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Solved: How to find files exceeding 64-character length?

Question: Solved: How to find files exceeding 64-character length?

Is there a quick way to find files in a folder whose file names exceed 64-characters in length? I'm trying to burn a CD of a large (over 500MB) photo folder. The CD burning program appears to alert me of SOME long filenames when it starts up, and I tell it to "Change All." But it's not finding them all until it starts burning.

During the burning it tells me certain file names exceed 64-characters and the path may not be found and do I want to proceed anyway. I can't go through the whole folder looking for the few long names because it's enormous, it would take hours.
I don't know why it doesn't detect them all.

I'm using Roxio EZ CD Creator Platinum 5 and Windows XP SP2

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Preferred Solution: Solved: How to find files exceeding 64-character length?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: How to find files exceeding 64-character length?

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Hi guys, just wanted to ask if any of you can help me out in excel. Basically what I wanna do is, if I copied a text or a sentence and I would want to paste it on a cell, i'd like the cell to remove any characters if it is over than 40 excluding spaces.

Any kind of help/advice would be appreciated

Answer:Character length in a cell or cells

Have a look at this website & see if it helps you.

MS Excel 2010: Set up a cell to only allow up to a certain number of characters

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When I click Find/Special/Paragraph Character in Word 2007,
^v appears in the "find what" box instead of ^p

How can I change the default back to the correct code?

Thanks for any help.


Answer:Solved: Word 2007 Find - Change Special Character?

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I just sent an email that I had to retype 3 times because as I would go back to proofread, I
would find a space/character missing, I would set the cursor in place to add said space or character the next character/space disappears, instead of moving everything forward. Instead
of just moving everything forward when I added a character or space it eats the next
character -all the way to the end of the paragraph. Character/spaces also disappear if I
try to resize a line or add a space/line.
<-by hitting enter twice
I'm using OE6, with XPHome. <-a character/space will disappear on this line.

This is an exmple line. If I place the cursor in between the x and the m in the word example and hit the letter "a", I lose the letter m. And then I hit the "m", I lose the letter
p, and so on.
Would you know what is happening and be able to point me to a fix?


Answer:Solved: Characters (glyphs) disappear: when I proofread an email and find a space/character

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I've been trying to install Visual C++ Express 2008 Edition and I get the error: "Error 1324.The folder path 'Program Files' contains an invalid character. I can't uninstall the program throught the Control Panel, it says that it can't find the uninstall program. I checked the registry and it listed the path for the drive under the Vista designation ("D:"), Windows 7 designates the drive as "E:". I ran a registry cleaner and removed all invalid paths. I still get the same error message. I looked at related 1324 threads and I couldn't find the problem. Please help. (I also tried the Microsoft Forums for Express installation problems and no one has an answer).

Answer:[SOLVED] Error 1324.The folder path 'Program Files' contains an invalid character

Hi -

Let's check the user shell folders in the Registry.

Download the zip, extract the batch file to desktop, RIGHT-click on batch file icon, select "Run as Administrator"

A notepad will open w/ results. Paste into next post.

Regards. . .



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Anyone have any clues as to what the following error means when logging onto a java site ?"Can not find content length"Any clues would helpThanks

Answer:java error "Can not find content length"

If it appears in the status bar of your browser as you log on it will be an imperfection in the java routine the site is trying to run on your machine. If not please provide more info as to when it occurs and where the message appears.If you post the URL I'll have a look at the site as this may help.

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Hi i am Jo

would need help in finding the length of the third side of a triangle in excel

I have three points number: AB- 235 BC- 156 need to find length AC - it's not a right angle triangle,

Answer:Find length of side of triangle in Excel

Welcome to the forums Jo.

Having the length of two sides of a triangle isn't enough to calculate the length of the 3rd side, for a non right-angle triangle. You'll also need to know one of the angles.

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helloI can not find this character in "MS. word->symbols" or "Character Map".how can i use this in MS.Word?thanks[recovering disk space - old attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:I can not find this character

Rho, 17th letter of Greek alphabet. In Unicode, the upper and lower case are encoded at U+03A1 and U+03C1 respectively. In MS Word symbol inserter, choose Basic Greek. Works for me in Arial and Times New Roman.

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This is one symbol I need but cannot find on character map - anyone know?Thanks

Answer:Where can I find a 'tick' on character map?

This is for a web site by the way

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Could someone give me the text/ASCII version of this special character??

It is basically an R with two vertical lines on the left (instead of one). It represents relation in symbolic logic. E.g. "aRb" would mean *a* bears a certain relation to *b*. (a and b are objects)

Answer:find this special character

This character? It isn't an ASCII character at all (ascii only has room for 256 characters), so there's no way to give you that code I'm afraid. You can get it in HTML by inserting the code

[SIZE=2] &# 8477;[/SIZE]
(without the space between the # and the number, which I put in to stop this helpful very forum from turning the thing into the &#8477; for me.)

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=LOOKUP(Schedule!C5,{"2200","2200+2OT","2200+4OT","0200+4OT","0400+2OT","0600","0600+2OT","0600+4OT","1000+4OT","1200+2OT","0200","0200+2OT","0200+4OT","1800+4OT","2000+2OT","AL","~*","ML","LV","nomatch"},{"1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20"})When * is found the value of 17 should be returned but instead I get #N/AThis is related to a project that I posted about in Computer Programming, BUT a seperate issue that wouldnt have fit the linearity of the initial information request so I posted this here as a seperate issue. The purpose of this function is to read in from the schedule sheet the start time and OT designation and code 1 thru 20 to add rules that would be later used in relation to the other post. Was not expecting the escape character to fail to work, so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone can point out what i am missing. On the Schedule sheet C5 is populated with *. I tested this bu changing * to X and changed ~* to X and it reported back with 17. Tried * by itself as "*" and it didnt like it, so I se... Read more

Answer:Trying to find * and ~ escape character not working

Not sure what you're trying to do here and I'm too lazy to look up the LOOKUP function right this second, but you may be able to use VLOOKUP instead. VLOOKUP takes a range of data in the worksheet and uses that as the lookup table. I'll check into the LOOKUP function and see if I can figure something out.

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Good evening all,I am writing a simple program to find if there is a speicifc character in a given range of cells in Excel.Here is an example:From cells A1 to D10, there are 40 random characters, from A to Z.Let say, if a character B is found, then it will return 2; and it will return 3 if a character C is found, and so on.If a character happens more than once, for example, character B is found in cell A4 and cell D9, a number 2 will be returned instead of 4.Here is what I can think of:=IF(A1='B', 2, 0)I don't know how to move on.Could you help me out please?Thanks in advance!Kitty

Answer:how to find a character in a given range of cells in Excel

VLOOKUP might work here.Have a look at THIS thread.

