It is opening the document but it is outside of the platform. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Brand new computer - Vista Home premimum - Word 2007

Answer:Word opening document outside of the workplace platform

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I was typing during some days one document and after something happened and I got an error message - Unable to open (.doc) or (.docx) file. Does someone assist to repair word document?

Answer:MS Word 2003 stopped opening my document

Hi, Welcome to HP Support Forum. MS Word is a product from Microsoft, Please try     and from Microsoft: Regards.

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I am running word 2000 sp3 on a windows XP machine. And it seems very slow opening a file on the network. Up to 20 seconds. On a Window 98 machine it opens right up. Had anyone ever run into this before?

I am starting to think that windows 2000 was the best operating system not XP!

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I am running Windows XP-Home. My brother sent me a document that was forwarded to him from his soon to be ex-wife ..... grrr. He needs to open it but it was apparently created in .SXW format. How can he open it? Is there a free download somewhere which would help us.? this is urgent because it has to be forwarded to his attorney.

Answer:Solved: Need help opening a .SXW file format document

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I received a letter as an attachment via my ntl email account and opened the attachment which opens on word 2003. I could only see the date and my name on the document. A bit of exploring showed that the text of the letter was contained in a text box. I could not change the size of the text box or get to the text except by deleting the first part of the text to display the second bit. Using the menu option I could convert to frame and read text that way (a job rejection letter!)Anyway, I then forwarded the email to my yahoo email account, where the attachment was scanned and the document opened in all its glory, including the company logo and graphics.....So far I have checked that both documents are loading up the same version of word (same license number and version) and am stumped......I have norton installed on my PC so at the moment am debating if there is a problem with that when it is scanning the ntl delivered document (if it is) or maybe even if my outlook needs reinstalling.I can't blame ntl if the document forwards to yahoo ok.reopening the attachments for both sources several times and I get the same result so it isn't a one-off glitch.....Confused? Oh yes....

Answer:word document not opening properly from email

Word is opening the document differently from outlook. It opens it in report layout and I have to click on the actual page button to display the contents of the document. If I save the document and open it it opens up normally. very odd.

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Running Microsoft Office 2003 (11.5604.5606) on Windows Vista Home Premium.

First, any time I start an Office program, I am required to accept the license agreement, even though I have accepted that same agreement every one of the hundreds of times I've stated an Office program.

Next, when I exit Word, it asks me if I want to save the changes to, every time I close Word.

Next, I can double-click on a Word document to open it in Word and Word says the document doesn't exist. I have no problem copying these same files to a flash drive and opening them on the same version of Word on another computer.

Answer:Solved: Word says the document I'm opening does not exist.

What happens if you open Word first and use FILE >> OPEN ??


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Every time I open a .pdf document, I get a BSOD on my laptop and the machine shuts down. What could be the cause of this error - I can't load any pdf anymore!!


Answer:Opening a PDF document causes a BSOD on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Hi George, what is this computer? What version of Windows are you running? Are you using the latest version of Adobe Reader? Get into Control Panel, System, Advanced System Settings, start up and recovery settings. Un-check "automatically restart"

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When I try to open a word document in one of my folders, I double click to open it and it goes to PDF instead. I am tired of having to specifically designate open it in word from the start menu.

Answer:When opening a word document, it automatically opens a PDF

There are a handful of ways to adjust file-type association. One such way is to right-click the Word Document and go to Open with > Choose default program.Either choose among the Recommended programs, or the list of Other programs, or click the Browse button and choose a program yourself (assuring you find the program executable itself, not a setup file for the program).After choosing the appropriate program for that file-type, click the checkbox next to "Always use the selected program for this type of file."Click Ok and the file should open in that program. Additionally, all other files of that same file-type should open in that program too, unless file-type association is later adjusted.Apologies if I don't respond to your reply immediately. I don't check this site daily, but you're welcome to PM me as a reminder.

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On our system at work when I plug in a thumb drive because our network drive is f it assigns that letter to the thumb and I cant see it. I go through Manage then Disk Management ect and assign a Drive letter to the USB thumb. I dont want to do this if I dont have to. I also dont want to have the IT guys remap the entire network if possible. Is there a way around this.
I want to be able to just plug in a thumb drive and have xp see it without going through disk management to change a assigned letter.


Answer:XP wont see thumb drive Network drive F

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Greetings to all

By mistake i disabled my flasd drive... here is what i did...

at the task bar (the one at the bottom ---start -----) i right clicked the safely remove hardware and selected properties and device usage i disbaled.. since than i cant use this flash drive in this computer.. i can use other flash drive/thumb drive usb drive but the one which i disabled i cant use it and it wont recognise too.

Please help me to fix this problem. when i insert other flash drive/thumb drive my computer detects it but the one which i disabled wont detect. What should i do?

Highly apreciate your help


Answer:Flash Drive/Thumb Drive how to enable

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I'm getting a new file issue these days when I open Word docs:
"There is a problem saving the file.
Usually this is because the disk or floppy disk is too small for the file or is full, RAM memory is low, or there is a permission problem with the drive the file is being saved to.
If the amount of disk space for a paging file is low, save the file to another drive. If the RAM memory is low, increase available RAM. If permissions to the drive do not allow you to save to that drive, save the file to another drive or request permissions from the administrator to save files to the drive.
Note: This error can also occur if the computer is running a version of antivirus software that is not compatible with the Microsoft Office system or needs to be updated."
I use AVG.

My storing location for these files is: C/Users/JoanneOSKelly/MyDocuments/CVsResumesEtc
Please help! I'm hoping I'm just saving it to the wrong drive?

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