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I have a long list, (email addresses, actually), each item terminated with a semi-colon ';'.

I want to turn it into a list, in Libre Office Writer, using 'Find/Replace' to change the semi-colons to 'Enter's.

The character to 'Find' is easy - but how do I specify that its Replacement is to be 'Carriage Return/Line Feed'?

Probably some use of the ASCII code(s) - but how, exactly?

Answer:Libre Office Writer Find/Replace special character

Try This.

An extension is also available to increase the power of find and replace.

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A Manufacturer refurbished T530, has a barcode on the bottom, with the charactersLUL3196 What are the specs for this laptop (specifically the display resolution, NVS 5400M graphics, CPU)

Answer:manuf. refurb. T530 - find specs, from 7 character product number?

Good day.
I must confess that I've never come across an identifier like that one.
If you run msinfo32, what is reported as the System Model on the main page?

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It only shows the length of mp4, mpg, and wmv files.

Answer:show length of .flv files in explorer

To see the properties of all media files, there is a utility that is usually installed alongside K-Lite codec pack. If you haven't any other codec pack installed, it is a good idea to install K-Lite codec so you can play almost any audio and video format available and also have this utility. Then you can right-click on the file, select Media Properties (or similar) and see all the data you want, like resolution, frames per second, duration, video codec, audio codec etc.

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SOME (NOT ALL) movie files (various file extensions) that play well in VLC-in-Win7 when still on External Hard Drive, are reduced to zero length (but NOT zero bytes) when copied to 64Gb micro SD card, and so do NOT play in VLC (or GOM). Is there a remedy ?

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This problem is really starting to wind me up!

When attempting to play downloaded Mpgs on windows media player the legnth shows as only a couple of minuites (The time is not a constant with all the mpgs which do this).

This means that the video only plays until the time-bar gets to the end. I Hear everyone saying "The video is just that long short"!...

...Well if i click into the time-bar to skip ahead i can view parts of the video which would otherwise not play if i let the video play in full, as they are past the Total length time. For instance if i click right near the end of the time-bar i can catch the credits of the film but only briefly as the time-bar oviously still moves and because the total time is so short it quickly stops.

It is kind of difficult to explain other than this, but if it has happend to you, you will recognise the symptoms.

As i explained above i am using windows media player, however i have also tried the video on real player and the problem remains the same.

My system is a 2gig athlon xp with 512 ram, radeon 9200se, globalwin water cooling and 140 gig of Hard disk space.

Hope somebody can shed some light on this annoying problem.



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When writing a batch file in Win 7 64bit am I limited to the good old DOS 8 character file names or can I use longer names.
Haven't written a batch file since the seventies so I'm hoping that I can.
If not what is the best way to overcome this.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks .

Answer:Batch files and file name length

In all windows you should be able to use long file names, unless it is going to run in old dos mode. There is no DOS in Windows since XP came into being, it was left behind, old Windows ran on top of DOS, it was two Operating Systems running side by side

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It only shows the length of mp4, mpg, and wmv files.

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Excel has a limitation of 240 characters when saving a file as .PRN. I need to create an ASCII file of greater record length with multiple records.How can I do this? Is there an Excel workaround or will I have to use another program? Will Access allow me to do this?Thanks for any assistance in advance.Squeals

Answer:ASCII fixed length files in Excel

You MIGHT be able to do this using a macro click here

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I have a programme called Clonemaster which scans for duplicate & zero length files. Anyone had experience of this software? It has found a lot of files but I wonder if they are actually safe to delete??Thanks.

Answer:SPRING CLEAN: delete duplicate/zero length files?

I would leave zero length files well alone alone, some are intended to be that length and although if you remove them they may be re-created you are tempting fate. As regards duplicates it does depend on what your removing, removing duplicate 'Dll' files can cause programs not to function, speaking from experience some while ago while I decided to have a clean up I would leave those well alone. Other duplicate files such as ones you have created, picture, text files, etc you should be ok with.

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There seem to be a lot of zero length or 0 bytes or empty files on my computer?
Can I delete them safely? What are they?

Answer:Can I delete empty zero length 0 bytes files in Windows?

do NOT delete.
some programs has 0-byte files in their folders.
i read about it, but i can?t explain it right now, try a google-search...

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I am using the Backup and Restore Center to backup a desktop and a PC to a local network WD My Book one TB drive. These backups are monthly. There are sets of fifteen to twenty zero length temp files of the form SDT3648.tmp for each machine for each backup. It seem obvious that the backup program should have deleted these files. Is this a common experience with Windows Vista backup for anyone else?
Frank C

Answer:Windows backup, leftover zero length temp files

Hmmm, i am not sure if they are supposed to be left or not, but, temp files are just that, temporary, i use this to clean my up : TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer - Geeks to Go Forums
Hope this helps you out.

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Somehow I manged to add 100's of files with the ~ character in them. Have deleted all with the ~ in a normal windows C: drive search window...but there are 1000's of files containing the ~ when searchng for system/hidden files ?

Are there normally any files in System/Hidden files for Win 7 Pro 64 bit that contain the ~ character ?

My Win 7 Pto 32 bit PC only had a dozen or so ?

Is it safe to delete system/hidden files containing the ~ character in them ?


Answer:Somehow I manged to add 100's of files with the ~ character in them.

Are you sure these are not temporary files? Try rebooting.

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files change to corrupted font. files type un identified

Answer:my files name goes to weird character

What happens if you enter some text into a notepad file, does this also change to a strange font? If so, follow this guide:

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I am a beginner and I need to find: Temporary Internet Files folder in Windows Explorer: Can anyone explain the step by step procedure to do so.

Answer:Solved: Solved: Find: Temporary Internet Files folder in Windows Explorer

Temporary Internet Files are located within the users's profiles, such as:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

Each user has its own files.

Open Internet Explorer. Select Tools, then Internet Options. Under Temporary Internet Files click on Settings, then View Files.

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Maybe someone will have a solution for this. I have checked MS knowledge base with no success. At work I am running Windows 2000 Pro on a LAN. I have MS Office Xp installed and since the Network Administrator installed the new exchange server which came with Outlook 2003, I keep getting the following message whenever I open an Office program after using the help menu: "There are no office assistant characters present on the system. Please run setup maintenance mode and install at least one character".

MS Office is installed with XP first and Outlook 2003 last per the below MS KB article:
If you want to install and use more than one version of Office on the same computer, you must install the earliest version first. For example, if you want to use both Office 97 and Microsoft Office XP on the same computer, install Office 97 first. You must follow this step because of the way that registry keys, shared programs, file extensions, and other settings are managed for each version of Office, and for the programs that are included with each version of Office.

The following table shows the order that you must use install each version of Office.

Office Version Installation Order
Office 97 First
Office 2000 Second
Office XP Third
Office 2003 Fourth

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Feral Geek

Answer:Office Assistant character files

May not be what you want to hear but -

It reads as though this is a known issue with no fix.

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1) Performed a clean install after MoBo replacement.
2) Ran Brink's tutorial "How to Delete the Windows.old Folder in Windows 7".
3) All files/subdirectories removed except two (2) files.

These two file names are using strange characters, that I can't copy, rename, delete, move, etc. The characters are not Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, etc. I could not find them in Microsoft's Word insert character tables.

They look more like glyphs from a Stargate SG-1 episode, Fifth Element movie or an off world Sci-Fi movie. They don't bother, just would like to remove them. They are 1 Kb in size and were created the day I ran the tutorial to remove the Windows.Old directory. That was a week after the successfull clean install.

Because of these two files, I can't fully remove the Windows.Old directory. Even the procedure in the tutorial fails.

Any ideas/suggestions?


Answer:Strange Character Files In Windows.Old

Were there any files from the prior install that were encrypted?

You might try booting into safe mode and try to delete. Or even going into a command prompt.

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I googled the problem and NOTHING!!!!! many information NO LONGER is displayed in my details pane in Windows Explorer!!!!!! song length is one of them gone missing (& total length if multiple files are selected) and I use that frequently!!!!! it ONLY shows basic information now such as artist, title, album, and genre!!! but total length is GONE!!! also MANY UNRELATED INFORMATION is now in the details pane for media files!!!!!!! mood of music has been added (never heard of that tag), song rating, and composer now have been added!!!! it even displays ALL THIS SAME INFORMATION for WAV files when it used to be ONLY file size and length for WAV files!!!!!!! WAV is NOT capable of tags so I don't know why Windows Explorer shows this information for WAV files!!!!!!

Answer:missing information in details pane for media files (such as song length)

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?

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Running Office 97 in compatibility mode on a Toshiba Laptop using XP Home version. For some reason Word suddenly shifted to saving files using only the first character of whatever name I use to save it. Ex: 'Test'.doc becomes 'T'.doc. It will show all the previous saved files with their full name, but even if you open them and try resaving them with a different name, same truncated save. Excell and powerpoint do just fine, WordPerfect does ok also. Have tried unloading and reloading, changing the file, using eraser and cleaning out the registry, deleting the files directory and subdirectory. Am frustrated and almost out of letters and numbers to save files. Would appreciate any ideas on this one. THANKS!

Answer:office 97 word saves files with only 1 character name.

orangeclyde said:

Running Office 97 in compatibility mode on a Toshiba Laptop using XP Home version. For some reason Word suddenly shifted to saving files using only the first character of whatever name I use to save it. Ex: 'Test'.doc becomes 'T'.doc. It will show all the previous saved files with their full name, but even if you open them and try resaving them with a different name, same truncated save. Excell and powerpoint do just fine, WordPerfect does ok also. Have tried unloading and reloading, changing the file, using eraser and cleaning out the registry, deleting the files directory and subdirectory. Am frustrated and almost out of letters and numbers to save files. Would appreciate any ideas on this one. THANKS!Click to expand...

Didnt find much on the KB...

Have you tried it in a different user account?

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trying to replace a exe file but cant find it where do i go to find them ????

Answer:Solved: how do i find exe files??

Which .exe file are you trying to replace? What operating system are you using?

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Need a little help here. I know the *.dbx files are in my computer because I can find them with a search. The string shows them to be located right where they should be in C:/Documents and Settings/Ray/Local Settings/Application Data/Identities/etc. etc. The problem happens after I expand 'Ray"... There is no 'Local Settings' on the menu.

I've opened that in the past the copy my .dbx files to a flash drive when I wanted to do a recovery with Acronis, but now it's not there. So I ran a full backup of the C:/ drive and recovered to the previous set of Acronis backups. The files are still not there.

Am I missing something basic here? Senior moment maybe? Forest/Trees syndrome?


Answer:Solved: Can't find *.dbx files

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Outlook 2002 on a PC - loads of emails in it.

When I go to search for *.pst files using XP Search Facility - I find no .pst files.
Under "Folder Options" show hidden files is checked.

Answer:Solved: Cannot find .pst files

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This problem started when I created a Windows shared folder for transferring some files, I created it with write permissions enabled for everybody and transferred some data from a friend's computer. After this I noticed 2 .exe files had appeared (always with the filename of 6 random lowercase letters and a random icon). I assumed that the .exe files had come from my friend's computer and assumed he was infected. When I scanned them, NOD32 detected them as two different viruses and I deleted them both.

Since then files have been appearing in that directory occaisionally (didn't have write-enabled shared folders before that). The only computers on my network have been my desktop and my laptop (but the router has got WPA wireless enabled). Both are running up to date NOD32 and I've done full scans on both which did not pick up any viruses. All the files get detected as viruses when I scan them with NOD32 before deleting them. So far NOD has detected them as one of the following:

Win32/Tifaut.D worm
Win32/Tenga.gen virus
Win32/Packed.Autoit.D.gen potentially unwanted application
Win32/Packed.Autoit.E.gen potentially unwanted application
Win32/Tifaut.C worm

The filenames are like: meudxq.exe - efcfib.exe - wvimrx.exe - vlbwqb.exe - etc.

OS: Both Windows 7 x64.

HijackThis Log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 03:11:18 PM, on 2011/07/12
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mo... Read more

Answer:Random character .exe files appearing in my windows share

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I need to connect a new HP printer for two users in an office. Due to the "looks" of the office, I am extremely limited on how cables are allowed to be setup and the cabinet where is located that this needs to be.

The bottomline: It requires approximately 38 feet of USB cabling to go from the printer to the computer that it will connect to. I can figure the length and how many cables I need from a catalog: 2-16' and 1-10' will do it.
QUESTION: Will the printer work properly with this length of cabling? Or are we seriously sacrificing performance?

Thank you for your input.

Answer:Solved: USB Length Question

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i've just discovered that the tv in my pc also records and i've been playing with it, recording shows and trying to learn the best ways in which to save a recording (i.e. avi, mpeg, etc.).

as a result, some of these video files have gotten lost. here's my question: is there a generic way i can search for these video files on my pc that will bring up EVERY video file, regardless of the way they may have been saved? if so, please explain how. even if i have to search for the individual file types (such as AVI, MPEG, MPEG2, etc.)i would do it if i knew how.

even though i designated a name and file path to store my recordings, they're not showing up there. so either i'm not recording successfully after all, or the recording is being saved elsewhere. again, i'm still learning, so i can't be sure. i'd hate to have these large, useless files hidden somewhere in my pc.

thank you very much.


Answer:(Solved) How do I find all video files in my pc?

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I show defraged files on my hard drive, but won't defrag. How can I see what files they are? Any programs out there to let me see files and decide if I want to remove them?


Answer:Solved: Find defragged files

Files that are in use such as some system files may not defrag. The good news is that it really doesn't matter. People put a lot of faith into defragging drives when the result in most causes is minimal to none, a couple of files that can't defrag won't affect much.

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I tried it, but it kept saying there was no disc in the drive when there was, how to find out if I have a disc writer or if it is just not working. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: How to find out if I can save files on a cd

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Why can't I find c:\user\name\Appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content ? Im getting the following message:
"the file or directory c:\users\name\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.IE5\7FRORH9W is corrupt and unreadable. Please run Chkdsk utility

Answer:Solved: Find Temp Files

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I'm on windows NT.
When you are on "find all files", how do you delete information
in the "named box" drill down?

Answer:Solved: find files and folders

Terry G said:

I'm on windows NT.
When you are on "find all files", how do you delete information
in the "named box" drill down?Click to expand...
welcome to the forums
first of all it is risky to delete boxes without knowing for sure what you are deleting. for documents and text files, it is no problem to delete them. for program files, you could risk losing the option to have windows uninstall them or using the uninstaller that comes with many programs.

with that in mind, when you search for a file the resulting files that are found with windows search will give you the address. that string of letters, symbols and numbers is the location on your hard drive. so if something has C:\agnis-as you go to my computer, c drive then look for a folder agnis-as and you highlight it, right click it and select delete or use the delete at the top of the page or use edit delete or use the delete key on your keyboard.

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To Whom It May Concern,

Pls help me I got the Newdot~Net Error Message.
I followed instructions on how to uninstall it and it worked, however, when I booted back up I could not access my start menu or any other programs (even in safe mode). I contacted my computer company and they told me I had no choice but to reinstall my OS. I am aware that I can however, save any of my files that I neglected to back up using dos. Please tell me how to find and save those files onto anything CDR if possible.



Answer:(Solved) Find And Restore Files In Dos

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Ran RAV antivirus after kids on computer. Says to remove the following two files manually, but I can't find them. I have searched almost every portion of the string and can't find them on my computer. Any suggestions?

C:\Documents and Settings\Denise\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN\db\Mail ([email protected])\stm0x3000010.000->(NameExploit*) - MIME/NameExploit*

C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-355755893-3793218682-3410563497-1008\Dc18.61->(NameExploit*) - MIME/NameExploit*

Answer:Solved: How do I find these files to delete them?

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I used a program to clean duplicate files from my old dell dimension desktop that has been upgraded from windows ME to XP with SP2. It apparently clean too much because I am missing (or the computer can't find) a file designated - wanatw4n.sys - where would I go to locate such a windows file and download it? Thanks

Answer:Solved: where do I find files to download?

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I'm having a problem locating deleted files and wonder if anyone can help.

Windows XP Home Edition, Version 5.1.2600, service pack 3 build 2600.

My daughter had be transfering files from my PC to her own PC using a 16 GB USB memory stick.

I discovered that she had put the whole contents of the "My Documents" folder in the recycle bin I restored the folders and, initially, all seemed well. However, when I looked in the "My Pictures" folder I found that it only contained the standard Windows sample pictures and 10 years+ worth of digital pictures had disappeared! I checked the memory stick and her PC but could not locate any of my pictures.

I then downloaded and ran Brian Kato's freeware "restoration" program. This failed to find any of my pictures on my PC's hard dive, my daughters PC or the memory stick.

I had backed up the contents of "My Documents" onto a remote hard drive three days before the disaster happened so should be able to recover any files stored up to that date, However, since then I had been spending 3 or 4 hours a night re-working the pictures from a wedding that I covered and (foolishly) had not backed the re-worked images up. It will take a lot of time and effort to have to re-work the photographs.

Could anyone advise as to how I might find and recover the deleted images?

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Solved: Cannot find deleted files

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I recently downloaded a pdf doc from the Intel support site. When I open the doc it says it is 14 pages long. When I try to print the pages all I get are very small (and I mean small )thumbprints of other pages
On closer inspection I find each of the 14 pages is not the usual A4 size page. The pages can be as long as 25 x A4 size long. In total the whole doc is about 200 normal A4 size pages.

Is there any way I can insert page breaks into the numerous pages on each page.

I suppose I could always set my printer for banner printing but I would end up with individual pages feet long.

Answer:Solved: pdf docs page length

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Apparently there is a maximum length of file 'title' that the Recycle Bin will accommodate. If it is exceded, a file can not be deleted (sent to the Recycle Bin). I have run into this problem trying to remove out-of-date backup files from my XHDD. What is this limit?

Answer:Solved: Length of file 'title'

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Hello Everyone,

I've got a strange problem where E:\Videos has just disappeared. It could be as a result of me trying to extract a .rar file which caused winrar to freeze, as a result of this I decided to change the Virtual Memory of E:\ thinking that caused it but this didn't help.

Then when I started the computer this morning the folder was gone. I've tried searching for it and its content using the advance search to include hidden files but still found nothing. The strange part is that the remaining files are worth around 15gb but E:\ says it has 20gb in use - the other 5gb accounting for my videos I presume.

I've scanned E:\ with Avast but found no viruses but interestingly it mentioned "E:\found.000\dir0001.chk\movie1" during its scan, can these be used to help?

I've also ran the OS boot disk to search for problems but it found none and neither did the Error-Checking. I did a system restore too but found that doesn't affect documents.

UPDATE: I've downloaded a Trial of a program called " Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional" and it has been able to find and open "E:\found.000\dir0000.chk\Movies\Movie1.avi" and allowed me to play it with VLC with no problem - my geuss is this narrows it down to an error with explorer.exe, will I require a complete new install of Vista to fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks for reading,


PS. If theres a similar post somewhere else I apologise;... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot Find or Access Folder/Files

have you tried bringing up the task manager>processes tab select explorer.exe and end on file>new task and type in explorer.exe then reboot your machine

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I keep lots of recipes on my computer. When I search for an ingredient I want to use - say Marsala wine - I will use the Windows Explorer search feature within my "recipes" folder. If I have saved a recipe as a .pdf or .doc, the file will appear in the search results; however, if the file was saved as a .docx, it will not appear even though I know it is there. I recently started using PowerDesk and have tested the search to see what happens in that application. It finds the files, but they all show up with the same name "document.xml". The only way to tell which file is which, is to look at the path information where it will show the file's name.docx with "/word" at the end. I have started re-saving the files as Word 97-2003, but there are so many that I'd rather figure out the problem.

Answer:[SOLVED] Search can't find .docx files

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the suggestions here can be of help How to use Windows 7 search - Microsoft Community

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I was un-installing this game called "Marine Park Empire", and in the middle of it I ended the task with "Task Manager". There should still be some files from it on my computer, correct?

If so, how do I get to them so I can delete them? It won't let me play the game unless I delete them so I can re-install them (that's what I think). When the thing pops up after I put the CD in, it says "Play", when it should say "Install". I already tried re-starting and burning another CD, but those didn't work. How do I get to those files? Or is there another way to do it?

I use Windows 7, and the game works on my brother's laptop that is also Windows 7.

Answer:Solved: How to find game files in computer?

Clicking "Play" does nothing.

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My system crashed, and I had to get a data retrieval. I am sure I have it somewhere, but I am not sure which folder to look in. The problem I have though is that I can't search a lot because the system freezes up. Can someone Please help?

Answer:Solved: Where do I find Outlook email files

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I have an:
Acer Aspire One netbook D150-1Bb
1gb ram
160gb hardrive

I somehow received malware and viruses whilst trying to find a program that could recover a file I accidently deleted (another story..). I downloaded this program and it gave me the problems.

I then scanned with malwarebytes and spybot, and the problems found were supposedly removed. Being the fool that I am I thought I'd do more to remove the issues, and I system restored to 2 months earlier. After that, when I tried to reboot my netbook, it would load the XP opening screen and then give me options to start my netbook normally, or safemode (the usual screen when you turn off your pc manually when it freezes or something has gone wrong). I then tried both normally, and safemode, and both wouldn't work. It would load then a blue screen with white block capital text would flash on for 1 second and everything would start again (like a loop).

My dad then used the acer erecovery (I think) built within my netbook and reinstalled my xp but keeping the files. Everything from then on ran smoothly until I logged in and could not find my files. The memory of my netbook is being used by my files, but I can't find them at all.

If you could help with this I would be very grateful, as I have family/friends photo's and videos that I recently transfered t my netbook and did not backup.

Answer:Solved: Netbook XP repair, files are there but I can't find them


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hey guys' you were a big help last week, so i'll try you again. i just updated from from window m.e. to win xp's the problem. i have every thing setup the way i want and working real smooth, however when i upgraded on internet explorer my favorites did not migrate over. i have a copy of all them, but i am unable to find the favorite folder in ie explorer to drag them to. problem number 2 in window explorer where do i find the folders for the programs and accessories that are on the start menu, so that i can move them around and add new folders. thanks alot.

Answer:[SOLVED] can't find files for drag and drop

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Upon running the "Find Empty Folders" portion of the "Find Junk Files" program, I found 1,307 empty folders. Is it safe to remove these, or do I need to be careful here?


Answer:Solved: Find Junk Files-is it safe?

You need to be careful. Some system, processes need those empty folders or they throw up errors about non-existent paths. Believe me, I've tried.

But there are a lot of them that you can remove. I'd avoid the Windows folder, but any you remove from Program Files that give an error (unlikely) can easily be re-created, and any in your own folders are certainly safe.

As an aside, all the folders put together use effectively zero space, so only a will-to-housekeeping can justify removing them at all.

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Hi all, I'm hoping to get an answer to this for a friend of mine. I keep seeing references to cable distance for antennas (shorter is better) without ever seeing a "don't go here" type of number.

Here's the situation. This is a farm setup, where the main office has DSL and 2 computers. There is an omnidirectional antenna mounted on the peak of the roof connected to the router in the office. The first farm building, about 200 feet away has an omnidirectional antenna connected to a wap54g AP. Signal is great, connection great, no problem.

The second and third buildings on the farm has cantenna type external antennas, also connected to WAP54G APs, pointed at the main office antenna. These buildings are approx 1/4 mile away, and about 500 feet from each other. Building 3 has a clear line of sight and has a great signal.

Building 2, however, is now the victim of a pecan grove, and cannot see the antenna any more. In particular one tree is blocking the building so that the entire end of the building cannot be seen from the location of the antenna. In order to move the antenna to where there is clear line of sight, it would have to be approx 30 feet from where the AP is located in the building.

So, my choices are to move the antenna, but I don't know how far is too far before the signal is so degraded it isn't worth it, or cut down a 5 year old pecan tree.

Any help determining what might be the best course of action would be appreciated.

Whi... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cantenna cable length-need a number

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We need to know how long in length can a 9 pin serial port cable be and still function properly.

The signal needs to be pushed 20 feet or so. . .is this a possibility?

We are trying to temporarily connect an object (a Harley Davidson) to our pc for programming and the cable needs to reach out a window to the front porch.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



Answer:[SOLVED] 9 pin serial port cable length

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the answer to this might of been found with a search but hey i'm lazy today and wanted to see who the excel masters are

using excel 2007, cell a1 contains an array formula (CSE) like so - {=MAX(LEN(A2:A470000))}
cells a2 through a470000 contain dates such as
etc, you get the idea, i need the formula or something else entirely to return 10 not 5

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: excel length of date field

i'll answer if myself thanks to another web site, Mike these guys are slackin' 'round here it looks like


exit celll with ctrl, shift, enter

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Hey there im a little confused, whats the difference between length and precision?

int(10) = 10 lenght or 10 precision?

if i have a column with tinyint lenght=1 and presicion=3. what this mean? How many number can i enter and how many i see in a select?

:-( Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Sql Server 2005 Length and Precision.

Hi CVDpr,

It means 10 digits in decimal, therefore the size is 8 bytes ( values are ranging from -(2 ^ 63) through (2 ^ 63)-1 ).
A tinyint is one byte. (from 0 to 255).

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My lady wife is having a small problem with a formula she is trying to use in an Excel spreadsheet.

She is trying to make a formula that she can copy and paste into various spreadsheets she utilises to organise her staff's workflow.
The five staff deal with about 30 suppliers and she wishes to be able to associate each supplier with a particular member of staff, so, for example, if column A is 'Suppliers'and column B is 'Staff Member', a formula using the IF function is placed in column B using the following syntax:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark","")))))Click to expand...

This works just fine with only a few suppliers, but if the string is lengthened to more than about 9 suppliers, as here:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark",IF($A1="ffff","Rashmi",IF($A1="gggg","Laura",IF($A1="hhhh","Linda",IF($A1="iiii","Denise",IF($A1="jjjj","Mark",IF($A1="kkkk","Rashmi",IF($A1="llll","Laura",IF($A1="mmmm","Linda",IF($A1="nnnn",&quo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Excel formula length problem

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Weird problem I just ran into which I sure is a quick fix. Just today I noticed that when I play a file in Windows Media Player, the file length coutns down rather than up. So if I play a file that is 2:30 in length, it counts from 2:30 to 1 while it's played rather than 1 to 2:30. It's a bit annoying.

What do I need to do to fix this setting?

Answer:Solved: WMP time file length counting down.

I am using WMP 10. Left clicking on the playing time display near the bottom right of the screen toggles between showing remaining time, elapsed time, or a combination of elapsed and total time.

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I have word 2007 and am using outline view to study for an exam. I need to know if it is possible to change the line length for a given heading? Basically I have a heading with text in it that drops onto another line, I need it to be all one line.


Answer:Solved: Word 07 outline line length?

Hi techmaster,
If you go to File/Options/Advanced, you can scroll down to the "Show document content" category and check the box for "Show text wrapped in the document window". Does that do what you need?

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I deleted the D: files in error.

But I can not find the files in rubbish bin.

I log on as user.

Delete files use user right.

Where can I find the deleted files?

There are two partion, C:, D:.

If I delete C: files, I can find them in rubbish bin.

But If I delete D: files, I can not find them in rubbish bin.

How can I find the deleted D: files?

Answer:Solved: Help Find Deleted D: Files Windows 2000?

You won't. Once a file is 'actually' deleted (like in empty recycle bin) they are gone. No more.

You can always attempt data recovery.

Or, write the data off and move on.

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Hey there!

So this is my issue -

I recently had a lap top get destroyed, and had the hard drive pulled out and placed into a dock for me to pull the files off of. I have been able to relocate most of my files-

Except EVERYTHING that had been on the Desktop. No files, folders, or anything. And I can not target anything through the hard drive itself, I have tried.

I have also tried granting permission for my new lap top to make sure I have access to everything on the drive - still nothing.

There is no 'Users' folder anywhere easily accessible, and when I DO find it, it's empty?

I have a lot of music and art files from my school work on this thing, and any help to find the files would be appreciated as I have been scouring forums for a month or so with no luck.

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

Answer:Solved: Can not find files on external Hard Drive

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Hopefully someone has answers for this one.

My PC crashed yesterday. It would not boot. I have resigned to the fact that I will need to format the hard drive. So I have gone out and bought an external drive and an external converter so that I can save my files from the old hard drive before I format the drive.

Using my laptop, I connected the old hard drive via the USB, and the old hard drive appears to be working fine. If I right click on "Documents and Settings" I can see well over 100GB of data inside that folder.
However, when I look in the "Documents and Settings" folder, I can't see any files from "My Documents". If I right click on the 3 x folders (Administrator, Default User, All Users), each of them only show a small amount of content (ie. 500MB at the most). I am viewing 'hidden files and folders' but can not see where my documents actually are.

At the moment, I am moving all the data from the old hard drive to the new external hard drive. I can see that it is moving all of my 100GB of files as I can see their names. But looking in the external drive, I still can't find where they are. I have tried a search of known files, but this comes up with no result.

Any ideas on how I can find and retrieve these files?


Answer:Solved: Can't find files in My Documents from old hard drive

Was infected by a virus. Typed in "files hidden by virus" and there was an easy solution there.

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My problem seems to be in this catagory. I'm trying to install a new AG board. When I get to Hardware Wizard Search and Install options, I type in C:\Program (This is where I've downloaded drivers) an error msg. states that there is no device info in this location. I get the same response when I enter the file name. I've battled this driver problem for two days, from installation disk drivers not compatable, to not finding downloaded drivers.
Any solutions would be greatly recieved....Thanks, ezjim

Answer:Solved: New hardware wizard can't find driver files

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I'm new to both Windows 7 and Office Professional 2010, both of which are on my new Toshiba laptop. After installed MSO 2010, I copied some database files from my XP desktop (files were created using Office 2000). Although old Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) files are properly associated with Office 2010, the database files (.mdb) are not. If I click on one, I get some strange screen saying "Other Files Exist. The selected locations do not contain pictures..." PICTURES??!! What the he**. . .

I tried to associate .mdb with Access, but Access is not listed; only "Microsoft Office 2010". The associations for Word and Excel are directly to those executable (.exe) file, but no so with Access. Even worse, the G.D. Win 7 Explorer does not show anywhere near the files that XP did, and I cannot find ANY. . . ANY MSO files anywhere on the HD. They're there because I can open Word and Excel files, no problem. I can also open Access, the click Open and find the .mdb file I want, and it opens.

How does one find the executable Office component files (where the devil are they?) and how can I associate .mdb files with Access 2010 when it is NEVER listed anywhere???

Answer:[SOLVED] Cannot find way to associate .mdb files with Access 2010

If you have shortcuts to Word/excel, have you considered using their paths to locate those exes and therefore Access as well?

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Help! I am using Easy CD Creator 4 on my Windows Millennium. I have made lots of CD's in the past but none in recent weeks. Now, all of a sudden, I can not find my music files. They are on my c-drive, but all I get from my Easy CD Creator is "THERE ARE NO AUDIO FILES IN THIS FOLDER". I can play my music on MusicMatch or Real Player but I can NOT find them to make a CD.
Can Someone Please, Please help me. Thanks Darlene

Answer:(Solved) Easy CD Creator 4-can't find my music files

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I have a pre-owned Laptop PC running Windows XP. The owner left the OS & essential apps. on the computer, which I want to keep there -but he/she also left images (mostly just desktop backgrounds & screensavers) that I can't find via the Windows Explorer search-tool.

Please recommend the best file-management app. (AKA Total Commander or XYplorer) to use in order to find the hidden images that only show up when I go through the list of pics in Control Panel > Display-window (in the Screensavers & Backgrounds categories).

I've been trying to find these images for a while so I could finally delete them. 1 of them is a background-image that shows up before my desktop & icons appear (when logging into WinXP). Please help me. I appreciate your time & patience for reading about this problem.

Answer:Solved: Please help me: Find & delete hidden image-files on XP

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Goodsync created corrupted files with random character names in multiple folders in the job's path of 0 byte size. When rolled over in Windows XP, the operating system reports that the file size is a random number often of GB size or greater. The actual size in properties is 0. The files were created in a Verified Left-to-Right job. The job was initiated at some point by a Logged Out Mode cmd line startup.

The files are often in a folder with a more than 20 files but not an excessive number of files. Less than 200 files often.

I am currently running a chkdsk on this partition and it seems that is deleting these entries. It is not done so I can't say for certain.

Please let me know what would cause this problem. I also noticed that in one folder, some of the files names resemble the folder path associated with this job. Ie, there are corrupted files that are named:


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Trying to recover the password for a WinRAR-file is nearly impossible. I understand that it takes forever, especially if the PW is quite long, an abstract word, and contains symbols. My question: Is there any method of going character by character? I don't know much about decryption, unfortunately. Such a method would help especially those people, who have some sort of idea of what their PW could be.I created my RAR-file that I need the PW for only a year ago and have tried every PW I use that comes to my mind - nothing. If only I knew the first or first two character of it, I'm almost certain to solve the rest of it.

Answer:RAR password recovery character by character?

A password is a security feature, one that is very important to many people. Since this is an open forum that can be read by anyone, including those who wish to obtain illegal access to files, providing such advice here would be irresponsible.

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This probably has nothing to do with Windows 7, but I thought someone on this forum would know.

When in a text editor like on this forum or on Microsoft word and when I delete and hold it down it will be really slow. Characters would only delete every half a second no matter what.

Anyone know what causes this? When I restart my computer it's back to normal, but if I leave it on for 10+ hours it happens again.

Answer:Slow deletes (character by character)

In control Panel, All Control Panel Items, open keyboard.

Check there to see you repeat rate and increase if needed.

When the problem happens , check to see if it was changed.
If so, there might be some application or keyboard driver taking over.

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I understand if you go to start-all programs-accessories-system tools there is suppose to be something there called a character map so you can use different symbols. In my system tools on windows xp I have nothing called character map. Am I missing something? Is this a really dumb question or what?

Answer:Solved: XP character map??????


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is there any way to restore character map???i had it yesterday,but now its

gone.i got xp.i go to start>accesories>system tools>and i would find i

cant.any way i can restore it?

Answer:Solved: Character Map

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When the file is in the desktop or any other folder it is 3:25 long, but when i put it on an specific folder it gets shorter to 1:40, this happens only with 2 files.

Appreciate the help.

Answer:Solved: MP3 file gets shorter (length) in an specific destination

If i change the name of the file it gets to the original length, also if i move the folder where the file is to another location. So the problem seem to be the specific URL with the specific name of the file, that makes it shorter.

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When wiring up modular ethernet jacks for a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable, should all 8 wires be exactly the same length? If they aren't, will it affect timing and performance?

I've always cut each pair to the exact length it needs to be to reach the press-in slots, so they end up being 4 different lengths.

Also, why are CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables wired differently as far as the color order goes? Is it just so you can tell them apart? Sure makes things confusing.

Answer:Solved: Wiring RJ45 jacks and strand length

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Question: voltage exceeding

I use a Hardware Sensors Monitor by AB Software (the first I found) and it keeps telling me that the core and i/o voltage exceed the deviation limit. I'm talking permanently condition here. I'm pretty sure that I'm running the CPU that way since I got it. Am I at risk of frying my hardware? I never noticed it before. Either I was lucky up to this day or it doesn't matter that much.

Exact values are:
core 1,76V
i/o 1,55V

The nominals as stated in the tool's settings:
core 1,5V
i/o 3,3V
allowed deviation 10%

I don't know anything about the voltage defaults, but I've read that 1,75V for Athlon XP 1800+ is pretty much standard and not 1,5V like the tool tells me.
I have no idea about the i/o voltage, but it seems I have less than half the nominal value right now which might be wrong just a bit.

Since two days ago I seem to have major problems all of a sudden...was worth registering here!

Help appreciated, thanks in advance.

Answer:voltage exceeding

It looks more like your program is monitoring your AGP voltage as the IO Voltage than your computer is running that far off and the core voltage should be 1.75 not 1.5 as you said. Looks like bad software to me. Try using Motherboard Monitor 5 instead. It's free, too.

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I have a network with IP Range my problem is now i have more than 230 machine`s do add system once they exceed 250 without changing the IP Range...i.e. i dont want to convert it to a Class B network....
What r the Possible ways to do it....should i add a new domain or should i add a machine with two NIC`s and use it as a router...

Answer:Exceeding 250 Machines

A new domain isn't gonna do anything but complicate the non IP portion of the networking. Within a new domain your not going to have machines on another subnet. I would just subnet it and be done with the whole kit and kaboodle and leave them on the same domain (provided they all need the same network resources). When you said you have thats actually alot more than 230 IP's in there. Thats 254 ( - + 254 ( - which is 2 subnets and equals 508 total ip's (unless you had a typo).

Are you running DHCP or hardcode and does your current internal network hardware support subnetting?

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im on a domain

we have a network share which i'll call H:

anyways i have a small folder on this share called backups with a few small files in it.

I opened command prompt H:> and typed:

copy .\backups c:\Desktop

the command was a success and it listed all the files that were transferred.

anyways... i thought the folder and corresponding files would appear on my Desktop but no go...

then after running a dir /A command on C: i realized at the root of C: there is a file called Desktop and not a directory.

Its gets more interesting. I ran a "my computer" search and could not find the folder name "backups" anywhere on the entire pc, or the files that were in it.

I even checked my profile \tatem\documents and settings\desktop and still... no go.

"totally stumped"

any ideas...?

i just hope it didnt append that data to the file called Desktop on c: \ root, as im assuming its there for some sort of administrative reason, condisering it has no file extention.

***update: ran this command instead H:> copy .\backups "c:\Documents and Settings\tatem\Desktop" and it worked ok...
i was just thinking it would have placed the folder on my desktop and not just the contents... still trying to figure out where the original transfer went though... (senario above)

Answer:Solved: copy from share to desktop success, but cant find files

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i am using a laptop with windows vista business edition. yesterday i noticed that the n character keeps repeating itself even when u have not pressed it. i restarted the pc and it became okay. just this afternoon it has started again but this time when you press the n key it does not appear but latter it will starting repeating itself non stop. i have restarted it over and over again and the problem is still when u switch the pc on it also gives beeping noise like pi pi pi pi pi pi pi etc .can someone show me the cause of the problem and how i can solve that.

Answer:Solved: the n character repeating itself

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My friend's last name is McPherson. But when he writes his name, he writes it with the c elevated, with a horizontal line underneath it. It's not a cedilla. Just a straight horizontal line. There's probably a word for it, but I don't know it.
How can I do that on the computer while, for instance, writing an email?


Answer:Solved: Special Character

Its not a character, you should be able to do it with formatting. If you set the C to superscript and then underline it it should work. (Ctrl - Shift - +/=) and (Ctrl - U) for shortcuts

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When using Word or Excel, I keep getting letters with accents over them. Particularly annoying is, when I type inverted commas and the first letter in the quote is A or a. I get an a (or A) with two dots over it and no inverted commas. I thought this was an Office 365 problem but it happens in other areas too, like here when typing a post. See? I'm now thinking it is a Windows 8.1 quirk. (In which case I guess I'm in the wrong forum).

The only way around it seems to be to type the " and then hit the space bar before typing A or a. I then have to go back and remove the space. There's gotta be a better way!

Can anyone help please?

(My detail below is outdated, but I haven't been able to make my attempted changes to reflect my new computer stick. Will get onto a mod about that.)

Answer:Solved: Character set woes

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Hey folks,

I'm trying to copy and paste data in a specific way I'm not sure is possible (but would save me a weeks worth of work ). I'd like to cut/copy data from a single column and paste it into multiple columns in sequence. ie the 1st column would have a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l down it. I would like to copy that and paste it into 4 columns that contain 3 rows the first would have a,b,c, the second would have d,e,f, and so forth. Attached is a small example.

Thanks for any help,


Edit: Im using MS Excel...should have mentioned this.

Answer:Solved: Converting a column to multiple coulmns of specific length

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I sent an email to myself, with Word documents as attachments, and those documents are totally in edit mode. They show the blinking curser and other things that should not be there . How do I stop this; I want the attachments to be recieved as though I copied them and put them in the mail, same format and everything without the ability to edit. Also, when I send a carefully formatted and edited for length, three page Word document attachment from Yahoo Mail to my Gmail account, it becomes four pages and looks different. How can this problem be solved? I need to be sure these documents look exactly like they were when I sent them.

Answer:Solved: Want emailed documents to be same length and format - not in edit mode.

Have you considered saving the MS-Word documents as Adobe Acrobat PDF files? If you don't wish to purchase a full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can use a free converter like PrimoPDF. You can then set password protected settings that do not allow editing.

You can also check into the document security features in your particular version of MS-Word. I am still using MS-Word 2003 and here is the information for that version:

I believe that the PDF creation software allows you to embed fonts used in your document into the PDF file. This will ensure your pages will look the same on any computer. Not sure if MS-Word allows doing that in a .DOC file.

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hey pc smart people.......
I use hotmail through outlook express set up with my isp email also. I have NOTHING in my inbox and still it keeps telling me that i have exceeded my storage limit, it wont send some emails from hotmail and also ppl have told me that some wont send though to me!!!!
Any ideas?????
Thanks guys

Answer:hotmail exceeding limits

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So up and until yesterday, my IBM NetVista 8311 was working normally for years. When I try to start it up, it will work fine but never start up windows. I can access the BIOS configurations but that's about it. I'm assuming this is a hardware problem??? Also, I replaced the battery on the motherboard with no success.

System Summary:
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.8GHz
2048 mb ram
Brookdale-G graphics chip
Windows XP SP2

I also get an error code "0162 Configuration Error"

EDIT: I also noticed that the "extended RAM passed" loads very slowly, and after it finishes it will restart the computer or the monitor will go blank

Please help!


Answer:Start-up not exceeding BIOS

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According to Speccy, my motherboard is reaching around 80 degrees celcius. Any help on what to do? Speccy snapshot:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8174 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 430, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 895573 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8H61-M LX PLUS
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Motherboard temp exceeding 80C

First of all, check your temps in the bios. Software apps are ok, however they often return flaky info. You can also use asus probe however I would just check the bios.

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i need to display hours, min & sec exceeding 24 hours in excel without having to type as text and insert the : myself ? so 540710 to display as 54:07:10

Answer:display hr, min, sec exceeding 24 hours in xl

Thanks for letting us know what you need.If you want some help with that, feel free to ask.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I think my computer is a victim of spyware and/or viruses. It is extremely slow, any help that you can give me would be excellent. Here is the Hijackthis Log.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:09:29 PM, on 12/21/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmwltry.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXBCES.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXPPS.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil\BTNtService.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\cisvc.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exeC:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\NICCONFIGSVC.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\HPZipm12.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\Rtvscan.exeC:\Program Files\WebRoot&... Read more

Answer:Computer Is Exceeding Slow

Download Combofix to your desktop.

Doubleclick combofix.exe

Follow the prompts.Don't click on the window while the fix is running, because that will cause your system to hang.When finished, and after reboot if it asks for one, combofix will open again to gather the necessary information for the log. This may take a while so please be patient. When done, Combofix will close and a log should open called combofix.txt. Post the contents of this log in your next reply along with a new hijackthislog.Please do not post the ComboFix-quarantined-files.txt unless I ask you to.

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I have a 20 gb NTFS drive that i partitioned to C: 6gb for system files and E: 14gb for programs. I have a second hard drive for data I: 40gb. The C: drive is getting full. when trying to defragment C:, the report shows a bunch of fragmented files in a path called "/RECYCLED". I cannot seem to find that path anywhere on that drive, so I cannot delete those files! Any advice? I also would like to resize the partitions, will QTparted work for NTFS partitions? OR, any chance I can move my system to the 40gb I: drive (probably not).

Answer:Solved: C: drive full, can't find fragmented files; want to resize partitions

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Hello to everyone!

Access 97 Problem:
I have PO numbers as such: POI6100090
I need to associate the 5th character with a department name such as: if its a 1, then put the word "Accounting" in the department field

So, if the 5th character = 1, then....department=Accounting
This needs to continue for each record.
I want to put this in a query and have it create a new table.

Thanks in advance to all trying to help me!!!

Answer:Solved: Access97 - Character Association

How many records are we talking about?
Can you post a sample database on here with at least some dummy data in?

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